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51 Best Homework Excuses (Serious, Funny, Strict Teachers)

51 Best Homework Excuses (Serious, Funny, Strict Teachers)

Chris Drew (PhD)

Dr. Chris Drew is the founder of the Helpful Professor. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. [Image Descriptor: Photo of Chris]

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Homework. No one wants to do it. But no one wants to get in trouble either. So, here are some of the best homework excuses that are serious, funny, and might even work for strict teachers!

As a teacher myself, I’ve heard most of these excuses. I laughed at a few and rolled my eyes at most.

At the end of the day, you’re only going to get away with not doing homework if you’ve got a solid excuse and a bunch of evidence to back it up. Good luck!

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Cliché Homework Excuses

These are terrible homework excuses that, really, students should avoid. They might be fun to use, but most of them have been over-used. Your teacher won’t believe you unless you’ve brought some evidence along with you.

1. My Dog ate my Homework. Look, no one’s ever going to believe this one. Maybe avoid it unless you want to spend lunch time inside catching up.

2. My Computer Broke. This one’s more believable but it’s been over-used. Thanks to all the liars out there, this homework excuse is well and truly ruined.

3. My Mom Forgot It. Nothing like blaming your mother for your own failures. Most teachers would probably tell you to take a little personal responsibility and send you on your way.

4. The Internet was Out. As believable as any excuse, your teacher might tell you that you’d better buy yourself an old hardback encyclopedia.

5. My Grandma Died. Again. The oldest excuse in the book, I always ask for evidence of this. Some people seem to have 15 grandmas.

6. The Older Kids Took it off me and Tore it Up. Chances are, your teacher’s going to be very concerned by this. They might even escalate this to a disciplinary issue!

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Funny Homework Excuses

These ones might get a laugh out of your teacher and your classmates. But, you’re not likely to get out of trouble in the long run.

7. My Mother wanted to Display it on the Fridge. You might get a few laughs from your friends out of this one. But, your teacher is going to tell you to go home, take it off the fridge, and bring it to class!

8. The Police Confiscated it as Evidence. This one might make your teacher pause and wonder. Why is it confiscated? Is it so poorly written that the police consider it an outrage? Maybe your joke will deflect them from punishing you, though.

9. I was Abducted by Aliens and They took It. If your teacher believes this one, let me know. I’ve got some air guitars to sell them.

10. I sent it to you in the Post. In this day and age, you might have to tell your teacher they should wait a few months to it arrive. The postal service isn’t what it used to be.

11. My Dad mistook it for a Letter and Posted it to China. Funny, but clearly not true. Your teacher is going to ask one simple question: why is your dad sending letters to China?

12. I had to burn it in the Fireplace to keep myself Warm. Like Pablo Escobar burning cash, you’ve thrown caution to the wind and thrown your homework book into the fire because, well, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have survived the freezing cold night.

13. It flew out the Window of the Car. Just picture it. You’re frantically doing your homework on the drive to school. Your dad winds down the window and – woosh – the homework’s gone for good. And class is in just 15 minutes!

14. I thought I’d do it Tomorrow because I’ll be Older and Wiser Then. A clever joke, but you’re probably going to be known as the class clown from that moment onwa rd!

15. I did my Work. It’s all Up Here in my Head. Be prepared for your teacher to give you a snap quiz on the spot if you’re bold enough to say you’ve got it all in your head! But, if you pull it off, maybe you’ll get away without too much trouble.

16. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to add to your Workload. Sure, it sounds nice, but your teacher will see right through this cheeky response. But hey, when you’ve got nothing to lose it’s worth a try.

17. My Hand fell Asleep and I didn’t want to Wake It. Imagine you were trying so hard to do your homework and write down those answers. But, your hand just wouldn’t obey your command!

18. My Cat ate it knowing that I’d Blame the Dog. This one’s a funny twist on “my dog ate my homework” that might just get a laugh out of your teacher (and a little bit of leniency).

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Excuses For Strict Teachers

Okay, here’s where things get serious. If you’ve got a teacher who you know is going to be mad, you need to come into this with a plan. Usually, that means providing evidence to support your excuse.

19. I was Sick. And I have a Sick Note. Being sick (genuinely!) is one of the few reasons for not doing your homework that might actually work. You’re going to want to be able to present a note from your parent and maybe even a doctor.

20. My Mother or Father went to Hospital. And here’s the Sick Note. If your mom or dad is in hospital, chances are you’re going to get a free pass. Bring evidence, even if it’s a photo of dad in the hospital bed with tubes coming out of his nose!

21. My Computer Screen Broke. And here’s a Picture. I’ve actually gotten this one from students a few times and it really took me back. I thought: “is this legit, or is this image from 3 years ago?” A receipt from the computer repair store with a date on it is usually a better piece of evidence. But then again, why didn’t you go to the library?

22. The computer broke, but here are my hand-written notes. I’m usually pretty impressed by this excuse. Your computer broke, but you still made the effort to give the homework a go anyway. Great resilience!

23. The wi-fi didn’t work, but here are my hand-written notes. This excuse is very similar to the previous one. If you turn up with nothing and say the wi-fi broke, the teacher probably won’t accept that excuse. But if you actually tried to write some notes anyway, well done!

24. I wasn’t here when the work was assigned. This is an excellent homework excuse for strict teachers. It’s really quite legitimate. How were you supposed to know you had homework!?

25. I tried, but I didn’t understand the Instructions. This puts the onus back on the teacher. Why didn’t they provide clearer instructions? It’s usually a good idea to show some evidence that you at least gave it a go, though.

26. I volunteer at the soup kitchen on Monday Nights. Everyone loves a good Samaritan. If it gets you out of homework, well, that’s just the universe giving you good karma.

27. I’m so sorry. I thought it was right here in my Bag! This one helps show that it at least is a genuine mistake.

28. I had way too much Homework for my other Class. Follow this one up with “You should talk to that teacher about how their overbearing homework requirements are impacting your students!”

29. The Library was Closed and I don’t have Internet at Home. This one might get you a little more sympathy. The fact you don’t have internet at home means you’re not as privileged as many other kids, so your teacher might let you off lightly.

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Truthful Homework Excuses

30. I was too busy doing something more important. Your teacher is instantly going to say “what was more important than your education?” Don’t respond with “video games.”

31. My parents kept me really busy on the weekend. But I promise I’ll do it tonight. One thing I would say about this excuse is that you’re saying “Hey, take it up with my parents. I wanted to do some homework!” But, you’re also saying you’ve got a plan to get it done asap.

32. I was at football practice all night. Many teachers will still say “learning comes before sports” (which, as a teacher, I agree with). But, you’ve got a leg to stand on here. You don’t want to let your team down, which is fair.

33. I did my homework, but I left it at home. This excuse does show that you at least put the effort in. But, you failed at the finish line! Come to class tomorrow with the homework and you’ll win back some respect from your teacher.

34. I forgot I even had homework. Hey, it’s truthful. But you’re not going to get any sympathy for this one.

35. The computer didn’t break. It was the Printer this time! An excuse that’s almost as bad as “my computer broke”, the printer issues excuse at least needs some photographic evidence to back it up. And, why didn’t you email the homework to your teacher?

36. I had a Headache. Headaches are the worst. As a teacher myself, I’d probably have a little sympathy for this excuse if it’s a one-off. But, I’d expect my student to bring a note from the parent to corroborate the story.

37. The homework was far too Easy. This isn’t a good reason not to do homework. Your teacher is going to expect you to absolutely ace your next test.

38. My tutor accidentally took it home with them. Nothing like blaming your tutor for your own problems. As a teacher, I’d probably roll my eyes and tell you that you need to keep better track of your things.

39. I accidentally squished it in the bottom of my bag and now it’s got rotten apple juice all over it. This one’s funny to me because, well, as a kid this always used to happen to me. Rotten bananas were usually the culprit.

40. I spilled cereal all over it because I was doing it over breakfast. This sounds believable. I would tell my student the should at least show me the ruined homework as evidence. And, I’d also tell them that breakfast isn’t the best time to do your homework.

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Blame the Parents

41. My parents don’t believe in homework and won’t let me do it. There are some parents like this. If a student said this to me, I’d be on the phone to the parents. So, if you don’t want your teacher to call your parents, don’t use this excuse.

42. My mother said band practice was more important. It’s really hard for teachers to argue with parents via the student. But in my experience the teacher usually responds with: “you need to have better organization skills to get all of these things done in your own time!”

43. I help my father at work on a Tuesday afternoon. I just can’t get it done on Tuesdays. Once again, the teacher is likely going to tell you to have more organization skills. But, you might occasionally get an extension out of this. Especially if you let the teacher know in advance.

44. My father looked at it, said it was outrageous government indoctrination, and told me not to do it. While I think this is hilarious, it’s also something that happens a lot these days. Why is this world so divided? Science isn’t controversial, people!

45. My mother was looking over my homework and forgot to give it back to me. Okay, time for me to put my teacher voice on: “She didn’t forget to give it back to you. You forgot to ask for it back.”

46. My mother threw it in the trash. This must have been frustrating to you! A teacher with a quick wit will respond: “it shouldn’t have looked like trash then. You must have done a bad job!” Or, a more serious teacher might just tell you that you need to be more organized net time.

Blame the Teachers

47. You give too much Homework. There are plenty of people out there in this world who think teachers do give too much homework. They believe it’s not fair and it’s preventing children from leading a balanced and healthy life.

48. Your instructions are impossible to understand. This one really puts the pressure back on the teacher because you’re basically telling them that they’re bad at their job.

49. This was way too hard for me. You need to give me more guidance. Sometimes, it’s true, teachers do assign homework that’s way too hard. You do need to be resourceful and find ways to learn yourself. But at the same time, the teacher really should know better.

50. The homework is too easy. It’s a complete waste of my time. Assigning homework is like playing Goldilocks. It can’t be too hard, can’t be too easy.

51. Between you and all my other teachers, you’re assigning hours of homework every night. You all need to get together and resolve this. This one’s surely going to set a cat amongst the pigeons. The teachers are going to talk about this at their next staff meeting. But, they might coordinate and come back at you as a united front!

FAQ: How to Get Out of Doing Homework?

The best ways to get out of doing homework are to:

  • Let the teacher know in advance that you won’t be able to do it. Teachers respond better when you give them an excuse before time, not after.
  • Bring evidence of why you didn’t do it. If you want your teacher to truly believe your excuse, you need evidence. This can be notes, photos, receipts, or anything else proving your story is true.

Really, the best way to avoid any issues is to just do the homework in the first place. But if you’re reading this article, chances are the horses have left the stable. You’re at a stage where you’ve got to come up with an excuse because in 10 minutes your teacher is going to be asking you why you haven’t done anything!

Well, good luck with that! I hope you don’t get into too much trouble, but I also hope you learn that next time the best solution is to just get that homework done in advance.


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49 Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework

No, you can’t use ‘I’d a fever’ as the best excuse for not doing homework. 

Also, blaming a dog for biting out your assignment book is totally unbelievable.

Well, don’t worry to help you out in such a situation, we provide you with all the fresh, believable excuses to give. 

( Note: This is just for entertainment purposes. Please don’t make a habit of relying on these excuses every day. Better if you do your homework on time.) 

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Have these good reasons to convince your teacher why you came to school without the homework. 

3. “We have surprised guest visitors and they stay the whole day.” 

6. “I was about to do homework, but I don’t understand a thing.”

10. “There was a rumor that you were on leave today.”   

13. “After school, I have to work at our family business. My dad already trained me for it.”  

16. “My entire day went into doing some extracurricular, and I didn’t get time for homework.”

Funny Reasons For Not Doing Homework

But because it’s a hilarious and creative reason, it might still work in your favor. 

2. “My parents brought a pet for me. So I played with him the whole day.”

5. “I was lost in the mall while going shopping with my mum and found it in the evening.”

7. “Our cousin used my homework to make a paper plane and they just flew it.”

8. “My family wants me to go to a boarding school, so I’m just getting ready for it.”  

10. “My mom and dad fought and the entire day went on just to settle things down.” 

11. “My grandparents visited our home yesterday, and I’ve been busy with them.” 

14. “I accept that I didn’t do my homework now, but I promise to complete it tomorrow.” 

16. “My dad took my bag for some reason and today I have to come with a spare bag.”

17. “This is the first time I forgot the lesson, and you have to understand that I have some reason for that.”

Believable Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Whatever reason you are about to give for not completing your assignment, your teacher will judge it logically. 

Be careful with your reasons or excuses before saying why you didn’t do your homework. 

2. “I’ve saved my assignment, but I don’t know where it is now. The file is lost on the PC.” 

3. “I forgot to save my homework and all the work was just gone.” 

5. “My computer just got hacked and I must delete everything including homework.” 

8. “I thought today was a holiday. So I didn’t do it.”

11. “It was my sister’s marriage, so I was not able to complete my homework.” 

14. “I was helping other kids in school to complete assignments, but I forgot mine.” 

15. “My notebook fell into our swimming pool and I couldn’t save it in time.”

16. “It’s not my dog, but my cat peed on my notebook. I couldn’t bring my notebook today, but I will tomorrow.”

We all agree that we have the entire day to do it, but the best time to do homework is ‘the last hour’ before submission. 

When you fail to do or submit your assignment last time, you need some good excuses for not doing homework that your teacher could believe and accept. 

This list covers last-minute excuses to get you another chance. 

Hope this frees you from any punishments or embarrassment at school. 

But, promise us, that you will do your homework on time from now on. We don’t want you to use these excuses anymore, too.

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Teacher Misery

The 100 FUNNIEST Excuses For Not Doing Homework, Courtesy of My Students

Posted on Published: November 19, 2023

The 100 FUNNIEST Excuses For Not Doing Homework, Courtesy of My Students

By: Author Jane Morris

Students throw out all kinds of excuses for not getting their homework done! From believable excuses to the tried and true classic “ my dog ate it” , teachers hear a lot of excuses every damn day.

It doesn’t help that by now, the behavioral expectations for students have become so loose that students can pretty much say whatever they want without consequence. These days, the excuses are that much more interesting. (And honest.)

Over the course of nearly two decades of teaching, I heard every homework excuse in the book. Better yet, I’ve saved my favorites! And rounded them up here for your viewing pleasure.

So let’s share in the giggles together! I’ve rounded up 100 of the BEST homework excuses I’ve ever heard. The laughs are good for the soul.

And probably your patience too! Some of these you’ve likely heard before. There might not be a lot of foolproof excuses for not doing your homework, but there sure are a lot of fools that come up with some real stinkers!

So for your enjoyment (and definitely not to be actually used in a real-life classroom), here are 100 odd, creative, nonsensical, and hilarious excuses from students for not doing their homework!

A dog eating a student's homework.

100 Funniest Excuses for Not Doing Homework: A Story of Student Shenanigans

If it’s your first day in the teaching profession , you might think homework excuses are few and far between. At the very least, you might think students bother making good excuses.

