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List Of Market Research Survey Templates And Marketing Surveys

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Voice of the Customer Surveys

Product Surveys

  • Customer Service Evaluation Surveys
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Experience Surveys
  • Job Satisfaction Surveys
  • Training Evaluation Surveys
  • New Product / Concept Testing Surveys

Conference Feedback Surveys

  • Focus Group Recruitment Surveys
  • Hardware Software Surveys

Website Surveys

  • Hotel Restaurant Surveys
  • B2B Surveys
  • Retail Surveys
  • Travel Surveys
  • Health Care Surveys
  • Insurance Surveys
  • Social Surveys
  • Psychographic And Demographic Surveys
  • Personal Surveys
  • Training Surveys
  • School Surveys
  • University Surveys
  • Nonprofit Event Surveys
  • Nonprofit organization Surveys
  • Nonprofit volunteer Surveys
  • Health Evaluation Surveys
  • Employee Evaluation Surveys

Market Research Surveys & Marketing Surveys

QuestionPro is the leader in market research surveys and marketing surveys. These templates are written by expert researchers to help you get the best survey results. These market research survey templates and marketing survey templates consist of questions on a wide variety of topics that are critically important for a successful market research survey or marketing survey. Topics include conjoint analysis. consumer products, purchase process and evaluations, advertising and marketing effort evaluation and much more. You can also use these surveys for reference, example or as a sample survey. Or simply pick a template and get started with your ready made survey immediately!

Conjoint Analysis Survey Template

Conjoint Analysis Survey Template is one of the widely used survey templates. This sample survey template measures preferences for retirement housing and to learn from the various options (apartment type) provided to the survey takers as to which option will be best suited to them. This survey template most likely should be sent to people nearing the retirement age to understand their preferences regarding the living facilities they would want to avail upon retirement if they want to move into such retirement homes.

Consumer Product Registration Survey Template

Consumer Product Registration Survey template has questions regarding product registration, product information, purchasing habit, demographic questions etc. In this age of technology and sophisticated gadgets, there is a boom in consumers purchasing goods online. However, the charm of brick and mortar store still pleases a good percentage of the crowd. By deploying consumer product registration survey to the targeted audience, researchers can understand the preferences and purchasing habits of consumers. By asking key demographic questions, researchers can know reasons for purchasing a product and for whom was the product purchased.

Sales Training Meeting Satisfaction Survey Template

Sale Training Meeting Satisfaction Survey Template is designed to obtain feedback from participants engaging in sales trainings. This survey template can be sent to attendees of sales training with the objective of getting valuable feedback about the training session, what they found most useful and if it will help them improve their overall sales skills to generate more revenue. In this survey, there are a number of relevant questions regarding training material, skill-set covered during the training, questions related to giving feedback on the training sessions that were attended by the participants and similar questions. This is a short survey but can be customized to suit the needs of a researcher.

Direct Mail Advertising Services Survey Template

Direct Mail Advertising Service Survey Template is created to understand the advertising activities conducted on a regular basis. This survey consists of questions related to indulgence in the advertising activities of an organization, business or even individuals. This survey template has questions that help a researcher understand the needs of an organization or business related to their advertising needs and why would they want to advertise their products or services. This survey consists of questions that are a mix of market research and demography. This survey template can be modified and questions can be added to suit the need of a researcher.

Purchase Process and Evaluation Survey Template

Gasoline Purchase Process and Evaluation Survey template is designed to collect meaningful insights regarding gasoline purchase and usage. The survey template consists of 20 plus questions that a researcher can use to collect insights from anybody who uses gasoline to pump their cars. There are questions in this sample survey that ask the respondents give their opinion on gasoline purchasing habits, rising gas prices and what they think are the probable reasons for the steep jump in the gasoline prices.

Sales Contact Form Survey Template

Sales Contact Form and Lead Generation Survey Template is beneficial for any organization or business. Sales are one of the quintessential attributes of an organization. When a business is aiming at an increased turnover every client or customer is important. Sales contact form survey helps organization collect first-hand information regarding a potential client who is interested in either product or services or both, offered by an organization. This form helps businesses keep a record of people who make an inquiry and could be potential customers or clients. This is the first step for an organization to understand what are the needs of the clients and what product or services they need.

Concept Evaluation and Pricing Study Survey Template

Concept Evaluation and Pricing Study Survey Template can be used by any business or organization who is keen on collecting feedback from a target audience related to an upcoming product pricing and feature concepts. When an organization or a business has a an idea that they want to get right, concept evaluation and pricing study questionnaire can save a lot of time and money to concept test before bringing it out to the world. Concept evaluation and pricing study survey allow to refine a product concept, create good ad campaigns, new logo etc.

Service Concept Test Survey Template

Service Concept Test Survey Template helps businesses and organizations collect feedback from their clients/customers regarding a new line of service they have been planning to introduce. Good service ensures a positive customer feedback and a positive feedback ensures customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Hence, by building service excellence, businesses or organizations can grow many folds. Implementing this survey example, organizations or brands can focus on retaining customers. This has proven to be more effective at increasing the sales revenue and reaching profit point. By using this sample survey template organizations and businesses can take the first step towards success.

Brief Product Concept Test Survey Template

Product Concept Test Survey Template consists of 7 critical questions on product testing. Before it introduces into the market, every product is an unproven idea. Organizations or businesses need to know if there is a demand in the market for a particular product or not. Once that clarity is there, a survey deploys with specific questions can help collect relevant information and reaction from a particular set of audiences. A product concept testing survey enables you to test an idea or concept before introducing a product or service into the market. For a product or service to be successful in your target market, it is essential to understand whether your clientele will accept or not. Using a concept testing questionnaire, an organization can process, analyze, and test the product. This survey template offers questions about the importance of the concept, which features adds value to execute the concept, aspects of the concept that will most likely be widely accepted, and other factors For example, if Acme Dog Food company wants to launch a new bunch of dog food products for an Asian dog breed, they can send a concept test survey to these dog owners.

Marketing Concept Test Survey Template

Product satisfaction survey template allows organizations to better understand their product and help them measure customer satisfaction and usage. It also helps them discover ways to improve the entire customer experience with respect to the product. This questionnaire consists of questions that can be customized to suit the need of a researcher. This sample survey template by QuestionPro enables organizations and business focus on measuring customer loyalty by answering simple questions related to what they think about the product and if they are willing to recommend it to their family and friends.

Customer Lead and Qualification Survey Template

Customer Lead and Qualification Survey template is a B2B survey template that is carefully designed by experts at QuestionPro. This survey template consists of 10+ questions that can be easily customized to suit the needs of a researcher. This sample survey template can be used to collect data and information from customers/consumers for budget assigned to a particular product or service, purchasing intent of an organization, just to name a few. This questionnaire can be used for qualifying customer leads.

Advertisement Evaluation Survey Template

Advertisement Evaluation Survey Template designed by QuestionPro is designed carefully to accommodate questions to gain feedback about the concept of advertisements, their quality and how effective they are. From this survey template, a researcher can gain meaningful insights into what advertisements can do for a brand, this sample survey template helps researcher measure the effectiveness of advertisement and if do the trick and solve the purpose of effective brand promotion. This questionnaire consists of 15+ questions that can be easily customized according to the needs of a researcher.

Sales Training Evaluation Survey Template

Sales Training Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro is carefully curated with relevant questions that seek feedback from participants who have attended a sales training. This sample survey template consists of 20+ questions that ask the participants to expresses to what degree they liked or disliked the training, training material, time allocated towards each session etc. This questionnaire can be easily customized according to the target audience to collect their opinion/suggestions and any further scope of improvement.

Shopper Involvement Study Survey Template

Shopper Involvement Study Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to understand a customer’s knowledge and understanding regarding a product offered by a brand. This sample survey template consists of 30 plus questions, that helps an organization/business/researcher understand the probable reasons why a shopper wanted to make a purchase and the research that he/she put in before making that purchase. This questionnaire can be customized according to the need of a target audience.

Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey Template

Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to evaluate the outward appearance of an organization or a brand. This sample survey template consists of 30+ questions that help an organization or brand evaluate everything from their mission statement to their advertising implementation. Corporate marketing is a means by which organizations can attract new customers. By deploying this questionnaire to respondents, organizations will be able to assess what kind of approach in terms of advertising or messaging will appeal to them.

Warranty Card Consumer Product Survey Template

Warranty Card Consumer Product Survey Template by QuestionPro consists of questions that help gain information from buyer regarding what product have they bought and the warranty card issued against it. This sample survey template consists of demographic questions, personal information questions and product purchase related questions, to name a few. This questionnaire enables a shop owner or a brand understand under what circumstances is the warranty card being used. This form consists of 20+ questions that can be customized to best suit a brand or shop owner.

Sales Followup Survey Template

Sales Follow up Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to carry questions that gain meaningful insights from those shoppers/prospective clients who couldn’t be converted into customers. This survey template consists of questions to understand shopper behavior who do not make the purchase from a brand. These questions are very straightforward and help the survey responded choose appropriate reasons for not being to make that purchase. This questionnaire can be customized and questions can be altered/added/deleted to get the desired outcome from the survey.

Dealer Feedback Survey Template

Dealer Feedback Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed with questions to gather feedback from dealers about the products/services they are associated with. This sample survey template consists of different types of questions that help a dealer fill out appropriate information regarding their association with a third party organization, what sort of dealership they follow, what is the financials associated with it and much more. This is a comprehensive survey template which enables an organization gets complete dealer information to make dealer network stronger.

Even Likert Scale Survey Questions Template

The Even Likert Scale Survey Template, designed by experts, consists of various real-life examples of Likert Scale questions. Researchers widely used the Likert scale questionnaire to measure attitudes and opinions. It gives respondents the option of answering with more than just yes/no. This questionnaire is an editable one, and you can add more Likert scale questions to collect responses that don’t necessarily need a neutral option.

Odd Likert Scale Survey Questions Template

Odd Likert Scale Survey is designed by experts at QuestionPro. Odd Likert scale questions have a neutral option in the answer responses. The neutral option is present for those responded who don’t have an opinion about the question asked. In this survey template, there are different odd Likert scale question examples used to help the researcher understand where and how these questions can be used. In this sample survey template, there are 10+ question examples. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the needs of a researcher to align with their business or brand.

Semantic Differential Survey Questions Template

Semantic Differential Survey Template is designed by experts at QuestionPro. This survey template consists of different Semantic Differential scale question examples. Semantic Differential Scale in a survey or question is a question type that asks the respondents to rate a company, product or services etc. within the framework of a multi-point rating system. The answer options consist of opposite adjectives at each end. For eg. love/hate, like/dislike, happy/sad etc.

Wind Energy Power Survey Questions Template

Wind Energy Power Survey Template designed by QuestionPro consists of carefully curated questions by experts to gain feedback from people to understand if they are well informed about wind energy, their stance on wind energy and if they feel using this type of energy can save some non-renewable energy for the generations to come. This questionnaire consists of 15+ questions that help collect feedback and use this data to analyze the importance of wind energy. This sample survey template can be customized to suit the business needs and to collect research insights.

Real Estate Survey Template

Real Estate Survey Template, designed by a team of expert real estate researchers, can be used to increase business opportunities by understanding what exactly do property buyers needs. Stay well informed by deploying this survey template, to know how satisfied they are with their current agents, what property type are they looking to invest in, would they recommend their agent/company to their family/friends etc. Use this questionnaire to find out more from respondents and use this feedback to stay ahead of your competitors in this ever-increasing real estate market. This sample survey template can be customized to suit the needs of business/companies/organizations.

Gym Survey Questions

The gym survey questions template is used to collect information about how a community uses a gym. This sample survey was created by fitness industry leaders to help you collect information about your potential subscriber base and their habit of using the facility. The survey questionnaire is also a good example to collect insights about how they feel about adding a new facility. The questionnaire can also be used to help collect information about how different members of society perceive different offerings and if the messaging to them should differ.

