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  1. 1800+ Creative Writing Prompts To Inspire You Right Now

    Here's how our contest works: every Friday, we send out a newsletter containing five creative writing prompts. Each week, the story ideas center around a different theme. Authors then have one week — until the following Friday — to submit a short story based on one of our prompts. A winner is picked each week to win $250 and is highlighted ...

  2. Top 100 Short Story Ideas

    Below are one hundred short story ideas for all your favorite genres. You can use them as a book idea, as writing prompts for writing contests , for stories to publish in literary magazines, or just for fun! Use these 100 story ideas to get your creative writing started now. Editor's note: This is a recurring guide, regularly updated with ...

  3. 199+ Creative Writing Prompts To Help You Write Your Next Story

    A long list of creative writing prompts and writing ideas. 1. Symphony of the Skies. Imagine a world where music can literally change the weather. Write a story about a character who uses this power to communicate emotions, transforming the skies to reflect their inner turmoil or joy. 2.

  4. Things to Write About: 100 Inspiring Topics for Creatives ...

    Typically, creative writing includes fiction, poetry, and drama, where the writer crafts stories, poems, or plays. Writing prompt journals are an excellent way to get started with creative writing, as these provide ideas that can spark a writer's creativity. ... Set a timer and write non-stop about any topic. The goal is to let your thoughts ...

  5. 365 Creative Writing Prompts

    210. Footsteps on the Moon: Write about the possibility of life in outer-space. 211: Star-crossed: Write a short modern version of the story of Romeo and Juliet or think of real-life examples of lovers who are not allowed to be together to use as inspiration for your writing. 212.

  6. 105 Creative Writing Prompts to Try Out

    15 Cool Writing Prompts. #1: List five issues that you're passionate about. Write about them from the opposite point of view (or from the perspective of a character with the opposite point of view). #2: Walk around and write down a phrase you hear (or read). Make a story out of it. #3: Write using no adjectives or adverbs.

  7. 100 Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

    100 Creative Writing Prompts for Writers. 1. The Variants of Vampires. Think of an alternative vampire that survives on something other than blood. Write a story or scene based on this character. 2. Spinning the Globe. Imagine that a character did the old spin the globe and see where to take your next vacation trick.

  8. 70+ Clever Creative Writing Prompts (& 6 Brainy Bonus Tips)

    Writing prompts are ideal for any form of writing, like fiction or nonfiction, journaling, copywriting, blogging, or poetry. They usually contain two parts: an idea or a potential topic to write about, and the instructions on what you should do next. For example, a creative writing prompt for fiction writers might be:

  9. Writing Prompts: 52 Places to Find Them When You Need Inspiration

    25. Creative Nonfiction Prompts. The 50 prompts on this list are pulled from Melissa Donovan's book, "1200 Creative Writing Prompts.". The list is made up of strings of questions that ask writers to recall various types of memories, or to engage with emotional or intellectual responses to music, art, and media. 26.

  10. 300 Creative Writing Prompts to Spur Your Creativity

    Here are 300 writing prompts that can steer you toward fresh narratives and unexplored themes. 1 to 50: These prompts focus on the personal. They lead you to introspect and narrate your experiences. Prompts like "The most challenging decision I've ever made...", or "The time I faced my worst fear…".

  11. Writing Prompts: 7 Creative Writing Topics to Get You Started

    Writing Prompts: 7 Creative Writing Topics to Get You Started. Establishing a writing habit can feel like an uphill battle. It's hard to come up with fresh ideas every day, whether it's your first time writing or you're a long-time pro. By using writing prompts, you can enter a creative mindset. Establishing a writing habit can feel like ...

  12. 162 Creative Writing Topics (Updated!) »

    List #1 — 61 Creative Writing Topics Fun and Fabulous Prompts. #2 — 61 of the Best Creative Writing Prompts for Young Writers. #3 — 40 Story Starter Creative Writing Topics for Students. #4 — Creative Writing Topics by Grade Level (Don't Miss These!) Choosing the Best Creative Writing Topics for Your Students.

  13. Excellent Topics for Writing (86 Ideas!)

    From creative writing prompts to topics for writing essays, we have tons of resources to enhance your young writers' writing practice. Until next time… Happy writing! If you enjoyed these Topics for Writing and bonus list of Topics to Write About for writers of all ages, please share them on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest. I appreciate it!

  14. 77 Things to Write About (+ 7 Tips to Inspire Endless Ideas)

    Reuse: Brainstorm 10 related topics to an existing post's theme. Recycle: Using tip 4, link your old content to the latest trends. Recycle: Using tip 6, rewrite your favorite song or poem using a new perspective. Recycle: Create the contrarian view of an existing post. Reuse: Write the "How to" of your existing post.

  15. 8 Tips for Getting Started With Creative Writing

    6. Start writing. Many beginners can feel intimidated or embarrassed by their creative work and where their imagination takes them. Through freewriting, creative writing exercises, writing prompts, and practice, you can improve your own writing skills to become a better writer. 7. Try a writing workshop.

  16. 30 Kickass Creative Writing Topics and Prompts

    2. The memorable train journey. Every freelance content writer has a story about their memorable train journey. Write yours down and share it. 3. A dream you still remember. Do you have a dream that you still remember for some strange reason? 4. What happens when you wake up one day and you can read everyone's minds.

  17. 13 Freewriting Prompts to Help Break Your Writer's Block

    6. Write a scene about a woman who finds out that a close family member has just robbed a bank. Describe how she reacts to hearing the news for the first time. 7. Write a story about a man who loves journaling, but when he sits down one day to write an entry, he sees that someone else has already written one for him. 8.

  18. Generate Topic Ideas For an Essay or Paper

    Generating ideas is the least methodical and most creative step in academic writing. There are infinite ways to generate ideas, but no sure-fire way to come up with a good one. ... Give yourself a broad topic to write about. Then, on a pad of paper or a word processor, write continuously for two or three minutes. Don't stop, not even for a ...

  19. 101 Creative Topics for Writing that Attract Most People

    73. Write about a fellow photographer who is best in his craft. 74. Explain how you can promote a book. 75. Host a writer's group and try to mention it in your writing. 76. Write a topic regarding your favorite pair of shoes. 77. Write about a trip or a vacation that you would love to take. 78. Write about your favorite animal in the whole ...

  20. Beginners Writing Prompts: 25 Ideas to Get Your Creative ...

    Some examples of random word prompts include: Write a story that includes the word "serendipity.". Write a poem that includes the word "nostalgia.". Write an essay that includes the word "perseverance.". Overall, writing prompts are a great way for beginners to get started with writing.

  21. Essay Topics

    List of 500+ Essay Writing Topics and Ideas. Essay topics in English can be difficult to come up with. While writing essays, many college and high school students face writer's block and have a hard time to think about topics and ideas for an essay. In this article, we will list out many good essay topics from different categories like ...

  22. How to Take Your Business Writing From "Average" to "Great"

    They may agree or disagree, like or dislike, but unless they understand you, your efforts are in vain. For that you have to speak the reader's language, anticipate the answers to questions they ...

  23. In Memoriam: English Professor and Author Carol Gelderman

    In his eulogy of Gelderman, former UNO provost, English professor and founder of the Creative Writing Workshop Rick Barton called her a "scholar and acclaimed writer, a cherished teacher, a caring colleague and a loyal friend." "Despite all the long hours of intellectual effort it took to research and write these amazingly dissimilar 10 ...