New World LIFE STAFF Guide and Best Builds

Want to learn how to utilize the power of light in New World? This guide is an in-depth dive into all things Life Staff, including Builds!

This guide can be considered a more advanced version of our New World Guide to Weapons for Beginners . By the end of this guide, you should have a thorough understanding of the Life Staff and with practice be able to fully master it.

The Guide is up-to-date for Patch 1.9.2

At the end of the guide you will find a section that lists all changes to this weapon that AGS has implemented as they maintain and support the game in the long term.

Table of contents

Life staff overview, the healing tree, the protector tree, life staff skill perks, solo/dps build, expedition (pve) build, war/skirmish pvp build, life staff weapon pairings, patch notes changes.

The Life Staff is New World’s primary Healing and Support Weapon. It offers a variety of ways to heal and support your allies via buffs. It does however lack damage compared to many other weapons, but the healing effects allow it to manage itself well.

One side of the Life Staff goes all in on healing, playing the role of your standard MMORPG healer that can quickly heal for huge bursts. The Other side focuses more on Healing over Time, opting to buff allies to help them mitigate or avoid damage rather than heal through it.

Life Staff Skills, Passives, and Perks

First we’ll lead off with the skills and passives. We’ll talk a bit about each, their uses and how effective they are. There’s a lot to cover here, so we’ll break it down per tree to keep things organized.

Alongside the general information, They’ll be given a Rating from C up to S tier for both PvE and PvP. C tier is exclusively for the passives that are not that great, either being forced by another upgrade or generally useless. A and B Tiers are middling tiers, putting them between the worst passives and the best, leaning one way or the other. S tier are the good passives, the ones you’re almost always going for if you pick up a skill or want to because it’s useful in many scenarios.

As the name implies, this tree focuses on purely healing. While it has some utility in some of the passives and skill upgrades in the tree, it is the tree capable of providing the strongest healing. The Active Skills for this tree consist of Divine Embrace, Sacred Ground and Splash of Light.

Divine Embrace

Divine Embrace is a potent heal with a short cast duration and a small half-meter AoE that heals for 150% Weapon Damage.

A very simple, but potent healing skill with very high potential for healing in the right situations.

With a Mana Cost of 25 and a Cooldown of 6 seconds, Divine Embrace is one of the Life Staff’s most expensive skills and one of its shortest cooldowns.

Divine Embrace Rating: A – PvE, B – PvP

In PvE this skill can be good for healing, but often goes unused due to the cast time and high mana cost overall.

This can be used in PvP, but is not anywhere near as practical or useful as its counterpart in the Protector Tree.

Privilege reduces Divine Embrace’s Mana cost to 20.

Given this upgrade still leaves it as the most expensive skill, it’s only saving a little bit of mana, but will allow a 5th cast if being used back to back from full mana.

Privilege Rating: C – PvE and PvP

It reduces the mana cost by 5, which still leaves it as the most expensive skill to use. It’s not really enough to justify spending a point on this for anything other than the last passives.

Shared Struggle

Shared Struggle allows Divine Embrace to heal a second target within 8 meters if the first target is below 50% health.

This upgrade is niche, but also what gives Divine Embrace its high healing potential.

Shared Struggle Rating: C – PvE, B+ – PvP

This bonus healing is very situational in PvE, as only your tank should ever be taking heavy enough damage that they need to be healed in most Expeditions.

This upgrade can make the skill a little more practical in PvP however, giving you high healing power for PvP, if you can safely cast it.

Rebound allows Divine Embrace to heal a third target within 8 meter of the second target, if the target healed by Shared Struggle was also below 50% health.

This works the same way as Shared Struggle, but even more niche, requiring two people to be under 50% health.

Rebound Rating: C – PvE, B+ – PvP

Functionally the same as Shared Struggle, just another chain. Terrible for PvE, Slightly more practical in PvP

Scared Ground

Sacred Ground creates a healing field that heals for 16% Weapon Damage per second and lasts 12 seconds.

By itself, this skill is solid and reliable healing. Once upgraded, it becomes an absolute must-have for any content. Good usage of this skill can alter the tides of just about any encounter.

With a Mana cost of 15 and a Cooldown of 20 seconds, Sacred Ground is one of the Life Staff’s cheapest mana costs but one of it’s higher cooldowns.

Sacred Ground Rating: A – PvE and PvP (S when upgraded)

Sacred Ground is one of those skills that ends up with a lot of utility, and the AoE healing helps a lot in a lot of large scale PvP situations, or even small skirmishes. In PvE the upgrades help your Tank to be able to block much more reliably and with less risk overall.

This skill was reduced in power slightly in the 1.1 “Into the Void” Update, but however left it’s Blessed Sacred Ground upgrade untouched, which is what makes it a strong healing skill in the first place.

Holy Ground

Holy Ground increases Stamina regeneration by 25% and Mana regeneration of all allies by 50% while in Scared Ground.

This gives the skill some much-needed utility, which keeps it from being a purely healing ability like the others in the Healing Tree.

Holy Ground Rating: A – PvE and PvP

The Increase Stamina is the most important part of this honestly. It allows your tanks to take much more punishment in PvE and PvP. The Mana regen is nice if you wanted to use it for self-healing as well, as it’d act as a mana refund in a sense.

Blessed increases incoming healing by 50% to allies in Sacred Ground.

This easily makes this one of the most impactful abilities of the Life Staff, increasing its own healing output, as well as those of other skills and weapons significantly.

Blessed Rating: S – PvE and PvP

This is a huge boost to all of your healing. It’s a good way to keep your frontline alive and fighting in PvP, and keep your tank standing much easier in PvE. Nothing else in the Life Staff Trees provides nearly as much of a boost by itself.

Splash of Light

Splash of Light is a heal with a short cast time that heals all allies in your group within 100 meters for 60% Weapon Damage.

A nice reliable heal for partying, but not effective enough without stacking healing buffs.

With a Mana cost of 15 and a cooldown of 15 seconds, Splash of Light is one of the Life Staff’s cheapest spells, with a moderate cooldown.

Splash of Light Rating: B – PvE and PvP

The cast time is equal to that of Divine Embrace, but heals for much less. Can be useful in more chaotic situations where you want to get a quick heal on everyone, but the cooldown is pretty lengthy compared to using even Divine Embrace.

This received a slight buff in the 1.1 “Into the Void” Update which makes it slightly better overall. It’s still not the greatest skill, but has a chance to be extremely cheap to cast and refunds a bit more mana with the Shared Recovery upgrade.

Shared Recovery

Shared Recovery restores 5% of your max mana for each target under 50% Health that is healed by Splash of Light.

In a perfect scenario, this fully refunds the mana cost of this skill. In most situations, it’ll result in reduced cost, which isn’t too bad either.

Shared Recovery Rating: B – PvE and PvP

This is just meant to be paired with some of the healing tree passives, but is rarely useful. If it didn’t have as low of a threshold, it could be more useful. Couple that with its cast time and cooldown and it becomes a waste skill slot for most situations.

Purify allows Splash of Light to remove a single debuff from all allies healed by the skill.

This is a nice bonus to the utility of this skill, making it a pretty reliable cleanse if multiple people get debuffed at the same time.

Purify Rating: B+ – PvE and PvP

Being a teamwide debuff removal is pretty nice in most situations. However it’s not really enough to justify it, considering Absolved allows you to do this with a Heavy Attack to everyone in the projectile’s path.

Healing Tree Passives

Desperate speed.

Desperate Speed reduces all Life Staff cooldowns by 10% when healing an ally under 50% Health. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.

Combined with any of the Life Staff’s Healing over Time skills, this helps reduces your cooldowns by quite a bit. However Revitalize outclasses it heavily.

Desperate Speed Rating: B – PvE and PvP

While this can be a nice bonus to a heal over time, where you’re potentially triggering this 2-3 times with a single cast. The health threshold and cooldown set this back quite a bit though, making it unreliable unless you deliberately keep an ally at 50% or less health.

Sacred Protection

Sacred protection increases the party’s incoming healing by 5% while the Life Staff is your equipped weapon.

It’s a free bonus to healing, there’s no reason to not take it. Unless you’re using it as a off-hand weapon for self heals, every bit of healing helps.

Sacred Protection Rating: S – PvE and PvP

It’s a weak bonus, so not one to prioritize, but when you’re trying to squeeze out as much healing as possible, it’s a free increase with no requirement unlike a lot of bonuses in this tree.

Absolved removes the mana cost of Heavy Attacks for the Life Staff.

With the changes in Update 1.9 to remove mana costs from all Light Attacks and this only applying to heavy Attacks, this passive is no longer nearly as mandatory. It’s still great to offset the cost of any Heavy Attacks you may use for Medning Touch or other effects, but much less of a must-have.

Absolved Rating: A – PvE and PvP

While not something that needs to be highly prioritized, it can be really helpful early on if you want to use the Life Staff for combat. This reduces the drain on your Mana by quite a bit and lets you take full advantage of so many other passives for the Life Staff.

Mending Touch

Mending Touch allows Life Staff Heavy Attacks to cleanse one debuff when it passes through an ally.

This serves as a free way to remove debuffs from your tanks, which can be a little on the niche side, but good when you have to deal with a lot of the more annoying ones like Disease or Rend.

As of Update 1.9 this passive doesn’t require Absolved to also be taken for, which can make this a more viable option thanks to its much lower investment needed.

Mending Touch Rating: A – PvE and PvP

This is great for removing all kinds of debuffs, but the Heavy Attack use can slow down your healing output if overused. Since it can affect multiple targets at once, it’s pretty great for large-scale PvP as well.

Blissful Touch

Blissful Touch allows Life Staff Light Attacks to heal allies for 16% Weapon Damage when it passes though an ally.

Given how much you should be spamming Light Attack to trigger Revitalize and the fact this lets you heal and DPS at the same time makes it an excellent pickup. Be warned that you will need a ton of reduced aggro modifiers to make this work in PvE early on.

As of Update 1.9, this also no longer requires a second passive point, by no longer being linked to Absolved, making it exceptionally effective healing for its cost.

Blissful Touch Rating: S – PvE and PvP

It’s a free spammable heal, that can almost do the same amount of healing work as Beacon. It’s not a strong heal, but using it to get damage in and heal can make it quite good.

Revitalize reduces Life Staff cooldowns by 5% when hitting with a Light Attack.

This allows you to have permanent or near permanent uptime on your duration based skills, and makes your quick healing skills much more spammable.

Revitalize Rating: A – PvE and PvP (S with Absolved)

Without Absolved this isn’t nearly as good, but when you have both, it’s a potent duo of points that can result in Beacon and Sacred Ground having little to no Downtime. The only downside is you may not be able to keep up with mana costs overall. Thankfully Mana Rations and Mana potions exist.

Enchanted Justice

Enchanted Justice creates a Healing Aura around you when you get hit with 50% or less health. The Aura heals you and allies within 4 meters for 8% Weapon Damage per second for 6 seconds. This effect has a two minute cooldown.

A nice little effect if you’re in danger, to heal off stray damage from AoE attacks and also heal the DPS that should be near you.

