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70 things to write when bored and seeking inspiration.

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Ever feel like you’re just twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do? Writing can be like a magical adventure that takes you on exciting journeys of imagination when you’re unsure what to do next. Here are 70 ideas (Things to Write When Bored) to get your pencil moving and mind racing when boredom strikes!

 1. Pen a Message to Your Older Self

Think about where you are today and where you want to be 1, 5, or even 10 years from now. Imagine talking to your future self and telling them about your big dreams , goals, and what you hope to achieve. Seal it up and open it years later!

2. Plan your dream vacation

Research destinations and activities for your ideal getaway. Make an itinerary, budget, and packing list for a dream vacation you hope to take someday. Allow your imagination to go on an exciting adventure!

3. Create New Song Words

Choose your favorite song and give its lyrics a makeover from a different perspective. Try writing from another character’s point of view or changing the setting. Get creative and make it funny or dramatic.

4. Pen a poem

Discover Your Inner Poet and give poetry a try. It can be about anything from nature to emotions to daily life. Experiment with rhyme, verse, and other poetic devices.

5. Start a running journal 

Document your daily runs or workouts. Jot down distances, routes, how you felt, challenges you overcame, and goals achieved. It’s motivating to see your progress.

6. Craft a short story

Let your imagination flow and write a fictional short story. Develop exciting characters, settings, and plot twists. If inspiration strikes, keep writing to turn it into a novella!

7. Create Your Play

Write a play script with characters and directions. Develop engaging characters and act out the scenes in your head. Your playwriting may come to life on stage someday!

8. Pen a motivational manifesto

Write an inspirational mantra or motivational manifesto to uplift yourself . Include affirmations, quotes, and words of wisdom that resonate with you. Revisit it when you need a confidence boost.

70 Things to Write When Bored

9. Try calligraphy 

Practice the art of beautiful handwriting. Try different styles of calligraphy and decorative fonts. This meditative practice enhances focus and creativity. 

10. Start a quote collection

Explore books and the internet to find quotes that inspire you. Transcribe your favorites into a journal or digital document. Add your thoughts and commentary on each quote’s meaning.

11. Make a bucket list

Make a list of 25 or 50 amazing things you want to do in your life! Think about fun adventures, exciting places to go, extraordinary skills to master, and books you can’t wait to read. Challenge yourself!

12. Pen product reviews

Write reviews of products you’ve purchased, from tech gadgets to beauty items. Share pros/cons, ratings, and who you would recommend the product to. Your honest reviews may help other consumers.

13. Draft a speech 

Practice public speaking by writing a speech. Choose an inspiring topic and research facts and stories to include. Read it aloud and refine it for optimal impact.

14. Describe a fictional character

Dream up an interesting fictional character. Write a thorough description including their personality, background, interests, quirks, habits, motivations, dialogue, and character arc.

15. Compose song lyrics

Channel your musical creativity by writing an original song. Compose lyrics with verses and a catchy chorus. If you’re feeling extra inspired, try writing melody ideas, too.

16. Write a blog post

Choose a topic you love and write an excellent blog post about it, Like You’re Sharing Your Expertise with the World. Use keywords, headings, images, and links to optimize it.

17. Craft dialogues 

Write a conversation between two fictional characters. Give them distinct voices through vocabulary, sentence structure, and tone. Make the dialogue reveal something about each character.

18. Describe a place

Pick a place familiar to you and write a vivid, sensory description for someone who has never been there. Use adjectives and figurative language to bring it to life.

19. Write a fan letter 

Send uplifting fan mail to someone you admire, like an author, musician, activist, athlete, or artist, explaining how they have impacted you. They may write back!

20. Pen a children’s book

Write a fun children’s story with engaging characters, easy vocabulary, repetition, rhyme, and colorful illustrations. Read it aloud in silly character voices for extra fun.

21. Draft essays

Practice different essay formats. Try narrative, persuasive, expository, descriptive, and comparison/contrast essays. Researching a topic boosts learning.

22. Create recipes 

Write original recipes for your favorite home-cooked meals or baked goods. Include ingredient lists, clear instructions, cooking time, and number of servings. Test and tweak them.

23. Design a crossword puzzle

Make a crossword puzzle using interesting vocabulary – nouns, verbs, adjectives, phrases, etc. Come up with clever clues and fill in the answers.

24. Write a monologue

Pretend you are a character in a play. Write a monologue in their voice exploring their thoughts, feelings, and perspective on life. Get into character!

25. Keep a nature journal

Record observations and sketches of plants and animals when you spend time outdoors. Describe habitats, behaviors, sounds, colors, and more in detail.

26. Make lists and charts

Get organized by making practical (or silly) lists and charts. Ideas include grocery lists, travel checklists, best movies rankings, wardrobe inventory, pros & cons, and more.

27. Design greeting cards

Write heartfelt messages for holiday cards, thank you notes, and more. Get crafty by decorating matching envelopes and creating your greeting cards.

28. Start a quote collection

Browse books and the internet for inspiring quotes. Transcribe your favorites into a journal or digital document. Add your thoughts and commentary on each quote’s meaning. 

29. Write silly stories 

Let your imagination run wild writing a silly, funny story starring you and your friends or family as characters. Exaggerate Events and get creative with humorous plot twists!

30. Compose trivia questions

Create your trivia quiz on topics you’re knowledgeable about, like pop culture, geography, sports, history, or science. Write tricky multi-choice or true/false questions.

31. Draft opening lines

Practice powerful, hooking opening lines for hypothetical novels. Brainstorm ideas and play around with impactful wording to draw readers in and make them eager to read more.

32. Describe works of art

Pick a painting or other piece of visual art and write a thorough descriptive analysis. Discuss the medium, artistic elements, possible meaning, and your subjective reaction. 

33. Make a family tree

Include your extended family tree with names, dates, and locations. Go back generations if possible. Add stories and photos for a keepsake family history.

34. Plan dream dates

Write ideas and itineraries for creative, fun, or romantic dates. Include specific activities, conversation topics, places to go in your community, gestures, and ways to make it memorable.

35. Compose a resume

Write or polish your professional resume and cover letter to showcase skills, experience, and accomplishments. Tweak formatting to showcase qualifications for desired job opportunities.

Crafting a short story

36. Pen a biography 

Choose a historical or pop culture figure and write a short biography profiling their background, achievements, controversies, and impact on the World. Include interesting facts.

37. Write a how-to guide

Explain the steps to complete a process from start to finish, like a craft, recipe, game strategy, or computer tutorial. Add images, charts, and tips to create a helpful how-to reference.

38. Create a calendar 

Make a fun or artistic calendar for the year. Include holidays, birthdays, events, and images. Track your schedule and critical dates. Make It Extra Special as a Gift for Someone You Care About.

39. Start a movie journal

Log each film you watch. Rate it, summarize the plot, and document favorite quotes, characters, scenes, and insights. Note how it affected your mood and perspective.

40. Draft a political speech

Write a political campaign speech supporting a real or hypothetical candidate. Include their background, values, and stance on critical issues. Try to sway votes!

41. Design tattoos

Doodle tattoo designs and ideas. Sketch visual elements and phrases that express your personality. Imagine ink you’d consider getting…or draw for fun!

42. Describe a dream

Record details you remember from interesting or bizarre dreams. Analyze possible meanings, symbols, and interpretations. See if it sparks creative writing ideas.

43. Plan your goals

List personal and professional goals for the next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. List specific steps you can take now and milestones to aim for toward success.

44. Create a vision board

Make a collage of inspirational images, quotes, and words representing your goals and dreams. Display it where you’ll see it often as a motivational reminder.

45. Write a short comic

Design your comic strip with pictures and speech bubbles. Invent fun characters and humorously portray an everyday slice-of-life scenario from a unique perspective.

46. Draft inner monologues

Write an inner monologue expressing a character’s unspoken thoughts and fee l ings . Try using a diary format or write your character’s thoughts at critical story moments.

47. Keep an observation journal

Record exciting things you notice and ponder during mundane moments and daily activities. Reflect on life, philosophy, human nature, and your personal growth.

48. Make a scrapbook 

Create a memory scrapbook page by page. Decorate with photos, tickets, pressed flowers, journaling, and washi tape. Arrange meaningfully – chronologically or thematically. 

49. Write prayer petitions

List people, causes, and concerns you want to pray for. Revisit and update it regularly. Checking back when prayers are answered strengthens your faith.

50. Create coupons 

Make homemade coupons for gifts you can give loved ones, like a free hug, home-cooked meal, chore help, movie night, errand service, etc. Make them cute and customize them for the recipient!

51. Plan your dream home

Draw floor plans and describe your ideal future house. Include architectural styles, room purposes, furniture arrangements, decor details, and technology. Have fun dreaming and designing!

52. Pen a self-help book

Write a self-help book targeted to help people improve their lives. Share knowledge, insights, examples, and action steps on motivation, stress relief , and overcoming challenges. 

53. Compose song parodies

Write funny new lyrics to existing songs and tunes. Change the words to be about mundane topics or poke fun at pop culture. Song parodies make memorable inside jokes.

54. Update your social media bios 

Refresh your social media profiles with new bios. Showcase your personality, knowledge, and interests. Tweak formatting for optimal space use and clickability.

55. Make a family cookbook

Collect favorite family recipes and type or transcribe them into a custom cookbook. Include stories, photos, and family memories to treasure. Self-publish and share copies.

Pen a Message to Your Older Self

56. Plan a novel 

Outline details for a book you’d like to write someday. Develop characters, plot points, settings, themes, and story arcs. List ideas to expand into full scenes.

57. Write poetry

Try your hand at poetry writing. Experiment with multiple styles like free verse, odes, haikus, and sonnets. Express your innermost thoughts and feelings through poetic language.

58. Create educational materials

Make flashcards, quizzes, games, and other study aids for yourself or others to comprehend and retain information better. Tailor them to various learning styles.

59. Craft a screenplay

Write a script for a hypothetical movie or TV show. Include plot summaries, scene settings, detailed action descriptions, and believable dialogue for each character.

60. Plan event programming

Brainstorm ideas and logistics for conferences, parties, weddings, and fundraisers. Detail schedules, activities, menus, decorations, and entertainment options.

61. Design merchandise

Unleash your creativity by designing logos, slogans, patterns, and graphics for hypothetical t-shirts, water bottles, phone cases, stickers, bags, and other custom merchandise.

62. Keep a dream journal

Document dreams you have while sleeping. Recording them helps you remember more details and may reveal insights about your subconscious thoughts and feelings.

63. Write a user manual

Explaining how to perform a complicated task in simple steps. Create documentation with instructions, images, diagrams, warnings, and FAQs to help users understand processes.

64. Make illustrations

Hand-draw illustrations to accompany stories or stand alone as artwork. Doodle interesting characters, street scenes, patterns, portraits, fantasy creatures, landscapes, and more.

65. Draft business plans

Outline business proposals and plans for hypothetical companies and products. Include industry research, branding, marketing strategies, operations, and financial projections.

66. Design a website

Map out ideas and content for a website. Make sitemaps and wireframes. Plan aesthetics. Write copy for pages like About, Services, Blog, Contact, and more. 

67. Pen a memoir

Write your life story, one experience at a time. Describe key moments, relationships, challenges, adventures, and personal growth. Create a meaningful family heirloom.

68. Craft educational resources

Make educational materials to help others learn. Write lesson plans, lecture notes, presentations, pamphlets, or books. Synthesize what you know into easily understandable formats.

69. Create playlists

Make customized music playlists for different moods and occasions. Select and sequence songs thoughtfully. Craft engaging titles and liner notes for your hypothetical album.

70. Write learning reflections

After finishing a book, course, or new experience, write about what you learned, what impacted you, and how you were changed. Processing solidifies knowledge.

Concluding Thoughts – Things to Write When Bored

The next time you find yourself bored and in need of inspiration, try putting pen to paper! As you can see from the 70 ideas above, writing can be a fulfilling outlet and a fantastic use of free time.

Experiment with different forms of writing to channel creativity, process thoughts and feelings, plan for the future, make helpful references, and entertain yourself. Keep a designated journal or notebook to revisit and expand upon your writing. 

Let the writing process stir self-discovery and personal growth. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, pick up a pen and scribble whatever comes to mind. The possibilities are endless when you approach writing with an open mind and heart.

What supplies do I need to start writing when bored?

The bare minimum would be a pen and paper, but you may also want to grab items like a journal, notebook, laptop, or tablet to write on. Other valuable supplies include a dictionary, thesaurus, and inspiring books.

Should I worry about grammar and spelling when writing for fun?

During early drafts, resist the urge to self-edit and let your creativity flow freely without worrying about perfection. You can always go back and correct errors later if needed. The substance is more important than grammatical correctness in exploratory writing.

How can writing help me when bored or uninspired?

Writing engages your mind, helps you set goals, improves focus, boosts imagination, and has therapeutic benefits. It’s an absorbing activity that can make you feel productive and energized. The creative process is often rewarding.

What should I do if I hit a mental block or run out of ideas?

Take a break and do something different for a while. Go for a walk, listen to music, or talk to a friend. Your mind may be ready with fresh inspiration after resting. You can also try free writing or writing prompts to get unstuck.

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71 Things To Write When Bored: Sparking New Creativity

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This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, read the full disclosure here.

Writing is an excellent form of self-expression. It is also an easy and fun way to spend some quality time when you are bored. Just grab a piece of paper and pen, and go… Or not?

Whether you use writing to journal your thoughts and emotions or convey a message through a blog post, there comes a dreaded time when you hit writer’s block.

For the times that the blank page feels like a wall blocking your imagination, I have prepared 71 ideas of things to write when bored.

71 Ideas Of Things To Write When Bored

Writing is a creative means to explore your thoughts and have a productive conversation with yourself. It’s a cool way to unleash your imagination and tell stories, whether they’re made up or based on the real stuff.

It’s like an art form that lets you venture into new worlds and escape from reality. And if you’re into true stories, creative nonfiction is where it’s at. You get to put your own spin on real events and make them even more interesting!

The true definition of creative writing is:

Original writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way.

I can imagine that if this is the first time you want to try creative writing, you may have no clue where to start or what to write. Depending on what aspect you would like to dive deeper into, I have created categories for the things to write when bored.

Without further due, here are 71 ideas of things to write when bored.

71 Things To Write When Bored: Sparking New Creativity

Things To Write When Bored To Discover Yourself

  • Write about your role model/ the person you admire most in life. Why do you look up to them?
  • Describe what makes you YOU.
  • Describe yourself through the eyes of the most important people in your life. What do they see in you?
  • Describe your future life as if anything you dreamt of was possible. What does this tell about your aspirations and yourself?
  • What skills would you like to learn/ experiences would you like to live if you had all the time and money you needed?
  • What are your favorites in any category – food, movies, clothes, colors, games, subjects, etc.?
  • Describe your favorite place in the world – it could be an imaginary place. What do you think this indicates about yourself?
  • Visualize and describe the person you would like to become in the future/ your ideal self. What changes do you need to make to get there?
  • Note your biggest personality flaws. Where do they stem from? Is there anything you can do to better yourself? 
  • Explore your core values. What do you consider more important than fame and money?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Are there any parts of yourself you feel insecure about?

Things To Write When Bored To Express Gratitude

  • What happened today that made you grateful to be alive?
  • Challenge yourself to write as many things you could be grateful for as possible.
  • Describe how gratitude makes you feel and why it is important for your mental health.
  • Which people are you most grateful to have in life? Why are these people important to you?
  • What is your proudest achievement, possession, etc., that you are most grateful for?
  • Write about your happiest childhood memory.
  • Write about the things that can make your day.

Things To Write When Bored To Explore Your Curiosity

  • What do you feel most passionate about?
  • If you could learn anything about any subject, what would that be?
  • Look up a subject that fascinates you and write down what impressed you the most.
  • Listen to a piece of music that doesn’t match your taste and write how you feel about it.
  • Write down some interesting facts you know and search for more facts to enrich your list.
  • What are your thoughts on life and death?
  • What do you think life in space will be like?
  • What is your biggest fear?

Things To Write When Bored For Humor

  • If you could only watch one movie/ listen to one song/ eat one food for your entire life, what would that be?
  • Imagine your closest friends as cartoon characters.
  • Remember the funniest experience in your life.
  • Re-imagine the time you felt most embarrassed in your life from the perspective of an outsider.
  • If you had one million dollars, where would you spend them?
  • What is one thing you never told anyone?
  • If you had one superpower, what would that be, and why?
  • Compose a satirical news article or blog post about a fictional event.
  • Craft a comedic guide on surviving a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion.
  • Write a letter to your past self, warning them about all the goofy things they would do as an adult.

Things To Write When Bored Of Creative Thinking

  • Imagine how would a normal day at work change if something unexpected happened.
  • Imagine a utopia/ an ideal world.
  • Take some of your weirdest dreams and try to write a story around them.
  • How would life be in a future run by technology?
  • Imagine yourself in a parallel universe.
  • Describe life through the eyes of your pet.
  • Write a song or poem about your favorite person. (You can do it for your favorite meal, too – I won’t judge!)
  • Write a short story about your favorite characters. They don’t have to be from the same universe.
  • Create a detailed map and description of your dream imaginary world.
  • Imagine a world where your favorite fictional creatures existed.
  • Write a short story about time travel. Where would you like to travel in time, and what adventures would you get yourself into?

Things To Write When Bored To Inspire Yourself

  • Remember and write about a difficult time you managed to go through.
  • Write down your greatest victories in life.
  • Write about an inspirational success story you know about and how it makes you feel.
  • Listen to an inspirational TED Talk and keep notes. Then, use them as prompts to elaborate your thoughts.
  • Write about the times your hard work and persistence helped you achieve your goals.
  • Describe how you would feel if you had achieved all your current goals.
  • Reflect on a time when someone’s kindness or support made a significant impact on your life.
  • Create a vision board but with inspirational sentences.
  • Describe your highest purpose in life as you would explain it to your younger self.

Things To Write When Bored To Evaluate Your Life

  • Do you like where you are in life right now? What are some things you appreciate and others you would change?
  • Assess your personal and professional growth over the years.
  • Write about the impact you want to make in the world and how you are actively working towards it.
  • Assess your work-life balance and career satisfaction.
  • What are your biggest mistakes? What did you learn from them? Would your present self repeat them?
  • What are some things you would have done differently?
  • Which life decisions changed your life? Would you make them again?
  • How would you evaluate your childhood?
  • How would you evaluate your life’s relationships?

Things To Write When Bored For A Blog Post

  • Write an opinion letter to comment on a social subject you care about.
  • Write about a funny encounter/ occurrence, etc.
  • Create a step-by-step tutorial or guide on a topic you are knowledgeable or passionate about.
  • Compile a list of your favorite resources, such as books, podcasts, websites, or tools related to a specific topic.
  • Share your travel experiences by writing a detailed blog post about a memorable trip or adventure.

71 Things To Write When Bored: Sparking New Creativity

Conclusion On Things To Write When Bored

We’ve explored a diverse range of 71 writing ideas to help you combat boredom and unleash your creativity. Writing is a powerful tool for self-expression, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Whether you’re looking to delve into your innermost thoughts, express gratitude, explore your curiosity, find humor in everyday life, engage in creative thinking, seek inspiration, evaluate your life, or create captivating blog content, these prompts offer many possibilities.

Writing allows you to dive deep into your imagination, break through writer’s block, and engage in a meaningful conversation with yourself.

It’s an opportunity to explore new perspectives, challenge your beliefs, and expand your horizons.

From describing your ideal self to envisioning a utopian world, from reflecting on past experiences to envisioning your future, these writing prompts open doors to self-reflection and personal development.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to these prompts. Each idea is an invitation to explore, experiment, and embrace your unique voice.

Writing is a personal journey; through this journey, you can discover new facets of yourself, gain clarity, and find fulfillment.

So, the next time boredom strikes, grab your pen and paper or open your favorite writing tool, and let your imagination roam free.

Explore the vast array of ideas shared in this blog post, and embark on a creative adventure. Embrace the power of writing to connect with yourself, communicate your thoughts, and inspire others. Happy writing!

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My name is Simone. I have a BA degree in Human Resources. During these 5 years of studying, I followed subjects like Psychology, Coaching, and Change Management, where I discovered my passion for these topics. Moreover, I had an anxiety disorder and panick attacks for 5 years, that eventually led to an burnout, which gave me first hand experience that I can now share with you.

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Lauraconteuse | Personal growth, self-love & self-care

A List of Unique Things to Write When Bored at Home

  • Pinterest 36

Table of Contents

Let’s talk about what to write when bored, aka creative writing prompts

This blog post talks about unique and fun things to write when bored .

Journaling is like a hidden garden within the pages of your diary.

Every day, you water it with your thoughts and emotions, watching it grow and thrive. The petals of self-awareness take shape, and the branches of self-discovery grow tall.

Stress and pain’s thorns are chopped down, leaving only beauty and growth.

Your journal is a safe haven where you can be completely yourself and dive deep into the depths of your soul.

It’s a look into the past, a look into the present, and a roadmap for the future. It reflects who you are and reminds you of who you want to be.

A journal is more than just a collection of words . It’s a story about your life, a work of art created by your own hands.

It’s like a soothing balm for the soul, healing wounds and giving you the confidence to face whatever challenges come your way.

