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How to Create Presentations in Canva

presentation tools canva

Parth Shah is an evergreen freelance writer covering how-tos, app guides, comparisons, listicles, and troubleshooting guides on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and smart TV platforms. He has over five years of experience and has covered 1,500+ articles on GuidingTech and Android Police. In his free time, you will see him binge-watching Netflix shows, reading books, and traveling.

Canva recently introduced new tools to create docs, whiteboards, videos, websites, and presentations. As such, you no longer need to rely on traditional software solutions like Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote to create an upcoming business presentation. You can easily create presentations in Canva using its familiar suite of editing tools.


Canva offers real-time collaboration, several export options, a present tool, AI add-ons, and much more to make a professional PPT. Canva also lets you make instant presentations with pre-filed slides. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Pick Up an Aspect Ratio and Template

Before you start, make sure to pick a relevant aspect ratio for your presentation. If it’s a traditional PPT, go with a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you plan to show your PPT on mobile, use the 9:16 aspect ratio.

Tablet users can start with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Canva also offers some ready-to-use templates to get started. We highly recommend starting with a template to save some time.

Create Presentations in Canva 1

You can also filter templates via style, theme, feature, and color. For example, you can check company, marketing, corporate, marketing, school, and other templates. Most templates are free to use, while some may require a Canva Premium subscription.  

Under templates, you also find an option to create instant presentations. You can enter a prompt and check Canva’s suggestions to get started.

Create Presentations in Canva 2

Customize a Page With Editing Features

Once you pick up a template, you have the option to add all pages to your presentations. You can click ‘Apply all pages’ and check every slide at the bottom. You can always select a slide and hit delete to remove it from your presentation.

Create Presentations in Canva 4

Canva lets you change every aspect of the template with different text styles, filters, and image editing tools. You can change color, tweak transparency, copy style, and more.

Create Presentations in Canva 3

We suggest spending some time with editing tools to customize your Canva presentation and add some personal touches.

Add Graphics, Stickers, and Images

Your presentation will not seem as interesting without graphics, stickers, images, and videos. Unlike Google Slides or PowerPoint, you don’t need to import media files to Canva to complete your slides. You can easily add relevant elements from the sidebar.

Step 1: Open a slide in your Canva presentation.

Step 2: Select Elements from the sidebar. Add graphics, icons, stickers, tables, videos, and more.

Step 3: You can explore the AI image generator and turn your creative ideas into images and videos with a single click.

Create Presentations in Canva 5

You can add simple descriptions and even turn generated images into videos. Canva also offers a long list of graphics packs in several categories. The possibilities are endless here. It’s up to you to make a compelling slide using useful tools.

Tweak Page Animation

Once you create a page, tweak its animation to make a smooth transition between pages.

Step 1: Select a slide in Canva.

Step 2: Click Animate at the top.

Step 3: Check basic, exaggerated, photo movement, and other animation types from the left sidebar.

Create Presentations in Canva 6

You can also tweak the animation intensity, which is great.

Add Presenter Notes

Do you plan to present your Canva PPT on a video conference? You can add notes to each slide so they appear during the Presenter view (more on that later).

When you create a PPT, select a slide and hit Notes at the bottom. Enter your notes that you want to remember or talk about during a video meeting.

Create Presentations in Canva 7

Collaborate and Edit in Real Time

Similar to Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva lets you share and edit a presentation in real time. You can take inputs from your colleagues and create a share-worthy presentation in no time.

Step 1: When you are done making changes to your presentation, click Share at the top.

Step 2: Enter people, groups, or your team. Expand the collaboration link menu and select Anyone with the link.

Step 3: Expand the permission menu and select Can edit.

Create Presentations in Canva 1 1

You can also share a link with view or comment-only permission. Select the Copy link and share it with your co-workers.

Enable Presenter View

Presenter view is a thoughtful touch from Canva to give presentations over a Google Meet or Teams call.

You can open a presentation in Canva and select Present at the top. Click Presenter View and check two windows opening up on your computer.

Create Presentations in Canva 8

One window shows your presentation with notes open on the sidebar. Another window displays the current slide you are sharing with others over a call.

Create Presentations in Canva 9

Download and Share Your Presentation

As expected, Canva gives several options to share and export your presentation. When you complete your presentation, click Share in the top-right corner and expand Download.

You can convert a presentation to PDF, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint compatible), MP4, JPG, PNG and SVG formats. Check our dedicated post if you wish to print your Canva presentation .

Create Presentations in Canva 10

Use Canva Like a Pro

Canva has done a solid job, granting users access to rich tools to create a convincing presentation. We can’t wait to see how the Australian startup enhances our PPT experience with AI features in the future. Speaking of which, we would love to see a feature similar to ‘Design Ideas from Microsoft PowerPoint’ on Canva. Do let us know if you use Canva for presentations in the comments below.

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Last updated on 07 January, 2024

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

How to Add Voice Overs to Canva Presentations

The article above may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. The content remains unbiased and authentic and will never affect our editorial integrity.


presentation tools canva

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Canva Presentations: How to Create and Share Them

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Canva may not be your first thought for creating a presentation. However, this popular web-based design tool offers a robust slideshow feature set. We’ll walk through how to create a Canva presentation, present it to your audience, and share it using a variety of methods.

Create a Canva Presentation

If you’ve never made a presentation with Canva, don’t worry. This online graphic design application goes beyond creating images and crafting infographics. Canva makes it super easy to create and set up a presentation for your audience.

On the Canva home page, select Presentations below the Search bar. Then, choose a slideshow size or Canva presentation template to get started.

Create a Canva Presentation image

Note : If you’re using Canva Docs , you can also convert your document to a presentation by selecting Convert at the top. Follow the prompts, and you’ll see your presentation open in the Canva editor.

Once in the Canva editor, use the menu on the left side to add slide elements. You can select or drag items like shapes, images, or text boxes onto your slides.

Create a Canva Presentation image 2

You can also edit or remove a slide element by selecting it and using the tools that display near the item or in the top toolbar. For example, you can change the style of text or transparency of an image.

Create a Canva Presentation image 3

Be sure to check out the full set of Canva presentation tools in the editor. You can add animations, insert slide transitions, use the grid view to rearrange presentation slides, and more.

Set Up the Presentation

After you tap your creativity to make an attractive and informative presentation, you can add notes, clock your speaking time, and adjust the slide durations.

Add Presenter Notes

To add presenter notes to a slide, select Notes in the bottom toolbar. Then, type your note in the panel that displays on the left. You can then move to your other slides and add notes the same way.

Set Up the Presentation image

When you finish, deselect Notes in the toolbar.

Use the Timer

If you’d like to time your presentation, you can use the built-in countdown Timer feature. Select Timer in the bottom toolbar to display the timer. By default, the timer is set for five minutes, but you can change this using the plus and minus buttons.

Set Up the Presentation image 2

Press the Play button to start the countdown, the Pause button to temporarily stop the timer, and the Reset button to restart the timer.

Set Up the Presentation image 3

To close the Timer, deselect Timer in the toolbar.

Set the Slide Duration

Maybe you’re using Autoplay (described below) and would like to display particular slides for a longer or shorter time. You can adjust the slide duration for each or all slides in two different ways in Canva.

Use the Duration Slider

Expand the bottom section by selecting the Show Pages arrow. Then, choose Duration on the left to see the default timing for each slide.

Set Up the Presentation image 4

Select a slide thumbnail (page) and hover your cursor over the left or right side of it to display the duration slider. Then, drag the slider in or out to shorten or lengthen the duration.

Set Up the Presentation image 5

When you finish, deselect Duration in the toolbar and optionally use the Hide Pages arrow to minimize the bottom section.

Use the Timing Feature

Another way to change the duration of a slide is by using the Timing option at the top of the editor. Select a slide to see its duration and choose the current timing to enter a new duration, or use the slider to adjust it.

You can also turn on the toggle to apply the new duration to all pages (slides) in the presentation.

Set Up the Presentation image 6

To close the Timing tool, deselect it in the top toolbar.

Show a Canva Presentation

The great thing about creating a presentation in Canva is that you can present from it as well. If you prefer not to download and present using a different application, you have a few options to show your slideshow directly from Canva.

When you’re ready to present or practice your presentation, select Present on the top right. You’ll then see the options below.

Show a Canva Presentation image

Present in Full Screen Mode

Choose the Present full screen option to enter presentation mode. You’ll see your presentation consume your entire screen and have controls at the bottom.

Show a Canva Presentation image 2

Use the arrows on the left to move through the slides and the controls on the right to zoom, interact, use shortcuts, or exit full-screen mode.

Use Presenter View

To see your notes and controls on one screen with your presentation on another for your audience, choose Presenter view .

Show a Canva Presentation image 3

Your screen shows the time, a count-up timer, and other controls for a countdown, AutoPlay, and the font size for your notes.

You can drag the other screen wherever needed for your audience to view.

Show a Canva Presentation image 4

Present and Record

Maybe you want to incorporate your smiling face into your presentation. For this, pick the Present and record option to record yourself live as the presentation plays. You can then share the whole presentation as if you’re in the same room.

Note : This feature is currently only available when using the Google Chrome web browser.

You’ll see your face appear in a circle on the bottom left of the presentation. You can use the Pause and End recording buttons at the top to control the recording as well as see your presenter notes.

Show a Canva Presentation image 5

When you finish, you’ll see a link that you can copy and have the option to download the recorded presentation immediately.

Show a Canva Presentation image 6

Use Autoplay

Like Autoplay for a PowerPoint presentation, this is one more way to present a slideshow using Canva. With Autoplay, you can start the presentation and let it play on its own. This is ideal for kiosk presentations or when you are unable to present yourself.

Show a Canva Presentation image 7

When you choose Autoplay , the presentation begins and moves through each slide using the Durations you set (explained earlier). You can also manually control the presentation if needed using the same tools as the Present Full Screen option.

Share a Canva Presentation

Along with or instead of actually presenting a slideshow with Canva, you can share it in a variety of ways. Whether you want to collaborate with your team, download the file to your device, or pop the presentation up on social media, Canva has you covered.

Select Share in the top right corner and then choose one of the following ways to share.

Share a Canva Presentation image

Collaborate With Others

Maybe you want to work on the final presentation with a team member or coworker. You can grant access to others and provide them with a collaboration link.

Enter the people, groups, teams, or email addresses in the People with access field. Then, open the Collaboration link drop-down menu and pick Anyone with link to provide access.

Share a Canva Presentation image 2

Download a Presentation

If you’d like to save your presentation to your device or download it as a Microsoft PowerPoint file, this is easy too.

Select Download and use the File type drop-down to pick PDF, PPTX, GIF, PNG, or another format.

You can then choose to flatten the PDF, include notes, or download only certain pages (slides).

