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  1. [Case Study] Implementation of HCM Analytics on Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OACS) Empowers

  2. Practical ISO/IEC 27001:2022 implementation case study examples

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  1. 8 Examples of Innovative Digital Transformation Case Studies (2023)

    Here are the 8 inspiring digital transformation case studies to consider when undertaking transformation projects in 2024: 1. Amazon extended the B2C model to embrace B2B transactions with a vision to improve the customer experience. Overview of the digital transformation initiative. Amazon Business is an example of how a consumer giant ...

  2. Case Study: Technology Modernization, Digital Transformation ...

    Case Study: Technology Modernization, Digital Transformation Readiness and IT Cost Savings. Author: Guy Pearce, CGEIT, CDPSE, and Richard Fullerton, AWS CSA, ITIL, MCAAA, VCP-DCV. Date Published: 27 August 2021. Related: COBIT. "Digital Distinction" is a major trend for growing, medium-sized organizations, with growth requiring a well ...

  3. Technology Implementation Case Studies: Lincus Software as a Service

    Though this inadvertently highlighted the use of Lincus as a tool to potentially assess staff engagement, it suggested lack of integration with current workflows and perceived utility of staff using the technology. Both are known to impact the success of new technology implementations [ 20 ]. Fig. 7.4.

  4. PwC Business services transformation case study: PwC

    A people-first approach to save time and money, and boost the client experience. We began our digital transformation in 2016 by examining PwC Business Services, our back office and shared services center and functions, located primarily in Tampa, Florida. We identified operational improvements that could reduce costs and reinvested some of ...

  5. Digital Transformation: A Case Study on Strategy and Implementation

    Digital Transformation: A Case Study on Strategy and Implementation. April 1, 2024. Sourabh Hajela. Executive Editor - CIO Strategies. This case study offers an in-depth look at digital transformation strategies providing valuable lessons for businesses across industries aiming to navigate the digital shift. This case study presents a detailed ...

  6. 3 Successful ERP Implementation Case Studies

    ERP Case Study #1: Fulton & Roark. Fulton & Roark, a retailer of men's grooming products, is an example of a successful ERP implementation. Prior to upgrading to full-featured ERP, the North Carolina-based business tracked its inventory in a spreadsheet and its financial data in desktop accounting software, Sage Live.

  7. PDF Responsible Use of Technology: The IBM Case Study

    development and implementation of technology. This document, "Responsible Use of Technology: The IBM Case Study", marks the second in a series, following a White Paper on Microsoft. We would like to thank IBM for sharing their ethical technology governance structure, practices, tools, activities and research expertise for this effort.

  8. Topics Technology Implementation

    Technology Implementation Why the Power of Technology Rarely Goes to the People. ... Research suggests leaders should focus on a use case for cutting-edge technologies first, then develop a business case. Torbjørn Netland, Omid Maghazei, and Michael Lewis April 19, 2023. Showing 1-20 of 360 Next .

  9. Technology Implementation Case Studies: Lincus Software as a Service

    The study also addressed a pragmatic technology management need resulting from millions of dollars invested by health-care organizations in developing and implementing telemedicine programs in ...

  10. Blockchain technology implementation challenges in supply chains

    These interrelationships among the case study organisations facilitate the collection of insights into not only each technology implementation but also their interactions. 4.3 Data collection. During the interview, respondents were briefed about the study context of blockchain technology implementation in supply chains.

  11. Case study on adoption of new technology for innovation: Perspective of

    To study the organizational characteristics such as corporate entrepreneurship, institutional entrepreneurship, innovation process of companies, the qualitative case study is the suitable method. This is because a case study is a useful method when verifying or expanding well-known theories or challenging a specific theory ( Yin, 2008 ).

  12. PDF 1 Three Case Studies on Digital Technology Implementation Leah Lapszynski

    technology implementation through case studies of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the. Museum of Science, Boston, and Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. Specifically, this interrelation. is examined through the frame of what new museum theorist Janet Marstine calls "guises," a. form of what Jacques Derrida called "parergra.".

