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  • homeward bound
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  • a homework assignment
  • my geography homework
  • to do one’s homework
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▾ dictionary english-french, homework noun —, devoir m (often used), devoirs pl m (often used), homework club n —, homework help n —, homework support n —, homework book n —, homework supervision n —, ▸ wikipedia, ▾ external sources (not reviewed).

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Searching out and tracking down: talking about finding or discovering things

word for homework in french

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1. homework SCHOOL :

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2. homework (research) :

Homework diary n.

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Translations for homework in the French » English Dictionary (Go to English » French )

1. homework (work after school) :, 2. homework (paid work done at home) :.

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What is the translation of "do homework" in French?

"do homework" in french, do homework {vb} [example].

  • volume_up faire les devoirs


Do homework {verb} [example].

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English how to use "do homework" in a sentence, english how to use "faire les devoirs" in a sentence, similar translations, similar translations for "do homework" in french.

  • devoir scolaire
  • faire cuire
  • se livrer à
  • s'y retrouver
  • do everything in one's power
  • do exercise
  • do fieldwork
  • do for someone
  • do gymnastics
  • do homework
  • do honestly
  • do housework
  • do impersonations
  • do impressions
  • do it again
  • do it doggy fashion
  • do justice to

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word for homework in french

Words for I do my homework in French

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A Simple Guide to Talking About School in French

Whether you’re navigating a new French class, preparing for the speaking portion of a test like the GCSE or making friends with French-speaking students , it’s important to know lots of school vocabulary.

In this post I’ll give you a list of useful school-related vocabulary, with more than 100 words for people, places and things you’ll need to know for talking about school in French.

People at School

Levels of schooling, school subjects, rooms in a school building, school supplies, school assignments, and one more thing....

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)


L’étudiant / L’étudiante – Student

Le/ La camarade de classe – Classmate

Le professeur  – Teacher/Professor

L’entraîneur  – Coach

L’infirmier / L’infirmière – Nurse

Le proviseur / Le chef d’établissement – Principal or Headmaster

Le proviseur adjoint – Vice Principal


L’école  – School

L’école public  – Public school

L’école privée  – Private school

L’école de langue – Language school

L’école maternelle – Preschool

L’école primaire  – Primary school

Le collège  – Middle school

Le lycée  – High school

L’université / la fac – College

  L’université  is the official term for “college,” but many French people casually refer to college as la fac .

Je suis à la fac cette année. (I am in college this year.)

L’école supérieure de troisième cycle – Graduate school

Le doctorat – Doctorate degree

La faculté de médecine  – Medical school

La faculté de droit  – Law school

Je vais au / à la … – I go to …

Je vais au lycée.  (I go to high school.)

Je vais à la fac de médecine.  (I go to med school.)


Le cours préparatoire or CP  – First grade

Le cours élémentaire 1re année or CE1 – Second grade

Le cours élémentaire 2e année or CE2  – Third grade

Le cours moyen 1re année or CM1 – Fourth grade

Le cours moyen 2e année or CM2  – Fifth grade

La sixième  – Sixth grade

La cinquième  – Seventh grade

La quatrième  – Eighth grade

La troisième  – Ninth grade

La seconde  – 10th grade

La première  – 11th grade

La terminale  – 12th grade

La première année d’université – First year of college

La seconde année d’université  – Second year of college

La troisième année d’université – Third year of college

La quatrième année d’université – Fourth year of college

Être en – To be in [grade]

Mon fils s’appelle Daniel. Il est en CM1.  (My son’s name is Daniel. He is in fourth grade.)

Je suis en  première année à l’université. (I am in my first year of college.)


Le français – French

L’anglais – English

L’espagnol – Spanish

L’allemand  – German

Le latin – Latin

Les maths  – Math

Les sciences  – Science

L’éducation physique  – PE

L’histoire  – History

La géographie  – Geography

La biologie  – Biology

La physique  – Physics

La chimie  – Chemistry

L’algèbre  – Algebra

La géométrie  – Geometry

Le calcul – Calculus

Les arts plastiques  – Art

La musique  – Music

Le théâtre – Theater

La chorale – Choir

L’orchestre – Band

La littérature – Literature

L’écriture créative  – Creative writing

La médecine  – Medicine

Le droit  – Law

J’ai … maintenant.  – I have … now.

Je dois partir! J’ai chimie maintenant .  (I have to leave! I have chemistry now.)