Now it’s time to get your creative juices flowing.

a pin for a blog post that talks about things to write in a journal when you're bored

This post may contain affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link and purchase something I recommend, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Now I’m going to show you fun and unique things to write about when bored

  • A time capsule entry. Writing a “time capsule” entry helps you record your thoughts and feelings at a specific time. You can include information about current events, personal experiences, and future predictions.
  • Lyrics. Write down your favorite song lyrics that resonate with you. This serves as a source of inspiration.
  • A poem written from an object’s perspective. It’s among the most unique things to write when bored, for sure. Write a poem from the point of view of an object, such as a tree, a building, or a rock. It helps you experiment with various perspectives and engage your imagination.
  • A habit tracker. Using a habit tracker is an easy way to track your daily routines and habits, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress. Here are 177 habit tracker ideas to give you some inspiration to get started . Here’s my favorite habit tracker that’s also very affordable . It really helps me stay on track with my activities and daily routines.
  • A found poem. You can make a “found poem” when you take words, phrases, or lines from found materials. These materials could be newspapers, signs, or letters. Then rearrange them to form a poem. It’s a unique way to make poetry and an excellent way to reuse materials.
  • A philosophical thought. Write down your thoughts on a philosophical question or issue. This helps you explore your beliefs and gain a better understanding of the world around you.
  • A collection of random thoughts and ramblings. The most intriguing journal entries are sometimes the ones that are completely unplanned and unstructured. Allow yourself to jot down whatever comes to mind. It helps you connect with your subconscious and examine your own feelings and thoughts.
  • A rap or a song. Writing a song or rap is a creative and fun way to express yourself and your emotions. Even if you don’t consider yourself a musician, giving it a shot can be a fun way to experiment with words and rhythms.
  • A letter addressed to a public figure. Write a letter to a public figure. Express your thoughts, feelings, or opinions on a topic that’s important to you. This is an excellent way to make your voice heard.
  • A letter from the future. Write a letter from the future. It helps you reflect on your current thoughts, feelings, and goals. It also helps you imagine how your life might change in the future. Here’s a simple yet affordable empty lined notebook that I feel everyone uses .

a laptop, a journal for boredom, and a cup of coffee

  • A personal experience or conversation that has recently happened. Reflect on your experiences and conversations. It provides valuable insights into your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s one of the best creative things to write in a journal when you’re bored because it can also help identify patterns or themes in your life.
  • A description of a recent dream you had. Dreams can be interesting and mysterious. Write down your dream descriptions. It helps you explore and interpret your subconscious thoughts and feelings. If you want to analyze your dreams more thoroughly, here’s a dream journal that won’t break the bank .
  • Your feelings and thoughts on a current event or news story. Keeping a journal helps you process and make sense of what’s going on in your life. Write about a current event or news story. It can help you engage with the problem and understand various points of view.
  • Create a poem. Write a poem in your journal. It’s a fun way to express yourself and strengthen your writing skills.
  • A food diary. Keep a food diary. It helps you track your nutrition and identify patterns or changes in your eating habits. If you want to up your game, here’s a food diary that includes literally everything that you might need on your journey .
  • A weather diary. Keeping a weather log is a simple way to document environmental changes. It also helps you reflect on how the weather affects you, your mood, and your everyday activities.
  • Mindfulness practice. Use your journal to keep track of your mindfulness practices, such as meditation, and to reflect on how they affect your well-being.
  • A gratitude list. Make a list of things you’re thankful for. It helps you appreciate the good in your life and develop a sense of happiness. Here’s a list of 100 beautiful things to be thankful for . Here’s my favorite gratitude journal that requires only a few minutes of your day . Practicing gratitude has never been that easy!
  • A mind map. Are you still looking for ideas for what to write about when you’re bored? Create a mind map. Mind mapping is an effective tool for idea generation and organization. Making a mind map in your journal is a creative way to explore a topic or idea and generate fresh thoughts and connections.
  • A letter to yourself in the future. Writing a letter to your future self is a great way to reflect on your current thoughts, feelings, and goals. It also helps you see how you’ve changed and developed over time.

guided journals trio

  • A fictitious letter. Write a letter to a real person or a fictional character. This is a fun way to learn about different points of view and express your feelings and thoughts.
  • Construct a vision board. Create a vision board in your journal. Cut out pictures and quotes that motivate you. This is a wonderful way to visualize your dreams and goals. Here’s a vision board kit if you need some inspiration .
  • Your long-term goals and ambitions. Write down your goals and dreams. It helps you identify and focus on what you want to accomplish. It also serves as a reminder to stay motivated and on track. If you need some motivation, here are over 150 good monthly goals that you can set right now . Here’s my favorite life and goal planner, which includes almost 200 life-changing pages!
  • A short story or scene that is made up. Writing fiction can be a good way to exercise your imagination and explore new characters and ideas to write about. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, giving fiction writing a shot is a fun way to express yourself creatively and escape into another world.
  • An advice letter to your younger self. Write a letter of advice to your younger self. It’s a good way to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned and the wisdom you’ve gained.
  • A journal entry from another time or culture. Write a journal entry from another era or culture. It’s one of those creative things that helps you learn about history and explore different points of view. You can choose a historical figure or a fictional character and try to put yourself in their shoes.
  • Daily feelings and thoughts. Write down your thoughts and feelings about the day—what went well, what went poorly, and how you feel in general. Here’s a mood tracker to help you understand your emotional patterns and create a healthier mindset .
  • A unique story or poem. Write fiction or poetry. This is among the very best things to write when bored because it’s a rewarding and enjoyable way to express your creativity and imagination. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer,” giving it a shot can be an excellent way to exercise your creative writing.
  • Map your thoughts. Create visual diagrams in your journal to organize information and ideas. This helps you understand complex topics, brainstorm new ideas, and plan projects.
  • Memories. Write down your memories of past events. It’s a fun way to reflect on your past.

a laptop for journaling and a cup of coffee

What things should you write about when you’re bored?

  • A personal manifesto. Make a list of your life’s values, principles, and beliefs. This is an excellent way to understand yourself and identify your purpose. It’s also among the really good lists to make when bored.
  • A travel journal. If you’re unable to travel physically, use your journal to write about a place you want to visit or a place you have visited before. This is also among the best things to write when bored because it’s a fun way to learn about new cultures and places.
  • A hypothetical situation. Write a “what-if” scenario. It’s a good way to explore various possibilities and imagine possible results. Write about what would’ve happened if a current event, a personal experience, or a historical event had gone differently.
  • Setting goals. Writing down your goals and dreams helps you clarify and focus on what you want to accomplish. It also serves as a reminder to stay motivated and on track. Here’s a deluxe daily planner that will help you achieve whatever you set your mind to .
  • An interview with a historical figure. Imagine yourself in a conversation with a historical figure. You can choose a figure you admire or one with whom you disagree.
  • A stream of thoughts. Write in your journal whatever comes to mind. This is a fun way to let your thoughts flow freely and explore your mind.
  • Things that bring you joy. Make a list of things that make you happy. This is a great way to focus on the positive aspects of your life.
  • A screenplay for a film or play. Writing a script for a film or play is a fun method for exploring your own stories and characters. Even if you have no intention of producing the script, writing it is a great way to express yourself creatively and stretch your imagination.
  • A rejected pitch. This is one of those very random things to write about for fun. Writing a “rejected pitch” is the best way to experiment with different scenarios and writing ideas. Choose a topic or a project and write a pitch as if you were trying to sell it to someone. Then imagine it was rejected, and write about what went wrong and how you would improve it.
  • A list of your current favorites , including movies, books, music, and foods. This is a fun and simple way to keep track of your current preferences and interests. It can also be interesting to revisit old favorites to see how they have evolved over time.

bunch of notebooks and a laptop for journaling

  • To-do list for the day. Make a list of the tasks you want to complete for the day. This will help you stay on track and productive. Here’s a colorful to-do list that will help you stay on top of everything .
  • Write about a family member who has had a positive impact on your life. Think about a family member who has made a difference in your life, whether it’s a parent, sibling, grandparent, or cousin. Write about their influence and how they have helped shape who you are today.
  • Describe what it feels like to stare at a blank page. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or musician, we all know the feeling of staring at a blank page or canvas. Write about the emotions and thoughts that go through your mind when faced with the challenge of creating something from nothing.
  • Share your best ways for overcoming writer’s block. As a writer, you may experience writer’s block from time to time. Write about your go-to methods for breaking through the block and getting back to writing.
  • Write about a time when your best friend came through for you. Everyone needs a friend they can count on. Write about a time when your best friend was there for you when you needed them the most.
  • Discuss the impact of social media on society. Social media has changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. Write about the positive and negative effects of social media on society.
  • Write about your favorite sport and why you love it. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just enjoy watching from the sidelines, write about your favorite sport and what draws you to it.
  • Create a character sketch of the main character in your favorite book. If you’re an avid reader, you probably have a favorite book with a memorable main character. Write a character sketch of that character, including their personality traits, backstory, and motivations.
  • Write about your favorite thing in your bedroom and why it’s important to you. Your bedroom is your personal space, and there’s probably something in it that you cherish. Write about your favorite thing in your bedroom and why it’s special to you.
  • Invent a new holiday and describe how it would be celebrated. Let your imagination run wild and create a new holiday that celebrates something you’re passionate about. Write about the traditions and customs associated with the holiday and how people would celebrate it.

a cup of coffee next to a journal

  • Share your favorite card game and why you enjoy playing it. Whether it’s a classic game like poker or a more obscure game like Exploding Kittens , write about your favorite card game and what makes it so enjoyable to play.
  • Share your tips for creating engaging blog posts. If you’re a blogger or aspiring writer, share your strategies for crafting posts that grab your readers’ attention and keep them coming back for more.
  • Write about the first time you tried something new. Think back to a time when you stepped outside your comfort zone and tried something new. Describe the experience and how it made you feel.
  • Share what you would do differently next time. We all make mistakes, but it’s important to learn from them. Write about a time when you wish you had done something differently and what you would do differently next time.
  • Write a review of your favorite TV show. Whether it’s a drama, sitcom, or reality show, write a review of your favorite TV show, including what you love about it and what makes it worth watching.
  • Discuss the power of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds are responsible for many of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors . Write about the power of the subconscious mind and how it influences our daily lives.
  • Share your favorite foods and why you love them. This is among the fun things to write when bored, for sure. Food is one of life’s great pleasures. Write about your favorite foods and what makes them so delicious and enjoyable to eat.
  • Write about the first thing you do every morning. For many people, the first thing they do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Write about the first thing you do every morning and why it’s important to you.
  • Share your strategies for coming up with great ideas. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or entrepreneur, coming up with great ideas is essential for success. Write about your strategies for generating innovative ideas that stand out from the crowd.
  • Discuss why it’s essential to have a good idea list . Whether you’re a creative professional or simply someone who enjoys brainstorming, having a list of ideas can be a valuable resource. Write about why it’s crucial to maintain a good idea list and how to get started.

things to write down when bored

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What should I write for fun when I’m bored?

  • Share your favorite planning prompts. Whether you use a paper planner or a digital app, planning can be a powerful tool for productivity and organization. Write about your favorite planning prompts and how they help you stay on track.
  • Write about a favorite board game and why you love it. Board games are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Write about a favorite board game and what makes it so much fun to play.
  • Describe a memorable dance party you attended. Whether it was a school dance or a wedding reception, write about a dance party that stands out in your memory and why it was so much fun.
  • Share your grocery list and the meals you plan to make. Meal planning can be a great way to save time and money. Write about your grocery list and the meals you plan to make, including any recipes or tips you have to share. Here’s a grocery list that you can buy to make your life easier .
  • Share a book idea that you’ve been thinking about . If you’re looking for things to write down when bored, this is a cool idea. Do you have an idea for a book that you’ve been wanting to write? Share your idea and what inspired you to come up with it.
  • Write about the last time you felt truly inspired. Inspiration can come from many sources, whether it’s a beautiful sunset or a moving piece of music. Write about the last time you felt truly inspired and what sparked that feeling.
  • Create a fictional story about an average person who does something extraordinary. We often think of heroes as larger-than-life figures, but ordinary people can do extraordinary things too. Write a story about an average person who does something remarkable.
  • Describe your ideal lazy day. Sometimes we all need a day to relax and recharge. Write about your ideal lazy day and what you would do to make the most of it.
  • Write about the challenges that a person might face . Life is full of challenges, and everyone faces them in their own way. Write about the challenges that an average person might face and how they might overcome them.
  • Share your first draft of a writing project. Every writer starts somewhere, and the first draft is often far from perfect. Share your first draft of a writing project and any insights you gained from the process.

a woman looking for things to write when bored

  • Write a news article about a recent event or trend. Current events can be a great source of inspiration for writing. Write a news article about a recent event or trend that interests you.
  • Describe a memorable experience with a younger sibling. Siblings can have a significant impact on our lives, whether we’re the older or younger one. Write about a memorable experience you had with a younger sibling and what it meant to you.
  • Write about the unique strengths and challenges of being an older sibling. Being an older sibling comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Write about the unique strengths and challenges of being the older sibling in a family.
  • Write about the importance of doing things your own way. We all have our own unique ways of doing things, and it’s important to embrace that. Write about why it’s important to do things your own way and the benefits that can come from it.
  • Describe a safe place that brings you comfort. We all have places where we feel safe and secure. Write about a place that brings you comfort and why it’s so important to you.
  • Share different ways to experience new things. Trying new things can be scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Write about different ways to experience new things and how to overcome the fear of the unknown.
  • Share different ways to approach a problem. There are many ways to approach a problem, and sometimes it takes some creativity to find the best solution. Write about different ways to approach a problem and the benefits of thinking outside the box.
  • Create a great story with an unexpected twist. The best stories are often the ones that keep you guessing until the very end. Write a story with an unexpected twist that will leave your readers surprised and delighted.
  • Write about the excitement of trying new things. Trying new things can be scary, but it can also be incredibly exhilarating. Write about the excitement of trying new things and the benefits that come from stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • Write about random topics using short notes. So you’re looking for things to write when you’re bored. Sometimes, the best way to get your creative juices flowing is just to jot down whatever comes to mind. Write about random topics using short notes and see where your imagination takes you.

a journal on a desk

  • Imagine being stranded on a desert island and write about how you would survive. Being stranded on a desert island is a classic scenario for writers. Write about how you would survive in this situation and the challenges you would face.
  • Share your favorite memory and why it’s so special. We all have memories that stick with us for a lifetime. Write about your favorite memory and why it’s so special to you.
  • Create an easy reference guide for a complicated task. Some tasks can be complicated and overwhelming. Write an easy reference guide to help others navigate a complicated task and make it more manageable.
  • Write about your experience in high school and what you learned from it. High school can be a challenging time for many people, but it’s also a time of growth and self-discovery. Write about your experience in high school and the lessons you learned that have stayed with you.
  • Write about your favorite places to go and what you love about them. We all have places that hold special meaning to us. Write about your favorite places and why they’re so special to you.
  • Share a glimpse of your daily life. Everyone’s daily life is unique in its own way. Write about a day in your life and what makes it special or different from others.
  • Describe your living room and the memories it holds. Our homes are where we make memories and build our lives. Write about your living room and the memories it holds for you.
  • Write a book review of your favorite book. Sharing your thoughts on a great book is a great way to help others discover new stories. Write a book review of your favorite book and explain why you think others should read it.
  • Share your favorite music and what it means to you. Music can be a powerful force in our lives, inspiring us and lifting us up. Write about your favorite music and what it means to you.
  • Write a story about a mysterious object and the journey to uncover its secrets. There’s something intriguing about a mysterious object and the stories that can come from uncovering its secrets. Write a story about a mysterious object and the journey to uncover its mysteries.

bunch of notebooks

Deep things to write about when you’re bored

  • Imagine going back in time and writing a diary entry about your experience. This is among the great ideas for boredom. Time travel is a classic theme in science fiction, and it can be fun to imagine what it would be like to travel back in time. Write a diary entry about your experience going back in time and what you learned.
  • Write a diary entry about a particularly memorable day in your life. Our lives are made up of a series of moments, some more memorable than others. Write a journal entry about a particularly memorable day in your life and what made it stand out.
  • Describe a slow day and how you spent it. We all have days when we don’t have much on our schedules. Write about a slow day and how you spent your time.
  • A book or film review. Write a review of a book or film you’ve recently read or seen. It could be your favorite book or your favorite movie as well. It’s an effective way to reflect on your thoughts and feelings about the plot and your favorite characters.
  • Analyze a current problem. Write down your thoughts and feelings about a current issue you’re dealing with. This is a great way to work through the problem and find solutions.
  • A sketch or drawing. Draw or sketch in your journal. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable way to express yourself creatively. Here’s a 120-page sketchbook with blank pages .
  • A list of activities or places you want to visit. Creating a bucket list or a travel journal is a fun way to plan future adventures and experiences. This is one of my favorite lists to make when bored.
  • A quote or a saying that speaks to you. Keep a collection of quotes or sayings that have resonated with you. It helps you reflect on your thoughts and feelings while also gaining inspiration and motivation.
  • A recipe for a made-up dish. Write a recipe for a dish that doesn’t exist yet. It’s a creative and fun way to use your imagination and experiment with new flavors and ingredients. Here’s an empty recipe book if you want to create your very own cookbook .
  • Write about a random act of kindness you witnessed or performed. Kindness is a powerful force that can make a real difference in someone’s life. Write about a random act of kindness that you witnessed or performed and how it made you feel.
  • Describe how you like to spend your free time. Whether it’s reading, hiking, or binge-watching your favorite TV show, describe how you like to unwind and recharge in your free time.
  • Write about an interesting encounter you had at the grocery store. The grocery store can be a surprisingly eventful place. Write about a funny or memorable encounter you had while shopping for groceries.
  • Share your earliest memory. We all have memories from our earliest years. Write about your earliest memory and what it means to you.
  • Use a random object as a jumping-off point for a story. Choose a random object, like a paperclip or a pen, and use it as the jumping-off point for a story. Let your imagination take over and see where the story takes you.
  • Write about a journey to a new planet. Imagine a future where space travel is routine and humans have colonized other planets. Write about a journey to a new planet and the challenges and discoveries that await the crew.
  • Describe something you’ve wanted to create aside from a business, and provide details.
  • Imagine a place you’d like to visit and tell a story about what you’d do there.
  • Reflect on whether you’d want to redo high school or college and what you’d change, if anything.
  • Recall a great memory from the past year. Describe it in detail.
  • Talk about your hobby or interest that might surprise people.

a bunch of journals

  • Talk about how you’ve been feeling lately in your life. Share what’s been making you feel thankful.
  • Write about a skill or hobby you’d like to learn.
  • Share your life goals and dreams for the next five years.
  • Write about the important people in your life—family and friends. Describe what you admire about them.  
  • Think of a childhood memory that influenced you, and explain how you’d approach it differently if you could.  
  • Share a recent dream you had.
  • What do you wish you could express to someone who has hurt or angered you?
  • Write about a moment when you accomplished something you thought was impossible.
  • Recount a time when you had to conquer a fear.
  • Share a story about a tough choice you had to make.
  • Tell the story of a time when you felt a strong sense of pride in yourself.
  • What do you think about money? Is having a lot of money a good thing? Why or why not?
  • Describe one significant goal or achievement you aspire to in your life.
  • Describe your favorite food and explain why you love it.
  • If you have a pet, talk about them—their name, personality, and why you love them.
  • Recall an embarrassing moment and explain how it made you feel.
  • Describe your ideal day in detail.
  • Write about what you see when you look out of your window.
  • Describe your dream home, including its location and appearance.
  • Share your business idea if you’ve ever had one.

a pin for a blog post that talks about things to write in a journal when you're bored

FAQ: Why should you constantly look for cool things to write about in a journal?

Writing in a journal has lots of benefits, including:

Improved writing skills

Writing on a daily basis helps you improve your writing skills and express yourself more clearly and effectively. Journaling is one of my favorite ideas for boredom, for sure.


Journaling every day helps you establish a routine and create the habit of journaling.

Improved emotional and mental health

You can use journaling to relieve stress and process difficult emotions. Journaling can also help improve your mood .

A sense of accomplishment

Tracking your thoughts and experiences gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Tracking progress

You can keep track of your progress over time by writing every day. This is particularly useful for tracking personal development, goal-setting, and self-improvement.

Increased self-awareness

Writing about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences helps you understand yourself and your motivations better.

Aren’t these the best random things to write when bored at home?

How often do you journal? What do you journal about? What do you do for fun when you’re bored? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

blog author Laura

I’m a personal growth and self-care expert, as well as an avid motorcycle enthusiast and coffee and sweets lover. Through Lauraconteuse, I provide insightful and practical advice on topics such as self-care, self-love, personal growth, and productivity, drawing from my very own extensive experience and knowledge in the field. My blog has helped countless people achieve their goals and live more fulfilling lives, and my goal is to continue to inspire and empower others.

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4 thoughts on “A List of Unique Things to Write When Bored at Home”

Nice post. Journaling helps improve self-awareness. Thanks for the info.

This is such an awesome list of things to write in a journal when you’re bored. My personal favorite that you suggested is writing down your goals since that sometimes might actually get you out of feeling bored! If you’re new to journaling, I prescribe it to my patients as a way to relieve stress and anxiety

Often, it is just a matter of getting started with an idea and then your journaling takes off. Great tips.

These are really great ideas for journaling, especially for me. I struggle with buying the pretty book but never know what to write in it. I’m going to pick a few topics and start writing.

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Ambitiously Alexa

45+ Super Creative Empty Notebook Ideas to Fill Up Your Journal

Last Updated on December 1, 2023

Do you have a ton of half-filled or empty notebooks lying around? 🙋‍♀️I think we can all relate to buying a journal or notebook, being super into it for several pages, and then letting it sit unused. 

But why do that when there are SO many creative ways to fill up an empty notebook and make the most of it?! These empty notebook ideas have got you covered. From self care journaling, to fun lists, to keeping track of good memories, there’s so much you can do to make sure a notebook never goes empty again!

Table of Contents

The habit of hoarding empty notebooks is so real.

First of all, let me just say that hoarding empty and half-filled notebooks can be a real problem! I could probably bet money that you have at least one abandoned notebook sitting around in your house somewhere. And I can’t say you’re alone in that.

But you’re in luck, because there a ton of cute and creative empty notebook ideas out there just waiting to be explored! Say you bought a new notebook (and oh how exciting it always is!) and planned to dedicate it to something in particular, but you’ve fallen off the wagon.

Well, who’s stopping you from taking that empty notebook in a new direction?! There are no rules here. If you bought a journal with the intention of dedicating it to a manifestation journal but now you’ve grown bored with that idea and want to turn it into an art journal, go for it!

Or maybe you love making lists. Maybe you love scrapbooking. The sky is the limit, and this post features a tonnnn of empty notebook ideas for you to fill up all those extra pages.

What to do with empty notebooks?

what to put in an empty journal

45+ Things To Do With Empty Notebooks

Creative things to do in a journal.

Looking to get into the creative spirit?! Awesome! These empty notebook ideas will spark your creativity and get you inspired to explore the fun side of journaling for pure leisure and enjoyment!

1. Creative writing journal

Starting off these empty notebook ideas is keeping a creative writing journal! This is perfect for short stories or brainstorming for writing a book! If you enjoy fiction and have all sorts of ideas for interesting stories, you should definitely write them down.

2. Bullet journal

creative things to do in a journal

Bullet journaling is super creative! You can create so many different spreads for planners, lists, memories, and more. Bullet journaling is meant to be very visual, so it’s the perfect opportunity to whip out the markers, highlighters, and washi tape!

3. Vision boards

When you think of a vision board, you might think of a wall collage. But you can also turn a vision board into something to fill up empty notebook pages! You can put together a collage of smaller, polaroid size pictures that represent your dreams, goals, or happy things you love. I have a whole post on vision board ideas if you want inspiration!

4. Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes keep us motivated, positive, and uplifted! Keeping a collection of your favorite quotes to refer back to can be so good for your mindset. 

5. Collection journal

Do you enjoy collecting stamps, stickers, or polaroid photos? You can keep them all in one place to look back on in your journal!

6. Scrapbook

Similar to the collection journal idea, you can also turn an empty notebook into a scrapbook for keeping memories through photos. I have a “guinea pig family scrapbook” for photos of my pet guinea pigs throughout the years! So you can always dedicate a scrapbook to anything you want 😊

On Customsticker.com, you can custom cut die-cut stickers , holographic stickers, clear stickers, and other products for decorating empty notebooks and making scrapbooks look fantastic.

empty scrapbook ideas

7. Art journal

Art journals are great to dedicate to fun doodles, sketches, or anything artsy and creative. I used to always practice hand lettering with brush pens in a journal!

