Show Your Appreciation With 25 Other Ways To Say “Thank You”

By Ashley Austrew

Is a “thank you” in order?

On a daily basis, we’re inundated with reasons to thank the people around us. Maybe someone held the elevator for you while you were running late, the barista was kind despite the huge crowd in the coffee shop, or your colleague lets you know they did the legwork to help you get started on a particularly tricky project.

We’re lucky to have so many reasons to say “thanks” every day, but sometimes we need some new words and expressions to adequately express the gratitude we feel. If you’re stuck in a rut of “thank you so much” and “thanks a lot,” here are 25 alternatives that are perfect for sharing your thanks and appreciation in every kind of setting.

1. I’m so grateful.

Thanks is an expression of gratitude, so cut to the chase. Tell someone you’re grateful for whatever way in which they’ve helped you, and go into detail about exactly what they did to personalize your message.

2. I appreciate it.

It’s always nice to feel appreciated . When someone does something to help you out or make your life easier, be sure to say how much it means to you that they went out of their way to help.

3. Thanks for your hard work on this.

Don’t just offer colleagues and collaborators a run-of-the-mill thanks. Letting them know how much you appreciate the specific efforts they’ve made will help them feel seen and create a positive working relationship.

4. I couldn’t have done it without you.

If you couldn’t have made something happen without another person’s help, then they should definitely know that! Don’t hold back in telling them how vital they are.

5. I owe you one.

Sometimes the only way to truly appreciate a favor is by returning it. This “thank you” alternative lets them know you plan to do just that.

6. Much obliged. 

Obliged means “appreciative or grateful.” It’s especially handy for a quick but courteous email or text sign-off that still expresses thanks in a meaningful way.

7. Thanks for having my back.

Sometimes the best thing someone else can do for you is be in your corner when you need support. Thanking them for being there is a way to let them know how much it means to you.

8. Please accept my deepest gratitude.

Giving thanks in a more formal setting? This one is perfect for a professional letter, important speech, or in a thank-you note.

Tap into more ways to express your gratitude here.

9. I have to give credit where it’s due.

Let’s be honest: we all love getting credit for the good things we do. Credit is “commendation or honor given for some action, quality, etc.” When we thank someone, we’re giving them their earned credit for something they did, and it’s a gesture we should make often.

10. This has been such a blessing.

We tend to think of a blessing as a favor or gift bestowed by God, but a blessing can also be “a special favor, mercy, or benefit.” Letting someone know their kind gesture or effort was a blessing is a way of letting them know you are thankful for the gift of their time, energy, and thoughtfulness.

11. I can’t thank you enough.

Sometimes a simple “thanks” won’t cut it. In those instances, let them know the words may be inadequate, but the depth of your gratitude is not.

12. Cheers.

Cheers isn’t just something we say when we’re giving a toast. It’s also a unique and quick way of saying “thanks.” Try it next time you’re at a party or other social event where a lighthearted expression of gratitude is needed.

Take up the pen and compose a meaningful thank-you card with these tips.

13. That’s so kind of you.

One way of thanking someone is telling them how their gesture felt to you: kind . By telling someone how kind they’ve been, you let them know you see their favors as coming from the heart.

14. Much appreciated.

If you need to say thanks in a big way but on a small scale, go with “much appreciated.” This one is perfect for a quick email, text, or even a brief conversation.

15. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

When people go out of their way to do something nice or help out, they’re also giving the gift of their time. We only get so much of that, so thank them for using some of their time to make your life easier.

16. Your support means the world.

Support means “to bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for.” The people who do that for us deserve to know how much we appreciate it.

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17. Many thanks.

One thanks? We don’t think so. If you’re shooting off a quick email, text, or call to say thank you, let them know your gratitude could be expressed many times over.

18. I’m beyond grateful.

Go big or go home. Grateful means “warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful.” And sometimes, well, you just feel all of that and beyond.

19. I sincerely applaud you.

A true “thank you” should be sincere . That means “genuine; real.” The best expressions of gratitude are usually the ones that come from the heart.

20. I’m forever indebted.

Sometimes one act of kindness inspires another. Indebted means “obligated for favors or kindness received,” and it’s a way of saying you plan to pay the kind act forward.

21. I stand in recognition.

Giving thanks is about shining a spotlight on someone’s thoughtfulness, kindness, hard work, care, or effort. Carving out space specifically to recognize their efforts is a powerful way of saying thanks.

22. I’m blown away by your kindness.

If you’re blown away by something, that usually means it was unexpectedly inspiring, moving, or touching. Use this one for gestures and acts of kindness that truly make a difference.

Blow others away with your treasury of synonyms for kind by learning them here.

23. It means the world to me.

It’s not always easy to explain how important or valuable someone’s contributions are. Saying “it means the world” to you is a pretty good place to start.

24. I want to acknowledge how much you’ve done.

Sometimes the “thanks” people crave is just knowing that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. Whether it’s a colleague, a friend, or a partner, acknowledgment is always a welcome expression of gratitude.

25. Thanks in advance.

It’s possible to thank people even before they’ve done you a favor. If someone offers up a future kindness or promises to go out of their way for you, thanking them in advance lets them know they’re appreciated even before they’ve lifted a finger.

Ashley Austrew is a freelance journalist and writer from Omaha, Nebraska. Her work has been published at  Cosmopolitan ,  Scary Mommy ,  Scholastic , and other outlets.  For more by Ashley, read: 10 New Dating Slang Words To Know In 2021 |  8 Tips & Tricks To Ace National Novel Writing Month  |  How To Write A Great Hook That Grabs Your Audience Hook, Line, And Sinker! |  How To Create Atmosphere & Mood In Your Writing To Engage Your Readers

Don't limit your thanks to only English—learn how to say "thank you" in 30 different languages.

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how to say thank you in different ways in speech

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How to write a thank you speech

With example speeches and a printable planner

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 04-22-2022

A thank you speech or appreciation speech prepared and given with sincerity means a lot to those you acknowledge.

Dive right in. There's all the assistance you need on this page to write an excellent speech of thanks.

What you'll find on this page

  • the types of occasions it could be good to have a thank you speech ready to give
  • best practice and content suggestions to guide you step by step through writing a short thank you speech
  • a sample thank you speech for an award (and a link to an example thank you speech for a 18th birthday party)
  • a printable thank you speech planner to download
  • links to thank you quotations you may like to use
  • notes covering rehearsal and delivery   

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

'No man is an island'

When we achieve, we usually do so because others have helped. Your speech of appreciation is the gift or acknowledgment you give in return for what was given you.

When is a thank you speech appropriate?

Any time is good to say thank you! However, a more formal speech of thanks could fit any of these occasions.

  • for coming to my graduation, farewell, birthday, or retirement party
  • for the promotion
  • for the award
  • for coming to our wedding and your gifts, our engagement party, our 50th wedding anniversary
  • for coming to the opening of my new business...

Be prepared! Best practice guidelines

Generally the decision to leap to your feet and give a thank you speech is not spontaneous. You will likely have some forewarning and time to consider exactly what you want to say and who you want to mention.

Deciding on the content

Cover these three content areas and you'll be fine.

  • WHO are you thanking? Note their names in ranking order- the most important first.
  • WHAT are you thanking them for? Be specific rather than general. Naming what you are grateful for gives your thanks more meaning.
  • WHAT did their gift of time, expertise, encouragement, money... mean to you? Again, be specific. This is your chance to publicly give credit where it's due, to compliment, to praise. Take it.

Writing your speech

When you've sorted out who you wish to mention and what for, you are ready to begin writing.

Like any other form of speech you need 3 parts:- an opening, the body or middle where you put all your acknowledgments, and a conclusion.

1. Introduction/opening

In your introduction or opening give the reason for the occasion and why it is you're going to thank everyone. What you say, and how you say it, will set the tone for the remainder of the speech.

Depending on the number of people on your 'thank you/appreciation' list and the amount of time you have, consider including a small story about the lead-up making this event possible. A well-chosen personal anecdote will always go down well because it lets those listening share your experience more deeply.

Check out this page on story telling in speeches for more information.

In the body of your speech, start at the top of your list of people to thank and work your way through it. Take care to give the most important people the most time.

For those whom you want to mention but don't have enough time to make individual acknowledgments consider grouping them according to function.

Example: "To Alex, Mary, Judy and Sam, thank you for making me remember to laugh. You helped me keep my sanity and perspective when the going was tough."

3. Conclusion

In the conclusion, summarize your main points and finish.

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Sample thank you speech for receiving an award 

Here's a short sample thank you speech for you to see how it could be done. There are many ways covering the required content. This is one.

The person giving this speech is thanking an organization for giving him an award. 

It is 374 words long. When spoken it will take approximately 2 minutes + to deliver. That's about the right length. It's brief and covers everything needed.

As you read it through imagine hearing it out loud. 

Speech text

"Who's considered the incredible power of thank you?  Those two words express gratitude, humility, understanding, as well as acknowledgement.

I am here with you: my family, many of my friends and colleagues because I need to say all of that, and then some more.

Thank you for coming to share my being given the Fred Smith Award for Community Service. It's very humbling.

There's a phrase I'm sure you know: it takes a village to raise a child. In this case it's not a child that's been raised but awareness and a long needed community resource -  the  Parksville Community Literacy Center.  The village behind it and me, is you.

In particular thank you to my wife Marlene who has always understood and shared my conviction that communities are healthiest when its resources are equally shared, and that the ability to read underpins long term social and economic well being.

I know the hours I spent after work helping to establish our new Center tested her, especially when I was home late, again.

Remarkably she continues to support, and love me.  For that I will always be grateful.

Mary Hill, Catherine Beech and Matthew Fall from the Fred Smith Foundation – thank you for sharing the vision of an integrated community and for being so incredibly supportive. You understood what we were trying to achieve and helped make it possible. Your generous gifts of time, expertise and funds are deeply appreciated.

This award may have my name on it, but in truth it belongs to everybody who has worked to make the center a reality. Have you got a spare day or two? If I called out all those people we'd be here for quite some time! Instead, I'll simply say thank you. You know who you are.

The time and effort you've given ensures that the Parksville people who want it will have access to effective literacy programs and resources. That is a priceless gift.  As Nobel Peace Prize winner former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan said “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.”

Thank you for the award and thank you on behalf of all those who will cross that bridge to a brighter future." 

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

Here's another example. This one is a thank you speech for a birthday . The speaker is thanking his parents and guests for the celebration in honor of his 18th birthday. 

Thanks but NO thanks!

What I really need is a Thanksgiving Speech!

Image: - a string of autumn leaves. Text: Thanksgiving - a time to say thanks for life, family, friends and food, in a speech.

And it's here. Choose a theme. Complete the template. And give your Thanksgiving Speech with confidence.

Get a printable thank you speech planner

Regardless of whether you are preparing a thank you speech for the guests who came to your wedding, engagement, retirement, farewell, graduation or birthday party, the steps are the same.

This printable planner will guide you through the four needed. Each one is fully explained with an example.

Completing it will make writing your speech so much easier.

Either click the link or the image below to: download a printable thank you speech planner .

Banner: Download a printable thank you speech planner

Use a quotation to help show your gratitude

Image: blue forgetmenots. Text: Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone. GB Stern

Before you finalize the content, check out these 'thank you quotations' .

They offer different ways of expressing your gratitude. You could find just what you need to spark your creativity and provide the thread/theme to unite your speech. It can be so much more than a long string of thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you ...

Tips to help you get your thank you speech right

Rehearsal, practice and feedback.

Image: Black and white photo of a young man standing on a stage. Text: About rehearsing a speech.

Many people make the assumption that once they've got the words of their speech sorted, they're set to go.

That's not true! Practice completes the process.

Giving yourself several  rehearsals, firstly by yourself and then in front of  friends or family, will help enormously. Click the link for detailed information about  how to rehearse effectively .

For the condensed and shortened version covering good rehearsal practice follow the points below.

