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Free Fax Cover Sheets

Free pdf, word, and pages fax cover sheet templates for print or download.

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These blank fax cover sheets and templates are available free for your use. Each is available as a Microsoft Word, PDF or Apple Pages template. Print or download our modern cover sheet designs and edit or customize as needed.

What Is a Fax Cover Sheet?

To put it simply, a fax cover sheet is a sheet that is faxed to the recipients that precedes the actual message or document. It includes information such as the name or fax number of the sender, plus an optional note so that the recipient knows what to do with the document. It is especially useful in companies that have one fax machine for all of their employees, or when the recipient is not expecting the fax.

What Does a Fax Cover Sheet Include?

Different fax cover sheets include different information or fields for the sender to fill out. However, generally speaking, you can expect:

  • The name and surname of the recipient
  • The fax and phone number of the recipient
  • The senders name and surname
  • The senders fax and/or phone number
  • Date and time of fax transition
  • Number of pages of the faxed document
  • The subject of the fax and a short note or message about its contents

If the document you are faxing contains some sensitive information that shouldn't be disclosed to anyone aside from the recipient, the fax cover sheet is a good place to state that. Some fax cover sheets include a “Confidential” note within the design. A business fax cover sheet will also most likely include the name and the logo of the company.

The final decision about what to include on a fax cover sheet is up to you and your company. There are plenty of free fax cover sheet templates available online in Microsoft Word (such as ours) that can easily be edited to fit your needs.

Should You Use Fax Cover Sheets?

The truth is that, in the end, it all depends on your personal preference - however, many people believe that using fax cover sheets is very useful. Some companies like to use cover sheets because they believe it makes identification a lot easier. Besides, they think that after seeing the recipient's name, other people won't be as likely to read the faxed message.

Although there are some people who believe that fax cover sheets are a waste, that's actually not the case. Fax cover sheets make you appear more professional and make the communication between you and the recipient faster.

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HIPAA-compliant fax, reimagined.

fax cover page download

Simple Fax Cover Sheet

Fax cover template with simple design containing only the essential fax cover fields.

Best used in faxes that contain a brief message.

Download a Fax Cover Sheet

Step 1: choose a template.

Select from our collection of free fax cover pages .

Step 2: Preview

Click each thumbnail to preview the contents of the template.

Step 3: Download

Download , save , or print the template as DOC or PDF file.

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Free Fax Cover Sheet Template

Offices typically create a custom blank fax cover sheet and then print multiple copies to place by the fax machine. Because of this, we've designed our fax cover sheets with plenty of room for writing quick messages.

Printable Blank Fax Cover Sheet

The two PDF files below are similar except that the second one includes a place to write the company name. Note that in both it is clear that the # of pages includes the cover sheet as page 1. You can also download these for Microsoft Word.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet -  Screenshot

Basic Fax Cover Sheet (.pdf)

Download for Word 2007+ (.docx)

Blank Fax Cover Sheet

Company Fax Cover Sheet (.pdf)

Fax Cover Sheet Template

Other versions.

License : Private Use (not for distribution or resale)

"No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by Jon Wittwer


This free Fax Cover Sheet template for Excel provides a professional and concise format that you can use to create your own personal or company cover sheet.

Many offices choose to place multiple copies of a blank cover sheet right by the fax machine, so we've designed this template to have plenty of space to fill in the information by hand.

More Free Fax Cover Sheets

  • Fax Covers by Microsoft - templates.office.com - A few free fax templates available from Microsoft's template gallery.
  • Collection of Fax Cover Sheets - myfax.com - A very large collection of free fax cover sheets that you can browse and download for Microsoft Word. Many different styles and designs.

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fax cover page download

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Add a fax cover sheet before your actual fax message and include more details about your fax, what is a fax cover sheet.

Online faxing is a secure, convenient, and easy method of communication that many modern businesses utilize. Fax cover sheets are an important way to protect fax contents and get messages to the right recipients. A fax cover sheet (sometimes also called a fax cover page) is a page that is faxed to your recipient before your actual fax message and is used to identify the sender, the intended recipient, the subject, and maybe a few lines about the content of the attached documents. Fax cover sheets can be used for different purposes, from protecting the content of the actual fax message to adding more details about the intended recipient.

