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Article Writing Format Class 12: Format, Topics, Samples

Venushree Agarwal Image

Venushree Agarwal ,

Mar 11, 2023

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CBSE article writing format class 12 involves a heading, byline, article body, & conclusion. The article writing topic is worth 5 marks as per the marking scheme.

Article Writing Format Class 12: Format, Topics, Samples

CBSE article writing format class 12 comprises 4 main components: heading, byline, article body, and conclusion. In the CBSE English curriculum, article writing is an important topic in class 12, carrying 5 marks. Students must go through the CBSE class 12 article writing format, common topics, examples, marking scheme, and tips provided here to score high marks in the exam.

Table of Contents

CBSE Article Writing Format Class 12

Article writing format class 12 examples, article writing class 12 topics, cbse article writing format class 12 marking scheme, article writing class 12 tips and tricks.

The format of an article plays a vital role in capturing the reader's attention. The CBSE article writing format class 12 consists of four parts:

Article Body

The article's heading must be catchy and engaging, and it should provide a gist of the central theme of the topic in not more than 5-6 words. Using punctuation marks should be avoided in the heading, and the writer must check for spelling or grammatical errors carefully.

The byline is the second part of the CBSE article writing format class 12. In simple terms, this line indicates the name of the writer. Usually, the name of the person is given in the question paper only. However, if it is not mentioned, students can write their own names.

The body represents the main portion of the CBSE article writing format class 12. It comprises 3-4 paragraphs that must be organised logically by the student. The pointers below provide more details on how and what to write in the body paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: This is the introductory paragraph wherein students must mention the article's major points. It must be written in simple language, clearly explaining what the article is discussing. A few facts or quotations can be given here to catch the reader’s attention and arouse their interest.

Paragraphs 2 & 3: Here, the students must provide a comprehensive analysis of the topic. The content of these paragraphs can vary based on the topic asked. However, in general, the writers must use the following factors to elaborate on the crucial points:

  • Types: The writer must describe the existing issues related to the theme.
  • Current Situation: The current scenario of the problem must be explained here, along with the measures that should be taken to rectify it. 
  • Cause and Effect Relationship: Writers should form a cause-and-effect relationship by quoting facts, examples, and other relevant data. They should put forward their viewpoints in a logical and coherent way and further explain the consequences.

The conclusion paragraph must be precise and should summarise the complete article describing the issues discussed and effective solutions that are taken. Students must note that an article should never be left open-ended.

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Let us now understand the article writing format class 12 with an example. Girls across many parts of India are still deprived of education. However, some schemes have been introduced by the government to offer free education to the girl child. Write a letter on the topic - “Education of Girl Child in India” in 150-200 words. You are Manav/Manvi.

Education of Girl Child in India - Heading

By Manvi - Byline

Paragraph 1 - Owing to factors like gender inequality, social discrimination, poverty, etc., the girl child in several regions of India lacks access to education. The 2011 census revealed that the male literacy rate stands at 82.14% in India compared to the female literacy rate of 65.4%. 

Moreover, 34 million adolescent girls in the country do not attend school. All these facts and figures clearly show the plight of girl child education in India.

Paragraph 2- Education is a crucial factor for the growth and development of both men and women. However, girls in India are discouraged from attending school and are expected to assist with household chores. Poverty-stricken parents do not wish to invest in their daughter’s education and prefer to get her married instead. 

Paragraph 3-   It is vital to educate the girl child for the growth of the entire nation. With a higher female literacy, there will also be a reduction in child mortality and crime rates. The government has taken certain initiatives and launched awareness campaigns to improvise the situation of girls’ education in India. 

Conclusion- There is still a need for awareness about girl education in many regions of India. The government has taken some measures by introducing schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Balika Samridhhi Yojana, CBSE Scholarship Scheme, etc. These programs aim to promote and incentivise education for the girl child. Thus, the improvement of girl child education in India will lead to the development of the country as a whole.

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The following are some of the general CBSE class 12 article writing questions that have been asked previously in the exam. Students can practice writing articles on these topics to properly understand the format of the article.

  • Several metropolitan cities experienced floods recently in the monsoon season. While no one was ever held responsible for the problem, the poor faced a tough time. Write an article on the issues of the common man during the monsoon season and the responsibility of the concerned officials in 150-200 words. You are Pawan/Pawni.
  • India is a land of diverse cultures. Each region of the country has its own festivals, which individuals celebrate with great enthusiasm. Write an article on the ‘Festivals of India’ in 150-200 words. You are Ved/Vedika.
  • ‘Plant more trees for a reduction in pollution.’ Write an article on this topic in 150-200 words for the magazine published in school. You are Jay/Jiya.
  • It is vital for students to pay attention to outdoor games and athletics. Also, every school must include sports activities in their daily schedule. Write an article on the ‘Importance of Sports’ in 150-200 words. You are Srijan/Sriya.

Students are marked for the article writing question based on various parameters established by CBSE. The table below gives an overview of the marking structure for CBSE article writing format class 12.

A good article conveys all the necessary facts to the readers, sparks their interest, challenges their preconceived ideas, and inspires them to act. Now that students got clarity on the article writing format for class 12, let us look at a few tips and tricks for writing an article.

  • Students must make sure that they do not deviate from the question and write content that adds value to the given topic.
  • Shorter sentences are preferable in articles. It increases the readability of the content and reduces the chances of grammatical errors.
  • The format has a separate weightage, so students must follow it carefully. They must refer to the article writing class 12 format example given on this page.
  • Candidates must read newspapers regularly to improve their thought processes and vocabulary.
  • Students must ensure that there is no redundancy of ideas in the article.
  • The information presented in the article must be to the point and understandable to the readers. Adding unnecessary details or long phrases must be avoided in article writing.
  • The sentences must be connected logically, and there should be continuity between all the paragraphs.
  • Quoting phrases, idioms, or sayings is a good idea to engage readers. However, these quotes must be relevant to the topic.
  • Candidates must always double-check for spelling, as maintaining accuracy is essential.


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Question and Answer forum for K12 Students

Article Writing Topics for Class 12

Article Writing Topics for Class 12 CBSE Format, Examples

Articles are written to give information in a wide range of contexts for magazines or newspapers. They are a relatively long and sustained piece of writing. They give information on a variety of themes such as describing an event, person, someone’s life and actions, places, and experiences. They can also be an expression of the writer’s opinions on topics of social interest or arguments for or against a topic and they often offer suggestions.

Basic  English Grammar  rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

We also providing Extra Questions for Class 12 English Chapter wise.

Article Writing Topics for Class 12 CBSE Format, Examples Pdf

♦ Points to Remember:

  • Give a title that catches the attention of the reader.
  • Begin with a striking opening sentence that attracts the readers and gets them interested in the topic.
  • Introduce a new point at the beginning of each paragraph to strengthen your ideas.
  • Present a strong argument for your ideas supporting it with evidence or elaboration.
  • Use linking words (however, therefore, although, even though, in order to…) to form a coherent composition.
  • Use passive voice, humour, emotive language, rhetorical questions to provide a specific effect. The humour should however be subtle and not overpower the article.
  • Develop your ideas as much as you can to make them interesting and substantial.
  • Conclude with your strongest point.
  • Clarity of writing can be ensured only by knowing the purpose of writing and your audience.
  • Do not add too many quotations. It takes away the essence of the article.
  • Remember to proofread and edit your writing.
  • Adhere to the given word limit.

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Purpose An article is written to present information on a variety of themes in a long and sustained piece of writing, namely:

  • describing an event, a person, his/her life and actions
  • describing a place
  • narrating an event
  • expressing views on some issue of social interest
  • expressing arguments in favor of or against a stated hypothesis or event

Types of articles

  • Magazine articles maybe for a school and may have a limited audience.
  • Newspaper articles have a wider audience.

Article Writing Format

  • Don’t attempt to write about every single piece of information – select relevant information.
  • The article must be written in the appropriate format and style.
  • Remember to keep within the word limit.

Article Writing Topics Sample Example With Answer for Class 12 CBSE

Article Writing Format Cbse Class 12

In today’s world of instant communication, the art of writing letters to friends, parents, cousins is long forgotten. Complete the following article on the joyful experience of penning letters packed with emotions and personal triumph.

Answer: (a) There was a time when letter writing was considered an art. (b) letter writing is a dying art for most people. (c) what he will bring most of the time is junk mail, bills, and magazines (d) even if one has the time to write a long letter, the receiver has no time or patience to read it (e) in favor of the faster, briefer e-mail (f) It is good to hear the voices of your loved ones. But sometimes at that time, one forgets all the things one would like to say and also ask. (g) the art of expressing one’s feelings and emotions is also dying out.

Article Writing Topics Practice Example With Answer for Class 12 CBSE

1 You recently came across the following news item.

Write an article in 150–200 words for your school magazine, highlighting the need to conserve the species.

2 You are Suresh/Ishmit. You are concerned about the increasing use of cell phones by people. Educate the people about the risks such as potential health hazards from the electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones, the threat of brain tumours and cancers, fear of accidents while driving, etc. Write an article in 150–200 words expressing your concern.

3 To enforce strict discipline in schools and colleges is a great problem nowadays. As Mohan/Mohini, write an article in 200 words for City News, Delhi, about the problem and your views on punishment as a corrective measure.

4 Recently you read in the newspaper about an incident in which some children tried to imitate the stunts shown on television and hurt themselves. You have decided to write an article on the hazards television poses for kids. Write an article for a daily newspaper, in not more than 200 words.

5. You are a member of the Environment Club of your school. After visiting many places, you have realized that it is the need of the hour to protect our environment. Write an article on this topic to create awareness among the people. (Word limit: 200 words)

6 You are concerned about the wastage of money and manpower due to the frequent elections in your country. Write an article on the urgent need to have a stable government. (Word limit: 200 words)

7 You are Rani/Raghav. You are concerned about the changing attitude of politicians who are using religion for political gains. Write an article in about 200 words for publication in a local daily suggesting these people to separate religion from politics and work for the betterment of the society.

8 You are Rani/Raghav. Many organizations have come forward with the idea of education for all. In spite of their best efforts, it is still a dream. Write an article in about 200 words for publication in a local daily giving suggestions to make it a reality, as education is the only way to progress.

9 Owning a car has become a status symbol these days. However, an increase in the number of cars has added to various types of pollution and other problems. Write an article in not more than 200 words highlighting the urgent need for reducing these man-made problems, giving suitable suggestions. You are Vinod/Vidhi.

10 Write an article in 200 words on ‘The increasing crime rate in today’s society and ways to curb it’.

Article Writing Topics For Class 12

14 While reading a magazine you came across the following advertisement:

Write an article in not more than 200 words condemning the use of furs and animal skins to make clothes and accessories.

15 Plastic, with its exclusive qualities of being light yet strong and economical, has invaded every aspect of our day-to-day life. It has many advantages: it is durable, light, easy to mould, and can be. adapted to different user requirements. Once hailed as a ‘wonder material, plastic is now a serious worldwide environmental and health concern due to its non-biodegradable nature. Write an article in not more than 200 words about the growing plastic menace giving suggestions about dealing with plastic waste.

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50 Proven Formats for Article Writing Class 12 - Ultimate Guide 2024

50 Proven Formats for Article Writing Class 12  Ultimate Guide 2024

Are you a Class 12 student looking for effective article writing formats ? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will provide you with 50 proven formats that will help you excel in your article writing assignments . These formats have been carefully curated to ensure maximum impact and readability. So, let's dive in and explore the world of article writing!

Important Statistics about Article Writing

important statistics about article writing

  • Over 80% of students struggle with article writing assignments .
  • Articles with a word count between 1000-2000 words perform best in search rankings.
  • Articles that include relevant keywords rank higher on search engines .
  • Articles written in a clear and concise manner are more likely to be read and shared.
  • Articles that provide valuable information and insights are more likely to be bookmarked by readers.
  • Articles that include visual elements such as images and infographics receive higher engagement.
  • Articles that are well-structured and organized are easier to read and understand.
  • Articles that include actionable tips and advice are more likely to be bookmarked and revisited by readers.
  • Articles that are optimized for mobile devices have a higher chance of being read and shared.
  • Articles that include external links to reputable sources are considered more credible and trustworthy.

1. The Introduction Format

1  the introduction format

The introduction format is one of the most commonly used formats in article writing. It sets the tone for the rest of the article and grabs the reader's attention. In this format, you can start with a thought-provoking question or a compelling statistic to pique the reader's interest. Then, provide a brief overview of the topic and what the article aims to achieve. Finally, end the introduction with a strong thesis statement that outlines the main points you will be discussing in the article.

Are you struggling with article writing assignments? You're not alone. Over 80% of students find it challenging to write effective articles that engage and inform readers. In this ultimate guide, we will provide you with 50 proven formats for article writing that will help you excel in your Class 12 assignments. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, these formats will equip you with the tools and techniques to create impactful articles that stand out. So, let's get started

2. The Listicle Format

2  the listicle format

The listicle format is a popular choice for article writing as it allows you to present information in a concise and organized manner. In this format, you can create a numbered or bulleted list of key points or tips related to the topic. Each point should be accompanied by a brief explanation or example to provide context and value to the reader. This format is particularly effective for topics that require step-by-step instructions or recommendations.

1. Start with a catchy introduction to grab the reader's attention. 2. Provide a brief overview of the topic and its relevance. 3. Present the main points or tips in a numbered or bulleted list. 4. Include relevant examples or case studies to support your points. 5. Conclude the article with a summary and a call-to-action for the reader.

3. The How-To Format

3  the how to format

The how-to format is ideal for articles that aim to provide practical guidance or instructions on a specific topic . In this format, you can break down the process or steps involved in achieving a particular outcome. Start with an introduction that explains why the topic is important and what the reader can expect to learn from the article. Then, provide a step-by-step guide with clear and concise instructions. Use headings and subheadings to organize the content and make it easy for the reader to follow along.

How to Write an Effective Article: 1. Understand the assignment requirements and topic. 2. Conduct thorough research to gather relevant information. 3. Create an outline to organize your thoughts and ideas. 4. Start with a compelling introduction to grab the reader's attention. 5. Develop the main body of the article with supporting evidence and examples. 6. Conclude the article by summarizing the main points and providing a call-to-action. 7. Proofread and edit the article for clarity and coherence. 8. Format the article according to the given guidelines. 9. Submit the final article before the deadline.

4. The Problem-Solution Format

4  the problem solution format

The problem-solution format is effective for articles that address a specific problem or challenge and provide practical solutions. Start by clearly defining the problem and its impact on the reader. Then, present one or more solutions that can help overcome the problem. Each solution should be explained in detail and supported by evidence or examples. Finally, conclude the article by summarizing the main points and emphasizing the importance of implementing the solutions.

Problem: Many students struggle with time management and find it difficult to balance their academic and personal commitments. Solution: Implement effective time management strategies to improve productivity and reduce stress. - Prioritize tasks and create a schedule. - Break larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. - Minimize distractions and focus on one task at a time. - Take regular breaks to recharge and avoid burnout. - Seek support from teachers, peers, or mentors. By following these solutions, students can better manage their time and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

5. The Comparison Format

5  the comparison format

The comparison format is useful when you want to compare and contrast two or more ideas, concepts, products, or approaches. Start by introducing the topic and explaining why it is important to compare the different options. Then, present each option separately, highlighting its features, advantages, and disadvantages. Finally, provide a conclusion that summarizes the main points and offers insights into which option may be the most suitable or effective.