J’ai espagnol à 9h. (I have Spanish at 9am)

Je suis un cours de…  – I am taking a course in…

Je suis un course d ‘écriture créative cette année. (I am taking a creative writing course this year.)

Note that the verb used here is suivre (literally, “to follow”), not être (to be).

J’aime…  – I like…

J’aime  le théâtre. C’est mon cours préféré!  (I like theater. It is my favorite class!)

Je n’aime pas  – I don’t like …

Je n’aime pas  la géographie. C’est barbant! (I don’t like geography. It’s boring!)


La salle de classe  – Classroom

Le bureau – Office

Le bureau du proviseur  – Principal’s office

L’infirmerie  – Nurse’s office

Le gymnase  – Gym

La cafétéria / la cantine – School cafeteria

Le resto-U – University cafeteria

La résidence universitaire – Dormitory

Le laboratoire / le labo – Laboratory

L’amphithéâtre / l’amphi – Lecture hall


Le cahier / le carnet – Notebook

Le manuel  – Textbook

Le classeur  – Binder/folder

Le stylo – Pen

Le crayon  – Pencil

La calculatrice  – Calculator

L’ordinateur – Computer

Le portable – Laptop

Le sac à dos  – Backpack

Le surligneur – Highlighter

La gomme  – Eraser

La craie  – Chalk

Le marqueur – Felt tip marker

L’éponge  – Eraser for the chalkboard or whiteboard

La colle  – Glue

Les crayons de couleur  – Colored pencils

Les crayons gras  – Crayons

La règle  – Ruler

Les fiches  – Index cards

La gamelle  – Lunchbox

Le papier  – Paper

Le papier millimétré – Graph paper

Le correcteur fluide  – White-out

Les ciseaux  – Scissors

L’agrafeuse  – Stapler


Le devoir  – Assignment/paper

Les devoirs – Homework

Yes, a specific assignment and homework in general (which may include multiple assignments) are differentiated simply by making the word plural. Languages are weird, aren’t they?

L’interro  – Quiz

L’examen  – Exam/test

L’attestation de DELF /DALF – DELF/DALF certification

If you study abroad or study at a language school, you might try to earn your DELF or DALF certification .

DELF stands for  Diplôme d’études en langue française , or “Diploma in French Studies.” DALF stands for  Diplôme approfondi de langue française , or “Diploma in Advanced French.”

Le discours  – Speech

Le diplôme  – Degree

J’ai un diplôme en… – I have a degree in…

J’ai un diplôme en  pédagogie de langue française. (I have a degree in French education.)

À rendre…  – Due

Mes devoirs de sciences sont à rendre demain.  (My science homework is due tomorrow.)

Désolé, je ne peux pas sortir ce soir. J’ai un long devoir  à rendre cette semaine. (Sorry, I can’t go out tonight. I have a long paper due this week .)

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word for homework in french

word for homework in french

Welcome to our collection of resources for learning French online!

We have more than 15 resources and apps for learning French. These resources were created for students and French teachers. Some of these resources will be useful for native French speakers (for example the "Convert to Unicode"). All of these apps and resources will work with most modern browsers.

Our French apps and resources range from very simple apps (such as the "Alphabetize" or "Word Count" apps) to amazing worksheet or wordsearch generators which are all completely customizable. All these resources are super user friendly and offer a large input range. Give them a go!

Alphabetize French Text   With this resource you can automatically sort words horizontally, vertically and alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. This resource will keep the same format for your whole document.

French Word Search Creator   Create French wordsearches with this worksheet generator with a separate answer key provided for teachers and customizable fonts and sizes.

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Convert French TXT Files From Uppercase To Lowercase   Convert the contents of any French .TXT file into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc. 

Convert French Srt Files From Uppercase To Lowercase   Upload your French .SRT subtitle file and convert it to UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc.

Count French Characters And Words   A perfect app for writers, students and anyone who wants to know the stats of their text. This app counts the words and letters in your text.

French Font As Image   Turn any French text into an image for social media or your web signature with this resource. All with a range of fonts, sizes and colors available.

Change French Text Orientation   This resource lets you change the orientation of your French text. You can make your text read left-to-right, right-to-left and top-to-bottom.

Convert French Text Into Unicode   This resource lets you convert French text to Unicode. This will allow accents such as é, è and ç to be expressed online regardless of whether or not a browser has a French keyboard installed. You can also use this resource to convert Unicode back into French.

