1. AI Essay Grader

    ClassX's AI Essay Grader empowers teachers by automating the grading process without compromising on accuracy or fairness. The concept is elegantly simple: teachers input or copy the students' essays into the provided text box, select the appropriate grade level and subject, and ClassX's AI Essay Grader takes it from there.

  2. Essay Grader AI

    EssayGrader is an AI powered grading assistant that gives high quality, specific and accurate writing feedback for essays. On average it takes a teacher 10 minutes to grade a single essay, with EssayGrader that time is cut down to 30 seconds. That's a 95% reduction in the time it takes to grade an essay, with the same results. Get started for free

  3. Essay Grader

    An AI-powered essay checker or grader is an advanced tool that goes far beyond the confines of spell checks and grammar fixes. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to evaluate your writing, providing feedback on elements like coherence, structure, vocabulary richness, and even the emotional tone conveyed in your words.

  4. AI Essay Grader

    Use AI to Automatically Grade Papers. Swiftly grade essays with AI Essay Grader, an advanced AI grader developed by Firstly, our AI grader stands out by offering instant grading. Additionally, it provides the ability to upload customizable rubrics, 24/7 support, and feedback—all within a secure platform. Learn more.

  5. AI Grader

    Our AI grader matches human scores 82% of the time*AI Scores are 100% consistent**. Standard AI Advanced AI. Deviation from real grade (10 point scale) Real grade. Graph: A dataset of essays were graded by professional graders on a range of 1-10 and cross-referenced against the detailed criteria within the rubric to determine their real scores.

  6. Essay Grader AI

    Grade 250 essays per month. 5000 word count limit per essay. Create and use custom rubrics. AI Detector: 100 uses per month. Magic tools: 100 generations per month. Upload essays in bulk. For schools and districts pricing, please reach out to us through our contact form. Start grading for free.

  7. GradeWrite

    Bulk uploads and 5000+ word limit. Grade 10x faster with streamlined grading. GradeWrite AI's bulk upload feature allows you to upload multiple files at once, saving you time and effort. Our system also supports files up to 3000 words, allowing you to grade longer assignments with ease. Additionally, our side-by-side grading feature allows you ...

  8. CoGrader

    CoGrader is the AI Essay Grader that helps teachers provide quality feedback on essays in 80% less time. Try CoGrader today. ... I scored it a 1/3/0, cograder scored it as a 1/3/0, and the random AP teacher that volunteered to grade the essay scored it a 1/3/0. So that is pretty good. Jason Y., North Carolina. I am in love with the program so ...

  9. Free AI-Powered Essay and Paper Checker—QuillBot AI

    Utilize our AI-powered essay and paper checker for precise analysis and correction. Enhance your writing with our efficient AI essay and paper checker tool. Try now for accurate results! ... When you're writing for a grade, there's no question you need to write well. At a minimum, that means using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. ...

  10. Free AI Essay Grader for Teachers

    AI Essay Grader. CoGrader is the Free AI Essay Grader for Teachers that helps you save 80% of the time grading essays with instant first-pass feedback & grades, based on your rubrics. Grade Narrative, Informative or Argumentative essays using CoGrader. It's free to use for up to 100 essays/month. Grade your essays.

  11. Free Paper Grader

    Most high school or college-level essays, research papers, term papers, and similar documents are eligible for Kibin's free grading service. Your paper should: have between 225 and 3000 words. include a single essay/piece of writing. have a single author (you!)

  12. EasyMark

    Personalized Feedback. Custom rubrics & Grading scales. Supports PDF files. Grade essays in bulk. Writing Errors list. Writing Improvement Sugestions. Grade up to 750 essays per month. 150+ educators already saved 14,740 minutes using Get started now.

  13. Instant Essay Grader for College & Uni Students

    Free Essay Grader Tool. YOUR TOPIC OR SUBJECT. PAST YOUR TEXT HERE. Today all the students can save their time and effort using the proofreading and plagiarism checker online. They can use an AI essay grader available on iTunes or in the web for free. The customers, using it, affirm: "It is so easy and fast to rate my paper now!".

  14. Free Paper Grader: Improve Your Writing With Essay Rater

    02. Get results. Online essay revision free is done automatically in the background. After evaluation, results and grades will appear on the screen. 03. Make corrections. Evaluate your mistakes, correct them, and improve your writing skills! Feel free to edit your essay right in the input window.

  15. Free Essay and Paper Checker

    Scribbr is committed to protecting academic integrity. Our plagiarism checker, AI Detector, Citation Generator, proofreading services, paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, summarizer, and free Knowledge Base content are designed to help students produce quality academic papers. We make every effort to prevent our software from being used for ...