A choice of fax cover sheet templates from FAX.PLUS

You won’t always want to use the same cover page for a fax. The recipient, contents, and purpose of the fax will determine precisely how you want the cover sheet to look. With FAX.PLUS, you have a variety of options:

Pre-formatted fax cover sheet

You can easily add a generic fax cover sheet to any fax you send with FAX.PLUS. All you have to do is to head to the Send Fax section when you’re ready to fax a document and then select Add Page and then Cover Sheet. After this, you’ll be prompted to enter details like the recipient of the fax and its subject. Then, the information will automatically get populated on a pre-formatted cover sheet that gets sent as the first page of your fax.  

Download a fax cover sheet as a PDF

FAX.PLUS also offers a selection of free printable fax cover sheets that you can download as PDFs or word documents. Once you have, you’ve got a fillable fax cover sheet into which you can add the correct information for the given fax.  

Create a fax cover sheet template in Word

If you want more control over the look and format of your cover sheets for faxes, you could always create your own in Microsoft Word. There’s even a selection of templates for fax cover sheets in Word and other Office apps to choose from. Then, you can use FAX.PLUS’s Word add-in to send fax online straight from Word.

Create a fax cover sheet template on Google Docs

FAX.PLUS integrates with Google Workspace apps. Not only does that make email to fax simple with a Gmail account, it also means you can create your own editable fax cover sheet templates in Google Docs and send them with ease. 

Printable fax cover sheet examples

Fax cover sheet templates can vary based on the purpose of the fax and the recipient. If you’re just sending a quick fax to a colleague or team member, then your fax cover page template doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Below you can find a generic blank fax cover sheet has space for all the basic info you need to include.  Appearances matter a little more for cover pages that you’re going to send to clients, suppliers, or other professional contacts. There is a fax cover sheet sample gives you more scope for including things like your company name and logo. Also, one of the key purposes of a fax cover sheet is to make sure the right recipient receives your message. That’s even more important if the message contains confidential information. If you download and use one of the following fax cover sheets free of charge it will make clear when no one but your specified recipient should look at the next pages.  

Fax template

Medical fax cover sheet (considering HIPAA)

How to fill out a fax cover sheet becomes an even more vital question when you’re dealing with healthcare information. A HIPAA-compliant fax cover sheet is designed to protect personal health information (PHI).  So, as well as making clear on the cover page that the following fax is confidential, you may also wish to include a HIPAA disclaimer. That’s a short explanation that the following fax contains HIPAA-protected information and instructions to any recipient as to how to proceed and maintain compliance.  

Extra tips on how to make a fax cover sheet

Now you know what a fax cover sheet is and how you can create, customize, or download them, you’ll likely want to know what to include and how to add them to your faxes. You can add a coversheet if you want to send fax from computer , send fax from Gmail , send fax online using other supported devices and platforms.

What should I include on the fax cover page?

  • Information about the sender: Name, Title, Fax Number, Phone Number.
  • Information about the recipient: Name, Title, Fax Number, Phone Number.
  • Information about the sender’s company: Logo, Address, Website, Email Address, Phone Number.
  • Information about the fax: Transmission date, number of transmitted pages, the classification of the fax (confidential, urgent, needs a reply, …).
  • A short message about the content of the transmitted document.
  • A short note to the intended recipient.

How can I add a fax cover sheet to my documents to fax?

With FAX.PLUS, you have a few options for adding cover sheets to your faxes:

  • Use the pre-formatted fax cover sheet template . This way, you need to add information about the recipient and an optional note, and the template will be generated automatically.
  • Use one of the available printable fax cover sheets. This way, you should download one of the available printable fax cover sheets, fill it out and add it to the list of documents to fax.
  • Use one of your own custom cover sheets. This way, you can make the required changes on your custom fax cover sheet, and then add it to the list of documents to fax.

Note : When adding your own custom cover sheet, make sure it is ordered as the first page for transmission.

Fax cover sheet options and a whole lot more from FAX.PLUS

FAX.PLUS tries to make it easy for you to learn how to fax online and to get the benefits of online faxing in your business. Using the right fax cover sheets is an easy way to boost the efficiency of your communications. Whether you choose to use our pre-formatted fax cover page, download a free fax cover sheet template, or make your own, the right alternative will help protect your faxes.  

