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Stay on-brand with our collection of beautifully designed brand presentation templates. They’re free to use and easy to customize.

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Free Brand Presentation Templates

By Joe Weller | November 2, 2021

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We’ve compiled the most useful collection of free brand presentation templates for chief marketing officers (CMOs), brand ambassadors, marketers, creative directors, and product managers. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a brand presentation template , a brand identity presentation template , a brand launch presentation template , and a brand logo presentation template , as well as a list of helpful tips for completing these templates .

Brand Presentation Template

Brand Presentation Template

Download Brand Presentation Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Use this comprehensive template to present your brand story to team members, clients, investors, or other stakeholders. Enter details about your company’s background, purpose, values, and culture to offer an introductory idea to your company’s brand. Next, describe your organization’s positioning and strategy, including the marketplace, long-term vision and strategy, and how the brand aims can help the company reach its goals. Finally, list your brand’s distinctive attributes, as well as any story-friendly facts and figures that support it. This template helps you create a visually dynamic, easy-to-follow brand story that is engaging, memorable, and inspires loyalty. 

For helpful details to ensure that your branding efforts are aligned with your company style guide, read our article on brand style guide templates .

Brand Identity Presentation Template

Brand identity presentation template

Download Brand Identity Presentation Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides  

A strong brand creates an emotional connection with its customers, which results in brand loyalty.  In order to foster lifelong partnerships that lead to upsell opportunities, you must first have a strong brand identity. 

This brand identity presentation template provides a step-by-step process for defining and refining it. Enter design goals and objectives, marketing materials, and details about your target audience. 

Next, define your brand’s call to action (i.e., the desired reaction from your target audience), and enter the brand look and feel, campaign message, competitive analysis, and any brand-related image details. This completely customizable template is the ideal presentation vehicle for your brand, from brainstorming stages to brand campaigns and launches.  

For helpful details on ensuring your branding efforts are effective, see read our article on brand audit templates .

Brand Guide Presentation Template

Brand Guide Presentation Template

Download Brand Guide Presentation Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides  

Use this customizable template with sample-answer text to capture and share your brand’s unique attributes. The template walks you through four primary company branding steps: who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. A strong brand increases your visibility in the marketplace by establishing an emotional reaction from potential and existing customers. This template will help you create that connection with customers through your branding efforts.

Brand Promotion Presentation Template

Brand Promotion Presentation Template

Download Brand Promotion Presentation Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

This brand promotion presentation template includes a presentation-ready framework for everything you need to promote your brand. Enter company history, purpose, values, and culture details, what you do and why, and positioning and strategy details to reflect (or further define) the power of your brand. The template also includes a Brand Attributes section that includes space to note brand messaging, mission statement, vision, and brand personality, as well as an Executive Bios section to list key stakeholders and their role in strengthening your company’s brand. 

For helpful details on making your branding assets more effective, read this marketing asset management guide .

Brand Launch Presentation Template

Brand launch presentation template

Download Brand Launch Presentation Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides  

Use this dynamic brand launch presentation template to keep your team apprised of all brand-specific developments, from initial brainstorming sessions to brand launch. The template includes sections to note brand marketing guidelines, brand marketing materials, target audience, call to action, brand campaign look and feel, competitive analysis, and schedule. This template emphasizes key brand messaging, so you’ll be on-track for a successful brand launch and make an impression in the market. 

For more brand strategy resources and solutions, see our guide to effective brand asset management .

Luxury Brand Presentation Template

Luxury Brand Presentation Template PPT

Download Luxury Brand Presentation Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides  

This presentation template provides a professional, design-rich backdrop for your luxury brand. Whether your brand is in the jewelry, auto, real estate, fashion, or advertising industry — or another luxury vertical — this customizable presentation template prompts you to emphasize your brand’s unique value proposition. This all-inclusive luxury brand presentation template helps you to accurately define your one-of-a-kind brand story and highlight the brand’s high-end characteristics.

Brand Logo Presentation Template

Brand Logo Presentation Template

Download Brand Logo Presentation Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides  

Introduce or explain every facet of your logo with this easy-to-use brand logo presentation template. As the visual representation of your brand, your logo is the primary symbol connecting your company with your customers — as such, the template focuses on creative elements, such as imagery, tagline, verbiage, design style, colors, and other visual considerations. This template’s unique offerings provide ample space for you to brainstorm, develop, refine, or revise your logo for maximum visual appeal.

Brand Pitch Deck Template

Brand Pitch Presentation Deck Template

Download Brand Pitch Deck Template Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Your brand is primarily concerned with establishing and maintaining strong relationships among your organization, employees, business partners, and customers. In order to effectively present your brand, you need a dynamic way to pitch it to stakeholders. This brand pitch deck template is the perfect vehicle to introduce all of your brand’s crucial components (e.g., company history, values, purpose, positioning, strategy, and brand attributes), so that your audience feels inspired and invigorated by your offerings. 

For more on building strong brand frameworks, learn how to write a brand brief and download free templates .

What Is a Brand Presentation Template?

A brand presentation template provides a framework to showcase a brand’s attributes and market impact. A branding presentation template displays your company’s history, purpose, values, and visual qualities intended to establish connections with customers and inspire lifelong brand loyalty. 

As the primary storytelling vehicle for a company’s brand, a brand presentation template is a crucial means to condense and exhibit everything your brand represents. A brand has the power to build long-lasting trust with customers and the potential to increase loyalty and upsell opportunities. 

A brand presentation template helps you turn your brand into a “story” by providing a presentation outline. Use the template as a guide to ensure that you note every aspect that makes your brand powerful, unique, and effective. By using a brand presentation template, your company will be fully prepared for brand launches, product announcements, rebranding, internal branding efforts, and special marketing campaigns. 

In your presentation, include details about each of the following components to establish solid brand awareness: 

  • Company History: Provide company details, including your date of establishment, location, growth patterns, goals, and motivation.
  • Customers: Provide customer information and describe your target audience.
  • Customer Issues: Explain any issues or problems your customers face, and how your products and services help them solve these issues.  
  • Company Purpose: Provide details for why you’re in business, including the historical and ethical reasons, and what the company is passionate about.
  • Company Values: Define your company’s values and the principles that guide your company’s actions. 
  • Company Culture: Share information about your company’s culture and how it positively impacts your customers. 
  • What, Why, and How: Explain what you do as a company, how you do it, and why you do it. 
  • Company Vision: Add information about your company’s vision. Where do you want to be in the future, based on your organization’s aspirations and goals? 
  • Company Mission: Define your company’s mission and overall intention.
  • Positioning and Strategy: Provide details of the marketplace, your company’s long-term vision and strategy, and how your brand aims to meet and exceed your goals.
  • Brand Attributes: Add your brand attributes, including brand-related verbiage, imagery, design and style, logo, colors, and other visual considerations. 
  • Facts and Figures: Share brand story-friendly facts and figures about your company to support its effectiveness.
  • Executive Bios: Include brief biographical details for your brand’s primary stakeholders, including their background, current roles, and major contributions within your company.

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Brand Presentation Templates

Elevate your brand identity with Venngage's presentation templates, combining visual design and brand elements seamlessly. Create compelling brand presentations that communicate your story, values, and offerings effectively, ensuring a consistent and impactful representation of your brand.

brand presentation templates

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Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

Branding is at the forefront of any business strategy, and it’s important to make sure teams are aligned on design standards, voice and tone. has the perfect presentation template to help you stay on brand and visually consistent across all campaigns. 

These customizable template slides have everything you need for a brand guidelines presentation, including brand identity, typography, and color palettes. 