Enchanted Justice Rating: C – PvE and PvP

While this may have some niche use in PvP, the odds are that if you’re below 50% in PvP, you’re unprotected and likely to die easily. The healing it provides will never be enough to save you or any allies either. The long cooldown is what kills it the most, waiting two minutes for a minor heal, where you can cast much stronger heals every 10 seconds or less is confusing.

Intensify grants a Stacking Buff on successful heavy attacks that increase your healing by 10% for 10 seconds. (Max of 3 stacks, for 30% increased healing)

This passives is one of those that’s very good, and will make great healers that can maintain the buff even better while adding slightly to the skill ceiling for the weapon.

Intensify Rating: S – PvE and PvP

If you can consistently land Heavy Attacks, this passive can really pay off. Once it’s fully stacked, it only takes one heavy Attack to maintain all the stacks. It’s definitely a passive that rewards skill by giving a sizable bonus to healing.

Divine Blessing (Healing Tree Ultimate)

Divine Blessing increases healing effects by 30% on targets under 50% health.

This Ultimate will help you keep people alive so much easier. 30% increased healing is quite a potent buff and will affect all of your healing over time skills as well as your burst healing skills.

Divine Blessing Rating: S – PvE and PvP

If you want raw healing power and want to keep your allies alive easily, this is a great passive for enabling that. Though it works best when using the burst healing of Divine Embrace, Splash of Light, or Light’s Embrace, it cna still be impactful when it comes to Heal over Time effects too.

This tree is focused on providing and maintaining buffs, along with a heavier focus on Heal over Time effects. While it does have a potent burst healing skill, it requires buff effects to be stacked on a target for its maximum potential.

Orb of Protection

Orb of Protection releases a projectile that heals for 8% Weapon Damage and applies a 10% Fortify buff for 20 seconds as it passes though allies. When it hits an enemy, it deals 146% Weapon Damage.

Easily one of the Life Staff’s most important skills for applying buffs. Once upgraded, it will apply a Heal over time in addition to the fortify that can affect both you and your target.

With a Mana cost of 16 and a cooldown of 10 seconds, this is one of the Life Staffs least expensive spells with an equally low cooldown.

Orb of Protection Rating: S – PvE and PvP

While it does offer strong healing or damage, it does however a great set of buffs when upgraded. It becomes great setup for Light’s Embrace and overall all a reliable skill to use in a variety of situations.

Protector’s Blessing

Protector’s Blessing grants Recovery for 10 seconds to allies hit by Orb of Protection. Recovery heals for 6% Weapon damage per second.

While the recovery in itself isn’t a potent healing effect, combined with Fortify it’s a pretty good combo for a single skill. It also counts as a buff for Life Staff Passives.

Protector’s Blessing Rating: S – PvE and PvP

This adds more healing to Orb of Protection, making it a pretty reliable source of healing too. Recovery and Fortify make for a pretty nice combo of buffs.

Shared Protection

Shared Protection applies Orb of Protection’s Fortify and Recovery effects when you hit an ally with Orb of Protection.

This is a pretty nice buff as a healer, letting you manage your own health easier when healing and buffing allies.

Shared Protection Rating: S – PvE and PvP (C while Solo)

This is a pretty nice bonus to have, letting you heal yourself while healing an ally. Fair warning, if this passive hasn’t changed at all: You will lose Fortify and Recovery on yourself when you weapon swap if you have this passive. This makes it a terrible choice to grab while playing solo as not only do you benefit from it already, it disables the benefits you can get on weapon swap

Aegis applies the healing, Fortify, and Recovery effects to allies within 3 meters of allies hit by Orb of Protection.

This is almost a wasted point, but there are some more niche situations it’s really good in. It’s an absolutely necessary pick up for War situations.

Aegis Rating: C – PvE, S – PvP

Since this skill isn’t a targeted ability, in large scale PvP situations this can be fairly potent. One cast can you can apply Fortify and Recover to a large number of people. With it also passing through allies until it hits an enemy you can also get damage in addition to this mass buffing if used well.

However in PvE, this is a wasted point 100% of the time. The Range is far too small and you really only need to ever use this on your tank.

Beacon releases a projectile that sticks to the first entity or surface it hits, dealing 146% Weapon Damage if it’s an enemy. The projectile will heal all allies in its 3-meter area of effect for 16% Weapon Damage per second for 10 seconds.

Considering this is a healing effect that’s almost a sticky Sacred Ground and can be stuck to an ally to consistently heal them and provide buffs when upgraded, it’s pretty good.

With a Mana cost of 16 and a cooldown of 35 seconds, Beacon is one of the Life Staff’s lowest mana costs while also being its longest cooldown.

Beacon Rating: A – PvE and PvP (S when upgraded)

While Beacon by itself isn’t bad and can provide a good amount of value for just a single point alone, its upgrades are what make it great. If you can consistently land it on a target you want to heal, you can very easily keep people topped off.

Infused Light

Infused Light increases Beacon’s AoE by 50%, to 4.5 meters.

This is actually super nice, and makes it a more reliable way to heal your tank if you can only stick it on a boss and can’t quite get it on your tank for one reason or another.

Infused Light Rating: S – PvE and PvP

This makes the healing radius huge, and really increases the effectiveness of the skill in group content of any kind.

Radiance’s Blessing

Radiance’s Blessing increases Beacon’s duration by 5 seconds, making it last 15 seconds.

This 15 second duration couple with Revitalize allows you to maintain a 100% uptime on this skill.

Radiance’s Blessing: S – PvE and PvP

An extra 5 seconds means another 100% Weapon Damage as healing over that time. This roughly means you’re increase the skill’s healing potential by 50% while also reducing the healing’s actual downtime.

Speed of Light

Speed of Light applies a 20% Haste for 3 second to allies healed by Beacon.

With the buff to make this a 20% Haste, this is a very potent buff to have access too.

Speed of Light: A – PvE and PvP

This is a nice bonus, and I can see it being used often in PvP and Speed Clearing PvE group. If your group stays together, it’s basically as if everyone used Hatchet’s Berserk. Even in a duo, it can help you and your duo get around quicker if you’re doing strictly PvE.

Light’s Embrace

Light’s Embrace is healing spell with a short cast time that heals for 80% plus an additional 15% for each buff on the target.

This skill has the potential to provide the strongest single target healing out of all of the Life Staff’s abilities. It requires good skill usage to maximize, but easily one of the most impactful healing abilities.

With a Mana Cost of 18 and a cooldown of 4 seconds, Light’s Embrace is one of the Life Staff’s lower cost spells and its shortest cooldown.

Light’s Embrace Rating: S – PvE and PvP

If you want to take a single target heal, this is the one. It’s incredibly potent with or without buffs, has a very short cooldown and a relatively low mana cost. It can also provide Stamina to your Tank, which can be important to keeping them alive and keep them from being guard broken.

Inspire grants 25 Stamina to the target being healed by Light’s Embrace.

This is more or less the only incentive you to use this on your tank. Constantly healing them and supplying them with instant Stamina boosts will keep them from having to move from their position.

Inspire Rating: A – PvE and PvP

Considering this gives your target extra stamina to dodge or block with and a good amount of it at that, it’s a really solid passive overall.

Connection restores 2% of your mana per buff on the heal target of Light’s Embrace.

This is just more reason to use it on your tanks. Tanks will typically have multiple other buffs active, on top of the ones you’re applying. This heavily reduces the mana costs for this skill making it super reliable.

Connection Rating: S – PvE and PvP

This passive can heavily reduce the mana cost of healing an ally. Given an ally can have a good number of buffs on them at any time, it can easily reduce the mana cost by 10 or more; effectively reducing the cost of Light’s Embrace by 55% with skillful use.

Magnify (Protector Tree Ultimate)

Magnify extends the duration of all Life Staff buffs on Light’s Embrace’s target by 2 seconds when healing with Light’s Embrace.

While this seems like a lackluster Ultimate at first glance, it can be pretty impactful in the right situations. Given the Life Staff has access to Fortify, Haste, and Recovery among others, it can often be a decent pickup.

Magnify Rating: A – PvE and PvP

Since this only affects the heal target, which means it can’t extend some of your own buffs, it’s pretty good. It’s nothing that’s an absolute must-have, but if you can;t get Divine Blessing, it’s a strong option.

Protector Tree Passives

Bend Light increases your healing by 20% for 5 seconds after dodging.

Considering you should be free to dodge and under very little threat in PvE, this is a free healing boost.

Bend Light Rating: S – PvE and PvP

20% more healing for dodging is a pretty good bonus. It lasts long enough that you can refresh it without too much stamina concerns, though would require more careful use in PvP.

Protector’s Strength

Protector’s Strength increases your healing by 20% when you have a buff.

Since Bend Light and Protector’s Touch count as buffs, it’s even more free healing output on top of those. Orb or Protection can also reliably provide this bonus as well when upgraded.

Protector’s Strength Rating: S – PvE and PvP

There’s little reason to go without Bend Light, so having that alone makes this worth taking. It’s more healing on top of so many other passives and very versatile.

Spirits United

Spirits United increases the party’s mana regen by 3%

While 3% sounds like a small buff, and it is; there are also many other sources of mana regen, which could make this more impactful for you and other mages of your party.

Spirits United: B+ – PvE and PvP

This passive is okay, and can provide a decent amount of mana. Its real value comes from providing extra mana to your party though, which only makes it situationally useful.

Defensive Light

Defensive Light restores 5% of your maximum mana when blocking a melee attack.

You should almost never be blocking with the Life Staff outside of solo PvE, which makes this an effectively useless passive.

Defensive Light – C – PvE an PvP

While it can provide mana, it provides so little that it doesn’t help in most situations. Absolved just does a better job at reducing mana issues while solo.

Protector’s Touch

Protector’s Touch grants you a 15% Fortify for 3 seconds when landing Light or Heavy Attacks.

This, combined with Orb of Protection gives you a total of 25% Fortify, making you pretty durable for a healer. Given the requirement for it means it should be very near 100% uptime, there’s no reason not to take it.

Protector’s Touch Rating: S – PvE and PvP

This passive is pretty good for groups and solo play alike. It’s another Fortify that can stack with the others in your kit and make you deceptively durable as a Life Staff user. It’s easy to trigger, giving it a really high uptime as well if you’re landing your hits.

Balance grants a 10% Haste for 5 second when hit under 50% health. This effect has a 20 second cooldown.

If it weren’t for the cooldown, this would be nice buff to help you kite should you be solo or accidentally pull aggro while healing.

Balance Rating: C – PvE, B – PvP

This effect is basically useless in PvE. In PvP however, it can help you make a narrow escape to your team in larger fights. It’s a low value haste with a health threshold though, so it may not always save you.

Glowing Focus

Glowing Focus increases the duration of Life Staff buffs by 20%.

This is essentially just Magnify, but passively; at least for most buffs. There are shorter buffs that won’t benefit from this as much, but it’s still an okay passive if you’re focused more on providing buffs.

Glowing Focus Rating: A+ – PvE and PvP

Since Orb of Protection is a pretty commonly used spell for both PvE and PvP, this helps extend the duration of it’s buffs, making them much easier to maintain. Used in combination with Magnify, you can make some buffs last a really long time and save mana by reducing the overall cast frequency of your spells just to maintain buffs.