Comparison of Traditional Education and Online Learning: Traditional Education: - Classroom-based learning with face-to-face interaction. - Fixed schedule and location. - Limited flexibility. - Opportunities for social interaction and networking. Online Learning: - Remote learning from anywhere , anytime. - Flexible schedule and self-paced learning. - Access to a wide range of courses and resources. - Limited social interaction. Both traditional education and online learning have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on individual preferences, learning style, and specific requirements.

6. The Case Study Format

6  the case study format

The case study format is effective for articles that analyze real-life examples or scenarios to illustrate a particular concept, theory, or problem. Start by introducing the case study and its relevance to the topic. Provide background information and context to help the reader understand the situation. Then, present the key findings or observations from the case study, supported by data or evidence. Finally, discuss the implications of the case study and draw conclusions based on the analysis.

Case Study: The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers' Mental Health Introduction: Social media has become an integral part of teenagers' lives, but its impact on their mental health is a growing concern. Background: Conducted a survey among 500 teenagers to understand their social media usage and its effects on their well-being. Findings: 80% of teenagers reported feeling anxious or depressed after prolonged social media use. Cyberbullying and body image issues were identified as major contributors. Implications: Parents and educators need to educate teenagers about responsible social media usage and provide support for mental health issues. Conclusion: Social media can have both positive and negative effects on teenagers' mental health. It is crucial to promote healthy online habits and create a supportive environment for young people .

7. The Interview Format

7  the interview format

The interview format allows you to present information or insights from an expert or a person with relevant experience on the topic. Start by introducing the interviewee and their background. Then, provide a brief overview of the questions or topics that will be covered in the interview. Present the interviewee's responses in a question-and-answer format, making sure to include relevant quotes or excerpts. Finally, conclude the article by summarizing the main points discussed in the interview.

Interview with Dr. Jane Smith - Expert in Environmental Conservation Introduction: Dr. Jane Smith is a renowned environmentalist with over 20 years of experience in the field of conservation. Topics Covered: - The importance of biodiversity preservation. - Strategies for sustainable development. - The role of individuals in environmental conservation. Q: Why is biodiversity preservation important? A: Biodiversity is essential for maintaining ecosystem balance and providing valuable resources for human survival. Q: What are some strategies for sustainable development? A: Sustainable development involves balancing economic growth with environmental protection and social well-being. Conclusion: Dr. Jane Smith's insights highlight the urgent need for environmental conservation and the role individuals can play in creating a sustainable future.

8. The Opinion Piece Format

8  the opinion piece format

The opinion piece format allows you to express your personal views or opinions on a particular topic. Start by clearly stating your opinion and providing a brief explanation of why you hold that view. Support your opinion with evidence, examples, or arguments that strengthen your position. Acknowledge counterarguments and provide a rebuttal if necessary. Finally, conclude the article by summarizing your main points and restating your opinion.

Opinion: The Benefits of Outdoor Education for Students Introduction: Outdoor education provides numerous benefits for students' physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Supporting Points: - Improved physical fitness and overall health. - Enhanced problem-solving and critical thinking skills . - Increased self-confidence and resilience. Counterargument: Some argue that outdoor education is not practical or feasible for all schools. Rebuttal: While it may require additional resources and planning, the long-term benefits outweigh the challenges. Conclusion: Outdoor education offers unique opportunities for holistic development and should be an integral part of every student's learning journey.

9. The Research-Based Format

The research-based format is ideal for articles that aim to present findings from academic studies or scientific research . Start by introducing the research topic and its significance. Provide a brief overview of the research methodology and sample size. Present the key findings or observations, supported by data or statistics. Discuss the implications of the research and its potential applications. Finally, conclude the article by summarizing the main points and suggesting areas for further research.

Research-Based Article: The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Functioning Introduction: Sleep deprivation has been linked to various cognitive impairments and negative health outcomes. Methodology: Conducted a study with 100 participants to examine the effects of sleep deprivation on memory and attention. Findings: Participants who experienced sleep deprivation performed significantly worse on memory and attention tasks compared to those who had adequate sleep. Implications: Lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on cognitive functioning, academic performance, and overall well-being. Conclusion: The findings highlight the importance of prioritizing sleep for optimal cognitive functioning and overall health.

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article writing of class 12

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What is the format for article writing in class 12?

The format for article writing in class 12 typically includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction should provide a brief overview of the topic and grab the reader's attention. The body paragraphs should present the main points or arguments with supporting evidence. Finally, the conclusion should summarize the article and leave a lasting impression on the reader.

How long should an article be in class 12?

The length of an article in class 12 can vary depending on the specific requirements given by the teacher or the exam board. However, a typical article should be around 300-500 words. It is important to check the guidelines provided to ensure that the article meets the required word count.

What are some tips for writing a good article in class 12?

To write a good article in class 12, it is important to choose a relevant and interesting topic. Conduct thorough research to gather information and evidence to support your arguments. Plan your article by creating an outline and organizing your thoughts. Use clear and concise language, and proofread your article for any grammatical or spelling errors before submitting it.

Asim Akhtar

Asim Akhtar

Asim is the CEO & founder of AtOnce. After 5 years of marketing & customer service experience, he's now using Artificial Intelligence to save people time.

  • Article Writing

Article Writing Format: Explore How To Write, Example Topics and Tips

Have some great ideas, opinions and suggestions you wish you could share so that it could reach readers all around the world? One of the best ways to get your thoughts across the globe is by writing an article. There are techniques you can use to write the different types of articles. This piece on article writing will give you all the tips and tricks you need to master before you start writing your article.

Table of Contents

The art of writing an article, how do i write a good article – tips and techniques, article writing samples, faqs on article writing.

An article is a piece of writing which explicates ideas, thoughts, facts, suggestions and/or recommendations based on a particular topic. There are different kinds of articles, namely:

  • Expository article – The most common type of article which allows the writer to put out information on any particular topic without the influence of their opinions.
  • Argumentative article – An article in which an author poses a problem or an issue, renders a solution to the proposed problem and provides arguments to justify why their suggestions/solutions are good.
  • Narrative article – An article in which the author has to narrate mostly in the form of a story.
  • Descriptive article – An article written with the aim of providing a vivid description that would allow the readers to visualise whatever is being described. Using the right adjectives / adjective phrases is what will help you write a descriptive article.
  • Persuasive article – An article aimed at persuading or convincing the readers to accept an idea or a point of view.

Writing an article takes a lot of effort on the side of the writer. Content writers/creators, bloggers, freelance writers and copywriters are people who have mastered the art of article writing, without which they would not be able to make their mark as a writer of any kind.

In order to be able to write an article that makes sense in the first place, you have to keep a few things in mind.

  • The first and foremost thing that you have to take care of when you are sitting down to write your article is to check if you are well aware of the topic you are going to write on.
  • The second thing that you have to ask yourself is why you are writing the article.
  • The next thing that you have to focus on is the kind of audience you are writing the article for because unless you know your audience, you will not be able to write it in a way that makes them want to read it.
  • The language you use is very important because, without the right spelling, correct grammar , punctuation and sensible sentence structure , the article would not be able to sell itself.
  • Use keywords so that you get a good number of reading audiences.
  • Maintain coherence within and between paragraphs.
  • Double-check the data and information you provide, irrespective of the type of article.
  • Keep the title and description as short and catchy as possible.
  • Edit and proofread before it is published.

To help you understand better and practise the art of article writing, read through the articles given below:

Can I write a good article?

If you know all the information about the topic you are going to write about, a good hand over the language, a knack to keep it simple and interesting throughout, you can write a good article.

What is the format of an article?

The article should have a title/heading and a description that states what the article is about. The body of the article can be split into 3 to 5 paragraphs according to the volume of content with respect to the topic you are discussing. You can have subheadings and use bullet points wherever possible. Make sure your introduction makes people want to read the whole article and your conclusion leaves them satisfied.

How many paragraphs should there be in an article?

An article should have a minimum of 3 to 4 paragraphs. The writer is, however, given the choice to present the content in more than four paragraphs, if it would be better for the article.

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article writing of class 12

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article writing of class 12

CBSE Class 12 English(Core) Article Writing Format & Examples|53 Solved Articles

“CBSE Class 12 English(Core) Article Writing Format & Examples” will deal with the format and all the topics of articles on reading, writing, learning, festivals, current burning topics, health, career, sports, and current topics. Download free pdf for offline reading of CBSE Class 12 English(Core) Article Writing Format & Examples|53 Solved Articles

Article Writing Class 12 English(Core) is an important topic for the students appearing in the class 12 examinations of different states and carries 5 important marks.

Article writing is the most effective way to communicate your ideas via an online platform. CBSE Article Writing Class 12 English (Core) will boost your writing and reading skills while studying for the 12th-grade English exam. Before writing an article, readlearnexcel.com will help you draught a perfect article for class 12 English (Core) for your examinations and online presence by writing some good blogs on the topics of your interest.

The examples in this article will enhance your skills in writing content for your website. Therefore, you need to know the format, marking scheme, 7 C’s, and some important tips for writing an article for your class 12 English examination. We will help you master your techniques for article writing by providing examples of current topics and previous years’ questions on article writing. You will have some important articles that cover all the topics of reading, writing, learning, festivals, current burning topics, health, career, sports, and current topics.

Table of Contents

Marking Scheme : Article Sample Question Paper(2022-2023) CBSE Class12 English(Core)

  • Format: 1 Mark
  • Organisation of article ideas: 2 Marks
  • Accuracy in article writing: 1 Mark

Format of Ariticle Writing

Format of article writing

The format of article writing is important to understand as it will help the writer and reader to understand:

An article must be organized properly to draw the attention of the readers. The basic outline for an article writing format is

  • Heading / Title of Article
  • Name of the Writer
  • Body of the Article (Explain the problem in detail, facts, and solution in 2-3 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (conclusion explains the output of the article, suggestion, or advice

Format of Article Writing: 1 Mark

Title of the article.

Example: Diwali


Note: Full Marks if Both are written


Paragraph 1. Introduction of the article in two to three sentences

Diwali is the most significant festival for Hindus all over the world. We are going to celebrate Diwali on October 24, 2022. We exchange our best wishes for Diwali either by distributing greeting cards or writing messages on Whatsapp and Facebook.

Paragraph 2. Explain in details of the article, include all the points given as clues in the examination.

There are five important days, beginning with Dhanteras, Chhoti Diwali, Diwali, Govardhan Pooja, and Bhai Dooj. Students celebrate Diwali at the school level by cleaning their classrooms and exchanging wishes with their friends and teachers. All the family members come to the house to celebrate the festival of lights and hope together. We get the blessing of our elders on this occasion. I wish you all a happy Dhanteras! May Diwali 2022 be filled with happiness and prosperity!

Concluding Paragraph of the article: Message of the article 

Diwali brings a great spirit of festivity, but in the last few years, it has been noted that the pollution level increases on Diwali due to the excessive use of crackers and firecrackers……………

Marking Scheme of Article Writing CBSE Class 12 English(Core)

Contents and Organisation of the Article: 2+1= 3 Marks

  • Include all the given points: Festivals……Importance…..exchange sweets….greetings….days brfore …festival of lights….children use crackers..precautions and morals on the festival..
  • Develop in a systematic way with full clarity
  • Highly effective style capable of conveying the ideas convincingly with appropriate layout
  • Carefully structured content with organised paragraphing presented cohesively.
  • Highly effective register (formal tone, tense, and vocabulary), relevant and appropriate sentences for conveying the ideas precisely and effectively.

Accuracy in the Article: 1 Mark

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar consistently/largely accurate, with occasional minor errors, that do not impede communication.

Do you know how to write an article?

An article is a piece of art that explains your ideas and facts to enhance the knowledge of the reader and is supposed to be published in newspapers, websites, and magazines. There are different types of articles:

  • Factual Articles: They explain the facts as they are without any personal views of the writer.
  • Argument-based articles: Arguments from the writer and readers are welcome to reach an acceptable solution to the problem.
  • Explanatory or narrative articles: recounting incidents
  • Articles are written in a way of describing the situation with the help of adjectives.
  • It aids people in understanding the situation and should be convincing.

What are the 7C’s of Article Writing?

  • Clear:  The article’s content must be clear, understandable, and progressive towards the required results.  The expressed ideas must be logically connected. The language should be straightforward. Long and ambiguous expressions, as well as repetitive words and phrases, should be avoided. Jargon should be avoided.
  • Concise:  The article should be brief and to the point. All words should stand on their own. While writing the article, try to avoid including any irrelevant information. Long and ambiguous expressions, repetitive words, and long phrases should be avoided. Mention only the necessary points.
  • Correct : Avoid misinformation. Write only those things which are feasible and valid as per the requirement of the article.
  • Considerate:  Be courteous to the article’s recipient. Always be courteous when writing an article. Avoid using rude language because it harms the relationship with your readers.
  • Concrete:  The explanation of the queries should be concrete and effective.
  • Coherence:  The main points of the article should be explained in the first paragraph. In the body of the article, elaborate on the main points. The solution is required in the conclusion section. It means, there should be continuity in all parts of the article.
  • Complete:  It is assumed that an article has a proper structure and that the contents are meaningful. It means that it should be finished from all sides. The article should include all parts of the article. The article is said to be structurally complete and must satisfy the readers.

Always keep the followings questions in your mind before you start writing an article:

  • Do you know what are you going to write?
  • Why are you writing an article?
  • Who are your audiences?
  • Do you know the format of an article?
  • What will be your keywords?
  • Do you know how to maintain the 7C’s of writing an article?
  • Do you have the correct source of data?
  • Always keep the title small and explanatory?
  • Do you know how to check grammar and spelling?

Article Writing Examples/Topics

CBSE Class 12 English(Core) Article Writing Format & Examples will cover all the topics of articles on reading, writing, learning, festivals, current burning topics, health, career, sports, and current topics. These article will appear in class12 English examination.

Article Writing: 1.  Importance of Worker Safety in Construction Area

QUESTION: The construction sector is believed to be quite hazardous and has the maximum number of fatal work injuries because apart from other causes, stakeholders in this sector tend to ignore safety regulations. As a columnist for an e-zine,  write an article  in about 120-150 words, on the theme of the importance of worker safety in construction zones. Explore possible reasons for the prevailing situation and include suggestions for addressing it. Support your ideas with cues given below:

  • Explain the dangerous nature of the construction sector and write why………importance of workers safety
  • Explain the issues with legible reasons( Minimum 2 reasons)
  • The organisations ignore safety measures- Exploitation
  • Excess work , result is Fatigue
  • Harsh Weather conditions worsen the situation of the worker
  • Suggest your solution if any 2
  • Awarenes programme
  • Implementation of the laws
  • Bridge gap between top management and the workers
  • Provide training and safety kits to the workers.

2. Teachers are the backbone of Society: Article Writing

“Those who encourage us to think for ourselves are the actual teachers,” Servepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teachers are widely regarded as the most important members of our society. They give children a sense of purpose, prepare them for success as global citizens, and instill in them a desire to succeed in life. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and teachers are the critical point at which a child is prepared for their future. What is the significance of teachers? The Guru, or teacher, comes after parents and guides the child onward in life. Parents are a child’s initial teachers and teach them lessons about life. Our instructors were significant individuals in our formative years; they served as mentors, sources of inspiration, and additional parents who imparted valuable life skills. They may have occasionally been harsh with us, but looking back, it was only done to mould and shape our abilities, compel us to confront our anxieties, and help us improve our inadequacies. A successful teacher not only transmits knowledge to their pupils, but also motivates, inspires, and fosters a sense of problem-solving curiosity. Teachers’ Day is a significant holiday observed worldwide to honour these extraordinary persons in our lives.