Our brand guidelines template can also help you:

  • Present company branding to stakeholders
  • Have a comprehensive guide for onboarding and future reference
  • Share brand assets with the team

Use our template to create an effective brand guidelines presentation

Your brand guidelines presentation is important for marketing teams to establish branding that is both recognizable and engaging, while creating a standard for other departments to follow. Whether you need to customize your guidelines for different employers or share your brand with third-party partners, you can quickly bring your visions to life with this customizable template. Our template includes everything you need to create an effective presentation. Those slides include:

Title slide

Tips to create an effective brand guidelines presentation

When you use this template to craft your brand guidelines presentation, keep these four tips in mind:

With a brand guidelines presentation template, you’re likely using all of your branded colors, fonts and logos to create the deck. Making a custom theme will make it easier to recreate branded decks moving forward without having to manually adjust fonts and colors on each slide.

This presentation is all about your brand, so it should be engaging. Don’t be afraid to include examples of images and icons that align with your brand’s story.

This doesn’t need to be a 20 slide deck explaining why you landed on specific typography. Include only the most relevant pieces of content to help colleagues stay on-brand and consistent in their roles.

If any deck should have personality, it’s a brand guidelines presentation. Think outside of the box and try different layouts to present your branding to stakeholders.

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Team Stand Up Template

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How to Nail Your Brand Presentation: Examples and Pro Tips

Back in the day, “branding” and “brand image” were concepts restricted to large corporations with hefty budgets.

Most small businesses and startups thought building brand awareness meant getting a professional logo , maybe some business cards and letterheads, and moving on with their day.

Can you even think back to a time like that? Seems unbelievable now!

Today, branding and building brand awareness are not just for big businesses.

Even standalone freelancers and consultants must think about building their brand recognition and brand presentation through marketing efforts, to entice potential clients and new audiences while staying relevant to their target audience.

This includes everything from creating a brand logo and letterheads to site design , promoting relevant content, and maintaining a consistent brand identity online and offline.

You, as the creator of this business brand, have to think beyond the basics to highlight your brand in everything you do.

For example, you have to consider branding when preparing a pitch deck . This is also known as brand presentation.

Brand presentation goes beyond just showcasing a product idea or pitching your business.

This article shows you how to improve your brand presentation skills and ensure that your branded presentation does what it’s supposed to do — help you and your business stand out from competitors. You’ll also find brand presentation templates and examples below to make the right impression.

Create a free Piktochart account so you can follow along and play around with the branding presentations and templates we feature.

Let’s get started.

Why You Should Care About Getting Your Brand Presentations Right

One of the common characteristics of brands that endure the test of time is strong brand presence.

What is brand presence?

Brand presence refers to the visibility and recognition of a brand in the marketplace. It is the extent to which a brand is known, understood, and respected by its target audience.

A strong brand presence is essential for building customer loyalty, increasing brand awareness, and driving business growth.

Brand presence can be established through various marketing activities, such as advertising, social media, content marketing, and public relations. These activities help to create a consistent and recognizable brand identity, which makes it easier for customers to connect with the brand and its products or services.

Factors contributing to a great brand presence include a clear brand message, consistent visual branding, positive customer experiences, and effective communication strategies.

Brands with a strong presence are often associated with specific values and qualities that resonate with their target audience.

Overall, brand presence is a crucial aspect of building a successful brand. It helps establish a brand’s reputation, increase customer loyalty, and differentiate it from its competitors.

These brands (think Coca-Cola and Apple) have built a name in their industries not just because of their products but also because their brand voice and personality are immediately recognizable.

why care about getting your brand presentations right for high brand awareness

A solid brand presence is a key factor in helping promote consumer trust, and consumers want to buy from businesses they trust. Plus, when your customers think highly of your products and services, the greater their willingness to purchase from you.

screenshot of scatter plot of paying customers perceived value and willingness to pay

10 Pro Tips for Nailing Your Next Brand Presentation

Now that you already understand the importance of getting your brand presentation right, take note of the following pro tips to help you get started. 

1. Identify your presentation goal

You could have the most beautiful presentation, but if it doesn’t drive home a single, clear point, then… what’s the point? 

Before designing your presentation , know what it’s supposed to convey and work backward from there.

For example, if you’re presenting  logo design  ideas to a client, you could start your presentation with how you see the brand and take them through your thought process. 

Use the slides to craft a story about how the logo’s colors, fonts, style, icons, and layout will help the brand build a lasting connection with its users. Show the logo designs after setting the context.

Think of this as a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

brand awareness employee-engagement-survey-results-cover-slide

2. Align your brand presentation with other branding elements

Building a brand image is necessary irrespective of whether you’re a business or a solo hustler. Your brand presentations must be aligned with your overall brand. 

If you’re selling a product or a service, the chances of you performing better increase significantly when you build a brand around your business. In fact,  81 percent of consumers  say that trust is crucial for them before buying a brand.

So, what is it that builds trust?

It always comes down to professionalism and consistency.

Let’s explore them individually.


Person A and Person B are logo designers who help young startups design a logo and craft a complete brand identity. 

Person A only has social profiles and a generic email address. They have their portfolio in Google Drive, and they share that long, clunky URL every time someone asks to see their past work.

Meanwhile, Person B has built a brand for themselves. Their website has a professional logo highlighting who they are, their academic and professional accolades, past work, and client recommendations. They use a professional email address, and all their social profiles follow similar branding as their website.

Both these designers can be equally good at what they do, but the fact that Person B has built their own brand identity conveys their capability of doing the same for someone else.


Getting all the essential brand elements in place is the first step in building a brand. 

Communicating that brand consistently across all online and offline platforms is what makes the difference. 

For example, if you have a professional logo, highlight it on your website, branding videos , business cards, email signature , social media , invoices, brand presentations, and every point of communication possible. This also helps build memorability and brand recall.

cover page of brand presentation template for client status reports branded presentation

The brand awareness presentation template above by Piktochart is quite versatile. You can incorporate many branding elements in your presentation — from customizing it with your logo to changing the presentation’s color scheme into your brand colors.

screenshot of how to change color schemes in Piktochart presentation editor for a branded presentation and promote brand awareness

3. Make the most of emotions

When you think of business presentations, the first emotion you think of is boredom, right?

How excited would you feel to see a bunch of boring charts and texts on a slide?

Don’t answer; that’s rhetorical. 

As a presenter, it’s your job to add some spice to your brand presentation.

Telling a unique, engaging story on a dull topic is a superpower. Think about how you can take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a proven fact that people remember and engage more with something that evokes some emotion.

So, how do you do it?

Follow this simple formula:

Pain points ⇢ Enter hero ⇢ Happy ever after

simple formula to use in your brand presentation for brand awareness and more

Start by painting a gruesome picture highlighting all your audience’s pain points. Use the first few slides showing negative, downbeat, and sad visuals. Once your audience is bummed out enough, swoop in with the hero (solution to the problem). 

A great example of this is Velocity Partner’s first presentation slide in “The other C word: What makes great content marketing great” .

a presentation slide sharing pain points and services also promoting brand awareness

Map out your story , write it on a doc, and break it into slides. Creating brand presentations that work requires strategy.

4. Don’t get stingy with your brand presentation slides

How short do you think people’s attention span is?

Think of a number and then reduce it ten times.

If you’re at a conference, chances are your audience has seen quite a few presentations already and is not interested in your ten slides. They’re probably thinking about the buffet waiting for them once you’re done.

An excellent way to tackle this diminishing attention span is to use a lot of slides (contrary to popular advice to use as few slides as possible).

Instead of adding a ton of points in one slide and talking on it for umpteen minutes, use multiple slides to help you illustrate as you speak.

For example, Wordstream’s Larry Kim covered almost 200 slides in his 30-minute presentation at the C3 Conference in 2017.

5. Get creative with your presentation slides

A critical factor that makes for fantastic brand presentations is the creativity put into building each slide.

You can add your flair by incorporating PowerPoint’s effects, transitions, visual elements, images, clipart, and more; as long as you keep in-line with your brand guidelines.

creative presentation template using brand colors inline with brand guidelines

However, do not go overboard with this. Add a lot of images and transitions; now what you have is clutter.