VoIP Survey Questions

The VoIP survey template consists of questions that collect feedback about VoIP implementation and its benefits in an organization, especially if the organization has offices across different geographical locations. This sample questionnaire template consists of multiple survey questions that collect feedback about, if VoIP has increased productivity and collaboration in an organization as well as the perceived risks that are associated with it.

Social Media Survey Questions Template

Social media has become such an integral part of everyone’s life that it has almost become an addiction for most, especially the Millenials. The social media survey questions template is designed to collect information regarding the social media websites and what are the most preferred activities a person would like to carry out on social media.

According to the recent study in 2020, there are 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide which are about 45 percent of the total population. Social media has both, positive and negative effects. For example, social media can be an excellent platform to advertise products and services too. It honestly depends on an individual how to use this platform.

What is Social Media Survey?

A social media survey is a research process to collect information and insights about people's attitudes, behaviors, and preferences toward social media platforms. The survey can be conducted through various methods, such as online questionnaires, phone interviews, or face-to-face meetings.

Businesses, organizations, or researchers often conduct social media surveys to understand their target audience better and tailor their social media strategies accordingly. The insights from social media surveys can also inform product development, marketing campaigns, and user experience design.

Benefits of Social Media Surveys

Social media surveys have several benefits, including:

Wide Reach: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have billions of users, which means that social media surveys can reach a large audience quickly and easily.

Fast Results: Social media surveys can be conducted, and results can be obtained quickly. The process allows businesses to respond quickly to customer feedback and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Increased Engagement: Social media surveys can encourage engagement and customer interaction, leading to greater brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Data Visualization: Social media survey tools often provide real-time data visualization, which can help businesses quickly analyze and understand the data collected.

Easy to Customize: Social media surveys can be customized easily to suit the target audience's needs. The survey allows for more personalized and targeted surveys that yield more accurate and valuable data..

Cost-effective: Social media surveys are much cheaper than traditional surveys, as they do not require paper, printing, or postage costs.

Real-time responses: Social media surveys allow you to get real-time responses, which means you can quickly analyze the data and make decisions based on the feedback.

Feedback from your target audience: Social media surveys help you to get feedback from your target audience, which can help you to improve your products or services.

Engage with your audience: Social media surveys can help you to engage with your audience and build relationships with them.

High response rates: Social media surveys have high response rates, as users are already on the platform and can quickly answer questions.

Social media surveys are a valuable tool for businesses to understand customer preferences, behaviors, and expectations and adapt to changing market trends.

QuestionPro Free Template

QuestionPro Social Media Survey template consists of questions that gather information about people’s social media usage. Our team of experts designs this survey questionnaire on social media after carefully calibrating the attributes and personalities of people.

Marketing Survey Questions Template

The Marketing survey template consists of questions that a business owner or an organization can ask its customers/clients/prospective clients for evaluating marketing intelligence. In this sample survey templates, customers are asked various questions to evaluate their needs from a product/service and plan the marketing activities accordingly. This sample questionnaire is created by a team of experts to collect the required responses from the clients. This survey template can be customized and modified to suit the business needs.

Usability Survey For Self-Service Checkouts

Usability survey for self-service checkouts is a questionnaire to understand public opinion about self-service checkout systems in various stores. These survey questions aims to identify what are the challenges or issues faced by the audience when using such a system which can help the company to make improvements accordingly in those areas in the near future. Self-service checkouts can be seen in most supermarkets or retail stores these days. However, most people still prefer going with the traditional payment method. There are reasons why the customers are still not opting for self-service checkouts. These reasons can be the complexity of the system, interface, or even knowledge to operate it. Thus, there is a needs to make improvements in the existing self-service system and the same has to be promoted to the customers. In such a case, a survey would enable the company to find out customers opinions about the system, the challenges or issues they face and hence it can be optimized as per the customer’s requirements Following are the questions to gather information about the self-service checkout system and customer opinion about the usability of such a system:

Brand Awareness Survey Template

Here’s a brand awareness survey questions example with sample questions that offer a short yet simplistic method of measuring brand recognition and brand awareness amongst consumers. It contains a series of brand awareness survey questions that you can use as-is or customize with demographic and other questions of your like to get insights from a particular population segment.

Seminar Evaluation Survey Template

Professionals from various industries are always encouraged to participate in seminar to network with fellow professionals working for different organizations, to polish their skill sets, enhance their communication skills, possess additional confidence and motivation to work harder at the job. QuestionPro’s easy to customize seminar evaluation questionnaire sample template is quite straightforward for you to enter desired question and answer options which are easy and quick for the seminar attendees to fill out. You can analyze the most popular session of the seminar, was there anything that the attendees not appreciate, which factors were impressive and where can the seminar be improved in the future. Ask questions about topics of the seminar, staff in charge, motivational factors to attend the seminar, reason for attending, can be edited and included in the survey from this seminar evaluation template.

Conference Feedback and Evaluation Survey Template

Conference evaluation survey is a primary research questionnaire to understand the success of the conference by collecting post-conference feedback from attendees. Why? Because as an organization or event planner, your attendees are your customers. The best way to get collect meaningful feedback is to directly ask your customers, so you can get the most relevant information to conduct your post-conference evaluation effectively. According to the recent study by Eventbrite, 53% of corporate and conference event creators will host more events in 2020 with the same budget and team. However, in order to attribute for increasing expenditure on conferences, it is critical for ROI that organizers collect critical information from attendees to meet metrics, locate areas of improvement and grow the effectiveness and attendee experience with each event using simple and easy to answer conference evaluation surveys. Below is a questionnaire template with the top conference evaluation survey questions to ask your attendees :

Workshop Survey Template

Workshop survey template offers 10 customizable questions which can be asked to the attendees after or before conducting a workshop. This sample questionnaire is primarily to be sent after a workshop is held in order to understand whether the workshop met the attendees’ expectations or not and how can the quality of the workshop be improved. The question examples in this template can be broadly implemented by researchers to analyze the workshop topic, speakers, and overall quality. Workshops are one of the best ways to learn or enhance skills and understanding of a certain subject. But for someone conducting a workshop, have you ever wondered how good your workshop was and have you identified if it was really helpful and people got some information out of it? These are some broad questions, helpful in gathering insights into what improvements or enhancements to make your workshop well-rounded and helpful? The ideal way to acquire this information would be through survey software. Online survey software is an ultimate tool to collect and deduce information. It is not only a data store for your collected information but can provide statistical and research outcomes from your data.

Event Feedback Survey Template

Event feedback surveys have become the norm in today's business world. There are multiple events that take place around the world. Each event is unique and has a specific objective and a defined target audience. These events help the attendees for various reasons from marketing, sales, training and many more. Using these survey questions the researcher can collect objective and actionable feedback that can be used to host much better events in the future and provide satisfaction to its attendees.

Focus Group Surveys

Focus group recruitment questionnaire survey template.

Hardware Product Evaluation Survey Template is used to evaluate the importance of various attributes for a hardware product. A questionnaire creator intending to understand the factors that contribute towards the success of a product, can edit this sample and include questions and examples pertaining to his/her hardware product type.

Hardware and Software Surveys

Hardware product evaluation survey template.

Improving hardware product features to meet customer requirements can often be expensive which makes it a critical decision making aspect for the product owner. If an organized data-oriented approach is adapted to understand customer needs and expectations, it becomes easy to make decisions about updated hardware product features. Apart from money and research, there are two more important factors which go into purchasing a hardware product: effort and time. Hardware product evaluation survey template sample offers you the right questions to obtain insightful information from customers about brand reliability, installation procedure, value of money and other such hardware product feature and pricing expectations. You can customize this sample questionnaire template according to the industry of the hardware product so that you cater to your target audience.

Software Evaluation Survey Template

Use these software product evaluation questions to evaluate the importance of various attributes for a software product. Find out how satisfied your users are with your product and gain insights into the user behavior and preferences. You can use their feedback to design new features and create a product marketing strategy. Software product researchers can use our free software evaluation survey template to understand the factors that contribute to the success of a product. You can edit this sample and include questions and examples pertaining to software product type.

Pre-Installation Survey Template

A company puts in a considerable amount of time into conducting research about the products/services. You as a service provider, must understand the importance of various factors such as website information quality, training about the product networks, pre-engineering consultation, and other such factors which can be done using a survey template. QuestionPro offers a sample survey that includes questions revolving around all pre-installation aspects that have different priorities for the customers, for example - technical support, round the clock on-call assistance, involvement of a third-party for installation etc. If an organization uses this survey example to understand pre-installation preferences, it becomes easier for them to cater to customer demands and in turn help in converting these prospective companies into loyal buyers.

Technical Documentation Survey Template

Technical documentation survey template provides access to customer feedback about the technical documents for your products. It is integral to have systematically documented information for hardware or software products in manufacturing, electronics, or any other consumable product industry. Technical documentation provides a better understanding of the product with specificities which not be quite evident to the users at first. Your organization should keep the target audience in mind while writing technical documentation. Using this sample survey, you can ask the customers to provide information about their satisfaction levels regarding the aptness of content, quality of covered details, usability and implementation using the technical documentation and how can your company improve the quality and details of documentation. This survey example can be customized according the technology you offer and the details you expect from this survey.

Evaluation of Market Potential Survey Template

The evaluation of market potential survey template can be used in case you are intending to launch a new business or a new product or service in an already established market. The market potential varies directly according to the change in the region. This survey example can help you in understanding whether the customers would prefer purchasing the product online or offline, which region do they belong to, how much are they willing to spend on a particular product, what are their likes and dislikes etc. This customizable sample survey template can be edited to include questions which can provide insights about the sense of urgency in the audience, is there enough market size to accommodate a new business or a new product along with the already existing businesses, what can be the price range for the products, how easy or hard will it be to acquire a new customer in the market, what unique can your company offer that will suffice market requirement, will there be scope for growth in the market in the next 10-20-30 years so that it is worth spending a fortune to launch a business or product or service.

Hardware Post Installation Satisfaction Survey Template

Once a hardware product is purchased, one of the best practices to evaluate customer satisfaction is to send across a hardware post installation satisfaction survey. QuestionPro post installation satisfaction sample questionnaire offers editable questions which can be used to obtain information about whether site preparation instructions were provided in time, were the instructions straightforward or did they require assistance, timely delivery of hardware product as promised, guidance for on-site installation etc. This questionnaire example has been prepared by industry experts and also includes questions about frequency of usage, customer satisfaction levels after installation, likelihood of product recommendation to evaluate whether the hardware product installation was successful or not.

Product Purchase Process Survey Template

The product purchase process suggests the steps followed by a customer to finally buy the product. A standard procedure of product purchase involves identifying customer demands or requirements, research, analysis of various choices and pre and post purchase evaluation. By editing the product purchase process survey template, you can ask the customers when did customers purchase the product, which model of the product did they purchase, source of obtaining information about the product, whether the purchase was online or offline, reason to make the purchase, preferred product features etc. Understanding customer demographics is also an important part of the product purchase process sample survey. You can edit the demographic elements of this survey example according to the required details such as age, region, family income, gender, etc.

QuestionPro Demonstration Survey Template

Demonstration Survey Template by QuestionPro includes questions and examples of different categories. This questionnaire sample can be edited according to the required question types such as rank order, multiple choice question, net promoter score question etc.