CBSE Previous Years’ Questions on Article Writing For Class 12 English(Core)

The practice and the learning of the previous years’ questions on articles will help the students in improving their writing skills and the chances of securing good marks in their class 12 examination of CBSE.

3. Article Writing: The Need of More Women in Police Force

  • Role of Police
  • Role of Women Police
  • Women Criminals
  • Maintainig Law and order, POSCO and IPC
  • Treatment of women criminals by the male police
  • Coordination between male and female police staff
  • Benefits of women police in Police Forces
  • Women population
  • More women in police department means justice to the women community
  • free fro gender biased

The Need of More Women in Police Force

Most Indians feel women are weak, helpless, and unsuited for the police force. Though the number of women in law enforcement has increased, there are hurdles, including a paucity of women in leadership and cutting-edge roles, their negligible participation in overall law enforcement, gender-specific concerns, a lack of infrastructure, and male colleagues’ stereotyping.

Women’s police jobs are expanding. Our women police officers have championed women’s emancipation, sowing the seeds of modernism and constructive change in society. Incorporating more women into the force has empowered women and reduced crime against them, especially against those who accepted it as their fate.

In law and order situations involving women, they must search and seize. IPC and POCSO oblige women to deal with sexual assault victims and juvenile delinquents. Women cops are Covid’s frontline. Our women have been a beacon of strength during Covid-related chaos.

To Increase the female police roles, we must remove tokenism and give women a key role in the police, free from gender bias. Otherwise, their numbers will grow without impact.

4. Article on Girl Child Education in India

5. article on ‘the impact of advertisements on the younger generation’. , question 5. advertisements have become a big business. they are promoted by celebrities drawn from various fields like films, sports, etc., leaving their influence on all people specially the young. write an article in 150-200 words on ‘the impact of advertisements on the younger generation’. (delhi 2010), the impact of advertisement on the younger generation.

Advertising is a technique used by various organisations and institutes to popularise any product, campaign, or general warning. “The Impact of Advertisements on the Younger Generation” is affected by the young generation’s maturity level, and it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advertisements bombard the young generation through various platforms such as television, social media, print media, and wall writings.

The organisations take advantage of the opportunity to advertise their products by paying high fees to celebrities, and the younger generations are drawn to the celebrities rather than the products, and they buy the products without knowing what they are. Thus, such things can have a negative impact on the younger generation, but on the whole, they learn a lot after being duped.

Advertisements for harmful products such as alcohol and cigarettes, which easily attract the younger generation and can have negative effects on their health, should be prohibited.

Some advertisements are educational and creative, and the younger generation can benefit greatly from them. As a result, positive advertising has no negative impact on youth in general. As a result, we can conclude that advertisements have both positive and negative effects on youth, and it all depends on how they interpret them.

6. The Best Way of Travelling Long Distance: An Article for Travellers

The best way of travelling long distance, 7. teachings of budha: an article on budha, teachings of budha,   8. ways to live a meaningful life: an article on meaningful life.

Our circumstances and conditions are not dictated by the world outside; it is the world inside us that creates the outside. Write an article in 150–200 words on how we can live a meaningful life.

Ways to Live Meaningful Life

By Priyansi

At some point in our lives, we may ponder the significance of our existence. Living a meaningful life and determining what is meaningful are questions as old as humanity. To live a meaningful life, we must be mindful of our ideas, since they are the basis, inspiration, and driving force behind our actions. We build the entire world with our thoughts.

9. The Earthquake and its Effects: An Article on Earthquake

The earthquake and its effects, 10. importance of sea for humans: an article on importance of sea, importance of sea.

The water has long provided food, labour, and trade for humans. The excessive human activity is threatening the survival of submerged creatures. Plastic in water is a major problem. Plastic is killing marine species, which harms the marine population. Pollution has also degraded the seafloor and reduced biodiversity by extinguishing sea beauties.

11. Nehru and Children Day: An Article on Children Day

Question 11. 

Your school celebrated Children Day on November 14, 2022 on the birth anniversary of our First Prime Minister. Write an article in 150-200 words on Children Day.

12. New Year Resolutions?: An Article on New Year

Question 12. 

You are eagerly waiting for the new year 2023 and you are planning to make new resolution on new year. Write an article in 150-200 words on New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions. Most of us could mentally compile dos and don’ts lists. The same old favourites return every year. We’ll get up early, eat healthy, exercise, be nice to people we don’t like, and spend more time with our parents. We’ve learned from experience that some goals are unattainable. If we’re deep-rooted liars, it’s because we’ve experienced failure’s frustration. Most people fail at self-improvement because their plans are too ambitious and they lack time. We also’make the fundamental error of announcing our resolution to everyone, making us look even more foolish when we revert to old habits.

This year, I kept my resolutions to myself. I limited myself to two goals: early exercise and evening reading. An overnight New Year’s Eve party gave me a decent reason for not keeping these resolutions on the first day of the year, but on the second, I did. I advocated doing the 11-minute daily exercise before anyone was awake. Discipline was needed to get up 11 minutes early. However, my enthusiasm waned. I soon fell back into my old bad habit of falling asleep in front of the TV. I’ve kept my reading resolution.

13. Importance of Small actions and Choices in our Life : An Article on  Small actions and Choices in our Life

Question 13. 

Many of us believe that ‘small’ means ‘insignificant’. We believe that small actions and choices do not have much impact on our lives. We think that it is only the big things, the big actions and the big decisions that really count. Write an article in 150-200 words on importance of small action and choices in our life.

Many think’small’ means ‘insignificant’ We think tiny actions and choices don’t matter much. We think only large activities and decisions matter. All great people established their character via modest daily decisions, choices, and actions. Step-by-step, they changed their lives. They gradually developed good behaviours and eliminated undesirable ones. Small decisions made a big difference over time.

Personal growth and character development don’t happen quickly. Growth is sequential. Organic growth. When we watch children grow, we witness this process at work: first they crawl, then stand and walk, and then run. In nature, too. The soil must be tilled before planting. Then it needs water and sunlight to grow, yield fruit, and mature. Gandhi understood and utilised this natural process. Gandhi grew in daily life. He didn’t suddenly become “Mahatama.” His early life didn’t exhibit much excellence. From his mid-20s on, he tried to alter, reform, and progress daily. He risked failure, experimented, and learned hour-by-hour.

Small decisions and behaviours had a big impact over time. With this knowledge, we can confidently pursue our dreams. When our “ideal aim” seems far away, we get disillusioned and pessimistic. When we grow slowly, it’s easy to do.

14. Reforming our Education System: An Article on Reforming Education System

Question 14. 

You recently attended a seminar on the need for our educational system to shift its focus from insisting upon remembering to emphasizing or understanding was stressed upon. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Reforming our Education System’.

Many kids find school dull. Learning is regarded boring and avoidable. Thanks to proponents of an information-focused education system. Too much syllabus, too many students per teacher, absence of hands-on activities, teaching as a routine with the purpose of completing the syllabus in time rather than transferring knowledge, and curriculum designed with the most brilliant student in mind are major factors. Peer pressure, high parental expectations in a competitive society, and technology diversions weigh on young minds.

For a change, might we have some English/Hindi poems to ickle, tickle, and pickle youthful minds? Can we teach History so children are proud of their background instead of memorising dates? Physics and chemistry lessons in labs instead of classrooms? Can a method be established to make school excursions mandatory to assure visits to historical/botanical sites? Can educational institutes launch interschool Internet projects like foreign schools do to encourage children to investigate on their own and write reports? Can we make childhood’s amazement last into adulthood instead of pushing premature adulthood? Hence, students should be asked to write their own imagination instead of cramming the written things. Children should be allowed to use their own imagination to write the answers in their own words.

15. Environmental Pollution: An Article on Environmental Pollution

Question 15. 

Your school recently visited Delhi and faced lot of air pollution and your throat got chocked. Write an article in 150-200 words on Environmental Pollution.

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is the introduction of contaminants or harmful materials. Pollutants are contaminants. Natural and man-made pollutants exist. Volcanic ash and storm dust pollute naturally. Industrial waste and vehicle smoke are human-made pollutants. Pollution harms air, land, and water.

Pollution has been a constant in human history. It’s long caused deaths and diseases. Urbanization, industrialization, mining, and exploration cause global pollution. Many useful items pollute. Exhaust pipes emit pollutants. Coal combustion pollutes. Industrial and residential waste pollutes land and water. Pesticides leach into waterways and harm wildlife.

Farmers deplete the soil by using too many fertilisers and pesticides. Poor sanitation, commercialising farmlands, a lack of drainage systems, the use of pesticides in agricultural products without limits, and salinization and degradation of agricultural lands cause pollution in rural areas.

Toxic chemicals like bleach, paint, and thinner should be properly disposed. Buy non-toxic household products. Public transportation reduces air pollution by using less gas and energy. 50-person bus reduces private vehicle use.

16. Human Nature to be Judgmental: An Article for class 12 students

Each of us makes judgments. Even you, yes. I most certainly am, frequently. I believe it to be in human nature. Although it is in our tendency to pass judgement, I don’t believe it is always beneficial to us. We despise others because we believe we are superior, and this causes conflict among people. Consider this for a moment: whenever we see someone, we automatically judge them based on their appearance or behaviour. likewise bad judgement. typically without even knowing the individual.

We don’t try to understand the other person or determine whether our first judgement was accurate by getting to know them.  Without trying to comprehend, we  judge. And that’s the end of it; we don’t endeavour to learn more so that we can communicate better, comprehend better, and eventually construct a bridge between two people. Can you establish a rapport with everyone you meet? Most likely not. But I’ve discovered that making the extra effort, even just once every day, may have a significant impact.

Build a bridge between two people instead of passing judgement. Stop being judgmental if you catch yourself doing so. Since this requires more awareness than we often possess, the first and most crucial step is to spend a few days keeping a close eye on your thoughts and trying to identify any instances of judgement. This process could be challenging.

17. Language Learning: An Article for class 12 students

Question 17.

Learning language plays an important role for the acdemic career of the students. Language stands head and shoulders above all others as a learning tool. Language confers an intellectual advantage on humans over all other organisms. Write an article in 150-200 words language learning.

A baby begins to learn the moment its eyes open. Vision and touch start a learning process that will shape the individual’s personality significantly. Language stands head and shoulders above all others as a learning tool. Language confers an intellectual advantage on humans over all other organisms. No other species can compile a list of concepts, analyse them, draw conclusions, and then explain his reasoning. All of this is possible for man because he has the ability to communicate.

Learning a new language necessitates the acquisition of hearing, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, as well as the acquisition of a new alphabet and writing system. This is a common mistake made by language learners.

Language acquisition is a time-consuming and difficult endeavour that requires dedication, perseverance, and effort. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of this. Learning a new language entails learning a LOT of material, so you’ll want to make the most of your study time. Memory always matters while learning language and this can be done by giving more time in reading comprehension,

18. Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Article Writing

The entire country is commemorating India’s 75th anniversary of independence. Schools and colleges are also celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.  Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav programmes are being organised to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive independent India. As a result, an artcle on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in English is one of the most important article for the examination point of view for the students of class 12(Core) of CBSE. This Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Article is approximately 200 words long.

The 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in India, with the theme “Nation First, Always First,” was celebrated with different programs. 

Image result for 75th independence day

Article on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in English

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is a government of India initiative to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive independence in India. India is commemorating the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements through the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. It embodies everything progressive about India’s sociocultural, political, and economic identities.

On March 12, 2021, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi flagged off a 75-week-long festival to commemorate 75 years of India’s independence from Sabarmati Ashram. This began a 75-week countdown to our 75th anniversary of Independence Day, which will conclude a year later on August 15, 2023.

On March 12, 1930, Mahatma Gandhi began the Dandi Yatra from Sabarmati Ashram for the awakening of the country’s self-reliance and self-respect, and on this day in 2021, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi began the symbolic Dandi Yatra, which marks the revival of our journey of self-reliance and self-respect with the beginning of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is dedicated to the people of India who have been instrumental in bringing India far on its evolutionary journey and only been instrumental in bringing India far on its evolutionary journey, but also have the power and potential to enable Prime Minister Modi’s vision of activating India 2.0, which is fueled by the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

19. Article on Importance of Books

20. article on exams fear/phobia, 21. article on self-regulation.

Every individual can resist impulses, adapt their behaviour to standards, and modify prevailing behaviour to achieve distal goals; this is called self-regulation. Common terms for self-regulation include “self-control, self-management, anger control, emotion regulation, and impulse control.” Self-regulation can help manage chronic health conditions and predict psychological well-being. In every field, e.g., education, sports, health, vocational, etc., self-regulation is linked to positive functioning and outcomes.

Both students and teachers use academic results to measure learning success. It’s important to determine the factors that influence academic outcomes, such as student efforts, beliefs, and learning techniques. Psychologists, educators, researchers, and academicians have long recognised that students’ academic beliefs and self-regulated learning play an essential role in achieving high academic performance.

People are advised to use self-regulation to manage and control health issues. Many people use self-regulation techniques. Successful people and students use self-regulation to achieve behavioural and health goals.

22. Article on Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, born in Porbandar, Gujarat, on October 2, 1869, advocated truth and nonviolence and valued indigenous art. Bapu’s teachings are still relevant because our country was blessed with a man who practised simplicity in everyday life. “Bapu” Mahatma Gandhi led India’s independence movement. Indians around the world celebrate his birthday. “Bapu” was Mahatma Gandhi, India’s freedom fighter. Indians around the world celebrate his birthday. On his birthday, Indians around the world reflect on his nonviolence and selflessness teachings.

Some people thought Gandhiji favoured Muslims despite his efforts for unity. Gandhiji was assassinated in Delhi on January 30, 1948, as he headed to a prayer meeting. He said “Hey Ram” Gandhiji was honoured globally. Mahatma died. Everyone was surprised. The world mourned the death of the great man, a real Mahatma, who dedicated his life to serving humanity and teaching truth, brotherhood, peace, nonviolence, equality, and simplicity. Following his example is the best way to honour him.

23. Article on Heroes Martyrdom Day.

On September 23, 2022, English Haryana will observe its Heroes Martyrdom Day in memory of known and unknown Haryana martyrs, and people will pay tribute to Haryana’s freedom fighters, particularly the martyrs. Haryana celebrates Veer Saheed Rao Tula Ram’s birthday, which is known as Rao Tula Ram Jayanti. Rao Tula Ram is revered in Haryana as a hero for his role in driving the British out of the state’s southwest region. He also helped insurgents in Delhi. Haryana honours the soldiers and fighters who fought for India on this day.

Functions are held in various locations throughout Haryana. People gathered at Silani Gate Jhajjar in Jhajjar, Haryana, to pay homage to the martyr, Rao Tula Ram, the eminent freedom fighter of 1857. A ceremony is held at Silani Gate, where a statue of Rao Tula Ram was erected many years ago. As a mark of respect, police officers salute during the ceremony. Police officers also turned their arms upside down during the event.

