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Versions [ ]

  • Black (Concept Book)
  • White (Outbook)

Chapters [ ]


Definitions [ ]

  • DAY ➞ Boy (youth) — Peaceful, dependent, ideal, moral .
  • EVIL ➞ Tempter — Dream, secret desire, primitive impulse .
  • NIGHT ➞ Evil in reality — Bellicose, independent, individual . [2]

Timeline [ ]

In order, we have: [3]

  • BTS Begins , where they meet;
  • School Trilogy and The Red Bullet , In both they revolt against their teacher;
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Trilogy , where they slowly slip from childhood to adulthood and dream of being young forever; [notes 1]
  • You Never Walk Alone , where they have to renounce to the dream;
  • WINGS and The Wings Tour , where the older ones urge the younger ones to become adults and they all face temptation.

Book's texts (Translated) [ ]

Chapters [notes 2] [ ].

The concept of <WINGS> was decided then. The ending of “Fire” music video, ‘BOY MEETS WHAT’. The blinking cursor behind the phrase ‘BOY MEETS’ at the ending of “SAVE ME” music video. The story of BTS had already been written then. What the boy will meet is ‘BOY MEETS EVIL’ of <WINGS>, or in other words, the fissures and temptation of the world. Somewhere in the middle of the ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series, the planning for <WINGS> started as BTS looked back on what they felt passing what could be called their best moment in life. After that, producer Bang Shihyuk met the manga <Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning> and constructed the outline, though vague it was. <Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning> may seem like a simple mystery series, but the protagonist eventually fell into the end, end, end of despair, no, into a much deeper darkness. Despite that, he said it was okay, because all the agony came from his own choice. It was time for BTS to talk about the suffering and the choices a boy has to face in the process of advancing forward and growing up. The hint gained from this manga - overlapped with the story BTS had been telling - was expanded to the conception of adult and antiadult, nonadult. ‘Antiadults’ believe the realm of adults is full of evil, they refuse to grow up and declare the intention to stay as Peter Pan. On the other hand, ‘nonadults’ have soon known that life is dirty and nasty, but they can’t stop on the path of becoming adults as if someone is pushing them forward. In the end, they can’t become complete adults, and this was also the conception that met BTS who sang ‘Forever We Are Young’ as they wrapped up the ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series. Looking back, from the start of ‘school trilogy’ in 2013 to <WINGS>, BTS’ history was the story of why, by what and how the boy lives, and also a great journey to come to that conclusion. In 'school trilogy’, BTS were teenagers who aren’t tamed by the rules of the world. They shouted “Hey, what’s your dream?” to peers who don’t have much worry about the future, to the school that forces the same old way of thinking, the same old goals, and to all the adults. Their debut album <2 Cool 4 Skool> and <O!RUL8,2?> (Oh! Are You Late, Too?) were the voice of boys who are young but determined to decide their own life path. That teenage energy passed through <Skool Luv Affair> and <DARK&WILD>, adding the face of the vigorous, red-blooded youth who fight for love recklessly. Dream, happiness, love. They were what teenagers wanted to hear about more than anything, what no one had talked about for a long time, but BTS bared them all out truthfully through 'school trilogy’. The boys who dashed forward with a spirit as if to destroy the world, at some point, became the wandering youth. The ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ days lasted only for a moment, they were dazzingly beautiful and shining more beautifully than ever, but they were also restless, there was nothing they could know. In “I NEED U”, they were obsessed with love, clung to love knowing they would be wounded; in “RUN”, they sang that they wouldn’t stop loving despite sensing they would get hurt. The seven of BTS dashing forward together were the image of the youth willing to face anxiety and suffering itself. Inside the fence called school, inside the world they had set foot in, the boys questioned the world, stepped out of the box and in the end, chose suffering. And finally, <Demian> and <WINGS>. From ‘Two Realms’ to ‘The Bird Fights Its Way Out Of The Egg’, ‘Jacob Wrestling’, the stories in the book showed the world BTS has created so far and the journey to manhood. Dream, secret desire, those temptations (Evil) left marks on the once peaceful, dependent and moral youth; the boys realized the evil in reality. Experiencing the evil, witnessing their torn-apart egos and eventually coming to self-awareness. It’s the reason the main theme of <WINGS> is temptation and conflict. Like how they rejected the rules set by school and adults in 'school trilogy’, like how they ran forward knowing they would get hurt in ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series, BTS once again knew the danger yet still opened the door to meet the evil. From the question of ‘Boy meets what’, the story of <WINGS> began.

