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Professional Case Study Translations for International Success

Stepes (/’steps/) provides accurate case study translation services for a full range of industry verticals and subject matter fields. We help our clients engage international audiences with authority, one professionally translated case study at a time.

Accurate Case Study Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking to translate your cast studies professionally to engage overseas customers and international audiences? Look no further than Stepes. We provide expert case study translation services in over 100 languages that deliver the highest linguistic accuracy and technical precision. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional native translators and multilingual subject matter experts who specialize in translating our clients’ case studies with accuracy and speed, covering all essential components such as executive summary (synopsis), overviews of challenges, findings (discoveries), solution presentations, and conclusions.

In addition to employing professional native translators with the right subject matter expertise, we also use terminology management and translation memory to ensure your organization’s case studies are competently translated into Spanish, French, Japanese, and 100 other languages to present a single brand voice consistent with the rest of your sales and marketing materials. Stepes’ full-service case study localization solutions include content translation, graphic localization, and multilingual desktop publishing (DTP). Talk to one of our case study translation consults today and learn how Stepes can help turn your multilingual case studies into global business success.

We Translate All Types of Case Studies

Whether you publish illustrative case studies to describe a problem and provide the solution or pilot case studies to explore questions and issues before launching your research, we have the linguistic experience and subject matter expertise to provide the most accurate case study translations in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages. The following lists some of the case studies we translate.

  • Cumulative Case Study Translation
  • Descriptive Case Study Localization
  • Illustrative Case Study Translation
  • Exploratory Case Study Translation
  • Research Case Study Localization
  • Intrinsic Case Study Localization

Business Case Study Translation

  • Collective Case Study Translation
  • Problem/Solution Case Study Translation

Case studies are an essential sales and marketing tool businesses employ to persuade potential customers to purchase the company’s products or services. Stepes provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate translations of all types of business case studies, such as problem/solutions, demonstrative, and descriptive case studies. For each of our client’s business case study localization projects, we assign professional translators with the right subject matter expertise to deliver the most accurate translation results. In addition, our linguists perform terminology and technical research as part of our translation process to ensure the most accurate results. To learn more about Stepes’ sales translation solutions, please click here .

Research Case Study Translation

In addition to helping businesses engage international customers, we also provide expert research case study translations for scientific research and educational community in French, German, Japanese, and all other Asian, European, and Latin American languages. We have experience translating in-depth, complex case studies for various disciplines and subject matter fields that help our clients reach international audiences across linguistic and cultural barriers. Upload your research case study documents to our online translation portal to obtain an instant quote today.

Need Professional Case Study Translation Support?

Call us: (800) 611-5698.


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Case Studies

» Resources » Case Studies

Learn from Past Projects

If you’re interested in learning more about translation and how it can further your organization’s goals, we think you’ll find these case studies useful. Check back often to see the latest case studies and how they impacted other organizations.

photo of translation services sign in multiple languages at CPEHN event

A Right to Heal

CPEHN’s 2023 conference prioritized diverse voices with Avantpage by providing interpreters for inclusive engagement in multiple languages.


photo of a women and a young child looking at a laptop with blue-toned overlay

Medi-Cal Translations

Learn how California Medicaid plans deliver high volumes of multilingual letters in tight 72-hour deadlines


Blue toned photo of a quality check with a person's hand writing on a clipboard

ISO Certifications

Learn how we got ISO certifications to unify our small business style with the promise of quality usually found in larger corporations.   

Photo of 4 people conference calling on video platform

Remote Interpreting

A government county partnered with Avantpage for on-demand video & over-the-phone remote interpreting to 30 departments.

Accessibility button on keyboard with world globe

Website Localization

Learn how Avantpage met linguistic and accessibility compliance, while strategizing resources to maximize available budget on a strict timeline.

Young man in graduate outfit and hat smiling

Education Translations

How the partnership between the School of Innovations & Achievement and Avantpage ensures regulatory compliance.

Hands typing on a laptop

Customer Portal

Learn how Avantpage support Riverside County’s increasing language access needs by translating election materials.

Close up words on a page

COVID-19 Glossary

This agency ensured its Spanish translations maintained consistency across numerous departments for higher quality communications.

Children sitting at a table in school classroom

How we translated a survey for the California Department of Education into 25 different languages in just seven days.


Generalized government building that read department of labor

Glossary Creation

Avantpage partnered with a government employment agency to create a multilingual glossary, enhancing communication and trust with diverse communities.

Blue overtoned image with people sitting together

Digital Equity Forum

Learn how Avantpage partnered with the Athena Group to bridge the digital divide and engaged 3,000 individuals in Washington State.

Finger hitting translate button on keyboard

Learn how Avantpage localized a government website into seven different languages and aligned translation memory.

Image of man in suit putting ballot in voting box

Election Translations

When California counties needed to add 16 languages to election materials, Avantpage was ready to implement and meet their needs.

Image of an audience and a speaker at a podium

Learn how Avantpage provided language access and language equity at this remote event on a short timeline.

Man sitting at a screen across from a woman

HR Translations

The partnership between Avantpage and M&R allows for consistent, quality translations to be completed in a timely fashion.

Close up of computer screen looking at word document home bar

Medicare and DTP

Avantpage provided translation services in 4 languages, as well as Desktop Publishing to recreate the original formats of 505,000 words.

Picture of polling station booths

Election Language Access

Learn how this government client used translations, desktop publishing, web, audio, and large print for the general election.

Two women at white board working

Government Translation

Learn how Avantpage translated public water notices for the Association of California Water Agencies across 31 languages.

Data on a screen with a hand pointing

Marketing Translations

Jakob Marketing Partners depends on Avantpage for their translation needs, so they deliver excellent products to their clients.

Photo of Yolo County Elections with Community at Mobile Service Center for Voting

Spotlight On Yolo County

Learn how the Yolo County Elections team is not only improving voter turnout, but also strengthening the community through language access

blue overlay image of accessibility by showing a lock and key

Document Accessibility

Our document remediation services helped this WA state partner render  over 500 translated files accessible to readers with disabilities.

Image of a thumb on paper that reads medicaid insurance to signify health plans

Medicaid Translations

When health plans required Notice of Action & Notice of Regulation letters to comply with language access laws, Avantpage jumped in.

Image of a woman sitting at desk with computer typing

Developing Software

Learn how Avantpage decided and implemented our own proprietary client portal to help our clients manage their projects with ease. 

Closeup image of someone taking a test

Employee Assessments

This Californian Health Plan provider committed to quality of communications through Avantpage’s employee assessments.

Hands typing on a laptop with data on the screen

Translation Memory

How we translated one million words in just nine days, using our AvantMemory system to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Computer screens and hand writing on paper

Healthcare Translations

A major healthcare  client chose Avantpage to translate a 600-page, 205,000 worded website project within a 30-day timeframe .

Packet of health insurance documents for employee benefits

A leading health solutions organization asked Avantpage to translate two large-content files with 57,988 words.

Hand putting paper in a box like voting for elections

Elections Translations

Avantpage helped to translate election materials for 3 of California’s counties across a wide-range of files in 48 hours.

Like what you see? Learn more about our national translation and localization service offerings today.

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If you’re looking to get more value from your next translation project, look to us. Getting a quote from Avantpage is secure and easy, and you’re guaranteed a response within one business day.

case study translation services


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I continue to be surprised at the level of accuracy and fast turnaround


They are friendly and fast, I definitely recommend them.


I would recommend Vanan to anyone looking for language translations


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Excellent services while getting a prompt quote on translation via chat.

Im amazed as the quick respond. They answered every call and email!

Great customer service and I got the documents I needed very fast!


Very quick to process the booking and to complete the job

Excellent customer service management. Great 24/7 chat feature.


Documents were translated correctly and delivered on time.Great experience


Got a great quote and our docs translated all in about 48 hours.


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Translation Rates

case study translation services

File Length

100 pages to 149 pages

50 pages to 99 pages

20 pages to 49 pages

Up to 19 pages

These details may vary for a few languages For document translation 1 page means 250 words or less

Comfortable advancement, model accuracy with a timely output

How It Works

Case Study Translation Services

Case study is done by the researches, post graduate students and by those professionals who want to do a deep study into a chosen subject or topic in order to arrive at a factual conclusion and find a solution for it.

There have been many case studies done by students and others which serve to be the best references for current study according to current life style or cost of living.

Besides, the current case study will also be sent to higher authorities, government officials or to international organizations based on its importance of any current issues. However, any case study must be in the known language to understand better and make it become a complete reference. This can be done by Case study translation .

