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Synonyms of case studies

  • as in records
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Thesaurus Definition of case studies

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • case histories
  • chronologies
  • depositions
  • commentaries
  • testimonies
  • testimonials
  • documentations
  • procès - verbaux
  • recitations

Thesaurus Entries Near case studies

cases in point

case studies

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  • Rhymes with Case-study
  • Case-study in a sentence

Study Past Tense

The past tense of Study is studied.

noun. ['ˈstʌdi'] a detailed critical inspection.

  • examination
  • indiscipline
  • Romanticism
  • studie (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • estudier (Old French (842-ca. 1400))

Rhymes with Case Study

Sentences with case-study.

1. Noun Phrase For these questions, a case study is provided for analysis. 2. Noun Phrase This might be a real-world scenario or a case ," aria-label="Link to study ,"> study , depending on the specific course requirements.

verb. ['ˈstʌdi'] consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning.

  • check up on
  • investigate

verb. ['ˈstʌdi'] be a student; follow a course of study; be enrolled at an institute of learning.

noun. ['ˈstʌdi'] applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject (especially by reading).

  • acquisition

verb. ['ˈstʌdi'] give careful consideration to.

  • contemplate

verb. ['ˈstʌdi'] be a student of a certain subject.

noun. ['ˈkeɪs'] an occurrence of something.

  • mortification
  • natural event
  • humiliation
  • postmeridian
  • antemeridian
  • cas (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • cas (Old English (ca. 450-1100))

noun. ['ˈkeɪs'] a special set of circumstances.

noun. ['ˈkeɪs'] a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy.

  • class action
  • countersuit
  • bastardy proceeding
  • proceedings
  • class-action suit
  • criminal suit
  • legal proceeding
  • paternity suit
  • motionlessness
  • stand still
  • distributed

noun. ['ˈkeɪs'] the actual state of things.

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What is another word for case study ?


[ kˈe͡ɪs stˈʌdi], [ kˈe‍ɪs stˈʌdi], [ k_ˈeɪ_s s_t_ˈʌ_d_i]

Synonyms for Case study:

Other synonyms:.

  • Research and Development
  • scholarship
  • specialization

Other relevant words:

  • analytic thinking
  • composition
  • contemplate
  • depth psychology
  • differentiation
  • encyclopaedism
  • epidemiology
  • eruditeness
  • field of study
  • hit the books
  • investigator
  • learnedness
  • motion study
  • news report
  • psychoanalysis
  • recollection
  • remembrance
  • report card
  • research worker
  • schoolhouse
  • specialisation
  • subject area
  • subject field
  • time and motion study
  • time-and-motion study
  • time-motion study
  • case history
  • medical history
  • medical record
  • project management
  • psychiatric history
  • written report

How to use "Case study" in context?

When planning a redesign of your website, it is important to take a look at your website's " case study ." This is a section of your website that showcases your work in the past, and it can help to convince a potential client to work with you. It can also show that you are a competent web developer, and help you stand out from the crowd.

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case study, synonym case study, another word for case study, words like case study, thesaurus case study

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case study, synonym case study, another word for case study, words like case study, thesaurus case study

Case study synonyms

What is another word for case study .

  • dossier record of what happened
  • medical history record of what happened
  • anamnesis record of what happened
  • medical record record of what happened
  • psychiatric history record of what happened
  • case history
  • instance example
  • pilot study
  • examination
  • investigation

Synonyms for case study

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  4. CASE STUDY Synonyms: 38 Similar Words

    Synonyms for CASE STUDY: record, report, history, case history, chronology, diary, story, version, chronicle, testimony.

  5. 5 Synonyms & Antonyms for CASE STUDY

    synonyms for case study · medical history · anamnesis · dossier · medical record · psychiatric history. Compare Synonyms.

  6. What is another word for "case study"?

    What is another word for case study? ; presentation · thesis ; analysis · impression ; perspective · discourse ; communication · memoirs ; confessions · monograph.

  7. CASE STUDIES Synonyms: 38 Similar Words

    Synonyms for CASE STUDIES: records, reports, histories, case histories, chronologies, diaries, stories, versions, depositions, chronicles.

  8. Case presentation synonyms, Case presentation antonyms

    Synonyms for Case presentation in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Case presentation. 128 synonyms for case: situation, event, circumstance(s), state, position

  9. Case Study synonyms

    Another way to say Case Study? Synonyms for Case Study (other words and phrases for Case Study).

  10. Another word for CASE STUDY > Synonyms & Antonyms

    Synonyms · check over · scrutinise · go over · check into · check up on · inspect · appraise · screen · look at · reexamine · follow · view · assay &...

  11. 6 Synonyms and Antonyms for Case-study

    Synonyms for CASE-STUDY: anamnesis, case-history, dossier, medical-history, medical-record, psychiatric history.

  12. Synonyms for CASE STUDY

    Synonyms for CASE STUDY: account, alteration, analyse, analytic thinking, analyze, bailiwick, canvass, civilise, civilize, cogitation.

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    More 50 Case study synonyms. What are another words for Case study? Dossier, medical history, anamnesis, medical record. Full list of synonyms for Case

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