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CV Writing Tips and Advice

Job hunting alone can be a stressful process without having to worry about if your CV is written appropriately. This article will provide you with some tips to help alleviate the anxiety that comes with writing your CV and some tricks to help it stand out to potential employers.

Personal Statement

Equipping your CV with a personal statement will help it stand out to employers. If positioned at the top of the first page, it’ll be the first thing that employers read and, if worded attractively, will entice them to keep reading. You should use this statement to focus on your best qualities and tailor it to the job you’re seeking.

The skills section of your CV should highlight pertinent skills that can help you excel at the job in question. Whether it is advanced computer skills, team-building, written or verbal communication, or problem solving skills make sure they relate to the job you are pursuing. Another way to make this section stand out is to utilize bullet points when listing these skills to give readers a quick and focused snapshot of the skills you have to offer.

Recent Employment vs. Older Positions

Employers will focus most of their attention on your most recent employment. So it’s crucial to make this section as detailed as possible. Use language that’s positive and shows that your current or most recent responsibilities can translate to the job you’re pursuing. Try to show, in your summary of recent employment, that you’ve had a positive impact in your position.

If you have many years of experience in your industry, you don’t have to elaborate as much on your older positions. A shorter summary of your responsibilities should be sufficient.

Length and Language

Time is precious to potential employers, so it’s important to be clear, concise and keep your CV to no longer than two pages. Show that you have good communication skills by using professional language — and always use spell-check prior to sending it forward. You want to catch the attention of the employer so that they’ll bring you in for an interview. During the interview you will have the opportunity to elaborate on your skills and expertise.

As you should always customize your CV to the role you’re pursuing, researching the role and company are key. You’ll want to know in advance what the company prides itself on and the qualities needed to be successful in the position you are applying for. Not only will this be helpful when writing your CV, but it will also benefit you if you land an interview.


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...should be able to demonstrate Intermediate level design skills and have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle any type of design job. Time-sensitivity is not an issue, as there is no set deadline; however, completing it as quickly and efficiently as possible would be preferred. Also, while I'm primarily looking for a designer, having experience and/or knowledge in other areas such as writing and programming would be beneficial. Description We are looking for a skilled front end website graphic designer for our website and landing page design and development needs. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of web graphic design/development principles and the ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly designs. The main responsibilities will...

I am looking for a writer to help me with a transportation planning research paper focusing on urban transportation. I have specific research questions and objectives for the paper. The expected length of the research paper is 18-25 pages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong backg...planning research paper focusing on urban transportation. I have specific research questions and objectives for the paper. The expected length of the research paper is 18-25 pages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in transportation planning and urban transportation - Experience in conducting research and writing academic papers - Familiarity with transportation planning theories and methodologies - Ability to analyze and interpret transportation data - Excellent writing and com...

...accounts set up for the payment gateway. Auto-Emails: - I would like to send both payment confirmation and payment failure emails. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in core PHP and JavaScript - Experience with integrating payment gateways, specifically Convergpay - Knowledge of setting up cron jobs for automated email sending - Strong attention to detail to ensure successful integration and email delivery. Only ping if you have good knowledge of payment gateway integration PHP emails cron jobs and Java script. Find below the developer guide for the gateway

Need to translate an sensitive documents (PDF )from malayalum to english. We tried using google lense translate but could not get accurate results. There are 10-15 pages to be translated. Will provide daily 10-15 pages for longterm if liked the work. Willing to pay 40 rs per page.

I'm looking for an ad expert to help me with my online portals. I specifically need help with Amazon, but I am open to other platforms as well. I have a specific goal in mind for my ad campaigns, which is to generate leads or sales. For this, I have a budget of $500-$1000. I need an experienced professional who can help me make the most out of my ad campaigns within my budget.

I am looking for a freelancer to help me create product listings for my Amazon store. Product Type: Electronics and Car related products Keywords: I am me create product listings for my Amazon store. Product Type: Electronics and Car related products Keywords: I am open to any relevant keywords that will help optimize the product listings for search engines. Number of Listings: I need more than 20 product listings created. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with writing product descriptions for e-commerce platforms, especially Amazon - Knowledge of SEO and keyword optimization - Strong writing and communication skills - Attention to detail and ability to accurately represent product features and benefits - Familiarity with Amazon's listing guideli...