Well, you’d be wrong on both counts! You will be fed excuse after excuse from students for not having finished their homework, and very few of them will sound believable.

So new teachers, pay attention! Here is some of the ludicrousness you can expect from your class. And it WILL be on the test.

As for all my kindred season educators, sit back and enjoy the ride! Maybe grab a moist towelette…

Cause it’s about to get juicy.

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excuses for not doing homework

Homework Excuses That Are Pure Nonsense!

Man, kids say the silliest things to teachers . From being arrested by the FBI to simply having a gross pimple, the excuses for not having done homework often make no sense…

A skeleton student phoning their teacher with a funny excuse for not doing their homework.

But they are highly entertaining!

  • I got this thing where I can’t read.
  • I was arrested by the FBI but it was a case of mistaken identity!
  • The microwave was erasing all of my work and that’s why it was all turned in blank.
  • I swear I did the work but the answers kept falling off my paper!
  • My homework ate my dog!
  • The elf on the shelf erased it.
  • I had a crusty pimple.
  • An electrostatic spark tore a hole in the space-time continuum. My paper was transported back through time and was found and published by a random person. Now I have to redo my assignment because it would be plagiarism to hand in my original.
  • I care about trees too much to use paper.
  • A gang broke into my house and stole the bag it was in.
  • The military accidentally blew it up.
  • My water bottle spilled in my backpack and it turned my homework into a brick of ice overnight.
  • I did all my other homework and at that point, I needed personal time.
  • I died in a car crash.
  • I don’t care about homework because I don’t care about education.
  • I was cooking grilled cheese and it was the last two pieces of bread and I burnt it and then I was really sad and I couldn’t do anything.
  • I kept sneezing and picking the wrong answers because of that and I got frustrated so I just stopped doing it.

Excuses, Accidents, and Bathroom Mishaps

Look, we’ve all had a “little accident” . Only the worst teacher in the world would deny a student the facts of life.

A picture of someone being attacked by a ghost in the bathroom with a homework excuse overlaid as text.

But personal issues that maybe should stay personal are a go-to for slackers. Some funny homework excuses concern the crapper, and now we’re going to laugh at them. Take that, slackers!

  • I was dealing with the ghost in the bathroom.
  • I was taking a phat shit and it took forever.
  • I had Taco Bell so I was in the bathroom the whole night.
  • I took a crap and it stunk so I had to take a shower but then I had to crap again and then I showered again.
  • I was really constipated.
  • My mom forgot to buy toilet paper so I had to use my homework.
  • I was doing it in my jacuzzi and it fell in.
  • I had too many Hot Cheetos and had to ravage my toilet all night.

Mysterious Illnesses and TMI Reasons for Not Doing Homework

Your student’s poop schedule is one bit of TMI you could probably do without. Look, the uncomfortable truth of the teaching profession is that there will be poops, pees, spews, and TOO much information. The funniest homework excuses usually overspecify…

A student in a car crash uses the incident as a convenient excuse for not doing their homework.

It comes with the territory. So whenever one of these incredibly questionable yet incredibly funny excuses for not doing homework rolls your way, the best thing you can do is jot it down.

So that, one day, you can put it in a blog post on the internet. Guilty!

  • I was eating Takis in the car on the way here and I rubbed my eyes and had to pull over.
  • My part was really itchy and I needed a shower.
  • I dropped it in the toilet after I had gone to the bathroom.
  • I was in intensive care having fluid drained from my lungs because I had pneumonia that I got when I was hit by a car.
  • I had heart surgery last night (1st grader).

Excuses About Family Issues, Problems, and EMerghencies

We, as teachers bound to our duty, MUST be sensitive to the family issues and home lives of our students…

Unless they’re just making up excuses to get out of doing their homework! A solid fib about family issues is a classic reason students use to skip homework.

A grandma in cool clothes smoking a cigarette, referencing a student's funny homework excuse.

Now, will parents ever take responsibility for their kids not doing their homework? No, of course not! Parents will blame teachers. It’s their go-to M.O.

So next time you hear one of these clankers, note it down and feed it back to the parents. That’ll throw a spanner in the wheels of the little turds!

  • I had to take my Nana out for cigarettes.
  • I had to help my mom put the cucumbers in the fridge.
  • I was practicing playing guitar so I could play a song for my mom’s birthday.
  • My mom needed help putting cucumbers in the fridge.
  • My sister broke my Chromebook screen because I wouldn’t give her a hug.
  • My parents had diarrhea.
  • My mom didn’t have time to do it.
  • My dad said he doesn’t believe in homework so I don’t have to do it.
  • My stepmom died again last night (for the 10th time).
  • My dad made me watch TV instead.
  • My dad ran it over with his truck.
  • My mom drank too much beer to help me with it.
  • My mom has radiation poisoning from Chernobyl and it messed up my brain.
  • My grandma got lost at the mall and it took us hours to find her.
  • My stepdad had a hook in his arm.
  • My grandmother wouldn’t give me back my textbook which she had taken in retaliation for the theft of her wooden leg.
  • My grandma accidentally took it with her to Mexico.
  • I did the homework the day you gave it to us, except then my dad sold all of our notebooks.
  • My grandpa said the work is stupid and you’re a moron.

Making Excuses About Special Events

“Damn, Miss, I was in Europe over the weekend.”

“Oh, you went for a weekend trip abroad as a 14-year-old? My apologies, allow me to rescind your homework requirements then.”

I honestly don’t know what some students are thinking with these reasons. But the stupidest homework excuses are my favorite. You can just let the kid talk and dig their own hole!

A felt pigeon eating cake for its birthday and used as a reason to not do homework.

Perhaps, eventually, one of these definitely totally believable excuses will be the final straw for your inevitable nervous breakdown. But until then, just keep quoting them verbatim as teacher comments on their report cards .

Maybe one day someone will actually bother to read those things.

  • I was getting married in the Sims and completely lost track of time.
  • It was my birthday and I just wanted to get my hair done and get a cake.
  • I was planning a funeral for my frog.
  • I had to take down Halloween decorations.
  • I had to get my nails done for prom.
  • It was my bird’s birthday.
  • I had to travel to Europe to stop WW3.
  • I was at the beach and they didn’t have good WiFi.
  • I was packing for the vacation I’ll be on for the next three weeks. Can I have the work I’ll miss?
  • I had to brush my hair.

Extremely Honest Reasons to Not Do Homework

Look, sometimes all you really need to do is be honest . Did you not do your homework because you smoked a bowl and got marooned on the sofa with cartoons?

Screw it! Just tell the teacher that. Maybe they’ll give you a pass for your winning smile alone!

A lazy red panda sleeping in a tree because he's been given too much homework.

Much like all the ridiculous reasons to visit the school nurse , sometimes, the best reasons for not doing your homework require honesty.

What could possi-blye go wrong!

  • I have no time management skills. On the bright side, I watched all of season 1 of Stranger Things today!
  • I was eating Toaster Strudels.
  • My 24-hour ban from Call of Duty ended today and I need to get some rounds in.
  • My favorite soccer team lost.
  • I was smoking weed with my friends and the next thing I knew it was morning and I had to come to school again.
  • It just didn’t fit into my schedule today.
  • I’m just, like, really lazy.
  • I had better things to do.
  • We thought it was Saturday yesterday.
  • I don’t need to do homework because NCAA scouts have been coming to see me play and I’m gonna get a scholarship.
  • I had to go to church but I’m pretty sure God will understand.

Animal Problems – “My Dog Ate My Homework” and Other Variants

I’m not saying your students are animals (though they certainly behave like animals ).

I AM saying that students will make excuse after excuse for not doing their homework courtesy of their pets. They’re the perfect culprit! Who’s ever going to interrogate your furry friend for cross-examination?

A rabid raccoon in a garbage can is used for a totally believable excuse of homework getting eaten.

Only the teachers who are crazy enough. ;)

  • My dog peed on my laptop and it took a few days to dry.
  • My cat ran over the keyboard and deleted the whole thing.
  • My dog doesn’t like going to the bathroom alone so I had to watch him and he took forever.
  • We had a cow in labor, and it was stuck in the hips of the cow, and I couldn’t get it out myself.
  • I was with my new guinea pig and it was really distracting.
  • The dog pooped and my baby brother fell in it.
  • I accidentally locked my cat with my brother’s cat, and I don’t know if my cat got pregnant, but I think she is because she tried to go under my bed, and she never does that.
  • There was a roach on the floor so I couldn’t get down off the bed the whole afternoon.
  • My dog had puppies on top of my book bag and it was gross so my dad threw my book bag away.
  • My cat threw up on it.
  • My duck pooped on it.
  • My dad accidentally threw my project away and a raccoon went into the trash can and destroyed it.
  • My friend’s cat is having an abortion.
  • A donkey ate it.
  • The squirrels on the roof were distracting me.
  • My dog died three years ago.
  • I was doing a photo shoot with my bunny.
  • My dog looked sad.
  • I was doing my homework outside and a bird grabbed it and flew away.
  • I got attacked by a raccoon on the way to school and he only went for the homework and ate it in front of me.
  • My pet parrot flew into the fireplace and caught on fire. It then proceeded to fly around the room, and his dad tried to hit it with a frying pan because he was afraid the curtains would go up in flames if the parrot went close to them. With all the drama, I forgot to do my homework.
  • My grandmother’s potbelly pig ate my homework.
  • I got distracted shopping online for furniture for my turtle.

Funny Homework Excuses and Technical Difficulties

Oh, man – I saw some whoppers of excuses in the remote learning era of COVID-19!

Technical difficulties are the perfect excuse students make to skip out on their homework. They think they’re more tech-savvy than teachers…

A girl on a phone emailing her funny excuse for not doing her homework to her teacher.

Little did they know that a teacher’s BS-meter is far more finely calibrated than their excuses will ever be!

  • Google erased my work.
  • I don’t have internet access (sent in an email).
  • I just kept hitting the submit button over and over and over and it didn’t make a click sound or anything.
  • My mom threw my “lab top” out the window and when I went outside to get it, it was gone.
  • I accidentally lit my Chromebook on fire
  • My dog peed on my Chromebook

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excuses for not doing homework

The Final Excuse for Not Doing Your Homework…

Reason #100:

  • “But, Miss! You said to do questions 1-10. You didn’t say bring them in!”

Check and mate.

Thus concludes our list of the 100 funniest excuses for not doing their homework, all thanks to the countless students who skipped out on their work.

Stay on guard though. With the rise of AI and homework excuse generators , the excuses only get more advanced!

A screenshot of a ChatGPT output after being prompted to deliver a funny excuse for not doing their homework.

So stay switched on out there! If it’s not funny excuses for not doing homework, it’s straight-up silly reasons for being absent and everything else under the sun.

Jot them down, collect them, and then (if you’re feeling spicy), post them in the comments down below. Why stop at 100? Gotta catch ’em all!

Stay miserable out there, teacherinos. The excuses and excuses never stop coming! So maybe come up with your own…

“Oh, no, sorry, Lucy. I CAN’T return your confiscated phone. My dog ate it.”

A teacher winning a game of chess representing the verbal exchange with a student over not doing their homework.

New excuses every week!

girl doing homework at her desk in her room

Hans Herbert

60 excuses for not doing homework (without blaming the dog).

  • December 21, 2022
  • ❂  School

Some people enjoy doing homework, while others despise it. Regardless of the type of person you are, homework can be boring, repetitive, or too difficult to understand. And sometimes there is just too much of it! In addition, if you have a full class schedule, homework can quickly become overwhelming.

There are several excuses for not doing homework, whether due to procrastination, lack of motivation, or external forces preventing you from doing it (like your dog eating it). We’ve all been there, so try not to be too hard on yourself. But rest assured, if you get into a situation where you cannot complete your homework, we’ve created this list of excuses that might help ease your anxiety while gaining some sympathy points from your teachers.

Excuses for not doing homework

We researched this topic and asked an English teacher of 35 years about some of her students’ most common and best excuses for not doing homework . She helped us put together the following list:

1. I was sick

Being sick, or claiming that you’re sick, can be used to get out of almost any scenario, including an instance where you did not complete your homework. Who wants to do homework when they are sick? Maybe some people will, but the majority will want to get their rest and recover to their usual selves.

2. My computer crashed

This excuse would not have worked only a couple of decades ago, but today, almost every student relies on their computer or laptop to do their work. So if you don’t have computer access, this is a plausible excuse for not doing your homework on time. 

3. My internet died

Like the excuse above, completing your assigned homework can be difficult if you don’t have internet access. Of course, not all homework relies on an internet connection, but if you need to research a particular topic, then it certainly might.

4. I broke my arm

If you broke your arm or any other bone, that is a believable excuse for not doing your homework. If this is your excuse and you didn’t break a bone, you’ll need to figure out a way to sell it. Is getting a fake cast worth going the extra distance just to get out of a bit of homework? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

teen giving the thumbs up with a broken arm

5. There was a death in the family

Nobody will question your reasons if there has been a death in your family or of a loved one. This excuse will definitely buy you some time. If nobody actually passed away, you can still use this one with a low chance of getting caught, but it might make you feel guilty inside. This is a good excuse if you can live with yourself for making such a thing up.

6. My bag got stolen

Having your property stolen is another one of those believable excuses for not doing your homework. If you tell your teacher that your bag was stolen and it contained your work, they will give you a pass and some additional sympathy points along the way.

7. I was in a car accident

Being injured in a car accident is another excellent excuse for not doing homework. Not all car injuries are visible, either. So if you were in a fake car crash, you could claim internal injuries or whiplash.

8. I had to work

Unfortunately, many students today need to work a part-time job to pay for things like tuition, books, food, and other items of necessity. If you tell your teacher that you had to work to help out the family or pay for your school, they will give you a pass.

9. I got stuck babysitting my younger siblings

If you’re the older brother or sister, you’ll know that babysitting is part of your job. You will get stuck babysitting from time to time, which might prevent you from completing your homework. 

10. Practice ran later than usual

Being part of extracurricular activities like sports or part of the school band will mean that you’ll need to practice. Sometimes, practice can go longer than anticipated and cut into your normal time when you do homework. 

11. I had a personal issue I was dealing with

Using personal issues as an excuse for not doing homework is good because it’s very open-ended. Personal issues could mean a variety of things; most likely, your teacher won’t pry too much. Saying you’re having personal issues at home might also gain you sympathy points with your teachers.

12. My parents forced me to spend time with them

You might get annoyed with your parents when they want to spend time with you as you get older because you have more important things to do in your eyes. However, it’s tough to blame your parents for wanting to do something as a family. Unfortunately, this time hanging out with them may cut into your homework. This excuse is perfect if your parents are divorced.

13. I have too much homework in other subjects

If you have a lot of homework from different classes, you will need to prioritize what gets done first, especially if you have limited time. This means that sometimes homework will not get done in classes that you feel are less important. If you are going to use this excuse for not doing your homework, you shouldn’t tell your teacher that their class is not essential to you but that you had too much work in other classes that were worth more of your grade.