The piano burns, the window shatters with a sharp screech. Paint leaks and drips from the portrait. Jungkook watches all of these with fear in his eyes. V recalls his unhappy past, Suga trespasses somewhere and plays the piano, Rap Monster sits in the pitch darkness and tattoos his wrist. They are once again in the position of the restless boys. They shouted in “EPILOGUE: Young Forever”. “I want the me of today to last eternally, I want to be young forever.” Living and being hounded ceaselessly by the incitement of the world, they were young forever, wanted to be young forever. To those boys, the short films of <WINGS> where the symbols of <Demian> and the images of 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series co-exist are the record linking the end of an era with the next one and at the same time, showed that they shall remain boys as ever. Starting with concerns about problems they face at school in debut days, to spending the time of youth and wandering in 'school trilogy’, BTS met the temptation from a bigger realm, a more complex outer world in <WINGS>. Jungkook’s silhouette spreads its wings unknowingly. Jimin bites the apple with an ambiguous smile. A perplexed J-hope in a paint-scattered room. And finally, Jin drops the apple, burns the lilies, silently touches and stands in front of the rippling mirror. He leaves the photos of all those symbols and goes somewhere. Various traces of 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ remain in the short films, at the same time, the different sides of the members compared to the past implies the transition of BTS. This is the farewell to 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’, the most melancholy era to both BTS and every fans, it also means despite that, the story of the boys will continue. They witnessed the fissures of the world, which soon lead to the awakening of their egos. It’s time to step into the world of decadence and temptation. The boys remain as restless as ever. In “I NEED U”, they were in pain, they fought, they suffered so bad that they drowned themselves in medicine, yet they still played with fireworks and laughed so innocently; in “Run”, they ran and screamed as though they would destroy the whole world if they have to. The pain made the moment even more beautiful. The youth BTS spent in 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ was the faces of the insecure boys who fell out of the fence of the world, a world in which grades, parents and school were their everything. Through <WINGS> short films, though still scared, they had started to come into the arms of the evil, the adult world they must step into. Breaking out of the solid world, experiencing and awaking to the evil, this is what one has to go through to become a man. “In the scene where I had to shed tears, I cried for real. First of all, if they play songs at the set it’ll create a mood. I’m quite sensitive to images or sounds so I was able to cry easily when filming.” - Jungkook “It’s hard to explain what images I thought of. I just listened to my solo song “Lie” and left it to my body. It would be more difficult to portray it if I think too much.” - Jimin “It was an extension of my character in ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ so I didn’t have any difficulty portraying it. Besides I was with a cute obedient puppy so I had a great time filming.” - V “The scene where I threw the rock and broke the window was hard to be re-shoot. I entered the set with tension after practicing several times, and luckily I nailed it in one go.” - Suga “The telephone booth was set to not open but it strangely did and fell so I almost destroyed it. I wasn’t supposed to rip apart the chains as well but I did. It was left with a lot of regrets but I think I did my best.” - Rap Monster “Since I was young, I was already familiar with a form of musical performance called ‘Dance-cal’. So I had no pressure about filming the short film alone, I focused and acted for the video to come out in the best quality.” - J-hope “I talked with the director on the set and adjusted the character. I was in a position where I was the only one left and watching over the others, so I tried to portray the sadness and loneliness.” - Jin.

In 2013, Rap Monster’s voice filled the debut trailer signaling the start of 'school trilogy’. In 2015, the star of <Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa PT.2> trailer was Suga, who shouted fiercely “whatever thorny path it is, run” like in <Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa PT.1>. And in 2016, there was no doubt that J-hope will be the guide, the gatekeeper to the world of <WINGS>. Producer Bang Shihyuk said, “j-hope is an unique member in the group. He’s the best at dancing and able to pull off rapping as well. I think if he can express his self-composed song through dancing well, he couldn’t be cooler beyond that.” True to his words, J-hope has prepared with his blood, sweat and tears for one year, and played an excellent role of being the portal to the new path of BTS. Through a choreographer designated by himself, he perfected the performance fusing old school style and krump with a hint of modern dance. The trailer of <WINGS>, “Boy Meets Evil”, is the invitation ticket sent from BTS. J-hope is the guide to the new world. Between the short films and music video, the trailer served as the guide to enter the world of <WINGS> solely through dance without any further explanation. In less than 3 minutes, J-hope accomplished it with his performance. He was in pain, but he danced like he couldn’t stop. In the midst of the void with nothing but dust, J-hope dances as the crimson smoke rises and the floor cracks as if foreshadowing the entry to a strange new world. He sways between the glamorous world of temptation scattered with colorful paints and his ego. As if he can’t control his desire, as if he’s calling for redemption, his movement turns the void into a place overlaid with colors and put on a sensual vibe. Like the saying in <Demian>, “The evil held me in his clutches, the enemy was behind me”, J-hope portrayed the anxiety of the youth through a thrilling dynamic performance. Just like the lyrics written by J-hope, “Too Bad It’s Too Sweet.” this trailer is another test of the temptation, in which viewers can’t keep their eyes until the end. As J-hope said, “This love is another name for the evil” (“Boy Meets Evil”), you can’t help but be drawn into <WINGS> as if being possessed. “This trailer was the chance that won’t come to me a second time. If I mess this up because I don’t practice enough, I would regret for the rest of my life, so I bit the bullet. I hate living with regrets.” - J-hope “When I first received the theme ‘Boy Meets Evil’, I thought of my past and was extremely immersed in it. That’s why I could write the song with a sincere attitude and danced as well.” - J-hope.