Vanan Translation is the leading case study translation services offering all types of case studies translation services in to many foreign and local languages. Our translation service rates are as follows: $0.10 per word for document translation and audio translation at a rate of $7.00 per minute. Reach out to us on 1-800-230-7918 and get your free quote immediately.

  • ✓ Chinese And More

Our case study rate is very low in the industry, though we never compromise in the quality of services. This, thus make us become the competitive and professional case study service provider offering exceptional services.

We in addition being the case study providers translation services, also offer other types of translation such as Speech translation, letter translation, Legal translation , Court translation and radio translation services .

Our services also extend to localization and transcription. We thus offer any types of translation services to our clients with uncompromised quality and at best low cost in the translation sector.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Houston, Texas

New York, NY

Dallas, Texas

Detroit, Michigan

Los Angeles, California

Chicago, Illinois

Phoenix, Arizona

San Diego, California

San Antonio, Texass

San Francisco, California

Columbus, Ohio

San Jose, California

Indianapolis, Indiana

Jacksonville, Florida

Charlotte, North Carolina

Fort Worth, Texas

Austin, Texas

Memphis, Tennessee

Baltimore, Maryland

Washington, Columbia

Nashville, Tennessee

Boston, Massachusetts

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

El Paso, Texas

Portland, Oregon

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Seattle, Washington

Denver, Colorado

Las Vegas, Nevada

Long Beach, California

Kansas City, Missouri

Tucson, Arizona

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Atlanta, Georgia

Sacramento, California

Mesa, Arizona

Fresno, California

New Orleans, Louisiana

Cleveland, Ohio

In several countries across the globe the novel Corona virus pandemic has been the main focus. It is only prudent to contact a translation firm, which is fitted with extremely qualified COVID-19 translation services for various documents, videos and audios since they should be available in multiple languages for the end customer. We provide and offer online translations relevant to the novel corona virus for Research, Advertisement, Healthcare, Marketing, News, Government, Media, Finance & Economic impact and Medical sectors etc.

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Global Health Organization

Partners since 2010 5 million words 11 languages


Locomotives Translations - Green technology on rails


Leading manufacturer of high-tech pumps

Partners since 2012 800 000 words 12 languages

Automotive Translations - Global Tyre Manufacturer

Automotive Translations - Global tyre manufacturer

Partners since 2013 1,5 million words 19 languages


Your Case Study

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case study translation services

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Take a moment to browse through our case studies and see how we've completed many successful projects.

case study translation services

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LinguaLinx Staff Tell Their Own Stories

case study translation services

Alan Clifford

Process Optimization Manager

Bringing over 12 years of experience in the localization industry, primarily within the technology sector, Alan arrives at LinguaLinx with a wealth of expertise. He is eager to contribute meaningfully to the company's goals while also nurturing his personal growth journey. Ideas such as implementing new systems, streamlining processes, making improvements, and facilitating work for both internal resources and clients are areas he looks forward to working on. Outside of work, Alan finds joy in sports like football, running, and kayaking.

Andres Ravello Demaria, Head of Localization, Lingualinx

Andres Ravello

Head of Localization

Andres is a seasoned localization manager with over a decade of experience. With a background as a software developer, he brings a unique perspective to his role, constantly seeking ways to optimize processes, accelerate timelines, and deliver exceptional results. Prior to joining LinguaLinx in 2020 as Head of Localization, Andres held various key positions at leading Localization Service Providers, including Test Lead, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Program Director. In these roles, he successfully managed Fortune 100 accounts and programs, overseeing international teams of over 100 individuals and thousands of suppliers. Andres takes pride in his ability to drive change management solutions, streamline processes, and implement cutting-edge technology for automation. He fosters an environment where every team member feels motivated and engaged. Beyond work, Andres finds joy in spending quality time with his family, immersing himself in books, engaging in soccer matches, and pushing his limits with weightlifting.

More Case Studies

case study translation services

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Case Studies

Neoperl case study_small

How much will your translations cost and how long will they take? Get started with our Quick Quote Calculator for a real time estimate.


TrueLanguage: Case Studies

Manufacturing and engineering - graphic packaging - atlanta, georgia, usa.

Graphic Packaging is a world-leading manufacturer of packaging products with over 33 different predesigned packaging options available to their customers, as well as 37 customizable and interchangeable packaging machines.

Thanks to their modular and interchangeable packaging machines, Graphic Packaging’s clients are global, with many producers relying on their packaging machines to finalize their goods before shipping. Since every client has a unique layout design in their manufacturing process, as well as product layout, Graphic Packaging’s modular machines allow for nearly limitless variations, including right- and left-hand facing machines for ease of access. Thanks to these modular designs and adaptability, these machines come with their own customer-specific instructions. This is where localization comes into play.

With Graphic Packaging designing their machines to the specific needs of their customers, their machine manuals and software interface require similar customization services as well. Thanks to our work, Graphic Packaging has managed to provide their machines and software to clients in over 27 countries. This not only allows them to be readily implemented by their customers but also to have access to all relevant machine manuals and troubleshooting information. Each manual, while identical at its core, does require specific customizable adjustments for their target client. As international companies grow, Graphic Packaging’s machines are modular enough to be shipped to different international sites and reused as well. With our help, their machines and manuals can be retranslated and find new purpose within a different division of the company.

With the help of our translators and translation memories, Graphic Packaging can have their material translated quickly and with expert knowledge. Thanks to our long-term partnership with Graphic Packing, our translation memory can provide an average of 74% savings a year. Similarly, our graphics team can recreate the original English layout in all relevant languages, to ensure that each manual has the same design layout. Furthermore, accurate translation is critical since their machines have to pass international customs inspections and receive relevant regulatory approval to follow the nation’s guidelines

E-learning and Training - Greenbrier - Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA

Greenbrier , a company dedicated to railcar management, decided, as part of efforts to internationalize the company, to educate new workers on the management process for orders in Spanish associated with their new branch in Mexico.

The process of translating/introducing a tool such as Microsoft Dynamics has several key points:

  • Understand the vocabulary of the workers, so the message is clearly delivered (localization).
  • Adapt to the changing reality of the material, Microsoft Dynamic, which constantly receives updates. As such, vocabulary must be checked.
  • Manage images with a bilingual layout. As part of the process, the idea was to work on each one of the steps with screenshots both in Spanish and English. This process is manual and the people involved actually needed to understand the system or at least be willing to learn about it.
  • Highlight the steps in Spanish and English. This translation is given by Microsoft and has to be adapted to each one of the 133 job aids.

Given the previous challenges, the localization and formatting processes for this project changed organically so that the client and project manager could work together more closely to manage the content changes. Also, the system was still under construction when the assignment started.


  • Weekly meetings with the client: Understanding the challenges of evolving material helped us to understand that we needed to develop the assignment through a closer relationship with the client. This facilitated faster feedback, and we also advanced faster with the translation. We also made some changes to the format, and we helped the client to improve the system (win–win).
  • Weekly meetings with our vendors: Our goal was to finish the screenshots and have the material as clear as possible for our team of linguists in a timely manner. After some meetings to introduce the system, we started working together on a weekly basis in order to catch as early as possible any problems we might face during the process.
  • We were able to finish the material at the pace imposed by the client.
  • Since we were in constant communication with them, we were able to advance faster with each chapter considered first priority according to their orientation scheduling.

E-learning and Training - Confidential – USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Brazil

The client is in the document management industry with a lot of COVID training materials to ensure their clients and employees follow proper safety procedures. Due to COVID, employees are mostly working remotely, and the CEO sends a weekly video to all employees.

The Challenge:

Videos are released on Fridays, but the CEO doesn’t record video until Wednesday and usually doesn’t come to TrueLanguage for translation until after hours on Wednesday, or sometimes as late as after hours on Thursday. That means we only have a maximum of one business day to work on it. Videos can be anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes long. The longer the video, the harder it is to meet the deadline. Translations have to be as short as possible so that the captions are displayed properly on the screen and also so that they match the timing of the English audio. This can be very challenging since translations usually grow by 20-30% in comparison to English. All videos need to be watched word for word at the end to make sure that all captions are being displayed correctly.

The Solution:

The translation team is always the same, and they are always on standby on video day to make sure that they can start working as soon as we receive the content. Since content usually comes in after hours, most often it requires the project manager to send out content to translators at night so that they can start working on it in their time zone in the morning.

The Response:

Fast results, top quality, no exceptions.

Videos are translated accurately and delivered on time.

E-learning and Training - Confidential - Norcross, Georgia, USA

A global leader in lifecycle information management offering document management, digital solutions, data protection, and secure destruction, the client has approximately 300 dedicated operation centers in more than 20 countries on five continents, servicing nearly 80,000 customers worldwide. The client strives to provide its customers with peace of mind by conducting business on a platform of four key pillars: Security, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction, and Sustainability.

