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Essay on My Uncle and Aunt (996 Words)

February 20, 2018 by Study Mentor Leave a Comment

Family is an important aspect of everybody’s lives and it forms an integral part of a person’s contribution to the society. Family nurtures values and builds up strength, love and trust among people.

In the olden days, large, joint families were part of every household and families stayed in close – knit units, which taught them values of caring and sharing and living happily together.

With the dawn of modernization, this concept of large family made way to smaller units and that is what we see today in urban set ups – the nuclear family.

This small unit of family, in most cases, has the father, mother and their children, living together under one roof.

The rest of the members who were part of the greater family in olden times – the elder parents and siblings now come under a different basket, which we call the extended family.

This extended family visits the nuclear family whenever time permits them to do so, during the weekends or during special family gatherings/ festival celebrations etc.   

A part of this extended family consists of few uncles and aunts, grandpa, grandma and any other member of the family.

My uncle and aunt are staying in New Delhi after their marriage since my uncle works at a nationalized bank there and they had to move in, owing to my uncle’s transferrable job.

Before they moved in to Delhi, they used to stay with us at Bangalore, where we live together with our parents and grandparents.

My uncle’s children, a daughter who is 10 years old and a son who is 6 years old are studying in an international school at Delhi. My aunt works as a teacher at a reputed school there and manages the house as well.   

Table of Contents

Uncle and Aunt’s connection with our family

My uncle and aunt are very close to their parents and stay in touch with them over phone calls, text messages and e-mails.

My parents connect with them when they are free in the weekends and so do we. We chat with their children, who are our cousins regularly by interacting over Skype.

Since my uncle is the youngest son of my grandparents, they love and care for him very much.

Our regular interactions involve talking about the weather conditions there, new places they visited, new things they bought, what went right and what was not through the week that passed by, kids’ educational progress and a host of other topics as well.

Advances in science and technology have brought down distances and made us feel closer at home, when we sometimes chat live with them.   

Our grandparents are extremely proud of their young son and daughter-in-law and appreciate my aunt’s efforts in balancing both her career as well as taking care of the family very well.

My uncle is a very understanding and supportive husband to my aunt and co-operates with her in all her efforts.

My uncle starts his day with walking and exercising early in the morning, followed by having breakfast and starts for his office.

At office, he is the senior manager at the bank and he treats all his co-workers and colleagues with great respect.

He carries out his duties and responsibilities with utmost sincerity and dedication.

He has achieved laurels and appreciation from the bank management and has scaled to the position that he is today with a lot of hard work and perseverance.   

Achieving Work – Life Balance

My aunt is a school teacher handling subjects of science and mathematics for high school students.

She is favorite among her students and the school staff all praises about her, as she believes in quality and standard educational value systems.

She disbelieves in the rote system of teaching and makes learning fun by preparing her own charts and models to bring in good interaction among students.

She encourages students to actively ask questions in class and gives equal importance to co-curricular learning as well.

She considers sports and games essential for a student’s overall development and encourages them to take part in inter school competitions and tournaments.   

Role Models to my Cousins

My uncle and aunt play role models to my cousins. They help them in their everyday tasks, starting from the time they wake up till the time they finish their studies and go to bed.

My uncle has enrolled his daughter at the tennis academy since she was fond of the game since she was a toddler.

His son enjoys a game of chess and has been an active student member at the chess academy.

Education is the stepping stone to a person’s success and this fact is underlined by my uncle and aunt who attribute their success to good education provided by their parents.

My aunt creates a very friendly and healthy atmosphere at home by encouraging her children to engage themselves in keeping things clean and tidy, organizing the interiors of the house and placing everything in order.

She works at school from 9 AM to 3 PM and as soon as she returns from work, she makes sure to keep the house clean and in order.

She prepares healthy and nutritious snacks for her children once they are back from their school.

At evenings, she spends ample time with the children and helps them in their assignments and daily studies.