The goal here is to be fun and creative and find ways to engage your audience but still keep it simple enough not to distract them from the message.

You have an idea. We have presentation slides to visualize it.

Piktochart is an online presentation maker that helps you create professionally-looking branded presentations without hassle.

Piktochart presentations collage

6. Only use high-resolution images

You don’t like looking at a pixelated image on the phone. Imagine showing it on a 10x bigger screen where the photos don’t make sense. 

For example, maybe you have an image with a cool one-liner on it, but it’s not clear enough for the audience to see. What could have been entertaining for the audience has now left them confused.

Images are a fantastic way to make your presentation more engaging and get your point across.

A photo is, after all, worth a thousand words. Your audience will relate to images more than plain text. And finding the right image for each idea/point is like hitting the jackpot.

presentation slide example with high resolution image following brand guidelines showing brand personality

For these reasons, it’s essential to add high-resolution and relevant images to your brand presentations. Spend some time sourcing these images, and make sure they adhere to your overall brand awareness strategy and align with your brand colors. 

Luckily, Piktochart’s integration with Pexels allows you to access a library of over 3000+ high-quality photos and more.

preview of the Pexels library of high-quality photos in Piktochart for your brand awareness presentations

7. Use humor–but in a good way

Good humor can differentiate between a great and a memorable brand presentation.

a comic about humor in marketing using simple words

Don’t be shy to throw in jokes and memes to stir people’s sense of humor. In fact, you could even consider adding some memes to your slides as long as they align with your marketing goals and brand awareness strategy.

Another great way to add more humor is to use gifs. Here, avoid using niche or nerdy humor and stick with common and familiar areas. Using these formats is a great way to give your audience a good laugh and make your presentation memorable.

You can even use gifs to encourage an emotion or a reaction to what you shared. It should ideally give your audience an idea of how to react. For example, when sharing surprising data, use familiar gifs to convey each important metric.

Another critical thing to remember here is to use them strategically. If you use them a lot, they may distract the audience from what’s important. Correct timing makes a joke funny; the same principle applies to building presentations.

an example of a a humorous presentation slide for brand awareness

8. Think about the wider use of your presentation

Keep the flow and content of your presentation in mind if it has the potential to be shared later.

Here’s why: Each slide should be complete and comprehensive, and the presentation should make sense even when you’re not around to share additional context. Each slide should promote and establish brand awareness for your large or small business.

The slides from a talent management and recruitment presentation template below are great examples.

marketing presentation slide cover brand awareness

You know you’ve done an excellent job if someone were to go through your entire brand presentation and understands what you were trying to communicate.

The jokes, graphs, and pointers in your presentation should be constructed to achieve this goal.

9. Get someone to proofread

Even when you think you’ve nailed your brand presentation and adhered to your brand guidelines , get someone to proofread it for you.

Even when you’ve gone through all the slides hundreds of times, get someone to see it differently. No matter how confident you are, get someone to proofread your presentation.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than standing in a room full of people giving a presentation and realizing a spelling error. Yikes!

For example, let’s say you’re fluent in English and have a strong command of the language. If you’re presenting in the US, the spelling of “colors” will be different than if you’re presenting to a European crowd that spells it as “colours” with a “u.”

This blunder comes across as unprofessional, which can be why someone hesitates to do business with you and your brand.

People who proofread may always be able to highlight an error or two, and they also can give you their feedback on whether your jokes are appropriate or not, and if they can follow your story.

10. Rehearse multiple times

Practice makes perfect! The more you rehearse, the more gaps and inconsistencies you’ll find. It’ll also help you understand your story and time yourself better.

You’ll be able to identify any dull points or unnecessary information while rehearsing, and it’ll help you nail your brand presentation.

You’re Ready To Roll Out Your Brand Presentation

Thousands of tools and resources are available today to help businesses build and communicate their brand better (most of them are free). Piktochart’s presentation maker provides great examples to get started quickly on your branded presentation and other relevant assets. Try it for free . 

The key to this task lies in identifying the right presentations to build brand awareness and using them to design beautiful brand presentations that seal the deal.

Be ready for brand perception changes

Finally, keep in mind that you will never be in complete control of your prospects, consumers, or customers’ perception of your branding.

Brand perception can change over time due to a variety of factors, including changes in the marketplace, shifts in customer preferences, and the brand’s own actions or messaging. Here are some ways brand perception can change:

  • Changes in the marketplace: The competitive landscape can change rapidly, and new competitors may emerge with new products or services that offer a better value proposition to customers. If a brand fails to adapt to these changes, its perception may suffer as customers switch to competitors.
  • Changes in customer preferences: As customer preferences change, brands must adapt their products, messaging, and overall strategy to remain relevant. For example, a brand that was once known for its traditional values may need to update its image to appeal to younger, more diverse customers.
  • Brand messaging: The way a brand communicates its message can also impact perception. If a brand’s messaging becomes inconsistent or fails to align with its values or target audience, it may be perceived as less trustworthy or less relevant.
  • Negative publicity: Negative publicity or scandals can have a significant impact on a brand’s perception. Customers may lose trust in the brand or associate it with negative traits, which can be difficult to overcome.
  • Positive experiences: Positive customer experiences can help to improve a brand’s perception. When customers have a good experience with a brand, they are more likely to recommend it to others and have a positive view of the brand overall.

Overall, brand perception can change over time due to a range of internal and external factors. Brands must be aware of these changes and take steps to adapt their strategy and messaging to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

The most important thing is you’re always putting your best foot forward to build brand awareness every time you interact with your audience, from your packaging, brochures , your FAQ page, and all the way to your business presentations. 

As long as you keep your audience in mind and apply the tips we mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to build stunning brand presentations.

Alisha Shibli

Alisha Shibli is the Head of Marketing at, a professional logo maker.

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Nanase - Brand Presentation PowerPoint Template

Nanase is a sleek, professionally designed PowerPoint template, perfect for brand presentations. The ultra-modern design features 35 unique layouts, easy image placeholders, and customizable text variations. Crafted with attention to detail, it’s multipurpose, and suitable for business, portfolio, corporate, branding, and advertising presentations.

Stint – Creative Brand Presentation Template

Stint - Creative Brand Presentation Template

Stint is a premium PowerPoint template specially designed with an aesthetically minimal design for fashion or lifestyle brand companies. This high-resolution template comes with 34 modern, unique slides that are easily edited and customized to your needs, and includes features like drag-and-drop image placeholders, free fonts, vector icons, master slides, and more.

Brand Proposal Presentation Template

Brand Proposal Presentation Template

This is a PowerPoint template that will elevate your brand presentations with its vibrant, professional design. It boasts a range of dynamic features such as photo layouts, infographics, tables, vector icons, and diagrams to effectively portray your work and company profile.

Brand Guideline Presentation Template

Brand Guideline Presentation Template

Another PowerPoint template to craft professional branding presentations for modern companies. It sports a minimal design and allows easy integration of your logos, images, and brand colors. This template features 25 unique slides covering different sections such as Cover, Brand Overview, Typography, and Contact. The elements are resizable, and the template can be exported as a PDF or PPTX for easy sharing with clients.

T’Lady – Brand Presentation Deck Template

T'Lady - Brand Presentation Deck Template

T’Lady is a distinctive, professionally designed PowerPoint template suitable for any presentation need. Especially suitable for fashion brand presentations, the template offers a variety of layout and text variations, easy image placement, and customization features, including effortless color change and unique portfolio slides.

Celtic – Brand Strategy Presentation Template

Celtic - Brand Strategy Presentation Template

The Celtic PowerPoint template offers over 35 creatively designed slides tailored for brand presentations. With HD resolution and a modern, unique layout, it provides a platform to showcase your business in an engaging but simple way. Its user-friendly design makes customization easy, with drag-and-drop image placeholders and free fonts.

