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A trip to London essay

A trip to London essay 13 models

Last updated Saturday , 16-03-2024 on 10:42 am

A trip to London essay , contains all the information you want to know if you want to go on a trip to London and know the tourist places and how to reach it ; we will offer you a trip to London essay contains all the important information you are looking for to help you on your trip to London.

A trip to London essay

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the most popular tourist destinations from all over the world every year. Here you will find a trip to London essay that contains all the information you need about this wonderful and picturesque city.

London is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world because of the famous tourist attractions that attract many tourists.

The average number of visitors per year is about 19.1 million visitors according to the statistics of 2017, making it one of the most visited cities in the world, The UK and its largest city, located on the banks of the Thames in the south of Britain, is also known as the Fog City and has a long history dating back to the Roman era.

Tourism in London;  

Top landmarks in London ;

Big Ben , Westminster, is one of the most famous sights in the city and, rather, in all of Britain. It is located opposite the Parliament and Big Ben marks the heaviest five bells of 13.5 tons in the famous clock tower of Westminster Palace.

Al Shard Tower Bridge , a skyscraper located in the Southwark area of ​​London, was the tallest building in Europe until October 2012 and is 310 meters long and is currently the highest building in the European Union.

The Tate Madern Museum , located near the Thames, is a magnificent cathedral that imitates modern architecture and was formerly a power station. Many contemporary artists such as Rachel Frieda, Martin Kiebenberger, Mark Rothko and Kandinsky worked to create it in its current contemporary form.

Borough Market,  you will experience a great experience while shopping in these markets where you will discover British culture through its markets, popular cuisine, and delicious dishes along the Thames through various food stalls.

The famous London Eye , a large wheel that you can ride in its vehicles to see the entire city of London and enjoy the magnificent view from the top of the city, is 135 meters long, located in the gardens of Jubilee on the south bank of the River Thames.

Tips for visiting London:

Do not use the subway to take you inside the city unless necessary because you will miss seeing many of the sights and places you might be interested in.

It is better to walk to sightseeing in London or to travel by bus, it is less expensive and you can get to know the city better.

Divide the days of your visit to the places you want to see in the city.

It is not advisable to visit all the attractions on the same day and spend the rest of your vacation in the hotel or not know what to, do plans every day and how you will spend in this wonderful city.

Avoid staying at a hotel far from the city center because it is cheaper; because you will spend the same amount if  not more on the back and forth transportation.

It is better to book in advance through the Internet, it is cheaper to avoid long queues behind tourists to book your place in hotels, the zoo or museums.

Why I Want to Visit London Essay

I would like to visit London with great hope because it is a cosmopolitan city. It is considered an important tourist destination because it contains hundreds of attractions.

But of course, I am not interested in everything, but in one thing in particular, which is the British Museum. I would like to be a tour guide when I grow up. It is my ambition to work in this museum.

I will not find a more suitable museum than the British Museum, as it is one of the richest museums in the world. It contains a culture that dates back to two million years ago.

We find that this museum includes 10 different sections, whether for antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

In addition to a large library that includes a very large collection of archaeological books that contain information about many tribes and antiquities that are not present in the museum. What makes it a destination for every lover to learn ancient and modern history.

Trip to London essay

It is good that I was able to go on a trip to London before the whole world was infected with Corona disease. It was good that my family and I made a trip a few years ago and were able to visit London. And this was because I wanted to go there and see all the sights of the city.

I think that the best way to understand the essence of a city is to visit it and discover it for myself. London was the focus of my attention because of its many mentions in school books or the external environment for me. So I loved going there. So I asked my father, when the time was right, that I would go and wander and discover it. This is what happened.

I can remember a lot of details like staying at a hotel (Doubletree by Hilton London). It’s on Bibs Street. I liked the location of the hotel very much because it is located near the Holborn tube and Russell Square, which enables you to reach all the tourist areas in London and also easily return to Heathrow Airport.

The location of the hotel helped us a lot in going and coming back to all areas. Including Regent Street, Soho, Oxford Street, Hyde Park.

We were also able to reach the British Museum easily through the metro station. It is an easy and fast means of transportation for us. I liked it very much.  It is great to travel to many places with one means of transport, it makes you feel that everything is connected to each other.

We were also able to visit a lot of wonderful restaurants and famous markets and wander around them and see the nature of the area and the various means of living.

So it was a great experience for me and I was able to benefit a lot from it and learn a lot about London as I wanted to know.

When I think about taking a trip to London, my thoughts crowd which places to start visiting, and this is due to London enjoying all the elements of tourism, where historical tourism, cultural and artistic tourism, in addition to scenic landscapes, gardens, parks, and high-end shopping places, and I decided to start my journey with a visit Tower Bridge, which connects the two banks of the River Thames, was opened by King Edward VII and his wife on June 30, 1894, and it is one of the important landmarks in the city of London, and it allows crossing the River Thames, taking into account not to affect the expansion of the transport movement

My trip to London essay

I will tell you about my special trip to London. Last year my dad told me let’s go abroad for summer vacation. We chose London because we had never been to it before

When we arrived we went to the hotel and entered to put the luggage and rest from the travel. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and therefore its largest city. People know it as the city of fog, and this is because of the presence of thick fog surrounding it.

Because of the fog, the sun does not appear easily. It is located on the River Thames, which gives it an enchanting beauty. It includes a huge number of libraries and huge museums, such as the British Museum.

We went on a wonderful tour around the city, where we visited museums and churches. And we saw the magnificent palaces such as St. James Palace and Buckingham Palace.

I want to visit London essay

I love to travel a lot and have gone on trips either with school or with my family to different countries. This year, I studied in the history class about the landmarks of London.

I visited London before, I enjoyed a lot of the breathtaking views of London and the ancient architecture that is found in different areas of it.

So I would very much like to visit London soon and walk around for a few days to fully explore it. I also like to listen to the dialect spoken by the townspeople. I like that very much from some of the actors I follow.

I am trying to prepare myself for the next year and save some money so that I can fulfill my dream of visiting London. I really hope I can achieve this next year and gather some interesting information about it and discover it fully.

Essay about a place i would like to visit London

I would love to visit London one day. I’ve read a lot about London’s tourist attractions, but what attracted me the most was Oxford Street. I would very much like to visit this street and discover the experience of wandering and seeing the interesting sights in it. I find that very exciting and interesting.

Oxford Street contains more than 300 shops, and the most distinctive thing in these shops is the shops that launch the latest fashion for clothes, or the John Lewis group of stores, which are interested in providing the latest modern exhibits at the beginning of the season which they have only before everyone else.

I would very much like to visit it next Eid and buy some gifts for the parents. I wish that would happen.

I would like to visit London essay

Undoubtedly, there are many people who would like to visit London and I am among these people. I find it wonderful to visit London and get to know their famous landmarks .

London is famous for its many strange cultural movements and phenomena, as it is one of the important centers of influence in the United States, which has a population of 8,278,251  according to the latest study of 2018.

London is known for its uniqueness in art, education, commerce, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, professional services, tourism, transportation, and transportation. Which makes London an important and fruitful destination for anyone who wants to expand his horizons, acquires many skills and develops in many aspects.

Therefore, I would very much like to visit London and learn some skills that may benefit me in the future, such as designing costumes or working in theater or television. That would be very cool.

London sightseeing essay

Everyone can visit London for tourism. But one thing is for sure in London, it is not easily accessible to tourists. It is not possible to see all the attractions of London in just a week or ten days, but it takes much more than that. London contains many important and unique attractions, which need days to cover before moving on to other landmarks.

Including Westminster Palace, you can’t stop in front of the palace and say I saw it, let’s continue the road, there are many details and information, such as that it is also called the Houses of Parliament. It is a Victorian Gothic building. It includes the two houses that make up the British Parliament.

This palace was the royal residence in London, and was burned down in 1834. A small part of the old palace has been saved.

There were several projects put forward with ideas for the construction of the new palace, winning the project of architects Charles Barry and Augustus Welby Pugin. In the year 1847. To be completed, the construction of 1,200 rooms, 11 courtyards. 3.5 km of trails.

