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essay test series 2022 free upsc material

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essay test series 2022 free upsc material

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[ New Course ] Insta Textbook Based Prelims Test Series 2.0 – for UPSC CSE Prelims 2022

Click here to subscribe.

Objective of the Test Series : To help aspirants acquire enormous knowledge, develop skills to apply knowledge and tricks, patiently tackle any kind of paper with confidence, stay in the race and come out with flying colors
  • Understand UPSC : Solve UPSC Prelims Papers from 10th Sept. 2021 followed by Discussion
  • Test Series Starts From: 20th September 2021
  • Full Package : Total 50 Tests: 

12 tests (2 Revision Tests)– based on NCERTs

12 tests (2 Revision Tests)– based on standard textbooks, Thematic tests & references + Economic Survey 2021-22 & Budget 2022-23 + India Year Book 2021 and 2022

2 Tests – Dedicated Thematic – Social Welfare and Science/Technology

12 weekly full-length tests covering comprehensive syllabus

Fees:  Full Package : 8 500/- ( CLICK HERE FOR TIMETABLE )  Only GS : 6000/- (CLICK HERE FOR TIMETABLE) Medium: English   Mode : Online & Offline Old subscriber discount : 20% Early Bird Offer : 15% discount till 15th Sept. 2021

Important Features : (Explained in detail in the bottom)

  • INSTA Preparatory Classes will be preloaded in your portal (Check timetable for details)
  •  Discussion Class for each GS PRELIMS test
  •  10 Mains Questions with Synopsis for integrated preparation
  •   INSTA 30 Current Affairs and INSTA Value-added Material (Soft Copy)
  • Online portal that is feature rich which gives you more tools to constantly improve your scores
Our coveted INSTA 75 days Revision Plan 2022  which will be released later in the Month of March-April 2022 (tentatively) exclusively for prelims preparation will be aligned to Textbook based prelims test series 2022 and Subject-wise prelims test series 2022  

NEW Inclusions:

Often aspirants jump into preparation without understanding the demand of the exam. If you are to Clear this Exam, you need to understand the Core Philosophy of UPSC, the demands of CSE, penetrate into the minds of UPSC paper setters and be abreast of the recent trends of this Exam.

The surest and fastest way of doing this is to solve the Previous Year UPSC Question papers religiously.

To make students realize the importance of solving and analyzing the Previous Year UPSC Question papers, we will be giving Previous Year UPSC Question papers as tests . We will also be uploading the discussion videos of these papers which majorly intends to help you analyse the paper and help you learn tricks to solve the questions.

We shall also be giving you a few sessions exclusively on Strategy & Tips to Solve MCQs & How to follow the Prelims Test Series for maximising efficiency.

Preliminary Round, the very first round of the Civil Services Examination filters out a huge chunk of aspirants posing a myriad of challenges to both freshers as well as veterans.

However, focussing exclusively on what could have led to those few thousands of aspirants making it successfully to the next round of UPSC exam gives us a clearer picture of the true demand of the Exam and our exact approach towards it.

UPSC has ensured a constant change in the dynamics of the exam year after year. So, ideally, following the traditional way of reading books and solving a few MCQs is no more a success-guaranteed strategy to clear the Exam. What’s most important in today’s times is to Prepare yourself thoroughly for the uncertainty that can be faced in this examination. 

Practice-Assessment-Learning is the only tried & tested method to tackle this uncertainty in the Prelims Exam with ultimate grit & confidence.

Those deserving candidates who made it to the list are the one who have understood the intricate rules of the game and applied the same to perfection!

Have UPSC Question Papers genuinely become so erratic that Only Luck can save students or Is it just that students do not PREPARE themselves adequately to face the exam?

We believe it is the latter. At least for the last 4-5 years, the Question paper hasn’t changed its essential flair – it may have become slightly lengthier with the difficulty level being raised. But, as far as certain subject-areas are concerned, from which questions have been asked year after year, they haven’t changed , and they will NOT change as well since these are the emerging areas that are of significant interest to a budding bureaucrat. UPSC understands this and it is for two reasons it makes such highly unconventional papers:

  • The changing National and Global priorities, for e.g., automation, ecological degradation, heightened global cooperation that are becoming increasingly relevant to administration
  • Need to make the exam a fair play for veterans and freshers alike since UPSC favours the entry of freshers and young people in administration

What are the probable mistakes most aspirants repeat every year and end up being out of the race?

Following traditional Strategy of:

  • Sticking to Basic books + Reference Books – which is very much appreciated
  • Build Awareness: Only read Newspapers and Current affairs material published by coaching institutes cover to cover
  • Unplanned revision: Rush to solve mock tests and complete 5-6 tests in the last month towards UPSC Prelims

Given the changing pattern, it is not a surprise that the final paper barely contains 40-45 questions from the above and most aspirants do not score up to the mark. They are left wanting as to what else could they have done to not face this situation. Why does this happen despite all the hard work? It is because some CRITICAL areas (like Statistics & Techniques in Agriculture, Statistics in Economy, Emerging areas of Environment & Technology etc.) are left out from preparation either out of ignorance, or out of poor planning.

What Aspirants Should do?

Given the changing nature of the exam, and the increasing weightage of critical portions, here is what you should do:

Follow a dynamic strategy:

  • Build Fundamentals: Read NCERT/Standard books
  • Build Awareness: Read the Hindu/IE and current affairs material
  • Build Knowledge base : Religiously attend a good test series year-round to add significantly to knowledge base and sharpen your preparation

So, here comes the all-important Question of Why do you need a Test Series?

Test Series is a safe bet in preparation for various reasons:

  • Follow a Good Year-long Schedule : As an IAS aspirant you are not preparing for an ordinary exam. It requires a disciplined preparation. Regularity & Consistency is going to be a key for your progress. Schedules help you hold yourself accountable, stay calm and composed (EI!), achieve milestones and eventually accomplish your goal.
  • You understand Gradualism is the name of the game with every test you attend.
  • BUILD & IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS : Nowadays Exam papers are more inclined towards testing your common sense through tricky, subjective and vague questions. Reading books and ready-made materials will give you lots of knowledge, but they will never give the skills necessary to clear this exam.

To cultivate new skills and improve certain aspects you must have an integrated approach where you not only study, but also put to rigorous test what you study on a regular basis.

  • Limiting your sources and learning more from the MCQs: Given the limited time with an aspirant, it is more than difficult to identify the Critical areas and cover all these areas with full confidence from varied sources.  This is where Learning from MCQs comes into picture. You can prepare on these areas which will be predicted and covered in advance in the test series and equip yourself to apply techniques to eliminate the right answers with your extensive knowledge/experience.
  • Regular tests with huge student base give you a fair idea of the fierce competition around.

Why InsightsIAS Test Series?

