Top Tips for a Perfect Birthday Speech

outline for birthday speech

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate and reflect on the past year, and a birthday speech is a great way to express your gratitude and appreciation for the love and support of your friends and family. While it is one of the most nerve-racking parts of birthdays, there are ways to make it simple and meaningful.

Make your speech more organized and memorable with these birthday speech tips:

Key Takeaways on Giving a Birthday Speech

1. start off with a greeting, 2. share memories, 3. talk about your life journey, express your gratitude , share your hopes and plans for the future, end with a meaningful quote or personal message.

  • Start with a Warm Greeting: Welcome guests and thank them for attending.
  • Share Personal Memories: Reflect on special moments and their significance in your life.
  • Discuss Your Life Journey: Highlight accomplishments and personal growth over the past year.
  • Include Humor: Lighten the mood with appropriate jokes and heartfelt stories.
  • End with Gratitude: Conclude with a sincere message of thanks and a hopeful outlook for the future.

Thank the guests for celebrating your special day. It sets a warm tone and shows you’re glad they’re there. Also, express gratitude to your family for organizing the party.

Begin your greeting with something like:

“Hello everyone, and thank you all for coming to celebrate this special day with me. For my mom and dad who set up this event, thank you so much. It means so much to me to have all of you here, and I am so grateful for your love and support.”

Thank you all for joining me on this special day. A heartfelt thank you to my mom and dad for organizing this event. I’m incredibly grateful for your love and support .

Sharing memories and moments with guests can make your birthday speech more meaningful. Talk about special occasions, trips, or everyday moments you’ve shared and how they’ve impacted your life.

Consider these examples:

“My family has always been there for me, through all the ups and downs. They have supported me in everything I do and have never failed to stand by me. I don’t know what I would do without them. Thank you for everything.”

  • Personalize speech with memories
  • Share special occasions or trips
  • Highlight impact on your life

“I have many great memories with all of you. I’ll never forget our last drinks together in college. It’s amazing how the years have passed. These moments have meant a lot to me, and I’m grateful to have such amazing friends who have always been there for me, especially during tough times.”

“My family has always supported me through all the ups and downs. They’ve never failed to stand by me. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Thank you for everything.”

Highlighting your achievements and their positive impact is a great way to reflect on personal growth and your influence on others. This can make your birthday speech meaningful and inspiring. Feel free to add a joke to make it more engaging.

Here are a few examples of what you might say:

4. End Speech With a Sincere Message

Over the past year, I’ve achieved a lot and grown significantly. I’m proud of my progress and the positive impact I’ve had on my life and others’. Through my work, relationships, and personal efforts, I’m grateful for the opportunities and look forward to another year.

I’m proud of my accomplishments and grateful to my supportive friends and family. Because of you, I’ve pursued my dreams and made a positive difference. I’ll be forever thankful for your love and support.

  • Heartfelt and sincere message
  • Leave lasting impression
  • Express gratitude

End your birthday speech with a heartfelt and sincere message to leave a lasting impression and show gratitude. 

Here are some tips for crafting sincere and meaningful closing remarks:

Thanks for joining me on this special day and for your love and support.

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Birthday Speeches - Tips

Birthday speeches can be so nerve-wracking, especially when you're stuck for words. Don't know where to start your birthday speech? If you need professional speechwriting tips, you've come to the right place. I've written hundreds of speeches, so I have many insider tips for you.

By Kevin Nishmas   Updated: September 30, 2023

Tips to Make Birthday Speeches Memorable

To get started, take a look at my proven birthday speechwriting tips below and  check out some speech samples right here.

Because your loved one's birthday celebration is important enough to call for a speech from you, it's not enough to just get it right  — you need to make yours memorable.

Go the extra mile with these professional speechwriting tips.

8 things to consider before writing birthday speeches

1. Decide to write a formal or informal speech

  • You'll need a formal speech (an average-length speech) for a formal reception
  • Give an informal speech (a shorter version) for a casual house party

2. Consider your audience

  • Find out who's invited to the birthday celebration.  Only family? Family and friends? Co-workers? The boss? 
  • Tailor your speech to give your audience exactly what you think they want, need and/or expect to hear. For example, if your audience is mostly made up of family and friends, get a little personal with your birthday speech.
  • Use a presentation style and project a personality that fits your audience.

