Liz Nissim-Matheis Ph.D.

3 Homework Strategies for Teens With ADHD

How they can get their homework done..

Posted September 28, 2023 | Reviewed by Ray Parker

  • What Is ADHD?
  • Find counselling to overcome ADHD
  • Completing homework can be difficult for kids with ADHD.
  • Phones can be a major distraction for children with ADHD, so take them away before they start working.
  • With the body-double method, a child works on their homework in the same room with another person.

Ivan Samkov / Pexels

It’s the start of a new school year, the honeymoon phase is slowly beginning to fade, and the rigor of academics is taking off. Every year, I begin the new school year with a mountain-high amount of hope that the summer served as a source of maturation and consolidation of a new set of skills. In many ways, I’m correct and my three children show a new level of growth.

For kids with attention -deficit/hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ), or executive functioning struggles, the start of a new school year often comes with a greater need for organization of school materials, time management , prioritization, and study skills.

One thing I hear from parents is that their child may spend hours "working" on homework and have nothing to show for it. How can that be? Well, I went to my best source of information: adolescents.

The responses were honest and raw. I heard that they start their homework, but then the phone dings, or they get an idea about a show or a game, and look it up (because they can). Before they know it, so much time has passed and little or no progress on their assignments has been made.

This is usually the time when a parent checks in and the young man or lady tries to "look" busy, but truly, no real work has been done. Or, teens have said to me that’s when they “bark” at their parents and ask to be left alone. Part of that response is the awareness that they have been sitting in front of their homework for a while but little has been done, and the other part is pure frustration and procrastination .

And this cycle continues on and on, for hours. Sound familiar?

Let’s talk about a few strategies that you can initiate at home that will help with building those executive functioning skills while getting their homework done.

The Body Double Method

Some of us get the most done when nobody is around, with no sound, in the silence. For some of our children and adolescents with ADHD, it helps to have another person in the same room or nearby.

Perhaps it’s knowing that the person is present and can check in at any time that maintains focus and improves productivity . Some of us need the presence of another person to regulate and ground us. That person doesn’t have to say or do anything, they just need to exist. This is known as our body double.

Speaking from experience, my preference is to set my computer at the kitchen counter and work while my kids are around me. I have always preferred the buzz of other people in the background, rather than working alone.

My son, on the other hand, prefers to work in his room because he finds our "human sounds" too distracting. My daughter likes to work on her homework sprawled out, in the middle of my kitchen floor. We each have our preferences and those preferences can even shift from assignment to assignment.

If you’re not sure if your child or adolescent needs you to serve as her body double, ask her. If she isn’t sure, experiment. That is, set your child up on the same floor as you are, perhaps at the kitchen table or in your dining room (or another room that has a table and a chair). Ask your child to complete one assignment and then assess it. Was it helpful to work near you or was it too distracting?

If your child responds that he was able to get through his assignment quickly and with focus, you have your answer. Now you know that your child is going to need to set up at a table or workspace somewhere by you, instead of sending her up to her room.

Put the Phone Down and Nobody Gets Hurt

Distractions are around our children with ADHD all the time. The chirping bird or the passing truck can very easily result in a turned head. For many of our children and adolescents, their ability to filter out background sound is difficult.

They may hear all sounds in the environment at an equal level. Imagine if you couldn’t filter out the buzzing of the lawnmower while you were sending an email. It can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Now, let’s compound that with a vibrating phone or the "ping" that signals your child that someone has reacted to the last SnapChat—omg, I need to check. The temptation is there to check Instagram every time your child doesn’t want to start a writing assignment or finds that chapter in social studies really boring .

homework adhd reddit

Let’s take away a layer of distraction that is tangible. Ask your child to turn their phone in once they begin their homework. All of the texts and other social media notifications will be there once they return, but in the meantime, their homework will get done.

Estimate and Time It

Children with ADHD tend to think that any assignment will take the figurative "five minutes." How many times have you thought, “You’re going to finish a paper that was assigned two weeks ago in an hour?”

He may think that it will take "five minutes" given that his sense of time is not entirely accurate. To build that sense of time, I like to ask students, “How long do you think this math worksheet will take?”