Apart from the qualitative Test Series we provide, we are known to prepare aspirants for the UNCERTAINTY. We teach you how to fish instead of spoon-feed you with read-made dinner! Over the years, owing to our large experience, we at Insights have learnt many important lessons and skills to help you prepare productively, effectively and efficiently by instilling ultimate confidence in you.

Our Right Guidance and your hard work will make the perfect recipe for your guaranteed success!

We are proud and excited to have come up with unique features to help students not worry about their test series, mode of test series, performance analysis, performance tracker etc.,

  • Now you choose to take each test either offline or online by easily switching the mode of test. i.e., you may choose to write a few tests online and a few offline. This is specifically designed to ensure hassle free preparation in any kind of situation around.
  • DETAILED ANALYTICAL ASSESSMENT SYSTEM: We have brought in the widest analytics for post-test analysis. Your portal itself will be your guide for improvement in your performance – you can analyze your strengths & weaknesses , subjects to work upon , skills to work upon , Question Paper analysis based on categories and difficulty level , get All India Rank, get Your scorecard & Leader board , etc.,
  • Discuss the tests with peers and experts and get your doubts cleared
  • All previous years’ Prelims Test Series Question papers and Solutions, Current Affairs, Secure Compilation, Quizzes and important study material will be available to download
  • Get INSTA 30 – Quick Revision of Monthly Current affairs in 30 pages and other INSTA Value added Material related to Prelims
  • SECURE, Daily Current Affairs, All Free Initiatives of WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM will be available in your portal itself

You can witness the real competition with your dynamic rank. We help you track the improvement in scores, your commitment in following the schedule and reminder for the tests that you have not completed yet.

Prelims Specific Features in the Portal  

essay test series 2022 free upsc material

You can as well go through the features available in the portal through the below link

CLICK HERE to take A walk through of the Test portal 

CREDIBILITY! – CLICK HERE to check UPSC CSE Prelims 2020 QUESTIONS which were covered in Insights IAS Prelims Test Series )

When should you join Test Series?

You must join test series programs from day one to prepare effectively for CSE-2022. Starting early gives you sufficient time to improve at your own pace – slowly but steadily. Starting early gives you time to revise all tests multiple times and remember lots of stuff for Prelims as well as for Mains-2021.

We have noticed that those who start early and stay consistent will go on to clear this exam fast (within 1-2 attempts). In worst case scenarios many of the early starters at least write Mains in their first attempts, sometimes reaching the interview stage as well (if they finish Optional properly before prelims). Those who resort to solving tests in the end – just before prelims – find it difficult to clear this exam as it’s too much to digest at that moment. Moreover most aspirants panic because of the huge amount of materials that pile up by then.

Why INSIGHTSIAS Textbook Based Prelims Test Series:

  • Perfectly planned timetable for freshers to get a strong foundation as well as for Veterans as this also includes Thematic Test Series and IFS portions & unconventional areas too
  • The approach of preparation – Starting from NCERTs and then adding Standard Sources to your preparation will help you gear up your preparation in the right direction
  • Start your preparation right with our INSTA Preparatory Classes on

– Strategy for UPSC CSE 2022

– How to read books for INSIGHTS Prelims Tests?

– How to read Current Affairs?

– How to make notes for Prelims 2022?

– Strategy Class and Tricks to score high in Insights Prelims Tests as well as in Prelims 2022

  • Cover unconventional portion through MCQs
  • Get the widest post analysis features in the test portal for both online and offline tests to improve your scores drastically.
  • Tests are completely Flexible – give them when you are ready.
  • You can take the test any time from the scheduled date
  • You can choose to write every test either online or offline (We are the first among all for providing complete flexibility in terms of mode of test)
  • Discuss and get your doubts cleared by experts as well as peers
  • Experience the real competition with our huge serious aspirant base
  • Simulation of real Prelims exam with the standard of questions as well as prepares you for peripheral questions
  • Credibility! – CLICK HERE to check UPSC CSE Prelims 2020 QUESTIONS which were covered in Insights IAS Prelims Test Series )
  • Toppers enrolled and toppers recommend and toppers are made from our tests.
  • Multiple re-takes enabled two months before prelims so that you can revise multiple times
  • Get INSTA 30 – Quick Revision of Monthly Current affairs in 30 pages and other INSTA Value added Materials related to prelims like INSTA BOOSTER Material
  • Explanation/Discussion classes for every GS prelims Tests will be held. (Video recording of the classes will also be provided)

The timetable is carefully crafted to ensure proper time gap to study & Multiple revisions. 

Click Here to Download the Timetable for INSIGHTS TEXTBOOK BASED 2.0 PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2021

Click Here for Timetable of TEXTBOOK Based Only GS 2.0 package

Read below to get the details of Timetable:

– Before the start of the tests, INSTA preparatory classes will be conducted to make sure your preparation journey is clear, smooth and guided in the right direction. Start your preparation early to gain an edge.

– Understand UPSC before itself by Solving Previous 5 year UPSC Question paper and analyze them.

– Test series tarts from 20th Sept. 2021

Timetable is so designed that we cover the syllabus in 3 different rounds along with Revisions

  • Sources are covered in an incremental way so that a fresher gets conceptual clarity before dwelling into huge reference books.
  • Also, UPSC time and again has made its point to ask questions verbatim from NCERTs. The Approach followed by Textbook based Prelims Test Series has taken care to give equal emphasis on NCERTs, Standard Sources as well as Current Affairs.
  • We have given a list of standard sources at the end of the timetable that can be referred in addition to the ones mentioned alongside test dates. Questions can be expected from those standard sources also. Try to cover as much as you can from these sources as well.
  • With this timetable we ensure you progress in completion of syllabus and also improve your skills in solving different types of questions.
  • Time Gap Between tests in is kept usually kept 10 days (in 95% of the cases except during Sundays and Festivals) as it is the 1 st time that you will be covering the syllabus. Even if you are not able to complete the syllabus, do not panic, as you will be covering during the Revision tests and also the Full Syllabus Tests.
  • The Full Syllabus tests is the simulation of the UPSC Prelims exam and ensures you are well prepared for any kind of paper in the prelims exam. We try to nudge you with difficulty level and out of the box questions so that you learn better through MCQs. Alternate Simulation Tests will have GS as well as CSAT on the same day so that you get acclimatized to the UPSC Prelims exam.


How to approach Intelligent Guessing  

(While this technique is widely applicable, remember that this is NOT a rule. It does not apply in all the cases.)

How to avoid overthinking options in UPSC prelims

Why should you attempt more Questions in Prelims?

Questions from INSIGHTSIAS Test Series & Revision Plan in the Prelims Exam

Early bird offer – 15% discount ( Limited Period till 15th Sept. 2021 ) Discounts : INSTA discount for previous Test Subscribers: All the OGP & CORE students of INSIGHTSIAS and subscribers of various test series programs (Prelims or MAINS) will get an exclusive discount of 20% over the subscription of IPM.

