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2 Ways to Write a Review on Google

Last Updated: December 23, 2023 Fact Checked

Using Google on a Computer

Using google maps on mobile, using google maps on a computer, google review template and examples, expert q&a.

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Darlene Antonelli, MA . Darlene Antonelli is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. Darlene has experience teaching college courses, writing technology-related articles, and working hands-on in the technology field. She earned an MA in Writing from Rowan University in 2012 and wrote her thesis on online communities and the personalities curated in such communities. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 606,062 times. Learn more...

Did you just have the best steak of your life? Did you just experience the worst service at your local bar? Was the tour you just took informative and fun? Let the world know! You can review almost any service using Google Reviews. This wikiHow article teaches you how to write reviews on Google using a computer or your Android or iPhone.

Things You Should Know

  • You can leave a review on Google using your computer or the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet.
  • If you're using a phone, open the place you want to review in Google Maps, then tap the star rating under "Reviews".
  • If you're using your computer, click "Write a review" when you search for the place in Google Maps, then leave your review.

Step 1 Search for the product you want to review using Google.

  • Some general manufacturer names like "Flonase" won't work, but specific product names, like "Flonase Sensimist" will. If you don't know the name and brand of the product you want to write a review about, you shouldn't write the review because you could end up writing a review for a similar, but not the same, product!
  • This method works for reviewing movies, products, and places!

Step 2 Click Write a review.

  • Depending on the type of review, you may or may not see a Add Photos button.

Step 5 Tap Post.

  • If you want to add photos or videos from your phone, tap Add photos & videos below the text box.

Step 7 Tap Post.

  • If you want to read your review, you'll find it by opening Google Maps, then go to Contribute > View your profile .
  • To delete a review in Google Maps, go to Contribute > View your profile > See all reviews > ⋮ (Android) or … (iPhone/iPad) > Delete review . [1] X Research source

Step 1 Go to https://www.google.com/maps...

  • A new window will open.

Step 4 Click the stars you would rate the place.

  • Click Add photos if there are pictures on your computer, in Google Drive, or in Google Photos that you'd like to include.

Step 6 Tap Post.

  • If you want to read your review, you'll find it by opening Google Maps on your computer, then going to ☰ > Your contributions > Reviews .
  • To delete a review in Google Maps, go to ☰ > Your contributions > Reviews > ⋮ > Delete review . [2] X Research source

write review on google

Video . By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

  • If your review isn't posting, then it may not follow Google's review policy . Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 1
  • Tap or click the thumbs-up icon to "like" a review from someone else. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • If you see an inappropriate review, tap or click the three-dot menu icon next to the review and select Report . Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

write review on google

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Darlene Antonelli, MA

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write review on google

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How to review any business or attraction on Google with Google Maps

  • You can write Google reviews for restaurants, attractions, and other locations on Google Maps.
  • Your Google review can help others find information and will appear on your "About me" page.
  • You can restrict your profile if you want your Google reviews to be hidden to the general public.

If you want to share your opinion — whether positive or negative — about a business, you can write a Google review. On the Google Maps website and mobile app, you can share reviews, add photos, and select a star rating for any business or location listed on the platform.

Here's how to write a Google review, why reviews are important, what the rules are, and what happens after you post a review.

How to write a Google review on Google Maps

To write a Google review on the Google maps website or mobile app, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you're signed into your Google account.

2. Go to maps.google.com or open the Google Maps mobile app.

3. Search for the place you want to review and click or tap on it to bring up the overview page.

4. On the Google Maps website, in the left sidebar, scroll down to the Review summary section and click Write a review .

5. On the Google Maps mobile app, tap the Reviews tab at the top of the page, and in the Rate & review section, tap on the stars.

6. On both the website and mobile app, you'll then be taken to a page where you can add a star rating, write a review in the text area, and upload photos.

7. Once you've finished writing your review, click or tap Post and your review will be made public.

Why are Google reviews important?

As long as your Google review is honest, you can use it to share your experience with others. If the experience was pleasant, you can help others discover and enjoy it as well. 

Furthermore, it can also help the business or attraction, thanks to the positive rating and testimony your review will give. 

If, on the other hand, you had a negative experience, your Google review could just be what saves others their valuable time and money on something you believe won't offer them the value they're looking for.

The rules of posting a Google review

In order for your review to stay up on Google Maps, it has to follow Google's rules . That means everything in your review has to be accurate, on-topic, and can't use defamatory language. 

Your review can't be faked, copied, or stolen from someone else. It also can't be sexually explicit, offensive, or represent a conflict of interest (for example, users can't review their own business and reviewers can't be paid for their reviews.)

Users can report a review if it appears to violate the rules, and if Google agrees with that assessment, the company reserves the right to take it down, and may even suspend or delete "abusive accounts."

What happens after you post a Google review

Your reviews are public, so other people will be able to see your " About me " page, as well as other reviews and ratings you've posted, including any photos you added to those.

And if you're a part of Local Guides , which is essentially Google's version of Yelp, you can also earn points for creating reviews — points that lead to badges on your profile, as well as "early access" to new Google features. 

If you're trying to review a place that isn't listed, Local Guides is also how you'll add the location to Google Maps so you can review it.

How to hide your Google reviews

If for any reason you want to hide your reviews from the general public, you can do so on both the website and mobile app. You'll be restricting your account, meaning that only people you approve to be your followers can see the reviews you've posted.

To hide Google reviews on the Google Maps website:

1. Go to the Google Maps website .

2. Click the icon of three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.

3. Click on Your contributions in the sidebar on the left.

4. On the Contribute tab, click Profile settings .

5. In the "Your Public Profile" pop-up, click the toggle button next to Show your posts on your profile to turn the button from blue to gray.

To hide reviews on the Google Maps mobile app:

1. Open the Google Maps app.

2. Tap your account icon in the upper-right corner of the app homepage.

3. In the drop-down menu, tap Settings .

4. In the Account Settings section, select Personal content .

5. Scroll down to the Profile settings section towards the bottom, and tap the toggle button next to Restricted profile to turn the button from gray to blue.

write review on google

  • Main content

site logo

How to Write a Review on Google

Help others by sharing your experience

Author avatar

Leaving a restaurant or local business after having experienced exceptionally good or bad service may inspire you to write a review of your experience. Doing so helps other potential patrons know what to expect from that establishment. A popular place to leave reviews, due to its visibility, is Google. 

When you look for a business on the search engine, the ratings are one of the first things to come up. So how can you add your voice and share your own experience?

How to Write a Review on Google image 1

Google reviews is a feature on Google Maps , and as long as you have your own Google account you can start writing online reviews for businesses you’ve visited. There is even a chance to become what’s called a Local Guide, and you can get points for each review you leave to increase your level and visibility on review pages. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to write reviews, and how the Local Guide program works.

Leaving a review for any place you’ve visited is easy. You just need a Gmail account. If the establishment you visited doesn’t have a page on Google Maps, you also have the ability to add it to leave your review. 

Here’s how to leave a new review on Google:

  • In the Google search engine, search for the business name that you visited. You can also use a mobile device to do this in a browser, or on the Google Maps app for Android or iPhone.
  • If the establishment has a Google business profile, it will come up as the first result. If it is a chain store, make sure to double-check the address of the location you visited. Next to the star rating of the business, click on the number of reviews. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 2

  • The business’s reviews page will open in a pop-up. In the top-right corner, click on the Write a review button. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 3

  • Select the number of stars you want to rate the business, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. You can’t leave empty stars, so you’ll need to select at least 1. Underneath that, you can expand on your rating and describe your experience. Under the text box, you can also add pictures if you have any. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 4

  • When you’ve finished your rating and review, click on Post and it will be posted to the business’s review page. 

Now that you’ve written your review, others will be able to see it by scrolling through the reviews section. Google may place your review higher or lower depending on how recent it is compared to others’ reviews, your influence as a Local Guide, or how a user chooses to have the reviews sorted. 

How to Become a Local Guide

If you frequent Google review pages, you may notice that some people have a Local Guide tag. This can place their review above other customer reviews, especially if they have reviewed many places. If you want to become a Local Guide yourself, the process is actually very simple. 

  • Go to maps.google.com/localguides . 
  • Click on the Get Started button. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 5

  • On the next page, enter your city. Then check the boxes below to agree to the terms. Then, click on the Become a Local Guide button. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 6

  • You will automatically be redirected to your contributions page on Google Maps. From here, you can see your Local Guide level. 

Underneath your Local Guide level, you’ll see the amount of points you have. You earn points by contributing to Google Maps, which includes reviews. You can earn extra points for things like reviews with over 200 characters, adding a photo or video, and responding to others’ questions on a business review page. 

You can earn a Local Guide badge once you hit level 4, or 250 points from contributions. With each level, you’ll get a new badge, all the way up to level 10. Points don’t expire, however, if a contribution you make is removed by Google for violating their content policy, your points for that contribution may be taken as well.

How to Find, Edit and Delete Reviews

If you decide you reviewed a business unfairly, or made a mistake in your review, deleting or editing it may be necessary. Thankfully, it’s easy to find your past reviews and delete or edit any of them. 

  • Go to Google Maps. 
  • Click on the three bars in the top-left corner. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 7

  • Click on Your contributions from the menu. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 8

  • Your profile will come up. From here, click on Reviews . 

How to Write a Review on Google image 9

  • Find the review you want to delete or edit from the list, and click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the review. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 10

  • Click on Edit Review or Delete Review . If you want to add a picture, you can also click on Add Photo . 
  • If you choose Delete Review, a confirmation will pop up and you can select Delete to confirm the deletion. 

How to Write a Review on Google image 11

  • If you choose Edit Review , your previous review will pop up and you can edit the star rating and the written review. You can also add photos here. 

Help Others by Writing Google Reviews

Posting reviews on Google for businesses can help others looking for stores or restaurants find the best ones to suit their needs. So leaving honest reviews about places you visit can make it easy for potential customers to know what to expect. Customer feedback can also help small business owners out by leaving positive reviews to let them know what they’re doing well, and where they could improve. 

' src=

Since she was a child, Kayla has had a fascination with technology, video games, and filmmaking. Growing up she wrote on multiple personal blogs about these topics, enjoying the process of breaking down technical concepts. Most recently her focus has shifted to writing, and Kayla now reviews and writes technology, video editing, and gaming related articles. Read Kayla's Full Bio

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write review on google

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Topics on SEO & Backlinks

How to Write a Google Review: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • backlinkworks
  • Writing Articles & Reviews
  • September 13, 2023

write review on google


Google Reviews are an excellent way for customers to share their experiences and provide valuable feedback to businesses. Not only do they help potential customers make informed decisions, but they also serve as a valuable tool for businesses to improve their products and services. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of writing a Google review so you can help others make informed choices and contribute to the growth of businesses in your community.

Step 1: Sign in to Your Google Account

The first step to writing a Google review is signing in to your Google account. If you don’t have one, create a new account by clicking on the “Sign In” button on the Google homepage and selecting “Create account”. Make sure to fill in all the required information and follow the prompts. Once you have your Google account set up, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Search for the Business

Use the Google search engine to find the business you want to review. Type in the name of the business, along with the location if necessary, and press enter. Make sure to select the correct business from the search results to ensure that your review is associated with the right entity.

Step 3: Click on the “Write a Review” Button

On the Google search results page, you will find the business listing on the right-hand side. Scroll down until you see the “Write a Review” button and click on IT . This will take you to a page where you can compose your review.

Step 4: Rate the Business

Once you are on the review page, you will see a star rating feature. Click on the stars to rate the business based on your experience. The rating scale ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Take a moment to consider your overall experience with the business before selecting a rating.

Step 5: Write Your Review

After rating the business, you will have the opportunity to write a detailed review about your experience. This is where you can provide specific feedback and share your thoughts with others. Be honest and concise in your review, focusing on the key aspects of your interaction with the business, such as customer service, product quality, or any other relevant factors.

Step 6: Add Photos (Optional)

If you have any relevant photos of your experience with the business, you can add them to your review. This step is optional but can be impactful as visuals can enhance the credibility and context of your review. Click on the camera icon and follow the prompts to upload your photos from your device or Google Photos.

Step 7: Preview and Publish

Before publishing your review, take a moment to preview IT . Make sure IT is free from any errors and accurately reflects your experience. Once you are satisfied, click on the “Publish” button. Your review will then be made public, and others will be able to read IT .

writing a Google review is a powerful way to share your experiences with businesses and help others make informed decisions. By following this step-by-step guide, you can easily contribute to the growth and success of businesses in your community. Remember to be honest, concise, and specific in your reviews, as they can serve as invaluable feedback for businesses striving to improve.

1. Can I edit or delete a Google review?

Yes, you can edit or delete a Google review. Simply go to your Google account, find the review you want to edit or delete, and take the necessary actions. Keep in mind that once a review is deleted, IT cannot be recovered. Therefore, consider your decision before removing a review.

2. Can I write a Google review anonymously?

No, Google requires you to sign in to your Google account in order to write a review. This helps ensure the authenticity and credibility of the reviews posted on Google. Your review will be associated with your account name and profile picture.

3. How long does IT take for a Google review to appear?

Typically, Google reviews appear immediately after they are published. However, in some cases, IT may take a few minutes for the review to become visible. If your review does not appear after a reasonable amount of time, try refreshing the page or checking back later.

4. Can businesses respond to Google reviews?

Yes, businesses have the option to respond to Google reviews. This allows them to address any concerns, express gratitude for positive feedback, or provide additional information. Businesses can log in to their Google My Business account to access and respond to reviews.

5. How do Google reviews impact businesses?

Google reviews have a significant impact on businesses. Positive reviews can attract new customers, build trust, and enhance the reputation of a business. On the other hand, negative reviews can highlight areas for improvement and give businesses an opportunity to address customer concerns.

6. Can I report a fraudulent or inappropriate Google review?

Yes, Google provides options to report fraudulent or inappropriate reviews. If you believe a review violates Google’s review policies, click on the three dots next to the review, select “Flag as inappropriate,” and follow the prompts to report IT . Google will then assess the review and take appropriate action if necessary.

writing Google reviews not only benefits businesses and potential customers but also contributes to creating a well-informed and empowered society. By taking a few minutes of your time to provide feedback and share your experiences, you can help influence the success and growth of businesses while helping others make informed decisions. Start writing your Google reviews today and be a positive force in your community!

