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Local links, sustainable water resource and environmental management in developing countries.



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Carnegie Mellon University

Using Infrastructure Gaps as Social Sensors for Informing Equity Aims in Policymaking

 My dissertation work aims to assess the feasibility of using established gaps in equity due to infrastructure provision as a mechanism for , rather than a byproduct of , infrastructure investment policy to address issues of social equity created and perpetuated by infrastructure systems. To explore this, I start by assessing the potential of using large-scale infrastructure networks as social sensors to detect aspects of inequity to better inform investment policy. I focus my exploration on broadband infrastructure to begin with, exploring the possibility of using U.S. county-level broadband penetration rates as a social sensor to predict rates of unemployment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic (Chapter 2). This work specifically asks, “How can infrastructure serve as a social sensor that allows for sharper detection of those groups which are most vulnerable to disruption?”. I find that broadband can serve as an effective social sensor which is sharpened when applied to employment contexts relevant to broadband, but, as with any sensor, is prone to error (either false positives or false negatives). I then shift my interest from the macro-system to a more micro-focused approach of how to incorporate preferences from end-users into the investment process. To do this, I develop an innovative approach to incorporating qualitative interview responses into a multi-criteria decision-making process (Chapter 3). I find that hauled system water users in Alaska have a strong preference for the aesthetic properties of their water provision which they balance against the need for reliable water system delivery. I end my investigation by understanding the role that skills play as a sensor for detecting effective and equitable use of infrastructure. To do this, I explore broadband connectivity throughout Rwanda and its impact on a critical aspect of development, public health (Chapter 4). To explore this question, I ask to what degree are wireless biomedical devices (specifically EKGs) available and used in the public hospital system in Rwanda? And what impact does broadband access have on the kinds of services which are offered? I find that the first tier of the digital divide influences the ability of offer telehealth services and propose additional future work on the compounded impacts of this access on both second and their tier access.  

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  • Dissertation
  • Engineering and Public Policy

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  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  1. Dissertation: An investigation into the water quality and treatment habits within households in Kanungu, Western Uganda

    Abstract and Figures. An estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide drink contaminated water and over 5 million people a year die from water related diseases. Halving the number of people in the world ...

  2. PDF Thesis Produced Water Quality Characterization and Prediction For

    THESIS PRODUCED WATER QUALITY CHARACTERIZATION AND PREDICTION FOR WATTENBERG FIELD Submitted by Huishu Li Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering In partial fulfillment of the requirements For the Degree of Master of Science Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado

  3. (PDF) An Introduction to Water Quality Analysis

    Water quality analysis is required mainly for monitoring. purpose. Some importance of such assessment includes: (i) To check whether the water quality is in compliance. with the standards, and ...

  4. Evaluating Drinking Water Quality Using Water Quality Parameters and

    Water is a vital natural resource for human survival as well as an efficient tool of economic development. Drinking water quality is a global issue, with contaminated unimproved water sources and inadequate sanitation practices causing human diseases (Gorchev & Ozolins, 1984; Prüss-Ustün et al., 2019).Approximately 2 billion people consume water that has been tainted with feces ().

  5. (PDF) Challenges and Solutions for Global Water Scarcity

    2 Wald Industries, Tor HaAviv 1, Rehovot 7632101, Israel; [email protected]. * Correspondence: [email protected]; Tel.: +972-77-8872009. Abstract: Climate change, global population ...

  6. Water Sustainability Leadership Fostering Stakeholder Engagement

    Water sustainable initiatives are water savings programs that strive to motivate citizens to adopt sustainable water consumption practices focused on water conservation. Citizen water use behaviors impact the capacity of municipal water plants in the United States and, as a result, urban well-being (Chaudhary et al., 2017). Prioritizing

  7. PDF Affordable Water Quality Analysis: a Proposed Framework for The

    AFFORDABLE WATER QUALITY ANALYSIS: A PROPOSED FRAMEWORK FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND REGULATION OF LOW-COST WATER QUALITY MONITORING DEVICES by Christopher Daniel Kelley A dissertation submitted to Johns Hopkins University in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Baltimore, Maryland February 2018 . ii


    Title: Water Urbanism: Building More Coherent Cities A more water-coherent approach is postulated as a primary pathway through which biophilic urbanism contributes to livability and climate change adaptation. Previous studies have shown that upstream water retention is more cost-effective than downstream for mitigating flood risks downstream.

  9. The Research Repository @ WVU

    Three essays on water economics: a dissertation that explores the effects of water quality, quantity, and policy on human health and behavior.

  10. Dissertations and Thesis

    Stuart J. Muller. 2010. Adaptive spatially-distributed water-quality modeling: an application to mechanistically simulate phosphorus conditions in the variable-density surface-waters of coastal Everglades wetlands .Ph.D. dissertation. [Gainesville, Fla.]: University of Florida. (Chair: R. Muñoz-Carpena).