French Worksheet Generators

We have a number of worksheet generators for teachers to create fun ways to teach French. These worksheets are all completely customizable and many of them provide optional answer sheets for teachers. These worksheets can be used many different situations to test grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. They can be set as homework, for used to play word games in class.

French Sentence Fill In The Gap    Remove words from French text and sentences for students to fill with the correct answer. Select multiple words you want to remove from the text which will appear in a separate box for students to select.

French Sentences Create Blank Spaces   This worksheet allows teachers to create blank spaces in French texts and sentences for students to fill in with their own answers. Select the word you want to leave blank and that word will appear in brackets at the end of the sentence, for example "J'aime jouer à ____ (sport)". This resource is very versatile as there are no fixed answers.

French Words Scramble   This is a great resource for testing a French learner's vocabulary and spelling. Enter your words and each individual word will be scrambled. Sentences will remain in the same order but students must unscramble the word and provide the correct spelling.

Jumble Up French Sentences   This resource is great for checking a student's knowledge of sentence structure and grammar rules. Write out a sentence and this generator will jumble up the words randomly. You can also choose to keep the French text in sentence case or entirely lower case.

Create French Number Bingo Sheets   Turn practicing French numbers into a fun game with these bingo sheets. Both of these bingo worksheets will also promote listening skills. With this worksheet generator you can choose which numbers will appear.   

Create French Random Number Bingo Sheets   This worksheet generator works exactly as the previous resource, but here you can choose the range in which you'd like randomized numbers to appear. Whether its un to vingt, or cent to deux mille and beyond.

Learning French can be tricky seem first. With its gendered nouns, conjugated verbs, silent letters and the complicated number system there is a lot for learners of the language of Voltaire and Victor Hugo to master. But whether you're looking to learn or to teach French, we have loads of resources to make sure its never been easier! All completely customizable and compatible with all modern browsers, these resources help teachers and learners of all levels and abilities. Give them a try and see how much fun you can have!

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French School Vocabulary (List Of 100+ Classroom Terms)

French School Vocabulary (List Of 100+ Classroom Terms)

French school vocabulary includes: une école (school), un collège (middle school), un lycée (high school), un étudiant (student) and un professeur (teaher). This page offers a complete vocab list with words broken down by the following categories: Classroom words, teachers and students and verbs.

word for homework in french

French classroom vocabulary

The is a complete list of classroom terms and school supplies. In France, kids carry a pencil case which is referred to as “une trousse”. Kids also carry school or book bags called “un cartable”. In the olden days all kids wrote with a fountain pen, which is called “un stylo plume”.

  • l’aquarelle watercolors
  • l’encre (f) ink
  • l e baccalauréat, le bac high school diploma (in France)
  • la carte du monde world map
  • la colle glue
  • la craie chalk
  • le drapeau flag
  • le papier paper
  • les ciseaux scissors
  • les devoirs homework
  • tableau blanc whiteboard
  • taille-crayon pencil sharpener
  • un atlas atlas
  • un bureau teacher’s desk
  • un cahier notebook
  • un carnet assignment book
  • un classeur binder
  • un compas compass
  • un cours lesson
  • un crayon pencil
  • un dictionnaire dictionary
  • un examen exam, examination
  • un globe (terrestre) globe
  • un livre book
  • un livre de classe/cours, un manuel scolaire textbook
  • un ordinateur computer
  • un ordinateur portable laptop
  • un pupitre desk
  • un rapporteur protractor
  • un règle ruler
  • un rétroprojecteur overhead projector
  • un sac d’écolier, un cartable school bag
  • un stylo pen
  • un stylo à bille ballpoint pen
  • un stylo-plume fountain pen
  • un surligneur, un stabilo highlighter
  • un tableau interactif smart board
  • un trombone paperclip
  • un vidéoprojecteur projector
  • une agrafeuse stapler
  • une calculatrice calculator
  • une carte map
  • une étagère bookcase
  • une expérience experiment
  • une gamelle lunchbox
  • une gomme à effacer eraser
  • une interrogation, interro test, quiz
  • une note grade (A through F, etc.)
  • une perforatrice, perforeuse hole-puncher
  • une punaise thumbtack
  • une trousse pencil case

word for homework in french

Teachers and students

French has a variety of terms for teachers and this can cause some confusion. At the elementary school (école primaire) level the following terms are used: maître/maîtresse and instituteur/institutrice. At the middle school and high school (collège and lycée) level, the following term are used: enseignant, enseignante. At the high school level the term professeur is used.