1. Content check

Before investing too much time and energy into rehearsing your speech say it through in front of a few trusted friends or colleagues.  It is much, much easier to change text prior to practicing it than after you've begun working with it. Ask them to listen:

  • to make sure you've included everyone you should, in the right order and thanked them for the right things.
  • for tone. Does the vocabulary fit the occasion? Are the stories right? Is the speech positive? Is it inclusive?

Edit as needed, and then have your test audience listen again. 

Getting the timing right is an essential part of making it a success. Go on too long and people stop listening. Be too brief and there's a danger you've missed things out.

The only way to find out how long your speech is, is to time yourself as you say it out loud at a normal speaking rate. If it's too long, look for areas you can cut. Maybe you need to group a few  more people together or perhaps you need to shorten some of the specific examples about why it is you're thanking someone.  If it's too short, add more detail.  Repeat until you get the length right.

If you'd like to check the number of words you have in your speech against how many minutes it will take to say them go to: how many words per minute are there in a speech .

3. Use cue cards

If you're at all worried about forgetting things, losing your place or muddling what you want to say, use cue cards. They'll take the anxiety away.

Write the main points of your thank you speech on cue cards. Good notes will keep you on track while ensuring you cover everything you want to like, for instance, the name of every person you want to thank and why.

(Click the link if you don't know about using or how to make cue cards . Cue cards are preferable to reading your speech.

However sometimes you just have to read because...for all sorts of reasons. If that's you, do it well. Find out how to read a speech effectively .)

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

*About  The Speech Builder  - this is an app that "builds" personalized speeches.  If you're needing a speech to say thank you for an award of any sort; academic, sporting, civic, or artistic,  the speech builder can help.

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

Are you sweating over a business thank you speech?

One thanking your colleagues for a job well done?

speaking out loud 

Subscribe for  FREE weekly alerts about what's new For more see  speaking out loud  

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how to say thank you in different ways in speech

65 Ways to Say “Thank You” in English

65 Ways to Say "Thank You" in English 1

Gratitude is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. It is a simple yet powerful expression that conveys appreciation, respect, and kindness. In English, “thank you” is the most common way to express gratitude, but there are many other ways to say it that can add variety and depth to your communication. In this article, we will explore different ways to say “thank you” in English and the contexts in which they are appropriate. Whether you want to express your gratitude to friends, colleagues, or strangers, this guide will help you find the right words to convey your appreciation in a meaningful way.

Table of Contents

Formal Ways to Say Thank you

Ways to Say Thank You | Thanks Synonym Image 1

 This is the universal expression of gratitude, one that works for small things and big ones and on all occasions. In fact, when in doubt, this is the one to use. Also, it works in both formal and informal situations.

Thank you so much

Think of this as a more intense form of the regular “Thank you”. For example, you have been invited to dinner and while at the table, the host/hostess serves you wine, you should respond to that with- “Thank you”. But after the meal, you’d say, “Thank you so much for inviting me over” or “Thank you so much for that wonderful meal”.

I appreciate this/ I appreciate your help/I appreciate all you’ve done for me

This is another way of saying thank you, and one that works in both formal and professional settings. But, this is more about appreciation than actual gratitude. For instance, when a colleague from your team at work has helped you to do something, you’d respond to that by saying, “I appreciate your help”.

I am grateful to you

Now, this phrase is all about gratitude, so it would not be appropriate to use it just because someone passed you the salt or got the door for you. Reserve this one for when someone has done you a favor.

I can’t thank you enough

This is second only to the phrase above in terms of expressing gratitude. Again, this should be used in response to an actual favor. For instance, your friend stayed up late just to help you study for your exam or your friend loaned you money that you needed urgently.

Much obliged

Also a formal way of saying thank you that can be used in professional written communication.

Thanks in advance

Use this after requesting someone to do something for you. It is a good way to say that because I am quite sure that you will oblige me hence I am thanking you in advance.

That’s so kind of you

As with some of the other phrases, this phrase will take a “Thank you” before or after it

Informal Ways to Say Thank You

This is one of the 3 magic words of English (the other two being please and sorry). Although you could use it in a formal setting when small things are done for you, it sounds better in informal environments. For instance, somebody holds the elevator door open for you as you rush to get in, respond to that with “Thanks”.

Thanks a bunch/Thanks a ton/Thanks a million/Thanks much

An informal way of saying “Thank you, I so appreciate what you have done for me”.

You’re the best/You’re awesome

This is another way of saying that after what you have done, for me you are the best person around. Usually, you would use “Thanks” either before or after this phrase.

You’re a lifesaver

This is an informal and lighthearted way to express gratitude to someone who has helped you in a difficult situation. It conveys a sense of relief and appreciation for the person’s assistance. For example, “Thanks for picking me up from the airport, you’re a lifesaver!”

Idiomatic Ways to Say Thank You

You are a life saver/You saved my day:  This phrase can be used with/without “Thank you”. Use it when someone does something that saves you a lot of trouble. For example, you need a file to complete the report you have to submit and your friend goes out of his way to get it for you.

I could not have done this without you/What would I do without you:  This is a personal way of saying that your help was not just needed but a vital part of the task that was completed/work done.

I owe you one/I owe you: This literally means that I am indebted to you for what you have done for me.

You are an angel:  Another way of saying that I am so thankful for what you have done that now I see you as my personal angel.

List of Different Ways to Say Thank You

Learn how to say thank you meaningfully in English.

  • Many thanks
  • Thanks a lot
  • Thanks a bunch
  • Thank you very much
  • It’s very kind of you
  • I really appreciate it
  • Thank you for everything
  • I owe you one
  • I really appreciate your help
  • I’m so grateful
  • Thanks a million
  • Thanks for everything
  • Thanks so much
  • I can’t thank you enough
  • I cannot express my appreciation
  • I appreciate your time
  • A million thanks to you
  • I owe you big time
  • I truly appreciate you
  • Thanks a ton
  • How thoughtful of you!
  • I’ll forever be grateful
  • Please accept my deepest thanks
  • You’re too kind
  • You are an angel
  • You are the best
  • You have my gratitude
  • You made my day
  • You saved my day
  • You’re a dear
  • You’re a life saver
  • You’re awesome
  • You’re great
  • You’ve saved my life
  • Accept my endless gratitude
  • All I can say is, Thanks!
  • All my love and thanks to you
  • Consider yourself heartily thanked
  • How can I ever possibly thank you
  • How can I ever thank you enough
  • How can I show you how grateful I am?
  • I couldn’t have done it without you
  • I do not know what I would do without you
  • I don’t know what to say!
  • Oh, you shouldn’t have!
  • I humbly thank you
  • Please accept my best thanks
  • I’m grateful for your assistance
  • I’m really grateful for your help
  • It is hard to find words to express my gratitude
  • It was so awesome of you
  • I really appreciate everything you’ve done
  • I really want to thank you for your help
  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • I thank you most warmly
  • I want you to know how much I value your support
  • I wanted to thank you as soon as possible
  • I will never forget what you have done
  • I wish to thank everyone who pitched in
  • If anyone deserve thanks, it’s you
  • Your generosity overwhelms me
  • What would I do without you?
  • Words can’t describe how thankful I am
  • My gratitude knows no bounds.

Different Way to Say Thank You | Pictures

Ways to Say Thank You | Thanks Synonym Image 2

Different Ways to Say Thank You | Thanks Synonyms Video

Learn how to say thank you differently with this American English pronunciation video lesson .

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how to say thank you in different ways in speech

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Frantically Speaking

8 Ways To Say “Thank You” After a Presentation

Hrideep barot.

  • Presentation , Speech Writing

Thank You written in blocks

As crucial as the beginning of a speech presentation is, the conclusion of your speech is what you leave your audience with. This may appear to be a straightforward task because, after all, you could just say thank you at the conclusion of your presentation, right? Both yes and no. Yes, since practically every presentation can be concluded by saying thank you and going away. No, because it is not unique and you should aim to make your thank you note a memorable element of your presentation. Here are 5 ways to make that “thank you” as memorable as possible.

Why is a good thank you important?

According to research , people are more likely to recall the beginning and finish of anything than the activities that occurred in between.

As a result, the beginning and finish of your presentation are critical since those are the areas that the majority of people will remember the most. A sincere thank you leaves a lasting effect on the audience, and it is a sentiment they carry with them.

8 Ways to say “Thank You”

1. appreciate the audience.

This is the simplest way of saying thanks. In this form of giving thanks, the speaker thanks the audience for giving him the time of the day, and for being attentive. An example of this would be, “Thank you for being here today, I really appreciate that you took the time to be here and listen to my presentation”. It can also be something short and sincere, like a “Thank you very much!”

When concluding an oration, an age-old approach of finishing your presentation is to summarise major aspects of your speech. It’s a closing tactic used by presenters and authors to guarantee their audience recalls their primary message.

With lectures and conventional presentation thank you speeches, including a summary for closure is fairly typical. That’s because, no matter how wonderful your presentation was, you’ll have to remind your audience of what you talked about.

A satisfactory thanks can be produced by reiterating a topic or significant concept from the introduction. The speaker may appear to be coming full circle to the audience, signalling the end of the discussion.

3. Call-To-Action

A call to action is a brief, straightforward remark intended to elicit an instant reaction from the listener. It is a great way to finish a presentation. A CTA should state clearly what you require of your audience, as well as why you’re providing the presentation in the first place.

Your CTA doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. It might even be as basic as asking your followers to like your social media pages. Alternatively, you may ask them to join your email list.

Alternatively, as can be seen in this Leonardo Di Caprio speech, a call to action can also be a wake up call asking the crowd to do something about the topic.

A quotation is commonly used as a presentation ender to leave the audience with a memorable ending. There are two methods to use quotes. In the first type, the speaker can use a quote that has already been spoken by someone else. A quote that is pertinent to the presentation will increase the audience’s understanding of the issue. We can see an example of this in the speech given by Dr Meenakshi Chaudhary.

The other way to use quotes is to make your own. It is to say something confidently, indicating that this is not merely the finish of the speech, but also a memorable piece of dialogue. At the conclusion of his address, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the famous phrase “Free At Last!”

5. Rule of Three

The Rule of Three is a fantastic public speaking method that you can learn, practise, and adjust to any circumstance rapidly. The Rule of Three is a fundamental notion that argues that giving your audience three thoughts in a row is more engaging, pleasant, and remembered. Information given in a group of three sticks with us longer than information given in other groups.

To learn how to unlock the full potential of this incredibly powerful tool, read up on our article about it here .

6. Emotional

A thank you that appeals to emotion is as memorable as it gets. Emotions might range from humour to wholesomeness, or they can be a moment of realisation. In this speech by Sam Berns, in which he discusses how to live a happy life, he expresses his gratitude by bringing a lighthearted twist and a heartfelt conclusion to an otherwise serious presentation.

In another example, Obama appeals to the crowd with feelings of hope and change. He promises betterment and says thanks by leaving them with an optimistic memory. 

7. A Trust-Builder

This is a niche way of ending a presentation, usually used only by professionals or companies who wish to express their clientage. If you have said something which makes people question you or your presentation in any way, you can end your speech or presentation with a reminder of who you are, or how valid your presentation content is.

8. Question

Giving the audience a thought-provoking question at the conclusion of your presentation is a fantastic method to ensure that they remember it for a long time. Ensure the question is relevant to the circumstance at hand, and your audience will think about the replies after hearing them. 

Important Tips to Remember While saying Thank You.

  • Remain professional : Just because the presentation is ending, it doesn’t allow the presenter to go back to a casual form. Stay professional and use the same language you have in the rest of the presentation.
  • Perfectly time it : Timing is critical to a thank you. The thank-you shouldn’t go on for too long, and it shouldn’t be small enough to be something the audience can miss. 
  • Be polite: Doesn’t really need a lot of explaining. By keeping the ending polite we eliminate the possibility of offending anyone, and we win over the majority of the crowd.
  • Don’t make grammatical errors : The last thing you want is to confuse your audience. Saying thank you should be something simple, memorable, and grammatically correct. Mistakes at the end will be remembered more than the content since it is at the end of the presentation.
  • Personalise : Using a copy and paste thank you message after a presentation is pretty lazy. Instead, construct a one-of-a-kind, personalised thank you card that is tailored to the recipient.
  • Stay on Topic: Make sure you remember and stay on topic. Don’t end on a tangent, come back to the core message. 

