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  1. What is an Ontology? Building and Inference Using The Stanford Protege tool Part I


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  6. GWO 2014: Andrew Gardner, "Deep Learning for Data Scientists"


  1. Presentation of data ppt

    This ppt comprises of the the topics of research which tells you about how the data is presented, what are the types of tables, what is simple table, complex table, frequency distribution table, Rules for construction of frequency table, Charts and diagram, Pie chart Simple bar diagram Multiple bar diagram Component bar diagram or subdivided bar diagram Histogram Frequency polygon Frequency ...


    A data describes a single quality or quantity of some object or phenomenon. In analytical processes, data are represented by variables. • Data presentation is a method by which people organize, summarize and communicate information using a variety of tools such as text , tables , graphs and diagrams. 4. CLASSIFICATION.

  3. Report Writing and Presentation of Data.pdf

    Report Writing and Presentation of Data.pdf. Oct 5, 2022 •. 12 likes • 9,054 views. AI-enhanced description. Ravinandan A P. Research reports communicate the purpose, methodology, findings, and recommendations of a research project. They contain descriptions of the methodology used, results obtained, and recommendations made.

  4. Presentation of data

    2. Presentation of Data Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1. Prepare a stem-and-leaf plot 2. Describe data in textual form 3. Construct frequency distribution table 4. Create graphs 5. Read and interpret graphs and tables MCPegollo/Basic Statistics/SRSTHS. 3.

  5. Data Analysis and Interpretation

    Data is interpreted in a descriptive form. This chapter comprises the analysis, presentation and interpretation of the findings resulting from this study. The analysis and interpretation of data is carried out in two phases. The first part, which is based on the results of the questionnaire, deals with a qualitative analysis of data.

  6. Understanding Data Presentations (Guide + Examples)

    Understanding Data Presentations (Guide + Examples) Design • March 20th, 2024. In this age of overwhelming information, the skill to effectively convey data has become extremely valuable. Initiating a discussion on data presentation types involves thoughtful consideration of the nature of your data and the message you aim to convey.

  7. How to Make a Successful Research Presentation

    Turning a research paper into a visual presentation is difficult; there are pitfalls, and navigating the path to a brief, informative presentation takes time and practice. As a TA for GEO/WRI 201: Methods in Data Analysis & Scientific Writing this past fall, I saw how this process works from an instructor's standpoint.

  8. 1.3: Presentation of Data

    This page titled 1.3: Presentation of Data is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Anonymous via source content that was edited to the style and standards of the LibreTexts platform; a detailed edit history is available upon request. In this book we will use two formats for presenting data sets.

  9. Research Data Management (RDM): Slide presentations

    Establishing responsible practices for research data management provides multiple long/short term benefits for all parties, whether they be funders, creators, or users. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about best practices related to document organization, storage, security, and intellectual property, with the purpose of ...

  10. Chapter 20. Presentations

    Findings from qualitative research are inextricably tied up with the way those findings are presented. These presentations do not always need to be in writing, but they need to happen. Think of ethnographies, for example, and their thick descriptions of a particular culture. Witnessing a culture, taking fieldnotes, talking to people—none of ...

  11. How to Create and Deliver a Research Presentation

    4. Data Presentation and Analyses Slides. This is the longest section of a research presentation, as you'll present the data you've gathered and provide a thorough analysis of that data to draw meaningful conclusions. The format and components of this section can vary widely, tailored to the specific nature of your research.

  12. Statistical data presentation

    In this article, the techniques of data and information presentation in textual, tabular, and graphical forms are introduced. Text is the principal method for explaining findings, outlining trends, and providing contextual information. A table is best suited for representing individual information and represents both quantitative and ...

  13. (PPT) Lecture 5 Data Collection Methods

    The article sensitises the prospective researcher for some pitfalls when using the interview as a data collection technique and includes some hints for this protective researcher when using the interview data collection technique in practice. It also attempts to bring order into the vocabulary when using the concepts: procedure and technique.

  14. Part 4: Report Writing & Presentation of Data

    Notes PDF Link: (Hard Copy) Research Methodology & Biostatistics: & Research Methodology Playl...

  15. Research Paper Presentation: Best Practices and Tips

    Creating a PowerPoint presentation for a research paper involves several critical steps needed to convey your findings and engage your audience effectively, and these steps are as follows: Step 1. Understand your audience: Identify the audience for your presentation. Tailor your content and level of detail to match the audience's background ...

  16. PDF Chapter 2

    We distinguish three basically di erent methods of collecting data. These are. Extraction of data from records. Self-administered questionnaire. Direct investigation-measurement (observation) of the subject and interviewing (face-to-face, telephone) our rst step is to decide on which of these three methods to use.

  17. Presentation of Data (Methods and Examples)

    Hence, the presentation of data in this form simplifies the data and it helps to enable the observer to understand the main feature of data at a glance. Practice Problems. The heights of 50 students (in cms) are given below. Present the data using the grouped frequency table by taking the class intervals as 160 -165, 165 -170, and so on.

  18. 20 Free Data Presentation PPT and Google Slides Templates

    This is where this 6-slide template pack comes in. It's not only designed to make your data more understandable. But the good thing is, you can use this template for many different kinds of presentations. Whether you're doing a presentation for a job interview, or a sales presentation, or even an academic one, this template can do the job.

  19. sources of data for public health research.ppt

    Download now. sources of data for public health research.ppt. 1. SOURCES OF DATA SM 604/606 Sept 2019. 2. Sources of Data for India Overview Census (1871-2001) Civil registration (from the 19th Century) Sample registration system (1970-) National Family and Health Surveys (1993, 1998, 2005) Reproductive and Child Health Project (1998-99) SRS ...

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    Descriptive Statistics • Characterize data set • Graphical presentation • Histograms • Frequency distribution • Box and whiskers plot • Numeric description • Mean, median, SD, interquartile range. HistogramContinuous Data No segmentation of data into groups. Frequency Distribution Segmentation of data into groups Discrete or ...

  21. 2024 American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference

    Researchers from the U.S. Census Bureau, along with many other survey research professionals across the nation, present findings at the 79th Annual American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference held virtually from May 15-17, 2023. This multiday conference is a forum for Census Bureau staffers to present and discuss their research on public opinion and survey research for ...

  22. Chiesi to Present New Data Showcasing Depth of Respiratory ...

    Presentations will highlight new data in respiratory conditions, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Data to be presented include new six-month results from a study of a single-inhaler triple therapy in patients with asthma and new pharmacokinetic studies of tanimilast, an inhaled phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor, in patients with COPD

  23. You're invited to our virtual event! Digital Equity/Inequity in Seattle

    Join us for a data discovery and discussion session as Seattle IT presents Digital Equity/Inequity in Seattle: Learning from 2024 Seattle Technology Access & Adoption Study presentation and discussion on Tuesday, May 21, from 3-4 p.m. This virtual Webex event is an opportunity for us to share what we've learned from the report released this year. We will share the survey and focus group ...