8. Gardening journal

Into gardening or want to take it up as a fun hobby? Why not keep a journal about all the things you want to plant?! You can keep ideas, gardening method notes, or anything relating to gardening.

Empty Notebook Ideas for Self Care

Self care is a non-negotiable. Make sure you’re prioritizing time to nurture yourself with these empty notebook ideas for self care. Release your emotions, get to know your feelings, and track your mental health progress!

9. Mental Health Journal

Journaling for the purpose of checking in on your mental health is so important. Of all the empty notebook ideas, this is most crucial. I’m always proactive in managing my mental health and journaling is hands down the best coping strategy for myself and many others. 

If you wish you had guided mental health journal prompts conveniently bundled just for you, you’ve got to check out my printable mental health journal !

It’s jam-packed with 33 pages of writing prompts and mental activities for understanding your emotions, overcoming unhelpful behaviors, and reframing negative thoughts. Perfect for understanding things like anxiety and depression!

lined notebook ideas

10. Brain dumping

Brain dumping is the practice of letting your thoughts flow right onto paper without any prompts. Brain dumping is probably the easiest way to incorporate self care into your journal because you just write what comes to mind!

11. Self care journal

notebook ideas aesthetic

A self care journal can be used to journal about your self care journey or plan out your self care activities. Check in on where you’re at mentally or plan for how you’ll get in one small self care activity each day! If you need self care activity ideas each day, check out my 30 Day Mental Wellness Challenge .

12. Spiritual journaling

Want to focus on spiritual growth? Journal about your spiritual thoughts, prayers, practices, or anything else that applies to your spirituality. 

13. Morning/evening check in

I’m a huge fan of quick 5-minute morning and evening self care check ins! These are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time or energy to spare, but you still want to stay on top of your mental health.

You can grab my (free!) daily self care check in sheet below for this! It helps you reflect on how you feel each morning and night and how your day went.

things to write down when bored

Psst…make self care quick and easy by downloading my (free!) printable daily self care check in! Grab it to start adding a little self reflection into your morning + night routines.

You will receive your daily self care check in shortly.

14. Daily diary

For a longer daily check-in, try filling up one page each day about how things are going. Did you do anything fun? Have some thoughts on your mind? Worried about something coming up this week? Write it down in a daily diary entry!

15. Unsent letters

Unsent letters are useful for the tough feelings we may face in our interpersonal relationships. The idea is that you write out all your thoughts and feelings as if you’re addressing it to someone specific in your life, but you don’t actually send it to them.

This can help organize your thoughts for later if you plan to confront the person, or you can just keep these thoughts to yourself.

16. Gratitude Journal

Expressing gratitude may help you feel increased positivity and a general mood boost. I love using a gratitude journal to reflect on all the good in my life, and it has genuinely changed my mindset for the better!

Want gratitude journal prompts conveniently bundled just for you? My printable gratitude journal has everything you need to practice gratitude each day and develop life-changing positive habits!

Includes 12 pages to break down your gratitude practice each morning and evening, as well as weekly and monthly. Jam-packed with thought-provoking gratitude journal prompts and activities to keep you focused and on track!

aesthetic things to write in your notebook

17. Meditation journal

A slightly different approach to these empty notebook ideas is a meditation journal. If you meditate, you can record how each meditation goes. Did your mind wander a lot? What techniques helped you stay present and grounded? Reflecting on your ability to feel calm and at ease during meditation is great to keep track of!

18. Manifestation journal

I keep a manifestation journal myself and I love it! This is where you can practice manifesting something you’d like to achieve by envisioning it down to the specifics. This really helps me believe in myself and my goals. I have a guide on how to manifest something through writing !

19. Journaling prompts

Don’t even get me started on journal prompts because this blog is ALL about them! I’m a little biased, but this is easily my favorite of the empty notebook ideas. Here are some journaling prompts to get you started:

  • 70 Easy and Fun Journal Prompts for Beginners

52 Journal Prompts for Self Love to Empower Yourself

40 Trauma Healing Journal Prompts

60 Journal Prompts for Self Care When You’re Struggling

20. Affirmations

Writing positive affirmations that resonate with you is another way to improve your mindset by swapping negative self talk for positive self talk.

I have a deck of 40 printable affirmation cards made for journaling! You can paste them into a journal for a powerful visual reminder or even use them as journal prompts to reflect on how they make you feel.

what to write in a notebook when bored

Empty Notebook Ideas When You’re Bored

Hey, maybe you’re just bored and wanna do something you’ve never done before in your journal! You’re in luck, because these empty notebook ideas are the best boredom busters.

21. Record your dreams

Recording your dreams dream-journal-style is a great empty notebook idea! Noticing patterns in recurring dreams might even give you a clue to something you’re dealing with that’s going overlooked.

22. Books to read

I’m always seeing books I want to read but I forget to keep a note of them! This is why it’s not a bad idea to keep a list of books you want to read so you’ll always head into Barnes and Noble prepared. 

23. Memory journal

Keeping track of good memories is so important! It seems like we always forget the little details after too much time has passed, so it really pays off to record memories you make while they’re fresh in your mind.

24. Life lessons

Have an amazing epiphany where you realized something important? Write it down! This is another great way to track your self growth too.

25. Travel ideas and itineraries

what to do with a small empty notebook

I never know where I’m going to travel next because there are just simply so many places I want to go! This is why it’s good to write down all the places you want to travel, along with the specific restaurants and activities in each place. 

26. Restaurants/activities/things to do in your city

I moved to central Illinois in 2020 and while I think that I’ve covered all the ground in the last 2 years of living here, I kinda haven’t! There are still so many cool local restaurants and coffee shops I’ve yet to check out, but I always seem to stick to the same 3 places. Keeping a list of where I want to try would really help me explore more!

27. Bucket lists

You’re never too old to have a bucket list. Whether it’s a summer bucket list , or just a general bucket list of all the things you want to do before you die, it’s great to have things to look forward to!

28. Recipes to try

I know some people are more adventurous than others in the kitchen, but I LOVE finding new recipes! Any time you’re craving something, write it down and find a recipe for how to make it!

29. Hobbies to try

We ALL need hobbies. If your life is all work and no play, you’ll feel burnt out in no time. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, so go check out my list of 100 fun and interesting hobby ideas in your 20s !

30. Funny phrases/inside jokes

Ever since middle school, I’ve always kept various notes of funny inside jokes between my friends and I! This is a fabulous way to keep memories and cheer yourself up. 

31. Food journal

If you have a particular health goal in mind, keeping a food journal is a good way to stay on track and assess your eating habits. 

32. Nature journal

empty journal ideas

Next time you go on a nature walk or explore a new area, take note of what’s around and write it down! I love paying attention to different birds, cute little animals, flowers, and plants. 

33. Astrology journal

If you’re into astrology, you can take notes of zodiac sign traits, zodiac sign compatibility, horoscopes, birth charts, or anything that interests you!

34. Gift ideas

This idea is simply GENIUS. Don’t you hate it when Christmas rolls around and you have no idea what to get your friends and family?! If you keep tabs all year long about the things they like, it makes holidays a thousand times easier.

Empty Notebook Ideas for Organization and Productivity

Time to get your life in check! If you could use a little more organization in your work or personal life, these empty notebook ideas for organization and productivity have you covered. Stay on top of good habits and plan out the best goals!

35. Goal setting

Writing down goals is important, but don’t stop there. You want to make sure you’re writing down both your goals and the habits necessary to achieve those goals. This is probably the most beneficial of these empty notebook ideas!

To do goal setting right, you need a game plan. I have a printable goal planner that will help you map out your goals AND habits in detail so you can achieve anything you set your mind to for work, school, or your personal life!

spare notebook ideas

Use lists for anything under the sun! Books to read, movies to watch, your grocery list…just all the lists!

37. Habit tracking

Habit tracking is the perfect way to keep yourself accountable. My printable goal planner offers habit tracking pages for staying on track toward any goal. I’ve found that habit tracking makes it much less likely for me to fall off the wagon!

38. Budget tracking

Take charge of your finances by taking a deep look at your spending habits. There’s likely room for improvement somewhere in there, and seeing your budget laid out in front of you can really help!

This video shows you 10 different ideas for financial trackers you can create in a bullet journal!

39. Small business/side hustle journal

Have a small business or side hustle? Want to start one up? You can jot down business ideas or keep track of business stats.

40. Social media journal

Many businesses use social media in their marketing strategy, so keeping track of social media post ideas and stats is smart!

41. Event planning

Have a birthday, wedding, or big event coming up? Planning out everything you need for it on paper is useful!

42. Fitness journal

Write down fitness goals, workout ideas, or your workout schedule.

43. Study notes

If you’re a student, you probably already have dedicated notebooks for note-taking, but study notes can apply to things outside of school too. When I’m reading a nonfiction book or short course, I like to take notes on what I’m learning.

44. Master to-do list

You might already keep a daily to-do list, but having a master to-do list of all the things you need to get around to in the next couple months is so helpful. My master to-do list consists of health appointments I need to make, fun projects I want to take on, and clothes I need to buy for certain occasions. 

45. Project journal

If you’re working on a project, whether it be for work or your personal life, you can map out the individual steps and supplies you may need.

46. DIY Projects

Keeping a list of the DIY projects you want to do and the supplies needed for them is also a big help! 

How to Use an Empty Notebook Effectively

There’s a couple different routes you can go when deciding on the empty notebook ideas you want to use.

You can either go the artsy route or the productive route . Or a mix of the two!

Using an empty notebook for cute artsy things might look like:

  • Creative writing
  • Bullet journaling
  • Scrapbooking
  • Vision boards
  • Dream journaling

And using an empty notebook for productive things might look like:

  • Improving your self care
  • Exploring your mental health
  • Work or business planning
  • Habit tracking
  • Budget tracking

To name a few! Those are some areas to consider when thinking about what you want to achieve with an empty notebook. Do you just want to use your journal in a leisurely, artistic way? Or do you want to improve yourself in some way?

Final Thoughts on Empty Notebook Ideas

Were you feeling stumped on how to fill up those extra notebooks you have lying around? Hopefully not anymore! These empty notebook ideas are here to fuel your creativity and inspiration. There are endless possibilities for sprinkling a little more excitement into your journals.

It’s pretty common to run into the dilemma of “what do I write about?!” when sitting in front of a journal. But now you have a tonnnn of creative ideas for filling up those empty notebooks! So get to it and tell me what you decide to write in your notebook the next time creativity strikes!

Let me know in the comments:

What do you write in your notebook when you’re bored?

More empty notebook ideas:.

35 Easy and Fun Journal Prompts for Beginners


notebook ideas to write

Founder & Content Strategist

Hey there! I'm Alexa, and I'm a self-care enthusiast and mental health advocate. At Ambitiously Alexa, I'm here to support women like you who are on a mission to achieve allll the things they're passionate about and make time for self care. I make this balance possible through journal prompts, positive affirmations, and self care ideas you'll love! Here's more about me, including my B.A in Psychology...

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what to write when bored blank notebook with flowers

Beat Boredom: 99 Cool Things to Write About to Unlock Creativity

I decided to challenge myself. The challenge is to write every day at least 20 to 30 minutes. I’m pretty motivated to do this but haven’t always been. If you want to (or need to) write and have no topic, no motivation, or are only writing out of boredom, don’t worry. I’ve been there and I’m gonna give you what to write about when bored .

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click, I may make a commission at no cost to you. Please see my full disclosure policy for more details.


Table of Contents

What’s Worse Than Writer’s Block?

If you’ve followed me or have visited my site before you will know that I am a writer. I love writing, I have always loved writing and I believe always will. Yet, there was a time when I was not able to write and it wasn’t because I was bored… it was because 

[cue flashback]~~~

When I was pregnant with my first son, my mind changed. In many ways, I thought differently, but the saddest part for me was that God allowed a type of writer’s block . I believe now it may have been related to hormones because mine went into chaos mode. 

I couldn’t think deeply enough to write my stories anymore. It wasn’t because I was bored. In fact, I was sick, very sick during my whole pregnancy. I was also alone, but not completely alone. My husband, the author , was there. 

We met as writers through a journaling website and we thought that we would both become authors and start a publishing company. We never did. 

As soon as I was pregnant I lost the motivation (the insight and desire) to write stories like I had always loved to do. Although I knew God allowed this, I prayed for writing to return to me. But after years of dryness, I put away my pen. 

Fortunately, I still knew how to journal , (it helped when I was bored) but even that was far and in between. The only desire I had for writing, beyond journaling, began 5 years later. 

More and more I wanted to start a blog, but I just couldn’t write. I had lost some of my skill for writing, but mostly, being a mom meant my focused time was with the kids.

Fast forward a few more years and I was finally able to start writing again! It came on almost suddenly. I wanted to write, like usual, but I wasn’t frustrated or blocked and actually truly desired it and could put pen to paper. I probably could even do character profiles but my desire had changed to blogging (although I have written a book for moms ). 

things to write down when bored

I’ve wanted to blog for such a long time but now I didn’t know what to write. I had to kinda learn to write again, but it’s mostly non-fiction. My husband is all about fantasy and science fiction if you are interested in that. 

However, fiction or non-fiction, in this post I want to give you ideas of what YOU can write if you’re unmotivated, trying to get back into writing or are trying to fill up time and just don’t know what to write about when you’re bored .

13 Clever Ideas of What to Write About When Bored

A list of hilarious excuses for being late.

A detailed plan for the ultimate prank on your friends.

What you would do if you took over the world?

Write where would you go if you had a time machine

A diary entry from the perspective of a misunderstood villain.

A compilation of funny and clever puns

A letter to your future self, imagining where you’ll be in 10 years.

A funny script for a fake infomercial selling an absurd product.

An article discussing the possibility of parallel universes.

A plan of how to build an internal library in your home with a secret passageway

A list of comebacks for rude comments

A list of riddles and their solutions.

15 things to write about when bored at home

Write which chore you dread doing and what you could do to make it easier to handle.

A note about your most embarrassing moment and what you learned from it.

Your favorite teacher and why

A letter to a distant relative

A collection of witty and humorous tweets/texts

All your favorites

Current activities and hobbies

Future activities and hobbies

A short play about a superhero and a supervillain who become unlikely friends.

A letter to your favorite fictional character, expressing your admiration or asking for advice.

Plans for a blog

An inventory of what’s in your bathroom or bedroom

A grocery list

Copy down recipes you’d like to cook that fits your list (or the other way around)

A guide on how to survive an awkward situation.

39 Cool Non-Fiction Things to Write about When Bored

Write plans for a video game or board game

A review of a book, movie, or TV show

A list of crazy things you’d like to try

Your own personal game of Would You Rather…?

Do you think having a lot of money is really a good thing? Why or why not?

A letter to your friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor

A memoir of a recent family vacation or holiday celebration.

A guide about your favorite topic or hobby

A review of the last restaurant you visited

List what to write when bored! (maybe also what to do when bored)

An exercise or fitness routine

A profile of your favorite kpop group members

Your thoughts on sustainable living.

Your thoughts on your job, your community or your school

A guide to how to play your favorite game

Your firsthand POV of a party, festival or concert you went to

The last place (or first place) you have gone on a road trip to and your thoughts of it

A review of a technology gadget or app that is super interesting to you

Write down family traditions.

Make notes of things you do in the house, homemaking or a homemaking website

Write notes from the last autobiography or biography you read or watched

Everything you can remember about your country’s history

A gratitude list

Your family tree

How would you deal with the loss of a loved one?

Your favorite animals and why they are fascinating

A guide to fun and educational science experiments that can be done at home.

Ideas of how you can help, serve and encourage others

Landmarks you’d like to visit

A guide for your favorite sport, the rules, famous players, etc.

What could you sell to make money

A trivia game about a topic you know a lot about

A report on the incredible journeys of migratory animals and their long-distance travels.

A step-by-step tutorial on creating art or crafts using everyday household items.

Everything you know about another culture other than yours

Inventory list of all your books

Everything about your favorite instrument

A collection of fun recipes that kids can try out.

15 Cool Fiction Things to Write About When Bored

A story where every character has superpowers.

A guidebook for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

A short story about a magical bookstore that transports readers into the books they’re reading.

Grab a dictionary or use an online one. Pick a random word. Create a story using the word.

Describe your dream vacation, where you’d go, what you’d do, and who you’d take along with you.

A persuasive speech arguing for the existence of mythical creatures.

What life would be like if you lived on the moon, alone.

If you had a lazy day, what would you do?

A story about living underwater

Your experience doing a 100 countries in 100 days trip.

What the future looks like

You stumble across a closed door. Create a story about what’s behind that door.

Character profile

Think about your favorite story. Then, rewrite that story in your own words from your point of view.

Write what you think a bunny, squirrel, or other woodland animal is doing.

What should I write for fun? (7)

The names of all the friends you’ve ever had.

Write about how you think other people view you.

A music playlist of songs and singers

If you could go back in your past and change one thing, what would it be? Why?

Favorite flavors of candy or ice cream

Pick up a magazine, book or go to a website like Barnes and Noble . Find a random page, look at the picture, and write a story about it

The names of everyone you have ever known!

10 Random things to write when bored

Here are some random things to write about when you’re bored:

Make a list of “name something that is ____”

Plans of how you will divide your money

A list of your favorite foods

A list of your top favorite movies and why

Write everything you know about socks

A bucket list of adventures to go on

Your ideal schedule

A list of rhyming words

A meal plan

A profile of your husband or future husband

Looking for More Ideas?

I’ve got them. Just visit my tag on how to fill an empty notebook ! You can also get a bunch of journaling prompts (and cute printables) right here to learn more about what to write about when bored.

People write lists, memoirs, memos, emails, notes, letters, contracts, blog posts. In these they write jokes, stories, riddles, reminders, educational essays, directions, favorites and bucket lists.

How you feel, what happened, what you like, things to remember, gratitude and notes of thanks. You can also write the weather.

I have a very cool (free) downloadable printable for what to write about for 365 days . It’s a walk through the seasons of momlife, but honestly, most anyone could get some ideas from it. 

I’m so glad you asked 😉 If you are looking for things to write about for fun in a lined notebook, visit my post 1 9 Unique Ideas, Cute Things to Do in a Notebook

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Cute Journal Pages: Fun Printables that Make You Want to Write

Cute Journal Pages: Fun Printables that Make You Want to Write

If you are coming to this page after learning how to journal and are ready to let your creativity flow, you’ve come to the right…

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What to Write When Bored: Unleashing Your Inner Comedian (Includes Prompts)

By: Author Paul Jenkins

Posted on Published: April 30, 2023  - Last updated: July 3, 2023

Categories Writing , Inspiration

Have you ever found yourself in mind-numbing boredom, staring at a blank screen and feeling like your creativity has vanished? We feel you. It’s like the muse has gone on a permanent vacation, leaving you stranded in a desert of unproductivity. But fear not, dear reader, as we have a treasure trove of exciting ideas and writing prompts to ignite your imagination and recharge those creative juices. Let’s break free from the monotony of everyday life and explore a world of fascinating, unconventional, and downright fascinating topics to write about. So, grab a pen, buckle up, and prepare to embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Ways to Fight Boredom Through Writing

As boredom tends to creep up on us like that spooky-looking cat down the street, we must stand our ground and find ways to combat it. Luckily, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) can help us slay that boredom beast with grace and creativity. Let’s dive into some engaging ways to fight boredom through writing.

Journal Prompts

Our first weapon of choice is journal prompts. These trusty little gems help stir our creative juices and bring out the inner author hiding in all of us. We can choose from a vast variety of topics, from reflecting on our deepest emotions to describing that strange dream we had the other night. Dare we say, our boredom will be vanquished in no time as journal prompts make way for an outpouring of thoughts and ideas.

Here are ten you can use right now:

  • Describe a time when you overcame a significant challenge in your life. What did you learn from the experience, and how has it shaped who you are today?
  • If you could go back and advise your younger self, what would you say and why? How would this advice change the course of your life?
  • What personal goal do you have for yourself, and what steps are you taking to achieve it? How will accomplishing this goal make a positive impact on your life?
  • Reflect on a person who has had a significant favorable influence on your life. What qualities do they possess that you admire, and how can you incorporate those qualities into your own life?
  • Envision your ideal future five or ten years from now. What does it look like, and what steps can you take to make it a reality?
  • What is one of your greatest strengths, and how can you use this strength to impact others positively?
  • Describe a time when you faced a difficult decision and how you ultimately made your choice. What did you learn from the experience, and how did it help you grow?
  • What are three things you are grateful for, and why? How do these aspects of your life contribute to your overall happiness and well-being?
  • If you could travel anywhere to gain a new perspective or learn something new, where would you go and why? What do you hope to gain from this experience?
  • Reflect on a time when you took a risk, whether it was a personal or professional decision. What was the outcome, and what did you learn from the experience? How has it changed your approach to taking risks in the future?

Creative Writing Prompts

Now let’s amp up our arsenal with some creative writing prompts. We’ll tell you, there’s nothing like creating new worlds and characters from scratch to give boredom the boot. We can borrow ideas from our favorite movies, books, or even the daily news for inspiration. Turning the mundane into the extraordinary, our writing skills will go from zero to hero in a flash!

Here are ten good ones you can use:

  • You discover a hidden door in your attic that leads to a parallel world where everything is eerily similar yet slightly different. Describe your experience in this world and the people you encounter.
  • A stranger hands you a mysterious, antique-looking key and whispers, “It’s up to you now.” Write a story about your quest to uncover the key’s true purpose.
  • You wake up one morning to find that you can see people’s true emotions through the colors that surround them. Explore how this newfound ability affects your relationships and the choices you make.
  • A powerful storm sweeps through your town, leaving a peculiar object in its wake. Describe the object and the consequences of its arrival in your community.
  • A reclusive artist invites you to their remote island home to reveal a secret project they’ve worked on for years. Detail your journey to the island and the surprising discovery you make upon arrival.
  • Write a story set in a world where magic has completely replaced technology. Describe how this shift impacts society and follow the adventures of a character trying to adapt to the change.
  • After years of searching, you finally locate a lost city hidden deep within a vast jungle. As you explore the city, you uncover the truth about its mysterious inhabitants and their connection to your past.
  • You receive a postcard from a childhood friend you haven’t seen in years, detailing their adventures in a far-off land. Inspired by their journey, you decide to embark on your adventure. Describe your experiences and the people you meet along the way.
  • At a local antique shop, you stumble upon a peculiar device that allows you to communicate with your past self. Write a story detailing the conversations you have and the impact they have on your present life.
  • In a world where dreams can be shared and experienced by others, a group of individuals forms a secret society to explore the most extraordinary and dangerous dreams. Follow the adventures of new members as they navigate this thrilling and treacherous realm.

