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  1. A Review of 'Explaining Homelessness: a Critical Realist Perspective'

    Homelessness is one of the great "wicked" problems of the modern world (Rittel &. Webber, 1973). Because homelessness is so wide-spread, the causes of this problem are difficult. to isolate. In a simplified sense, the different theoretical causes of homelessness can be broken. down into two categories: individual factors and structural factors.

  2. A Critical Analysis of America's Homeless Crisis

    Still, they do point to the scale of the crisis that the Golden State and a number of other regions face. California, home to about 12 percent of all Americans, is where nearly one-third of the country's homeless population resides. Unsurprisingly, the homelessness crisis has come to dominate urban politics in California and the other regions ...

  3. Explaining Homelessness: a Critical Realist Perspective

    T o cite this article: Suzanne Fitzpatrick (2005) Explaining Homelessness: a Critical Realist Perspective, Housing, Theory and Society , 22:1, 1-17, DOI: 10.1080/14036090510034563

  4. Explaining Homelessness: a Critical Realist Perspective

    A related point made by Williams, that homelessness is often viewed as a "symptom" of other "principal" problems by many of those experiencing it, is something with which I would concur (see for example, Fitzpatrick & Kennedy Citation 2000).However, this (sometime) secondary status of homelessness does not prevent it being a "real" emergent outcome appropriate for causal analysis ...

  5. (PDF) Quantitative methods in Homelessness Studies: A critical guide

    Methods commonly used in quantitative studies on homelessness. 2.1. Cross-sectional approaches. The first studies of the homeless were chiefl y cross-sectional works that attempted to. determine ...

  6. How to Address Homelessness: Reflections from Research

    An analysis of families receiving Medicaid or cash assistance in New York City identified individual and building-level correlates of shelter entry that could be used to predict family shelter applications. ... the homelessness sector must also take a critical eye to its own service provision and examine the ways in which homelessness systems ...

  7. Social conditions of becoming homelessness: qualitative analysis of

    It is increasingly acknowledged that homelessness is a more complex social and public health phenomenon than the absence of a place to live. This view signifies a paradigm shift, from the definition of homelessness in terms of the absence of permanent accommodation [1,2,3,4,5], with its focus on pathways out of homelessness through the acquisition and maintenance of permanent housing [], to ...

  8. Homelessness in the US: Causes and Solutions Essay

    Conclusions. In conclusion, homelessness is a critical issue that must be addressed to avoid propagating the problem in the future. Poverty and unemployment, lack of affordable housing, addiction, and ineffective post-institutional integration, all exacerbated by pervasive racism, are the major causes of homelessness.

  9. Homelessness Essay: Most Exciting Examples and Topics Ideas

    2 pages / 816 words. The issue of homelessness remains a pressing concern in contemporary society, eliciting extensive debates on the causes, impacts, and potential solutions. Homelessness affects millions of individuals globally, with profound consequences on health, social stability, and economic development.

  10. Explaining Homelessness: a Critical Realist Perspective

    This article attempts to engage with developing critical realist perspectives in housing and urban policy to propose a more rigorous framework for analysing the causes of homelessness. The article is framed mainly in the context of the extensive UK literature on this topic, but the theoretical arguments it pursues are intended to have wider applicability. It contends that the prevailing "new ...

  11. Essay on Homelessness in America

    Throughout history, societies have grappled with the issue of homelessness. The United States, often considered a land of opportunity, is no exception.In this essay, we will delve into the complex issue of homelessness in America, focusing on its causes, consequences, and potential solutions.By examining this issue through a critical lens, we hope to shed light on the systemic factors that ...

  12. Homelessness and critical realism: a search for richer explanations

    Second, the philosophy of critical realism is presented as a meta-theoretical approach with potential to strengthen the explanatory power of homelessness research. This paper offers both a systematic summary of the core principles of critical realism and suggests seven practical implications of using its epistemological and ontological ...

  13. Argumentative Essay on The Homeless

    In this argumentative essay, we will delve into the complexities of homelessness, examining the root causes, societal implications, and potential solutions to this pervasive problem. Through a critical analysis of various perspectives and research findings, we will argue that addressing homelessness requires a multifaceted approach that goes ...

  14. 236 Brilliant Homelessness Essay Topics & Free Paper Examples

    In your homelessness essay topics, you should discuss the reasons why homeless people may be unable to obtain a permanent home. Physical factors such as the inability to obtain a job or the high prices of housing are excellent examples. Mental issues such as depression and other conditions also warrant discussion.

  15. Issue of Homelessness in America

    Introduction. Homelessness is the condition in which individuals or families lack permanent shelter. In other words, the individuals or the families lack a place to call home. Homeliness is not only a condition associated with the minorities but also people with regular income. However, the income cannot afford a decent housing.

  16. Homelessness

    Introduction. Homelessness is a common feature in most developed countries. This is especially so in the big cities like New York. This paper will view homelessness in the light of it being transgressive. This will be accomplished through the analysis of four questions which touch on the following: transgressive performance in cities such as ...

  17. Framing Homelessness as Crisis: A Comparative Content Analysis of Local

    disabled and chronic homelessness results in limited local support for "single individuals with a disabling condition that have been homeless for longer than a year, or experienced homelessness four or more times in the last three years" (Day 2015), and is a misrepresentation of the social reality of homelessness. Rather than defining

  18. Causes and Effects of Homelessness: a Complex Societal Issue

    The causes of homelessness are deeply interconnected and often stem from a combination of economic, structural, and personal factors. One of the primary drivers is economic instability. The lack of affordable housing, coupled with stagnant wages and high living costs, forces many individuals and families into precarious living situations.

  19. Essays on Homelessness

    Despite widespread concern about people experiencing homelessness, fundamental questions about this vulnerable and difficult-to-study population are unresolved. This dissertation draws on new data and innovative methods to fill critical gaps in our understanding of homelessness in the United States. The introduction discusses the general problem of homelessness, the state of existing ...

  20. Soc 3 Assignment

    In this analysis, the argument is that homelessness needs to be solved. I will analyze my argument by looking for the main points within the issue. The analysis will examine the causes, effects, solutions, and future prospects of homelessness. To evaluate this argument, we must look for a premise and conclusion.

  21. Challenges of Homelessness: [Essay Example], 523 words

    Conclusion. Homelessness presents a myriad of challenges for individuals and society as a whole. From the difficulty in accessing basic necessities to the impact on physical and mental health, homelessness is a complex issue that requires comprehensive solutions. By addressing the barriers individuals face in accessing essential services, providing support for physical and mental health needs ...

  22. Homelessness and Education in the USA

    Introduction. Every child, homeless or not, has the right to a public school education that is equal to the standards of achievement that are available for all youths and children. As stated by the federal government, the fact that a child is homeless is not sufficient reason to keep them out of school. The definition of homeless youth is an ...

  23. PDF Testimony of Ray Carville, Public Affairs Manager, Veterans Inc

    Page 3 of 10 • Service Density Analysis: Ensuring service providers are optimally placed. • Geographic Trend Modeling: Forecasting future needs based on current data. Further capabilities such as geofencing, geotagging, network analysis, and handheld interoperability enable outreach providers to identify their assigned catchment areas and

  24. Homelessness Problem Solution: [Essay Example], 440 words

    Causes of Homelessness. There are several factors that contribute to homelessness, including poverty, lack of affordable housing, unemployment, mental illness, and substance abuse. A study by the National Alliance to End Homelessness found that poverty is the leading cause of homelessness, with 22% of homeless individuals living below the ...