Disclaimer : 

  • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature in all circumstances
  • INSIGHTSIAS material will be for the individual student use only and copyright protected (only soft copy will be provided)
  • Any violation of copyright law if observed, enrollment to the test series will be cancelled 

For any queries contact,

mail : [email protected]

Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637

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  • Subscribe to Our Official YouTube Channel  HERE
  • Our Official Facebook Page  HERE

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  • Previous Years’ Question Papers-Mains
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  • Science & Technology

essay test series 2022 free upsc material

Essay Test Series for UPSC

essay test series

Essay Test Series FEES

Essay test series 2024 (25+ test), ias essay featured program.

Comprehensive coverage of full syllabus of UPSC as per the micro listing developed by mentors at ELITE IAS

Total 25 Tests: · 12 NCERT Based · 08 Sectional Test · 05 Full length Test 

Orientation session on answer writing skills, decoding key terms in UPSC Answer writing Live (Offline/Online) Discussion Classes after Each test Fees Rs. 9999/-

Comprehensive coverage of full syllabus of UPSC as per the micro listing developed by mentors at ELITE IAS Total 25 Tests: · 12 NCERT Based · 08 Sectional Test · 05 Full length Test  Orientation session on answer writing skills, decoding key terms in UPSC Answer writing 1-1 On demand mentorship over video call/in person meeting with faculties Live (Offline/Online) Discussion Classes after Each test Fees Rs. 22000/-

How To Join Essay Writing For UPSC Course

To enroll for UPSC essay, student has to register on the website or call us on counselling number 1. Account for Online Classes will be activated within one working day of Enrolment or before batch Starts whichever is earlier. 2. Classes will be conducted online as per the class schedule. 3. UPSC Essay Study Material wherever needed will be made available to students online/offline format. 4. Printed Study Material, if any will be dispatched by courier within a week of enrolment. 5. Soft Copy notes will be uploaded in PDF format into your account.

For Enquiry Call:  7065202020, 8410000036 or Email:  [email protected]


  • 25 Tests of essay for UPSC. Starting from NCERT based mini-test to the Advance Level essay writing for UPSC. (Find micro-details of the programme in the brochure below.)
  • Classes on how to decode the IAS essay topics. How to do brainstorming for essay? As well as structuring the essay, building vocabs-language-flow in writing etc.
  • Hand Book on developing the skills of essay writing i.e. a handbook on Fundamental Approach of Writing Essay. Also, compendium of Quotations, Phrases, Anecdotes etc. which can be used while writing essay.
  • Detailed discussion after every test
  • One-on-one test discussions with the faculty after copy evaluation
  • Model answer hints for every UPSC essay test
  • Model Essays are prepared with innovative tools and approaches which may be used for various kinds of essays in real examination.
  • Practice Worksheets.
  • Comprehensive coverage of most important topics from Yojana, Kurukshetra, Front Line and other important Magazines.

Essay Writing for UPSC (CSE)

Understanding the concept of essay writing.

An essay is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything. – Aldous Huxley, a British critic, explains that an essay is a “flexible form of writing that allows for in-depth discussion on a wide range of topics, expressed in a personal and insightful way.”

Generally speaking, there are two main types of essays: formal and informal. For the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE), we focus on the formal kind. Formal essays are serious and not personal. The writer is like an expert and avoids emotional language. These essays often include facts, such as statistics from government reports.

Formal essays are different from informal writing. They don’t use a conversational tone or first-person pronouns like “I” or “we.” They don’t try to be close to the reader. A formal essay is mainly about being serious and clear.

Essay Writing For UPSC (CSE)

  • In the CSE essay test, candidates have to write two essays in a 3-hour time frame. Each essay should be within 1000-1200 words. Each essay is worth 125 marks, which makes a total of 250 marks for both essays.
  • Structure of the Essay Paper: The essay part of the paper is split into two sections, Section A and Section B. In each section, there are four different essay topics given. Candidates need to choose and write one essay from each section, making sure they pick wisely.
  • Writing Guidelines: The rules for writing are clearly stated in the syllabus. Candidates need to stick closely to the topic of their essays and organize their thoughts in a clear, systematic way. The syllabus also mentions that writing that is both effective and makes sense will earn credit.
  • Importance of Keywords: The focus on specific keywords in the instructions is crucial. These keywords are not just part of the essay content; they are the main criteria for evaluating the essays. Understanding and following these guidelines is key to performing well in the essay writing part of the CSE.

How To Start UPSC Essay Writing

As the saying goes, practice leads to perfection. Practicing well improves essay writing. For high scores, regular practice is important. But first, it’s essential to understand the basics of a good essay. We need to know how to structure an essay well. We’ll look into planning essays effectively and adding elements that make essays stand out. It’s also important to learn how to fit all this within the time limit. Mastering these skills will help in writing essays that score higher.

Understanding the Basic Structure of an Essay

The standard way to structure an essay is to break it into paragraphs, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the body paragraphs, the writer fits in all their main ideas and arguments.

  • Types of Body Paragraphs: Body paragraphs can be supportive, critical, or narrative. A good method is to start with a narrative paragraph that details the topic, followed by supportive paragraphs with positive information about the topic. Although critical paragraphs are often placed at the end, there are no fixed rules. Sometimes, starting with a critical paragraph can be effective, depending on the topic.
  • The Role of the Introduction: The introduction is a vital part of the essay. It creates the first impression on the examiner. A well-crafted introduction can positively influence the reader. The strategy for writing a strong introduction will be covered later.
  • The Importance of a Good Conclusion: Similarly, a well-written conclusion can earn extra marks. It’s where the writer wraps up the essay and reinforces their main points. Tips for writing a compelling conclusion will also be discussed in more detail later. This part of the essay is crucial for leaving a strong final impression. All this you learn in best test series for essay UPSC.

Core Idea of the Central Thesis

(Main argument or primary point around which an entire essay writing is structured.)

In expanding on this idea, it’s useful to consider additional aspects like the role of government, policy-making and cultural influences. These factors contribute to both social justice and economic growth. This approach helps to emphasize that for a society to thrive, it needs both economic prosperity and social justice, not just one or the other.

  • In another essay asked in CSE 2022 – “ Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. ” This implies that poets, though not officially recognized, significantly impact society through their poetry. The essay should discuss the ways poets influence our thoughts and the world around us. 

The essay could explore the historical, cultural, and societal impact of poets. It should consider how poets sway public opinion and inspire social movements (including Indian Independence movement) without formal power. To thoroughly cover this topic, examining various perspectives is essential, such as the emotional influence of poetry or its role in times of societal change. This analytical aspect is taught by this UPSC coaching when a candidate join essay test series UPSC.