101 Planners

Fax Cover Sheet

We offer a free printable fax cover sheet template in 16 different formats . Add your details and your logo . Available for Word, Excel, fillable PDF, Google Docs, and as an image . Instant download and no registration required!

fax cover sheet

Fax Cover Sheet Template

A fax cover sheet template is very useful when sending documents for work, school, or personal matters. It is available in various formats. On the MS Word version and the Google Docs version the date auto-generates when you open the template. Use the bottom section of the fax cover letter to include any messages, comments, requests, or other important details.

Fax Cover Sheet

Word | Google Docs | Image | Fillable PDF

Confidential template

Word | Google Docs

Use this template when the fax contains confidential information . You might want to add a disclaimer if the fax contents are confidential. See the sample fax disclaimer below that you can copy and paste onto this template.

Fax page

Use this template when the fax contains confidential information.

Cover page for your message

The information included in each confirmation page: date, number of pages (first page of x pages), intended recipient or recipient’s name, fax number, fax number of the sender, subject line, and space for a short message. For a business fax cover sheet there is also an option to add a logo and the company’s name, phone number, and other relevant information.


When the fax documents are confidential, you might need to add a disclaimer such as this:

The facsimile transmittal may contain information that is privileged, confidential, or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are notified that any review, use, copying, dissemination, or distribution of the contents other than to the addressee of the communication is strictly prohibited. If you received this communication in error, please notify us immediately via the contact details above and return the original message to us or destroy the attached documents.

A fax cover disclaimer should include the following :

  • A statement that the information is privileged, confidential, or exempt from disclosure under applicable law;
  • That it is intended for use only by the recipient;
  • That use of the information is strictly prohibited;
  • Notification to the sender in the event of erroneous receipt

The sample disclaimer above includes all four of these elements.

How to make a cover sheet

Select any of the fax templates from the selection above. You can select a fax cover sheet in PDF format if you prefer to use the blank version. If you want to add your company’s details, then the Word format will be a better option. You can add your company’s name, address, contact details, logo, etc. If you don’t like any version as-is then select the fax sheet in Word and edit as you wish.

If you want to add your logo, then select a fax cover page with a logo and replace it with your own. You can also add a logo to any template, even if it doesn’t have one. To do this, open the document in Microsoft Word. Click on insert then select the image and select your logo. Right-click on the logo and select “wrap text”. Select “In front of text” and drag the logo to wherever you want it to appear.

The free fax cover sheet can be used for your home or your business. If you are using it for a business, then fill in all the details that will be relevant each time you use it. This includes the sender’s name, contact details, the company’s name, and address. You can then put a few copies next to the fax machine and use it whenever you need one. You will then only need to fill in the recipient’s details.

Fax cover sheet example

fax cover sheet example

How to make a fax sheet cover

Since the templates are totally customizable, you can use them to create fax letterhead. (see letterhead ).

If you want your template to look more like a letter than a form then choose a template with a fax header. What is a fax header? This is the top section of the template that shows information such as the sender and receiver’s fax numbers, the number of pages, the date and time, etc.

Use the message section to write a fax cover letter. If you want to write a long message, then select a template with more space for a message.

How to edit cover sheet for fax

You can edit the free fax cover sheet template with Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets.

  • Select any fax sheet template from the selection above.
  • If you want to edit it extensively , then select the fax cover sheet Word version or the Google Docs version. If not, you can select the fillable fax cover sheet in PDF format.
  • Type your name and contact details if the fax template is for personal use. If you are making a fax cover page for a business , then add your business name, contact details, address, website, email, fax, telephone number, and logo if you have one.
  • If you are going to fill out everything each time you use the cover page, then save the document somewhere accessible . If you are going to fill out the specific details by hand, then delete all sections that will need to be filled out by hand. Make a few copies of the blank fax cover sheet and put them next to the fax machine. Each time you send a fax, you can fill in the details. This will save you a lot of time.

How to fax without a fax machine

There are many online fax services available today so you don’t need a fax machine in order to send or receive a fax. You usually don’t need to add your fax cover sheet to your fax. The online fax service does it for you. You don’t even need to print it, which makes it more cost-effective.

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Free Fax Cover Sheets

556 fax cover sheets that you can download and print. Many are ready to use, others are customizable with your own business information.

Here are the 15 most popular fax cover sheets:




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Confidential Fax Large Print


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Many of these fax cover pages are ready to use: just download one and print it out. These are available in (.DOC) and (.PDF) formats.

Others are ready to be customized before use: you can add your personal or business contact information. These customizable cover sheets are available in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format only. Download one, open it in Word, and customize it before printing.