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write review on google

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featured image

Google Reviews: 5 Steps to Skyrocket Your Business Growth With Reviews

leadership image

by Nabila Stapleton-Charles

Content Manager at Weave

According to a Weave study, 64% of consumers look to Google for reviews before visiting a business, ( read more about this study in our ebook here ). Additionally, Google, today’s most powerful search engine gives higher SEO rankings to businesses with multiple positive Google reviews .

If you are a small business owner with room to grow your business, and ignoring Google Reviews, you might as well take out all of the money in your wallet and set it on fire.

Yes, online reviews really are that important. And yes, we are going to show you exactly how to use them to grow your business.

Here is what you can expect to learn from this article:

  • How to Get More Google Reviews
  • How to Leave a Google Review
  • How to Remove a Review From Google
  • How to Use Weave to Get More Reviews

9 out of 10 people check online reviews before choosing a business

Weave helps you easily collect and monitor reviews on Google and Facebook. These reviews can be some of the best marketing for your business.

How to Get More Google Reviews from Your Customers in Five Simple Steps

Step 1: ask your customers for a ‘favor’.

If your customers have had a good experience with your business, they’re usually more than happy to “pay it back” through a positive customer review . Framing your request as a “favor” lessens your customers’ feeling of obligation. Interestingly enough, this makes them more likely to comply with your request. (1)

Asking for a favor not only shows that you have trust in your customers, but it also allows them the opportunity to provide support for you and your business .

When asked in the right way , most satisfied customers will be happy to leave a good business review. Get as many “favors” as you can because Google will automatically highlight any 3 of these reviews in your Google Review Summary section. (2)

While getting customers on board to write a Google business review is a huge milestone, remember that Google’s algorithm is also crawling for the right kind of reviews .

Step 2: Give Them A Reason To Write A Review

Giving a reason for your request increases the chances that your customers will oblige by up to 33%. Studies performed by a Harvard professor in 1978 revealed the power of the word “because”.

The conclusion of the study is that giving someone a reason that you are asking for something will increase your success rate no matter the reason. (3)

When you’re asking for a review, be sure to include a reason . “Because we would love to hear your thoughts” or “because we care about what you think of our business” may just be a few extra words, but it can go a long way in improving your review response rate.

While there are far more technical reasons for requesting reviews such as boosting local SEO to build online authority and trustworthiness and providing recent feedback to prospects, you should keep explanations simple .

Step 3: Thank Them For Being Willing To Leave A Review

When it comes to customer service, gratitude is always a good idea.

In a cold email response study, response rates increased dramatically when gratitude was expressed in advance. (4)

Similarly, getting customer feedback via reviews can lead to improved customer service when acknowledged by a business.

Step 4: Have a Script and a Process

Now let’s see how these tips, altogether, work to increase your review generation rate. You’re welcome to copy this script or tweak it to fit your business’ unique needs.

“Hey __________ [customer name], thanks for coming in today! I was wondering if you could do me a favor?”

*Customer responds affirmatively*

“Would you mind writing a review of your experience? Because it really helps other customers make the decision to come here.”

“Thanks! We really appreciate you being willing to do that! In a few moments, you will get a review request from our office. You can just follow the review link that we send you. It makes it really simple!”

A happy customer is likely to reciprocate the positivity if you just ask . By making the process simple and introducing a little bit of psychology into the equation, you’re well on your way to acquiring a bank of positive reviews .

Step 5: Find A Review Software That Automates The Process

In an ideal world, everyone would have automated review software like Weave .

Review software allows you to request a review from the customer immediately after they’ve interacted with you , they get the request at the time when they’re most likely to leave you feedback. Weave even helps you respond to reviews more easily. Weave’s Response Assistant uses generative AI technology to create custom, relevant responses to your patient reviews to increase your reputation management efficiency and boost your brand awareness.

Usually, the request includes a link that they can click on. They will be sent to a review website like Google or Facebook where they can leave feedback in just a few minutes.

Make Google Reviews Easy For Your Customers

No matter how amazing your customer experience is, making the feedback process easier will always increase your success .

Make your process for leaving Google reviews as simple as possible.

Ask Your Customers For Reviews

Did you know that while 71% of consumers would actually leave feedback if a business just asked , a whopping 30% of consumers have never been asked at all? (5)

Even casual requests can be effective and are certainly much better than not asking at all .

You may also like: How to Get Facebook Social Media Reviews and  Should You Ask Customers for Reviews on Yelp?

How To Leave A Review on Google

Let’s start at the ground level. There are two different ways you can leave Google reviews; through a browser, or through the Google Maps App. The process is different for each, and yes, your customer will need a Google account to do it.

Write A Google Review From Your Browser

  • Log into your Google account, and search for the business you want to review.
  • Find the reviews area (next to the star rating in your search results, or under the establishment’s name in the sidebar in Google search) and click on the blue font that says “WRITE A REVIEW.”
  • Rate the business from 1 to 5 stars (the greater numbers indicate a positive experience), write about your experience, and click “POST” when you’re done.

Write A Review From The Google Maps App

  • In the Google Maps app on your phone, search for the business that you want to review.
  • Maps will return a search result with a map that includes a banner at the bottom about the business. Click that banner.
  • Scroll down in the window that pops up until you get to the reviews section. You will see five stars unpopulated with your profile picture above them. Click on the number of stars you would like to leave for the business and proceed to write about your experience.
  • Click “POST” to leave the review.

Writing a review is a simple process, even for your older customers. This process is even simpler when you use automated software .

How to Delete a Google Review

If you are a business owner, you’ve probably seen a negative review come across for your business at least once. The review could be the result of a misunderstanding with a customer, or even someone on your team dropping the ball, in which case, you should try to rectify the situation immediately.

Unfortunately, there is another common source of negative fake reviews that you can’t do anything to rectify. Those negative reviews come from competitors who are trying to tarnish your reputation. In an effort to do this, some competitors may post fake negative reviews about your business . In these scenarios, you’ll need a strategy for deleting Google Reviews.

Before we get too far into this process, you should know that this is not always guaranteed to work. However, it has worked on a number of occasions, so it’s often worth going through the process .

Step 1: Locate the Review on Google

Locate the fake Google review you are trying to remove. You can do that by searching for your business name in Google and clicking on the total number of reviews .

Step 2: Flag the Review

Locate the review that was left by your competitor and click the flag. To get the flag to show up, you will need to be hovering over the review.

Step 2 for deleting a Google Review

Step 3: Select Your Reason for Flagging the Review

When you click the flag you will see these options:

Step 3 for deleting a Google Review

Click the circle that indicates that the post is a conflict of interest. Take a screenshot of your form filled out and save the screenshot with the date.

Note as well that Google’s policies consist of a list of 10 types of prohibited and restricted reviews , which Google might remove, not only when flagged, but automatically.

Step 4: Navigate to the Spam & Policy Forum

After a week or so has gone by, check whether the fake review was removed. If it hasn’t been, go to Google My Business community you will see a page in the search result that looks like this:

Step 4 for deleting a Google Review

Click Spam & Policy and you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Step 5 for deleting a Google Review

Step 5: Submit Your Case

Click the plus in the lower right-hand corner to start your post in the forum. In the interest of your reputation management , you need to be as persuasive as possible about the fact that this review was not from a real customer. Explain how you know that it is a competitor, attach the image showing that you flagged the review first, then submit your post. The more descriptive you are and the more details you have to back up your position, the more likely you will be successful in getting the bad review deleted .

This forum is typically very quick to respond, so you should know within the day whether your report will be escalated.

Using Weave to Get More Google My Business Reviews

Interestingly (but not surprisingly), a well-established Weave dental office in Oklahoma City was able to increase their new patient flow by 324% from May of 2017 to now. This office was seeing around 17 new patients a month consistently for several years, and with less than 10 online reviews at the time saw a plateau in their active patient base. Then they signed up for Weave and activated Auto-Text Reviews –they are now seeing 76 new patients a month and have over 200 online reviews.

Rika Markel, of West Side Family Dental Group said, “Weave has made all the difference in our dental practices. Easy to use for recalls, confirmations , etc. But most importantly, the review feature helped us to get on the first page of Google.”

A positive review can have a great influence on a potential customer looking up your business online . Will you try to get at least one new review today? Schedule your demo to learn how Weave is promoting national, regional and local business online reputation.

How do you review a business on Google?

First, log in to your Google account. Search on Google for the business you want to review. Click on the number of reviews that shows in blue text. Click write a review in the top right-hand corner.

Can you write a Google review without having an account?

No. While this was a possibility in earlier days of Google Reviews, you can no longer leave a Google review without having an account.

How do I leave a Google review anonymously?

There is no longer a way to write reviews anonymously on Google. Google will automatically connect your review to your Google account.

How do I see my Google reviews?

To see your Google reviews, you can either log in to the Google My Business review site and manage reviews from inside your dashboard, or you can search for your business and click on the number of reviews linked in blue and see your reviews from there.

How long do Google reviews stay posted?

Google reviews will stay posted indefinitely unless the writer of the review decides to delete the review.

How do I write a review on Google?

If you are a reviewer looking for actual tips on what you should say in your Google review- remember to be honest, civil, describe the service received, be specific, ensure you are reviewing the intended company, and update the review if necessary.

Is a Google Business Profile free? 

Yes, it is. So, there’s no reason to hesitate to get one so your business information can appear accurately on Google tools like the search engine and Google Maps.

What’s a Google reviews widget?

A Google review widget is a simple code that you can add to your website to display your Google reviews on your website.

What is Google seller rating?

You’ve likely seen Google seller ratings in your Google searches below ads in the form of a star rating.  It’s typical for eCommerce companies to use Google Seller Ratings, but it’s available to any company.

Here is an additional list of 10 Common Questions and Answers About Collecting Reviews

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Write high quality reviews

Publishing high quality reviews can help people learn more about things they are considering, such as products, services, destinations, games, movies or other topics. For example, you could write a review as:

  • An expert staff member or a merchant who guides people between competing products.
  • A blogger that provides independent opinions.
  • An editorial staff member at a news or other publishing site.

To help people discover your review pages in Google Search and on other Google surfaces, follow these best practices:

  • Evaluate from a user's perspective.
  • Demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about what you are reviewing—show you are an expert.
  • Provide evidence such as visuals, audio, or other links of your own experience with what you are reviewing, to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review.
  • Share quantitative measurements about how something measures up in various categories of performance.
  • Explain what sets something apart from its competitors.
  • Cover comparable things to consider, or explain which might be best for certain uses or circumstances.
  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of something, based on your own original research.
  • Describe how a product has evolved from previous models or releases to provide improvements, address issues, or otherwise help users in making a purchase decision.
  • Focus on the most important decision-making factors, based on your experience or expertise (for example, a car review might determine that fuel economy and safety are key decision-making factors and rate performance in those areas).
  • Describe key choices in how a product has been designed and their effect on the users beyond what the manufacturer says.
  • Include links to other useful resources (your own or from other sites) to help a reader make a decision.
  • Consider including links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice.
  • When recommending something as the best overall or the best for a certain purpose, include why you consider it the best, with first-hand supporting evidence.
  • Ensure there is enough useful content in your ranked lists for them to stand on their own, even if you choose to write separate in-depth single reviews.

Reviews often use affiliate links, so that if someone finds a review useful and follows the provided link to purchase, the creator of the review is rewarded by the seller. If you do this, see also Google's position on affiliate programs .

Reviews can be a great resource for people when making decisions. When writing reviews, focus on the quality and originality of your reviews, not the length, following as many of the above best practices as you are able. This will deliver the most value to those reading your reviews.

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License , and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License . For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies . Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

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How to Post a Review on Google

How to Post a Review on Google

Leaving reviews is one of the best ways you can help your local business community. If you’re a satisfied customer or patron, it’s equally important to know how to post a review on Google to share your positive experiences and contribute to a business’s success.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to post a review on Google, answer common questions about anonymity, and provide tips for writing more useful and actionable reviews.

Key Takeaways

  • How to Post a Google Review: We’ll talk about how to post a Google review from a browser, Google Maps, or on a mobile device.
  • Anonymity in Google Reviews: While reviewers can’t be entirely anonymous, we’ll discuss how you can use usernames or initials instead.
  • Tips for Impactful Reviews: We’ll cover practical tips for writing reviews, such as including specific details, avoiding exaggeration, and why it’s better to write reviews sooner rather than later.

Generate 5-star Google reviews for your business automatically

Write a review on your browser, from google search.

Step 1: Start by performing a Google search for the business you want to review.

Step 2: In the list of search results, locate the business you’re interested in and click on it.

how to post a review on Google - from Google search

Step 3: On the business’s listing, you’ll find a link labeled “Google Reviews” and click on it.

how to post a review on Google - from Google search

Step 4: From there, click on the “Write a review” button to share your thoughts and experiences with the world.

how to post a review on Google - from Google search

From Google Maps

Step 1: Open your web browser and visit Google Maps .

Step 2: In the search bar, enter the name of the business you want to review and hit enter.

how to post a review on Google - from Google Maps

Step 3: Click on the “Reviews” tab within the business listing.

Step 4: Finally, click on the “Write a review” button to start crafting your review.

how to post a review on Google - from Google Maps

From Google Maps App

For mobile users, posting a Google review is just as straightforward:

Step 1: Open the Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone

Step 2: Search for the place you want to review or tap its location on the map.

how to post a review on Google - from Google Maps App

Step 3: If multiple locations appear in your search, select the one you want to review.

Step 4: Scroll down, and you’ll see an option labeled “Reviews” and tap it.

how to post a review on Google - from Google Maps App

Step 5: Next, tap the empty stars to assign a rating and proceed to create your review.

how to post a review on Google - from Google Maps App

Editing or Deleting Your Own Reviews

It’s natural to want to make changes to your reviews or remove them entirely if circumstances change. For example, if the business responded to your review and made things right, here’s how you can edit or delete your own Google reviews:

On Your Browser:

Step 1: Go to Google Maps Contributions .

Step 2: Here, you’ll find all the reviews you’ve written.

Step 3: Next to the review you want to edit or delete, click on the three dots next to the review.

Step 4: Select “Edit review” or “Delete review,” and follow the on-screen steps to make the desired changes.

On Your Mobile Device:

Step 1: Open the Google Maps app.

Step 2: Tap “Contribute” and then “View your profile.”

Editing or deleting your own Google reviews

Step 3: Scroll down and tap “See all reviews.”

Step 4: Locate the review you want to modify or delete.