14. I was in the hospital

If you tell your teacher that you were at the hospital and couldn’t complete the homework, the first thing they should ask is if you are okay. If they do this, you’ll know they are sympathetic toward you. Using the hospital as an excuse to get out of homework is very general; you could have been in the hospital for countless reasons, so pick wisely if you are going to use this one.

15. My pet got sick

Using a sick pet as an excuse for getting out of doing your homework is another believable option. If your teacher is also a pet owner, then they will surely understand your situation. 

16. I thought it was due tomorrow

Claiming ignorance may or may not work, depending on your teacher. You might get a pass if you tell them straight-faced that you thought it was due tomorrow. Make sure to hand in your homework the next day if you are going to use this excuse.

17. Bullies took it away from me and ripped it up

Using bullies as an excuse for not doing your homework is another good way to earn sympathy points from your teacher. The only problem with this excuse is that your teacher will want to know who is bullying you. If you’re making this up, you won’t want to pin the blame on somebody. Also, if you’re telling the truth, exposing your bully may get you into deeper trouble with them. 

two big kids bullying a smaller kid in class

18. My baby brother/sister spilled milk all over it

Gahh! Your baby brother or sister spilled milk all over your freshly printed assignment. This excuse is similar to your dog eating it. It might work if your teacher is gullible. 

19. I missed the lesson where it was assigned

This excuse involves playing the ignorance card again. For example, if you were absent earlier in the week when the assignment was given out, you could use this reason for not handing it in. However, your teacher may flip things back on you and tell you that you are responsible for asking someone what you missed. 

20. I was doing volunteer work

Using volunteer work as a reason for not doing homework will, at the very least, portray you as a good person. Whether or not your teacher goes easy on you is another story. 

21. I did it, but I must have forgotten it at home

Claiming that you did your homework but somehow forgot it at home could work, depending on your acting skills. This is another excuse where if you use it, you better hand it in the next day. 

22. It was too easy, so I thought it was a waste of time

You’re a brave individual if you use this excuse with your teachers. If you have demonstrated your intellect with your teachers, and they know that you’re smarter than the other kids, you might get away with this. However, it might make you look like a jerk. 

23. My parents rushed me out the door, and I didn’t get a chance to grab it on the way out

Blaming your parents because you didn’t hand in your homework is a good way to divert the blame to somebody else. Maybe you have a big family, and mornings are always chaotic. If this is your situation, this excuse might be good. 

24. I mixed it up with someone else

If you try to claim that you mixed up your homework with someone else’s, you will need to provide more details to your teacher because this can be confusing. So be prepared to have a backstory ready for why you handed in your brother/sister/friend’s homework instead. 

25. I ate something and had an allergic reaction

Using food poisoning or an allergic reaction to something you ate will buy you a day or two for your homework if your teacher is sympathetic.

girl having an allergic reaction to peanuts

26. The homework file on my computer got corrupted

You finally finished your homework and went to save it, but something weird happened, and the file got corrupted. Now, all your assignment reads is a bunch of gibberish, and there is no way to undo it.

27. I was studying for something more important

If you’re getting good grades in a particular class, you can use this excuse and say that you had to study for another class because your grades are not as good. Claiming that it’s more important to get your grades up in another class for your overall GPA will work in this scenario. 

28. I was out of town

If you had to go out of town on short notice, it might leave you with no time to finish your homework. Using this excuse will work if the reason you went out of town appears valid. You could also claim that you were out of town on a family vacation. 

29. I was too tired and fell asleep earlier than usual

Lack of sleep can cause a lot of health problems. If you have insomnia, you know how painful it can be to sleep rarely. If by chance, one night, you were just so tired that you fell asleep earlier, then so be it. You’re not used to sleeping much, so you have to take advantage of the times when you can, even at the expense of not doing your homework.

30. My dog ate it

We’re joking with this one, but we had to add it to the list anyways.  According to the teacher we consulted for this list, this excuse still gets used. Saying your dog ate your homework is another way of saying, “I didn’t do it, and we both know it.”

Funny excuses for not doing homework

If you’re feeling creative and brave, you can use one of these funny excuses for not doing your homework with your teacher. Keep in mind these excuses will probably not work. However, using one of these funny excuses may get a reaction or a laugh out of your teacher. If you can break them down a bit with your comedic approach for why you didn’t do your homework, then that’s one step in the right direction for them to go easy on you.  

  • I was attacked by a swarm of bees
  • I was stuck in a parallel universe where homework doesn’t exist
  • I was cursed by a witch and had to break the spell
  • I was trapped inside a magical painting and couldn’t escape
  • I was possessed by a demon and lost control of my actions
  • I was in a hotdog eating contest and was so full that I couldn’t move after
  • TV is just too good right now
  • My homework was so well done that I didn’t want to make the other students look bad
  • I fell into a giant puddle, and my homework was ruined
  • I was abducted by aliens and just returned to Earth

boy being abducted by aliens from his bedroom

Excuses for not doing homework to use with your parents

If you’ve been able to provide some good excuses for not doing homework to your teachers and they believed them, that’s great, but you’ll also need to work on your parents. Your reasons for not doing homework may work on your teachers, but you’ll have to adapt for your parents because they have more information about your personal life. For example, claiming a family emergency will not work with your parents as it would with your teachers. 

So if you’re at home playing videogames or watching TV instead of doing your homework, try using these excuses with your parents to get them off your back:

1. My teacher extended the deadline

The class was complaining about too much homework, so your teacher did everyone a solid and extended the deadline.

2. I finished everything while I was in school

The teacher gives lots of opportunities to work in class, so I used this time to finish all my homework to chill when I got home.

3. I’m waiting for my classmate to complete their section of the assignment first

I can’t do my homework until my classmates finish their section of our group project. They are the ones slowing me down!

4. Homework is pointless in my class and not worth any marks

My teacher told us that tests and exams make up 100% of our final grade, so there’s no point in doing the homework if it isn’t worth anything. 

5. I already know everything there is to know

I have already studied for the class and know everything there is to know. So doing the homework won’t teach me anything.

6. My teacher went easy on us and didn’t give us any work for a week

The teacher felt bad about giving us so much homework in previous weeks, so they decided not to give the class any more homework for the next week.

7. A substitute teacher is filling in

Our regular teacher is away, and a substitute teacher is filling in. The new substitute teacher does not care what we do since they are only there temporarily. 

8. You’re going to do your homework later on a video chat with your classmates 

You’re taking it easy right now because later at night, you will get on a video chat with classmates and do the work together.

9. My teacher said the homework was optional

My teacher gave us the option to do the homework and said it wouldn’t be graded either way. Normally I would do it regardless, but I didn’t feel like it this time.

10. I’m already getting straight A’s and need a break

I just need a break! I’ve been working so hard lately, and my grades reflect that. If I skip homework for one night, it will not affect my grades.

Spicy New Content 🌶️

Excuses for not doing homework to use with your classmates.

Sometimes you’ll need excuses for not doing homework to use with your classmates, primarily if they are relying on you for group work. For example, if you are working on a project or assignment together and haven’t completed your portion of the work, they might get pissed off. For this reason, it’s good to have excuses you can use with your classmates.

It could be a migraine, a cold, flu, covid-19, or other viruses. You were so sick you couldn’t complete the homework. 

2. My pet was sick

You were worried about your family pet, so you took them to the vet to ensure they were okay. You were there all night worrying about them.

3. There was a power outage at home

The whole block lost power, and as a result, you couldn’t do your share of the homework. The power outage lasted all night, so there was nothing you could do!

4. I thought it was due later

Whoops! You swear you thought it was due later. 

5. My ex was harassing me

You were trying to do the work, but your ex kept harassing you by calling and texting you or even showing up at your front door. Needless to say, you couldn’t get much done because of them.

6. I had no place to work

Typically, you work in your room, but you couldn’t this time because there were renovations taking place in your house. So you had to move all your stuff out of your room, which took forever!

7. My parents forced me to do something 

How annoying! Your parents insisted you do something together as a family. You tried to tell them you had vital homework to do, but they insisted, stating that you don’t spend enough time together.  This excuse works great if your parents are divorced. 

8. I was in an accident

Maybe it was a car accident, or you fell down the stairs. Regardless of the accident, you were too injured to do anything and needed to recover.

9. I was fighting with my partner

Being in a relationship is tough . So tough that sometimes you fight all night with your partner about meaningless topics. Once you two get going, the next thing you know is that it’s past midnight, and you got nothing done. 

young couple having an argument

10. I’ve been carrying the group all year, and now it’s your turn

It’s time for everybody else to pick up the slack! You’ve been the key to your group’s success in class so far, and you’re tired of carrying everyone else. Sheesh!

What if your teacher or parents are strict and don’t believe your excuses?

Sometimes your excuses for not doing homework will not cut it, no matter how much you try to convince your teacher or parents. They may be so strict that they will not accept any possible reason you may throw at them.

In these scenarios, it’s better to just come clean and explain why your homework isn’t complete without passing the blame. 

This is because if your teacher or parents don’t believe you or care regardless of what you say, you can have a clean conscience by telling the truth. Furthermore, if your parents or teachers know you’re telling the truth, they might have more respect for you and your situation, knowing that you could have blamed it on the dog or an alien abduction. 

How to finish homework faster

If you’re tired of using excuses for not doing your homework and want to become a better student, then it’s a good idea to learn some tips on how to finish your homework faster. If you can finish your homework faster, you’ll have extra time to do the things you want with your friends and family.  This will reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with the feeling of not getting your homework done. Not only will these tips help with getting your homework done faster, but they will also teach you how to get caught up on schoolwork if you’re falling behind.

Here are some tips on how to finish your homework faster:

1. Set up your workstation

The first step is to make sure you are doing your homework in a productive environment. If you do your homework in your room or an office, make sure that your space is neat and tidy. A clear space can equal a clear mind, which can put you in the right mindset before you start working.

2. Make a list of things that need to get done

Make a list of all the things you need to get done. Don’t worry if the list is larger than anticipated. Seeing everything in a list will become satisfying when you start crossing things off it.  Before you know it, your list will shrink in size and eventually disappear.

3. Estimate the time it will take for you to complete each item on your list

It’s a good idea to put a time estimate for all the things on your list. This way, you can start prioritizing items based on time. You can also plan your breaks better this way.

4. Unplug from screens and distractions

If one of your main problems is procrastination, then it is especially important to limit distractions. It’s easy to get wrapped up on Instagram or Tiktok for hours at a time.  Unplug from your phone and any other screen that isn’t necessary for your homework.

5. Start with any outstanding items

If you’re wondering how to get caught up on school work that is outstanding, then you should with all your outstanding items first! Pick the easiest outstanding item to get the ball rolling, then work to finish them all before moving on to tasks with future due dates.

6. Break down larger tasks into smaller ones

If you have a lot of bigger tasks, then you should break them down into smaller ones. For example, if you have to write an essay on a particular topic, break the essay down into smaller chunks like the intro paragraph, the supporting paragraphs, and the conclusion. Make each of those paragraphs a smaller task. It will seem more manageable this way.

7. Start with something small and easy

If you’re really struggling to even get started, then the best thing you can do is just pick the smallest and easiest task on your list of items and do that first. Once you cross it off the list, you might become more motivated to move on to the next item. Keep going from there and build momentum.

8. Take breaks and stretch

Taking breaks is really important for mental and physical well-being. Within every hour, do 50 minutes of concentrated and focused work with a 10-minute break at the end. Stretching is another great thing you can do while on your break to get your blood flowing. Set a timer for 50 minutes, then again for 10 minutes when the 50 minutes elapse. 

9. Stay focused

If you do 1-hour blocks of 50 minutes of work, with 10 minutes of break, then its important that the 50 minutes of work is high quality. Do your best to stay focused on the task at hand. Then, you can release that focus on your 10-minute break. 

10. Relax and reward yourself at the end of your working session

Did you complete your list? A large portion of it? Or did you only complete a few small tasks? If you’ve struggled with homework, then any amount you’ve completed should be a celebration. Even if you only completed 1 task on your list, that’s one task that wasn’t completed yesterday. Make sure to give yourself credit, and reward yourself with whatever makes you happy.  Of course, the more you complete, the bigger the reward!

happy girl stretching after finishing her homework

How to finish homework last minute

There isn’t a method on how to finish homework last minute that will always work. Realistically, you shouldn’t be leaving things until the last minute. However, there is one technique you can try.

If you have an assignment that due the next day, but you haven’t done anything for it, do the absolute bare minimum and hand it in. Pull your teacher aside and say that life got in the way, but you still wanted to submit something. Explain that you aren’t happy with your work, and would kindly request that you can resubmit it again in another few days to show what you’re truly capable of.  

Your teacher might see this as a positive effort and will reward you with a later deadline. Of course, this means that you will need to put more effort into the assignment. If you don’t do it, or hand in something lackluster, then this strategy on how to finish homework last minute will not work again.

If you’re having trouble finishing your assigned work in school, then we hope this list of excuses for not doing homework will help you.  Of course, we always recommend taking an honest approach. However, if you’re feeling embarrassed or ashamed about not finishing your homework again, then try one of these excuses if it makes you feel better.

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15 Good Excuses for When You Forgot to Do Your Homework

By: Author Hiuyan Lam

Posted on Last updated: October 20, 2023

Categories Social Responses

15 Good Excuses for When You Forgot to Do Your Homework

Having to do a ton of homework after a long day at school isn’t a great feeling. But, if you don’t do it, you’ll get in trouble if you don’t have good excuses not to do homework.

Instead of settling for a zero, you need to come up with good excuses to convince your teacher to give you a pass. These excuses not to do homework must be rock solid or else you might end up in even more trouble.

Saying the dog ate it is not a good excuse not to do homework, so don’t even think about using that one. Here are 15 of the best excuses not to do homework that are guaranteed to work:

Things to pay attention to before making up excuses not to do homework

  Before you go ahead and make up your excuses not to do homework, there are some things you must pay attention to. This will let you know if the excuse will work or not.   The main things are:  

female teacher holding a stick


4 excuses about blaming family when you forgot to do your homework

  Sometimes family can come in the way of getting your homework done on time. This can be because of a toxic home environment, or simply because a lot is going on at the moment.   Here are 4 good excuses not to do homework that can be blamed on your family:  

05 couple making conversations and being mad

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11 of the Best Excuses to not Video Call Someone

relationship failure problem sad

3 excuses that blame technology

  As reliable as technology is these days, certain things may happen that will make it difficult for you to complete your homework assignments.   Here are 3 excuses not to complete homework that you can blame on technology:  

man using three computers researching

15 Good Excuses to Miss Class without Being Caught Lying

3 excuses for when you have conflicts

  Unfortunately, teachers can sometimes put too much pressure on students to complete homework.   Students might end up with a ton of homework that has to go in the same day, or experience scheduling conflicts with their extracurriculars.   If this is your experience, here are 3 excuses not to do homework:  

football game starting position words to describe athlete

5 excuses for when you blame yourself

  If there isn’t anyone to blame but yourself, it’s always a better idea to go with the truth than a lie. Being able to hold yourself accountable says a lot and it is obvious to seasoned teachers when students are grasping at straws.   Here are 5 excuses not to do homework when it’s all your fault:  

womain in sweater blanket sick taking medicine teddy bear table gray background

  Now that you have your excuses not to do homework, please don’t take advantage of them.   Sure, homework might be no fun, but it will be helpful in the long run and you’ll find that when test time comes, you’ll have an easier time recalling what you have learned!  