While standing in front of the building, you can see the luxury, and the peaks and statues of kings are reflected in the river.

Such details and many more can not only be ignored, but every place fascinates and attracts you to learn more about it, such as, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, British Museum, National Gallery, St. James’ Park, Hyde Park, Tower of London, Imperial War Museum.

And many other archaeological and tourist attractions. Which makes this city in a state of constant activity and a lot of sightseeing tours here and there.

M trip to London short essay

There is always an unforgettable summer holiday, which is special and beloved to us that we will remember for many years, and perhaps it will remain engraved inside us for a lifetime.

What can I say, my family does not tend to travel a lot due to the constant and unstable working conditions. My father works hard to provide for the needs of the house, and my mother also works as a teacher in a school. Vacations never go together, and there is always a circumstance that requires my dad to return to work for it.

So it was amazing to book a flight to London this past summer vacation. Where my father took advantage of the opportunity to hire a new employee with him at work and took a vacation, and we all went on a short vacation for a week to London,

I was so surprised and excited to go, we boarded the plane after waiting 3 hours in the waiting room at the airport, I couldn’t believe I got on the plane and heard the sound of the engines.

I joked with my father and told him, “Dad, you can no longer cancel the trip, if someone asks for work, now officially we are going to London.”

We all laughed, and indeed we arrived in London and headed to the hotel. We changed our clothes and quickly embarrassed to walk around and see the streets, famous shops and shopping.

I liked a lot of products, and I saw many new fashion models of the year that have not been released yet in other markets.

It was amazing seeing  the famous London landmarks and wandering the gardens and bridges. It was a great trip and I am so glad I and my family were able to do it.

My visit to London essay

From my visit to London I learned a lot  about London and how it was in the ancient centuries and how London is now. I was able to see a lot through museums and exhibitions that display the ancient history of London, and I was able to learn from it the following.

The lands of London witnessed many wars, both from the Romans and others. The Roman occupation continued until the fifth century, followed by the continuous Viking attacks and wars, which continued until the year 886.

The city of Wessex was founded by King Alfred the Great, and witnessed a great prosperity in the economy and politics, despite that there were many conflicts with the Danes, until London was founded and the formation of the true picture of it, from economic and political orientations.

It sought to expand in the regions and establish many neighborhoods and regions to be contemporary with the bright, powerful and great London.

Essay about trip to London

Undoubtedly, I enjoyed a lot when I went on a trip to London a few years ago, before the spread of the Corona epidemic and the closure of travel, air and sea flights.

As soon as you board the plane and take off, you feel fear, happiness and great enthusiasm, waiting to reach the city you are heading to.

As soon as we arrive in London and reach The Ambersand Hotel and see the wonderful exterior design of it in gray and white with many windows overlooking the front, you feel that it is a palace and not a hotel.

After sitting a little and changing our clothes, we headed to the center of London and sat down to have tea and breakfast with my family, it was a very nice and elegant place.

After that we went for a little walk in Kensington Park, and I found the silence and quiet very wonderful in the morning, with seeing many famous monuments such as museums and many other amazing things .

In the following days, we went shopping and went to many museums and famous areas such as the London Eye, and we also went to see the London studio, and we were able to see a lot of scenes depicting, and some great actors.

It was a great experience and a beautiful trip. I was very pleased with my visit to London and I hope to return soon.

My First Visit to London Essay

The best day of my life was when I went on a trip to London for the first time with my friends. We had just graduated from high school and were about to start college. We were all so excited to be starting a new chapter in our lives and to see one of the most famous cities in the world.

We arrived in London on a Friday morning and checked into our hotel. We were all exhausted from the long flight, but we were also eager to explore the city. We decided to start with a walk around Buckingham Palace. We were amazed by the size of the palace and the beauty of the gardens.

After that, we went to see the Houses of Parliament. We listened to a tour guide explain the history of the building and the British government. We were also able to see Big Ben, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in London.

In the afternoon, we went to the Tower of London. We saw the Crown Jewels, which are some of the most valuable jewels in the world. We also learned about the history of the Tower, which was once used as a prison and a place of execution.

In the evening, we went to see a show in the West End. We saw a musical about the life of Queen Victoria. It was a spectacular show with amazing music and dancing.

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring other parts of London, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery, and Oxford Street. We had so much fun together and we made memories that we will cherish forever.

This trip was so special to me because it was a celebration of my success and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It was also a chance to spend time with my friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.

I will never forget the day I went to London. It was the best day of my life.

In this way, we have provided you with a trip to London essay, and you can read more topics through the following link :

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essay about london england

What to Include into a Descriptive Essay about London

descriptive essay about london

You should probably start with the basic information about the city – the fact that it is a capital of Great Britain, its approximate population, geographical position and so on – however trivial it all may seem to be, your descriptive essay should be complete, so don’t omit any facts just because you think they are not all that interesting.

Then you should probably mention some landmarks of the city’s history – in fact, a descriptive essay doesn’t necessarily presuppose reciting the place’s past, but in case of London it would be really hard to describe it in its modern condition without paying due attention to what made it the way it is now. You’d want to mention that it dates back almost two thousand years and was founded as Londinium during the Roman rule. Other notable episodes of the city’s history are also worth mentioning, for example, the Great Fire and the Great Plague. However, don’t focus on them too much – after all, your main interest lies with the city in its modern state.

There is, however, a lot to be said about it as well. You will gain greater success if you specialize a little bit, because it is really hard to encompass all the factors in one little essay. For example, you may pay special attention to the ethnic composition of current London population and the size of different religious and cultural groups present there. Or you may follow a well-trodden path and elaborate upon famous historical buildings and places of interest, such as the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and others.

In addition, it is useful to keep in mind that it would be a futile attempt to cram all the information you have on London into one essay. It is hard even with simpler subjects, and in case of such a well-known and ancient city it would be utterly impossible.

Paper title: Descriptive Essay: “Visiting California”

Academic level: High school

Discipline: Geography

Paper Format: MLA

Paper title: Descriptive Essay: “Cultural Life and Traditions of Scotland”

Discipline: Culture

Paper Format: APA

Paper title: Descriptive Essay: “London”

Academic level: College (1-2)

Discipline: English -101

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Sightseeing in London and the rest of Britain The cost of attractions

Armchair Travel Find the answers to questions during your imaginary visit to London.

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London as a Place for a Tourist Vacation Essay

Introduction, works cited.

Saying that London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world is saying nothing about it. I have been going to this city since I was two years old and there were some years when I visited it four or five times a year; despite this, I will never stop getting amazed by it every time I get there. London is the best place for me and my Kuwaiti friends to spend a vacation in because this city is full of sights and nice places to visit with its shops and department stores offering goods for any taste; apart from this, a vacation in London can help non-English speakers, such as the Kuwaitis, perfect and sophisticate their English.

To begin with, London offers its visitors a number of sights the beauty of which is sometimes impossible to describe. Its parks are absolutely amazing; they are so diversified that one visit to London will not suffice if a person wants to see at least a part of them. London has a number of parks which are absolutely amazing. I can state for sure that none of other cities in the world has so much green and open space. There is at least one park in every part of London; at this, it does not matter “if it’s just a small pool with surrounding trees or a park like the magnificent and slightly wild in appearance Richmond Park” (“London Parks”).

The most prominent, perhaps, is Hyde Park which all the visitors go to play tribute to Princess Diana. The park is 360 acres in size and one can rent a boat to paddle in the lake there. There are also St. James’ Park, Primrose Hill Park, Alexandra Park, Regents Park, Syon Park, and an incalculable number of other parks. Theme and adventure parks are also numerous. A visit to any of them will become the greatest fun day a person could ever have.

Madame Tussauds and the London Dungeon are the most famous adventure parks in London, though the others are no less great. It is impossible to leave London without visiting Westminster Abbey, seeing Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and having dinner in Covent Garden (Porter’s English Restaurant would be the best choice) (Moore and Porter 243).