Seeking a creative writer with experience in the wedding industry to create romantic wedding invitation wording. The ideal candidate will have a knack for crafting heartfelt and poetic prose that captures the essence of love and romance. Requirements: - Experience writing wedding invitation wording - Proficient in creating romantic and emotional content - Strong understanding of the wedding industry and its trends - Ability to deliver more than 10 pieces of content Skills: - Excellent writing skills with a focus on creativity and imagination - Attention to detail to ensure the wording is perfect for each invitation - Ability to meet deadlines and work efficiently If you have a passion for love stories and can bring a touch of romance to wedding invitations, we would love ...

I am looking for a content writer who can create engaging and informative articles for my clothing brand. The ideal candidate should have experience writing long-form content of more than 1000 words related to clothing brands. Key requirements: - Experience must be in clothing brand - We are looking for every kind of article like Quora, website, magazine Etc. - The articles should be well-researched and optimized for SEO - The content should be written in a clear and concise manner, catering to the general public Skills and experience: - Proven experience as a content writer, with a portfolio of long-form articles - Strong research skills to gather information on various topics - Ability to write in a captivating and engaging style while maintaining a professional tone - Famil...

I am seeking a skilled writing editor who can transform various scripts into well-written and engaging sentences. The ideal candidate should have experience in informal writing and be able to perform light editing on scripts that are more than 1000 words in length. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in editing for an informal tone - Ability to perform light editing on longer scripts - Strong command of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure - Attention to detail and ability to maintain the original meaning and intent of the script - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work with the client and ensure their satisfaction with the final edited sentences

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I am looking for a content writer who can create blog posts and text articles ranging from 500-1000 words. The writing style should be formal, targeting a general audience. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating informative and engaging content for the general public.

I am looking for a talented freelancer to build an online auction website for me with certain specific features. The purpose of this website is to auction collectibles. Key functionalities that I need to be included are live bidding, buy now option, and reserve price option. In terms of design, I would like the website to be colorful and interactive, rather than minimalistic or professional and straightforward. If you think you have what it takes to bring my vision to life, I would be happy to hear from you!

...implemented key features such as artificial intelligence, geolocation, and post scheduling. Development and Optimization Needs: To take LocalBrain to the next level and establish a stronger offering, several key areas need to be addressed: Management of Online Presence on Additional Directories: LocalBrain needs to expand its capability to manage online presence on multiple portals or directories, similar to platforms like This will ensure that business information remains consistent and accurate across a variety of online platforms. Optimization and Enhancement of Current Development: It is essential to fine-tune and optimize existing functionalities to ensure efficient performance and a seamless user experience. Development of Backend for Inv...

Hi All ! We want to be adult content writer for my client website.

Objective: The primary objective of this project is to develop a robust application on the CloudSim simulation environment that employs a Game Theory integrated approach to optimize Virtual Machine (VM) migration. This application aims to address the challenges associated with VM placement and resource allocation in cloud environments skills needed for this project:...This application aims to address the challenges associated with VM placement and resource allocation in cloud environments skills needed for this project: Cloud Computing Concepts CloudSim Proficiency Game Theory Algorithm Design and Analysis Java Programming (since CloudSim is Java-based) Version Control (e.g., Git) Project Management Software Testing and Debugging Documentation and Technical Writing Performance Op...

Product Listing Assistant for Handmade Items on Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in writing compelling product descriptions - Familiarity with the Etsy platform and its listing guidelines - Attention to detail and ability to accurately represent the unique qualities of each handmade item - Strong organizational skills to manage and update product listings Responsibilities: - Revise existing product descriptions to optimize their appeal and increase conversion rates - Ensure that each product listing adheres to Etsy's guidelines and standards - Collaborate with the client to accurately represent the unique qualities of each handmade item - Enhance product images through basic photo editing techniques if necessary - Ensure timely and accurate updates to product listings P...

Project Title: Copywriting and Article Writing Description: I am in need of a skilled copywriter and article writer to assist me with creating engaging and compelling content for my website. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing website copy and articles. Content Type: - Primarily focused on website copy Specific Keywords or Phrases: - I am not sure about any specific keywords or phrases that need to be included in the content. The freelancer can suggest relevant keywords based on the topic. Length of Each Piece of Content: - The desired length for each piece of content is under 500 words. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in copywriting and article writing - Strong ability to create engaging and compelling content - Familiarity with SEO b...

