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cool jazz powerpoint


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COOL JAZZ Just as BeBop contrasted from Swing, Cool Jazz will contrasted similarly from BeBop Cool Jazz steps away from the fiery and aggressive playing.

Published by Cecil Warren Modified over 8 years ago

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Presentation on theme: "COOL JAZZ Just as BeBop contrasted from Swing, Cool Jazz will contrasted similarly from BeBop Cool Jazz steps away from the fiery and aggressive playing."— Presentation transcript:

COOL JAZZ Just as BeBop contrasted from Swing, Cool Jazz will contrasted similarly from BeBop Cool Jazz steps away from the fiery and aggressive playing style of Bop to that of understatement.

Chapter 23: Music in America: Jazz and Beyond

cool jazz powerpoint

What is JAZZ? 4 th Grade Music. What is Jazz?? Improvisation is important in Jazz Jazz uses “bent” music notes Jazz expresses many emotions Jazz uses.

cool jazz powerpoint

Chapter 9 Cool/ Third Stream. © 2009 McGraw-Hill All Rights Reserved 2 Cool contrasted with Bop Understated playing style –Relaxed tempos –Subtle instrumental.

cool jazz powerpoint

© 2005 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Jazz Tenth Edition Chapter 13 PowerPoint by Sharon Ann Toman, 2004.

cool jazz powerpoint

© 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved McGraw-Hill The World of Music 6 th edition Part 2 Listening to American Music: Folk, Religious,

cool jazz powerpoint

“a most inadequate word” that “throws up its hands in clownish self- deprecation before all the complexity of sound and rhythm and self- assertive passion.

cool jazz powerpoint

IB Music SL Jazz Cool, Hard Bop. Jazz Composers, Miles and Thelonius.

cool jazz powerpoint

THE LOS ANGELES JAZZ SOCIETY PRESENTS A Look at America’s National Treasure Developed by Dr. Thom Mason, Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of.

cool jazz powerpoint

DUKE ELLINGTON( ) In Jazz, he stands as one of the few that stand above the rest as a catalyst for the development of the art form. He struck a.

cool jazz powerpoint

Classical Music Higher Music.

cool jazz powerpoint

 A less complicated texture than Baroque times (less Polyphonic/more homophonic)  More use of Dynamics.  Elegant  Question & Answer phrases  Clear.

cool jazz powerpoint

 During the latter part of the 20 th century, artists began to question the continued viability of the Modernist movement.  The Modernist movement of.

cool jazz powerpoint

Jazz.  Shortly after the War of 1812  From New Orleans, LA  Instruments included trumpets, trombones, clarinets, saxophones, and drums  A mixture.

cool jazz powerpoint

Instruments of the Band and Orchestra

cool jazz powerpoint

Jazz in the USA.

cool jazz powerpoint

Ragtime Originated in Sedalia, MO St. Louis became the Ragtime center around 1901 General Public first exposed to Ragtime at a series of World’s Fairs.

cool jazz powerpoint

Jazz Brief Overview. About Jazz  You may know jazz when you hear it  May not be able to describe what you hear  Jazz has signature traits:  Improvisation.

cool jazz powerpoint

America’s Musical Gift to the World.  Name three cities that Jazz music was popular in, during the early 1900s. Give the years in which jazz was popular.

cool jazz powerpoint

Popular Styles in Jazz since the Swing Era Chapter 9.

cool jazz powerpoint

T HE J AZZ A GE. M ILES D AVIS An original, lyrical soloist and a demanding group leader, Miles Davis was the most consistently innovative musician in.

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'Cool jazz' presentation slideshows

Cool jazz - powerpoint ppt presentation.


JAZZ. CCHS Academic Team. Scott Joplin – 1867-1917. King of Ragtime Born in Texas – moved to St. Louis Maple Leaf Rag The Entertainer A Guest of Honor: Lost first opera Opera: Treemonisha (not staged until 70’s) Died of syphilis Maple Leaf Rag. W.C. Handy – 1873-1958.

60 views • 24 slides

COOL JAZZ Just as BeBop contrasted from Swing, Cool Jazz will contrasted similarly from BeBop

COOL JAZZ Just as BeBop contrasted from Swing, Cool Jazz will contrasted similarly from BeBop

COOL JAZZ Just as BeBop contrasted from Swing, Cool Jazz will contrasted similarly from BeBop Cool Jazz steps away from the fiery and aggressive playing style of Bop to that of understatement. Individual voices in the band yielded somewhat back to compositional design

236 views • 23 slides


Jazz. America’s Musical Gift to the World. Bell Ringer #1. Name three cities that Jazz music was popular in, during the early 1900s. Give the years in which jazz was popular in these cities. New Orleans jazz. Jazz- The Beginnings .