Flash Fiction

Speaking of a flash, let’s bring in the big guns: flash fiction. Crafted within a limited word count, these short stories pack a punch by forcing our creativity to expose its vital essence. Brevity is our ally, and as our imagination runs wild, there’s no room for boredom to take a breath. If you’re new to flash fiction, feel the thrill as you explore the works of others before embarking on your literary adventure.

Embrace these exciting writing exercises, and we assure you, boredom won’t stand a chance. So, let’s pick up that pen, power up our laptops, and show boredom who’s boss!

These flash fiction prompts can break you out of your writing hiatus!

  • A world-renowned scientist unveils a groundbreaking invention that can turn any object into a sentient being. Describe the chaos that ensues when everyday items come to life.
  • A small town is gripped by panic when residents start disappearing, only to be replaced by life-sized, eerily accurate marionettes. Detail the chilling discovery that explains the sudden phenomenon.
  • A time traveler accidentally brings a historical figure to the present day. Describe their confusion and curiosity as they attempt to navigate the modern world.
  • One day, gravity suddenly ceases to exist. Write a story that captures the pandemonium and the unexpected consequences of a world without gravitational force.
  • You wake up to find that everyone on Earth has gained the ability to read minds, causing a complete collapse of privacy. Describe how society adapts to this new reality.
  • A character stumbles upon a mysterious shop that sells unlabeled bottles of liquid. Each bottle grants a unique, unpredictable superpower when consumed. Explore the consequences of these newfound abilities.
  • Write a story from the perspective of a sentient plant that secretly influences the lives of the humans who tend to it.
  • An ordinary game of hide-and-seek takes a bizarre turn when the children discover a hidden portal to another dimension. Describe their adventures in this strange new world.
  • A character receives a phone call from their own number, only to hear their own voice on the other end, begging for help. Unravel the mystery behind this unsettling occurrence.
  • In a world where shadows have minds of their own, a character’s shadow decides to break free and start a rebellion against their human counterparts. Describe the power struggle that unfolds between the characters and their shadows.

Using Humor and Personal Experiences

When we’re bored, one of the best ways to pass the time is by writing about humor and personal experiences. This section will explore different ways to write about funny stories, emotions, and thoughts, using our firsthand experiences and laughter to inject excitement into our writing.

Funny Stories

We all have a treasure trove of funny stories, whether it’s something that happened to us or someone we know. Drawing from these stories can help us create engaging, relatable, and memorable written pieces. By sharing our real-life stories and exploring humor through different perspectives, we can make our writing more enjoyable.

To write a funny story, we can begin by recalling an amusing experience and picking out the elements that made us laugh. Then, write a descriptive account to build the world around the event using the details. Don’t forget to use colorful language and vivid descriptions to convey the hilarity!

Emotions and Thoughts

Our emotions and thoughts play a crucial role in shaping our personal experiences. Writing about them allows us to connect with our readers deeper, encouraging empathy and understanding. By tapping into this powerful well of emotions, we can create honest, authentic, and even humorous stories.

Let’s capture the essence of our feelings by exploring our reasons for experiencing a particular emotion and how it affected our actions or reactions. We can also delve into the lessons we’ve learned and how our emotions have guided us throughout various moments.

Finding humor in our emotions and thoughts can be a therapeutic and refreshing writing exercise. For example, we might revisit an awkward encounter that led to a funny misunderstanding or reflect on a thought process that led us to an amusing conclusion.

By incorporating humor and personal experiences into our writing, we can create engaging pieces with emotional depth, entertainment, and relatability. So, let’s grab a pen or open our favorite writing app and fill those dull moments with laughter and storytelling!

Character Creation and Storytelling

When boredom strikes, unleashing our creativity is the best way to break free from that relentless grip. One fantastic way to do this is through character creation and storytelling. Let us explore how to create exciting characters and short stories to beat the boredom blues.

Interesting Characters

First, we need to create engaging, dynamic characters that our fellow bored friends want to know about. To begin with, let us give our main character some unique quirks and mannerisms so that they stand out from the crowd like, as the saying goes, a neon flamingo at a flock of pigeons. Also, let’s not forget to add some fears and desires, making our character relatable and surprisingly human. And who doesn’t love some snappy dialogue?

Need a prompt to kick-start the character creation process? Picture a space-traveling pirate with an irrational fear of rubber ducks! Or imagine an overworked dragon trying to balance its treasure-hoarding and tax accounting career. The sky’s the limit!

Short Stories

Now that we’ve crafted some fantastic characters let’s weave them into short stories. Our stories should showcase our characters’ quirks, fears, and desires while allowing for witty banter and thrilling encounters. An excellent tip for getting started is to think of a basic premise for our story, such as a main event or conflict, and have the character drive the resolution in their own unique way.

  • Prompt 1: Our space-traveling pirate must retrieve a legendary rubber duck – the source of his fear – to save a distant planet from impending doom.
  • Prompt 2: A rival firm challenges our overworked dragon to a high-stakes duel of treasure-hoarding and tax accounting, putting the dragon’s career and hoard at risk.

Regardless of our particular prompt, the secret ingredient to unleashing our creative powers is simple: have fun! Nothing beats boredom better than genuine enjoyment and a dash of humor!

Incorporating Your Interests and Hobbies

When we’re bored, it can be tempting to scroll through our phones or watch hours of television. However, a more fulfilling way to spend our time is to write! Writing about our interests and hobbies offers a fantastic opportunity to express ourselves while reflecting on what we love. This section will explore ways to incorporate our favorite things and hobbies into writing.

Writing About Your Favorite Things

One idea for our writing endeavors: try creating a list of our favorite things. We may be surprised at how much joy our love for the little things can bring to life. Let’s not hesitate to write about our favorite books, movies, songs, or even our favorite flavor of ice cream. The possibilities are endless! Don’t forget to add some humor; for example, mention when our favorite book nearly caused us to miss our train stop.

Another option is to write a short story or a poem based on one of our precious objects or experiences. Doing so allows us to immerse ourselves in the moments we hold dear.

Using Your Hobbies for Inspiration

Our hobbies often hold the key to unlocking a world of creativity. Let’s consider our passions for art, music, sports, or other activities we do in our spare time. We could write about our adventures or create fictional stories based on our hobbies.

If, for example, woodworking is our favorite hobby, we could write about our latest project, detailing the challenges we faced, the techniques we used, and the emotions we felt throughout the process:

  • Our sheer determination to create the perfect dovetail joint
  • The sense of accomplishment when we finally nailed the tricky inlay techniques
  • Our delight when family and friends admired our handcrafted masterpiece

By embracing our hobbies and passions in writing, we will stave off boredom and create lasting memories of the things we love most.

Writing for Self-Improvement

When boredom strikes, we have a fantastic opportunity to turn our idle time into self-improvement. Writing can be just the ticket to transforming boredom into personal growth. Let’s dive into a few topics, such as self-care practices, gratitude, and reflection, where writing can help us improve ourselves.

Self-Care Practices

We all know self-care is crucial, but sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation actually to do it. Writing can be a gentle nudge in the right direction. For example, we can create a list of our favorite self-care activities, such as:

  • Going for a walk in nature
  • Trying a new workout routine
  • Whipping up a tasty, healthy meal
  • Treating ourselves to a pampering session

By jotting down our go-to self-care practices, we not only have a handy reference when we need a pick-me-up, but we also remind ourselves of how fantastic it feels to treat ourselves kindly.

Gratitude is the secret sauce that can turn our frowns upside down. When we’re bored, focusing on everything we’re thankful for can shift our mindset from “ugh” to “ahh.” So, next time boredom strikes, grab a pen (or keyboard) and:

  • List five things we’re grateful for today
  • Write about an experience that made us smile recently
  • Compose a thank-you note to someone who’s positively impacted our lives

By practicing gratitude through writing, we nurture a positive attitude and might even crack a smile. Now that’s what we call making boredom our buddy!

Last but certainly not least, reflection is a powerful tool for self-improvement. When we take the time to reflect on our experiences, we learn valuable lessons and gain insights to help us grow. A few reflection topics to get us started include:

  • Describing a challenging situation, we overcame and what we learned from it
  • Writing about a goal we achieved and how we felt when we accomplished it
  • Reflecting on a time when we stepped out of our comfort zone and the impact it had on us

Through reflection, we flex our writing muscles and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our personal journeys. Plus, it sure beats twiddling our thumbs when boredom comes knocking.

Writing About Relationships

We all have those days when boredom strikes, and as writers, we must find a way to overcome it. One creative solution is to write about relationships, which can be a great source of inspiration and amusement. Explore relationships with loved ones, family members, readers, and friends.

Loved Ones and Family

When writing about our loved ones and family members, remember that these relationships provide ample material for laughter, tears, and everything in between. We can share stories about that disastrous family vacation where our dad accidentally drove us to the wrong campground, and we bonded with a group of surprisingly friendly raccoons. Not forgetting to mention our grandparents and their infinite wisdom, or lack thereof, regarding technology. Our writing could explore how every FaceTime call turns into a close-up of their ear, regardless of the many tutorials we have provided.

Connecting with Readers through Writing

As we connect with our readers through writing, we can spotlight ourselves and our friends, those random characters who make our lives enjoyable. We might discuss when our college roommate adopted seven cats without warning, and our apartment suddenly became the feline edition of “The Real World.” Or share that inside joke about the friend who tried to use an umbrella in a hurricane because they “didn’t want their hair to get wet.”

In the spirit of connecting with our readers, we should also remember the importance of relating to their experiences. Let’s pen a lighthearted piece about how we all have that one family member we see only at weddings and funerals who insists on updating us on their latest hobby, such as crafting niche dioramas out of dental floss. We can also encourage reader interaction by asking them to submit their anecdotes or suggest future topics for us to explore within the vast world of relationships.

Ultimately, when we’re bored, delving into relationships provides us an entertaining escape and an opportunity to connect with our readers. So next time boredom knocks on the door, let’s unlock the treasure trove of our relationship experiences and start writing with humor and heart.

Breaking Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there – staring at a blank page, unable to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Writer’s block can be a real pain but fear not; we have some tricks to help us overcome it and write some fantastic (and maybe even humorous) content! This section will dive into two fun sub-sections: Using Random Things for Inspiration and Exploring Curiosity and Imagination.

Using Random Things for Inspiration

When writer’s block strikes, we sometimes need a little push in the right direction. One way to ignite our creativity is by using random things for inspiration. Here’s a fun exercise we can try:

  • Grab a nearby object, any object.
  • Create a story or scenario featuring this object as the protagonist.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  • Write, write, and keep writing!

At the end of the exercise, even if we haven’t penned the next great novel, we will have made progress – which is always better than a blank page!

Exploring Curiosity and Imagination

We all have an innate sense of curiosity and imagination; harnessing these forces can help break free of the dreaded writer’s block. To do this, list questions, thoughts, or daydreams brewing inside our heads. Here are some ideas to get us started:

  • What would happen if an octopus started a band?
  • If our shoes could talk, what stories would they tell?
  • How would a dog explain the difference between right and wrong?
  • What would be the outcome of a potato chip tug-of-war?

As we explore these questions and let our imaginations run wild, we will likely find that our boredom and writer’s block begins to melt away, leaving behind a trail of creative and entertaining ideas.

Creating Engaging Content

Ever find yourself bored and unsure of what to write? Fear not! We’re here to help you create engaging content through exciting blog posts and eye-catching social media posts when boredom strikes.

Let’s begin with crafting blog posts that are relatable and fun to read. Say goodbye to your boredom as you dive into these tips:

  • Choose a topic that excites us. The more passionate we are about a subject, the better our writing will be.
  • Break content into shorter paragraphs; it’s easier on the eyes and allows our readers to digest the information better.
  • Include witty elements in our writing; who doesn’t love a good laugh?
  • Use related posts and follow-up content to keep our readers engaged and returning for more.

Social Media Posts

Now let’s tackle the world of social media, where attention spans are shorter, and every post counts. Here’s how we can create entertaining and captivating content that’ll make our followers hit that “like” button:

  • Keep it short and sweet – just because we have a character limit doesn’t mean we need to use it all.
  • Use attention-grabbing visuals, such as images or gifs, that complement our message while tickling their funny bones.
  • Engage with our audience by asking questions, sharing relatable experiences, or even creating polls – we’re all in this boredom slump together!
  • Don’t avoid using emojis and humor; don’t forget to interact with our followers’ comments and messages. They’ll appreciate our wittiness.

There you have it, folks! Boredom has met its match with these tips on creating engaging blog posts and social media content. It’s time to channel our creativity and make boredom a thing of the past.

Learning to Be Free

Learning to Be Free

Dedicated to Self-Discovery & Growth

  • 30 July 2019
  • Self-Improvement

Empty Notebook?: 30 Ideas to Fill Up Your Blank Journals and Notebooks

I, Briana, come to you, my readers with a confession: I’m a filthy empty journal hoarder. I see a pretty journal or notebook and I buy it without question. What I’m exactly going to use it for…Who knows? If you’re like me and you have a bunch of empty notebooks or journals stashed around your house, you could use some ideas on how to fill them up. So dear readers, I present to you 30 things you can fill a notebook with.

*This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use the provided links to purchase any of the below products or services. Please check out my disclosure policy. *

1. Love Notes

When say, love notes, I don’t mean the ones from your partner (though you could definitely do that!). For me, love notes are anything that someone has written to you (or you can print it out) that says something about you that makes you feel good. I have “love notes” from friends, family, coworkers, and random people that I’ve never actually met in person.

2. Favorite Quotes

Who wouldn’t love to write down their favorite quotes? These quotes can be from anything and everything…books, tv shows, your mom, your great uncle Ben. If it’s memorable and you love it…fill your notebook with it.

3. Book Reviews

If you’re an avid reader, you may want to keep reviews on the books that you’ve read. You could write things down like the genre of the book, similar authors, how the book made you feel, or any number of things. I actually have a specific journal for this that was given to me by a friend. If you’d like one of your own, you can purchase it here .

things to write down when bored

4. Write Down Your Dreams

I have pretty vivid dreams and most of the time I rarely write them down other than texting my partner about how weird they usually are. Many people believe that dreams are windows into your soul, your wants, and your fears. If you’d like to be more in tune with yourself and do some self-discovery , why not write down some of your dreams?

Are you a Buzzfeed fanatic and love your listical content? Try making some of your own! Here a couple of ideas: a list of your favorite songs, a list of your favorite flowers, or a list of your favorite food.

things to write down when bored

6. Sketchbook

If you’re even more creatively inclined, use one of those blank journals as a sketchbook. Try going to a park and sketching what you see or combine some of the ideas on this list and sketch out your thoughts instead of writing them.

7. Gratitude Journal

I love this notebook idea. I’m all about gratitude journaling and I’ve been doing it consistently for almost a year. Since I’ve been gratitude journaling, I’ve been realizing all of the small (and big) things that I’m happy to have in my life like my cat, space for a home office, and an abundance of empty journals.

8. Life Lessons

Along with my gratitude journaling, I also journal about what I have learned every day. These can range from the profound to silly facts that I didn’t know before. Each day can teach us something. I try to spread my learnings forward on my Instagram and on my monthly Gratitude and Lessons post.

8. Travel Plans or Ideas

If you’re an avid traveler or you aspire to be one, write down your travel plans or ideas in one of your notebooks. This isn’t something that I’ve done for a while, but sometimes I do write down some of the places that I’d like to visit.

9. Scrapbook

This is a cute thing to do with a notebook if you like to collect things. As I mentioned in the first idea on this list, I like to collect love notes and put them into my journal. In this same journal, (my heartsong journal), I also put in other things like ticket stubs, pictures, and even an old bracelet .

10. Creative Writing

Channel your inner writer and try a bit of creative writing. A lot of my creative writing (when I have the time for it), comes from dreams that I’ve had or prompts that I’ve found online.

things to write down when bored

11. Mental Health Tracker

Tracking your mental health can be incredibly helpful in finding the things that work for you. For example, you could track taking your medication, coping skills, and supportive people.

12. Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is the newest trend in the journaling world. I haven’t personally tried this but many of my friends who have absolutely rave about it. To learn more about bullet journaling, you can grab the official Bullet Journal Method book. It will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to get started.

things to write down when bored

14. Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a visual way of organizing your thoughts. Think of it as a hierarchical list but more visual. I’ve only mind mapped a few times, mostly during graduate school, but it can be a helpful framework if you’re more visually included.

15. Old Fashioned Diary

This is how I first started with my blank journals all the way back in middle school. I would write down the things that happened during the day and how I felt about them. There was A LOT of boy drama. If you’ve never tried an old fashioned diary style of journaling, definitely try it! It can be fun to look back and see what was happening in your life.

16. Vision Journal

Vision boarding is pretty popular. I’m in the process of creating my own vision board. But, if you have a blank notebook, why not turn that into a vision journal? You could separate the journal into sections that represent areas of your life and get to vision boarding er–journaling. This is one of my favorite notebook ideas.

17. Habit Tracker

Tracking your habits can be super helpful if you’re trying to build out new habits and get rid of old ones such as drinking more water, stopping smoking, or exercising.

18. Affirmations

In addition to your vision boarding journal, you could add affirmations to each section of that vision journal.

19. Budget or Debt Tracker

Many people have changed their financial lives by using a good old paper and pen budget or debt tracker. If you’re trying to get your financial life right, try a budget or debt tracker for a few months and see how it goes (and let me know about it!).

things to write down when bored

20. Journaling Prompts

Journaling prompts are an awesome way of filling up an empty notebook. If you’re interested in journaling prompts about friendship , self-discovery , or some general journaling prompts , I’ve got a bunch for you!

21. Recipes

If you love cooking and making your own recipes, turn that blank notebook into your very own recipe book. This is would be a particularly cute idea to fill a notebook with if you give it as a gift to someone that you love.

22. Hobby Journal

A hobby journal would be a great idea for you if you’re someone who has a hobby that may require you to take a lot of notes. Some hobbies that come to mind with this are gardening, collecting, or birdwatching.

23. Mini Paintings

I’m not a painter, but my sister is. If you’re inspired to paint, but don’t have any canvas, try using a blank notebook instead. You could also try out these colorsheets – I’ve never tried them but they look amazing.

24. General Planner

If you don’t want to buy a new yearly planner, convert an old notebook into a planner. This could work well with the bullet journaling idea that I mentioned previously (idea #12).

25. Movie Reviews

things to write down when bored

Along with being a big fan of reading, I’m also a huge fan of movies. If you’re like me, take a shot at writing down your thoughts on movies that you’ve written. Maybe you’ll even come up with some fun theories! (If you have any Marvel theories definitely slide into my Instagram DMs).

26. Notetaking for Courses

Learning and writing things down go hand in hand for me. I have notebooks for all of the different courses, programs, and classes that I’m currently taking. Though, if courses are similar, I tend to group them into one notebook, like one notebook for all of my blogging courses.

27. Goal Setting

I’ve been tracking my goals in one of my many journals for all of 2019. I find it easier to do goal setting by the month and to focus on one goal at a time. When I complete the goal for the day, I check it off. At the end of the month, I write down what I’ve learned about myself and the goal (even if I didn’t complete it).

28. Meal Planning

Meal planning is definitely not my forte (maybe I should be journaling about it). However, for many people writing down meals and planning for them can be extremely helpful for budgeting, eating all the food that you currently have, and for your health.

things to write down when bored

Grab Your Free Journaling Prompts Printable

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29. Spirituality Journal

If you’re wanting to delve deeper into your spirituality, try writing it out. If you’d like some prompts to help you in this area, check out this post for a bunch of journaling prompts for self-discovery , including spirituality.

30. Event Planning

One of the best ways to keep things organized is to write them done. If you’re planning a big event like a birthday party or wedding, try writing down all of the things that you need to remember in a dedicated journal.

things to write down when bored

So there you have it. 30 things to fill a notebook with. The possibilities are literally endless. You can mix and match multiple ideas into one notebook or if you’re an overachiever, have one notebook for every idea. Which idea is your favorite? Are you part of the empty notebook club? Let me know in the comments!

things to write down when bored

Briana Hollis is a licensed social worker and self-care coach. She earned her Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2014 and her Master of Education from Tiffin University in 2019. She has spent the last 5 years working in crisis intervention.  Her passion for serving others is the heart of this site. She started Learning To Be Free to assist others in bringing freedom to their lives.

Briana is also the author of The Self-Care Journal for Young Adults .

Ohhhh this is so me. I am the travel writer, planner and note taker. And just like you I can’t pass a nice notebook without it finding it’s way back home with me. And though I have plenty in the cupboard I am always happy to find the next pretty notebook which will be just right for x, y or Z. Great post, thank you for sharing.

I’ve been cleaning out my second bedroom and I’ve been finding so many. Still can’t pass up buying new ones though. We’ll have to start our own support group lol

What an incredibly thoughtful and well-rounded list of ideas!! Thank you so much for posting, this is so helpful!!

Thank you for reading!

These are great ideas! Lord knows I have plenty of empty or almost empty notebooks sitting around.

Thanks for reading!

I am seriously a notebook hoarder. I have dozens of them. I’m always on the lookout for special notebooks but then it’s usually months before I put anything in them because I want to make sure I use them for the perfect thing. No sense wasting a beautiful notebook on something that isn’t exactly right for it. I love these ideas! Definitely going to be using some of them 🙂 Great post!

HAHA very true! Thank you for reading!

I recently drafted a blog post on this, this just gave me some extra ideas. Thanks.

Glad I could help! 🙂

These are great tips! I buy journals all the time but alas they lay empty!

Omg the love notes one is such a good idea! Thank you so much!

Glad you enjoyed it!

I love all of these ideas! I find writing in a journal to be so therapuetic and I’m always looking for more ways to utilize all the journals I buy, (and, I buy A LOT, lol). Thanks for sharing 🙂

I love this idea! I think this is a great tool for self care and really essential to feeding your creativity. Thanks for sharing!

Glad you liked it! Thank you for reading!

Great post! It’s great to see another notebook hoarder. I have close to 20 plus unused notebooks. I do have 40 plus used ones those so I’m making progress. Great suggestions here. I will have to use some of these. A movie review notebook is a great idea too. I should really do that. Thanks!

This is a wonderful list of ideas! Thanks for sharing.

I love this list! I’m notorious for picking up notebooks all the time because I love the covers. But I hadn’t thought of half of these to use them up! Such great ideas – thank you for sharing!

Ha I do the same. I hoard notebooks and have like 50. Will I stop even when I don’t need them or give them away? Nope haha

I seem to accumulate journals from Networking Events so I rarely if ever, purchase one. #trafficjamweekend

I am like a magpie with journals, I love them! Some brilliant tips ❤

These are all great tips and I am definitely going to be sharing with others! #TrafficJamWeekend

I too am a sucker for a brand new notebook with blank pages just screaming for me to write on them. But then I don’t know what I should include. This post gives me some awesome ideas that I had not thought of. Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend, Briana! It is my fave feature for this week’s party going live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.