Share a Canva Presentation image 3

Share on Social Media

Want to post your presentation directly to Facebook, Instagram, or another social media network? Select Share on social , choose the location, and follow the subsequent prompts to sign in and set up the social media post.

Share a Canva Presentation image 4

More Sharing Options

If you don’t see the sharing avenue you want, don’t despair because there are even more. Select More at the bottom of the Share menu.

You’ll then see sections for Share, Social, Save, Messaging, Design, and More Options giving you a ton of sharing methods. As examples, you can obtain a public link, send it to your phone, get an embed code for your blog, upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive, send it to Slack or WhatsApp, and more.

Share a Canva Presentation image 5

Will You Create a Presentation in Canva?

Now that you know the basics, are you going to use Canva for your next presentation? If so, let us know what you think of the tools and features. For doing even more, check out how to blur a face in a photo using Canva .

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Sandy Writtenhouse is a freelance technology writer and former Project, Department, and Program Manager. She turned her education, job experience, and love of technology into a full-time writing career. With all sorts of gadgets in her home and her hands, she seeks to help others make life easier through technology. Read Sandy's Full Bio

How to Use Canva to Create and Give Presentations

Canva makes it easy to edit text, make GIFs , and create content for social media like Instagram . But Canva also makes it easy to create presentations and if you are in a hurry and forgot your PC, Canva allows you to give that presentation using your smartphone. Here is how you can create and give presentations using Canva while on the move.

Table of Contents

Create Presentation Using Canva Templates

One of the things that make Canva so much easier to use is templates. They offer free and paid templates for almost all sorts of content that you may think of. We will be using a free template to create a presentation on Canva’s web app.

1. Open Canva in your browser and search for Presentation in the search bar.

search for presentation template in canva

2. You will be taken to the presentation templates page . You can filter by category or just scroll through until you find something that catches your eye or meets the criteria. You can also click on the empty frame with +sign to create a new presentation from scratch but that would be time-consuming.

Note: Templates with a golden crown icon are paid templates.

choose presentation template in canva

3. Click on any template and you will see a pop-up menu with more details about the template. Click on Customize this template to begin making your template. Click on the star icon to bookmark it for later perusal.

customize canva presentation template

4. Now, in the left sidebar, you will find all the slides in the presentation. When you select a slide, you will be able to edit it on the right side. Each element can be edited or removed including text, image, and various elements. It is easy to add, edit, and format text .

editing presentation slides in canva

5. You can choose from a variety of apps from the marketplace to make your work easier including AI apps like Dall-E. Simply click on Apps in the left sidebar and choose the one that you want to use.

canva app marketplace

6. You can also draw on slides or use stock images from sources like Pixabay and Pexels without having to leave Canva.

canva text edit and draw

7. To add a slide, click on the plus icon at the bottom. You can also right-click on the existing slide and select Duplicate page to create an identical new slide that will retain the formatting and layout of the first slide. So all you have to do is change the text and some elements.

presentation tools canva

When you are happy with the presentation, you have a couple of options. Let’s have a look at them in the below sections.

Give a Presentation Using Canva

There are two ways to do it. You can present a presentation made in Canva using both the web app and the Android or iPhone app.

Give Canva Presentation on PC

1. Go to Canva homepage and click on Projects in the left sidebar.

canva projects

2. Click on the presentation that you want to give to open it.

open presentation on canva

3. Click on the Present button in the upper right corner. You will see three options to present.

  • Present full screen – this will begin a full-screen presentation for everyone to see.
  • Presenter view – this presents the slides that you have created along with notes that you may have.
  • Autoplay – this will let you set a timer so that once you begin the presentation on Canva, slides will change after the chosen time (in seconds) automatically.

presentation tools canva

4. Once you selected a form of presentation, click on the Present button to begin.

Have you heard of Adobe Spark? We did an in-depth comparison between Canva and Spark . Find out who won and why.

Give Canva Presentation on Mobile

If you are working remotely or traveling and don’t have your laptop on you, Canva allows you to give presentations directly from mobile.

By Sharing Presentation Link

Open the Canva app and go to the Projects tab. Now open the presentation and then select the Presentation menu (TV icon).

presentation tools canva

If you are casting your mobile screen on a bigger screen, this will work beautifully.

Using Phone as Remote to Give Presentations

This is one neat trick up Canva’s sleeve. You would have noticed how presenters on stage have a small remote in their hands that they use to change slides. You don’t need anything but your smartphone to give presentations saved on Canva now. And it is quite easy.

1. Open the presentation on your web or mobile Canva app. Here we are using the web app. Click on the Present button to begin the presentation.

presentation tools canva

2. Select an option depending on how you want to present. We discussed the three options above. Now click on Present button.

presentation tools canva

3. Once the presentation begins, click on the meatballs menu (three-dot icons) at the bottom right corner of the screen and select Share remote control option.

presentation tools canva

4. Either scan the QR code or Copy the link and paste it on your mobile browser. Any browser will do.

presentation tools canva

5. You can now control the presentation and slide movements right from your mobile browser. Here is how it looks. Tap on the left or right button to move slides.

presentation tools canva

Presenting, Canva!

Canva not only makes creating presentations easy thanks to the wide variety or free and paid templates, but it also offers intuitive ways to present your slides. But that’s not all that Canva can do. We use Canva to create featured images, resize images , make background transparent , and so much more.

' src=

Gaurav Bidasaria

Gaurav is an editor here at TechWiser but also contributes as a writer. He has more than 10 years of experience as a writer and has written how-to guides, comparisons, listicles, and in-depth explainers on Windows, Android, web, and cloud apps, and the Apple ecosystem. He loves tinkering with new gadgets and learning about new happenings in the tech world. He has previously worked on Guiding Tech, Make Tech Easier, and other prominent tech blogs and has over 1000+ articles that have been read over 50 million times.

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The best presentation software in 2024

These powerpoint alternatives go beyond the basics..

Hero image with logos of the best presentation software

The latest presentation apps have made it easier than ever to format slides and create professional-looking slideshows without giving off a "this is a template" vibe. Even standard PowerPoint alternatives have updated key features to make it easier than ever to collaborate and create presentations quickly, so you can spend more time prepping for your actual presentation.

If, like me, you've used Google Slides unquestioningly for years, it's a whole new world out there. The newest crop of online presentation tools go way beyond the classic slideshow experience, with new features to keep your audience's attention, streamline the creation process with AI, and turn slide decks into videos and interactive conversations.

I've been testing these apps for the past few years, and this time, I spent several days tinkering with 25 of the top presentation software solutions out there to bring you the best of the best.

The best presentation software for AI-powered design

Prezi for non-linear, conversational presentations

Powtoon for video presentations

Pitch for collaborating with your team on presentations

Gamma for conversational AI features

Mentimeter for audience engagement

Tome for generative AI features

What makes the best presentation app?

How we evaluate and test apps.

Our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. Unless explicitly stated, we spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog .

When looking for the best presentation apps, I wanted utility players. After all, slideshows are used for just about everything, from pitch decks and product launches to class lectures and church sermons. With that in mind, here's what I was looking for:

Pre-built templates. The best presentation tools should have attractive, professional-looking templates to build presentations in a hurry.

Sharing and collaboration options. Whether you plan to share your webinar slides later, or you just want to collaborate with a coworker on a presentation, it should be easy to share files and collaborate in real-time.

Flexibility and customization options. Templates are great, but top presentation apps should enable you to customize just about everything—giving you the flexibility to build exactly what you need.

Affordability. Creating compelling presentations is important, but you shouldn't have to bust your budget to make it happen. With capable free tools on the market, affordability is a top consideration.

Standalone functionality. There's no reason to use multiple tools when one can do it all, so I didn't test any apps that require and work on top of another presentation app like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Familiar, deck-based interface. For our purposes here, I only tested software that uses slides, with the familiar deck-based editor you expect from a "presentation" tool (versus, for example, a video creation app).

While most apps now offer AI features in one way or another, it isn't a universal feature yet—and some apps' AI features leave a lot to be desired. For that reason, I opted not to make AI features a strict must-have for this year (though it probably will be a requirement next time I update the article). That means I've still included some apps that don't offer AI—if you opt for one of those, you can still easily get AI-generated images and text from a separate tool and copy them into your presentation app of choice.

Beyond that, I also looked for presentation apps that brought something unique to the table—features above and beyond what you can get for free from a legacy solution like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Here's what my testing workflow looked like:

I went through any onboarding or guided tutorials.

I created a new deck, scanning through all available templates, noting how well-designed they were (and which were free versus paid).

I added new slides, deleted slides, edited text and images, and played around with other content types.

I changed presentation design settings, like color schemes and background images.

I reviewed and tested the sharing and collaboration options.

I tested out presenter view (when available).

After my first round of testing, I went back into the top performers to test any unique or niche features, like AI, brand settings, and interactive content. With that, these are the best presentation apps I found—each one really brings something different or radically easy to the table.

The best presentation software at a glance

The best free presentation software, canva (web, windows, mac, android, ios).

Canva, our pick for the best free presentation app

Canva pros:

Excellent free plan

Tons of amazing templates for all use cases


Canva cons:

The AI tools aren't groundbreakingly useful

Canva offers one of the most robust free plans of all the presentation apps I tested. The app delays account creation until after you've created your first design, so you can get started building your presentation in seconds. Choose from an almost overwhelming number of beautiful templates (nearly all available for free), including those designed specifically for education or business use cases.

Anyone who's accidentally scrolled too far and been bumped to the next slide will appreciate Canva's editor interface, which eliminates that problem altogether with a smooth scroll that doesn't jump around. Choose from a handful of preset animations to add life to your presentations, or browse the library of audio and video files available to add. And Canva also has a number of options for sharing your presentation, including adding collaborators to your team, sharing directly to social media, and even via QR code.

Present directly from Canva, and let audience members submit their questions via Canva Live. Once you share a link to invite audience members to your presentation, they can send questions for you to answer. As the presenter, you'll see them pop up in your presenter view window, so you can keep the audience engaged and your presentation clear. Alternatively, record a presentation with a talking head bubble—you can even use an AI presenter here—to share remotely.

Canva has added a number of AI-powered tools , but I wasn't super impressed by them yet. The Magic Design tool, for example, isn't much more useful than the many pre-designed templates already available, while Magic Write is basically just white-labeled ChatGPT. These features will likely improve in time, but for now, you're better off starting from one of Canva's many great templates.

Canva pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $120/year for 1 user and include additional features like Brand Kit, premium templates and stock assets, and additional AI-powered design tools.

If you're looking for a capable free presentation tool with a more affordable upgrade, Zoho Show is worth a look. It's completely free for most features, offers a clean, intuitive editor, and includes a number of great templates. Plus, you can automate Zoho Show by connecting it with Zapier .