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Hard Bop and Cool

Hard Bop and Cool

Hard Bop and Cool. Hard Bop.

346 views • 18 slides

GLST 490 – Day 8

GLST 490 – Day 8

Jazz Since 1950. GLST 490 – Day 8. Housekeeping Items. An interesting film is showing at Worldbridger tonight at 7 p.m. in Building 356, Room 109 – “Chasing Ice.” Admission is by donation.

95 views • 13 slides

Bebop,Cool , Free Jazz

Bebop,Cool , Free Jazz

Bebop,Cool , Free Jazz. Kind of Blue. Miles (Dewey) Davis (III)-1926-1991-musician, composer, trumpeter, bandleader, innovator. Creator of cool jazz, modal jazz, and jazz fusion. Davis’ career began with bebop, moving through hard bop, ending in the late 80s going electric. Miles quotes.

415 views • 11 slides

Reactions to Bebop – Cool and Hard Bop

Reactions to Bebop – Cool and Hard Bop

Reactions to Bebop – Cool and Hard Bop. The Term “Cool". Apparently originated by Lester Young Refers to a number of different (albeit related) states. "a complex system of coping mechanisms, a technique for black survival in America,"

183 views • 9 slides

IB Music SL

IB Music SL

IB Music SL. Jazz Cool, Hard Bop. Jazz Composers, Miles and Thelonius. Cool Jazz. Cool (or West Coast) jazz grew out of bebop in the early 1950s. The style is characterized by a light, laid-back, reticent quality. Texture : basically homophonic, tending toward polyphonic lines

156 views • 8 slides

Chapter 34: Postwar Jazz

Chapter 34: Postwar Jazz

Chapter 34: Postwar Jazz. Bebop. Emerged shortly after World War II Complex, hard-driving jazz Played without musical notation Name derived from the snappy sounds of the melody Bebop ensemble typically consists of a quintet of trumpet, saxophone, piano, double bass, and drums

153 views • 6 slides

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Jazz Presentation templates

The double bass begins to set the rhythm. a saxophone starts playing a melody. suddenly, a trumpet with a sordine joins in. you are listening to jazz music this musical genre was born at the end of the 19th century in the united states and the impact it has had on music has been gigantic. so huge is its influence that we even have our own section of jazz-related templates. take a look.

Daegu International Jazz Festival presentation template

Premium template

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Daegu International Jazz Festival

Get people excited about a jazz festival with this template! Filled with colorful illustrations of musicians and abstract decorative touches, it conveys the excitement of live music with a modern flair. And with a great variety of slides that you can customize with your own content, it’s a great way...

International Jazz Day presentation template

International Jazz Day

Jazz lovers! We have the perfect template for you. It is very colorful, creatively designed with illustrations of instruments, musicians playing and musical notes. Perfect for celebrating International Jazz Day, which takes place on April 30. You can talk about the history of this musical style, how it has developed...

Daegu International Jazz Festival presentation template

The Daegu International Jazz Festival takes place at the end of September in the Korean city of Daegu. For several days, local and international musicians come together to offer an extraordinary music show. If you want to promote this event, download this template, full of resources that you can edit...

Animation Studios Jazz Enthusiast MK Minitheme presentation template

Animation Studios Jazz Enthusiast MK Minitheme

Today, jazz is a very respected music genre, and it's full of famous names, but did you know that, in the past, it took a long time until it was widely accepted by the society? Tell us the history of jazz and use this illustrated template to prepare a great...

World Jazz Day presentation template

World Jazz Day

You can already hear the first notes of a jazz melody... played with the softness and style of a trumpet with mute... the bass sets the rhythm and the saxophone gives the final touch to the song. It's World Jazz Day! And this template, with gradient backgrounds, instrument stickers and...

Let's Celebrate International Jazz Day presentation template

Let's Celebrate International Jazz Day

Jazz is more than a music genre. For some, it's a lifestyle! UNESCO established International Jazz Day in 2011, and each year, on April 30, conferences, jam sessions and classes are held, with the aim of promoting jazz. For that special day, this template fits like a glove. Its red...