Once my uncle returns from work, she makes him a cup of tea and they spend quality time with each other by enjoying family shows on television.

My uncle makes sure to keep track of my cousins’ studies by discussing the same with my aunt.   

Spirituality and weekend recreational activities

Prayer plays an important part of their everyday lives and they spend quality time by chanting songs in praise of lord and visit temples on all important family occasions and festival days.

My cousins have also imbibed the same quality from their parents and seek God’s blessings every morning and also before going to bed.

They spend their weekends in cleaning and tidying their house and surroundings, decorating their little home into a beautiful place to live in, shopping for essentials and visiting new places of interest.

They spend quality time outdoors by engaging in sport activities with their children, either playing badminton or lawn tennis.   

Travelling to new, unseen places is a big favorite passion of both my uncle and aunt and they explore heritage sites and hill stations during their summer and winter vacations.

Along with their yearly picnic, they never fail to visit us by coming down to their hometown Bangalore.

When they are here, my grandma prepares their special dishes and they get lots of surprise gifts for all of us.

Our cousins come with us and we enjoy ourselves by visiting local exhibitions and play with them in parks.

The elders arrange a get together and a family outing to bridge the connections between the elder and the younger generations.   

Harmony with the community

My uncle and aunt also take part in community celebrations with their neighbors in Delhi.

Creating cultural awareness among their children is one of their top priorities and they leave no stone unturned to bring about this awakening.

My cousins are encouraged to participate in every type of competition and extracurricular activity hosted by their school or otherwise and this enables them to build strong competitive spirit and positive thinking in them.

My aunt and uncle are very focused on their children’s future and create open paths of career choices for them.

Till date, they have never enforced good behavior in their children, instead allow them to see and learn themselves by creating such a holistic ambience at their home.

They never compare my cousins to other children and always try to bring out the best qualities in them.

They understand the growing competition among children of today and strive hard to make them future ready by regularly discussing their school performance with their concerned class teachers.

Imbibing humility and respect for elders in their children comes naturally to them as they themselves are very down to earth and seek goodness in whatever they do.   

A great inspiration for our entire family

My uncle and aunt are a great inspiration to our whole family. In spite of living independently, away from their hometown, they have managed to set foot and spread their wings on their own.

They have achieved success, both professionally and in their personal lives and strive hard to help their children in realizing their dreams.

They love my grandparents very much and care for them with utmost affection and compassion.

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My Favourite Uncle

My Favourite Uncle [Dated] My Favourite Uncle Every individual have someone with whom he or she shares all his or her worries, happiness and feels blessed by his or her presence around. The personality with whom I am attached the most is my maternal uncle. His name is Thomas Peter. This is not because he buys for me everything that I wish to have but due to his personality and politeness. My uncle is an individual, who owns many talents. He always helps me whenever I need and always try to be connected to me and my family. Whenever he visits my home, he brings a lot of food stuff for all of us and in weekends he takes me and my siblings to amusement parks and shopping. I have learned many things from him like riding a bike, driving a car, fishing and doing work with creativity. By profession my Uncle is an engineer. So he holds a lot of creativity in his mind and always advises me to bring creativity in my work whether it is an educational work or other social work. As these days an individual who owns creativity is having great importance in the society. The ones who copy others way of work is of no values as he or she has not input anything new in it. Whenever he goes for outing he always takes us with him. In my summer vacations he takes me and my family to various recreational places such as hill stations, river side, camping and many other places where we enjoy a lot and learn new skills from him as he keeps on sharing general knowledge with us. He have made me learn fishing skills, now whenever I go with him for fishing I become successful in catching a larger number of fishes. I enjoy every moment that I spend with him. When I get ill, he is the one who gets highly worried about me. In that time, he spends most of the time with me by serving me with fruits, milk and other healthy food items. My uncle is an athlete, he has won many medals and honours in swimming, racing and cycling championship at the state level. This is the main reason that he always encourages me to keep myself fit and healthy. In weekends, my uncle takes me to tennis court and makes us learn how to play tennis ...