3. Find out if you're the only speaker

  • As the only speaker, you'll need to cover many topics.
  • If you're one of many speakers, you may only have to cover one subject.

4. Pick the right tone of voice

  • Generally, your tone should be light-hearted, funny, sincere, congratulatory and upbeat.

5. Avoid anything hurtful or embarrassing

  • You can be humorous (i.e. tease the birthday boy or girl) but, as I mentioned above, be playful, not mean-spirited.
  • Don't use any obscene language, unless the audience calls for it (again, know your room).
  • Don't be off-color or pornographic in any way (most people don't enjoy anything too X-rated in mixed company).
  • Never delve into any sensitive subject areas, like alcoholism (this will just turn the birthday celebration into a nightmare).

6. Determine how long you should speak

  • If you're making an informal speech, make your birthday speech at least three minutes in length (the gold standard).
  • Make your birthday speech longer than three minutes (but no longer than six or seven minutes) when it's for a major milestone birthday (40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th or 100th birthday).
  • Generally, use the KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) rule. The shorter the speech, the more memorable it will be.

7. Prepare and practice to stay calm 

  • Preparation and practice will help you overcome a chunk of your public speaking fears. 
  • Practice your speech until you can deliver it easily (until you have all the phrasing, pauses and timing exactly right).
  • How long should you practice? That depends on you. But the rule of thumb is as follows: for every four minutes,you should practice four hours.
  • Practice delivering the speech in front of a friend or family member you trust (this is one of the best ways to overcome stage fright).
  • For more tips on calming your nerves before making a speech, take a moment to read this great article:  Crushing the Fear of Public Speaking . It's worth your time.   

8. Deliver your speech like a pro

  • Scan the audience slowly (not too slow) and look at the birthday boy or girl as you speak. Basically, maintain eye contact with the birthday girl or boy and look just over the heads of the audience.
  • Use your normal voice to deliver your speech (let the mic or the room's acoustics do the rest). 
  • Write your speech on numbered index cards, which are so much easier to handle as you speak.

To round out your speechwriting knowledge,  check out 10 tips from Forbes magazine . 

To see my speechwriting tips in action, take a moment to  look at my custom-written speech samples.

Use a Time-Tested Outline to Write Birthday Speeches

Birthday Speeches: Milestone Birthday Speech Tips & More

1. Introduction

  • Greeting: Start by welcoming everyone and expressing your pleasure to be speaking on such a special occasion.
  • Relationship: Briefly describe your relationship with the birthday person.
  • Purpose: Explain the reason for your speech, which is to celebrate the life and achievements of the birthday boy or girl.

2. Background

  • Overview: Give a brief summary of the birthday person's life, focusing on the key events and achievements.
  • Personal story: Share a personal story about the birthday person. This could be something fun, memorable or inspiring, which can showcase their character.

3. Achievements & Contributions

  • Highlight their accomplishments in their personal or professional life or their contributions to the community.
  • Describe how they've made a difference or had an impact on the lives of others.

4. Personal Appreciation

  • Express your personal appreciation and feelings for the birthday person. What do they mean to you? How have they influenced or affected your life?
  • Include any specific qualities or characteristics that you admire about them.

5. Birthday Wishes

  • Present your personal birthday wishes to the birthday person. This could include your hopes for their happiness, health and continued success.
  • Encourage others to express their wishes as well.
  • Propose a toast to the birthday person, celebrating their past, acknowledging their present and looking forward to their future.
  • Keep it heartfelt and positive, focusing on their qualities and the joy they bring to people's lives.

7. Closing Remarks

  • Conclude with a final birthday wish or sentiment. This could be a quote, a proverb, or a simple expression of goodwill.
  • Thank everyone for their attention and participation in the celebration.

Stuck for words?

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Use these 40 questions to write memorable birthday speeches.

Use the 40 questions below to write your speech. Try to answer each one. The more you answer, the better your speech will be.

  • Can you please describe your relationship with the birthday person?
  • What memorable experiences have you shared with the birthday person?
  • What qualities do you admire most about the birthday person?
  • How has the birthday person impacted or influenced your life?
  • What personal birthday wishes or sentiments would you like to convey to the birthday person?
  • Are there any specific anecdotes, stories or jokes you'd like to share?