Jazz Festival Sponsorship Pitch Deck presentation template

Jazz Festival Sponsorship Pitch Deck

A jazz festival is always a joyous occasion, but to make one a reality the backing of some sponsors is usually in order. This pitch deck template is an awesome tool to persuade brands and corporations to provide sponsorships that will make the live music experience possible. Its super elegant...

Jazz Festival MK Campaign presentation template

Jazz Festival MK Campaign

The atmosphere found at a jazz festival is something you can't find elsewhere. And you can spice things up with a good marketing campaign. We're sure you'll like this design, especially the typeface used for the titles and the textures used on the backgrounds and the pictures. Budget, strategy, market,...

Jazz Concert MK Plan presentation template

Jazz Concert MK Plan

Jazz is one of the most fascinating musical genres that exist because it mixes different melodies, rhythms and instruments without scores or defined structure. We know that you have put a lot of effort into designing a marketing plan to make the jazz concert a success, and we wanted to...

History of Jazz presentation template

History of Jazz

New Orleans is the most populous city of Louisiana and the world capital of Jazz! This beautiful, emotional musical genre has long gripped the heart of the world. Teach your students all about its history and significance with this colorful, jazzy template full of music! It’s fully customizable to adapt...

Let's Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month! presentation template

Let's Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month!

Every April, the United States celebrates Jazz Appreciation Month. This month-long celebration honors jazz legends and encourages both established and aspiring musicians to take part in different jazz events and performances. It's been celebrated since 2001, so now, more than 20 years layer, it still goes strong! Convinced already to...

Umbria Jazz Festival presentation template

Umbria Jazz Festival

Jazz music lovers, have you heard about the Umbria Jazz Festival? This annual celebration of all things jazz has been bringing harmony to Italy since 1973. And what better way to share the experience than with a visually stunning presentation? Our Google Slides and PowerPoint template offers the perfect blend...

Music Theory & Composition College Major presentation template

Music Theory & Composition College Major

Do you feel every note, every chord from any melody? If you consider yourself very creative, perhaps you should major in Music Theory and Composition! Let us inspire you with this wonderful template, totally suitable for music lovers. Its design is colorful, with abstract shapes and illustrations of instruments and...

Jazz Festival Marketing Campaign presentation template

Jazz Festival Marketing Campaign

What better place to unwind and let yourself go to the sound of beautiful music than at a jazz music carnival? The exciting lineup, the crowd, the atmosphere, it’s going to be an exhilarating experience. Get your audience riled up and ready to jazz with Slidesgo’s latest marketing campaign presentation.

Happy Piano Day! presentation template

Happy Piano Day!

Isn't music one of the most relaxing things (or exciting, it depends!) in this world? The piano is such an iconic instrument that it has its own day! March 29 is World Piano Day, so it's the perfect chance for you to create a presentation about it! Our template has...

Learn more about International Saxophone Day! presentation template

Learn more about International Saxophone Day!

Do the names Charlie Rouse, Pharoah Sanders or John Coltrane ring a bell? And Adolf Sax? Well, this last one should give you a little hint: the first three were famous saxophone players and Adolf Sax was the inventor of the instrument, which was named after him! Celebrate International Saxophone...

Music Subject for Middle School: Copenhagen Jazz Festival presentation template

Music Subject for Middle School: Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Some jazz festivals are known at a global level. In a certain country of North Europe, a big jazz festival is held there. As for us, well, we've designed a template about this music genre, inspired by a certain style used in posters. That will catch everyone's eyes! You'll see...

Jazz Club Business Plan presentation template

Jazz Club Business Plan

Launching a successful jazz club can be a challenge, and it all starts with having a solid business plan. This template is just what you need to present yours! Its design combines bluish smoke over a black background, suggesting the atmosphere of the modern version of an old-time club. With...

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Origins of Jazz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

cool jazz powerpoint

Origins of Jazz

Origins of jazz intro to jazz jazz is a strictly american style of music created by musicians who were predominantly african american created for performing in the ... – powerpoint ppt presentation.