These perks can be found on armors and weapons. The perks modify skills beyond passives and can give them additional Utility These are often better slotted on Armor as Weapons have access to better perks overall.

It’s worth noting these perks also scale with Gear Score, so they will be weak early on, but are good at later stages of the game. The value Range shown is for Gearscore 200-600.

Refreshing Divine Embrace

Divine Embrace’s Cooldown is reduced when healing an ally under 50% health, and recovers mana. On Weapons, the cooldown is reduced by 40-69% and it restores 3.4-5.8%. On Armor, reduce the cooldown is reduced by 12-41% and restores 1-3.5% mana.

For such a strong healing ability, reduced cooldown can be very impactful. The additional mana recovery also helps offset the really high cost of this skill.

Refreshing Divine Embrace Rating: A – PvE and PvP

When slotted on your weapon and making good use of this passive, this can make the skill much more reliable and less costly. While it’s not going to really cover enough of the mana cost initially, combined with other passives this does make it much more manageable.

Fortifying Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground applies Fortify, granting Damage reduction to allies healed by Sacred Ground for 5 seconds. On Weapons, this grants 9.4-16% Fortify. On Armors, this effect is reduced to 3-9.7% Fortify.

Given that Sacred Ground is a stationary AoE, it granting Fortify, even a minor one is very good. It makes your Tanks bulkier, allowing them to hold a position longer and soak more damage. In general Fortify is one of the game’s stronger buffs

Fortifying Sacred Ground Rating: S – PvE and PvP

This perk is broadly applicable and useful in every situation. If you’re running Sacred Ground, you’ll want this. It has very high uptime, and no longer forces you to stand in Sacred Ground constnatly to benefit

Purity of Light

When Splash of Light removes a debuff with Purity, Splash of Light will heal for an additional amount. On Weapons, Purity of Light will heal for an additional 46-85% Weapon Damage. On Armor, Purity of Light heals for an additional 10-48% weapon damage.

The requirement of removing a debuff cna make this kind of niche, but being able to more than double the healing output of the skill even if its only for one target is incredibly powerful.

Purity of Light Rating: A – PvE and PvP

While in PvE you’ll likely only be able to get this effect for your tank, this generally helps to keep this a relevant skill. In PvP though, this makes the skill very powerful for maintaining your whole party.

Mending Protection

Mending Protection increases your healing power for 3 seconds when Orb of Protection heals an ally under 50% Health. On Weapons, this increases heal power by 23-42%. On Armor, this increases healing power by 5-24% instead.

This perk is quite good for your overall healing output, and highly recommended for a build focused on Healing over time, rather than burst healing. While it will help burst healing skills to heal more, those skill don’t really need the extra power nearly as much.

Mending Protection Rating: S – PvE and PvP

This is easily a perk with picking up and including into your builds if you run Orb of Protection. The general increase in healing power is very hard to pass up.

Accelerating Light’s Embrace

Accelerating Light’s Embrace grants Haste for 5 seconds when healing an ally under full health. On Weapons, this provides a 17-30% Haste. On Armor, this grants a 5-18% Haste instead.

With how often this can be cast, this is actually a solid perk.

Accelerating Light’s Embrace Rating: A – PvE and PvP

This is a useful perk, especially with Buff duration, as it allows you to apply Haste without spending a point on Speed of Light. It won’t last nearly as long as Speed of Light, but can also be much more potent. This allows Light’s Embrace to boost its own healing when using it off cooldown.

Keen Beacon

Keen Beacon increases the Crit Chance for a Player healed by Beacon for 6 seconds. For Weapons, this increases the Crit Chance of healed players by 5.9-10%. On Armor, this effect is 2-6.1% instad.

This passive can be really strong when used well. If you can stick the Beacon on a player, it’ll allow them to be much more aggressive and deal more damage. Using it early on, you’ll probably want to use it on a weapon, but switch it to your armor later on.

Keen Beacon Rating: S – PvE and PvP

Free Critical Chance for everyone in a 4.5-meter AoE is a pretty big thing. It doesn’t sound like much, but combined with other sources of Crit Chance, some weapons will start critically striking more often than not.

Life Staff Builds

Life Staff really only currently has three builds it will commonly use, focused on Solo, and PvE or PvP group content. There’s a bit of skill overlap, but how they are used differs is what separates how each build plays.

This setup focuses on creating a zone of strong healing that can let you face tank mobs as you hit them with your Life Staff or another weapon. It focuses making use of Orb of Protection, Beacon and Sacred Ground

This set of abilities gives you plenty of offensive and defensive power. This lets you dispatch enemies fairly quickly and safely with or without a weapon swap.

Leveling Starts off by taking Absolved. This lets you freely use Light and Heavy Attacks for a consistent damage output without mana concerns. Then we grab Orb of Protection for the extra damage mostly, it’s more important to defeat enemies quicker than to get the Forty effect early on. Then Sacred Ground for sustain, followed by Beacon for damage and sustain.

Now we start working on passives and upgrades. We only put one extra point into Orb of Protection, so we can keep self buffs with it active if we weapon swap and also allow it to heal. The other two passives are also only useful for grouping. We pick up Revitalize to help push more DPS out of Orb of Protection by using light attack to shorten its cooldown. This also lets you keep both Sacred Ground and Beacon active at all times.

Then we max Sacred Ground. The first upgrades helps with mana sustain while solo, while the second boosts all healing. Then Beacon is upgraded to extend its range and duration.

After this, we focus on grabbing healing and defensive passives. Bend Light and Protector’s Strength are given priority as they’ll provide the most consistent and strongest bonuses. Then we grab Spirits United and Glowing Focus to help with mana regen and keeping buffs active respectively.

After grabbing our passives in the Protector Tree, we move to the Healing Tree and grab anything that could be of use there. Sacred Protection boosts healing very slightly; Intensify helps boost healing greatly, but also ask you to make more use of Heavy Attacks, which this setup will do less of to trigger Revitalize as much as possible. Though, points 13-19 can really be taken in any order you fancy.

Skill Perks, Usage, and Rotations

This Build doesn’t have any kind of set rotation, mostly using spells off cooldown or as they wear off, whichever takes longer.

Orb of Protection is mostly used for damage, but will also grant Fortify and Recovery when you hit something that’s on top of you. It’ll be up frequently enough that using it early isn’t a bad option at all, but using it later will also give benefits of its own in granting the buffs.

Sacred Ground is going to always be used at your feet at the end of your first round of spells. This maximize the Mana regeneration you get out of it, and keeps you healed up while you spam for cooldowns.

Beacon is more or less the first skill you want to use to get extra early damage, the healing will stick to the enemy and they’ll bring it to you if they’re a melee enemy, so you only miss out on a small bit of healing which you don’t need initially anyways.

For Weapon Perks, we absolutely want Blessed, even if it’s for self healing primarily. This is a very helpful and flexible perk over all. Other than that, we’re looking mostly for Enchanted and Refreshing Move, so we can use your damage spells more often.

For Weapon Gem, due to the amount of self-sustain the Life Staff has, Diamonds will typically always be the best option for both increased healing and damage. When upgrading to Runeglass Gems, You’ll want Siphoning for your weapon, then you armor can be Siphoning for additional Mana or Arboreal to increase your damage.

For Armor Perks, Refreshing is a solid perk in general. Mending Protection is easily a best in slot perk, giving you better sustain and a bit stronger healing in general..Revitalizing Beacon and Fortifying Sacred Ground are also fantastic pickups if you can get them as well. Beyond those is mostly preference for whichever defenses you want to gain.

For Amulets, the best three you can get would be Divine, Slash Protection, and Thrust Protection. This will help overall with keeping your on your feet. Divine will boost your self healing, and much like Blessed is a very flexible perk. The Protection perks cover the majority of your general defenses.

For Earrings, Focused and Regenerating offer a lot to this setup. Focused is incredibly helpful to mitigating any potential mana issue. Regenerating offers some of the same but for extra healing.

For Rings, Sacred and Keen Awareness are great pickups. Sacred is like a lesser version of Blessed, offering roughly half the healing bonus. Keen Awareness gives a bit of crit chance to help get damage out.

Skill Rotation

  • Sacred Ground

Much like Fire Staff does, Life Staff also wants to weave spells between attacks. If you use an attack and immediately cast Beacon or Orb of Protection, you’ll hit two attacks at almost the same time. We lead with Beacon for the reasons stated above, specifically because it’s a longer cooldown.

We lead with a Heavy attack so we get one stack of Intensify and for a bit heavier damage with the initial hit, but this isn’t necessary. We continue to use Light attacks after we exhaust our spells because they’re better DPS overall and trigger Revitalize.

After this, it’s mostly using Orb of Protection and Beacon as they come off cooldown. This will generally be more than enough to keep you standing, but keeping Sacred Ground active is also good.

This build is one that’s more focused on keeping your tank alive, but you can still freely heal up other allies as well. It focuses on Light’s Embrace, Orb of Protection and Sacred Ground.

If you’re playing with a group, this can also be a great build to use for other PvE content, but works the best in expeditions.

Like with other builds, we start with Absolved so we get consistent damage without mana concerns. Then we grab Sacred Ground for Healing, Orb of Protection for damage and sustain then Light’s Embrace for big healing power early. We also grab an upgrade for Orb of Protection to make also able to heal early.

After this, we grab Bend Light, Shared Protection then Protector’s Strength to get strong healing boosts really early. Then we fully upgrade Sacred Ground for it’s potent boost to healing.

Next we grab Revitalize and Intensify to help with cooldowns and further boost healing potential. Then we finally max out Light’s Embrace, save for the final passive which we need to grab Glowing Focus and Spirits United to get to.

Sacred Protection can be grabbed either before or after maxing out the Protector side of the tree. It’s only a 5% healing bonus, so it’s pretty minor overall.

This build doesn’t have set rotations, since you’re healing as needed. Though there is a way to quickly setup a strong Light’s Embrace cast.

Orb of Protection is mostly used to apply Fortify and Recovery to your tank. It’s a very minor amount of healing overall, but the fortify helps your tank be able to soak up more damage.

Sacred Ground should be used whenever a tank pulls a group and has chosen where they want to hold them. Casting this on a moving or kiting target is a waste, so calling out when you use it can be helpful.

Light’s Embrace is your big burst healing skill. It shouldn’t be spammed off cooldown and should primarily be focused on your tank unless someone else has dropped very low.

For Weapon perks, Blessed is an absolute must have for the increased healing power. Siphoning Blow can both be a decent pickup as well to help with mana. You could also go with Refreshing Move to get even more cooldown reduction out of Light Attacks. Kind will also be helpful for reducing the aggro generated by your healing and damage.

For Armor perks Refreshing alongside all of your skill perks (Mending Protection, Fortifying Sacred Ground, and Accelerating Light’s Embrace) are among the best you can get. Refreshing helps reduce your base cooldowns, making Sacred ground come up more often, but isn’t totally necessary here. Mending Protection provides a sizable boost to healing power, with the other ability perks allow you to apply buffs.

Out Amulet is going to be a defensive piece, Opting for Health, Fortified and Fortified Recovery. Health just gives us a percentage bonus to our total health pool, which most cases CON will be the secondary stat for Life Staff. Fortified boost our Orb of Protection to have the fortify last slightly longer as well as slightly extend the bonus from Fortified Recovery.