  • un(e) assistant(e) assistant
  • une classe d’étudants class of students
  • un entraîneur coach
  • un maître, une maîtresse elementary school teacher
  • un(e) étudiant(e) d’échange exchange student
  • un écolier/une écolière grade school student
  • un onseiller d’orientation, une conseillère d’orientation guidance counselor
  • un lycéen/une lycéenne high school student
  • un professeur high school teacher
  • un gardien, un(e) agent(e) d’entretien janitor
  • un(e) bibliothécaire librarian
  • un(e) enseignant(e) middle school teacher
  • le directeur, la directrice principal
  • un(e) élève pupil
  • un(e) camarade d’école/de classe schoolmate, classmate
  • un(e) secrétaire secretary
  • une étudiant(e) student
  • un(e) prof (slang) teacher

word for homework in french

Verbs for school

In French, the term used for passing an exam is “réussir à un examen”. Interestingly, the term used for taking an exam is “passer un examen”. There are two verbs used for flunking an exam: “louper un examen” and “rater un examen” and “échouer à un examen”.

  • aller/assister à l’école to go to school
  • apprendre to learn
  • avoir une leçon to have a class, lesson
  • comprendre to undersatnd
  • échouer à un examen to fail an exam
  • écrire to write
  • enseigner to teach
  • être absent(e) to be absent
  • être present(e) to be present
  • étudier to study
  • faire l’appel to take attendance
  • faire l’ecole buissonnière to play hooky
  • faire les devoirs to do homework
  • lire to read
  • passer un examen to take an exam
  • poser une question to ask a question
  • prendre des notes to take notes
  • recevoir une education, une formation to get an education
  • répéter to repeat
  • résoudre un problème to solve a problem
  • réussir à un examen to pass an exam
  • réviser to review
  • sécher un cours to skip class
  • suivre un cours to take a course, class, subject
  • tricher to cheat

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  • Sep 9, 2021

100+ Essential school vocabulary in French + PDF

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

How about learning essential school vocabulary in French ? After all, Summer holidays are over and it's time to go back to school. It may be the right moment to learn useful French vocabulary like école (school), université (university), la rentrée scolaire (school opening), or basics like saying teacher in French.

In this post, you will learn school vocabulary terms related to the education system, people, objects, school supplies, subjects, places, verbs about schooling as well as common phrases used in a French classroom context.

For your information, in the vocabulary lists, (f) refers to a feminine word while (m) is for masculine.

If you are running out of time, you will find a downloadable PDF at the end. Feel free to download it for reading later.

French school vocabulary list

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What are the types of schools in the French education system?

The way schools are named in the French education system is of course different from the English. Here is the French to English translation of categories of schools in France.

la crèche : day nursery (UK), child care center(US)

l'école maternelle (f) : kindergarden

l'école primaire / le primaire : primary school

le collège : middle school or junior high

le lycée : high school

l'université : university or college

l'école supérieure : graduate school

How do you say teacher, principal, or student in French?

When talking about school, you might want to know how to say teacher in French or the words for classmate, student for instance. Here is a list of the people you can find in a French school.

Le professeur (m), la professeur (f), la professeure (f) : teacher

Le professeur principal : head teacher

L'enseignant (m), l'enseignante (f) : teacher

Le proviseur : principal for high school or secondary school

Le directeur : principal for primary school

Le surveillant : school supervisor

Le maître (m), la maîtresse (f) : kindergarten or primary teacher

L'instituteur (m), l'institutrice (f) : primary teacher

Les élèves (m, f) : pupils, students

Les écoliers (m), les écolières (f) : schoolboys, schoolgirls

Les collégiens (m), les collégiennes : middle school students

les lycéens (m), les lycéennes (f) : secondary school pupils or high school students

Les étudiants (m), les étudiantes (f) : students

Les camarades de classe (m,f) : classmates

Le bibliothécaire (f,m) : librarian

Take note that for the word professeur, the feminine can be professeur or professeur e . Both are accepted.

How to name classroom objects in French?

In a classroom, just like in a house , it is common to find desks, chairs, whiteboard/blackboard, markers, or even chalk in traditional classes. But, how to say all these classroom objects in the French language? Let's have a look at this list of school items found inside a classroom and you will be able to describe easily a classroom in French.