London’s ancient buildings strike the visitors with their mysteriousness and one cannot stop wondering what hides between those old walls and columns created by famous architects and visited by no less famous people. So, visiting London is the best way to spend a vacation because after leaving the hotel one gets into a real fairy-tale where the sights whizz by and the memories about them remain in the mind forever.

Moreover, London is known as a city of shopping this is why doing shopping there is one of the duties each of the visitors is expected to fulfill. Shopping becomes a special entertainment in case the weather is not suitable for sightseeing. I for one adore London weather, though most of the visitors find it rather gloomy. I adore London for its rains for they are a rare occurrence in Kuwait where the weather is sunny hot.

Shopping is the best way to have fun during rainy days in London. The main shopping areas “center around Oxford Street and Regent Street, while Knightsbridge is home to stores stocking even more upmarket goods” (“London Shopping”). Major international and British brands can be found at these shops, but the visitors who look for specialist items will find them in Covent Garden. New Bond Street is for those who search for exclusive shops, while Hatton Garden is the best place to buy jewelry and watches.

Those who are interested in music, especially in rare cuts, will feel like in a dream in Soho where a great number of independent music shops offer the music items of all the possible genres. Therefore, the rainy weather of London is perfect for those who cannot imagine their lives without shopping and who are interested in goods which cannot be found anywhere but in London.

Finally, London is a great place to visit for Kuwaitis in particular because they can meet their nationals there and perfect their English speaking skills. Most of the Kuwaitis speak English well enough, but being in the natural environment will make their English absolutely great. British English is nothing like American English; it is like a song where all the words acquire special meanings. London natives sound so beautiful that all the visitors, regardless of their native language, get British accent because it is impossible not to wish resembling this mysterious language. London is full of people of different nationalities; the Kuwaitis are also numerous there this is why my friends will find London even more attractive and friendly.

Though the population of London is extremely diverse, most of people speak namely English there. This is the best place to improve spoken English because nothing except the communication with a native speaker can make your language richer. The communicative skills get improved after spending several days in London and the excitement, which speaking to the natives (who are, by the way, unbelievably sociable and polite) brings, stays with the visitors for a long time.

What is even more important is that learning English in such a way is entertaining rather than difficult or boring like some of the classes may be. Natural environment allows imitating not only language, accent, and even slang of the native people, but even some of their gestures and facial expressions. This makes the process of learning entertaining and favors the acquisition of knowledge. Thus, a vacation in London is especially useful for the Kuwaitis because English speaking environment can help them make their English even better.

In conclusion, London is indeed the best place for a vacation, especially for people whose native language is not English, such as the Kuwaitis. Ordinary, theme, and amusement parks of London will bring joy to all the visitors; they strike with their beauty and variety offering a number of ways to have fun. Shopping in London will satisfy the needs of even the most exigent shoppers. London shops and department stores not only ensure the visitors with an access to a wide range of goods, but open their doors for the buyers who look for something exclusive and provocatively expensive.

Lastly, a visit to London is extremely useful for the non-English speakers who can improve their English speaking skills, perfect their English, and adopt the beautiful accent of the true English language. I really doubt that there is at least one person who will find a vacation in London boring because it is the best place to have fun and to learn simultaneously.

Moore, Jennifer and Porter, Darwin. Frommer’s Europe. New York: John Willey and Sons, 2006.

“London Shopping.” London Guide. 2008. Talking Cities. Web.

“London Parks.” Life in London. 2009. London for Fun. Web.

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  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, October 30). London as a Place for a Tourist Vacation. https://ivypanda.com/essays/london-as-a-place-for-a-tourist-vacation/

"London as a Place for a Tourist Vacation." IvyPanda , 30 Oct. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/london-as-a-place-for-a-tourist-vacation/.

IvyPanda . (2023) 'London as a Place for a Tourist Vacation'. 30 October.

IvyPanda . 2023. "London as a Place for a Tourist Vacation." October 30, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/london-as-a-place-for-a-tourist-vacation/.

1. IvyPanda . "London as a Place for a Tourist Vacation." October 30, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/london-as-a-place-for-a-tourist-vacation/.


IvyPanda . "London as a Place for a Tourist Vacation." October 30, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/london-as-a-place-for-a-tourist-vacation/.

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Internet Geography

The Growth of London

Shoreditch Case Study

How has London’s Population Changed?

The population of Greater London is higher now than it has ever been at 8,77,9800.

London’s population has been growing for most of the last two hundred years. In 1801, with just over a million inhabitants, it was the largest city in the world. The city grew rapidly during the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century due to migration, mainly from other parts of the UK.

London’s population reached its previous peak at the start of the Second World War. The city was badly bombed during the war, and its population fell after 1941. Numbers continued to decline after the war as housing was demolished and people moved out. During the twentieth century, many cities in other countries grew bigger than London.

London’s population has been increasing since 1991. It will likely continue growing and become a mega city by 2030 when the population reaches 10 million.

How old is London’s Population?

The population pyramid below shows the age-sex structure for England for comparison with London.

London’s population is much larger than any other UK city. It also has a younger population. This helps explain why its population is growing.

Young people, especially in their 20s and 30s, move to London for work. They are attracted by employment opportunities, higher pay and the perception of a better social life.

Young people, especially in the 20-30 age group, are more likely to have children. That leads to a high rate of natural population increase.

Migrants from around the world add to London’s population. As people arrive, others leave. The balance between the two groups is net migration.

Although net migration into London is quite low, most immigrants are quite young while most leaving are older. This reduces the population’s average age and leads to a great natural increase.

Which ethnic groups make up London’s population?

London is the most diverse city in the UK. Less than half of London’s population is of white British origin.

Migration into London is a significant phenomenon that has shaped the city’s cultural, economic, and demographic landscape . Over the years, London has been a magnet for migrants from various parts of the world, resulting in a diverse and cosmopolitan population. London’s migration history can be traced back centuries, with waves of migrants arriving from different regions. People have migrated to London since Roman times. Saxons and Normans also settled in London. In the post-World War II era, London experienced significant immigration from former British colonies and Commonwealth countries, such as India, Pakistan, the Caribbean, and Africa. This period marked a crucial shift in the city’s demographics, contributing to the growth of multicultural communities and the development of vibrant cultural enclaves. More recently, European Union ( EU ) expansion and globalisation have significantly shaped London’s migration patterns. The expansion of the EU in the 2000s led to an influx of migrants from Eastern European countries, particularly Poland and Romania. These migrants sought employment opportunities and contributed to London’s labour market, particularly in the construction, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

What have been the impacts of national and international migration on London?

Population Growth: Migration has been a significant driver of London’s population growth. Both national and international migrants have contributed to the city’s increasing population over the years. This population growth has influenced the demand for housing, services, and infrastructure, transforming the city’s physical landscape.

Cultural Diversity: London’s migrant population has brought an incredible diversity of cultures, languages, and traditions to the city. This has enriched London’s social fabric, creating a vibrant and multicultural environment. Different ethnic communities have established neighbourhoods, contributing to the diverse character of London.

Economic Contributions: Migrants have played a crucial role in London’s economy. They have filled gaps in the labour market, particularly in healthcare, hospitality, construction, and finance sectors. Migrants have brought valuable skills, knowledge, and entrepreneurship, leading to innovation and economic growth in the city.

Social Challenges: Migration has also posed social challenges for London. The rapid influx of migrants has put pressure on public services, including healthcare, education, and housing. Additionally, tensions can arise between different cultural groups, leading to social integration issues that must be addressed.

Urban Development : Migration has influenced urban development patterns in London. Migrants often settle in specific areas, forming ethnic enclaves or cultural hubs. This has led to the development of distinct neighbourhoods with their own characteristics and amenities. The growth of migrant populations has driven the regeneration of certain areas and influenced the city’s spatial distribution .

Transport and Infrastructure: Migration has impacted London’s transport and infrastructure networks. Increased population and economic activity have placed demands on transportation systems, necessitating expansions and improvements. Additionally, cultural diversity has influenced the demand for specific amenities and services, shaping the city’s infrastructure.