Computer Security Survey Template

Computer/Cyber Security Survey Template

Consumer Electronics Survey Questions

Consumer electronics survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information about the shopping experiences of consumers when purchasing electronics. This survey aims to identify the thought process of a consumer when purchasing an electronic device, which can enable a company to launch new products, manage supply of the stock, etc. Consumer electronics survey can enable companies to understand the market demand, understand the flaws in their product and also find out issues in the various processes that influence the purchase of their goods. The market size for United states consumer electronics industry is estimated to reach $377 billion in 2018. Consumer electronics are needed on a day to day basis. One might say they are becoming a necessity for every person around the world. For every task that we do, we can have an electronic device do it faster. Because of the ease of use and saving time, all of us prefer to purchase these devices, which indeed makes life easier. Consumer electronics can be devices like Television, cellphones, radios, dryers, printers, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Following are the questions to gather information about consumer electronics and what are the factors that influence the purchase of a device

Evaluation of Potential for E-Commerce Services Survey

E-commerce has evolved to be one of the most preferred mediums for shopping. Perform an evaluation of the potential for e-commerce services using a survey template about the e-commerce website and the services offered. This sample survey can also help you with competitor analysis of the quality of the website, reasons for visiting the website, ease of navigation, etc. By customizing this survey example, you can get customer ratings for website attractiveness, efforts put by them to find your website, website content, and visual appearance, challenges for operating the website are integral to make improvements on the website. Collect data to find out the ways to offer your visitors a great shopping experience.

Digital Marketing Activities Survey Template

An organization’s website plays an integral role in all the digital marketing activities. This survey template offers questions that can help you in acknowledging the need for a website to purchasing a domain name to developing web hosting services, this sample survey questionnaire contains questions to collect answer from respondents about these aspects. As technology progresses, digital marketing activities have gained momentum and are largely responsible for driving small and large scale businesses. All the key stakeholders of an organization are now interested in designing effective digital marketing strategies because an appropriately designed digital marketing strategy can not only improve your website signups but also lead to a boost in sales. After getting inputs for these sample questions about the role of respondent in website services of their company, questions about company budget for web-related activities, information about website domain and online purchase of website services can be asked.

Web Customer Service Evaluation Survey Template

Maintaining online presence requires a remarkable amount of effort to keep website visitors satisfied and customer service is an integral factor that contributes extensively towards customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the progress made in the technological mediums, customers expect real-time solutions to all the small and large problems they face with your products and services. Your company website is the first medium they approach to obtain a solution to their complaints. There is a constant increase in online sales which is an indication that there will be a need for consistent web customer service. With this sample survey template, you can gain insights about how to improve web customer service, understand customer experiences and make enhancements on the basis of the observations. This survey example can be customized according to the detail of information you require from your customers about the offered services.

Website Visitor Profile Survey Template

Every website visitor is important for the business. Satisfying each of these visitors should be the primary goal of an organization. This survey template offers customizable questions that can be helpful in obtaining insights about the use of website, current hardware and software specifications, visitor demographic information and other details regarding the website visitor. A website visitor profile survey gives you a superior comprehension of who visits your website, how they got there, how often do they visit and how they consume information on your website. Embedding a QuestionPro survey into your website can provide in-depth analytics and insights into visitor behavior and help to accumulate visitor ethnographic information that you can use to appraise your website's design and function. A profiling survey is used to accumulate key demographic information of your customers. These surveys are used to upgrade your customer’s experience by giving them a bird's-eye view of an upcoming opinion poll. This also monitors that once you have collected information, those profiles don’t get asked repeated questions or request for repeated information so that the respondent isn’t irritated or put off to repeat your website again. Profiling surveys also assist you prudently target the right surveys to the right crowd. This sample questionnaire also includes questions to gain information about the frequency of customer visits on the website, whether they are first-time visitors and reason for visiting the website.

Online Retailer Evaluation Survey Template

Online retailer evaluation survey template helps your capture critical customer feedback on your online retail market place. The online retail market in the US alone is set to cross $500 Billion in 2018. This is also a time period when more and more online businesses are understanding the importance of conducting insightful online retailer evaluation surveys to keep accurate tabs on customer opinion, their needs and expectations. This sample survey is designed to help you capture important information on how your customers perceive your online retail brand, how satisfied they are and whether they are willing to recommend your brand to others. You can use this questionnaire as a survey example, make edits and send your survey, or you can directly pick and send this ready-made questionnaire template.

University Bookstore Online Survey Template

University Bookstore Online Survey Template offers questions to determine products and services to be offered. QuestionPro questionnaire sample includes questions about factors that prompt an online purchase, occasions on which online purchase is usually done and other information about the online university bookstore.

Website Evaluation Survey Template

This website evaluation survey template lets you gain feedback from your website visitors. Collect data on what do they like most about your website and the improvement areas. Know how likely are they to return to your website with this sample website evaluation questionnaire. Optimize your website as per the feedback from the visitors and increase your web traffic. This free website evaluation survey template can be customized to suit your needs. Know how your visitors first heard about your business and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

ISP Service Evaluation Survey Template

Customer service is generally a very sensitive issue with respect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are a significant number of cases where customers switch ISPs frequently due to dissatisfaction and the general mediocrity in the ISP business. Consumers can get in touch with an ISP anytime - anywhere, due to which customer satisfaction becomes easily controllable for ISPs around the globe. Real-time and efficient customer service along with best-in-class technical support are two factors which control customer satisfaction. It has been proven over the last decade that those ISPs who prioritize customer service definitely have an edge over the others in the market. It is advisable to send across this survey template to all your customers to know them better so that you can serve them better and retain them in this ever-growing and overcrowded ISP market. This questionnaire offers questions to obtain insights into ISP connection quality, installation process, the operating system used to contact customer service, customer service rating etc.

Website Retailer Satisfaction Survey Template

It is observed that 8 out of 10 customers are of the opinion that brands are now more concerned about customer satisfaction than they were 10 years ago. There is a yearly increase of 150% in the customers who prefer shopping via website retailers. This is an indication of important it is to consider customer satisfaction at every step of your business. With an increase in the number of mobile consumers, there is a definite chance of an exponential rise in the visitors of a website retailer. QuestionPro offers this website retailer satisfaction survey template is accumulated by experts in website retail. Consumers are slowly and gradually preferring making purchases via website retailers and shunning the traditional physical retailers. This questionnaire considers this central fact and all the questions revolve around it.

Website Visitor Follow-up Survey Template

Website visitor follow up survey template offers questions about how helpful was their experience on your website, their demographic details for retargeting, number of hours spent online, other hobbies which may or may not be related to your product but can be instrumental in knowing the customers better, suggestions on how you can enhance your website and other such aspects related to website visitors. Following up and keeping track of visitor information can be cumbersome but by sending out this questionnaire, you can conveniently follow up with the visitors and collect information in real-time. You can benefit the most from these website surveys as they are used to gather integral visitor information and their feedback about your website.

Purchasing on the Internet Survey Template

After the dot-com explosion in the early 2000s, internet has changed the way people make purchases, read the news, make critical investments or any other transaction. Internet shopping, in particular, has become incredibly popular in the last 10 years and is constantly growing at the rate of almost 20% year-on-year. In 2016-17, it was reported that customers prefer doing 51% of their shopping on the internet. Experts at QuestionPro have recognized the need to cater to purchasing products on the internet and the habits consumers exhibit while shopping on the internet and designed a survey template accordingly. This sample questionnaire offers questions that provide researchers insights about frequency of online purchases, category of purchases, reason for a particular purchase, will to spend for a specific product and other aspects related to purchasing over the internet.

Website Demographics Survey Template

Website Demographics Survey Template offers questions and examples that provide insights on how the respondents get the information about the website, products/services that they maybe interested in and other demographic information. QuestionPro questionnaire sample includes a set of questions demographic information such as age, region, education and other information such as reasons of using the internet, purchasing intent etc.

Internet Purchase Dialog Survey Template

Internet Purchase Dialog Survey Template offers questions to determine shopper feedback to the internet retailer while shopping. QuestionPro questionnaire sample has questions that consider all the internet purchases a respondent might have had in the past. For example, questions about whether the respondent had taken time out to provide honest feedback for the purchase made on the internet.

Music Website Survey Template

Every individual working in the music industry will vouch for the fact that it takes a lot of effort to understand music preferences of people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. Curated by music experts, this survey template offers questions which can be used to understand which section of your website did they prefer over the others, which type of music do the visitors prefer, feedback on new features that can be incorporated into your music website. Questions from this sample survey can be edited according to your genre and sent out to all your website visitor by embedding it on the website, sharing the survey on social media or sending it via email.

Website Evaluation Survey Template offers questions about website such as placement of menu, userfriendliness of the download option etc. which help to determine customer usage patterns and overall site desirability. This sample can be customized according to the niche of the website and that target audience. For example, a startup will have slightly modified questions in the questionnaire for website evaluation in comparison to a multi-national organization. This is the main reason to edit every survey template according to the requirement to gain the best results.

Internet Habits and Uses Survey Template

Recent researches have reported that 98% of people between the age group of 18-29 and overall 89% adults use internet. The internet habits and uses survey template offers survey questions which can be influential in learning about the comfort levels among customers for internet usage, online product purchasing preferences, issues with the internet today and other such factors related to internet habits and uses. There is a pool of information available for people to explore. Some people would prefer political information while the others would prefer information related to self-help. Every person having access to the internet would definitely use it differently. This survey sample can be customized according to the level of information required. A survey example such as this can be critical in address the varied internet habits and uses. By acknowledging and analyzing the answers received for the questions, you can understand your target market’s internet using capabilities and edit your current sales-marketing strategies accordingly.

Web Demographics Survey Template

Web Demographics Survey Template offers questions about customer website usage. QuestionPro questionnaire sample has a list of more than 25 questions such as where did the customer find the organization's information from or for how long have the users been using the internet.

Website Information Quality Survey Template

Website information quality is one of the most influential parameters to drive your online business. Research conducted to understand the impact of website information quality on customer loyalty and satisfaction indicate that precise and accurate information of the website can lead to a tremendous increase in customer satisfaction. This survey template offers questions to understand whether the information available on the website was helpful for the users and if not, how can you improve it. A survey sample like this can be edited as per the niche of your website to gain insights about the business sector of your target market, how instrumental is the visitor’s role in their organization and other demographic information. Researchers can use this survey example to understand the purchasing intent of the website visitors. After collecting feedback on ways to improve website information quality, they can implement the factors where enhancements can be made according to customer inputs.

Website Feedback Survey Template

An unhappy customer can lead to 26 other customers to not purchase your product/service, while happy customers share their pleasant experience with 9 others. In any case, a customer on your website can provide valuable feedback to identify and eliminate issues they frequently face. A website feedback survey template includes questions about rating various aspects of the website, reasons for visiting the website, how did the customers know about your website and other similar questions. This survey sample can be customized according to the detail of information required from the target market. Feedback about whether the visitor would revisit your website to know more about your products/services, frequency of visiting your website, demographic details can be obtained using this survey example.

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Market Research Survey

Create, update, and distribute marketing surveys anytime to field staff anywhere. Easily gather survey results on Mobile App

mujer realizando una encuesta mediante un formulario de encuesta de marketing digital||Plantilla de encuestas de mercado - Investigación de campo

Market Survey Template

  • Eliminate paperwork with digital checklists
  • Generate reports from completed checklists
  • Free to use for up to 10 users

This market survey template will help field market researchers gather data from the target market to help organizations gain insight on consumer buying preference and make sound business decisions. Market researchers can easily collect data using this market survey template on mobile devices and submit survey results while in the field. With SafetyCulture (iAuditor), field researchers can:

  • Be guided by the template’s intuitive smart logic. Only the target market will prompt the rest of the survey.
  • Conveniently select answers and enter notes.
  • Quickly conduct surveys, saving time for both researcher and respondent.

market survey template

What is a Market Survey?

A market survey is a tool used by market research teams to gather data concerning a target market, product, or service. It helps organizations understand consumer buying habits, competitor landscape, and potential market risks. A market survey can be conducted via different channels including online and email, phone and field interviews, or focus group discussions.

Benefits of a Market Research Survey

A market survey can be completed online and have the advantage of the speed and reach but can be limiting in terms of deeper insights. Conducting in-person field market surveys can help uncover deeper insights but is more challenging to plan, coordinate, and execute. Conducting a market research survey can benefit the organization with the following:

  • acquire feedback and critical information about consumers;
  • recognize customer inclination towards the product;
  • analyze customer satisfaction levels to improve the existing product; and
  • provide influential data towards business changes.