To assist in the daily execution and operation of its business processes, the client relies on customized PeopleSoft software. PeopleSoft is an integrated software package that provides a wide variety of business applications including financials, customer relationship management, and human resources. Each individual application interacts with others to offer effective and efficient means of working and reporting in an integrated fashion across the enterprise. To reap the full benefits PeopleSoft offers, the client must properly train its employees on how to use the software.  With worldwide employees, this requires translating the training manuals into several different languages. 

The client was looking for a vendor to translate its PeopleSoft training manuals into French and Spanish. After conducting a thorough search, the client selected TrueLanguage because it wanted to work with a company that offered flexibility, local project management, and a cost-effective solution. At first glance, the project appeared to be fairly straightforward. But there was a catch – the manuals were outdated and did not match the customized PeopleSoft application the client was implementing.

Update of English manuals based on the latest software.

Expert knowledge of PeopleSoft in order to recreate the screens for screen captures.

Linguists who are subject matter experts in accounting software.

275,000 words, 180 files and 2,400 graphics.

Before TrueLanguage could perform the translations, the company had to bring the manuals up to date, which included recreating screenshots from the PeopleSoft application. TrueLanguage hired a project manager with an extensive background in PeopleSoft to update the English manuals and capture and implement the Spanish and French screens into the updated manuals before they were submitted to the translation phase. Managing the project from beginning to end, TrueLanguage demonstrated considerable flexibility to ensure the final product met the client’s expectations.

“Our vendors have to meet the same strict requirements for security, service and customer satisfaction that we promise our clients. TrueLanguage exceeded our expectations in every area. Their flexibility was critical to completing the project not only accurately but also on time and within budget.”

Government / Education - Newport News Schools - Newport News, Virginia, USA

Newport News Schools required their school handbook to be translated into 5 languages. The handbook was an amalgamation of different source files and styles that were stitched together to create one PDF file and included a codebook of ethics.

The Rights & Responsibilities handbook entailed:

  • Basic rights and responsibilities the students have at Newport News Schools.
  • Academic and lunch services the school provides.
  • Expected codes of conduct and what potential consequences infractions can have.

Since the English source files were no longer available, we recreated a comprehensive look and feel for the school handbook before the translation phase began.

The five translation teams were carefully selected to include professional linguists who had subject matter expertise with school systems here in the US. This was critical since the languages and respective cultures for this project were Arabic, Farsi, French, Spanish for Latin America, and Tagalog.

The Rights & Responsibilities handbook was designed to bridge any cultural differences and educate the new students and parents.

Once the translation for each language was completed, it was submitted to editors who carefully proofed the text for translation accuracy, ease of reading, and cultural context. After our team performed the final formatting and review, the translated handbooks were submitted to the client for review.

Together, we created handbooks in different languages that were accepted and distributed throughout Newport News Schools.

Education - Confidential - Maryland, USA

The client is a private school in Maryland, located just outside of Washington D.C. The significant number of international students in the student body has resulted in a high demand for language services, which TrueLanguage has been happy to provide. Since 2017, TrueLanguage has been the school’s translation partner at every step of the way, providing on-site and telephone interpretation services as well as document translation services.

At the beginning of the collaboration, TrueLanguage’s first order of business was to set the client up with their OPI (over-the-phone interpretation) service. TrueLanguage’s OPI is accessible from any telephone, in 180+ languages, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Through this service, the client and interpreter are connected in seconds. The school relies on this service for phone conferences that connect international parents to their children’s education. The client communicates mainly with parents in China and Korea, but OPI would connect them with parents in any other language if necessary, on-demand or with advance scheduling.

TrueLanguage has also completed many translation projects for the client in the course of the partnership, from simple emails and conduct guidelines to commencement speeches and a 50-page illustrated handbook for host families. This handbook came with a special typesetting request: a bilingual presentation, with both Chinese and English appearing on the page on alternating lines. TrueLanguage was able to provide this service without a problem. TrueLanguage translates documents for the client into English as well as out of it—whenever the school receives correspondence in a foreign language, TrueLanguage manages those translations as well.

On-Site Interpretation to Keep Everyone Together

In addition to providing translation and OPI services for the client, TrueLanguage has provided on-site interpretation services for the school’s commencement ceremonies. At one of these events, Chinese and Korean interpretation teams were present to relay every word to the students’ families through wireless headsets. The interpreters were requested late in the game. Still, even with very short notice, the families were able to enjoy the words of the ceremony in their native language, making it all the more memorable. All families should be able to enjoy these milestones, without letting a language barrier diminish the emotional importance of the event.

In partnership with TrueLanguage, the client is able to communicate with these international families, making the distance between parents and children a little less far, and a little less scary.

Marketing and Sales Communications - Quantumlytix – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

A start-up headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Quantumlytix is a global strategy and operations implementation consulting company providing solutions that help clients accelerate advancement of their core competencies. The company’s goal is to be better, faster, and different than any other service firm in its industry by providing solutions to enable ongoing survivability for organizations.

 The Challenge:

Having established itself in the United States, Quantumlytix was ready to branch out into global markets. The first stop was Russia. Looking to build relationships with businesses in Russia, Quantumlytix needed a company that could help it enter a new market by speaking the right language.

Ability to react quickly for a young and rapidly growing company ready to go global.

Responsive and flexible project management to meet tight turn-around times and budget.

TrueLanguage helped Quantumlytix open the door to the Russian market by translating written marketing and sales materials as well as providing telephone interpretation services.  To meet the client’s needs, TrueLanguage carefully tailored project budgets as well as schedules.

 The Response:

“TrueLanguage played a strategic role in preparing our company to enter the Russian market,” said Jack Mensch, owner. “TrueLanguage had the knowledge and experience to help us put our best foot forward in a new country, and we were extremely pleased with the level of service and quality provided. It’s refreshing to find a company you can trust to deliver what they promise.”

Medical and Scientific - Chemence - Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Chemence is a leading specialist in chemical and medical device manufacturing. At the present time, we work primarily with their medical division on translating their materials . Medical products require the highest standards of translation accuracy since the translations are designed for life-saving products used during and after surgery. These medical instructions and manufacturing translations must not only pass the nation’s strict medical standards but also be readily understood by the medical community they are intended for. Chemence began expanding into the international market with their initial 4 products needing to be translated into 29 languages. For Chemence, we assembled a team of medical translators to ensure that the critical medical terminology would be accurate. After the translation and proofreading process, we then had the same language teams review the typeset material so that the material followed their language-specific layouts, as well as to catch any remaining changes. Through this process, all relevant translation and review steps were double-checked, guaranteeing that all medical and proprietary information would be accurate and would pass each nation’s medical board review. Throughout the process, we also consulted relevant feedback from Chemence so that all ongoing projects would have all change requests implemented accurately.

Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) - Confidential - United Kingdom

The client is an international organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to safeguarding human rights in everyday business. Human rights are a global topic, so ensuring compliance and accounting for all people requires documents in the languages of all readers. Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people are finding their basic human rights infringed upon. The client recently published an article in English on the effects of the global crisis on human rights around the world, and what action should be taken to avert further damage to these rights.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire globe, with most regions seeing drastic consequences from the virus. TrueLanguage has provided many companies with translations during this difficult time, enabling communication with employees, clients, staff, and, in the case of the client’s paper, the world. The client reached out to TrueLanguage at the beginning of April to request a quote, for the translation of an English-language paper into French for France. The client engaged TrueLanguage as a provider after discussing the many economic and linguistic benefits that the TrueLanguage service package could offer them.

The paper consisted of approximately 60 pages that needed to be translated, reviewed, approved, and typeset. After a consultation to identify the client’s needs, TrueLanguage assembled a hand-picked translation team according to those needs. This involved:

  • Engaging only native speakers of French in France (as opposed to Canada, for example).
  • Setting rules for the translation of footnotes and quotes, based on guidelines from established global institutions (such as the United Nations).
  • Working with the client to create a glossary of approved terms for consistent use throughout the document.

Client Engagement Leads to Satisfaction

The client was involved in the translation process from beginning to end, which ensured that certain references localized for France were approved. The client accepted translation questions for certain terms, while receiving regular updates throughout the process as the project moved from stage to stage. Once the TrueLanguage team finished with translation and review, the file was passed back to the client for an internal review. The client found the document to be “a very high-quality translation” and discovered no corrections to make. Upon approval from the client, the translation moved to the typesetting stage, during which the translation team read through the French version to identify any errors with typography or diacritical marks and to verify that the text flowed well from page to page.

The client was very satisfied with the results provided by the TrueLanguage team. At some language companies, project managers are simply doing a job and don’t put in any more effort than the minimum required. But at TrueLanguage, the collaborative process is the guiding principle. The entire team, from translators and reviewers to project management and executives, cares about each and every client relationship, and this project was a testament to that.

