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  • Forms of Standard Contracts in Civil Engineering The inclusion of new conditions of contracts in the construction industry is an indicator of the modernization and modification of contracts.
  • Peter Rice: Famous Civil and Structural Engineer What makes the work of Peter Rice unique is that he has the ability to step out of the limits and constraints which formed a part of his professional training; as a result he was […]
  • Ethics and the Civil Engineer of 2025 In that regard, it can said that ethics and ethical responsibility is bordering with qualification in terms of its importance for the profession.
  • Sustainability and Civil Engineering With development of economic issues, there is impact of civil engineering in better advocating sustainable development in the true sense of the word.
  • Civil Engineering as a Professional Career The reason why civil engineering is dominant over other engineering disciplines is that it is broad and deals with many things such as design, building, and refurbishment of corporeal and ordinary built environment.
  • Civil Engineering Practice and Fundamentals The book presents the results of the summit devoted to the future of civil engineering. The main subjects of the summit were the role of teachers, students, and engineer interns in the development of new […]
  • Civil Engineering Assessment: Fire Safety in Buildings According to the ‘Review of the Building Regulations 2004: Section 2 Fire,’ fire safety main aims are to ensure the protection of life, achievement of sustainable development, and assist the fire and rescue services.
  • Celestino R. C. Pennoni History: Civil Engineering, Education, and Environmental Programs Pennoni was the first one in his family to gain the higher education, owing to his commitment and his parents’ understanding of “the value of education”.
  • Electrical and Civil Engineering Analysis Sakae M Light rail is a modern concept that is versatile in nature and it fits perfectly in the engineering visions of a bus and the heavy metro.
  • Architect, General Building Contractor and Civil Engineer My configuration is ISTP, and I think that the selected occupations are a good fit for my personality as they demand specific features and qualities that I possess.
  • Infrastructure: American Society of Civil Engineers The ASEC believes that the energy infrastructure is especially critical for the economy. American society makes the following suggestions to enhance the country’s infrastructure: The federal leadership in infrastructure is required.
  • Developing More Sustainable Civil Engineering Practices It is possible to observe that of the better policies, which are proposed in the research and which could be applied to the sphere of civil engineering, is the development and use of new tools […]
  • Civil Engineering Development: Safety & Diversity Nowadays, the development of civil engineering continues, including the involvement of women and minorities and the improvement of education, and the improvement of the safety of the constructions.
  • Strategies of the American Society of Civil Engineers During the budget process, “the SPC, the Program Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Board consider the overall strategies and their viability and affordability and then allocate funds”.
  • Civil Engineering During the Industrial Revolution in Britain’s History
  • Quality Failure Costs in Civil Engineering Projects
  • Civil Engineering: Definition, History, Functions, Branches
  • Saudi Arabian Civil Engineering Construction Analysis
  • The Language of Civil Engineering Research Articles
  • Applications and Issues of GIS as Tool for Civil Engineering Modeling
  • Civil Engineering Construction Market in Central Europe
  • Civil Engineering and Reinforced Concrete Design Concerns
  • Factors Affecting the Decrease of Civil Engineering Students Number
  • Bayesian Methods for Structural Dynamics and Civil Engineering
  • Sustainable Decision-Making in Civil Engineering, Construction, and Building Technology
  • Advancements in Civil Engineering & Technology
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Impact on Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Vibrational Based Inspection of Civil Engineering Structures
  • The History and Importance of Civil Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence Application in Civil Engineering
  • Advances in Materials Applied in Civil Engineering
  • The Basic Concepts Essential for Structural and Civil Engineering
  • Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Wood Use in Civil Engineering
  • The Design of Cementitious Composites for Civil Engineering Applications
  • Imbalance Between Software and Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering: Design Construction and Maintenance
  • Computer Technology and Its Application in Civil Engineering
  • The Technology Advances Modern Civil Engineering
  • Internet Marketing for Growing Civil Engineering Firm
  • Neural Networks Usage in Civil Engineering
  • Greatest Civil Engineering Achievements Review
  • Use of Vegetation in Civil Engineering: Is This Still a Case?
  • Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis in Civil Engineering
  • Trends in Civil Engineering and Its Architecture
  • The Civil Engineering Measuring Estimating and Tendering Construction
  • The Factors Affecting the Career Choice of Male and Female Civil Engineering Students in the UK
  • Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Civil Engineering Companies
  • Building a Future: Architecture vs. Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and the Different Types of Civil Engineers
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Civil Engineering Problems
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Communication in Civil Engineering
  • Application of Optimal Control Theory to Civil Engineering Structures
  • What Do Psychology and Civil Engineering Have in Common?
  • Wind-Tunnel Development and Trends in Applications to Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering Essay Examples

My aspirations to become a civil engineer.

Civil engineering is fundamental to the world around us and underpins a modern society. As an Arkwright scholar I am very proud to be recognized as a future leader in engineering and when I become a civil engineer I will be able to play a...

The Role of Civil Engineering in Coping with Overpopulation

In the role of being a civil engineer, the main aspect is to eradicate problems and make life sustainable. One of the concerns of civil engineers is the population of the world as it is rapidly increasing and soon it would become overpopulated. The proceeding...

The Practice of Using Full Depth Pre-cast Concrete Decks in Highway Bridges

Because of the phenomenon of deterioration of the aging structures and a high density of traffic, certain highway bridges need maintenance by replacement in United States. The projects that are done for the purpose of replacement cause troubles for the local traffic in form of...

Gis Applications in Civil Engineering

We can describe a Geographic Information System (GIS) as a computerized scheme that helps the phases of data entry, data analysis and data presentation especially in cases when we are dealing with georeferenced information. This means that a GIS user will expect support from the...

The Issue of the Civil Engineering

The field of civil engineering is mainly based on engineering strategies which collide with thoughtful of the environment around us and managing its resources according to our wants. People always makes lifetime easier with evolution, for this type of situations considering the civil engineering turf...

Civil Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory: Analysis of Energy Losses in Bends

The friction between the fluid and the pipe walls and the internal friction between the fluid particles in the pipe flows is known as the energy losses. This energy losses can be caused based on the turbulence of the flow. Due to this, there is...

Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment for Civil Engineers: an Analysis of the Heritage Status of the Sterkfontein Caves

The Sterkfontein Caves in the Cradle of Humankind is one of the world’s richest hominid fossil sites and also the site of the longest continuous paleoanthropological dig in the world, with excavations having begun here in 1935. located in Gauteng province, about 40 kilometres Northwest...

Utilization of Geographical Information Systems in Civil Engineering

Geographical Information System(GIS) is a scheme anticipated to capture, manipulate, analyze, store, manage and present every type of geographical data. The merging of database technology, cartography, and statistical analysis is everything what GIS means and is the purpose why it is has been intensively used...

Overpopulation by 2050 and Your Role as a Civil Engineering

Over the years, the Earth’s population has been growing at a seemingly alarming rate, in which the issue of overpopulation has become a global problem. Overpopulation is described as the single greatest threat to Earth. As a result, there are a series of catastrophic consequences...

The Importance of the Application of Linear Algebra in Daily Life

According to Brownlee, linear algebra is the mathematics of data which matrices and vectors are the languages used in performing the data. In learning lines and planes, vector spaces and mappings, all of those required linear algebra for linear transformations. Linear algebra uses arithmetic on...

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