The best presentation app for AI-powered design (web, mac, windows). pros:

True AI design

No fussing around with alignment

Still allows for customization cons:

No free plan

If you're like me, editing granular spacing issues is the absolute worst part of building a presentation. uses artificial intelligence to take a lot of the hassle and granular design requirements out of the presentation process, so you can focus on the content of a presentation without sacrificing professional design. If I needed to make presentations on a regular basis, this is the app I'd use.

Many apps have recently added AI design features, but has been doing it for years—and they've perfected the experience of AI design, ensuring the tool's reign as the most streamlined and user-friendly option for AI design.

The editor is a little different from most presentation apps, but it's still intuitive—and you'll start off with a quick two-minute tutorial. When creating a new slide, scroll through "inspiration slides" to find a layout you like; once you choose, the app will pull the layout and automatically adapt it to match the design of the rest of your presentation.

With 10 themes, several templated slides, over 40 fully-designed templates, and more than 20 different color palettes to choose from, strikes a perfect balance between automation and customization.

While doesn't offer a free plan, paid plans are reasonably priced and offer sharing and collaboration options that rival collab-focused apps like Google Slides. And speaking of Google, you can connect with Google Drive to save all your presentations there.

Note: I re-tested the generative AI feature (called DesignerBot) this year. It's great for adding individual slides to an existing presentation—automatically choosing the best layout and matching the design to the rest of the deck—but as with most other apps, it struggled to pull in relevant images. pricing: Plans start at $12/month for unlimited slides, AI content generation, viewer analytics, and more. Upgrade to a Team plan for $40/user/month to get extra collaboration and workspace features and custom brand controls.

If you're a founder looking for an AI presentation tool for your pitch deck, Slidebean is a great alternative for startups. The app offers a number of templates; a unique, content-first outline editor; and a generative AI tool that builds a whole pitch deck based on your website. I didn't include it on the list mainly because of the price: the free plan is quite limited, and the paid all-access plan can only be billed annually.

The best presentation app for conversational presentations

Prezi (web, mac, windows, ios, android).

Prezi pros:

Doesn't restrict you to standard presentation structure

Lots of customization options

Prezi Video lets you display a presentation right over your webcam video

Prezi cons:

Steep learning curve

Struggling to squeeze information into a basic, linear presentation? Give Prezi a try. Unlike nearly all other presentation apps on the market, Prezi Present doesn't restrict the structure of your presentation to a straight line. The editor focuses on topics and subtopics and allows you to arrange them any way you want, so you can create a more conversational flow of information.

With the structural flexibility, you still get all the same customization features you expect from top presentation software, including fully-editable templates. There's a learning curve if you're unfamiliar with non-linear presentations, but templates offer a great jumping-off point, and Prezi's editor does a good job of making the process more approachable.

Plus, Prezi comes with two other apps: Prezi Design and Prezi Video. Prezi Video helps you take remote presentations to a new level. You can record a video where the presentation elements are displayed right over your webcam feed. Record and save the video to share later, or connect with your video conferencing tool of choice (including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet) to present live.

Prezi's generative AI feature works ok, but it's more useful as a wireframe. When I asked it to create a presentation about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, for example, the resulting content read a lot like a student writing a term paper in the broadest strokes possible to avoid doing any actual research.

Prezi pricing: Free 14-day trial and a free plan that includes up to 5 visual projects; paid plans start at $7/month and include additional features like private presentations and Prezi Present.

The best presentation app for video presentations

Powtoon (web, ios, android).

Powtoon pros:

Timing automatically changes based on the content on the slide

Can toggle between slideshow and video

Can orient presentation as horizontal, vertical, or square

Powtoon cons:

Limited free plan

Powtoon makes it easy to create engaging videos by orienting the editor around a slide deck. Editing a Powtoon feels just like editing a presentation, but by the time you finish, you have a professional video. 

You can edit your slides at any time, and when you hit play, a video plays through your deck—the feel is almost like an animated explainer video. Each slide includes the animations you choose and takes up as much time as is needed based on the content on the slide. Powtoon figures the timing automatically, and you can see in the bottom-right of the editor how much time is used on your current slide versus the total presentation. If you ever want to present as a slide deck, just toggle between Slideshow and Movie.

You'll likely need to subscribe to a paid plan to get the most out of Powtoon—like creating videos longer than three minutes, downloading them as MP4 files, and white-labeling your presentations—but doing so won't break the bank. Plus, you'll unlock tons of templates complete with animations and soundtracks.

One of my favorite Powtoon features is the ability to orient your video: you can choose horizontal orientation (like a normal presentation) or opt for vertical (for mobile) or square (for social media). When your presentation is ready, you can publish straight to YouTube, Wistia, Facebook Ads, and any number of other locations.

Powtoon pricing: Limited free plan available; paid plans start at $15/month and include white-labeling, priority support, additional storage, and more.

The best presentation app for collaborating with your team

Pitch (web, mac, windows, ios, android).

Pitch, our pick for the best presentation software for collaborating with your team

Pitch pros:

Google levels of collaboration

Assign slides to specific team members

Excellent generative AI feature

Pitch cons:

User interface is a little different than you're used to

Need to collaborate on presentations with your team? Pitch is a Google Slides alternative that gets the job done. As far as decks go, Pitch includes all the beautifully-designed templates, customizability, and ease of use you expect from a top-notch presentation tool. But the app really shines when you add your team.

The right-hand sidebar is all about project management and collaboration: you can set and update the status of your deck, assign entire presentations or individual slides to team members, plus comment or add notes. Save custom templates to make future presentations even easier and faster.

You can also invite collaborators from outside your company to work with you on individual decks. And if you opt for a paid plan, Pitch introduces workspace roles, shared private folders, and version history.

Pitch also offers one of the most impressive generative AI features on this list. It still struggles to pull in relevant images, but I found the AI-generated written content and design to be top-notch.

Pitch pricing: Free plan offers unlimited presentations, custom templates, and live video collaboration; paid plans start at $22/month for 2 users with additional workspace features, presentation analytics, and more.

The best presentation app for conversational AI

Gamma (web).

Gamma pros:

Creates fully fleshed-out presentations from a prompt

Conversational chatbot-like experience

Can still manually edit the presentation

Gamma cons:

Not as much granular customization

I tested a lot of apps claiming to use AI to up your presentation game, and Gamma's conversational AI features were head and shoulders above the crowd.

Simply give the app a topic—or upload an outline, notes, or any other document or article—approve the outline, and pick a theme. The app will take it from there and create a fully fleshed-out presentation. It's far from perfect, but Gamma produces a very useful jumping-off point. (Last year, it was by far the best, but this year, other apps are catching up.)

Here's the key: Gamma is much more geared toward the iterative, chatbot experience familiar to ChatGPT users. Click on the Edit with AI button at the top of the right-hand menu to open the chat, and you'll see suggested prompts—or you can type in your own requests for how Gamma should alter the presentation.

Once you've done all you can with prompts, simply close the chat box to manually add the finishing touches. While you do sacrifice some granular customizability in exchange for the AI features, you can still choose your visual theme, change slide layouts, format text, and add any images, videos, or even app and web content.

Gamma pricing: Free plan includes unlimited users, 400 AI deck credits, and basic view analytics; upgrade to the Plus plan for $8/user/month to get unlimited AI credits, remove Gamma branding, and more.

The best presentation app for audience engagement

Mentimeter (web).

Mentimeter, our pick for the best presentation software for audience engagement

Mentimeter pros:

Tons of audience engagement features

Simple for participants to interact

Mentimeter cons:

Less granular customizability

Bit of a learning curve

If you need to engage with an audience during your presentation, Mentimeter makes that easy. The app is designed around interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, Q&As, sliders, and more (even a Miro whiteboard!).

Each of these is included in a number of different, professional-looking templates, so you can build a fully interactive presentation super quickly.

When it's time to present, your audience members can scan the QR code with their phone cameras or type in the URL and access code to participate. There's one code per presentation (so they won't have to do this on every slide), which gives access to each slide as you move through the presentation.

There are two main drawbacks to this one, though. First, there's a bit of a learning curve and less familiar editing interface (but I found it pretty easy to learn with some practice). The other drawback is that you can't get as granular with the visual customization as you can with many other presentation tools.

Mentimeter pricing: Free plan includes 50 participants per month and 34 different slide types; upgrade to the Basic plan for $11.99/presenter/month to get unlimited participants and slide types, private presentations, and more.

The best presentation app for generative AI

Tome, our pick for the best presentation software for generative AI

Top-tier generative AI features

Simple, customizable templates

Intuitive doc-style editor

There's definitely a learning curve

Tome is one of the new additions to this list that I'm most excited about. If you're looking for generative AI that just genuinely works , it's definitely worth a look. The editor is a bit more stripped down than most presentation apps but intuitive nonetheless—it's almost a cross between your standard deck editor and a Notion-style doc.

To generate an AI deck, click Generate with AI in the top right, and either write your own prompt or choose from the example prompts that cover a handful of common use cases, like sales enablement and company pitches. Edit or approve the suggested outline, then generate the full presentation.

From there, you can edit each slide as a doc via the right-hand menu—without limits on how much information you can include. During the presentation, you simply size down any slides that take up more than the standard amount of space. It's super simple but somehow feels revolutionary in a presentation app.

Tome pricing: Free plan available for manual editing without AI; upgrade to the Professional plan for $16/user/month to use the generative AI and design tools, plus engagement analytics, branding tools, and more.

What about the old standbys?

You might notice a few major presentation players aren't on this list, including OGs Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. These apps are perfectly adequate for creating basic presentations, and they're free if you have a Windows or Mac device or a Google account.

I didn't include them on the list because the presentation space has really developed in the last several years, and after testing them out, I found these behemoths haven't kept pace. If they weren't made by Microsoft/Apple/Google, I might not even be mentioning them. They're pretty basic tools, they're behind the curve when it comes to templates (both quantity and design), and they don't offer any uniquely valuable features like robust team collaboration, branding controls, video, and so on.

Some of these companies (think: Microsoft and Google) are openly working on some pretty impressive-sounding AI features, but they haven't really been focused on their respective presentation solutions just yet. Rest assured, I'm watching this space, and the next time we update this article, I'll re-test tools like Copilot for PowerPoint and Gemini for Google Slides to see what new features may be available.

In any case, if you're reading this, you're probably looking for an alternative that allows you to move away from one of the big 3, and as the presentation platforms featured above show, there's a ton to gain—in terms of features, usability, and more—when you do.

What about PowerPoint and Google Slides add-ons?

While I focused my testing on tools with full feature-sets—those that can serve as your sole presentation tool—there are a ton of add-on tools you can use atop big name tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides.

If you're looking to expand what you can do with PowerPoint or Google Slides, apps like Marq (formerly Lucidpress), Plus AI , Slidesgo , and Simplified can help you do things like access additional templates, save branded assets, and generate AI presentations from the app you're already using.