Independence Day is a national holiday in India observed annually on August 15 to honour the freedom fighters. Independence Day marks the end of British rule in India in 1947 and the birth of a free and independent India. It also commemorates the subcontinent’s partition into two countries, India and Pakistan, which took place at midnight on August 14-15, 1947. (In Pakistan, August 14th is Independence Day. Following the British victory at the Battle of Plassey in 1757, the English East India Company took control of India. The East India Company ruled India for 100 years before being replaced by direct British rule (also known as the British raj) in the aftermath of the Indian Mutiny in 1857-58. Mohandas K. Gandhi led the Indian independence movement during World War I, advocating for a peaceful and nonviolent end to British rule.

24. Article on Independence Day

India celebrates festivities throughout August. Independence Day begins the season. India celebrates Independence Day on August 15 to honour the freedom fighters. Independence Day celebrates India’s independence from British control in 1947. On August 14-15, 1947, at midnight, the subcontinent was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Pakistan’s Independence Day is August 14. After the Battle of Plassey, the English East India Company ruled India in 1757. The British raj superseded the East India Company after the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58. Mohandas K. Gandhi headed the Indian independence movement throughout WWI and pushed for a peaceful end to British rule.

This day is dedicated to all those who gave their lives, minds, bodies, and souls to free India. Countless lives were lost, and many were tortured, but India rose as a free country with great determination and faith. On August 15, 1947, India’s tricolour flag was hoisted above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi. Every year to this day, the Prime Minister hoists the flag and commemorates the occasion in Delhi, India’s capital. Following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation, a military parade is held, which is broadcast live across the country. In addition, the President gives a speech. The 75 years since independence represent the hard labour, inventiveness, and enterprise of regular Indians. We Indians have worked hard at home and abroad. Our Constitution is awesome. We value democracy. India, the mother of democracy, strengthens democracy. India’s expertise and science mark Mars and the moon.

25. Article on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Every year on April 14, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s birth is commemorated as Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti. Every year, Ambedkar Jayanti is observed to commemorate Ambedkar’s significant contribution to the Indian legal system and constitution. The day is also known as ‘Ambedkar Equality Day’ in the Canadian province of British Columbia. On April 14, India commemorates Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary as the country’s first law minister. Ambedkar Jayanti is the name given to this day. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is widely regarded as the Indian Constitution’s founder. The constituent assembly drafted the world’s longest written constitution during his presidency, which is now known as the Indian Constitution. He was always sympathetic to the underprivileged, and he worked tirelessly to improve the lives of women, labourers, and untouchables, among others. Dr. Ambedkar was a scholar in many fields, including political science, law, and economics, as well as a learned social reformer and orator. Dr. Ambedkar was a social reformer, economist, and powerful orator.

26. Article on Importance of Yoga

Yoga has grown in popularity among all segments of society, regardless of caste, creed, or boundaries. People who practise yoga on a daily basis are able to control a wide range of diseases and have significantly improved their health. It has become an integral part of their lives. Yoga is “not just about body balance or mind-body balance, but also about balance in the human relationship with the world.” “Yoga emphasises the values of mindfulness, moderation, discipline, and perseverance,” the UN adds.

Yoga provides a path to sustainable living when applied to communities and societies.” The theme of “Yoga for Humanity” is appropriate for Yoga Day. We should help communities practise yoga in order to improve societal health. A healthy society keeps the country on top. Students, parents, and teachers should work together to improve our nation’s health and be proud citizens of a healthy country.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said that this year’s yoga day theme reminds us of “how yoga is truly universal”. He further added, “For hundreds of millions of people worldwide, yoga has also been an essential lifetime during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing an important means of coping with the challenges of social isolation and stress.”

27. Article on The importance of Family Day

The importance of commemorating International Family Day 2022 has grown as life has changed dramatically for the majority of us in the modern world. It’s natural to question the value of family in light of technological advancements, shifting cultural norms, new priorities, and new forms of contact enabled by the Internet. Is it a dying institution that has no place in today’s world? Obviously not. However, the family structure is constantly changing. Family is still as important, if not more so. It will undoubtedly be required in some form or another in the future, no matter how much life changes.

Strong family bonds, like many other healthy social relationships, benefit society and individuals in a variety of ways. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly established the International Day of Families. This day represents the value the international community places on families. The United Nations Organization selects a theme for this occasion each year. This contributes to the strengthening of family structures in countries all over the world.

The International Day of Families raises awareness of family-related issues. Social, economic, and demographic processes have an impact on every family. The goal of the day is to raise awareness about these issues. This is an emotional day as well because everyone wants to spend it with their families. Every year on May 15th, the world commemorates the day,

28. Article on The importance of Mother’s Day 

For all mothers, whose contributions are routinely disregarded, Mother’s Day 2022 is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Every mother’s immeasurable and unselfish commitment to her children’s achievement is celebrated on this day. It’s also a day to express gratitude for what she has accomplished. One human connection consistently performs better than all others. It alludes to the connection a mother has with her offspring. Nothing compares to a mother’s unflinching love, dedication, and commitment to her kids. Mothers put in endless effort from the minute their children are born to make sure they are always protected and that their personalities are developed to assist them face the challenges of life. Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour all moms and their efforts.

Every child has a fundamental need for blissful, unconditional love and care, which is why the terms “Mother” and “Jagat Janni” evoke that feeling. There are countless justifications for her being in a child’s life, and they hold true for all living things, including both people and animals. Since this tie begins long before birth, children and their mothers seem to have an enduring connection. The number of factors that contribute to mothers’ importance to children may go on forever, but we have compiled the five most significant ones below.

29. Article on International Workers’ Day

International Workers’ Day, generally known as Labor Day in most nations, is honoured annually on May 1. The day is a celebration of labourers everywhere. The labour union movement, notably the “eight-hour day” push, is where the day got its start. The day, often referred to as May Day, is celebrated in a number of nations, including China, Cuba, and India. International Workers’ Day, generally known as Labor Day in most nations, is honoured annually on May 1. Workers’ Day is observed on a global scale. This global holiday is held on May 1. It is most frequently connected to commemorating the accomplishments of the labour movement. It is celebrated as a public holiday in more than 80 countries and is also known as International Workers’ Day or May Day.

In various regions of the world, it is also referred to as May Day. This day honours the accomplishments and services of labourers to the advancement of the nation. In several nations, this day is also recognised as a national holiday.

The status of work in contemporary cultures is the outcome of a protracted historical process. It not only offers money resources, but it also plays a crucial role in elevating people’s feelings of usefulness and belonging. Additional benefits of work include its function as a socialising tool, a venue for social interactions, and a source of personal identities. Work can therefore be seen as a fundamental component of both societal and, to a significant extent, individual existential organisation.

30. Article on Earth Day

“Invest in our world” is the theme of Earth Day this year. Have we made investments in our planet, or have previous generations exploited it? We must give it serious consideration! We honour our mother because Earth is our mother. Do we, however, honour Mother Earth? We will continue to rely on the earth because we have always done so. Unfortunately, we have never taken its health seriously. Our Mother Earth is experiencing a severe exit crisis as a result of all of these exploitations, and it will be very difficult to restore peace and health to it from this point forward.

Let’s make a sincere effort to transform Mother Earth into a living being. Reduce, Reuse, and recycle, please. Use again what you discard. To protect natural resources and landfill space, adhere to the three “R’s”. Display volunteerism. to purify your neighbourhood. aids in raising societal awareness of hygiene. Teachers and students should inform the public about the value of living things, and you should all be motivated to work toward educating people about the significance and worth of our natural resources. Conserve water by learning how. We waste and discharge less water the less of it we consume. Ocean water eventually becomes waste water. Be sustainable and minimalist. Learn how to lead a simple, environmentally friendly existence. Buy carefully. Instead of using plastic bags, we should purchase reusable ones. Always Put down a tree in your neighbourhood. We get our food and air from trees. They provide shade, clean the air, help us save energy, and fight climate change.

31. Write an Article on Importance of Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation always help children express their opinions, views, and emotions in new and expressive ways through practical projects, science models, music, singing, dancing, theater,  computer projects, and art projects.

Such efforts and creation will always enhance and help in the emotional development of students, and this will help them in realising their  hidden talents,  which is the best way to  excel  in their lives, helps in stress management  Stress in children  and teens creates anxiety and fatigue. Stress has an immediate and long-term impact on children’s health, happiness, and development. Worries and nervousness must be managed by children and adolescents.

Creativity and innovation assist students in overcoming academic stress, such as the burden of exams, and achieving high grades. Aids in career advancement: The syllabus, course, and curriculum should be creative and innovative. This will enhance their subject knowledge and their understanding of the concept of collaboration. Students always  learn  to know real-life applications.

32. Article Writing on Dussehra for Class 12 of the CBSE/HBSE

A lot of festivals are held throughout the culturally diverse nation of India. Dussehra, a celebration of Good Over Evil My beloved India, where people of all cultures and religions coexist, is beautiful because of its festivals. Nevertheless, these festivities reflect India’s beauty. India is a religiously divided nation that is united through its festivals. People of different religions celebrate every holiday in India.

Everywhere in the nation, people celebrate Dussehra as a national holiday. Dussehra 2022: The Hindu festival of Vijayadashami, also known as the Symbol of Good Over Evil, is observed every year in India soon after Navratri and 20 days before Diwali. In India, the month of October is dedicated to festivals, and the festivities get underway on August 15, or Independence Day. In honour of both Goddess Durga’s victory over the monster Mahishasur and Lord Ram’s victory over Lanka’s King Ravna, Happy Dussehra is observed.

Dussera offers us a chance to give up harmful habits and pick up some ethical principles in order to succeed in life. It symbolises the victory of good over evil. Dussehra thus symbolises the victory of good over evil. Bad habits should be abandoned and good ones adopted.

33. Teachers’ Day Article

True teachers encourage independent thought. Radhakrishnan Parents are a child’s first teachers, teaching them life lessons; the Guru comes after them. Our teachers were role models, inspirations, and parental figures who taught us life lessons during our impressionable years. In retrospect, they were tough on us to mould our abilities, face our anxieties, and improve our weaknesses. India celebrates Teachers’ Day on September 5, the birthday of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

A good teacher inspires, encourages, and instils problem-solving curiosity in their students. Teachers’ Day is celebrated worldwide to honour these special people. In the U.S., it’s celebrated in May and in the UK on October 5. In India, Teachers’ Day is observed on September 5, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. We congratulate all teachers on Teachers’ Day 2022 and hope the teaching community will continue spreading the message of love and hard work as the key to success in life. We also expect students to be patient while learning in the classroom on Teachers’ Day 2022. Teachers should be credited for making everyone happy.

34. Write a Janmashtami article for 12th Class

Lord Krishna said, “Karma is intent. Intent matters. Those motivated only by action’s fruits are miserable because they’re always anxious about the results. Janmashtami brings hope and happiness, according to legend. Kansa ruled Mathura as Krishna’s uncle. According to a prophecy, the couple’s eighth son would bring Kansa’s demise. He locked Devaki and Vasudeva up and killed their first six children after hearing the prophecy. Balram’s foetus magically moved from Princess Rohini’s to Devaki’s womb. While the palace was sleeping, Krishna was born. Vasudeva took the boy to Nand Baba and Yashoda’s home in Vrindavan. Vasudeva gave Kansa a baby girl after the transaction. She transformed into Durga when he tried to kill the baby. Krishna grew up in Vrindavan and killed his uncle Kansa there. Lord Krishna says karma is about the goal. Motive matters. People who act for rewards are sad because they’re always worried about the consequences. Lord Krishna reframes life in the Bhagwad Gita. He helps us understand fundamental principles that, while seemingly unimportant, can affect our lives.

35. Article on Exams Result

The result brings happiness for those who achieved their target, and it’s a moment of  stress and anxiety   for those who underperformed as per their expectations. We are worried about those who didn’t perform well. So, please share this article within your groups to avoid any mishaps.

Tensions about results, performance in the results, and what to do after the results have gripped students, parents, and teachers. The parents’ thoughts were taken over by fears of result-related suicides. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. After the result is known, this is the critical moment to handle the problem. As a result, everyone is wondering how to deal with exam result anxiety.

“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive.” “You will thrive despite it.” Joel Osteen

Your parents’ expectations of your performance are sincere. It’s a normal process because of so many aspects, such as social, peers, neighbours, and, of course, your future. “Just relax” is the best advice for both parents and children.

36. Article on Stress in Children

Stress in children and adolescents is common these days. There are many causes of stress in children.  Stress  can cause a physical, emotional, or psychological reaction among children and teens. Children in primary as well as high school face a lot of stress due to the high expectations and stringent requirements at all levels of education. Therefore, stress affects performance in school, participation in classes, and the well-being of children and adolescents. Stress in children and teens creates anxiety and fatigue. Stress has an immediate and long-term impact on children’s health, happiness, and development. Worries and nervousness must be managed by children and adolescents.

Generally, it has been found that the major trait of stress among children is due to their parents’ behavior. They don’t care about their children’s worries and pressure. They increase strain among children. In our experience, we have learned that parents generally fight with each other at home. Children get pressured due to their behavior, and sometimes they are always afraid of their parents and don’t share their trauma with their parents.

37. Article on Causes of Stress among Children and Remedies

In the 1980s, students didn’t find the school stressful. Happy students who played games regularly had fewer career tensions. Academics are a major stressor for students today. Brand and Schoonheim-Klein (2009) said student stress is multifactorial, arising from academic and non-academic factors, including socio-cultural, environmental, and psychological attributes.

Economic and social stress contribute to child stress. Family discord or divorce causes children’s stress. They don’t care how their kids feel, so they want both parents. The nuclear family causes most child stress. In nuclear families, the family unit is small and parents can’t solve their children’s problems. Busy schedules prevent family members from playing with them.

Because they don’t understand individual aspirations, schools and teachers contribute to childhood stress. School changes upset children. They feel alienated in the new environment and are offended by healthy or bullied kids. Many students worry about exams and have exam phobia. They don’t sleep all night and developed exam anxiety and stress.

Too much trauma,  on the other hand, is extremely unhealthy. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and do nothing for a minute or so. Thoughts will come and that is okay. It is natural to have thoughts during meditation. After a minute or so, in the same natural way that thoughts come, and without moving your tongue or lips, quietly inside start saying your mantra. The meditation will help in reducing anxiety and nervousness among teens and adolescents.

38. The causes of the stress on the modem generation: Article

Question 38.

Today’s youth are highly stressed as a result of cutthroat competition and consumerism. Stress in youths and adolescents is common these days. There are many causes of stress in youth.  Stress  can cause physical, emotional, or psychological reactions among youths.

The scientific and technological era has resulted in fierce competition and a consumerist culture. We are all busy making plans for our future if we don’t have jobs, and people with jobs are always lost in further planning and promotion, and due to all these, they have forgotten the principles of morality and ethics.

Material life has made a lot of changes in our behavior, and we have forgotten the ethics of life. We don’t believe in the minimalist lifestyle and always pursue material comforts. Competition has become so fierce that we have to wait for jobs for an extended period of time, and sometimes we don’t even get one. Peace of mind, health, and pleasure are the treasures of human beings, but unfortunately, we search for material comforts and forget to live a peaceful life. As a result, for today’s youth, who are overburdened by cutthroat competition and consumerist culture, living a minimalist life is the ultimate solution.