Political and Policy Implications: Migration has had political implications for London, leading to debates and discussions on immigration policies, integration, and social cohesion. The city’s authorities have implemented various policies to manage migration and promote community cohesion, recognising the importance of balanced and inclusive growth.

It’s important to note that these impacts are complex and multifaceted, with both positive and negative aspects. The growth and character of London have been shaped by the continuous influx of migrants, contributing to its cosmopolitan identity and making it one of the most diverse cities in the world.

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London x London

Posted on 23rd November 2023 Categories London History

By: Author Julianna Barnaby

64 Fun and Interesting Facts about London You’ll Absolutely Love

64 Fun and Interesting Facts about London You’ll Absolutely Love

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London has a long and interesting history – so perhaps it’s no surprise that it has given rise to a number of weird and wonderful tales over the years.

From forestry to fire, disaster to destitution, and one or two well-known facts that are actually red herrings. We’ve been dipping deep into the history books to find compelling, quirky, and, in some cases, scarcely believable trivia facts about our great city.

So, if you want to wow your London-based mates on a night out, what are you waiting for? It’s time to discover some fun, strange and interesting facts about London. 

Interesting Facts About London

London had a gin craze, and it was… crazy .

No, we’re not kidding you. If you think that Londoners are obsessed with gin now, try London in the 18th century. 

It’s a little-known fun fact about London that the city officially went through a period called the Gin Craze between 1720 and 1751.

During the peak of the craze, the average consumption of gin was 2 pints per week – for every person in the city – including children. 

The craze started when Parliament deregulated the distilling trade to deal with a surplus of corn – distillers flooded the market with cheap liquor and all hell broke loose. It finally ended when laws were passed to restrict the distilling and selling of gin.  

Paddington Contains Two Fake Houses Built to Hide a Tube Line – They Also Pop Up in Sherlock 

A Close Up Look at the Houses

The Fake Houses of Leinster Gardens might look like normal houses – you need to walk around to the back of them to reveal the truth – that they’re completely fake.

The two houses are only a metre or so deep – they were built to replace two houses that were knocked down when the Metropolitan Line was created. You might recognise them from Sherlock too as they were used as a filming location for the hit TV series. 

We Drive on the Left, Except at The Savoy

In a bizarre turn of events, the only road we don’t drive on the left in the UK is the small road leading from the Savoy to The Strand and back again. The road layout means it’s a much more efficient way to drive – we bet it didn’t hurt that it’s at The Savoy either. 

London is Actually a Forest

The Pergola Up Close

Standing in the middle of The City of London it feels difficult to believe but London has so many trees that it falls within the UN definition of a forest. In fact, London has its own official Forestry Conservator. 

A Bus Driver Had to Jump a 10 Ft Gap on Tower Bridge when it Opened with his Bus on it

Tower Bridge

Albert Gunter was driving a bus over Tower Bridge in 1952 when it started to rise – with the bus still on it. 

It all ended well thanks to some quick thinking on Gunter’s part. He put his foot down, sped the bus up and got it to clear a 10ft gap before landing on the other side. His reward? A measly day off from the grateful bosses at London Transport.

There are Some Rather Naughty Street Names and They Give You a Pretty Good Idea of What they were Used for 

Londoners have a reputation for being pretty blunt – in the past that extended to the naming of roads.

You can still find Cock Lane in Farringdon – it was the only street in London licensed for prostitution and housed more than its fair share of brothels. These days it plays host to a host of less salacious businesses.

But Some Were Deemed So Bad That Theya Had to be Changed

However, some of London’s dirtier street names have been lost as they were deemed too filthy for decent eyes and ears.

Over the years we’ve waved farewell to Pissing Alley, Shiteburn Lane and Gropecunt Lane. Can’t think why. 

Harrods Used to Sell a Welcome Present to Help Soldiers Shoot Up

The gift kit, sold by the prestigious department store in 1916 included morphine, coke and syringes, to be sent to the Western Front in the height of World War II.

With bullets and artillery shells flying around wantonly, we wonder how many of these ‘Shooting Up’ kits were gratefully received by recipients!

Norway Has Gifted a Christmas Tree to London for Trafalgar Square Every Year Since 1947

The tradition started as a way for Norway to thank the UK for its assistance during World War II. The tree is specially picked and shipped over to London where it sits proudly in the middle of Trafalgar Square during the Christmas period.

The Heart of the City is only 1 Square Mile 

Tip of Scalpel

You know how they refer to The City – the original heart of London – as the Square Mile?

Well, they’re really not joking. Although London is home to a population of over 8 million people and 3,236 square miles, the actual City of London is contained to an area of one square mile, making it the smallest city in England.

The Lord Mayor is Inducted into Power in Almost Total Silence 

Lord Mayors Show

The Lord Mayor is the senior representative of the square mile and makes lots of important decisions on behalf of London.

However, the ceremony in which the mayor is inducted into power is known as the Silent Ceremony because barely any words are used throughout. It’s followed the next day by the much more flamboyant (and noisier) Lord Mayor’s Show . 

London Still Has Sheriffs 

London’s tradition of having Sheriffs dates all the way back to the 7th century and it’s still going strong.

They’re not sheriffs in the way that you might think – protecting the city from evildoers in the style of a John Wayne Western – the Sheriffs have to carry out the instructions of the High Court of Justice and support the Lord Mayor. Their jurisdiction only extends across the City of London (Square Mile). 

During the Second World War, London Functioned as the Capital of Six Countries 

Governments displaced by the Nazi regime took up residence in London during the second world war – so the city was the seat of the governments of six countries at the same time.

That covered the governments in exile of France, Poland, Holland, Belgium and Norway and, of course, the home government of the United Kingdom. 

The City Has Not One but Six Major Orchestras 

We always tell people that London is cultured AF but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or perhaps that should be in the music.

London has six orchestras – The Royal Philharmonic, The London Philharmonic, The BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House and the London Symphony Orchestra. 

Banks in the City of London Used to Have to Be Located Within a 10-Minute Walk of the Bank of England 

This rule was only revoked as recently as 1980 but until that date, all banks operating in the City had to be within a 10-minute stroll of the Bank of England. This was so the Governor of the Bank of England could call an emergency meeting and have everyone in attendance within half an hour. 

There are Always at Least Six Ravens in the Tower of London 

Legend has it that the Tower of London will fall if there aren’t at least six ravens in residence at any given time. To make sure the ravens don’t fly away, the Ravenmaster clips one of their wings.

While this sounds pretty unpleasant, the ravens are not harmed, simply unbalanced and unable to fly.  And there we were, thinking that London was a progressive and forward-thinking city – lol. 

The Royal Family Has its Own Flag and it’s Flown Over Buckingham Palace When the Monarch is in Residence

How do you tell whether King Charles III is in residence when you go and see Buckingham Palace ?

The answer’s pretty simple actually – the Royal Standard (yellow with a red dragon on it) is flown over the palace when the Monarch is in residence. If you see the Union Jack fluttering it means the King isn’t at home. 

London Zoo Used to be a Pretty Unsavoury Place 

Zoos have come on leaps and bounds since their early days – perhaps none more so than London Zoo, such as in the early 18th century when it was housed in the Tower of London. In those days, you could exchange free entry in return for bringing a dog or cat to feed to the lions. 

People Used to go and Visit an Insane Asylum Just for the Lols 

London’s Bedlam Asylum used to be one of the city’s most visited attractions.

London’s 18th-century population used to head to the asylum to watch its inhabitants wreak havoc amongst themselves. 

Surprisingly, what was Bedlam still exists (much transformed) as Bethlem in Beckenham and is home to the touching Museum of the Mind . 

King’s Cross St Pancras is the Busiest Underground Station

We love a good stat, and in 2022, King’s Cross St Pancras was recorded to be the busiest station on London’s famed Underground network. 69.94 million people entered or exited the station’s Underground station, just over a million more than second-placed London Waterloo.

Previous winners of the crown have included Stratford (2022), Waterloo (2015 and 2016), and Oxford Circus (2014). 