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Fax Cover Template in Apple Pages, Imac

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Making a cover sheet for your fax message steals the time that you can save for other chores. So, we have prepared 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable fax cover templates only for you. You don't have to worry about how to start making a fax cover because all you will have to do is to edit and customize these professionals and high-quality cover fax templates. These templates are easy to edit for you to save time. Download in all versions of Apple Pages and grab this great deal while you still can! Don't look at any sites, we have what you need. In order to start editing these templates, just sign up for any of our subscriptions plans right now!

How To Make A Fax Cover in Apple Pages

According to The Conversation website, "unscientific survey of 1,513 members of an online forum for information technology professionals found that 89 percent of them still sent faxes." So, businesses still send faxes. This sheet comes before the actual fax message to your recipient. This document stands as an identifier of the sender. Sometimes, businesses don't include fax cover sheets; however, it is an essential practice. There is a possibility that other people will handle a fax message, so a fax cover sheet can help with that possibility because there is the name of the sender and the name of the recipient. We have here some steps on how to make a fax cover sheet:

1. Details of the Sender

There should be details about your company as the sender. Firstly, put the name of your company. Putting the company name on the fax cover sheet is important because it will distinguish your fax cover from other fax covers the recipient received. If you are not part of any company, then you should put your full name as the sender. Then put your company's contact details and email address if ever the recipient would want to get in touch with you. Then, include your company's address. These details are important for any reason possible. 

2. Details of the Recipient

You should put the details of the recipient of the fax so that the recipient will receive it correctly. To start, you can set the word in boldface 'To:' easily distinguish the receiver. Put the full name of the individual recipient or the recipient company. After the name section, add the fax number, the phone number of the recipient, and then include the date. This information should be on separate lines.

3. Indicate the Number of Pages

The fax contains several pages, and you should include them too. On a separate line, indicate "Number of pages of the fax including the fax cover sheet" followed by a colon. You should count how many pages you will have to include, and then you put the number. This way will give the recipient an idea of how long the fax is. 

4. Write What the Fax Is All About

Put the word 'Subject', and the colon should follow. Then, include what the fax that you sent is all about. This thing will help the recipient know how vital the fax cover is. Some will put a simple message on the fax cover sheet. It's up to you if you will leave a little or long message for the recipient. 

5. Add Additional Details

For the recipient to know what to do or what to do next, add boxes for some details. The boxes may include: 'urgent', 'for review', 'please comment', 'please reply', and 'please recycle'. Just put a check on the box or boxes of what the recipient should do and understand. 

6. You Can Edit Your Fax Cover in Apple Pages

You can use Apple Pages to edit a fax cover, and you can edit your blank fax cover pages and fax cover sheet pages there. Online, you can download templates for fax cover, and there are available printable templates. You can check online for a fax cover sample pdf. 

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  1. What Do You Put on a Fax Cover Sheet?

    A fax cover sheet should list who the fax is from, who the recipient is and the number of pages in the fax. The number of pages should include the cover sheet.

  2. How Do You Fill Out a Fax Cover Sheet?

    Fax cover sheets include a few basic questions which must be answered, such as the name of the sender and recipient, the fax number and the number of pages. There is also a comments section to place any additional information.

  3. How Do You Write a Fax Letter?

    To write a fax cover letter, you need the recipient’s contact information, an explanation of the contents of the fax, your own contact information and a count of pages to be included in the fax.

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    To put it simply, a fax cover sheet is a sheet that is faxed to the recipients that precedes the actual message or document. It includes information such as the

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    What is a fax cover sheet? Online faxing is a secure, convenient, and easy method of communication that many modern businesses utilize. Fax cover sheets are

  10. FREE Editable Fax Cover Sheet Template

    The free fax cover sheet can be used for your home or your business. If you are using it for a business, then fill in all the details that will be relevant each

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    When you use eFax to send an online fax, you won't need to create your own cover sheet. Instead, eFax creates one for your outbound faxes automatically. Simply

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    These customizable cover sheets are available in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format only. Download one, open it in Word, and customize it before printing. Ready to

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    It is important that every fax message have a cover sheet. Therefore, one needs to have copies of the free fax cover sheet at their disposal all the time. One

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    You can use Apple Pages to edit a fax cover, and you can edit your blank fax cover pages and fax cover sheet pages there. Online, you can download templates for