Types of Market Research Survey

A marketing survey is used by companies to gather information depending on the objective of the market research. It helps marketers to understand the consumers’ need to compare their products with their competitors. The data collected is utilized to analyze different market trends to ensure the right timing to launch a product or service.

There are several types of market survey an organization can use for their market research including the following:

  • Market investigation survey – determines the vital information about the growth of the target market to perform competitor analysis.
  • Customer retention survey – identify customer’s motivation in purchasing the services or products to understand customer trends on purchases and loyalty.
  • New product demand survey – a statistical analysis of the product growth that leads to consumer’s appeal for a new product.
  • Segmentation market survey – understanding the customer’s journey on why they have chosen the product or service.
  • Customer profiling survey – a demographic analysis of the target consumers.

The 3 Main Challenges of Conducting Surveys

In-person field market surveys come with challenges that can cause difficulties in coordination, delays in execution, and strain on resources. Here are some of the challenges of conducting field marketing surveys:

  • Market surveys, particularly those conducted in the field, involve sending field staff, supplies, and equipment needed for conducting market surveys.
  • Implementing changes during or after the market survey means spending more time and more resources to implement the directive in the field. This may cause delays and put a strain on the budget for the market research.
  • After a market survey is conducted, the data collected will be sent to the team leader for analysis and interpretation.
  • Information collected using paper-based market surveys involves time-consuming data entry to send the information or physically sending paperwork to be manually organized and analyzed.
  • Data gathered out in the field will need to be collected, organized, and analyzed.
  • Going through piles of paperwork and manually reviewing reports one by one will take so much time and energy. Taking into account the number of sites and the sample size, it will be burdensome to the market researcher and it will take a lot of resources to analyze and interpret data.

FAQs About Market Research Survey

How to conduct a market research survey.

To perform an effective market research survey, follow these steps:

  • Know your objectives and set clear goals of what you want to achieve with the research..
  • Identify which group of audience you’ll need to target for a valid result to materialize.
  • Determine the type of marketing survey to be used.
  • Choose the best channel to do the survey—it can be through online, interviews, discussions, or other forms of data gathering.
  • Conduct the survey in a proper, timely, and practical manner. The goal is to maximize the sample size of the market that was chosen for the survey.

How to Create a Survey for Market Research?

In order to create an efficient survey for market research, you must first determine if the questions would be for a quantitative or qualitative type of research. Build the survey from there then check these following tips :

  • Ask simple, clear, and straight to the point questions that contribute to the goal of the research.
  • Avoid leading and assumptive questions that can affect how respondents would participate in the survey.
  • Categorize questions based on how they would best benefit the research. 
  • Add questions about respondents’ age, gender, region, or specific details important to the research.
  • Make it concise and quick but as engaging as possible.

In addition, businesses can also always utilize ready-to-use market research survey templates that ease this whole process.

What is the Difference Between Market Research and Market Analysis?

Market research specifically gathers data by obtaining insights from certain target markets while focusing on a product, customer feedback, or services. Market analysis on the other hand, is a broader practice that aims to collect information through various avenues—including market research—and use them as basis for future business decisions and increase growth options for the company.

Overcoming the Challenges

Conducting market research surveys in the field comes with inherent challenges that can be resolved with new technology. SafetyCulture (formerly iAuditor), the world’s most powerful mobile auditing app, provides the following digital solutions to any market research survey:

Convenient cascading of tasks

  • Need to conduct a new survey? Create and share a new marketing survey template with your team. Field staff can begin at once using their mobile device.
  • Need to make some changes to an existing market survey questionnaire? Edit the template using your mobile or desktop and automatically update everyone else’s copy. Kiosks at survey sites will automatically update.
  • Need to have a survey done before the deadline? Schedule the team’s survey and give them a window. Know who has already completed their survey and how many times.
  • Need to delegate different marketing survey questions for different groups at different times? Create different groups, assign specific market research survey templates, and schedule the deadlines.
  • Intuitive mobile app and software that help build logical survey questionnaires – no programming skills needed!

Organized real-time reporting

  • Automatically receive marketing survey results regardless of the volume of respondents and location of the site. SafetyCulture makes it easy to receive quantitative or qualitative data.
  • Create response sets or use text fields to collect respondents’ answers. An unlimited number of photos can also be included.
  • No more manual re-entry of collected results on computers. More time and energy for respondents and other market surveys.
  • Geotagged surveys make it easy to identify where it happened.
  • Survey reports show the exact date and time it was conducted.
  • Know who did not complete tasks within the set window.
  • Activated scoring on response sets helps measure and interpret data using SafetyCulture analytics.
  • Filter information and do a deep dive into the collected data.
  • Integration is available for paid accounts should you need SafetyCulture to work with other business systems or platforms.

Featured Marketing Survey Templates

Market research survey - product feedback.

This market research survey template can be used by manufacturing businesses to gauge the reception of the target market to new or rebranded products sold at multiple outlets. This 7-item marketing survey template use scoring on its response sets to measure the overall customer satisfaction and gather feedback on the food product regarding the following:

  • Price point
  • If the product reminds the customer of anything (nostalgia marketing)
  • Likelihood of repeat business
  • Likelihood of recommendation to friends/ family

Customers can provide comments and suggestions and optional name and signature at the end of the product feedback survey.

Marketing Survey Questionnaire - Retail Customer

A marketing survey questionnaire is used to gather customer feedback on their retail experience. Use on kiosks near cashiers or exits for easy visibility and access, this template helps customers provide feedback on the business’ appearance, products and services, pricing, staff, and overall customer experience. Customers can enter their comments and suggestions and include their name and digital signature. Gauge overall customer satisfaction and discover areas for improvement using analytics.

SafetyCulture Content Team

SafetyCulture Content Team

Explore more templates

  • View template in library

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Market Research

Do you want to make informed business decisions and optimize your growth strategies? It is important to understand your target audience's behavior, preferences, and needs. Our easy-to-use templates can help you get valuable insights into your target audience and identify new opportunities for growth. Choose a template today and start gathering the data you need to succeed!

Market Research

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Full Market Research Survey Guide + FREE Template

Asja Francisti

Jun 21 2019

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Market research survey is a great way for businesses to understand their (potential) customers’ preferences, attitudes, and behavior. Conducting these surveys can help you determine your target market, learn more about them or your existing customers, or discover trends in your respective industry.

survey maker cta

Here you can find a general market research survey template you can use to understand basic attitudes and demographic information about your target market.

Market research survey

In this article, you will find a template and a detailed guide on conducting and analyzing market research surveys. Or you can preview all of the survey templates available to LeadQuizzes users.

Why You Should Conduct Market Research Survey

According to Statista , the global market research industry has contracted slightly in recent years. EU General Data Protection Regulation affected market research negatively, leaving big market research agencies and companies to reinvent their business models.

However, with a variety of digital tools, market research has also become more accessible to small and mid-size businesses. You no longer have to hire big names to get your hands on valuable insights and data about your customers and industry.

Conducting market research surveys on a regular basis  will help you:

  • Maintain competitiveness in the market
  • Develop business
  • Understand customers
  • Keep an eye on competitors
  • Find new opportunities
  • Define your perfect Marketing Mix

According to Neil Borden, Marketing Mix enables you to promote your brand or product’s unique selling points by focusing on four P’s: product, placement, pricing, and promotions. Using a market research survey, you can easily nail down the perfect mix you need.

How to Conduct Market Research Survey?

Depending on the goal of your market research survey, you may speed up or skip certain steps we are going to outline here.

1. Prepare for a survey

Before you outline your market research goals, it is good to be up to date with the latest industry trends and know your target market. If you are still in the process of defining your target market, here are some useful tools for determining your market size, exploring customer statistics, and latest industry trends:

  • U.S. Census Data Tools  – helps to determine the size and demographics of your target market.
  • SBA’s Office of Entrepreneurship Education Resources – includes market research analysis tools, reports, and tutorials
  • Pew Research Center  – public opinion polls, demographic research reports
  • Statista  – statistics, charts, and infographics from research in more than 600 industries
  • Google Trends  – insights into consumers and audiences behavior and preferences

Checking on the latest news and stats periodically is a great way to keep up with your industry and tweak your market research surveys for better insights.

2. Identify the research objective

If you want your market research to offer you clear insights that easily translate into action, you need to set a very clear, straightforward objective and stick to it. Based on your objectives, there are several types of surveys and survey analysis (more on that later) you can use.

1. Cross-sectional surveys – good for researching current or limited timeframe attitudes and behavior of consumers

2. Longitudinal surveys – they enable you to understand how consumers’ behavior and attitudes change over time and find patterns corresponding to certain periods.

3. Retrospective surveys – they explore the opinions and behaviors of people over an extended period of time, but they require respondents to recall their past experiences

4. Quantitative and Qualitative Surveys – quantitative surveys will offer you answers that can be expressed as numbers, tables, charts or graphs, qualitative surveys will give you explanations.

Most surveys blend these two approaches for optimal results. In general, quantitative surveys are good for measuring trends and testing ideas and forecasts. Qualitative surveys will help you explain them.

3. Identify your target audience and its size

In market research, the target audience is usually determined based on demographics  such as age, gender, occupation, income, location, etc. For more specific market research surveys, you can also focus on target audiences based on their lifestyle, attitudes, and purchasing behavior .

Now, once you nail down who your ideal respondents are, it is incredibly important to find the perfect sample size. While sampling is not particularly important if the research is conducted among a closed, limited group of people, if you want to understand wider market trends and behavior, you need to pay a lot of attention to sampling.

The smaller the sample, the larger the margin of error. The larger the margin of error, the less reliable survey results. Basing your business decisions on faulty data can lead to wasted money and opportunities.

To find the perfect sample size, click on this guide  that includes sample size calculator and types of sampling that can fit your market research goals.

5. Keep the survey short and straightforward

If you want to get the best response and completion rate (which affects the reliability of your results), your survey has to be quick, clear and straightforward.

Avoid cramming several questions into one – one question needs to have one answer. Minimize the bias – don’t try to nudge responses in a direction you’d prefer. Outline the questions in a logical, natural order. Surveys of up to 12 questions are enough to cover a specific market research goal.

Larger surveys that seek to explore the market in-depth should be chunked into sections and should include some incentive in exchange. Another way to make larger market research surveys easier to fill out is to allow respondents to track their progress via progress bar or info about the remaining questions.

Our market research survey template focuses on consumers’ general attitudes towards a product in a certain category. It can be easily tweaked to fit your research needs. The questions are:

  • How often do you use products in this category?
  • When was the last time you purchased a product in this category?
  • Which brands come to your mind when talking about this product category?
  • Which of the following would influence your decision the most if you were to buy a product in this category?
  • At what price do you think the product would be a great purchase for the money (in USD)?
  • At what price would you consider the product too cheap to be good quality?
  • At what price is the product getting expensive, but you would still consider buying it?
  • What’s your age?
  • What country do you live in? (drop-down)
  • What’s your current employment status?
  • What’s the highest level of education you’ve completed?
  • What’s your annual income?

Most of the questions are closed-ended, allowing respondents to choose an answer out of five suggestions based on a Likert scale . The questions concerning brands and acceptable product prices are open-ended, but they don’t require too much work from respondents.

You can check out this survey here.

6. Keep up with privacy regulations

As we mentioned before, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  seriously changed the market research landscape. Although the regulation originated in the European Union, it requires compliance from any website visited by EU citizens.  GDPR compliance includes:

  • seeking permission to use the customers’ data, explicitly and unambiguously
  • explaining why you need this data
  • proving you need this data
  • documenting the ways you use personal data
  • reporting any data breaches promptly
  • building accessible privacy settings into your digital products and websites
  • keeping privacy settings switched on

Non-compliance in market research could cost you up to $23,4 million or 4% of your global turnover in fines. At the same time, consumers are increasingly aware of data protection issues, and being careless with their private information is one way to seriously harm your business.