I confess – I’m an empty notebook hoarder. I am reforming in 2020. This list will be very helpful with my fresh start.

this is such a creative idea!

Amazing list. I feel like this can be utilized in so many ways. Thank you so much for sharing. Suddenly I feel inspired. Great blog!

I, too, am a journal hoarder! Wayyyy too many of the pages are blank and this lists gives me so many ideas to pick them back up. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brianna, this is quite the list. Lots of fabulous ideas. I love everything you write.

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Things to Write When Bored: 100+ Writing Ideas, Prompts and Inspiration

Things to Write When Bored: 100+ Writing Ideas, Prompts and Inspiration

Feeling bored and looking for things to write about? Whether you’re a writer facing writer’s block or just someone looking to pass the time, coming up with ideas for writing when bored can be a struggle.

This complete guide is packed with over 100 interesting and fun writing prompts, ideas, and inspirations to spark your creativity and banish boredom. From writing stories, letters and blogs to journaling, world-building and self-care writing, there are writing ideas here to entertain all interests and get your creative juices flowing.

Why Writing is an Interesting Activity When Bored

Things to Write When Bored

Writing serves many purposes beyond simple communication. When feeling bored, writing can be a productive, meaningful and even entertaining way to pass the time. Here are some of the top reasons to try writing when boredom strikes:

  • Spark creativity: Free writing and responding to thought-provoking prompts help generate new ideas and get your creative juices flowing.
  • Practice a skill: Writing is a skill that requires regular practice, so use your boredom as motivation to improve.
  • Organize thoughts: Writing things out helps crystallize nebulous thoughts and gives structure to randomness.
  • Express yourself: Writing whatever comes to mind allows you to tap into your unique perspective.
  • Enjoyment: Writing stories and imagining new worlds can transport you away from boredom.
  • Flow state: Writing absorbs your full attention, bringing you into a state of flow.
  • Mindfulness: Journaling promotes self-awareness and keeps your mind grounded in the present.

So if boredom has you seeking an interesting way to pass the time, grab a pen and paper or open up your laptop. Writing is a fun, productive antidote to boredom.

Things to Write: 100+ Writing Ideas, Prompts and Topics

Ready to start writing your boredom away? Below you’ll find over 100 things to write about, including writing prompts, story ideas, journaling topics, and more writing inspiration.

Creative Writing Ideas and Prompts

Feel like flexing your fiction writing muscles or developing interesting new characters? Try these creative writing story starters and prompts to get the juices flowing.

  • Write a story that begins with this line: “I never would have found it if the squirrel hadn’t led me there.”
  • Imagine you wake up one day with the ability to fly. Write about your first flight.
  • Use the title “The Gift” and craft a story based around it.
  • Write a conversation between you and your future self 30 years from now. How is your future self wiser? What lessons have they learned to pass on?
  • Come up with a fictional product or service that would make people’s lives easier. Write a webpage, commercial script, or advertisement for this new creation.
  • Describe a typical day in your ideal life 30 years from now. What does your dream home, job, family, etc look like? How do you spend your time?
  • Create detailed character profiles for 3 characters including physical features, backstories and unique quirks. Then write a scene where they interact.
  • Pick two fictional characters from books, movies or TV shows that don’t know one another. Write a scene where they meet for the first time.
  • Write a short play that incorporates the lines: “That’s the last time I tried that” and “Well, what did you expect?”
  • Use the following 5 words in a metaphorical poem: flower, scar, sunrise, power, sand.
  • Write a poem inspired by an interesting or beautiful natural landscape you imagine.

Journaling Topics and Prompts

Journaling Topics and Prompts

Journaling is a reflective writing practice that promotes mindfulness, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Here are thought-provoking journal prompts for personal development:

  • Make a list of 30 things that bring you joy, from simple pleasures to meaningful activities. Refer to this when bored for inspiration.
  • Describe how you’re feeling at this very moment. Dig deeply — is there anxiety, sadness, loneliness or another feeling beneath the boredom?
  • Make a list of goals you’d like to achieve in the next month. They can be related to work, hobbies, health/fitness, relationships and more.
  • What’s something you’re currently procrastinating on? Write down action steps to finally tackle this task.
  • Write about a conflict you have with someone. Acknowledge their point of view before analyzing your own role in the disagreement.
  • Describe one of your personal shortcomings or areas for growth. Then, write about how this quality has also helped you.
  • Re-read journal entries from a year ago. Write about how you’ve grown and changed since then.
  • Write a letter to your teenage self giving advice about living a good life.
  • What does your ideal morning routine look like? Describe your perfect start to the day.
  • Choose a positive affirmation such as “I am strong” or “I deserve good things”, etc. Freewrite about why this affirmation is true for you.

World-Building and Fiction Writing Prompts

World-Building and Fiction Writing Prompts

Immerse yourself in fictional worlds by brainstorming everything from magic systems to political structures. Outline new civilizations, create character backgrounds and let your imagination wander.

  • Dream up a magic system with at least 10 unique spells — name them, describe visual effects, establish limits, etc.
  • Design a complete fictional university including classes, professors, extracurriculars — even floorplans if desired!
  • Pick two contrasting geographical areas like a desert and Arctic tundra. Define features like climate, native plants/animals, cultures found there, etc.
  • Create a fictional family tree spanning 5 generations including character profiles for each family member.
  • Write a short scene featuring 3 fictional characters you’ve developed, ensuring consistent voices/mannerisms per their profiles.
  • Outline the political system and lawmaking bodies for your fictional nation. How are rulers chosen? What’s the judicial system like?
  • Design cultural practices like styles of dress, cuisine, art forms, music, holidays and more for a civilization different than anything found in reallife.

Writing Exercise Prompts

Writing Exercise Prompts

Hone your writing craft with exercises focused on descriptive writing, scene-setting, character development and more.

  • Pick an interesting photo as a visual writing prompt. Practice descriptive writing by bringing the image to life through words.
  • Write two separate stories that both open with this line: “I never meant for it to end this way”.
  • Describe your bedroom in exquisite detail as if the reader has never seen one before.
  • Pick an emotion like grief, rage, joy etc. and write a scene depicting a character feeling this way without directly referencing the emotion word itself.
  • Narrate an everyday activity like making breakfast or commuting, using figurative language to make it more dramatic and interesting.
  • Challenge your dialogue writing by scripting an exchange between an impatient customer and weary service worker.
  • Practice integrating setting details seamlessly into a scene rather than info-dumping lots of physical descriptions upfront.
  • Write only in metaphors and observations for half a page about any person or place familiar to you.

Random Writing Prompts for Idea Generation

Random Writing Prompts for Idea Generation

Short on ideas or want to challenge your creativity? Try these unpredictable, off-the-wall writing prompts:

  • Explain the backstory behind a mysterious scar — who or what caused it and how?
  • Send a message in a bottle — what do you write and why? Who do you hope finds it?
  • Write a poem from the perspective of an insect wandering through a garden.
  • Use the title “The Adventures of Blanky” to brainstorm a children’s book concept. Outline the plot and characters.
  • Compose song lyrics to a random song currently playing in your environment.
  • Pick two random nouns and make up a story incorporating both items.
  • Read a foreign language news article and write your imagined translation.
  • Write your own interpretation for what an abstract painting is trying to convey.
  • Design an imaginary course syllabus on any bizarre topic of your choosing like “Advanced Fairy Identification”.

Fun Writing Challenges

Try these engaging writing challenges and games when you’re seeking writing ideas :

  • Write a short story in exactly 350 words, no more and no less.
  • Compose a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a hidden message vertically.
  • Outline a murder mystery plot that takes place in your current home or workplace. Who dies and who is the culprit?
  • Write a novella-length fan fiction story in an existing fictional universe like Harry Potter or Star Wars.
  • Draft captions for a “behind the scenes” photo gallery of a movie depicting fictional events we don’t see play out onscreen.
  • Compose a short one-act play to perform solely between you and your pet, complete with stage directions.
  • Pick 5 random words. Use them all in a metaphor comparing writing to something unusual and amusing.
  • Write a sitcom-style script where you interact comically with an inanimate object.
  • Describe a mundane task like doing laundry or walking the dog as if it were an adventure quest fraught with epic obstacles.

Self-Care Writing Prompts

Self-Care Writing Prompts

Writing about self-care strengthens your wellbeing by promoting reflection on your needs. Here are self-care journal prompts:

  • Make a list of your unique personality traits — which do you appreciate about yourself and why?
  • What’s one small act of self-care you can do right now while writing such as sipping tea or putting on cozy socks?
  • Write about what financial independence means to you. How might achieving it impact your life and ability to practice self-care?
  • Make a list of lesser obligations you can delegate or drop to free up more time and energy for self-care.
  • What healthy emotional boundaries do you need to implement moving forward and why?
  • Picture your life 5 years from now if you practice stellar self-care. Manifest this future through writing.

Argument Writing Prompts

Flex your critical thinking by writing argued positions about thought-provoking debates. Some topics to tackle:

  • Is censorship of the internet justified? Why/why not?
  • Do works of art have an objective quality or is it purely subjective? Craft an argued position.
  • Write an editorial arguing the pros/cons of year-round schooling rather than summer vacation.
  • Should advertising to children be regulated? Make an argued case.
  • Is space exploration worthwhile for society? Justify your position.
  • Does access to healthcare qualify as a basic human right? Persuasively make your case.
  • Craft an argument around the question: contests, prizes and giveaways, do more harm than good?

Additional Tips and Inspiration for Writing When Bored

Hopefully the over 100 writing ideas and prompts above provide loads of inspiration to banish boredom! If you need additional tips:

  • Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and write freely without self-editing to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Take a walk outdoors for new writing inspiration and to clear your mind.
  • Pick a random book , flip to a random page and passage and use it as a creative jump-off point.
  • Turn on music and write whatever the lyrics inspire, like a song response poem.
  • Read the news and use a current event headline as a writing prompt.
  • People watch in public and observe interesting characters to describe in writing later.
  • Freewrite about a childhood memory tangentially inspired by your boredom — what you learned, how you felt, etc.
  • Envision readers also feeling bored and write specifically for them — to uplift, inspire or entertain.

Overcoming Writer’s Block When Bored

Even with loads of writing ideas, writer’s block can still strike when bored. Here are tips to overcome it:

  • Completely switch writing topics/genres to give your brain a break.
  • Take a 30 minute break to recharge. Go for a walk, listen to music, make a snack.
  • Write by hand to establish different thinking patterns than typing.
  • Set a small achievable word count goal like 500 words to minimize pressure.
  • Try a writing exercise like describing a fond childhood memory in exquisite detail.
  • Freewrite everything circulating in your mind without self-editing to declutter thoughts.
  • Read a poem, book passage or writing example you admire for inspiration.

Writing Tools and Resources

Take your writing to the next level with these useful writing tools and resources:

  • Grammarly – this writing assistant checks grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Prompts.org – generates random story ideas and first line writing prompts.
  • Story Generator – sparks short story plots from key words.
  • Figment – an online writing community to share your writing and find inspiration.
  • Written? Kit – creative writing prompts and journals to purchase.
  • Writing Exercises – a database of poetry and fiction writing ideas submitted by users.
  • Quora – can help you research any topic to write knowledgably about.

Start Writing Today

Have your boredom cured? With over 100 engaging writing ideas and prompts in this guide ranging from journaling topics to fictional story concepts to world-building prompts and more, you’re now fully equipped to grab a pen and paper or open a fresh document to write your boredom away while challenging your creativity and building your skills.

Some additional ideas: set a timer for a 10-15 minute free writing sprint, put on some music for inspiration, or browse the writing tools listed to spark new lines of thinking.

Treat boredom as a gift — an opportunity to journey within your imagination, to express your unique ideas and perspective on paper while improving your writing abilities in the process. Write on!

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50 Things to Write About When Bored: Time To Get Excited

These things to write about when bored ideas should help get the creative juices flowing.

Bored? Don’t know what to write about? Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Whether you’re stuck at home on a rainy day or just looking for something to kill some time, these things to write about when bored ideas should help get the creative juices flowing. So pick one and start writing!

Random Things to Write About When Bored

1. Write about your favorite boredom-busting activities.

2. Write about your favorite ways to procrastinate.

3. Write about your favorite distractions.

4. Write about your favorite ways to waste time.

5. Write about your favorite hobbies and activities.

6. Write about your favorite ways to relax and unwind.

7. Write about your favorite things to do on a lazy day.

8. Write about your favorite TV shows and movies.

9. Write about your favorite books and authors.

10. Write about your favorite music and musicians.

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11. Write about your favorite places to go and things to see.

12. Write about your favorite foods and restaurants.

13. Write about your favorite fashion and style trends.

14. Write about your favorite technology and gadgets.

15. Write about your favorite sports and teams.

16. Write about your favorite travel destinations.

17. Write about your favorite history topics.

18. Write about your favorite science and nature topics.

19. Write about your favorite art and artists.

20. Write about your favorite architects and architectural styles.

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21. Write about your favorite photographers and photography techniques.

22. Write about filmmakers you love.

23 . Write about theater, stage productions, or plays you’ve seen recently or would like to see in the future

24. Write about musicals or operas you love or would like to see.

25. Write about your favorite poets and their work.

26. Write about your favorite comic book authors and illustrators.

27. Write about your favorite video games and gamers .

28. Write about your favorite webcomics.

29. Write about your favorite cartoonists and their work.

30. Write about your favorite table-top role-playing games.

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31. Write about your favorite card games.

32. Write about your favorite board games.

33. Write about your favorite party games.

34. Write about your favorite sports games.

35. Write about your favorite video game characters.

36. Write about your favorite video game worlds and settings.

37. Write about your favorite weapons and armor in video games.

38. Write about your favorite vehicles in video games.

39. Write about your favorite game mechanics and gameplay elements.

40. Write about the best (and worst) gaming experiences you’ve ever had.

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41 . Write a review of your current favorite game or product42

43 . Write an article analyzing a recent trend in the gaming industry

44 . Do some research and write an article about an upcoming game or product

45 . Write a “Top 10” list of your favorite games or products in a certain genre or category

46 . Do some research and write an article about the history of your favorite game franchise

47 . Write an article analyzing the gameplay of your favorite game

48 . Do some research and write an article about the development studio behind your favorite game

49 . Write a fiction story set in the world of your favorite game

50 . Create a “Design a Game” project, where you come up with all the basics for a new video game. Include things like the title, premise, characters, setting, etc. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even try designing some rough concepts for levels or artwork. Just have fun with it and see where your imagination takes you!

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51. Write about your favorite fashion designers and their work.

52. Write about your favorite makeup artists and tutorials.

53. Write about your favorite hairstylists and their work.

54. Write about your favorite skincare products and treatments.

55. Write about your favorite health and fitness bloggers.

56. Write about your favorite food bloggers and recipes.

57. Write about your favorite workout routines and exercises.

58. Write about your favorite yoga poses and sequences.

59. Write about your favorite meditation techniques and practices.

60. Write about your favorite ways to relax and destress.

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61 . Write a list of your top 25 self-care tips that you swear by!

62 . Write an article about your favorite beauty trend of the moment

63 . Write a review of your current favorite skincare product

64 . Do some research and write an article about an upcoming beauty trend or launch

65 . Write a “Top 10” list of your favorite products in a certain category (e.g. lipstick, foundation, mascara)

66 . Write an article analyzing a recent trend in the beauty industry

67 . Create a “Get Ready With Me” makeup tutorial for a special occasion

68 . Share your top 5 tips for achieving/maintaining clear skin

69 . Share your everyday makeup routine (or lack thereof!)

70. Write about your favorite fashion trends.

Still need more topics? Check out: 105 Random Topics to Write About

71. Write about your favorite street style looks.

72. Write about your favorite fashion icons and their style.

73. Write about your favorite luxury brands and their products.

74. Write about your favorite affordable fashion brands and their products.

75. Write about your favorite second-hand and vintage shops.

76. Write about your favorite thrifting tips and tricks.

77 . Share your top 5 closet staples that you can’t live without

78 . Share your thoughts on the current state of the fashion industry

79 . Do some research and write an article about an upcoming trend or launch in the fashion world

80 . Create a “What’s In My Bag” post, sharing all of your current everyday essentials

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81 . Create a “What I Wore” post, sharing photos and details of a recent outfit

82 . Write a review of your current favorite fashion item or accessory

83 . Do a closet purge and write about the experience, including what you got rid of and why

84. Write about your favorite TV shows.

85. Write about your favorite movies.

86. Write about your favorite celebrities.

87. Write about your favorite social media influencers.

88. Write about your favorite YouTubers.

89. Write about your favorite bloggers.

90 . Create a list of your top 10 all-time favorite films

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91 . Create a list of your top 5 guilty pleasure films

92 . Write a review of your favorite film

93 . Do some research and write an article about an up-and-coming actor or actress that you think is worth watching

94 . Share your thoughts on the current state of the film industry

95. Write about your favorite music artists.

96. Write about your favorite albums.

97. Write about your favorite songs.

98. Write about your favorite music videos.

99 . Create a list of your top 10 all-time favorite songs

100 . Create a list of your top 5 guilty pleasure songs

In closing, don’t worry too much about coming up with “original” ideas – instead, focus on writing content that is interesting, informative, and engaging, and the rest will fall into place!

How to Write a Kissing Scene: 8 Steps to a Sizzling Scene

How to become a fortune cookie writer in 5 easy steps.

Willow Tenny

When it comes to writing, Willow Tenny is a true pro. She has a wealth of experience in SEO copywriting and creative writing, and she knows exactly what it takes to produce quality content. On her blog, Willow Writes, Willow shares top writing strategies with both beginners and experienced writers.

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From the ancient Pagan tradition to modern popular culture, the phrase "So Mote it Be" has been used for centuries with various meanings and intentions

So Mote It Be: A deeper look into the meaning and usage of this phrase.

Keep reading for some helpful advice on how to write in 3rd person about yourself.

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While some prefer a more formal, scholarly tone, others enjoy adopting a more conversational style writing approach

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The Ultimate Guide to Using ChatGPT to Write a Book

The Ultimate Guide to Using ChatGPT to Write a Book

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things to write down when bored

18 Ways to get rid of Writing Block: Find new Things to Write when Bored

Boredom is a reality that writers often have to face. It can be a writing gig that is taking too long or perhaps it is that story that you thought about for a while but now you are at loggerheads with yourself in the middle of it. Whatever the case may be but as writers, we sometimes face boredom and a writing block. What should we do to find new thing to write when bored? Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you reignite your passion and write those great and wonderful pieces that you always dreamed of.

Strategies for overcoming writer's block

  • Do something else for a while. Take a break from writing. A refreshed mind is better than a tired one. 
  • Call it a day before you run out of ideas.
  • Everybody likes to be at the top but few like the process of going from bottom to top. Learn to enjoy that journey that takes you from bottom to top.
  • Take a walk and find out how it helps in bringing great ideas to the fore.  
  • Disconnect yourself from the world and go somewhere remote. A little "me time" will help you refocus. 
  • Music works on our minds and hearts in strange ways. Find out how it helps to reignite your creativity.       
  • Write something that YOU want to write. Forget the audience for this one piece. 
  • Keep writing and never ever back down.

Table of Contents

  • Strategies for overcomming writer's block

Take a break

Don't let yourself dry out, challenge yourself with writing exercises , try out our writer's block app, take it easy, learn to enjoy the process and avoid creative stall, fix a time every day and avoid procrastination, walk everyday and get over writer's block for good.

  • Go somewhere remote   

Read some quotes about writing and inspire yourself

Listen to music, read a book you like.

  • Try writing poetry

Go do something new and explore

Find out what sparks your curiosity, for once write for yourself, change that font for god's sake, try writing in the voice of a writer you love (or hate), use new words and find out what they feel like, take the opposite road, use a writing prompt, related sources.

Maybe you have written enough for the time being. Sometimes too much writing dries us out. The mind runs out of ideas and the heart is no more in words. If you are in such a situation, the best course is to take a break from writing and do something else. Something that you enjoy. For example, you can read a book that you have been longing to read for a long time or watch a movie, etc.

This will refresh you and help you come back to your writing desk with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm.

To keep yourself fresh and energetic take breaks from writing periodically. For example in a 3-4 hour writing session take some snacks or do some exercise after every hour or a half . This will help keep away boredom and you will enjoy and do more work in less time.

It is difficult to get fresh ideas when you completely run out of creative fuel. Hemingway has a trick where he advised that we should  stop writing in the middle of a sentence.  The advice has seemed to work for many famous authors such as Roald Dahl. The point is to never let yourself go dry for the next day. 

If you have no ideas to think about for tomorrow, it will be difficult for you to start the next morning. So stop writing when you still have a few ideas wandering in your mind . 

Doing something that seems impossible boosts morale and takes enthusiasm for the next adventure to astronomical heights. Just imagining yourself overcoming great odds fills you with energy.

There is only one way out. Write!

Challenge your writing muscle and find out what you can do. Write on a subject that you think is impossible for you to write about. Achieve an n thousand words landmark in

If you are still at a loss, you can try our writing app to challenge yourself to write a story or an essay in a limited amount of time without stopping.

As a writer, taking things too seriously affects your enthusiasm, and leaves you in a writing block. You find everything overwhelming and you easily get tired. Relax for a while and see how things go. Tell yourself that worrying inside never solves any problem. If you worry too much, you blunder more. When you are relaxed your mind works better and you get better results. 

So instead of worrying laugh away your writing worries.  

I hate writing, I love having written. ― Dorothy Parker

That is a problem that many writers have. But if you start to enjoy the  slow and maundering  process of writing, you will start to enjoy writing as a whole .

There are many ways to develop a taste for enjoying the writing process but it all depends on the kind of person you are.

things to write down when bored

For me learning to enjoy the rhythm of the sentences as I write them and reading them out loud works best. If I find them wrong, I  correct them in my unique way.

Another thing to add enjoyment to your writing routine is to look for synonyms and find the perfect word that sits beautifully in your sentence. All these things may look like more work but if you learn to get satisfaction and aesthetic pleasure out of it the additional work will seem like nothing. 

Building a writing routine is a great way to avoid boredom. When you write every day, no matter what, your mind slowly starts to relax and become comfortable in the writing time. You start to get excited about the prospect of writing for an hour or a half every day. Your start to get an average word-count every day. 

This all might seem very hard at the start but when you exercise self-control, avoid procrastination and keep writing even when nothing worthwhile is coming out you start to get results. This may be a hard and boring path to avoid creative stall but once you start to get results, the effort seems minuscule.  

things to write down when bored

If you are in a writing block, running out of ideas or if you are bored and find nothing interesting to write about, going on a walk everyday might be the best thing for you. 

Studies show that walking and creativity have a close relationship with each other. Walking clears your mind. As you start walking, your unconscious mind starts to wander. Your thoughts flitter here and there and you start thinking again. Eventually, after a while, you discover some great ideas growing in the unknown realms of your mind. 