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Statement Of Purpose

After completing high-school, my uncle (a rec ...

my favourite uncle essay for class 5

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Essay on My School for Class 5

We must encourage young minds to write short and simple essays at an early age. This activity introduces them to several chains of thoughts and inspires them to use their imagination and compose their thoughts into words. For example, a child can write “My School Essay For Class 5” where they can talk all about their school.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 5 on the topic ‘My School’ for reference.

Short Essay on My School of 100 Words

A school is a place of learning and training for professional and social life. My school was founded in the year 1961. The name of my school is St. Patrick’s Day School.

The environment in my school is lovely and so is the school environment is speckless and attractive. The school has three main buildings, and all of them are connected by one another.

There is a playground in front of the school building. My school gives primary, secondary and higher secondary education to young minds. My school is very well-rounded, and it excels in many fields may it be sports or academics. I love my school.

Engage your Children into diverse thoughts and motivate them to improve their English with our  Essay for Class 5  and avail the Simple Essays suitable for them.

Long Essay on My School of 150 Words

School is known to be an essential part of life is our childhood. Such a relaxed time never comes again in life. In my school, I experience all those moments of joy and happiness collectively.

The name of my school is Loreto Day School. It is located in the middle of a bustling city. There isn’t much greenery, but there are beautiful flower beds all around the school ground. The school ground is located in front of the main building and administration office.

My school is quite a distance from my house. So I to take my school to reach my school every morning. I get to school every morning at 7:45 am and attend my school, and we end at 2 pm. We have classes from nursery to grade 12.

My school has very qualified and experienced teachers who educate us and teach us morals. My school excels in academics, sports, and cultural arts too. I’m thrilled that I am getting to spend my school life in a school like this.

10 Lines on My School in English

  • My school is placed in the middle of a bustling city.
  • The name of my school is Loreto.
  • My school has three building which is all inter-connected.
  • My school has a playground where my friends and I can play various outdoor games.
  • All the teachers in my school are very kind and caring towards the students.
  • We celebrate various national functions and social programmes at my school with great enthusiasm.
  • My school has a big library which is filled with both reference and fictional books.
  • My school conducts sports day and school concert annually.
  • My school has a well-equipped science lab.
  • I love going to school as I get to learn new things every day.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School

Question: What is school in simple words?

Answer – A school is a place where children and adults go to learn about several topics. In a school or university, many teachers or professors help students to learn.

Question: How many years are dedicated to schooling in India?

Answer – In an average Indian school, one has to study in twelve grades before graduating school.

Question:  What I like about my school?

Answer – My school gives us creative freedom that helps all students to have their perspective. It helps us to grow in all aspects, along with academics.

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My Favourite Teacher Essay for Kids

In this article, we shall explore “ My Favourite Teacher Essay for Kids ”. This essay on your child’s favourite teacher will definitely help them have an understanding of how to write a simple and effective essay on this topic.

Teachers have a very important place in our lives. A teacher is one who imparts knowledge to us on various academic subjects as well as teaches us good values. Teachers inspire their students to study well, and become knowledgeable and responsible human beings. We have brought to you an interesting My Teacher Essay in English for kids. You can download “An Ideal Teacher Essay” in English through the link provided below.

Download Essay on My Favourite Teacher PDF for Free

My favourite teacher essay in english.

  • I like all my teachers, but Shreya ma’am is my favourite among all.
  • She is our class teacher. She takes our attendance daily in the morning.
  • She teaches us Mathematics.
  • I used to dislike Mathematics earlier. But Shreya ma’am teaches it in an interesting way. Now, I love the subject.
  • She is the best teacher and is the favourite of most of my classmates too.
  • She is a very sweet and kind person.
  • She explains everything in an easy and fun way.
  • Whenever we are not able to understand anything, she patiently teaches it again and again.
  • She is very disciplined, punctual and sometimes strict too.
  • She teaches us good habits and moral values. She is an ideal teacher.