How to say Thank You in a Powerpoint Presentation

Typically, presenters do not give their ‘Thank you’ slides any attention. A ‘Thank You’ slide does not have to mark the conclusion of your presentation; it might represent a summary or the beginning of a commercial partnership.

  • Summary : You may quickly summarise the things you mentioned during the presentation on your ‘Thank you’ page. This is considerably more likely to assist your audience to remember your message than a simple ‘Thank you.’
  • Build Trust : Making a duplicate of your business card on the screen is an easy approach to stay in your audience’s memory even after the presentation is over. If you’re giving a corporate presentation, your Thank You slide might simply be a large logo of your corporation with your contact information next to it.
  • CTA : Instead of a dull ‘Thank you,’ have the ‘Next steps’ or ‘How to order’ slide as your final slide. If your presentation was strong, this slide will generally prompt lots of new useful questions that will assist you to make your argument.

How to Send a Thank You E-mail

Following a presentation, it’s critical to send a thank-you email. It validates the organisers’ approach to you, and it also helps you strengthen your field contacts. A thank-you email should be brief and to the point, and it should include your name. This is due to the fact that individuals receive too many spam emails and are too busy to read long emails.

To get your idea through in the shortest amount of time, include your gratitude in the subject line. Your subject line might be as straightforward as “Thank you for asking me to speak at Event Name,” or it could be more sensitive and specific. Lastly, don’t forget to add an email signature to end it in a professional manner.

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

Should you say Thank You?

A thank you is seen as polite and should usually be used, but it depends on the context. In business and conferences, say thank you and add a slide. For toastmaster’s speeches, the general consensus is to not add a thank you. The Thank You feels suitable and necessary in the following situations:

  • When you have an audience that is sitting in voluntarily.
  • If members of your audience had to travel to see you.
  • If you’re thanking your staff for their hard work, use this phrase.

Instead, when in situations like these, it is better not to say thank you:

  • A thank you will be callous and improper if your presentation contains bad news.
  • It’s best to close with a follow-up rather than a thank you slide when you need to assign a job or leave a call to action on anything.

Should you end by asking questions?

Avoid stopping your presentation with a Q&A session, even if you include a time for the audience to ask questions. To wrap up the presentation, you’ll want to reclaim control and make some closing statements

Asking for questions, however, is important. A good way to do that is by making it clear beforehand when you are taking questions. Additionally, you also need to anticipate what sort of questions the audience will ask of you. This will ensure you are not caught off guard at the moment. Finally, don’t forget to take pauses after each question. Make sure you comprehend the question and express gratitude to the person who asked it.

Thank you is a way of showing thanks for a job well done or a present received. Your capacity to express thankfulness, regardless of whether or not you deserved the service you received, goes a long way in any situation.

With these methods you’re linking the end of your presentation to your topic, which will assist your audience recall what they just heard. These will keep your audience interested and help them remember your talk. In the majority of these cases, you’re employing an old trick: abruptly ending your presentation when your audience isn’t expecting you to do so. That element of surprise also makes your presentation memorable and makes them want to hear more from you. 

So, while you’re planning your presentation material and wondering how to say thank you, remember to employ these approaches and end when people aren’t expecting it.

Hrideep Barot

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Speak Confident English

Better Ways to Say Thank You in English (30+ New Expressions)

May 22, 2019 | Advanced Vocabulary , English Conversation

Better Ways to Say Thank You in English

This lesson was originally posted in November 2016. It was updated with new content and a video in May 2019.

You’re walking to work and a stranger stops you on the street to say, “I love your skirt.” In English. What do you say?

Or maybe your English-speaking neighbor brings your family dinner because you were at the hospital for surgery. That’s super nice! So how could you express how thankful you are?

Saying thank you has power. It can help you feel gratitude, share joy and kindness with others, and make other people smile and feel happy.

I want you to know how ALL the different ways to say thank you in English so you can express your appreciation in any situation.

In today’s lesson you’ll NEW ways to say thank you when:

  • Your colleague offers to get you some coffee from the cafeteria
  • Your boss holds the door open for you
  • A company offers you a job or a promotion
  • You end a business meeting with new clients
  • Your husband/wife offers to clean the dishes because you had a long day
  • Your friend calls and remembers you on your birthday
  • Your team at works stays late to finish a project on time
  • Your friend helps you during a difficult time after your mom passed away

With this Confident English lesson, you’ll learn more than 30 common ways to express thanks in English so you can adapt to any situation.

Advance your vocabulary with new ways to say thank you.

Lesson by Annemarie

Say Thank You in English — Casual Situations

Did your friend just wish you and your husband a happy anniversary? Did your office celebrate your birthday with cake? Did a stranger hold a door open for you at the post office?

For these everyday, informal experiences, we can use a variety of expression to say thanks.

Thank you. / Thanks so much. / Thanks a lot. / Thanks a bunch. / Thanks a ton. / Thanks!

Did your colleague at work just bring you a cup of coffee? Say:

  • “Thanks a bunch! I really need an extra dose of caffeine right now!”
  • “Thanks! You’re awesome for thinking of me.”
  • “Thank you!”

I really appreciate it. / You shouldn’t have.

Did your office just give you a birthday gift or a surprise party at work? Say:

  • “I can’t believe you did this! You shouldn’t have. But thank you so much. This was very kind of you.”
  • “What a thoughtful gift. I really appreciate this!”

I don’t know what to say! / That’s very kind.

A stranger on the street just gave you a compliment. Say:

  • “I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”
  • “That’s very kind of you. Thank you.”

You’re the best. / I owe you one. / You rock.

Your friend at work stayed late to help you finish a project.

  • “You’re the best. I wouldn’t have finished this on time without you.”
  • “I really owe you one. Thanks for staying late. Next time you need help, I’ve got it.”

What would I do without you? / To say thank you is not enough. / I can’t thank you enough.

You had a stressful and difficult day at work. Your husband said he would take care of dinner and do all the cleanup. Say:

  • “What would I do without you? You’re wonderful.”
  • “I can’t thank you enough. I really need a night off.”

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” -Eileen Caddy

Say Thank You in English — Formal Situations

Some daily situations – at work and in our personal lives – require more formal language. And this is often true in writing.

For example, if you’re expressing thankfulness or gratitude in a speech at a wedding, a formal reception or networking event, or in a lecture, it would be appropriate to choose more formal language.

Or if you’re writing thank you notes to friends and family members; if you’re sending an email to say thank you to a new client; or writing to another company, again, you’ll want to use these more formal expressions.

I’m so grateful for… / I’m so thankful for… / Many thanks for…

Writing some thank you notes to friends who helped you after the birth of a baby or while you were helping a sick parent?

  • “I’m so grateful for your help. It was a challenging time but you made it easier. Thank you.”
  • “I’m so thankful friends like you.”

I truly appreciate… / Thank you ever so much for… / It’s so kind of you to…

Are you sending an email to everyone on your team at work for working overtime or volunteering to work on a Saturday?

  • “I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts and commitments to our success. Thank you for taking time out of your personal time to meet our deadline.”
  • “It was kind of each of you – and your families – to give up a Saturday to help our company volunteer at the 10km race to benefit cancer research.”

Thank you for going through the trouble to… / Thank you for taking the time to… 

Did one of your business contacts take some extra time to give you some information you needed? Send an email to say thank you…

  • “Hi, Samantha. I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for taking the trouble to answer all my questions. I know you are busy and I appreciate that you took the time to respond quickly. Thank you.”

I’m eternally grateful for… / I cannot thank you enough for… / I want you to know how much I value… / Words cannot describe how grateful I am for… / Please accept my deepest thanks for…

Sometimes we have very difficult times in our lives. Maybe a loved one becomes ill. Someone passes away. Or perhaps you lose a job.

Tragedies happen. These can be terribly stressful times. If you are writing someone to thank them to help you, these expressions are most appropriate.

  • “I’m eternally grateful to you for providing dinners to my family while I was in the hospital. I felt comforted knowing they were well-feed.”
  • “Words cannot express how grateful I am for your help after my mom passed away. I was devastated and you helped me get through each day. ”

Say Thank You in English — Professional Situations

If you are writing an official business email or business letter, then it’s best to use professional, formal expressions to show your thanks or appreciation.

For example, you may be writing to thank someone or to thank another company for their help. Or perhaps you want to express your gratitude for them working with you this year.

Thank you for your assistance with… / Thank you for your attention to this matter

  • “Thank you for your assistance with/attention to this matter. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.”

Your support is greatly appreciated. / I’d like to express my/our appreciation for… / Thank you for your kind consideration.

  • “Your support in this discussion is greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing our work with you.”
  • “On behalf of our company, I’d like to sincerely express our appreciation for your business this year. We wish you Happy Holidays and look forward to another successful year together.”

After you’ve watched the video and reviewed the lesson, I’d love to hear from you!

  • What is your new favorite way to say thank you in English from this lesson? Share with me in the comments.
  • Bonus challenge: If you wanted to thank all your colleagues for helping you out with a tight deadline, how would you do so?

You can share your comments, get feedback, and learn from others in the Confident English Community by sharing your answers below.

With much gratitude for your time every week,

P.S. If you loved this lesson, be sure to check out New Ways to Say Thank You and You’re Welcome in English.

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1) be grateful for something or someone

2) express/ show gratitude

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4) show appreciation

5) I’m forever in your debt

7) i owe you one

8) thanks in a million

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Thank you for all your kind comments, Salma. I’m so happy you enjoyed the lesson and found it useful to you. 🙂


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Hey Jaime, I love that example for how to thank your colleagues. And I”m glad you found a new expression you like.

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I’m glad it was a helpful lesson. I’m American so most of what I share is from American speech and culture.


Yeah, “Thanks a bunch” would more likely be taken as sarcasm for us brits…so could easily have the opposite effect/be taken the wrong way…

Hi Simon, that’s true. It can also be taken as sarcasm in American English as well. It all depends on the tone when speaking.


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Thanks, Thank you, Thank you so much – 20 ways to say it!

YouTube video

Everyday English Speaking Course

500+ Real English Phrases

Are you tired of saying “thank you so much” all the time? Looking for a “thank you” synonym? Today I’ll teach you other ways to say thank you, so you can express yourself more fluently in English !

This month we’ve been doing a series on different ways to say things in English, in order to help expand your vocabulary and know what to say in lots of situations. In our previous lessons, we learned 20 different ways to say yes , 20 ways to say no , and 20 ways to say sorry.

Today we’ll cover 20 ways to say thank you – phrases for expressing gratitude and appreciation. We’ll start out with some basic thank you phrases you probably already know, like “thank you so much” and “thanks a lot” but keep watching so that you learn some creative ways to say thank you!

And if you want to learn a lot more real English phrases, make sure to download my free e-book that will teach you 500 phrases that native speakers use often.

All right, let’s jump in to our ways to say “thank you” in English:

“Thanks for… / Thank you for…”

First we have our basic phrases “Thanks for / Thank you for…” and these are followed by a noun or by the ING form of the verb. For example:

  • Thank you for the birthday gift.
  • Thank you for helping me.
  • Thanks for everything.
  • Thanks for stopping by.

Don’t make the mistake of saying “Thank you for help me” – if you’re going to use a verb, it needs to be in the -ING form.

“Thanks a lot. Thank you so/very much.”

If you want to add extra emphasis, say “Thanks a lot” or “Thank you so much” or “Thank you very much.” Note that we can say “Thanks so much” but we never say “Thank you a lot.”

“Thanks a million!”

Thanks a million is an even more enthusiastic way to express gratitude. You can say this when you’re especially excited, or when the person really did something super great, like, “You’re giving me free tickets to the World Cup? Thanks a million!”

“Thanks in advance.”

We typically use this in writing, when we are asking someone to do something for us and we are thanking them ahead of time for doing it. If I’m asking a co-worker to do some research for me, I would say “Thanks in advance” to express gratitude for the work they will do for me.