For our Earring; Beloved, Focused and Regenerating are all great options here. Beloved reduces your aggro generation, much like Kind does for weapon. Focused gives you better mana regeneration to help keep your mana up more often. Regenerating helps out survive stray hits, without having to necessarily focus on self healing.

For our Ring, we want Sacred and Siphoning. Scared boosts our healing, whereas Siphoning help with our mana sustain. For the last slot, it could be Brilliant for the extra mana, Hearty for extra Stamina or Nature Damage to increase your own DPS in fights.

This quick rotation helps get a maximum power Light’s Embrace off.

The concept here is to use a heavy attack, then a spell, starting with the longest duration spell Sacred Ground. By the time you do all these heavy attacks, and stack all these buffs up from other, you should be nearly tripling the power of Light’s Embrace through the number of buffs and perks you’re making use of.

This build focuses on the skills that can affect several allies at once, opting for potent AoE Heals over the bust healing options. It focuses on using Sacred Ground, Splash of Light and Orb of Protection.

This works because in War situations you won’t need a single target heal, because you often won’t be the only healer. In smaller skirmishes though, you’re free to adjust another skill to incorporate one if it’s a small skirmish.

As per usual, we start with Absolved for easier and more consistent damage while leveling. Then we pick up Sacred Ground, Orb of Protection, and Splash of Light for more healing and damage output. You can alternatively pick up Beacon to start for extra DPS while leveling, then swap to Splash of Light later.

Then we’re gonna pick up Blissful Touch to be able to heal and trigger Revitalize at the same time. Then we focus on upgrading Sacred Ground to amp our healing output, and Splash of Light to makes it cost less and provide a cleanse effect.

Then we grab Revitalize and Intensify to be able to get access to Divine Blessing as soon as possible. Revitalize is important for being able to maintain uptime on our skills an keep our allies healed. Intensify and Divine Blessing help to massive boost our healing output, though Intensify will require maintenance to keep it going. While Divine Blessing requires an ally to be under 50% health to trigger, this can be quite often when a fighting in a war or skirmish.

We pick up Desperate Speed to boost your cooldown recovery in these clutch situations letting us get off more casts of Splash of Light sooner helping with mass recovery. Then we swap over to the Protector tree to grab our important passives here, Bend Light and Protector’s Strength.

The final point is a toss up between Spirit United and Sacred Protection. Sacred protection is generally the more useful of the two and works better in more situations. Spirit United can be helpful if you’re in a squad of mages, boosting their mana regen as well as your own.

Splash of Light is one of those skills that while not super useful in most places, actually can earn it’s place in PvP, mostly due to other skills being harder to use overall in War or other PvP situations. Beacon could replace it in some situations like Skirmishes, or practiced used in Wars; but otherwise is much more reliable. for healing your whole squad at once. Splash of Light also doubles as Cleanse, helping to reduce damage from burns and such.

Orb of Protection is great in Wars, because it’s not targeted so you can send it flying through a bunch of your own melee teammates granting them all Fortify and Recovery. Both of these effects help make Sacred Ground much stronger overall by providing additional healing and damage reduction.

Sacred Ground on a well equipped healer can make the difference between a tank living or dying on a point for Wars. It heals for so much by itself, on top of any other healing effects you toss in as well.

For Weapon perks, Blessed is an absolute must have for the increased healing power. Siphoning Blow can both be a decent pickup as well to help with mana. You could also go with Refreshing Move to get even more cooldown reduction out of Light Attacks. Keen could be a consideration if you’re looking to squeeze a little extra damage out as well in PvP. Purity of Light is another amazing perk here, as the likelihood of your group member being debuffed in PvP is much higher.

For Armor perks Refreshing, Energizing Splash of Light, Fortifying Sacred Ground, Mending Protection are among the best you can get. Refreshing helps reduce your base cooldowns, making Sacred ground come up more often, but isn’t totally necessary here. Energizing Splash of Light adds more utility to Splash of Light, letting it also replenish Stamina. Mending Protection will have a high chance of being useful in Wars, as you’ll be hitting several people at the same time compared to just a few.

For our Earring; Focused and Regenerating are great options here. Focused gives you better mana regeneration to help keep your mana up more often. Regenerating helps out survive stray hits, without having to necessarily focus on self healing. Nimble can help here with giving you the ability to dodge more frequently, but chances are if you get jumped on you won’t last too long.

There’s no set rotation here, mostly using things off cooldown and trying to keep Sacred Ground on your frontliner(s). So long as you’re keeping sacred Ground active and maintaining your buffs, you’ll be healing just fine.

Since the Life Staff scales exclusively with Focus, you would think this severely limits its weapon pairings, having only one that it even shares a second stat with. However, thanks to the Life Staff’s ability to be an off-hand recovery tool, it could be paired with anything.

This makes the top weapon pairings difficult to properly list out, other than the Void Gauntlet.

Void Gauntlet

The Void Gauntlet brings additional healing capabilities, making it the premiere support pairing option. In addition, it’s also able to supply multiple buffs and debuffs which really amps up its supportive capabilities.

To learn more about the Void Gauntlet, you can check out our Void Gauntlet Guide and Best Builds . This will help you plan out a strong build, should you opt for this pairing.

Other Pairings

Beyond the Void Gauntlet, it’s an excellent pairing for bulkier weapons, like the Sword and Shield , Greatsword , Great Axe , and War Hammer . These weapons all, are plenty durable, but the Life Staff pushes that further, offering a ton of additional self-buffing and recovery. If you’re looking to pair with one of those weapons, be sure to check out their respective Weapon Guides!

This is the end to this very in-depth guide to Life Staff in New World. We hope you have learned everything you need to know about this weapon, its usage, skills, perks, builds, combos and ability rotations. The icons used in this guide are pulled from ‘s database.

This segment will help you keep track of what has changed for this weapon with the patches as AGS maintains the game in the long-term.

Update 1.1 “Into the Void”

  • Reduced base healing by 20% across the board to account for the increase in healing from equip load
  • Normalized all targeted healing spells (and target lock-on) to have a max range of 25 meters.
  • Group UI will change color when the target is out of range.
  • If the target moves out of range, the spell will cancel instead of casting targeting yourself.
  • Trying to cast a targeted heal on an out of range target will display a “target is out of range” notification.
  • Fixed an issue where targeted heals activated by using the ability key would not perform a direct heal on the intended target.
  • Fixed an issue where the Life Staff Sacred Ground VFX and tooltip stated it lasted longer than the actual duration.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of the Sacred Ground fortify perk from 3% – 15% to 3% – 10%.
  • Reduced Holy Ground stamina and mana regeneration from 100% to 50%.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the healing from this skill to be stacked from multiple sources if they were using different ability upgrades.
  • Increased the efficiency of Life Staff’s Splash of Light ability from 40% to 60%.
  • Increased the efficiency of Splash of Light’s Shared Recovery Upgrade from 3% to 5%.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shared Protection effect was being refreshed by the healing applied by Protector’s Blessing.
  • Mending Protection (Item Perk): This perk’s functionality has been changed. Instead of triggering if the target does not have any active buffs, it now triggers if the target healed by Orb of Protection is under 50% health.
  • Increased the efficiency of Light’s Embrace Connection Upgrade from 1% to 2%.
  • Blessed (Item Perk): Reduced healing bonus effectiveness from a range of 10% – 30% to a range of 5% – 20%.

You can find the full patch notes for  New World Update 1.1 “Into the Void”  in our  New World Patches  archives.

Update 1.2 “Winter Convergence Festival”

  • Purify: Updated description to specify that the target must be healed for debuffs to be removed.
  • Beacon: Fixed an issue where the healing buff would persist on the caster after leaving the circle.

You can find the full patch notes for  New World Update 1.2 “Winter Convergence Festival”  in our  New World Patches  archives.

Update 1.3 “Expedition Mutators”

No significant changes.

Update 1.4 “Heart of Madness”

  • Orb of Protection: Fixed a text error with the tooltip that stated it healed for 10% weapon damage when it actually healed for 8%. Actual healing values were not changed, only text was corrected.
  • Sacred Protection: Fixed an issue which caused this passive to deal durability damage to the equipped weapon when swapping.
  • Spirits United: Fixed an issue which caused this passive to deal durability damage to the equipped weapon when swapping.
  • Changed the name of this upgrade to be “Anointed” so as not to be confused with the item perk of the same name.
  • Fixed an issue where this upgrade provided healing through Ice Gauntlet’s Entombed ability.
  • Light and heavy attacks can now be canceled by self-targeted heals.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed light attacks to fire at a faster rate while holding the block button.
  • Divine Embrace: Fixed an issue where the channeling UI element did not match the actual casting time of the ability.
  • Divine Embrace: Fixed a visual misalignment between casting timer and animation effects.

Update 1.5 “Arenas”

  • Fixed an issue where light attacks cancelled targeted healing when Stickylock was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused targeted healing to attempt to lock on to targets beyond the range of healing spells.
  • Cleaned up animations and fixed missing visuals and sounds when self-healing.
  • Targeted Heals: These abilities now allow movement while casting.
  • Light’s Embrace: Increased cast time to 1s.
  • Light’s Embrace: Reduced bonus healing per buff from 30% to 15%.
  • Added a UI element to indicate whether or not group mode healing is enabled. This indicator will only be shown when group mode healing is on, the player has their life staff active, and they are a member of a group. This also fixed an issue that caused the Targeted Healing out of range highlight to not function when activating target lock with MMW or target Hotkeys.
  • Targeted healing spells are now limited by line of sight, except in Expeditions.

Update 1.6 “Summer Medleyfaire”

  • Fixed an issue that caused dodging to not cancel Light’s Embrace and Divine Embrace casts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused other hotkeys to be assigned to Targeted Healing hotkeys.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Protector’s Strength passive to incorrectly show 10% in the tooltip instead of 20%.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Sacred Ground cooldown to trigger before the spell was cast.
  • Fixed an issue that destroyed the Beacon AOE when hitting neutral targets.
  • On armor: 12% to 41% based on Gear Score.
  • On weapon: 12% to 69% based on Gear Score.
  • On armor: 1% to 3.5% based on Gear Score.
  • On weapon: 1% to 5.8% based on Gear Score.
  • On armor: 10% to 48% of weapon damage based on Gear Score.
  • On weapon: 10% to 85% of weapon damage based on Gear Score.
  • On armor: 5% to 18% based on Gear Score.
  • On weapon: 5% to 30% based on Gear Score.
  • On armor: 2% to 6.1% based on Gear Score.
  • On weapon: 2% to 10% based on Gear Score.
  • On armor: 3% to 9.7% based on Gear Score.
  • On weapon: 3% to 16% based on Gear Score.
  • On armor: 5% to 24% based on Gear Score.
  • On weapon: 5% to 42% based on Gear Score.

Update 1.7 “Brimstone Sands”

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Beacon AOE to get destroyed when hitting neutral targets.
  • Fixed several line of sight issues with targeted abilities.
  • Targeted Healing group member hotkeys will no longer trigger casts when not in a group, except for hotkey 1. Hotkey 1 will self-cast.
  • Updated the Divine Embrace and Light’s Embrace tooltips to be clearer about functionality.
  • Fixed issue where Combining Splash of Light’s Purify upgrade with the Purity of Light perk would cleanse additional debuffs.