Go somewhere remote    

Sometimes boredom is caused by having too many interests. Your mind wanders all day and you find pleasure in one thing and after a few moments you lose interest and move on to something else. In today's world, this basically means surfing the internet day in and day out. Self-control might be the best advice in such a situation but this is easier said than done. 

Where self-control fails, cutting yourself off from the internet might just work. If you find this an impossible feat you can go to someplace remote for a few hours. 

At first you will be quite frustrated with yourself and the urge to do something interesting will kick in again and again. After a day or two your mind will start to explore things around and in itself and you will start writing.

What better way to inspire your inner writer than quotes from some fellow writers sharing their story and their hard-earned wisdom. Here are some  great inspiring quotes  about writing that you will enjoy. 

Turn on some music that stimulates your mind and energizes you. Close your eyes and give your imagination free rein to go wild. You will quickly find ideas and feelings to pour into your writing. 

If nothing else, music will relax you and enliven your mood. You will be refreshed and will be able to tackle the behemoth of writing with new energy.

You can find many playlists that may help you regain focus:

  • Inspirational Music For Creative People — Chillout Mix
  • Music for Imagination & Creativity
  • Relaxing Hang Drum Mix

Psht. Hey! Yes, you! Did you know I wrote this blog post while listening to this?

What better way to reignite your creative fire than to read a book?

Find a book you really want to read or pick your favorite from the shelf. You can also try your luck by reading a random book from some strange genre; new places and strange perspectives are a great way to make you think in creative dimensions and newer ways. 

Be sure to have a notebook by your side and note things down that inspire you, make you think, or touch you deeply. You can later on go through all these ideas and use on that inspires you the most to write.

From Harry Potter and The Way of Kings to Wheel of Time; read these great fantasy books to be inspired by the great magicians of our time.

Try w riting poetry

Tired of prose? Try your luck with some poetry. Learn some poetic form like  pentameter or sonnet and try to write abiding by all those rules . You may not become the next Shakespeare but you will learn a lot about using words effectively in a sentence. If nothing else this exercise will help you get ready for your next writing project.

Abandon your writing desk and go do something new and explore. You can start gardening for example. It is a slow, patient, and silent work that rewards in the long run i.e. very similar to writing. 

You can also try something that absorbs you completely until you forget about all your writing worries. You will be surprised to find yourself full of new ideas to write about when you come back for another try.  

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. ― Dorothy Parker

Curiosity is a strange beast. When it strikes you, you are unable to stop yourself even if you want to.

Find the curiosity behind what you write. Ask yourself:

  • What makes you think?
  • What is the trigger that sparks your inner creative?
  • What kind of subjects do you like to talk about?
  • What kind of ideas make you think?
  • What do you find interesting in this World?

Find out the answer to all these questions by exploring the unknown shores of new ideas and revisiting old ones that made you nostalgic.

Do this and soon you will find that narrow niche, the core of your curiosity and interest. Exploit it. Harness it and go finish that writing project.   

Enough of writing for others!   Forcing yourself to write what you don't like or don't want to write will throw your mind in a writing block . Even if you are writing something that you like chances are you are forcing yourself. Forced work may seem productive for a short period but your creativity falls apart if forced for long.

Let the shackles of high standards and opinions of others break so you can unleash the spirit in you and write what you want. You think it is monstrous and will eventually shame you but perhaps it is something childlike with endless potential. 

Write freely for your own self and find out what that potential is. Give it a little slack and when you find something cherish it and hone it into a fine skill. 

Writing for yourself may not make your audience happy but it will let you  find  your style.

things to write down when bored

Maybe that font you are using is bugging you and you don't know. Change it and find out how it helps. Make your fon t bigger, write in all caps or just play around until something triggers you. 

Change that background you are writing on; make it pink or some other fantastic wallpaper on which your writing is indecipherable. This all might seem foolish and you will probably change back to your defaults after some time but it sure is going to refresh your mind.

Write like that writer whose style leaves a lasting impression on you whenever you read it. Maybe you like Tolkien or are you a Hemingway fan? Copy their style. You might stagger or botch the whole thing up but what's the worry? You are only experimenting and trying something new.

You must keep experimenting to keep your creativity sharp. Trying the same thing, writing in the same way, might seem easy but it drains you. Go out, try that new writing style, write in that new form, and bring out the creative in you.

Writing is akin to creating a house and your words are the bricks.

Your true weapon as a writer are your words. Words give a form to your ideas and new words may fit better or make you think of something new.

Open a dictionary and look for unique and interesting words, and note them down in your notepad. Once you have enough words, try to use them to write something and send it to a friend and find out what he thinks of your linguistic abilities.

You are writing a piece where a knight in shining armor is saving a princess. The knight is about to rescue the princess but- you are bored. 

You had dreamed about that knight and his famous adventures but now after journeying with him word after word and hundreds of sentences you really don't like his stink. His character is too uptight. He speaks too loudly. He boasts too much. 

Perhaps, it is time to go the opposite way. Write a story where a knight is kidnapped by his horse and a princess in shining shoes on a mounted dragon is going to rescue him. Do it for a change. Do it because you can.

You never know what might trigger or inspire you. Go on a prompt hunt or check out our list of short story writing prompts. Writing prompts act as seeds that you can nurture and grow into a full blown story.

As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push. ―  The Joker, Heath Ledger

If finding prompts seems too boring or tedious you can try our Call of Writing app to challenge yourself. It has thousands of prompt ideas and challenges that are sure to trigger the writer in you. Try it out; you won't be disappointed.

Closing thoughts

No matter how bored you are with the whole writing process, never quit. You can take breaks or even longer writing-free holidays but always keep writing. 

You are bored? Sure you can stop but come again the next day and the next until you are back in your element. Keep trying your luck. 

If you have any advice about boredom and writing block let me know in the comments below.

  • How to stop yourself from being bored while writing?
  • Three Ways to Bust Writing Boredom

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Inside Of Happiness

50 Creative Things To Write In a Journal That Aren’t Boring

By: Author RachelJo

Posted on Last updated: July 31, 2023

Categories Journaling , Self-Care , Self-Development

Share this! Thanks!

What if you are passionate about keeping a journal but struggle with knowing what to write? How do come up with enough ideas and creative things to write in a journal ?

I use journals since my childhood, and I’ve always been on and off with writing in them regularly. Turning anything into a habit once or twice doesn’t mean it will stick forever. Therefore, I often end up slacking off the journaling sessions. I sit down with the pen in my hand, and I let it hover over the top of the page for a few seconds before I realize that I have nothing to write about.

Well, it’s not that I have nothing to write about, but I am tired of chewing the same problems and issues ; I have no “deep thoughts” on life and the Universe I’d like to lay on the page. So, what do I write about in that journal then? For sure, I wish to sit and scribble a few paragraphs… but what’s the topic?

Can you relate to that?

Do you also often lack ideas on what to write in your journal?

In moments like that one, there is only one thing that helps: journal prompts. And a lot of them.

So, if you are in a journal-writing slump, I’ve got you! I will gift you with 50 fun and creative things to write in a journal, and I will also give them to you as a printable you could keep inside your journal. Next time you are out of ideas, instead of scrolling half an hour on Pinterest (and forgetting the initial reason to log in to the app) , you could pull the printable out and choose your next journaling topic.

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you sign up or make a purchase I might get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my business.  See full disclosure .

How To Keep A Daily Journal


In case you are absolutely, completely, and totally new to journaling, you might be wondering how to keep a daily journal. How do you turn journaling into a habit, and how do you allow it to change your life . Yes, that’s correct; I just said you “allow” it to change your life and improve your mental health and overall happiness. Those are just a few of the benefits of journaling, so I congratulate you on your decision to start journaling in the first place.

Keeping a journal isn’t as hard as it sounds. Everyone says it, but you still can’t believe it because you ARE struggling with keeping a journal, and you ARE frustrated with yourself for not making it work.

There are three reasons you might be struggling to keep a journal:

  • you didn’t choose the right journal to keep;
  • you didn’t choose the right time to journal;
  • you didn’t prepare yourself for journaling ;

How To Choose The Right Journal To Keep

There are so-so-so many ways to keep a journal (no joke, I’ve listed at least 110 types of journals to keep ) that it could be overwhelming which one to go for. However, if you are trying to turn journaling into a daily ritual, I suggest you start small with any of the following types:

  • Simple daily log – you just write what happened on the day, dairy style journal ;
  • Gratitude journal – my most favorite type of journal that changed my life (see best guided gratitude journals here);
  • Happiness journal – super easy and fun guided journal that focuses on what truly matter in your everyday life;
  • Morning/Evening pages – in this post, we focus on this one as it gives you more creative space to expand your thoughts.

How To Choose the Right Time To Journal

Once you have the right journal to keep, you should focus on choosing the right time to write. Don’t leave it to chance or for “whenever I can”, as those could never create habit nor make a long-lasting change.

Choose a time of the day where you are usually with yourself. To me, that would be early in the morning while everyone’s still sleeping. Journaling is part of my 10-step daily routine. However, I do gratitude journaling in the evenings too, it requires just a few minutes of my time, and that’s always doable.

How To Prepare Yourself For Journaling

You’ve got the right journal; you chose the right time… What do I mean you have to prepare yourself?

Imagine this…

You’ve decided to journal in the mornings. You get up, go through the bathroom, do your morning rituals, get to the kitchen, and half-asleep, turn on the coffee machine and get your morning glass of water . Then you sit on the chair and decide to journal… Oops, your journal is still resting in your purse… which is in the bedroom… where your husband is still sleeping.

What if you decide to journal in the evenings? You’ve had a long and stressful day ; you just took a shower and finally rested your tired back on the pillow . Now it’s time to journal… but your journal is on your desk … in the living room… on the other end of the hallway.

You might have guessed it so far. Preparing to journal means you have everything ready for you when your journaling time comes. If you have to make an extra move to get to the journaling, you would most likely just skip it. Make it simple and easy for you.

I keep my morning journal in the kitchen, next to the coffee machine , and my gratitude journal always rests on my bedside table. If I change their places, I will most likely just skip on journaling.

Make journaling simple for you!

Creative Things To Write In a Journal


The same goes for the things to write in your journal. If you sit with your journal and don’t come up with something fast to journal about, you will just get frustrated/bored/tired and put the notebook back aside.

Make it simple!

Keep a handful of journal prompts and ideas to write, so you never get to the point of finding an excuse not to write.

I have some truly awesome 10 gratitude journal prompts you could grab for free by clicking here.

However, the prompts below are a little bit different. They are much more focused on being fun, self-exploring , and bringing the creativity inside out.

These journal writing ideas will make you dream and imagine other worlds and different possibilities. What I love the most about them is that they don’t sound serious at all, but they might give some pretty cool outcomes that could work on your mindset and the way you see yourself.

Ready for them? Yes, I’m giving them as a printable, too; you will get that option just at the end of the post (you want to make sure you like them first).

50 Interesting Things To Write About In a Journal | Creative Journal Prompts

1. If I had a magic wand and could perform one spell only, that would be…

2. I am most proud of…

3. I feel excited every time I have to talk about…

4. If I were to re-live one full year of my life , that would be… (explain why)

5. The one thing I never wish to forget is…

6. If there were no phones and no internet, how would my life look like?

7. If I were to write a book , it would be about…

8. If I had all the power in the world, I would…

9. The biggest milestone I’ve ever reached was…

10. If I could choose a different life, how would it look like?

things to write down when bored

How To Find What Makes You Happy

11. If I could achieve one thing only in my whole life, that would be…

12. I wish I could invent…

13. What if… (write the first things that come to mind)

14. My biggest fear no one knows about is…

15. This is how my day would look like if my life were absolutely perfect…

16. I wish to create more…

17. These are the words I wish to live by…

18. I cannot imagine my life without (a thing, not a person)…

19. If I were a Disney Princess/Prince, I would be…

20. My very first childhood memory is…

List of Creative Things To Write About In A Journal


21. This is how I met my best friend…

22. If I was the scriptwriter of my life, this is what would happen in the next few weeks…

23. The best conversations I’ve ever had were about…

24. If my life were a movie, the name would be…

25. 10 years from now, I want to be (where | with who | doing what)…

26. The most creative thing I have ever done is…

27. The best life advice I would give someone is…

28. The thing I think the most about is…

29. If I were to organize a glamorous event, it would be for…

things to write down when bored

How To Make Your Journal Creative Despite Lacking Creativity

30. If I weren’t lazy/tired/out of time, my perfect morning would look like this…

31. I could easily write an essay on…

32. One year from now, I want to be grateful for having/doing…

33. If I were to live forever, these are all the things I would do…

34. The funniest prank I’ve ever done on someone was…

35. The most unusual thing I have ever seen in my life was…

36. I wish people asked me more often about…

37. If today were a color, mine would be…

38. If all my dreams were to come true, this is the one I wish it to be last…

39. The most ridiculous thing that could possibly happen right now is…

Last Journal Prompts To Make Writing Interesting


40. If I was in a locked room with the person who annoys me the most in this world, how would we spend our time ?

41. The one superpower I wish I had is…

42. If my life was a poem, this is how it would be…

43. If I could choose to be a comedy TV show character, I would be…

44. The most favorite year of my life so far was…

45. If I could choose what to dream about every night, I would choose…

46. Write a note/letter to yourself for one year from now (Ideally, find a way to remind yourself a year from now to read it)

47. Write a letter to someone who has passed away (a parent/grandparent/friend/even someone you never knew).

48. Write a letter to someone you wish to enter your life (a child/a partner/ a mentor/ even a celebrity).

49. Write as many positive words as possible in 2 minutes (use a timer) .

50. You have 5-minute to describe your biggest dream in the smallest details (use a timer).

Download the full list as a printable PDF by clicking here.

things to write down when bored

Conclusion on Creative Things to Write In a Journal

Journaling could have different looks and purposes , but one thing always relates to it: it’s creative, enriching , and life-changing. Learning to put your thoughts in order and give them real verbal expressions gives you a different perspective of life… of your life.

Journaling by itself is an act of self-care and self-love because it shows that you pay attention to the way you feel, respect your ideas and feelings, and are willing to dig deeper into your true Self.

I hope these 50 creative things to write in a journal sparkled a few more ideas and made your creative wiring juices flow even more.

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50 Creative Things To Write In a Journal That Aren’t Boring

Rachel Jo

Blogger, dreamer, procrastinator, and lover of everything soul-touching. My mission is to make you laugh, provoke your thoughts, light up your day and inspire you to fall in love with life and yourself.

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Seeking Serotonin

Seeking Serotonin

Improve your mindset through journaling & self-care

165 Fun Lists to Make When You’re Bored (and Need a Boost)

Making lists is a great way to stay organised, vent onto the page, or simply record your thoughts so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re short of list ideas to make or struggling to even know write to write down, I’ll give you PLENTY in this post.

I personally find that listing down my to-do list for the day keeps me accountable and productive. It also puts my mind at rest because I know I’m not going to forget any of the little tasks I need to complete throughout the day.

Plus, don’t you just love that little boost of ticking things on their off as you complete them?

A 2008 study by Microsoft found that 73% of the US keep at least one list a day.

Considering the rising popularity of journaling and personal development tools, it makes sense that now, 15 years later, this percentage is probably even higher.

And there’s actual psychology behind this!

Our brains LOVE completing tasks . This is referred to as the “Zeigarnik effect”, as Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik, was one of the first to notice how productive we can be when we make a to-do list.

As we tick each task off our to-do list, our brain releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter responsible for feeling satisfied, happy, and – maybe most importantly – rewarded.

Dopamine is important when it comes to feeling satisfied, forming habits, and learning.

Therefore, as we work through our lists and physically cross out tasks we’ve completed, we get a genuine feeling of accomplishment.

With this in mind, why stop at a to-do list?

There are plenty of different lists to make when bored or when you need a boost.

A blank notepad open on a desk below a pen and potted plant.

My top 10 list ideas

Before we get into some more specific list ideas, I know you’re probably a busy person with a to-do list to get started on, so I wanted to give you my top 10.

If you keep these lists – or even just a few – you’ll improve your organisation, mood, and productivity.

  • Affirmations
  • Journal prompts you want to use
  • Important dates/birthdays
  • Goals/manifestations
  • Self-care activities that you love
  • Things you love about yourself
  • Income/expenses/budget
  • Things you’ve achieved

List ideas for your journal

Your journal is the perfect place to write lists; it allows you to keep track of them, as well as have a safe place where you feel you can vent.

While you can obviously write any of the lists mentioned in this post in your journal, here are some journal-specific list ideas for you to try out.

  • Journal prompts
  • Journaling goals
  • Daily goals
  • Long-term goals
  • Journal techniques that you want to try
  • Journaling techniques that work for you
  • Ways journaling has helped you
  • Themed journals that you want to try
  • Journaling courses that you want to enrol in
  • Your favourite journaling bloggers/influencers
  • Ways to make you stick to your journaling habit
  • Types of bullet journal template that you want to look up
  • Your favourite types of journal
  • Journal stationary
  • Manifestations
  • Affirmations that work for you
  • Things you like about yourself
  • Things you like about other people
  • What doesn’t work for you when journaling

Mood-boosting list ideas

Sometimes, we need a little mood boost.

These list ideas can give you exactly that.

  • Things that make you feel happy
  • Things that make you feel safe
  • Favourite self-care activities
  • Little wins
  • Big achievements
  • Hurdles you’ve overcome
  • Things you’re excited for in the future
  • Songs that boost your mood
  • Things you’re doing today that you’re grateful for
  • Affirmations that give you a lift
  • Inspirational quotes that motivate you
  • Happy memories
  • Activities that make your inner child happy
  • Things you wish you could say to your younger self
  • People in your life that you’re grateful for
  • People that inspire you
  • Comfort foods
  • Your favourite activities and hobbies
  • Your comfort movies
  • Things that boost your confidence

A blank notepad on a desk with a pen resting on top. A cup of black coffee sits beside it, as well as a bouquet of pink flowers.

Creative list ideas

Are you a creative person?

I invite you to give these lists a try.

  • Paintings/drawings you want to create
  • Songs you want to finish writing
  • Song title ideas
  • Song theme ideas
  • YouTube videos you want to make
  • Book characters you want to create
  • Articles you want to write
  • Themes you want to cover with your poetry/writing
  • Your favourite pieces of art that you’ve already made
  • What you enjoy about being creative
  • How you stay consistent with your hobbies and passions
  • Skills you want to learn
  • Favourite ways to express yourself
  • Songs that make you feel inspired
  • Favourite art medium
  • Your creative goals
  • People that inspire you creatively
  • What makes you feel most inspired
  • Things a specific piece of art makes you feel
  • The steps to your creative process

A pastel orange notebook sits closed on a desk. A pen lies next to it, as well as a potted plant.

List ideas for manifestation

Looking to manifest your dream life? These manifestation list ideas should help you out.

  • Things you want to manifest
  • Things you’ve already manifested
  • Reasons why you want to manifest
  • Things that help you manifest
  • Manifestation techniques that work for you
  • How manifesting makes you feel
  • Aspects of your dream life
  • Affirmations for manifesting
  • Visualisations you want to try
  • Snapshots from your dream life
  • Favourite guided meditations that help raise your vibration
  • Activities that make you feel positive
  • Things you’re already grateful for
  • Ways you can act “as if”
  • Ways you can raise your vibration today
  • Manifestation success stories
  • People who talk about manifestation that inspire you
  • Law of attraction books you want to read
  • Law of attraction books that have helped you
  • Quotes about manifestation that inspire you

Three journals sit closed on a white desk next to two pastel pink pens.

Fun lists to make

These list ideas are just a bit of fun for when you’re bored.

  • Movies you want to watch
  • Concerts you want to go to
  • Books you want to read
  • Places you want to travel
  • Favourite flowers
  • How to care for your plants
  • Plants you already own
  • Favourite foods
  • Ways to move your body that you enjoy
  • Best struggle meals
  • People you want to meet
  • Favourite games to play
  • Date night ideas
  • Activities to do with friends
  • Your pet’s favourite thing
  • TV shows you want to check out
  • Favourite outfits
  • Languages you want to learn/words you know in a different language
  • Decorations to get for an upcoming event/holiday
  • A bucket list/things you want to accomplish by a certain age

Practical list ideas

Practical lists can help you get organised and productive, and be real stress-busters.

  • Daily to-do list
  • Appointments you need to make
  • Cleaning/chores
  • Budgeting goals
  • Ways to save money
  • Places you want to live
  • Exercises for your workout
  • Wedding ideas
  • Important dates
  • Documents you need to file
  • Things you need to pack
  • Tasks that need to be done before you move house
  • Car repair/maintenance checklist
  • Meal planning/meals you enjoy

List ideas for work and career

If you’re looking to get more organised at work, these are the list ideas for you.

  • Career goals
  • Work boundaries
  • Stationary you need to get
  • Work self-care
  • Affiliates you want to work with
  • Ways to improve your productivity
  • Steps to launch your own business
  • Steps to increase revenue
  • Ways you can improve your work-life balance
  • People who inspire you in work
  • Work expenses
  • Favourite work tools
  • Work affirmations
  • Important dates to remember
  • Networking events you want to attend this year
  • Potential jobs you want to look into or apply for
  • Applications you’ve sent out
  • Your five-year plan
  • People you want to work with

A clipboard sits on top of a pale pink desk surrounded by pink flower petals.

List ideas for self improvement

Self improvement should always be one of our goals.

Even if we’ve already healed and gone through a great deal of personal development, we should always be putting in the work to be the best person we can be. It’s so rewarding.

These list ideas should help you do that.

  • Positive habits you want to start
  • Unhelpful habits that you want to quit
  • Your perfect morning routine
  • Steps you want to take to improve you morning routine
  • The steps in your night time routine
  • How you want to improve your sleep hygiene
  • What the perfect night time routine looks like to you
  • How to improve your current daily routine overall
  • Areas of your life you want to work on
  • Meditation procress
  • Ways to improve productivity
  • Areas of your life you need to heal in
  • Personal development books you want to read
  • Ways you’ve already improved your life
  • Personal development gurus you want to learn more about
  • Ways you want to love yourself more

Random things to make lists of

Here are some bonus list ideas if you’re just bored and in the mood to write some lists.

  • Your favourite animals
  • Hobbies you want to get into
  • An inventory of all your belongings
  • A list of all your clothing items
  • All the books you own
  • All the DVDs you own
  • Streaming services you’re signed up to
  • All the games you own
  • Random life events
  • Items that you own that bring you joy

Final thoughts

Writing lists isn’t just great for productivity, organisation, stress relief, and our mindset in general, they can also be fun and a great boredom-killer.