  11. Graduate Thesis Or Dissertation

    The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector of international development works to increase access to sustainable, safe water and improved sanitation. Currently, at least 780 million people live without clean drinking water and 2.5 billion without access to improved sanitation (UNICEF & World Health Organization, 2012).

  12. PDF Thesis Integrated Water Resources Management Under Uncertainty

    Through this study we provide policymakers and water planners with information to help effectively manage water resources in semiarid regions across the globe. 1.2 Background Over one billion people in the world lack access to clean and safe drinking water (Vorosmarty 2000). Several water scarcity analyses, summarized well by Rijsberman, show that

  13. Water Security in a Changing World: Analysis of Implications for the

    This dissertation focuses on water security in terms of sustaining socio-economic development, livelihoods, and human well-being. Using the double exposure framework, I analyze the combined effect of climate change and economic development on water security in the Philippines. There is a need to examine how the combination of these two processes aggravate existing inequalities related to water ...

  14. Sustainable water resource and environmental management in ...

    Abstract. Water supply service delivery has been recognised as a complex challenge facing communities in developing countries. Its particularly serious in sub-Saharan Africa where a significant proportion of the population still lack basic access to safe drinking water supply. Over the years, many externally supported community-managed water ...

  15. PDF Dissertation Topic: Assessing the sustainable provision of water and

    Dissertation Topic: Assessing the sustainable provision of water and sanitation services after in- situ upgrading of informal settlements: A case study of Cato Crest Malusi Sihle Shezi A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for admittance to the

  16. PDF Analysis and Modelling of Surface Water Quality in River Basins

    NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROURKELA CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Dissertation entitled "ANALYSIS AND MODELLING OF SURFACE WATER QUALITY IN RIVER BASINS" submitted by MRUNMAYEE MANJARI SAHOO to the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Technology (Research) in Civil Engineering with

  17. Full article: Impacts of urbanisation on hydrological and water quality

    Indeed, rising water tables in urban areas are a common source of groundwater flooding to low-level properties such as basements and cellars, particularly in areas underlain by chalk bedrock or sand and gravel drift coverage (BGS Citation 2010). Contributions to subsurface flow are dependent on two primary factors: (1) the spatial expanse of ...

  18. Water Desalination and Purification Using

    Multi-stage Flash Distillation (MSFD) MSFD utilizes thermal energy to evaporate the water which can then be condensed and. captured using the feed water (sea water typically) as a coolant. Multiple stages are incorporated. which can utilize the "pre-heated" feed water from the previous stage as an input thereby.

  19. PDXScholar: The Institutional Repository of Portland State University

    Access the full text of dissertations and theses from Portland State University and learn about their research topics and contributions.

  20. Urban Water Management (Final Thesis)

    The goal of urban water management thesis to investigate components of urban water system and careful, economic use handling of the water in urban. The first goal of this thesis is to evaluate the waste and storm water management in urban. The second goal of the thesis is to recommend storm water management strategies for urban residential areas.

  21. Research Guides: Water Resources: Theses & Dissertations

    Search for Water Resources Theses & Dissertations. If you would like to see copies of a thesis or dissertation on water resources, search the library catalog. You will need to search for words in the department name and also include colorado state. You can also search for a thesis or dissertation from someone at CSU on a certain topic or subject.

  22. Water Urbanism and Multifunctional Landscapes

    Climate change is inextricably linked to water which is a precondition for human existence. Adverse impacts on water resources have recently been observed as a consequence of climate change. One way to address these issues is where architects and urban planners can adopt multifunctional landscape design solutions by integrating various water ...

  23. (Pdf) Researches in Water Pollution: a Review

    Demand of water rose six-fold between 1900 and 1995, more . ... Ph.D. Thesis, IIT Kanpur. Bhuyan B.R. 1970. Physico-chemical qualities of the water of some ancient tanks in Sibsapur.

  24. Student view: Exploring water insecurity

    In my Ph.D. dissertation, I explore water insecurity in communities where Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain etiology, or CKDu, is prevalent in Sri Lanka. While there are competing discourses on the etiology of CKDu, it is mainly framed as an illness caused by drinking water contaminated by agrochemicals and dehydration due to intense heat in ...

  25. Water activist, accessibility leader and sports icon to be honoured at

    A respected Canadian activist and author, Barlow chairs the board of Food and Water Watch, which advocates for safe food, clean water and a livable climate for all. She is also the founder of the Blue Planet Project, a leading water justice organization. Barlow will be honoured during Brock's 10 a.m. Convocation ceremony on Tuesday, June 11.

  26. Using Infrastructure Gaps as Social Sensors for Informing Equity Aims

    My dissertation work aims to assess the feasibility of using established gaps in equity due to infrastructure provision as a mechanism for, rather than a byproduct of, infrastructure investment policy to address issues of social equity created and perpetuated by infrastructure systems.To explore this, I start by assessing the potential of using large-scale infrastructure networks as social ...