Related reading:

Canva AI tools to improve your design workflow

The best online whiteboards for collaboration

How to share a presentation on Zoom without sharing your browser tabs and address bar

This post was originally published in October 2014 and has since been updated with contributions from Danny Schreiber, Matthew Guay, Andrew Kunesh, and Krystina Martinez. The most recent update was in April 2024.

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  • Canva vs Prezi: Which Presentation Tool is Right for You?

presentation tools canva

Having sleek presentations can be challenging. But with the right presentation tool, you can create captivating slide decks to keep your audience hooked. We’ll compare Canva vs Prezi for today’s blog post.

Among hundreds of tools available in the market, Canva and Prezi stand out as popular choices for professionals and students alike. Both presentation tools offer unique features that cater to different presentation styles and preferences.

In this article, we will put Canva vs Prezi side-by-side to help you decide which tool is the best fit for your next presentation. Let’s find out their key factors in terms of ease of use, templates, pricing, and design features.

Most importantly, we will highlight their effectiveness in creating an effective and appealing presentation that you and your audience will love. 

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a business professional, or a creative entrepreneur, this article is a must-read.

This blog post comparing Canva vs Prezi is part of a series where we compare presentation tools with AI features. Check out our other blog posts here:

  • Tome vs Gamma: Comparing two AI Presentation Tools
  • Generate PowerPoint with AI from any Word document
  • vs. Gamma: Two tools to generate presentations with AI
  • How to Use AI to Summarize a Word Document

Let’s dive in.

Canva Overview

Canva vs Prezi Overview: Canva Homepage

Canva is a web-based graphic design platform with a wide range of design tools and templates, making it an ideal choice for creating visually appealing presentations. With Canva, you can choose from thousands of professionally designed templates for slides, infographics, social media graphics, posters, and more. 

Canva vs Prezi Overview: Canva Templates Page

The platform also provides a vast library of stock photos, illustrations, icons, and fonts, so you can customize your presentations.

Canva vs Prezi Overview: Canva Elements and Tools

One of the key advantages of Canva is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for beginners to create professional-looking designs without any prior design experience. You can use its drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive editing tools to easily edit presentations.

Additionally, Canva offers collaboration features that you can use to simultaneously work with a team on the same project.

Canva vs Prezi Overview: Canva Collaboration and Sharing Tool

Here is a quick overview of what Canva has in store for you:

  • Over 100 design types
  • Thousands of templates
  • Hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics
  • Customizable grids and frames
  • Free icons and shapes
  • Upload your own images
  • Photo editing tools
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Share and publish designs
  • Brand management tools

Prezi Overview

Prezi , on the other hand, is a cloud-based presentation software that offers a unique approach to creating presentations. 

Unlike traditional slide-based tools and in between Prezi vs Canva, Prezi uses a dynamic canvas to create zoomable presentations that are more interactive and engaging. The platform also boasts a large library of professional templates that are equally immersive and a treat to the eye.

Canva vs Prezi Overview: Prezi Presentation Templates

Using Prezi, you can add text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements to your presentations. You can also arrange them in a non-linear format, creating a more fluid and visually captivating experience for your audience.

Canva vs Prezi Overview: Editing Prezi Presentation

Also one of its standout features is its ability to create motion-based presentations that flow seamlessly from one point to another.

This dynamic approach to presenting information can help capture your audience’s attention and make a lasting and impactful impression.

Additionally, Prezi is also a great choice for team projects as it offers collaboration features. Using this tool, you can work on the same presentation with your team on a real-time basis.

Canva vs Prezi Overview: Prezi Collaboration Function. and Option

Take a look at this list of the features you can expect from Prezi:

  • Open Canvas
  • Zooming on Topics
  • Free movements
  • Zoom Reveal
  • Drag-and-drop slideshow building

Comparing Canva vs Prezi as your Presentation Tool

Now, what about their capabilities in creating a compelling presentation? Let’s explore some core functionality between these two players. 

Design and Ease of Use

In terms of design and navigation between Canva vs Prezi, Canva appears to be user-friendlier due to its clean and simple interface.  

The assets to use are set on the left-side taskbar, where you can directly drag and drop the graphics to the slide you’re editing.

Admittedly, Prezi has a steeper learning curve due to its more complex and dynamic zooming canvas. More of its features cater to advanced designers but the process is learnable. 

When starting from a blank canvas, Prezi gives you a step-by-step direction that is easy to follow.

Canva vs Prezi Comparison: Step-by-step Prezi direction

With Prezi, you can also design your presentation on a frame-by-frame basis.

Canva vs Prezi Comparison: Frame-by-frame Prezi Edit

Canva lets you work per slide.

Canva vs Prezi Comparison: Per slide Canva Edit

Presentation Templates

Both Prezi and Canva boast a wide range of ready-made templates that you can use for your presentations. 

Between the two presentation tools, Canva has a larger template library for more basic business, educational, and personal presentation needs. 

You can choose from vast amount of templates for Social Media, Education, Marketing, and even Print Products such as posters or brochures. 

Canva vs Prezi Comparison: More Canva Presentation Templates

On the other hand, Prezi boasts higher-level, specialized templates for technical fields, sciences, and even more creative verticals.

Canva vs Prezi Comparison: Prezi Sample Presentation Template

You can also check for more presentation templates for your Sales & Business Development, Marketing, Education and non-profit, or HR and Training needs.

Visual Appeal and Effects

Prezi’s strength as a presentation tool lies in its motion, zooming, and spatial effects making the presentation dynamic, animated, and of visual interest. 

Canva vs Prezi Comparison: Prezi Sample Presentation Templates

In presenting one, the platform automatically zooms you in per frame.

On the flip side, Canva has more limited transitions and simpler animation capability. But even so, this is forgivable, thanks to its excellent graphics, photos, and visual elements library.

Pricing and Accessibility

Canva Transition Tools

Which one gives you a good run for your money? Let’s find out. 

To access the premium features (such as removing background or using the team features or pro templates), you can upgrade to their subscription Pro plans for just $12 per month or $119 per year. Perks include 120GB of cloud storage, access to YouTube thumbnails and social media templates, Canva print services, and advanced photo editing tools.

Check out Canva’s Pricing Overview here:

Canva pricing

In contrast, Prezi also has free access and many more tools and features to help you create an impressive presentation. The downside is that the Basic tier only gives you ‘Just the Basics.’

Prezi Pricing

To create unlimited projects, use the import and pdf export function, or use premium templates, you can use their Plus subscription for only $5.49 per month.

AI Usage comparing Canva vs Prezi

Comparing Canva vs Prezi shows you different scope of AI technology which are both set to enhance your experience and streamline your design process.

Prezi has recently integrated AI to help users in creating visually appealing and engaging presentations. With its AI-powered features, you can automatically arrange and animate your content. The AI integration also helps in suggesting design elements and layouts based on your content. For your text, you can easily make text longer, create bullet points, or simplify your language usage. 

Prezi AI text command

Not just that, Prezi AI also makes way for you to instantly create flowcharts, visual lists, and even add motion effects such as Reveal or Zoom.

Canva has also leveraged AI technology to provide personalized design recommendations. One notable feature is Canva’s Magic Studio, a dedicated Canva page that allows you to ‘magically’ adjust the size, morph texts to shape, and animate objects.

Canva Magic Studio Page

You can even simply describe the presentation you want to make and Canva has got you. 

Canva AI Prompt for Presentations

There’s more! All thanks to Canva’s groundbreaking AI Generator tool, backed by state-of-the-art text-to-image synthesis technology, your creative process has just been redefined. Now, you can effortlessly produce visuals elements by translating text descriptions.

Element Generation in Canva

Fun Fact, SlideSpeak also has very powerful AI features to generate presentations. Check it out here: and find out effortlessly create your presentation for any topic using our AI-powered engine.

Canva vs Prezi: Powerpoint Export, Import, and Convert Tool

Upgrading to the paid Prezi subscription, you can export presentations in various formats such as PDF and even as a standalone portable Prezi file. This flexibility allows you to easily share your work with others who may not have access to Prezi. Additionally, you can also convert existing PowerPoint presentations if you want to use them as a starting point for your Prezi presentation. Likewise, if you plan to edit outside Prezi, you can convert your presentation to PPT, no problem.

Export Dialog Box for Prezi

Using Canva vs Prezi, you can also import from an already existing presentation. 

Import Pop Up for Canva

Once done editing, you can then save your presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

Download Option for Canva

The Verdict : Canva vs Prezi

On the simplicity front and for most basic slide deck needs, Canva is a great starting point. Its interface prioritizes user-friendliness that is perfect for both total beginners and casual users. Furthermore, its impressive templates, drag-and-drop features plus robust free access also make its accessibility best-in-class.

However, for more complex or visually dynamic presentation needs, Prezi is the best choice. The zoomed-out canvas scope, and animated, punchy graphics are perfect for advanced presentations that capture attention through visual storytelling motion.

In summary, if you’re after a straightforward, run-of-the-mill slide deck without complexity, turn to Canva first. 

But if crafting a visually impressive, more complex, and animated presentation, Prezi is your top presentation tool.

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Home Blog Design How to Use Canva and PowerPoint for Presentations

How to Use Canva and PowerPoint for Presentations

Cover for Guide on How to Use Canva and PowerPoint for Presentations

Creating the perfect presentation design is a challenge that speakers often aim to achieve, only to find themselves lacking graphic design knowledge. Although high-tier options like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator help users worldwide to put their ideas into pixels, the reality is they are not user-friendly interfaces for people outside the graphic design industry, namely business professionals, marketers, and educators. Hence, the need to find an alternative for making powerful graphics to use in our presentations – and here’s where Canva comes into the picture.

This web-based graphic design tool has quickly become the preferred choice of teachers, social media influencers, and small business owners due to its free-tier plans and pro plans at a convenient subscription-based fee. 

In this article, we will see how to use Canva presentation in PowerPoint and how to export Canva to PPT, to create visually appealing presentations.

Table of Contents

Canva vs. Microsoft PowerPoint: Pros and Cons for Presenters

Designing with canva, how to export a canva presentation to powerpoint, how to use canva-made graphics in powerpoint, final words.

Although presenters often see Canva as an alternative to PowerPoint, the reality is that they differ in one single aspect: Canva is a graphic design tool, whereas PowerPoint is a presentation design software. Some of the tools available in PowerPoint are not there in Canva, and vice versa.

Canva vs PowerPoint

Going into more technical aspects, here are the Pros and Cons of working with either software as a presenter.

Pros of Canva as a Presentation Tool

User-friendly interface.

Canva’s drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for non-designers to create presentations by using its library of shapes, graphics, text styles, and other resources.