Brand Guideline Presentation Template

A PowerPoint template ideal for outlining your brand’s rules and guidelines. It will save you all the hard work of creating one from scratch. It’s easy to customize this professional and minimalistic asset with your logo, images, brand colors, and typography. With over 30 unique slides including a cover page, content overview, mission and vision, and specific sections for logo, color palette, typography, and more.

Barriers – Modern Brand Presentation Template

Barriers - Modern Brand Presentation Template

The Barriers is a polished and ultra-modern PowerPoint template designed with meticulous attention to detail. It features 20 unique layouts varying in design and text, a 1920 x 1080 px resolution, image placeholders, and a simple drag & drop function. Perfect for presenting modern brands, it is easy to customize, fully editable, and comes with free support.

Volosa – Brand Fashion Presentation

Volosa - Brand Fashion Presentation

Volosa is a thoughtfully designed PowerPoint template specifically tailored for fashion brands seeking an up-to-date and chic design style for their presentations. Boasting 24 unique slides, image placeholders, high-resolution design, the flexibility of layout and textual variations, and user-friendly Slide Master features for easy customization, Volosa offers intriguing details, expertly crafted for your convenience and branding needs.

Commerca – Brand Guideline Presentation Template

Commerca - Brand Guideline Presentation Template

Commerca is a highly versatile and professional PowerPoint template, perfect for brand presentations. The template features over 30 unique slides, equipped with media and image placeholders for easy customization. It also includes editable maps, resizable vector elements, and offers unlimited color options.

Stylish Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

Stylish Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

This is an easy-to-use PowerPoint template that allows you to effortlessly customize your brand presentation with your logo, images, colors, and typography. It has 34 editable pages full of features such as resizable vector elements, editable charts, infographics, and a plethora of sections that cover everything from brand values, photography style to social media and more.

Bold Brand Proposal Presentation Deck Template

Bold Brand Proposal Presentation Deck Template

Another PowerPoint template designed for modern brand presentations. Easy to use, it is perfect for showcasing your talents, products, or services in a stunning, professional style. The template features a master slide layout, 20 unique animated slides, theme color adaptation, and resizable vector elements.

Altto – Modern Brand Presentation Template

Altto - Modern Brand Presentation Template

Altto is a modern brand presentation template, perfect for contemporary companies looking to elevate their PowerPoint presentations. Boasting a professional design created with meticulous attention to detail, it features 20 unique layouts, image placeholders, various text formations, and business guideline pages.

Bara – Brand Presentation PowerPoint Template

Bara - Brand Presentation PowerPoint Template

The Bara PowerPoint template is an ultra-modern, professionally designed slideshow ideal for showcasing brand concepts. Boasting 20 unique layouts, flexible text variations, and a drag-and-drop image feature, this 1080p, fully editable template truly simplifies content presentation.

Aesthetic Brand Guidelines Powerpoint Presentation

Aesthetic Brand Guidelines Powerpoint Presentation

This is a beautifully crafted PowerPoint template that serves as a visually appealing guide for your brand’s identity. It features a modern, aesthetically pleasing design that promotes a consistent brand image. Ideal for organizations in various stages of brand definition, this fully customizable template boasts a unique layout, free fonts, and drag-and-drop image placeholders.

Trendy Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

Trendy Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

This is a sleek and unique PowerPoint design perfect for creating brand guideline presentations. It comes with 30 different slide layouts that you can tailor to your brand’s style, including a drag-and-drop function for easily replacing photos. With resizable vector elements, a full HD 16:9 ratio, and free fonts, this template makes professional presentation creation straightforward and enjoyable.

Azura – Brand Strategy Presentation Deck

Azura - Brand Strategy Presentation Deck

Azura is a powerful, contemporary PowerPoint template perfect for showcasing brand strategies and company profiles. This professional template offers a clean design with creative photo layouts, infographics, editable vector icons, and diagrams. It’s user-friendly, easily customizable, and available across multiple formats.

Brand Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Brand Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Take your brand presentations to the next level with the Riya PowerPoint template. This straightforward yet powerful template features contemporary design elements like creative photo layouts, infographics, tables, vector icons, and diagrams, highlighting your work and company profile in a fresh way.

Colorful Brand Presentation Template

Colorful Brand Presentation Template

This is a vibrant and distinctive PowerPoint template suitable for a vast range of presentations. This asset is not only professional and ultramodern, but its design is also crafted meticulously for optimal display. Key features include image placeholders, multiple layout variations, business guidelines pages, easily customizable elements, and a unique color change mechanism.

Minimal Brand Proposal Presentation Template

Minimal Brand Proposal Presentation Template

This minimal PowerPoint template makes it convenient for you to set up your brand’s proposition for clients. Boasting a clean, timeless aesthetic, this template comes with 20 unique slides and resizable elements, it also offers myriad sections such as Welcome, About, Special Service, and Contact. The straightforward design and adaptability serve a range of clients superbly.

Free Brand Presentation Templates

Free urban clothing brand pitch deck presentation.

Free Urban Clothing Brand Pitch Deck Presentation

This is a modern pitch deck template for branding presentations. It’s especially perfect for modern, urban clothing brands and fashion brands to present their brand identities. The template includes 32 unique slides and it comes in PowerPoint and Google Slides formats.

Free Brand Identity Presentation Template

Free Brand Identity Presentation Template

A creative and minimalist brand presentation template featuring simple colors and illustrations filled with geometric shapes. This template is ideal for presenting bold brand identity designs. It includes fully customizable slides.

Free Social Media Branding Guidelines Presentation

Free Social Media Branding Guidelines Presentation

A very colorful and stylish brand presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. This template features 28 unique slides full of gradient colors and stylish typography. It’s perfect for presenting social media branding guidelines for modern businesses.

Free Brand Key Pitch Deck Presentation

Free Brand Key Pitch Deck Presentation

This PowerPoint template features a very simple slide design that effectively highlights your content above all else. It includes lots of useful slides with editable vector graphics, maps, charts, and more.

Free Sports Brand Marketing Plan Presentation

Free Sports Brand Marketing Plan Presentation

Even though this PowerPoint template is designed with sports brands in mind, you can easily customize the slides to create presentations for many other types of brands as well. It also comes in Google Slides format.

Home PowerPoint Templates Models Brand Identity Prism Presentation Template

Brand Identity Prism Presentation Template

PPT Template for Brand Identity Prism Presentation

Showcase your brand identity values with this Brand Identity Prism Presentation Template . A brand identity prism is a model to showcase the key six characteristics of your brand to help it humanize for the consumers. These brand identity characteristics define how your consumers perceive you, their impression of your services or products, and what image your brand has on their minds. All these personality characteristics can be discussed using a brand identity prism divided into three main parts and six components. As its name indicates, this prism diagram has six facets. The upper part represents the picture of sender segments indicating internal features of the brand, i.e., physique and personality. In contrast, the bottom part indicates the picture of the receiver showing the characteristics that are relevant to consumers, such as reflection and self-image. The central left and right sides of the diagram showcase the externalization (relationship with consumers) and internalization (culture of the brand) factors, respectively. 

We have created this prism diagram using 100% editable PowerPoint shapes . In the central part, there is a hexagonal shape showing the title, and on the respective sides, there are titles of the personality factors. Users can conveniently add relevant data using the provided text boxes with placeholder text. On different slides of this Brand Identity Prism Presentation Template , there are different design and organization variants of this diagram. Presenters can choose from these slides and use them in their presentations. Brand marketing and business development teams can grab this diagram to discuss their brand personality and identity. They can arrange all aspects of their identity with these creative & engaging PPT diagrams . Scholars and researchers can also include this figure in their presentations about brand image and identity. All slides of this template are also compatible with Google Slides. Download and try editing this brand identity prism template for your next marketing presentation now!

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brand identity presentation template

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The Ultimate Guide to Create a Brand Identity [FREE TOOLKIT]

by Nate Butler

brand identity presentation template

A strong brand identity doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just pick a few colors and haphazardly slap a logo together. You need to approach your design strategically to build an identity that truly reflects your brand—and can support you as you grow. This requires deep thinking, a team with strong communication and design skills, and an intimate understanding of who you are, what you do, and how you want to present your brand to the world. 