“I really appreciate it. I’m really grateful.”

These phrases are good ways to say thank you meaningfully, with emotion. You can also add on the specific reason, like this:

  • “I really appreciate your patience.”
  • “I really appreciate your taking the time to explain things.”
  • “I’m really grateful for your friendship.”
“That’s very kind of you.”

We can say this when someone does something especially generous or something that shows they carefully thought about making us feel good. If I was sick and someone offered to cook dinner for me, I’d say “That’s very kind of you.”

“It meant a lot to me.”

We can say this when someone did something that strongly affected us emotionally, or was very important in our lives. For example, I might say this to a teacher who helped me a lot throughout college, or to a friend who helped comfort me after a bad breakup.

“I can’t thank you enough.”

We use this phrase when someone does something major, and we would like to say thank you over and over again! We’re expressing that it’s so major, it’s impossible to say thank you enough times. If someone rescued my dog when he fell into a river, I might say “I can’t thank you enough” because the person risked themselves and saved my dog’s life in an emergency.

“Words can’t express/describe how thankful I am.”

This is an even stronger version when you want to express extremely deep gratitude. Maybe you want to thank a friend who gave you a place to live when you were homeless, or thank someone who supported you when your parents died.

“I owe you one.”

This phrase is usually used when you’re thanking someone for a favor, and it means you want/need to do a favor for the other person in the future. If my friend spends all afternoon helping me move into a new apartment, I might say “I owe you one” – and I would help them when they need it. Or maybe I’d take them out to dinner to thank them for the favor.

“I couldn’t have done it without you.”

We can say this when someone helps us accomplish something, and we want to express that their help was essential in achieving the goal. If I was in medical school and it was really hard and I often wanted to give up, but my brother kept encouraging me and helped me keep going, when I graduate I could say “I couldn’t have done it without you” because his encouragement and support was essential.

“You’re the best! You’re awesome! You rock!”

Sometimes we say thank you by praising the other person and saying how great they are. These are all more informal; I’d probably use them with friends or relatives. If my husband saw I was having a bad day and bought me some fancy chocolate to help cheer me up, I would say, “You’re the best!”

“You made my day! This made my day!”

When you say something made your day, it means it was the best part of your day, and that one good thing made the whole day good.

“I don’t know what to say! Oh, you shouldn’t have!”

Sometimes people surprise you with a completely unexpected gift, favor, or even a surprise party. These are two phrases that are often used in response. Let’s say I’m going to be leaving a job, and my co-workers throw me a party to celebrate my time at the company and wish me well, I might react with “I don’t know what to say!”

The exclamation “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” isn’t saying that we wish they didn’t do it. Instead, it expresses the idea that they did something “extra special” that wasn’t an obligation.

Well, thank you so much for joining me! I hope you learned lots of other ways to say thank you in English. You can also learn different ways to reply to thank you.

Again, to learn more, you can download a free e-book with 500+ real English phrases .

I also have courses about Everyday English Speaking.

Learn how to speak English in daily life!

Thanks, Thank you, Thank you so much - 20 ways to say it! Espresso English

More Espresso English Lessons:

About the author.

' src=

Shayna Oliveira

Shayna Oliveira is the founder of Espresso English, where you can improve your English fast - even if you don’t have much time to study. Millions of students are learning English from her clear, friendly, and practical lessons! Shayna is a CELTA-certified teacher with 10+ years of experience helping English learners become more fluent in her English courses.

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Expressing Thanks and Gratitude

How to express thanks and gratitude.

This page will present different ways of expressing thanks and gratitude in English.

You express thanks to tell someone that you are grateful for something that they have done or given to you .

Expressing thanks and gratitude

Here are different ways to say thank you and to show your appreciation for something done or given to you.

  • Sincere thanks.
  • I am indebted to you.
  • I appreciate what you've done for me.
  • I am grateful.
  • You've been very helpful.
  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • If anyone deserves thanks, it's you.
  • Thanks for being thoughtful.
  • What you've done means a lot to me.
  • How can I ever thank you enough for all you've done?
  • You have been extremely supportive through this difficult time.
  • I want to thank you for all the support and concern.
  • That was very kind of you.
  • Thank you for being there for me.

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  • Responding to thanks

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how to say thank you in different ways in speech

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20 Professional Ways to Say “Thank You” in English for Strong Business Relationships

Sending a thank you note to someone shows you value your business relationship with them.

But before you sit down at your computer to write an email , I have a list of 20 business English “thank you” phrases that need to learn first.

We’ll also go over how to say thank you professionally. The process is straightforward, and you can be sure that the other person will appreciate it!

Thanking a Business Associate for Their Help or Support

Thank you for your help in [business activity]., we’re grateful for your support in [business activity]., thanking a potential business associate for their time, thank you for meeting with us to discuss our business collaboration., thank you in advance for your cooperation., praising a vendor for their good service, thank you for your great service over the years., thank you for your prompt response to our [needs / request]., complimenting a coworker or business partner for doing a good job, thank you for a job well done., thank you for being an invaluable part of our team., accepting an appointment or meeting, thank you for the opportunity to meet up., thank you for making time to see me., following up on business networking, thank you for taking the time to talk with me today., thank you for your offer to connect me with your business contacts., thanking a customer or client, thank you for choosing [your company name]., thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you., responding to positive feedback, thank you for your positive feedback., we greatly appreciate your kind words., responding positively to negative business feedback, thank you for raising your concerns with us., thank you for your understanding., thanking a job interviewer, thank you for meeting with me today., i appreciated the opportunity to meet with you today., how to write a thank you email in business english.

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

We frequently rely on our business associates to help and support us in various business activities.

You could begin with a phrase like this to briefly include your reason for thanking them.

Thank you for your help in securing an alternative supplier when our shipping consignment was delayed recently.

We’re grateful for your support in planning the grand opening of our Manhattan store last week.

After meeting with potential business associates to discuss business collaborations or partnerships, sending them a thank you note is good practice.

You’ll show that you appreciate their time and effort and leave a positive impression to strengthen your relationship with these phrases.

Here, “thank you in advance” is used to thank the person ahead of time when it’s clear that you’ll be dealing with them in the near future. Otherwise, you can simply leave out the words “in advance.”

This is a great phrase to end an email or phone call with.

In business, we often depend heavily on our vendors and suppliers for timely shipments, deliveries and service.

A vendor that delivers good service deserves praise and acknowledgment. So don’t forget to send them a note of thanks now and then.

We often work closely with others in our department and teams to achieve certain goals.

Complimenting someone for going the extra mile (an expression that means putting in exceptional time and effort) toward the team’s success can significantly boost their morale.

You could use simple phrases like:

If you aren’t sure when to give a coworker a compliment, you could look for different workplace scenarios and observe how others go about this.

For example, the FluentU program has a wide array of authentic English videos that you could use to watch how native speakers talk and compliment each other in the workplace.

You can take note of the different things they say by using the interactive subtitles available for each video, which let you click on words you don’t know to learn them.

You might even find some more thank you phrases to use in your emails and everyday workplace conversations.

When a business associate accepts your invitation to meet, it’s only courteous to thank them for making the time.

Simple phrases you could use include:

Sending a thank you email to someone you’ve recently met at a business networking event such as a seminar, trade show or business dinner is a great way to build a strong business relationship.

We all know that our customers and clients are the most important people to our business. So make it a practice to send them an occasional thank you note to show that you appreciate them.

You could start with this phrase to include the name of your company.

This phrase may be used at the beginning or end of an email.

It’s always wonderful to receive positive feedback from a customer or client! Be sure to write back and thank them graciously to maintain a strong relationship.

While everyone hopes for positive feedback, we should also value negative feedback to address customers’ concerns and improve our business in the long run.

You could start with this phrase, followed by a brief explanation of how you plan to address the issue that’s been highlighted.

This phrase is a great one for ending your message.

If you want to stand out and leave a good impression with your prospective employer , send your interviewer a thank you email shortly afterward.

If you were interviewed by a group, the International Hellenic University suggests you send a group thank you note.

You can use either phrase at either the beginning or end.

These days, thank you notes are often sent as an email. The business management expert at Ask a Manager advises sending email thank you notes instead of handwritten ones after job interviews and other business-related correspondences.

One thing to remember about thank you messages is that they don’t have to be long and complicated. Keep them short but spend some time creating a message that sounds genuine and sincere .

Plan to send your thank you email within 24 to 48 hours after a meeting or event.

Here are four simple steps to writing a “thank you” email:

  • Greeting:  Start by addressing the person by name. This makes your message sound more personal and sincere.
  • Reason for thanking:  State what you’re thanking this person for. It could be for their help and support, for accepting your invitation to a business event or for providing their feedback about your business. Whatever it is, keep it short and clear and express your appreciation.
  • Compliment the person or reference the future:  This section of the email can be flexible. Depending on the subject of the email, you may briefly compliment the person, say something positive about the subject or even make a reference to the future such as your hopes to work with them again.
  • Closing:  End with a standard sign-off such as “Thanks again” or “Best,” followed by your name on the next line.

Using the steps above, here’s an example of a thank you email to a business associate for their guidance in planning an advertising campaign:

Dear Robin,

Thank you for meeting with us yesterday. We greatly appreciate the time you took to share your experience and insights into how we should plan our upcoming advertising campaign.

Your presentation was both informative and practical, and has inspired our team to come up with some exciting ideas for the campaign ahead of our team meeting next week.

Once again, a big thank you from all of us and we look forward to having you back to review our draft.

So there you have it—a list of professional phrases for expressing your gratitude to someone in business. You can’t go wrong with these phrases.

Remember, a little courtesy goes a long way in business. So be generous with your thanks, and good luck with your business English learning!

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how to say thank you in different ways in speech

Clark and Miller

27 Different Ways to Say Thank You (And How to Reply)

27 Different Ways to Say Thank You (And How to Reply)

Saying thank you can be difficult in English.

It’s not the words. (I mean, “thank you” — there. That was easy.)

It’s saying the right thing at the right time.

Today, I want to show you different ways to say thank you in English so you have exactly the phrases you need when you need them.

We’ll look at:

  • Different ways to say thank you informally and more generally
  • Different ways to show extra appreciation
  • How to reply to thank you in English

Then you can thank me.

1. Different Ways to Say Thank You in English

I’ve decided to separate these phrases for “thank you” into two categories:

  • The first is “definitely informal,” for when you’re hanging out with your friends in a cafe. Or by the canal. Or wherever you hang out with your friends.
  • The second is “could be either formal or informal.” You can use these phrases with friends or even in most business situations.

“Cheers” actually has a lot of meanings, and one of them is “thanks.”

This is very British. It’s used to say thank you for small things — like when someone passes you the salt.

“Fancy a rice cake?” “Oh, yeah. Cheers, pal.”

“Ta” is very British. (In fact, you can only really use this one in the UK.) You can use it to thank people for small things — it’s light and friendly.

“Hey. Here’s your pen back.” “Ta, mate.”

Thanks a bunch!

This phrase is a little stronger than “Cheers!” and “Ta!”

If you want to show that you’re really thankful, but at the same time you want to keep things light, this is a good one.

“Wow! You fixed my bike! Thanks a bunch!”

But you can also use this phrase with the opposite meaning.

So, if someone does something that’s caused problems for you, then you can use this phrase sarcastically:

“What? You gave the kids coffee? Look at them … Thanks a bunch!

What? You gave them coffee? Thanks a bunch!

Thanks a million!

This is more or less the same as “thanks a bunch.”

You can use it sincerely (but lightly) or sarcastically.

Sincere example:

“You’ll go get me a coffee? Thanks a million! Really. I just don’t have the time!”

Sarcastic example:

“A £75 fine for a bill that’s one day late? Great. Thanks a million.”

Informal / Formal

Thanks so much. / thank you so much..

Another classic. Like Casablanca. Or Fight Club.

I often add “really” at the beginning to make it stronger.

“Oh, and Laurie? Really, thanks so much for covering my shift at work.”