Corporate Communications - Access - Woburn, Massachusetts, USA

Access is an integrated information management company that strives to ensure the protection and management of sensitive documents for their many clients. Access has offices throughout the Americas, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago.

As is the case with most companies at the present time, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the need for constant and consistent communication across all departments and offices. Access had worked with other translation companies, but needed very fast turnaround and high quality translations for a particular project. They decided to reach out to a new company, TrueLanguage, to assist them with their growing translation needs amid the pandemic.

Each week, the CEO of Access prepares a check-in video for all employees. Since the video will be distributed in multiple countries, high-quality translations are essential. TrueLanguage has assembled and trained a dedicated team of professional linguists to handle these videos so that the translations live up to Access’s quality and service standards. Any Access industry and internal vision/mission/values terminology and preferences are noted beforehand and compiled into a glossary, allowing the translation team to incorporate these terms into their work.

Every Friday, Access sends the team an email to introduce the video of the week. This email includes an SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file containing a timed transcript of the video, and a link to the English version of the video.

The SRT is a simple text file, but it includes lines of timecode that are essential for aligning the on-screen text with the audio. Once the team has received the introductory email and the attached SRT, and the translation has been completed, reviewed, approved, and adjusted for timing in each new language as necessary, the English video is uploaded to Vimeo, where the translated SRT file is added to generate on-screen subtitles. The video is then given a final review and quality check.

Due to the quick turnaround requested, Access’s translation team is always on standby on Wednesday evenings. If any delays occur, the linguists are informed as soon as possible. Access receives the translated email by the end of the day on Thursday in two formats (Word and PDF), and the subtitles at the same time, again in two formats (SRT and TXT). On Friday morning, Access publishes the subtitled videos and distributes the translated emails.

Because Access is so satisfied with these translations, they currently entrust the TrueLanguage team with their language needs across their many departments, including a number of high-volume projects in their main three languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Canadian French. What once was a bump in the road has now become a smooth and easy task for the Access team, resulting in consistent, high-quality translations on a weekly basis that keep them connected with their international team in an uncertain time.

Enterprise Telecommunications - NEC – Tokyo, Japan

NEC is a leader in enterprise telecommunications solutions and was the first software developer to deliver Service Oriented Communications (SOC) software technology to extend the value of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOC allows organizations to enhance business applications and business processes with voice, email, conferencing, video and instant messaging functionalities. NEC’s award-winning SphericallCSE IP PBX software is used by enterprise, education, government and U.S. Department of Defense organizations in more than 15 countries around the world.

As a global company, NEC must ensure its software, documentation and online help are available in many different languages. Because NEC uses multiple platforms to produce its software interfaces, it was looking for an extremely flexible software localization firm that would be able to adapt to its formats, applications and tools.

  • Software Localization Services
  • 10 languages
  • On-going translation needs
  • Mobile-related, specialized terminology
  • Over 150,000 English words translated to date

TrueLanguage has established an ongoing relationship with NEC based on its ability to offer multi-source translation and localization services. Serving as the linguist and subject-matter expert, TrueLanguage provides software localization for NEC’s Sphericall, Mobile Client and UC Client product lines into 10 languages, including the resource files (GUI), documentation, and online help. To accommodate the client’s various platforms, TrueLanguage relies on project managers and linguists with extensive experience in software engineering and localization materials. By working with the client-specified authoring tools (which have changed over the years), TrueLanguage created online manuals and context-sensitive online help for simultaneous release in 10 languages. Over time, we developed client-specific glossaries and style guides to help our linguists maintain translation consistency and accuracy.  By working with a single vendor, NEC is able to streamline the software localization process and enjoy faster turnaround times.

The Response :

“We would unquestionably recommend TrueLanguage,” said Shawn Fradin, Project Manager. “They have earned our trust by delivering on their promises and providing timely and accurate translations, and they keep us informed during all phases of the project. TrueLanguage has always completed projects on time and in a professional manner.”

Logistics - Confidential - Worldwide

This global leader in logistics offers a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight. It serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Since 2007, TrueLanguage has been translating the shipping giant’s flagship shipping software user guides and installation manuals in over 19 languages. The translation requires a significant amount of typesetting, making the ongoing engagement more complex and challenging. The client also requires close interaction with in-country subject matter experts (SMEs) in order to maintain strict corporate standards.

Simultaneous release in 19 languages

Yearly updates

Shipping/logistics specialized terminology

Client SME review coordination/implementation

500,000 words translated into 19 languages to date

TrueLanguage developed a specific quality control review process that involves the client’s SMEs and provides the desired level of ownership and control. Unlike many of its competitors, TrueLanguage possesses the necessary typesetting and desktop publishing expertise this client needs. As a result, the client receives print-ready files, saving time and money. Located in the same city as the client, TrueLanguage is able to respond quickly, resulting in faster turnaround times and more effective project management.

“We’ve had an ongoing relationship with TrueLanguage for nearly five years. We have been extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism, quality and service TrueLanguage delivers on every project and we look forward to continued success together.”

Apex Translations Inc. Logo

e-Learning Translation Services for Relias

Apex Translations partnered with Relias to provide quality, accessible training in multiple languages. Our rigorous translation process, cultural adaptation, voice-over services, personalized account management, and quality assurance ensured effective communication and enhanced learning experiences for Relias’s diverse audience.

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case study translation services

Relias Case Study – Platform Localization for a Multinational Audience

About relias:.

Relias ( https://www.relias.com/) provides lifelong workforce enablement solutions for more than 11,000 healthcare and human services organizations and 4.5 million caregivers to drive measurable outcomes.

Customers use Relias solutions to attract and retain talent, elevate care quality and reduce risk with their technology, services, community, and expertise. The Relias family of brands: Nurse.com, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME, and Relias Media serves the entire healthcare community and shares a common goal of improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society as well as those who care for them.

The home health and home care sector attracts a diverse workforce, including many immigrants whose first language is not English but who are based in North America. When Relias decided to make their training courses multilingual for one of their key customers, they sought a partner who could competently translate and culturally adapt content to ensure its effectiveness.

Our challenge was to efficiently and cost-effectively translate numerous Articulate Storyboard course modules comprising written text, audio, and video files into multiple languages, while also providing subtitles, voiceover and video coordination.

Approach and Solutions:

Project Management: The project was managed by one of our seasoned Account Managers, serving as a central point of contact for Relias. This manager coordinated with our linguists, our Multimedia team, as well as our Quality Assurance team to ensure seamless execution of the project.

Initial translation using ApexMT: Given the technical nature and the significant volume of the content, we leveraged our ApexMT translation option for a rapid and cost-effective initial translation pass into each target language.

Linguistic review: Our expert linguist team conducted meticulous post-editing of the translations, ensuring consistent terminology and accurate conveyance of the content in a manner that is both precise and culturally appropriate for the target audience. The goal was to achieve a polished, professional tone that resonates naturally in each language.

Voiceover production: The translated content underwent professional voiceover provided by our multimedia team, enhancing the learning experience for the designated audience. Our linguistic team then verified that the voice recordings and subtitles matched the written text precisely, maintaining accuracy throughout the process.

Quality Assurance: Our Quality Analysts simulated the user experience within the e-learning platform, comparing translated versions to the original English to confirm completeness and correct formatting. They also ensured accurate pairing of audio with on-screen text and images, meticulously addressing any errors or required edits with our Multimedia team.

The comprehensive localization process resulted in highly effective multilingual training modules, enabling the end-user to better serve their diverse workforce. By combining linguistic expertise with meticulous quality control, we ensured that the content was not just translated, but culturally adapted and optimized for maximum impact.

“Non-English language speakers make up a substantial segment of the home-based care workforce. For many organizations, the effort required to translate needed topics to multiple languages is significant and can impact their ability to provide the best care,” said Maria Samot, Senior Vice President of Content at Relias. “Making our content accessible in the languages that staff actually use and understand is an opportunity we are honored to provide. And our partnership with Apex has allowed us to find new ways to invest in our commitment to all healthcare professionals and enhance the quality of the patient-centered care they offer.”

Maria Samot Senior Vice President of Content Relias


Customers sharing their experiences.

See what clients say about Apex’s language services.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving quality, we have partnered with an independent review site to collect customer feedback.

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case study translation services


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Translation Service

What’s the soul of translation industry?

In my opinion, the quality and custom service, which are like our mouth and teeth, are an Indispensable partin translation and localization industry.Just As one Chinese Idiom said”唇亡齿寒, literally means that if you lose your month, your teeth will be cold.