This work isn’t easy, but it’s some of the most important work that any brand can do. So if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it the right way. Of course, tackling a brand identity can be both intimidating and confusing. What should it include? How do you start? Who needs to be involved? 

Don’t worry. With the right guidance, you can move through the process effectively, and that’s why we’re here. To make it easy, we’ve broken it all down into this simple step-by-step guide, including our best tips and handy toolkit to help you along the way. Follow this guide and you’ll end up with a beautiful, functional brand identity that will help you outshine your competition, connect with the right people, and tell your brand story through every piece of content. 

Let’s get into it. 

Note: First published in 2016, this post has since been updated to include our streamlined process and free brand toolkit.  

Table of Contents

What is a brand identity.

  • Why Do You Need a Brand Identity?

What Does a Brand Identity Include?

What makes a strong brand identity, step 1: know your foundation, step 2: assess your current identity, step 3: audit your competition.

  • Step 4: Hone in on a Visual Direction

Step 5: Write Your Branding Brief

Step 6: design your logo, step 7: choose your color palette, step 8: choose your typography, step 9: design additional elements, step 10: build your brand guidelines.

  • How to Use Your New Identity

Is it your logo? Your color palette? Your infographic style? It’s all that—and more.

Branding pro Marty Neumeier defines a brand identity as “the outward expression of a brand, including its trademark, name, communications, and visual appearance.” To us, a brand identity is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to people. (Sometimes that even includes how it sounds, tastes, feels, and even smells.)

That said, when most people talk about brand identity, they’re referring to a brand’s visual identity. For the purposes of this post, that’s what we’ll be focusing on.

W hy Do You Need a Brand Identity?

A strong brand identity is not about making pretty packaging; it’s about communicating your brand story effectively. Design is a powerful tool that can transform how people interact with your brand in three important ways. 

  • Differentiation: How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Your brand identity can play a strong role. Whether you want your product to stand out on a shelf, or you want your ads to stand out on Facebook, creating a consistent, cohesive presentation is the secret to success. 
  • Connection: The more effectively you communicate who you are, the easier it will be for people to engage with you and, ultimately, join your community of lifelong fans. 
  • Experience: Everything you create reflects your brand. Thus, if you want to create a consistent, cohesive brand experience, you need to present a consistent, cohesive identity. From your website, to your social media, to your sales brochures, a strong identity is the key to elevating your brand experience. 

Some brands elevate brand identity to an art (think Apple , LEGO , or Levi’s ). Some brands make it their entry into the playing field (think Warby Parker or Casper ). Others struggle because they don’t know who they are or don’t know how to communicate it effectively. (The truth is too many brands fall into this camp.)

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, one thing is certain. If you want to be a competitive and successful company, crafting a strong brand identity is mandatory. 

brand identity presentation template

When you create a brand identity, you’re basically building a toolbox of visual elements to help you communicate effectively. This can be basic or extensive; it all depends on your brand’s needs. 

Regardless, every brand needs a basic identity, which includes three core elements: 

  • Color palette

If you create a wider variety of content (or plan to), you may also design additional elements to express your brand across mediums, including:


Illustration, iconography.

  • Data visualization

The good news is you don’t have to design everything all at once. If you don’t have a ton of resources (or don’t know what your future needs will be), start with the basic logo, color, and typography. You can build out additional elements as you need. 

brand identity presentation template

Here’s the thing. Having a brand identity on paper doesn’t mean your identity is good or effective. Even if you design every element needed, it may not help you achieve your long-term goals. 

A strong brand identity needs to work for everyone, both your internal team (e.g., brand ambassadors, content creators) and the people who will interact with it (e.g., customers). 

To truly succeed, you need to build a brand identity that is…

  • Distinct: It stands out among competitors and catches people’s attention.
  • Memorable: It makes a visual impact. (Consider Apple: The logo is so memorable they only include the logo—not their name—on their products.)
  • Scalable: It can grow and evolve with the brand.
  • Flexible: It can be used in many different applications (web, print, etc.). 
  • Cohesive: Each piece complements the other. 
  • Easy to apply: It’s intuitive and clear for designers to use.

If you design an identity that doesn’t resonate with your target audience, or doesn’t truly reflect your brand, you will have wasted a lot of work. (Luckily, we created this guide to ensure this doesn’t happen.) 

brand identity presentation template

How to Build a Brand Identity

To demystify the process for you, we’ve broken the process into 10 steps to get you from A to Z. These steps are listed in this specific order, as different elements of your identity are built upon others. Whether you’re building a fresh identity from scratch or embarking on a rebrand, follow this sequence to design a strong brand identity that sets you up for success.

Before You Start

Download our free Brand Identity Toolkit, which includes tools, templates, and checklists to help you along the way. 

brand identity presentation template

Before you jump into the steps we detail here, know that the visual aspect of your brand identity is not the first thing you should tackle when you’re building a brand; it’s actually the last thing. A brand is like a house; it should be built on a solid foundation.

First, you need to know who you are: What’s your personality? What do you care about? What do you do? How do you talk about what you do? These are the core elements of your brand that your visual identity will communicate. If you don’t have this foundation to build upon, you can’t design a visual identity that properly tells your brand story.

How to Do It

Before you proceed, make sure you know your:  

  • Brand Heart: This is an articulation of your brand’s core principals (specifically your purpose, vision, mission, and values). If you don’t have these documented, see our guide to find your Brand Heart .
  • Brand name: If you haven’t done this already, find out how to choose the right name . Note: You really cannot design a logo without a name.
  • Brand essence: This is your voice, tone, and personality. See our guides to find your voice and personality if you need more clarity on these. 
  • Messaging: Know your tagline , value proposition , and messaging pillars to ensure your visual identity communicates the right story. 

Additionally, you need to know why you’re going through this process at all. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s obvious why you need to do this. If you’re rebranding, make sure everyone on your team understands the challenges you’re facing with your current identity and what you’re hoping to achieve with a new one. (FYI, here are 10 reasons to consider a new brand identity .) 

As long as you have your core brand elements established, and your team is on the same page, you can proceed.

Good branding is ultimately about good communication. To make sure your visual output aligns with your brand values, reflects your personality, and communicates your total brand story, you need to have an intimate understanding of your brand.  

Thus, you should start with a brand assessment to understand:

  • The current state of your brand’s identity
  • How that brand identity might be crafted or tweaked to align with your goals going forward

By taking a critical look at your brand, you can get the insights you need to build an identity that accurately communicates it. 

Use the Brand Audit Template in the toolkit , and follow our guide to audit your current brand identity . You’ll have more conversations about the direction you want to go in later, but this template is the first step to make sure you’re moving in the right direction. 

Building a brand identity is all about differentiation: making your brand visible, relevant, and unique. Thus, it’s crucial to understand not just who your competition is but how your brand compares in terms of your visual presentation. 

Through a competitor audit, you can compare your brand to each competitor, and compare your competitors as a whole, which can surface some surprising insights. 

For example, we once did competitive research for a brand and found that all of their competitors used the exact same four colors. This isn’t uncommon, as many industries tend to gravitate toward the same visual elements (think Netflix and YouTube’s use of the color red), but it revealed a great opportunity to differentiate.

Fun fact: In 2011, the video platform Twitch made a splash with their all-purple branding (at a time when their competitors used bold greens and reds). The color instantly became a hallmark of their brand (now a multi-billion dollar company). 

Noting these types of opportunities is why a competitor audit can be invaluable. 

Use the C ompetitor Brand Audit Template in the toolkit to assess your top 5 competitors.  

As you move through the process, pay special attention to how your competitors present themselves in terms of common visual elements, trends, industry-specific visual themes, brand personalities, etc.