Whatever the answer is, set the timer to that estimated time and let the child work. Once time is up, ask him to assess, “How far did you get on this worksheet?” If you notice he’s completed half, ask him, “It looks like you finished about half of the problems in X minutes. How much longer do you think you’ll need?”

This will begin to develop that sense of time and what is a realistic amount of time to finish different assignments. It may also take him another 50 practice runs just like this until that sense of time begins to develop.

But by the 51st time, your child may be able to say, “I think it’s going to take 15 minutes so it’s going to take 30 minutes. Whatever I think, I double it.”

Setting the timer also gives your child a sense of beginning and end. For students who struggle to begin a task, this can motivate them to begin, and for the student who struggles to sustain attention to an assignment, this gives an end in sight. Setting the timer can also bring a sense of levity to homework in that the goal is to complete the assignment before the bell rings.

For an assignment that requires a longer time to complete, set the timer for the duration of your child’s attention span. If she can work on one task for 30 minutes, set the timer for 30 minutes and go.

Once the time is up, ask your child to walk away from her work area, set the timer for five minutes, and take a break. During that break, encourage your child to move around, engage in jumping jacks, or stare out the window, but do not engage in anything electronically based. Then, set the timer for another 30 minutes, and repeat this cycle until the assignment is completed.

Try using any or all of these strategies at home, but introduce one at a time so as not to overwhelm your child. Once you introduce the strategy, don’t do it for them, but rather model how to do it so there is a level of ownership.

For example, if you want to help your son plan the upcoming week, you can stand by the whiteboard but hand the red marker to him and ask, “Do you have anything in math coming up?” If he says yes, ask him to write it. You ask, he answers, he writes.

To turn any of these strategies into a habit, practice the skill for two weeks at the very least, consistently. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, scrap it and try another strategy. It’s a journey but along the way, you will ultimately put your child in the driver’s seat.

Liz Nissim-Matheis Ph.D.

Liz Nissim-Matheis, Ph.D. , is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and certified School Psychologist in private practice in New Jersey.

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At any moment, someone’s aggravating behavior or our own bad luck can set us off on an emotional spiral that threatens to derail our entire day. Here’s how we can face our triggers with less reactivity so that we can get on with our lives.

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ADHD & Cute! It's The Mini ADHD Coach Logo.

Getting On Top of ADHD Homework: Strategies for Success

To effectively tackle homework with ADHD, it's crucial to create a structured and distraction-free environment. Implementing consistent schedules, breaking tasks into manageable parts, and using timers can significantly improve focus and productivity. These strategies, tailored to the unique challenges ADHD presents, are key to transforming homework from a daunting task into an achievable goal.

homework adhd reddit

Alice Gendron

Reviewed by

Visualize your ADHD traits

Learn where you land in the ADHD spectrum, by answering 28 questions inspired by the Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS).

homework adhd reddit

Struggling with ADHD and Homework? Let's Work It Out Together

Have you ever felt that, no matter how hard you try , you just can’t seem to hand in your homework on time , or get completely overwhelmed by the workload ? Or maybe you’re like I was, you’d get it done - but 10 minutes before the class started.

It’s not just you. Many of us with ADHD struggle with our academic responsibilities , whether that’s homework or making it to class on time. Today we’ll suggest some practical strategies so that you can take back control of your education. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss:

  • Why ADHD impacts our ability to complete homework.
  • The common challenges faced by children, teenagers, or students with ADHD.
  • Practical tips for improving focus, productivity, and time management .
  • Plus, plenty of stories from my own school experience.

Let’s find out how to make homework time less daunting and more manageable.

ADHD and Why We Can’t Just ‘Try Harder’ with Our Homework

Homework is difficult for many people with ADHD. So if you’re struggling right now, just know that it’s not you - it may just be the neurodevelopmental condition you live with. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a complex disorder with a long list of potential symptoms, each different for everyone. According to research, the most common symptoms typically originate from executive dysfunction . 

Our executive functions are the mental processes that help us plan, organize, and remember details . These executive functioning skills include working memory, flexible or critical thinking, and self-control.  

Sounds pretty useful for homework, right? 

Research shows that ADHD is linked to alterations in the early development of the brain, notably impacting areas like the prefrontal cortex , which is crucial for executive functions. This can explain why individuals with ADHD often find challenges with memory, organization, and time management , among other executive tasks.

