1. Combating Sexual Assault on College Campuses

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    essay on sexual assault on college campuses

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  4. (PDF) Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Perceptions and approaches of

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  5. Campus Sexual Assault

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  1. Campus sexual assault: Fact sheet from an intersectional lens

    Sexual violence is a significant health and human rights concern. It has extensive negative mental and physical health consequences (Campbell et al., 2009) and can also negatively impact academic performance (Jordan et al., 2014). Campus sexual assault (CSA) makes up the greatest proportion (43%) of total on-campus crimes in the United States ...

  2. Sexual Assault and Harassment on College Campuses

    On October 15, Harvard released the results of a survey intended to estimate the prevalence of sexual assault and other sexual misconduct among its undergraduate, graduate, and professional-school students. The survey, conducted during the spring of 2019, reached about 23,000 students, of whom 36.1 percent (about 8,300) responded.

  3. Sexual assault incidents among college undergraduates: Prevalence and

    Introduction. Recent estimates of sexual assault victimization among college students in the United States (US) are as high as 20-25% [1-3], prompting universities to enhance or develop policies and programs to prevent sexual assault.However, a 2016 review [] highlights the variation in sexual assault prevalence estimates (1.8% to 34%) which likely can be attributed to methodological ...

  4. Thoughts about sexual assault on college campuses

    From her 2021 book, Citadels of Pride: Sexual Abuse, Accountability, and Reconciliation, Martha Nussbaum discusses sexual assault and harassment on college campuses.

  5. PDF Campus Sexual Assault in the U.S.: What Research Tells Us

    One in five women has been a victim of campus sexual assault.1, 2 College-aged women are at increased risk. Sexual assault is 4x more likely for women 18-24 years, compared to all other ages.3 College men and transgender individuals are also at risk.2, 4 6% of college men experience campus sexual assault.2

  6. PDF Sexual Violence on Campus: Strategies for Prevention

    College men also experience sexual assault. In a 2007 study, it was noted that more than 6% of men experienced attempted or completed sexual assault in college (Krebs, et al., 2007). In a more recent study of 9 colleges, Krebs et al. found the prevalence rate for completed sexual assault (as defined above)

  7. Sexual assault on college campuses

    Sexual assault happens everywhere and to women and men of all ages. But it is common on college campuses, and, among adults, sexual assault happens most often to traditionally college-age women (18-24). Colleges that get federal funding are required to publicly report sexual assault. Alcohol and drugs.

  8. PDF Campus Sexual

    In a nationally representative survey of adults, 37.4% of female rape victims were first raped between ages 18-24 (Black et al., 2011). 27% of college women have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact (Gross, Winslett, Roberts, & Gohm, 2006). 40% of colleges and universities reported not investigating a single sexual assault in the ...

  9. PDF preventing sexual violence on college and university campuses: a

    Sexual violence is a significant public health issue that impacts many people, with college and university students being particularly at risk. Studies show that one in five women experience attempted or completed sexual assault during her college years. Men are also victimized. It has been noted that more than 6% of men experienced attempted ...

  10. Why We Need Structural Interventions For Campus Sexual Violence

    Decades of data on campus sexual assault show (again and again) that roughly 25 percent of college women experience a completed or attempted rape; among heterosexual men, the prevalence of campus ...

  11. Prevention of sexual violence among college students: Current

    A review 18 of over 140 sexual violence prevention programs (not restricted to college campuses) found that very few (<10%) addressed campus climate or policies. A study 142 of 24 four-year colleges in Georgia, found that only 14% had policies and practices that met compliance criteria for the Clery Act in 2014.

  12. The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy

    David Lisak, a former associate professor of psychology at UMass Boston and a prominent consultant on campus sexual assault, is the lead author; when he and his co-authors reviewed the reports of ...

  13. The History of Campus Sexual Assault : NPR Ed : NPR

    Agent Illustrateur/Getty Images/Ikon Images. "Male sex aggression on a university campus" was the title of one of the first studies published about a topic now very much in the news. Way back in ...

  14. Sexual assault and rape on U.S. college campuses: Research roundup

    A 2013 study explores variables, such as violence, intoxication, and prior romantic relationships, that can impact acknowledged versus unacknowledged sexual assault among college women. Research has found that incoming first-year college students subscribe to a wide variety of "myths" about rape. Below is a selection of further studies that ...