  • Jazz is a strictly American style of music
  • Created by musicians who were predominantly African American
  • Created for performing in the streets, bars, brothels, and dance halls in New Orleans other Southern cites
  • Jazz is characterized by
  • Improvisation
  • Syncopation
  • Steady beat
  • Unique tone colors and performance techniques
  • Term jazz became popular in 1917
  • Probably as early as 1900, but because early jazz did not exist in notation, its impossible to know when jazz was first heard
  • First jazz recording was the Dixieland Jazz Band in 1917
  • Has since developed into several styles, including
  • New Orleans
  • Center of jazz has shifted from New Orleans to Chicago, Kansas City, and New York
  • No center for jazz exists today, as the music has spread worldwide
  • Originally intended as dance music, but since the 1940s, newer styles are intended for listening
  • As likely to hear jazz in a concert hall as in a bar or nightclub
  • Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall have regular jazz series
  • Jazz Masterworks Orchestra has been founded at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History
  • Colleges offer course and majors in jazz
  • Blend of many cultures, mostly West African, American, and European
  • West African influences include
  • Drumming and percussive sounds
  • Complex rhythms
  • Call and Response- a voice or instrument is answered by another voice or instrument
  • American influences included the body of music developed by African Americans
  • Gospel Hymns
  • Dances like the cakewalk
  • Marching Band instruments were included in early jazz bands
  • Band music helped shape the forms and rhythms of early jazz
  • Ragtime is a style of piano music developed by black pianists who played in saloons and dance halls
  • Characterized by
  • Duple meter
  • Moderate tempo
  • Highly syncopated right hand
  • Left hand maintains steady beat with oom-pah
  • Composed by Scott Joplin in 1899
  • One of the most famous piano rags in history and first piece by an African American to sell well
  • March form Two sixteen measure strains, followed by a trio a fourth higher, than two more strains
  • This recording is from a player piano in 1916
  • Refers to both a form of vocal and instrumental music and style of performance
  • Grew out of African American folk music
  • Uncertain when blues originated, but sung in rural areas in the south by 1890s
  • Original country blues sung with guitar accompaniment and no standardized form or style
  • Form of blues began to standardize with WC Handys Memphis Blues(1912) and St. Louis Blues (1912)
  • Became a national craze among African Americans in the 1920s
  • 12 bar blues became standard form in blues music
  • 1940s saw emergence of urban blues in Chicago- used electric guitar and amps
  • Involves only three chords Tonic (I), Subdominant (IV), and Dominant (V)
  • Line 1 Four measures of I
  • Line 2 Two measures IV, two measures I
  • Line 3 Two measures of V, two measures I
  • Each stanza sung or played to the same series of chords, though other may be inserted between the main ones
  • Usually in Duple Meter
  • Use bent notes, scoops, slides
  • Blue notes and scales used
  • Produced by lowering the 3rd, 5th, and 7th of the scale approximately one half step
  • Rhythm is flexible- often around the beat
  • Jazz instrumentalists used 12-bar blues and blue notes as a basis for improvisation
  • Performed by Bessie Smith, the empress of the blues- most famous blues singer in the 1920s
  • Each stanza is a 12-bar blues pattern
  • Improvised cornet imitates the vocal lines
  • Listen for the inflections in her voice- characteristic of jazz and blues singers
  • Smith varies the pitch and rhythm of line to create interest and build to the end of the song is a leading presentation sharing website. It has millions of presentations already uploaded and available with 1,000s more being uploaded by its users every day. Whatever your area of interest, here you’ll be able to find and view presentations you’ll love and possibly download. And, best of all, it is completely free and easy to use.

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cool jazz powerpoint

Free Jazz PowerPoint Template

Music is an awesome medium of entertainment and Jazz is one of the most popular genres. Music has its own language that has universal recognition. Musical instruments have different and wonderful sounds in nature. The proper composition of these sounds produces music or song with the help of many instruments. Free Jazz PowerPoint Template with …

Blues Music PowerPoint Template

Blues Music PowerPoint Template

cool jazz powerpoint

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Global Trade Company PowerPoint Template

Global Trade Company PowerPoint Template

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cool jazz powerpoint

Student Handout

1. National Center for History in the Schools, UCLA

2. NAfME: The National Association for Music Education

3. For information on ordering The Instrumental History of Jazz 2-CD set, click here .

4. Student handouts can be downloaded from the Jazz in America website and photocopied.

5. Any material from the Jazz in America website may be downloaded, printed, and/or made into a PowerPoint slide as the instructor sees fit.

