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CASE STUDIES IN LOGISTICS (Prof Parshuram -26606780/26605814)

by Ramya Ganesan

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Budy Subali

2018, Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Management (INSYMA 2018)

The analysis of logistics at McDonald's Restaurant Denpasar Bali


Distribution and logistics mangement final

emmy ermawati

IJEBD (International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development)

Purpose: Improving the Distribution of Puli Crackers in UD. Gangsar Jaya Lumajang Design/methodology/approach: The method used is an ethnographic approach starting from the collection of literature sources and supported by field data. Findings: The results of the study show that the supply chain within the company is very possible to achieve increased efficiency in the distribution process of the home industry. Research limitations/implications: This research implication of problems and solutions of supply chain distribution in UD. Gangsar Jaya Lumajang. Practical implications: This research can be used as input for stakeholders to be used as a reference in optimizing the creative industry. Originality/value: This paper is original Paper type: Research paper

Supply Chain Management to Improve the Distribution Efficiency of Puli Crackers in UD. Gangsar Jaya Lumajang

Oladele Kehinde

Marketing: Principles And Applications

Justin Paul

course outline , International Marketing

Inter marketing Rollins INB 337-Syllabus 25Aug.doc

Alan Zimmerman

2021, Business to Business Marketing Management

Marketing planning, implementation, and control

2018, Service Research and Innovation

This paper investigates several aspects of logistics and supply chain management such as advantages of a full model of logistics and supply chain management. In addition, it also details a series of challenges in logistics and supply chain management in general and in the computer and video game industry in particular. It also focuses on some popular models and the common trend in logistics and supply chain management. Especially, it analyses the logistics and supply chain model of Ubisoft Australia – a computer and video game publisher. By conducting interviews and observations together with gathering company internal records, it points out some potential problems of Ubisoft Australia with the software system, communication and information flow in inbound logistic and non-conforming returns. Finally, several recommendations are made for future improvements.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Investigation: A Case Study

G. Raghuram

Logistics And Supply Chain Management Cases and Concepts

Reshan Perera

Marketing Assignment 02

pushti jain

2019, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology

This paper analyses the applications of Operations Research in various forms and techniques in the sector of Retailing, Indian and International. Retailing is the fastest growing sector with a lot of scope for improvement. The expectations of the customers from this sector are very high and so in order to sustain, the firms need to satisfy the demands efficiently. Along with this they also need to maintain their costs and at the same time generate higher revenues. To establish our points, we will be focusing on the few main aspects of Retailing such as Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Warehousing and thus show how Operations Research techniques like transportation, simulation, the analytical model can be used to decrease costs, hence making more profits and improving efficiency in totality.

Operations Research in logistics, supply chain management and warehousing in the retail industry


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