I'm looking for someone to help with content and brand writing for my project. I have existing brand guidelines and a brand voice that needs to be followed. My main focus is website content, and my target audience is adults. I'd like the writer to have experience in creating engaging content that speaks to the heart of my target audience. I'm looking for someone who can stick to the agreed upon style and tone so that my content reflects my brand's personality. If you're an experienced content and brand writer, I look forward to hearing from you about how you can help my project.

...historian. First, who is the author? What is their background and how did they gain enough expertise to write on this subject? The author constructed their argument using sources—what are they? How do they use their sources and which sources do they rely on the most? Are there places where the author has filled in the blanks between sources and had to theorize or guess? What is the style of their writing and how well do they make their points? Experience (1-2 pages): To conclude your review, spend some time explaining how you experienced the book. How does this book help you better understand the world—particularly other cultures in other time periods? What themes really resonated with your life? If you are a person of faith, how did this book affect your understa...

We are actively seeking a freelancer to assist with the following tasks. Please note that while we are in the process of identifying the right candidate, these tasks remain open and require attention: Page Speed Issues: You will get access to the Google Search Console to monitor the results of the recent reevaluation of our website pages. Understand that it may take up to 28 days...affiliate vouchers. Although we can generate them, they will not be published due to the uncertainty surrounding sales tracking. Please ensure that you prioritize these tasks as per their importance and deadlines once you join the team. Feel free to reach out if you require any additional information or guidance. We look forward to your valuable assistance in managing these crucial aspects of our online ...

Project Description: Online Research and Data Entry Expert Needed Skills and Experience: - Strong background in market research - Proficient in conducting online research and data entry - Experience in gathering and analyzing data for geographical regions - Ability to present data in a spreadsheet format Project Requirements: - Conduct market research for specific geographical regions - Gather data and enter it into a spreadsheet - Ensure accuracy and completeness of the data - Organize and categorize the data for easy analysis Deliverables: - Completed spreadsheet with all the gathered data - Data should be well-organized and easily understandable Note: The client is specifically looking for an expert who can conduct market research and enter the data into a spreadsheet....

I am looking for a content writer to create a script for a 5-10 minute YouTube video in the entertainment niche. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing engaging and entertaining scripts for online videos. The script should be creative, captivating, and suitable for the target audience. The project requires a script only, and the client will handle the voice-over separately. The duration of the video and the subject matter will be provided to the chosen freelancer.

Hi guys, Looking for a native French writer to write a couple of articles for us, with the potential for this to go on repeat. We'd like to get the first two articles of ca. 2000 words each completed asap, and then there 'll be more time for future orders. The topic is AI related, e.g. best AI tools for writing . But please note, we're looking for human, manual translations. No Google Translate, no AI. We will check and withhold payment if we notice tools or AIhave been used. We're also looking for a French editor.

1000-1500 words written report of critical appraisal on the methodology of a randomised controlled trial paper provided

Title: Social Media Marketing Manager I am looking for a skilled and experienced Social Media Marketing Manager to help ...Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in managing social media accounts, specifically on Instagram. - Strong understanding of social media marketing strategies and trends. - Ability to create and curate visually appealing and engaging content. - Proficient in using social media management tools. - Familiarity with analytics and data-driven decision making. - Excellent communication and writing skills. - Knowledge of branding and marketing principles. If you are a social media expert who can help me build brand awareness and promote my products or services effectively on Instagram, please submit your proposal. The Freelancer needs to be based in Mum...

I am looking for a skilled Shopify developer to create a unique online store for me. The budget for this project is less than $500. Specifically, I am interested in having a custom design for my store. I want it to stand out and reflect my brand's identity. I also need assistance with purchasing a domain name and hosting for my online store. I do not have them yet, but I am open to recommendations and guidance on this. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in Shopify development and be proficient in custom design. Knowledge of SEO optimization is also a plus. Key requirements for this project include: - Creating a unique and visually appealing online store design - Assisting with purchasing a domain name and hosting - Integrating a paymen...