12 of the funniest excuses for not doing your homework.

Homework is something that a lot of students choose not to do, even though they know they can get into a lot of trouble for skipping it. If you’re an educator, you’ve probably heard an unlimited number of excuses from your students, and some of them might have been absolutely hilarious.

Who’s going to want to do that math homework or write college papers when a new Marvel comic book has just been released, right?

1. “My brother’s friend , who came to our house yesterday, said he could eat paper, and I didn’t believe him. So he decided to show how much paper he could eat and grabbed my homework right out of my desk. I didn’t see that it was my homework and realized that it was too late.”

2. “ My dad needs a paper shredder for work, and it was delivered to our house yesterday. He wanted to show us how it works and mistakenly took my homework and destroyed it.”

4. “ I didn’t do my homework because I figured I’d do it tomorrow, because I’ll be older, and therefore be wiser, then.”

5. “ Yesterday, I didn’t have time to complete the homework because I was at the rally all day. The rally was calling for an increase to teacher pay, so I had to be there.”

7. “ Well, incredible story. I was going to school this morning and it was very windy. I carried the homework in my hands, but it slipped out of them and blew away. I tried to chase it for a couple of blocks, so that’s why I’m late to class.”

8. “ While I was getting ready for school this morning, I was putting some books inside my backpack. When it was time for my homework, my mom said she needed to see me in the kitchen right away. I went there, and when I came back, my homework wasn’t there. Clearly, my dad accidentally took it to work because his briefcase was next to my backpack.”

9. “ I was in the school yard when I heard some student saying bad things about you. I felt like that should let him know that he was wrong. It would be wrong to hurt him, so I thought a good way was to throw something at him. I quickly looked through my backpack, but the only thing I could find was the homework I had to submit today. After hesitating a bit, I let him have it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find it afterward; someone must have taken it.”

12. “ I was sunbathing near the pool yesterday and doing the homework at the same time. When I was about done, something pushed me forward and I dropped my work right into the pool. It was so wet I couldn’t put it together, so I don’t have it right now.”

Just a Drop in the Ocean

The amount of homework is steadily increasing , so more and more students are finding creative excuses to avoid it. We collected just a small amount in this article, but there are literally thousands of excuses like these, and students keep coming up with new ones.

Daniel Reed

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Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework [Complete Guide]

When the pile of homework seems insurmountable, having valid Excuses for Not Doing Homework can be a lifesaver. In this straightforward guide, we provide practical and genuine reasons for students who find themselves unable to complete their assignments.

Table of Contents

30 Stunning Excuses for not doing homework

In the world of academics, when homework piles up and time runs short, having “Stunning Excuses for Not Doing Homework” can be a game-changer. In this concise guide, we present innovative and genuine reasons that students can employ when faced with the daunting task of unfinished assignments.


It’s a classic excuse, and being genuinely ill can indeed hinder homework completion. When using this excuse, it’s crucial to convey your sincerity to your teacher.

If you’re not genuinely sick , consider the ethical aspect. Faking illness is not recommended, and it’s essential to maintain trust with your teachers. Instead, try to manage your time better to avoid last-minute homework crises.


When you explain this to your teacher, be honest about the issue and express your frustration. They may offer an extension or suggest alternative ways to complete the assignment .


Ensure that your teacher understands the necessity of internet access for the specific assignment. In the meantime, you can try to complete any offline portions of your homework.

Always have a backup plan for internet access, such as using a mobile data connection or a nearby library, to prevent this excuse from becoming a recurring issue.


Remember that honesty is essential. Faking an injury is not recommended, as it can lead to serious consequences and damage your credibility with teachers.


However, consider the ethical implications of using this excuse falsely. Faking a family death is highly inappropriate and can have severe consequences.

Be prepared to provide some documentation or information about the situation, but remember that you’re not obliged to share more than you’re comfortable with.


Provide details about what was in your bag and explain the urgency of the situation. Teachers are generally sympathetic to theft-related issues.


When informing your teacher, be honest about the impact of the accident on your ability to complete homework. Mention any physical or emotional distress you’re experiencing.

Only use this excuse when it’s valid, and prioritize your recovery over homework.


Many students have part-time jobs to support themselves or their families. If work commitments prevent you from completing homework, discuss your situation with your teacher in advance.

Explain the importance of your job for your financial stability and your commitment to your studies. Most teachers will be accommodating if they know your circumstances.


Highlight your commitment to your family while also emphasizing your commitment to your education .

Try to create a schedule that balances your babysitting responsibilities and homework time to avoid last-minute issues.


Extracurricular activities like sports or band practice can extend beyond their expected duration. Inform your teacher about your commitment to these activities and the unexpected delay in returning home .

Express your dedication to both academics and extracurriculars. Teachers often appreciate students who are involved in school activities.


Be honest and considerate of your family’s privacy while explaining the circumstances to your teacher.


Pets are like family to many people, and their health issues can be concerning. If your pet needs urgent care , let your teacher know and explain the situation.

Be sure to provide any necessary documentation from the veterinarian or proof of the emergency vet visit . Ensure your pet’s well-being and then address your homework responsibilities.


14. i had a mental health crisis.

Mental health is as crucial as physical health . If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, inform your teacher honestly and express your need for time to address your well-being.


Volunteering for a worthy cause is commendable. If your volunteer work unexpectedly extended into your homework time, explain your commitment to community service and ask for an extension.

Highlight the valuable skills and experiences gained through volunteering. Balance your volunteering commitments with your academic responsibilities by planning your schedule effectively.


17. i’m experiencing family conflict.

Family conflicts can be emotionally draining. If you find yourself in the midst of such a situation, communicate with your teacher about the emotional strain it’s causing.


Share your concern for your community’s safety and well-being. Prepare an emergency kit and have backup plans for studying during power outages.


20. i’m experiencing technical difficulties with my school’s online platform.

Technical issues with your school’s online platform can be frustrating. If these problems prevent you from accessing or submitting homework, report them to your teacher.


Express your commitment to your family while recognizing your academic responsibilities. Plan your travel and homework schedule carefully to avoid last-minute conflicts.


23. i’m facing a language barrier.

If you’re learning a new language and struggling to understand the homework, reach out to your teacher for assistance.


Request an extension to acquire replacement supplies or borrow from a classmate. Keep your school supplies secure and consider labeling them to prevent theft.


26. i’m struggling with a personal crisis.

Personal crises, such as a breakup or a challenging family situation, can be emotionally taxing. Communicate with your teacher about the crisis and its impact on your ability to focus on homework.


Emphasize your commitment to resolving housing instability and your dedication to your education. Connect with housing support services in your community to address the instability more effectively.


Sometimes, students struggle with time management and find themselves unable to complete homework due to procrastination or over commitment to other activities.

Acknowledge the issue and ask your teacher for guidance on improving time management skills. Consider seeking assistance from a teacher or counselor to develop effective time management strategies.


Lack of reliable transportation can be a barrier to completing homework, especially if you rely on public transportation. Notify your teacher about transportation challenges and their impact on your ability to access resources or attend school.


Sometimes, students experience a lack of motivation , making it challenging to complete homework. Be honest with your teacher about your motivation struggles and ask for strategies to stay on track.

Express your desire to overcome this issue and succeed academically. Seek inspiration from classmates, teachers, or online resources to boost motivation and focus on your studies.

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How to Make Up a Good Excuse for Your Homework Not Being Finished

Last Updated: April 10, 2024 Fact Checked

Choosing an Excuse

Delivering the excuse, potential consequences, moving forward, expert q&a.

This article was co-authored by wikiHow Staff . Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 376,891 times. Learn more...

If you did not finish your homework, you may want to find an excuse to avoid being penalized. There are a variety of excuses, from blaming technology to your busy schedule, that sounds like a plausible reason for failing to complete an assignment. When you settle on an excuse, work on delivering the excuse in a believable fashion. However, try to be careful moving forward. You do not want to lie habitually, as this reflects poorly on you as a student. In the future, try to make sure your assignments are done on time.

Step 1 Blame technology.

  • This is a great excuse if you had a paper you needed to type and print. It may also work if you have homework you had to do online. You could say you did the whole assignment, but then your internet cut out and you couldn't save anything.
  • It might be a bad idea to claim your printer stopped working. Your teacher may request you e-mail him/her the assignment instead, which you won't be able to do if you never did it. Teachers may also suggest you should have printed an assignment at a local library or FedEx instead of coming in with nothing.

Step 2 Consider your family's situation.

  • If your parents are divorced, for example, you can claim you were at your mom's last night but left your textbook with your dad this weekend. Many teachers are sympathetic to children from divorced homes. Your teacher may take pity on you if you use an excuse like this. [2] X Research source
  • Do you have any younger siblings? You could claim you had to babysit your little sister and she got sick, resulting in your being distracted from your homework. [3] X Research source

Step 3 Blame an illness.

  • You can try running around in the playground or hallways before class. This can help you look flushed and warm. If you look sick, your teacher will be more likely to believe you.
  • However, keep in mind some teachers may require a note from your parents in the event of illness. If your teacher typically demands proof of sickness, you may want to avoid using this excuse.

Step 4 Claim the work was too difficult.

  • Avoid saying you left your homework at home. Your teacher may request you call your mom or dad to have it delivered to the school. This will reveal you are lying.
  • Try not to use this excuse more than once or twice a term; otherwise, your teacher may see you as disorganized and be less sympathetic towards you if you need to make other excuses in the future.

Step 6 Blame your schedule.

  • Be careful using this excuse if you're not busy. If you're usually late for classes and do not engage in many extracurricular activities, your teacher may catch onto the fact you're lying.

Step 7 Avoid playing dumb.

  • Never lie you were absent on the day the homework was set. One glance of the register is all it takes for your teacher to see right through this excuse.

Step 1 Consider the teacher's personality.

  • If your teacher is particularly strict, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. A stricter teacher is likely to grill you, poking holes in your excuse. For example, say you claim you couldn't turn in your online math homework because your internet cut out. A strict teacher might respond with something like, "Then why didn't you go do your homework at a coffee shop?" Have a response ready. Try something like, "My mom was working and there was no one to drive me." [7] X Research source
  • Do you know anything about your teacher's personal interests? This can help you gauge what excuse may work for this person. For example, you know your chemistry teacher is the oldest of 7 children. He may be more sympathetic to a story about how watching your younger siblings kept you from getting your work done. [8] X Research source

Step 2 Keep things short and to the point.

  • Stick to only the important details. For example, say you're planning on claiming your piano recital got out late, and this is why you didn't finish your math homework. Do not go overboard with the details. Simply say, "A few students played their solos too long, so we didn't get done until 9:30 and it was a 45-minute drive home." Do not say, "Chester Mifflin spent 25 minutes on his routine when we were only given 10, and then Lisa Gregory was a little late getting up on stage..." The longer your lie, the more unbelievable it sounds. Most people would not remember this much detail.
  • If your teacher presses you for specifics, you can improvise as needed but avoid excessive detail. For example, your teacher might ask, "How long did the recital run over?" Do not say, "It was supposed to run until 8:30 but it was 9:23 when we got out." Instead, say something somewhat vague, like, "I'd say about 45 minutes."

Step 3 Go for a plausible story.

  • Take a few deep breaths before going into the room to help yourself stay calm.
  • Make eye contact with your teacher most of the time.
  • Be conscious of what you're doing with your body. Try to avoid fidgeting excessively.

Step 1 Think of what will happen if you get caught.

  • Refer to the syllabus for that class. There may be a section about honesty that goes over the consequences of lying to a teacher.
  • You should also look at your school's handbook if you have a copy. See if there are any sections about what happens if you breach academic honesty policies.
  • Consequences can vary from teacher-to-teacher. In some cases, you may only get a strict talking to. However, some teachers may be required to report these kinds of behaviors to the principal and your parents. This could land you in more serious trouble both at home and at school.

Step 2 Look at the consequences of simply being honest.

  • It may depend on the assignment. Late work may not be accepted, but if the assignment is only worth 10 points, is this really a big deal? However, if the assignment is worth 15% of your grade, it may be worth it to ask for an extension.
  • Talk to other students who've had this teacher in the past. How has this teacher reacted to late or missing work? Some teachers may accept late work for lower points. Some teachers may allow you to turn in work late if it's your first time. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to simply admit you didn't do the assignment.

Step 3 Compare consequences.

  • You can make a pro and con list for each scenario. Write down the possible benefits and possible drawbacks of each option. For example, you can write on the top of a piece of paper "Lying To My Teacher" and then have two columns, one for "pro" and one for "con." Under "pro," you may write something like, "Assignment is worth a lot of points - an extension could help my overall grade." Under "con," you could write, "If Ms. Davies finds out I'm lying, she will report it to the principal and I'll get detention for a week."
  • Weigh the pros and cons. If the pros outweigh the cons heavily for one option, this may be the right choice for you.

Step 1 Prioritize your homework.

  • Do your homework every day after school. Do not do anything else, like playing video games or playing outside, before finishing your work.
  • Write down all the assignments you have to do. Make sure to write down an assignment after a teacher mentions it. This way, you won't forget.

Step 2 Seek outside help.

  • If you habitually struggle to get your homework done and have an overall inability to concentrate, this can be a symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder. Talk to your parents about getting tested for ADD.

Step 3 Avoid lying habitually.

Ashley Pritchard, MA

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wikiHow Staff

While lying too often could reflect badly on you as a student, if you need a good excuse for your homework not being finished, say you lost it. Just don’t use this excuse often, since your teacher will think you’re unorganized. If the homework was on the computer, try blaming technology. Say your computer crashed or your internet was down. Alternatively, claim you were ill last night and had to rest. Only do this if you don’t think your teacher will call your parents to check or ask for a sick note. If you have a sibling that doesn’t go to your school, you can say they were ill and you had to look after them. Or, if you do a lot of things outside of school and have lots of homework to do, pretend you were too busy and ran out of time. For more tips, including how to make your excuse more convincing, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Daniel Wong

11 Excuses for Not Doing Homework (And How to Stop Making Them)

July 5, 2022 By Daniel Wong 6 Comments

young man doing homework in his room

If you’re like many students, you’d rather take a nap, talk to your friends online, or play video games.