Want to Test Your London Knowledge? Check out this brilliant London Quiz

More Than Half of the Underground Runs Overground 

In the early days of the underground, lines needed to be near the surface to allow steam trains to vent the built-up steam when they emerged into the open air.

Nowadays, only 45% of stations on the underground network are actually subterranean, with the remaining 55% very much above ground. The Met Line has the smallest proportion of stations underground, much to the delight of phone-hungry commuters!

The First Concepts for the Underground Were Pretty Bizarre

Before London decided to use good old trains, ideas for the underground included a series of underground rivers with commuter barges that would float between pre-designated stops.

Sounds a lot more peaceful than the Central Line during rush hour. 

6.5 Million People Take a London Bus Every Day 

That’s around half of the total daily bus journeys in the UK. 

Guy Fawkes’ Night Celebrates the Foiling of the Gunpowder Plot to Blow Up the Palace of Westminster

Fireworks Battersea Park

Bonfire night is celebrated all across the country – there are lots of brilliant displays in London (Brockwell Park is our favourite).

It didn’t end so well for Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot co-conspirators. After Guy Fawkes was discovered attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament, he was tortured before being hung, drawn and quartered. 

London’s Bus System Covers the Equivalent of 12,000 x The Circumference of the Earth Each Year 

London has a comprehensive bus system covering pretty much every part of the capital with more than 9,000 vehicles serving 675 routes and 19,000 bus stops – it’s also the basis for one of the more astonishing facts about the city.

Each year, the buses on London’s transport network drive over 300 million miles, which when you tot it up, is more than 12,000 times the earth’s circumference (approx. 25,000 miles). 

Londoners Love Pubs so Much, They Named Five Underground Stations After Them 

You know the situation – you pop out of a tube station and see a pub with the same name.

We used to assume that the station came first but there are five underground stations named after nearby pubs: The Angel, Royal Oak, Elephant & Castle, Manor House and Swiss Cottage. 

More People Live in London than in Austria 

London’s population in 2023 has exceeded the 9.5 million mark for the first time. This is more people than live in Austria. And Israel, Switzerland, Denmark, Bulgaria and many other countries.

Indeed, if London declared independence from the UK, it would be the 95th most populous nation on earth. No wonder rush hour is so packed!

Three Times As Many People Visit London Every Year As Live Here

That’s 30 million visitors from across the globe compared to the resident population of 9.6 million.

Now you know why you have to regularly share your public transport space with so many suitcases.

The Shard is the Tallest Building in London, Made of 11,000 Panels of Glass 

The Shard

It’s notoriously bright and warm if you work in the offices, or are staying in the hotel inside though. 

London is Home to the Only Surviving House of Benjamin Franklin

Considering his impact on US history as one of the founding fathers, it’s incredible that the only surviving home in the world for Benjamin Franklin still stands in London.

It can be found at 36 Craven Street, next to Charing Cross Station. 

Great Ormond Street Hospital Owns the Copyright to Peter Pan

After being asked to join a committee to buy a piece of land to extend Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in 1929, the author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie declined the offer.

Instead, he donated the copyrights to Peter Pan to the hospital, ensuring that the hospital has benefited from the royalties for all Peter Pan sales, licensing agreements, and sales have helped benefit the care of children across the capital ever since.

There are 32 Capsules on the London Eye

London Eye - Merlin

Big deal, you might think. However, this isn’t as random a fact as you might imagine. There are 32 capsules to represent the 32 boroughs of London. Each one is numbered from 1 to 33, with number 13 omitted for reasons of superstition.

London has Been the Largest City in the United Kingdom Since the 17th Century 

Views from Sky Garden

London had a population of ½ million inhabitants in the mid-17th century when it was the largest city in England.

It’s remained in that position ever since and is now the largest city in the United Kingdom (which only came into existence in the 18th century). 

London Is and Has Always Been Open for Immigration

Much as people whinge about London becoming too diverse and somehow less British (it’s amazing how much respect you can lose for people like John Cleese as soon as drivel like that comes out of their mouths), London has always attracted immigrants. 

Large-scale immigration in London started with the Huguenots in the 17th century and has been followed by waves of Irish, African, Chinese and people from many more countries over the centuries. 

Key takeaway? The idea that a few decades of immigration has somehow changed the fabric of a “truly British” London is a fabrication and a pretty laughable one. 

And Has the Diversity to Prove it 

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world – together its residents speak over 300 languages, made up of almost every known ethnic group on the planet. 

London Has Hosted the Olympics Three Times 

London is the only city in the world that has hosted the Olympics three times – in 1908, 1948 and most recently in 2012. The 1908 Olympics were also the longest in the history of the event – lasting a whopping 187 days. 

London University Was the First in Britain to Allow Women to Study

London has always taken a relatively progressive position on things – including allowing women to use their brains. In 1878, London University was the first in Britain to allow women to study and earn degrees

London’s Underground System is So Old it Used to Be Powered by Steam Trains 

London has the oldest underground system in the world (If you want a really fascinating day, go to one of the TFL Transport Museum Depot opening days – it’s a real eye opener). Did you know that when it first started in 1863 the trains were powered by steam?

It wasn’t until 1890 that electric trains were introduced. 

Looking for more quirky tales about London? Check out these cool Quotes about London

London Buses Weren’t Always Red

Green buses at the depot

Before the London General Omnibus Company decided to paint its buses with the striking shade of red they became so renowned for throughout history in 1907, buses were painted different colours depending on the route they travelled.

Ever since 1907, public bus services running within the centre of London had to be predominantly coloured red. 

Parts of London Have Been Inhabited Since 4000 BC 

It was a far cry from the city that we find today but there have been settlements and villages in the area of London since the New Stone Age.

The Romans Established Londinium in AD43 

Roman Ampitheater

The Romans conquered Britain under the Emperor Claudius and established Londinium – a trading settlement on the north bank of the Thames – in AD43. 

The Great Plague Killed More than 100,000 Victims in 1665

The 1660s were a dire time for London with the Plague and the Great Fire of London decimating both the population and the buildings of London. London was no stranger to the bubonic plague, but 1665 saw the plague reach its peak thanks to warm weather and poor sanitation.

Over 100,000 people died in London as a result in 1665 alone.

The Great Fire of London Devastated Four-Fifths of London in Four Days

Just as London was reeling from the catastrophic death toll of the Great Plague a few years before, it was hit by the Great Fire of London .

Famously started in Pudding Lane, The Great Fire raged for four days and four nights, destroying over 13,000 houses, 80 churches and making over 100,000 people homeless in the process. Despite this devastation, only six deaths were verified as a result of the fire.

London Was Bombed for 57 Successive Nights During the Blitz 

London was bombed every night for 57 consecutive nights from 7 Sep 1940 during The Blitz by the Luftwaffe. 

Over 30,000 Londoners Died as a Result of Bombing in the Second World War 

WWII took a heavy toll on London. More than 30,000 people died as a result of German bomb and rocket raids between 1940 and 1945, over 50,000 people were injured, while most of the City of London was destroyed. 

The Great Stink of London Gripped the City in 1858 

We’ve talked about the Great Fire and the Great Plague but the Great Stink? Surely we’re pulling your leg. Let us assure you, we are not.

London was always a smelly and unsanitary city but it got so bad in 1858, a.k.a during The Great Stink, that the city passed laws to stop the butchery of animals within the city and to stop people dumping sewage in the Thames. It was also the impetus for the city’s impressive sewage system . 

London’s Underground Stations Often Hide Grisly Pasts 

Take Aldgate Underground Station as an example – the station was built on what had previously been a mass grave for those who died from the plague. There are over 1,000 corpses buried underneath the station – rather horrid. 

Londoners Used to Riot about Anything and Everything 

These days it can feel like the city’s anger pulses underneath a veneer of British politeness but Londoners never used to shy away from a riot or two.

Never was this truer than in the 18th century when Londoners rioted about the Irish (1736), in defence of cheap booze (1743) and for political reform (1780).