Given above are sentences using which kids can write an essay on My Favourite Teacher. The same lines can be written under the title of My Best Teacher Essay in English as well.

Teachers build the future of millions of students. They indirectly shape the future of a community, society and country. They channel students’ curiosities and talents in the right direction. Given below are the links to “My Teacher Essay PDF” for Class 1 and 2 which you can download for free:

My Teacher Essay for Class 1 –  Download PDF Here

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We have a plethora of such amazing essays for kids which you can check out and explore a variety of topics for your little one.

Looking out for more such exciting and engaging resources for your little one? Visit our kids learning section and find numerous learning materials including worksheets, trivia questions for kids, poems, stories, general knowledge questions, NCERT Solutions and much more!

my favourite uncle essay for class 5


my favourite uncle essay for class 5

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My Favourite book

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Favorite book English essay

Favorite book English essay

My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. It was written by Lwice Carroles. I would like to summarize of this book. Alice soon found that she was not alone. A mouse was swimming a little way off. To Alice, it looks as big as a hippopotamus. Oh! Mouse, she said per lightly. Do you know the way out of this pool? The mouse did not answer. Perhaps it’s a French mouse. She only knew one sentence in French from school. “Ou est mon chat” she asked hopefully. The mouse nearly jumped out of the water and quivered with fright. I like this story very much. Niroshini Karunaratne Grade 5 Hillwood College Kandy


English essays for   Grade 2 (Class 2) , Grade 3 (Class 3), Grade 4 (Class 4), Grade 5 (Class 5), Grade 6 (Class 6), Grade 7 (Class 7)

We are excited to announce that we are working with more new features to guide parents and students on essay writing.

Writing is one of the essential skills for your child’s education. Unfortunately, classroom settings frequently don’t give sufficient practice time to sharpen those writing abilities truly. So we are preparing simple and important guidelines to teach essay writing to your children at home and hope to publish as soon as possible.


The national e-learning portal for the general education.

The   e-thaksalawa  is made up of resources developed straightened to grade 1 to 13 syllabus materials such as creative lessons, all learning resources including past papers, term papers, questions, syllabuses, textbooks, teacher instructional manuals in Sinhala Tamil and English.

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my favourite uncle essay for class 5

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  • My Favourite Hobby Essay in English for Students & Children


Give Wings to your Creative Side with Hobbies

Hobbies play a very crucial role in everyone's life. Whenever we are free, it is good to follow our hobbies. It makes us occupied, and we do not feel idle. Every person finds their happiness and enjoys doing some kind of activity in their leisure time, these activities are known as hobbies. 

My Special Hobby 

My favourite hobby is watching TV. Whenever I have free time, I love watching Television. It never obstructs my studies. Hobbies help us to expand our knowledge, and it teaches us several things. First, I like to finish all my school homework and then start watching TV. This lightens my mood and sparks up the excitement inside me, as it increases my curiosity about the world. Watching different useful stuff on TV enhances my knowledge horizons and gives me lots of joy. 

Benefit of My Hobby

It is a good habit because watching TV escorts a lot of knowledge in various fields. There are several channels on TV, which represent worldwide affairs. I watch the news and I like channels, such as animal planet, discovery channel or another informative channel. These channels increase my curiosity and encourage me to learn about different aspects of life.

I interestingly watch a cartoon network that provides me with creative and new ideas to make cartoons and arts. Some of my favourite comics are Mr Bean, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and many more. Many art-themed cartoons, like The Pink Panther and SpongeBob, inspire me to draw them. Primarily, the artworks of comics attract me and inspire me to decorate my scrapbooks with their figures. 

Parents Find Hobbies Useful

My parents praise my hobby, and they are also happy when they see me watching national and international news and several events on the TV. Moreover, they feel proud when they listen to the news update from me. 