That’s why we can’t just ‘try harder’ as teachers and parents may suggest. We need proper treatment and management strategies to support us, especially in these early school years. 

Does ADHD make it hard to do homework?

ADHD can make focusing on and managing homework tasks more challenging. Supportive strategies and structured help are essential for students with ADHD to successfully complete their assignments.

To put these struggles into context, let me tell you about my experience at school and beyond…

My Story of Homework & Undiagnosed ADHD

I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until I was 29, so my student years were difficult and confusing . I didn’t understand why I struggled with things like homework and lack of focus, while the other kids didn’t.

What I didn’t know was that my ADHD symptoms were affecting how I studied, interacted with people, and performed academically .

homework adhd reddit

Homework was especially tricky because it relies on focus, time management, and organization - three things the ADHD mind doesn’t always allow for.

Sometimes, I’d be too busy daydreaming to even hear that there was homework (this was before many schools had online portals for this kind of thing). 

When I did know I had homework, I’d leave it unfinished until the day (or hour) it was due. I would do literally anything else. I loved to watch TV or play a video game, but I’d even do things I didn’t enjoy, like chores, just to avoid homework. It was pure procrastination .

And even when I was doing something fun, I couldn’t properly enjoy it with the guilt of not finishing my homework or coursework at the back of my mind.

homework adhd reddit

I couldn’t get interested or motivated enough to do my homework until it was the last minute and the deadline was quickly approaching. Only then would I somehow get the extra energy I needed. 

Studying in general was a bit ‘hit or miss’. I had certain subjects I was more interested in, like art, music, or science, but ask me to solve math problems or watch a history documentary and I’d be watching the clock, waiting for lunch.

When I did sit down to work, it would often take me much, much longer to complete a task because I was constantly getting distracted or completely overwhelmed by the time pressure . Or I’d suddenly work at a superhuman speed (hyperfocus). It all depended on how interested I was.

Unfortunately, I experienced what many people with ADHD do: I was labeled ‘lazy’ or ‘wasting my potential’ . These things could be devastating to hear, especially when I was trying my hardest. Comments like these can quickly lead to low self-esteem and even develop into mental health disorders.

Instead of positive feedback and constructive criticism, we often get judged due to misunderstandings. It’s sad because ADHD students deserve proper support for the struggles they face every day, not judgment and labels.

Take our fun online quiz to visualize your ADHD traits and learn more about your brain!

homework adhd reddit

Homework and its Most Common ADHD Challenges

The ADHD struggle with establishing and sticking to a homework routine is linked to a few key ADHD symptoms.

Now or Not Now: Procrastination & Time Management

It’s often said that people with ADHD have only two concepts of time: now and not now .

If you’ve ever watched someone with ADHD put off something for hours or days , only to rush through it the night before the deadline, you’ve seen this in action.

Procrastination is when a person decides to delay or avoid doing a task that needs to be done even though they could do it now . 

This delay usually results in more distress as you get closer to a deadline. Procrastination is also commonly associated with laziness by people who don’t understand what’s going on behind the scenes of the ADHD brain.  

People assume we’re neglecting our responsibilities because we’d rather enjoy ourselves at the expense of our responsibilities like homework or after-school activities. But in reality, we often think about these tasks, even to the point of stress and anxiety, but just cannot start because our brains aren't ready to face them yet. 

For children, time management can be a struggle, especially with things they’re not interested in, like his or her homework. By rushing to get this done outside of homework hours and before the deadline, there’s a risk of careless mistakes and negative results.

Parents may need to help with their child’s time management. For example, offering homework help at a set time might help them create a routine. Otherwise, they’ll have to tackle it themselves, without your help.

Overwhelm and Lack of Emotional Control

Once you’ve finally overcome procrastination and have gathered enough willpower to sit down and tackle your homework assignments, you may meet your next obstacle: overwhelm . 

homework adhd reddit

When faced with a big project, like coursework or an essay, we may immediately get overwhelmed before even thinking about what needs to be done. I get this now, even in a work environment. I automatically assume there’s too much to be done , and it’s not possible before the deadline , often leading to genuine (but temporary) panic.

This can spiral into an emotional outburst , especially if you’re easily frustrated or tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself academically. Due to people with ADHD typically suffering from emotional dysregulation, it can be hard to ground yourself in these moments. 