Strategizing for Essay Writing through Brainstorming

Brainstorming is key before you start writing an essay. It helps you collect all your thoughts in one place. There aren’t strict rules for how to do it. A good way is to focus on your topic and write down everything that comes to mind. It’s useful to use a whole page for this, so you have plenty of space for your ideas. This method makes sure you have a lot of thoughts to work with when you write your essay.

Improving Your Essay with Key Elements

In a good CSE essay, including various elements and dimensions is key. Here are some basic rules for adding these to your essay.

  • Foremost among these guidelines is – always stick to Constitutional values . For CSE essays, it’s vital that the principles embedded in the Constitution are reflected in the ideas, problems, or solutions discussed. Never support anything that goes against it.
  • While addressing issues, maintaining a democratic perspective is important . Keep the concept of ‘freedom and equality’ as your guiding principles, whether you’re suggesting solutions or critiquing events.
  • Avoid taking extreme positions . The best approach to complex problems is often finding a middle ground.
  • Don’t generalize too much. Instead, your approach should demonstrate patience, justice, and understanding.
  • Lastly, there are two additional aspects to remember for the CSE essay. (A) Do not challenge the essay topic itself . In simpler terms, don’t contradict your own stance. Choose a viewpoint (preferably a balanced one) and consistently adhere to it throughout the essay. (B) Be cautious about presenting things that are universally viewed negatively in a positive light , and vice versa. For example, avoid portraying ‘terrorism’ as a form of freedom struggle, even though sayings like ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’ are popular. It’s important to recognize the generally accepted connotations of such terms and not to misuse them.

Essential Elements in a CSE Essay

  • For a well-written CSE essay, focus on three fundamental elements. These are considered the cornerstone – social, political, and economic aspects . These are integral in forming a comprehensive and insightful essay.
  • You can also add more depth with other dimensions like Constitutional, legal, technological, or technical aspects. These help broaden the essay’s perspective. Makes it more engaging and informative.
  • Another crucial component is the personal touch. Personal experiences or anecdotes can make your essay more effective. But they should be used within ethical boundaries and relevant to the essay’s theme. This balance between personal insights and professional ethics can improve the quality and impact of the essay. (Remember, participating in test series for UPSC is important, as mastering the art of writing is vital for achieving high marks in the Mains exam.)

Drafting an Essay Outline

  • Before writing your essay, it’s a good idea to outline it. This means deciding what to include in the introduction and conclusion. Determining the order of your ideas, and choosing which quotes or references to use.
  • Making a rough outline helps you see the entire essay before you start writing. This process gives you an overall view, helping you identify any potential gaps or areas that need more attention.
  • There’s a common saying that if you can determine the conclusion of your essay, the rest of the writing becomes easier. Knowing your conclusion in advance can guide the entire essay. It provides a clear direction right from the start and ensuring that you conclude your essay confidently and effectively.

Managing Time Effectively in Essay Writing for CSE

In the CSE exam, you have three hours to write two essays, meaning each essay gets 1 hour and 30 minutes. Allocate about 45 minutes to an hour for writing the essay itself. Set aside an extra 10 minutes for revising each essay. This planning leaves you with approximately 30 minutes to prepare the essay, including brainstorming and outlining.

How to Introduce the Essay

  • The aim of your essay’s introduction is to spark the reader’s interest in the topic and lay the groundwork for what follows.
  • Start your introduction with a brief explanation of the essay topic. Add interest by including personal experiences, relevant stories, or meaningful quotes.
  • The introduction should be clear, avoiding any confusion. Its job is to clarify the topic right away, clearing up any doubts the reader might have. A clear, straightforward introduction sets the right tone for the rest of the essay, guiding the reader into your main arguments smoothly and effectively.

Structuring Paragraphs in an Essay

  • When writing paragraphs in an essay, the concluding sentence of each paragraph serves a dual purpose. Rather than just signaling the end of the paragraph, it often acts as a bridge to the next one. This approach helps in maintaining a cohesive flow throughout the essay.
  • The Known-to-New writing order involves starting with familiar or established ideas. Then gradually introducing new or less known concepts. This method allows the reader to build on their existing knowledge as they progress through the essay.
  • The Simple-to-Complex order involves beginning with basic, easily understandable concepts. Then progressively introducing more complex ideas. This technique helps in gradually deepening the reader’s understanding.
  • To enrich the content of the paragraphs, one might employ the FREQOES method . (FREQOES stands for – Facts and statistics, Reasons, Examples, Quotes, Opinions, Experiences, Senses.) Also use PESTLE Analysis to figure out the various aspects, dimensions, factors etc of any given topic. (PESTLE analysis stands for Political – Economic – Sociological – Technological – Legal – Environmental analysis). These approach can be a valuable tool in adding depth and variety to the different sections of the essay. This ensures that each paragraph contributes effectively to the overall narrative.

How To Conclude Essay

  • The conclusion of an essay plays a crucial role in smoothly wrapping up the discussion. It’s important to remember that a compelling conclusion is as important as a strong introduction. Both plays important role in scoring high marks.
  • There are several effective ways to conclude an essay. One method involves briefly restating the main points using different wording. As well as, effectively summarizing the essay’s core arguments. Another approach, to suggest future directions or actions based on the essay’s discussion. Alternatively, you could enhance the conclusion with a personal comment. Even you can use a relevant anecdote that ties back to the essay’s theme.
  • A popular technique for concluding an essay is the ‘cyclic return’. Here you loop back to the topic or scenario presented in the introduction. This method creates a full-circle narrative that many essays utilize for a coherent and impactful ending.
  • The best conclusion has a positive tone, finding hope/optimism in challenging topics. It needs to be clear and brief, summing up the essay’s ideas. This way, the conclusion leaves a strong, lasting impression on the reader.

Polishing Your Essay through Revision

  • The revision process involves thoroughly reading your entire essay. While reviewing, use a scale and pencil to underline key words or phrases. This step is crucial for identifying and correcting any spelling or grammatical errors. Additionally, ensure that the pages of your essay appear neat and well-organized.
  • During revision, you might find it necessary to add or remove certain words for clarity or impact. However, this should be done judiciously and not excessively. It’s generally not recommended to introduce entirely new ideas or sentences during the revision phase. Except in cases where such additions are essential for the completeness of the essay. This approach helps maintain the original flow and structure of the essay while making necessary refinements.

Tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills

  • A useful tip for CSE essay writing is to go through essays from previous exams. This helps you understand the required concepts, dimensions, and solutions for various topics. Learning to simplify complex social issues is crucial for writing a good CSE essay . If you are a beginner you can join UPSC online coaching and the mentor will help you to simplify the complex tasks.
  • It’s also helpful to have a collection of impactful quotes, phrases, and citable anecdotes. Keeping these ready can help you in writing essays on any subject. This preparation ensures you’re well-equipped to create engaging, well-informed and insightful essays.