Step 4: Hone In on a Visual Direction 

Now that you’ve taken a critical look at both your current identity and your competitors’ identities, it’s time to get your team aligned on the direction you want to go in. 

Design can be incredibly subjective. Colors that convey power and strength to one person may be perceived totally differently by others. Even the vocabulary you use to describe your brand can be interpreted differently across your team. 

At this stage you aren’t ready to design yet; you first need to have important conversations and move through exercises that will help you land on a shared vision for your brand identity. 

  • What are the key brand traits you want to express through your visuals? 
  • What type of visuals communicate these traits? 
  • What do you want people to feel when they “see” your brand? 

Note: It’s important to get brand stakeholders in the same room to have these conversations, identify the path forward, and make sure everyone on the team is aligned. (The insights you get from these conversations will help you craft the creative brief that designers will use to bring the visuals to life.) 

To prompt these conversations, it helps to conduct exercises to guide your conversation. (Think of this as a creative therapy session.) Use the Brand Attributes Spectrum Exercise in the toolkit to help your team identify the main brand attributes you want to convey through your brand identity. Note: You won’t get the insights you need in a single meeting. It may take several meetings to talk through and come to a consensus.

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you have the information you need to start design. However, you shouldn’t jump right in. Start with a creative brief that details the pertinent info you need to keep your team on the same page—and ensure you create an identity that aligns to your brand goals.  

brand identity presentation template

Use our Branding Brief Template. Note: Don’t provide too much or too little info. Your brief should always inform, not overwhelm.

A brand identity is an intricate design system. Each element influences the other, but it starts with your logo. A strong logo captures the essence of your brand, helping you make your mark (literally) in the world.

You can go old-school here and bust out the pencils to free-sketch in black and white. You want to make sure that the core imagery is powerful enough to deliver the message on its own, without the enhancement of color. To start, work on loose shapes and complementary imagery to inspire your logo mark. For step-by-step instructions, check out our guide to design a logo you love . If you’re looking for creative inspiration, you can also c heck out these 15 examples of brands with an awesome identity

Example: You can see many iterations of our logo for UCI Applied Innovation , from the most basic black-and-white sketch to fully rendered images.


And the final result:

Once you have a solid logo, you can explore your color palette. Color is a great tool to differentiate your brand from competitors, but know that color can also elicit strong emotions, so choose wisely. 

A good color palette is clean and flexible, supplying designers enough choices to be creative but not enough to overwhelm. This includes:

  • 1 main color
  • 2 primary colors
  • 3-5 complementary colors
  • 2 accent colors

For more tips, see our guide to choosing the right colors for your brand identity .

Example: Color treatments for Sweet Mission ‘s packaging provide a cohesive identity for the brand’s products. 

brand identity presentation template

Every visual element in your identity should contribute to a cohesive visual language, and thus each should complement the other. This is particularly true of typography, which should be informed by the shape of your logo. 

Every stage of design has its own unique challenges, but typography can be tricky in a visual language, especially when brands follow trends that are hot for a second but quickly become dated or appear unoriginal (serif vs. non-serif).

To keep it simple, limit the number of typefaces to 2-3. This generally includes primary and secondary brand typefaces for specific purposes, such as body copy typeface, UI typeface, etc. For a deeper dive into choosing typography (including whether or not to license fonts), see our guide to choosing the best typography for your brand .

Example: Guidelines from the Visage brand identity dictate how typography should be used. 

how to create a brand identity typography

Every brand’s needs are different, so you may or may not need to design a comprehensive identity. That said, consider your brand’s future needs. If you are planning to experiment with different types of content, make sure you include those elements in your identity. 

Photography plays a huge role in your brand identity, from your product images to your advertising. It’s important to identify clear guidelines about the types of images (and visual treatments) that are and aren’t appropriate.

To learn more about the role of images in storytelling, see Fabrik Brand’s guide to brand photography .

Example: The photo guidelines from the Visage brand identity include detailed instructions on the use of filters and typography. 

visual identity

When it comes to illustration, you need a cohesive and uniform language. Don’t over-illustrate or use clashing styles. Instead, think of how your illustration will be used in conjunction with other visual elements.

To figure out how to illustrate your brand, follow Smashing Magazine’s tips for drawing a strong identity .

Example: The brand identity includes a simple and relatable illustration style.


Good iconography is influenced not just by the creative visual language but by the applications for the work. It depends on what your product or service is, as well as the industry and medium (e.g., website vs. printed sales brochures).

Iconography is part art, part science, so you want to make sure things are as clear as possible. For more tips, see Design Systems’ complete guide to iconography .

chart imagery

Data Visualization

In addition to aesthetic appeal, data should be designed for clarity and comprehension. Thus, it’s important to design visualizations that adhere to data visualization best practices.

If you’re not familiar with data best practices, find out how to design the most common charts and graphs with our Data Visualization 101 guide, and check out these 25 tips to improve your data visualizations .

chart imagery

Before you move on, use the Brand Identity Checklist in the toolkit to ensure your visual language is complete and adheres to best practices. You can also b ookmark these 75 tips, tools, and resources to help your team create a great brand identity.

The only thing more heartbreaking than a poorly designed brand identity is a beautifully designed identity that is never used or used incorrectly. A brand style guide is the savior here—if it’s crafted the right way.

Include clear, easy-to-follow guidelines for every part of the brand identity, including examples and use-cases for print, web, video, and interactive elements (if applicable). Also include practical detail, denoting as much information as needed to help your designers replicate the brand identity successfully. For more direction, plus great examples, follow our guide to create a brand style guide people will actually use.

Once completed, make sure guidelines are distributed to the team, stored in an easy-to-access place, and regularly updated.

Example: The Avalere Health style guide includes a handy TOC to make it easy to access the desired info.

data visualization

How to Use Your New Brand Identity

As we know, consistency is key when it comes to building a strong brand. You can’t toss your fresh brand identity into the world and expect people to know how to use it immediately. Designate a point person to answer any and all questions related to the brand application, and implement a system of quality control to preserve your brand integrity at every touchpoint. You should also…

  • Find out what brand identity mistakes to avoid at every stage.
  • See our 5 tips to launch an effective rollout .
  • Follow these tips to make sure all your content is on brand going forward. 

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t have the resources to take on the project yourself, consider bringing in some expert help. Follow our tips to find the right creative agency for you, or chat with us. We’re happy to help you get your brand on the right track.

brand identity presentation template

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I hope the identities we’ve created at can last. Open to feedback if you guys have any,.

This is so incredibly helpful! I’m a young creative redesigning a brand I created when I was 16, and I love how you’ve made such a massive process bite-sized. Thanks!

We’re so happy to help, Alexander. Best of luck with it.

I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Branding is definitely not a work in the park and I’m struggling with my own as a one-person start up. The article was informative and I appreciate the links for more resources.

Great to hear. Best of luck in your business, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter since we have non-stop tips for you 😉

Thanks a lot for sharing deep knowledge and resources about brand strategy and brand identity design. It helped me understand brand from the scratch.

Thanks, Amit. Best of luck building your brand.

Thank you soooooo much for all the free content available on your website!!

Happy to help, Fernanda!

This is actually one of the best articles I have come across when it comes to brand identity. Thanks for making it informative. This article really gave me some important tips.

Thanks so much, Olivia! Glad it helped.

This is a kind of book I would buy , if it were published. You guys delivered it.

I am absolutely inspired by the way you make things so clear and doable.

Such high praise. Thanks so much, Alexandra.

Thank you so much for this information, it’s very helpful!!!

Thanks, Tina! We try 🙂

Great article Nate. Thanks…

Awesome and well written article. The examples and elements are good and valuable for all brand identity designs. Speaking of awesome, check out this website , they do a lot of unique and insight branding.