You can find the full patch notes for  New World Update 1.7 “Brimstone Sands”  in our  New World Patches  archives.

Update 1.8 “Winter Convergence Festival 2022”

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Divine Embrace upgrades Shared Struggle and Rebound to not consistently bounce to nearby targets when activated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Life Staff Intensity passive to trigger off of DoTs from Runeglass Gems.
  • The Life Staff Petra Ataraxia has had its Plagued Strikes perk swapped for Refreshing.

You can find the full patch notes for  New World Update 1.8 “Winter Convergence Festival 2022”  in our  New World Patches  archives.

Update 1.9 “Season 1: Fellowship and Fire”

  • Updated Absolved passive to be for heavy attacks only. Since all magic weapons no longer cost Mana on light attacks.
  • Removed the required connection between the Absolved, Mending Touch, and Blissful Touch passives in the Healing Life Staff tree.
  • Reduced increased stamina regen rate of Sacred Ground upgrade and Holy Ground from 50% to 25%.
  • Fixed an issue where the spell cast target indicator was not moving smoothly.
  • Fixed an issue where players using the Life Staff in specific situations could unintentionally ping by pressing the key bind at a specific interval while running forwards or strafing.
  • Fixed an issue where players using the Life Staff in specific situations could not ping on the map.

You can find the full patch notes for  New World Update 1.9 “Season 1: Fellowship and Fire”  in our  New World Patches  archives.

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Aeternum Map

Best life staff build.

Welcome to our guide for Best Life Staff Build in New World! This guide teaches you everything you need to know about the Best Life Staff Build including best weapons for the class, Active and Passive skills, attributes , best Perks, and more.

What is the Life Staff?

The Life Staff is in the Healer class, meaning its users can restore health, give buffs, and negate debuffs to not only themselves but other players too. It is one of the most important weapons of them all and it is advised that every group has a Life Staff wielder for survivability.

New world life staff.jpg

It is also a decent solo weapon, dealing decent damage with its Light and Heavy Attacks, but it is recommended to have your second weapon deal most of the hits against enemies.

The Life Staff is the only weapon in New World that relies on Focus , therefore that needs to be your main attribute to dump points into.

Constitution goes hand in hand with Focus as it increases your max HP—something you need to have a lot of if you're going to main Life Staff.

Life Staff Weapon Mastery

There are two Weapon Mastery Trees with Life Staff: Healer and Protector . Healer focuses on swift health restoration, while Protector is all about buffs and healing over time. You can only have three Active Skills at a time.

New world life staff healing.jpg

Healer Tree Active Skill Recommendations

In the Healer Tree, there are three Active Skills, each with their own upgrades, and nine Passives. Because this focuses on health restoration, you need Skills that heal HP as fast as possible when both solo and in a group, while also removing debuffs and regenerating other bars like Mana.

Below are the best options to pick in the Life Staff Healer Tree:

  • Sacred Ground – create an AoE that lasts 15s and heals 20% weapon damage every 1s
  • Holy Ground – regenerate Stamina and Mana 100% faster while in Sacred Ground
  • Anointed – when allies are in Sacred Ground, they are healed 50% more
  • Splash of Light – you and group members within 100m are healed for 50% weapon damage
  • Shared Recovery – gain 3% of your max Mana when you heal a target below 50% HP
  • Purify – Splash of Light removes 1 debuff
  • Absolved – Light and Heavy attacks no longer use Mana
  • Blissful Touch – must have Absolved. Light Attacks heal the target for 20% weapon damage when passing through an ally
  • Revitalize – when a Light Attack hits, it reduces cooldowns by 5%
  • Desperate Speed – when you heal an ally with 50% health or less, cooldowns are reduced by 10%
  • Sacred Protection – increases the amount of incoming healing to your group by 5% while holding your Life Staff
  • Intensify – Heavy Attacks give you increased healing by 10% for 10s, which can be stacked at a maximum of 3.0 times
  • Divine Blessing – when you heal an ally if their health is below 50%, heals for 30% more

Protector Tree Active Skill Recommendations

In the Protector Tree, there are three Active Skills, each with its own upgrades, and seven Passives. Protector isn't as important as the Healer Tree, but it is still a necessity for protecting against damage and providing buffs.

This build also makes you an essential part of a group because of its restoration Passives, allowing you to restore Mana and Stamina for other classes like War Hammer and Ice Gauntlet.

Here are the best options to pick in the Life Staff Protector Tree:

  • Light's Embrace – you and group members within a 0.5m radius are healed for 80% weapon damage plus 15.0% for each Life Staff buff
  • Inspire – when you heal a target with Light's Embrace, they receive 25 Stamina
  • Bend Light – after dodging, your healing is 20% more effective for 5.0s
  • Protector's Touch – basic attacks from Life Staff grant 15% Fortify for 3s when hitting an enemy
  • Protector's Strength – heal for 20% more, if you have a buff
  • Spirits United – increases Mana regeneration for you and your group by 3.0%


Best Accompanying Weapons

Because the Life Staff is all about healing, you're going to want to accompany it with a weapon that deals a good amount of damage that you can switch to when you need to take an enemy down fast.

The Ice Gauntlet is an excellent second addition to use alongside the Life Staff. Being able to deal damage from a safe distance, and slow enemies with your frosty abilities. At Level 60, you should have 300 Focus with 100 Constitution.

The Sword and Shield is another weapon that works well with the Life Staff. This build is tankier than the Ice Gauntlet build and provides you with more survivability due to the increased health. At Level 60, you should have 250 Focus with 150 Constitution.

The Hatchet is another weapon that works well with the Life Staff. This build is squishier than the Sword and Shield one, and mainly uses Abilities/Passives from the Hatchet's Berserker Tree. At Level 60, you should have 300 Focus with 100 Constitution.

Best Perks for Life Staff

When crafting weapons and armor (check out our How to Level Armoring and How to Level Weaponsmithing guides), you can apply a certain Perk if you've got the Special Resource to do so or use a Charm. Some Perks work really well with the Life Staff build and apply a useful bonus. You can only have one active Perk at a time.

Because the above Life Staff build focuses on certain Active Skills, you need Perks that benefit those. For example, because you've picked Splash of Light under the Healer Tree, the Energizing Splash of Light Perk works in conjunction with it specifically by providing an extra Stamina buff for the move.

There are other Life Staff-specific Perks, but they won't work with the best build we've outlined in this guide.

The best Perks for the Life Staff build are:

  • Fortifying Sacred Ground – allies healed by Sacred Ground gain Fortify, increasing damage absorption by up to 14% for 5s
  • Energizing Splash of Light – allies hit with Splash of Light gain a small percentage of Stamina
  • Accelerating Light's Embrace – allies below full health gain Haste when hit with Light's Embrace, increasing movement speed by 23% for 3s

Best Life Staffs in New World

Until you reach Level 60, almost any Life Staff is fine to be used in the meantime. Just make sure it grants Focus.

New world life staff gaia's whim.jpg

Best Epic Life Staffs:

  • Blessed Wildwood Life Staff
  • Echo of Grace
  • Glimmering Mercy

Best Legendary Life Staffs:

  • Oread's Anger
  • Gortan's Tainted Staff
  • Nightveil Life Staff of the Sage
  • Soaked Life Staff
  • Dryad's Life Staff
  • Graverobber's Life Staff

New world life staff healing 2.jpg

Now that you're a Life Staff pro, check out our New World Tips and Tricks guide so that you're getting the most out of your adventure across Aeternum.

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New World: The Best Life Staff Build

Those intending to use New World's Life Staff should consider these top tips for making the best build.

Quick Links

Acquiring a life staff, attributes that scale with the life staff, life staff mastery trees, life staff weapon combos.

Even though New World doesn't have classes, a player can build any character to be a healer using a Life Staff as their main weapon. Healers play an essential role in any party, whether it's as part of an Expedition, an elite quest, or PvP action. Characters with these abilities can combine their talents and weapons to fill other party roles to be defenders and damager-per-second (DPS) wielders.

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The Life Staff , and its healing abilities, are the foundation of several character builds that include combination classes along with more focused healing builds. Creative players can put together complex builds comparable to Shamans, Druids, Priests, and Paladins in MMOs with conventional classes. Due to the number of Attribute points required to equip the Life Staff and other weapons, it can be a progression that requires more patience, but that depends on the player's ultimate choices.

Best Builds New World Great Axe Life Staff

Players that want to start leveling with the life staff have several options from which to choose, even at the start of New World at level 1.

  • Crafting. The Iron Life Staff is the lowest level craftable life staff. Players at this level can gather simple resources, such as iron, wood, and a few life motes, and craft their first life staff. Make a few at the same time for a chance at random perks, extra abilities, or a higher level of quality.
  • Drops. It's possible to pick up a life staff before reaching a settlement or a crafting station. Enemies will occasionally drop weapons along with a variety of other loot, so depending on how many enemies a player kills between the shipwreck and the first settlement, it's possible to equip a life staff very early in the game.
  • Rewards. The first few quests that every player does upon getting washed up on a beach in Aeternum are more of a tutorial than conventional leveling, but everyone gets quest rewards all the same. Like drops, the chests that are given as rewards for quests hold random objects that could include weapons.

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New world Attributes updated

The Life Staff is one of few weapons that scale with a single Attribute score as opposed to two of them, which makes it an ideal weapon to have at lower levels. When New World was first released , it was the only weapon that scaled with Focus at all. This was ideal for those building a healer, but it made diversity with the class slightly more difficult, along with limiting some of the options available for single PvE play.

Few other magical weapons scale with only one Attribute point, but several choices for physical DPS exist in both the melee and ranged variety.

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New World life-staff mastery Points Healing Protector

Plenty of the abilities in each of the Life Staff Mastery Trees can do damage as well as heal. This kind of damage has a bonus against Lost but is limited against the Corrupted .

  • Healing. Plenty of choices for damage and crowd control along with healing on this side of the table. Absolved is one of the first abilities players should unlock regardless of the build, so their light and heavy attacks no longer cost mana, a precious commodity needed for healing the player and their allies. Sacred Ground is an essential and useful AoE healing spell, and Divine Embrace is a simple, single-target healing spell for those more interested in solo play.
  • Protector. This tree has an edge when it comes to healing allies and damaging enemies. Orb of Protection heals party members and absorbs damage, and Beacon damages enemies and heals allies. Follow this branch of the tree to Speed of Light which adds a haste buff to this spell.

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weapon combos life staff new world void gauntlet warhammer

  • Void Gauntlet. Another option for those specializing in healing who want a ranged and magical DPS option. It also scales with Focus along with Intelligence .
  • Bow. A popular choice for healers who are also hunters and survivalists since this ranged DPS weapon doesn't rely on mana and only uses one Attribute. In this case, it's exclusive to Dexterity .
  • Warhammer. Players that are considering a Paladin or Shaman build with some melee DPS clout can put a few Attribute points in Strength and pick up a warhammer. Another option here is the Battle Axe, but the choice is entirely up to whether the player would prefer slicing or bludgeoning damage.
  • Ice Gauntlet. Scaling only with Intelligence, this is the only other magical weapon in the New World armory that scales with only one Attribute point. It would be a good investment for a healer who also wants to build a character with ranged magical damage since the Fire Staff, and Void Gaunlet are also connected to Intelligence .