7. Pay attention to response rate and margin of error

We previously talked about the importance of sample size and a good response rate. Expected response rate should be taken into account when you calculate the sample size. If the response rate is smaller than expected, you should be aware that it will affect the reliability of your results. So what should you expect?

According to FluidSurveys , the average response rate for email surveys us 24.8%. Genroe  found that customer feedback surveys receive responses from 10%-30% of customers. Their conclusion is that anything above 20% is a good score.

Once the market research survey is done and you can see how many people responded you can calculate the margin of error. This is a percentage that shows how much the answers of the population could deviate from your survey results.

For example, if your survey results show that 30% of teenage girls prefer skinny jeans, a 2% margin of error implies that the actual percentage of teenage girls who prefer skinny jeans is between 28% and 32%.

You can use this this calculator  to calculate all these values.

Ready to conduct your first market research survey? You can use our template for free, customize it to fit your research objectives or make dozens of surveys on your own . With LeadQuizzes content builder, you can create questionnaires and surveys that include images, videos, allow logic branching, and have neat reporting tools.

On top of that, LeadQuizzes integrate with all major email automation tools and allow split testing that can help you boost your response and completion rate. Just click below and start your free 14-day trial!

Looking to Make a Survey ?

Create and launch your survey in just minutes with our software!

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8 Templates to Plan & Organize Your Market Research

Market research (or marketing research) helps you deeply understand your customers and target market. It's a group of activities that will uncover insights you can use to create better products and improve your marketing. These templates will help you organize every part of your market research project in one collaborative place.

Market Research Brief Template

The goal of any marketing research brief is to define the objectives in a way that a researcher can confidently build an appropriate study. This clarity will then lead to the 'right' research method used and consequent insights uncovered.

Market Research Brief Template, within the Milanote app

Brand Positioning Map Template

The Brand Positioning Map template (or Competitive Landscape) is perfect for identifying your opportunity in the market. It's a simple way to ensure your brand will stand out against your competitors.

Brand Positioning Map Template, within the Milanote app

Customer Persona Template

It's crucial to have a crystal clear picture of your ideal customer. Building a customer persona helps your team understand the people they're designing for. Use this template to map out your customer's goals, background and pain-points so you can design a brand or product that naturally appeals to them.

Customer Persona Template, within the Milanote app

Market Research Template

How well do you understand the market you're designing for? The Market Research template is the perfect way build a complete picture of your industry and audience. Use it to collect insights about the competitors, links, customer research, trends, stats and more in one visual place.

Market Research Template, within the Milanote app

SWOT Analysis Template

The SWOT framework helps you uncover your internal Strengths and Weaknesses plus external Opportunities and Threats. You can use it to assess your entire company, brand, marketing or an individual product. It is traditionally used by management teams but is also a great tool for brand strategy and marketing projects.

Brand SWOT Analysis Template, within the Milanote app

Moodboard Template

Before you begin designing your new brand or campaign, it's important that everyone involved agrees on the visual style. A moodboard lets you explore different directions in minutes. This template contains placeholders for images, video, color swatches and notes.

Logo Moodboard Template, within the Milanote app

Diary Study Template

Understand a user's experiences, behaviour, and activities over time using the Diary Study research method.

Diary Study Template, within the Milanote app

Day in the Life of Template

The Day in the Life research technique lets you create a visually engaging timeline of a customer's day. The template allows you to create notes for research, lists of questions, and add images and videos to bring someone's habits and behaviours to life.

Day In the Life Of Template, within the Milanote app

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Home Tools Customer Interview Questions to Conduct Market Research (Download PDF)

Customer Interview Questions to Conduct Market Research (Download PDF)

February 22, 2022

How do you determine if you have customers who will positively impact your product, relationships, and overall growth?

Do you know the people who are actually valuable to your brand?

2022 consumers face thousands of daily choices every single day. New products, new features, more bang for your buck…making each of those decisions takes its toll. This intensely competitive market justifies why tech companies are often too involved in investing in new technologies, products, and services.

While adding value to the consumer and aiming to capture a bigger market share isn’t a bad idea, risking missing out on the consumer journey, their needs, and wants can result in big opportunities being wasted.

Jump to the market research template.

Why Conduct Market Research?

There are three core stages critical to tech providers’ success – acquiring customers, retaining customers, and monetizing customers.

Companies who can determine:

  • The most compelling reasons why their buyers decided to invest in their solution.
  • The results they expect to achieve.
  • The risks involved they understand with achieving the results.
  • The concerns that cause your buyer to believe that your solution is not their best option.
  • The surrounding influences to make a decision, as buyers rarely make them in isolation.
  • The emotions and motivations behind making the buying decision.

Can create experience-driven marketing associated with guaranteed customer success.

You want to hear your buyer’s story and get into their heads. It clearly reveals the decision you need to influence showing you exactly how, when and why buyers engage to choose your solution, your competitors’, or stick with what they have.

The better the market research, the more dramatic the insights, and the more laser-focused targeting messaging, positioning, and value proposition are.

The Four Common Types of Market Research

There are multiple ways to conduct market research and collect customer data, test products, and do brand research, but the four most common are:

  • Focus groups
  • Observation

A form of qualitative research with open or closed-ended questions.

2- Focus groups

These offer deeper insight into the products’ customer experience and what marketing messages really resonate with them.

3- Observation

It has no predefined set of questions, so the challenge here is that you can’t get direct feedback from the user. It’s best when combined with interviews, surveys, and/or focus groups.

4- Interviews

Interviews allow for face-to-face discussions (in-person/ virtual), an excellent way for more natural conversations and deeper insights.

It is no secret that the deeper you dive into the problem, the clearer the solution becomes. But what better way to get into your ideal customer’s head, understand their pain points and needs, get inspiration for product development , learn their vocabulary, and even identify new target audiences than a one-on-one, real-time conversation with them!

You might not be able to directly tune into your customer’s brains. But with the right kind of interview, you can get the next best thing.

What is a Market Research Template?

To build a great product, you have to understand the market you’re targeting deeply. Otherwise, you could end up with a brilliant product that nobody wants. That’s where the market research template comes in, also known as a market study template. It can be a market research report template, market research survey template, market research excel template, or even a customer interview checklist.

It is a pre-built set of questions that will help you identify exactly who your buyers are, what they want, where they usually look for products, and how much they are willing to pay. Learn how you can get the market research template in action with our guide to B2B market research .

Market Research Template for Beginners

To help remove the complexity of the task and empower you to get more from your data, we’ve created a Customer Interview Questions Checklist.

Get started on your market research journey with our free interview tool with 21 open-ended questions so you can make the most of customer interviews. The meaty responses that these questions can provide will help you identify what is and is not working with your product for future improvements.

Download The Customer Interview Questions Checklist for Conducting Market Research

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market research survey template free download

The Ultimate Guide to Market Research [+Free Templates]

A comprehensive guide on Market Research with tools, examples of brands winning with research, and templates for surveys, focus groups + presentation template.

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Updated February 26, 2024.

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Before you do anything in business you have to have a good grasp of the market. What’s the market like? Who are your competitors? And what are the pain points and challenges of your ideal customer? And how can you solve them? Once you have the answers to those questions then you are ready to move forward with a marketing plan and/or hire a digital marketing agency to execute it.

In this guide we break down what market research is, the different types of market research, and provide you with some of the best templates, tools, and examples, to help you execute it on your own.

Excited to learn?

Let’s dive in.

What is market research?

Market research is the process of gathering information about your target market and customers to determine the success of your product or service, make changes to your existing product, or understand the perception of your brand in the market.

“Research is formalized curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose.” - Zora Neale Hurston

We hear the phrase "product-market fit" all the time and that just means that a product solves a customer's need in the market. And it's very hard to get there without proper market research. Now, I know what you're going to say. Why not get actionable insights from your existing customers? Why not do some customer research?

The problem with customer research is two-fold:

  • You have a very limited amount of data as your current customers don't represent the entire market.
  • Customer research can introduce a lot of bias into the process.

So the real way to solve these issues is by going broader and conducting some market research.

Why do market research?

There are many benefits of doing market research for your company. Here are a few of them:

  • Understand how much demand exists in the market, the market size
  • Discover who your competitors are and where they are falling short.
  • Better understand the needs of your target customers and the problems and pain points your product solves.
  • Learn what your potential customers feel about your brand.
  • Identify potential partners and new markets and opportunities.
  • Determine which product features you should develop next.
  • Find out what your ideal customer is thinking and feeling.
  • Use these findings to improve your brand strategy and marketing campaigns.

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight.” - Carly Fiorina

Market research allows you to make better business decisions at every stage of your business and helps you launch better products and services for your customers.

Primary vs secondary research

There are two main types of market research - primary and secondary research.


Primary research

Primary market research is when researchers collect information directly, instead of relying on outside sources of information. It could be done through interviews, online surveys, or focus groups and the advantage here is that the company owns that information. The disadvantage of using primary sources of information is that it's usually more expensive and time-consuming than secondary market research.

Secondary research

Secondary market research involves using existing data that is summarized and collected by third parties. Secondary sources could be commercial sources or public sources like libraries, other websites, blogs , government agencies, and existing surveys. It's data that's more readily available and it's usually much cheaper than conducting primary research.

Qualitative vs quantitative research

Qualitative research is about gathering qualitative data like the market sentiment about the products currently available on the market (read: words and meanings). Quantitative research deals with numbers and statistics. It's data that is numbers-based, countable, and measurable.

Types of market research

1. competitive analysis.

Every business needs to know its own strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with its largest competitors in the market. It helps brands identify gaps in the market, develop new products and services, uncover market trends, improve brand positioning , and increase their market share. A SWOT analysis is a good framework to use for this type of research.


2. Consumer insights

It's also equally important to know what consumers are thinking, what the most common problems are and what products they are purchasing. Consumer research can be done through social listening which involves tracking consumer conversations on social media. It could also include analyzing audiences of brands , online communities, and influencers, and analyzing trends in the market.

3. Brand awareness research

Brand awareness is a super important metric for understanding how well your target audience knows your brand. It's used to assess brand performance and the marketing effectiveness of a brand. It tells you about the associations consumers make when they think of your brand and what they believe you're all about.


4. Customer satisfaction research

 Customer satisfaction and loyalty are two really important levers for any business and you don't have to conduct in-depth interviews to get that information. There is a wide range of automated methods to get that kind of data including customer surveys such as NPS surveys, customer effort score (CES) surveys, and regularly asking your customers about their experience with your brand.

5. Customer segmentation research

 Customer segmentation research involves figuring out what buckets consumers fall into based on common characteristics such as - demographics, interests, purchasing behavior, and more. Market segmentation is super helpful for advertising campaigns, product launches, and customer journey mapping.


6. Interviews

Customer interviews are one of the most effective market research methods out there. It's a great way for business owners to get first-party data from their customers and get insights into how they are doing in real time.

7. Focus groups

Focus groups are a great way to get data on a specific demographic. It's one of the most well-known data collection methods and it involves taking a sample size of people and asking them some open-ended questions. It's a great way to get actionable insights from your target market.

8. Pricing research

 Pricing strategy has a huge influence on business growth and it's critical for any business to know how they compare with the leading brands in their niche. It can help you understand what your target customer is willing to pay for your product and at what price you should be selling it.

To start, get automated software to track your competitors' pricing . Then, summarize your research into a report and group the results based on product attributes and other factors. You can use quadrants to make it easier to read visually.

9. Campaign research

It's also important for a brand to research its past marketing campaigns to determine the results and analyze their success. It takes a lot of experimentation to nail the various aspects of a campaign and it's crucial for business leaders to continuously analyze and iterate.

10. Product/service use research

Product or user research gives you an idea of why and how an audience uses a product and gives you data about specific features. Studies show that usability testing is ranked among the most useful ways to discover user insights (8.7 out of 10), above digital analytics and user surveys. So it's a very effective way to measure the usability of a product.

Now that you know the different types of market research let's go through a step-by-step process of setting up your study.