I need 2000 words of SEO article. Topic: Dog training programs Deadline: 3 days Budget: $180

article two offshore writing wind turbine

I am looking for an English-speaking actor who can portray a doctor in a short medical drama video. The video will ...Ability to convincingly portray a doctor and deliver lines from a script The ideal candidate will be able to bring authenticity and professionalism to the role, while also being able to effectively convey emotion and engage the audience. The ability to memorize lines and deliver them with naturalness and confidence is crucial. Please note that I already have a script for the video, so no script writing is required. However, the actor should be open to any necessary adjustments or improvisation during filming to ensure a smooth and successful production. If you have any previous work or a demo reel showcasing your acting skills, please include it in your proposal. ... discuss specific areas in the statement of purpose that I want to be emphasized with the freelancer. This will help in highlighting my strengths and achievements effectively. Preferred Tone: I am looking for a formal tone of language in the rephrased and edited statement of purpose. It should be professional and convey my intentions and goals clearly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong writing and editing skills - Excellent command of the English language - Experience in editing academic or professional documents - Ability to understand and convey the client's goals effectively - Collaborative approach and willingness to discuss and incorporate client's input If you are a talented freelancer with experience in editing statements of purpose and have the ability ...

I'm looking for a copywriter to help with my brand's content needs. Specifically, I'm in need of brand book copy writing services. I already have brand guidelines and style guides in place that I will provide the copywriter with. The target audience for my brand is both consumers and businesses.

I am looking for a skilled copywriter who can create engaging and persuasive copy in a formal and professional tone. The intended audience for the copy is both the general public and industry professionals. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in copywriting, preferably in a professional setting - Ability to write in a formal and professional tone - Strong understanding of persuasive writing techniques - Knowledge of the target audience and ability to tailor the copy accordingly - Excellent research skills to gather relevant information - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines

...track progress, and send notifications to customers. 4. Parts and Inventory Management: The software should have a module for managing parts and inventory. This includes tracking stock levels, generating purchase orders, and managing supplier information. 5. Workshop Management: The software should include features to manage the day-to-day operations of the workshop This includes tracking repair jobs assiqninq tasks to technicians, monitorinq Invoicing and Billing: The software should have a module for generating and managing invoices. This includes integrating with financial systems tracking payments, and generating reports. 7. Reporting and Analytics: The software should have robust reporting and analytics capabilities. This includes generating reports on key performance indica...

I am looking for experienced programming solution writers who can write blog articles on various programming languages, topics will be provided by us and how-to-write format will be provided by us. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python, PHP, Java, C, and .Net etc - Good writing skills and the ability to explain complex programming concepts in a clear and concise manner - Ability to write engaging and informative blog articles - Proficiency in conducting research and presenting data analysis findings The articles should be well-researched, easy to understand, and provide practical insights and examples. If you have the required skills and experience in any programming and can deliver well-written blog articles within the specified length, please...

I am looking for a freelancer who can help me find GTIN numbers for my online store that sells pet supplies. I am not sure yet about the specific brand or manufacturer for my products, but I need GTIN numbers for more than 1000 products. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in product research and sourcing - Familiarity with GTIN numbers and their importance in online retail - Attention to detail and accuracy in data collection - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines

Project Title: Reflection on Personal Growth Purpose of the Reflection: - Personal growth through self-reflection - Learning from past experiences - Critical analysis of a project Specific Project or Experience: - The client has a specific project or experience in mind for the reflection Desired Length: - The reflection should be less than 500 words Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong writing skills to effectively convey personal growth and critical analysis - Experience in self-reflection and learning from past experiences - Ability to articulate insights and lessons learned concisely within the word limit

Connect for more... will explain this in detail

Hello, I am looking for a professional medical academic writer to work on a project focused on biomedical case study. I have detailed guidelines and instructions that I will provide, and the desired length of the academic paper should be more than 10 pages. The ideal candidate should have significant experience in medical academic writing , especially with regards to case studies. An exceptional ability to research, analyze and interpret medical information is an asset. If you believe you are the right fit for this project, please reach out as soon as possible.

I am looking for a freelancer to write an academic essay of 2500 words on the subject of Sociology of Teaching and Learning. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in sociology or related field - Excellent research skills - Ability to analyze and synthesize inf...College Style citation format - Attention to detail and ability to follow guidelines The essay should be well-researched and include the specific sources that I will provide. The freelancer should use their expertise to find additional relevant sources if needed. The citation style for the essay should follow the Specific College Style guidelines. Please provide examples of previous academic writing projects and indicate your familiarity with Sociology of Teaching and Learning. More information will be given afte...