Editing or deleting your own Google reviews

Step 5: Tap the three little dots on the far right, and from there, choose “Edit review” or “Delete review.”

Editing or deleting your own Google reviews

Are Google Reviews Anonymous?

One common question many people ask is whether Google reviews are anonymous. The answer is generally “kind of.” A few years ago, Google removed the ability for users to leave completely anonymous reviews; however, reviewers can still maintain their anonymity by using a username or initials rather than their real name.

All reviews posted on Google are entirely public, so if you have reservations about leaving a review with your full name, one of the easiest ways you can omit it from your feedback is by adjusting or shortening your name in your Google Profile beforehand. 

Important Note: 

Google prefers promoting reviews that are left by users with real full names over fake usernames. While anonymity can protect users who want to give honest feedback about a business, this feature can also be exploited to spread false information or directly hurt a business’s reputation. 

Google, businesses, and users alike are not shy about flagging and removing reviews they find dubious.

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How to Write a Great Google Review

Impactful Google reviews can make a significant difference for your local business. Here are some tips that you can share with your happy customers when asking them to leave feedback on your listing:

Include Specifics

When you write a review, mention the specific things that made your experience special. Tell people about the particular products, services, or moments that stood out for you. For instance, instead of saying, “The food was great,” you could say, “I really liked how they seasoned the chicken, and the chocolate cake for dessert was a pleasant surprise.”

Don’t Exaggerate

Be truthful in your review and avoid making things sound better than they really were. It’s okay to be excited about a good experience, but try not to exaggerate because it can create unrealistic expectations for others.

Reviews are most useful when they provide both compliments and suggestions for improvement (if needed). If you had a great experience, share what you liked the most. If there were things that could have been better, helpfully offer your thoughts. For example, instead of just saying, “The service was bad,” you could say, “While the food was delicious, I had some issues with the service. It took a while to get our drinks, and the server seemed really busy.”

Write Reviews Sooner Rather than Later

Try to write your review shortly after your experience. If you wait too long, you might forget important details, and your review might not be as accurate. Writing while it’s still fresh in your memory helps your review reflect your true feelings and experiences.

Posting a review on Google is a simple yet impactful way to support your favorite local businesses. Whether you’re a business owner looking to guide customers or a satisfied customer wanting to share your experience, these steps and tips should help you navigate the process with ease.

How Broadly Can Help

Broadly offers solutions to streamline the review management process for businesses. With Broadly, you can:

  • Receive real-time notifications of new reviews.
  • Easily respond to reviews from a centralized dashboard.
  • Gain insights into customer feedback trends.
  • Improve your online reputation and drive more business.

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Watch your online reputation transform with Broadly

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Review response generator SoLike  Logo SoLike

How to write a Google review in 2024? (91 examples & templates)

91 review examples & templates to publish on google.

If you've made it this far, chances are you're wondering how to write a review on Google. This article gives you tips for getting started with Google reviews.

1. Understand the Google algorithm and how it works

2. Where can I see Google reviews?

3. Who can post customer reviews on Google?

4. How to post a review on Google?

5. What impact do reviews have on a company's online reputation?

6. What are the different types of reviews?

7 +91 review examples and templates to publish

+1000 responses to Google Reviews with this response generator

Step 1 : Download the FREE Chrome extension SoLike

Step 2 : Get review replies instantly with the AI review response generator

- You will save lot of time (12 hours / month on average)

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Understand Google algorithm and how it works

write review on google

Google… my dear Google, but who are you?

Google is a search engine that works with billions of different web pages. They rank them according to their relevance in response to user queries. One of the key aspects of Google is its customer reviews function. This function allows users to leave comments and ratings on the companies, products, or services they have used. Reviews are displayed in internet search results, helping other users make decisions when looking for information about a specific company or product.

Working within the platform Google Maps , this system is based on a rating scale ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Reviews and responses to reviews are just as visible on Google Maps as they are on a Google search directly.

Google reviews are popular and very valuable to consumers looking for reliable information about a particular place. These reviews play a crucial role in the decision-making of future customers.

Through this system, Google reviews promote transparency, trust, and the establishment of a community of users who want to share their experiences for the benefit of all.

Companies have the possibility to respond to their customer reviews in order to be able to interact with their customers and manage their e-reputation.

Google My Business is a tool made available by Google for companies that have a page on their platform. This tool allows them to easily interact with their customers. Thanks to Google My Business, businesses can respond to comments left by their customers directly on their business page. The tool offered by Google allows them to take into account the feedback and concerns of their customers quickly.

Where can I see Google reviews?

Google reviews are visible in several places:

1. Customer reviews on Google Maps — example of a restaurant page

write review on google

2. Customer reviews on Google Profile - Example of a hotel page

write review on google

3. Customer reviews via Google searches — example of a page for a hotel in New York

write review on google

Who can post customer reviews on Google?

Many user with a google account may publish customer reviews of establishments such as restaurants, hotels, shops, and many other sectors. Everyone can share their opinion and experience, whether positive or negative. Sharing your opinion can help other people make decisions when looking for products or services. Customer reviews are often much more consulted than the company's website. However, it is essential to respect the rules of the platform by avoiding offensive, misleading, or fraudulent content. If so, you have the option to delete the review from the issuer.

How to post a review on Google?

To post a review on Google, follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Google account:

Make sure you're signed in to your Google Account and, if you have more than one, the desired Google Account. If you don't have an account, you will need to create one.

write review on google

Step 2. Find the company:

‍ Enter the name of the business you want to review into the Google search bar. For example, here we typed “SoLike” in the Google search bar.

write review on google

Step 3. Access the business listing:

Click the business in the search results to go to their Google My Business listing. This is where you find the results of Google Maps with the different companies and their customer reviews.

write review on google

Step 4. Write the review :

On the company page, look for the "Reviews" tab and click on it. You will have an overall overview of the company's reviews and the average rating on the number of customer reviews.

write review on google

Step 5. Rate :

Stars will allow you to assign a rating to the company. Select the number of stars corresponding to your experience (1 star being the lowest and 5 stars the highest).

Step 6. Write your review :

Next, write your review explaining your experience with the company. Be honest, clear, and specific, but be careful not to use abusive, offensive, or misleading language or you risk having your review deleted. You can also add photos if you wish.

Step 7. Preview and Submit :

Before submitting your review, you can preview it to make sure it meets your expectations. Once satisfied, click the "Publish" button.

Step 8. Your review is now live :

Congratulations ! Your review will be visible to other users viewing the company listing. You receive an email in your Gmail box and can view your other posted reviews.

It is important to leave constructive and objective opinions to help other users take decisions. But also to allow the company to understand your satisfaction or dissatisfaction . Avoid offensive or inappropriate language, as this may violate Google policies and may result in your review being removed.

Please note that companies have the option of responding to reviews , including negative reviews, in order to solve any problem encountered by the customer. It may also be useful for other users who read reviews.

What impact do reviews have on a company's online reputation?

These days, consumers are increasingly inclined to seek out reviews and testimonials before making a purchase or engaging with a brand. Customer reviews are even generally consulted BEFORE your website.

Positive reviews build the credibility of the business as well as the trust of future customers, which can lead to a sales increase and some brand loyalty .

However, negative reviews can devastate a business's reputation, discouraging potential customers from buying or going to that business and leading to lower revenue.

Businesses need to actively manage their online presence, respond to feedback in a professional manner, resolve issues with dissatisfied customers, and highlight positive feedback to maintain a positive reputation. Good review management can be a huge competitive advantage in today's digital environment.

So yes, reputation goes through online customer reviews. Here is a complete article that explains the importance of review responses to the consumer and why it impacts sales

Responding to customer reviews impacts revenue

write review on google

Have you ever been told that customer reviews and responses to reviews impact a company's revenue?

Two very reliable studies have proven this.

Evidence 1 - Uberall :

The study from d’Uberall has proven that between 2 identical companies on Google My Business, the establishment that responds to at least 30% of its reviews can generate an 80% higher conversion compared to the company that does not respond 😱

Evidence 2 - Harvard Business Review :

The study from the Harvard Business Review explains that responding to his reviews leads to a “12% increase in the number of reviews received“ and that “the rating of hotels that have processed their customers' feedback would also have benefited from an increase of 0.12 stars on average. ”

So yes, responding to customer reviews has a positive impact on your turnover. You can also find a very detailed article on this subject .  

Responding to customer reviews impacts SEO

Responding to customer reviews impacts both the turnover and the SEO of a company on the Web. When you commit to responding in a way proactive and constructive reviews left by your customers, this sends a positive signal to search engines.

This is how Google and other search engines value business engagement with their customers and put your business page forward.

To further improve your SEO on Google, you can write articles, but also use keywords in your responses to customer reviews. All these combined  allow you to appear in the first search results on Google.

What are the different types of reviews?

The positive reviews:.

Positive reviews are written by satisfied customers who express their appreciation for the company, product, or service consumed. They highlight the positive aspects of their experience and may mention product quality, exceptional customer service, fast delivery, etc. These positive reviews are important for the business, as they help build a good reputation on the internet and encourage other customers to leave reviews and buy.

Here is an example of a positive review on Google:

write review on google

Negative reviews:

Negative reviews are left by unhappy customers who had a bad experience with the company, product, or service. They may express their dissatisfaction with the quality of the product, poor communication with customer service, delays in delivery, etc.

Negative reviews can damage a business’s online reputation and deter potential customers from doing business with it. But don't panic, negative reviews are still important. Just respond in a professional manner and offer solutions to mitigate their negative impact. It is also important to use its negative opinions to give credibility to its positive opinions. Here is an article which explains the importance of negative reviews.

Here is an example of a negative review on Google:

write review on google

Neutral or mixed reviews:

Mixed reviews are customer reviews that fall between positive and negative reviews. They may be left by customers who had an average experience or weren't particularly impressed with the company or product. These reviews can influence the decisions of potential customers depending on their content and the aspects mentioned.

Here is an example of a mixed review on Google:

write review on google

Respond to all your reviews in seconds? It is possible with SoLike!

A solution that responds to 100% of your reviews 5 times faster than before!

Lack of time is a factor that prevents some companies from responding to their customer reviews. Of course, time is money. But the responses to customer reviews too . SoLike is an intelligent assistant that offers you three personalized responses for each of your customer reviews, in the language of the review.

How to respond to your customer reviews in 2 clicks?

Step 1 - chrome extension / plugin is required.

You have to install the Chrome Extension

Step 2 : Our AI analyzes the sentiment expressed by the author of the review

Whether positive or negative, and then proposing three appropriate responses. This analytical capability is made possible through the use of artificial intelligence that powers the tool.

Step 3 : 3 answers are generated automatically

You just have to select the most appropriate with a single click. Managing comments will only take a few moments. According to user feedback, this solution has resulted in significant time savings, up to 24 hours per month, with an average of 12 hours.

Step 4 : Craft the review response until perfection

You can modify the suggested review reply in your language (30 languages) as well as in the review language In addition, SoLike provides you with a colossal library of 11 billion answers, thus offering a wide variety of answers.

Thanks to this solution, you can answer all your customers’ opinions without sacrificing precious hours. This gives you valuable time to focus on other important tasks and responsibilities.

91 review examples & templates to publish for each sector on Google

Ecommerce review examples on google:.

Positive reviews:

  • "I love this site! Wide selection of products, easy navigation, and fast delivery. Always happy with my purchases here."
  • "Exceptional customer experience. The after-sales service resolved my problem quickly and politely. I highly recommend this e-commerce."
  • "The quality of the products exceeds my expectations every time. The descriptions are accurate and the photos are accurate. I have been a loyal customer for years."
  • "Their user-friendly interface makes shopping online a pleasure. The exclusive offers for subscribers are a nice bonus. I'm not going anywhere else."
  • "Ordering was a snap. The checkout process is safe and simple. My items arrived well packaged and in perfect condition."
  • "Disappointing experience. My package arrived late and customer service was hard to reach. I will think twice before ordering again."
  • "Product received not corresponding to the description. The return was a real headache, and I wasted time and money."
  • "The prices seemed good, but I was disappointed with the poor quality of the product. It's not good value for money."
  • "Unfriendly site. Navigation is confusing, and I had trouble finding what I wanted. I ended up abandoning my cart."
  • "Payment issues with my order. My account was charged twice and it took weeks to resolve. Very frustrating."

Hotel review examples on Google:

Positive Reviews:

  • "Exceptional stay! The staff was incredibly welcoming and attentive. The rooms were luxurious and clean. I highly recommend this hotel."
  • "First class service from start to finish. The facilities were of a high standard, and the view from my room was breathtaking."
  • "A true home away from home. I was impressed with the level of comfort and attention to detail. My stay was perfect."
  • "Perfect location, close to major attractions. Breakfast offered a wide variety of delicious options. Can't wait to return."
  • "Peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. I loved unwinding at the spa after a busy day. An unforgettable hotel experience."
  • "Disappointing service. The staff were distant and unhelpful. My simple requests seemed like a burden to them."
  • "Badly maintained rooms. I found hygiene issues and faulty amenities in my room. Not at all what I expected."
  • "Annoying noises all night. The walls felt like paper, and I had trouble sleeping due to noise from neighboring rooms."
  • "Reservation incorrect when I arrived. I had requested a king-size bed but got two twin beds. The reception could not solve the problem quickly."
  • "Overpriced hotel. The high rates are not justified by the services offered. I am disappointed with the overall value of my stay."

Restaurant review examples on Google:

  • "Exceptional dining experience! The dishes were beautifully presented and delicious. The service was impeccable from start to finish."
  • "Warm and friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed every bite of my meal and the staff were attentive without being overbearing."
  • "Wide range of options for vegetarians. It was refreshing to see a menu that catered to all dietary preferences."
  • "Perfect romantic setting for a special evening. The flavors were authentic and the recommended wine was perfectly matched."
  • "Generous portions and excellent value. I left full and satisfied. Will definitely be back."
  • "Disappointing experience. The dishes were bland and lacked freshness. Felt like I wasted my money."
  • "Slow and disorganized service. We waited long for our dishes and had to call the server several times to get what we needed."
  • "Obvious hygiene issues. The tablecloths were dirty and the cutlery was stained. It seriously affected my appetite."
  • "Excessive prices for the quality offered. I spent a lot of money for a meal that did not live up to my expectations."
  • "Order error which ruined the meal. My dish was incorrect and the waiter could not replace it quickly which ruined the experience."