As you already know, finding reasons not to do your homework will prevent you from succeeding in school .

I’m sure you want to do well in school, and homework is definitely a part of that process.

In this article, I’ll go over 11 of the most common excuses for not doing homework and offer solutions to ensure that you stay engaged in school.

But first, make sure to download your free quick action guide…


12 Guaranteed Ways for Students to Improve Focus and Reduce Procrastination (Cover)

Get your FREE copy of

12 Guaranteed Ways for Students to Improve Focus and Reduce Procrastination .  

The guide has already been downloaded thousands of times, so don't miss out!

Excuse #1: You lack the required knowledge

Let your parents and teacher know if you’re taking a class and feel as if you lack the necessary skills or knowledge to complete the homework.

Ask your teacher for extra guidance so you don’t fall too far behind. See if your parents can find the time to help you, or you can look for a tutor.

Your teachers are there to help you develop the skills you need to do well in their classes.

You’re not alone in feeling that you lack the necessary skills, so don’t be too embarrassed to ask for assistance. You might even find some great study buddies who feel the same way.

Excuse #2: You lack confidence

Many students compare themselves to their peers, which can lead to a lack of confidence. When that happens, it’s easy to make excuses for not doing the homework.

But here’s what you need to know…

Everyone lacks confidence about something.

You might be good at math but need extra help with English. Perhaps you excel at geography but find biology confusing.

Give yourself a break.

If you lack confidence in your ability to learn a particular subject, get the support you need. Your teachers, parents, and even friends will help you out and give you a needed morale boost.

Excuse #3: Your home life is too hectic

The excuses for submitting assignments late are numerous, but one that I hear often is that it’s too busy or noisy at home to focus.

Finding a quiet space and using earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones can help reduce distractions. This will make it easier for you to finish your homework.

If that doesn’t work, try finding an alternative location to do your work, like the library or a friend’s house.

You can also talk to your parents about it. They might not even be aware of all the interruptions that are preventing you from completing your schoolwork.

Excuse #4: You don’t know where to start

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed are often the main reasons that cause students to not know where to start on their homework.

If you ever feel this way, here’s what I suggest you do:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Create a space where you can get organised.
  • Make a list of all your assignments and deadlines.
  • Work on one assignment at a time.
  • Start with an easy assignment to get a quick win, or tackle the most challenging assignment to get it out of the way.

Excuse #5: You have poor study habits

Many students develop bad study habits over their years in school.

Not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace. As such, every student will have different study habits. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try a different approach.

If you’re trying to do your homework as soon as you get home from school but can’t focus, try having a snack and taking a power nap before getting to work instead.

If you’re staying up too late studying, set a rule for yourself that you’ll start doing your homework within one hour of getting home.

Establish a routine where you do your work at roughly the same time each day. Developing routines like this will improve your study habits , which will make you a more effective student.

Excuse #6: School isn’t important to you

A common misconception is that school isn’t important, that what you learn won’t be relevant once you leave school.

This isn’t completely true.

Of course, the education system can be improved. But the knowledge you acquire in school will help you to understand and appreciate the world better.

And the process of becoming a more effective student will lead you to develop traits like self-discipline and responsibility. These are the types of traits you’ll need in order to find success at any stage of life!

Excuse #7: You’re overloaded with after-school activities

I know it can be tough to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Maybe you’re on a sports team or you spend several hours each week volunteering.

Finding the right balance to ensure you have enough time for homework can be challenging.

When too many afterschool activities get in the way of completing your assignments on time, it’s time to review your schedule. Decide how you can prioritise the activities that are the most important.

You may need to put some activities on hold until you’re consistently staying on top of your schoolwork.

Speak with your coach, teachers, or parents about the ideas they have to help you manage your schedule more effectively.

Excuse #8: Studying is boring for you

If you find that doing your homework is uninteresting, it may be time for you to change your point of view.

I always encourage students to cultivate a growth mindset . This is a mindset where you focus more on the learning process instead of on getting good grades.

Rather than seeing a particular subject as boring, develop a sense of wonder. Decide that you’re going to be intellectually curious, and you’ll discover that we live in a fascinating world.

And while you’re on that journey, remember that the students who succeed in school find ways to get the work done even when they find the subject boring.

For example, if you don’t like math, consider that it isn’t just about numbers – it’s a way of thinking.

Reframing how you think about a subject will enable you to see it as more interesting. In turn, you’ll become a better student over time.

Excuse #9: Your teachers assign too much homework

Sometimes, it may seem like your teachers assign more homework than you can keep up with. You might even believe that what you’re required to do is unreasonable.

If you find yourself in this situation, take a moment to think about everything else you’re doing.

Are you managing your time well?

Are you struggling with a particular class?

Do you use memory techniques to enable you to learn faster ?

Instead of allowing homework to overwhelm you, try talking to your teacher, tutor, or parents to figure out the best way forward for you.

Excuse #10: You already have so much overdue homework

Procrastinating on your homework can lead to a significant pile-up of assignments. This will affect your confidence in being able to complete them.

What’s more, once you get a set of new assignments, you probably won’t know how to do them because you didn’t do the previous assignments.

This creates a vicious cycle where you tell yourself that there’s no point in completing your newly assigned homework because you still have the old ones to do.

When this happens, the likelihood of completing any of the work decreases.

If you’re in this situation, set a reasonable goal of keeping up with all the newly assigned homework while completing, say, one overdue assignment a day, or one overdue assignment every two days.

Excuse #11: You don’t believe you can get good grades

If you hate school, there’s a chance that it’s because you feel the pressure to be a straight-A student .

Here’s the good news: You don’t need to be perfect. After all, there’s no such thing as a perfect student.

But you do have to put in the effort and get the work done. The rest will then fall into place.

If you’re doing your best, you’re doing great! Celebrate your progress and keep moving forward.

Take it one step at a time, and don’t worry too much about what grades you’re getting at the moment.

In closing…

There are many possible reasons for you not to finish your homework.

No matter what those reasons are, it’s important to know that the people around you want to help you succeed.

From teachers to parents to coaches, you have a support network to provide solutions to almost any obstacle you face.

Identify the excuses listed in this article that are relevant to your situation, and apply the suggested solutions.

If you do that, you’ll become a better and happier student who makes far fewer excuses related to homework!

' src=

July 7, 2022 at 12:13 pm

Thank you so much for this article. These were the problems I was struggling with. Now that i know the solutions to it ,I’m sure I’ll do better than before.

' src=

July 7, 2022 at 1:05 pm

You’re very welcome.

' src=

July 7, 2022 at 6:20 pm

I pray that may Almighty God grant you long life, more knowledge, sound health, rest of mind, wealth and happiness, so that you can witness your good impact in this World 🌍. GOD has made you a useful tool for every students and parents that is actually seeking success.

July 7, 2022 at 7:42 pm

Thank you, God bless you too!

' src=

July 27, 2022 at 9:29 pm

Thank you so much for this. I have found a couple of solutions for excuses I’ve made in the past. I needed this.

July 27, 2022 at 9:42 pm

You’re welcome.

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14 Hilarious Homework Excuses

If you're an educator, you've undoubtedly heard your fair share of excuses from students who don't have their assigned homework with them, which can range from plausible to hilariously absurd.

We've compiled some of the best homework excuses that educators in our Facebook community have heard during their time in the wacky world of teaching.

Students' Best Excuses 

'I couldn't do my homework because my room is haunted.'

This piece was originally submitted to our community forums by a reader. Due to audience interest, we’ve preserved it. The opinions expressed here are the writer’s own.

School Drillers

10 common excuses students make for not doing homework.

Homework is an integral part of the educational process, designed to reinforce learning, foster discipline, and develop crucial skills such as time management and responsibility. However, despite its importance, students often find themselves grappling with a myriad of reasons to avoid completing assignments. From the classic “the dog ate my homework” to more elaborate justifications, excuses for not doing homework are as diverse as they are creative. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the top 10 common excuses students make for not doing homework, exploring the underlying reasons behind each excuse and providing strategies for educators and parents to address them effectively.

Common Excuses Students Make for Not Doing Homework

1. “i forgot”.

Perhaps one of the most frequently heard excuses, “I forgot” seems innocuous at first glance. However, forgetfulness can signal deeper issues such as poor organizational skills or overwhelming academic workload. Students may struggle to keep track of assignments amidst a plethora of other responsibilities. To combat this excuse, educators can implement strategies such as assignment notebooks, digital reminders, or periodic check-ins to help students stay organized and accountable.

2. “I Didn’t Understand”

When faced with complex assignments or concepts, students may resort to claiming lack of understanding as a reason for not completing homework. This excuse highlights potential gaps in comprehension or ineffective teaching methods. Educators should strive to provide clear instructions, offer additional support through tutoring or peer assistance, and encourage open communication to address any confusion promptly.

3. “It’s Too Hard”

Similar to the previous excuse, citing difficulty as a reason for not doing homework may indicate a need for differentiated instruction or scaffolded learning experiences. Students may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by challenging tasks, leading them to procrastinate or avoid completing assignments altogether. Educators can break down assignments into manageable steps, offer alternative approaches, and provide constructive feedback to build students’ confidence and resilience.

4. “I Didn’t Have Time “

In today’s fast-paced world, students juggle various commitments outside of school, from extracurricular activities to familial responsibilities. While time constraints are a legitimate concern, they should not serve as a perpetual excuse for neglecting homework. Educators and parents can help students prioritize tasks, establish a structured study schedule, and identify opportunities for time management skills development to ensure that homework remains a priority amidst competing demands.

5. “I’ll Do It Later”

Procrastination plagues many students, tempting them to postpone homework until the last minute. This excuse reflects a lack of self-discipline and effective time management strategies. Educators can teach students techniques such as the Pomodoro Technique or task prioritization to combat procrastination and instill a sense of accountability for completing assignments promptly.

6. “My Internet Was Down”

In an increasingly digital age, reliance on technology for completing homework is commonplace. However, technical issues such as internet outages or device malfunctions can disrupt students’ ability to access online resources or submit assignments. To address this excuse, educators can offer alternative offline activities or extensions for affected students while encouraging them to communicate issues promptly to seek assistance.

7. “I’m Not Feeling Well”

Health concerns, whether physical or mental, can impact students’ ability to focus on homework. Chronic illnesses, stress, anxiety, or depression may contribute to frequent absenteeism or decreased productivity. Educators and parents should prioritize students’ well-being, offering support services, accommodations, and flexibility when necessary to ensure that they can manage their health while maintaining academic progress.

8. “I Finished It, but I Left It at Home”

This classic excuse may seem far-fetched, but instances of misplaced or forgotten homework are not uncommon. Disorganization or lack of responsibility may contribute to such incidents. Educators can encourage students to utilize digital platforms for submitting assignments or implement backup submission methods to mitigate the impact of forgetfulness or logistical challenges.

9. “The Assignment Wasn’t Clear”

Miscommunication between educators and students regarding assignment expectations can lead to confusion and frustration. Ambiguous instructions or unclear grading criteria may contribute to students’ reluctance to engage with homework tasks. Educators should strive for clarity in their communication, provide detailed assignment guidelines, and be receptive to questions or requests for clarification to minimize misunderstandings.

10. “I Have Personal Issues”

Students may encounter various personal challenges outside of the classroom that affect their ability to complete homework assignments. Family problems, financial difficulties, or emotional turmoil can significantly impact academic performance. Educators and support staff should cultivate a compassionate and understanding environment, offering resources, referrals, and accommodations to help students navigate personal hardships while maintaining academic engagement.

Excuses students make for not doing homework often serve as red flags, signaling underlying issues that require attention and intervention. By understanding the motivations behind these excuses and implementing targeted strategies to address them, educators and parents can empower students to overcome barriers to academic success and cultivate a culture of responsibility, resilience, and lifelong learning. Through collaboration and support, we can transform excuses into opportunities for growth and achievement in the educational journey.

Also read : 10 tips to help you become a good educator

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  • Creatively Dodging Commitments, One Excuse at a Time! /
  • Excuses For Not Doing Homework /

Excuses For Not Doing Homework

As a student, I understand the importance of completing homework assignments. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find the motivation or time to get your work done. I’m sure many of us have been in a situation where we’ve had to come up with excuses for not doing our homework.

Although it’s never ideal to make excuses, sometimes it’s necessary. Here are some of the most common excuses for not doing homework:

  • I didn’t understand the assignment.

This is a common excuse, especially if you’re in a class where the material is new or unfamiliar. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for clarification. They’ll be more than happy to help you understand the assignment better.

  • I had a family emergency.

If you have a family emergency, this is a valid excuse for not doing your homework. Your teacher will likely understand and be willing to work with you to make up the work.

  • I was sick.

If you’re sick, it’s understandable that you may not be able to complete your homework. Your teacher should be understanding of this.

  • I had too much work.

Sometimes, teachers assign too much work and it can be overwhelming. If this is the case, talk to your teacher about it and see if they can reduce the workload.

  • I had a test the next day.

If you had a test the next day, it’s understandable that you may not have had time to complete your homework. Your teacher should be understanding of this.

  • I had to work.

If you have a job, your teacher should understand that you may not have had time to complete your homework.

  • I had a project due.

If you had a project due, your teacher should understand that you may not have had time to complete your homework.

U.S/Canada 1.800.393.4636 | International 1.407.796.5200 | [email protected]

Live Courses

15 hilarious homework excuses, homework excuses you may have heard before.

homework excuses

Students will tell you just about anything to get out of trouble for not having their homework. This situation can be fodder to some great teacher stories as students can come up with the most hilarious homework excuses. Have you ever had students come up with homework excuses like these?

1. It just slipped out of my hands and blew away. That’s why I am late. I ran after it. Oops, the wind was so strong that I just couldn’t help it. *Sad face*

2. I was not able to hold the pencil because my finger hurt. You realize how difficult it is to hold a pencil when your finger hurts “really,” “really” bad?

3. I let somebody take it and did not get it back. That little bugger told me he was in urgent need of my homework copy, and I fell in the trap. *Grim face*

4. My dad wasn’t well, and my mom wasn’t home. Oh so common reason. But it works every time, doesn’t it?

5. You told us to do all the questions. Were we supposed to bring them too? I did them as you said but I did them on my rough copy at home. I did not know that I was supposed to bring it too. I will bring that tomorrow, ma’am! I have already done it. *Sincere mode on*

6. I left it in my shirt, and my mother washed it. And I had a fight with my mother. I didn’t do anything wrong. Trust me, I did the homework. *Poor face*

7. My dad accidentally put it in his office bag and took it to work. My dad is always in a hurry like that.

8. My younger sibling ripped it apart. That stupid brother does not understand the difference between food and papers. He chewed my homework. *Angry face*

9. We had an electricity cut off in our house, and I had to ignite it to get enough light to see the fuse box. It was such a sad day for me. I put so much hard work doing it. *Helpless face*

10. I got soap in my eyes, and it blinded me for the rest of the night. I have a good habit of bathing every day after school, and it cost me my homework. Seems like good habits ain’t that good.