Le bureau : desk

Les chaises (f) : chairs

Le tableau : the board

La corbeille à papier : paper dust bean

Les posters (m ) : posters

La craie : chalk

L'éponge (f) : sponge

List of common school supplies or les fournitures scolaires in French

Les fournitures scolaires or School supplies/school stationery in English are very useful vocabulary especially if you are joining a French school or university. Here is a list of the most common school supplies in French with their translation.

un cartable : a schoolbag

un sac à dos : a backpack

une trousse : a pencil case

un livre : a book

un cahier : a notebook

un stylo : a pen

un crayon : a pencil

un crayon de couleur : a coloured pencil, crayon

un taille-crayon : a sharpener

un feutre : a felt pen

une règle : a ruler

une gomme : an eraser

une équerre : a square

un compas : a compass

une calculatrice : calculator

un classeur : a folder

un rapporteur : a protractor

des ciseaux : cisors

un tube de colle : a glue stick

un ordinateur : a desktop computer

un ordinateur portable : a laptop

un manuel : a textbook

un marqueur : a marker

un surligneur : a highlighter

une ardoise : a slate

Common French verbs used in a classroom context

When referring to school verb terms, we think about verbs like aller (to go) à l école, words for communicating in the classroom like those for giving commands .

Below is a list of classic French verbs used in a classroom.

écouter : to listen

écrire : to write

lire : to read

calculer : to calculate

compter : to count

regarder : to look, to watch

répéter : to repeat

expliquer : to explain

étudier : to study

rendre ses devoirs : to turn in one's homework assignment

aller à : to go to or to attend

passer un examen : to take an exam

réussir à un examen : to pass an exam

Be aware of these English - French false friends : passer un examen and to pass an exam have different meanings.

How to talk about school subjects in French?

The word for School subjects in French is les matières scolaires . The subject learned will strongly depend on the type of school in which you are. For example, someone who is in primary school will have simple subjects like calculation while a secondary student might be having chemistry, sciences, ... The list of school subjects below is certainly not exhaustive but gives you an idea of the English school subjects' counterparts in French.

le français : French

l'anglais : English

l'espagnol : Spanish

les mathématiques (maths) : maths

la physique : Physic

la Chimie : chemistry

les sciences : science

l'histoire : History

La géographie : geography

l'Éducation Physique et sportive (EPS ) : PE

la musique : music

L'art : art

le théâtre : drama

l'informatique : computer science

Common French phrases and sentences in a classroom context

In a classroom context, knowing how to ask questions and some common French phrases or sentences is a great asset as it will help you com municate better in French, to express clearly your worries and any possible need for clarification. Here is a list of the most often used ones.

Quelle est ta matière préférée? => What is your favorite school subject?

Comment sont les profs dans ton école? => How are the Teachers in your school?

Je ne sais pas. => I don't know

Je ne comprends pas. => I don't understand.

J'ai une question . => I have a question.

Vous avez compris ? => Have you understood.

Oui, j'ai compris. => Yes, I understood.

Non, je n'ai pas compris. => No, I did not understand.

Vous pouvez répéter s'il vous plait? => Can you repeat please?

Comment on dit .... en français ? => How do we say ... in French?

Ouvrez vos livres à la page ... => Open your books at page ....

Ouvrez vos cahiers . => Open your notebooks.

Places at school you should know

If you are are looking for names of places we can find in a school, this French vocabulary list will come handy.

la salle de classe : classroom

le bureau du proviseur/directeur ; the principal office

L'infirmerie : the school nurse station

le terrain de sport : sports ground

Le gymnase : gymnasium

La bibilothèque : library

la cantine : canteen

le resto-u ou restaurant universitaire : university refectory/canteen

la cour de récréation : playground

l'amphithéâtre : amphitheater

Les toilettes : toilets

Final point

Wow! Lots of vocabulary!!! I know, but I felt like it might be interesting to know more about school vocabulary in French in a detailed manner, especially when most students are going back to school.

I will be making some flashcards available soon to help you review.

If you liked this , do not hesitate to share it with your friends and family and subscribe to our mailing list to get updates.

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word for homework in french

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word for homework in french

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Hawks Scout Zaccharie Risacher Days After Landing No. 1 Pick

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Quenton S. Albertie

The San Antonio Spurs Are Favorites to Land All-Star Point Guard

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  20. 100+ Essential school vocabulary in French + PDF

    Let's have a look at this list of school items found inside a classroom and you will be able to describe easily a classroom in French. Le bureau : desk. Les chaises (f) : chairs. Le tableau : the board. La corbeille à papier : paper dust bean. Les posters (m) : posters. La craie : chalk. L'éponge (f) : sponge.

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