Project Title: Classical Harmony Tutor Overview: I am an advanced music theory student seeking a skilled tutor to deepen my understanding of classical harmony. I am specifically interested in improving my knowledge and skills in writing corals. Requirements: - Extensive knowledge and experience in music theory, specifically in classical harmony - Ability to tailor lessons and exercises to cater to advanced level learners - Strong communication and tutoring skills to effectively convey complex concepts - Availability for tutoring sessions twice a week Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced music theory knowledge with a focus on classical harmony - Previous experience as a music theory tutor, preferably with advanced level students - Familiarity with various resources and material...

Need someone who can write perfectly on data science. Machine learning and other technical topics. Candidate must have knowledge of field and experience of writing in this domain.

I'm looking for help to craft a unique and captivating personal statement for my Common App submission. I have specific prompts that I would like to use, and the main focus of the statement should be on my personal achievements and career goals. I need someone who can create something original and memorable, someone ...scratch. This project requires extensive research into my background, education, experiences, and achievements to create a 600-700 word personal statement. It also requires creativity, as the goal is for the statement to stand out amongst the other submissions. Ideally, the writer should have knowledge in Common App essay writing and personal statement structure. Above all, I'm looking for someone with an eye for detail and a passion for making meaningfu...

Project Description: I am looking for a skilled script writer with knowledge of the North American and Canadian real estate market to create scripts for tiktok and Instagram videos for realtors. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing scripts for social media platforms and be familiar with the real estate industry. Requirements: - Knowledge of the North American and Canadian real estate market - Experience in script writing for tiktok and Instagram videos - Ability to create informative and factual scripts - Understanding of the real estate industry and its terminology Scope of Work: - Create scripts for tiktok and Instagram videos ranging from 30-60 seconds in length - Incorporate general ideas provided by the client into the scripts - Ensure that the script...

Sierra One is hiring individuals to aid with designing and implementing software solutions for our suite of products. The role of Programmer Analyst will quote, write, modify, integrate and test software changes; identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions. Most importantly Sierra One is looking for self-motivated individuals who are excited to learn new sk...Knowledge on Software / System Security best practices Awareness of software compliance requirements for things like Payment data (PCI), Consumer Protections (GDRP, CCPA, ADA), Open-Source licensing, Software Access and Controls (SOX/SOC) Salary Dependent on years of experience and technical skills, the salary range for this position is $16 - $32 per hour

I am looking for a freelancer to help me set up my eBay online store. Here are the details of the project: Products: I will be selling general merchandise on my eBay store. Layout/Design: While I don't have a specific design in mind, I want my eBay store to look professional. Number of Products: Initially, I plan on listing less than 50 products on my eBay store. Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up and designing eBay stores - Proficiency in creating a professional and visually appealing layout for an online store - Familiarity with listing products on eBay If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal.

You need proven skills with references from previous clients for affiliate work Pay is per integrated link that you have placed on a website, this will be £1.25 x 55 locations, to start with, if you are successful then more locations to place the links will be asked from you Skills: # Excellent English reading and writing # Finding 'Banner Ad Space' to target links # Deep knowledge of affiliate marketing # Knowledge of high paying affiliate programs or payouts I will pay for the advertising space on websites or places that you will place the links like social media. You must have ideas on where to get the affiliate links and where to place them to get an end sale from the customers who pay using the link

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Your company must appear competent, large, and in control. In case you make grammatical errors or use poor accentuation, your clients might judge you as amateurish. You may likewise be depicting yourself as flighty and indiscreet.

You need to hire an independent writer to create the right image for your business. With a professional essayist, you can guarantee that your message is well conveyed accurately without any minor errors.

Create reliable, understandable, and simple content

Most companies view themselves as specialists. Thus, produce documentation that is hard for the consumer to understand.

Due to a lack of expertise, they believe their customers will understand their content if they use the big words.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case. The overwhelming majority of online content is quickly read without understanding it fully.

They will likely find someone else's content if they are unable to understand yours or do not find it interesting at first glance. This will push them to buy the competitor's product more than yours. Thus, the need for content writing arises.

Freelance content writing benefits any business

A freelance writer can benefit any business, no matter how big or small. If you are a freelance writer, you can translate professional jargon into terms that the average reader will understand.

Upon analysis, they come up with a version of what your customers will find. Consider having someone unfamiliar with your business examine the content and see if they understand it.


A freelance writer is someone you can trust to deliver. They deliver their promise or even more, and that is a positive thing. It is therefore advisable to hire them. Additionally, they are business people and want to build a good reputation for themselves. So they will make promises they can keep and deliver what you want to work with them again.