“Hey, Freya! Thank you so much for Alex’s birthday present. I’m sure he’ll love it!”

Thanks so much for Alex's birthday present. I'm sure he'll love it.

Thanks a lot.

This is a classic. But the classics are sometimes the best, right? I mean — look at Casablanca. Easily the best film set in World War II Morocco.

“Hey! Excuse me. You dropped your phone!” “Oh! Thanks a lot!”

Remember that we can say “thanks a lot” but not “ thank you a lot .”

Another important point: You can use all of these with “for + -ing” or “for + noun” if you want to say why you’re thanking someone.

Thanks for verb -ing. Thanks for noun.

2. Phrases After Thank You – the ‘Thanks’ Extension

A lot of the time, just saying “thank you” isn’t enough.

Sometimes you feel really, really grateful, and you want to show that.

So when you feel particularly happy because of what someone has done for you, you can add an “extension” with one of these phrases. Use it after one of the “thank you” phrases above.

“You rule!” Such a nice thing to hear from someone.

But what do you rule?


You’re awesome!

Again — just so nice to hear from someone.

If someone helps you and you call them “awesome,” they’re more likely to help again, right?

You’re the best!

For some people, suggesting that someone is even better than your best friends and closest family might seem a bit too strong.

But don’t worry. This is just a phrase, and no one will think that you like them more than anyone else in the world.

They’ll just feel happy that they helped you!

I owe you one.

Sometimes when someone helps us out, we want them to know that we’re there to help them out, too.

That’s when this phrase will come in handy. It’s basically short for “I owe you a favour.”

(If I know that the person I’m talking to likes to have a drink, I often say, “I owe you a pint,” meaning a beer. This is how a lot of Brits like to show their thanks.)

I’m touched.

OK. This doesn’t literally mean that you were touched by someone or something.

“Touched” as an adjective can often mean “emotionally affected.”

So when someone has done something for you that you really weren’t expecting, and it kind of makes you want to cry, you can go for this one.

You made my day.

Obviously you didn’t actually make my day. I mean — how does someone make a day?

This means “You made today fully happy, despite what else has happened today.”

That’s nice to hear, right?

I really appreciate it.

What better way to show your appreciation than by saying so directly?

I can’t thank you enough.

This one sounds quite strong, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s because it is.

Definitely not one to us for small things, like if someone’s just made you some toast.

This is for when you’re really, really, really grateful.

Thank you for taking the trouble to …

You know when someone does something for you, and you want to tell them that you understand that it wasn’t so easy for them, but they did it anyway?

That’s when you can use this phrase!

Remember to say what they took the trouble to do, though:

Thanks for taking the trouble to feed the cat. What cat?

I don’t know what to say!

Again — this is one of the big ones.

This is similar to “I’m touched.”

Use it when you really are surprised and very, very, very grateful.

Oh, you shouldn’t have!

This is another classic.

Most of the time, we use this phrase when someone gives us a present.

It’s short for “You shouldn’t have bought me a present” — even though we’re usually fine with the present. It’s just a ridiculously indirect way of being polite.

Oh, you shouldn't have. (She's right. We shouldn't have.)

How thoughtful.

Use this one when someone has done something more than they needed to — something that shows that they care.

(Don’t use this for routine tasks or when you’ve asked somebody to do something.)

“Flowers? For me? How thoughtful!”

I couldn’t have done it without you!

For those situations when you’ve achieved something, and you really want to show that someone’s help got you there.

You’ll hear this one a lot at award ceremonies like the Oscars.

3. How to Reply to Thank You

No worries!

No worries! It’s OK. Everything’s good.

I use this one a lot. I like it because it keeps everything light and informal, which is just what you need sometimes.

No … Thank YOU!

This is like taking the thank you and giving it back to the other person.

I think in some cultures and some situations this might not be the most respectful thing, but in the right (friendly) environment, this can be just perfect.

The pronunciation is key for this. Click to hear me say it.

You’re welcome.

The absolute classic!

You’ve probably been using this one for years now, so you might want to try out some of the other phrases for a while.

This one will still be here when you want to come back to it.

Here are some alternatives:

Don’t mention it.

Not at all, it’s nothing., that’s all right., it’s my pleasure..

This one is a little like the others on this list, but don’t use it for simple things, like when someone thanks you for passing the salt.

Save this one for the bigger favours. Like when someone thanks you for driving them to the station. Or for building them that space ship they’ve always wanted so they can finally go and check out that restaurant on Saturn.

So there we are — 27 different ways to say thank you (and reply to thank you) in English.

In places like the UK, the US and Australia, it’s very, very common to thank people — even for the smallest things. We just like doing it.

In other cultures, it’s not so common, and people only thank each other when they’re especially grateful.

What about where you’re from?

Do people say thank you a lot in your country? Or is it something you only do on special situations?

Let me know in the comments! It’s great to hear about how things work around the world!

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How to Say Thank You

Last Updated: January 31, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Tami Claytor and by wikiHow staff writer, Janice Tieperman . Tami Claytor is an Etiquette Coach, Image Consultant, and the Owner of Always Appropriate Image and Etiquette Consulting in New York, New York. With over 20 years of experience, Tami specializes in teaching etiquette classes to individuals, students, companies, and community organizations. Tami has spent decades studying cultures through her extensive travels across five continents and has created cultural diversity workshops to promote social justice and cross-cultural awareness. She holds a BA in Economics with a concentration in International Relations from Clark University. Tami studied at the Ophelia DeVore School of Charm and the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she earned her Image Consultant Certification. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 457,911 times.

The same old “thanks” and “thank you” can really start to lose their luster when you say them day after day after day. How can you show your appreciation without relying on a canned message? Don’t worry—you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for plenty of thoughtful and creative ways to say thank you to family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances alike.

“I’m so grateful.”

“Thank you” isn’t the only way to show your appreciation.

  • “I’m so grateful that you’re able to come over.”
  • “I’m so grateful for your help with that overtime assignment.”
  • “I’m so grateful for your kind words.”

“I really appreciate this.”

Specify what the other person did that you appreciate.

  • “I really appreciate that you took the time to hang out with me yesterday.”
  • “I really appreciate you letting me borrow your umbrella. I left mine at home, and it’s a three-block walk to my car.”
  • “I appreciate you watching my cat over the weekend.”

“You’re such a lifesaver.”

Let a friend, relative, or co-worker know that they really came through.

  • “I appreciate you dropping my driver’s license off at the office for me. You’re a real lifesaver.”
  • “Thanks for picking me up so late—you’re such a lifesaver!”
  • “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t shown up. You’re a lifesaver!”

“I couldn’t have done this without your help.”

Remind them that their help and contributions are invaluable to you.

  • “This assignment would’ve taken me at least a week to finish on my own. I couldn’t have this without your help.”
  • “I appreciate you stopping by over the weekend. I couldn’t have unpacked all of my Christmas decorations without your help.”
  • “It means a lot that you donated to my campaign. I couldn’t have done any of this without your help and support.”

“How can I return the favor?”

Demonstrate how grateful you are instead of just saying “thank you.”

  • “I really appreciate you spotting me for lunch. How can I possibly return the favor?
  • “It means a lot that you finished up that report for me. How can I repay you?”
  • “I appreciate you covering my part of the group project. Is there any way I can make it up to you?”

“You’ve made this project much easier.”

Explain how their contributions made a positive difference in your day.

  • “Your hard work really saved us a lot of time on this project, Kelsey.”
  • “You’ve made this easy, Josh. Now we can submit the publication 2 days before the deadline.”
  • “You made this project so much easier. Now we can leave work earlier!”

“You’re so helpful!”

This is a great way to compliment someone and say “thanks.”

  • “Wow, you really know your computers. You’re so helpful!”
  • “I really appreciate you giving me directions. You’re so helpful!”
  • “I’m really grateful that you looked over my paper. You’re so helpful!”

“I can’t thank you enough.”

This is a great way to explain what a difference someone made.

  • “I can’t think you enough for your help with the garage sale this weekend.”
  • “I really appreciate you babysitting Jon at the last minute. I can’t thank you enough!”
  • “I can’t thank you enough for all of your help on the magazine layout.”

“That really made my day.”

Let the other person know that their kind words had a big impact.

  • “That’s such a kind thing to say! You really made my day.”
  • “I can’t express how much that means to me. That truly makes my day!”
  • “Wow, that is so unbelievably nice of you. You absolutely made my day!”

“I have to give you some of the credit here.”

True gratitude means knowing what you did and didn’t do.

  • “I really have to give Amber some of the credit here. She worked overtime to make sure that the website release was as high-quality as possible.”
  • “That means a lot, but I can’t take all of the credit for this. Mel put in just as much work as I did, and was an invaluable part of the team.”
  • “I have to give you some of the credit here. If you didn’t help me shovel, my driveway would still be waist-deep in snow right now.”

“I’m really impressed!”

Transform your “thank you” into a kind compliment.

  • “I can’t believe you finished that up in less than 2 hours. I’m really impressed!”
  • “I’m impressed at all your hard work over the last quarter.”
  • “I’m really impressed at this piece of artwork you made for me! You’re so talented.”

“I’m beyond grateful.”

Remind the other person that you won’t soon forget about their help.

  • “It means so much that you visited me in the hospital. I’m beyond grateful to have you as a friend.”
  • “I was getting really swamped with assignments, and I’m beyond grateful that you were able to step in.”
  • “I’m beyond grateful that you let me use your car while mine was in the shop.”

“I’m blown away by your generosity.”

Remind them that their kind gesture won’t soon be forgotten.

  • “It was so kind of you to send a donation after my mom got sick. I’m really blown away by your generosity!”
  • “I can’t believe that you and Shelly put this surprise birthday party together for me. I’m blown away by your kindness!”
  • “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the gift card in my inbox. I’m truly blown away by your generosity.”

“Much appreciated!”

This language works great in a workplace setting.

  • “Your extra help with this project is much appreciated!”
  • “Your kindness and understanding are much appreciated!”
  • “This extension is much appreciated!”

“Thanks in advance!”

Change things up by saying “thanks” before someone does you a solid.

  • “I really appreciate you taking care of my plants for me while I’m away. Thanks in advance!”
  • “Thanks in advance for picking up my mail for me.”
  • “It means a lot that you’re willing to tutor me next weekend. Thanks in advance!”

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Tami Claytor

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About This Article

Tami Claytor

To thank someone, be honest and sincere with them by saying something like "Thank you so much for helping me. I never would have figured this out without you." Also, try to be specific by specifying what you're thanking them for. For example, you could say "Thanks again for letting me crash at your place last week." If you want to send a casual thank you to someone, try texting them something like "Hey! Thanks for helping me clean up yesterday. You're the best!" To learn how to write a thank you card or send a thank you email, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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30+ Different Ways to Say ‘Thank You’

Updated 9/7/2022

profile picture

Jen Garcin, MS

Contributing writer, editor.

  • Follow on Linkedin

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

There are so many reasons to express gratitude , and just as many ways to do so. It’s always wonderful to receive a ‘thank you’ after giving a gift, providing a service, offering moral support , or helping someone in a professional setting. 

Jump ahead to these sections:

  • Funny Messages to Say ‘Thank You’

Creative Messages to Say ‘Thank You’

Professional ways to say ‘thank you’.

  • Ways to Show You’re Thankful Instead of Saying it

If you are tasked with writing a thank you note, you may be wondering how to make it unique. If you are feeling stuck on what to say, or are writing tons of thank yous after an event is getting monotonous, we’ve got you covered. 

Keep reading for some funny, creative, and professional ways to say thank you. Plus, we’ve included some ways to show your gratitude when a card just won’t cut it.

Funny Messages to Say ‘Thank You’ 

If you want to spruce up a thank you note , make it funny. You can go for a message that’s cheesy, silly, cute, sarcastic, or anything that you think will make them laugh. 

1. “If you could see me now, you’d be watching cartwheels and happy dances. That’s how grateful I am!”

No matter who you are, when we imagine you doing cartwheels and dancing out of excitement, we can’t help but crack a smile.

