1. Cómo escribir un Essay para B2 First (FCE) Writing

    writing a b2 essay

  2. Writing B2 First (FCE): Guía Completa con Ejemplos

    writing a b2 essay

  3. How to Write an Essay for B2 First (FCE) Writing

    writing a b2 essay

  4. Ejemplo essay Cambridge B2: guía 2023

    writing a b2 essay

  5. Cómo escribir un Essay Perfecto para B2 en 2024

    writing a b2 essay

  6. HOW to PLAN your B2 First (FCE) Essay!

    writing a b2 essay


  1. Writing Summary for the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) exam

  2. IELTS Writing Task 2: Opinion essay (5)| Language Barriers

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  6. B2. Essay introduction & Environment Vocabulary


  1. B2 writing

    B2 writing. Are you a learner at B2 English level (upper intermediate)? This section offers writing practice to help you write clear, detailed text on a wide range of topics related to your interests. Texts include essays, reports, reviews, messages and emails.

  2. Essay

    In your English class you have been talking about the fashion industry. Write an essay using all the notes and giving reasons for your point of view. Some people say the fashion industry has a bad effect on people's lives. Do you agree? Write about: 1. whether people's appearance is important. 2. the price of clothes. 3 ...

  3. How to write an essay?

    B2 First (FCE) Essay: Tips. Plan your essay before you write. Make sure you know how to comment on all the points that are asked. Invent information if you don't have any ideas. Divide the essay into paragraphs - put one answer in one paragraph. Use advanced vocabulary when you can and formal language.

  4. PDF B2 First for Schools Writing Part 1 (An opinion essay) Summary

    • Evaluate two examples of a Writing Part 1 essay. • Practise and evaluate your own answer to a Writing Part 1 task. Review: Writing Part 1 . The B2 First for Schools Writing paper has two parts. Part 1 has only one task, which you . must. answer. You will: be given the essay title. be given two ideas to write about.

  5. How to Write an Essay for B2 First (FCE) Writing

    Each paragraph has a clear purpose: Introduction: it introduces the topic in a general way and it leads to the second paragraph (first idea). Paragraph 2: it deals with idea 1. Paragraph 3: it deals with idea 2. Paragraph 4: it deals with idea 3. Conclusion: we express our opinion to conclude and summarise the essay.

  6. An opinion essay

    Read the question carefully. Respond to all ideas in it or all parts of it. Plan your ideas first and then choose the best ones. Introduce your essay by restating the question in your own words. Show understanding of both sides of the argument. Use linking words to connect your ideas. Draw your conclusion from the main ideas in your essay.

  7. B2 First (FCE) Writing Part 1

    B2, First (FCE) / By John Hayward. Writing is the part of any English exam where you should aim to get a high score and B2 First FCE Writing Part 1, an obligatory essay, is no different. It's also the most trainable part of the exam in a classroom. While other skills often take lots of time, effort and practice, writing can be taught through ...

  8. PDF An opinion essay

    Show understanding of both sides of the argument. 5. Use linking words to connect your ideas. 6. Draw your conclusion from the main ideas in your essay. Don't introduce new ideas at the end. Tasks. Task 1. Write a number (1-5) to put the essay paragraphs in order.

  9. Cambridge B2 First (FCE): How to Write an Essay

    These three paragraphs are called the body of the essay. However, an essay wouldn't be an essay without an introduction at the beginning and a conclusion at the end. All together that's five paragraphs and we could structure it like this: With an introduction, body and conclusion every essay has three main parts.

  10. B2 First (FCE) Essay Writing Guide

    Part 1 of the writing test - there are 2 parts total. 140-190 word limit. You have about 40 minutes to plan and write your essay. You must answer a question using two notes and your own idea. The topic requires general knowledge only. The essay is always formal because it is written "for your teacher".

  11. Writing an effective essay: Cambridge B2 First

    Before we get into the details, let's take a look at the structure of the writing paper. You have 80 minutes to write two texts - and it will go quickly! The first part is the essay; the second part is an article, email, letter, report, or review. You will be given the essay title and two ideas or prompts. It's essential that you include ...

  12. FCE (B2 First) Writing Exam (Essay)

    FCE (B2 First) Writing Exam (Essay) - Video. Download PDF. In this lesson you can learn how to write an essay for the Cambridge FCE exam, step by step. You'll see exactly what to do at each stage in the FCE writing essay section, and how to get the best possible FCE score. There are four steps to the writing process.

  13. 20 English Essay Topics/Questions

    Article navigation: B2 First (FCE) Essay: Example Topics / Questions B2 First (FCE) Essay: Download (PDF) An essay is a piece of writing in which you are asked to discuss a topic that might be controversial or relevant somehow. It usually follows a class discussion. The language of an English essay should be formal.Also, make sure that you justify all your ideas and that you use appropriate ...