Wide Range of Templates

It offers a vast library of Canva templates, which can be easily customized in their online editor, saving time on design. There’s a con associated with this point, which we shall discuss later.

Magic Studio for Canva was released mid-Q3 this year with the idea of powering designs with AI tools. This tool is available in Canva search features and in the editor at the bottom right corner, which features the list options:

  • AI text generation
  • Suggested graphics to match your design
  • Suggested photos to match your design

Collaboration Feature

Allows multiple users to simultaneously work on the same presentation, which is great for small team projects. Compared with PowerPoint, it does not require all users to be Premium to collaborate online.

Web-Based Platform

Being an online platform, it allows users to work from any device with Internet access without needing software installation. This particularly helps users with legacy computers who cannot install current versions of Microsoft Office. 

Integrated Stock Library

Provides access to a broad selection of stock photos, illustrations, and icons within the platform. Just like with the Canva templates, there’s also a con to this point.

Customization Options

Users can upload images and fonts, enabling brand consistency across presentations. Note: The upload fonts feature is only available for Canva Pro users.

Photo Editing and Animation Features

Canva lets users tweak their graphics with simple-to-use controls. These options help us to adjust opacity, apply photo filters, add animation effects, add bevels and shadows, and more.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Can export presentations to various formats (as a PDF document, as a video presentation in MP4 format, or even as images), making them viewable on different devices and platforms. The export options allow us to post directly into social media, create printables, post to the web, etc. While some export formats require an upgrade to a Canva Pro subscription (like the ability to export to SVG format), the basic export features are enough for simple presentations and beginners.

Cons of Canva as a Presentation Tool

Limited offline functionality.

Requires an internet connection for full functionality, which can be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity, for business people working on an airline flight, while using Airplane mode, or for people traveling in other zones without Internet access.

Fewer Animation and Transition Options

Unlike PowerPoint, the available options for animations and transitions are limited. Users can find this reiterative, which may be unappealing to using these effects in our presentations. 

Premium Content

Although the Canva library is extensive in terms of assets, the reality is that most of these elements are only available for premium users. This applies to templates, shapes, images (mostly), and exporting options. Resizing the graphics you create in Canva to repurpose your design is only available to premium users.

Template Overuse

Popular templates can be overused, making presentations look similar to many others. This is of particular interest to business professionals, as people tend to easily associate some designs as being made with Canva.

Design Decisions

Unlike using a PowerPoint template , you have to work your way with Canva content, as the PPT templates tend to be quite generic and do not offer tools for data representation. Consequently, you have to know how and where to introduce those elements on your own rather than working with a presentation template that already assigned the space for such graphics.

Lack of Advanced Multimedia Integration

Integrating complex multimedia elements like videos is not as seamless as in some desktop applications. You won’t find options to link to source elements; you need to upload the content to your personal Canva library and manually add the resource to the slide. Presenters can also lose third-party integrations via plugins for some multimedia resources.

Pros of PowerPoint as a Presentation Tool

Widespread use and familiarity.

PowerPoint is the leading market tool for presentations, making most audiences and presenters are familiar with it at a basic operational level. This can help us to outsource technical issues quickly rather than aiming to use web-based interfaces to share Canva-created content.

Offline Access

PowerPoint can be used offline, which is ideal for people traveling, areas where the Internet connection is unreliable, or simply because we want to focus on creating the slides rather than facing distractions via the Internet.

Integration with Other Microsoft Office Tools

Seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products like Excel and Word, making it easy to import data and documents. This is ideal for creating complex graphics for data representation, where the content can be synced, importing databases, working with Gantt Charts in software like Microsoft Project, and more.

Also, Microsoft PowerPoint has the same text editing capabilities as Microsoft Word – a striking contrast with Canva’s limited features.

Templates and Design Options

This is PowerPoint’s forte: the capability of using third-party presentation templates, like the ones provided by SlideModel . Users can buy pre-designed slide decks from professional vendors and ease the need to make design-related decisions. On top of that, Microsoft already includes some basic templates with its 365 subscription.

Advanced Features

Offers a broad range of features, including detailed animations and transitions, which can enhance presentations. For example, the ability to work with SVG graphics allows presentation designers to make pixel-perfect presentations without losing image quality. This is available to all users, unlike Canva, which requires a subscription to unlock certain elements.

Multimedia Capabilities

Supports embedding of various multimedia elements like audio, video, and images directly into presentations. You can use hyperlinks to embed content or work with third-party plugins for specific tasks.

Extensive Support and Resources

As a long-established tool, users can find tutorials everywhere, support communities, and additional resources available online.

Cons of PowerPoint for Presenters

Some features can be complex to use, and the interface may be overwhelming for new users. In particular, this is linked to editing PowerPoint Shapes and graphs, working with Slide Master , applying advanced animation effects and so on.

Unlike Canva or Google Slides, PowerPoint requires purchasing Office 365 or a standalone license.

Heavy Files

PowerPoint files, especially those with multimedia content, can become large and difficult to share via email. As a side effect, those heavy files can be complicated to handle in computers that lack sufficient RAM and processing power. Moreover, they require significant free disk space on your PC.


Creating a high-quality presentation with custom animations and graphics can be time-consuming. That’s the reason why we highly recommend users work their way with PowerPoint templates, and mix and match designs to create a unique slide deck .

Learning Curve

Users need to invest time in learning the software to fully utilize its advanced features. This applies to both acquiring the knowledge and practicing the skills you learned. And still, for some users, it feels frustrating not to achieve results relatively quickly. 

In this section, we will learn how to use Canva to create graphics for a product presentation. The idea is to create placeholder graphics containing images of a product; then, we will export that content to continue creating our presentation in PowerPoint.

After creating our Canva account, we find ourselves at the Home screen. Go to Templates, and you will see something similar to this UI. 

Canva templates available on its website

We can go straight to the Presentations (16:9) option or use the search bar to locate the template we want. In this case, we will opt for that scenario and search “Product.”

presentation tools canva

The images that show a little crown at the low right corner are premium templates, which means we cannot use them with a free account. We will pick a template that fits the needs of our presentation by clicking over it. At the contextual window that opens, select Customize this template .

Selecting a Canva template

The Canva builder may take a bit to load, especially if your internet connection is slow. You will find yourself with a window like this one, opened at the Design tab, which offers alternatives for other templates similar to the one you chose.

Design builder in Canva

The Styles tab allows us to quickly change the layout, altering color themes and fonts. Sometimes, that can suit our needs immediately; sometimes, it requires extra work to customize to our preferences.

Styles Tab in Canva

We can click on any element in this design and customize its content. Depending on the element type, the options are available for us. For this presentation, we will change the text and images, and alter font color at the button to make it stand out.

Customizing font color in Canva

Next, it’s time to replace the images. We can drag and drop the image into Canva, or we can go to the Uploads button and add the content from there.

Uploading images to Canva

In this case, we’re using DALL-E-generated images for this product presentation, you can also use illustrations, photos, videos, or Midjourney illustrations . Once the images are uploaded, drag and drop them to replace the images in the placeholder areas. To complete this design, we removed the shape that came with the template – you can add a new shape by going to Elements > Graphics .

Graphics tab in Canva

Learning how to use Canva for PowerPoint is pretty straightforward. Download your Canva design as a PowerPoint presentation, which you can do by accessing your design and going to the top-right corner to locate the button Share . Click on it, and then click on Download .

Under File Type , we will select PPTX , as it’s PowerPoint’s native format. Click on Download , and wait for the process of downloading the file to be completed. Depending on the graphic assets included, it can take a while.

How to export a Canva Presentation to PowerPoint

At this point, don’t be surprised if you’ll be prompted to upgrade your Canva plan (if you don’t have a premium account). The reason is that Canva will charge you for exporting what they call premium graphics, and since most of the Canva presentation templates use premium graphics, this will be a limitation when exporting your Canva slides to PowerPoint. 

A simple workaround is removing the premium graphics before exporting from Canva to PowerPoint. Although, take in mind this may affect the overall design of your presentation.

As you can see below, the PowerPoint file is entirely editable. Something to consider is that unless you have the font installed on your computer, PowerPoint will reassign to a generic font.

Exported Canva Presentation in PowerPoint

Remember the design we created before? Well, it’s time to use that image as part of a marketing deck presentation , which will represent a social media post to be used by the marketing team to promote the brand.

The first step is to download the design we created as PNG. We can close Canva after that.

Downloading Canva-made graphics as PNG format

We opened our PPT template, which is the Annual Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template , and customized the PowerPoint theme colors . Go to Insert > Pictures > This Device .

Inserting a picture into PowerPoint - Inserting an image from Canva into Annual Marketing Plan Slide template

Select the image we created in Canva and upload it here. We will add some image shadow effects via Shape Format, and a textbox below that describes what the image is about.

PowerPoint slide using Canva graphics - Example of new PowerPoint slide with a graphic created in Canva

And that’s how easily we can use graphics from Canva in our PowerPoint presentations. Remember, it’s best to work with PNG images rather than JPG to reduce file size and preserve image quality.

You can invite others to collaborate on your design by sharing a link to the editable design or by adding them via email as team members on your Canva account.

Canva uses standard cloud storage security measures to protect your data, but like any online platform, it’s important to use a strong password and follow good security practices.

There are two methods for this. You can upload a PPT template into Canva via the Canva Homepage by clicking on Projects , and then go to the Uploads folder. Drag and drop or click on Upload, as we’ve seen before. Once imported, you must click on that file to open it in the Canva editor. The second method is on the editor: go to the Uploads button and upload your PPT file as if it were an image or another media asset.

Yes, you can use SlideModel presentation templates in Canva. As a SlideModel subscriber, you can download .pptx files to import into Canva presentations. This way, you can enjoy the creative slide templates and graphics provided by SlideModel in your Canva presentations

Unfortunately, no, as Canva doesn’t have the same toolset to enable editing functions. That also applies to changing color, so we highly recommend you work with a final PPT file before switching to Canva.

Objects like charts, SmartArt, 3D objects, and WordArt aren’t supported in Canva and won’t be rendered if you upload a slide that contains them.

Yes, all users can download Canva presentations to PPTX format. In case the original Canva design isn’t a presentation file, like a banner or social media post, you won’t be able to resize for that output unless you have a premium account.

Yes, the file must be smaller than 70 MB, and you can import up to 300 slides.

Canva and PowerPoint can collaborate as complementary tools to help presenters overcome the limitations of each individual tool. It takes a while to create your desired workflow, but once that’s accomplished, you can elevate the quality of your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations with Canva. 