How to conduct a market research study

Looking for your next business idea? Want to check which niche markets are going to be best for it? if it's going to Here's a pretty simple process for conducting

1. Define your buyer persona

The first step in market research is to understand who your buyers are. For that, you need a buyer persona (sometimes called a marketing persona) which is a fictional generalized description of your target customer. You could (and should) have several buyer personas to work with.


Key characteristics to include in your buyer personas are:

  • Job title(s)
  • Family size
  • Major challenges

Now that you've got your customer personas it's time to decide who to work with for your research.

2. Identify the right people to engage with

It's critical that you pick the right group of people to research. This could make or break your market research study. It's important to pick a representative sample that most closely resembles your target customer. That way you'll be able to identify their actual characteristics, challenges, pain points, and buying behavior.

Here are a few strategies that will help you pick the right people:

  • Select people who have recently interacted with you
  • Pull a list of participants who made a recent purchase
  • Call for participants on social media
  • Leverage your own network
  • Gather a mix of participants
  • Offer an incentive (gift card, product access, content upgrades)

3. Pick your data collection method(s)

Here's a quick breakdown of all the different ways you could collect data for your market research study.

Surveys are by far the fastest method of gathering data. You could launch them on your site or send them in an email and automate the whole process. Regular surveys can also help brands improve their customer service so they help kill two birds with one stone.


Interviews take a little longer and require a detailed set of interview questions. Never go into an interview without a clear idea of what you're going to be asking. It's also a little more difficult to schedule time and to get your potential or current customers on the phone or on Zoom.

Focus group

Focus groups are controlled interviews with groups of people led by facilitators. Participants in focus groups are selected based on a set of predetermined criteria such as location, age, social status, income, and more.


Online tracking

Online tracking is done through digital analytics tools like HotJar or Google Analytics. Tracking user behavior on your site gets you an accurate analysis of who your demographic is and what are the types of products or content that they engage with.

The problem here is that you never get to find out the 'why' - the reason behind their behavior - and that's why you need to combine digital analytics with other data collection methods like surveys and usability/product testing.

Marketing analysis

Another great way to collect data is to analyze your marketing campaigns which gives you a great idea of who clicked on your ads, how often, and which device they used. It's a more focused way of using tracking to zero in on a specific marketing campaign.

Social media monitoring

We've talked about this one before. Social monitoring or listening is when you track online conversations on social media platforms. You can use a simple social listening tool to get all the data you need by searching for specific keywords, hashtags, or topics.


Subscription and registration data

Another great way to collect data is to look at your existing audience. That might include your email list, rewards program, or existing customers. Depending on the size of your list, it could give you some broad insights into the type of customers/users you have and what they are most interested in.

Monitoring in-store traffic

Conduct a customer observation session to monitor your actual customers and how they behave in your store (physically or online). Observation is a market research technique where highly-trained market researchers observe how people or consumers interact with products/services in a natural setting.

4. Prepare your research questions

Write down your research questions before you conduct the research. Make sure you cover all the topics that you are trying to gain clarity on and include open-ended questions. The type of questions you use will vary depending on your data collection approach from the last step.

If you're doing a survey or an in-person interview then here are some of the best questions to ask.

The awareness stage

  • How did you know that something in this product category could help you?
  • Think back to the time you first realized you needed [product category]. What was your challenge?
  • How familiar were you with different options on the market?

The consideration stage

  • Where did you go to find out the information?
  • What was the first thing you did to research potential solutions?
  • Did you search on Google? What specifically did you search for? Which keywords did you use?
  • Which vendor sites did you visit?
  • What did you find helpful? What turned you off?

The decision stage

  • Which criteria did you use to compare different vendors?
  • What vendors made it to the shortlist and what were the pros/cons of each?
  • Who else was involved in the final decision?
  • Allow time for further questions on their end.
  • Don't forget to thank them for their time and confirm their email/address to receive the incentive you offered

If you noticed, the progression of these questions follows the stages of the buyer's journey which helps you to gain actionable insights into the entire customer experience.

5. List your primary competitors

There are two kinds of competitors - industry competitors and content competitors. Industry competitors compete with you on the actual product or service they sell. Content competitors compete with you in terms of the content they publish - whether that's on specific keywords or they rank higher on topics that you want to be ranked for.

It's important to write a list of all of your competitors and compare their strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages, and the type of content they publish.

There are different ways to find your competitors. You can look on sites like G2 Crowd and check their industry quadrants.


You could also download a market report from Forrester or Gartner . And you could also search on social media or market research tools like SimilarWeb .

6. Summarize your findings

Now that you've done your research it's time to summarize your findings. Look for common themes in your research and try to present them in the simplest way possible. Use your favorite presentation software to document it and add it to your company database.

Here's a quick research outline you could use:

Background - your goals and why you conducted this study

Participants - who you've talked to. Break down the type of personas and/or customers you've spoken with.

Executive summary - what was the most interesting stuff you've learned? What do you plan to do about it?

Customer journey map - map out the specific motivations and behavioral insights you've gained from each stage of the customer journey (awareness, consideration, and decision).

Action plan - describe what action steps you're going to take to address the issues you've uncovered in your research and how you are going to promote your product/service to your target audience more effectively.

Market research template

Not sure where to begin? Need some templates to help you get started? We got them for you.

1. Market survey template

First and foremost, you need a template to run your market survey. In this template, you will find all the types of questions you should be asking - demographic, product, pricing, and brand questions. They can be used for market surveys, individual interviews, and focus groups.

We also present a variety of question formats for you to use:

  • true/false questions
  • multiple choice questions
  • open response questions

2. SWOT analysis template

A strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis is one of the best ways to do competitor research. It's a really simple analysis. There are four squares and you write down all four of these attributes for each of your competitors.

3. Focus group template

Not sure how to conduct focus groups? Here is a comprehensive template that will help you to take better notes and record your findings during the focus group meeting.

4. Marketing strategy template

The plan of action from your market research should become a vital part of your marketing strategy. We've actually created a marketing strategy template that you could download and use to update your marketing personas, your SWOT analysis, and your marketing channel strategies.

Market research examples

Here are some examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly in market research. Some brands thrive on research and some ignore it completely. Take a look.


McDonald’s sells its food in 97 countries around the world. Their secret? They do a lot of market research before they launch anything. The company uses four key questions in their research process:

  • Which products are performing well?
  • What prices are most affordable to customers?
  • What are consumers reading and watching?
  • What content do they consume?
  • Which restaurants are most attended, and why?

They also extensively use customer feedback to improve their products. They even put some products up for a vote to see which ones are most loved by their customers.


The iconic coffee brand is valued at almost $30 billion and has over 30,000 coffee shops around the world and part of that success comes from their obsession with customer service. They launched a brilliant idea called “My Starbucks Idea” to try and make the customer feel a part of the journey.

It was an open innovation platform where customers could post their idea for a new coffee drink or food item and if it was good a company representative would actually reach out to them. It had a leaderboard and every year the company would develop some of these ideas.

In 2012, Starbucks launched 73 coffee products from ideas they received from customers. Cake pops and pumpkin spice lattes were born out of this platform, all thanks to market research. Can you imagine a world without pumpkin spice lattes?


For all its innovation Facebook had an epic market research failure. In 2013, Facebook partnered with HTC to launch a smartphone called First. It had Facebook’s interface on its home screen and that was a really jarring change for most people. Instead of taking you to a home screen with your favorite apps, Facebook really took center stage.

To be fair, you could turn it off and get a regular Android home window but that would be missing the entire reason you bought the phone in the first place. So it was a complete mismatch to consumers’ wants and the phone flopped.

Turns out, that nobody wanted to see Facebook when they first opened their phone 😅.

market research survey template free download

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild is a UK flower delivery brand that was looking for their next campaign. They did some research and found out that people think red roses are cliche and prefer to buy something else as a gift on Valentine’s Day. So the brand chose not to sell roses for Valentine’s Day 2021 and made it into a “No Roses Campaign”.

The results - they saw a 51% increase in press coverage year after year.


Top tools used for market research

Here are some of the top market research and digital analytics tools you should try out for your next research project.

Answer the Public

Answer the public is a free market research tool that helps marketers figure out what questions people ask online. It's really easy to use. You put in a keyword or topic and it spits out a whole variety of questions and subtopics.

market research survey template free download

Spyfu is a search engine analytics platform that gives you data on where your competitors get their traffic from. It provides info on the kind of both organic traffic and PPC channels down to the specific keywords people used to find each site. It's a great tool to use to map the competitive landscape.


Think with Google

This is an online publication from Google's team where they publish consumer insights from real-time data and their own insights. It uses Google Analytics but presents it to you as a library of information. You can find industry data on a whole array of businesses from educational institutions to counseling services.

market research survey template free download

Want to do the most extensive market research possible? Use SimilarWeb. It's a competitive analysis and data tool that provides you with literally everything you need.

It has data on:

  • Digital marketing data - SEO, traffic, advertising
  • Economic trends - economic indicators like annual growth rate, audience, benchmarking
  • eCommerce, investing, and even sales data


BuzzSumo is a great tool to use to get actionable insights from social media and content marketing. It aggregates data from various social media channels and shows you the type of content that users engage with and share on their pages.


Typeform is a survey tool that can help you make surveys and fun interactive forms. It's a great tool to use to make your forms more engaging for your audience. The tool has a bunch of easy templates and a ton of integrations to help you visualize that data and share it with your team.


Latana is a brand research tool that helps you understand consumer perception of your brand over time. It helps you answer some key questions about the type of values your customers have, and the type of audiences your competitors are targeting and helps you to focus your campaigns on the right audience for your business.


Statista is one of the most popular consumer data platforms around. It has a wealth of information about consumer markets, business conditions, and industry trends around the world. It's easier to use than most business publications because it aggregates all the data you need in one place. The downside is that it's a little pricy but perfect for teams that have the budget for it.


Dimensions is a search engine for academic publications. It is a great resource if you're looking for deeper insights into things like psychology, micro and macroeconomics, and business trends. A lot of the articles are free to view just make sure you select the " All OA " option which stands for Open Access research.


Otter is an AI-powered transcription software for interviews and meetings. It sits in the background and transcribes your meeting for you and then provides you with a digitized conversation that can be stored, search for specific keywords, and analyzed. It's a great tool to use for doing interviews.


Yelp is a search engine for reviews of local businesses. It's one of the best sources of opinions about a whole variety of products and services. It's a great place to get ideas about the kind of interview questions you want to ask, to find out the pain points of your ideal customer, and to find deeper insights into your target audience.


You have to conduct your market research regularly if you want to see significant results. Try the different methods that we’ve outlined, see what works for you, and remember to keep your team’s focus on the customer. The more knowledgeable they are of your target customer’s needs and wants the better your targeting and marketing strategy will be.

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market research survey template free download

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Whatever your Industry or role, Formplus forms can solve both simple and complex data collection problems.

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The 8 free market research tools and resources you need to know.

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With over 400,000 new businesses opening in the United States each month, the need for individual companies to conduct their own market research has never been more urgent.  However, conducting market research isn’t an easy task — it presents challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With that being said, those with large budgets do enjoy certain advantages. When you have access to an endless array of top-tier tools and resources, you can uncover strategy-changing insights with relative ease.

Does that mean businesses with small (or non-existent) budgets are out of luck? Absolutely not.

Nowadays, free market research tools and resources are abundant — and you’ll be familiar with eight of our favorites by the time you’re done reading this blog post.

market research survey template free download

But first, some housekeeping:

What is market research?

Market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information about your customers — both current and prospective — with the intent of optimizing your business strategy.

Customer-related information that you may want to gather includes (but is not limited to):

  • The goals they want to achieve
  • The pain points they want to alleviate
  • The income or budget that constrains them
  • The products and/or services they use (a.k.a. your competitors)
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the products and/or services they use

Why is market research important?