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FAQs About Essay Test Series

The best test series for essays trains you in the structure of a good UPSC essay. Following below mentioned points can help you in essay writing for UPSC.

  • The introductory paragraph should clearly indicate the topic you will cover in your essay, and consider starting your essay with a quote that is relevant to the theme.
  • Clearly articulate your central argument or main point.
  • You can strengthen your arguments with relevant quotes, but never modifying the words of well-known individuals/personalities.
  • Clearly indicate your approach to answering the questions, the direction of your essay (where), and the rationale behind it (why).
  • Fresh insights and unique analyses are generally appreciated by the evaluator.
  • Make sure to show how your main points are interconnected.
  • Guide the evaluator through your response in a coherent and sequential manner.
  • Arrange related information into well-structured paragraphs.
  • In your final paragraph, you can present your conclusions.

The topics for the essay for UPSC test papers can vary widely. However, they generally fall into certain broad categories, which might include:

  • Current Affairs and Social Issues:  Topics could relate to recent events in the news or long-standing social issues like poverty, education, healthcare, etc.
  • Political Issues:  Topics related to governance, democracy, and other political issues might be included.
  • Economic Issues:  Topics could relate to economic policies, globalization, fiscal deficits, etc.
  • Environmental Issues:  Climate change, environmental degradation, sustainable development, etc., could be potential topics.
  • Technology:  Issues related to the impact of technology on society, data privacy, and others may also be covered. For example: Chandrayaan-3 (for UPSC 2024 essay paper).
  • Philosophical:  Sometimes, abstract topics that require deep thinking, such as the meaning of freedom or the role of ethics in politics, might be given.
  • Historical and Cultural Topics:  Topics could range from specific events in Indian history to cultural practices and their relevance today.
  • International Relations:  Topics here could involve India’s relations with other countries, global issues like terrorism, etc.
  • Legal and Constitutional Issues:  Issues related to the Indian Constitution, law, justice, etc., might be topics for the essay.
  • Ethical and Moral Issues:  Topics might include discussions on morality, ethics, value systems, etc.

Given the broad range of potential topics, it’s essential to be well-versed in diverse issues and to practice writing essays on various subjects to prepare effectively for the UPSC essay paper.

Choosing between an  “Essay without Mentorship” course  and an  “Essay with Mentorship” course  for UPSC preparation ultimately depends on your individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Here is a breakdown to help you decide:

Essay without Mentorship:: Pros: – Self-Paced Learning:  You can go through the materials and practice at your own pace, which is helpful if you have an irregular schedule. – Cost-Effective:  Typically, these courses are less expensive as they don’t include mentorship guidance. – Resource-Intensive:  These types of courses often provide a wealth of material that you can refer to multiple times. – Self-Assessment:  Allows you to develop the ability to improve your essays writing, with the evaluated copy. Cons: – Lack of Personal Guidance:  Without a mentor, you won’t have personalized feedback, which might slow down your progress. – Potential for Confusion:  When stuck, you may not have immediate resources to clarify doubts or improve.

Essay with Mentorship: Pros: – Personalized Feedback:  A mentor can provide targeted advice, helping you work on your specific weaknesses. – Accountability:  Regular check-ins can keep you on track and motivate you to stick to your study schedule. – Clarification and Doubt Solving:  Immediate clarification of doubts ensures a smoother and more effective learning process. – Strategic Approach:  Mentors can help you form a study plan and guide you through it, thereby making your preparation more focused and efficient. Cons: – Cost:  This option is generally more expensive due to the personalized guidance provided.

To conclude, if you have prior experience in essay writing, the “Essay without Mentorship” course may suffice. If you are new to UPSC essay requirements, the “Essay with Mentorship” option would be more beneficial. Choose your essay course plan based on your needs and level of expertise in essay writing for UPSC exams.

The UPSC Civil Services Mains examination includes an Essay paper where candidates are generally required to write two essays. The paper is divided into two sections, each containing a set of topics, and candidates are usually instructed to write one essay from each section. The Essay paper is designed to test candidates on various fronts including comprehension, expression, and the ability to present ideas coherently.

Structure for IAS Essay: Two Sections:  Section A and Section B. Choices:  Each section usually has four essay topics. You are required to pick one topic from each section. Word Limit:  The expected word count is generally around 1000-1200 words per essay. Total Marks:  250 marks. 125 marks for 1 essay. Topics:  The essay topics can vary widely and may include subjects like: – Social Issues – Governance – International Relations – Philosophy – Science and Technology – Quotations – Current Affairs, etc.

Evaluation Criteria: The essays are assessed based on several factors, including but not limited to: – Content relevance and depth – Structure and organization – Clarity and coherence – Grammatical accuracy – Critical analysis and interpretation – Presentation and format

Skills Tested: – Comprehension of the given topics – Clarity of thought – Effectiveness in communication – Intellectual and critical thinking The Essay paper is often considered a game-changer in the UPSC exams because doing exceptionally well in this paper can boost your rank significantly.

Yes. It is the true test of an aspirant’s Awareness, Innovation, Inclusive Thinking, Organisational Skills and what not. Over the years essay paper has evolved as a true game changer in the mains examination and we can easily testify this fact with marks of recurrent toppers. Essay paper has contributed immensely in the top ranking aspirants’ score.

Furthermore, essay doesn’t require any specific preparation or to read any specific book for that matter. It is purely a skill and can be developed only through practice in right direction with right approach. Hence to equip the aspirants with pivotal skill of writing good quality essay for UPSC Elite IAS is delighted to announce yet another essay course for UPSC.

Note : Writing essay test series UPSC, makes you a disciplined smart learner. If you study a section without writing practice, it will keep your understanding efficiency incomplete. UPSC appreciates your knowledge with brevity, and this art could be learned only by repeated answer writing training. So, when you read something and simultaneously appear in the test, it has a dual effect (i) you improve your answer writing skill (ii) receive suggestions for improvement from experts. (Both are necessary to fetch better marks in the real mains exam of UPSC.) Nowadays, writing essay for UPSC is almost essential and it would be a rational decision to  EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU

For Detail Information Please Contact to Elite IAS Academy for UPSC Exam preparation.  Call:  7065202020, 8410000036   Email:  [email protected]

Useful Readings: How to write an Effective Essay in IAS Exam? IAS Topper Shares Strategy to Ace the Essay Paper In UPSC CSE Exam Tips to Boost Your Memory for UPSC Exam! Essay Paper, Mains, CSE: Some of the Best Resources to Prepare for it Best IAS Interview Questions

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The General Studies (GS) section of the UPSC examination plays one of the most crucial role to decide whether a candidate has the potential to qualify the exam or not as it creates the basis for the comprehensive understanding and critical thinking. Basically it tests an aspirant's general awareness and comprehension skills on the various political, economical, social and international issues or problems. Or in other words we may say it tests one’s ability to understand and analyze the issues that we are facing. Aspire IAS’s UPSC GS Notes covers all the imperative areas such as

  • Government policies and interventions

General Studies Syllabus

The UPSC Exam is one of the prestigious examinations in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)to recruit suitable candidates for IAS, IPS, IFS and other allied services.