Last time my client based in Singapore, have an urgent request abouta review job from English to Chinese Traditional. It is at 21:00 pm.The original translation is very bad. We need to find the best suitable linguist to edit this file about 3000 words within 6 hours. You can imagine the difficulty.

But we did it! We find a good proofreader and I also make a wonderful bilingual format to the client and meet the deadline.

Customer service spirit

Please have a high custom service sprit. When you can help your client handle an urgent project and let them feel “WOW”, I believe they will keep you in mind if they havefurther more projects.

When the client needs your service, you are just here and pop up. It is lucky for you.

But the charm is how to let your clients always think of you anytime! Please leave your comments. Thanks.

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Language Connections

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BIO Conference Interpretation Services - Man Speaking at Conference

Case Study: 7 Years of Language Support at the BIO International Convention

The BIO International Convention will be marking it's 25th anniversary in June of 2018. Over the past 25 years the Biotechnology Innovation Organization has held this global conference, attracting top minds in the life sciences involved in the research and development of biotechnology products. Delegations and companies from around the world regularly attend the convention, and language support including translation and conference interpreting services is vital to ensure they can participate in presentations and networking events.

Language Connections has been a language service provider at the BIO International Convention for seven years, supplying both conference interpreting and translation services . This year will mark the 25 th annual  BIO convention, and attendees from 74 countries are anticipated to be coming to the city of Boston to attend - totaling more than 16,000 individuals.

This year's BIO convention is anticipated to have 41,000 One-on-One partner meetings, 1,800 exhibitors, and close to 500 educational lectures and company presentations.

The sheer volume of lectures, presentations, panel discussion sessions, and meetings and partnering opportunities with international delegations, means that high-quality linguistic services are crucial in the success of this event. In the past we have provided these services directly to the BIO as a client, and more recently we have had the pleasure of working with many of the participants and delegations attending the convention.

This event in particular poses its own unique challenges, and of course flexible solutions.

Q: How Do You Ensure 16,000 Global Participants Of A Biotech Conference Can Communicate?

The client:.

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) represents more than 1,100 companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations in over 30 countries including the United States.

One of the main functions of the BIO is to host the annual convention which brings together global experts in a range of areas from drug discovery and bio manufacturing to nanotechnology and cell therapy.

This event provides life science companies and delegations from around the world the opportunity to present, exhibit and network, while attending discussions on cutting edge advancements in the field of biotechnology.


As a language service provider at the convention over the last seven years, our responsibilities have commonly encompassed a wide range of languages and services.

Each require unique solutions and demand a great deal of attention to detail, excellent planning and coordination, and flexibility to quickly adjust to last minute changes.

Over the years, some of the challenges we have faced include:

  • Adapting marketing materials for six diverse audiences of the BIO
  • Performing complex conference interpretation services
  • Coordinating multiple events simultaneously
  • Unexpected and last minute changes in scheduling

Challenge 1: Translation of BIO Marketing Materials

For many years, BIO requested that we translate all pre-event marketing materials into the following languages: Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Marketing translations are slightly different than a straightforward text translation, as they must be localized for the target audiences. Often times creative slogans, images, formatting, or colors need to be changed in order to better appeal to the culture of the target audience.

Materials for translation in the past included:

  • Invitations to the conference
  • Brochures advertising the BIO convention
  • Descriptions regarding the various attendees and exhibitors at the convention

Challenge 2: Conference Interpretation Services

The biggest linguistic component of the BIO convention is conference interpretation services. Our interpreters regularly facilitate in several languages at the conference, including Mandarin Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Interpreting events range from large lectures, panel discussions, group sessions, on-one-one networking meetings, and personal escorts throughout the conference. Thus, different modes of interpretation are needed (including the complex mode of relay interpreting) – often for the same client depending on the events being attended. This also involves the coordination and set up of interpreting equipment.

On top of this, linguists must possess a high level of knowledge regarding industry-specific terminology in both languages. Often times presentations and meetings involve discussions of extremely technical biotechnology processes and concepts – the interpreters need to be familiar with these in order to best relay information to the attendees.

Challenge 3: Coordinating Events Simultaneously

Working with multiple delegations and companies means that interpreting events take place simultaneously in different locations. Each demands separate attention to logistics, and oversight by our team of project managers.

Often times, our interpretation team needs to be on call in order to address any unexpected changes that affect how the interpretation is provided.

Challenge 4: Adapting to Unexpected Changes

International delegates attending the conference often have complicated and diverse schedules which make the coordination of the interpreters and equipment challenging. Needs change at the last minute – such as an alteration to the mode of interpretation needed, to needing more interpreters than initially thought.

In order to flexibly adapt to unexpected changes, while still providing the highest-quality conference interpretation services, outstanding organizational skills from our project managers, linguists, and technicians are required.

The Solution:

Thanks to our extensive experience coordinating large-scale projects of this caliber, and in numerous languages, BIO participants have chosen Language Connections to facilitate linguistic support for them at the convention year after year.

This has given us over seven years of experience finding the best solutions for almost any situation. While each solution is individually adapted to our clients’ needs, in general we overcome some of the greatest challenges presented by providing linguistic support at the BIO convention in the following manner:

Language Connections approaches translation according to a precise and comprehensive workflow. This workflow is used for each project, and ensures that documents and texts undergo multiple rounds of review before they are presented to the client.

For the BIO convention’s marketing materials, we approached the translations adhering to the following steps:

  • Determine ultimate end use and users of the materials to plan for adaptation and final presentation.
  • Determine the content makeup and word count for each document.
  • Build teams of linguists in the target language(s) who adhere to strict quality guidelines.
  • Build teams of editors fluent in the target language(s) to review the translations.
  • Develop a timeline for delivery, incorporating translation technology for more efficient work.
  • Begin translation and editing. Marketing translations are reviewed for the target audiences.
  • In-house team of proofreaders checks translations to ensure documents are cleanly formatted.
  • Deliver to the client. By this point all of the documents have been through multiple rounds of review, and are presented back in the same format as the original source files.

Our team has provided marketing material translations for the BIO itself, along with delegations exhibiting throughout the convention. Thanks to our network of highly experienced translators, and our dedicated project managers, we have successfully provided these services in six different languages over the years.

Conference Interpretation Services

When delegations or teams from attending companies approach Language Connections to coordinate interpretation, we first do a thorough dive into the exact needs of each client.

This includes:

  • Getting an idea of the scope of conference interpretation services needed.
  • Gathering details about budgets, schedules, when interpreters are needed and audience numbers.
  • Identifying language pairs and levels of interpretation (conference interpreters are often required).
  • Determining the mode of interpretation based on the events. This is either Simultaneous (done as the speaker talks) or Consecutive (done during natural pauses in speech).
  • Requesting any preparation materials the client has for interpreters so they can prepare in advance.

Doing thorough research into our clients’ exact needs allows our interpretation team to come up with a plan of action that perfectly complements the expectations of each client.

Once we have a clear picture of what the client or delegation needs, we begin our search for the best interpreters to match them with. Our network spans the globe – so we are able to find local interpreters if need be, as well as fly in experts from around the world.

Additionally, we work with some of the highest-level conference interpreters who are able to adapt their skills to fit a given situation – this means we are able to put together teams of linguists who can perform both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

These modes also encompass some commonly requested forms of interpretation including Whispered (where the interpreter relays information to the listener into his or her ear), Bilateral (where one interpreter relays information back and forth between the source and target languages), and Relay interpreting.

Relay Interpreting

Relay interpreting is often needed at large events where attendees, who speak multiple languages, are participating in some form of discussion in their native languages and not one common language. It is not always possible that an interpreter for a given language pair (say Spanish<>English) will understand the languages of other attendees (say Russian, Arabic, and French).

As such, a common language must be used between the interpreters. Often times this language is English. Therefore, when a participant speaks in French, the French interpreter will render this message into English for the Spanish, Russian, and Arabic interpreters, who will then relay that message into their respective languages.

When it comes to coordinating conference interpretation services for projects occurring simultaneously, our team relies on precise scheduling and organization techniques – mapping out all the events we are supporting so as not to miss a single thing.

Additionally, our team is available around the clock should there be any minor (or major) hiccups along the way. We have built up a strong relationship with each of our linguists, allowing us to reach out to them day or night, and our technical team can be on-site or on-call for the duration of your events.

Q: You Trust Language Connections' 7 Years Of Experience Working At The BIO Convention.

Thanks to the thorough and precise work of our teams of linguists and project managers, we have been a go to supplier of linguistic services for BIO conference attendees over the past seven years.

Our translation team has successfully completed – on time and within budget – marketing translations for both the BIO and delegations to use throughout their time at the event.