We don’t advise using Canva as an alternative to PowerPoint as the current state-of-the-art indicates it won’t support data representation or other PowerPoint stellar tools that make part of most PPT templates. 

presentation tools canva

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  • Mastering Presentation Tools: A Comparative Guide
  • Mastering Presentation Tools

Apple Keynote vs. Canva

Aayush Jain

Aayush Jain

Apple Keynote and Canva are two powerful tools in the realm of presentation design, each with distinct advantages. Keynote is highly regarded for its advanced design capabilities and seamless integration with Apple devices, making it ideal for users who prefer high-quality graphics and animations. Canva, on the other hand, focuses on providing an intuitive design experience with a vast library of templates and design elements, enabling users to create professional-looking presentations without extensive design skills. This comparison aims to help users choose the right tool based on their specific design needs and technical preferences.

Comparison Table

Whether you are looking for the refined design capabilities of Apple Keynote or the versatile and user-friendly design environment of Canva, each tool offers unique advantages that can enhance your presentation experience. If you need assistance in leveraging the full potential of either tool or combining their strengths for a compelling presentation, INK PPT is here to help. Our team can provide expert design services that transform your ideas into visually stunning and effective presentations. Contact INK PPT today to discover how we can elevate your presentation to the next level.

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Enhancing Communication Skills for Presenters

Verbal Presentation Skills for Poster Sessions Engaging Your Audience Verbally When engaging in a poster session, the ability to convey your research effectively through spoken words is crucial. A presenter must master the art of verbal communication to not only share information but also spark interest and engage the audience.

Best Presentation Design Agencies in India [ 2024 ]

TL;DRIn 2024, the landscape of presentation design agencies in India is as vibrant and dynamic as ever. With thousands of firms and talented freelancers contributing to a thriving creative sector, businesses have an impressive array of options for their design needs. However, this abundance can make the selection process

Creating Your Talk Track Toolkit

Essential Tools for Every Speaker Introduction: Unveiling the Arsenal for Effective Communication For anyone stepping into the realm of public speaking or sales presentations, possessing the right tools can transform a basic talk into a compelling narrative. This essential toolkit not only enhances the speaker's confidence but also

Winged Canvas | Online Art School

Online Art School

5 essential presentation design tools for artists, ways to elevate your creative portfolio and leave a lasting impression.

A creative professional presenting in front of a gallery of photography

Presentations are an essential tool for teaching, business meetings, public speaking engagements and personal portfolios. Why, then, do so many presentations contain unnecessary texts, images, and slides? Although a presentation is a handy tool for organizing your data into digestible pieces, the structure is often considered less important than the content.

For artists, however, presentation design is crucial for showcasing their work effectively and leaving a lasting impression. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore five essential presentation design tools tailored to artists, helping you choose the right one to elevate your portfolio to new heights. Let’s look at the most popular tools, like PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi, Google Slides, and Adobe Spark, and discuss how to choose the one that suits you best.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Tool

By choosing an appropriate presentation design tool, you may create eye-catching slides to amplify your message. Here’s what to look for:

User-friendliness:  the tool should allow for creating great slides, even if you are a newbie. 

Feature set: tools with advanced features typically come with a heftier price tag.

Compatibility:  ensure you can use them on your OS, devices, etc.

Affordability:  if you aren’t planning to use the tool frequently, opt for cheaper products.

Tip: Head over for further insights  on how to make a lasting impact with your presentation.

Top Tools for Presentation Design

1. microsoft powerpoint .

PowerPoint is among the most popular presentation tools worldwide. It can boast a staggering 30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily. PowerPoint has an extensive template library, graphic assets, and robust editing tools. So, it remains one of the most versatile tools on the market. It suits best traditional businesses, educational presentations, and anyone with a Windows PC.

The platform has more than 170 million monthly users , which makes it one of the most successful web-based design platforms worldwide. With a vast collection of highly customizable templates and graphic assets, Canva is a great place to create your presentation. It's also easy to use: an intuitive interface allows you to use Canva without previous knowledge, while drag-and-drop functionality is a time-saver. It is bestfor creating eye-catching designs and presentations with minimal effort.

Prezi doubled its audience base to more than 100 million registered users  and reached a valuation of over 300 million dollars. If you’re a fan of non-linear presentations that allow changing sequences of your demonstration on the go, Prezi is a definite must-try. Zoomable canvas and other features will help make your presentation dynamic and engaging, while a vast template library has numerous customizable layouts and thousands of graphic assets. It is the best option fornon-linear presentations with high audience engagement and memorable storytelling. 

4. Google Slides

Google Slides is a free, cloud-based presentation software that is perfect for collaboration and co-authoring. Although Google Slides has a pretty basic collection of templates and graphic assets, its main perks include a user-friendly interface, accessibility across devices, integration with Google Drive, and real-time co-authoring. It is suitable for seamless collaboration within teams working remotely. 

5. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use design platform that is perfect for creating short video presentations. The platform offers an intuitive interface, a wide range of layouts, and professional themes, and allows you to integrate animations and voiceovers into your projects. If you like making dynamic multimedia presentations, Adobe Spark is a no-brainer, and great for users who like to create interactive presentations with voiceovers, animations and music.

How to Choose the Best Tool for Your Needs

Some tools boast numerous advanced features that require time to learn, while others have easy-to-use interfaces and are tailor-made for newbies. Here’s what to consider when choosing one:

Tools for business use with advanced features are typically more expensive than individual plans with limited functionality. And some presentation tools like Google Slides are completely free!

Presentation complexity

Look for drag-and-drop functionality for easy-to-make projects and tools with advanced features for professional projects.

Need for collaboration

If you’re working remotely, look for cloud-based software enabling real-time co-authoring as well as the ability to leave comments.

4 Presentation Tips for Artists

Creating an impactful presentation goes beyond choosing the right tool. Here are some detailed tips, examples, and actional steps to help you make the most of your portfolio presentations, whether it's in person or online.

Digital artist presenting artwork in a class lecture.

1 - Less is more

When it comes to showcasing your artwork, less is often more. Avoid overcrowding your slides with too many images or text. Instead, focus on highlighting your best work and letting it speak for itself (because a picture is worth a thousand words). Choose a few key pieces that represent your style and skill level, and feature them prominently in your presentation.

Actionable steps:

Select a few key pieces from your portfolio that you're particularly proud of or that best represent your style.

Limit each slide to one or two images to avoid overcrowding.

Use whitespace effectively to draw attention to your artwork.

Example:  If you're building an illustration portfolio , be selective about which pieces to feature in your presentation. Instead of cramming them all onto one slide, create separate slides for each illustration, allowing viewers to focus on one piece at a time while you focus on telling the story behind their creations.

2 - Consistency is key

Maintain a consistent design theme throughout your presentation to give it a polished and professional look. Choose a color scheme, font, and layout that complement your artwork and stick with them throughout your presentation.

Choose a color scheme that complements your artwork. Consider using colors that appear in your pieces.

Select a font that is easy to read and matches the style of your artwork.

Use the same layout for each slide to create a sense of unity and cohesion.

Example:  If you specialize in character design and your character art features bright, bold colors, you might choose a colour scheme that includes those colours for your presentation. You could also use a playful, whimsical font that matches the style of your characters or the world they live in.

3 - Showcase your process

Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your creative process by including sketches, drafts, and works-in-progress in your presentation. This not only adds depth to your portfolio but also allows viewers to see how your ideas evolve from concept to completion.

Include sketches, rough drafts, and works-in-progress alongside your finished pieces.

Provide brief explanations or captions to give context to each stage of your creative process.

Highlight any unique techniques or methods you used in your artwork.

Example: If you're building an animation portfolio , you might include storyboards, character sketches, and animation tests in your presentation to show how you develop your ideas from initial concept to final artwork. You could also provide brief explanations about your creative process to provide new insights for the viewer.

4 - Practice, practice, practice

If you're giving a lecture, attending an interview or speaking publicly, rehearse your presentation multiple times to ensure smooth delivery and build confidence. Practice speaking clearly and confidently, and be prepared to answer questions about your artwork. Taking art portfolio classes is another effective way to practice your presentation skills while getting professional advice from experts in the field.

Rehearse your presentation in front of a mirror, or record yourself, being mindful of your tone and pacing.

Take portfolio classes and role play your presentation with a mentor to identify areas for improvement.

Anticipate questions your audience might have about your artwork and prepare thoughtful answers.

Example: Before presenting your portfolio to a potential client or employer, take the time to rehearse your presentation several times. Practice speaking about each piece in your portfolio, highlighting its unique features and explaining the creative process behind it. The more you practice, the more confident and natural you'll feel when it's time to present.

Final Thoughts

When crafting your creative presentation, remember that the tools you choose and the way you present your work can make a significant difference in how your art is perceived. By selecting the right presentation design tool and implementing these tips, you can create a portfolio that not only showcases your talent but also leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you're presenting to potential clients, employers, or peers, use these strategies to elevate your portfolio and make your art shine.

Presentation design is crucial for creating easily digestible and memorable projects that help present your ideas and messages clearly. Not all presentation tools will suit your needs, so consider multiple factors, like their functionality, ease of use, price tag, and compatibility. Remember that presentations shouldn't be boring; with the right tools, you will create content that will animate your audience and make a lasting impression.

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Virtual Art Classes

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Doesn't matter what grade you teach, you can use our free teaching resources to help you educate the next generation of artists. (44).webp

Access the Best Art Education From Anywhere!

Virtual Art Camps

Art Programs for Schools



The Canva Windows app lets you enjoy all the features you love in a dedicated program. Launch Canva instantly from your desktop. Dive into deep work without the tab overload. WORK SMARTER WITH THE VISUAL SUITE A complete suite of tools for our visual world - Craft professional content with 250,000+ free templates. - Design visual Docs with videos, charts, or linked Canva designs. - Capture your team’s best ideas with Whiteboards. - Present with confidence. Wow your audience with visual slides. - Design, schedule, and track your social posts in one place. - Print anything from t-shirts to mugs, posters, and packaging. - Turn your designs into a website. Save on domain costs. - Collaborate in real time with your team, from anywhere. - Connect your favorite work apps for a seamless workflow. PHOTO & VIDEO EDITING MADE SIMPLE Fresh content at your fingertips - Edit photos instantly. Auto enhance, focus, or blur to add depth. - Personalize with ease. Filter photos, add text, and adjust image lighting. - Need to remove photo clutter? Add, replace, or modify details with AI tools. - Restore photos or customize emojis. Discover new possibilities with Canva apps. - Play with video editing. Crop, split, or speed up videos. - Finish with the perfect audio track. Sync to the beat in a snap. MEET MAGIC STUDIO All the power of AI. All in one place. - Find the right words, fast, with Magic Write. - Create custom presentations and posts in seconds with Magic Design. - Turn ideas into images and videos with Magic Media. - Swap design formats, languages, or dimensions with Magic Switch. - Extend an image in any direction with Magic Expand. - Instantly add transitions to your design with Magic Animate. CANVA PRO GIVES YOU MORE MAGIC Unlock premium templates, powerful tools, and AI-powered magic. - Unlimited access to 100+ million premium templates and content. - Full access to 20+ AI-powered tools with Magic Studio. - Set up, manage, and grow your brand with Brand Kit. - Resize designs without limits with Magic Switch. - Remove image and video backgrounds in a click. - Turn slides and brainstorms into a doc with Magic Switch. - Schedule social media posts to 8 platforms with Content Planner. - Working with a team? Collaborate faster with Canva for Teams. Canva Pro - $14.99/month or $119.99/year Canva for Teams - $29.99/month or $300/year for the first 5 team members Prices in USD. Localized pricing applies. Subscription auto-renews unless turned off at least 24 hours before the renewal date. Any unused portion of a trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a paid subscription.


