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Genshin Impact guide: Collection of Dragon and Snakes world quest book locations

Collect the five lost books in Collection of Dragons and Snakes to get a hidden Seelie and Key Sigil

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A ruined library with a ghost floating in it in Enkanomiya

Genshin Impact ’s “Collection of Dragons and Snakes” world quest requires you to collect the five lost books for Ema in Enkanomiya . The books aren’t marked on your map the way other quest hints are. Our Genshin Impact guide explains where to find all five lost books.

Complete “Collection of Dragons and Snakes,” and you’ll find a specific Key Sigil , a Seelie , and the five lost books become part of your archive collection.

Table of contents

  • Finding Ema and “Collection of Dragons and Snakes”

The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku book location

Hydrological studies in byakuyakoku book location, in the light, beneath the shadow book location, before sun and moon book location, bathysmal vishap experimental records book location, finding ema and ‘collection of dragons and snakes’.

Just like the other world quest NPCs in Enkanomiya, Ema only shows up in Evernight , so you will need to use one of the many mechanisms to swap it to Evernight if you haven’t already.

Zhongli stands in front of Ema, a ghostly librarian

Once you swap it, they’ll be standing where Enjou originally was in the ruins.

Zhongli stands in front of a book salesman in Inazuma City

This book is the easiest to find, as you just buy it from the Yae Publishing House in Inazuma City .

You’ll need to complete this puzzle before you can drop into a hole where Date is.

To get Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku in Genshin Impact , you have to complete a puzzle and complete the world quest “ Date’s Challenge .” Once you solve both of puzzles, you can open a treasure chest with the book inside.

Blow up this wall to get to this puzzle solution.

To get this book, you’ll need to complete a series of puzzles behind a breakable wall in Dainichi Mikoshi . The wall originally has a ruin guard and some pyro barrels around it. Blow up the barrels to open up the wall and reveal the puzzle.

The puzzle solution is as follows:

  • Hit the Triangular Mechanism in Evernight.
  • Switch to Whitenight.
  • Hit the other Triangular Mechanism. (There’s a switching mechanism right outside the hole entrance.)
  • Switch back to Evernight.
  • Grab the treasure chest in the newly opened path, climb the wall, and activate the mechanism.
  • Make note of the symbols and the number of dots by each symbol.
  • Teleport to the gates at The Serpent’s Heart, and run through the walls in the order presented by the wall.
  • Collect the book inside the treasure chest that appears.

If you’re having a hard time remembering what symbols you have to hit in order, here’s what the markings looked like:

Zhongli clings to a wall showing numbered dots by five different sigil symbols.

To get Before Sun and Moon in Genshin Impact , you’ll need to complete the world quest “ Antigonus ,” which starts from an NPC in Dainichi Mikoshi. It’s a straightforward quest, and it’ll guide you to where you need to go, with no puzzles in the way of completion. You’ll need to fight a ruin guard to complete the quest, though.

Zhongli stands in front of a Phase Gate in Enkonomiya

To get Bathysmal Vishap Experimental Records , you need to head to an invisible island and do a short world quest called “ Tricolor File .” You’ll need to take the Phase Gate shown above to get to the area, and the NPC that starts the quest will show up nearly immediately on the forward path. The Tricolor File item is in the cyro-gated cage, so you don’t actually need to fight the other vishaps. The electro-gated cage does have a Key Sigil in it, so you’ll probably want to open that one, too.

the 5 books enkanomiya

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5 Lost Book Locations for the ''Collections of Dragons and Snakes'' Quest

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★ New: Version 4.0 , 4.0 Codes , and 4.0 Tier List ★ Builds: Lyney , Lynette , Yelan , Hydro Traveler ★ Fontaine: Fontaine , Fontaine Quests , Hydroculus ★ Hot Events: Relic Records & Mega Meka Melee ★ Coming Soon: Version 4.1 , Freminet , New Characters

Genshin Impact - Collections of Dragons and Snakes World Quest Guide

You can get the five lost books for the ''Collections of Dragons and Snakes'' World Quest by exploring Genshin Impact's Enkanomiya region and completing some of its quests. Learn how to collect all five books and their locations, a full quest walkthrough, and a list of rewards in this guide!

List of Contents

  • All 5 Lost Books Location
  • Quest Info & How to Unlock

Full Quest Walkthrough

Total quest rewards.

  • Treasures in the Mirror
  • Related Guides

Collect the Five Lost Book Locations

All 5 enkanomiya book locations, how to collect all 5 lost books, collections of dragons and snakes quest information, quest details, quest unlock requirements, collections of dragons and snakes quest location.

Genshin - Collections of Dragons and Snakes - Quest Start Location

Enkanomiya Day-Night Cycle Guide

Collections of Dragons and Snakes Walkthrough

Collections of dragons and snakes.

You decide to help Ema find the 5 lost books. The books are ''Before Sun and Moon,'' ''The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku,'' In the Light, Beneath the Shadow,'' ''Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku,'' and a certain person's experimental records...

Collections of Dragons and Snakes Objectives

Quest Objectives

  • Collect the five lost books
  • Show the books to Ema
  • Return the books to their shelves
  • Investigate the picture frame that has changed

Collections of Dragons and Snakes Rewards

Treasures inside the mirror, luxurious chest.

Genshin - Collection of Drakes and Serpents - Luxurious Chest in the Mirror Library

Key Sigil Location

Genshin - Key Sigil in the Mirror Library

Map of all Key Sigils

Mirror Seelie

Genshin - Collection of Drakes and Serpents - Seelie in the Mirror Library

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Genshin - Slim Partial Banner - Quests

All Quests and Quest Types

All Enkanomiya World Quests Guide

List of World Quests

the 5 books enkanomiya

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