The latter, the Gordon Riots, saw 50,000 storm the city in a five day rampage that led to 300 deaths. Once order had been restored, 25 people were hanged. 

Big Ben isn’t Called Big Ben

Big Ben, Westminster, London

Want a really fun fact about London? We’re betting that what you think of when you think of Big Ben isn’t actually Big Ben at all.

Most people refer to the tower and clock as Big Ben, when actually its name is Elizabeth Tower (previously known as St Stephen’s Tower ). Big Ben is the bell within the tower. Mind blown. 

Ever Wondered Why Black Cabs Don’t Have to Rely on Sat Nav? It’s Because they Have the Knowledge

Black cab drivers are worth their weight in gold.

They’ll navigate you home after a steaming night out on the town in the blink of an eye and without relying on unpredictable sat nav systems.

Rather than it being down to Jedi levels of innate London intuition, it’s because they have to pass a ridiculously hard test called The Knowledge to get their licence. It generally takes 2-3 years of studying over 300 routes before you can pass. 

There are Still Lots of Archaic Traditions Happening Across the City

Case in point? The Ceremony of the Constable’s Dues is when a navy boat has to pay a barrel of rum to the Constable at the Tower of London in order to enter the Port of London.

Of course, the whole procedure is surrounded by pomp and circumstance because Londoners love a good show almost as much as they love a good drink. 

Henry III Was Given a Polar Bear as a Present Which He Kept in the Tower of London 

Tower of London

What do you give a king as a present? Well, at some point in history someone thought that the answer to that question was a polar bear.

Obviously. Henry III kept his pet polar bear chained up outside the Tower of London and next to the Thames, where it was able to feast on the river’s fish.

Do You Live in Lundenwic? 

During the millennia of London’s history, it has been called several names – Londinium by the Romans, Lundenwic by the Angles and Saxons… until it became the plain old London we know today. 

London Is Home to More Than 170 Museums

Imperial War Museum

If you want to learn more about the incredibly deep and rich history of London, then visit one of the 170-plus museums in London.

11 of these are national museums, while many of them provide visitors with free entry .

A Special Breed of Mosquito has Evolved to Live in the London Underground 

Culex Pipiens Molestus is a subspecies of mosquito that has evolved specific habits suited to its life on the London Underground. It can live in dark places for long periods of time, doesn’t have to hibernate, is a particularly voracious biter and doesn’t need water to lay its eggs.

Nature is truly, truly terrifying. 

It is Against the Law to Feed the Pigeons in Trafalgar Square 

Trafalgar Square’ s pigeon problem got so bad that former mayor Ken Livingstone made it illegal to feed pigeons in the square in 2003. These days it’s a much cleaner and less poop-ridden affair. 

It’s Illegal to Wear a Suit of Armour in the Houses of Parliament 

Visiting Houses of Parliament

And has been since 1313 when the Statute Forbidding Bearing of Armour was passed. 

We know, it really would have been fun to turn up in the public galleries in your ancestral suit but it’s just not worth the punishment. 

In 1814 a Tidal Wave of Beer was Unleashed on London Killing Eight People

Swimming in beer might sound like an absolute dream but the London Beer Flood will make you reconsider.

It all started when a vat of beer in the Meaux & Company Brewery exploded, unleashing a huge tsunami of beer that swept down from Tottenham Court Road to the surrounding streets. Of the eight people who died, five of them were attending a wake. 

The Mayor has to Grant Permission to The King to Enter the City of London 

If the King wants to enter the City of London, he has to formally request permission from the Mayor via a ceremony held at Temple Bar.

It’s a precedent that the mayor allows him to enter.

The Tower of London is Not Actually Called The Tower of London

We have all come to know and love the iconic Tower of London… but did you know that the fortress’ real name is His Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London ?

Its nickname is taken from The White Tower, which is the main portion of the building that was built by William the Conqueror.

The Smallest Statue in the World was Built in London

Two mice eating a piece of cheese, aka The Philpot Lane Mice, is the smallest-known statue in London. But this adorable sculpture has a darker meaning…

It was built to honour two builders who plunged to their deaths during an argument over a stolen sandwich – however, it’s believed that the theft was, in fact, the work of a cheeky mouse in stealth mode.

Let’s Not Fly a Kite…

One of the most famous songs from Mary Poppins sees Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael sing about the beauty of flying a kite in London. 

However, believe it or not, the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 made it illegal to fly a kite in parks or other public areas. If you ever fly a kite in violation of this law, you risk receiving a fine of up to £500.

So-Called Facts About London that Aren’t Actually True 

We’ve been bombing you guys with so many interesting and fun facts about London – but we came across a few myths that aren’t actually true. 

Time to debunk a couple of “facts” about London. 

It is Categorically Not Illegal to Die in The Houses of Parliament 

This one crops up in a couple of places.

First of all, how would you ever punish someone for dying in the wrong place?

Secondly, people have died in the Houses of Parliament in the past – one such person was Sir John Cust, the then Speaker of the House who is said to have died of a result of not being able to leave the chair during the sitting to go to the loo. 

The Guy Did Not Mean to Buy Tower Bridge 

Tower Bridge London

There’s a particularly persistent rumour that pretty much every Londoner will have heard at some point or another and gleefully passes on to anyone who will listen.

The story goes that American tycoon Robert McCulloch, who bought London Bridge in 1967 to re-erect in a community he’d founded in Lake Havasu had actually meant to buy London’s much more iconic Tower Bridge.

What japes! 

Unfortunately for the punchline, it’s just not true – McCulloch had always intended to buy London Bridge. Killjoy. 

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Forbidden Planet

Anthony Jupp

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

Sixes & sevens, Wat Tyler's the knife that killed him, Charles 1 gloves worn on day of execution, The Death Bell in St Sepulchre, Hunterian Museum, St Brides steeple, Wedding Cake & the name "Bride" Covent with no N, The Wealthiest Occupation is number one in London Guild rankings.... The Mercers (Banks)..... Etc Etc.


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We delve into the cool, interesting and quirky spots that make London such a dynamic city, telling you the best things to do, eat and drink along the way. 

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Essay on London Trip

Students are often asked to write an essay on London Trip in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on London Trip

Planning a london trip.

When you decide to visit London, making a plan is key. Choose the places you really want to see. London has famous spots like the Big Ben and the London Eye. Pick a time when the weather is nice, usually in the spring or summer.

Traveling in London

Getting around London is easy with buses and the underground trains, called the Tube. Buy a travel card to save money. The Tube map will help you find your way.

Must-See Attractions

Don’t miss the Tower of London and the crown jewels. See the guards at Buckingham Palace. Museums are free, so you can learn a lot without spending money.

Food and Fun

Try fish and chips, a classic London meal. Parks like Hyde Park are great for picnics. At night, the city lights up, and you can watch a play in the famous theater district.

Shopping and Souvenirs

Visit shops at Oxford Street for gifts. You can buy toy buses or a model of the Big Ben. Remember to take lots of pictures to show your friends.

250 Words Essay on London Trip

Planning a trip to london.

When you decide to visit London, the first thing to do is to choose the places you want to see. London has many famous buildings, parks, and museums. You can make a list of the top spots like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. It’s a good idea to look at a map and see where these places are. This way, you can visit several places that are close to each other on the same day.

Getting around in London is easy because of the buses and trains. The underground trains, called the Tube, are fast and run to many parts of the city. You can get a special card called an Oyster card to pay for your rides. It’s cheaper and more convenient than buying a ticket each time.

Seeing the Sights

When you’re in London, you’ll see lots of old and beautiful buildings. The Tower of London is a castle with a long history, and you can learn about the kings and queens of England there. For a great view, you can go on the London Eye, which is a big wheel that lets you see the whole city from the sky.

Fun Activities

London has fun things for everyone. If you like animals, you can visit the London Zoo. For those who love stories, there are plays in the theater district, called the West End. You can also eat different kinds of food from all over the world in London’s restaurants.

A trip to London is exciting and full of adventures. Remember to take pictures and enjoy every moment of your visit!