Now, I study in class with two and eight years old girls. Creating jokes, sitting idle and spending time roaming around is unproductive, according to my parents. My parents made sure that I developed my hobbies from childhood. Therefore, they encouraged me to create some good habits. 

Watching TV in a proper way gives you so many important roles. It helps us to make something creative. It provides us with knowledge about different places, their cultures, climatic conditions and especially their history. Furthermore, it widens our imagination by showing imaginary characters from the marvellous Disney World and Jungle Book. 

Importance of Hobby

Getting the latest updates and gaining knowledge about today’s incident is so important. It provides us with a lot of benefits, which help us in developing our knowledge and thoughts. It also enhances our minds of thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Hobbies are all about interest and can only be done in our leisure time. These activities help us in keeping our mind and body in a relaxed and refreshed state.  

Moreover, hobbies also increase our productivity and improve our overall health. It protects us from the risk of dementia and also protects us from sadness in our life. It also helps in our overall development and ignites our hidden talents and passions. So it is essential to have hobbies in our lives.

Several Aspects of Watching TV as an Hobby

Watching TV is not only about fun and joy; it also introduces us to new characters and stories to analyse. Every show comes with a new set of characters and stories that tickles our brains. As a hobby, you can compare these different storylines and their characters with one another. 

There are different types of programs on TV that are so crucial to enhancing our awareness about worldwide matters. TV channels also telecast different types of educational programs to improve our knowledge of history, science, economics, math, culture, and geography etc. In such programs, you get to analyse the different acting styles, writing and overall good and bad behaviours of various communities, their thoughts and cultures. 

Different Genres on TV  

Each TV show has different types of content or genres. These TV genres are sci-fi, dramas, adventurous shows, action, animations and reality shows. While Watching TV, it is not necessary to stick to any one genre and thus, you get to explore various other genres. 

And this is the most valuable part of my hobby. Television brings together numerous elements of imagination and ideas from different genres and allows me to explore them. 

Some Other Hobbies

You can have more than one hobby, as they are not restricted to any particular limit. All the things that you have an interest in can be regarded as a hobby. A person can have multiple areas of interest and have more than one activity as a hobby. 

I, too, have more than one hobby. Other than watching TV, I like to listen to music. This helps me keep myself calm after doing lots of work and gives my ears and heart a soothing effect. 

Besides these, I also have hobbies, such as reading comic books, painting, writing narrative stories, and maintaining a scrapbook. These activities make me happy and enhance my hidden qualities. Writing and reading boost my imagination. Along with these activities, I participate in gardening in my leisure time because I love to plant new and colourful flowers. 

Moreover, I like dancing and singing. These are the activities I often do whenever I find time after completing my studies and homework. I do participate in singing and dancing competitions as well because I like to sing and dance. My teachers and parents always appreciate and encourage me to pursue my hobbies. 


Every human being on this Earth is unique. Not only in terms of appearance but also for inherent characteristics. All the people work, think, talk, interpret, act, etc. , in countless ways. These are all the things which express me. One needs to have a good command of themselves before going to write something about their life. Life is meant to be lived avidly and with a proper visualization to do good for your fellow beings. Keeping this in mind, I have always desired to serve my people in whatever capacity I can.


FAQs on My Favourite Hobby Essay in English for Students & Children

1. Why are hobbies important for students?

2. What are the best hobbies to make students more creative?

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The Death of My Uncle: A Personal Reflection

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my favourite uncle essay for class 5

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my favourite uncle essay for class 5

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Essay On My Favourite Fruit “Mango, Apple, Strawberry & Orange” for Class 1, 2 and 3 Kids

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Key Points to Remember When Writing An Essay On ‘My Favourite Fruit’ For Lower Primary Classes

5-line essay on ‘my favourite fruit – mango’ for kids, short essay on ‘my favourite fruit – mango’ in english, paragraph on ‘my favourite fruit – apple’, essay on ‘my favourite fruit – strawberry’, long essay on ‘my favourite fruit – orange’ for kids, what your 1st, 2nd or 3rd grader will learn from the ‘my favourite fruit’ essays.