From 'school trilogy’ to 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series, BTS’ concept photos always conveyed their stories and characters visually. With 'school trilogy’, they dressed up in rumpled uniform look, while in 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series, they appeared in Mod style outfits, which were popular in England during the 60s. It explained the image and growth of BTS - the rebellious boys, the wandering youth - through a visual aspect. But the process of visualizing the theme of <WINGS>, of becoming adults and dealing with temptation on the way, can be a little more complicated. Like Producer Bang Shihyuk said, as the direction of <WINGS> was inspired by <Demian>, the topic of consensus between good and evil, temptation and ego, is an abstract conception. Excluding explanation and expressing clearly what the new concept means to say in a few photos without straying too far away from the stories BTS has told so far is undoubtedly difficult. Hence, <WINGS> concept photos were more abstract than before. Jimin looks at the camera with apples scattered around, Jungkook lies down on heaps of feathers, Rap Monster sits in front of layers of mirrors. The mirrors cast Rap Monster’s reflection in many directions. This intensifies the abstract and multivalent images shown in the short films. In the short films, Jimin bit the apple with an ambiguous expression, a pair of wings formed from feathers soared from Jungkook’s shoulders. and like the title “reflection”, Rap Monster was perplexed by his reflection in the mirrors. Starting from the <Demian> hint, the story of <WINGS> was slowly unraveled from individual short films, the trailer to concept photos for that reason. The detailed motive of <WINGS> was embedded in the short films, and each individual symbol, imprinted on the viewers’ minds through the short films, was once again fused into the concept photos. To make this storytelling possible, the details of the sets were invested in 5 times more than normal photoshoot sets. The process of visualizing 'temptation’ and adding in erotic elements was especially needed in order to portray an abstract world like <WINGS>. The face expressions and poses of BTS members looked weary but mysterious at the same time, while their outfits used glam look, the recent trending pajama look and bare look with partial exposure to maximize the sexy and glamorous image. Able to add the eroticism without going too explicitly, bare look and glam look were the most suitable option to represent the concept of <WINGS>. “Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben, um einen tanzenden Stern gebären zu können.” This phrase was written in V’s concept photos. It means “you must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star”, a quote from <Thus Spoke Zarathustra> by Friedrich Nietzsche. What the props, the outfits and even the quote never forget to speak up for a moment, is the concept of <WINGS> itself.

BTS tends to be recognized as a boyband with a global fandom rather than a K-pop band. The first testing of this was “Fire”, an electro trap song. The experiment Producer Bang Shihyuk did with “Fire” proved to be a success. True to its title, “Fire” lighted the fans all over the world on fire, and BTS’ strategy of making the winning move with the kind of music that is currently trending in the world, not just in Korea only, wasn’t wrong. Korean idol groups’ music has started to create a sensation in the West as well. The game’s rules have changed. With “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, they took another step forward. It doesn’t follow the grammar and the genre of idols’ pop songs where being catchy and easy to sing along is typical. Using moombahton - a globally rising genre - as the base, the melody started with “Blood, Sweat & Tears” from the beginning intuitively suggests the theme of temptation and lets the dark and subverse energy seep through. This formation that presents a foreign vibe from the start leading to the climax was new but astonishing at the same time. Foreign, and sensual. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” music video was foreign and obscure to viewers than ever and full of abstract images for that reason. From 6 months before the release, Producer Bang Shihyuk and music video director Lumpens had researched about mise-en-scène, and had come to a decision to distribute the information so it wouldn’t stay fixed in “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, unlike the dramatized music videos with stories in 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ stories. Through the change of verticle or horizontal composition, each scene was born as a different painting, and the music video becomes a kind of gallery with multiple objets d'art. Meanwhile, the choreography acts as another splendid mise-en-scène. With Suga covering Jimin’s eyes as the first movement of the performance, the music video for “Blood, Sweat & Tears” officially started. In addition, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” contains the story and symbols based on <Demian>. The <WINGS> album - including “Blood, Sweat & Tears” - conceptualized the growth of BTS before moving onto the next phase with the help from classics and mythology. The story of having to go through agony in order to grow up, rather than describing the specific situation, created the vibe they want to show and explained the conception of temptation, decadence and growth. While Jin was gazing at “The Fall of the Rebel Angels”, playing in the background was a music piece by Bach, seeking forgiveness from God, but the BTS of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” said there’s no such thing as God, that our fate has been decided like this since long ago. From the youth portrayed by the green candy, green smoke, monotonous colors, they went out into a more complicated, more glamorous and chaotic world. Like how Rap Monster gave the melted candle wax to Jungkook, like how Suga took Jimin’s hands and led him somewhere outside, the ones who have grown up first in the 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series urged the kids who haven’t awaken from the dream to wake up. Like that, the story of BTS and <WINGS> was completed.