11. I got a solar powered calculator, and the weather was cloudy. Advanced math without a calculator? No way.

12. I left my homework on your desk before you came but it’s just not here. I had handwritten it, took me ages!” Somebody must have stolen it. *Clueless face*

13. I left my homework on the table and my angry dog got hold of it. Rest is history. Angry dogs are dangerous, I tell you. I couldn’t try to pacify him.

14. My father went through a nervous breakdown, and he used the pages of my assignment to make paper boats. I wonder how he behaved. Like a kid, you know! I was, in fact, not coming today but mom forced me to stay out of dad's way or else he would tear all my books!

15. I tried so hard to understand the chapter but I couldn’t. Can you please explain it to me again, ma’am? I will give it another try. I am such a sincere boy; I just can’t leave my homework undone. I will definitely do it once I understand it.

Have some more interesting excuses you have heard of?

Or perhaps you invented them!

Share with us in the comments below and let the laughter begin!

About the Author: Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of a leading online tutoring assistance program for college students. Having graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), he worked briefly with the American consulting firm, Kurt Salmon Associates before taking the entrepreneurial route. Outside of the work arena, Aditya has a personal interest in helping MBA students. He is also actively involved in giving back to the society by contributing a part of the revenue towards education of poor students.

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Funny Homework Excuses to Replace your Boring Excuses for not Doing Homework

  • Trent Lorcher
  • Categories : Study & learning tips for parents & students
  • Tags : Homework help & study guides

Funny Homework Excuses to Replace your Boring Excuses for not Doing Homework

Take the following into account before using any excuse for not showing up with homework:

  • Know your audience. Make sure your teacher has a sense of humor. Not all teachers understand humor; not all teachers will find your funny homework excuses funny. Some teachers need boring excuses for not doing homework… because they’re boring.
  • Know your audience. Make sure the excuse demonstrates elements of knowledge about the assignment you’re trying to get excused. The most obvious class for these excuses is English. Most English teachers will be satisfied that you spelled things correctly and showed some creativity. Math and Science teachers will be impressed by any technical terms you bring in. History teachers will be amazed at your use of historical allusions. For art class, draw a picture.
  • Presenting funny homework excuses takes practice. You don’t just read the excuse, you dramatize it. Use hand motions, voice inflections, and all those things your teachers tell you to do while speaking in public. If you’re not capable of a compelling delivery, write the excuse out and put a smiley face on it.
  • Write/Practice your excuse now. Using these excuses for not doing homework takes time. If you don’t have time to do homework then you don’t have time to write and practice an excuse. Have the excuse ready, and when your teacher doesn’t believe it, pull out the old “I obviously did it. Heck, I could have done the assignment in a lot less time than making up this excuse, sir.”

A Creative Example

This excuse is especially useful in less populated sections of the country, but variations of it will work anywhere. It’s called the Hiker’s Dilemma and goes as follows:

You won’t believe what happened (your teacher will undoubtedly agree with your opening statement). I was at the library writing my essay on The Declaration of Independence and I got so involved in it that I lost track of time and missed the bus. I stopped off for a bite to eat at Montezuma’s cafe and called my Mom for a ride home. She was unable to come, on account of her lupus (the goal is to create sympathy; any disease will do), so I decided to make the long trek home…through the woods. After about an hour of walking and reciting our nation’s founding document, Montezuma got his revenge on my stomach. I had no choice but to run behind a bush and squat. I averted one disaster, but my troubles weren’t over. I had no toilet paper. I searched through my backpack and all I could find was my essay that I had just written. I struggled for over eight minutes, not knowing what to do. I finally decided to sacrifice the essay. I have it in my locker if you want me to get it. It’s pretty disgusting though………

Now that you’ve seen a sample, I’ll give you some ideas and you come up with the rest. Keep in mind that not all excuses work on all teachers.

  • I was up late taking care of my sick gerbil that my dearest dead grandma gave me as a Festivus gift the day she died. The only thing that could relieve Trentie’s pain was a soft bed of notebook paper and the only piece of notebook paper I had was today’s homework assignment. Gram gram appreciates your understanding.
  • I was in the lunch room and another student started criticizing you and I just couldn’t let that go without letting him know he was wrong. I searched through my backpack to find something to throw at him, and all I could find was today’s homework assignment, so I let him have it.
  • I know this sounds ridiculous, but a dog really did eat my homework. It wasn’t my dog. It belonged to the neighbor, a pit bull, and he was chasing my 2-year old sister, your little girl is two, isn’t she? Anyhow, just before the pit bull clamped its jaws on this poor defenseless baby, who happens to be the same age as your daughter, I pulled out my binder and shoved it down its throat. The stunned pit bull had no idea what had happened as I carried the poor little girl, who’s the same age as your daughter, to safety. The dog made quick work of my binder, which included the homework assignment that was due today, but the little girl’s parents, who have a daughter the same age as yours, said you would understand.

This post is part of the series: Homework Excuses

Find the best, the worst, the most popular, and the funniest homework excuses with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • The 10 Best Homework Excuses
  • The 10 Most Common “I Forgot my Homework” Excuses
  • Funny Homework Excuses

25 Best Excuses for Not Doing Homework: Debunking the Myths

dog ate my homework

For as long as we can remember, homework has always been a component of school life. It is an essential tool for enhancing classroom learning, refining study techniques, and getting ready for tests. But occasionally, finishing homework can be difficult and daunting. Some students turn to make-up justifications in these circumstances to completely evade the assignment. Although using an excuse to avoid doing your homework may seem like a fast fix, it might hinder academic development and personal improvement.

We seek to dispel the misconceptions around the “Excuses for Not Doing Homework” that frequently circulate among students in this blog post. We will provide you with useful advice on how to help your students deal with homework difficulties and establish appropriate study habits so that you won’t have to resort to justifications.

1. “I forgot to do my homework.”

Although forgetting to complete your homework is a frequent justification, it’s vital to keep in mind that time management and organization are crucial skills for success. Try the following to remember your assignments:

  • Use a planner or digital calendar to keep track of due dates.
  • Break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks to make them less overwhelming.

2. “I didn’t understand the assignment.”

Schoolwork can occasionally be difficult or unclear, which makes this justification enticing. Try these steps instead of ignoring the assignment:

  • Review the instructions and ask for clarification from your teacher or classmates.
  • Research the topic online or consult additional resources to gain a better understanding.

3. “My internet was down, so I couldn’t conduct any online research.”

Online research is a necessary component of many projects in the modern digital world. However, problems with internet access might happen. What you can do is:

  • Inform your teacher about the internet problem and request an extension if necessary.
  • Utilize offline resources, such as textbooks or reference books available at your school or local library.

4. “I had a family emergency.”

Unexpected family crises might throw your schedule off. However, it’s crucial to get in touch with your teacher and look for other options:

  • Inform your teacher about the situation as soon as possible.
  • Discuss the possibility of an extension or make-up work.

5. “I didn’t have the required materials.”

Not having your textbooks, notebooks, or other necessary resources might make it difficult for you to finish your assignment. To get through this defense:

  • Double-check your bag before leaving school to ensure you have all the necessary materials.
  • Keep a checklist of essential items for each class and refer to it before leaving school.

6. “I was too tired to do my homework.”

It makes sense to feel worn out after a full day of academics and extracurricular activities. However, it’s crucial to put your academic obligations first. These suggestions can help you fight fatigue:

  • Take short breaks and engage in physical activity or relaxation techniques to rejuvenate yourself.
  • Ensure you have a consistent sleep schedule and aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

7. “I didn’t have enough time to finish my homework.”

Success in academics depends on good time management. Even if it could feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day, good planning and organization can enable you to schedule time for homework. Think about the following:

  • Create a daily or weekly schedule that includes dedicated homework time.
  • Prioritize your assignments based on urgency and importance.

8. “I had other significant obligations.”

For students, juggling several obligations is a regular difficulty. You must, however, give your academic obligations priority. Here are some tips for handling your responsibilities wisely :

  • Plan and allocate specific time slots for each commitment, including homework.
  • Learn to say “no” when necessary and avoid taking on more responsibilities than you can handle.

9. “I didn’t have access to a computer or printer.”

Your ability to finish assignments that call for access to a computer or printer may occasionally be hampered by technological challenges. Here are some substitutes:

  • Utilize public computers at your local library or community centers.
  • Ask your school if they have computer or printer resources available for students to use.

10. “I participated in extracurricular activities or practiced sports.”

Sports and extracurricular involvement are key educational components, but it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance. Think about the following advice:

  • Communicate with your coach or activity leader about your homework commitments.
  • Plan your schedule, ensuring you have dedicated time for both homework and extracurricular activities.

11. “I had a doctor’s appointment.”

Medical appointments are sometimes unavoidable but always important. However, it’s crucial to prepare ahead of time and organize your schoolwork properly. Think about the following actions:

  • Inform your teacher in advance about the appointment and inquire about any missed assignments.
  • Prioritize completing your homework before or after the appointment to stay on track.

12. “I didn’t have the necessary resources or materials at home.”

Although a problem, there are workarounds if there aren’t enough resources. Consider these options:

  • Visit your school or local library to access the materials you need.
  • Collaborate with classmates and arrange study sessions where you can share resources.

13. “My online platform was experiencing a technical problem.”

Even while technical difficulties might be annoying, you shouldn’t allow them to keep you from finishing your homework. Take the following actions:

  • Reach out to your teacher or the technical support team for assistance.
  • Use alternative devices or browsers to access the online platform.

14. “I had a family celebration or event.”

While attending family gatherings and activities is vital, it’s also crucial to strike a balance between your obligations and your academic obligations. Take into account this advice:

  • Plan your time effectively and allocate specific periods for homework before or after the celebration.
  • Communicate with your family about your homework commitments and ask for their support.

15. “I had no idea it was an assignment.”

The secret to successfully managing your schoolwork is to be informed and organized. Follow these recommendations:

  • Pay attention in class and actively listen to announcements or instructions regarding assignments.
  • Develop a system to track and record homework assignments, such as a planner or digital calendar.

16. “I had lots of homework from other classes.”

It might be difficult to manage several tasks from various classes, but it’s crucial to set priorities and manage your time well. Think about the following suggestion:

  • Create a schedule or to-do list that outlines all your assignments and their respective deadlines.
  • Break down large tasks into smaller, manageable chunks and tackle them one at a time.

17. “I didn’t have a quiet place to study.”

It might be tough to concentrate and do assignments in a loud atmosphere. To make a setting that is conducive to studying, try these techniques:

  • Find a quiet area in your home, such as a designated study corner or a library.
  • Use noise-canceling headphones or play instrumental music to drown out distractions.

18. “I had other work responsibilities or a part-time job.”

Finding a balance between a job and schoolwork might be difficult, but it is achievable. Think about the following ideas:

  • Communicate your availability and scheduling preferences to your employer.
  • Plan your work hours around your homework schedule and allocate specific time slots for studying.

19. “I wasn’t feeling very well.”

There are measures you can take to control the problem, however, illness might make it difficult for you to do your homework:

  • Prioritize rest and focus on your recovery to prevent further health issues.
  • Communicate with your teacher about your condition and inquire about missed assignments or extensions.

20. “I experienced a personal crisis or emotional problems.”

Personal problems and emotional challenges might make it difficult for you to focus on your assignments. Here is how to overcome such difficulties:

  • Reach out for support from trusted friends, family members, or school counselors to help you cope with the situation.
  • Communicate with your teachers about your circumstances and explore potential accommodations or extensions.

21. “I had a computer problem”

Computer technical difficulties might be annoying, but they shouldn’t serve as a regular justification. To solve this problem, think about the following strategies:

  • Troubleshoot the issue by restarting your computer or seeking assistance from tech support.
  • Utilize alternative devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, to access necessary resources or complete assignments.

22. “I went on a social outing or event with friends.”

While keeping up your social life is vital, it’s crucial to strike a balance with your academic obligations. Here’s how to locate a neutral position:

  • Plan your social outings and allocate specific time for homework beforehand.
  • Communicate with your friends about your homework commitments and request their support.

23. “I didn’t find the homework assignment interesting.”

Even if not every task will hold your attention, it’s important to approach it with the proper attitude. Take into account these tactics:

  • Find ways to relate the assignment to your interests or goals.
  • Seek guidance from your teacher or classmates to gain a better understanding of the assignment’s relevance.

24. “I had a family duty or responsibility.”

Even while family duties might be time-consuming, it is feasible to achieve a balance between them and your academic requirements. Try these things:

  • Communicate with your family about your academic responsibilities and seek their understanding.
  • Plan your time effectively by setting aside dedicated periods for homework.

25. “I didn’t think it was necessary.”

You could occasionally ponder the significance or relevance of a specific homework assignment. It’s important to understand the benefits of discipline and constant practice, though. Think about these viewpoints:

  • See homework as an opportunity to reinforce what you’ve learned and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Recognize that completing assignments demonstrates your commitment to learning and your academic growth.

We have emphasized the need of accepting responsibility for academic responsibilities by disproving the “25 Best Excuses for Not Doing Homework.” Instead of making excuses, success will be paved by establishing productive study habits, time management abilities, and proactive communication.

Remember that while excuses may provide short-term solace, they ultimately impede development and advancement. Students may overcome homework difficulties and meet academic objectives by having a proactive mentality, asking for help when they need it, and remaining focused.

So let’s set such justifications aside, adopt a cheerful outlook, and pursue assignments with tenacity and diligence. Dedication to studying will pay off in the long run and advance your success as a whole.

Stacey Wonder

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100 Excuses for Not Doing Homework

Homework, a word students all over the world are familiar with, brings both fear and responsibility. It’s a crucial part of learning, helping us practice what we learn in class and teaching us discipline and time management. However, sometimes unexpected things happen, and students face real challenges that make finishing homework tough. 

In this blog, we’ll explore 100 excuses for not doing homework. Some excuses are funny excuses for not doing homework, while some are genuine and good excuses for not doing homework. So make sure to check them all one by one.

Students often use these excuses when they find homework overwhelming. While these excuses might seem like a quick fix, it’s important to remember that being honest and responsible is essential. Instead, let’s focus on taking a proactive approach to our studies, asking for help when needed, and using time wisely. By understanding and tackling the obstacles that come our way, we can create a strong foundation for success in school and personal growth. Let’s make homework less daunting and more manageable together!