500 Words Essay on London Trip

When you think about traveling to a new place, it’s like getting ready for an adventure. London, a big city in England, is one of those exciting places to visit. Before you go, it’s a good idea to make a plan. You can look at a map and decide which places you want to see. There are so many things to do in London that you might want to make a list. This list could include famous buildings, parks, and museums.

Famous Places in London

London is known for its amazing sights. One of the most famous is the Big Ben clock tower. Even though it’s being fixed right now, you can still see how big and important it looks. Another must-see is the London Eye, a giant wheel that lets you see the city from high up in the sky. If you like history, the Tower of London is a place where you can learn about the kings and queens from long ago.

Museums and Parks

If you enjoy looking at old things and learning, London has some of the best museums. The best part is that many of them are free. The British Museum has treasures from all over the world, and the Science Museum makes learning about how things work fun. After visiting museums, you might want to relax in one of London’s parks. Hyde Park is a big green space where you can walk, play, or just sit and watch the ducks in the pond.

Seeing a Show

London is also famous for its plays and musicals. In a place called the West End, there are theaters that have shows every night. You can watch a story unfold on stage, with actors wearing colorful costumes and singing songs. It’s an experience that you’ll remember for a long time.

Food and Shopping

Trying new food is part of the fun when you’re traveling. In London, you can find food from all over the world. Fish and chips are a classic British meal you might want to try. Shopping in London can be an adventure too. You can visit big stores like Harrods or explore outdoor markets where you can find all sorts of interesting things.

Traveling Around the City

Getting around London is easy because of the Underground, also known as the Tube. It’s a train that goes under the city. There are maps in every station to help you find your way. Riding on the famous red double-decker buses is another fun way to see the city.

A trip to London is like opening a book with lots of different stories. There’s something for everyone, whether you like history, art, nature, or just having fun. By the end of your trip, you’ll have your own stories to tell about the wonderful time you had in London. Remember to take lots of pictures so you can show your friends and family all the amazing things you saw and did on your London trip!

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essay about london england

What's the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom? What's the best English music festival? And do English people really drink a lot of tea? Read about England and find out!


Do the preparation task first. Then read the article and do the exercises to check your understanding.


England is the biggest of the four countries in the United Kingdom. Together with Scotland and Wales, these three countries are the island of Great Britain. The English Channel is in the south between England and France. People travel to France by ferry across the English Channel or by train through the Channel Tunnel which goes under the sea.

Over 50 million people live in England and that’s around 80 per cent of the total UK population. It is a multicultural country where more than 250 languages are spoken in the capital city, London. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, which means that there is a queen or king but they don’t make the laws of the country. Laws and political decisions in England are made by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Houses of Parliament are in central London next to the River Thames and the most famous part is the clock tower, Big Ben. Other large cities in England are Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol. Outside cities, England is a very green country and has many rural areas of natural beauty such as the Lake District, an area with lots of lakes in the north, and the New Forest, a big area of forest in the south of the country.

The official language of England is English, which is spoken today by millions of people all over the world. Many students go to England from other countries to study the language and learn about the culture. Although everyone speaks English, there are many different accents around the country. French was the official language in England between 1066 and 1362, which is why there are many French words and expressions in English such as ‘bon voyage’ for ‘have a good trip’ or ‘bouquet’ for ‘a bunch of flowers’.

English people love music. In the summer you can go to music festivals all over the country like those at Glastonbury, Leeds or Reading. Glastonbury is a five-day festival of music, dance, comedy, theatre and circus and around 175,000 people go. Many people stay at the festivals for a few days and camp in tents. People listen to all types of music, especially pop and rock. England has produced many international groups and singers like the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Adele.

The most popular sports in England are football, rugby and cricket and most towns have a sports ground where teams can play. English football teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are world-famous and English football players include David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane. Women’s football is also popular and teams play in leagues and competitions all over the country. Every year, the English rugby union team play in the Six Nations Championship against Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy. Cricket is a traditional sport played with a bat and ball which began in England and is now played all over the world. People like to watch all these sports on television, as well as other sports like horse racing, tennis, snooker (a type of billiards) and motor racing.

England is a very multicultural country and this has a big influence on the food people eat. Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines are popular alternatives to traditional English food like fish and chips, roast beef or sausage and mash (mashed potatoes). Many English people drink several cups of tea every day, usually with milk. However, coffee and herbal teas are also popular.

The national flag of England is white with a red cross. It is called the St George’s Cross and Saint George is the patron saint of England. St George’s Day is on 23 April, but it’s not a public holiday. The rose is the national flower of England and the lion is the national animal. The lion is a symbol of many English sports teams.

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Have you ever been to England? Would you like to go?

essay about london england

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essay about london england


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Call for Papers 'Precarity in Urban China: Surviving in Capitalist Ruins'

17 April 2024

We are inviting research papers for 15-minute presentations as part of an in-person only workshop at the Institute of Advanced Studies on 21st June, 2024. Deadline for submissions: 15th May, 2024

a street in China with neon signs and shops

Keynote speakers

Prof Margaret Hillenbrand, University of Oxford Dr Carwyn Morris, University of Leiden

The Chinese city now exists in a time and space where the economy slows, work intensifies, and Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream” of social mobility seems to dim. In this context, surviving and thriving in the city has become increasingly resource intensive and experiences of precarity have diversified. As Margaret Hillenbrand (2023) has recently demonstrated, states of precarity in China’s urban spaces have been largely underexplored by scholars. Yet exploring precarity in Chinese cities can help us scrutinise the “global city” (Saskia Sassen, 1991) with a local eye: international capitalism under state-managed conditions has created particular pressures and responses which call for academic investigation. 

Funded by the IAS Critical Area Studies Fund , this half-day workshop uses Anna Tsing’s (2015) The Mushroom at the End of the World as a gateway to invite participants from the humanities and social sciences to explore these local conditions, particularly in connection to the idea that meaningful lives and meaning are pieced together in the “ruins” of capitalism. The concept of capitalist ruins invokes images of what is left behind in the wake of capitalist advancement and reminds us that capitalism has boundaries and externality, domains of non-capitalist experience from which capitalism itself scavenges. Using Tsing’s work as an entry point, this workshop invites researchers to think of their work in China’s cities in connection to these notions of “salvage accumulation,” and to explore the “landscapes of unintentional design” that rapid development leaves behind, while also drawing attention to the global pull of supply chains and markets. Ranging from lived experiences of precarity and informal work, the gig economy and social media livelihoods, to urban exploration, to urban design and planning policy, through to play and rebellion in the city, this workshop aims to highlight the Chinese city as both a space of precarity and a space made out of the creative response to that precarity. 

We warmly welcome contributors from researchers at all career stages to participate in two panels of 3-4 papers and discussions. To apply, please submit the following information:

  • Presentation title and 300-word abstract
  • 100-word bio
  • Email to the organisers, Dr Alison Lamont (IOE, UCL) and Dr Annabella Massey (IOE, UCL) at  [email protected] by 5pm BST on Wednesday 15th May, 2024

Please note this workshop will take place in-person at UCL, London. Refreshments will be provided during the day, and a speaker’s dinner will be provided after the event at a local restaurant.


Controversial world-famous comedian announces last-minute London gigs

author image

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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle has announced a series of last-minute work in progress shows in London this week.

The controversial comedian, 50, will be performing a set billed as The Process in four intimate shows in the coming days.

He will begin with two shows in Leicester Square Theatre on April 18 and 19, both at 9.30pm, before heading to Bush Hall on April 21 for two in one evening – at 7pm and 10pm.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday April 17 at 10am via Live Nation.

No cameras or recording devices will be allowed into the show, and all phones and smart watches will be secured in Yondr pouches throughout. They will be unlocked at the end.

Audience members can keep their phones with them, and will be able to access them via a designated unlocking station in the lobby if they require.

Dave Chappelle

Attendees caught with their phone at the venue will be removed from the audience.

Chappelle last performed in the UK in November 2022, and has since been embroiled in further controversy over his comments about gender identity.