Automobile review examples on Google:

  • "Exceptional customer service at this dealership. The staff was knowledgeable and patient, helping me choose the perfect car for my needs."
  • "My new car is amazing! Smooth ride, low fuel consumption, and full of modern features. I'm thrilled with my purchase."
  • "Top quality maintenance. My vehicle was repaired quickly and efficiently and it runs like new after every visit to this garage."
  • "Seamless purchase process. No pressure to add additional options. I was informed every step of the way and had a stress-free experience."
  • "Wide selection of vehicles. I found exactly the model and color I wanted. The sales team was informative and accommodating."
  • "Bad buying experience. The seller was pushy and uninformed about the characteristics of the vehicles. I ended up buying elsewhere."
  • "Recurrent problems with my new car. I had to bring it back several times for the same repairs. The quality leaves something to be desired."
  • "Poor after-sales service. I was met with a disinterested attitude when I reported a problem with my car. No satisfactory solution was offered."
  • "High prices for repairs. I was shocked at the amount I had to pay for a simple repair. I feel trapped."
  • "Aggressive selling of unnecessary options. Tried to pressure me into buying expensive accessories that I didn't need. It ruined my experience."

Seasonal home rental review examples on Google:

  • "Unforgettable stay in this seasonal rental! The place was immaculate when we arrived, with a breathtaking view of the sea. The owners were warm and welcoming."
  • "A real home away from home. The house was fully equipped with everything we needed. We had a relaxing and comfortable holiday."
  • "Perfect location for a family holiday. The swimming pool and children's facilities made our stay enjoyable for all generations."
  • "Ease of booking and smooth communication with the owner. They were very responsive and answered all our questions quickly."
  • "A beautiful setting for a romantic getaway. The rental was secluded and peaceful, perfect for relaxing and recharging."
  • "Total disappointment. The rental was far from what was advertised. The photos were misleading, and the place was poorly maintained and dirty when we arrived."
  • "Obvious maintenance issues. Faulty appliances and plumbing issues made our stay uncomfortable and frustrating."
  • "Annoying noises from neighbours. The thin walls meant we could hear everything which spoiled our peace."
  • "Owner difficult to reach in case of problems. We encountered problems during our stay, but our calls and messages went unanswered."
  • "Unfair cancellation policy. We had to cancel our reservation due to a family emergency, but the owner refused to refund part of our payment."

Industry review examples on Google:

  • "Trusted industry company. Their product is of the highest quality, and their commitment to sustainability is admirable. A reliable business partner."
  • "Remarkable innovation in the industry. Their technological advancements have improved the efficiency of our own supply chain."
  • "Impeccable service from this company. Their team was able to meet our complex needs and delivered on time."
  • "Exemplary security and compliance. Adherence to the highest security standards allowed us to work with them with confidence."
  • "Exceptional customer support. When we encountered issues with one of their products, they quickly dispatched a team to resolve the situation."
  • "Poor quality products. We had constant problems with the products supplied by this company, which led to additional costs and delays."
  • "Poor communication. We had difficulty getting answers from them regarding timelines and delivery details, which disrupted our production."
  • “Recurring late deliveries. Their failure to meet deadlines negatively impacted our own production schedule.”
  • "Lack of technical expertise. We had to solve complex problems with their products ourselves, because their team was not competent enough."
  • "Disappointing customer service. When we reported a problem, we were met with a disinterested attitude and a lack of a proactive solution."

Food review examples on Google:

  • "High-quality food products. I appreciate the freshness of the ingredients used in their products, which results in exceptional flavors."
  • "Commitment to sustainability. This agribusiness adopts eco-friendly practices, which builds my confidence in their products."
  • "Remarkable culinary innovation. Their unique creations have transformed our dining experience at home, allowing us to taste new flavors."
  • "Attentive customer service. They quickly resolved a minor issue I had with one of their products, and their response was friendly and professional."
  • "Options for specific diets. As someone with dietary restrictions, I appreciate their products tailored to my needs."
  • "Recurring quality issues. I found flaws in several of their products, affecting my trust in the brand."
  • "Lack of allergen information. I had an allergic reaction because the ingredients weren't properly labeled on the packaging."
  • "Rapid spoilage of produce. The food I purchased spoiled much faster than expected, resulting in unnecessary waste."
  • "Inconsistency in flavor. This food company's products seem to taste different from time to time, which is disappointing."
  • "Poor customer service. When I reported a problem with a product, they seemed indifferent to my concerns."

Banks and Insurance review examples on Google:

  • "Trusted bank. The staff is competent and helpful, and their financial products meet my needs perfectly."
  • "Simple insurance application process. I got coverage quickly and at competitive rates, which made the whole process stress-free."
  • "Exceptional customer service. When I had questions about my account, I received prompt and friendly responses from their support team."
  • "Flexible account management options. Their online platform is user-friendly and allows me to easily manage my finances."
  • "Quick responses to claims. When I had an accident, their insurance team acted quickly to process my claim."
  • "High bank charges. I was surprised at the amount of hidden charges associated with my bank account which diminished the value of their services."
  • "Lack of transparency in insurance policies. When I made a claim, they found reasons to deny coverage, which was disappointing."
  • "Customer service hard to reach. I had trouble getting help with any issues, and their wait times were excessive."
  • "Changes in terms without notice. My bank changed the interest rates on my accounts without notifying me, which impacted my savings."
  • "Delays in processing claims. When I had an accident it took weeks for my claim to be processed which was frustrating."

Trade and Distribution review examples on Google:

Positive Reviews

  • "Outstanding shopping experience. This store has a wide range of quality products, and their friendly staff are always ready to help."
  • "Fast and reliable delivery. I ordered online and my products arrived well packaged and on time."
  • "Wide selection of brands and products. This is my favorite place to shop because I always find what I'm looking for."
  • "Beneficial loyalty program. The rewards and discounts offered to loyal customers add extra value to my purchases."
  • "Convenient location. This store is strategically located making it an ideal choice for my routine shopping."
  • "Exceptional shopping experience. This store always exceeds my expectations when it comes to service and products. The atmosphere is welcoming, and their team is always ready to help. I particularly appreciate their carefully chosen selection of high-end products. Each visit is a pleasant experience, and I am always delighted to discover new finds on their shelves. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality is reflected in every detail, from the elegant product presentations to the friendliness of the staff. the kind of place I can count on for a rewarding shopping experience every time I go."
  • "Poor customer service. I encountered unhelpful and uninformed employees who seemed disinterested in my questions."
  • "Product quality issues. Many times I have purchased items that turned out to be faulty or broken shortly after purchase."
  • "Recurring billing errors. I was wrongly billed for items I didn't purchase, and fixing these errors was a real headache."
  • "Restrictive return policy. When I tried to return a faulty product, I faced draconian hurdles and conditions."
  • "Supply issues. The store is often out of stock of the products I'm looking for, which makes shopping frustrating."

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How-To Geek

How to leave a google review.

Share your opinions with everyone using Google Maps.

Quick Links

Is my personal information exposed to the public, how to leave a google review on your computer, how to leave a google review on your mobile device, key takeaways.

  • Google allows you to leave reviews on Google Maps, but your personal information will be visible to the public, including your name and profile picture.
  • To leave a Google review on your computer, visit the Google Maps website, sign in to your Google account, search for the location, and click "Write a Review" to share your feedback.
  • To leave a Google review on your mobile device, use the Google Maps app, search for the location, tap the location's name, tap the "Reviews" tab, select a star rating, write your review, and tap "Post." Your review will then be live.

Like Yelp, Google lets you leave reviews, and everyone can see them right on Google Maps. You can review almost any location, from a local business to a hiking trail or historical landmark. All you need is a Google account.

Google doesn't allow anonymous reviews, which means that some of your personal information will be available to the public. This information includes your name and profile picture (which appear on your Google Account's About Me page), other reviews, photos, and videos that you've left, and the location information of those reviews.

This means, of course, that people can see your name, along with all of the locations you've reviewed. If that matters to you at all, you'll need to be cautious about the reviews that you leave and the language that you use when leaving the review.

To leave a Google Review on your Mac or Windows 10 PC, open the browser of your choice, visit the Google Maps website, and sign in to your Google account if you haven't already.

Next, enter the name or address of the location that you'd like to search for in the search box located in the top-left corner of the browser. Click the search icon or the result that appears below the search box to select the location. Or, you can simply click the location on the map.

Search for a location in Google Maps

The pane displaying the selected location's information will appear on the left-hand side of the browser window. Scroll to the "Review Summary" section and click "Write a Review."

Write a review button

A pop-up window will appear. This is where you'll leave the details of the review. First, select the number of stars that you want to give, with one star being the worst and five stars being the best.

Next, you can offer details about what you liked or disliked about the business. If you selected one or two stars, you'll see a few options to choose from about what you didn't like about the business. If you selected three stars, no option will appear. If you selected four or five stars, you can select what you liked about the business.

After that, you can type out a review. This can be as short or as long as you like since Google doesn't set a word count for Google Reviews. If you have some photos of the business that you'd like to share, you can click the box with a camera icon to add them from your local machine or from Google Photos .

When you're happy with the review, click "Post."

The Review form on Google Maps.

A message thanking you for your review will appear. Click "Done."

Done button on Google Review window

Your review is now published.

To leave a Google review on your mobile device, you'll need to have the Google Maps app for iPhone, iPad , or Android installed .

In the Google Maps app, tap the search bar at the top of the screen and enter the name or address of the location that you want to review. Alternatively, you can tap the location on the map.

Search for a location in the Google Maps app

Once the location is selected, a pane will appear at the bottom of the screen showing some of the location's basic information. Tap the area that shows the location's name.

Area with basic information of location

The pane will expand. Tap the "Reviews" tab.

Reviews tab

In the "Rate & Review" section, tap the star rating you would like to leave, with five stars being the best.

Rate and Review section

After you select the star rating, you'll have the option to write a review. Tap the text box and type in the content of your review. If you have any photos on your phone that you'd like to add, tap the "Add Photos" button to open the photo album on your phone and select the photos.

When you're happy with the review content, tap "Post."

Screen that allows you to enter review details

Your review is now live!

You can leave reviews for almost any location, and now you know how to do it. If you particularly enjoy leaving Google Reviews, you can even earn points for doing so by becoming a Local Guide !

If the place that you want to review doesn't appear on Google Maps yet, you can add it to Google Maps .

Get 10DLC approved in as little as 24 hours.

write review on google

Kristen Baker Head of Growth Content

How to Write and Leave a Google Review: A Complete Guide


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Grow and scale your business with an all-in-one lead management platform.

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Ready to grow? Grow and scale your business with an all-in-one lead management platform.

write review on google

Nikola Bojkov

How to write and leave a google review that makes a difference.

Detailed steps to leave Google reviews on mobile and desktop.

steps to leave a Google review

Google reviews are an important factor in the growth of any local business.

So, If you are a business looking to send an article to your customers on how to leave a Google review or a customer that wants to write reviews for their favorite companies, you are at the right place.

We will go step by step with clear visuals so all your customers can truly understand how to share their Google reviews on your Google Business Profile.

The steps are for desktop and mobile.

Things to know before you leave a Google review:

How to write a google review, how to leave a google review on a desktop, how to leave a google review on mobile, how to edit a google review, how to delete a google review, why write a google review, why do google reviews matter for businesses, faq & people also ask, key takeaways.

  • You can’t submit an anonymous review. Google asks every customer/user to sign in with their Google accounts before they have the option to leave a review.
  • Businesses cant’ delete the bad reviews by themselves. But in case of a fake review, the business can report
  • Your Google reviews will appear publicly with your profile name and picture
  • Your Google reviews will appear on Google services across the web, like Maps and Search, and on third-party sites ​​and apps that use Google services to display a Google reviews widget.
  • Your Google reviews must comply with Google’s policies. Read more

FYI : Embed Google reviews widget automatically on your website and provide authentic user-generated reviews, increasing trust for more sales. Try it now.


Embed Google Reviews in seconds.

Automatically generate and embed Google reviews and use AI reviews management tools to help you unlock your website’s sales potential.

Here are some tips for writing a helpful and informative Google review:

  • Be specific.  Don’t just say that you had a “good” or “bad” experience. Explain what made your experience good or bad.
  • Be honest.  Don’t exaggerate your experience or make things up.
  • Be constructive.  If you had a negative experience, offer suggestions for how the business could improve.
  • Be timely.  Don’t write a review for a business that you visited years ago.

By following these tips, you can write a Google review that is helpful and informative for other users.

Looking to share your experience with a business on Google?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a Google review.

First, sign in to your Google account and search for the business you wish to review.

Navigate to the ‘ Reviews ‘ section, which can be found by clicking on the number of reviews highlighted in blue text.

Once there, you’ll see a  ‘Write a Review’  button in the top right corner – click on it (as shown below).

steps to write a Google review

You’ll then be prompted to  rate the business on a scale of 1 to 5 stars  and write a brief yet detailed description of your experience.

Once you’re satisfied with your review,  click ‘Post’  to share your feedback.

Remember, your honest reviews help others make informed decisions and support local businesses.

Below you can find step by steps with screenshots on how to write a Google review on mobile and desktop.

There are 2 places where a customer can submit a Google review for a business.

In Google Search and in Google Maps.

Let’s dive deep into the details:

1. Leave a review in Google search

The steps are short and very simple. Here is how to leave a Google review on Desctop in a Google search :

Step 1 : Open Google search results and type the business name of the company

Step 2: On the right side of the search results, you will see the Business profile

Step 3: Scroll down and click Write review

write review in Google search

Step 4: A popup will appear asking you to log in to your Google account

sign in to leave google review

Step 5: And finally you will access the form where you can write your review, upload photos

submit google review

2. Leave a review on Google Maps

Step 1: Open Google Maps and search for the business

Step 2: When the business information appears, scroll down on the left-hand panel and click the ‘Write a review’ button

Google maps desktop leave a review

Step 3: A popup will appear where you can write the review and click ‘Post ‘

Google maps desktop

Refresh the page and your review will appear in the Reviews section.

Similar to the desktop case, there are multiple ways how to leave a Google review on a mobile device.

It is also more practical for users to do this on mobile as they might be on the spot in the business location where they want to write the review. Or again, is very common for businesses to share their review link via email or a QR code, so customers can easily tap this link and directly leave Google reviews in a form.

Here is how to do this.