The exam is conducted in three stages.

Aspire IAS unique teaching styles of faculties ensures and empowers the upsc aspirant to achieve their dream of cracking the upsc exam by covering necessary topics and teaching subject in well structured format.

  • Prelims Year Wise
  • Mains Year Wise
  • Pelims Subject Wise
  • Mains subject Wise

Even after 100% dedication and discipline its hard for a upsc student to remember concepts till the exams. But one way to solve this problem is through visual mediums such as images and videos. Videos are good and effective sources for the human brain to conceptualize and remember the information for the long run. That why aspire IAS provide important video lectures to upsc students so that the learning and preparation doesn’t feels like monotonous to them.

Aspire IAS has been one of the Coaching institutes in India that is able to serve the nation by crafting most talented civil servants over the years. One of the major reason behind this is the Aspire IAS's faculties, as they are able to understand the exam patterns and emphasize on adapting the new teaching styles that are not only compatible with upsc syllabus but also given the label of being interesting by the students who are full of curiosity. Aspire IAS Special notes includes 2nd ARC Report, Subject wise Current Affairs, Topic Wise Current Affairs, Government Policies and Reports etc...


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Lukmaan IAS

Lead with Edge

Call/whatsapp, [email protected].



  • Instructor Lukmaan IAS
  • 1 Students Enrolled
  • Course Duration 10 week


  • STARTS FROM 28th JUNE 2024


  • TOTAL FEE- Rs 8,500/- Rs-7500/-


  • TOTAL FEE- Rs 8,500/- Rs-6000/-


  • TOTAL FEE- Rs 8,500/- Rs-6500/-


  • STARTS FROM 15th MARCH 2024


  • TOTAL FEE- Rs 8,500/- Rs-8000/-


Concession for students who fulfil the following conditions:, 50% concession for -.

1. An ex-student of Lukmaan IAS, and 2. Has qualified the UPSC CSE.

30% Concession for -

A candidate who has qualified UPSC CSE.

For more details, please contact us at +91 9654034293 or email us at [email protected]




  • TOTAL FEE- Rs 4,500/- Rs-4,000/-


Essay Test Series


For any other lukmaan ex-students, for lukmaan ex-foundation students.

“Since 2013, the UPSC has been changing its pattern and moving towards more Philosophical type essay. In 2018, Section B all four topics were based on philosophical type. And it was a surprise for students. But in 2019, this surprise became a shocker as in Section A, all four topics were not philosophical but rather based on philosophical ethics. We at Lukmaan IAS since 2013 have followed this standard. We have been asking philosophical topics. In total 56 topics, we have almost 32 philosophical topics. We have also been teaching how to write a piece of content of 1000 words on your own terms rather than memorising and adopting some techniques of inter-linkages and following mechanically.  we too have introduced a major shift due to the pattern of 2019. Now we will also have 32 philosophical / philosophical ethics topics. All philosophical ethics discussion taken by S. Ansari (the best teacher for Ethics Paper).

  • The 8 Qs are prepared by the Faculties. More than 40 Qs are philosophical including ethics type, which give ample practice experience for students.
  • Test papers are prepared by specialised faculties in the respective sections of GS of which PAPER-II & PAPER-IV are dealt by S. ANSARI SIR.
  • There is a dedicated team working under the supervision and guidance of S. ANSARI SIR and Prof. Mujtaba Sir since 2013, hence, it is a highly experienced team.
  • Lucid model answers are prepared very meticulously. The model answers can also work as a valuable resource support.
  • The test discussions are so elaborate that one gets thorough understanding of theme, structure, content, coherence between preceding and succeeding paragraphs and overall perspective of the essay.
  • The faculties: S. Ansari, Prof. Mujtaba Hussain, Laxmikant Jaybhaye and Abhijit Jha
  • The Main Mentor for one to one mentoring is: Abhijit Jha.



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essay test series 2022 free upsc material

Download : Free Study material for UPSC, State PSC, IBPS, MBA GDPI, APFC, CPF, SSC and other competitive exams

  • Win23 Economy Update Handouts
  • Win22 Economy Update Handouts
  • Win21 Economy Update Handouts
  • Win20 Economy Update Handouts

NCERT Free Mock Test Series by Venkat Sir

  • UPSC Question Papers
  • Toppers’ / senior players’ Notes
  • Powerpoints for Lecture

Win23 Economy Update Lectures and Handouts


Win22 Economy Update Lectures and Handouts

Yes Mitron, for upcoming UPSC Prelims and Mains 2022, to provide free updates to economy’s current affairs, budget & Economic survey- I’ll be conducting Win22 Series. So far following free lectures completed or will be completed (Use Free Unlock Code ‘’ ) Click on the URL to watch the lecture. Un-clickable URL means = I’m yet to schedule the lecture.

Win22 Economy Update Lectures and Handouts

  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#1A1: Cryptocurrency, CBDC, Digital Payments & More . (CLICK)  
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#1A2: RBI Monetary Policy, Money Multiplier
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#1B: Banks, NBFC, NPA, IBC, BASEL
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#1C&D: Share Market, Insurance, Pension
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#2A&B: Budget Taxation
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#2C&D: Subsidies, Disinvestment, Deficit
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#3A&B: Import, Export, WTO Intl. Agreements
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#4A: Sectors of 👨‍🏫Economy-Agriculture
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#4B: Mfg, Service, Ease of Doing Biz
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#4C: GDP, Inflation, Unemployment
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#5: Infrastructure
  • 👨‍🏫Economy Pillar#6: HRD, SDG, Health, Edu, Poverty, Schemes
📥Download Handouts for Win21 Series: Server#1: Click Me  

Win21CSP Economy Update Lectures and Handouts

Yes Mitron, for upcoming UPSC Prelims and Mains 2021, to provide free updates to economy’s current affairs, budget & Economic survey- I’ve been conducting Win21 Series. So far following free lectures completed or will be completed (?Use Free Unlock Code ‘’ )