Market research is important because — if you’re thorough and open-minded — it dramatically improves your chances of long-term success. Only through market research can you uncover the insights you need to develop a product or service that (1) satisfies the demands of your prospects and (2) stands out from the competition.

For a complete overview of how conducting market research can benefit your business, here’s Market Research Defined and How to Get Started .

Cool? Cool. Let’s dive into the good stuff.

Top 4 Free Market Research Tools

For clarity, we will define a free market research tool as any tool that:

  • Costs nothing, and
  • Helps with the collection and/or analysis of customer-related information

Keep in mind that “customer-related information” encompasses everything from a pain point to a weakness of one of your competitors’ products.

1. Google Trends

If you want to get a sense of the level of interest in a particular product or service — as well as how that interest fluctuates over time and across regions — Google Trends is an excellent tool.

All you need to do is enter a search query and toggle with the filters. As an example, take a look at the level of interest in “office supplies'' in the U.S. over the past five years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, interest peaked in February 2020 — at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic:


Plus, you can explore variations in interest across the 50 states, as well as related topics and queries that are surging in popularity:


The “interest by subregion” data is powerful. In Wyoming, searches for “office supplies” account for a greater percentage of all search queries than in any other state. Your average resident of Wyoming, in other words, is more interested in searching for office supplies than is your average resident of, say, Louisiana — a valuable insight for anyone who sells office supplies online.

Equally valuable is the insight that searches for “where to buy office supplies in bulk” are on the rise — potentially indicative of an emerging pain point.

2. SurveyMonkey

As some of you already know, one of the best ways to conduct market research is to ask your customers a handful of open-ended questions. You can do this for free with SurveyMonkey .

Specifically, with a free SurveyMonkey account, you can ask up to 10 questions and field up to 40 responses with each of your surveys.


Open-ended questions you may ask your customers include (but are not limited to):

  • Why did you buy our product?
  • What has our product helped you accomplish?
  • How does our product compare to others that you’ve used in the past?

With just three questions — well under the limit of a free survey — you can learn quite a bit about your target market. If, for example, the majority of respondents say they bought your product because they were struggling to do their jobs in a cost-effective manner, that gives you a clearer picture of your prospects’ pain points and your competitors’ weaknesses .

3. Make My Persona

As you collect and analyze customer-related information, it’s a good idea to create or tweak your buyer personas : detailed profiles of the semi-fictional people for whom your product or service is designed. In the context of market research, personas are useful because they help you synthesize and comprehend the information you’re gathering.

Thanks to our friends at HubSpot, you can use a wonderful free tool called Make My Persona .


Intuitive and fun, Make My Persona is a seven-step process that walks you through the essential components of your target customer: demographic information, firmographic information, job title, pain points, and so on. And if you want to go beyond the bare essentials, you can add as many extra sections of information as you like.

Important note: Your personas should be dynamic. As you conduct further market research and learn more about your target customers, your personas should evolve accordingly.

4. WordSift

Make My Persona is appealing, in part, because it enables you to make sense of raw data — to separate the signal from the noise. The same can be said about WordSift , the final free tool we’ll be discussing today.

Built to help teachers with the instruction of vocabulary and reading comprehension, WordSift allows you to generate word clouds: images that represent the frequency with which certain words are used in a given body of text. Look what happens when I copy the introduction to this blog post and paste it into WordSift:


Instantaneously — and unsurprisingly — I can conclude that “business,” “market,” and “research” are among the most frequently used words in the introduction to this post.

What does this have to do with market research? Well, let’s say you’ve been using SurveyMonkey to ask your customers about their reasons for buying your product. One by one, if you were to copy their responses and paste them into WordSift, you’d be able to see which words your customers use most often. That’s a market research gold mine!

Top 4 Free Market Research Resources

Again, for clarity, we will define a free market research resource as any resource that:

  • Helps with the collection of customer-related information

The scope of “customer-related information" remains the same  —  encompassing everything from a pain point to a weakness of one of your competitors’ products.

5. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A government organization that “measures labor market activity, working conditions, price changes, and productivity in the U.S. economy to support public and private decision-making,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a wealth of information.

Because this is a blog post about market research — not an economics class — we’ll focus on BLS’ industry- and region-specific information. If you’re on the homepage and you hover over the Data Tools drop-down menu, you’ll see a hyperlink to something titled “Industry at a Glance.” Click on that, find your industry of interest, and explore the dozens of statistics that BLS has aggregated.


If, for example, you’re interested in the apparel manufacturing industry — either because you’re in the industry or you sell into it — you can see how earnings, prices, and productivity figures are changing over time.

Head back to the homepage, hover over the Subjects drop-down menu, and you’ll see a section labeled Geographic Information:


Select your region of interest, filter by state or metropolitan area (if necessary), and take a tour of BLS’ enormous library of area-specific data.

6. U.S. Census Bureau

On a mission to “serve as the [United States’] leading provider of quality data about its people and economy,” the U.S. Census Bureau is another terrific resource that costs nothing to use.

Just as we did with the BLS, we’ll focus on industry- and region-specific information. Admittedly, using the Census website to find industry-specific information is slightly more complicated than it is when using the BLS website. If you’re on the homepage and you hover over the Explore Data drop-down menu, you’ll see a hyperlink titled “Explore Data Main.”


Click on that, and you’ll be brought to the Census’ search engine. Then, click inside the search bar and select “Advanced Search.”


Underneath “Find A Filter,” type in the name of the industry you’re interested in researching. Once the search suggestions load, simply check the appropriate box and click “Search.”


From there, you’ll be able to explore thousands of data tables, maps, and whitepapers — many of them chock-full of industry-specific information that you can use to your advantage.

Finding region-specific information is a bit more straightforward. Head back to the Advanced Search engine, select “Geography” from underneath Browse Filters, and go from there:


7. Pew Research Center

A nonprofit dedicated to “inform[ing] the public about the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world,” the Pew Research Center is one of the most authoritative sources of information for anyone striving to make better business decisions.

Whereas the BLS and the Census are (among other things) aggregators of economic data, the Pew Research Center is a “fact tank” — an organization focused on public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis, and other forms of social science inquiry. 

So, although you can’t necessarily use Pew to uncover hyper-specific insights related to your industry or region, you can use it to learn more about your target audience. The best way to do this is through the Topics section of the Pew website.


Clicking that hyperlink brings you to an index of dozens of topics, ranging from Online Video to Homeownership to Democracy. Selecting any of these topics will bring you to a list of relevant content — reports, fact tanks, transcripts, and other forms of media that can date back as far as the early 1980s.


As an example, let’s say you’re developing a product or service that targets new homeowners. If you were to click on the Homeownership topic, you’d land on a list of reports like this one:


If I were you, that’s not a report I’d want to overlook!

We’ll wrap up today’s guide with a free resource specifically for those of you in the software world. Designed to help buyers determine which products are best suited to their needs, G2 is the leading source of validated, unbiased software reviews.

G2 is, in other words, an excellent way to find out what your target customers are saying about your competitors’ products. Do a quick search for the type of software you’re developing and you’re in business.


If you were developing a sales compensation software product and you searched this keyword, you’d be brought to the page you see below. To learn more about Spiff — one of your top-rated industry competitors — all you’d need to do is click “Read Spiff Reviews.”


If you want to get granular, you can filter reviews in a number of different ways. As an example, let’s say you’re developing a sales compensation software product specifically for small businesses. G2 has the filter you’re looking for:


And just like that, you’ve got access to dozens of valuable insights like this one:


Start using market research tools today!

If you try to bring a product or service to market without an understanding of your target customers, your chances of success are slim. According to the most recent State of Competitive Intelligence Report , 84% of businesses say their industry has gotten more competitive in the last three years. With the range of choices at your prospects’ fingertips growing by the day, the need for a thorough market research strategy only intensifies.

We hope you find these free market research tools and resources useful. And if you decide to make the leap to a paid solution, make sure to request a demo of Crayon — the competitive intelligence platform that enables you to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside your businesses’ four walls.

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market research survey template free download

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Lead capture form template

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market research survey template free download

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Survey Template Builder

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Admission form template


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Market Research Kit

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5 Research and Planning Templates + a Free Guide on How to Use Them in Your Market Research

What's Inside Your Market Research Kit?

  • Instructional Guide
  • SWOT Analysis Template (available as a Word doc or interactive designed PDF)
  • Survey Template
  • Focus Group Template
  • Presentation Template
  • Five Forces Industry Analysis Template

market research kit cover image

Need help planning your next round of market research?

There are more than 24 million businesses in the United States alone, meaning that no matter what industry you do business in, there's likely a lot of competition. What's a company like yours to do in order to stand out?

The most effective ways to learn more about your customers, industry, and competition is to do thorough market research – diligent research to help you develop pricing strategies, understand your target market, and strengthen a business. 

In this kit, we'll equip you with the necessary templates to conduct market research at every turn – from competitive analysis to understanding your prospective buyers. Whether you're an emerging business or an existing one, this kit is for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a market research analysis.

Market research analysis is the process of collecting and examining the data to decide whether there is a viable business opportunity with a certain product or service. To get started on market research analysis, download HubSpot's Free Market Research Kit.

Why do I need to fill out the information requested?

We will always keep your personal information safe..

We ask for your information in exchange for a valuable resource in order to (a) improve your browsing experience by personalizing the HubSpot site to your needs; (b) send information to you that we think may be of interest to you by email or other means; (c) send you marketing communications that we think may be of value to you. You can read more about our privacy policy here .

How do you write a market research document?

A market research report often includes a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis and Porter's Five Forces Industry Analysis. By using HubSpot's Five Forces Industry Analysis Template you can describe your buyers, suppliers, competitors, future competitors, and industry substitutes in your market research report. The SWOT analysis highlights how your business can compete in the market.

Is this really free?


Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have marketing questions!

What should be included in market research?

Market research should at a minimum address several factors:

  • Industry & Market Factors. Find out the market size and trends, the regulations, gaps in the market, market demographics, etc.
  • Buyer Profile. This will include age, gender, race, income level, lifestyle trends, needs, and attitudes.
  • Competitor Research. Look at pricing structures, market share, marketing & branding. HubSpot's Free Market Research Kit includes an Industry Analysis template to kickstart your market research.

What are the 4 types of market research?

  • Surveys. These may be brand awareness surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, product market research surveys, or competition research surveys
  • Focus groups. Great for uncovering qualitative market research data.
  • Polls. Polls are great for sentiment and engagement, but may lack scientific rigor.
  • Interviews add a lot of depth to your market research.

What are the 7 steps in marketing research?

  • Define the problem
  • State your goals
  • Plan the research
  • Collect the data (using HubSpot's Market Research Kit)
  • Analyze the data
  • Formulate the results
  • Prepare and format the report

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Free 10+ market research templates in google docs | ms word | pages | pdf, 1. market research analysis template, 2. market research report template, 3. market research proposal template, 4. restaurant market research survey template, 5. cost analysis of restaurant market research method template, 6. free market research questionnaire, 7. free cost analysis of market research methods template, 8. market research template in pdf, 9. business market research template, 10. market research development template, 11. market research template in doc, how do you do the market research, how is the market research helpful, research templates.

The Market Research is to draw the accurate information from the respondent and the questionnaire design is one of the general building blocks of the marketing research . And there are the different type of the question classification in market research like the behavioral, attitudinal and the classification. The other type of the classifications in the market research like the male and female. The market research also classifies the adults into various groups as they need to check that correct quota of people are interviewed.

market research survey template free download

  • Google Docs

market research report template

Step 1: Establishing the need

Step 2: defining the problem, step 3: establishing the research objectives, step 4: determining research design, step 5: identifying important types and sources, more in research templates.

Product Launch Checklist Template

Product pricing template, market research plan template, market research white paper template, market research flowchart template, restaurant market research survey template, market research report template, cost analysis of restaurant market research method template, cost analysis of market research methods template, market research proposal template.

  • FREE 10+ Research Data Collection Form Templates in MS Word | PDF
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Market research & templates: a complete guide.