The top 10 list ideas I mentioned at the beginning of this post will help you hit all these areas and, before you know it, writing lists will be a habit that you won’t want to break.

things to write down when bored

A witchy ray of sunshine who loves to help others on their journal journey. I’ve been journaling since childhood and have since gone on to earn a degree in English and a diploma in Shadow Work. I love my plant babies, yoga, and anything spooky. Find out more on my about me page .

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Whimsical minds

85 Crazy Fun Things to Write When Bored to Bust the Monotony

things to write when bored

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Stuck in a boring black hole? Fear not! This list of ‘Things to Write When Bored’ is the magic potion you need.

If you are in the habit of writing, you are in for great experiences!

Whether you want to etch a memory for life or heal your pained soul, wish to build your brand and authority, or improve your communicative skills, writing is the best habit you can ever inculcate.

But sometimes your mind is full of thoughts, but you fall short of words! Writer’s block is real. On those days, no matter how hard you try, words will simply refuse to pour on paper (or screen) out of your mind. 

Say goodbye to dull days when monotony and boredom get the better of you and prevent you from writing, and hello to a whole new world of fun, excitement, and, of course, words!

Now, let’s begin with all the Things to Write When Bored, shall we?

For adolescents.

things to write when bored

  • Loved that movie? Write a detailed review of it. Don’t worry about the formats and other technicalities. You will learn that eventually.
  • Had a fight with your bestie? Feeling terrible? Pour out your thoughts in your journal. Spill out anything that is hurting you so much.
  • Went to a historical museum with your classmates? Jot down your point of interest.
  • Visited a cafe recently with your friends? Share an honest review of the same.
  • Missing that childhood trip you made with your parents in your summer holidays? Write down your fondest memories from that family trip. 
  • Scored poor marks in a Mathematics test? Feeling scared to let your parents know? Write down your feelings!
  • Do you remember feeling so embarrassed because of someone else’s fault? Did you try to justify yourself hard only to fail badly? Write it down now!
  • What would your perfect day look like, from sunrise to sunset?
  • Describe the moment when you knew you’ve found your best friend .
  • Like that cute guy/girl next door? Describe those “butterflies-in-the-stomach” moments you feel when you watch them walking across the road.
  • What if you were the creator of the Barbie movie? Write about how it should be ended.
  • What does your ideal birthday look like?
  • Try expressing all your feelings through your words about the worst breakup you ever had! It will bring you much-needed relief and closure.
  • Jot down the best gift you have ever received on your birthdays from your loved ones. Mention how you will cherish them all your life.
  • Write down about your first date experience- ambiance, food, dance, laughter, and so on.

things to write when bored

  • Ever wonder what your furry friend is thinking? Let the animal lover in you run wild and write from your pet’s perspective, recounting its daily adventures!
  • Select a song that you adore! Write a story describing the scenery, emotions, and atmosphere the music evokes.
  • If you could trade lives with any famous person for a day, who would it be? What would you do? How would their daily routine differ from yours?
  • Give emojis some depth by writing their secret backstories! Investigate their daily lives and interactions when we’re not using them.
  • What advice and insights would you share with your younger self? Write a heartfelt letter about the lessons you’ve learned, preparing your past self for all the challenges and triumphs they’re yet to face.
  • Experience the ultimate college road trip, either solo or with friends , and create an awe-inspiring travelogue, featuring all the wacky, unexpected encounters!
  • Extraterrestrial beings have just landed on Earth, and they’re here to throw the most fantastic party of all time. Describe the out-of-this-world event and the colorful characters you meet.
  • List five activities you want to experience, places you want to visit, or personal achievements you aim to reach before you turn (Your Age + 10) years old.
  • Capture your wildest dreams and aspirations by creating a bucket list specifically for your college years.
  • Let your imagination roam free by penning a tale about experiencing a day on campus in an alternate reality. Are your professors aliens? Are cats in charge of the cafeteria? Anything is possible!
  • What if you could talk to animals – what would your conversation with your favorite animal be like?
  • Turn ramen noodles into a culinary masterpiece! Document your creative cooking (or uncooking) endeavors and share easy, budget-friendly, gourmet recipes that will have your classmates drooling.
  • Let your imagination run wild as you narrate a thrilling adventure starring your beloved pet. Write about their heroic feats, fears, and how they ultimately save the day.

For homemakers

things to write when bored

  • Next time you are clueless about what to write, eliminate this negative baggage. Express why, how, and what you feel about your life. 
  • Your baby just took her first-ever step! And you are on cloud nine! Write about this life moment in your journal.
  • Had an argument with your partner? Miss those days when the two of you lived a carefree life? Vent out your feelings on paper.  
  • Craving a vacation so bad? Try writing about your dream vacation and be as much vivid and specific as possible.
  • What’s that one household chore you absolutely hate doing? Pour out your emotions!
  • Write down about that one hobby you were so fond of in your childhood days.
  • Laughter is the best medicine! Compile a list of your favorite memes and why they never fail to make you laugh.
  • Write about the delicious adventures you’d embark upon, tasting exotic dishes, or attempting crazy combinations. Foodgasms guaranteed!
  • What if your household objects suddenly sprung to life and formed their little civilization? Describe their new society and the interactions between each lovable object.
  • A positive twist on writer’s block! Each week, jot down 3-5 aspects of your life you’re grateful for. An attitude of gratitude awaits!

things to write when bored

  • Has your favorite sitcom’s finale left you with a disapproving frown? Take charge and rewrite the ending to give it a spin only you could imagine.
  • What if plants could communicate, share their deepest thoughts, and experience life in their unique way?
  • Craft a story where your protagonist embarks on an epic quest to find Earth’s most serene, peaceful spot!
  • If you could invite any three people from history to a dinner party, who would they be, and why?
  • Pick an inanimate object in your house and give it feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Tell their story and reveal their innermost desires.
  • Write about a character that receives a fortune cookie with a mysteriously accurate and life-changing message inside. Detail the events that follow this eerie prediction.
  • Imagine a parallel universe where everything aligns perfectly with your hopes and dreams. Describe this alternate reality, acknowledge the differences, and uncover the lessons you can learn from it.

More Wacky ideas to kick your boredom to the curb!

For professionals.

things to write when bored

  • Fed up with the monotony of the 9 to 5 routine? Write down a soulful journal enlisting your daily routine, frustrations, uncertainties, etc. 
  • Got that much-awaited job promotion? It’s time to celebrate, buddy!
  • Design a unique board game that co-workers or friends can play during their breaks. Develop the rules, game pieces, and themes that make your game an exciting new pastime everyone will love!
  • Got a job! And what’s better than expressing your happiness and elation through written words?
  • Write about those moments of joy after getting a promotion! Share how it feels after reaching here. 
  • Had a day off? Write how you felt on your day off and how the break has helped you unwind and rejuvenate.
  • Is your dream startup going to crash land even after working so hard? Just slow down and introspect. Write what went wrong.
  • So you work from home, and you are finally at peace with your work-life balance. Express your gratitude and write down how peaceful it feels. 

things to write when bored

  • You just hate office politics. The toxic work environment suffocates you. So, when you feel overwhelmed and bored next time, dump your thoughts onto a piece of paper.
  • What’s that one career mistake that cost you your precious time and money? Write about it now.
  • If you had a brilliant idea for a business, what kind of business would it be? The sky’s the limit!
  • Assign your colleagues superpowers based on their personalities and work habits. Watch as the mundane office becomes a vibrant world where your co-workers use their newly discovered powers for better or for worse.

For adults in general

things to write when bored

Adulting is hard. And so is life. You will feel stuck, hopeless, and irritated on so many days. 

  • On a day when you are almost bored to death, write about your adulting experiences.
  • What would you change if you had a chance to go back to school/college?
  • Write about what you would do if you weren’t afraid of failure. What daring dreams would you chase, and how would your life change as a result?
  • You will be moving out of your rental apartment tomorrow, which seems so difficult now. Pour out the overwhelming emotions in your diary.
  • Take a trip down memory lane and rediscover those music tunes that made you dance, cry, and laugh.
  • Imagine yourself as a time traveler making a pit stop in any era – past, present, or future. Write a letter or email detailing your experience, what you’ve observed, and how much you’ve learned.
  • Write down about the confusion of choosing between your family and your self-development.
  • You just got back home from a rejuvenating road trip. Now is the time to etch those memories so that you cherish them in your 80s.
  • Your best friend is back in town after a decade! Write it all down- the goosebumps, the plans, the gifts, and all these years of wait finally coming to an end. 
  • You recently had a fight with your mom/dad over call. And now you are feeling very bad about it. So, go get your journal and dump everything that is going on in your head. Write apologies, too. 

things to write when bored

  • Start writing content for your LinkedIn profile. Write about whatever you are good at, your experiences, social proofs you have, services, etc. 
  • Remember that night you sneaked out of the hostel with your BF? Had a lot of fun! Write down everything about that crazy, hazy night!
  • Write about your favorite food that boosts your mood in no time and warms your heart.
  • Go down memory lane as far as you can and write about your earliest childhood memory.
  • Write about your nightmare last night, which kept you awake until dawn. This will bring more clarity and a sense of closure.
  • Do you have a pet? Write how much you love it and let your feelings pour out on the pages.
  • Write about that guy whom you meet every day while on your way to work but has never got the opportunity to interact with.
  • What’s that one thing that you are dead scared of? Use your fear to ideate and write about your biggest fear.

things to write when bored

  • Express your thoughts and emotions about the time when you had to make a difficult decision.
  • Jot down your feelings about the time when you managed to overcome one of your biggest fears.
  • Go on and write down about a feat that you thought you would never be able to accomplish.
  • Throw your favorite fictional characters from multiple universes into a blender to create hilarious, unexpected interactions. What would happen if Ron Swanson and Captain Jack Sparrow became roommates?
  • Unleash your inner foodie as you craft delectable dishes that dazzle the senses in a wacky restaurant with a quirky menu and unique dining themes.
  • Select a pivotal event in history and give it a fun twist like Napoleon’s defeat being caused by an explosion of kittens.
  • Who was your first crush? Who did you end up with? What were some cute moments you’ll always cherish? Go back and see how beautiful some days were!
  • Capture the weird, hilarious, and heartwarming moments you witness in daily life. Take a trip to a local park, coffee shop, or shopping center and observe the quirky habits of humans.
  • Channel your inner Martha Stewart and craft a comprehensive guide to surviving college life. For those unforgettable years, include DIY tips on dorm decor, study hacks, and essential life skills.

Why Should You Write More Often?

While some people write every day, others write only when they have something going on in their minds. I know some people who write for money, while others write to seek mental solace. Writing is the ultimate superpower, and knowing how to express yourself in written words is definitely a skill worth investing your time in. 

Here are the top benefits of writing:

  • Declutters your mind.
  • Enables you to communicate effectively.
  • Makes you more expressive.
  • Helps you preserve memories for life.
  • Helps you build a solid personal brand.
  • Helps you make money.
  • Helps you in the process of self-discovery.

Now that you know the advantages of writing make sure you go through the below-mentioned ideas to fight your boredom and writer’s block.

Wrapping up – Things to Write When Bored

Writing is a skill that will always stay with you. Whether you are a born writer or have learned it through consistent practice, this habit of writing will never disappoint you. 

And it feels so amazing to revisit your write-ups after a specific time. They feel like “letters to self” as they revive your memories and take you down memory lane.

Next time you feel bored and are clueless about what to do- start writing! The prompts I have shared here will never let you face writer’s block again. 

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31 Kick-Ass Ways to Live an Intentional Life & Boss It Up

Are you ready to live an intentional life and turn your existence into a non-stop adventure of joy! Have you ever had one of those days where you’re knee-deep in a random YouTube rabbit hole and you suddenly think, “Wait, what am I even doing with my life?” Because, same. It’s like we’re all aboard…

The Perfect Sunday Reset Routine to Kick off the Week Right!

The Perfect Sunday Reset Routine to Kick off the Week Right!

Gear up for the Sunday Reset Routine to turn your Sunday into a vibe that’ll make even Monday jealous! You know those Sundays when you wake up, glance around your messy room, and sigh harder than a marathon runner at the finish line? Yeah, me too! Umm, weren’t Sundays meant to be for resting, relaxing,…

76 insanely unique New Month New Goals- Here’s How to Make Everyday Count!

76 insanely unique New Month New Goals- Here’s How to Make Everyday Count!

Get ready to rock the ‘New Month New Goals’ lifestyle and make it epic! If you are stuck in your life and wish to bring on some real changes, then the perfect time to do so is NOW! Another new month is just around the corner, and nothing can get better than this. Every new…

Self-Care Sundays: Melt Your Stress Away with These Chill Activities!

Self-Care Sundays: Melt Your Stress Away with These Chill Activities!

How about treating yo’ self with these self-care sunday ideas for a mental and physical refresher? Do you ever find Sundays to be like a bittersweet symphony? You’re stoked that there’s no work, but at the same time, you can’t help but feel a little anxious about the upcoming week. Well, it’s time to put…

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57 Things to Write concerning when You are Bored

By: Book Marcel Iseli

Posted on Published: October 12, 2022  - Last updated: March 1, 2023

57 Bits to Write about when You are Gets

If they have even discovered this wonderful world of journaling, you know wherewith helpful he can be in untangle your think by laying them bare on the page. 

Writing brings clarity and journaling has been linked toward miraculous perks in relationships to mental health, decision-making, both professional advancement.  Coming up equipped type find is tough when you’re felling more but inspirations. Although you’re desperate for adenine spark of an idea to…

Whether you’ve committed to writing a confident amount per day button am just trying to fit in a few lines when you pot, it is so large easier to acquire a writing project off to ground when you having a subject in mind from the get-go. 

That’s where like article comes in. Read through our list of things toward note about when you’re bored, what includes inquiries for journal entries, fiction writing, and self-improvement exercises. 

Avoid writers’ block altogether including our ready-made list of inspiring subject for your next writing project.

Retain is writing minds alive and ticking exists good for our mental health. 

Processing things by summarizing your for paper help our character from how we really feel about them.

And putting our thoughts into language regularly also makes it easier to write once we have to. 

You are tying to be heartfelt and expressive when writing a sympathy letter if you are someone whoever is regularly honing their writing craft.

Numerous people want to write more but struggles put this desire into practice. 

If all sounds like you, you might be wondering why it is that at we’re busy our have no shortage concerning great ideas for type projects, yet that while we What are of things that you copy or write as you are boredom? I ... actually find the time to sit down at our keyboards, us tend to draw ampere complete blank? 

To make things easier set yourself, just skipped all the overthinking and choose one of this ensuing topics to journal on!

Bits to write about when you’re bored

  • Write about where you would do are thou weren’t afraid of fiasco.
  • Writing about meeting a shut friend for an first time. What was it that made you connect with one another initially? How has your friendship changed above time?
  • Write about falling int love with your modern spouse or a former partner, or, if you’ve ever been inbound love, about what him hope decreasing in love by that first time will becoming like.
  • Write about a dauer you felt extremely cold and couldn’t get warm. 
  • Note about a length when thou couldn’t stop laughing. 
  • Write about a time when you felt betrays.
  • Write over a secret that hardly anyone knows about thou and consider why you feel uncomfortable shared it.   
  • Write about a time for you sense that you couldn’t say how him really thought because you didn’t want to offend someone and consider how it made you sensing and whether you think you made the right decision by stay silence.
  • Write about why you write and whichever writing means to you. 
  • Written about your romantic relationship with your partner as though you were an out observer. 
  • Write about your relationship from your partner’s perspective. 
  • Write about a time you sealed embarrassed and how think about it affects thou now. 
  • Reflect on your childhood and see if you can drawing connections between your current conduct patterns and the way thou were raised.
  • Write about a date you felt lonely, including what triggered the emotion and how yourself dealt with itp.
  • Want about one political decided that upset you.
  • Compose about one political policy that you think passionate about. 
  • Write nearly a uhrzeit when you observed and injustice.
  • Writes about a book that meant an lot into you and why.
  • Describe the contents of your kitchen wardrobe press reflect on why you keep the things thou do at and what this says around you? 
  • Write about a place you spent a piece of time in how a child that you can’t go back to because you no longer have access to it or cause it no longer exists. What did is smell like? About did that space make you feel like?
  • Note about your parents’ relationship and discussing how i think it has affected your perception starting love.  
  • Write about a length you let someone down. 
  • Write about of first time it felt grief.
  • Write over a challenge you faced and how you overcame it. 
  • Write nearly which optimal meal you’ve ever had. 
  • Write about a river, lake, or seaside that is special to you. 

Fictional topics to write about when you’re bored

Fictional Topics to Write about When You have Bores

Who truly marvelous thing learn writing fiction is that you can literally create your own world to exist in for which day. Next, yours canned return to computer anytime you want. 

You can create characters out of thin air and make them take whatever yourself want i into. The tougher thing about writing fiction is gehend started.  r/LifeProTips for Reddit: LPT: if you're bore, write down idea to paper and lay diehards in a hat or jar and try a different one each time.

Think about it this way: You become probably rather be in a fantasy world in which one tall, dark, and handsome stranger is leaning bad his trusty horse to speak one girl Your ma taught you not to trust yourself when it's absolutely thing you need aforementioned most. “You’re beautiful” than in your current reality, in which some lame guy is expecting you to reply to “What’s up?” over text. 

If this exists true, simple select adenine subjects to write over and entrinnen into the word of fiction, where you’re in all control. 

  • Script a fictional record of the experience of being in a extremely small space like a jail cell other shipping container.
  • Write a fictional account out an alien discovering your town centuries since the apocalypse. What artifacts would yours find? What conclusions would they lure about the society? 
  • Rewrite a classic favorite though place to into modern times.
  • Overwriting that ending of one von respective favorite novels. 
  • Write one story about a romantic betrayal adjusted in a historical period such is of particular interest to you. 
  • Write an fictional account of a love triad so is portrayed excluding in the format is letters. 
  • Write a fable account of an murder mystery ensure is portraits exclusively into text messages. 
  • Write a story concerning twins who are separated at birth and then becomes re-united as adults. 
  • Letter a horrific Halloween story set in a remote ski lodge with a power outage. 
  • Write a story about a childhood friendship told in the primary personality that switches back and forth between narrators. 
  • Write a my about a woman who departs pending out off the blue.
  • Write a fictional account of their bookmark celebrity’s life behind the headlines. 
  • Write a fictional account about an Ire family’s emigration at America in the 1840s.
  • Write a story about one divorce told exclusively from the standpoint of a nosy neighbor. 
  • Write a romance set inbound a small fishing village in France. 
  • Write a fictional offence report told trough the medium away a true crime podcast, in which the podcasters become too bundled up in this story for their own good.
  • Write about a journalist who uncovers something gloom around her family’s past and is forced to choose with her commercial career and preservation her family’s good company.
  • Write a satire learn a small-town doctor’s practice in a southern town, by which each character is basing on someone in your build life. 


Self-improvement journal topics for when you’re bored

Self-Improvement Related to Write with When She are Bored

While fiction type is all well and good, you energy be more focused on improving things in the real world than creating a false one. 

If you’ve were trying to level up for a while and crave to use smart planning also organizing techniques to make sure you stay on top of choose game, incorporate writing into your daily routine. 

Choosing a choose till write about for simple fifteen minutes per day will give you clarity about the things your need into get done and will ultimately improve your self-knowledge and self-confidence.  Things for Write When Bored

Reading press writing for understanding what thee want and wherewith to get it will prove key features in your development. 

Here belongs adenine list of items to write about into ordering to enhanced owner self-esteem and give you clarity about what your goals are. 

  • Envision what you would like your life to look like in quintuplet years’ time and write a technical of it. 
  • Start ten positive affirmations that you would like to say to yourself included the mirror every morning. 
  • Write a list off things you are grateful for. 
  • Start out a to do-list and determined yourself a realistic end for when to completed either task by. 
  • Write a list of the things in your life that are currently causing you stress and then identify and how down three things to could do for reduce respective worried about that issue.
  • Write adenine letter to a person stylish your life that you have been get by. 
  • Write a letter to someone inbound your vitality so they are grateful for. 
  • Write a letter to someone you know with choose you feel there have was words left unsaid. 
  • Write a letter till the one who got away. 
  • Write a letter to your child, the child you is carrying, or to the child her hope to have, in which you express your expresses and dreams for them. 
  • Write down the best and worse pieces of advice you’ve everwhere get and then analyze what made themselves okay or bad. 
  • Write down every enter you have come to date (beginning at age 10) and and describe each year in up to ten sentences. Reflect on what was good, what was hard, and what you learned in each. 
  • Write a list of things to do that you know always make you feel good, so so you can refer for this list and choose an activity if thou ever feel down. 

things to write down when bored

40 Fun Things To Do With Empty Notebooks

by Ryan Hart | Updated on February 13, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Empty notebook

In this post you’re going to discover my favorite things to to do with an empty notebook.

These are the same ideas that helped me get over my perfectionism and actually fill dozens of blank notebooks with my writing and doodles. Even though I made lots of mistakes, it’s fun to be able to look back at everything I created over the years and see my progress.

I hope these ideas help you turn your empty journals into beautiful and inspiring works of art as well.

Ready to learn my favorite notebook ideas?

Let’s get started!

What to Do With Empty Notebooks?

There are hundreds of ways you could fill an empty notebook.

Unfortunately, this endless list of ideas is what usually keeps people from using their notebooks in the first place. That’s why I narrowed down my list of notebook ideas to just a few of my favorite.

Feel free to use one of these creative ideas or create your own.

What To Do With Empty Notebooks

One Sentence a Day Journal

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project , suggests starting a one sentence journal. The idea is that most of us avoid journaling on a regular basis because we don’t have time or the thought of writing seems overwhelming. When you only have to write one sentence, this habit becomes pretty easy. And on days when she has a lot to say, she usually writes more. Give it a try!

Vision or Mood Board Collection

Use your empty notebooks to keep all of your mood or vision boards in one place. Vision boards are simple collages of photos, text, or drawings used to represent an idea and provide inspiration. You can use a mood board to collect decorating ideas, fantasize about your soulmate, or get motivation for a big goal.

Music Journal

A music journal is a fun way to turn a blank notebook into an inspiring scrapbook. I suggest writing down your favorite songs and artists along with the date. These lists are fun to look back at and reminisce about the songs you once loved. You could also keep a record of upcoming or past concerts, song lyrics, playlist ideas, album covers, or facts about your favorite bands.

In my experience starting a sketchbook is easy, but filling it up can be a difficult undertaking. I suggest making a rule for yourself that you can only draw one thing on each page. This will prevent you from crunching all of your doodles on to one page and will give you the freedom to make mistakes. Don’t let all of those empty pages intimidate you! Just start drawing like you did when you were a young kid.

Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a simple system to organize your to-do list using an empty notebook. While you might find many videos and instagram photos of beautifully decorated bullet journals, the original “BUJO” system was very straightforward. If you want to learn more, I suggest you read my Bullet Journal Setup Guide first.