The trick here is to fully break down your homework assignments or projects into each step that needs to be done (e.g.: research x, write a persuasive title). For an essay, separate it into sections: title, angle, introduction, point 1, point 2, and conclusion. Create a plan first (as a separate task) to make sure it’s cohesive, then tackle each section individually.  

While your list may be longer, you can properly judge how quickly certain tasks can be completed , usually making it less overwhelming. 

Brain Fog, Distractions and Difficulties Focusing

You’re ready to work. You have everything broken down into actionable pieces. But then the brain fog sets in. Your mind gets clouded , your thoughts aren’t as clear as you need them to be. 

When completing tasks that require sustained mental effort (like most homework does), you need focus. The problem is when the ADHD brain simply doesn’t want to. Students with ADHD know how elusive focus can be . Even if you stick to a homework routine, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to focus enough for it to be worth it.

If you’ve ever tried to force yourself to focus when you’ve got brain fog, you know how exhausting it is. Often, for me, it leads to physical headaches and makes it difficult for me to think or function properly afterward. 

Sometimes you’re simply more prone to distractions than other times. This might be linked to the time of day, how much physical activity you’ve gotten, or how much mental energy you’ve already used. Some ways may increase your executive functioning (like physical activity), but you need to have them in your toolkit first.

Organizational Challenges: Losing or Forgetting Your Homework

Back at school, loose papers were my nemesis. If I didn’t lose them or leave them in the wrong exercise book, something would almost always happen to them. I can’t count the number of times I spilled a drink over something important (and the rest of my book bag). 

Forgetting homework is a big one . Imagine overcoming everything we’ve talked about above, only to leave your homework at home and get in trouble anyway. 

Do ADHD people get bored easier?

Yes, individuals with ADHD often require more stimulation, which can lead to quick boredom. Implementing engaging and varied activities can aid in sustaining their interest and focus.

Practical Tips for Improving Focus and Productivity as a Student

From early childhood through to adulthood, we can be students with ADHD at any age. That’s why we must find ways to make studying and homework-like tasks easier.

We know most children with ADHD prioritize tasks and activities that are interesting to them. So if the only time homework feels ‘easy’ is when we’re interested, how can we make homework and school time more exciting and see it in a positive light? It all starts with the right mindset and building good study habits. 

The first reminder I want to share with you is to be kind to yourself, always . ❤️ Remember that we struggle with our ADHD brains every day and are doing the best that we can. The most crucial part is that we should work with our brains and not against them .

Here are some other techniques that might help:

  • Create a designated homework space that can accommodate all homework routines. It doesn't matter if it's a study table or kitchen table, as long as you can focus on doing your tasks. This space will help you focus on your homework and avoid distractions.
  • Set the ambiance or mood that you are comfortable in working. Do you function well with no background noise, or are you okay working with white noise? Sometimes, these little details are essential to note because they can help increase your focus.
  • Keep everything you need within reach . If school books are essential in doing   your homework, make sure the correct books are nearby. If you need to highlight specific phrases from your notes, make sure certain colored pens are at arms' reach or organized in front of you. Likewise, keeping distractions away can enforce focus and give better productivity.
  • Establish a routine or schedule for homework time. This can help the mind get used to the activity and eventually minimize procrastination. Making a regular schedule for the school year, posted on a visible weekly calendar can remind you of the tasks that need to be finished.
  • Break down big tasks into smaller and manageable chunks. This way, it won't look so daunting, and you can focus on one thing at a time. Dedicating a specific amount of time to each chunk can also help you stay on track, especially for uninteresting subjects that make your regular schedule challenging to accomplish.
  • Taking breaks is essential and considered to be part of homework strategies. Break time can also minimize the effect of burnout. You can walk around, drink water, or do some stretching exercises during these times. Anything that can help you release the tension and give your eyes a break from staring at the screen 💻 or books for long periods. 
  • Write down what's distracting you. This way, you can address the root cause of your distractions and find ways to avoid or minimize them. It can be a good idea to talk about this with someone who can help you so that they will be aware and give support when needed. Updating new routines to make things work can help achieve better focus and concentration.

homework adhd reddit

If your child has ADHD and is struggling with their homework, remember to provide positive feedback when you see your child work at a reasonable time. Homework will struggle to hold your child’s attention, so you may need to provide extra help to create good study habits for your kid’s benefit.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth having an honest conversation with every teacher that works with your child to let them know that they might forget their homework sometimes, and not to be too hard on them, especially if they can bring it in the next day. I remember feeling so much shame from this, and many teachers simply didn’t understand. However, a positive, supportive learning environment can make all the difference to your child and their future success. 