About the Birthday Person

  • Can you provide a brief summary of the birthday person's background (like where they were born and/or their upbringing)?
  • What are some significant milestones or achievements in the birthday person's life? This could be educational, professional or personal.
  • Are there any notable contributions the birthday person has made to their community or any significant influences on the lives of others?
  • Are there any charities, causes or organizations that the birthday person is passionate about?
  • Does the birthday person have any interesting or unusual hobbies, talents, or skills?
  • Are there any challenges or obstacles the birthday person has overcome that you'd like to mention?
  • What are some of the birthday person's most admirable qualities or characteristics?
  • Are there any fun, amusing or interesting quirks about the birthday person that could be mentioned for a lighthearted moment in the speech?
  • What are the birthday person's hopes, dreams, or aspirations for the future?
  • Are there any significant life experiences or turning points in the birthday person's life that we haven't discussed?
  • What are some of the birthday person's favorite things (e.g., music, movies, books, foods, places or activities)?
  • How would the birthday person describe their own personality, values or life philosophy?
  • Are there any specific cultural, historical or personal events that have had a significant impact on the birthday person's life?
  • Can you share any lesser-known or surprising facts about the birthday person?
  • Has the birthday person had any mentors, role models or heroes who have influenced their life?
  • How would the birthday person like to be remembered, or what legacy would they like to leave?

About the Birthday Person’s Family

  • Can you tell me about the birthday person's family? This includes parents, siblings, spouse, and children, if applicable.
  • How would you describe the birthday person's relationship with their family?
  • Are there any special family traditions or customs that the birthday person particularly cherishes?
  • Has the family had any significant influence on the birthday person's life and choices? If so, how?
  • Are there any memorable, touching or funny family moments, experiences or anecdotes that should be included in the speech or that the audience might appreciate?
  • How have the birthday person's family relationships shaped them as a person?
  • What role does the birthday person play in their family (e.g., peacekeeper, organizer, mentor, etc.)?
  • Would any family members like to contribute personal messages, wishes, or stories to be included in the speech?
  • How has the birthday person influenced their family members, and vice versa?

About the Birthday Person’s Friends

  • Can you share some details about the birthday person's close friends?
  • How would you describe the birthday person as a friend? What qualities make them a good friend?
  • Are there any memorable, humorous, heartwarming anecdotes, experiences or adventures about the birthday person and their friends that would add a personal touch to the speech?
  • Have the birthday person's friendships had a significant influence on their life? If so, how?
  • What role does the birthday person play in their friend group (e.g., the planner, the listener, the comic, etc.)?
  • Are there any humorous or heartwarming anecdotes about the birthday person and their friends that would add a personal touch to the speech?
  • How have the birthday person's friendships evolved over the years?
  • Do any friends wish to contribute personal messages, stories, or birthday wishes to be included in the speech?
  • How have the birthday person's friends influenced them, and vice versa?

I've used these questions over and over again to write speeches for milestone birthdays, for both birthday boys and girls turning 30 to 100 years old. See my speech samples right now.

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Public Speaking Tips & Speech Topics

Birthday Speech [From Celebrant or For a Guest]

Photo of author

Jim Peterson has over 20 years experience on speech writing. He wrote over 300 free speech topic ideas and how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments at My Speech Class.

In this article:

Birthday Speech Topics From The Celebrant

Birthday speech ideas for a guest, birthday speech topics for the celebrant and guests.

Birthday speech template including 8 samples for the celebrant and 18 for a guest at the anniversary party.

The tone is personal, congratulatory, lighthearted and sincere. So, come up with nice entertaining birthday thoughts, funny remarks and tell humorous stories or even jokes.

birthday speech

A guest can roast the celebrated person a little bit with giving special birthday gifts. But don’t go to far. How far you can go depends on the ambiance of the occasion.

So, it is good to know who is on the guest list:

  • Do they know each other?
  • How close to the celebrant are they?

Okay, I’ve made my point: don’t include insulting or smutty public speaking speech content. After all, it’s a happy day for she / he is a jolly good fellow  Just a small note before we start: were I wrote She or Her in my free birthday writing templates, you can read He or Him also.

Can We Write Your Speech?

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Pick out the ones you like. These are sample speech topics. If you are the celebrant then speak after all other speakers. Keep your speech short.