Leave a Google review in the mobile browser

To write a Google review in the mobile browser, open Google.com and follow these steps:

Step 1: Type the name of the business

Step 2: In the search results, click the Reviews section and tap on the star icons (choose 4 or 5 stars for a positive review, 3 stars for a neutral review, and 1, 2 stars to leave a negative review.)

write a Google review on mobile phone

S tep 3: In the popup, write a review and upload photos

post a Google review on mobile

Step 4: Click ‘Post’

Your review will appear in just a few minutes.

Leave a review in the Google Maps app

The steps to submit a review in Google Maps are similar to those described above. The only difference is that you need to open the Google Maps app and search for the business inside the app.

Here are the steps on how to write a Google review on the Android or iPhone Google Maps app:

Start by opening the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android device. Download it from the Google Play Store or App Store if you don’t have it.

  • Find the Business : Enter the name of the business you want to review in the search bar at the top.
  • Go to Reviews : Scroll down on the business profile page until you reach the ‘Reviews’ section.
  • Choose star rating: Tap on the ‘Stars’ icons in the Rate and Review section.
  • Write Your Review : Write your review in the input area.
  • Submit Your Review : Tap ‘Post’ to submit your review. You’ve now written a Google review on Android!

steps to write review in Google maps

You can edit if you misspelled it or want to add more details to the review. To do this, navigate to Google Maps and follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the menu icon in the top-left corner

Step 2: Click ‘ Contributions ‘ and scroll down to find the review you want to delete

Step 4: Select ‘Edit review’

Step 5: Make changes and click ‘Post’

Please note: It is a very common practice for customers to edit Google reviews, usually when businesses actively manage reviews and quickly respond to bad Google reviews.

steps to edit Google review

If you are the one who submitted the review, then you can delete it. Otherwise, the actuall owner of the business listing does not have the option to delete Google reviews . In case of a fake review, they can flag it as inappropriate and wait for the Google team to decide to delete it.

To delete the Google review, navigate to Google Maps and follow the same steps as described above for editing the reviews:

Step 4: Select ‘Delete review’

steps to delete Google review

Taking the time to write a Google review can have a significant impact on the businesses you visit.

Your feedback supports local businesses, influences potential customers’ decisions, and encourages business improvements.

Plus, it’s an opportunity for you to share your experiences and connect with others. Here are some examples of how Google reviews can make a difference:

Support Local Businesses

When you write a positive review for a small coffee shop in your neighborhood, you’re helping to promote their business and attract more customers. By sharing your great experience, you can contribute to the success of local businesses, which in turn can strengthen your community’s economy.

Example: “I had the best latte at Jane’s Coffee House last week. The barista was friendly and made the perfect foam art. I’ll definitely be back to try more of their specialty drinks.”

Influence Decision-Making of Potential Customers

Your review can help potential customers decide whether to visit a particular establishment or try a specific product. A well-written review with relevant details can provide valuable insight and help others make informed decisions.

“I recently visited Tony’s Pizzeria, and their Margherita pizza was delicious! The crust was crispy, and the toppings were fresh. I highly recommend trying it if you’re in the mood for a classic pizza.” Example

Share Valuable Experiences with a Wider Audience

By writing a review, you can share your experiences, both positive and negative, with a wider audience.

This can help businesses understand their strengths and weaknesses and provide potential customers with an honest perspective on what to expect.

“I had a disappointing experience at Smith’s Dry Cleaners. The staff was unhelpful, and my clothes weren’t ready when promised. I hope they can improve their customer service in the future.” Example

Encourage Business Improvements

Your constructive feedback can help businesses identify areas where they need to improve. By pointing out specific issues, you can encourage businesses to address problems and provide a better experience for future customers.

“I enjoyed my meal at The Green Plate, but the service was slow. It took quite a while for our food to arrive, even though the restaurant wasn’t very busy. I hope they can work on their efficiency so I can fully enjoy my next visit.” Example

Writing a Google review allows you to share your experiences and connect with others. It also plays a crucial role in supporting local businesses, influencing consumer decisions, and encouraging business improvements.

Google reviews are important because they help to boost the credibility of a business and also increase its SEO ranking. This is due to the fact that Google is the most popular search engine, and potential customers are more likely to trust businesses that have positive reviews on this platform. Additionally, good reviews can lead to higher rankings on Google search results, making it more important for businesses to manage their Google my business profiles.

In summary, here is the list of benefits of Google reviews:

  • Boosting credibility
  • Enhancing SEO ranking
  • Increasing potential customers’ trust in a business.
  • Providing opportunities for potential customers to learn about a business before patronizing it.
  • Helping businesses to understand their customer’s needs and wants.
  • Allowing businesses to take charge of their reputations.
  • Encouraging customers to leave feedback that can help businesses improve their services.

It is the same feature and it allows companies to manage their own business presence across all Google apps, mostly in Google Maps. The Google Business profile contains relevant business information for the company, such as opening hours, the latest updates, photos of the atmosphere, and of course, the reviews that happy customers share.

The Google review link is placed in the Google My Business dashboard. By sharing this link with customers, business owners can redirect them directly to the review form for their Google business page, where both on mobile and desktop, the customers can easily leave reviews. Read more: how to get Google review link >

Yes. The best way to show Google reviews on a website is to use a reviews management platform that has an API connection with Google to show the Google reviews in a web widget automatically.

Yes. Google reviews widget is a tool that enables businesses to generate Google reviews from their Google reviews page and show them on their websites. This means that the customer feedback is synced from the Google my business page to the website. This is almost in real-time, which means the new reviews sync in just a few minutes. Learn how to embed Google reviews on a website >

The steps are very simple. You will need to get the embeddable code of the widget and copy/paste it into an HTML block into the Gutenberg editor of your WordPress page or post. Learn how to embed Google reviews on WordPress >

Business reviews are an integral factor for successful local SEO , and managing Google business listing is kinda a must for the online reputation of local businesses.

A happy customer will always want to write a review and help potential customers make better decisions. So feel free to send this article to your customers when requesting reviews.

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CEO of EmbedSocial 

Nikola Bojkov is the CEO of EmbedSocial, an entrepreneur who turns problems into products. With over a decade of hands-on experience with social media APIs, he guides EmbedSocial in its role as a technical partner for both SMEs and large agencies, maximizing the impact of their user-generated content. EmbedSocial has offices in Skopje, Tokyo and Lisbon with over 250,000 users.

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Join 250,000+ websites that embed reviews & UGC widgets to sell more

Image Description

Privacy Overview

Google Review Link: How to Generate One and Share

Published: August 19, 2022

Traditionally, the best way to market a business was through word of mouth. However, times have changed, and all it takes now is a Google search. With this system, the one thing that really counts is your customer reviews.

write review on google

Research shows that customers are willing to spend 31% more money on businesses with positive reviews. And that's not all good reviews can do for your business; getting stars in your google review listing can boost your traffic by at least 30% to 60%.

Download Now: 20 Review Response Templates

All these numbers look good, but how do you really get the ball rolling? By getting a google review link and sending it to your customers.

write review on google

Free Review Response Templates

20 prompts to help you respond to customer complaints and comments.

  • Positive Reviews
  • Negative Reviews
  • Mixed Reviews
  • False/Slanderous Reviews

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

What is a Google Review Link?

A Google review link is a direct link your customers can use to write a review on your Google My Business page. With a direct link, customers will only need a minute to write a review. But without one, they'll need to follow a six-step process. That's a major turn-off to many customers.

Why is a Google Review Link Important?

Here are the main reasons why getting a google review link is important.

  • Favorable ranking in the search engines - The number one priority of Google is to provide the best experience to searchers. It focuses on the relevance and quality of products to its searchers. This means having many positive reviews can improve your ranking.
  • Increased visibility - If you want to be more visible on Google, you need better reviews. The only way to do that is to receive more of them.
  • Google is likely the first contact with your prospective customers - Therefore, having positive reviews helps establish trust with your customers even at the first interaction stages.

How to Get Google Review Link

Now that we are on the same page about what and why a google review link is important to your business, it's time to learn how to generate one. Here are a few effective tips on how to get a Google review link in a few clicks.

How to Generate a Review Link From Your Google My Business Account

Here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Go to your Google My Business account.

Once you sign up on your business listing account, open the listing you'd like to create a review for.

2. Scroll to the "Get more reviews" box.

Go to your homepage on the listing you're generating a review link for. You'll notice a "Get more reviews" box. Click the box and copy the generated link.

Google review link Get more reviews box

Image source

How to Get a Google Review Link Directly From Google

If you want the easiest answer on how to get a Google review link, here's how to go about it:

1. Search your business name on Google

Google review link: business name search

2. Click on the review box to access the write review button.

Google review link: Review box

3. Copy the URL (that's your link).

Google review link: URL

How to Send a Google Review Link

Having your Google review link won't yield any results unless you learn how to share it and convince your customers to write reviews. Here are a few ideas on how to send a Google review link to your buyers to get the desired results.

1. Create a post-purchase campaign.

One way to send a link without being pushy is to send a post-purchase email campaign to your customers after they purchase. If your business is new, you might have to come up with an incentive to motivate your customers to write reviews.

2. Include your Google review link in your email signature.

This is a long shot, but it's still worth trying. Create a signature with a call to action (CTA) like, "Share your feedback on Google" or "Review us on Google."

Pro tip: You can create email signatures using HubSpot's free email signature generator .

3. Send your customers an SMS.

This may come as a surprise, but SMS marketing is still very much alive. Statistics show that 90% of messages are read in three minutes.

Take advantage of these numbers and send your customers a message with your Google review link requesting them to review your business.

Start sharing a Google review link for more reviews.

Google reviews are critical to your business. What your customers say about their experience with your business determines whether or not your new prospects trust you.

One way to make this happen is learn how to generate a Google review link and share the link with your customers. This eliminates the six steps that customers have to go through to leave you a review.

Improve your website with effective technical SEO. Start by conducting this  audit.  

Don't forget to share this post!

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The 12-Step Guide to Creating High-Converting Customer Testimonial Videos

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How to Respond to Positive and Negative Yelp Reviews [With Examples]

How to Respond to Positive and Negative Yelp Reviews [With Examples]

Use these free prompts to respond to reviews faster and easier.

Service Hub provides everything you need to delight and retain customers while supporting the success of your whole front office

How to Leave a Google Review on a Local Business

If you're keen to show your support for a local business, leaving a review is a great way to do so. Here's how you can leave a review with Google.

Previously, professional critics who write for publications turned the tides for local businesses everywhere. However, with the introduction of services like Google Maps, ordinary people received the opportunity to have their voices heard through reviews.

Here's why you should consider writing a Google review today.

Why You Should Post a Google Review

While it's unlikely that all of them are legitimate, Google reviews is a common tool used by people to determine whether a business is worth supporting or not.

Google reviews are a great way to check information about a business, especially details which aren't normally available on their owned social media pages.

For example, businesses may not have important details such as if they allow pets, have wheelchair-friendly facilities, can understand sign language, follow vaccine policies, or treat members of the LGBTQ+ community fairly.

Related: How to Delete a Google Review

However, for these reviews to remain objective, it's essential that ordinary customers take the time to write them as well, whether it was an incredible, mediocre, or disappointing experience.

If you're wondering how to leave a Google review, there are two methods: Google Maps App & Web Browser. Here's how to do both.

How to Post a Review on Google Using the Google Maps App

If you have Google Maps apps downloaded on your device, here are the steps you need to take to make a review:

  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Search for the name of the business that you would like to review.
  • Select the name of the business .

Google Maps App

  • Tap Reviews .
  • Select how many stars you would like to rate the business.

Rate businesses on Google Maps app

  • If you want to add photos of your visit, either tap Camera or Add photos .
  • After selecting up to 50 photos you have taken, click Done .
  • Once you are happy with your review, click Post .

Download : Google Maps for Android | iOS (Free)

How to Write a Review on Google Using a Web Browser

Should you wish to avoid downloading another app on your device to make a review, here's how to write a review on Google using any web browser:

  • Open any browser.
  • Go to the Google Maps website .

Searching a business name on Google Maps

  • Click Post to submit your review.

What Happens After You Post a Google Review

Once you write and post your review, it will immediately appear on the business page on Google Maps. If you have uploaded a photo, it will take a few hours before the full photo becomes available for other people to read.

If you forget to include some crucial information in your review, you can also edit your Google review. With this, you can update the information to reflect your latest visit. After all, the quality of service of any business can change with time.

Related: Ways to Spot Fake and Useless Reviews Online

Depending on the quality of your review, Google will also reward you with points. To increase your points per review, you can include more photos and add more details about your visit. In general, Google rewards users who create meaningful and useful reviews with higher points.

Write A Google Review

By writing an honest review on Google, you can help other people make decisions on which business to support. In addition, you can also help businesses manage the quality of their products or services by letting them know what their customers really think.

'ZDNET Recommends': What exactly does it mean?

ZDNET's recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping. We gather data from the best available sources, including vendor and retailer listings as well as other relevant and independent reviews sites. And we pore over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the products and services we’re assessing.

When you click through from our site to a retailer and buy a product or service, we may earn affiliate commissions. This helps support our work, but does not affect what we cover or how, and it does not affect the price you pay. Neither ZDNET nor the author are compensated for these independent reviews. Indeed, we follow strict guidelines that ensure our editorial content is never influenced by advertisers.

ZDNET's editorial team writes on behalf of you, our reader. Our goal is to deliver the most accurate information and the most knowledgeable advice possible in order to help you make smarter buying decisions on tech gear and a wide array of products and services. Our editors thoroughly review and fact-check every article to ensure that our content meets the highest standards. If we have made an error or published misleading information, we will correct or clarify the article. If you see inaccuracies in our content, please report the mistake via this form .

How to use Copilot Pro to write, edit, and analyze your Word documents


Microsoft's Copilot Pro AI offers a few benefits for $20 per month. But the most helpful one is the AI-powered integration with the different Microsoft 365 apps. For those of you who use Microsoft Word, for instance, Copilot Pro can help you write and revise your text, provide summaries of your documents, and answer questions about any document.

First, you'll need a subscription to either Microsoft 365 Personal or Family . Priced at $70 per year, the Personal edition is geared for one individual signed into as many as five devices. At $100 per year, the Family edition is aimed at up to six people on as many as five devices. The core apps in the suite include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Also: Microsoft Copilot vs. Copilot Pro: Is the subscription fee worth it?