Why do people with ADHD do well in school?

Students with ADHD can excel academically when their learning environment includes specialized support and resourceful strategies that align with their inventive and quick-thinking abilities.

Ace Your Homework with the ADHD-Friendly Pomodoro Technique! ✨

Tackling homework can feel overwhelming, especially for those with ADHD. Enter the Pomodoro Technique: a simple yet effective method that breaks homework into 25-minute focused sessions with 5-minute breaks to prevent burnout and boost productivity. 🍅

Set a timer for each session to maintain focus and enjoy short breaks to recharge, making homework less daunting and more doable. This structured approach enhances concentration and provides a sense of accomplishment as you progress through tasks. ⏱️

Try our free ADHD Pomodoro Timer - 4x25 minutes [Lofi - Chill🎵] video, designed to blend focus with relaxation, acting as your virtual study companion.  

homework adhd reddit

Key Takeaways

  • ADHD presents unique challenges such as difficulty with focus, time management, and organization , which can significantly impact homework habits.
  • Procrastination is a common issue among individuals with ADHD, often misunderstood as laziness.
  • Overwhelm, emotional dysregulation, and distractions further increase homework difficulties, leading to feelings of frustration and inadequacy.
  • Practical tips for improving focus and productivity include creating a designated homework space , breaking down tasks into manageable chunks, and developing a routine to minimize procrastination.
  • Remember to take breaks, address distractions, and practice self-compassion to maintain focus and avoid burnout.
  • Parents and educators should provide understanding and support, avoiding judgment and fostering a positive learning environment.

There will be days when we can't seem to focus no matter how hard we try. And that's okay. Pushing too hard on ourselves will only lead to frustration and less productivity. School day and homework can be challenging, but we can get through it with the right mindset and strategies.

What’s Next?

If homework is something you or your child struggles with, you may also find these articles useful:

  • Navigating Learning Challenges in Children with ADHD
  • Strategies for Managing ADHD in School Settings
  • Effective Strategies for Meeting Deadlines with Adult ADHD
  • Staying Focused: Understanding & Overcoming Distractions With ADHD

Visualize and assess 25 ADHD traits and understand how they affect your life.

homework adhd reddit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it usual for many people with adhd to struggle with their schoolwork and assignments.

Many children (and even adults) with ADHD truly struggle with homework. This is largely because of their symptoms, like getting easily distracted, experiencing sensory overload, and being unable to focus.

Why do many people with ADHD procrastinate?

Many students with ADHD procrastinate because they do not find the task interesting enough. However, please note that reasons for procrastination can vary. An ADHD or even a neurotypical person might procrastinate because they are tired, anxious about another thing, or not motivated well.

How can we boost our productivity when it comes to schoolwork?

The first step is to be kind to yourself. Please don’t associate your procrastination or inability to accomplish your tasks on time with laziness. Your ADHD brain just works differently. Next is to tackle the problem one step at a time. For instance, if you don’t do well with distractions, try to have a dedicated workspace where it’s quiet.

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homework adhd reddit

The mini adhd coach

homework adhd reddit

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12 Ways to Maintain Focus All Day Long

“why can’t i focus” you learned long ago that good intentions don’t magically translate into concentration — particularly when your task is boring, difficult, or extra critical. designed for adhd brains, these 12 strategies will help you develop the muscles for real, sustained attention..

Susan Lasky, M.A., BCC, SCAC

Why Can't I Focus?

You’ve crafted your to-do list. You’ve gathered your supplies. You know what you need to do. And yet when the time comes to actually complete the day’s tasks, your brain drifts off.

Why is focus — both finding it in the first place, and pulling it back when it starts to stray — so difficult for people with attention deficit disorder ( ADHD )? The answer lies in brain chemistry: ADHD brains are naturally low on dopamine and norepinephrine, which control brain arousal and attention levels. Other people may find that, when the situation calls for it, they can “buckle down” and force their brains to focus. For people with ADHD, the advice to “just focus” is maddening; it simply can’t be done.