Omg! This has to be the most comprehensive article on the web! It was absolutlely helpful and very well written. Simple to understand and so insightful. It was everything I needed and more. Thank you! Great Job Column 5

Thanks so much, Bamise! We try to create exactly the things we wish we had when we were starting out 🙂

My name is Ivan. I just started a clothing brand called Whatever Label ( & @whateverlabel (instagram).

I finding difficulties establishing my brand guidelines given that I want to focus on skateboardes and surfers. I think the target audience is broad and there are a lot of brands out there already. The thing is that, I would like to avoid the term fashion brand or any fashion trend.

Therefore, in terms of defining our competiton, I like to resonate with those “free spirit” & “rebel” brands that I have around where I live (Bali).

My question is; do you think i should define my brand guidelines based on the competitors I have around? or should i focus on any world brand that has similar values?

thanks, ivan

The article is worthy of applause. I also want to draw your attention to choosing the right brand name. Here is an article that says the following about the name: The correct name should reflect the vision and ideal position of a particular brand. The name should also indicate the level of creativity and uniqueness in order to emphasize it and give your business or company the right personality. Everything revolves around uniqueness!

This was really helpful and inspiring…thanks

Glad to hear it, Amusan!

Nice article i just here to ask. Where do i have to put the brand positioning? I now brand positioning is about how the market look a brand and mission is about how the core team perceives the company.

I would appreciate your comments.

Hi Jahir, Good question. It is important to know where you fit into the marketplace. You can complete your market positioning along with your brand strategy. If you need to figure out your positioning, a competitive analysis is helpful: .

Thanks a lot for really helpful informations !!!!!!!!I. Im impress ….

Very helpful information, Thank you so much

Hope it helps, Sarah.

Such an informative read! If you’re looking for to find a solid YouTube video on the subject, I found this step by step video very helpful when learning how to build a brand from start to finish. The main thing I found extremely useful, is that there is a free branding template in the description that helps you get started:

Also the YT channel The Futur has some great content as well.

WOW….It is very resourceful article. Thanks for your clear guidance.

Thank you so much, Joe. We were trying to make the one thing we couldn’t find ourselves.

Invaluable info!! Just at the perfect time. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! We hope it helps.

great post – very informative – Thanks for Sharing – it was a great help how you broke each section down … Thanks again

Glad to help! Best of luck on your own branding.

Great post! Developing a strong brand strategy enables you to identify and refine your core client profiles, then target marketing to the appropriate niche markets. Knowing your target markets also allows you to hone key messaging that strikes a cord with their specific needs. When we talk about ‘brand’ we aren’t just talking about your logo. Your brand is the sum of all your business represents. It’s your logo, tagline, photography, font, colours, language, and your business’s general vibe. It’s how your business as a whole is presented to your target market. At Chilli, we are incredibly invested in building our client’s brands, as this is the ONLY single asset that will carry it’s worth across platforms and tactics.

Well said, Stephany.

What a quality article! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Donny. Hope it helps!

Great and complete discussion. It guides a good design direction for many new brands.

Thanks, Herries!

A very informative read. Thanks a lot Nate

Thanks, Marlene. Hope it helps.

Katy French!!! This is so perfect. Thanks a lot.

So happy to hear that!

Thank you for this! Such a great place for me to start with my small business.

So happy to hear that, Sarah! Best of luck.

I truly love this article for the direct yet supportive guide on visual character! Very straightforward however brimming with astonishing and valuable data. Much obliged! Feel free to visit here: Creative Logo Design

This was very detailed and informational. Now, I couldn’t wait to get started on this.

Good luck on it!

What an intriguing read. Amazing content for a Graphic designer looking to initiate a brand identity. Thank you

Thanks so much, Joshua. We do our best 🙂

Thank you so much for this, simple and concise.

Deepa Joshi

Thanks, Deepa! Glad it brings some clarity.

Well done. What a great read – thanks for making it clear and simple and powerful. I’ve had to try and explain this so many times and this article has been a huge relief and will also serve as a great tool for other. Thanks!

Thanks, William! The same goes for us. (Hence, we decided to get it out there once and for all.)

I really appreciate every article on this web page. It helps a lot and it’s written in the language that anyone can understand. Thanks for your effort and time.

Great post – very useful!!

It rare to find useful articles of such worth.

P.S I have noticed a spelling error within the first paragraph of the Typography section. Should it be ‘your brand identity…’ instead of ‘you brand identity…’? Sorry. It’s the designer in me.

Thanks, John! (Typo fixed — we appreciate it.)

I genuinely love this article for the straightforward but helpful guide on visual identity! Quite simple but full of amazing and useful information. Thanks!

That’s great to hear. Best of luck on your visual identity.

Amazing article! (also the blog aesthetics are perfect)

Thanks so much, Benjamin!

Hello Nate & Column5 folks, I represent a tiny (but impactful !!!) Aussie NFP and we are working with some special young people to create a social food enterprise. We are starting with purpose and brand development (as you do). This content is so amazing, I was hoping to gain permission to use it (with due accreditation of course), for educational purposes only. You can check us out @BigFeedAU on Twitter & Insty to see how we roll. Our mothership charity is , looking forward to your thoughts.

Hi Kay, Thanks for reaching out. We’ll be in touch.

This is a great content. I’ve learned so much. Thanks a great deal for sharing.

What an ass! To use someone else’s blog to sell your company services. Great job on your article, by the way. I always knew there was a lot to branding (much more than I’d care to do), but you guys mad so many of the parts easy to comprehend. Thank you for the step-by-step. And, I’ve bookmarked you guys. I can’t wait to work with you.

Thanks, Anna. We’d love to chat!

Great blog. However, I’d like to mention that once your brand identity has been created, you should always analyze and refine the brand identity accordingly. Track, target and test new strategies and tactics to know what works best. At Om Infosolutions, we have a number of clients that have approached us for revamping their brand identity, which has proven to work really well then.

Absolutely! Thanks for the reminder.

This is a great, very comprehensive and perfect in volume piece of content. Not to mention it’s providing so much value with only the lightest of implications of selling the service. Loved it!

Thanks, Tasha. We’re just trying help people build better brands and great content. 🙂

Very thorough and clear summation.

All I would add is to consider size and simplicity in logo design. A company logo may be used in ways you can foresee — signs in offices and on letterhead are a given, but they may also be printed on small give-away items at conventions or as a tiny icon next to a browser’s URL. The larger or more complicated a logo, the worse it can look in those situations.

Yes, Wes! Such a great thing to keep in mind.

very resourceful

Glad to help!

Comprehensive and easy to follow.

Very useful guide to create a power brand identity. Fantastic and informative article. I appreciate it.

is there a way to choose a good color palette? i always find myself stuck when picking color combinations

It’s always good to consider what message you are trying to convey visually, but if you ever want to chat, we’re here to help.

the images for each step are super helpful. i work visually so they’re always appreciated

Glad to hear you found them helpful!

there’s so many things to consider that I’ve never even thought about. there’s a lot I guess I still need to learn

If you need help, we’re always here to chat.

thank you for always putting together fantastic guides. they’re invaluable to me

Happy to hear that they are useful to you!

this is a great article. i’ll be using this in the future as a quick guide

Thanks, Jeff!

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Unleash Your Brand's Full Potential with these Versatile Presentation Board Templates

This presentation board templates offer a unique and dynamic way to showcase your brand identity. With 4 different layout options, you can choose the template that best suits your brand and presentation needs. Each template includes places for your key brand assets, such as your company logo, color palette, imagery and more.

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The Ultimate Brand Presentation Templates – Tips For Your Brand Identity!

  • Sathish Shanmugam
  • December 16, 2022
  • No Comments

A few years back, “branding” and “brand identity” were limited to corporations with a vast marketing presence and budgets. All other small businesses and start-ups were satisfied with a simple logo, business cards, and letterheads.

But today, branding has become an integral part of the business world, regardless of the size and nature of the business. As a result, even Freelancers and consultants must upgrade their branding game to succeed in this competitive world.