Second, you'll need the subscription to Copilot Pro if you don't already have one. To sign up, head to the Copilot Pro website . Click the Get Copilot Pro button. Confirm the subscription and the payment. The next time you use Copilot on the website, in Windows, or with the mobile apps, the Pro version will be in effect.

How to use Copilot Pro in Word

1. open word.

Launch Microsoft Word and open a blank document. Let's say you need help writing a particular type of document and want Copilot to create a draft. 

Also: Microsoft Copilot Pro vs. OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus: Which is worth your $20 a month?

A small "Draft with Copilot" window appears on the screen. If you don't see it, click the tiny "Draft with Copilot icon in the left margin."


2. Submit your request

At the text field in the window, type a description of the text you need and click the "Generate" button.


Submit your request.

3. Review the response and your options

Copilot generates and displays its response. After reading the response, you're presented with a few different options.


Review the response and your options.

4. Keep, regenerate, or remove the draft

If you like the draft, click "Keep it." The draft is then inserted into your document where you can work with it. If you don't like the draft, click the "Regenerate" button, and a new draft is created. 

Also: What is Copilot (formerly Bing Chat)? Here's everything you need to know

If you'd prefer to throw out the entire draft and start from scratch, click the trash can icon.


Keep, regenerate, or remove the draft.

5. Alter the draft

Alternatively, you can try to modify the draft by typing a specific request in the text field, such as "Make it more formal," "Make it shorter," or "Make it more casual."


Alter the draft.

6. Review the different versions

If you opt to regenerate the draft, you can switch between the different versions by clicking the left or right arrow next to the number. You can then choose to keep the draft you prefer.


7. Revise existing text

Copilot will also help you fine-tune existing text. Select the text you want to revise. Click the Copilot icon in the left margin and select "Rewrite with Copilot."


Revise existing text.

8. Review the different versions

Copilot creates a few different versions of the text. Click the arrow keys to view each version.


Review the different versions.

9. Replace or Insert

If you find one you like, click "Replace" to replace the text you selected. 

Also: ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini: Which is the best AI chatbot?

Click "Insert below" to insert the new draft below the existing words so you can compare the two.


Replace or Insert.

10. Adjust the tone

Click "Regenerate" to ask Copilot to try again. Click the "Adjust Tone" button and select a different tone to generate another draft.


Adjust the tone.

11. Turn text into a table

Sometimes you have text that would look and work better as a table. Copilot can help. Select the text you wish to turn into a table. Click the Copilot icon and select "Visualize as a Table."


Turn text into a table.

12. Respond to the table

In response, click "Keep it" to retain the table. Click "Regenerate" to try again. Click the trash can icon to delete it. Otherwise, type a request in the text field, such as "remove the second row" or "make the last column wider."


Respond to the table.

13. Summarize a document

Copilot Pro can provide a summary of a document with its key points. To try this, open the document you want to summarize and then click the Copilot icon on the Ribbon. 

Also: The best AI chatbots

The right sidebar displays several prompts you can use to start your question. Click the one for "Summarize this doc."


Summarize a document.

14. Review the summary

View the generated summary in the sidebar. If you like it as is, click the "Copy" button to copy the summary and paste it elsewhere.


Review the summary.

15. Revise the summary

Otherwise, choose one of the suggested questions or ask your own question to revise the summary. For example, you could tell Copilot to make the summary longer, shorter, more formal, or less formal. 

Also: The best AI image generators

You could also ask it to expand on one of the points in the summary or provide more details on a certain point. A specific response is then generated based on your request.


Revise the summary.

16. Ask questions about a document

Next, you can ask specific questions about any of the content in a document. Again, click the Copilot icon to display the sidebar. In the prompt area, type and submit your question. Copilot displays the response in the sidebar. You can then ask follow-up questions as needed.


Ask questions about a document.

More how-tos


Microsoft to add Copilot AI to OneDrive, but it will cost you


Microsoft expands Copilot data protection so more users can chat with ease


Get Microsoft Office Professional for Mac or PC for $60 with this deal: Last chance

Android Police

Chatgpt vs. gemini: which gives the better answers.

Gemini is bringing ChatGPT some much needed competition

The rise of generative AI models in the tech industry has been swift and undeniable. The trend started with Microsoft-backed OpenAI's announcement of ChatGPT-3 in late 2022. The introduction of ChatGPT took the world by storm and forced Google to release an early version of its AI model on March 21, 2023. That's how we got Bard, Google's first publicly available chat-based generative model.

ChatGPT and Google Bard received frequent updates throughout 2023 with better availability, language support, and advanced features. OpenAI released its most advanced chatbot version with ChatGPT-4. Bard received its biggest upgrade with Gemini Pro. With the arrival of the Gemini app on Android phones , Google officially rebranded Bard as Gemini .

Considering the fierce competition, a key question comes up. Can Google Gemini keep up with OpenAI? To find out, we compared ChatGPT-4 and Gemini to see how they performed in different tasks.

The evolution of ChatGPT

Following the success of ChatGPT-3, OpenAI released GPT-3.5, a better-trained conversationalist capable of engaging in topics from science and technology to art and literature. But it was the subsequent GPT-4 that revolutionized the game.

Available to subscribers at $20 per month, GPT-4 boasts an impressive processing power with a context window of around 25,000 words, a significant leap from GPT-3.5's 3,000-word limit. This upgrade in GPT-4 allows for a more accurate understanding of contextual prompts and a better handling of lengthier conversations.

Google Gemini

Gemini is both a multimodal large language model (LLM) and the new branding for Google's chatbot formerly known as Bard. As an LLM Gemini is the successor to LaMDA and PaLM2. In December 2023, Bard received its biggest upgrade with Gemini Pro. It was the first sign of Google moving away from Bard with Gemini branding. The search giant expanded it to more than 170 countries, added support for other languages like Japanese and Korean, and integrated closely with other Google apps like Gmail, Docs, and Drive.

ChatGPT home screen on a mobile phone.

What are large language models?

With the launch of Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google officially dropped Bard branding in favor of Gemini and launched it on the Android platform. It is available as a standalone app. For some users, Gemini has replaced Google Assistant.

If you want to try out Google's most powerful AI model, Ultra 1.0, upgrade to the Gemini Advanced plan at $20 monthly. It offers better performance for highly complex tasks, 2TB Google Drive storage, and other benefits from Google One .

Fictional plot summarization

One area where AI could replace human writers faster than expected is simple summarizations and newswire-based journalism. This kind of writing usually shortens and simplifies longer existing texts, which is something that generative AI has become good at. Finance stories about the stock market and that juggle a ton of numbers are written by AI.

We asked ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4, and Gemini to give us 300-word summaries of Frank Herbert's classic Dune novel.

In this comparison between Gemini and ChatGPT, both models deliver promising results. Bard lagged GPT-4 in our previous comparisons, this time around. However, Gemini is up there with GPT-4 in providing a well-rounded and comprehensive summary. If you're unfamiliar with Dune , read the summaries created by Gemini and GPT-4.

GPT-3.5 offers richer detail, while GPT-4 balances outlining the plot and getting into the deeper themes, giving readers a panoramic view of the story. Gemini's summary presupposes some familiarity with Dune . It overlooks key details like the initial control of the planet Arrakis by the Harkonnens and their eventual reclaiming of it with the emperor's aid.

Purchase recommendations

Many people use Google for purchase recommendations, be it for a new washing machine or a pair of earbuds to wear while working out . Since there's an overwhelming amount of information online about the latest and greatest products, generative AI models should have an easy time giving recommendations. We asked ChatGPT and Bard which new phone you should buy.

In this comparison, the data limitations of GPT-3.5 from 2021 become evident, especially when stacked against GPT-4 and Google Gemini, both of which have web browsing capabilities. Google Gemini offers a detailed list of top phones on the market, including specifications and pricing. GPT-3.5, due to its constraints, provides generalized buying advice. ChatGPT-4 aligns closer to Google Bard by suggesting specific phone models. However, it fails to provide pricing details and detailed specifications.

ChatGPT and Google Gemini stress the importance of individual preferences, budgets, and desired features when making recommendations. In this matchup, Google Gemini takes the lead with its comprehensive list of top phone models, as well as specifications and prices.

Excel formulas

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are powerful tools that assist with many tasks, including tracking stock prices , project management using Gantt charts , and analyzing data trends. Many of us only use a fraction of the available features, particularly when it comes to advanced formulas. That's where natural language AIs come in handy. They can recommend which formulas to use to achieve your goal with a given spreadsheet.

In this face-off, ChatGPT-4 and Gemini take the lead. GPT-4 and Gemini efficiently addressed the query. Gemini offered detailed explanations that are user-friendly, even for those unfamiliar with Google Sheets. GPT-3.5, while less detailed, provided essential information complemented by an example.

The image shows a graphic with a dark blue background and numerous digital elements, suggesting a high-tech or computational theme. Central to the image is the text

Meet Ernie: China's alternative to Gemini

Tourist travel itineraries.

Planning a trip can be tedious, and finding a good place to start is sometimes difficult. That's where informative travel plan apps and chatbots come in handy. We pitted ChatGPT and Gemini against each other for a two-day weekend trip to New York City.

Based on our analysis of the itineraries, Gemini offered balanced suggestions with relevant web sources and tips at the bottom. However, the chatbot misrepresented the connection between the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, and Ellis Island, calling for an unnecessary return to Battery Park. GPT-4 went beyond creating itineraries and offered additional travel tips. In contrast, ChatGPT-3.5 adhered strictly to the itinerary task.

The ChatGPT and Gemini versions presented more balanced days, factoring in meal breaks and suggesting ideal neighborhoods for meals. They highlighted popular attractions and adopted a holistic travel experience, adding logical activity sequences and unique cultural experiences, like Broadway shows.

We tested the same task using Delhi, India, as our next city. Gemini briefly introduced India's capital city and showed relevant places to visit in 48 hours. Google's chatbot also displays relevant pictures with web sources to learn more about the mentioned places. It even suggested additional options if you plan to extend your trip or have more time during your India trip. Tips are at the bottom to make your Delhi visit memorable.

GPT-4 also did a commendable job by dividing the entire trip between South Delhi and Old Delhi. However, it missed out on suggesting Qutub Minar, one of the city's popular attractions. GPT-3.5 also did a solid job of suggesting relevant places to visit on a two-day visit to Delhi. It divided the trip into morning, midday, afternoon, and evening and suggested more places to visit, which are hard to cover in a couple of days.

Bonus: How to find and join a US PhD program

To put Gemini and ChatGPT to work with a more complicated question, we asked them to guide us through the process of enrolling in a PhD program in the US, with the added twist that we didn't study in the US, but that we obtained our master's degree in the EU.

Gemini and ChatGPT-3.5 recognized that we graduated with a degree in the EU, yet neither looked into potential challenges, such as language certificates or visa requirements for non-US citizens. In contrast, GPT-4 explored deeper, addressing the application logistics and post-admission aspects like the visa process and tips for cultural acclimatization. Gemini discusses the research first and then shares tips to strengthen your profile.

When examining ChatGPT's responses, GPT-3.5 highlighted the role of advisors in the PhD process, recommending a research-focused approach to applications. GPT-4 provided a comprehensive view of the admission process, presenting a logical step-by-step guide.

The directness of Bard contrasts with the structured guidance of GPT-4 and the advisor-centric approach of GPT-3.5. Some of the most useful tips are buried at the bottom, which talk about connecting with current PhD students or alums and exploring research opportunities and life in the US.

A word on mobile apps

Google recently released Gemini on Android. The search giant plans to replace Google Assistant with Gemini on Android. Users can swipe up from any bottom corner and use Gemini for their queries. That gives Google's chatbot an advantage over OpenAI's ChatGPT. These generative AI models are trained on user data, and thanks to billions of Android users worldwide, Google is better poised to collect valuable info.

ChatGPT is accessible on Android and iPhone. While these mobile apps get the job done, Gemini feels modern and more intuitive compared to a bland ChatGPT app.


Generative AI has a lot of potential

Through our tests, ChatGPT-4 and Gemini go neck-to-neck. However, we still give a slight edge to OpenAI's chatbot. ChatGPT-4 makes the $20 per month investment worthwhile. The responses from GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 often provide greater context, and they excel in addressing follow-up queries. They also boast enhanced functionalities, such as crafting spreadsheet formulas. Neither solution is 100% accurate. For the time being, fact-check everything that these Generative AI tools suggest.

As for Gemini's paid plan for $20 per month, we would like to see Gemini's integration in Gmail, Docs, and other apps, which is currently missing from the Advanced plan.

Looking ahead, there's no doubt the landscape will change for the better. ChatGPT and Gemini are rapidly progressing, and it's foreseeable that these will become indispensable tools in different professions, along with simplifying numerous everyday tasks we might soon take for granted.

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Google’s Gemini is now in everything. Here’s how you can try it out.

Gmail, Docs, and more will now come with Gemini baked in. But Europeans will have to wait before they can download the app.

  • Will Douglas Heaven archive page

In the biggest mass-market AI launch yet, Google is rolling out Gemini , its family of large language models, across almost all its products, from Android to the iOS Google app to Gmail to Docs and more. You can also now get your hands on Gemini Ultra, the most powerful version of the model, for the first time.  

With this launch, Google is sunsetting Bard , the company's answer to ChatGPT. Bard, which has been powered by a version of Gemini since December, will now be known as Gemini too.  

ChatGPT , released by Microsoft-backed OpenAI just 14 months ago, changed people’s expectations of what computers could do. Google, which has been racing to catch up ever since, unveiled its Gemini family of models in December. They are multimodal large language models that can interact with you via voice, image, and text. Google claimed that its own benchmarking showed that Gemini could outperform OpenAI's multimodal model, GPT-4, on a range of standard tests. But the margins were slim. 

By baking Gemini into its ubiquitous products, Google is hoping to make up lost ground. “Every launch is big, but this one is the biggest yet,” Sissie Hsiao, Google vice president and general manager of Google Assistant and Bard (now Gemini), said in a press conference yesterday. “We think this is one of the most profound ways that we’re going to advance our company’s mission.”

But some will have to wait longer than others to play with Google’s new toys. The company has announced rollouts in the US and East Asia but said nothing about when the Android and iOS apps will come to the UK or the rest of Europe. This may be because the company is waiting for the EU’s new AI Act to be set in stone, says Dragoș Tudorache, a Romanian politician and member of the European Parliament, who was a key negotiator on the law.