They will be able to fully understand and anticipate all your needs. moreover will be able to directly communicate to you what you would like your content to be.

Freelance writers accomplish what they set out to do

Persuasion is their strength. Also, they know how to utilize the right language to pass a message and get individuals to become involved with what they say. Their outcomes are great to such an extent that this has made them so attractive to generate leads. The freelance writers make the clients follow up on your content rather than simply understanding it.

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Malayalam is a dravidian language that connects the audience with their nativity.

Writing phenomenal content in Malayalam involves more than just putting words on paper. Malayalam authors focus on producing esteemed content in all areas of their business. That involves incorporating engaging features as well as best practices. The content creates connections with customers as well as potential customers. Experts and knowledgeable writers who are freelance writers in Malayalam can make this possible.

An expert content writer can benefit from understanding the structure of Malayalam writing and its practices. If they have a decent knowledge of this, they can become great content writers.

Connect with Wri8 to make excellent and engaging content.

We provide the best Malayalam freelance writers. Wri8 is the best job board to post your jobs for freelance writers in Malayalam. Among the various content writers that Wri8 brings together in one location, it serves as a vital resource to satisfy the requirements and needs of clients.

Making content connections, addressing crowd needs, and simplifying the customer's experience are all factors that contribute to SEO.

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[JY712] - Malayalam Content Writer Intern

Blusteak media kottayam, kerala.

...young group of growth-hungry digitalists. And we’re looking for more people for our tribe. We need people with marketing in their blood, who thrive on content ... 20 days ago in Kitjob_in

Malayalam Content Writer Intern | (QFS-360)

Freelance content writer malayalam kannada.

Job Description We are seeking talented and passionate freelance content writers proficient in either Malayalam or Kannada language to join our team. As a... 24 days ago in Yuva Jobs

[S419] - Copywriter (English & Malayalam )

Spiderworks technologies ernakulam, kerala.

...been the medium of study in schools and colleges. Should have worked as a creative writer , copywriter, or content writer for at least 1 year prior to this. 7 days ago in Kitjob_in

Copywriter (English & Malayalam ) P-618

Spiderworks technologies kochi, kerala, content writer, talent academy and publications thiruvanananthapuram, kerala. work in all kinds of writing styles, content types for education domain. Should have basic understanding about content creation for social media platforms. 30+ days ago in shine

(JBY-955) Copywriter (English & Malayalam )

Ljo-975 - content writer, urbanfingers kannur, kerala.

UrbanFingers is seeking a talented and experienced Content Writer to join our creative team. The Content Writer will play a key role in developing... 7 days ago in Kitjob_in

Content Writer Sub Editor

One india bangalore, karnataka.

To write content on topics such as living culture lifestyle home garden relationships etc Edit articles and rewrite stories and general content . Developing... 30+ days ago in Yuva Jobs

Junior Inside Sales Executive [GW-292]

The smart owl bangalore, karnataka.

...Kannada/Tamil/Telegu/ Malayalam is an added advantage) 17... Persistent and consistent 18... Have a passion for learning and is open to working in a dynamic... 7 days ago in Kitjob_in

Junior Inside Sales Executive - BTP-839

Content writing work from home job/internship at shabd..

... Malayalam , Nepali, Bodo, Sanskrit, Odia, Bhojpuri etc) Skills required: language proficiency, MS Office, good communication Number of internships available: 30 10 days ago in Internshala

Junior Inside Sales Executive

...Kannada/Tamil/Telegu/ Malayalam is an added advantage) 5. Persistent and consistent 6. Have a passion for learning and is open to working in a dynamic... Gross/year: ₹ 3 lakhs 16 days ago in Monster

Search Evaluator in India

Appen delhi, delhi.

Interested in improving the relevance of search results? As a search engine uator, your job is to analyze content , images, video, and/or advertising to... 30+ days ago in

(P-195) - Junior Inside Sales Executive

...Kannada/Tamil/Telegu/ Malayalam is an added advantage) 17... Persistent and consistent 18... Have a passion for learning and is open to working in a dynamic... 14 days ago in Kitjob_in

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    To write a job position justification, first decide the title of the new job position and then create a job description and a cost analysis. A job position justification, also known as a job proposal, is generally written by an employee.

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  5. 42 Malayalam Content Writer Jobs and Vacancies

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