May 10, 2024

Can't find what you're looking for?

Designing Success: Exploring Decktopus vs Canva

Dive into the comparison between the simplified features offered by Decktopus AI vs the versatile tools provided by Canva, both designed to aid you in effortlessly crafting impactful presentations.

What's Inside?

Nowadays, presentations and presentation tools have a crucial role in our daily lives including businesses, entertaining purposes, pitching a new job idea, and so on. Presentations are more than just slides and bullet lists since they can be used for storytelling, communication, and persuasion. Therefore, finding the best presentation tool can make the whole experience different. 

Each presentation tools have its unique features, functionality, and impact. Today, we will check out how Decktopus and Canva stack up against each other in terms of their capabilities.


Comprehensive Evaluation of Decktopus

What is decktopus.

Decktopus is an innovative online AI-integrated presentation tool that allows you to effortlessly create captivating presentations using a variety of pre-built templates, AI assistance, or starting from scratch. Deckopus addresses a diverse range of users across different ages, professions, and scenarios. Whether you're a teacher looking to provide valuable and simplified information to your students, an entrepreneur seeking to master persuasion techniques, or a business owner aiming to showcase your enterprise in the best possible way, Decktopus has got you covered.

What are the features of Decktopus?

You'll find a wide range of professionally crafted templates, including those for Google platforms, designed for various purposes, such as business presentations, educational slideshows, and marketing materials.

Decktopus offers content suggestions based on the chosen template, helping users structure their presentations effectively and ensuring they include relevant information. Decktopus offers the convenience of being a web-based platform , meaning that you can access the tool easily wherever you have an online connection.

Decktopus offers you an automated design process, allowing users to focus on content creation while the platform takes care of layout, font selection, and color schemes. You can customize your presentations by adjusting fonts, colors, and layouts to match your branding or personal preferences and save your customized layouts for future use. Additionally, you can customize the design to reflect your style by simply changing the theme or adjusting the colors whenever you like.

You can use interactive elements such as polls, and surveys, enabling presenters to engage their audience and gather feedback in real-time.

You can collaborate your decks within your organization or with others allowing them to view or edit.

The user-friendly interface of the application allows for effortless navigation, making it simple to find and access both existing and new decks and also resources like templates, blogs within the interface.

presentation tools

Advantages of Utilizing Decktopus for Presentation Design

  • Creating streamlined presentations by incorporating a variety of interactive elements directly into the slides.
  • The platform's accessibility ensures that users, regardless of expertise, can efficiently utilize its features, facilitating effortless navigation and promoting a seamless workflow.
  • Organization feature enables users to prepare professional and eye-catching modern presentations tailored to their brand.
  • Slide Notes and Transcript features enable users to take detailed notes during preparation or highlight key points for presentations, ensuring all necessary information is readily available during delivery.
  • Although editable export feature is not available for now, you can edit and customize your decks and slides smoothly by using the edit mode.

canva design

Comprehensive Evaluation of Canva

An introduction to canva: capabilities for latest creative designs.

Canva is an editing tool among many other editing tools that helps you create a variety of visual content for personal, educational, or professional purposes. The professional interface created for the tool has a large and customizable library of templates, images, and graphics. The app includes design-oriented features such as illustrations and animations, offering its users many options to make their projects easier.

What are the features of Canva?

Canva offers many options such as graphics, posters, invitations, and templates for various design projects.

Thanks to its many design elements such as images, icons, animations, fonts, and styles, and its flexibility in use, it provides many options and convenience for the area in which it is used.

Using the Collaborate and editing features, you can collect feedback by sharing your project with others, see their comments, and incorporate diverse opinions smoothly into your design process, effectively utilizing multiple perspectives.

At the same time, you can create very detailed works in terms of design for your brand by creating a Brand kit with your team, using your brand's logo, colors, and fonts.

AI tools

Why Choose Canva? Benefits for Your Presentation Needs

  • Canva's extensive design library ensures that it addresses to every design need, whether personal, educational, or professional, with ease and versatility.
  • The Remove Background feature adds a touch of professionalism to designs, allowing users to create polished and clean visuals effortlessly.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to individuals of all skill levels, ensuring that every feature can be utilized effectively across various domains.
  • Furthermore, Canva offers more than one export option, simplifying the process of downloading or sharing projects.

Potential Drawbacks of Canva in Presentation Making

  • While Canva's interface is generally user-friendly, some features may occasionally appear as time-consuming due to less intuitive UI design.
  • Though lacking in video editing options, Canva remains a powerful tool for static visual content creation.
  • Lastly, while Canva's libraries are vast, ensuring their regular update ensures users have access to the latest and most relevant design resources.

presentation maker

What is the main difference between Decktopus and Canva?

Canva is a multifaceted graphic design platform that offers a wide range of design tools, catering to various needs beyond just presentations. It's not just about making slideshows; it's also great for tasks like editing images and creating tables, showing how versatile it is across various areas.

On the contrary, Decktopus stands out as a specialized presentation tool with a host of unique features, including an efficient export feature. By leveraging AI capabilities, it streamlines the presentation process, delivering professional and engaging content swiftly and allowing users to export their presentations effortlessly.

The Convenience of Utilizing Pre-built Templates in Presentations

Both Canva and Decktopus are two of the leading tools for design . In both tools, pre-built templates can be created using AI, and appropriate fonts, colors, and layouts are created. However, compared to Canva, Decktopus offers more AI features.

AI features

The convenience of image resizing in decktopus and canva.

You can make your work easier by using Canva’s automatic image resizing feature. On the other hand, in Decktopus, your images come adjusted and are suitable for your layouts, and you have the ability to customize them as you wish.

AI Assistant Features

You have the option to utilize AI as an assistant in Decktopus, therefore, you can save a lot of time while preparing presentations. For example,

  • Using the AI assistant feature in Decktopus, you can obtain tips for your presentation and even enter a rehearsal mode to practice these tips during or after the presentation. While AI integration can be a valuable assistant, users may encounter restrictions when it comes to customizing their slides specifically. But Decktopus is focused on updating and enhancing the service constantly to avoid such cases.

Instead of wasting hours searching for images, you can obtain images related to your subject in seconds by using the AI-integrated image option in both tools. You can search for images related to your subject using image recognition in Canva. In Decktopus, you can create brand new and unique images about your subject by using the AI image feature.

ai images

Slide Notes and Transcript

If you are seeking additional details on your presentation, you can access more comprehensive information and generate a transcript by utilizing the Slide Notes feature in Decktopus.

Content Generation

While Canva also offers AI-powered content generation, Decktopus's emphasis on structured guidance and interactive features sets it apart, providing users with a more comprehensive and efficient solution for presentation creation. For example, you can create a Q&A

about your presentation and prepare for future questions or direct questions to your audience. 

Collaboration and Sharing Options

Both Decktopus and Canva have collaboration and team-building options.

You can collaborate on your projects with others in both tools. You can get feedback on the projects you collaborate on in Canva and allow simultaneous interpretation. In Decktopus, you can share your decks both within the organization and with others by using the collaborate feature, and if you wish, you can make simultaneous changes to the presentations by activating the option to view only or view and edit. Additionally, you can access your deck's viewing information by using the Analytics feature.

Using the Brand kit in Canva, you can create many design projects using your own brand's logo, fonts, and colors. In Decktopus, you can create your own company or team under the name Organization and easily create and use your brand's logo, fonts, and colors, create layouts for your organization share them within the organization, and save them for later use.

Although the similarities between Canva and Decktopus are striking, the key distinction lies in their focus: Canva prioritizes flexibility as a graphic design platform , whereas Decktopus concentrates on producing professional and structured works with the support of artificial intelligence.

graphic design

Pricing and Affordability

Canva offers limited access to basic design tools, templates, and images in the free version. In the free version of Decktopus, you can create your own presentations and use a limited number of AI features. You can meet your basic needs with limited access to the free version of both tools.

If you want to increase your access to the tools and have access to more features, both tools offer various annual and monthly Pro and Business/Enterprise plans at affordable budgets. When the differences between the plans are compared, they do not reflect very different or extreme price differences.

Both tools offer various discounts and coupons from vendors to support education. They also engage in affiliate marketing programs with vendors, which increase both usage and motivation to create individual content.

Overall, Canva and Decktopus, as software vendors, offer flexible pricing options to accommodate a wide range of users, from individuals to large organizations, with varying design needs and budgets.

Decktopus vs. Canva: 5 Key Ways Decktopus Comes Out on Top

It is obvious that both platforms offer a wide range of impressive, visually appealing, and practical features. Both platforms have very distinctive features that can stand out in their fields when used both individually and as a team. Here are five ways Decktopus surpasses Canva when we list the 5 standout features that set Decktopus apart and outperforms Canva:

  • A big difference is that Decktopus uses AI not just as a feature but also as an assistant. With AI, you can not only create images and content but also obtain questions that may be encountered during the presentation and many good suggestions that can be said during the conversation, by using AI as an assistant. Slide notes and Transcript features enable presenters to prepare more effectively and stay organized. While presenting a business idea, you can find ideas that will convince the audience or attract their attention in seconds.
  • With Organization, published in the new version of Decktopus, you can gather your brand under a more structured structure, produce more productive work and enable your growth, even if it is a large company or a new initiative. By saving all the design content of your brand to Decktopus, you can access it easily and automatically whenever you want to use it. By transferring the personal presentations you have created to the Organization folder, you can share them with your entire organization and colleagues, and enhance your presentations by allowing them to make edits.,


  • Thanks to the various pre-built templates offered by Decktopus, you can prepare elevated presentations of your ideas by using already prepared templates suitable for every situation. You can review the templates under many titles such as Proposal, Startup Pitch Education, Executive Summary, etc., and reach your professional and functional presentation in seconds by choosing the most suitable title and template for your case study.
  • Decktopus provides built-in slide analytics tools that allow users to track the performance of their presentations, including audience engagement metrics and interaction levels. This feature gives users valuable insights into the effectiveness of their presentations, which may not be available in Canva's feature set.
  • Although Canva also has an import PDF feature, the pages turn into individual images in an A4 document. So, the PDF document cannot be imported as an editable text page in Canva. But you can import your PDF file to Decktopus and create a completely new presentation by passing the information in your PDF file from AI's database. After AI scans the information in your content, it turns it into a detailed and professionally prepared presentation in terms of both content and design.