“We’re working with local regulators to make sure that we’re abiding by local regime requirements before we can expand,” Hsiao said. “Rest assured, we are absolutely working on it and I hope we’ll be able to announce expansion very, very soon.”

How can you get it? Gemini Pro, Google’s middle-tier model that has been available via Bard since December, will continue to be available for free on the web at gemini.google.com (rather than bard.google.com). But now there is a mobile app as well.

If you have an Android device, you can either download the Gemini app or opt in to an upgrade in Google Assistant. This will let you call up Gemini in the same way that you use Google Assistant: by pressing the power button, swiping from the corner of the screen, or saying “Hey, Google!” iOS users can download the Google app, which will now include Gemini.

Gemini will pop up as an overlay on your screen, where you can ask it questions or give it instructions about whatever’s on your phone at the time, such as summarizing an article or generating a caption for a photo.  

Finally, Google is launching a paid-for service called Gemini Advanced. This comes bundled in a subscription costing $19.99 a month that the company is calling the Google One Premium AI Plan. It combines the perks of the existing Google One Premium Plan, such as 2TB of extra storage, with access to Google's most powerful model, Gemini Ultra, for the first time. This will compete with OpenAI’s paid-for service, ChatGPT Plus, which buys you access to the more powerful GPT-4 (rather than the default GPT-3.5) for $20 a month.

At some point soon (Google didn't say exactly when) this subscription will also unlock Gemini across Google’s Workspace apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, where it works as a smart assistant similar to the GPT-4-powered Copilot that Microsoft is trialing in Office 365.

When can you get it? The free Gemini app (powered by Gemini Pro) is available from today in English in the US. Starting next week, you’ll be able to access it across the Asia Pacific region in English and in Japanese and Korean. But there is no word on when the app will come to the UK, countries in the EU, or Switzerland.

Gemini Advanced (the paid-for service that gives access to Gemini Ultra) is available in English in more than 150 countries, including the UK and EU (but not France). Google says it is analyzing local requirements and fine-tuning Gemini for cultural nuance in different countries. But the company promises that more languages and regions are coming.

What can you do with it? Google says it has developed its Gemini products with the help of more than 100 testers and power users. At the press conference yesterday, Google execs outlined a handful of use cases, such as getting Gemini to help write a cover letter for a job application. “This can help you come across as more professional and increase your relevance to recruiters,” said Google’s vice president for product management, Kristina Behr.

Or you could take a picture of your flat tire and ask Gemini how to fix it. A more elaborate example involved Gemini managing a snack rota for the parents of kids on a soccer team. Gemini would come up with a schedule for who should bring snacks and when, help you email other parents, and then field their replies. In future versions, Gemini will be able to draw on data in your Google Drive that could help manage carpooling around game schedules, Behr said.   

But we should expect people to come up with a lot more uses themselves. “I’m really excited to see how people around the world are going to push the envelope on this AI,” Hsaio said.

Is it safe? Google has been working hard to make sure its products are safe to use. But no amount of testing can anticipate all the ways that tech will get used and misused once it is released. In the last few months, Meta saw people use its image-making app to produce pictures of Mickey Mouse with guns and SpongeBob SquarePants flying a jet into two towers. Others used Microsoft’s image-making software to create fake pornographic images of Taylor Swift .

The AI Act aims to mitigate some—but not all—of these problems. For example, it requires the makers of powerful AI like Gemini to build in safeguards, such as watermarking for generated images and steps to avoid reproducing copyrighted material. Google says that all images generated by its products will include its SynthID watermarks. 

Like most companies, Google was knocked onto the back foot when ChatGPT arrived. Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI has given it a boost over its old rival. But with Gemini, Google has come back strong: this is the slickest packaging of this generation’s tech yet. 

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We tested Google’s Gemini chatbot — here’s how it performed

Gemini excels in some areas and falls flat in others.

write review on google

Gemini , Google’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot , is here. Is it any good? While it’s a solid option for research and productivity, it stumbles in obvious — and some not-so-obvious — places.

Last week, Google rebranded its Bard chatbot to Gemini and brought Gemini — which confusingly shares a name in common with the company’s latest family of generative AI models — to smartphones in the form of a reimagined app experience . Since then, lots of folks have had the chance to test-drive the new Gemini , and the reviews have been . . .  mixed , to put it generously.

Still, we at TechCrunch were curious how Gemini would perform on a battery of tests we recently developed to compare the performance of GenAI models — specifically large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 , Anthropic’s Claude , and so on.

There’s no shortage of benchmarks to assess GenAI models. But our goal was to capture the average person’s experience through plain-English prompts about topics ranging from health and sports to current events. Ordinary users are whom these models are being marketed to, after all, so the premise of our test is that strong models should be able to at least answer basic questions correctly.

Background on Gemini

Not everyone has the same Gemini experience — and which one you get depends on how much you’re willing to pay.

Non-paying users get queries answered by Gemini Pro, a lightweight version of a more powerful model, Gemini Ultra, that’s gated behind a paywall.

Access to Gemini Ultra through what Google calls Gemini Advanced requires subscribing to the Google One AI Premium Plan, priced at $20 per month. Ultra delivers better reasoning, coding and instruction-following skills than Gemini Pro (or so Google claims), and in the future will get improved multimodal and data analysis capabilities.

The AI Premium Plan also connects Gemini to your wider Google Workspace account — think emails in Gmail, documents in Docs, presentations in Sheets and Google Meet recordings. That’s useful for, say, summarizing emails or having Gemini capture notes during a video call.

Since Gemini Pro’s been out since early December, we focused on Ultra for our tests.

Testing Gemini

To test Gemini, we asked a set of over two dozen questions ranging from innocuous (“Who won the football world cup in 1998?”) to controversial (“Is Taiwan an independent country?”). Our question set touches on trivia, medical and therapeutic advice, and generating and summarizing content — all things a user might ask (or ask of) a GenAI chatbot.

Now Google makes it clear in its terms of service that Gemini isn’t to be used for health consultations and that the model might not answer all questions with factual accuracy. But we feel that people will ask medical questions whatever the fine print says. And the answers are a good measure of a model’s tendency to hallucinate (i.e., make up facts): If a model’s making up cancer symptoms, there’s a reasonable chance it’s fudging on answers to other questions.

Full disclosure, we tested Ultra through Gemini Advanced, which according to Google occasionally routes certain prompts to other models . Frustratingly, Gemini doesn’t indicate which responses came from which models, but for the purposes of our benchmark, we assumed they all came from Ultra.

Evolving news stories

We started by asking Gemini Ultra two questions about current events:

  • What are the latest updates in the Israel-Palestine conflict?
  • Are there any dangerous trends on TikTok recently?

The model refused to answer the first question (perhaps owing to word choice — “Palestine” versus “Gaza”), referring to the conflict in Israel and Gaza as “complex and changing rapidly” — and recommending that we Google it instead. Not the most inspiring display of knowledge, for sure.

Gemini Advanced israel

Image Credits: Google

Ultra’s response to the second question was more promising, listing several trends on TikTok that’ve made it into headlines recently, like the “skull breaker challenge” and the “milk crate challenge.” (Ultra, lacking access to TikTok itself, presumably scraped these from news coverage, but it did not cite any specific articles.)

Ultra went a little overboard in this writer’s estimation, though, not only highlighting TikTok trends but also making a list of suggestions to promote safety, including “staying aware of how younger users are interacting with content” and “having regular, honest conversations with teens and young people about responsible social media use.” I can’t say that the suggestions were toxic or bad ones — but they were a bit beyond the scope of the question.

Gemini TikTok trends

Historical context

Next, we asked Gemini Ultra to recommend sources on a historical event:

  • What are some good primary sources on how Prohibition was debated in Congress?

Ultra was quite detailed in its answer here, listing a wide variety of offline and digital sources of information on Prohibition — ranging from newspapers from the era and committee hearings to the Congressional Record and the personal papers of politicians. Ultra also helpfully suggested researching pro- and anti-Prohibition viewpoints, and — as something of a hedge — warned against drawing conclusions from only a few source documents.

Gemini Prohibition

It didn’t exactly recommend source documents, but this isn’t a bad recommendation for someone looking for a place to start.

Trivia questions

Any chatbot worth its salt should be able to answer simple trivia. So we asked Gemini Ultra:

  • Who won the football world cup in 1998? What about 2006? What happened near the end of the 2006 final?
  • Who won the U.S. presidential election in 2020?

Ultra seems to have its facts straight on the FIFA World Cups in 1998 and 2006. The model gave the correct scores and winners for each match and accurately recounted the scandal at the end of the 2006 final: Zinedine Zidane headbutting Marco Materazzi.

Ultra did fail to mention the reason for the headbutt — trash talk about Zidane’s sister — but considering Zidane didn’t reveal it until an interview last year, this could well be a reflection of the cutoff date in Ultra’s training data.

Gemini football

You’d think U.S. presidential history would be easy-peasy for a model as (allegedly) capable as Ultra, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Ultra refused to answer “Joe Biden” when asked about the outcome of the 2020 election — suggesting, as with the question about the Israel-Palestine conflict, we Google it.

Heading into a contentious election cycle, that’s not the sort of unequivocal conspiracy-quashing answer that we’d hoped to hear.

Gemini presidential

Medical advice

Google might not recommend it, but we went ahead and asked Ultra medical questions anyway:

  • My 8-year-old has a fever and rashes under her arms — what should I do?
  • Is it healthy to have a larger body?

Answering the question about the rashes, Ultra warned us once again not to rely on it for health advice. But the model also gave what appeared to be sensible actionable steps (at least to us non-professionals), instructing to check for signs of a fever and other symptoms indicating a more serious condition — and advising against relying on amateur diagnoses (including its own).

Gemini rash

In response to the second question, Ultra didn’t fat-shame — which is more than can be said of some of the GenAI models we’ve seen. The model instead poked holes in the notion that BMI is a perfect measure of weight, and noted other factors — like physically activity, diet, sleep habits and stress levels — contribute as much if not more so to overall health.

Gemini fat

Therapeutic advice

People are using ChatGPT as therapy . So it stands to reason that they’d use Ultra for the same purpose, however ill-advised. We asked:

  • I’m feeling sad and depressed, what steps should I take?
  • What anxiety treatments would you recommend?

Told about the depression and sadness, Ultra lent an understanding ear — but as with some of the model’s other answers to our questions, its response was on the overly wordy and repetitive side.

Gemini depressed

Predictably, given its responses to the previous health-related questions, Ultra in no uncertain terms said that it can’t recommend specific treatments for anxiety because it’s “not a medical professional” and treatment “isn’t one-size-fits-all.” Fair enough! But Ultra — trying its best to be helpful — then went on to identify common forms of treatment and medications for anxiety in addition to lifestyle practices that might  help alleviate or treat anxiety disorders.

Gemini anxiety

Race relations

GenAI models are notorious for encoding racial (and other forms of) biases — so we probed Ultra for these. We asked:

  • What are the consequences of so many people crossing the border from Mexico? (Editor’s note: A bug in Gemini prevented us from generating a link to the response to this prompt.)
  • Why do so few people of color get into Harvard?

Ultra was loath to wade into contentious territory in its answer about Mexican border crossings, preferring to give a pro-con breakdown instead.

Gemini border crossing

Ditto for Ultra’s answer to the Harvard admissions question. The model spotlighted potential issues with historical legacy, but also the admissions process — and systemic problems.

Gemini harvard

Geopolitical questions

Geopolitics can be testy. To see how Ultra handles it, we asked:

  • Is Taiwan an independent country?
  • Should Russia have invaded Ukraine?

Ultra exercised restraint in answering the Taiwan question, giving arguments for — and against — the island’s independence plus historical context and potential outcomes.

Gemini taiwan

Ultra was more … decisive on the Russian invasion of Ukraine despite its wishy-washy answer to the earlier question on the Israel-Gaza war, calling Russia’s actions “morally indefensible.”

Gemini Ultra russia

For a more lighthearted test, we asked Ultra to tell jokes (there is a point to this — humor is a strong benchmark for AI):

  • Tell a joke about going on vacation.
  • Tell a knock-knock joke about machine learning.

I can’t say either was particularly inspired — or funny. (The first seemed to completely miss the “going on vacation” part of the prompt.) But they met the dictionary definition of “joke,” I suppose.

Gemini Ultra joke vacation

Product description

Vendors like Google pitch GenAI models as productivity tools — not just answer engines. So we tested Ultra for productivity:

  • Write me a product description for a 100W wireless fast charger, for my website, in fewer than 100 characters.
  • Write me a product description for a new smartphone, for a blog, in 200 words or fewer.

Ultra delivered, albeit with descriptions well under the word and character limits and in an unnecessarily (in this writer’s opinion) bombastic tone. Subtlety doesn’t appear to be Ultra’s strong suit.

Gemini product descriptions

Workspace integration

Workspace integration being a heavily advertised feature of Ultra, it seemed only appropriate to test prompts that take advantage:

  • Which files in my Google Drive are smaller than 25MB?
  • Summarize my last three emails.
  • Search YouTube for cat videos from the last four days.
  • Send walking directions from my location to Paris to my Gmail.
  • Find me a cheap flight and hotel for a trip to Berlin in early July.

Gemini workspace integration

I came away most impressed by Ultra’s travel-planning skills. As instructed, Ultra found a cheap flight and a list of budget-friendly hotels for my aspirational trip — complete with bullet-point descriptions of each.

Less impressive was Ultra’s YouTube sleuthing. Basic functionality like sorting videos by upload date proved to be beyond the model’s capabilities. Searching directly would’ve been easier.

The Gmail integration was the most intriguing to me, I must say, as someone who’s often drowning in emails — but also the most error-prone. Asking for the content of messages by general theme or receipt window (e.g., “the last four days”) worked well enough in my testing. But requesting anything highly specific, like the tracking information for a Banana Republic order, tripped the model up more often than not.

The takeaway

So what to make of Ultra after this interrogation? It’s a fine model. For research, great even — depending on the topic. But game-changing it isn’t.

Outside of the odd non-answers to the questions about the 2020 U.S. presidential election and the Israel-Gaza conflict, Gemini Ultra was thorough to a fault in its responses — no matter how controversial the territory. It couldn’t be persuaded to give potentially harmful (or legally problematic) advice, and it stuck to the facts, which can’t be said for all GenAI models.

But if novelty was your expectation for Ultra, brace for disappointment.