  16. Free Online Paper and Essay Checker

    PaperRater's online essay checker is built for easy access and straightforward use. Get quick results and reports to turn in assignments and essays on time. 2. Advanced Checks. Experience in-depth analysis and detect even the most subtle errors with PaperRater's comprehensive essay checker and grader. 3.

  17. Grade My Essay AI

    With Grade My Essay AI, you can pick your own rubric to grade essays or use one of ours. Get feedback made just for you, and make your writing even better! Get Feedback Now. For Teachers. Easily create text analysis multiple choice quizzes and empower your students to use AI responsibly!

  18. Essay Grader

    Why Teachers Should Embrace AI in the Classroom: Enhancing Learning with StudyFetch. AI-powered learning platform for teachers and students. Personalized study tools, quizzes, flashcards, and writing assistance. Enhance classroom learning with document summarization, video tools, test prep, and subject-specific aids.

  19. Teachers are using AI to grade essays. Students are using AI to write

    Meanwhile, while fewer faculty members used AI, the percentage grew to 22% of faculty members in the fall of 2023, up from 9% in spring 2023. Teachers are turning to AI tools and platforms ...

  20. EssayGrader

    The fastest way to grade essays. EssayGrader is an AI powered grading assistant that gives high quality, specific and accurate writing feedback for essays. Thousands of teachers use EssayGrader to manage their grading load everyday. On average it takes a teacher 10 minutes to grade a single essay, with EssayGrader that time is cut down to 30 ...

  21. Free Paper Grader by

    AI-Powered Free Paper Grader by Try out the power of machine learning algorithms trained to check your writing online and make your essay better for free. What Makes Our Free Online Essay Editor Stand Out? Unlike other websites that check essays, our tool is 100% free.

  22. EssayGrader

    The fastest way to grade essays. EssayGrader is an AI powered grading assistant that gives high quality, specific and accurate writing feedback for essays. Thousands of teachers use EssayGrader to manage their grading load everyday. On average it takes a teacher 10 minutes to grade a single essay, with EssayGrader that time is cut down to 30 ...

  23. Teachers Use AI to Grade Papers. Is It Any Good?

    That Essay Got a B+. An AI Bot Graded It. Programs can give students feedback faster than teachers, but some critics say AI shouldn't be used to grade. By Sara Randazzo. July 2, 2024 9:00 am ET.

  24. AI Essay Grader Available in Classrooms

    The use of generative AI is being embedded in our classrooms in various ways on a daily basis, leading teachers to grade through an AI essay grader.. Just as in any job embracing AI, teachers are using AI tools for various reasons, such as creating lesson plans, assessments, and grading essays, bestowing them the title 'AI helpers.' This is because teachers state that AI tools aid in ...

  25. A Long List of AI Essay Topics for Your Study Progress

    AI as an endless source of marketing personalization. AI applications for business demand forecasting. The role of chatbots and virtual assistants in business image and customer loyalty. Advantages and Disadvantages of AI Use There are many exciting AI essay topics about the pros and cons of AI applications.

  26. The Kipper AI Advantage: The Best AI Essay Writer, AI Detector ...

    Kipper AI Essay Writer: Your Go-To AI Writing Tool. Without question, Kipper AI's main product, the AI essay writer, is one of the best writing tools available.This tool helps students write well ...

  27. Anatomy of an AI Essay

    Notably, AI-generated essays were far more likely than human-written essays to begin paragraphs with "Furthermore," "Moreover" and "Overall." AI-generated work is often banal. It does not break new ground or demonstrate originality; its assertions sound familiar. AI-generated text tends to remain in the third person.

  28. What Is an AI Essay Grader for Teachers & Top 18 Options to Try

    18. Kangaroos AI: Ethical AI Tools for Teachers and Efficient Essay Grading. Kangaroos AI is an ethical and user-friendly AI essay grader that helps educators efficiently grade essays and provide valuable feedback to students. This tool empowers teachers to streamline the grading process, ensuring timely feedback that supports student learning ...

  29. Lonely? Some say AI friends would help

    Yes, this press-release contains the word "epidemic," but I'll skip over that to hit the actual numbers: The latest Healthy Minds Monthly Poll from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) finds that, early in 2024, 30% of adults say they have experienced feelings of loneliness at least once a week over the past year, while 10% say they are lonely every day.

  30. The Impact and Legacy of the Mann Act of 1910

    This essay is about the Mann Act of 1910 also known as the White-Slave Traffic Act. It examines the origins intentions and controversial applications of the law. Initially aimed at preventing the trafficking of women for prostitution the Act's broad language allowed for misuse as seen in the racially motivated prosecution of boxer Jack Johnson.