Fruits are a crucial part of our diet. They are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, and more importantly, all the sweetness and enjoyable flavours we can find in nature! Although there are hundreds of different varieties of fruits in the world, mangoes, apples, strawberries, and oranges tend to take up the top spots when it comes to favourites among children. Not surprisingly, this is an essay topic that students are often asked to write. In this article, we will show you how to compose an essay on ‘My Favourite Fruit’ for classes 1, 2 and 3 in short and long formats.

Here are some important things to remember before you start your essay on favourite fruit:

  • One-line essays can focus on generic facts about your favourite fruit such as its taste, seasonal availability, varieties, and colour.
  • Long essays should begin with introducing the fruit and why it is your favourite. You can then elaborate on other aspects of the fruit, such as its colour, appearance, seasons, nutrition, etc.
  • Make the long-form essay more relatable to the reader. Add finer details about the fruits such as the different tastes/flavours of different varieties, or about how the fruits are used in other preparations such as milkshakes and desserts.  

Short essays on mangoes are a good place to start for children in the lower grades. Check out this 5-line essay for classes 1 and 2:  

  • Mangoes are tropical and subtropical fruits available only in the summer season.
  • Ripe mangoes are sweet, juicy, delicious and yellow in colour.
  • Unripe mangoes are green and tangy. They are also enjoyed equally by people.
  • There are hundreds of mango varieties with unique textures, distinct flavours and varying levels of sweetness.
  • Mango is often the favourite fruit of most people.

Short essays on mangoes are more fun to write when it is actually your favourite fruit of all. Here is how to write a paragraph on ‘My Favourite Fruit – Mango’:

Mango is my favourite fruit. It is sweet and sometimes tangy but is always delicious. This fruit is only available during the summer months, which makes it even better because of the scarcity. While the mango is sweet to taste, it is rich in Vitamin A, C and D. It is the national fruit of our country and is also called the King of fruits.

There are hundreds of varieties of mango in the market, and one season is not enough to taste them all! They have subtle differences in flavour and texture, but they are my entire favourite. I love mangoes because they always make my day. I look forward eagerly to every summer just for the mangoes!

Short essays on apples can be informative and fun. This is an example of an essay on apples:

Apple is my favourite because it is a delicious and nutritious fruit. It comes in different sizes, varieties and colours. The red and yellow apple is the most popular type. My favourite one is the green apple because it is tangy and flavourful. One of the characteristic features of apples is that they are one of the most abundant fruit trees in the cold climate ; hence they are available throughout the year. Apples are highly nutritious and contain different types of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in Vitamin C and Iron which makes them an immunity-boosting fruit. Besides eating them raw, apples can be used to make milkshakes, puddings, pies, and cakes. This fruit will always be my favourite because it is the best!

Strawberries are also popular among children because of their flavour. Here is a short essay on this fruit:

The strawberry is my favourite fruit and also my favourite flavour. Strawberries are tiny reddish fruits that are highly flavourful and juicy. Strawberries soften and sweeten as they ripen. They are often grown during summers around the world but are also available throughout the year because of their popularity. Strawberries are often used for garnishing cakes and deserts. I love eating strawberries whole, and my breakfast is never complete without this fruit!

A long essay on this topic can delve into the nutritional value of the fruit along with the child’s thoughts about it. Here’s how you can write an essay on the topic for Class-3:

Oranges are my favourite because of their sweet citrus taste. They are available from the end of the monsoon to late spring every year. Oranges are green in colour before they become ripe. As their colour changes, they become sweeter and lose much of their strong citrus flavour. It is possible to find more than 600 varieties of oranges in the world . In India, the Nagpur orange is the most famous in India. The region grows the country’s best oranges.