Our professional and experienced teams of interpreters have facilitated discussions at an extremely diverse set of events including:

  • Panel discussions on Turkey’s biotech economy
  • A discussion on the development of biosimilars in China
  • A panel on investment in biotherapeutics in Latin America
  • Guided interpretation for Russian delegates

The Language Connections team has been present at events from meetings with international government delegations, to discussions between corporate and academic clients. We are excited to be a part of such an important gathering of the world’s scientific community and look forward to continuing our work with the organization and delegations.

Do You Need Language Support For BIO 2018? Contact Us Today To Get Started On Your Tailored Solution.

Interested in Learning More About Language Connections' Translation and Interpretation Work in the Life Sciences? Check Out The Following Resources:

  • Life Sciences Translation
  • Interpreting Services
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Translation Services
  • Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

About Language Connections :

Language Connections is one of the top language service companies in the US. Over the last 30 years, we’ve focused on providing the best business translation services , interpreting services , as well as interpreter training and customized language training programs. In addition to top-tier corporate language training , we offer certified corporate interpreters and professional business translation services in 200+ languages. Our network includes linguists with backgrounds in all major industries. They’re ready to meet your needs, whether they’re for technical translation services , legal translation , government translation services , international development translation services , education translation services , life sciences translation , or something else. Reach out to us today for a free quote on our cost-efficient and timely translation services, interpreters, or other linguistic services .

Language Connections Logo

Language Connections Inc. 2001 Beacon Street, Suite 105, Boston, MA 02135 Phone: +1-617-731-3510 Email: [email protected]


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case study translation services

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Multilingual page-turners for elementary-age readers

We translated books that help children learn more about the world around them by using vibrant images and lively, approachable text.

Travod Translation for Publishing for Kids Case Study

About client

Our client is a U.S. based book publisher for elementary-age readers. Their books help children learn more about the world around them by using vibrant images and lively, approachable text. The company's engaging literature helps children develop the reading stamina needed for success in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Challenge no. 1

Adapting content to children's vocabulary

Translating materials aimed at children brings with it some unique challenges in terms of the complexity of the language, phrasing and structure. They were adjusted to ensure the completed translation matched the reading age of the target audience.

Linguists experienced in translating content for children worked on this project. They used simple words and phrases to adapt the content to the children’s level of language knowledge making them both accessible and enjoyable to read.

Challenge no. 2

Translating content contained in Adobe InDesign files

Translating Adobe InDesign files can be a difficult process without special software, as text is often dispersed across several layers and page elements. Luckily, the computer assisted translation tools (CAT tools) we use in our work support InDesign files. Using a CAT tool linguists can easily switch from the translation environment to the graphical environment to see the context in which the translated text appears and to format the translated content accordingly.

Challenge no. 3

Maintaining consistent terminology and formatting across different books

One of the strengths of our client's literature is the consistent layout and style applied across all books within a series, which makes it easier for children to progress through different levels keeping a sense of familiarity with the material.

Before working on the first project, we created an initial translation memory (TM) that was later uploaded into a CAT tool. A TM is a database of translated segments of language, which allow us to guarantee translation consistency. TM facilitates linguists’ work by preventing them from translating the same content twice in different styles.

Our desktop publishing team applied character and paragraph styles to keep the formatting consistent across different books of the same series. They were also responsible for adjusting the content within designated text placeholders by rearranging the words within the lines in places where Spanish words took up more space than English ones.

Challenge no. 4

Transferring large files for translations

Our client needed to translate a large number of InDesign and Photoshop files over 2GB in size. Sending the files through email or file-sharing platforms would make file tracking alone a daunting task. Therefore, our user-friendly customer portal was used by the team to securely send large files for translation, and at later stages it was used by the team to manage and track the translated digital assets

Challenge no. 5

Clear project communication for non-linguist client staff

The client’s design team didn’t have a proficient Spanish speaker on board. Therefore, the company relied on clear communication instructions provided by our linguists to properly format the non-editable parts of the books. Thanks to the instructions provided by our project managers the team was able to properly format the essential parts of the books.

The client published 25 books online after collaborating with Travod on their translation. Travod served as a "one-stop-shop" language services vendor by providing not only creative translation services but also layout formatting, project management, and large file hosting services. As a result of our collaboration, the company has successfully entered the Spanish-speaking U.S. and Latin American markets where its books are now enjoyed by children and Spanish language learners.

Do you want to learn more about this case?

More stories

Case study: translation for a leading legal services company, case study: translation and localisation for a travel company.


Case Study: High-volume retail and e-commerce translation services

case study translation services

Executive Summary

Canadian law requires retailers to provide consumers with content in both English and French. Businesses operating in Canada often require translation of general business communication as well. A major retailer sought to reduce their localization spend by shifting high-volume retail and e-commerce translation services from an in-house team to an external language partner. Scriptis responded to their Request for Proposal with the winning bid and took up the challenge to boost the efficiency of the client’s localization efforts.

case study translation services

The Challenge

Most importantly, the client needed high volumes of product information translated continuously and quickly. Scriptis was also tasked with translating and reformatting in-store signage, plus a wide variety of corporate and internal communications. These included press releases, human resources material, internal newsletters and memos, and IT-related documents.

case study translation services


The translation team at Scriptis includes a project manager, a translation team lead, and four in-house translators. The project manager receives and assigns packets of source content on a daily basis. To ensure consistency, translators make use of a termbase and style guide , and work within a collaborative computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool .

An essential element of a CAT tool is the translation memory. A translation memory is a database of saved source/target pairs from previous translations. When a source contains segments of text that have already been translated, the TM autocompletes the translation in the target document. This saves work for the translator, who then reviews and confirms the suggested translation in context. 

Signage for brick-and-mortar stores requires an additional step after translation and review. Because French translations require more characters than their English source, signs require post-translation reformatting in a graphic design program. Each team member received training in InDesign in order to streamline the process.

The team returns translations to the client and updates the translation memory on a rolling basis.

case study translation services

The Scriptis team translates 200,000 words per month for this client alone.  By taking advantage of Scriptis’ linguistic expertise, flexible workflows, and strong internal quality assurance, the client has benefited from a 40% reduction in their localization spend.

The client reports: 

Quick, friendly, efficient, I can always count on Scriptis when there are emergencies, even outside of business hours. I like to have one single point of contact; it helps with consistency. We chose Scriptis because we knew the work was good, and the prices were very competitive.  Our general impression of your people is that you are more human, less robotic, and that makes us feel reassured and more comfortable.

  • Professional Translation Services
  • English – French Translation
  • English – Spanish Translation
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Information Technology
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Insurance & Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Automotive & Manufacturing
  • Website Translation
  • Multilingual Voiceovers
  • E-learning Localization
  • Software Translation & Localization
  • Technical Translation
  • The company
  • Privacy Policy

case study translation services

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The shocking true story behind netflix’s ‘the asunta case’.

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EL CASO ASUNTA (L to R) Tristán Ulloa as Alfonso, Iris Wu as Asunta, Candela Peña as Rosario in ... [+] episode 01 of EL CASO ASUNTA. Cr. MANUEL FERNANDEZ-VALDES/NETFLIX © 2023

Netflix’s new investigative thriller, The Asunta Case, recently arrived on the streaming platform. The miniseries unravels one of the most shocking true crimes committed in Spain. Discover what happened to Asunta Fong Yang in real life , including the fate of her adoptive parents.

In The Asunta Case, a wealthy couple from Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra, adopted a baby girl named Asunta Fong Yang from China in 2001. Twelve years later, when they report her missing, the authorities initially suspect a kidnapping. As the investigation unfolds, the couple is arrested for her murder, causing shockwaves throughout the country. Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa star in the gripping drama that’s quickly risen to the No. 2 spot in the U.S. on Netflix.

The Asunta Case was created by Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, Jon de la Cuesta, and David Orea. Campos also directed the 2017 documentary about the case, El caso Asunta: Operación Nenúfar (originally named Lo que la Verdad Esconde: El Caso Asunta ).

All six episodes of the The Asunta Case are now streaming on Netflix. As you watch the drama, learn about the real-life case that inspired the show.

Is The Asunta Case On Netflix A True Story?

EL CASO ASUNTA (L to R) Tristán Ulloa as Alfonso, Candela Peña as Rosario in episode 01 of EL CASO ... [+] ASUNTA. Cr. MANUEL FERNANDEZ-VALDES/NETFLIX © 2023

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Yes, The Asunta Case is based on the real-life murder of 12-year-old Asunta Fong Yang. After her adoptive parents reported her missing, Yang’s body was discovered on the side of the road, and her parents were arrested shortly after.