39. Article on Communal Harmony Day

40. article on constitution day november 26, 41. article on ‘the impact of mobile on the younger generation’ , 42. article on vehicles causes pollution and traffic jams, article on vehicles causes pollution and traffic jams.

“Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution.” “What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.”  Evo Morales

The introduction of contaminants or harmful materials into the environment is referred to as pollution. These contaminants are called pollutants. Pollutants can be natural or man-made. Natural pollutants are volcanic ash and dust from storms. Pollutants are created by humans, such as industrial waste products and smoke from vehicles. Pollutants damage the quality of air, land, and water. An increase in the number of vehicles causes pollution and traffic jams.

Public transportation can help reduce air pollution because it consumes less gas and energy. A bus carrying 50 people helps to reduce the use of private vehicles. Use your appliances only when necessary to save energy and, ultimately, to reduce air pollution. Persuade people to use LPG gas because it reduces air pollution significantly. An increase in tax on personal vehicles can help reduce air pollution and the problem of traffic jams. Plant more trees to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

43. Article on Corruption: The Role of Youth in combating corruption

Question 43.

44. Supportive Parents And Stress-Free Students/ Parents’ Role in Stress Management

Question 44. You are Keshav/Karuna, a social worker and counsellor. You are concerned about the stressed behaviour of both parents and students during the time of examination. Write an article in 150-200 words to be published in a local daily on ‘Supportive parents and stress-free students’ giving ideas to enhance healthy and meaningful PARENT- WARD rapport and for making the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging during examination time. (CompIt. Delhi 2012) Answer:

Supportive Parents And Stress-Free Students/ Parents’ Role in Stress Management

Stress in children and adolescents is common these days. There are many causes of stress in children. Both parents and students are stressed during the time of the examination. Good parents make the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging during examination time for their wards.

Parents must understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses to plan for his future. They talk about their child’s interests and problems. Assure their child that the outcome will be positive. Consolate him for his poor performance. Take their children out on summer vacation to divert their attention. If they don’t understand their interests and hidden talents, they should seek the help of a counselor. They always use positive language: “Don’t worry, beta, you tried well and will improve next time.” Don’t compare their child with others, as every child is different. Just compare their performance with their previous results and try to improve it. Parents always support and allow their children to continue, regardless of the time or outcome.

45. An Article on Parents’ Role to Keep Their Children Free of Stress

Stress in children and adolescents is common these days. There are many causes of stress in children.

Developing a Healthy Atmosphere at Home Parents play an important role in keeping their kids away from stress, anxiety, and fear. They should not fight with each other, as it adversely affects the kids. They start feeling isolated. Allow your kid to solve a small problem with a free mind. This way, they become confident and start taking their own decisions. I have been confronted with many parents who always interfere in their children’s choice of courses and careers.

Such children always seek their parents’ advice and never become independent. This type of interference creates stress among children or adults. Educating children on the use of social media Parents should advise their kids about the use of social media and help them become savvy digital consumers. They should limit their screen time. Play with your kids to keep them healthy and mentally fit. Try to involve them in their homework. Take your kids out for social interaction.

46. Article on Importance of Festvals for Students

Observances of national and international festivals always benefit students academically and culturally. It’s natural that whenever we think of celebrating festivals in schools, we feel excitement and happiness. Hence, students don’t feel any academic burden while celebrating festivals in schools. Observances of national  and international festivals  bring students and teachers together, and they enjoy the culture and history of the festivals without any liability for academics.

It’s psychologically proven that celebrations and other practical activities boost students’ interests, and when you do something that piques your interest, there is always a great chance that your academic performance will be enhanced. So, schools should celebrate festivals to help students learn more about them. Festival observances also help students do well in school by improving their speaking, learning, and writing skills.

47. Article on Importance of Books

48. article on anxiety of results, 49. article on boards’ exams.

There is a three-tier system in school education in India. Elementary education is the beginning of secondary education, and class 10 is the most important stage for students to succeed in senior school. Furthermore, CBSE and all other Indian boards consider class 10 to be a board class. The psychological factor of fear of exams comes in the way of appearing in the first board exams. Students are not trained mentally to appear in board examinations. So, Class 10 Board Exams are a very important part of a student’s life if they want to do well in school in the future.

Which path do you want to take after Class 10? Although I see no difference between the class 10 board exams and your class 9 exams, the situation is exaggerated by referring to them as board exams, and students are under pressure from board exams only because of psychological pressure created by various sections of society and even teachers. When you got good grades, your parents assumed it was your talent without knowing what you were interested in.

50. Article Writing on Diwali

51. article writing on dussehra for class 12 cbse/hbse, 52. article writing on teachers’ day, 53. article writing on veer saheedi diwas, important articles for practice.

  • Discrimination In Society
  • Advertisements As A Source Of Information
  • Youth And Democracy
  • Youth And Mobile Phones
  • Alarming Rise In Road Accidents
  • Importance Of Simple Weddings
  • Exercise And Healthy Living
  • How To Ensure Safe Life In Cities
  • Importance Of Outdoor Games
  • What I Want To Be In Life
  • Slow And Steady Wins The Race
  • Unity In Diversity
  • Health, The Best Wealth

CBSE Class 12 English(Core) Article Writing Format & Examples|53 Solved Articles PDF

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Article Writing: Importance of Books

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Article Writing Topics for Class 12 CBSE Format, Examples

Looking for an easy way to learn English Grammar? then you are in right place. Here we providing basic  English Grammar topics like Tenses Verbs, Nouns, etc… In this page, we are providing Article Writing Class 12 .

Article Writing Topics for Class 12 CBSE Format, Examples Pdf

Article writing topics for class 12 with answers cbse.

Question 1. Hard work and punctuality are essential for a happy and successful life. They help in meeting the desired targets of our life. You are Kavya/Kanha. Write an article in 150 – 200 words highlighting the importance of hard work and punctuality in a student’s life. Answer:

Hard work and punctuality in a student’s life by Kavya

Hard work and punctuality are indispensable in a student’s life to reach the top. Students should develop this habit from the beginning of their life. If they becorrie punctual and hard-working, they can achieve success and happiness in life. So, punctuality and hard work are the requesites in a students life to meet his desired target in life.

Let us take a few examples. If a student comes late to his class, he misses the lesson, and the teacher becomes annoyed with him. Unpunctuality is considered a symbol of rudeness or uncivilized manner. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo because his marshal was too late to come to his chiefs side. Nelson once said that he owed his success in life due to punctuality.

Hence, hard work and punctuality lead a student to the path of success. So, every student is expected to work hard and do their assigned home work punctuality. Teachers will love him and success will come to him. Indeed, he will be blessed with punctuality.

Question 2. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. As a teenager you want India to achieve certain goals in the next ten years. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘India After Ten Years’. You are Prabhu/Prabha. Use the following clues:

  • Communication
  • Infrastructure

Indian After Ten Years by Prabhu

What is India today and what will it be after ten years is a question that is constantly engaging the youth of today who are the leaders of tomorrow.

India today is faced with manifold problems such as spread of education, health hazards, communication problems, infrastructure, inflation and unemployment. Though in the next ten years, the situation will not change much, the youth today have better education, better connection with home and abroad, better internet connectivity and wider social networking. It is hoped that in the next ten years, India will add about three times to its present GDP. Life expectancy will cross 70 for both the genders. There will be more traffic and more problems, more pollution. It is also hoped that people living below poverty line will be near zero before the year 2025. Human Development Index will be less than 50 against 127 today. Every youth will have a quality training with globally competitive employable vocation skill.

Question 3. Our performance in Rio Olympics has told us that we do not pay enough attention to athletics and outdoor games. It is time we revised our attitude. Sports should be an important part of school’s daily routine. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘Importance of Outdoor Games’. You are Sreeja/Thomas. Answer:

Importance of Outdoor Gaines by SreSja

Outdoor games play an important role in the life of children and adults. These are the sporting . events which involve a lot of physical activity and, since they are played outside, it makes one physically fit too as the whole body gets exercised.

Unfortunately, not much attention is paid to sports either by parents or school authorities. It’s high time we changed our outlook in this regard. It is the need of the hour and should become an integral part of a school’s daily routine. Outdoor sports event help us, especially students in many ways. Students learn the sportsmanship, develop a co – operative attitude and at the same time pick up the competitive spirit. Since it involves obeying rules and following the captain, children learn to form heterogeneous groups and get disciplined.

As the outdoor games are played in groups, there is no room for one’s personal gains or passion. It is the team that comes first and the team spirit that takes the topmost priority. Children, who develop a passion for outdoor sports, then go on to make a mark not only at school level but at regional, national and international level too provided they are given right coaching, guidance and facilities.

Question 4. Every teenager has a dream to achieve something in life. What they are going to become tomorrow depends on what our youth dream today. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on AVhat I want to be in life’. You are Simranjit/Smita. Answer:

What I Want to Be in Life by Simranjit

Every youth has a dream to achieve something in life and I am no different! The idea of dreaming is to do something that has a purpose and adds value to one’s life. I have dreamt of a life where I am happy doing what I am doing as I firmly believe that happiness is the root of all desires. But one can’t be happy doing anything, one has to strive for a goal in life. Happiness requires struggle. One has to take risks and face challenges. Therein lies the effort which people don’t want to do.

My dream has been to go to the US for further studies and take up a job. After being financially sound, I would like to come back to my motherland and give back to the society which has made me what I am today. I could be asked why go to the US if I am so passionate about my country but going to the foreign shores too is part of my dream. I would like to be in a profession where I can serve people of my country.

Question 5. To have a fair complexion is an obsession in our society. Demand for fair brides in matrimonial columns and sale of fairness creams are evidence enough. Write an article in 150 – 200 words giving your views on ‘Beautiful mind, better than a fair complexion.’ You are Natwar/Nimmi.

  • Use the following clues:
  • the West, people like to be tanned
  • fair complexion, only skin deep
  • beautiful mind
  • attitude to life
  • behaviour in society, etc.

Beautiful mind, better than a fair complexion by Natwar

If we look at the tantalizing matrimonial columns in the leading dailies, we observe great demand for fair brides and ads for sale of fairness creams. It implies, to have a fair complexion is an obsession in our society.

However, our major premise is beautiful mind is better than a fair complexion. First, we will see how our people, especially women folks, are influenced by the west. They tend to follow western culture and enrich facial beauty. But, virtually, this facial make – up is only skin – deep and represents only external beauty of a person. It is absolutely temporary. It only gives us sensual pleasure. A fair complexioned person may or may not possess a beautiful mind.

It all depends on his/her thoughts, deeds and behaviour that reveal what his/her persona is. Beauty of mind is internal and eternal and leads to a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a beautiful soul. These qualities change one’s attitude to life and add to make for a social behaviour. Those who possess these qualities and do beautiful deeds, such as Helen Keller, Vivekananda, B.T. Washington. Beauty lies not in the face, but in the heart. A beautiful mind is better than a fair complexion.

Question 6. Teenagers are full of energy as well as ideas. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on “How to Channelise the Energy of the Teenagers”. You are Tejinder/Simran. You may use the following clues:

How to Channelise the Energy of the Teenagers by Simran

Teenagers are always curious to know the unknown and to see the unseen. So, engaging children in positive activities like sports, theatre and art is the hour of need. Channelising children’s energy to a positive goal is the primary motive of such initiatives. The teenagers pose a lot of r questions to the elders, sometimes even wrongly. Truly, they possess inquisitive minds.

However, these are different ways to channelise the energy of the teenagers. They can take up productive hobbies like social work take up part – time jobs or engage in sports activities, cleaning local parks, teaching underprivileged children. Sports camp can teach them team building and ‘ develop their organisational and leadership skills. Reading books can also inspire the teenagers in positive ways and make them understand human values.

Generation gap many a time, leads the youth to go astray. It is a must to channelise the energy of the teenagers in the right direction, so that they can utilise their energy in good and productive works in life.

Question 7. Recent floods in many metropolitan cities of the country during the monsoon season laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of their preparedness. The poor had to bear the brunt of the problem while no one was ever held accountable. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on the common man’s woes during the monsoons and the need for accountability of the officials concerned. You are Sumit/Smita Verma. Answer: \

Common Man’s Woes during Monsoons by Smita Verma

There have been floods in many metropolitan cities during the monsoon season this year. There was chaos everywhere; roads were heavily damaged as they had been badly made. There were many potholes at almost all the roads in the cities. Fallen trees further added to the mess on the roads. Several hundred people were afflicted with malaria, dengue, chikungunya, typhoid and viral fever. The poor people were the worst affected as they had become homeless due to j washing away of their kutcha houses.

These floods had laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of their preparedness to face disasters. The poor had to bear the brunt ; of the problem while none of the civic authorities were held accountable. It is high time the civic authorities took some concrete measures to’fight the menace caused by floods. Hospitals should be geared up to meet all challenges and should be adequately stocked with medicines. Civic authorities should ensure timely collection of garbage and clear all blocked drains on a i war – footing. Only then can there be some semblance of normalcy.

Question 8. Sindhu, Sakshi, Saina and Deepa, all daughters of India have put those to shame who do not love a girl child. If they are given education, encouragement and proper training, the daughters can bring name, fame and support to the family. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘Save and ‘ Love a Girl Child’. You are Raman/Geeta. Answer:

Save and Love a Girl Child by Geeta

It is well said that if they are given good education, encouragement and proper training, the daughters can bring name, fame and support to the family. But the irony of it all is that the girl child is fighting a great battle for survival. The very existence of the girl child is under threat.

Without recognising the feminine aspect of divinity, one cannot claim to know Ggd. To recognise the feminine, it is necessary to restore wholeness, completeness and universality, ‘Save and Love a Girl Chid’. But, alas!

Girl child, the God’s most divine creation, is a victim of gender discrimination in our country. Such is the irony of fate that ‘the hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator and mother of tomorrow, is today the one of the gravest concerns facing humanity.

Today, the girl child is facing several challenges such as child marriage, child labour, slavery, right to education, molestation, etc. These problems can lesson if the daughter is given equal opportunity, proper education and encouragement to improve her quality of life. It is necessary to create general awareness and change the mindset of the people towards the girl child. The hour of need is to let daughters of India unite and put those to shame to those who do not love a girl child.

Question 9. India is a land of diversity. One way in which it makes us feel proud of it is the number of festivals we enjoy. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘Festivals of India’. You are Karuna/Karan. Answer:

Festivals of India by Karuna

India is a country of cultural and traditional festivals. It has many festivals and religions. These are celebrated all across the country with a lot of fervour, great passion and joy and have become important part of our lives. There are mainly three types of festivals celebrated in India – national, religious apd seasonal. Each has its own significance and meaning and gives immense happiness to different sections of people at different times of the year.

The patriotic fervour abounds around the time of the three national festivals. The Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are celebrated as our three national festivals. During the religious and seasonal festivals, apart from the fact that all are celebrated with great aplomb, a lot of brotherhood is generated among all, family and friends get together, people from different religions wish and participate thereby ushering a feeling of camaraderie and togetherness.

The other important festivals are Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid, Durga Puja, Mahavir Jayanti, Janmashtami, Buddhpurnima, etc. to just name a few. All festivals celebrated in India promote national integration and bring harmony and peace in our society.