New World is available on PC.

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New World Life Staff Build

by redbyrd | Last updated Feb 1, 2024

make life staff new world

  • Acolyte PVP – Life Staff/Void Gauntlet
  • Introduction

The Acolyte New World Life Staff Build uses the Life Staff and Void Gauntlet to provide Amazing Group Support in PVP. In this New World Build Guide, we will go through everything you need to know about the Acolyte New World Healer build.

make life staff new world

  • Amazing Group Support
  • Elite AOE Healing
  • Ability to set up Kills in Group Setting
  • High Skill Ceiling
  • Requires Good Group Coordination.
  • Only Works with Melee-based groups.
  • Mastery Points
  • Life Staff Mastery Points

Life Staff Active Abilities PVP – Sacred Ground – Beacon – Orb of Protection

make life staff new world

For the Acolyte build, you will use the classic AOE healing Set up. Beacon and Sacred Ground will be used to for AOE healing during group fights. Orb of Protection is your single target heal, which can also be used as a group heal if used effectively.

  • Void Gauntlet Mastery Points

Void Gauntlet Active Abilities – Petrifying Scream, Oblivion, Orb of Decay

make life staff new world

The Void Gauntlet has two of the strongest Utility Spells in the game: Petrifying Scream and Oblivion. Oblivion and Orb of Decay will be used to debuff targets to set up kills for your group. You’ll use Petrifying Scream is used to root enemies in place or to escape bad situations. You’ll want to upgrade all 3 abilities.

The Rest of the passives you’ll choose involve crit chance and cooldown reductions to help with skill up time.

The attribute split for the Acolyte build is 400 FOCUS and 200 CON. If you start to feel more comfortable with the build you can titrate your CON down to 150 and run 450 FOCUS.

In this Section of the Acolyte – New World Healer Build, we will break down what equipment you will use. This includes armor and weapon perks and equip weight

For this healer build, we will be in the light equip weight category. It is hard to pass up the 30% increased healing, especially with the changes coming in the May update. The best way to obtain this equip load is with the following armor setups:



  • Artifact Armor

For this build, we recommend the following Artifact Armor pieces:

  • Tumbler Shoes  – Successfully dodging an attack, gives you 15% empower and 25% fortify for 5s, you are also healed for 200 + 2% of your max hp.
  • Featherweight Jacket  –  Weightless:  This armor is weightless
  • Nimble Leather Coat  –  Highly Refreshing:  Reduces max cooldowns by 10%.

Most of the armor you need to run with this New World Life Staff Build will be obtained through crafting or random drops. Below is the ideal perk spread you will want across all of your armor pieces. In order to get this, you will need Health on all of your gear. The order of importance of perks is from top to bottom. As you build up your gear set, make sure to prioritize these perks:

  • Elemental Aversion or Enchanted Ward (5)
  • Fortifying Sacred Ground
  • Nullifying Oblivion
  • Diminishing Orb
  • Refreshing (2) (2)
  • Freedom (3)
  • Artifact Weapons

Currently, there is no Life Staff Artifact in the game. However, you can consider taking the Lifetaker Artifact Void Gauntlet. With the Lifetaker, your Life Staff light and heavy attacks apply disintegrate (Rend) to targets.

As with most builds in New World, a crafted weapon will be your BIS for this build. The perks are listed in order of importance from Left to Right. Two perk gear is very affordable atm so you should be able to get ahold of weapons with the purple perks listed.

Life Staff – Blessed, Refreshing Move , Mending Orb or Will of the Ancients (will need to swap out a Refreshing for Mending Orb on Armor)

Void Gauntlet – Putrifying Scream, Refreshing Move , Keen

Your jewelry will need to be custom-crafted.. The perks are labeled from left to right in order of importance. As you build up your gear set, you should prioritize obtaining jewelry with these perks in this order.

Amulet – Health, Divine , Refreshing . For an artifact, we highly recommend “Ankh”.

Ring – Sacred, Hearty , Refreshing

Earring – Refreshing Toast, Healthy Toast, Refreshing .

The Meta and your resistance division will determine what gems you use in your armor. Runeglass of Siphoning Malachites or Runeglass of Siphoning Diamonds is the recommended gems to balance your armor as these provide the most amount of resistance possible.

In your weapons, you’ll want to use the following gems:

  • Life Staff – Runeglass of Siphoning Diamond
  • Void Gauntlet – Runeglass of Siphoning Diamond
  • Heartrune Gem

The Greater Heartrune of Stoneform is the Heartgem we recommend with this build. This creates a “trinket” like PVP ability that allows you to escape heavy amounts of CC and Pressure.

  • Consumables

Consumables on this build are pretty Strait forward. You will want one of each type of Infused potion on your bar (Health, Mana, and Regen) and a Stack of Hearty Meals. You will want to save your health pot cooldowns for the windows you get pressure from enemies. When your Health pots are on cooldown, you should use an Infused Regeneration Potion and Hearty Meal together.

Mana Potions are pretty straightforward, just make sure to not potion during your burst window with Void Blade as you get 10% increased damage below 50% mana.

  • Food and Utility

The food slot for most builds is flexible. You should use the cheapest Attribute food possible that allows you to hit your Attribute benchmarks. Some of the cheaper foods with the stats you will need for the Acolyte build include:

  • Venison Tenderloin with Blueberry Glaze
  • Slow Roasted Bear Flank with Root Vegetables
  • Pork Belly Fried Rice
  • Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables
  • Tostones (highest FOCUS gain)

For Utility, you should use Powerful Oakflesh Balm or Powerful Gem Stone Dust to help provide increased survivability while under pressure from your opponents. These options are pricey, but you can use the cheaper version of them if needed.

  • How to Use the Acolyte New World Life Staff Build

In this section of the guide, we will break down the key strategies of using the Acolyte Build. These strategies include healing and supporting group kills.

Your main role is to provide group healing. This can be done effectively by managing your cooldowns and knowing when to use your abilities. The most important ability you have is Sacred Ground. Casting Sacred ground in areas where your team fights can be the difference between life and death. Make sure you are calling out your Sacred Ground casts and the area in which it is to help teammates be mindful of its location. You can also use Sacred Ground on yourself when the other team targets you to “dance” in to avoid death.

Beacon is used in a similar way as Sacred Ground. Adding a Beacon to your Sacred Ground creates one of the best Defense environments in the game. You can also continually add Orb of protection to the fray for the ultimate AOE healing Combo.

If you have Ranged DPS, you will need to use Beacon and Orb of Protection cooldowns effectively to keep them healed on the move.

  • Supporting Group Kills

This New World Life Staff Build provides a deadly combo to help set up group kills in PVP. This combo does require good group communication and coordination to pull off. First, your group must choose a target. Once chosen, cast Petrifying Scream on the Target and drop Oblivion. You can use Orb of Decay to slow and debuff targets to set up the combo as well. This should debuff targets and prime them to be killed by your team.

It is, again, important to remember your healing role throughout this window. Once you lock down your target, don’t forget to place a Sacred Ground in the Area to provide an extra amount of defense and survivability for your team as you go for the kill.

  • New World Life Staff Build PVP conclusion

That’s it for our Acolyte Build Guide. Remember to keep your teammate’s health topped off and keep your eyes open for opportunities to set up kills using Petrifying Scream and Oblivion and you’ll have no trouble mastering this New World Healer Build.

  • FirstHeading

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Life staves | new world wiki.

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Life Staves  are a type of  Weapon  in  New World .  Life Staves  are magical weapons used to heal allies and provide protective buffs. They can be obtained in a number of ways: Through  Crafting , found as random loot in chests and containers, as random drops by  Enemies  and  Bosses  or as rewards for completing  Quests . Weapons  provide many different options and approaches to combat, allowing the player to deal damage in different ways.

Weapon Types

New world life staves overview.

The  Life Staff  is a magical weapon that employs healing and protective magic, as opposed to the destructive powers of the Fire Staff. As such, the Life Staff is primarily a support weapon that excels in keeping allies alive and bolstering their defenses.

The Life Staff's magical strength scales off of the player's  Focus   Attribute . Points in  Focus  also provide bonuses to maximum mana and regeneration, allowing the player to cast more spells. Investing in this attribute will improve the player's effectiveness with all Life Staff weapons.

Life Staff Skills

Life Staves  have two Masteries at their disposal. The Healing Skill Tree  mainly focuses on healing both players and allies alike, while the Protector Skill Tree  mainly focuses on granting buffs and other healing related abilities

Please visit pur Life Staff Skills  page for more information.

 All Life Staves in New World

You can search by Name, Rarity, Tier, Gear Score, Damage Type, or Perks. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Life Staves  

The table is also sortable! Click on the header to sort it as you see fit.

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How To Get A Life Staff In New World?

Read this guide to learn how you can find and get the Life Staff in New World.

' src=

The Life Staff is one of the most important items in New World, especially if you wish to have a supporting role when playing the game. They are great sources of healing, as well as being decent weapons. In this guide, we will show you how to acquire this unique item.

How to Find a Life Staff in New World?

new world life staff

To find a Life Staff in New World, you will need to first complete all of the quests that you will face within the initial stages of the game. When you do begin to participate and finish these quests successfully, you might just about find the Life Staff. Looting chests is also key to getting your hands on the Staff.

In case you forget to collect the Staff or miss it altogether when playing the game, you do not need to worry. If you wish to, you can make one by yourself. You can do so by using the iron that you would have acquired after you reach the first settlement in the game. You can do so at the Forge . For this, you will need something known as Life Motes . Once you harvest these from the Lifebloom, you will be able to successfully craft the Life Staff.

What is the Staff?

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, the Life Staff helps to keep everybody alive in New World, along with also providing debuff removal. With this staff, you will also receive Basic Attacks without Mana after 1 Mastery Point.

The disadvantage, or weakness, of using this particular Staff is the fact that it is the only weapon in New World to scale with Focus. It also has significantly less damage when compared to other weapons in this game. The Life Staff also only has a single damaging ability.

So, this was all you need to know about the Life Staff in New World. As you can see, this is quite a good weapon that you can acquire pretty easily, as long as you follow the steps mentioned in this guide.

Now that you know how to find the Life Staff, check out our guide on how to make and join a company in New World.

' src=

Nope, Titus isn't as serious as this picture implies. Began calling himself a gamer after burning his eyes out playing Road Rash as a kid. Somehow manages to get headshot in a game of Counter Strike even before a round begins. Oh, and he's also a photographer.

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8 ways Gen Z will change the workforce

Soon there will be more Zoomers working full time than Baby Boomers. Roberta Katz explains how their values and expectations will shape the future of work.

make life staff new world

Image credit: Claire Scully

Gen Z is growing up: In 2024, the generation born between 1996 to 2010 is expected to overtake Baby Boomers in the full-time workforce, according to a recent analysis by Glassdoor .

They are bringing to the office a different set of values, behaviors, and expectations than prior generations, according to research by Roberta Katz , a former senior research scholar at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) . Katz collaborated with a team of researchers to conduct a large, multi-year study to find out what matters to Gen Z and why – findings that culminated in a book and website .