You can’t force focus, but you can create an ideal environment — both physical and mental — for it to thrive. The key is working with (not against) your ADHD brain, and combining the specific factors that help your focus flourish. When you're wondering, "Why can't I focus?" follow these 12 tips to get started.

homework adhd reddit

1. Remember the Zeigarnik Effect.

The “Zeigarnik Effect” is the principle that unfinished tasks are harder to get out of your brain than are tasks that haven’t been started. This means that starting a project — even if you work on it for just 10 minutes — will make it harder for your brain to forget or dismiss it. If you find yourself daydreaming instead of getting started, set a timer for 10 minutes and do something (anything!) during that time. Once you start, the big, scary project will turn into an unfinished task — meaning your brain will latch onto it and figure out how to get it done.

To-do list for someone wondering why they can't focus

2. Use a “daily focus list.”

Write down your major priorities at the beginning of each day. This is a great way to block out annoying distractions and periodically refocus your attention. A daily focus list — a short, bulleted outline of three major and three secondary priorities — isn’t just a “to-do list”; rather, it’s a grounding tool that keeps your head out of the clouds and focused on what’s really important. (Download an example of a daily focus list .)

[ Get This Free Download: 6 Ways to Retain Focus (When Your Brain Says 'No!') ]

To do list, making plans in journal, writing

3. Create a “parking lot.”

Racing thoughts and hyperactive imaginations mean that ADHD brains are easily thrown off course by passing thoughts about dry cleaning or returning Aunt Linda’s phone call. Deal with sidetracking thoughts — and the anxiety they can create — with a “parking lot,” an easily accessible place to dump unneeded thoughts until a more appropriate time. The parking lot could be a notebook you carry in your purse, or a post-it note stuck to your desk; whatever it is, it will save you stress and keep your focus unbroken.

homework adhd reddit

4. Identify your “overwhelm” triggers.

When the ADHD brain gets stressed, it jumps into fight or flight mode. This looks like a lack of motivation: You abandon your piles of laundry or half-done taxes and binge-watch Netflix instead. Break this cycle by identifying the triggers that cause you to feel overwhelmed. For some, it’s hunger; for others, it’s too many conflicting priorities. Getting a handle on what causes your overwhelm won’t be enough to deter it every time, but you’ll be better equipped to anticipate its arrival and plan accordingly.

homework adhd reddit

5. Go with your flow — not just the flow.

ADHD comes with plenty of superpowers (like hyperfocus ), but you can’t always predict when they’ll kick in. Respect your brain! Recognizing when you’re “in the zone” — and able to tackle tasks that require attention and focus — is just as important as recognizing when your brain is in a fog. When you’re totally out of it, give yourself permission to shift your attention to less-demanding tasks, like filing papers or folding socks. You’ll get more done in the long run!

homework adhd reddit

6. Look for “positive distractions.”

“ Distraction ” need not be a dirty word. Certain diversions can actually help you get more done in the long run. Take, for instance, exercise: stepping away from a project to go for a walk might seem like avoidance, but physical activity actually boosts the brain and can help you operate more efficiently when you come back. Seek out the “positive distractions” that work for you; good examples include meditation, a quick dance break, or a creative art project. If you’re nervous about getting lost in your distraction, set a timer — and stick to it.

[ Click to Read: 25 Everyday Brain Boosts ]

homework adhd reddit

7. Forget perfection.

Hyperfocus isn’t always a force for good. Sometimes, it can lead people with ADHD to obsess over small, unimportant details — and kill their real productivity in the process. Work on letting go of perfectionism and settling for “good enough.” This is a journey, not a destination, so don’t expect your perfectionist tendencies to disappear overnight — but you can expect to reduce your anxiety, build your self-esteem, and improve your productivity along the way.

homework adhd reddit

8. Buddy up.

Recruit an “accountability partner” — someone you talk to daily, weekly, or monthly — to help you prioritize goals, chart progress, and celebrate successes. Accountability builds focus — and, in the long run, creates change — because everyone (particularly someone with ADHD) thrives on being able to say, “Yep, I did it.” A partner — whether it’s an ADHD coach, a close friend, or even your mom — can help get you where you want to go.