  13. Technology adoption and implementation in organisations: comparative

    Objectives To understand organisational technology adoption (initiation, adoption decision, implementation) by looking at the different types of innovation knowledge used during this process. Design Qualitative, multisite, comparative case study design. Setting One primary care and 11 acute care organisations (trusts) across all health regions in England in the context of infection prevention ...

  14. Case Study Implementation: Another Crucial Success Story Ingredient

    2. Every case study should include a detailed, description of the system implementation. 3. Revealing challenges in the implementation process actually builds credibility and makes both your story and your product more compelling to technology buyers. 4. It's not the problems but how you dealt with them that matters. -.

  15. Lessons Learned Through Two Phases of Developing and Implementing a

    A case study was conducted with the TAP-App as the case and the perspectives of end users and stakeholders as the units of analysis. ... highlighted the human element being a critical component of health technology implementation, which emphasizes the importance of provider feedback and buy-in. As the literature has identified, it is important ...

  16. Technology adoption and implementation in organisations: comparative

    This article reports on findings from a larger innovation adoption study in the area of HCAIs commissioned by the Department of Health (DH). 25 We employed a multiple case study research design to build theory inductively 26 covering the decision-making, procurement and implementation processes by NHS organisations when introducing innovative ...

  17. 4 Technology Implementation Success Stories

    Check out these four case studies on successful technology implementation: #Case Study 1: Business Process Workshop for B2B Wholesale garment and accessory distributor. A renowned B2B wholesale garment and accessory provider felt the need for expert assistance to improve a list of key business processes and practices. Namely, they wanted to ...

  18. Design and Implementation of an IIoT Driven Information System: A Case

    5.1 Case I (DI Pipes). To develop an IIoT-driven IS for the DI pipes plant, the conceptual framework presented in Fig. 1, a four-layer mechanism, is developed (see Fig. 2), representing the self-organizing vision of an IIoT-driven information system.Finally, the system architecture is developed, integrating an operational technology system into the IT system presented in Fig. 3 to achieve ...

  19. The implementation of artificial intelligence in organizations: A

    This systematic review aims at conceptualizing and understanding AI implementation in organizations by adopting the Input-Process-Output (IPO) model (Fig. 1).This model has been adopted in organizational behavior research [37] and has successfully been applied to reviews in the management field [38].This conceptual framework helps explain and understand the current state of knowledge in AI ...

  20. Information technology portfolio management implementation: a case study

    The purpose of this paper is to examine the implementation of IT portfolio management (IT PoM) and develop a framework guided by adaptive structuration theory to describe the key structures, features, and appropriation steps needed to effectively manage IT investments and assets.,Using a longitudinal case study approach, data were collected ...

  21. Technology Case Interview

    As the name suggests, a technology consulting case interview is a case interview. Common at specialized technology and implementation consulting firms, these interviews are designed to evaluate your abilities to succeed in a technology consulting role. They can vary from general case interviews with some technological components to highly ...

  22. Case Study: Smart Grid Implementation Enables Digitalization in Gas

    Summary. Case Study: Smart Grid Implementation Enables Digitalization in Gas Management. Across western Switzerland, numerous stations that manage natural gas supplies are gradually being upgraded with new monitoring equipment. The company that operates these stations, Gaznat S.A., is working with Beckhoff Switzerland to achieve greater ...

  23. Designs and methods for implementation research: Advancing the mission

    Results: Examples of specific research designs and methods illustrate their use in implementation science. We propose that the CTSA program takes advantage of the momentum of the field's capacity building in three ways: 1) integrate state-of-the-science implementation methods and designs into its existing body of research; 2) position itself at the forefront of advancing the science of ...

  24. How does the external context affect an implementation processes? A

    Background Although the importance of context in implementation science is not disputed, knowledge about the actual impact of external context variables on implementation processes remains rather fragmented. Current frameworks, models, and studies merely describe macro-level barriers and facilitators, without acknowledging their dynamic character and how they impact and steer implementation ...