2. “All I can say is Wow! Fabulous! Incredible! Amazing! Turns out I have a lot of things to say, but most importantly, THANK YOU!”

This is a very cute way to show how grateful you are. It’s especially funny if you’re known for being a big talker. It might be even funnier — in an ironic way — if you’re super shy. 

3. “Guess who’s grateful for you! The same person who’s grateful for you every single day. Me! But today is different, because today you get a card.”

This has a pinch of dry humor and a dash of silliness, but it’s also incredibly sweet.

4. “Thank you! Gracias! Grazie! Merci! Arigato! Mahalo! Toda! Spasiba!”

This is a fun way to say ‘thank you’ in multiple languages. You can use any languages you like. Listed here are English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Hawaiian, Hebrew, and Russian. 

5. Send a gag gift.

Make it really cheesy, like a cheese board. The message could read: “This is the cheesiest way I could think of saying thank you!”

6. If all else fails, send them this article. 

Forward this article, and let them choose how they want you to thank them. That’s sure to get a chuckle. 

It’s always a good idea to send a thank you note. If you’re finding it difficult to get those creative juices flowing, here are some messages to get you started. 

7. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

This one’s simple and sincere. You can make it creative by capitalizing on the heart theme. Draw a beautiful heart on the card, include heart-shaped candies, or get fancy and knit them a heart-shaped pillow. 

8. “I am blown away by your generosity of spirit. As always, you’ve outdone yourself. Thank you!”

People generally give gifts out of their generosity of spirit, and it is really thoughtful to acknowledge this. 

9. “Once again, you’ve saved my life! Thanks for always being there for me.”

It’s okay if they didn’t literally save your life. If you want to make it slightly more casual and a bit funny, you could always say something more along the lines of, “once again, you’ve saved my butt!” 

This works for a coworker you have a close relationship with, a good friend, or a family member who stepped in when you needed a helping hand. 

10. “I can’t thank you enough! Have a drink on me!”

Slip a 5 or 10 dollar bill into your thank you card and suggest they have a drink (or dessert) on you as a token of your gratitude. 

11. Say thank you with a quote.

If writing isn’t really your forte, you can always say ‘thank you’ with a quote. Here’s a creative list of thank you quotes for some inspiration. 

12. “I’m truly speechless. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude.”

If you’re completely stuck, you can say so. Sometimes letting someone know you’re at a loss for words is the best way to say ‘thanks.’

When a colleague, supervisor, or client is particularly helpful or goes above and beyond for you, it’s important to let them know you are grateful. 

13. "I appreciate your time and help."

Sometimes simple is best. If you know the person is busy, don’t write them a lengthy note. Keep it short and simple, but be specific about what they did for you that you appreciate.

14. "I want to express my sincere appreciation."

This is a professional and articulate way to begin a thank you note. Let them know why their help was so valuable. 

15. "I am grateful for your guidance."

Use this message if somebody spent time helping you get a new job, move up in your career, or support you through a difficult issue at work. 

Be specific about what guidance made a difference for you. Perhaps it was reviewing your resume and cover letter. Maybe it was honest feedback or valuable advice. 

16. "I am truly grateful for this opportunity."

This is a perfect and professional way to say ‘thank you’ to an employer for a new job, to a supervisor for a promotion, or to a new client for choosing you or your company.

17. "Thank you for sharing your expertise."

If someone has taken time to help you with a project that was a bit outside of your scope, this is the perfect message of gratitude. Letting someone know you appreciate their expertise is thoughtful and will make them feel valued. 

18. "Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me."

You can use this with a prospective employer, client, or anyone else who is doing you a favor by meeting with you. You are acknowledging that you are thankful and that their time is valuable. This speaks volumes. 

Ways to Show You’re Thankful Instead of Saying It

Sometimes someone has truly gone above and beyond for you, and a simple note isn’t enough. Here are some ways to show how grateful you are. 

19. Send flowers

Flowers are a classic way to say ‘thank you’. It is such a thoughtful gesture and a nice surprise. This is a great gift of gratitude for both a professional setting and also for friends and family.

20. Put together a basket of favorites

If you know the person loves baked goods, pull out the flour and sugar or head to your local bakery and put together a delicious basket. Maybe they love movies, and you can make a basket of popcorn, candy, and a gift card to the local movie theater. If beverages are more their thing, a wine and cheese or craft beer and jerky basket is sure to be a hit.

21. Make a DIY thank you

Get creative! You can design your own card, make a personalized GIF , knit them something useful, or even paint a picture or write a poem to express your gratitude. 

22. Treat them to a meal

Nothing says ‘thank you’ quite like a home-cooked meal or dinner at their favorite restaurant.

23. Buy a round of drinks

If after-work drinks are a common occurrence in your office, a great way to say ‘thank you’ to a colleague is to treat them to a round of their favorite drink. 

24. Give them the gift of an experience

There are lots of options for this. If they love the museum or the zoo, buy them a pass. If it is someone you travel with, plan a vacation with them. Maybe they’ve always wanted to try zip lining or sky-diving — plan a day!

25. Treat them to a spa day

Sometimes when people are incredibly generous, they think of themselves last. Return their generosity by insisting that they take care of themselves for the day. A spa day might be just what the doctor ordered.

26. Gift desk decor

If you want to thank a boss, colleague, or mentor, gifting them something special for their desk is a nice way to say thank you. A personalized pen, zen garden, a beautiful paperweight, or printed quote are all options to consider.

27. Send a plant

A plant is a great thank you gift, because it is long-lasting and brightens up any space. You can always make this a funny gift by sending a succulent and writing a note like, “You don’t succ, but my life would succ without you!” You could also say something a little more professional, but still punny such as, “Thank you for helping me grow .”

28. Send a thank you video or picture

This is a personal favorite of ours if you are thanking someone for a gift. Particularly if the gift was for a kiddo. Send a picture or video of you or your little one enjoying the gift and shouting your thank yous!

29. Pay it forward

Donate to their favorite charity, help out a mutual friend, or volunteer at an organization they care about. Make sure to let them know you are paying it forward in their honor. 

30. Return the favor

If the situation presents itself, return the favor! If you can support your friend or coworker after they’ve done the same for you, there’s no better way to express your gratitude. That’s what friends are for after all!

Thank You Note Etiquette

It’s important when sending a thank you note or gift to follow some basic etiquette rules. Most importantly, it’s a good idea to be specific, personalize, and be timely. The last thing you want to do is offend someone when trying to express your gratitude! 

Here are some helpful thank you note etiquette guidelines for your reference.  


Icons sourced from FlatIcon .


55 How To Say Thank You After A Speech, Seminar Or Presentation To A Guest Speaker

Almost everyone must give a speech or a presentation at some point in their lives.

Speaking in front of a large group of people can be daunting, so if you find someone who is willing to do so for you, gratitude is in order.

However, you might occasionally find it challenging to express your gratitude to someone who has just finished speaking or giving a presentation.

The keynote speaker’s willingness to donate their time and knowledge is essential to the event’s success.

So knowing how to say thank you after a speech in a heartfelt and sincere manner will boost the speaker’s confidence and make him or her willing to return again.

However, you need not be concerned if you belong to the group of people who don’t know how to say thank you after a speech.

Below are a few examples that will show you how to say thank you after a speech.

How To Say Thank You After A Speech

Thank you message after presentation, thank you for the talk, how to thank a speaker after his speech, thank you note to speaker at conference, thank you message for guest speaker, samples of how to thank someone for a speech or presentation sample.

1. Thank you for saying such moving words at the funeral. It would have been difficult for a family member to speak, but you stepped in.

2. Your words stuck a deep chord in our hearts. There is a lot of rethinking to do. Thank you for the awakening speech.

3. Thank you for the beautiful words you spoke at the wine-tasting party. They were succinct yet impactful.

4. Your short speech commanded deep respect from the crowd. Your oratory prowess is worthy of appreciation.

5. Thank you for the speech you made at the birthday party. Everyone including the celebrant was moved to tears.

6. You know how to dig into the recesses of the human mind with words. Thank you for such a charismatic and brilliant display.

7. Thank you for the valedictory speech. You were bold enough to touch on topics many steered away from.

8. Your speech brought light to the darkness that has clouded many of our minds. Thank you for reawakening us to the realities of life.

9. Thank you for the graduation speech. I’m sure many classmates and lecturers were compelled to think differently about the educational system.

10. No doubt, your speech has engineered a change that will hopefully last for decades. Thank you for your solemn words.

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1. Surprisingly, I find it difficult to express how amazing your presentation was. Thank you for delivering a remarkable presentation.

2. Your presentation is nothing short of breathtaking. How you dug up such fascinating facts beats me. Thank you.

3. You gave an unforgettable presentation. I’m sure many of the attendees are still processing your words. Thank you for making today a success.

4. I had such a swell time listening to your address. It was such a mentally-refining moment for me. I’m sure thousands will attest to his. Thank you for the refreshing presentation.

5. Congrats on the stellar presentation. Presentations of such quality should become a norm. Continue to make us proud with such messages.

6. Your presentation was spectacular. The images you used were unique and ideal for the message. Thank you for that.

7. Your presentation was nothing short of excellent. It was evidence of how a great presentation should go. Thank you.

8. Thank you for the presentation. I wished it could continue but unfortunately, we have to work with time.

9. Thank you for investing the time and energy to present such an extraordinary presentation. It stimulated our minds and shifted our perspective on different subjects.

10. Thank you for presenting undeniable facts. They compelled even the hardest of our clients to accept our offer.

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If your formal occasion requires a speaker, and your speaker does a great job, don’t just say, “thank you for the talk”.

Be a little more detailed and expressive with your appreciation. Check the examples below for ideas:

1. We appreciate the talk you just gave. Though it was simple, it was effective and profound. I am sure every member of the audience loved it.

2. You did a fantastic job with the talk. Every one of us was hanging on to your every word. Your efforts are appreciated.

3. The talk you made was wonderful. Thank you for the sacrifices you made to put this together. We are indebted to you.

4. You have impeccable speaking skills. In a moment, you made a captivating message tailored to the audience’s needs. Thank you.

5. We have been transformed in the short time you spoke. The meeting became more productive after that. Thanks a lot.

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1. Thank you for the inspirational speech. It was exactly what I needed. It answered a couple of my pressing questions and provided insight on how to proceed.

2. Your speech was hearty. It got everyone talking about it for a month. We’re already effecting changes based on it.

3. Your speech revealed new insights and information we knew nothing about. Thank you for elevating our knowledge in that short period.

4. I couldn’t read all the praises that entered my mail after your speech. You did a great job last weekend. Thank you.

5. Thank you for addressing the minority group. Many speakers tend to ignore that circle but you brought them into the conversation.

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1. Your presentation was stimulating. Everybody was at a standstill from start to finish. Thank you for such an enriching speech.

2. Thank you for taking the time to speak at the conference despite your tight schedule. You wowed us with such a simple yet profound message.

3. Please accept this note as a token of my gratitude. Thank you for the powerful speech you gave at the conference. We were moved.

4. Thank you for gracing us with your honorable presence at the conference. Many positive reviews were sent after the conference.

5. Thank you a dozen times for the impressive presentation. It was worth every time we spent listening to it.

Speaking in front of a crowd is not easy, as we have previously noted. Both in-depth planning and courage are necessary.

Any event host should properly say a proper thank you for the speaker’s time and effort, and including a personal touch makes it even more heartfelt. If the circumstances allow, you can add a small bonus gift.

Use of the listed thank you message for guest speaker examples to show your gratitude:

1. You are more wonderful than I thought. I’m trying to piece the right words to describe how special you made the event with your speech. Thank you.

2. I didn’t think you would make it today, but we’re doubly grateful you made us a priority. Thank you.

3. We were ecstatic when you agreed to be our guest speaker. Thank you for doing this with us.

4. Having a personality like you grace our stage is an honor we won’t recover from. Thank you for over-delivering as usual.

5. Thank you for the discussions you have sparked with your otherworldly ideas. The students can stop debating since they heard your speech.