homework adhd reddit

9. Set aside planning time.

Lack of planning is one of the biggest focus drains; it’s hard to stay in the zone when you don’t know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing! Even one minute of planning can save you as much as 40 minutes of work, so it’s important that you schedule regular, short planning sessions to sketch out priorities and deadlines for the upcoming days or weeks. Of course, nothing is set in stone — priorities can shift and emergencies can arise. But having even a general sense of your goals and how to plan to achieve them — even if you get thrown off course — works wonders for retrieving your focus from La-La Land.

homework adhd reddit

10. Find clarity.

The greater your clarity, the easier it is to stay focused and get things done. If you’re having trouble paying attention to a project, ask yourself these questions to expose the root of the problem: What do you want to achieve? Whose expectations are driving this project — your own or someone else’s? Do you understand what you need to do? Getting a handle on what’s expected of you will make it easier to ignore distractions and maintain a positive mindset.

homework adhd reddit

11. Set deadlines.

Ever wonder why you do everything at the last minute? It’s because deadlines are actually neurologically useful to the ADHD brain — they eliminate competing priorities and boost adrenaline, making it easier to dive into hyperfocus and crack down on a task. Not every task comes with a clear deadline, however — so you need to create your own. These could be deadlines for each phase of a project — “On Tuesday at 4 PM, I’ll pick up the paint supplies from the hardware store” — or for the project itself: “The bathroom needs to be painted by February 1.” Post your deadlines prominently and set frequent reminders — they’ll increase your likelihood of following through.

homework adhd reddit

12. Acknowledge — and then dismiss — negative thoughts.

Rumination is the enemy of focus. Repeatedly dwelling on, say, a recent argument with your spouse can block out other important thoughts, making it nearly impossible to get anything done. Trying to block out negative thoughts entirely, however, usually backfires. Instead, acknowledge your natural thought patterns, and plan a time when you can give them the attention they deserve. Tell yourself, “Yes, the argument last night upset me, and my feelings right now are valid” to help you manage strong emotions and circular thought patterns — without letting them hold back your focus.

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homework adhd reddit

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    1. inomniaveritas. • 8 yr. ago. Work out first OR if your homework is something that can be divided into chunks, leave yourself a reminder of where you left off and take a little break and maybe do a portion of your workout (i.e. a set of pushups and a set of crunches). Exercise gets your brain going (ADHD or not) and will leave you feeling ...

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    You've described my exact experience and I do have an adhd diagnosis. I guess the correct answer is "both" but, that's a general answer. Some adhders will have more trouble starting and less trouble staying focused while for others it will be the other way around, and a lot will have equal trouble with both.

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    For online homework, having another monitor is SO helpful, not just for the point mentioned above but also for things that require you refer back to stuff. "Out of sight, out of mind" is a common ADHD struggle, and if I can't have everything I need in front of me at the same time I'll spend too much time and mental energy switching between tabs ...

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    We're an inclusive, disability-oriented peer support group for people with ADHD with an emphasis on science-backed information. Share your stories, struggles, and non-medication strategies. Nearly a million and a half users say they 'feel at home' and 'finally found a place where people understand them'.

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    Here's some tools I use when I need to focus and get a work session done: [Planner] Wunderlist: My to-do list, which syncs across all of my devices. On my phone (Android), I make a widget on my home screen so that the tasks are always in my face. The notifications across platforms remind me of tasks in case I forget.

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    I am 31 years old and currently in grad school as a law student obtaining my masters degree. There's a lot of reading and note taking required (I always sucked at note taking). I have accommodations for my health and my ADHD which is great. My school has given me access to a program that will read aloud any text which does help.

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    Communicate your son's difficulties in the home setting and check-in to see if they are seeing the same or similar challenges. In the US there exists robust processes to support students with disabilities such as ADHD. In the states there's what's called the Section 504 provision under the Americans with Disabilities Act passed in the early 1990s.

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    School & Learning. Homework & Studying. The Homework System That Really Works. ADHD and homework mix like oil and water. All of the little details — from writing down assignments to remembering due dates — require intense focus and memory. With these routines, teachers and parents can replace after-school tantrums with higher grades.