Stanford Report sat down with Katz to talk about this research and what to expect from Gen Z in the workplace.

1. Gen Z expects change

The world Gen Zers came of age in was fundamentally different from that of their parents and even millennials, people who were born in the early 1980s to 1996.

The world of Gen Z has been defined by technological changes happening at rapid speeds that also reshaped social experiences. Disruption and impermanence have always been part of the world Gen Z experienced – for them, it’s a norm, not an exception.

“There is an expectation of constant change,” said Katz.

Growing up amid uncertainty has given Gen Z a unique set of characteristics, including being flexible and resilient. It has opened them up to new ways of thinking about the future and doing things – and questioning the ways things are done, which leads to the next trait Gen Zers will bring with them to work.

2. Gen Z is pragmatic

Gen Z has a strong sense of self-agency.

Gen Z lives in a world that has always been one search engine result away. If they want to know more about something, they readily seek the answer out for themselves ( even if it’s not always the correct one ).

They question everything and everyone – from their peers, parents, or people at work. “They don’t necessarily see elders as experts,” Katz said. “They want to understand why something is done in a certain way. They’re very pragmatic.”

They are also not afraid to challenge why things are done the way they are.

“When an older person says to them, ‘This is how you should do it,’ they want to check that out for themselves. It doesn’t mean they’re always right; it’s a different way of understanding,” Katz explained.

3. Gen Z wants to make a difference

Gen Zers not only expect change – they demand it.

They are inheriting a set of complex problems – from climate change to inequality to racial injustice, to name but a few – and want to fix it. They want to work for a place that they believe is doing good in the world.

Some Gen Zers will hold their employers accountable on the causes and issues that matter to them.

Katz warns that for some employers, it can be challenging – if not untenable – to take a position on politically charged or sensitive topics. “It is impossible for most institutions that represent lots of people and lots of identities to satisfy everybody,” Katz said.

4. Gen Z values collaboration and teamwork

For some Gen Zers, the digital world helped shape their identity: Through social media and in online groups, they found subcultures to connect and interact with.

They grew up with wikis – websites collaboratively built and edited by its users – and fandoms – enthusiastic and energetic communities centered around a shared, common interest. For example, K-pop sensation BTS has its Army , Beyonce has her Beyhive, and Taylor Swift has her Swifties.

“They’re in a posse – even with their headphones on,” Katz said.

To get things done, they value collaboration.

“There is a hope that everybody who is contributing is in it for the good of the whole,” Katz describes. “They want to have a team spirit.”

5. Gen Z wants leaders who guide by consensus

Gen Z is also less hierarchical than previous generations.

“They don’t believe in hierarchy for hierarchy’s sake,” Katz said. “They do believe in hierarchy where it is useful.”

Instead, Gen Zers prefer leadership that is dependent on expertise that is task or time specific. That could mean they favor management where team members take turns leading the group (known as a “rotating leadership” model). Another style they may prefer is “collaborative leadership,” in which people from across the organization participate in decision-making and problem-solving.

Transparency is also important.

Gen Zers value consensus and they look for leaders who are in service of the group (also called “service leadership”).

6. Gen Z cares about mental health and work-life balance

Gen Z grew up in a period that saw the blurring of the 9-to-5 work schedule and the rise of flexible work models – a mode of working that led to older generations feeling a pressure to always be “on.”

“Work and home life are all so integrated that if you don’t pay attention, you could be working all the time,” said Katz. “I think Gen Z is sensitive to that.”

Having a work-life balance and maintaining mental and physical health is also important to Gen Z.

“They’re placing a value on the human experience and recognizing that life is more than work,” Katz said.

7. Gen Z thinks differently about loyalty

Because Gen Z grew up amid so much change, Gen Z has a different perspective on loyalty.

But as Katz pointed out, “they also grew up with workplaces not being very loyal to their employees.”

Gen Zers were raised in the shadows of the global financial crisis of 2008, an event that has had long-lasting impacts on employment and the nature of work. “It used to be that people went to work for big companies thinking they’d be there for their entire career and that the company would watch out for them: providing health insurance, and so on,” Katz said.

But after the 2008 recession, and even more recently following the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have cut back labor costs and implemented other cost-saving measures, like reducing perks and benefits. Meanwhile, mass layoffs have also been rampant.

“There’s a reason that employees don’t feel the same degree of loyalty, too,” Katz said.

Meanwhile, the gig economy has also been present throughout Gen Zers’ lives, as has the rise of contract work. They are entrepreneurial, which is part of their pragmatic tendencies.

8. Gen Z looks for trust and authenticity

Gen Z also values authenticity.

“Authenticity is about trust,” Katz said. “Words and actions need to match.”

Honesty and openness are important.

For Katz, it’s all about mutually respectful communication. “My bottom line always to employers is stay open to hearing about different ways to get things done, because Gen Z has one foot in the future.”

Katz is associate vice president for strategic planning, emerita, and is currently involved in a strategic role with the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence . She also serves as vice chair of the board of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS).

Katz studied Gen Z as part of a multi-year CASBS research project with Sarah Ogilvie, a linguist at the University of Oxford and formerly at Stanford; Jane Shaw, a historian who is the principal of Harris Manchester College at Oxford and was previously dean for religious life at Stanford; and Linda Woodhead, a sociologist at King’s College London. The research was funded by the Knight Foundation.

From 2004 to 2017, Katz served under Stanford University Presidents John Hennessy and Marc Tessier-Lavigne as associate vice president for strategic planning, and in 2017 as interim chief of staff.

AT&T service restored after customers hit by widespread cellular outages in the U.S.

AT&T’s widespread outage that left thousands without service for hours Thursday was likely caused by a process error — not a cyberattack, the carrier said.

The trouble started early Thursday, but by afternoon AT&T reported that service had been restored to all customers.

Based on an initial review, the company thinks the outage "was caused by the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network, not a cyber attack," it said Thursday evening.

Over 32,000 AT&T outages were reported by customers about 4 a.m. ET Thursday. Reports dipped then spiked again to more than 50,000 around 7 a.m., with most issues reported in Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Atlanta, according to the site.

That number surged to more than 71,000 just before 8 a.m. ET.

AT&T acknowledged the issue Thursday morning, saying: “Some of our customers are experiencing wireless service interruptions this morning.”

Other cellular providers, including Verizon, T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless, also reported outages. Verizon and T-Mobile said those affected had been trying to contact AT&T users.

Verizon said Thursday morning that the outages are not affecting its network directly, only customers trying to reach another carrier. 

T-Mobile also said early Thursday that the network didn’t suffer an outage.

Cricket Wireless, which is owned by AT&T and uses its network, also experienced cellular problems. More than 13,500 customers reported outages as of 8 a.m. ET Thursday. The number dipped to around 10,000 by 10 a.m.

"Allow us to explain that there is a nationwide network incident impacting multiple services," the company wrote on X . "It is Cricket's top priority to restore service to full capacity as quickly and safely as possible."

Service has since been restored for all affected AT&T customers.

“We have restored wireless service to all our affected customers. We sincerely apologize to them. Keeping our customers connected remains our top priority, and we are taking steps to ensure our customers do not experience this again in the future,” the company said in a statement.

AT&T has not provided additional details about what triggered the nationwide service disruption, and the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said there is no indication of a cyberattack.

The most likely cause of the outage "is a cloud misconfiguration" which is "a fancy word for saying human error," Lee McKnight, an associate professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, said in a statement.

The Federal Communications Commission is actively investigating the incident. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security are lending a hand.

The outages posed a concern to some customers Thursday morning about being able to reach 911.

The San Francisco Fire Department said on X that it was aware of an issue affecting AT&T wireless customers' making and receiving phone calls, including to 911.

“The San Francisco 911 center is still operational,” the office said. “If you are an AT&T customer and cannot get through to 911, then please try calling from a landline. If that is not an option then please try to get ahold of a friend or family member who is a customer of a different carrier and ask them to call 911 on your behalf.”

Similarly, Chicago's Office of Emergency Management and Communications , Virginia’s Prince William County Police Department , and North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department issued warnings on X alerting the public about the outage while acknowledging some customers were briefly unable to contact 911.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said in a n earlier statement that the city was gathering information to assist in resolving the issue. 

“Atlanta’s e-911 is able to receive inbound and make outbound calls. We have received calls from AT&T customers that their cellular phones are in SOS mode,” Dickens said. 

During the outage, iPhone users who saw SOS displayed in their status bar could still make emergency calls through other carrier networks.

Agencies across the country urged people to refrain from calling 911 to test their service. The line is for real emergencies only.

Breaking News Reporter

Katherine Itoh is a news associate for NBC News.

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Calendar showing four-day work week schedule and long weekend.

Four-day week made permanent for most UK firms in world’s biggest trial

Research shows 51% that took part permanently adopted the change, while 89% still operating policy one year on

Most of the UK companies that took part in the world’s biggest ever four-day working week trial have made the policy permanent, research shows.

Of the 61 organisations that took part in a six-month UK pilot in 2022, 54 (89%) are still operating the policy a year later, and 31 (51%) have made the change permanent.

More than half (55%) of project managers and CEOs said a four-day week – in which staff worked 100% of their output in 80% of their time – had a positive impact on their organisation, the report found.

For 82% this included positive effects on staff wellbeing, 50% found it reduced staff turnover, while 32% said it improved job recruitment. Nearly half (46%) said working and productivity improved.

The report’s author, Juliet Schor, professor of sociology at Boston College, said the results showed “real and long lasting” effects. “Physical and mental health, and work-life balance are significantly better than at six months. Burnout and life satisfaction improvements held steady,” she said.

But Matthew Percival, a director at the Confederation of British Industry, said the four-day week was not a “one size fits all answer” and would be “unlikely to pay for itself in many industries”.

He said: “If businesses have the budget to add to their offer to employees, then they will be considering the relative merits of reducing working hours compared to increasing pay, pensions or paid parental leave, as well as better supporting health and wellbeing.”

The four-day working week report, by the thinktank Autonomy and researchers from the University of Cambridge, the University of Salford and Boston College in the US, found that “many of the significant benefits found during the initial trial have persisted 12 months on”, although they noted that it was a small sample size.

Almost all (96%) of staff said their personal life had benefited, and 86% felt they performed better at work, while 38% felt their organisation had become more efficient, and 24% said it had helped with caring responsibilities.

Organisations reduced working hours by an average of 6.6 hours to reach a 31.6-hour week. Most gave their staff one full day off a week, either universal or staggered. The report found that protected days off were more effective than those on which staff were “on call” or sometimes expected to work.

The most successful companies made their four-day week “clear, confident and well-communicated”, and co-designed their policies between staff and management, thinking carefully about how to adapt work processes, the authors wrote.

Challenges encountered by some companies included working with clients and stakeholders where four-day weeks were not the norm, or where the policy was implemented unevenly, leading to resentment among some staff.