6. Thank you for informing us about the areas of growth we should pay more attention to.

7. Thank you for educating us about the new sectors COVID-19 has introduced. We feel empowered to thrive in this new economy.

8. You are one guest speaker we’ve been planning to host. Having you here is a dream come true. Thank you for obliging us.

9. I, alongside the attendees, am feeling more hopeful about the workforce. Thank you for showing us more options we can explore.

10. You’ve fed us with insights that will take months to digest. Thank you for taking the time to tell us these wonderful things.

Use an honest tone while writing a thank you note, whether it’s out of obligation or a sincere wish to say thanks. Mention specifics to demonstrate the speech or presentation’s impact.

Use any of these samples of how to thank someone for a speech or presentation sample to get started:

1. The issue is a technical one but thank you for presenting it in a manner that convinced the client to buy from us. I am grateful.

2. You delivered such a powerful speech that everyone in the audience was left thrilled. Thank you and more power to your elbows.

3. The event was a success partly because of the outstanding speech you gave. You have made a monumental contribution that will be forever remembered.

4. Your presentation was well organized. Thank you for working hard on this. You are one of a kind.

5. Thank you for making such an entertaining presentation. It was amazing to see our tough client laugh. You did a great job .

6. We know you had to reschedule a flight so you could be here. Thank you for choosing to influence us with surprising information.

7. Thank you for giving such a detailed presentation. I was blown away by the facts. Well done for doing such deep research.

8. Thank you for providing easy-to-apply steps for effecting the changes you suggested. In your words, we are set to expand.

9. Indeed, you are not a typical speaker. Every point you raised destroyed many wrong belief systems in seconds. Thank you for renewing our minds.

10. Your speech was refreshing. It’s invigorating to have such a learned mind like yours on this platform.

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Appreciation Words: 80 Different Ways to Thank or Appreciate Someone

You might have the habit of saying ‘Thank you’ when someone gives you a gift or praises you for something. You also know different ways to appreciate someone. Just saying ‘Thank you’ is a traditional method. With time, the English language has developed and seen many new changes. In the same way, there are multiple ways to say thank you and offer your appreciation, which may differ from person to person depending on situations. There is a list of appreciation words in this article that you can make use of. Check them out.

Words to Say Thank You and Express Appreciation

  • I am indebted to you.
  • Dinner was delicious.
  • I appreciate you.
  • You are an inspiration.
  • I am grateful to/for you.
  • You are a blessing.
  • You are a true friend.
  • You’re so great.
  • This is great.
  • My sincere thanks.
  • You’re the best.
  • You’ve been very helpful.
  • I don’t know what I would have done without your help.
  • Beyond the word ‘thanks’, I hope you’ll feel my gratitude and appreciation for a very long time.
  • Thank you is an understatement for the kindness you have shown towards me.
  • My heart and soul are forever indebted to you. Thanks for being with me.
  • I appreciate your ideas and thoughts.
  • I thank you from the deepest core of my heart.
  • You have found the perfect gift for me. You have made this day even more precious.
  • I will always be grateful to you for this help.

Appreciation Words for Good Work

If you wish to appreciate someone for some great work or for their help, appreciate employees or teammates etc., then you can use either of the below-provided statements.

  • Thank you for the hard work. Your efforts really paid off.
  • I feel lucky to work with you as you are very innovative.
  • I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in for this project.
  • Thank you so much for your help in this work. It would have been impossible without you.
  • I don’t think we would have ever met the deadline without your contribution.
  • We owe a lot to you for the success of this project. Thank you.
  • I am really impressed with your work this time.
  • Your work is very impressive. I know it was a tough task.

Appreciation Words for Students

If you wish to appreciate students for their performance, refer to the list of appreciation words given below. This way, you can keep them motivated.

  • You’ve got it right.
  • That’s right.
  • That’s good.
  • You’re really working hard today.
  • You are very good at that.
  • That’s coming along nicely.
  • That’s much better.
  • Exactly right.
  • You just about have it.
  • You are doing a good job.
  • That’s quite an improvement.
  • I knew you could do it.
  • Congratulations!
  • Now you have it.
  • Good for you.
  • I couldn’t have done it better.
  • That’s the way to do it
  • You’re on the right track now.
  • Nice going.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Sensational!
  • You’ve got your brain in gear.
  • That was first-class work.
  • That’s better than ever.
  • Much better.
  • You must have been practising. Good job!
  • You did that very well.
  • Outstanding.
  • That’s the way to handle it.
  • That’s great.
  • You did a lot of work today.
  • Good thinking.
  • You outdid yourself today.
  • Good attempt.
  • You figured that out fast.

Frequently Asked Questions on Appreciation Words

How can you appreciate someone for their help.

If you wish to appreciate someone for their help, you can thank them in different ways, some of which are given below.

  • I am really grateful to you for your kind help.
  • Thank you so much for your help. It would have been impossible without you.
  • Thank you for your kindness.

How can I appreciate students for their hard work?

If you wish to appreciate the hard work of a student, you can say either of the following.

  • I appreciate your hard work.
  • You have done a great job.
  • Keep growing.

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

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Appreciation Short Thank You Speech

70 Formal Appreciation Short Thank You Speech of All Times

In our day-to-day life, we render help and also receive help from others. Appreciating people for their acts of kindness is proof of maturity, a good understanding of life, and a clear show of courtesy. Everyone who gives you a helping hand should be appreciated for his/her expression of kindness. This makes you need an appreciation short thank you speech to show your gratitude.

No one feels good after giving and the receiver did not express gratitude. We are emotional beings Thankfulness makes us feel good about what we have done to help anyone who needed help. Also, saying thank you to someone who went out of his/her way to do something good for you can create room for better things.

It is a known fact that those who are grateful for little will get bigger miracles and blessings. With an appreciation thank you speech, everyone, around you will receive a heartfelt thank you message from you.

Thank You Speech Examples

Thank you speech for appreciation, thank you speech for your support, formal thank you speech, best gratitude speech, best thank you speeches of all time, thank you speech for friends.

Below are appreciation short thank you speech examples!

1. Great friend of mine, you have shown me a kind of kindness that I have never experienced in my life. I owe you so much gratitude. Thank you very much for being kind to me.

2. When I look at you, I see the one who would never let me fail in this journey of life. You are the most valuable person in my life because of how you treat me. Thank you!

3. I thank God every day because you are always there to help me through everything I go through. I appreciate you for allowing yourself to be used by God to help me all the time.

4. My life would not be this good if you have not been my best friend. I care about you much more than I care about any other person in this world. I appreciate you!

5. Accept my genuine gratitude to you for all the wonderful gifts that you have given to me at different times in my life. I love you from the depth of my heart.

6. Looking back to where I am coming from, I see you in every step of my journey. My life is significant now because you are my best relative. Thank you so much.

7. Every time I think of you I can’t forget the sacrifices you have made for me to be who I am today. I bless God for making you part of my life. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.

8. Every member of my family cares about you. This is because you have been kind to every one of us from the first day we became close. Thank you!

9. You are always ready to help me no matter how difficult my situation is. There is no way I will trade this friendship for anything in this world. Thank you so much.

10. I have a lot of friends but none of them has done for me what you have done for me. Thank you for continuously making efforts to make my life easy and beautiful.

11. I must say that you are the best professional I have ever dealt with. I appreciate you for being unique in the most beautiful way there is.

12. Meeting you has revolutionalize my life all through the years that we have known each other. I know we will always be friends. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

13. My friendship with you is the best relationship I have with anyone on earth today. There is no one like you in my life. This is why I appreciate you so much.

14. Life has been very tough with me lately but your friendship has made burdens easy to bear. I am grateful to you for sticking with me through thick and thin.

15. I never knew that I would have someone that will be my confidant. You are the confidant that I have now that I did not know I needed in my life. Thank you for your warm friendship.

16. The bond we share is second to none after we both had the same issue to deal with. Thankfully we defeated those challenges. Thank you for your presence in my life.

17. In all my years of working in different places, working with you has made me much better in every way. Thank you so much for being a great leader to learn from.

18. Many teachers teach what they are paid for. Some teachers go beyond what they are paid to ensure the students get extra value for their school fees. Thank you for always giving us extra lessons.

19. Thank you for making it easy for me to rise after I fell. Making those efforts for me is the reason I am still standing today. Thank you very much.

20. You are the family member that understands me more than others. That is why I spend more time with you than any other person. I appreciate you for understanding me all the time.

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21. Without your support, I could not have won the competition. Your support made it possible for me to win the competition very well. Thank you so much.

22. I needed someone to support my dreams right from when I was a child but there was none. You came into my life in my adulthood and supported every dream I shared with you. Thank you for your support.

23. I’m bigger and better now because of your support in everything that I do. You never fail to always support me no matter the dream I share with you. I am very grateful for your support.

24. With you in my life, I don’t lack the support I need to chase my dreams every day of my life. You are always there for me. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

25. You are the greatest leader that I know. I don’t have a leader like you in my life who supports me as much as you do. Thank you so much.

26. There is no me without you. Half of what I am today would not have been possible without you in my life. For all your support, thank you.

27. Nobody achieves great things without the support of at least one person. One is blessed when he/she gets the lifetime support of two or more persons. Thank you for the support I get from you and your wife.

28. I’m able to achieve goals daily because of your great support. I will surely make you proud in the future as you keep supporting me. Thank you!

29. Even the most ‘talent-less’ person can become great with the right support. I never knew I could do anything with my life until you started supporting me. Thank you very much.

30. I’m becoming successful and I have you to thank for it. No one has played the role you are playing in my life. You are like the father I never had. Thank you for your complete support.

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31. Thank you sir for helping me win the biggest prize at the award ceremony. If not for your support, I would not have won anything at all.

32. Please, accept my appreciation for everything you have done to make me achieve my tiniest dreams. Without you, I would not have achieved them.

33. I’m grateful to you for the success our team has had in the past year. You have contributed greatly to our collective success. Thank you very much.

34. You deserve all the awards you are getting now because you worked very hard to earn them. I appreciate you for being a leader who has led by setting good examples for all to follow.

35. Permit me to say that I have no regret working with you. I have learnt a lot. I have grown so much. You are good at what you do. Thank you for being exceptional.

36. This is the moment I have been waiting for to appreciate you for your good heart towards everyone around you. Your type of humanity is rare. Thank you now and always .

37. You are unique, you are creative, you are blessed and you are a delight to be around. Thank you for always making me cheerful with your sense of humor.

38. With all I go through daily, your warm personality makes me laugh and enjoy every moment with you. I am very thankful that you are my leader and friend.

39. Knowing you have made a great difference in my life. Thank you so much for being a shoulder to lean on at work even though you are my superior.

40. I have never seen anyone who handles issues calmly and perfectly the way you do. You are professional to the core and I respect that about you. I am learning so much from you. Thank you, Sir.

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41. I could not have graduated without your help. You made sure that I did not drop out of school by paying my school fees. Thank you for helping me to become a graduate.

42. Starting my business was easy because you were there to help me start. You provided the basic things I needed to start the business. Thank you!

43. Every time you helped me to improve my service delivery at work, I get promoted. No one has made me happy in my career than you have. Thank you for all the good you have done for me.

44. Learning how to become a public speaker was very tough. However, you found ways to make me learn and practice effectively. I owe you all my gratitude. Thank you!

45. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of anything good from me than you. You have shown me love beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you for being different from others.

46. I have only good memories of how you played a significant role in the success of my organization. You’re the best employee any employer can ever have.

47. From the first time we had a meeting, I have worked with you on different projects. You always bring ideas to life. Thank you for being super creative.

48. You make our team active and productive. You are the best team player. It feels great when I see you working with others to ensure our success. God bless you very much. I appreciate all you do.

49. You are the one person I can call anytime and you will respond with a warm smile while talking to me. I am so grateful that I have you in my life.

50. Life would be boring without you by my side. I would have been lost if you were not my friend. Thank you, my friend. I love you!

51. You are incredibly good at your job. This is what everyone around you can attest to. It is a generally known fact. Thank you for inspiring people like me with your incredible power.