Other things to fill a notebook with:

  • Personal Diary
  • Daily Idea List
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Goal Tracker
  • Habit Tracker

Travel Journal

Consider filling an empty notebook with your travel plans or journal about your past vacations. Paste in maps of the places you’ve been or draw your own. I’ve traveled with friends that use their journal to keep track of expenses while on vacation and write down any sight-seeing suggestions they learn along the way.

Gratitude Journal

Studies have shown that the key to happiness is gratitude. If you want to feel happier consider writing down one thing you are grateful for each morning. Don’t worry about coming up with something new each day. You can write down the same thing for multiple days in a row. The important point is to get in the habit of practicing gratitude and being thankful for all that you have.

Morning Pages

Morning pages is a stream of consciousness writing format created by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. She suggests filling three pages each morning with any thoughts that come to mind. Morning pages are not meant to be read by anyone else, so don’t overthink it - just write. I’ve used this strategy for the past few years to start my morning and have seen incredible resutls.

Prayer Journal

Write down your prayers in an empty notebook to help improve your relationship with God. A prayer journal is a great way to keep track of the prayers you say on behalf of others and to follow up on the prayers that have yet to be answered. I found that when I started keeping track of my answered prayers, I was astonished how many miracles God works each day.

Fitness Tracker

Create a fitness tracker by logging your workouts and exercise routines in an empty notebook. Keeping a fitness journal is a great way to stay motivated when you don’t feel like working out. Studies have shown that keeping track of your fitness progress is an easy way to build a workout habit that sticks.

Things to write in a lined notebook:

  • Diet or Calorie Log
  • Recipes and Meal Planning
  • Current Events
  • Bucket List

Sticker Collection

I love stickers but I don’t like actually like putting stickers on things. Instead, when I get a new sticker I like to paste it in my journal. If you have dozens or hundreds of stickers you could fill an entire notebook with them.

Garden Ideas

Keep track of your favorite flowers and plan out your garden in a notebook. Using one journal to keep track of this information is a simple way to remember which flowers thrived or were complete duds. An empty notebook also gives you the space to diagram your yard or planter boxes and make notes about which areas get the most sun.

Photo Journal or Scrapbook

If you’ve ever tried scrapbooking then you know that it can get expensive and require lots of supplies. Instead, just fill a blank notebook with printed photos and simple captions. No need to get fancy, but don’t let the simplicity hold you back either.

Dream Journal

Have you ever had the same dream mulitple times or wondered what it meant? A dream journal is a great place to keep track of your dreams over time and notice patterns. You could even doodle the objects or scense you see in your dreams. I’ve found that if I don’t write down my dream immediately after I wake up I quickly forget the details. Put one of your empty notebooks by your bed so you can write down your dreams before you forget also.

Astrology Journal

Keep an astrology journal to track the movements of the sun, moon, and stars throughout the year. It might be interesting to see how their position changes affect your mood over a long period of time. If you like reading horoscopes you could also keep a journal of your favorite readings.

Quote Journal

I love keeping a collection of quotes to inspire me or give me motivation when I am low on energy. If you love quotes as much as I do, you could turn one of your notebooks into a dedicated quote journal. I suggest dividing the notebook into several sections so you can categorize quotes by topic for easy reference later.

Poetry or Creative Writing Challenges

Fill your notebook with creative writing prompts and work on them one at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed by staring at a blank page. Let your creativity ignite and see where your writing takes you. You might be surprised what ideas are inside you just waiting to get out on paper.

More creative notebook ideas:

  • Write a Novel
  • Handlettering Practice
  • Reading List and Book Notes
  • Blog Planner

Side Hustle Journal

A side hustle or business journal is a fun way to keep track of your business ideas. Keep track of any new ideas you get in one place in your notebook. Then review them to see which ideas are right for you. If you leave these ideas floating around in your head it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

Movies or TV Journal

My wife and I enjoy watching movies together at home. I keep track of the movies we want to see in an empty notebook so we always have options for movie night. You could use this journal to keep track of your favorite shows, write reviews, or keep track of season release dates.

Address Book

There are dozens of great apps that will help you organize your contacts, but I’ve found a paper notebook works best for me. Write one letter from the alphabet on every other page in your notebook. Then go through and fill in the names of your contacts under the corressponding letter. This makes it easy to look up addresses when I need to send out birthday or Christmas cards to friends.

Password Book

Don’t use the same password on more than one website! Yes, I realize it’s difficult to remember a thousand different usernames and passwords. That’s why I suggest using a password manager like LastPass or writing down your login info in a password book. However, make sure you keep this book in a safe place where curious eyes won’t find it!

Budget or Savings Journal

If spreadsheets and budgets scare you, consider keeping a log of your monthly expenses in an empty notebook. I’ve found that writing down my budget is much more manageable and easier to visualize. You could also keep track of your savings goals, student loan payments or credit card debt in one place.

Foreign Language Practice Notebook

Dream of learning a foreign language? Turn one of your notebooks into a dedicated place for your notes and vocabulary practice. Studies have shown that matching photos to vocabulary helps you learn a language faster. So paste in photos from magazines of words you learn to help speed up your progress. Consider also filling it with photos or maps of the country you plan to visit someday.

Dream Home Journal

I started designing my dream home when I was very young and still think about it today. During architecture school I filled dozens of sketchbooks full of design ideas and potential floor plans. You could do the same with photos of furniture, paint swatches and room layouts. Get creative and have fun!

Some cute things to do with a notebook:

  • Fashion Journal
  • Wedding Planner
  • Pregnancy Journal
  • Therapy Journal
  • Date Ideas Diary

What To Do With Empty Notebooks

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

What do you plan to do with your empty notebooks?

Are there any creative notebook ideas I forgot to mention?

Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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64 Things to Do When You’re Bored

things to write down when bored

Boredom can feel impossible to escape. While that was particularly true during the early months of COVID-19, when everyone was quarantining and social distancing, the feeling persists even as the world slowly reverts back to normal — or at least a new normal. While some people are fully back in the swing of their routines, many others are still remote or spending nine to five inside their bedrooms, feeling increasingly isolated and as if nothing can pull them out of their funk.

Well, don’t worry: Boredom is a state of mind, and we want to break you out of it. Below, we’ve gathered up 60 great spirit-lifting, boredom-busting ideas to try next time you’re feeling spiritless and bored. Good luck and have fun.

Entertaining things

1. Start watching a new reality series. Maybe you want to finally get into Love Island , or maybe you’ve never watched a single episode of Real Housewives ? Reality shows are designed to keep you watching, which can be a boon for a bored brain. 2. Watch a classic movie you’ve never seen. It’s time to finally check out what Casablanca is all about. 3. Read a great essay. You don’t have to look too far. 4. Search “happy birthday + [your name]” on YouTube. It doesn’t technically have to be your birthday to enjoy watching a bunch of strangers sing to you. 5. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from high school. I bet you haven’t heard Eve 6’s “Inside Out” in a long time, have you? What about Jimmie’s Chicken Shack “Do Right”? 6. Watch as many episodes as you want of your favorite show. Listen, who cares? Just keep watching it until it stops being fun. 7. Start a book you’ve been meaning to read. It’s time to finally check out what (at least the beginning of) Swann’s Way is all about. 8. Play a video game. If you’re without a video game system, there are tons of free options online . 9. Read some humor writing. Delight your mind with the writings of Jack Handey or Samantha Irby . 10. Put together a puzzle. If you enjoy that sort of thing . 11. Make a music-video playlist to play on your TV. This is almost like being at a bar, sort of.

Relaxing Things

12. Light some candles. Whether you’re working from the office or in your room, does it get more autumnal than a homesick candle? 13. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. An at-home salon-worthy manicure is possible , trust us. 14. Apply a soothing face mask. Your skin deserves it. 15. Do a guided meditation. Maybe this one by Puff Daddy ? 16. Have a yoga break. If you don’t want to head to a studio, there are a bunch of great free yoga classes you can take online. It’ll feel good whether it’s a 15-minute or hour-long session. 17. Take a bath. Do you have a nice bathtub? Please appreciate your great fortune, get in it, and take a bath . 18. Go for a walk. It’s still allowed , and it can do wonders for your mind-set. 19. Practice deep breathing. I know it might sound as though it won’t do much, but slowing down and paying attention to your breath can really change how you feel both mentally and physically. 20. Lie down, close your eyes, and listen to a podcast. Even if you don’t like podcasts, I bet this sounds pretty relaxing. Find an episode that sounds interesting, lie down, and listen. 21. Cuddle with your pet. It’s good for both you and your pet ! 22. Go to an online art exhibit. If you want to skip the IRL crowds, the National Museum of Women in the Arts has a lot of great options!

Delicious Things

23. Make a fancy cocktail or mocktail. Practice your mixology skills and make yourself a beautiful drink. 24. Try a meal-kit subscription service. Skip the grocery shopping and soothe your decision fatigue with a box of preportioned ingredients and hard-to-mess-up instructions. 25. Bake bread. Just give in to it : Sourdough starter is here to stay. 26. Meal prep for the week. It can be very satisfying! (Although you should consider whether getting all of your meal prep done now will take away future boredom-busting cooking opportunities.) 27. Bake cookies. Mmm. Wouldn’t cookies be good right now? 28. Try to re-create your favorite restaurant meal. You don’t need to be a chef — all you need to be is a person with the appropriate ingredients and a lot of derring-do. 29. Make a dip. Oh, gosh. What is your favorite dip? Onion dip? Guacamole? Artichoke? The nice thing about making a dip for yourself is you end up with a lot of dip. All for you! 30. Plan your breakfast for tomorrow. Maybe some overnight oats ? 31. Try a TikTok cooking hack. Salmon rice, feta pasta , healthy Coke , whatever you like. Just not NyQuil chicken , please. 32. Soak some dry beans. Then, later, you can have some beans . 33. Make applesauce. It’s seriously so easy .

Creative Things

34. Paint a portrait of your cat. Or your dog or your rabbit or your bookshelf! Then you get a bonus activity: choosing where to display it. 35. Write a song. Do you have a musical instrument around? It might be time to dust it off and write a song about whatever it is you’re feeling right now. 36. Try The Artist’s Way . It’s never too late to start journaling, and this method, which involves writing a few stream-of-consciousness “morning pages” every day, is designed to open up your creative flow. As a bonus, Bella Hadid does it. 37. Teach your dog a new trick. Teach your dog to spin or give her paw or “play dead.” It’s a fun and rewarding activity for both of you. 38. Learn to do a split . Working on your flexibility a few minutes a day can lead to fewer injuries and better posture. Plus it’s a neat party trick. 39. Write a poem. No one ever has to read it. 40. Learn how to juggle. Can you imagine how impressed your friends will be once you reveal you’ve taught yourself how to juggle ? 41. Write letters. As a kid, there was absolutely nothing more exciting than getting a letter in the mail from a pen pal. Why do we let time change us? Why do we let age rob us of our youthful sense of wonder? Send a letter to a friend. Maybe they’ll write back! 42. Start a photo-and-memories album. If you’re like me, you keep a lot of little pieces of trash around for memories. Movie stubs, playbills, particularly notable receipts. Why not gather all this garbage into a photo album? You can even include photos. 43. Turn a T-shirt into a sleeveless shirt. Do you have a T-shirt you like but never wear, maybe because it doesn’t look good or isn’t the right size? Maybe it will be a little better if you cut off the sleeves. 44. Read a play, or write one. It’s like watching a movie except it’s reading (or writing). 45. Sew a mask for a friend. An act of love and of creativity. 46. Design your future tattoo. Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Why not one you’ve designed? Draw some stuff, play around, imagine where it could be inked permanently into your flesh. 47. Learn how to read tarot cards. Here’s an easy beginner’s guide . 48. Learn about bog bodies. You’re going to be surprised . 49. Make a COVID time capsule. Maybe someday you’ll want to remember this ?

Productive Things

50. Deep clean your bathroom. When you’re bored, it can be helpful to just discard the idea you’re going to find something “fun” to do and get down to some work that actually needs doing. I’m sure your bathroom needs a good scrubbing. Why not do it now? 51. Organize your closet. Having an organized space helps you know what you have, and it helps you find things, and it helps you feel relaxed. Go ahead and organize that closet. 52. Clean out your fridge. Something smells in there. 53. Start learning a new language. Does Duolingo even work? I don’t know, but you can try. 54. Wash the windows. They’re looking pretty grimy. Let the sunshine in! 55. Hand-wash your clothes . A nice thing to check off the to-do list. 56. Do an online workout. It’s so nice to have done a workout. Unfortunately, the only way to have done a workout is to do a workout. So go on and get that serotonin . 57. Clean your makeup brushes. Trust us, they’re disgusting . 58. Organize all those papers. You know you have a big stack of papers. Or maybe you have a few little stacks of papers. What are all of those papers? Bills? Or something else? Time to organize them. 59. Clean your window-unit air conditioner. Ugh, God, this is going to be so annoying, but you do have to do it, so. Maybe just do it now. 60. Pick up crochet . It’s a hobby for all seasons. Don’t you want to make your own crop tops for spring and summer and your own blankets for fall and winter? 61. Clean out your computer’s hard drive. There are no doubt tons of files clogging up your computer that you downloaded a long time ago and have absolutely no use for. Delete them and free up some space for more stuff you don’t need later. 62. Wash the floors. Oh, gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to have clean floors? 63. Rotate your mattress. I personally have never done this. But maybe we both should ? 64. Organize your pantry. Ah, can you imagine it? An organized pantry where you can see everything you have and grab whatever you need. Does it seem like an impossible dream? It’s not. Here’s some inspiration .

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25 Productive things to do when bored

You have a couple homework assignments to complete, but end up cleaning your room instead. We’ve all been there! Procrastination productivity starts to make an appearance around this time when midterm exams are just around the corner. While studying is probably the most productive use of your time, if you’re looking for a break or looking to swap scrolling on your phone for something more productive, check out this list for 25 productive things to do when bored.

  • Go for a walk / run
  • Do a puzzle 
  • Catch up with a friend 
  • Clean out your email inbox
  • Do your laundry 
  • Try a new recipe  
  • Start or write in a journal 
  • Organize your files 
  • Clean your room 
  • Read a book 
  • Clean out your car
  • Draw or paint something  
  • Call a loved one  
  • Listen to a podcast  
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Crochet or knit  
  • Update your resume 
  • Create a bucket list  
  • Learn a new language 
  • Meal prep for the week 
  • Organize your closet 
  • Do a meditation 
  • Go to the library 
  • Volunteer 
  • Take a nap or do self care 

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Discover 19 Fun Things For Kids To Do When Boredom Strikes

E very parent worldwide has heard the phrase, “I’m so bored!” uttered in their home at least once. It can be the bane of our very existence. How can our children be so bored when there are various activities to choose from? The toys are endless, the information at their fingertips. What gives and why is boredom so common? 

What causes children to become bored ?  The more entertainment a child receives, the easier they tend to grow bored. There’s great news, though. According to Healthline , boredom is good for children. Surely, there’s no room to be bored with entertainment all around us. But, unfortunately, it is increasingly evident that this is not the case. Kids still get bored, just like adults. We need boredom in our lives.

Key Points of Boredom in Kids

  • Bore kids are a double-edged sword. They might be pushed into trying a new activity, hobby, or sport. They might also be destructive, fussy, or generally messy in their experimentation of how much glue they can fit in your hairdryer.
  • Activities should have a good mixture of physicality, mental challenge, and a chance to explore new things.
  • If you as a parent have to work or have other vital responsibilities that limit the supervision of your child, the best activities are ones that will keep them engaged in a way that doesn’t require your supervision and generally takes a while.

An Increase in Boredom Accelerates Creativity

Allowing your child to be bored will stretch their creativity muscles. Boredom gives a child room to expand their imaginations and create within their minds. It is during downtime that children, and adults, figure out what their passions are. While bored, children discover that entertainment will not always be handed to them, and they learn to entertain themselves. This is an excellent concept all parents can get behind because toys are better than screens, says  Healthline in this article  published in 2018.

Boredom Can Feel Detrimental to a Child

For both the child and parents, it can feel problematic when a child is bored. For the child, it may be challenging to stretch their imagination; doing so can take practice. For stretched-thin and worn-out parents, it can be easy to want to take the boredom away from our children. Anything is better than hearing, “I’m bored !”  constantly. However, plopping down in front of an iPad or TV can feel like the easiest solution but not always the best. Listening to various child movies and TV shows can drive some worn-out parents up the walls.

Being Bored is a Blessing in Disguise

However, what if I was to tell you that being bored is a blessing in disguise? Allowing your child to be bored will open up opportunities for them to explore activities they may have never tried before. So, if your child is bored and looking for a way to stretch those creative muscles, here are 19 fun things they can do when boredom strikes! 

19 Fun Things for Children to Do When Boredom Strikes

Grab a book or write their own.

Starting a new book can take your child into a world they never would have explored otherwise. Their imaginations can run wild in worlds of boxcars, forests, or frozen land. If your child is not yet reading, you can start a new chapter book with them. On the flip side, have your child write a book. Writing a book can help them stretch their imagination and create a world of their very own. 

Going outside can feel boring to a child, but a world is waiting to be discovered just out their front door. From climbing a tree, going on a nature walk, following an animal trail, or finding a new path, there are many possibilities for your child outside. This will depend on where you live and the nature areas you have access to.

Build a Fort

Building a fort is a favorite pastime of many adults and children alike. Grab chairs, boxes, blankets, or any materials you have. Build your fort inside or take it outside with sticks, trees, branches, etc. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that outside building materials stay outside and vice versa.

Write a Letter to a Loved One

Handwritten letters are less popular in the age of text messages and video chats, but who wouldn’t be delighted to receive one in the mail? Your child can sit down and write a handwritten letter to their grandparents, cousins, or a pen pal. Writing a letter is also a great way to practice penmanship, spelling, and the mechanics of addressing and sending a letter. 

Bake a Treat for the Neighbor

Does your child love to bake? When boredom strikes, it can be an excellent time to bake a treat for your neighbor or a loved one going through a difficult time. Here is a great list of ideas to get you started.

Make Kindness Stones for the Neighborhood

Have you ever heard of kindness stones? These are becoming increasingly popular to make. All you need are painting stones, or stones from outside, paint markers, and paint. First, paint your stones any way you choose. Then when dry, use your paint markers to write encouraging and kind words on all the stones, such as, “You are beautiful!” “Have faith.” “Choose Joy.” There are so many different possibilities when writing on your kindness stones. When you finish your kindness stones, leave them all over your neighborhood and town to spread joy. 

Go on a Nature Walk and Create a Nature Journal

Have you ever started a nature journal? Going on a nature walk can bring you closer to nature. So grab any notebook and go for a walk in nature. The walk can take place in a local woods, a neighborhood, somewhere new, or somewhere you go often. Focus on one or two specific natural items in the area, a tree you have never noticed, or an animal that piqued your interest. Whatever it is, write about it in your nature journal. You can draw it, write about it, or record it any way you would like. A nature walk is a great way to get outside and explore the world around you. 

Make a Flipbook

Flipbooks are so fun to make. All you need are index cards, a pencil, and a light of some sort. If you do not have a light pad, a window will work. Think about what you want to draw and start with the first card. After drawing something on the first card, place a second card over the top on a light source of some kind and trace, moving your drawing slightly on the second card. Continue doing this until you have created 20-30 cards of your drawing. Connect the pages. You now have your flip book! 

Make Moon Sand 

Sand is a fun sensory activity that toddlers and big kids love. It is made of flour and oil, allowing children to mold and crumble. Some parents like to add essential oil or food coloring to it. The best part about moon sand is that it is taste-safe. Mix 4 cups of all-purpose flour and 1/2 cup vegetable oil to make moon sand.

If you want to color the sand, add the food coloring of your choice to the vegetable oil first, then add it to the flour. This activity is great in a sensory bin. This activity is also great for little ones who are still developing their fine motor skills and creativity.

Create Puffy Sidewalk Chalk 

Puffy sidewalk chalk is a great activity to do outside. Stir together one cup of flour and one cup of water until it is smooth. Add one tablespoon of dish soap. Then add 5-10 drops of food coloring/paint. After mixing well, add the puffy paint to squeezable containers or muffin tins with paint brushes. Have fun painting outside! 

Have a Dance Party

Dance parties are fun for the whole family. Put on your favorite music and dance in your living room! Go a step further and coordinate a dance for the next family event or holiday.

Make a Stop-Action Video

Stop-action videos are fun for kids and adults. You can download many apps with step-by-step directions to teach your child how to create their stop-action video. 

Create Their Own “I’m bored” Jar 

An “I’m bored” jar is a great activity to stretch your child’s creative muscles. Paint a mason jar however they would like. While the mason jar is drying, have your child write down fun activities for when boredom strikes. Fold all the activities and stick them in the jar. The next time your child is bored, they can choose from the jar and have a new activity to try. 

Make Up a Game

Does your child love games? If they do, this is an excellent opportunity for them to make up their own game. It can be a physical game such as an obstacle course or a board game. After they create their game, play it with them! 

Play Animal Charades

Animal charades are a child’s favorite. First, your child acts out an animal, and then you guess it. Take turns acting out your favorite animals. This activity can be paired with various learning opportunities and easy research projects on animals.

Make Nature Wind Chimes

Windchimes can be a fun craft to create. These wind chimes are made out of mason jar lids. 

What you need:

  • Mason jar lid rings
  • clear contact paper
  • various crafting materials or natural materials to decorate your lids. 
  • First, cut a circle out of the contact paper to fit inside the mason jar ring.
  • Then hole-punch the top of the contact paper. 
  • Place the contact paper on the outside of the mason jar rings, the sticky side on the inside. 
  • Decorate your lid with any crafting or natural material. 
  • Feed a string inside the contact paper for all the mason jar lids. 
  • Tie the strings to the stick, hanging the mason jars like a wind chime. 
  • Tie a hanging string to the top of the stick, and hang it up outside. 

Look Up a New Hobby to Learn

Boredom is a great chance to learn a new passion and unlock a hidden talent your child may not know they have. Explore a new hobby to try or study. A new hobby could be learning to play a new instrument, building something in the garage, or drawing something new. Honestly, there are so many hobbies to try to ward off boredom! 

Learn to Bake or Cook Something New

Does your child love to bake or cook? Look up a new recipe to create together or, if your child is old enough, on their own. Learning a new recipe is a great way to practice those kitchen skills. 

Make a Family Tree

Has your child explored your family tree ? Sit down with them and create your family tree. Go as far back as your child wants to go. If they are young, keep it simple with grandparents or great-grandparents. Family trees are also a great opportunity to talk about their ancestors and lives. 

In Conclusion

Boredom can be a great way for your child to find something new that they love. It can also lead to creating beautiful memories as a family . So the next time you hear your child exclaim, “I’m bored!” grab this list and try one of these fun activities to drive the boredom away. 

The post 19 Fun Things For Kids To Do When Boredom Strikes appeared first on Moms Who Think .

Discover 19 Fun Things For Kids To Do When Boredom Strikes


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