This month, the Scottish government launched a four-day working week trial for some public services. Autonomy is calling for the Westminster government to introduce policies that would enable its wider take-up, including giving workers the right to request a four-day week with no loss of pay, a public sector trial, and funding to support the shift in the private sector.

after newsletter promotion

Paul Oliver, chief operating officer at Citizens Advice Gateshead, said that a four-day week helped his employees cope with a “demanding role”, and improved retention as the charity was unable to pay high salaries. “We wanted to see a way to improve staff conditions so they would be better rested and could give more to work,” he added.

The greater efficiency introduced by the pilot meant it exceeded its targets, including improving the quality of advice and the number of clients spoken to, expanding to a seven-day service thanks to greater flexibility, increasing profitability and reducing levels of staff sickness. “We’re breaking out of the nine to five model, which doesn’t work for our society or our clients,” Oliver said.

Mark Downs, chief executive of the Royal Society of Biology, said his organisation was keeping the policy – in which staff divvied up Mondays and Fridays off between them – because it had been positively received by staff and external partners.

One unexpected benefit he encountered was that days when he was working and most other staff were off were much more productive. He also felt it made RSB a more attractive employer, with applicants citing the four-day week as a draw.

Anthony Painter, director of policy at the Chartered Management Institute, said he was “following the four-day week trials with interest” since CMI research had shown that employees valued flexible working above all else, including pay rises.

He added that managers would need to be better trained to implement the changes. “They will need the very best managers in place to ensure that flexibility and productivity can be two sides of the same coin – better ways of working,” Painter said.

A government spokesperson said: “We have no plans to introduce a four-day working week. Ultimately it is for employers and employees to agree what working arrangements work best for them, and we will be making changes to our flexible working legislation in April, including the right to request flexible working from day 1 of a new job.”

  • Work-life balance
  • Work & careers

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‘I had a very welcome lie-in on Friday’: the joys and challenges of switching to a four-day week

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Life Staff Perks for New World

Welcome to our Perks page for Life Staff. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each perk is in each setting. Then, we present Jewelry perks and explain how strong and why each of them is.

  • 1. Perk Tierlists
  • 2. Life Staff Perks
  • 3. PvP Perks
  • 4. PvE Perks
  • 5. Jewelry Perks

Perk Tierlists

All the perks below are usable in any Life Staff build. While there are many other perks in the game, these are the perks that are within the scope of a healing build. For example, damage perks on a Life Staff increase damage, but that is not the goal so they are not included.

Life Staff Perks

The perks within this section include general weapon perks and Life Staff specific perks that are in the current META.

Refreshing Divine Embrace

The perks within this section include general armor perks for Life Staff builds that are viable in the current PvP META.


These options are somewhat filler perks that can be used on a three perk item so you have more value than a simple two perk item. They are low value perks in this aspect of gameplay and would not be the pick for a Best in Slot item.

Physical Aversion

  • Ward (Ancient, Angry Earth, Corrupted, Lost) — Provides free damage reduction for a specific enemy type.
  • Ward (Beast) — Although listed in C-Tier, this should not ever be taken until there is an expedtion with beast damage in it.

Jewelry Perks


These options are somewhat filler perks that can be used on a three perk item so you have more value than a simple two-perk item. They are low value perks in this aspect of gameplay and would not be the pick for a Best in Slot item.

Frozen Protection

  • 22 Oct. 2023: Guide updated for expansion.
  • 28 Mar. 2023: Updated perk tier placements for Season One.
  • 18 Jan. 2023: Guide added.

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Lemoni is a New World content creator with thousands of hours of gameplay. He specializes in theory crafting builds and various gameplay mechanics to improve player performance. He also enjoys long walks on the beach.

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Navalny’s Wife Makes Dramatic Appearance After Reports of His Death

In a surprise address in Munich, Yulia Navalnaya said that if her husband, Aleksei A. Navalny, was dead, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia would “bear responsibility,” and she called on the world to “defeat this evil.”

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By Peter Baker

Reporting from Munich

  • Feb. 16, 2024

This was not the speech she expected to give, at least not on this day. Yulia Navalnaya had come to a gathering of world leaders in Munich to press them to remember her imprisoned husband and her troubled country.

And then just as the conference opened on Friday morning came word from Russian state media that her husband, the crusading, defiant dissident Aleksei A. Navalny, was dead in one of President Vladimir V. Putin’s prisons.

By her own admission, her first thought was to fly away, to join her grown children to mourn in private a man who had already survived a horrific poisoning and years behind bars . But before she did, she decided she had to speak out. Because he would have wanted her to.

Ms. Navalnaya stunned the presidents, prime ministers, diplomats and generals at the Munich Security Conference when she strode into the hall on Friday afternoon, took the stage and delivered an unflinching condemnation of Mr. Putin, vowing that he and his circle would be brought to justice. Her dramatic appearance electrified a conference already consumed with the threat posed by a revanchist Russia .

“I don’t know whether to believe the news or not, the awful news that we receive only from government sources in Russia,” she told the high-powered audience, which hung on her every word. “We cannot believe Putin and Putin’s government. They’re always lying.”

“But if this is true,” she went on, speaking in Russian, “I want Putin and everyone around him, Putin’s friends, his government, to know that they will bear responsibility for what they have done to our country, to my family and to my husband. And this day will come very soon.”

“And I want to call on the world community,” she continued, “everyone in this room and people around the world to come together to defeat this evil, defeat this horrible regime that is now in Russia.”

Ms. Navalnaya spoke clearly and calmly, with no notes but remarkable composure, her face etched with evident pain. Standing at the lectern, she clasped her hands in front of her and stared straight ahead as if willing herself to focus on her message. She was dressed in the professional pantsuit she had brought for what she thought would be a couple of days of lobbying, her hair pulled back, her makeup perfect. She appeared determined to show no weakness.

She spoke for just two minutes, but it captivated the audience, which included Vice President Kamala Harris sitting in the front row and Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken up in the balcony. The crowd rose to its feet to give her an emotional standing ovation, and Representative Nancy Pelosi, the former House speaker, reached out as Ms. Navalnaya left the stage to kiss her as a couple of senators looked on.

“On what must be the worst day of her life, she was so strong, and a reminder that Russians who believe in freedom will continue to fight for as long as it takes to hold Putin accountable for his barbaric crimes,” Michael A. McFaul, a former ambassador to Russia, said of Ms. Navalnaya after her speech.

In the annals of international meetings, it would be hard to remember a more riveting moment, when the careful choreography and scripted speeches laden with diplomatic jargon fall to the wayside as life-or-death questions play out in such personal fashion. The leaders gathered in Munich were already consumed about what to do about Russia, but the news added fresh urgency to the conversations.

Pictures of Alexei Navalny amid flowers and lighted candles.

Ms. Harris had come to give a speech about the dangers of going soft on Russia at a time when House Republicans are blocking aid to Ukraine and former President Donald J. Trump is boasting that he would “encourage” Russia to attack NATO allies that do not spend enough on their own militaries.

In the minutes before her address, she and her staff heard the news about Mr. Navalny, scrambled to learn what they could and quickly updated her text to reflect outrage.

“If confirmed, this would be a further sign of Putin’s brutality,” she told the conference, words later echoed by President Biden back in Washington . “Whatever story they tell, let us be clear: Russia is responsible.”

She went on to deliver the message she had hoped to impart, that the United States remains committed to its allies and to American leadership in the world. Without naming him, she castigated Mr. Trump for seeking “to isolate ourselves from the world,” “to embrace dictators and adopt their repressive tactics” and to “abandon commitments to our allies.”

“Let me be clear,” she said. “That worldview is dangerous, destabilizing and, indeed, shortsighted. That view would weaken America and would undermine global stability and undermine global prosperity.”

Afterward, Ms. Harris and Mr. Blinken each met separately with Ms. Navalnaya to express their condolences and commitment.

Ms. Navalnaya had come to Munich along with Leonid Volkov, her husband’s longtime chief of staff, to keep world leaders focused on her husband’s case and the clampdown on dissent by Mr. Putin’s government. She mingled on Thursday evening with conference attendees, seeing them at dinner and describing how conditions had worsened for her husband since they transferred him to a different prison in the Arctic .

“He had hardly any contact with other people,” Mr. McFaul said she told him. “His outdoor walking space was actually just another cell adjacent to him with no roof. They limited severely what he could read and piped in Putin speeches on a radio channel that had only one channel. It sounded like horrific torture.”

Over the years, many Russians hoped that Ms. Navalnaya might step in to become an alternative leading figure in the opposition. While fiercely outspoken in defending her husband and criticizing the many forms of oppression that he faced, however, she has never ventured directly into opposition politics — and rarely took to a podium as she did in Munich.

During Mr. Navalny’s time in Germany, where he was treated after his poisoning in 2020, she remained private, posting only occasional photos of the two of them together during his treatment and recovery, but never speaking publicly.

She became familiar to tens of millions around the world last year, however, when she appeared at the Academy Awards ceremony , where the documentary “Navalny” won an Oscar. In an interview afterward with Der Spiegel , the German news outlet, she expressed worry for her husband’s health in prison and lamented that she might never get to see him in person again.

“We all understand that it is Putin personally who is keeping Aleksei in prison,” she said then, “and as long as he stays in power, it is hard to imagine that Aleksei will be released.”

Mr. Navalny had continued to post on social media from prison by passing messages to his visiting lawyers. His most recent Instagram post was on Wednesday — Valentine’s Day — and it was a message to Yulia: We may be separated by “blue blizzards and thousands of kilometers,” he wrote, “but I feel that you are near me every second, and I keep loving you even more.”

Anton Troianovski and Melissa Eddy contributed reporting.

Peter Baker is the chief White House correspondent for The Times. He has covered the last five presidents and sometimes writes analytical pieces that place presidents and their administrations in a larger context and historical framework. More about Peter Baker


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  17. Vengeance

    A staff that heals and avenges, turning the life force of allies into a force to be reckoned with. Gear Score: 700 Perks: • • Keen Beacon • Refreshing Move • Enchanted • Perk Bucket - 100% Bind on Pickup

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    Divine Embrace is one of the most important abilities to have as a targeted group healer. Crafting Material: Steel Life Staff Charm - Refreshing Divine Embrace: Using Divine Embrace on a target below 50% health reduces the cooldown by 50% (69% on weapon) and gain 3.5% (5.8%) of your max mana. 3.

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    Almost all (96%) of staff said their personal life had benefited, and 86% felt they performed better at work, while 38% felt their organisation had become more efficient, and 24% said it had ...

  25. Trump allies prepare to infuse 'Christian nationalism' in second

    One document drafted by CRA staff and fellows includes a list of top priorities for CRA in a second Trump term. ... I will create a new federal task force on fighting anti-Christian bias to be led ...

  26. The Alabama Chief Justice Who Invoked God in ...

    "The whole world is coming unglued." Rick Rojas is a national correspondent covering the American South. He has been a staff reporter for The Times since 2014.

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    Mending Protection — Put on a weapon in an AoE build. This can also be used for a targeted group healing build and still provide a decent amount of healing output. Blessed — This perk is necessary for any Life Staff. It is a free healing increase and one of the only weapon perks that improves healing. Do not use any staff unless it has this ...

  28. Navalny's Wife Says Putin Will 'Bear ...

    In a surprise address in Munich, Yulia Navalnaya said that if her husband, Aleksei A. Navalny, was dead, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia would "bear responsibility," and she called on ...