As an entrepreneur, you must highlight your brand in everything you do. This includes  web page design , logo, typos, business cards, digital presence, and more. You must consider your brand even while creating a pitch deck or brand presentation.

brand identity presentation template

The brand presentation goes beyond highlighting your ideas/ messages or pitching your business. But why are they so important? Here’s the guide you’ll find helpful with 8 pro tips for making your brand presentation visually appealing!

Table of Contents

Why are compelling Branding Presentations a must?

1. understand the goal of your presentation, 2. align your presentation with your brand elements, 3. take your audience on an emotional journey, 4. do not drag your presentation, 5. showcase your creativity, 6. use humor in your brand presentations, 7. proofread your presentation, 8. practice multiple times, roll out a fantastic brand presentation.

If you look at all the brands that have withstood the test of time, we will see that they have a strong brand presence. A solid brand presence will make the brand more recognizable. A strong brand connects with its clients on an emotional level which results in brand awareness and loyalty. A brand style guide that aligns with your brand aims to create a brand identity, but a PowerPoint presentation of your brand can communicate and present your brand with the right impression and significant impact. 

When we think of branding, presentations are the last thing that comes to mind. However, they play a crucial role in all businesses. By creating and ideating a  good brand presentation , you will be able to elevate your company’s brand identity over time.

  • Look professional and gain the trust of your clients – Branding your presentation will be a great example to showcase the effort and time you invested and your commitment and professionalism.
  • Highlight your business values – Successful brand presentations allow you to showcase your great content including brand’s personality and voice.
  • Make presentation memorable – A good brand presentation will make your brand more memorable and creates visual identity for your brand.
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors- Through a good brand presentation design, you can showcase how your business is different from your competitors and showcase your professional aspect. 

brand identity presentation template

Top 8 tips to ace your next brand presentations

Here are the best tips to improve your brand presentations and ensure that the presentation serves its purpose-stand out from your competitors.

If you’re a business, you might have come up with a catchy eye presentation, but it is a total waste if it does not provide clear points or ideas. Therefore, before you start designing your presentation, you need to know what messages and ideas you want to convey within your brand and what you want to achieve for your brand. 

For instance, if you present a  logo design  idea to a client, you must take them through your thought process. Designing a brand logo involves a lot of steps, and it should clearly communicate the brand messaging in the right image.

Come up with a well-thought-out story about the relevance of the visual elements like color, icons, fonts, and layout. And explain how the logo will help bridge the gap between the brand and the targeted audience. There are multiple brand identity presentation templates available online which you can refer to for presentation examples. 

brand identity presentation template

It’s essential to build a consistent brand image whether you are a business or a solo hustler. To achieve your goal, make sure that your brand presentation resonates with your brand’s values and voice.

Whether you are trying to sell a product, service, or idea through your presentation, the chance of achieving your goal will increase if you build a solid brand identity for your business. So, ensure that your presentation has all the essential branding elements like  logo , fonts, brand color, page layout and everything you need to know about the consistent visual branding of your business. 

This will give you a professional look and visibility, which is vital for gaining the trust of potential clients. 

brand identity presentation template

What is the first emotion people feel when they think about a presentation? Boredom! The thought of seeing charts and texts is indeed dull. Visualize the presentation before going with it. So, as a presenter, spice up your presentation if you want your audience to listen to what you want to say. Use your brand to personalize the stories, and make the presentation playful. This helps you create visual brand awareness among your audience, so make sure your tone of voice should be impactful. 

You can tell unique and emotional stories to make a dull topic interesting. It is proven that storytelling can evoke powerful emotions in the audience.

Check this video if you want to learn how to come up with compelling stories for your presentation.

People’s attention span is 8 seconds, less than that of a goldfish. We’ve seen some boring brand presentations, let’s be honest (I’ve slept at a few of them). Therefore creating a lengthy presentation and stuffing all your slides is a bad move.

We might have heard people telling you to finish your presentation in a few slides. But contrary to this popular belief, it is advised to use a lot of slides to tackle the issue of reducing attention span.

Instead of stuffing a slide with tons of points and discussing it for a long time, using multiple slides to illustrate what you want to say is recommended.

One of the crucial factors that make a brand presentation fantastic is creativity. You can add a flair of creativity by integrating effects and transition features of PowerPoint, adding images, clip art, and more. The color scheme should match your brand identity. You can browse free brand presentation templates, to redesign your own PowerPoint template. 

However, make sure that you do not go overboard. For example, do not add images and transition on the same page. This will only make your presentation cluttered.

You must find ways to make your presentation engaging, fun, and creative. But remember to keep the design style simple to avoid any distractions.

You can  check this out  to find the best ways to make your presentation creative.

If you want to make your branding presentations memorable and subject to discussion, then let’s say adding a flair of humor can be the best thing to do.

To make your presentation entertaining and fun, you can use the following formats:

  • Throw Jokes
  • Use memes and Gifs

By using these formats, you will be able to make the audience laugh, and they will remember your presentation. But make sure not to use sensitive and nerdy jokes. Also, do not overuse them. Using it often may distract the audience, and they won’t see what is essential in your brand ideology. 

You can check out this video for tips on using humor in your next presentation.

Even if you feel that you have come up with a superb presentation that aligns with brand guidelines, it is essential to proofread each of your slides with someone.

You might have gone through your presentation multiple times. People also read into the slides, even if you’re presenting it so proofreading will help you see different perspectives.

Nothing can be more embarrassing than standing in a room full of professionals and realizing that you have made a spelling mistake. Understand that each  error  will make you and your brand look unprofessional, making them hesitant to collaborate on a business project with you.

brand identity presentation template

Practice your presentation multiple times. The more you practice, the more you can figure out its gaps and flaws. In addition, it will help you identify any unnecessary information or weak points that will hinder you from nailing your presentation. So when you’re ready to start try recording yourself just for you to evaluate yourself

Remember that you cannot control how the audience perceives your brand. You can check out free templates for brand presentation available online to get inspired. The only thing you can do is ensure that you are making your maximum effort and putting forward the best foot forward while conversing with your customers and prospects. So, make sure you are following these guidelines when giving your brand presentations.

You’re ready to roll out a perfect brand presentation that your clients will remember and discuss even after the presentation is over! 

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Logo Design and Brand Identity Agency

Logo design and brand identity agency presentation, premium google slides theme and powerpoint template.

The word “outstanding” is easily - and inflationally - used, but this is a template that really merits it! The slides alternate between a strong purple and creamy yellow background which creates an effect that turns heads and makes eyes pop! You can be 100% sure of your audience’s attention as you present your logo design and brand identity agency. And if your presentation design is this outstanding, it stands to reason that your design and brand work must be too, right? Get this presentation now and bring it to life!

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    Showcase your brand identity values with this Brand Identity Prism Presentation Template. A brand identity prism is a model to showcase the key six characteristics of your brand to help it humanize for the consumers. These brand identity characteristics define how your consumers perceive you, their impression of your services or products, and ...

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    Use our free brand identity toolkit to design a beautiful, effective, and flexible brand identity that will grow with your brand. ... it's crucial to understand not just who your competition is but how your brand compares in terms of your visual presentation. ... is that there is a free branding template in the description that helps you get ...

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    This presentation board templates offer a unique and dynamic way to showcase your brand identity. With 4 different layout options, you can choose the template that best suits your brand and presentation needs. Each template includes places for your key brand assets, such as your company logo, color palette, imagery and more.

  21. The Ultimate Brand Presentation Templates

    5. Showcase your creativity. One of the crucial factors that make a brand presentation fantastic is creativity. You can add a flair of creativity by integrating effects and transition features of PowerPoint, adding images, clip art, and more. The color scheme should match your brand identity.

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    Premium Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. The word "outstanding" is easily - and inflationally - used, but this is a template that really merits it! The slides alternate between a strong purple and creamy yellow background which creates an effect that turns heads and makes eyes pop! You can be 100% sure of your audience's ...