  14. Writing

    Tips and advice for the Cambridge B2 First writing test. How to write essays, reports, reviews, and articles. B2 First Writing Test Tips. Table of Contents 1. Introduction. You have 80 minutes to write two texts. The first text will always be an essay and should be 140-190 words long. The second text can be an article, informal email or letter ...

  15. PDF B2 First Overview of the Writing Paper

    B2 First Writing paper (Paper 2) 2. to raise students' awareness of the different text types found in Paper 2 . Time needed . 35 - 40 minutes . ... An essay is usually written for a teacher and may be written as a follow up to a class activity. It should be well-organised, with an introduction, clear development and an appropri ate conclusion

  16. First (FCE) B2 Essay Structure

    B2 essay structure. A Cambridge B2 First essay has a reasonably set structure. This is because the tasks are always similar. Take a look at the task below: When we analyse the task, the most obvious structure is to write 5 paragraphs. This allows us to keep a clear separation between our three points. It also gives us plenty of opportunities ...

  17. PDF B2 First Writing Part 1

    before they do so, they are going to look at how the examiners mark the writing. On the board write: Content, Communicative Achievement, Organisation and Language and elicit from students what they think these things mean. Then get them to do Exercise 3 on the worksheet (matching definitions to each area). Go through answers.

  18. First Certificate in English (FCE) Writing

    What is the B2 First (FCE) Writing test like? The test has two sections and takes about 80 minutes: Part 1-write an essay based on prompts; Part 2 - write one from a choice of 3 questions: an article, an essay, a letter, a report, a review, a story; Scoring Each of the two writing parts are marked out of 20.

  19. First (FCE) Essay Questions

    Common mistakes when writing an essay. At B2 level, exam candidates are often still crossing the boundary into being efficient user of English. ... Lack of conclusion - Sometimes people write an essay that perfectly evaluates 3 different content points and then finishes with a statement that says all points are equal. This is a mistake. The ...

  20. B2 Writing Exercises and Tests

    Writing » B2 Writing Exercises and Tests. Formal email or letter asking for information. Writing formal letter of complaint - Tips, examples and exercises. Writing a discussion essay: Discuss two views and give your opinion. Opinion essay - agree or disagree with a statement. Improve your writing with our B2 lessons! Work on our pre ...

  21. 'Baby Reindeer': Stephen King Writes Essay Praising ...

    Baby Reindeer fan Stephen King loves the Netflix stalker series so much that he's gone from posting about it on X to writing an essay on it for a major publication.

  22. 3 Best Essay Writing Services in 2024-25

    Cheap Essay Writing UK - Best for Urgent Essay Help - 9.8/10 Affordable Dissertation UK - Most Affordable Essays at Best Price - 9.7/10 Let's explore their services in detail.

  23. PDF B2 First improve your writing checklist

    Checklist to improve your writing: B2 First and B2 First for Schools. You have done what the task asked you to do. You have included all the important information. You did not include everything you were asked for. Perhaps you have written something irrelevant or not understood what you had to write about.

  24. Writing Studies Department Honors Outstanding Student Writers At Annual

    During the Writing Studies awards ceremony, which took place on April 15 in the beautiful CELS Atrium, awards were given for outstanding work in First-Year Writing as well as in Public and Professional Writing. Outstanding students in the PPW major were also inducted into the department Honor Society. First-Year Writing Exemplary Essay Awards went to […]

  25. Opinion

    Guest Essay. I Was an Attorney at the D.A.'s Office. This Is What the Trump Case Is Really About. April 29, 2024. Credit... Mark Peterson for The New York Times. Share full article. 1480.

  26. My Late-in-Life Friendship With Helen Vendler

    Weeks before Helen's death and what would have been her 91st birthday, we exchanged letters. I had sent her an essay I'd just written on the beauty of wonder, stemming from the wonder so many ...

  27. PDF B2 First for Schools Assessing writing for Cambridge English

    The B2 First for Schools Writing paper has two parts and lasts for 1 hour and 20 minutes in total. Candidates have to show that they can write diferent types of text in English. Part 1: Writing an essay. Part 2: Writing an article, email, review or a story.

  28. When Prison and Mental Illness Amount to a Death Sentence

    Glenn Thrush spent more than a year reporting this article, interviewing close to 50 people and reviewing court-obtained body-camera footage and more than 1,500 pages of documents.

  29. The Comfortable Problem of Mid TV

    Just a year ago, I was writing about wild, adventurous series like "Beef," "Reservation Dogs," "Mrs. Davis" and "I'm a Virgo." (This year, two of the best new dramas so far are a ...