Common 100 Excuses for Not Doing Homework

  • Family Emergencies: Sometimes, unexpected family situations may require our immediate attention, leaving us with no time to complete homework.
  • Technical Issues: Computer crashes or internet problems can hinder our ability to access and submit assignments.
  • Sickness: Falling sick can affect our productivity, making it challenging to concentrate on homework.
  • Lack of Resources: Not having access to necessary textbooks or materials can impede progress.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Involvement in sports, arts, or other activities can leave little time for homework completion.
  • Overwhelming Workload: Having too much homework from different subjects can be daunting to handle.
  • Time Management: Poor time management skills might lead to insufficient time for homework.
  • Misplacement: Misplacing your homework or notes can create a genuine obstacle.
  • Personal Issues: Emotional or personal problems can impact our focus and motivation to complete homework.
  • Weather Conditions: Severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snowstorms, may disrupt internet connectivity or power supply.
  • Power Outage: Unexpected power outages can prevent you from working on electronic devices.
  • Traveling: Being away from home or school due to travel can limit your ability to complete homework.
  • Lack of Motivation: Feeling unmotivated or uninterested in the subject can result in procrastination.
  • Distractions at Home: Noise or disturbances at home can make it hard to concentrate.
  • Technology Addiction: Spending too much time on electronic devices can lead to distractions and reduced focus on homework.
  • Family Obligations: Helping with household chores or taking care of younger siblings can consume homework time.
  • Personal Injuries: Physical injuries may restrict your ability to write or use a computer.
  • Mental Fatigue: Being mentally exhausted after a long day at school can impact productivity.
  • Lack of Sleep: Insufficient sleep can make it difficult to concentrate on homework.
  • Classwork Overload: Teachers assigning lengthy in-class tasks can leave little time for homework.
  • Internet Research Challenges: Difficulty finding relevant information online can slow down the completion process.
  • Commute Time: Long travel times to and from school can cut into homework time.
  • Celebrations and Festivals: Preparing for special occasions can make it challenging to focus on homework.
  • Exam Preparation: Prioritizing exam revision might leave less time for regular homework.
  • Group Project Issues: Dependence on group members’ progress can lead to delays in submitting assignments.
  • School Events: Participation in school events and activities can affect homework time.
  • Lack of Understanding: Struggling to grasp the concepts covered in class can make homework difficult.
  • Teacher Absence: When teachers are absent, it may lead to confusion about the assignment.
  • Change in Schedule: Unforeseen changes in the school timetable can disrupt homework routines.
  • Personal Loss: Coping with the loss of a loved one can interfere with completing homework.
  • Technological Glitches: Software or hardware malfunctions can cause delays in finishing assignments.
  • Pet Responsibilities: Taking care of pets can take up time meant for homework.
  • Mental Health Issues: Struggling with mental health challenges can impact productivity.
  • Internet Restrictions: Parental controls or school firewalls can limit access to online resources.
  • Noisy Environment: Working in a loud environment can hinder concentration.
  • Field Trips: Participating in educational outings can lead to postponing homework.
  • Unforeseen Visitors: Unexpected guests can disrupt your homework schedule.
  • Allergy Season: Seasonal allergies can lead to discomfort and reduced productivity.
  • Sports Injuries: Injuries sustained during sports activities may hinder the ability to complete homework.
  • Lack of Support: Lack of parental support or guidance can affect academic performance.
  • Heavy Traffic: Being stuck in traffic can delay getting home to do homework.
  • Incomplete Lecture: Incomplete or unclear explanations in class can make homework difficult.
  • Classroom Disturbances: Disruptions during class can hinder learning and understanding.
  • Volunteer Work: Involvement in volunteer activities can consume time required for homework.
  • Power Struggles: Family arguments and disagreements can distract from homework.
  • Exam Anxiety: Preparing for upcoming exams might take precedence over regular assignments.
  • Power Surges: Power surges can damage electronic devices, affecting homework completion.
  • Social Events: Being invited to social gatherings can disrupt homework routines.
  • Peer Pressure: Engaging in peer activities instead of focusing on homework can be tempting.
  • School Projects: Major school projects may consume significant time and effort.
  • Incomplete Class Notes: Inadequate or messy class notes can hinder homework understanding.
  • Communal Computer: Sharing a computer with family members can limit access.
  • Teacher Miscommunication: Miscommunication about the homework assignment can cause confusion.
  • Slow Internet: Slow internet speed can lead to delays in online research.
  • Sudden Power Cuts: Sudden power cuts can disrupt your work on electronic devices.
  • Late School Hours: Extended school hours can leave less time for homework.
  • Weekend Commitments: Weekend commitments can impact completing homework.
  • Unforeseen School Events: Unexpected school activities can interfere with homework.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Cultural festivities might require time away from homework.
  • Home Repairs: Home repairs or maintenance can disrupt your homework environment.
  • Language Barriers: Struggling with language barriers can slow down comprehension.
  • Internet Safety Concerns: Parental concerns about online safety may limit internet usage for homework.
  • Lost or Broken Materials: Losing or breaking essential materials can delay homework.
  • Noisy Siblings: Noisy siblings can make it difficult to concentrate on homework.
  • Inadequate Lighting: Poor lighting conditions can strain your eyes while doing homework.
  • Lack of School Supplies: Not having the necessary stationery can hinder progress.
  • Teacher’s Absenteeism: Frequent teacher absenteeism can delay assignment explanations.
  • Online School Platform Glitches: Technical issues with online platforms can disrupt homework completion.
  • Change in Family Routine: Changes in family routines can affect homework schedules.
  • Parent’s Travel: When parents travel, it may lead to disruptions in completing homework.
  • Exam Schedules: Preparing for multiple exams can take precedence over regular homework.
  • School Safety Drills: School safety drills can interrupt class time for homework explanations.
  • Change in Syllabus: Changes in the syllabus may require extra time for adjustment.
  • School System Changes: Transitions to a new school system can be challenging.
  • Academic Pressure: Feeling overwhelmed by academic expectations can impact productivity.
  • Unexpected All-Nighters: Staying up late to complete assignments from other subjects.
  • Sporting Events: Participating in sports events can interfere with homework time.
  • School Trips: Educational trips can lead to postponing homework.
  • Overdue Library Books: Returning overdue library books may require additional time.
  • Misunderstood Instructions: Misunderstanding the assignment can lead to errors and delays.
  • Power Cables Damaged: Damaged power cables can affect electronic devices.
  • Broken or Malfunctioning Printer: Printing issues can delay submitting physical assignments.
  • Cultural Obligations: Cultural obligations may demand time away from homework.
  • Lack of Encouragement: Lack of encouragement from teachers can affect motivation.
  • Overcommitment: Committing to too many activities can leave little time for homework.
  • Seasonal Distractions: Seasonal events or holidays can disrupt homework routines.
  • Internet Outages: Internet outages in the area can hinder online research.
  • Personal Projects: Engaging in personal creative projects can consume time.
  • Inadequate Workspace: Having an uncomfortable workspace can affect productivity.
  • Cluttered Work Area: A cluttered work area can lead to disorganization and inefficiency.
  • Transport Issues: Transportation problems can hinder timely submission of homework.
  • Unresolved Conflict: Unresolved conflicts with peers or teachers can affect focus.
  • Sleep Disorders: Suffering from sleep disorders can impact productivity.
  • Online Distractions: Getting sidetracked by social media or online games while doing homework.
  • Difficult Concepts: Struggling with complex concepts can slow down homework progress.
  • Part-Time Job: Balancing part-time work and school can be challenging.
  • Inconsistent Study Habits: Inconsistent study habits can lead to incomplete assignments.
  • Bullying: Dealing with bullying can negatively impact academic performance.
  • Transportation Strikes: Transportation strikes can disrupt school attendance and homework completion.
  • Lost Stationery: Losing essential stationery can delay completing written assignments.

While these 100 excuses may seem like a comprehensive list, remember that using excuses for not doing homework should only be a last resort. Being honest with teachers and taking responsibility for our studies is essential for our growth and development as students. Instead of relying on excuses, let’s focus on improving our time management, seeking help when needed, and developing healthy study habits . By doing so, we can overcome the challenges of homework and thrive in our academic journey. Remember, the key to success lies in determination, dedication, and consistent effort.

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excuses for not doing homework

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The After-School Homework Routine You Need to Try

Executive functions go berserk trying to keep up with homework assignments, deadlines, and problem sets. lighten your child’s load by using the after-school homework routine that teaches scheduling and prioritization skills..

Matthew Cruger, Ph.D.

If your child has ADHD or a learning disability, you may have gotten used to being the one who decides what he does, when he does it, and squashing any excuses for not doing homework. At some point, however, your child must learn to maintain his own schedule and set his own priorities. If he reaches high school without knowing these skills, he’ll have big trouble keeping up with assignments and extracurricular activities.

What does it take to get your child to assume control of his schedule? Create an ADHD school organization plan.

Step one is to get him into the habit of using a daily planner. Have him sit down with it after breakfast every morning, to review how his time will be spent that day, and which tasks he needs to accomplish. Make sure the planner accompanies your child to school, and that he writes down all test dates, due dates, assignments, and so on in it.

After-School Review

When your child gets home from school , sit down with him and his updated planner. Together, review the homework assignments for the evening. You may be tempted to tell him what to do and when. Don’t. Instead, pose a series of questions to help him set priorities. You might ask, “Do you think you should start with those math problems? Or would it be better to do your math after you finish outlining that chapter in your science book?”

Feel free to make a helpful observation or two: “Last week you chose to work on your math first because you like it, and it’s easy for you. But I’ve noticed that you’re better at tuning in to details when you’re freshest, so you may want to make proofreading your book report the first priority today.”

[ Get This Free Download: Solve Your Child’s Homework Problems ]

There is no hard and fast rule about prioritizing. For some children, the best approach is to get the hard stuff out of the way first. For others, breezing through something easy is a confidence-booster that helps motivate them to plow through harder assignments.

Make sure your child understands the difference between urgent tasks (those which must be completed by the following day, for example), and tasks that are important but not urgent. As he gains more experience setting homework priorities, let him assume more control.

How Long Will It Take?

Some children have trouble gauging how long each assignment will take. If your child does, take him step by step through each assignment.

For example, maybe your child thinks he’ll need only 10 minutes to look up the definitions of 10 words and write a sentence using each — but you know it will take at least four times that long. Point out that it could take one minute to look up each word, and up to three minutes to write each sentence. If he doubts you, time him as he completes the assignment, and show him how long the assignment actually took.

At first, your child may resist your efforts to get him to plan and prioritize. Eventually, though, he should begin to see how helpful the process can be. If he continues to put up a fight, consider handing things off to a tutor or learning specialist.

Preparing the Planner for School Organization Success

Just about any planner will do, as long as there’s enough space beside each date to pencil in activities, events, homework assignments, due dates, and so on.

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Homework Excuses: Top Guide To Help You Not Do Homework

homework excuses

Homework excuses are common among students at all educational levels. It’s no secret that many learners dislike homework and must find ways to convince educators they are not at fault. Although academic life is exciting, it comes with burdens. Life hardships make some learners unable to complete homework within the deadlines that educators stipulate.

Whether in college, high school, or university, you will need excuses for not doing your homework. This article lists some of the best reasons learners give for not completing their homework. It’s helpful because not every learner is sufficiently creative to convince the teacher or professor to pardon them for not completing assignments.

What Are Homework Excuses?

A homework excuse is a story, explanation, or alibi that a student gives the teacher or professor for not completing their homework.

A learner may require an excuse for various reasons. For instance, they may need it to cover up for something else or lack a good reason to justify their inability to submit the assignment. Regardless of the case, students can use different excuses to convince educators not to punish or penalize them.

Excuses for not doing homework are essential for several reasons. For instance, a learner could be having a bad day. Or they may not feel like doing the assignment. Some educators bombard learners with many tasks with strict deadlines. In that case, students may lack time to do all the coursework and score their desired grades. Therefore, they can give excuses to get extra time to complete the homework.

What Is The Purpose Of HW Excuses?

Every student has been there- you have homework, but certain things prevent you from doing it.

The primary purpose of excuses is to temporarily help you get out of trouble for not doing the task. They can also allow you to focus on what prevents you from doing it.

Homework excuses give students a way to explain why they didn’t do their assignments. While learners have different reasons for using an excuse, the bottom line is avoiding the consequences of not completing the work or punishment. Nevertheless, students should keep a few things in mind whenever they use an excuse to justify their inability to submit homework on time.

First, learners should ensure their excuses are believable. A student shouldn’t try to use a fake reason, like saying your dog ate your homework. Second, they should prepare to back up their story if necessary. If the teacher asks for more information about the excuse, the learner should be ready to give it. Finally, students shouldn’t overuse excuses. If they constantly make excuses for not doing their homework, the teacher will catch on eventually.

Good Homework Excuses For Different Situations

An excuse for not completing homework can come in handy in different situations. Here are seven examples of reasons for not doing homework.

If you didn’t do your homework because you forgot about it, you could say that you were sick or that something came up that prevented you from doing it. Maybe you didn’t do your homework because you didn’t understand it. In that case, you can say that the instructions were confusing or that you couldn’t find the needed information. If you didn’t do your homework because you didn’t have enough time, you could say that you had extracurricular activities or that you had to work. Perhaps, you didn’t do your homework because you were procrastinating. In that case, you can say that you started it but ran out of time. If you didn’t do your homework because you were distracted, you can say that something came up or that you couldn’t focus. Maybe you didn’t do your homework because you were sick. If so, you can say that you had a doctor’s appointment or weren’t feeling well. If your reason for not doing homework was a busy schedule, you could say that you had a family emergency or that you had no option but to work.

Always remember that your excuse must be believable to serve its purpose. Therefore, choose a reason that best suits your situation.

Good Excuses To Miss Practice Or Class

Perhaps, you have other commitments that prevent you from attending practice or class. And this might prevent you from submitting your homework on time. In that case, you can give the following believable excuses:

  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. I have a doctor’s appointment.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. I have to work to avoid losing my job.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. My car broke down.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. My train has a delay.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. There is heavy traffic.

Note that you can also use these excuses for not completing your homework. Nevertheless, ensure you’re convincing the educator to believe you.

Advice On How To Give Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Not every learner can give an excuse and get away with it. That’s because educators were once students, meaning they knew all the tricks in the book. So, suppose you have difficulties giving your teacher a believable excuse for not completing and submitting homework. In that case, the following are tips for providing good excuses for not doing homework should help you get away with it.

Be confident: Unless you sell the excuse, chances are that your teacher won’t buy it. So, act as if you believe in what you’re saying, and chances are, your educator will find it too. Keep it short and sweet: The longer the story, the more likely it is to seem fabricated. So, make sure to keep your excuse short and to the point. Make it believable: As we said before, educators were once students. That means they know all of the excuses in the book. So, if you want to make your excuse believable, make sure it’s something that could happen. Be prepared to back it up: If your teacher asks for more information about your excuse, be ready to give it. And this will help make your story more believable. Don’t overuse excuses: If you’re constantly making excuses for not doing your homework, your teacher will catch on eventually. So, use them sparingly and only when necessary.