18 min read Interested in market research but need some templates to start with? In this guide, we unpack market research, survey planning best practice and share some of our best templates for brand, customer, product and employee research.

What is a market research template?

While you’re no doubt familiar with the concept of market research and how it can help you to reach your target audiences and improve your product or service , the real challenge is designing a market research plan that is conducive to excellent results.

All of this starts with the right market research template(s) to help you analyse specific target audiences, collect the right data and uncover insights that can drive actionable change .

In this article, we’re going to:

  • talk about market research and its use cases,
  • provide you with a standard template that allows you to plan your research,
  • and share several other templates to help you with specific types of market research

You can also check out our free template library.

But first, let’s revisit market research.

What is market research?

Market research is the process of determining the viability of a new service or product through surveys and questionnaires with prospects and/or customers. It involves gathering information about market needs and prospect/customer preferences .

Through market research, you can discover and/or refine your target market, get opinions and feedback on what you provide to them and uncover further prospect/customer pain points and expectations of your service or product .

Market research can be conducted in-house, either by you and your research team, or through a third-party company that specialises in it (they will typically have their own research panels or be capable of creating a research panel to suit your requirements).

The four common types of market research

There are lots of different ways to conduct market research to collect customer data and feedback , test product concepts , and do brand research, but the four most common are:

The most commonly used form of market research, surveys are a form of qualitative research that asks respondents a series of open or closed-ended questions , delivered either as an on-screen questionnaire or email.

Surveys are incredibly popular because they’re cheap, easy to produce, and can capture data very quickly, leading to faster insights.

2) Focus groups

Why not bring together a carefully selected group of people in your target market using focus groups? Though more expensive and complex than surveys and interviews, focus groups can offer deeper insight into prospect and customer behaviour – from how users experience your products and services to what marketing messages really resonate with them.

Of course, as a market research method that’s reliant on a moderator to steer conversation, it can be subject to bias (as different moderators might have preferred questions or be more forceful) and if you cut corners (not asking all the necessary questions or making assumptions based on responses), the data could get skewed.

3) Observation

As if you were a fly-on-the-wall, the observation market research method can be incredibly powerful. Rather than interviewing or surveying users, you simply take notes while someone from your target market/target audience engages with your product . How are they using it? What are they struggling with? Do they look as though they have concerns?

Observing your target audience/target market in this fashion is a great alternative to the other more traditional methods on this list. It’s less expensive and far more natural as it isn’t guided by a moderator or a predefined set of questions. The only issue is that you can’t get feedback directly from the mouth of the user, so it’s worth combining this type of research with interviews, surveys, and/or focus groups.

4) Interviews

Interviews allow for face-to-face discussions (both in-person and virtually), allowing for more natural conversations with participants.

For gleaning deeper insights (especially with non-verbal cues giving greater weight to opinions), there’s nothing better than face-to-face interviews. Any kind of interview will provide excellent information, helping you to better understand your prospects and target audience/target market.

Use cases for market research

When you want to understand your prospects and/or customers, but have no existing data to set a benchmark – or want to improve your products and services quickly – market research is often the go-to.

Market research (as mentioned above), helps you to discover how prospects and customers feel about your products and services, as well as what they would like to see .

But there are more use cases and benefits to market research than the above.

Reduce risk of product and business failure

With any new venture, there’s no guarantee that the new idea will be successful. As such, it’s up to you to establish the market’s appetite for your product or service. The easiest way to do this is through market research – you can understand the challenges prospects face and quickly identify where you can help. With the data from your market survey, you can then create a solution that addresses the needs and expectations of would-be customers.

Forecast future trends

Market research doesn’t just help you to understand the current market – it also helps you to forecast future needs. As you conduct your research and analyse the findings, you can identify trends – for example, how brands and businesses are adopting new technology to improve customer experiences or how sustainability is becoming a core focus for packaging. Whatever it is you’re looking to understand about the future of business in your market, comprehensive market research can help you to identify it.

Stay ahead of the competition

Understanding your market and what prospects and customers want from you will help to keep you ahead of the competition . The fact is that the top businesses frequently invest in market research to get an edge, and those that don’t tap into the insights of their audience are missing low-hanging fruit.

As well as helping you to stay in front, you can also use market research to identify gaps in the market, e.g. your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses . Just have participants answer questions about competitor products/services – or even use the products/services – and work out how you can refine your offerings to address these issues.

Plan more strategically

What’s the foundation of your business strategy? If it’s based on evidence, e.g. what people expect of your products and services, it’ll be much easier to deliver something that works. Rather than making assumptions about what you should do, market research gives you a clear, concrete understanding of what people want to see.

Check out our guide to market research for a more comprehensive breakdown.

How do you write a market research plan/template?

A market research plan is very similar to a brief in that it documents the most vital information and steps about your project. Consider it a blueprint that outlines your main objective (summary), key questions and outcomes, target audience and size, your timeline, budget, and other key variables.

Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Elements of a great market research plan

1) overview or summary.

Use the first section of your market research plan to outline the background to the problem that you are attempting to solve (this is usually your problem statement or problem question). Include background information on the study’s purpose and the business to provide context to those who would read the report, as well as the need for the research. Keep the overview simple and concise; focus on the most salient elements.

2) Objectives

What is it that you hope to achieve with this survey? Your objectives are the most important part of the survey. Make sure to list 3-5 of the decisions or initiatives that the research will influence.

For example:

Understand the most-used channels for customer engagement and purchasing to decide where to prioritise marketing and sales budget in Q1 2022. Determine what’s causing customer churn at the later stages of the buyer journey and implement a new retention and sales strategy to address it.

Your objectives should be smart, that is: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

3) Deliverables (or outcomes)

This section should focus on what you expect to have at the end of the project. How many responses are you looking for? How will the data be presented? Who will the data be shared with? (Stakeholders, executives) What are your next steps? Make sure you state how you will collect and analyse the data once it’s available.

Products such as Qualtrics CoreXM make this process fast and incredibly easy to do, drastically reducing the time to insights so you can make more meaningful changes, faster.

4) Target audience

Not to be confused with your market research sample, your target audience represents who you want to research. Of course, your sample may include ideal buyers from your target audience. Here you want to define the main variables or factors of your audience: demographic , age, location , product interaction, experience, and so on. It’s worth building out your buyer personas (if you haven’t already) and including a quick breakdown of them here.

5) Sample plan

How many participants do you want to research and what kind of groups do you want to reach? Depending on these two variables, you may have to use qualitative, quantitative , or multi-method approaches.

6) Research methods

What methods will you use in your market research project? The insights (and the granularity of those insights) will depend on the methods and tools you choose. For example, and as mentioned earlier, surveys are often the go-to for many organisations as they’re affordable and straightforward, but if you want to get more personal views from your respondents, one-to-one interviews might be more applicable. You might even want to take a hands-off approach and simply observe participants as they use your products, or try a combination of research methods. Make sure to outline what methods you will use as part of your research plan.

7) Timeline

How long will your research project run? It’s worth putting together a Gantt chart to highlight key milestones in the project, along with dependencies, and to break down tasks as much as possible. Schedule in contingency time in case some tasks or research runs over – or you need more responses.

Set a budget for the overall program and list it in your plan. Though this might be the most difficult aspect of any research plan, it helps you to be more strategic about tasks and hold people accountable at each stage of the process. If costs go over, that’s good to know for future market research. If costs are lower than anticipated, you then have the opportunity to do further research or prop up other areas of the study.

9) Ethical concerns or conflicts of interest

One of the most important parts of your market research plan, you should highlight any ethical concerns. To begin with, it’s your duty to state whether or not responses will be kept confidential and anonymous as part of the study. It’s also important to allow participants to remain anonymous and ensure you protect their privacy at all times.

Another issue to consider is stereotyping. Any analysis of real populations needs to make approximations and place individuals into groups, but if conducted irresponsibly, stereotyping can lead to undesirable results.

Lastly, conflicts of interest – it may be that researchers have interests in the outcome of the project that lead to a personal advantage that might compromise the integrity of your market research project. You should clearly state in your market research report that any potential conflicts of interest are highlighted and addressed before continuing.

But I want a faster solution!

Well, there’s a quicker and far easier way to do all of the above and get the data you need – just use a market research survey template. In our next section, we’re going to share a whole list of templates that you can use.

Free market research survey templates

No matter what kind of research you want to conduct, we have templates that will remove the complexity of the task and empower you to get more from your data. Below we’ve compiled a list of templates for four key experience areas: Brand Equity , Customer , Employee , and Product .

All of our research templates are free. All you need to do is sign up for a free Qualtrics account to access them.

Brand experience market research templates:

  • Logo testing : Collect feedback to help you evaluate and iterate on your logo designs and concepts
  • Brand awareness : Track the level of brand awareness in your target market, including current and potential future customers
  • Ad testing : Evaluate your consumers’ reaction to an advertisement so you know which campaigns to deploy before you invest
  • A/B testing : Quickly and easily compare to versions or options in a study, whether it’s a design, headline, color palette or a mock-up of your latest ad campaign

Customer experience market research templates

  • Student satisfaction : Gather feedback on how your institution is delivering on the student experience
  • Net promoter score (NPS) : Measure customer loyalty and understand how they feel about your product or service using one of the world’s best-recognized metrics
  • Customer satisfaction : Evaluate how satisfied your customers are with your company, including the products and services you provide, and how they are treated when they buy from you
  • Customer service : Gain insights into the contact centre experience, so you can achieve and maintain optimum levels of customer experience (CX) performance
  • Event feedback : Measure the effectiveness of your events and how well they meet attendee expectations so that you can continuously improve your offering
  • IT help desk : Understand how satisfied your employees and customers are with your IT help desk experience
  • Website suggestion box : Collect visitor feedback on how your website can be improved
  • Website satisfaction : Find out how satisfied visitors are with your website’s design, usability, and performance
  • Store purchase feedback : Capture customer experience data at the point of purchase to help you improve the in-store experience
  • Online purchase feedback : Find out how well your online shopping experience performs against customer needs and expectations

Employee experience market research templates

  • Employee satisfaction : Get an overview of your current employee experience
  • Manager feedback : Improve your skills as a leader with valuable feedback from your team
  • Employee engagement : Find out how employees find the current experience at your workplace with this entry-level engagement survey
  • Employee exit interview : Understand why your employees are leaving and how they’ll speak about your company once they’re gone with this survey template
  • Employee onboarding : Improve your onboarding program by understanding what’s working and what’s not
  • Team event planning : Collect inputs from employees to plan a team event that works for everyone
  • Meeting feedback : Check-in with team members after a meeting to see how well your company is running and what improvements can be made
  • Interview feedback : Improve your candidate experience by gathering actionable insights about the interview process
  • Employee suggestion box : Gather anonymous data to help address concerns and improve the employee experience in your organization
  • Candidate experience : Improve your candidate experience to increase brand perception, offer acceptance rates, and hiring process efficiency with this single-touchpoint survey template
  • Employee suggestion action : Take employee feedback a step further by working with your staff to quantify solutions based on their experience data

Product experience market research templates

  • Product research : Evaluate your consumers’ reaction to a new product or product feature across every stage of the product development journey
  • Pricing : Understand how to set the exact price point for your product or service, according to your target consumers
  • Feature prioritisation : Compare and contrast product features using conjoint analysis to find the optimal mix for your customers
  • Product package testing : Collect feedback on your product packaging to see how well it meets the needs and expectations of your customers

Armed with the right market research templates, getting the information you need across brand, product, customer and employee disciplines — as well as beyond — is significantly easier.

But if you want help putting together complex market research and scaling your in-house research team to get agile insights, check out our guide to building an agile research function.

Insights are more important than ever, especially during times of change, but building a great team takes a lot of time and money.

In our eBook, we’ll explain how you can:

  • Scale your research team
  • Build a smart partner strategy
  • Ensure you have the right technology for market research and data analysis

Tackle your market research with our agile market research eBook

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