In June 2001, Rosario Porto, a lawyer from northern Spain, and her husband Alfonso Basterra, a freelance journalist from Basque country, went to China to adopt a baby, Asunta Fong Yang. The adoption didn’t raise any red flags, as the couple came from an upper-middle-class background. Porto’s father served as honorary consul for France, and her mother was an art historian at the University of Santiago, according to The Guardian .

Two weeks later, they brought their baby girl home to Santiago. As she grew older, it became apparent that Asunta was intellectually gifted. She skipped an academic year by the time she was in secondary school. “Well-handled, they are a good thing,” Porto told friends after reading up on gifted children, the site reported. “But they can be a problem.”

Asunta was also enrolled in private English, French, and Chinese classes and studied German at school. She already spoke Spanish and Galician. She also took private ballet, violin, and piano classes, but The Guardian noted that she often demanded some of these classes herself. “She got up at 7am, did Chinese from 8 until 10, came to ballet from 10.15 to 12.30, then did French until lunchtime. And then there was violin and piano,” Asunta’s ballet teacher, Gail Brevitt, told the site.

In 2009, Asunta’s mother Porto was experiencing mental health struggles. She spent two nights in a private psychiatric hospital where she said she felt suicidal, apathetic, and guilty. Porto discharged herself after two days and only returned for one of the regular checkups scheduled, per The Guardian . Two years later, in September 2013, Asunta resumed her studies after a summer holiday with her nanny in her home village. Her parents stayed nearby in Santiago at their beach apartment, only spending one week of those six weeks with their daughter.

At the time, Porto was struggling with the deaths of her mother and father, who both died within the two years prior. She and Basterra also suddenly divorced in early 2013; Porto had an affair with a successful businessman named Manuel García, and when Basterra found out, their marriage fell apart, The Guardian reported. In June of that year, Porto had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized again.

Basterra rushed to his ex-wife’s bedside and helped her return home. They shared meals at his place, and he even thought they might move back together. As for Asunta, she continued with her studies and extra curriculars. The night before her death on September 21, 2013, Asunta and her mother ate lunch at her father’s apartment, played a game of cards, and watched an episode of The Simpsons.

What Happened To Asunta Fong Yang?

EL CASO ASUNTA (L to R) María León as Cruces in episode 01 of EL CASO ASUNTA. Cr. MANUEL ... [+] FERNANDEZ-VALDES/NETFLIX © 2023

Asunta Fong Yang’s lifeless body was discovered on September 22, 2013. She was laying on a bed of pine needles wearing grey sweatpants stained with mud, with one arm half-inside a matching top and a white T-shirt pulled above her stomach, according to The Guardian.

Police already knew who the victim was because, before the discovery, Porto and Basterra went to the Santiago police station to report their daughter missing. The police record stated that Asunta was left at her mother’s apartment doing her homework until 7:00 p.m. while Porto went to the family’s country house — located about 20 minutes away from where the body was found. When Porto returned at 9:30 p.m., she said that Asunta had disappeared.

The couple told police that earlier in the summer, Porto was woken by Asunta screaming and she allegedly saw a man dressed in black with latex gloves bending over her daughter. Porto said she consulted the police then but decided not to issue a formal report. Strangely, she did not inform any of her neighbors of the incident, making it even more suspicious to authorities.

Eventually, Porto was arrested at Asunta’s funeral. Although there wasn’t any physical evidence linking Porto to the crime, police found CCTV camera footage of Porto. The video showed the mother driving the family car on a route toward their country house with “a long-haired girl” sitting beside her. The timecode on the footage was taken when Porto claimed that Asunta was at home.

Additionally, forensic scientists tested Asunta’s blood and urine and found highly toxic levels of lorazepam — the main active ingredient in the Orfidal pills Porto was taking for her anxiety attacks, according to The Guardian . Because officials thought it was unlikely that Porto could carry out the murder alone, Judge Taín ordered the arrest of Basterra one day after his ex-wife.

What Happened To Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra?

EL CASO ASUNTA (L to R) Candela Peña as Rosario, Tristán Ulloa as Alfonso in episode 01 of EL CASO ... [+] ASUNTA. Cr. MANUEL FERNANDEZ-VALDES/NETFLIX © 2023

Two years after Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra’s arrest, the prosecution presented their case before a jury on October 1, 2015. During the trial, Porto was unable to explain why she lied about her movements on the day of Asunta’s death.

Niether Basterra nor Porto could also give a reason about why Basterra had obtained over 170 Orfidal (or lorazepam) pills over ten weeks and why there were 27 pills worth of lorazepam in Asunta’s body, according to The Guardian. Some of the pills were purchased legally with his wife’s prescription, some with his prescription (after lying to his doctor), and others without a prescription at all.

Teachers at the two music academies said that in the months before Asunta’s death, they recalled that she could not read her sheet music or walk straight. “I took some white powders,” Asunta told Isabel Bello, who ran one of the academies. “I don’t know what they are giving me. No one tells me the truth,” Asunta told her violin teacher, per The Guardian .

A 15-year-old acquaintance of Asunta also claimed to have seen her in the street with her father on the day of the crime, when he previously said he was alone at home.

Porto and Basterra were each sentenced to 18 years in prison. Although both appealed to have their convictions overturned, Porto died by suicide in her prison cell in 2020, according to the Madrid Metropolitan , after multiple suicide attempts while in prison. Basterra is currently serving his sentence at the Teixeiro prison in Spain.

The Asunta Case is streaming on Netflix. Watch the official trailer below.

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  • Assessing quality of direct-to-consumer telemedicine in China: a cross-sectional study using unannounced standardised patients
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  • Zhen Zeng 1 ,
  • Dong (Roman) Xu 2 ,
  • Yiyuan Cai 3 ,
  • http://orcid.org/0000-0002-7943-4041 Wenjie Gong 1 , 4 , 5
  • 1 HER Team and Department of Maternal and Child Health, Xiangya School of Public Health , Central South University , Changsha , China
  • 2 SMU Institute for Global Health (SIGHT), School of Health Management and Dermatology Hospital , Southern Medical University (SMU) , Guangzhou , China
  • 3 Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics, School of Public Health , Guizhou Medical University , Guiyang , China
  • 4 Institute of Applied Health Research , University of Birmingham , Birmingham B15 2TT , UK
  • 5 Department of Psychiatry , University of Rochester , Rochester , New York , USA
  • Correspondence to Professor Wenjie Gong, HER Team and Department of Maternal and Child Health, Xiangya School of Public Health, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, 410078, China; gongwenjie{at}csu.edu.cn

Direct-to-onsumer telemedicine (DTCT) has become popular as an alternative to traditional care. However, uncertainties about the potential risks associated with the lack of comprehensive quality evaluation could influence its long-term development. This study aimed to assess the quality of care provided by DTCT platforms in China using unannounced standardised patients (USP) between July 2021 and January 2022. The study assessed consultation services on both hospital and enterprise-sponsored platforms using the Institute of Medicine quality framework. It employed 10 USP cases, covering conditions such as diabetes, asthma, common cold, gastritis, angina, low back pain, child diarrhoea, child dermatitis, stress urinary incontinence and postpartum depression. Descriptive and regression analyses were employed to examine platform characteristics and compare quality across platform types. The results showed that of 170 USP visits across 107 different telemedicine platforms, enterprise-sponsored platforms achieved a 100% success in access, while hospital-sponsored platforms had a success rate of only 47.5% (56/118). Analysis highlighted a low overall correct diagnosis rate of 45% and inadequate adherence to clinical guidelines across all platforms. Notably, enterprise-sponsored platforms outperformed in accessibility, response time and case management compared with hospital-sponsored platforms. This study highlights the suboptimal quality of DTCT platforms in China, particularly for hospital-sponsored platforms. To further enhance DTCT services, future studies should compare DTCT and in-person care, aiming to identify gaps and potential risks associated with using DTCT as alternatives or supplements to traditional care. The potential of future development in enhancing DTCT services may involve exploring the integration of hospital resources with the technology and market capabilities of enterprise-sponsored platforms.

  • Health services research
  • Quality measurement
  • Performance measures
  • Patient-centred care


Statistics from Altmetric.com

Request permissions.