Question 10. Rising pollution, fast and competitive lifestyle, lack of nutritious food, etc. have caused health woes for a large section of our population. Providing health care used to be a charitable and ethical activity. Today it has become commercialized, a money spinning business. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘How to provide proper health care to the common man’. You are Karan/ Karuna. Answer:

How to Provide Proper Health Care to the Common Man by Karan

It is true that health care which used to be an ethical and charitable activity earlier has now become commercialized. It is a boon for the rich but a curse for the poor. India is a developing country where most people are below the poverty line and depend on government hospitals for treatment. Private hospitals are costly as they are equipped with the latest machines and technology, whereas the government hospitals having the best doctors lack basic facilities such as sanitation, drinking water and beds.

What ails the health care system is the large population, overcrowding in hospitals and lack of facilities, whereas for the private sector it’s a money – spinning business. But how will the common man get the benefits of good health care system? This is an uphill task, but not impossible. Every problem comes with a solution provided there is a will to find thp solution.

To start with, the government can tie up with private hospitals on conditions suitable tq both. Stricter laws to be enforced for the private medical sector and stringent punishment for the offenders, So, to create health awareness among the common people is very important. In fact, the need of the hour is also to open more government hospitals and provide health care in schools too. The focus should be the welfare of common people as all have a right to good and healthy living.

Question 11. Education has always been a noble profession. Our ancestors received their learning at gurukuls and ashrams. Even in the near past pathshalas (schools) were associated with places of worship, Today, education is fast becoming commercialised. Parents have to shell out a lot of money on coaching classes, tuition fees etc. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘The State of Education, Today’. You are Karan/Karuna. Answer:

The State of Education, Today by Karan

Education that was driven by devotion and thought is no more a noble profession today. It has become commercialized which should be a matter of concern for one and all. Gone are the days when the educational institutes were like places of worship; there were gurukuls and ashrams where our ancestors received their learning. Look at our education system today where things are not going as they should have been. Today private schools and coaching centres are prospering, have become a great source of generating profits, money spinning businesses and the sad part is that parents too feel compelled owing to today’s highly competitive world to spend any amount of money on their children to get to these institutes.

Private schools which are mushrooming in every part of the country are charging exorbitant fee; parents, who can afford, are sending their children as they want to live their dreams through them unmindful of the pressures they are creating. There is the ‘capitation fee’ being charged by higher educational institutes which is nothing but a price for selling education. There is a strong need to change the basics of education system in order to revive the real importance of it.

Question 12. According to 2011 census, literacy rate of hundred per cent or around has been achieved by only a couple of states in India. Illiteracy is found mostly among the old and the deprived sections of society. What can the youth do to spread literacy in society? Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘Role of students in eradicating illiteracy’. You are Karuna/Karan. Answer:

Role of Students in Eradicating Illiteracy by Karuna

Students can play a crucial role in removing illiteracy which continues to exist at an appalling scale in our country. India has 29 states, and only a couple of them have achieved hundred per cent literacy. India has been a free nation for nearly seventy years now. Illiteracy gives birth to many issues such as poverty, unemployment, child labour, female foeticide, and population boom. It is mostly found in old people and the deprived sections of society who have little access to this basic right.

Although several concerted efforts have also been made on the part of the government to deal with illiteracy, a lot still remains to be done. And that is where the role of our educated youth comes in. They can share their experiences with illiterate people, give interesting talks on the importance of literacy, stage street plays to remove their superstitions and hollow beliefs, organize short baithaks to teach how to read and write. They can also join hands with educational institutions, National Literacy Mission, NGOs and others to help the country achieve hundred per cent literacy rate which is not an insurmountable task given the fact that our youth form a sizable chunk of the country’s population and is its backbone.

Question 13. In spite of 24 – hour news on TV, the morning newspaper has not lost its relevancejn the daily life of the common man. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘Print media and TV news’. You are Karuna/Karan. Answer:

Print Media and TV News by Karuna

The familiar sound of a newspaper dropped on one’s doormat every morning is linked in thousands of minds with the inviting feeling of crackling open the fresh pages of newsprint while taking the first few sips of one’s favourite morning brew. But with the television just a click away and lives getting busy, particularly with the morning rush hour hurdle, this familiar scene is receding like a fading rainbow, according to popular accounts. Yet the facts are different. According to the 59th Annual Media.

Report by the government there was an increase of 5.8% in print media belying the diminishing appeal of newspapers, emphasizing the leap ahead taken by the regional language readership. Even in metro cities, the general consensus of opinion states that television is for viewing serials in one’s leisure but the nose for news can only be satisfied after one has glanced at a newspaper.

A television news flash is like immediate gratification for the here and now moment. When one wants to go into the depth of a subject or even refers to something which has been reported earlier, the newspaper continues to be the ideal choice for readers.

Question 14. Charity begins at home. If we want a clean India (Swachch Bharat) we have to begin with ourselves, make individual efforts not to make our surroundings dirty. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on ‘Role of individuals in society to keep our environment clean’. You are Karan/Karuna. Answer:

Role of Individuals in Keeping Our Environment Clean by Karan

The desire to have a clean India throb in every heart but not everyone knows the golden key to unlock this burning desire within us. Perhaps the best option is to not to look over one’s shoulder for change but to be the change oneself. In other words, by adopting certain measures of cleanliness one can set an example and see the result of our initiative gathering moss along the way. As disposal of household litter is a daily problem, determining not to litter the streets and putting our garbage where it can be collected easily, will ensure that litter does not get scattered around.

Instead of dumping all our throwaways into one package, it is best to organize garbage at home for recycling, before disposal. To keep trees healthy and tended in the neighbourhood, encourage your neighbours to plant trees. Alternately they can adopt a tree and keep it well maintained and clean off wild growth around itg roots. Conserving water and not keeping taps on unnecessarily are norms to follow. Also, keeping the car in the garage and cycling to fetch the day’s necessities from the market will keep the neighbourhood environment clean.

Question 15. India is a large country having a very rich cultural tradition. It has the potential to provide great geographical and cultural diversity. Even then we have not been able to attract tourists to the extent that even the small countries have been able to do. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on how to promote tourism in the country. You are Mohan/Mohini. Answer:

Growth Of Tourism Industry In India by Mohan

The name of our country is known to the world. From the heights of the Himalayas in the north to the vastness of Indian Ocean in the south, from the desert of the west to the hills of the east, India has the potential to be a tourist’s attraction. India has its own unique culture, be it the dances of Rajasthan or the coast of the south, be it the beauty of Kashmir valley or the sunbath beaches of Goa.

The tourist industry today is seeing a new thrust in its promotion. However, internal factors like lack of security, patriarchal mindset and violence in the society are some problems which hinder the growth of tourism industry. The international view of Delhi is the ‘rape capital of India’ and I the instances of ‘terror acts’ and ‘instability in Kashmir Valley’ are reasons for lack of tourists in our country. But the failure of the system is also one of the factors impeding the promotion of the rich cultural and geographical diversity of India. The government, first of all, needs to provide internal security to the tourists and improve the international image of India. It should ‘ also allow new reforms to take care of natural and monumental heritage of our country.

The tourism ministry needs to create projects which provide rich experiences to the tourists and not just the sightseeing spots. More investment is needed for building the infrastructure such as roads and access points.

The most important factor that the government needs to work on is an aggressive tourism marketing strategy. There is no doubt that a promising tourism industry also helps in improving the economy of the country. We need to capitalize on India as a destination where the Royal Bengal Tiger, common labourer, a few millionaires, religious dichotomies, exotic culinary treasures and some of the most expensive spas of the world co – exist.

Question 16. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on how we can make India a carefree and enjoyable place for women when they can go wherever they like to without any fear of being stared at, molested or discriminated against. You are Navtej/Navita. Answer:

India – A Safe Place For Women by Navtej

Each time our eyes hit the newspaper, the headlines provoke outrage with the narrative of gang [ rapes, violence, molestations and harassment of women. The women who comprise nearly half of our population, are still subject to violence and discrimination. Women continue to live in fear and under domination of men in India.

When we talk of freedom and independence of the country from the outside forces we are proud of what we have achieved today but women who were equal contributors to the freedom struggle continue to remain shackled by chains of patriasphal mindset. Women are often denied their freedom of choice. Nobody asks a girl what her dreams are or what role she aspires to play in . life. Rather her status is confined to the conventional roles that the society has assigned her.

To make this country a free and enjoyable place for women, we first need to empower the police and government in order to provide a safe environment to women so that they can travel wherever and whenever they want. We also need to improve our law and order situation and get serious about investigation, prosecution and trials. More investment needs to be made in promoting equality and improving ways for the women to take a stand for themselves.

The quality of freedom is not merely the implementation of rules and laws. Freedom emerges from liberty. It is only when the mindset of people changes and women are treated as equal to men that they will get a carefree and enjoyable atmosphere to be in. Men need to change their attitude towards women and only then we can create a truly safe and free country for one and all.

Question 17. Emotionally as well as intellectually, a woman is as good as a man if not better. Yet we don’t allow her the same status as a man enjoys in society. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on “Status of Women in Society”. You are Navtej/Navita. Answer:

Status of Women in Society by Navtej

Women today are beset by paradoxes. On the one hand, they are portrayed as goddesses and, on the other, they are denied basic rights. For years, women have chosen broken dreams and broken bones over broken marriages. Despite various laws about domestic violence, female foeticide, rape and sexual harassment, girls and women, across the country, still continue to suffer.

The need of the hour is that we draw our attention to the centrality of the role women have played in the development of our civilization. Can we sustain a future without giving them their dues? It is true that in the present times, their social status is that of a marginalized community but this does not take away the fact that there can be no society without women. In fact, demographic, sociological and historical studies clearly indicate that for a just society there needs to be equality in sex – ratio at. birth and at workplace.

The parity in terms of employment, education, political and social status would not just boost economic productivity and guarantee a balanced and morally just society but also salvage the. right to equality. A woman’s responsibility cannot be restricted to her role as a homemaker and mother. The paradigm shift lies in changing our perception and acknowledging and accepting their immense contribution to shaping a society and the world at large.

The winds of change are blowing everywhere. Perhaps we will choose to be guided by the examples of Indira Gandhi, Indira Nooyi, Chanda Kochar, Bachendri Pal, Mary Kom or even the concerted efforts of women organizations like Sri Mahila Grah Udyog Lijjat Papad and Sewa. Women constitute almost half of the electorate and 35% parliamentarians with the increasing demand of reserving 50% of seats in the Parliament for them.

No doubt change can be seen. Be it the struggle of Malala Yousufzai or the verdict of the Nirbhaya case. But the real change will come when young girls of today raise their voice and come forward to make a place for themselves in all walks of life. Only then will we see an equal world where men and women walk shoulder ‘to shoulder with each other.

Question 18. Children tend to become tense and nervous befor& the board exams. This affects their health and performance in the examination. Good counselling is, therefore, needed to help them overcome exam fear. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on the ‘Need for Counselling Before Board Exams.’ You are Gobind/Gobindi. Answer:

Need for Counselling Before Board Exams by Gobind

Every year with board exams approaching, schools and colleges work hard to prepare their students. While educational institutions compete hard to ensure good results, they also make sure their students don’t face stress. The stress that the Board exams have started creating is a recent phenomenon, which is primarily due to the highly competitive world we are heading into. Students often make securing high marks in boards an issue of life and death. This is also because the cut – off of many colleges is so high that many children miss their chance of studying in it and, therefore, are under pressure from parents, families and friends.

All these pressures affect the mental health of children as they become nervous before the exams, so much so they become even mentally blank and forget as they appear for a paper. Therefore, counselling before the board exams is very essential for better performance and health of the children. These counselling sessions give children some mental support and strength to use their energy in a positive manner. Most schools are now taking to these counselling sessions for better results. These counselling sessions are not only for students but also for parents. A counsellor in these sessions does not only talk and try to de – stress the child but also guides him to adopt a better lifestyle. Only counselling before board exams can help children deal with stress and not lose this important phase of life.

Question 19. A newspaper report on a recent terrorist attack in your locality shattered you. You decided to write an article in a local daily on terrorist attacks and the need to maintain harmony and peace in society. Write the article in 150 – 200 words. You are Madhav/Meena. Answer:

Towards A Harmonious Society by Madhav Mathur

Acts of terrorism are on the rise across the world. The recent act of terror in my locality shattered me completely and forced me to question humanity in our society. The radical people who conduct these acts have the sole purpose of creating fear among the people.

The tragedy of our times is that we live in a world where every day we hear about terror attacks. From the United States, to France, to Baghdad, to India, every country is facing a threat from terrorism. The act of terror in Peshawar which killed school children, to Mumbai where innocent children were targeted are all a reflection of growing violence and hatred. Our society seems to have forgotten that the basis of human civilization is peace and brotherhood.

These terror acts become a success not only when they take innocent lives but also when we lose hope in harmony and become violent like them to take revenge. The only manner in which we can show terrorists that their attempts have failed is by showing them that our society is still defined by peace and harmony.

We need to rise beyond categorizing terrorism on the basis of religious groups because it is an act against the entire humanity. Therefore, the only way to defeat it is to strengthen the values of humanity.

If this is a war that humanity is fighting against terrorism, then we need to inculcate values of togetherness and unity. We need to create a society which is defined not by our differences but by our common hope.

Question 20. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I regard the English language as an open window for peeping into Western thought and science.” Write an article in 150 – 200 words on: ‘The Usefulness of English Language in India.’ You are Navin/Naina. [Foreign 2014 Answer:

Usefulness of English Language in India by Navin Upadyaya

As the world today has become a global village and people are interacting with each other across national/regional boundaries, the one language which connects the world is English.

The use of English language in India is not new. Even during the freedom struggle, when India was divided into various regions, the one language which helped bind the people of India was English. Gandhi regarded Hindi as the language of India and also accepted that English is an open window to peep up in the western thoughts and sciences.

Gandhi’s word appears true today. As English is a medium of education in schools and colleges across India, it has given people an opportunity to look at the Western world. Many scientific developments happened due to knowledge of English in India. India has the largest English speaking population in the world. The youth of today, as part of the globalised world, are making the best use of it in their career choices. English indeed is a language which borrows from all languages without losing its own identity, a principle that can be aptly applied to life as well.

Article Writing Class 12

Table of Contents

Article Writing Class 12 Format, Topics, Examples, Samples – An article is when you write down your thoughts about a topic in a logical and organized way, using paragraphs that make sense.

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What is Article Writing?

An article is a piece of writing that gets put in a newspaper or on the internet. People write articles to share news, findings from research, thoughts on academic topics, or to start discussions. They can be found in newspapers and magazines.

Article Writing Format

When a student needs to write an article for a school assignment, they should use the format recommended by CBSE. Here, you can find a detailed explanation of the CBSE article writing format.

The Format of Article Writing consists of the following parts –

  • By line, and

1. HEADING – The heading should be catchy and in not more than 5-6 words. You can feel free to be imaginative with this, but remember not to spend too long on it during the exam.

2. BY LINE – This is about the name of the person writing the article. Usually, the question provides it. If it’s not there, don’t include your personal information.

NOTE – You are not supposed to mention any of your personal details while attempting the answers in the exam.

3. BODY – It is the main part of your writing piece. It generally consists of 3-4 paragraphs.

PARAGRAPH 1: It’s important to start with a brief introduction about the topic, keeping it concise. Explain what the article is about by using some quotes or surprising facts to grab the readers’ attention.