During the orange season, I eat always eat one for breakfast and two more during the day. I also like to drink fresh orange juice after a long day of playing outside. Drinking orange juice is refreshing and it instantly energises me .   Oranges are packed with Vitamin C, which makes them the perfect immunity-boosting fruit for me. I always ask for oranges when I come down with a cold since the vitamin C in them helps to fight the infection. After the end of every orange season, I wait eagerly for the next season to taste these tangy fruits once again!

Essays on favourite fruits are a frequently asked topic in exams. By studying the sample essays given above, your child will learn lots of facts about common favourite fruits such as mangoes, apples, strawberries, and oranges. They will also learn to write short and long-form essays on the topic and gain input on different essay writing methods.

Mangoes, apples, oranges, and strawberries are common fruits that children love. These fruits are available in different seasons of the year, and children love them for their unique flavours and textures. And, writing an essay on their favourite fruit can turn out to be an enjoyable activity instead of an exercise to sharpen their writing skills. Your child will also learn so many interesting facts about the fruits along the way and be able to their thoughts and feelings about the fruit. 

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my favourite uncle essay for class 5

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Essay on My Favourite Subject for Students and Children

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500 Words Essay on My Favourite Subject

As a student, everyone excels in some subjects and not in the others. Of course, there are some students who do well in all of them, but that number is low. However, almost every student has a favourite subject. It does not matter if it’s related to academics or arts.

Essay on My Favourite Subject

Personally, my favorite subject is English. I have always scored well on the subject because I understand it well. It makes learning effortless and I always manage to get good marks. There are other subjects I like too but English definitely tops my list. I never get bored of it and am always ready to study it.

Reason For Favouritism

There are many reasons as to why I enjoy studying English. The major one is that it enhances my reading skills. Ever since my childhood, my mother has always read stories to me. So, I developed a habit of reading and listening to stories. As my reading skills get polished through English, it helps me in other subjects too. I grasp the concepts better through reading.

Furthermore, through English, I developed a knack for writing. I absolutely enjoy writing essays and articles. It is only through English, that I started writing my own work. This helps me in forming incredible answers for other subjects as well. It gives me the experience to use accurate words and sentences to convey my message better.

Most importantly, I love fictional stories in English. I love how it always has some lessons in them to learn. They also apply in real life and help me make wise decisions. The stories in English novels and plays always keeps me entertained. It also enhances my imagination powers.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

A Scoring Subject

English is definitely a scoring subject which makes it even more special for me. I am an average student who does not take much interest in Science. I manage to get decent marks in the subjects, but in English, I score well. When we compare English to other subjects, we see it is most scoring.

English does not demand word to word answers. It gives the child a chance to play with words. It gives them the creative liberty to speak their minds out. For instance, in Maths, you cannot create your own formulas. You must copy the same exact one taught in the syllabus. But, in English, we can compose our own answers based on our understanding and intelligence.

In addition, English teachers are usually more approachable and understanding. In other subjects, the teachers always have to stick by the book and literally make students mug up the formulas and theories. The English teacher takes time to make them understand each phrase. They allow the students to interpret it as per their intellect. This empowers the child too so they can put their own thinking in it.

In short, I absolutely love English. It gives me the chance to excel without putting too much pressure on me. I get to play with words and form my own interpretations. This helps me get the creative freedom I do not get in other subjects.

FAQs on My Favourite Subject

Q.1 What does a favorite subject mean?

A.1 A favorite subject essentially means a particular subject which kid really enjoy studying. They never get bored of it and score good marks in it.

Q.2 Why is English a scoring subject?

A.2 English a scoring subject because it gives the child creative freedom to form their own answers. It does not stick to the book. It gives the child an opportunity to make their own answers and get good marks.

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    Go through the below-given questions and get your answers from us. 10 question spreadsheets are priced at just .39! Along with your finished paper, our essay writers provide detailed calculations or reasoning behind the answers so that you can attempt the task yourself in the future. My Favourite Uncle Essay For Class 5 -.

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