52. When I think of you I am reminded that there is at least one good person in this world that I have in my life. You are a good person. I appreciate you a lot.

53. I got this opportunity to do something useful with my life because you did not give up on me. Thank you very much for always encouraging me to be a better person.

54. Life threw all sorts of things to me but none of them could break me because you stood to help me overcome the challenges I faced. I will always be grateful to you.

55. I was not sure of what I wanted to do with my life until I met you. You have helped me to define my purpose and now I am committed to living a purpose-driven life daily. Thank you!

56. Everyone here is grateful to you for what you have done. We are all benefitting from your sacrifices. We appreciate you and we love you with all our hearts.

57. I do not doubt that you have made the world a better place. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for also changing so many other lives for good.

58. You are truly a gift from God to humanity. I sometimes wonder how you make sure that lives are touched positively every time with your foundation. God bless you for your good works. Thank you very much.

59. Your generosity is overwhelming. I can’t think of anyone as generous as you are in all my existence. You have been a blessing to so many people. Thank you for being very generous.

60. Winning this race would not have been possible without a mentor like you. Thank you for the support and the great encouragement.

61. You all are my good friends. I can not live life without the connections I share with every one of you. Thank you for the friendship we share.

62. God blessed me with you as my friend. There is nothing that can take your place in my life, my friends. Thank you for being my friends.

63. Having you makes my life very easy. My life would have been very difficult without you in my life. This friendship would last forever. I always appreciate you.

64. It took a while for me to understand that we have a bond that will never be destroyed by any force or enemy. Thank you for being my awesome friends.

65. We all became friends some years ago. I bless God for bringing us together and helping us stick together through the years. Thank you for the sacrifices every one of you have made for me.

66. Life is better lived with good friends. Friends who would never hurt each other deserve to be with each other. Thank you for never hurting me.

67. I think you guys are the best people in the entire universe. I’m highly grateful for all the good memories we have accumulated by spending quality time together.

68. Thank you for rushing to see me when I called you to come. I know that I can always count on you anytime and any day. Thank you so much.

69. I want to make a toast to you, my friends for sharing your lives with me. I count it a huge privilege to know you all. Thank you for giving me access to your lives.

70. I could have been lost if not for good friends like you guys. I appreciate what you all have done for me to be well and successful in my business. Thank you!

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Is it OK to say 'Happy Veterans Day' or 'thank you for your service'? Here's what to know

how to say thank you in different ways in speech

  • Veterans Day, a federal holiday, will be celebrated across the country and globe on Friday.
  • If "thank you for your service" doesn't feel appropriate, experts recommend using other phrases.
  • About 7% of U.S. adults were veterans, according to 2018 U.S. Census Bureau data.

Nearly 18 million people  will be honored at Veterans Day celebrations held Friday across the country and globe for a holiday that ties back to the end of World War I.

The date marks when Germany and the Allies signed a 1918 agreement to end war hostilities. Fighting ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. At the time, Nov. 11, 1918 was known as the end of “the war to end all wars,” according to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs .

In 1919, President Wilson proclaimed Nov. 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day to celebrate and observe the end of hostilities with parades, public meetings and a “brief suspension of business beginning." 

"To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory," Wilson declared.

On Nov. 11,  banks, post offices, and many businesses will close their doors to honor veterans and active-duty military personnel's “patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good,” the Veterans Affairs' website says.

Veterans Day: Are banks, post offices, schools, national parks open Friday? What to know

Veterans Day free food: Vets can get deals at Starbucks, Applebee's, Outback, IHOP and more

Why was it Armistice Day before Veterans Day?

Armistice Day was declared to honor those who had served in World War I and later evolved to observe veterans of all U.S. wars. 

After Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day in 1954, the holiday was celebrated in October for several years in the 1970s, but was eventually changed back to its original date of Nov. 11.

The day continues to be known as Armistice Day throughout some European countries, including France.

Make daylight saving permanent?  It could save more than 30,000 deer every year, study suggests

Is it OK to say 'Happy Veterans Day' or 'thank you for your service'?

Avoid saying "Happy Veterans Day," – there are better words to use, John Raughter, deputy director of media relations for American Legion, told USA TODAY last year. (You should also never say "Happy Memorial Day.")  

Saying "thank you for your service" is a better option.

Michael Brennan, a U.S. Army veteran and associate clinical director for a veterans program at Rush University, shared in a Psychology Today  essay that often when he was in uniform, people would thank him for his service and it felt great to receive the acknowledgment and it would make me feel proud of what I do."

But, there are some who could find that phrase offensive, too, Raughter said. Some veterans were drafted and did not volunteer for service, and others may have different feelings about their time serving.

"Just be normal and ask them about their greatest accomplishments, both personal and professional, if they choose to share," Shawn Brown, a U.S. Army veteran, previously told USA TODAY.

Black veterans face different realities

Despite serving in every American war,   Black veterans have long faced added burdens in returning from military service. 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development found in a 2021 report that while 12% of U.S. veterans are Black or African American, Black veterans were overrepresented in the homeless veteran population, accounting for over one third of nearly 20,000 people.

In 2016, Equal Justice Initiative   Director Bryan Stevenson wrote  in a report –  Lynching in America: Targeting Black Veterans  – that "no one was more at risk of experiencing violence and targeted racial terror than African-American veterans who had proven their valor and courage as soldiers" during the Civil War, WWI and WWII.

"Because of their military service, African-American veterans were seen as a particular threat to Jim Crow and racial subordination. Thousands of African-American veterans were accosted, assaulted, attacked, threatened, abused or lynched following military service.”

After WWII, Black veterans were more at risk of experiencing targeted racial violence at home and were denied access to programs like the 1944 G.I. Bill, which benefitted millions of veterans transitioning to civilian life, according to a 2017 Equal Justice Initiative report . 

More:  The Black veteran community’s road to recovery

What do health experts recommend saying?

Some medical and mental health providers say that it's good to vary the intended compliment based on the individual, Brennan wrote.

Some examples are “thank you for your willingness to serve,” “welcome home,” or “thank you for your sacrifice.”

Ultimately, Brennen believes it's best to acknowledge someone’s service regardless of a veteran’s "era of service, branch of service, active or non-active status or deployment area of operation, etc.," he said.

Veterans Day differs from Memorial Day

Unlike Veterans Day, Memorial Day honors military members who died while serving in U.S. forces. 

Memorial Day was declared a national holiday through an act of Congress in 1971, and its roots date back to the Civil War era, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Reviewed: From honoring veterans to enjoying your day off, here are ways to celebrate Veterans Day

Why do we observe Memorial Day?  Here's the true history of the holiday

How to support veterans

Brennan recommends getting involved in your local veterans' organizations by either volunteering, donating resources or just acknowledge a veteran for their service when you meet one. You can also patron a veteran-owned business or visit veterans hospital patients. 

Veterans usually like being asked about their time in and out of the service if they seem comfortable opening up.

Camille Fine is a trending visual producer on USA TODAY's NOW team. 

What's everyone talking about? Sign up for our trending newsletter to get the latest news of the day


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  1. 25 Other Ways To Say "Thank You"

    1. I'm so grateful. Thanks is an expression of gratitude, so cut to the chase. Tell someone you're grateful for whatever way in which they've helped you, and go into detail about exactly what they did to personalize your message. 2. I appreciate it. It's always nice to feel appreciated.

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    1. Much obliged. When my coworker lent me the book I've been eager to read, I said, " Much obliged ," and assured him I'd return it by next week.

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    Don't make the mistake of saying "Thank you for help me" - if you're going to use a verb, it needs to be in the -ING form. "Thanks a lot. Thank you so/very much.". If you want to add extra emphasis, say "Thanks a lot" or "Thank you so much" or "Thank you very much.". Note that we can say "Thanks so much" but we ...

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    Contents. 25 Different Ways to Say "Thank You" in English. Thanking someone casually. When someone has done you a favor. When someone does something unexpected for you. When someone has helped you achieve an important goal. When someone has helped you through tough times. Thanking someone for something specific. Thanking someone formally.

  11. Different ways to say thank you in English

    / Thanks so much. / Thanks a lot. / Thanks a bunch. / Thanks a ton. / Thanks Did your friend at college just bring you a cup of tea? Try saying: "Thanks a bunch! I really needed this tea right now." "Thanks! You're awesome for thinking of me." "Thank you!" I really appreciate it

  12. Do You Know How To Say Thank You In English? Learn Now!

    Many thanks for your email. This phrase of gratitude in English is often used in letters and emails. The way you express your gratitude is directly connected to the reason you are saying thank you. A card with the simple phrase "thank you" written in it, with perhaps a few additional special words, will be remembered for a long time.

  13. ESL/EFL speaking lessons

    Here are different ways to say thank you and to show your appreciation for something done or given to you. Examples: Thanks. Sincere thanks. Thank you. I am indebted to you. I appreciate what you've done for me. I am grateful. You've been very helpful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If anyone deserves thanks, it's you. Thanks for ...

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    In this Business English vocabulary lesson, I show you 19 different ways to say thank you and show your appreciation. We look at informal and formal ways to ...

  15. Creative Ways to Express Gratitude for Those You Care About

    2 Vary your vocabulary. When thanking someone for several things, you want to be sure to vary the words you use to show your appreciation. Combining a few of the most common "thank you" phrases, such as "Thanks a million. I appreciate you so much. You're the best." packs a much more powerful punch than only one.

  16. 20 Professional Ways to Say "Thank You" in English for ...

    Accepting an Appointment or Meeting Thank you for the opportunity to meet up. Thank you for making time to see me. Following Up on Business Networking Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. Thank you for your offer to connect me with your business contacts. Thanking a Customer or Client Thank you for choosing [your company name].

  17. 27 Different Ways to Say Thank You (And How to Reply)

    1. Different Ways to Say Thank You in English I've decided to separate these phrases for "thank you" into two categories: The first is "definitely informal," for when you're hanging out with your friends in a cafe. Or by the canal. Or wherever you hang out with your friends. The second is "could be either formal or informal."

  18. How to Write a Thank You Speech (with Pictures)

    1 Make sure you have a complete list. Give yourself twenty minutes to review your existing list and consider whether you are missing anyone. On a blank piece of paper, brainstorm a list of people you may need to thank who are not currently on your list. [1]

  19. 15 Ways to Say Thank You

    1 "I'm so grateful." Download Article "Thank you" isn't the only way to show your appreciation. At the end of the day, "thanks" and "thank you" are just shorthand for saying "I'm grateful."

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    Here are some ways to show how grateful you are. 19. Send flowers. Flowers are a classic way to say 'thank you'. It is such a thoughtful gesture and a nice surprise. This is a great gift of gratitude for both a professional setting and also for friends and family. 20. Put together a basket of favorites.

  21. 55 How To Say Thank You After A Speech, Seminar Or ...

    1. Thank you for saying such moving words at the funeral. It would have been difficult for a family member to speak, but you stepped in. 2. Your words stuck a deep chord in our hearts. There is a lot of rethinking to do. Thank you for the awakening speech. 3. Thank you for the beautiful words you spoke at the wine-tasting party.

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    You might have the habit of saying 'Thank you' when someone gives you a gift or praises you for something. You also know different ways to appreciate someone. Just saying 'Thank you' is a traditional method. With time, the English language has developed and seen many new changes. In the same way, there are multiple ways to say thank you ...

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    Thank You Speech Examples Below are appreciation short thank you speech examples! 1. Great friend of mine, you have shown me a kind of kindness that I have never experienced in my life. I owe you so much gratitude. Thank you very much for being kind to me. 2. When I look at you, I see the one who would never let me fail in this journey of life.

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    By Hephzibah Anderson 7th November 2023. "In a pickle", "with bated breath", or "a wild goose chase" - many of the words and phrases coined by William Shakespeare are still in use today. On the ...

  25. Is it OK to say 'Happy Veterans Day' or 'thank you for your service

    Veterans Day, a federal holiday, will be celebrated across the country and globe on Friday. If "thank you for your service" doesn't feel appropriate, experts recommend using other phrases. About 7 ...