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Direct-to-consumer telemedicine (DTCT) signifies a revolutionary global healthcare delivery model. It involves patients independently initiating medical services remotely, engaging directly with healthcare providers through text messaging or video/phone calls. By bypassing traditional intermediaries like referral clinicians or facilitators, DTCT empowers patients to access medical care swiftly and efficiently. 1 In China, DTCT is burgeoning, boasting over 1700 registered platforms, 2 each serving as an individual website or application for DTCT services. These platforms are categorised into two main types: hospital sponsored and enterprise sponsored. Hospital-sponsored platforms, associated with single physical hospitals, primarily use in-house medical staff and offer streamlined functions due to resource limitations. In contrast, enterprise-sponsored platforms, supported by larger corporations, provide access to a wider network of licensed physicians and offer a diverse range of functions with sophisticated user interfaces. 3 Despite enhanced accessibility and convenience compared with in-person care, DTCT faces quality challenges, such as communication difficulties and antibiotic misuse. 4 5 However, research on DTCT quality remains limited, especially in the context of China. To address this gap, our study employs unannounced standardised patients (USPs)—individuals trained and validated to portray specific medical conditions in a consistent and standardised manner 6 7 —to assess DTCT quality in China across different platform types based on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) quality framework.

This cross-sectional study examined both types of DTCT platforms that offered Chinese language services. The study was conducted between July 2021 and January 2022. Prior informed consent was waived due to minimal risk, and all analyses were performed on fully deidentified aggregated data. 8

To assess consultation service quality, we employed 10 different USP cases, each representing a specific medical condition (details in online supplemental eMethods and online supplemental example of a USP case ). Following thorough training and assessment, we selected 15 qualified USPs from the initial pool of 25 candidates. Each case was assigned at least one USP. As USPs’ initial requests for physician consultations could be denied for various reasons, mirroring real-world scenarios, each case made consultation requests until they completed at least five consultations on each platform type. The USPs captured screenshots and recorded the consultation process, including any failed attempts and reasons for failure. We evaluated the access success rate and assessed consultation quality using the IOM quality framework 9 ( table 1 ).

Supplemental material

  • View inline

Quality outcome indicators

We conducted descriptive and regression analyses to evaluate platform characteristics and quality outcomes. Regression analyses compared quality differences using ordinary least squares and logistic regressions, with hospital-sponsored platforms as the benchmark and controlling for patient case fixed effects. Adjusted differences and 95% CIs were reported, adjusted for platform-level clustering. Statistical significance was set at α=0.05. Stata SE (V.16.0) was used for all analyses.

Our study involved 170 visits, with 52 visits on 10 enterprise-sponsored platforms and 118 visits on 97 hospital-sponsored platforms (summarised in online supplemental eTable 1 ). The overall access rate was 63.5% (108/170). Enterprise-sponsored platforms achieved a 100% access rate (52/52), significantly higher than hospital-sponsored ones (56/118, 47.5%) (p<0.001). Common reasons for unsuccessful consultations included incomplete functions, like platforms claiming to offer DTCT services but lacking an accessible feature for initiating online consultations with physicians (25/62, 40.3%), and no response (13/62, 21.0%).

Of 108 successful consultations, 49 consultations (45%) received a correct diagnosis, while adherence to published guidelines was low for consultation (15%) and management decisions (31%). On average, physicians took 3 hours and 47 min to respond, with the total interaction time spanning 12 hours and 19 min. After controlling for disease case fixed effects and adjusting SEs for clustering at platform level, enterprise-sponsored platforms had higher rates of completed management decisions, shorter response times and higher costs ( table 2 ).

Comparison on main quality outcomes between platform types for successful consultations

In this study, we rigorously evaluated the quality of care across two types of DTCT platforms in China using USPs. With 108 successful visits out of 170 attempts, we found a diagnostic accuracy of approximately 45%, along with a decline in completion rates for recommended management decisions to 31%. This may be linked to the limited inquiries during USP encounters, with clinicians asking only about 15% of recommended consultation questions per visit. Besides traditional quality metrics, the timeliness of DTCT services is concerning, with a response time of 3 hours and 47 min and an overall interaction time of 12 hours and 19 min. In China, DTCT predominantly operates asynchronously, leading to these extended durations. Despite offering a more flexible alternative to in-person counselling by eliminating the need for travel, prolonged waiting times may still impact user satisfaction and the perceived effectiveness of DTCT platforms. Future research should prioritise enhancing the timeliness of DTCT services to ensure prompt access and timely interactions. The patient-centredness score averaging 2.4, indicating a medium to low level of patient-centred care, 10 is potentially influenced by less satisfactory outcomes discussed earlier in terms of effectiveness, safety and timeliness. These findings raise concerns about how effective DTCT services are. Further evaluation, including a direct comparison with in-person care, is needed for a clearer understanding of their quality. This can guide improvement measures, especially when DTCT services act as alternatives or supplements to traditional in-person care.

Notably, enterprise-sponsored platforms achieved 100% access success, surpassing hospital-sponsored ones at 47.5%. They exhibited superior performance in response times and completion rates for management decisions. Despite recent growth and policy support, 3 hospital-sponsored platforms seem to be in early developmental stages, potentially limiting medical resource accessibility. These findings challenge a marketing survey suggesting a preference for hospital-sponsored platforms, 11 emphasising higher access denial risks and less timely responses for consumers on these platforms.

This study was limited by the use of a uniform USP for each case. Using standardised scenarios with different USPs potentially allows for a comprehensive assessment of equity. However, due to constraints imposed by scripted scenarios in our study, this aspect was not explored.

Our study highlights the suboptimal quality of DTCT in China, specifically disparities between hospital-sponsored and enterprise-sponsored platforms. These findings likely echo broader challenges and principles inherent in DTCT globally. As DTCT gains momentum after COVID-19, future research becomes critical to effectively address these issues.

Ethics statements

Patient consent for publication.

Not applicable.

Ethics approval

This study involves human participants and was approved by Xiangya School of Public Health (IRB No XYGW-2021-37). Prior informed consent was waived due to minimal risk and no individually identifiable information on physicians.


We sincerely thank Xiaohui Wang, Yaolong Chen, Yun Lu, Xiaojing Fan, Zhongliang Zhou, Jay Pan, and Chengxiang Tang for their unwavering leadership in development and management the SP cases. We also apperciate Lu Liu, Chunping Li, and Huanyu Hu for their their diligent efforts as project assistants, as well as all the standardized patients and study coordinators for their hard work.

  • Elliott T ,
  • iiMedia Report
  • Resneck JS ,
  • Steuer M , et al
  • Gidengil CA , et al
  • Peabody JW ,
  • Glassman P , et al
  • Colliver JA ,
  • Rhodes KV ,
  • Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Quality of Health Care in America
  • Tu J , et al

Supplementary materials

Supplementary data.

This web only file has been produced by the BMJ Publishing Group from an electronic file supplied by the author(s) and has not been edited for content.

  • Data supplement 1

Contributors WG conceived the study. ZZ coordinated the daily implementation of this study under the supervision of DRX, YC and WG. ZZ carried out data analysis and composed the initial manuscript draft, receiving guidance from WG and DRX. All authors contributed to critical review of the manuscript and approved the final draft.

Funding This study was funded by China Medical Board (20-368), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (81067392) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (82273643).

Competing interests None declared.

Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; internally peer reviewed.

Supplemental material This content has been supplied by the author(s). It has not been vetted by BMJ Publishing Group Limited (BMJ) and may not have been peer-reviewed. Any opinions or recommendations discussed are solely those of the author(s) and are not endorsed by BMJ. BMJ disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on the content. Where the content includes any translated material, BMJ does not warrant the accuracy and reliability of the translations (including but not limited to local regulations, clinical guidelines, terminology, drug names and drug dosages), and is not responsible for any error and/or omissions arising from translation and adaptation or otherwise.

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    Reduced health care costs: $74-$194 billion in reduced spending on physician services over the next decade. New business formation: 2.7% increase in the rate of new firm formation, resulting in over 8,500 additional new businesses created each year. Rise in innovation: an average of 17,000-29,000 more patents each year for the next ten years.

  23. PDF Evaluating Urban Green Public Spaces: The Case Study of Krasnodar

    The following section contains the description of the study area, as well as the expla-nation why this area was chosen for the study. It also introduces the methodology and research materials used. Section 3 presents the results, their interpretation and analysis. Section 4 deals with the discussion and Section 5 concludes the analysis. 2.

  24. PDF Evaluating Urban Green Public Spaces: The Case Study of Krasnodar

    Density: The Density coefficient is equal to 0.52, but almost 40% of GreenPS is not landscaped and it is rarely used. Sufficiency: The total area of public green areas in Tuapse is 105 hectares, and the supply of green space is 50 square kilometers/inhabitant. Continuity: GreenSP continuity constitutes 45%.

  25. PDF Deloitte


  26. Assessing quality of direct-to-consumer telemedicine in China: a cross

    Direct-to-onsumer telemedicine (DTCT) has become popular as an alternative to traditional care. However, uncertainties about the potential risks associated with the lack of comprehensive quality evaluation could influence its long-term development. This study aimed to assess the quality of care provided by DTCT platforms in China using unannounced standardised patients (USP) between July 2021 ...