“The boy moves forward.” At the ending of the concert at Gocheok Sky Dome, Mokdong, Seoul, the concert that wrapped up the promotion of <WINGS> and <WINGS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE> as well as began <BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: THE WINGS TOUR>, on the big screen covering the entire stage, were videos and text showing the past of BTS. Starting with “How many roads must a boy walk before he can become a man,” to “A boy with seven hearts” and “What is the boy looking for with closed eyes,” it ended with “The boy moves forward.” The journey of seven boys who walk on the path that not even they themselves can know, and move forward. From 'school trilogy’ to 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ and <WINGS>, BTS built their own story inside their albums. The boys who worried about their dreams at school, who experienced their first love at school, met the temptation awaiting them on the path of adulthood in <WINGS>. BTS in reality moved forward as well. The group that held their debut showcase at a small venue now sold out a 2-day dome concert in just 4 years. They also improved musically, with each of the members making a solo song in <WINGS>, and got their name on the main charts of Billboard and iTunes. Whether in the story of 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ or in reality, BTS faced many difficulties and worries, yet they became one and came this far. The huge venue, the fans who filled up that venue. And the seven boys who show the path they walked on. This concert wasn’t just a mere concert, it was also the first stop on that path of theirs. The VCRs organized the stories BTS included in previous albums and unfolded the stories between 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series and <WINGS>, completing the stories of BTS in the albums as a whole. Meanwhile on stage, BTS’ songs which each carry an individual concept were merged and separated. Their title songs from “No More Dream” to “Run” were connected into one performance, on the other hand, the solo songs of each member in <WINGS> took an important place as the center of the concert. Each of the individual performances were carried out in different methods depending on what they want to deliver, like J-hope’s “MAMA” which turns into a large-scale performance towards the latter half of the song, or Suga’s “First Love” that was like his own monologue. On top of that, the VCRs also portrayed each member with symbolic images. This concert didn’t just merely show the well-loved songs by BTS on stage, it was the annotation and the finish of the stories in the previous 9 albums of BTS. If <WINGS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE> is the story taking place somewhere between 'Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ and <WINGS> which wasn’t revealed in <WINGS>, the concert VCRs offer a deeper look into the story of the members in <WINGS>. <WINGS> didn’t expand the world of BTS through just the story only. The theme of <WINGS> - the growth of the boys who met the evil - was portrayed not only through the songs and music video, but also the individual short films and performances with every single movement carries a meaning. <BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: THE WINGS TOUR> also showed the story of <WINGS> on a large-scale stage. The world of BTS is no longer just depicted through music videos or images only, it’s now depicted through a big concert stage. The advance of the boys has become the expansion of their world. Starting the concert was “Not Today” from <WINGS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE>, and the ending act was the title song “Spring Day” of the same album. In “Not Today” music video, they remained unmoved despite being shot. We’re bulletproof. It’s what BTS is. The idols who show powerful performances. The group that called themselves “bulletproof” in their debut album has now become a group that sings about consolation and hope in spring days after 9 albums. A group that says “I miss you” to those they can’t meet and hopes for the spring day to come someday. As much as the songs have changed, BTS changed and grew up too. The idol group that sang “No More Dream” went through “I NEED YOU” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and reached “Spring Day”. But as they grow, BTS still maintains the 'bulletproof’ side of them like in “Not Today”. They have come a long way from “No More Dream”, but they still remain idols and boys. Starting with “Not Today” and ending with “Spring Day”, the concert showed the changing history of BTS as well as their unchanged identity. Compared to debut days, the scale of the venues has grown unbelievably large. They now perform in not only Korea but also Asia and the West. Despite that, they are still the BTS that block out bullets for someone else. Their rehearsals now take several days like the real concert, but they still work themselves into a sweat just like the time at the small venue. The concert venue filled with so many fans. The proof to what BTS has done so far is that they can tell those who couldn’t be with them, tell their peers that “I miss you”. Like the phrases in the concert, they 'shut the sky of youth away in broken drawers’, 'search for a sea nowhere to be seen’, 'in a world of swaying temptation’, 'always alone in the moment of decision’, but still, they moved forward ceaselessly. Like the man in the myth that wished to fly eternally, the journey of BTS is going out looking for a bigger world, bigger ideals and at the same time, sharing the worries with the youth of their generation, finding the answer and realizing about themselves. And after so many stories, <BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: THE WINGS TOUR> announced the end and the beginning of the story. The boy moved forward. And he shall continue to move forward, along the path called the never-ending question of the youth.