cool jazz powerpoint

Chill Out with Cool Jazz

Origins of Cool Jazz

As a genre, jazz originated in New Orleans as traditional jazz. New Orleans was a breeding ground for jazz because of its aquatic access, extensive cultural heritage, and celebratory freedoms. The marching band celebrations of Congo Square were transformed into traditional jazz through Charles Bolden’s artistic ingenuity. Throughout the 20th century, this traditional jazz proliferated into various subcategories of the polyphonic genre. A prominent sub-genre of jazz was cool jazz. Cool jazz originated after World War II and gained popularity in the 1950s due to the improvisational works of Miles Davis. The release of the Birth of the Cool recordings in 1949 and 1950 marked the commencement of cool jazz in the jazz community. Cool jazz’s origins can be found in New York while being largely popular later in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Elements of the Cool Jazz Sub-Genre

Cool jazz artists used light tones and unorthodox instrumentation including vibraphones and xylophones. In addition, instruments included the saxophone, piano, and trumpet. Miles Davis described cool jazz as being very light and highly expressive. The elements comprising the cool jazz sub-genre highly contrasted the existing modern jazz genres of this time period. Bebop, another prominent sub-genre of jazz, was a staccato two-tone phrase jazz arrangement of fast tempos that led to the creation of hard bop. Hard bop directly contrasted with cool jazz based on their tonal codings, resembling black and white sounds respectively. For this reason, the lightly textured cool jazz was thoroughly dominated by white artists. These white artists often modeled their instrumentation and musical styles after Cool jazz included down tempo arrangements as opposed to the faster tempos of bebop and hard bop. Cool jazz resembles classical music with its incorporation of elements such as fugue. This similarity also stems from the fact that jazz is considered black classical music. Musicians had to be highly skilled to be able to do complex runs that are often seen in classical music. In addition, highly trained classical musicians mixed their background with jazz elements from the South. So, cool jazz emphasized these stark homages in its foundation. Polyphony was also a major characteristic of jazz, so it was prominent in cool jazz. Artists tended to weave independent lines into a single arrangement.

Social Implications and Commodification

After World War II, America was still largely segregated. Cool jazz emulated this system by displaying a stark racial division within the sub-genres of jazz. The relaxed tones of cool jazz were primarily performed by white artists from the West. Its counterpart, hard bop, was a sub-genre dominated by African American musicians. Once white artists took over the cool jazz sounds, Black artists were encouraged to pursue the hard bop sounds categorized by African American harmonies. For this reason, it was uncommon to see cool jazz played by African American artists. However, Birth of the Cool was a stark exception to the commonality. These recordings were largely interracial, showing the possibility for prominent success even with racial intermingling.

Because many cool jazz performers were white, the majority of syndication and credit in the genre was given to White performers. Cool jazz earnings were primarily disseminated to white artists. The exception lies in Miles Davis’ artistry as he was able to successfully record and publish songs of the sub-genre. Birth of the Cool was released in 1957 by Capitol Records, with subsequent releases proceeding. The recordings were sold as albums and individual records and were played through radio syndication.

Important Cool Jazz Artists

  • Miles Davis’ (1926-1991) release of Birth of the Cool sparked the invention of the cool jazz sub-genre.

  • Gil Evans (1912-1988) played an instrumental role in the development of cool jazz.

  • The Modern Jazz Quartet (1946-1974; 1981-1993) was one of the most popular jazz groups. They defied stereotypical cool sounds by being an African American group.

  • Stan Getz (1927-1991) was a West Coast saxophonist who modeled his playing after Lester Young.

  • Lee Konitz (1927-) was a prominent West Coast cool jazz saxophonist.

  • Paul Desmond (1924-1977) was one of the most popular cool jazz artists. He composed cool jazz songs for the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Influence on Future Genres

The polyphony found in cool jazz also gave future genres such as soul, funk, R&B, and hip-hop a polyphonic sound. The workings of artists in cool jazz and other jazz sub-genres of this time also influenced later jazz artists beyond the 1980s. These artists vowed to distinguish themselves from fusion jazz by re-implementing crucial traditional elements found in cool jazz and similar sub-genres. Because of racial division at the time, it can be argued that cool jazz sparked the prominence of hard bop. That is, because cool jazz was dominated by white artists, hard bop was a haven for contrasting sounds played by Black artists.

Conclusory Opinions

Before learning about the sub-genres of jazz, I associated the sounds and tones of cool jazz as being the entire jazz genre. It was fascinating to learn that my perspective of jazz was largely minute. It was also interesting to see a genre encapsulated as an African American genre but be predominately white. This was the first genre that I saw this out of all of the Black music we have studied. Lastly, I think it is interesting that cool jazz was so racially divisive despite the words of Miles Davis: “M usic has no color; It’s a raceless art.”

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