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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS)

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rguhs thesis payment

Dr. M K Ramesh Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor

Dear RGUHS Fraternity of Faculty and Students

Welcome to HELINET, a state-wide network of digital knowledge resources, from medical textbooks to research journals and multi-media learning tools! I am delighted to announce a new system through which you can access these resources at your fingertips, from anywhere, any time, and any device – laptop or mobile. Every one of our two lakhs plus users in RGUHS system will get an individual userID and password to access HELINET resources. I advise you to use these knowledge resources well to constantly learn and stay updated in pursuit of your studies and professional career. Happy learning!

Prof. M. K. Ramesh, Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor's Message

Dear Colleagues, Warm Greetings! And welcome to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. It is my pleasure to greet you all on the occasion of my assuming charge as Vice Chancellor of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. This occasion also marks the beginning of New Year - 2022. The New Year brings along with it the fading memories of yester year, which were largely the reflections of the fight against uncertainties and anguish.

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rguhs thesis payment

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rguhs thesis payment

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rguhs thesis payment


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rguhs thesis payment

Question Banks

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rguhs thesis payment

Thesis Dissertation

rguhs thesis payment

Trial Resources

rguhs thesis payment

Point of Care - UpToDate

rguhs thesis payment

Drug Information

rguhs thesis payment

Tutorial for HELINET Resources

rguhs thesis payment

  •   Alternate Medicine Collection
  •   Clvt-ProQuest Database- Journals, Ebooks, Videos & More
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Database
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Consumer Health Database
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Health & Medical Collection
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Health Administration Database
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Psychology Database
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Public Health Database
  •   Clvt- ProQuest MEDLINE
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Coronavirus Research Database
  •   Dentistry Collection
  •   J-Gate Biomedical Science
  •   EBSCO
  •   Health Research Premium Collection
  •   Medical Collection
  •   Nursing Collection
  •   Pharmacy Collection
  •   Physiotherapy Collection
  •   Thieme
  •    CBSPD   (List of Titles)
  •    ClinicalKey Student   (List of Titles)
  •    Clvt-ProQuest Ebooks- Health & Medicne Ebooks
  •    Elsevier Dental E-Books   (List of Titles)
  •    Health & Medicine   (List of Titles)
  •    Jaypee   (List of Titles)
  •    McGraw Hill Access Medicine   (List of Titles)
  •    Wolters Kluwer (Kortext)   (List of Titles)

Resources List:

  •   Multimedia Complete Anatomy
  •   Jaypee
  •   McGraw Hill

Coming Soon...!

  •   ProQuest
  •   Alexander
  •   Alexander Street
  •   Medone Communication Science
  •   Medone Education
  •   Medone Neurosurgery
  •   Medone Otolaryngology
  •   Medone Plastic Surgery
  •   Medone Radiology
  •   Pharmaceutical Substances
  • •  Ping Test
  • •  Test 1
  • •  Test 2
  • •  clinical key test
  • •  UpToDate Test
  •   UpToDate
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Videos- Academic Videos Online
  •   Clvt- ProQuest Nursing and Mental Health in Video, a Symptom Media Collection - SUB

rguhs thesis payment

Elservier Training Materials

  • •  About ClinicalKey and Complete Anatomy
  • •  Step-by-Step Clinicalkey Student
  • •  Introduction - Clinicalkey Student
  • •  ClinicalKey Student
  • •  Guide to Access ClinicalKey Student/Complete Anatomy
  • •  Digital learning solution

McGraw Hill Training Materials

  • •  Guide to Access McGraw Hill AccessMedicine
  • •  McGraw Hill - Tutorial

Proquest Training Materials

  • •  Clvt- ProQuest Training Material

Discover Journal Articles

rguhs thesis payment

“Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka a premier Health Science University in India was established on 1st June 1996 at Bangalore by the Govt. of Karnataka through its enactment of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka Act 1994 to encompass all the existing health science colleges and institutions which were earlier affiliated to the conventional universities in Karnataka with a purpose of ensuring proper and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in modern and Indians systems of medicine.”

The phenomenal increase in the number of institutions and students admitted to various courses of medical and allied health sciences warranted the need to regulate, monitor and standardize the curricula as well as the evaluation systems. The product of medical and health science professional education was to meet the societal needs for better healthcare. Hence, RGUHS had the vision to bring in uniformity in the standards of teaching and have a common curriculum for the various courses offered in different colleges across Karnataka.

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rguhs thesis payment

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rguhs thesis payment

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rguhs thesis payment

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rguhs thesis payment

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rguhs thesis payment

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rguhs thesis payment

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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  1. RGUHS : Online Payment Service

    Welcome to Online Payment Portal of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science. You can now apply and pay the fee through this online portal, Simple select the desired form below and provide the requested details, we will take you to a registration page.

  2. Online Payment Gateway

    FAQ Regarding Fee Payment. It is hereby instructed to all the colleges / students affiliated to RGUHS, that from 01st April 2015 onwards to till date (16.12.2015), the colleges has to give the split up / break up details for having remitted the amount through RTGS/NEFT/Internet Banking. A hard copy of the same has to be submitted to Finance ...

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    Note:-. * Thesis Online submission cut of date limit is exceeded. Please check mentioned circular document. * Students/Candidates who have not been allotted register number may contact the office of Registrar/Registrar (RE)

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    The Digital Library initiative at RGUHS is first of its kind in the country in promoting e-learning culture and e-readiness preparedness for accessing huge amount of scholarly international Medical e-journals and e-books. With the State-of-the-art infrastructures, RGUHS developed the Digital Library and information centre for identifying ...

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    User Name. Password. Go to Home Page Click here

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    If you're New User ? Enter the Synopsis. No. Enter the Password. Enter the Captcha *.

  8. RemotLog

    Every one of our two lakhs plus users in RGUHS system will get an individual userID and password to access HELINET resources. I advise you to use these knowledge resources well to constantly learn and stay updated in pursuit of your studies and professional career. ... Thesis Dissertation. Open. Trial Resources. Open. Point of Care - UpToDate ...

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    Pay the determined fees in equivalent Indian rupees through bank. Also enclose a letter of introduction by the embassy. ... RGUHS. Payment to be made at any branch of State Bank of Mysore. This shall be done before the last date indicated in the Advertisement and is attached with your Application Form. ... The Thesis shall include a Certificate ...

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    Attention to all the students taking admission under affiliated colleges of RGUHS . Display of information in accordance to Karnataka Prohibition of violence against medicare service personnel and damage to property in Medical service institutions act 2009 Terms and Conditions for Online Payment. Caution - Beware of Touts regarding admissions

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