Short Films [ ]


Like a nightmare, Suga’s portrait and easel go up in flames. A flock of birds flying casts shadow upon the blazing scene. The drawing in his hands turns into Demian’s drawing of bird. A big pair of wings rises from Jungkook’s silhouette.

“Tell me the way, stop me, let me breath.” Jimin eats an apple in the all-gray room. His innocent expression spreads into a wicked smile.

V continues to scratch the table legs even in the middle of interrogation. He runs in the dark, gets hit by something invisible and falls down. Moving onto the single room scene.

Continuous whistle, intense light and the sound effect of an accident. Bloodstain and tire tracks left in the road Suga is standing on.

The telephone continues to ring, the booth is locked in chains. Rap Monster tries to open the door in agony. The telephone stops ringing and he sinks down. The word ‘Liar’ is carved on the floor.

J-hope takes a pill and the isolation unit changes like a hallucination. The image of Eva appears.

A shape akin to flame shows up in Jin’s pupils. He lies on the bed and the room is distorted. The curtains flap and the bird flies outside the window.

Scene by Scene [ ]

Jin (Scene 1)

Reflections [ ]

  • Reflection #1
  • Reflection #2
  • Reflection #3
  • Reflection #4
  • Reflection #5
  • Reflection #6

How many roads must a boy walk before he can become a man? School and home, alleys and the sea Shutting the sky of youth away in broken drawers At the dead end of the road is the entrance to the maze. Smeared blood on the palm, like a stigma. This pain riding up shoulder blades Is the dream of soaring wings. In search of a sea nowhere to be seen The boy walks.

The boy with seven hearts. Seven beats and one move forward Upturned view and one is seven. To run is to fall without doubt. And to turn away is to meet the cliff. In a world of swaying temptation What is the boy looking for with closed eyes?

Open the curtains and smash the mirror There will lie a road in the fragments. Outside is inside, inside is outside. An entangled world. The crossroad of everything. The two worlds, back to back, Relentlessly merge into one.

Now the boy is seven on that road. Seven but one. Seven boys with one heart. One boy with seven hearts. One andseven, the reflection of each other.

How many roads must a boy walk before he can become a man? Roads are another name for the world. Day and night, crossroads and tunnels. The roads take endless forksAnd always alone in the moment of decision. In meeting and separation, there is nothing new. If he turns around that corner, can he meet a day of his crimson youth? (If he turns around that corner, will the crimson flowers of youth still be in full bloom?) Where is this dream leading to? Fear is another name for hope. Tears are another name for smile. The boy smiles. He can smile because they are together.

The boy moves forward. The boy grows up.

  • ↑ The short films are flashbacks from the School Trilogy and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Trilogy.
  • ↑ The texts about the chapters, Short Films, Scene by Scene and Reflections, both are available at this link: https://ktaebwi.tumblr.com/post/162921025417 .

References [ ]

  • ↑ 1584-bts-wings-concept-book-eng-%E2%9D%9D-the-beginning-%E2%9D%9E#:~:text=Official%20BTS%20WINGS%20Concept%20Photobook,were%20taken%20during%20v...
  • ↑ https://ktaebwi.tumblr.com/post/162921025417
  • ↑ https://behind-the-screen-of-bangtan.tumblr.com/post/168192342070/about-the-concept-book#:~:text=To%20complete%20the%20concept%20of,main%20text%20in%20English%20here.

Gallery [ ]

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