1. GCSE Computer Science NEA Guide for OCR

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  2. How Do I Complete the OCR A Level Computer Science NEA?

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  3. How to get Full Marks in the Edexcel A-level Geography NEA (coursework/ Independent Investigation)

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  4. OCR A-Level NEA Coursework

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  5. OCR A Level Computing: Student NEA Guide

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  6. OCR History A-Level NEA coursework essay 38/40 A* example 2021

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  1. Microscan Packaging Inspection at 500 PPM

  2. SEUL

  3. OCR NEA Great Escape

  4. NEA Testing Evidence Part 2

  5. Chess NEA Testing 2024

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  1. Non-exam assessment

    NEA centre declaration form. For the following qualifications, your head of centre needs to confirm your centre has followed the regulatory requirements involving non-exam assessment (NEA), by returning the NEA centre declaration form to us by 15 May. A Level Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology)

  2. PDF Guide to Non-exam Assessment (NEA) PHYSICAL EDUCATION

    1a. What is non-exam assessment (NEA)? 1 1b. Controls and restrictions placed on the NEA 1 1c. Summary of the NEA component 2 1d. Access arrangements for learners 2 1e. Requesting an activity adjustment for learners with disabilities 4 2. Assessment criteria 6 2a. Generic guidance for use with the performance criteria 6 2b.1. Assessment of the ...

  3. PDF A Level Geography Independent Investigation Exemplar

    OCR 21 Section 3: Data presentation techniques For this section of the marking criteria the investigation sits clearly in L3. This is a holistic decision based on competencies and evidence from the work, especially as in this project the presentation is integrated within the

  4. Task 1: Close Reading: What The Question Is Asking

    The non-exam assessment (NEA) is a compulsory component of the A Level English Literature qualification. It is worth 40 marks and counts as 20% of the total A Level. The NEA comprises two pieces of work, totalling approximately 3000 words, and you are required to study three literary texts: one prose text, one poetry text and one drama text.

  5. GCSE PE: What dates do we need to make entries/submit/arrange ...

    See Appendix A of the guide to NEA. You can view the non-exam assessment timelines for GCSE PE here. Entries must be made by 21st February in the year of assessment. All NEA marks for all practical activities and the tasks need to be submitted to OCR by 15th March. This is a requirement of the qualification.

  6. OCR History A-Level NEA coursework essay 38/40 A* example 2021

    OCR History A-Level NEA coursework essay 38/40 A* example 2021. Subject: History. Age range: 16+. Resource type: Assessment and revision. File previews. docx, 41.13 KB. This is my final OCR History a level coursework for unit Y100. It is an independently researched essay titled 'to what extent do you agree that there was a crisis in the Mid ...

  7. AS and A Level Media Studies: What is the focus of the NEA assessment?

    More information about assessing the NEA work for Media Studies can be found on Teach Cambridge. We have also developed a free e-learning course to support assessment of the NEA in A Level Media Studies. This can be accessed by logging in to My Cambridge and selecting OCR Train.

  8. NEA Final Draft

    Civil Rights Coursework on the impact of presidents on furthering the civil rights movement compared to other factors charlie gibbs word count: 4097 how far ... NEA Final Draft - Civil Rights Coursework on the impact of presidents on furthering the civil. Subject: History. 884 Documents. Students shared 884 documents in this course.


    This course will provide a great overview and support to ensure you maximise student outcomes in the non-examined assessment (NEA) element of the OCR GCSE PE course that includes practical performance and AEP coursework. The course has been written by Will Swaithes, an experienced teacher, leader, examiner and moderator who will share ideas to ...

  10. OCR A Level PE: Achieving Success in the NEA

    ABOUT THIS COURSE. In this course, you will maximise success with effective strategies for the crucial non examined assessment. Led by our highly experienced expert Diane Skelly, the course will ensure that delegates have up to date information about the NEA component, as well as offering strategies and guidance for ensuring that students are ...

  11. A Level History: What deadlines do I need to be aware of for ...

    OCR Customer Support. 16 October 2023 13:46. Updated. All coursework titles need to be approved, using the title proposal form on the OCR website. The deadline for submitting titles for approval is 31 January in the year of entry. Titles need to be approved even if they are the same as the previous years'. Marks must be submitted to OCR by 15 ...

  12. OCR GCSE PE Coursework Exemplar (Cricket)

    An example of a former GCSE PE students coursework focused on cricket, was graded as 18/20 name candidate number centre number school cricket fitness evaluation. Skip to document. University; High School. ... OCR GCSE PE Coursework Exemplar (Cricket) Subject: Physical Education. 50 Documents. Students shared 50 documents in this course. Degree ...

  13. R068 OCR L1 / L2 CNAT Enterprise & Marketing NEA coursework booklet for

    NEW RESOURCE FOR TEACHING FROM SEPT 2023 ****OCR Level 1 / 2 Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing J837 teaching from September 2022 **** Details about the ... R068 OCR L1 / L2 CNAT Enterprise & Marketing NEA coursework booklet for 2024 (Ali's Ice cream) Subject: Business and finance. Age range: 14-16. Resource type: Assessment and ...

  14. Jump like a ninja: Gorky Park will host Ninja OCR World Championship

    Gorky Park will host the first Ninja OCR World Championship from 30 August to 1 September. A 160 m course with 12 different obstacles is called the Arena of Heroes. Athletes from 20 countries will have to overcome suspended monkey bars, rope jumping over the pool, floating steps and other obstacles.

  15. Moscow Country Club

    Russia's first championship 18-hole golf course (par 72, 6464 metres) located in a real forest with lakes and songbirds. Golf at Moscow Country Club is not just a game, it is an opportunity to enjoy nature, stay alone with yourself and keep fit. If you are just beginning to learn the basics of the "game of the aristocrats", golf ...

  16. Crocus City Hall attack

    On 22 March 2024, a terrorist attack which was carried out by the Islamic State (IS) occurred at the Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia.. The attack began at around 20:00 MSK (), shortly before the Russian band Picnic was scheduled to play a sold-out show at the venue. Four gunmen carried out a mass shooting, as well as slashing attacks on the people gathered at ...

  17. Neva Towers

    The Neva Towers, formerly the Renaissance Moscow Towers, is a complex of two skyscrapers located on plots 17 and 18 of the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC) in Moscow, Russia. Tower 1, at 302 metres (991 feet) tall with 65 floors, is the ninth-tallest building in Europe. Tower 2, at 345 metres (1,132 feet) tall with 79 floors, is the tallest residential building in Europe and the ...