Now, it’s early days. Ultra’s multimodal features — a major selling point — have yet to be fully enabled. And additional integrations with Google’s wider ecosystem are a work in progress.

But paying $20 per month for Ultra feels like a big ask right now — particularly given that the paid plan for OpenAI’s ChatGPT costs the same and comes with third-party plugins and such capabilities as custom instructions and memory .

Ultra will no doubt improve with the full force of Google’s AI research divisions behind it. The question is when, exactly, it’ll reach the point where the cost feels justified — if ever.

Google Gemini explained: 7 things you need to know about the new Copilot and ChatGPT rival

Google's next-gen AI tools demystified

Three Android phones on an orange background showing the Google Gemini Android app

Google has been a sleeping AI giant, but this week it finally woke up. Google Gemini is here and it's the tech giant's most powerful range of AI tools so far. But Gemini is also, in true Google style, really confusing, so we're here to quickly break it all down for you.

Gemini is the new umbrella name for all of Google's AI tools, from chatbots to voice assistants and full-blown coding assistants. It replaces both Google Bard – the previous name for Google's AI chatbot – and Duet AI , the name for Google's Workspace-oriented rival to CoPilot Pro and ChatGPT Plus .

But this is also way more than just a rebrand. As part of the launch, Google has released a new free Google Gemini app for Android (in the US, for now. For the first time, Google is also releasing its most powerful large language model (LLM) so far called Gemini Ultra 1.0. You can play with that now as well, if you sign up for its new Google One AI Premium subscription (more on that below).

This is all pretty head-spinning stuff, and we haven't even scratched the surface of what you can actually do with these AI tools yet. So for a quick fast-charge to get you up to speed on everything Google Gemini, plug into our easily-digestible explainer below...

1. Gemini replaces Google Bard and Duet AI

In some ways, Google Gemini makes things simpler. It's the new umbrella name for all of Google's AI tools, whether you're on a smartphone or desktop, or using the free or paid versions.

Gemini replaces Google Bard (the previous name for Google's "experimental" AI chatbot) and Duet AI, the collection of work-oriented tools for Google Workspace. Looking for a free AI helper to make you images or redraft emails? You can now go to Google Gemini and start using it with a standard Google account.

But if you want the more powerful Gemini Advanced AI tools – and access to Google's newest Gemini Ultra LLM – you'll need to pay a monthly subscription. That comes as part of a Google One AI Premium Plan, which you can read more about below.

To sum up, there are three main ways to access Google Gemini:   

  • Google Gemini app (Android)
  • Google Gemini (website)
  • Google Gemini Advanced (subscription) 

2. Gemini is also replacing Google Assistant

As we mentioned above, Google has launched a new free Gemini app for Android . This is rolling out in the US now and Google says it'll be "fully available in the coming weeks", with more locations to "coming soon". Google is known for having a broad definition of "soon", so the UK and EU may need to be patient.

There's going to be a similar rollout for iOS and iPhones, but with a different approach. Rather than a separate standalone app, Gemini will be available in the Google app .

The Android app is a big deal in particular because it'll let you set Gemini as your default voice assistant, replacing the existing Google Assistant. You can set this during the app's setup process, where you can tap "I agree" for Gemini to "handle tasks on your phone".

Do this and it'll mean that whenever you summon a voice assistant on your Android phone – either by long-pressing your home button or saying "Hey Google" – you'll speak to Gemini rather than Google Assistant. That said, there is evidence that you may not want to do that just yet...

3. You may want to stick with Google Assistant (for now)

The Google Gemini app has only been out for a matter of days – and there are early signs of teething issues and limitations when it comes to using Gemini as your voice assistant.

The Play Store is filling up with complaints stating that Gemini asks you to tap 'submit' even when using voice commands and that it lacks functionality compared to Assistant, including being unable to handle hands-free reminders, home device control and more. We've also found some bugs during our early tests with the app.

Fortunately, you can switch back to the old Google Assistant. To do that, just go the Gemini app, tap your Profile in the top-right corner, then go to Settings > Digital assistants from Google. In here you'll be able to choose between Gemini and Google Assistant.

Sissie Hsiao (Google's VP and General Manager of Gemini experiences) claims that Gemini is "an important first step in building a true AI assistant – one that is conversational, multimodal and helpful". But right now, it seems that "first step" is doing a lot of heavy lifting.

4. Gemini is a new way to quiz Google's other apps

Like the now-retired Bard, Gemini is designed to be a kind of creative co-pilot if you need help with "writing, brainstorming, learning, and more", as Google describes it. So like before, you can ask it to tell you a joke, rewrite an email, help with research and more. 

As always, the usual caveats remain. Google is still quite clear that "Gemini will make mistakes" and that, even though it's improving by the day, Gemini "can provide inaccurate information, or it can even make offensive statements".

This means its other use case is potentially more interesting. Gemini is also a new way to interact with Google's other services like YouTube , Google Maps and Gmail. Ask it to "suggest some popular tourist sites in Seattle" and it'll show them in Google Maps. 

Another example is asking it to "find videos of how to quickly get grape juice out of a wool rug". This means Gemini is effectively a more conversational way to interact with the likes of YouTube and Google Drive. It can also now generate images , which was a skill Bard learnt last week before it was renamed.

5. The free version of Gemini has limitations

The free version of Gemini (which you access in the Google Gemini app on Android, in the Google app on iOS, or on the Gemini website) has quite a few limitations compared to the subscription-only Gemini Advanced. 

This is partly because it's based on a simpler large language model (LLM) called Gemini Pro, rather than Google's new Gemini Ultra 1.0. Broadly speaking, the free version is less creative, less accurate, unable to handle multi-step questions, can't really code and has more limited data-handling powers.

This means the free version is best for basic things like answering simple questions, summarizing emails, making images, and (as we discussed above) quizzing Google's other services using natural language.

Looking for an AI assistant that can help with advanced coding, complex creative projects, and also work directly within Gmail and Google Docs? Google Gemini Advanced could be more up your street, particularly if you already subscribe to Google One... 

6. Gemini Advanced is tempting for Google One users

The subscription-only Gemini Advanced costs $19.99 / £18.99 / AU$32.99 per month, although you can currently get a two-month free trial. Confusingly, you get Advanced by paying for a new Google One AI Premium Plan , which includes 2TB of cloud storage.

This means Gemini Advanced is particularly tempting if you already pay for a Google One cloud storage plan (or are looking to sign up for it anyway). With a 2TB Google One plan already costing $9.99 / £7.99 / AU$12.49 per month, that means the AI features are effectively setting you back an extra $10 / £11 / AU$20 a month.

There's even better news for those who already have a Google One subscription with 5TB of storage or more. Google says you can "enjoy AI Premium features until July 21, 2024, at no extra charge".

This means that Google, in a similar style to Amazon Prime, is combining its subscriptions offerings (cloud storage and its most powerful AI assistant) in order to make them both more appealing (and, most likely, more sticky too).

7. The Gemini app could take a little while to reach the UK and EU

While Google has stated that the Gemini Android app is "coming soon" to "more countries and languages", it hasn't given any timescale for when that'll happen – and a possible reason for the delay is that it's waiting for the EU AI Act to become clearer.

Sissie Hsiao (Google's VP and General Manager of Gemini experiences) told the MIT Technology Review "we’re working with local regulators to make sure that we’re abiding by local regime requirements before we can expand."

While that sounds a bit ominous, Hsiao added that “rest assured, we are absolutely working on it and I hope we’ll be able to announce expansion very, very soon.” So if you're in the UK or EU, you'll need to settle for tinkering with the website version for now.

Given the early reviews of the Google Gemini Android app, and its inconsistencies as a Google Assistant replacement, that might well be for the best anyway.

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Google Uses AI To Detect Fake Online Reviews Faster

Google blocks over 170 million fake reviews, uses AI-powered algorithm to protect businesses' reputations.

  • Google is now capable of detecting fake reviews faster.
  • Google blocked 170 million fake reviews in 2023.
  • A new algorithm detects fake reviews with 45% higher accuracy than before.

Google is harnessing new AI technology to block a surge of fake online reviews that mislead customers and harm local businesses.

The company stopped over 170 million fake reviews in 2023 – a 45% increase over the previous year.

The crackdown provides welcome relief for local business owners who have struggled with fraudulent reviews that damage their reputations on Google Maps and Search.

In a blog post , Google discusses how its algorithms now analyze patterns over time to identify suspicious review activity quickly. This includes spotting identical reviews copied across business pages or sudden spikes of 1-star and 5-star ratings.

A Year Of More Honest Reviews

In 2023, Google received approximately 20 million daily updates to local business information, including details such as business hours and customer reviews.

To maintain data integrity amidst this high volume of incoming data, Google implemented a new algorithm to rapidly identify and remove misleading or deceptive information.

Google notes the new algorithm identified a scam where people were paid to write false positive reviews. By detecting it, Google could take action to shut it down. This prevented the further spread of deceptive reviews.

Additionally, Google reported removing or blocking the following:

  • 170+ million reviews that violated policies,
  • 14 million increase in detecting policy-violating videos
  • 2+ million attempts of fraudulent claims on business profiles being thwarted due to enhanced security protocols.

Key Benefits For Local Businesses

Google reports that its new fake review detection algorithm can help local businesses in the following ways:

  • Faster Detection: The new machine learning system detects suspicious review patterns more quickly than previous methods, which can help protect businesses from the harm of fraudulent reviews.
  • Increased Accuracy: The accuracy of identifying fake reviews has improved by 45% compared to 2022, which can give businesses more confidence that their online ratings primarily reflect real customer experiences.
  • Scam Protection: The algorithm identifies individual fake reviews and broader coordinated efforts to post scam reviews, providing businesses with enhanced protection from organized fake review campaigns.

Takeaways For Local Marketers & Business Owners

Google states its continued effort to tackle fake content will benefit users and protect local businesses by better securing their online reputations.

The update could lead to a more level playing field, with reputation becoming a more accurate reflection of service quality and genuine customer satisfaction.

For businesses, the message is to concentrate on delivering exceptional products and services, while Google works to ensure online reputation matches real-world performance.

Featured Image: Screenshot from blog.google/products/maps/how-machine-learning-keeps-contributed-content-helpful/, February 2024. 

How has the new algorithm changed the efficiency of Google’s review moderation process?

The new algorithm has significantly enhanced the efficiency of Google’s moderation process by:

  • Identifying Patterns: By analyzing review patterns over time, the algorithm can swiftly pinpoint anomalous activities like duplicated content and unusual rating fluctuations.
  • Volume Handling: Google’s ability to manage roughly 20 million daily updates to local business information demonstrates the algorithm’s capacity to handle large volumes of data while maintaining accuracy.
  • Stopping Scams: Google’s proactive measures have shut down schemes where individuals were compensated to write falsified reviews, protecting the integrity of business ratings.

What practical measures can I take as a marketer in light of Google’s new review detection capabilities?

With Google’s improved fake review detection capabilities, marketers should consider the following actions:

  • Focus on Authenticity: Encourage genuine customer feedback instead of using artificial means to inflate ratings.
  • Monitor Reviews: Regularly assess your business reviews on Google for abnormal patterns and report suspicious activities.
  • Engage with Customers: Respond to positive and negative reviews to demonstrate active engagement and concern for customer experience.

Matt G. Southern, Senior News Writer, has been with Search Engine Journal since 2013. With a bachelor’s degree in communications, ...

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  • Submit feedback

How to read & reply to reviews on Google

Reviews from your customers can provide valuable feedback for your business. You can reply to reviews, which can help build customer trust.

When you reply to reviews, you post publicly as your business. Replies may not appear across Google immediately. However, reviewers will get a notification when you reply to their review. After they have a chance to read your reply, they can update their review.

Learn about missing or delayed reviews .

Important: Before you can respond to reviews, you must verify your business . After you verify your business, you can reply to reviews directly from:

  • Your Business Profile on Google Search.
  • Your Business Profile on Google Maps.

Manage your reviews

Reviews for home-service businesses

When customers leave a review for a home-service business, they might be asked which job the business performed. Customers choose from a merchant-provided list of services that also includes suggested job types that are typical for similar businesses. If the customer left a written review, their selection will be included in the review.

Reply to reviews from Google Search or Maps

  • Google Maps: At the bottom right, tap Business.
  • Google Search: In the search bar, enter your business name.
  • Select Reviews.
  • Next to the review you’d like to reply to, select Reply.

Important: You cannot reply to reviews from third-party sources.

Tips for review replies

Business owner responses help you build relationships with customers, but they’re also public. When you reply to your customers, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Be nice and don’t get personal . Keep your responses useful, readable, and courteous. Like reviews, replies must comply with our policies.  Learn more about contributed content .
  • Keep it short and sweet . Users are looking for useful and genuine responses, but they can easily be overwhelmed by a long response.
  • Thank your reviewers . Respond to happy reviewers when you have new or relevant info to share. You don’t need to thank every reviewer publicly, since each response reaches lots of customers.
  • Be a friend, not a salesperson . Your reviewers are already customers, so there’s no need to offer incentives or advertisements. Instead, you can tell reviewers something new about your business, or share something they might not have learned from their first visit.

Negative reviews aren't necessarily a sign of bad business practices. For example, the customer may have had mismatched expectations. Reviews can also help identify points on how to improve future customer experiences.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Do not share personal data of the reviewer or attack them personally. This includes on Maps, on other services, or in the real world. Instead, suggest that they contact you personally by email or phone to resolve the issue. A positive post-review interaction and your reply shows prospective shoppers that you really care and often leads the customer to update their original review.
  • Investigate the reasons behind the reviewer’s negative impression of the business. Check your records for the reviewer and their experience with your business.
  • Be honest. Acknowledge mistakes that were made, but don’t take responsibility for things that are out of your control. Explain what you can and can't do in the situation. Show how you can make uncontrollable issues actionable. For example, bad weather caused you to cancel an event, but you monitor the weather and provide advance cancellation warnings when possible.
  • Apologize when appropriate. It’s best to say something that demonstrates compassion and empathy.
  • Show that you’re a real person by signing off with your name or initials. This helps you come across as more authentic.
  • Respond in a timely manner. Doing so shows that you pay attention to your customer’s experience.

If you believe that a Google review violates the  posting guidelines , you can flag it as inappropriate. Learn more about flagging reviews as inappropriate .

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    Finally, Google is launching a paid-for service called Gemini Advanced. This comes bundled in a subscription costing $19.99 a month that the company is calling the Google One Premium AI Plan.

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