  15. How Prevalent Is Campus Sexual Assault in the United States?

    Sexual assault on college campuses continues to make national headlines. We know the victims suffer short- and long-term health problems, such as sexually transmitted infections, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, chronic illness and post-traumatic stress disorder. We also know that college students who have been sexually assaulted are more ...

  16. Sexual assault on college campuses: The Red Zone, explained

    'The biggest misconception' about 'The Red Zone' and sexual assault. The first few months at school is a critical period in a new college student's development on campus.

  17. Is There a Smarter Way to Think About Sexual Assault on Campus?

    For the past three years, they have been leading a $2.2-million research project on the sexual behavior of Columbia undergraduates. The project is called SHIFT, which stands for the Sexual Health ...

  18. PDF How Prevalent Is Campus Sexual Assault in the United States?

    An Incomplete Picture. We found that estimates of completed forcible rape, incapacitated rape, unwanted sexual contact and sexual coercion on college campuses in the U.S. vary widely. Unwanted sexual contact and sexual coercion appear to be most prevalent, followed by incapacitated rape and attempted or completed forcible rape.

  19. Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses, using Community Based

    Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses, using Community Based Participatory Research Strategies to Craft a Creative Response Adrianne Beer ... The essay also addresses how our culture plays a role in sexual assault, and why there is a strong prevalence on college campuses. As a response to this research and essay, I have written poems.

  20. Essay urges those trying to prevent sexual assaults on campus to

    Campus sexual assault remained in the forefront of higher education's concerns last week when a St. Paul's School graduate, Owen Labrie, was tried for, as a senior, raping a 15-year old classmate who accompanied him to an unoccupied building amid rumors of a school tradition requiring graduating seniors to take the virginity of younger female students.

  21. An Underreported Problem: Campus Sexual Misconduct

    The AAUW analysis also found low rates overall of reports of sexual assault, including rape and fondling, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Altogether, 77% of campuses reported zero incidents of sexual assault, including rape and fondling, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking — a shocking statistic that speaks to the ...

  22. Sexual Assault on College Campuses

    Sexual assault is a particularly significant concern on colleges campuses . It is experienced by one in five college women, and the majority of survivors are women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. For men between 18 and 24 years old, being a student increases the likelihood that they will be assaulted by 78% in comparison to those ...

  23. Students can participate in key national survey on campus sexual

    The Higher Education Sexual Misconduct and Awareness (HESMA) survey on sexual assault and harassment opened to Stanford students on April 30. The survey is part of a nationwide effort to ...

  24. College of Education and Human Services students highlight the

    "Sexual assault on college campuses is a serious concern nationwide," said Brown, "and it is imperative that we work together to address this issue. SAAPM serves as a valuable opportunity to emphasize the importance of ongoing awareness and prevention education within the college community.

  25. Biden administration finalizes Title IX overhaul

    Designed to protect college and university students and employees from sex-based harassment and sexual violence, the regulations will overhaul how institutions respond to reports of sexual misconduct, among other changes. After several delays, the Biden administration finally released its final rule overhauling Title IX this morning, kicking off what will likely be a frantic few months as ...

  26. Biden's unconstitutional Title IX rules destroy rights of campus accused

    Biden's new Title IX rules eviscerate both the separation of powers and the protections for those accused of crimes, specifically in cases of sexual assault on college campuses. Sexual assault ...

  27. Biden's new Title IX rules protect LGBTQ+ students, but avoid

    FILE - Demonstrators advocating for transgender rights and healthcare stand outside of the Ohio Statehouse on Jan. 24, 2024, in Columbus, Ohio. The rights of LGBTQ+ students will be protected by federal law and victims of campus sexual assault will gain new safeguards under rules finalized Friday, April19, 2024, by the Biden administration.

  28. New Title IX Rules Erase Campus Due Process Protections

    Following President Barack Obama's 2011 "Dear Colleague" letter, which first mandated campus sexual assault tribunals, regulations have flip-flopped consistently along party lines. In 2020, the ...

  29. Opinion

    There is a long and honorable history of civil disobedience in the United States, but true civil disobedience ultimately honors and respects the rule of law. In a 1965 appearance on "Meet the ...