  • Welcome and thank all the guests for attending this beautiful party celebration.
  • Thank all for their party gifts and best wishes.
  • Thank the family members who have organized the party. Especially if it is a surprise party.
  • Look back at the past. Mention one or two important milestones in your life. E.g. your partner, the birth of your children or their graduation, memorable moments with friends, trips around the world, special projects, hobbies, etc. Warm and funny birthday speech topics about family ties always do the trick.
  • Thank all with one entertaining sentence, in which you capture the importance of your family and friends.
  • Tell the attendants about your plans and hopes.
  • What do you want to realize?
  • What do you want to change? And why?

And those popular and famous speech topics bring me to the next birthday gifts idea.

  • If it is a very special event – you reached a special age, for example – your 30th, 40th of 50th birthday – then pay attention to it. Tell a joke about people who reached this age related to the little surprise you want to hand over.

Otherwise, mention certain circumstances if they occur and influence the events. But do not sound sad, try to approach them in a positive way.

  • End your speech with praising the guests. Just say you hope that they will be back. At the party next year…

These topic ideas are suitable for every public speaking job.


  • Thank for the invitation to be guest.
  • Thank for the invitation to give a birthday speech.
  • Congratulate the person who enjoys all as center of the attention.


  • Mention a nice, funny or emotional moment at the annivesary till now.
  • If you are one of the people who organized the party: look ahead. What’s coming up next? Lunch, dinner, you are moving to another location, room or place later this day or evening, other speakers, maybe mystery guest at the annivesary?
  • Mention the special circumstances, if appropriate. For instance think about the weather, the location, the number of people who are attending the birthday party, and so on. Look around and use your imagination.
  • What age? Is it a jubilee year? Is it a 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th, 60th or a 70th birthday speech, or even a 80th, 90th or 100th? Did she said something herself about reaching this age? Mention this unique number and its merits and uniqueness.
  • What happened today in history?
  • Are there memorable events on the date of birth?
  • Was she born at a special place?
  • Is she happily married? Describe this relationship.
  • Children, grandchildren?
  • Other notewirthy developments within the scope of the family ties? Mention those themes and don’t forget to congratulate her family.


Tease and roast the celebrant, but avoid any personal stuff that might upset or annoy the celebrant or a guest:

  • Roast the girl or boy a little bit. Can you characterize her personality?
  • What have other people said about her?
  • Mention her talents, hobbies or passions.
  • Are there noteworthy developments or achievements in her work and career? What has she always wanted to be?
  • What are her pet peeves?
  • What are her values of life? How does she propagate them?
  • Look ahead to her future. What were and/or are her goals or hopes in life? Do you think she will succeed? Be optimistic and supportive. Or – if you want to spoof somewhat – tell your disagreeing point of view with a wink …
  • Recapitulate the wishes and congratulations. Try to summarize all the best you wish in one well-meaned special speech topic statement.
  • And then of course, at last but not least, the closer: the toast. Propose a toast to the health of the girl, so to speak.
  • Give her a present or hand over the gift on behalf of all people who join. Don’t forget to tell you speak on behalf of everybody!

Have a nice party and may this information helps to enjoy preparing your birthday speech. Happy anniversary to you and to your relative or friend!

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Writing a Speech for a Birthday Celebration: Valuable Tips and Inspiring Examples

Happy Birthday Speech Examples

When it comes to birthday celebrations, speeches often serve as the emotional highpoint, providing a heartwarming moment that leaves a deep, indelible impression on attendees. Crafting a memorable birthday speech is as much an art as it is a science. This blog post will provide you with valuable tips and inspiring examples to help you pen a speech that will resonate with everyone in the room, and most importantly, the honored guest.

Whether you’re an experienced public speaker or someone who’s more comfortable in the quiet anonymity of a crowd, the task of writing a birthday speech can be daunting. Fear not, for this guide will walk you through the process, emphasizing the key elements that make a speech unforgettable: humor, warmth, and sincerity. Stay with us as we delve into the art of writing a birthday speech that will be cherished by all.

Table of Contents

Valuable Tips for Writing the Birthday Speech

  • Understand Your Audience: Before you start drafting your speech, you need to understand who you’re addressing. Consider the age, interests, and background of the birthday celebrant and the audience. This will inform the tone, content, and style of your speech.
  • Personalize Your Message: A memorable birthday speech is one that is personalized. Highlight meaningful experiences, shared memories, and unique traits of the birthday celebrant. This gives the speech an emotional depth and a personal touch.
  • Be Clear and Concise: Use simple, clear language for your speech. Avoid complex phrases and jargon. Your aim is to communicate your feelings and thoughts, not to impress with your vocabulary.
  • Inject Humor: A bit of humor can lighten the mood and make your speech more enjoyable. However, be mindful of your jokes – they should be in good taste and not offend anyone.
  • Practice: Once you’ve written your speech, practice delivering it. Pay attention to your voice modulation, facial expressions, and body language. The way you deliver your speech can significantly enhance its impact.

