1. Funny Thank You PowerPoint Template and Google Slides

    last slide of presentation thank you funny


    last slide of presentation thank you funny

  3. Funny Thank You PPT Presentation and Google Slides

    last slide of presentation thank you funny

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    last slide of presentation thank you funny

  5. End of the presentation Any questions?

    last slide of presentation thank you funny

  6. Meme: "End of presentation Thank you for your attention!"

    last slide of presentation thank you funny


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  4. Top 12 Most Awkward Presentation Moments On Earth!

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  1. 10 creative Title & End slide Design Ideas for PowerPoint

    7. An interesting fact. Catch the audience's attention by putting an interesting fact concerning the topic on one of your slides - ideally at the beginning, but maybe also in the end (to keep up the audience's interest even after the presentation is done). 8. The title, but with a twist.

  2. Present, Laugh, Impress With 80 Funny Presentations (Updated Slides

    The audience is looking, reading, and listening to you. So make sure to provide charts and jokes for attractive, funny PowerPoint slides to attract their senses till the last minute. You can also add your signature to ensure the copyrights of your innovative solutions to the topic. Nail a catchy presentation with these quick tips:

  3. End of presentation ️↗️ 7 successful examples!

    Presentation end: 7 examples to leave a lasting impression. Summarize the main points: Repeat the main points of your presentation to reinforce them. Call-to-action: Ask your audience to perform a specific action or take a next step. Quote: A relevant and powerful quote can leave a lasting impression. Story or anecdote: A short, relevant story ...

  4. Free Funny Thank You PPT Presentation and Google Slides

    Then don't forget to thank them for their time and express your gratitude. Our free funny thank you presentation template is a perfect solution. Our funny thank you templates includes five variations of thank you slides which is surely going to make your audience burst out laughing. Download This Template.

  5. Funny End of Presentation Slide Ideas

    Wrap up your presentation with a touch of humor using these funny end of presentation slide ideas. Engage your audience and leave them with a smile on their faces.

  6. How to Make a Great "Any Questions" Final PowerPoint Slide (PPT)

    Use thank you PowerPoint slide design #48, which has everything you need. You can also add a background image by clicking on the placeholder and choosing an image on your computer. It's a basic slide, but using Clean's "Thank you" placeholder (slide #48) is a great example of premium themes saving time. 2.

  7. Funny Thank You PPT Presentation and Google Slides

    Features of the template. 100% customizable slides and easy to download. Slides are available in different nodes & colors. The slide contains 16:9 and 4:3 formats. Easy to change the colors of the slide quickly. Well-crafted template with an instant download facility. Highly compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

  8. Using a Thank You Slide to End Your Presentation (+Video)

    This brings your last slide of the presentation to life with a realistic view. Finally, let's create a big reveal with animations on our key objects. Let's hold control on the keyboard, then click on the text headline and device mockup. Then, click on the Animations section on your menu and choose an animation effect.

  9. How to finish a presentation and never use a 'Thank you' slide again

    giving credit to a team who helped in your presentation, gather the data, design slides etc. asking your audience to fill in the feedback survey, informing them how they can contact you or where they can find more information about the topic you presented. 3. Lastly, you do want to create a lasting impression in the minds of your audience or ...

  10. Last slide of presentation templates that make a difference

    What is the last slide of the presentation? The last and final slide of a presentation is commonly used for saying thank you to express gratitude for the reader or listener (having given their precious time). But this is a common mistake. The last slide of your presentation serves you and your audience best as a launching pad for action.The final slide should explicitly tell your audience how ...

  11. 30 Examples: How to Conclude a Presentation (Effective Closing Techniques)

    26. "Thank you for the lively discussion. Let's continue to build on these ideas.". 27. "As we wrap up, I encourage you to reach out with any further questions.". 28. "In closing, I'd like to express my gratitude for your valuable input.". 29. "Let's conclude on a high note and take these learnings forward.".

  12. 5 Interesting Thank You Slide Ideas

    Idea 1. Create a replica of your visiting card. Take a look at this 'Thank you' slide: Source: Thank You Templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack. A simple way to remain in your audience's mind long after the presentation is finished, is to create a replica of your business card on the screen. When you share your business card with your ...

  13. Free Google Thank You Slide & PowerPoint Templates

    Our Thank you slide library includes 15 astonishing free thank you templates best suited for any sort of presentation. So download and use any artistic style, playful slides, corporate style, minimalist style thank you PowerPoint template, and send a goodwill message to your audience. If you are a student, searching for educational templates ...

  14. 10 Powerful Examples of How to End a Presentation

    Give your audience actions to help share your message. 7. Promote your upcoming events or workshops. 8. Asking your audience to become a volunteer. 9. Direct your audience to learn more about your website. 10. If you are a book author, encourage your audience to engage with your book.

  15. Thank You Any Questions Slide Templates With Samples and Examples

    Pre-designed Thank You Any Questions Slide Templates. While these slides look simple to create, finding the right balance of design elements, like colors, icons, text, etc., that match your presentation tone and energy is challenging. A presenter also doesn't want to spend much time and resources perfecting these two slides.

  16. End of presentation slide thank you funny

    Find and save ideas about end of presentation slide thank you funny on Pinterest.

  17. How To End A Presentation & Leave A Lasting Impression

    3. Call-to-action. Don't forget to include a compelling call to action in your final message that motivates the audience to take specific steps after the presentation. Whether it's signing up for a newsletter, trying a product or conducting further research, a clear call to action can encourage engagement.

  18. 6 Ways to Close Your Presentation With Style (& Tools to Use)

    But how you end it can make all the difference in your presentation's overall impact. Here are some ways to ensure you end powerfully: Way #1: Include a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA) Way #2: Don't End With a Q&A. Way #3: End With a Memorable Quote. Way #4: Close With a Story. Way #5: Drive Your Main Points Home.

  19. 7 Brilliant Ways to End Any Presentation: When to Use a Presentation

    When you need to assign a task or follow up on anything, it's better to end with that than a thank you slide. Potential Alternatives to a Presentation Thank You Image. SOURCE. Ending with a simple presentation, thank you, is often seen as a weak presentation. It is usually best to complete your presentation creatively or using a call-to-action.

  20. What is the best "last slide" in a thesis presentation?

    110. There are some possible options as the last slide of a typical thesis presentation. I've heard of some possibilities: A question-mark image (as the time to be slaughtered by the referees!), A Thank You declaration (There are some negative viewpoints about these two options.),

  21. Presentation question: What do you put on your last slide?

    For my final slide, I panel these graphics to form a storyboard summary of the entire talk. This lets the audience quickly review what they've heard, helps them formulate good questions, and often keeps me from having to flip backwards through slides to answer questions. Another common thing people do is show acknowledgments, but I try to ...

  22. Funny Presentation Topics Everyone Will Love

    The design of this presentation helps viewers focus on the content, making it easier to pick up on the witty parts. By listing both serious and humorous reasons for taking time off—such as "spend time with my cat" alongside more conventional reasons like "prevent burn-out"—the presentation keeps the tone light-hearted and engaging.

  23. How To End A Presentation with a Thank You but DO NOT SHOW ...

    In this video, I am going to talk about How to End a Presentation with a Thank You but DO NOT SHOW THANK YOU. And I will tell you why you shouldn't show than...

  24. Do you end with a 'thank you' or 'questions?' slide?

    Take the pledge: Say no to "Thank you!" or "Questions?" slides. (Image from SSW consultants from their Web page that advocates "Always end your presentation with a 'Thank You' slide. More than being polite, it makes clear that this is the last slide and presentation is over.". Duh.) Mastodon.