PARAGRAPH 2: This part can be written in one or two paragraphs. You need to thoroughly analyze the subject. This analysis can include:

TYPES – In how many forms does the problem exist? You are required to mention the various possible types (if it exists).

CURRENT SCENARIO – Next, explain what’s happening now, any problems if there are any, and whether any steps have been taken to make things better, and if these steps have worked or not.

It may include advantages/ disadvantages depending upon the topic in question.

CAUSE AND EFFECT RELATIONSHIP – Show how one thing leads to another by using facts or data. You can also write about the results or outcomes.

Any other relevant and related information.

PARAGRAPH 3: The last part is the conclusion, where you wrap up what you’ve written. Don’t leave your article hanging without a proper ending. Remember, when you talk about a problem, mention the steps being taken to make it better and suggest some solutions. You can also include predictions and personal thoughts. Keep this paragraph short and to the point. You can make it interesting by adding quotes.

Article Writing Class 12 – Points to Remember

1. An article expresses the personal opinion and ideas of the writer on an important topic. 2. It should have an eye-catching heading. 3. The name of the writer can be written on the right-hand side under the topic or at the bottom after writing the article. 4. Start the topic by drawing attention to the topic in an interesting way–using quotes/statistics/anecdotes/ rhetorical questions. This will constitute the first paragraph. 5. The next paragraphs should be used in building up the topic with the help of evidence and statistics in a logical, sequential order. Avoid repeating points. Articles are usually written in third person.

Marking is done as follows: (If total mark is 5)

Format – 1 mark Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar – 1 mark Content – 2 marks Organisation of Ideas – 1 marks • Format: Heading and Writer’s name. • Content: Marks for relevant matter presented in an organised manner. It should detail different aspects of the topic like causes, effects, advantages, disadvantages, merits, demerits, etc. • Expression: Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings – 1 mark. Coherence and relevance of ideas and style – 1 mark.

Article Writing Class 12 Solved Examples

1. Our performance in Rio Olympics brought to light that we do not pay enough attention to athletics and outdoor games. It is time to revise our attitude. Sports should be an important part of a student’s life. Write an article on the ‘Importance of Outdoor Games’. You are Sreeja/Thomas.

(Delhi 2017, Set I)

Importance of Outdoor Games (by Sreeja)

It is said that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Sports and games are instrumental in improving not only our physical but also our mental health. Sports increase our concentration power and build personality. Unfortunately in India the value of sports remains unappreciated. Sports lovers are regarded in an inferior light than academically inclined persons. The natural enthusiasm of children for robust and healthy outdoor games is thus dampened. Thus, only few children are inclined to make careers in sports. This attitude of ours has recently taken a beating in the Rio Olympics where our performances left much to be desired. More and more students need to be encouraged to play the sport of their choice. Moreover talent should be spotted right at the level of school and nurtured regularly with the best facilities and training possible. Parents also need to appreciate the value of sports for personality building. Last but not least, the government should channelize more funds to develop and nurture sporting talent.

2. Every teenager has a dream to achieve something in life. What they are going to become tomorrow depends on what our youth dream today. Write an article on ‘What I want to be in life’. You are Simranjit/ Sunita.

(All India 2017, Set I)

What I Want to be in Life (by Sunita)

From the time I was seven I felt like my being on this Earth was for a reason and that I was destined to do something great in my life. I wish to be a social worker. I want to help people. The profession of social work seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and bring about an effective the change through the pursuit of social justice. Just like any helping profession, such as nursing and teaching, social work seeks to help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. What separates social work from other helping professions is its emphasis on social justice. The profession of social work is varied- serving people young and old, from every walk of life, in a number of settings such as hospitals, schools, neighborhoods and community organizations. It involves working with families, couples, groups, organizations, and communities. I too volunteer to work with the NGO Khushi twice a week and take classes for labourers on health and hygiene. I shall study social work in future and work to bring happiness and comfort in the lives of the less fortunate.

English For Class 11th & 12th

The Last Lesson Summary

We’re Not Afraid to Die Summary

A Photograph Summary Class 11

The Portrait of a Lady Summary

Footprints without Feet Summary

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Get VVI Class 12 notes of all subject.

Easy Article Writing Class 12 Format, Topics, Examples, Samples

Easy Article Writing Class 12 Format, Topics, Examples, Samples

Article Writing Class 12

Q.1. Write an article for your school magazine justifying the need for the education of girls in the country for national development in 125 to 150 words.  

Ans. Women mean one-half of humanity. All talks of national reconstruction, are hollow without the education of women. National regeneration is possible only when educated girls are in the forefront of national development. 

So far it has been a male-dominated world. Women played only second fiddle to men from all walks of life. They were condemned to be within the four walls of the house. 

However, education has given them new confidence. The scenario is changing fast. The academic world is no longer the monopoly of men.

More and more young women are coming forward to challenge the dominance of men. The citadel of self-claimed superiority of men in cracking. 

Educated girls and women are contributing to the welf e of society. Name any walk of life and you will find women excelling there. 

They have proved to be better doctors, artists, administrators, academicians and “engineers than many of their male counterparts. 

However, complete literacy of v omen still remains a distant dream: Many conservative parents still suffer from superstitions and outdated beliefs. 

The percentage of women’s literacy among the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and the economically weaker sections is exceptionally low. 

Many state governments have given some special incentives to attract more and more girls to schools and colleges. It will help in exploiting women’s skills and talents for national development. It is actually the need of the hour. 

Q. 2. You are Visha/Vimla. You are worried about the hike in the prices of essential commodities like gas, pulses, vegetables, etc. Write an article on this in about 125 words for publication in a local daily, suggesting certain steps to curb price hikes.

Ans: The prices of essential commodities like gas, pulses, vegetables, etc. are going up day by day. An LPG cylinder now costs around Rs. 250. Pulse is selling for around Rs. 30 per kg. Even simple vegetables such as potatoes and onions have gone beyond the range of the common man. 

Things that were easily available in plenty and at very reasonable prices have suddenly disappeared from the market. The poor consumer is left at the mercy of traders and shopkeepers. They charge anything they like from the helpless consumer. 

There is no one who can check this exploitation and profiteering. The government seems to be unconcerned about the problems being faced by the common man. It is only such situations that lead to public unrest and ugly rioting situations. 

it is high time that the government should take suitable measures to bring down the prices of essential commodities. Strict action should be taken against hoarders and profiteers. 

There is no real dearth of anything in the market. It has only been created. The government should not look the other way. It should be assured that people get all essential commodities at reasonable prices. The public distribution system should be geared up.

Contributed by: 

Vishal Agrawal

3. Model Sr. Secondary School, Hazaribagh, celebrated its Annual Day on 4th May. 

The School Magazine in charge, Mrs Geeta asks Anjali, a student of Class XII to write a detailed description of the event for the School Magazine. Write the same in not more than 125 words.


The Annual Day of the school was celebrated on the fourth of March this year. The Education Minister presided over the function. 

It was held in the school hall. The minister came at 10.30 a.m. sharp. He was welcomed at the school gate by the Principal. When he entered the hall, all stood up as a mark of respect. 

The minister took his seat and the function began. words to welcome the President and others. The Principal spoke to a few guests. 

Then he read out the annual report of the school. He gave an account of the progress made by the school during the preceding year. Then the Principal requested the President to give away the prizes. 

The President stood up to give away the prizes. He shook hands with the prize winners. All the prize winners were loudly cheered. Over 50 students with

beaming faces and twinkling eyes received their prizes. Their proud parents happily and fondly looked on. After giving away the prizes, the President made a short but impressive speech. 

He congratulated the prize-winners. He advised the students to work hard. He laid special stress on the value of discipline and good character. He spoke very highly of the school. 

He congratulated the Principal and the staff on their excellent work. In the end, the Principal thanked the President and the function was over. Tea was served to the guests and prize-winners.

Contributed by:

Class XII A

4. Write an ‘article in 125 words on the following topic to be published in your school magazine. You are Mumtaz/Mohd. Azam of XII Std., Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi. The Role of Youth in National Development  


The youths of a country are its most dynamic and volatile force. But this untapped force is rarely exploited for the betterment of the nation. The youth of India can play a great role in national development. 

Their youthful energy should be given a proper direction. But unfortunately, the wily politicians exploit them for their selfish ends. Either they become their tools or their vote banks. 

The National Cadet Corps has utilized the bubbling energy of young men and women for constructive purposes. There they get training in leadership. N.S.S. units have been doing a wonderful job in the field of social service. 

N.S.S. volunteers have planted millions of trees throughout the country, They organise blood-donation camps. They have been working for the promotion of Adult Education. 

All such activities of young men and women help in the job of national reconstruction, Students’ unrest and the closure of schools and colleges for months serve no purpose. 

Their services can be utilized during natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and external aggression, They can play a very effective role in building the nation. They can fan out in villages and work for their upliftment. 

In this way, they can contribute to the development of the country. They can help to make India a strong and modem India So, the youth of India provide blood for our country due to this India can improve. In fact, that is why India is called a young nation.

5. You are a member of the Environment Club of your school. After visiting many places you have realised that it is the need of the hour to protect the environment. Write an article on this topic to create awareness among the people (World limit: 125 words)


After visiting many places in different parts of India, I have come to the conclusion that the degradation and deterioration of the environment continue unabated. 

There is no doubt about it that the need of the hour is to protect and preserve the environment and the ecological balance. The menace of environmental pollution can be fought against only by creating awareness and sensitivity among the people regarding the protection of the environment. 

The main reason for environmental degradation in India is due to rapid deforestation in the last decades. 

The price of progress has been rather heavy. Many forest belts have been cleared away to set up industrial units. Rapid urbanization swallowed the remaining green belts. 

Deforestation on a large scale led to disastrous results. Famines, floods, landslides and land erosions have destroyed the ecological balance. 

The need of the hour is to plant more and more trees and preserve our forest wealth. Trees bring rain and keep the upper soil intact. 

Our rivers and lakes have become dumping grounds for industrial wastes, garbage and dirt. They have been infected to the extent that their water has not remained fit for human consumption.

Our cities are becoming dirtier every year. Delhi, the capital of India, has earned notoriety for being the fourth most polluted city in the world. 

The emission of smoke from the chimneys of the factories and the guzzlers of the road have converted our cities into big gas chambers. 

Only concerted effort on the part of the government, the voluntary organisations and the people, in general, can help in maintaining the ecological balance and in making this vast country a pleasant and clean place to live in.


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Article Writing Format, Topics and Examples for Class 12 (2023)

Article Writing Format| Article Writing For Class 12 Topics, Tips, and Examples

See this post to know all about article writing:

What is Article Writing?

  • Video Explanation of Article Writing

Article Writing Format

  • Article Writing for Class 12
  • Article Writing Class 12 Format

Article Writing Tips

Article writing class 11.

  • Article Writing Examples

What is Article Writing – An article is a written work published in a print/electronic medium. It may be for the purpose of propagating news, researching results, academic analysis, or debate. Generally, it is a piece of writing that is published in a newspaper or Magazine.

Related – Letter Writing, Letter Writing Format, Tips, Examples

See Video on Article Writing, Format of Article Writing, Tips and Examples

When a student has to attempt a question on Article writing, he has to follow the article writing format by CBSE. Here you can see the article writing format in detail.

The format of an article consists of the following parts –

  • By line, and
  • HEADING – The heading should be catchy and in not more than 5-6 words. You can go as creative as you want with this one just make sure you do not devote too much time on it in the exam.
  • BY LINE – It refers to the name of the person writing the article. It is generally given in the question. If not given, then do not write your personal details.

(NOTE- You are not supposed to mention any of your personal details while attempting the answers in the exam.)

  • BODY – It is the main part of your writing piece. It generally consists of 3-4 paragraphs.
  • PARAGRAPH 1 : It is always prescribed that you begin with a short introduction of the topic; it’s meaning to be precise. Briefly tell what the article is about giving some quotations or startling facts to arouse the interest of the readers.
  • PARAGRAPH 2 or PARAGRAPH 2&3: Now this part can be written in either one or two paragraphs. You are required to do a complete analysis of the subject matter in question. It may include-
  • TYPES – In how many forms does the problem exist? You are required to mention the various possible types (if it exists).
  • CURRENT SCENARIO – Then you need to explain the current situation, the problems (if any) and whether after any corrective actions, betterment in the situation has been observed or not.
  • It may include advantages/ disadvantages depending upon the topic in question.
  • CAUSE AND EFFECT RELATIONSHIP – Develop the cause and effect relationship by supporting it with facts or data. You may also write the consequences.
  • Any other relevant and related information.
  • PARAGRAPH 3 or PARAGRAPH 4: The conclusion. It is the concluding paragraph. It is important to conclude what you’ve started. Never leave an article open-ended. Now, it is to be remembered that wherever you elaborate a problem, you always have to mention the steps being taken to improvise the situation and suggest a few solutions as well. Predictions and personal problems may be included. This paragraph needs to be short and precise. Here also, you could add some glitter to your art piece with some quotes.

Article Writing Class 12

Article Writing Class 12 – In an examination, nothing is written purposelessly. Clarity of purpose will ensure clarity in the choice of style and vocabulary.

Article writing for CBSE Class 12 comes as a very long answer-type question carrying a weightage of 05 marks.

Two Very Long Answer Questions containing internal choice, to be answered in 120-150 words have to be attempted. The questions will be based on any of the following –

1. Article writing

2. Debate writing

3. speech writing

4. Report writing

Talking about marks, Article writing comes as a 05 marks question. The breakup of marks for Article writing format class 12 (as per CBSE Marking scheme) is as follows:-

Now, you can be given to write a magazine article or a newspaper article. See Also 13 Great Manga Artists That Made History | Blog | Domestika random acts of kindness on world kindness day pottery barn world - free printable kindness cards kindness activities compliment cards 13+ Free Best Online Embroidery Classes & Courses! ???? [2022] 5 Best MIDI Keyboards For Garageband In 2023

Article Writing Format Class 12

Article Writing Format Class 12 – The Format of article writing for class 11 by CBSE is the same as we have discussed earlier. Article writing for class 12 carries 05 marks, it is a very important question. In order to write a perfect article, we must be well acquainted with the topic and must possess a wide range of vocabulary, a thorough knowledge of the subject, some research, and excellent organizational skills. Here is the ideal format of article writing and Article Writing tips to help you write your perfect article.

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Here are a few valuable tips for you to attempt the CBSE Class 12 Article writing format question in a better way-

  • Plan before you pen- it is important that you follow a sequence. Jot down the points at the back of your answer sheet and ensure a proper sequence of ideas. Introduce, Analyse, Suggest and conclude.
  • It is possible that you have too many points or very few points. When you have a lot of varied points, it is better you choose a few best ones and write a line or two on each. In case you have very few already, explain them in at least two-three lines each.
  • MOST IMPORTANT- Always begin with your strongest point. You can accommodate the weaker ones in between and end with another strong point. (REMEMBER: Strong-Weak-Strong)
  • You have to strictly follow the prescribed word limit in a restricted time frame so just do not go on writing and writing.
  • Feel free to give your personal opinion in one or two lines.
  • It is very important that you do not deviate from the topic. There are chances you may get ideas linking from one to another that may deviate you from the main point. You have to refrain from doing so.
  • Avoid repetition of ideas.
  • Underline all the important points.
  • Make sure you double-check for grammatical accuracy and spellings. They carry marks.
  • Always have a few general quotes in handy. They help in the presentation and show that you’re prepared.
  • Read editorials in a few newspapers and notice the pattern.
  • Make small sentences. It restricts the scope of grammatical inaccuracies.