If you ever want to give excuses for homework, these tips should help you do so without getting caught. But if your teacher is on to your tricks, making up believable excuses might seem daunting. But don’t worry. There are still ways to make your reasons more plausible. For instance, try to use excuses that don’t involve technology. If you say your computer crashed and lost all your work, your teacher will likely ask for a hard copy or proof that you did the task.

Second, try to use excuses that are specific to the assignment. For example, if you’re trying to get out of doing a science project, saying you don’t have the materials is more believable than saying you don’t have the time. And finally, try to use excuses that are relevant to your life outside the school. If you’ve been sick recently or have a family emergency, your teacher is likelier to believe that you didn’t do your homework.

Nevertheless, the best way to avoid giving an excuse in the first place is to do your homework. That way, you won’t have to worry about coming up with a good reason for not doing it.

Tips On How To Avoid Making Excuses For Late Homework

Maybe you’ve given many excuses for not completing homework on time and think your teacher has begun suspecting you. Perhaps, you can no longer come up with the best excuses for not doing homework. In that case, the following tips will help you avoid giving excuses for missing class or not submitting homework on time.

  • Set a schedule: In addition to being organized, setting a schedule can help you avoid making excuses for failing to submit homework. That’s because scheduling will help you plan your time and ensure you’re working on your assignments when you’re supposed to be.
  • Be organized: If you want to avoid struggling to find the best excuses for missing school or not doing homework, try being organized. Organization means having a planner or another way to track your assignments and due dates.
  • Get rid of distractions: Another way to avoid excuses for failing to do homework is to get rid of distractions. And this could mean turning off your phone, getting off social media, and anything else that might prevent you from working on your assignments.
  • Start early: Another way to avoid excuses for missing homework is to start early. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to work on your assignments and won’t have to rush to finish them.
  • Ask for help: If you’re having trouble with your assignments, don’t hesitate to ask for help. For instance, you can turn to your parent, tutor, or even your teacher. Also, you can seek homework help online or pay for assignment . Nevertheless, choose a reputable service to ensure quality work and your information’s safety. Getting help will ensure that you complete your assignments and avoid making excuses for why they’re late.

These tips should help you avoid excuses because you will always complete your homework on time. Nevertheless, excuses are a necessary evil for students who want to get out of doing their homework. But with creativity, you can make even the most far-fetched excuse sound plausible. So next time you’re stuck trying to come up with an excuse, remember these tips, and you’ll be sure to get out of doing your homework in no time.

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Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Are you one of those who are making excuses because you don’t like homework? If yes, you are not alone. Many students don’t like to do homework . They think of it as a burden.

Student: “will you punish me for the thing i didn’t do?” Teacher: “No, not at all.” Student: ” Thank God! I have not finished my homework.”

Academic time is exciting, but it still comes with many burdens. Due to the hardships of life, not all students can complete their homework on time. To avoid getting into trouble, students make several excuses for not doing homework on time to their teachers. Most of the time, the same explanations annoy the teacher, and they can punish the student. 

Here we explain some common excuses for not doing homework. Read thoroughly!

Why Do Students Think Homework Is a Burden?

Table of Contents

Homework quantity depends on the overall growth of the student. Too much homework is a hindrance in the student’s path. And they start to consider it a burden. 

Parents also agree that if homework is given within a limit, it helps the child’s overall growth. But today, students get so much homework after school. That is why they don’t even get the time to play and participate in outdoor activities. It affects their growth. They start avoiding them and make excuses for not doing homework. Following are the common excuses students make for avoiding doing homework-

8 General Excuses For Not Doing Homework 

excuses for not doing homework

1. I Forget to bring my notebook

It is one of the common excuses that students make. If it is the first time you didn’t do homework, then this trick will work for you. Many students forget to get their notebooks in a hurry. Normally, teachers trust students if they make this excuse. Remember, don’t make this excuse again and again or give too much explanation on it.

2. Didn’t understand the homework

Most of the students use this excuse. They said that they didn’t understand the homework assigned. So they ask for guidance from the teacher and try to do it a second time. 

Be careful when you give this excuse because the teacher will cross-question to clear your doubts. You have to act smart and read the homework once so that you have questions to ask the teacher. 

This excuse’s positive impact is that it tells your teacher to try to do the homework and get extra time to finish it.

3. Not feeling well

Another common excuse for not doing homework on time is not feeling well. This excuse is passed from generation to generation. You can also use this excuse to say you had a terrible headache. That is why you are not able to do work. It helps you to get sympathy from your teacher. Everyone understands it is hard to work with a severe headache.

4. Someone stole my homework

In school, stealing necessary things from other students is known to everyone. You can use this excuse for not completing the homework, and no teacher will scold you. He will allow you to complete it the very next day. 

5 Use the excuse of absent

If your teacher normally does not notice who is attending the class or who is not, you can use this excuse for not doing homework. You can tell you are absent on the day he assigned the homework. However, he will give you some more time to finish your homework. 

6. My pet ate my homework

It is also one of the common excuses for not doing homework. Many students use their pet as a shield to save themselves from the teacher. You can say this, I did my homework, but my dog tears into pieces.

7. Electricity problem

In the era of the ’90s, there was an electricity problem. It was the common excuse for not completing the homework. Many students are likely to use it, but your teacher won’t believe it as it seems like a funny homework excuse. 

8. Speak the truth

We all know we can’t always make excuses for not doing homework. If you try to make excuses every time, there is a higher chance of getting caught in your trap. Sometimes it is ok to do that, but not doing homework every time is not a good habit. So, try to do the homework; if you won’t complete it, it is a valid reason. It will help you in building trust, and your teacher surely appreciates your effort.

All the above excuses will work, but homework is necessary because it helps you understand the concept and improves your cognitive thinking ability. Teachers make sure they will not assign too much homework at one time.

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Following are the good excuses for not doing homework., it is such as;

1. Internet Issue

In this modern era, homework is based on technology. If your school also provides homework through online mode, it can make the best excuse for you not to do homework. It included believable excuses for not doing homework; you can use this excuse if you are not doing it. The types of internet issues arise at home, like the mobile or router’s internet not working, slow internet, damaged cabling, weak Wi-Fi signals, etc. 

2. Laptop or Computer Issue

Moreover, another best excuse for homework is a computer issue. The types of computer issues are system crashes, overheating, operating system working abnormally, and the computer won’t start, computer restarting by itself, update issues, frozen screen, slow computer, and system not working. Try this excuse if your homework is based on a laptop or computer. It helps you to defend yourself from teacher rebuke. 

3. Light Issue 

On the other hand, the light issue is the best excuse for not doing the homework. It is a good excuse for not doing the homework. You can try this excuse when you are not completing your school homework. It included good excuses for not doing homework during online.

4. Family Issue 

Moreover, another excuse to neglect homework or not do homework is a family issue. You can also use this issue. Here is the list of family conflicts included in the believable excuses for not doing homework.

  • Moving to a new house or country.
  • Separation or divorce.
  • Change in financial circumstances.
  • Traveling long distances to work.
  • Commuting interstate for work.
  • Birth of a baby
  • Family functions, etc. 

Other 100 Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Let’s know the other best 100 excuses for not doing homework; it’s given below.

Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework

The following are the best excuses for not doing homework; it’s given below.

I was absent. 
Family function
I was ill.
Given work is too difficult. 
Pretend you lost your homework notebook at school
Heavy workload
Family issue
I was out of town.
My computer is not working.
The Internet was interrupted and not working well.
Not understanding homework
The school diary was lost in school.

Believable Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Following are some believable excuses for not doing homework for students. 

  • I was sick.
  • My computer crashed, or the homework file got corrupted.
  • I broke my arm.
  • There was a death in the family.
  • I have too much homework in other subjects.
  • My bag got stolen.
  • My internet died.
  • I had a personal issue I was dealing with.
  • I was in the hospital.
  • My parents forced me to spend time with them.
  • Terrors took it away from me and ripped it up.
  • My dog ate my homework notebook.
  • Practice for School functions or competitions 

Funny Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Following are the main funny excuses for not doing homework given below.

I found the homework to be not essential and uninspiring.
Aliens kidnap me.
My room is haunted.
My hand was itching.
A dog came into my house and ate my homework.
I fell into a giant pebble and ruined my homework. 
A swarm of bees attacked me.
I got soap in my eyes.
My younger sibling ripped it apart.
It just slipped out of my hands and blew away.
I was cursed by a witch and had to break the spell.
I did it but forgot it at home.
I drooled on my homework.
Terrorists came and attacked.
My dad accidentally set it on fire.
: “Why is your homework incomplete?” : My dog ate my homework : Okay, I guess I’ll have to email your dog.

Following are the good excuses for not doing homework. 

There was no light in my house. 
I was sick.
I was there for half a day.
I lost my school homework diary.
I don’t understand the homework.
Giving homework is too hard.
I was out of town.
My brother was bothering me.
I was not able to do my homework due to anxiety. 
I was busy with a school function competition.
Internet connection was not working properly.
I had a family emergency.
I was busy with extracurricular activities.
I needed to take care of a pet.
I lost my grandmother.

Excuses For Not Doing Homework During Online Class

You might follow the below-given points to know the best excuses for not doing homework during online classes. 

  • Online homework is bad; I didn’t understand it adequately.
  • My mobile phone or router’s internet connection was not working.
  • While the teacher gave the homework, my router’s internet connection was working slowly or interrupted.
  • My computer crashed, and it’s not working.
  • The zoom app was not working on my computer. 
  • I could not understand the homework due to a lack of face-to-face interaction.
  • I had physical health problems and high-stress levels.
  • Night filled with extra-curricular activities.
  • My little brother bothered me.
  • My father was out of town because I had no mobile phone.
  • I left the class when it was assigned.
  • Pretend to be sick.
  • There was a function at our house last night.

Homework Excuses For Strict Teachers

These are the best homework excuses for strict teachers, such as;

I was Sick. And I have a Sick Note.
I volunteer at the soup kitchen on Monday Nights.
My Computer Screen Broke. And here’s a Picture.
There was a marriage in my home.
Fever, sir or ma’am!
My stomach was in pain.
I had too much work at home.
My mother was sick because she helped me to do my homework. 
My Mother and Father went to Hospital. And here’s the Sick Note.
I tried, but I didn’t understand the Instructions.
The wi-fi didn’t work, but here are my hand-written notes.
My Hand fell Asleep, and I didn’t want to Wake It.
Left it at school over the weekend.
A close relative passed away.
My sister and I argued.
: Why is your homework incomplete?  …: Personal Problem, sir! : It’s ok! Sit down, and finish your work. 

Foolproof Excuses For Not Doing Homework

You might follow the below given foolproof excuses for not doing homework.

I was too busy doing something more vital.
I was at football practice all night.
My parents kept me busy on the weekend. But I promise I’ll do it tonight
I forgot I even had homework.
I had a Headache.
I spilled cereal all over it because I was doing it over breakfast.
My mother said band practice was more important.
You give too much Homework.
The homework is too easy. It’s a complete waste of my time.
This was way too hard for me. You need to give me more guidance.
I lost the sheet.
I thought it was due on (Insert day).
If it’s an essay that needs to be typed: My internet was off.
Family problems
If the homework were online, things like “I don’t have WiFi at my house” or “My laptop froze” would usually get you an extra day on the assignment.

Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework During Quarantine

These are the following steps to best excuses for not doing homework.

  • I was suffering from Covid. 
  • It was just too boring, but I have an online class
  • I had a mental breakdown because of quarantine anxiety
  • My router’s wifi was down. 
  • I got sick.
  • I had family issues. i.e., my mom is in the hospital
  • My computer crashed.
  • I have network issues, so I didn’t see the announcement
  • Sorry, I couldn’t get it to load.
  • My dog pissed on the computer and tried it though
  • I had no extra mobile phone because my older mobile phone was not working. 

Reasons that show homework is important

  • Homework helps in the revision of the classwork

You will notice that certain key points are repeated when you sit down to work on your homework after school. School is not a place to restate old concepts; rather, it is a place to discover new ones. When you come home, you should revise these concepts again.

  • Homework acts like a bridge between parents and teachers .

It helps in making a healthy relationship between parents and teachers. Parents can interact with the teacher and also know about the teaching pattern.

If you want to know more about why homework is important, then click on this blog link 👈👈

Getting things completed is quite a challenge for everyone. Isn’t it? We all are facing the problem of delaying, avoiding, or procrastinating. Ah! This problem is quite historical. Human beings have been procrastinators for long years back. So the question is, why do people procrastinate their tasks? Students also procrastinate on their homework. So is it our brain that makes us delay tasks frequently

Let’s understand the scientific point. Normally, time consistency means the human considers immediate rather than long-term future rewards. You can improve your situation by applying the Pomodoro method. Isn’t it a good idea? Of course! Yes. In the Pomodoro method, you must follow these steps-

Final words

We hope you find this blog helpful. We cover excuses for not doing homework that students use, but doing homework is equally important. Make sure before using any excuses; it would be best if you understand your teacher. Some teachers believe in your excuse, and some do not. If possible, try to mention the genuine reason. 

Though, every student must try to complete their homework. It helps you understand important concepts. Don’t make irrelevant excuses. So, it is better to do homework on time, even calltutors provide service for a term like do my homework for me cheap , so feel free to contact an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i excuse myself from unfinished homework.

It’s good for you to tell the truth, and tell your teacher why you couldn’t finish your homework. A sincere apology can go a long way. You might say, “I am sorry, but I got behind on things and couldn’t finish my homework. 

What Do I Do If I Don’t Want To Do My Homework?

First of all, you need to finish your favorite work. Stay calm and listen to motivational songs. Take the help of your teachers or friends to finish the homework.

Can I Refuse To Do Homework?

Yes, you, as a human being, have the freedom to refuse to do something like homework. But to refuse the homework, ensure first why you are refusing it and the reason behind it.

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    Step one is to get him into the habit of using a daily planner. Have him sit down with it after breakfast every morning, to review how his time will be spent that day, and which tasks he needs to accomplish. Make sure the planner accompanies your child to school, and that he writes down all test dates, due dates, assignments, and so on in it.

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    Learn how to give believable excuses for not doing homework in different situations. Find out the purpose, tips, and examples of homework excuses for various reasons.

  21. Excuses For Not Doing Homework

    Learn why students don't like homework and how to make excuses for not doing it. Find out the common, good, funny and believable excuses for not doing homework and when to use them.

  22. The 100 FUNNIEST Excuses For Not Doing Homework, Courtesy of My ...

    Homework Excuses That Are Pure Nonsense! Excuses, Accidents, and Bathroom Mishaps; Mysterious Illnesses and TMI Reasons for Not Doing Homework; Excuses About Family Issues, Problems, and EMerghencies

  23. 7 Perfect Excuses For Not Doing Homework

    This is one of the most common excuses for not doing homework that students have been using for many years. Although one might not wish to be sick, it works well, especially if you have proof from the doctor. If there is no evidence, you can still use it to tell the teacher that the appointment was spoilt by the juice in your backpack.