Executive Summary

Explore our latest presentation crafted with Decktopus AI for stunning visuals and dynamic content effortlessly created with AI-driven design tools, personalized tips, and dynamic slide notes. Discover more:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. is there a better tool than canva.

While Canva is a popular and widely used design platform, whether another platform is “better” depends on individual preferences, needs, and the specific context of the design project. Canva has several alternatives , each with their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Adobe Spark, Crello, PowerPoint and Kittl are various platforms that you can use according to your design needs.

2. Who’s Canva’s biggest competitor?

Canva's biggest competitor is often thought to be Adobe Spark, which offers similar features and functionality for creating graphics, presentations, and other visual content. Other competitors can be considered as PicMonkey, and, PowerPoint, etc. But when we consider Canva's presentation creation and AI features, Decktopus is definitely one of its sharpest competitors.

3. What are the disadvantages of Canva?

Some users may feel overwhelmed by the limitations in customization options and the need for constant internet access when using Canva. It's understandable to find the interface less intuitive compared to more advanced design software. If given your limited experience with computers, navigating through Canva's interface and features might pose a slight challenge for you.

4. Determining the Superior Presentation Tool: Which one is better, Decktopus or Canva?

Whether Decktopus or Canva is better depends on the user's specific needs, preferences, and the genesis, purpose, and tenor of the design project. Decktopus is specifically designed to be a tool you can use as an assistant to create presentations and offers AI-powered features for creating smooth content, while Canva is a more general-purpose design platform with a wider range of design content. Therefore, as the audience Canva appeals to expands, its use may become more difficult for some segments.


In conclusion, if you are seeking a top-tier tool for creating and generating presentations, Decktopus stands out as the ideal choice.

presentation tools canva

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Free Google Slides Business Model Canvas Templates

By Courtney Patterson | May 8, 2024

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These customizable Google Slides business model canvas templates are tailored for entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and strategic planners. Download any template to help you develop and refine your business model, establishing a solid base for growth and innovation. This collection includes a  Lean business model canvas template , a  social enterprise business model canvas template , a  tech startup business model canvas template , and more.

Google Slides Simple Business Model Canvas Template

Simple Business Model Canvas Template

Download the Simple Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides 

When to Use This Template:  Use this streamlined business model canvas template during dynamic strategy meetings or brainstorming sessions. It's particularly useful for entrepreneurs, startups, and educators looking for a fast way to kick-start planning, facilitate workshops, or clarify ongoing business strategies. 

Notable Template Features:  This template efficiently outlines key aspects of a business model, such as value propositions, target customer segments, and critical operations. The user-friendly layout ensures swift updates and engaging team discussions, making it an essential resource for visualizing and refining strategic plans. 

Access this complimentary collection of  free business model canvas templates to effectively visualize your business's fundamental elements. 

Google Slides Lean Business Model Canvas Template

Lean Business Model Canvas Template

Download the Sample Lean Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides 

Download the Blank Lean Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides

When to Use This Template:  Ideal for high-velocity environments, this Lean business model canvas template with or without sample data allows forward-thinking innovators to expedite the testing and validation of their business concepts. It focuses on refining the pivotal aspects of a business strategy to adjust based on real-time market responses. 

Notable Template Features:  This template highlights critical Lean startup principles, including the alignment of solutions with customer problems, compelling value propositions, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Its interactive and flexible design makes it a vital resource for teams striving for continual progress. Download the sample version for a pre-filled template, or try the blank version to fill in the sections with your own data.

Google Slides Business Capability Model Template

Business Capability Model Template

Download the Business Capability Model Template for Google Slides  

When to Use This Template:  Use this template to streamline your strategic planning. It is designed to help organizations assess and outline their core business functions and capabilities so that they can synchronize business strategies with operational strengths and identify areas for investment. 

Notable Template Features:  Across multiple dynamic slides, this template facilitates a thorough analysis of business capabilities, from day-to-day operations to customer interaction tactics. Its organized layout allows for a methodical review of your company's strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities, improving communication and strategic alignment across teams and sectors. 

Google Slides Social Enterprise Business Model Canvas Template

Social Enterprise Canvas Template

Download the Social Enterprise Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides

When to Use This Template:  This Google Slides template is ideal for social enterprises and mission-driven organizations that need to strategize how to balance social impact with financial viability. Use this template in brainstorming sessions or strategic planning meetings to navigate the challenges of creating social value and financial stability. 

Notable Template Features:  This template emphasizes integrating social objectives with core business functions. It includes dedicated sections for outlining social missions, evaluating impact, and building community relationships. Its comprehensive design enables you to map out both the social and economic facets of your business. 

Google Slides Customer-Focused Business Model Canvas Template

Customer Focused Canvas Template Example

Download the Sample Customer-Focused Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides  

Download the Blank Customer-Focused Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides  

When to Use This Template:  Use this customer-focused template with or without sample data when you're fine-tuning or developing a business strategy with a strong emphasis on customer insights. The template is particularly effective at turning customer needs into unique market positions and customized experiences.

Notable Template Features:  Specially crafted to highlight the role of customer perspectives in strategic planning, this template features dedicated areas for detailing customer journeys, preferences, and the feedback process. It offers a comprehensive examination of how your business model caters to customer demands, prioritizing customer satisfaction and active engagement in every strategic move.

Google Slides E-Commerce Business Model Canvas Template

E-Commerce Business Model Canvas Template

Download the E-Commerce Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides  

When to Use This Template:  Try this e-commerce template when you need to elevate your presence in the digital retail space. Ideal for strategizing the launch of a new online store or refining the operations of an existing one, this template facilitates a detailed examination and improvement of an online shopping journey, from the first interaction to follow-up after sales. 

Notable Template Features:  Tailor-made for the nuances of e-commerce, this template provides a guide for strategizing around online consumer behaviors, digital marketing tactics, and logistical operations. It covers crucial strategic e-commerce activities, such as enhancing the customer experience, streamlining payment systems, and ensuring effective customer support. 

Google Slides Tech Startup Business Model Canvas Template

Tech Startup Model Canvas Template

Download the Tech Startup Business Model Canvas Template for Google Slides

When to Use This Template:  Use this tech startup template during critical phases of brainstorming and entering the market or as you adjust your tech enterprise to meet the changing needs of the industry. It's designed to help you better understand the relationship between your technological innovations and market requirements.

Notable Template Features:  Adapted for the unique challenges and opportunities of the tech sector, this template emphasizes research and development, intellectual property management, and strategies for gaining users. It offers a comprehensive layout for mapping out how your tech solutions align with market expectations, with a focus on ensuring scalability, security measures, and innovation.

Related Templates

Explore these complimentary Google Slides templates rooted in business model canvas methodologies. Tailored to boost your strategic business planning, these resources emphasize strategic planning, market analysis, value proposition clarification, and customer journey mapping. 

Free SWOT Analysis Templates for Google Slides

Basic SWOT Matrix Template

Make use of these  free SWOT analysis templates for Google Slides to better understand your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, allowing for new strategic initiatives and insightful decision-making. 

Free Google Slides Project Management Templates

Simple Project Plan Example Template Google Slides

These  free Google Slides project management templates offer users an intuitive way to organize, track, and present project details, timelines, and milestones, enhancing project visibility and team collaboration. 

Free Brand Presentation Templates

presentation tools canva

See this collection of  free brand presentation templates for resources to help you seamlessly integrate and showcase your brand's identity in your business model canvas, enhancing how you communicate your value proposition and market positioning. 

Free Marketing Report Templates

Monthly Marketing Report Presentation Template

Take a look at these  free marketing report templates for help analyzing and presenting your marketing efforts and ensuring that they align with the strategies outlined in your business model canvas. 

Free Change Management Strategy Templates

Change Management Strategy Presentation Example Template

Check out these  free change management strategy templates to help you effectively plan and execute organizational changes, ensuring they align with your strategic objectives. 

Free Go-to-Market Strategy Templates

Go-To-Market Strategy Presentation Template

Explore these  free go-to-market strategy templates when you need a targeted strategic approach for launching a product or service. 

Free Project Timeline Templates

3 Month Project Timeline Template

Dive into these  free project timeline templates to help you map out the key milestones and timelines for your strategic initiatives, aligning them with the broader goals outlined in your business model canvas. 

Free Annual Plan Templates and Yearly Planning Templates

Annual Plan Slide Template

Discover these  free annual plan templates and yearly planning templates to assist you in setting annual goals and strategies that are in harmony with your long-term objectives. 

Free Google Timeline Templates

Simple Timeline Template

Check out these  free Google timeline templates to help you effectively visualize and plan the chronological development and execution of the strategies outlined in your business model canvas. 

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    And it is quite easy. 1. Open the presentation on your web or mobile Canva app. Here we are using the web app. Click on the Present button to begin the presentation. 2. Select an option depending on how you want to present. We discussed the three options above. Now click on Present button. 3.

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    The best free presentation software Canva (Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) Canva pros: Excellent free plan. Tons of amazing templates for all use cases. Feature-rich. Canva cons: The AI tools aren't groundbreakingly useful. Canva offers one of the most robust free plans of all the presentation apps I tested. The app delays account creation ...

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    You need high-quality business presentation software to take your slides to the next level. Some of the best presentation software include Visme, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Microsoft Powerpoint, Canva and Google Slides. In this comparison guide, we'll analyze each of these tools and many more to understand what the difference is between them so you ...

  11. Canva vs Prezi: Which Presentation Tool is Right for You?

    Prezi's strength as a presentation tool lies in its motion, zooming, and spatial effects making the presentation dynamic, animated, and of visual interest. In presenting one, the platform automatically zooms you in per frame. On the flip side, Canva has more limited transitions and simpler animation capability.

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    Although presenters often see Canva as an alternative to PowerPoint, the reality is that they differ in one single aspect: Canva is a graphic design tool, whereas PowerPoint is a presentation design software. Some of the tools available in PowerPoint are not there in Canva, and vice versa.

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    The Canva Windows app lets you enjoy all the features you love in a dedicated program. Launch Canva instantly from your desktop. Dive into deep work without the tab overload. WORK SMARTER WITH THE VISUAL SUITE A complete suite of tools for our visual world - Craft professional content with 250,000+ free templates. - Design visual Docs with videos, charts, or linked Canva designs. - Capture ...

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    With Canva, you get even more creative freedom: An easy drag-and-drop tool to help you add graphics; Page animation features, emojis, color palettes and font sets; Millions of professionally designed images and photos; Pre-recorded Talking Presentation tools to help you practice; A notes feature for adding talking points to your design

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