  • ?‍?1) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economic Survey & Budget 2021 Overview:
  • ?‍?2) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economy Pillar 1A: RBI’s Monetary Policy:
  • ?‍?3) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economy Pillar 1B: Banking & NBFC Sector:
  • ?‍?4) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economy Pillar 1C: SEBI & Share Market:
  • ?‍?5) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economy Pillar#1D: Insurance & Pension:
  • ?‍?6) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economy Pillar#2A: GST, Taxation, Budget:
  • ?‍?7) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economy Pillar#2B: 15th FC Report Number2, Black Money, Tax Ombudsman, Global Minimum Tax & more:
  • ?‍?8) Mrunal’s [Win21CSP] Economy Pillar#2C&D: Subsidy, Fiscal Deficits, Countercyclical Fiscal Policy & More
  • ?‍? 9) Mrunal’s [Win21] Economy Pillar#3: International Trade, Balance of Payment FDI, FII, CAD, Agreements, Organizations
  • ?‍?10) Mrunal’s [Win21] Economy Pillar#4A&B: Sectors of Economy- Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services
  • ?‍?11) Mrunal’s [Win21] Economy Pillar#4C: GDP, Inflation, Unemployment Updates:
  • ?‍?12) Mrunal’s [Win21] Economy Pillar#5: Infrastructure- Mining, Telecom (5G AGR), Infra Pipeline, Monetization Pipeline, GATI Shakti etc Updates:
  • ?‍?13) Mrunal’s [Win21] Economy Pillar#6- HRD, BNI, SDG Index & Final Revision/Roundup Before Prelim-2021 #EndGame: (Scheduled on 5th October, Tuesday night 9PM Welcome to attend it ?Use Free Unlock Code ‘’)

Welcome to attend it ?Use Free Unlock Code ‘’

Download its Handouts

  • ? Download PDF Handouts
  • ?‍? Budget-2021: Video Lecture of Mrunal on Youtube!
  • ? Budget-2021: Download Summary Powerpoint

Mrunal win21csp series of lectures

click to know more!

[feature_headline type=”left” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″ icon=”inr”]Win20CSP Economy Update Handouts

If you’re old batch student from 2019, you’d have my full length economy handout from Plus courses. This win20CSP series contains FREE updates that occurred after Prelim-2019 such as budget, economic survey, RBI operation Twist, LTRO, new monetary policy updates, Income Tax new slabs & so forth. ?Download Handout

  • Download PDF Handouts click me

?‍?Watch Free Lectures & PowerPoints(?Free unlock code “”)

  • Lecture#1: Pillar1A upto RBI’s monetary policy
  • Lecture#2: Pillar1B-Burning Issues in Banking to 1C: SEBI/Sharemarket
  • Lecture#3: Pillar1D Insurance to 2A: Intro to Budget & Economic Survey 2020
  • Lecture#4: Pillar2: indirect taxes to 15th Finance Commission Report
  • Lecture#5: Pillar2: Black Money, Subsidies, Disinvestment
  • Lecture#6: Pillar2: Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Fiscal Stimulus Package, PM Care Funds, Fiscal Deficit, FRBM & More
  • Lecture#7: Pillar3A: Updates in Balance of Payment, Currency Exchange
  • Lecture#8: Pillar3B: Updates in IMF, WTO, RCEP, International Orgs & Agreements,
  • Lecture#9: Pillar4A: Sectors of Economy → Agriculture: schemes, APMC Ordinance & More
  • Lecture#10: Pillar#4B: Assemble in India,MSME Dwarfism
  • Lecture#11: Pillar#5: Infrastructure: Private Railways, NIP Pipeline, GOCO-PPP, Public Data Infra, Tulip Internship, Nagarvan & More
  • Lecture#12: Pillar#6: HRD-Education Policy 2020, Health, Human Development

NCERT & NIOS Textbooks

Topicwise Zip Files Uploaded here: click on the names

  • NCERTs (History, Geography, Science, Economy etc)
  • NIOS (Culture, Environment biodiversity (EnB)
  • Tamilnadu State Edu. Board books (for History)
  • [Mock Test #1] NCERT 100 MCQs from Class 6 (All), 8 (Science) & 10 (All)
  • [Mock Test #2] NCERT 100 MCQs from Class 7 (All Subject), 8 (only Social Science), 9 (All Subjects)
  • [Mock Test #3] India Yearbook Chapter 1 to 12: one hundred MCQs for UPSC Prelims
  • [Mock Test #4] NCERT Class 11 (All Subjects) 100 MCQs from History, Geography, Science, Environment for UPSC Prelims
  • [Mock Test #5] India Yearbook Chapter 13 to 19: One hundred MCQs for UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper-1
  • [Mock Test #6] NCERT Class 12 (All Subject): One hundred MCQs for Prelims General Studies Paper-1
  • [Mock Test#7] Full Length General Studies Prelims Paper with 100 MCQs by Venkat Sir
  • [Mock Test#8] Full Length General Studies Prelims Paper with 100 MCQs by Venkat Sir

Civil Service Prelims Question Papers

Civil service mains question papers, topper / senior player notes notes.

  • [MPPSC] Handwritten Revision Notes for Prelims: Madhya Pradesh Geography, Census, Schemes, Places
  • [Download] IAS Topper Notes for Geography Optional- VP Gautham (AIR-138/CSE-2013)
  • Ashish Agrawal (AIR-209 | CSE-2013): Mains GS1, GS2, GS3 handwritten Notes
  • Ashish Agrawal (AIR-209 | CSE-2013): Public Administration handwritten Notes
  • Sociology Kshitij Tyagi
  • GS & PubAd Neeraj Singh (All India Rank 11/CSE-2011)
  • GS, PubAD & Commerce: Om Kashera (All India Rank 17/CSE-2011)
  • [Psychology] Handwritten notes of an ex-candidate (~200 pages), Last 34 years UPSC Mains question papers (1979-2012), NCERT, NIOS free download
  • [Download] Gujarati Literature Optional Subject Mindmaps/Notes for UPSC Mains Examination

Powerpoint for Lectures

  • Download Server: Mediafire
  • UPSC History Notes
  • UPSC Geography Notes
  • UPSC Polity Notes
  • UPSC Ethics Notes
  • UPSC Economics Notes
  • UPSC Science and Technology Notes
  • UPSC Govt. Schemes Notes
  • UPSC eligibility-criteria
  • UPSC Syllabus
  • UPSC Exam Pattern
  • UPSC Admit Card
  • UPSC Optional Subject
  • UPSC Prelims Syllabus
  • UPSC Main Exam Pattern
  • UPSC prelims-2024-exam-pattern

Interview Preparation

  • Interview Preparation For Software Developers
  • Must Coding Questions - Company-wise
  • Must Do Coding Questions - Topic-wise
  • Company-wise Practice Problems
  • Company Preparation
  • Competitive Programming
  • Software Design-Patterns
  • Company-wise Interview Experience
  • Experienced - Interview Experiences
  • Internship - Interview Experiences

Practice @Geeksforgeeks

  • Problem of the Day
  • Topic-wise Practice
  • Difficulty Level - School
  • Difficulty Level - Basic
  • Difficulty Level - Easy
  • Difficulty Level - Medium
  • Difficulty Level - Hard
  • Leaderboard !!
  • Explore More...