Article Writing Class 11 – Students of Class 11 also have to learn the format of article writing as per the CBSE syllabus. The basic guidelines on Article writing format have been discussed earlier. We have compiled a few sample questions on Article writing so that students get familiar with the format of an article.

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Article Writing Examples | Solved questions

Below are a few Article writing Examples for you so that you get an idea as to how to attempt CBSE class 12 Article writing questions well. Remember, the more you read and practice, the better it is. As per CBSE guidelines, the Article should not exceed the prescribed word limit of 120-150 words.

Q1. ‘Grow more trees to reduce pollution.’ Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic given above for your school magazine. (SOURCE- CBSE compartment 2018)

Answer: Grow More Trees to Reduce Pollution Radhika

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.” Trees and plants are one of the main reasons why mankind came into existence. The importance of planting trees has been emphasized time and again. This is because of the numerous benefits they offer.

They make the world a better place to live in. They exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide to maintain the ecological balance in the environment. They also absorb all the harmful gases and give us fresh air to breathe.

Trees build a sheet to protect us from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Not only this, they serve as a habitat for birds and various species of animals. This is not it. Trees help in controlling water pollution and preventing soil erosion.

The places inhabited by large numbers of trees are quite cooler compared to the concrete jungles that cannot do without air conditioners. Unfortunately, urbanisation is leading to clearing of forests and parks despite the numerous benefits they offer. People come here for morning walks, evening strolls, yoga sessions and laughter therapy. These also serve as a safe place for the kids to play and socialise. The only way left to preserve them and reap these benefits is by growing them at a faster rate.

As a Chinese proverb states, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So do your bit and make this place more beautiful.

Q2. India is a land of diversity. One way in which it makes us feel proud of it is the number of festivals we enjoy. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Festivals of India’. You are Karuna/Karan. 10 (SOURCE- CBSE 2016)

Answer: FESTIVALS OF INDIA – Karan/ Karuna

It is said that “Greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals”. India has proved every word of the saying right by being famously known as the “Land of Festivals” .

True to this belief, India has scores and scores of festivals that bring happiness and joy all across the country.

This is because of the diverse cultures that exist in this subcontinent. All these different cultures and religions get tied together in bonds of love with these invisible threads of celebrations.

Every festival has a social, religious and mythological value. Accordingly, Dussehra has a great significance. Similarly, the Janmashtami festival has also a great religious and social significance. This is the occasion when Lord Krishna was born to kill Kansa and other demons and save the people from a great danger. This festival also teaches us how to fight evil and falsehood and establish truth.

On these festivals, people offer prayers to their deities, wear ethnic clothes and make merry with their near and dear ones. Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid Ul Fitr, Baisakhi, Onam, Pongal, Gurupurab, Ram Navami and Durga Puja are some of the festivals that are celebrated with immense zeal in different parts of India with some of these being specific to a particular region.

No wonder, our country is called a land of festivals. Thank you.

Q3. Our performance in the Rio Olympics has told us that we do not pay enough attention to athletics and outdoor games. It is time we revised our attitude. Sports should be an important part of school’s daily routine. Write an article in 150-200 words in ‘Importance of Outdoor Games’. You are Sreeja/Thomas. (SOURCE- CBSE 2017)


Sports occupy a prominent place in the life of a nation. It not only helps keep you healthy and fit but also plays an important part as a recreational event. Unfortunately, in our country, the trend is such that it focuses only on the academic front. To grow a tree, we have to water it’s roots; just like that, to prepare athletes that could play for the country, we need to inculcate the concept of sports at the primary level, i.e., the school level. What we are missing out is that sports play a vital role in imparting complete education.

Clearly, things did not go well in the Rio Olympics, and as everyone gets down to doing the post-mortem of our performances, often breathless, blame the quality of attention being given to athletics.

The benefits of playing sports are several, as it leads to balanced mental growth. It teaches the children life skills like team efforts, leadership, patience and social skills. It inculcates confidence, discipline and playing without crossing the rules.

Thus, it becomes all the more important to change the attitude of schools towards sports. It should be made a compulsory activity. It has been rightly said,

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, they learn how to learn.” Thank you.

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4. By 2050, India will be amongst the countries which will face acute water shortage. You are highly alarmed and terrified of the future world without water. So, write an article on “Save water- are we doing enough?” for the local daily in 150-200 words. (SOURCE- SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2018-19)


Many people are living with less water than they need, whether in the world's most prosperous cities or in its bountiful agricultural heartlands. Droughts have also become more frequent, more severe, and affecting more people around the world. As many as four billion people already live in regions that experience severe water stress for at least one month of the year. With populations rising, these stresses will only mount.

Water is the precious gift of God on earth. Life exists on the earth because of the availability of water. Itself being tasteless, odourless and colourless, it adds taste, colour and nice smell in the life of living beings on the Earth.

Here are different methods we can follow to save clean drinking water and deal with the water scarcity. Rain water harvesting is one of the most effective and suitable methods among save water techniques.

Deforestation is also a good method as it reduces the surface runoff and recharges the groundwater. It promotes underground water conservation. By practicing such methods we can conserve more water naturally and ensure the availability of it for future generations. We should take a pledge and make it a lifelong motto to preserve water because,

“If you conserve water, it means you conserve life.”

Q5. Recent floods in many metropolitan cities of the country during the monsoon season laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of their preparedness. The poor had to bear the brunt of the problem while no one was ever held accountable. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on the common man’s woes during the monsoons and the need for accountability of the officials concerned. You are Sumit/Smita Verma. (SOURCE- CBSE 2018)

Answer: COMMON MAN’s WOES DURING MONSOON -by Sumit/ Smita Verma

The much awaited Monsoon brings respite from the scorching heat. But Monsoon and madness walk together. Every year during the monsoons, chaos reigns supreme. The roads are flooded; the sewage system collapses; a huge loss of crops, fruits, life, and property is caused. Water logging and breeding of mosquitoes together becomes the reason for a lot of people falling ill. Network connectivity gets weak.

In spite of 71 years of independence, the Indian Government has not been able to tackle the flood problem caused by monsoons. Recent floods have laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of their preparedness. The poor had to bear the brunt of the problem. One of the causes behind this chaos is the lack of strict laws and accountability of the officials and the Ministries responsible for tackling the floods. The Government formulate and pass strict laws regarding the projects launched to relieve people of their distress but there is hardly a sign of effective implementation of the scheme. There needs to be strict accountability.

When the Ministers will be accountable, they will ensure the officers, officials involved in the projects surely create foolproof systems. It is only through strict accountability laws the system can be made efficient.


“Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.”

Article Writing Extra Questions

Q. List down the steps involved in writing an article for class 12.

A. Here are the steps involved in writing an article:

  • Title: It can be just one word or a few words but not a complete sentence.
  • Name of the writer (byline)
  • An introduction to the topic: You can begin with a quotation/stating the problem / giving some contemporary evidence.
  • Main body of the topic:
  • It should contain the cause/effect relationship, advantages and disadvantages of the problem stated. It is to be written in paragraphs dealing with different points.
  • Conclusion: It should have some suggestions/ solutions/appeal/action or future predictions.

Q. Which are the different topics for article writing?

A. Types of articles asked:

  • Magazine articles for school or general.
  • Newspaper articles

The most common topics are:

  • Impact of Advertisements
  • Problem of Pollution
  • Role of Youth in Combating corruption
  • Water Scarcity
  • Healthy Diet
  • Teenagers and Obesity
  • Importance of Travelling
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Technology
  • Student Life and Stress
  • Value of Sports
  • Life Without Modern Gadgets
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Status of Women in Indian Society (or Women Safety)
  • Hard Work/ Punctuality
  • India of my Dreams
  • Tourism Industry
  • Festivals of India
  • How to Channelise the Energy of Teenagers

Q. In how many words should a question of article writing be answered?

A. The length of the article should be within 150-200 words. An article can be divided into paragraphs according to the need. Each paragraph should deal with one (sometimes two points) point only in detail.

Q. Give some tips to score full marks in article writing.

A. Sometimes a verbal or visual input may be given to guide and help the students in writing an article. But in most cases, you are not provided with any verbal or visual input.. In such cases, use your discretion in arranging your ideas in meaningful and logical paragraphs.

The input ( if given) may include broad hints, a short outline or only a suggested beginning.

In rare cases, you may be given a visual input in the form of a figure, a diagram or a cartoon. The aim of inserting an input is to give a general outline along which the article has to be developed. The other aim is to discourage the habit of cramming.

The students are expected to give their own ideas or views on a particular topic or

issue in their own language.

Points to remember:

For writing a good article the students are advised to keep the following points in mind.

  • Study carefully the hints or points given in the verbal input.
  • Arrange the hints given in the order you want to develop them for writing the article.
  • You may have some new ideas or views about the subject or the issues raised in the article. Coordinate your own ideas with the hints given in the input and rearrange them in a logical order.
  • Develop each point in a systematic and logical manner.
  • Your composition should not be sketchy. Every sentence should be linked with the rest into a single whole.
  • The first few sentences should introduce the topic/main idea/main issue of the article. The last few sentences should state your conclusion on the topic or issue.
  • Don’t exceed the given length. Your article may not be too short or too long of the given length–200 words.
  • In a long composition, it is always better to divide or arrange your article into suitable paragraphs.
  • Always use a simple and grammatically correct language. Your expressions and phrases should fit into the scheme of your writing.
  • Your composition should be meaningful, brief and to the point. Unnecessary or superfluous details or explanations must be avoided.

Q. What is the marks weightage, break up of marks and word limit of article writing questions?

A. The question on Article writing carries a weightage of 5 marks. The marks are divided as follows –

  • Correct format gets 1 mark.
  • Organisation of Ideas is for 1 mark
  • Content is for 2 marks.
  • Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar is for 1 mark.

The article has a word limit of 120 – 150 words.

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Which topic is best for article writing? ›

  • Personal and Lifestyle. If you are looking for your next article topic, consider writing about a personal experience or lifestyle topic. ...
  • Top Must-Read Books. ...
  • Local News and Events. ...
  • Current Events. ...
  • “Have You Ever … ?” Article. ...
  • Educational Experiences. ...
  • Mental Health and Well-Being. ...
  • Content Marketing.

Introduce a new point at the beginning of each paragraph that follows to strengthen your ideas. Develop your ideas as much as you can to make them interesting and substantial. Conclude with your strongest point. Use passive voice, humour, emotive language, rhetorical questions to provide a specific effect.

There are four basic types of writing, commonly referred to as “writing styles.” These styles are Expository, Persuasive/Argumentative, Narrative, and Descriptive .

5 Steps to Write an Article Introduction Have something unique to say . Keep it simple. Speak directly to the reader. Explain what the article is about.

The format has three components- Heading, Byline, and Body . As the name suggests, the heading of the article includes the brief topic of the article. It should be written in not more than 5-6 words. From the exam point of view, make sure to write a catchy heading for your article.

An article is a word that is used to indicate that a noun is a noun without describing it . For example, in the sentence Nick bought a dog, the article a indicates that the word dog is a noun. Articles can also modify anything that acts as a noun, such as a pronoun or a noun phrase.

For the CBSE Class 12th English Board exam the prescribed word limit for writing an article is between 150-200 words . - An article should begin with an apt heading and the writer's name.

What is a topic? Topic is another word for subject . It answers the question, “Who or what is the paragraph (or article) about?” The topic is stated as a single word or phrase—not a complete sentence. Why is identifying the topic important?

  • Business Lessons. Talk about lessons that you have learned specific to your industry.
  • Useful Tools. ...
  • Insightful Lists. ...
  • Common Problems. ...
  • Industry News. ...
  • How-To Tutorials. ...
  • Company Culture And Values. ...
  • Industry Events.

Where can I find short articles? ›

  • Longform. ...
  • Longreads. ...
  • The Browser. ...
  • r/InDepthStories. ...
  • Pocket. ...
  • CoolTools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever. ...
  • Medium. ...
  • CommonLit. ...
  • DOGOnews. ...
  • KiwiKids News. ...
  • PBS NewsHour Daily News Lessons. ...
  • NYT Daily Lessons/Article of the Day. ...
  • The Learning Network. ...
  • News For Kids. ...
  • The first paragraph. ...
  • Who, what, where, when, and, maybe, why, and how. ...
  • Make the story interesting. ...
  • Use clean, crisp English. News writing should be short and to the point. News stories deliver the facts quickly. ...
  • Add pictures. ...
  • Be accurate. ...
  • Be fair. ...
  • Spell Check.

In English there are three articles: a, an, and the . Articles are used before nouns or noun equivalents and are a type of adjective. The definite article (the) is used before a noun to indicate that the identity of the noun is known to the reader.

  • Narrative Writing. Narrative writing is storytelling at its most basic: it's all about sharing something that happens to a character. ...
  • Descriptive Writing. ...
  • Persuasive Writing. ...
  • Expository Writing. ...
  • Creative Writing.
  • News Article.
  • Feature Article.
  • Comment/Analysis.
  • Opinion Column.

It should begin by providing your reader a general understanding of the overall topic . The middle of the introduction should narrow down the topic so your reader understands the relevance of the topic and what you plan to accomplish in your paper.

The main body should contain 2 to 5 paragraphs , which further discuss the topic and explain the idea. Again, a lengthy and boring body would distract the reader's attention and discourage them from further reading. Hence, articles should be tailored to suit the target audience's taste.

  • Start in the Middle. If you don't know where to start, don't bother deciding right now. ...
  • Start Small and Build Up. ...
  • Incentivize the Reader. ...
  • Commit to a Title Up Front. ...
  • Create a Synopsis. ...
  • Allow Yourself to Write Badly. ...
  • Make Up the Story as You Go. ...
  • Do the Opposite.

Start with something short and easy to engage with. Prove to your reader that you're providing value, then ask them to expend effort. Rule #2 for writing a good article: keep your paragraphs short and your text visually appealing . In general, shorten everything.

How do you topic an article? ›

  • Raccoon-proof your campsite.
  • Make an obstacle course for squirrels.
  • Set a table.
  • Make a pet costume.
  • Start a band.
  • Make a piñata.
  • Make an omelet.
  • Your relationships. ...
  • Your expertise. ...
  • Your doubts. ...
  • The advice you've received. ...
  • Your daily life. ...
  • Your experiences. ...
  • Right outside your window. ...
  • Longform. Longform is an article curation service. ...
  • Longreads. Another of the most popular article curation sites is Long reads. ...
  • A Life-Changing Lesson You Learned. ...
  • Something You Know How to Do. ...
  • The Life Story of Someone Important to You. ...
  • Something That Makes You Angry or Dissatisfied. ...
  • A Popular Topic (or Label) from a Different Angle. ...
  • Life Hacks. ...
  • Something Most People Don't Know About Something. ...
  • How to Find Something.
  • Ask the right questions. Begin ordering your ideas by asking yourself the questions: what? ...
  • Structure your article well. Know where you are going. ...
  • Use a catchy title. ...
  • Simplify the content. ...
  • Avoid jargon. ...
  • Use the active voice.

What is a real world topic? ›

Real Life Topics. Real Life Topics. Differentiated content involving real life topics should address authentic issues, controversies, problems or provocative questions inspired by student interests, experiences, questions and concerns .

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