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    These academic and organizational tips are designed to help high school students with ADHD finish homework, execute long-term projects, manage their time, earn high grades, and avoid feeling overwhelmed. With the simpler demands of middle school behind you, you'll need better study skills, time-management tools, and organization strategies ...

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    Get the Reddit app Scan this QR code to download the app now. Or check it out in the app stores   ... Looking for study tips that work with ADHD . School Related ... For both high school and college I found that "studying" for me worked best when I just did problems related to the homework - i.e. if the homework is 2+2 I "study" with 1+3 ...

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    When kids do homework, they should sip (not gulp) a drink with sugar in it, says Dr. Russell Barkley, Ph.D., author of Taking Charge of ADHD (#CommissionsEarned). Lemonade or sports drinks are good choices. These beverages deliver glucose to your brain, which is its only source of fuel.

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    For an assignment that requires a longer time to complete, set the timer for the duration of your child's attention span. If she can work on one task for 30 minutes, set the timer for 30 minutes ...

  15. How to Focus on Homework with ADHD

    Schedule a five-minute break for every 20 minutes of work. Short, frequent breaks help children with ADHD recharge. Respect your child's "saturation point.". If he's too tired or frustrated to finish his homework, let him stop. Write a note to the teacher explaining that he did as much as he could.

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    Implementing consistent schedules, breaking tasks into manageable parts, and using timers can significantly improve focus and productivity. These strategies, tailored to the unique challenges ADHD presents, are key to transforming homework from a daunting task into an achievable goal. Published on. 19/9/2022. •.

  17. Homework Problems & ADHD?

    Unfortunately, homework problems also tend to be a leading cause of conflict and disagreement between parents and their children with ADHD. They often argue about what work teachers assigned, when work is due, and how much time and effort to devote to completing work and studying. Perhaps most frustrating is when parents spend hours working on ...

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    a lot of ADHD books use the word lazy as a reference to how people with ADHD are often called lazy. Yep, pretty much anything written about ADHD was written about how we impact others with our condition. For example, RSD is (for me) crippling and one of my worst symptoms. I've heard the same from other ADHDers. But where is the literature?

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    Step 1: Get the Teachers On Board. For many kids with ADHD, bringing home each day's assignments is as tough as the work itself. Teachers should post the day's assignments, read them aloud to reinforce, and distribute assignment sheets or make sure that there is time in class for each child to record homework homework assignments in a planner ...

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    As our kids mature, they feel out of control with their ADHD. Try to find little ways to incorporate your son's ideas into successful routines. Positive feedback from teachers will also help make the kids want to finish homework in a more timely manner. Good Luck, and take care of yourself, too! Posted by WhoAreYou4.

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    I need to do my work, I don't know why I'm writing this, what would I benefit from this? What do I want? I don't know anymore. I'm just so tired, these highs and lows are so much. I hate everything. I hate getting 4 hours of sleep every night, I hate homework, I hate talking, I hate it all. It's so boring. It's so exhausting. I want ...

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    The bedroom is a place for sleep, rest, and relaxation — not work and stress. 2. Create a consistent schedule. It is important for kids with ADD/ADHD to have a consistent routine. This will help your child start his or her homework and focus. Set a time each day for your child to sit down and complete his or her work. 3.

  23. Help for a potentially ADHD person? : r/mentalhealth

    Sprinkle in some past gaming acclimation, my horrible ability to do homework (so much so that I consistently failed only one class in highschool, that being a class that was effectively exclusively homework whereas i was otherwise A's and B's), as well as a hobby of mine dying out just as soon as I stopped getting eyes on it.

  24. "Why Can't I Focus?" 12 No-Fail Focus Tricks for ADHD Brains

    12. Acknowledge — and then dismiss — negative thoughts. Rumination is the enemy of focus. Repeatedly dwelling on, say, a recent argument with your spouse can block out other important thoughts, making it nearly impossible to get anything done. Trying to block out negative thoughts entirely, however, usually backfires.

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    Here are some of the most common reasons kids with ADHD race through their homework assignments. 1. Trouble holding on to information. Trouble with working memory can make it hard for kids with ADHD to keep information in mind as they do their homework. Instead of taking their time to think through their answers, they might scribble them out as ...