The comedian was  accused of transphobia  in 2021 for stating ‘gender is a fact’ in his Netflix comedy The Closer, while he also backed JK Rowling  by stating he is ‘team Terf’ – the acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

Many urged the streaming service to pull the special, with the likes of Elliot Page and Dan Levy  voicing support for employees  who staged a walkout over the controversy.

Dave Chappelle Theatre Dedication Ceremony

Latest London news

  • The mysterious blue doors in London which hide a former 1800s asylum
  • Grandmother, 75, feels 'trapped' after new bus-stop installed outside
  • There are some secret ancient ruins hiding in a London car park

To get the latest news from the capital visit Metro.co.uk's London news hub .

Since, the Half Baked actor has doubled down on his jokes but did say he was willing to meet Netflix’s trans employees to discuss the backlash.  Netflix also backed Chappelle  and refused to remove The Closer despite a petition.

Chappelle was later  attacked on stage during his set at the Hollywood Bowl  as part of the Netflix Is A Joke tour when a man stormed the stage and tackled him , claiming to be ‘triggered’ by the comic’s jokes.

In July 2022, his show in Minnesota was cancelled by the hosting comedy club over his Netflix special controversy.

Chappelle previously suggested that the backlash was down to  ‘corporate interests ’ and said that the members of the LGBTQ+ community that he knows have been supportive of him.

Your Daily Horoscope

essay about london england

Daily horoscope today: April 18, 2024 astrological predictions for your star sign

Despite the Netflix special backlash, The Closer  received two Emmy nominations.

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If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.co.uk entertainment team by emailing us [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

MORE : Why was ‘Britain’s strictest school’ allowed to ban Muslim prayer?

MORE : Surprising city named one of UK’s party capitals

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Squatters who took over gordon ramsay’s $16.1m london pub are ‘served papers’ — while some choose to stay inside restaurant.

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It’s closing time in London.

Professional squatters who took over Gordon Ramsay’s $16.1 million London pub  were forced out after they were “served papers,” while part of the resistance seemingly chose to stay behind inside the restaurant.

Members of the Camden Art Cafe, a self-described “autonomous cafe in the heart of Camden,” announced they received the papers on Tuesday which ordered them to leave the celebrity chef’s York & Albany gastropub.

Gordon Ramsay's £13m London pub.

“We are sad to announce Camden art collective have left the building after being served papers yesterday,” the group announced on Instagram. “We wish those left in the building the best of luck in their endeavors.”

“We hope to be a part of the community again soon.”

The group of 20-something squatters went by the pseudonym “Gordon” — referencing the iconic chef — in an attempt to protect their identity, according  to the Independent.

The group claimed to have occupied the British restaurant as a form of protest for the “victims of gentrification” and the country’s high-speed railway, H2S.

“We aim to open our doors regularly to anyone and everyone, particularly the people of Camden who have been victims of gentrification and parasitic projects like HS2,” the group said in an earlier post to social media.

An alleged squatter leaves the York and Albany restaurant in Camden as her friend secures the gate with a bike lock on April 13, 2024.

“We provide free food, drinks, and a space to display their art without the ridiculous red-tape that galleries require people to jump over. We believe all of us and our art deserve dignity.”

HS2, England’s second high-speed rail project, is planned to connect the village of Handsacre, in Staffordshire, with London, a distance of about 130 miles.

It is under construction, with completion set between 2029 and 2033.

The group of 20-something squatters went by the pseudonym “Gordon”, according to a report.

The squatters were forced to cancel their cafe — allegedly set up to feed the homeless — after they were served the papers.

“Apologies to everyone who was going to come along today. Papers served cafe canceled!” the group said Tuesday morning.

The group says it chose Ramsay’s luxurious hotspot in Camden because of the wealth disparities in the London borough, wanting to open the $16 million restaurant for everyone to enjoy.

“The York and Albany is an iconic building in Camden since its opening in the 1820s; it has withstood wars and bombs, and despite what the media says, it will withstand the potentially short but hopefully long stay we squatters have here.

“At a time when Camden market has been bought out by a billionaire and many longstanding local businesses are being evicted from their units, it’s even more important that we all band together in all the forms of resistance that we know and can.”

The restaurant had been closed when the squatters took over as the “Hell’s Kitchen” host worked to sign over to new partners in a multimillion-dollar deal.

“The pub was temporarily closed while he was finalizing a new lease, and during this handover period, a gang of professional squatters somehow bypassed all the security and CCTV, and got themselves in,” a source previously  told the US Sun.

The group had initially boarded themselves inside the building using appliances straight from the kitchen.

They also told the locals the restaurant was their home, according to the outlet.

Gordon Ramsay was working to sign over the spot to new partners in a multi-million dollar deal at the time the squatters took over.

The squatters had threatened legal action against anyone who tried to force them out, saying they were entitled to remain in the pub because it is a “non-residential building.”

A   2012 law made squatting  a criminal offense in England and Wales, as long as it took place inside a residential building, with the maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment and/or a fine.

“Take notice that we occupy this property and at all times there is at least one person in occupation,” a legal notice posted outside the pub read.

The restaurant had been closed when the squatters took over as the "Hell's Kitchen" host worked to sign over to new partners in a multi-million dollar deal.

“That if you attempt to enter by violence or by threatening violence we will prosecute you … You may receive a sentence of up to six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £5,000 ($6,200).”

The police have remained away from the issue as they call it “a civil matter” that has to be dealt with in the courts.

The “Masterchef” star was embroiled in an unsuccessful legal battle to free himself from the building’s lease in 2015, putting his family members at odds.

He was ordered to pay $797,000 in rent after his father-in-law, Christopher Hutcherson, allegedly used a “ghost writer” machine to sign Ramsay’s name on a legal document.

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Gordon Ramsay's £13m London pub.


essay about london england

essay about london england

Squatters who took over Gordon Ramsay’s £13m London pub served eviction papers

A n anarchist group of squatters who have taken over a Gordon Ramsay pub in London have been served legal papers kick-starting the process of having them evicted.

The group of squatters set up an "autonomous cafe" after locking themselves inside the chef's Grade II-listed York & Albany hotel and gastropub near Regent’s Park last week.

However, they announced the cafe was “cancelled” on Tuesday after Gordon Ramsay Holdings International Limited filed High Court proceedings against them.

The case says the group are trespassing and aims to initiate an “accelerated possession to reclaim control of the property”.

The group of around 20 squatters posted on their Instagram: “Apologies to everyone wanting to come along today. Papers served. Cafe cancelled.”

The Independent visited the pub on Monday for a “Paint N’ Chinwag” session open to everyone, with one squatter saying: “It is so peaceful at night and you can hear the lions roar from London Zoo.”

The celebrity chef had long run his York & Albany gastropub at the former nineteenth-century coaching inn near Regent’s Park, but following legal battles between Ramsay and the site’s freeholder, film director Gary Love, the property was reported in December to have been put on the market with a guide price of £13m.

Mr Love purchased the property in 2007 and subsequently leased it to Mr Ramsay on a 25-year term with an annual rent of £640,000.

The squatters earlier announced their ambitions, writing on Instagram: “We are occupying the York and Albany Hotel in Camden as the collective Camden Art Cafe. We aim to open our doors regularly to anyone and everyone, particularly the people of Camden who have been victims of gentrification and parasitic projects like HS2.

“We provide free food, drinks, and a space to display their art without the ridiculous red-tape galleries that require people to jump over. We believe all of us and our art deserves dignity.”

The occupation of a person’s non-residential property without their permission is not itself a crime in the UK, athough police can take action if crimes are subsequently committed, including damaging the property or stealing from it.

Mr Ramsay previously called the police but was unable to have the squatters removed.

Last week, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “Police were made aware of squatters at a disused property in Parkway, Regent’s Park, NW1 on Wednesday, 10 April.

“This is a civil matter and so police did not attend the property.”

According to government guidance, squatters can apply to become the registered owners of a property if they have occupied it continuously for 10 years, acted as owners for the whole of that time and had not previously been given permission to live there by the owner.

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