Data Structures

  • Linked List
  • Binary Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Advance Data Structures
  • All Data Structures
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Searching Algorithms
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Pattern Searching
  • Geometric Algorithms
  • Mathematical Algorithms
  • Randomized Algorithms
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Divide & Conquer
  • Backtracking
  • Branch & Bound
  • All Algorithms

Programming Languages

Web technologies.

  • Tailwind CSS
  • Web Browser
  • File Formats

Computer Science Subjects

  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Network
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Compiler Design
  • Digital Elec. & Logic Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Mathematics

Data Science & ML

  • Complete Data Science Course
  • Data Science Tutorial
  • Machine Learning Tutorial
  • Deep Learning Tutorial
  • NLP Tutorial
  • Machine Learning Projects
  • Data Analysis Tutorial

Tutorial Library

  • Python Tutorial
  • Django Tutorial
  • Pandas Tutorial
  • Kivy Tutorial
  • Tkinter Tutorial
  • OpenCV Tutorial
  • Selenium Tutorial
  • GATE CS Notes
  • Gate Corner
  • Previous Year GATE Papers
  • Last Minute Notes (LMNs)
  • Important Topic For GATE CS
  • GATE Course
  • Previous Year Paper: CS exams
  • Git Tutorial
  • AWS Tutorial
  • Docker Tutorial
  • Kubernetes Tutorial
  • Microsoft Azure Tutorial

QUIZ Section

  • Python Quiz
  • JavaScript Quiz
  • Data Structures Quiz
  • Algorithms Quiz
  • Topic-wise MCQs

School Content

  • CBSE Notes 2023-24
  • CBSE Class 8 Notes
  • CBSE Class 9 Notes
  • CBSE Class 10 Notes
  • CBSE Class 11 Notes
  • CBSE Class 12 Notes
  • School Programming
  • English Grammar
  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Top 100 Puzzles
  • Mathematical Riddles

Study Materials and Notes for UPSC 2024 for FREE!

UPSC Free Study Material: Preparing for the UPSC exams requires access to the right resources and study materials. Fortunately, there are many free resources available that can help aspirants prepare effectively for these competitive exams. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to free UPSC study materials and notes.

We’ll explore various subjects and resources available online that can be instrumental in your UPSC preparation journey.

Free UPSC Study Materials: Online Notes for Prelims and Mains

Here is a curated list of all the FREE study materials that are available at GeeksforGeeks.

UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers

Upsc exam overall exam pattern 2024.

Before diving into the study materials, it’s crucial to understand the UPSC exam pattern. The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is conducted in three phases:

  • Preliminary Examination (Prelims) : Consists of two objective-type papers (General Studies and CSAT) for screening purposes.
  • Main Examination (Mains) : Comprises nine papers, including essay writing, four General Studies papers, two Optional papers, and two language papers.
  • Personality Test (Interview) : The final stage assesses the candidate’s suitability for a career in civil services.

UPSC Exam 2024

Preparing for the UPSC exams can be less stressful when you have access to the right resources. The free study materials and notes available online can be a great asset in your preparation strategy. Remember, consistent study, revision, and staying updated with current affairs are key to cracking the UPSC exams. Good luck with your preparation!

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Clear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Test Series – Essay Paper

Last updated on May 14, 2021 by Alex Andrews George

Clear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Test Series – Essay

We have already covered full-length tests on GS1 ,  GS2 ,  GS3  and GS4 .

This is the final mock test paper in the series, and we will be covering essay paper in this test. As UPSC has indicated that there may be multiple essays this year, we ask you to write two essays in this mock test in 3 hours.

The actual paper may be different. It may be more or less. Be prepared for surprises.

Clear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Test Series – Essay Paper

Instructions:   Write essays on any two of the following topics, in NOT MORE than 1250 words each. (125*2= 250 marks)

  • Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so.
  • Is India a regressive society for women?
  • Re-emergence of India on the global stage.
  • Digital sovereignty and India.

PS: UPSC Notification 2014 reads: “Candidates may be required to write essays on multiple topics . They will be expected to keep close to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in an orderly fashion and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective and exact expression.”

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essay test series 2022 free upsc material

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Alex Andrews George is a mentor, author, and social entrepreneur. Alex is the founder of ClearIAS and one of the expert Civil Service Exam Trainers in India.

He is the author of many best-seller books like 'Important Judgments that transformed India' and 'Important Acts that transformed India'.

A trusted mentor and pioneer in online training , Alex's guidance, strategies, study-materials, and mock-exams have helped many aspirants to become IAS, IPS, and IFS officers.

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essay test series 2022 free upsc material

September 23, 2017 at 4:34 pm

For UPSC mains Essay writing which topic are the expected one.which subjects shall I more focus for writing essay.thank you.

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    UPSC Essay paper is one paper where you can get more output with little effort with the right strategy. The right strategy consists a clear structure, right thesis, better practice and the best guidance. Keeping this in mind, Vision IAS has created a unique Essay Enrichment Programme for civil services. This programme would consist of 5 classes ...

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    UPSC Test Series. Test Series plays most important role in clearing any competitive exam. Like other competitive exams UPSC also need more Hard Work and dedication and in fact 1000% more efforts are needed for clearing this exam. How much you study doesn't matter here, what matters is how much practice that you did before the exams and test ...

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    IGNOU Study Material; Test Series. UPSC. Prelims Test Series; Mains Test Series; BPSC. Prelims Test Series; Mains Test Series; UPPCS. ... get a huge discount of up to 50% on all our online/pendrive courses, test series, books & DLP | Call ... Papers By Year; 2022; GS Mains Paper Essay (2022) 16 Sep 2022 download. GS Mains Paper I (2022 ...

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    The free study materials and notes available online can be a great asset in your preparation strategy. Remember, consistent study, revision, and staying updated with current affairs are key to cracking the UPSC exams. Good luck with your preparation! Here's a complete roadmap for you to become a developer: Learn DSA -> Master Frontend/Backend ...

  20. Clear IAS Mains Full Length Free Mock Test Series

    We have already covered full-length tests on GS1 , GS2 , GS3 and GS4. This is the final mock test paper in the series, and we will be covering essay paper in this test. As UPSC has indicated that there may be multiple essays this year, we ask you to write two essays in this mock test in 3 hours. The actual paper may be different.

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    Best for deep diving in a subject. Learn a subject from your favourite educator. Understand the concept of Target UPSC 2024 :- Complete Model Test -3, Part - 5 with UPSC CSE - GS course curated by Shablu Polity on Unacademy. The Polity, Governance & IR course is delivered in Hinglish.

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