Remember, the key to a great birthday speech is to speak from the heart. Let your genuine feelings of affection and admiration for the birthday person guide your words.

Inspiring Examples of Birthday Speeches

To get you started, here are some inspiring examples of birthday speeches.

Birthday Speech for Mom

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we gather to celebrate not just a birthday, but a woman who has been a pillar of strength, a beacon of wisdom and the embodiment of love in our lives. She is none other than my mother.

Mom, on your special day, I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared together. From my first steps to my first heartbreak, you’ve been there at every juncture, providing guidance and comfort. Your unwavering support has been the bedrock of my confidence and the wind beneath my wings.

Your accomplishments are a testament to your resilience, determination, and indomitable spirit. As a young woman, you charted a path that was not always easy, but always worthwhile. As a mother, you’ve shown us the meaning of selfless love and sacrifice. Your ability to juggle various roles – a loving wife, a nurturing mother, a successful professional, and a compassionate friend – is simply awe-inspiring.

Through your actions, you’ve taught me the importance of kindness, respect, and humility. You’ve shown me that true strength lies in vulnerability, and true success lies in contentment. You’ve shown that life isn’t about the destination, but about the journey, and every day with you is a journey worth treasuring.

As we stand here today celebrating your life, I want to thank you. Thank you for your love that knows no bounds, for your patience that never wavers, and for your wisdom that never fails. Thank you for being the guiding light in my life.

On this special day, as we celebrate your life, I also want to promise you that I will strive every day to live by the values you’ve instilled in me. To be the person that you’ve shown me it’s possible to be. Mom, you are my hero, my role model, my best friend – and I am so proud to be your child.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Here’s to many more years of love, laughter, and cherished memories together. Thank you for being you.”

Birthday Speech for Dad

I stand before you today to celebrate a man who is not just the backbone of our family, but also my mentor, my friend, and my hero. A man who has lived his life with great character, profound wisdom, and tireless dedication. This man is my dear father.

Dad, on your special day, I want you to know how incredibly proud I am to be your child. From childhood to adulthood, you’ve been my guiding star, always leading the way with your wisdom and love. Whether it was teaching me to ride a bike, introducing me to your love for jazz music, or supporting me when I decided to pursue my unconventional career path, you’ve been there every step of the way.

Your love for books and the outdoors has deeply influenced me. I remember those weekend hikes we did together, where you taught me to appreciate nature and to live in the moment. Your love for literature has instilled in me a passion for reading and writing, which has shaped who I am today. And oh, how can I forget our funny dance-offs on family vacations? Those memories are etched in my heart, and they bring a smile to my face every time I think of them.

What strikes me most about you, dad, is your humility and kindness. You’ve taught me that real strength is not about being the loudest in the room, but about being the kindest. You’ve exemplified the importance of integrity, hard work, and respect for others. I am eternally grateful for these priceless life lessons.

Dad, you’re a man of few words, but your actions have always screamed volumes. Your unwavering love for mom, your dedication to our family, and your tireless efforts at work have shown me what it means to be responsible, committed, and loving. You are the embodiment of ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

As we gather to celebrate your special day, I want to thank you, Dad. Thank you for your unending patience, your constant support, and your unconditional love. Thank you for being a guiding light, a pillar of strength, and a source of inspiration.

On this momentous day, I want to make a promise to you. I promise to uphold the values you’ve instilled in me, to live a life of purpose just as you have, and to make you proud. Dad, you are my hero, my inspiration, and my guiding light.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Here’s to many more years of shared laughter, love, and timeless memories. I am beyond blessed to call you my father. Thank you for being you.”

Birthday Speech for Wife

Today, we gather to celebrate not just a birthday, but the presence of a remarkable woman in our lives – a woman who is my partner, confidante, and the love of my life. Today, my dear wife celebrates her [birthday number] birthday.

Sweetheart, on this special day, I want to express how profoundly you’ve impacted my life. Since the day we met, you’ve been a source of joy, inspiration, and change. Your love has transformed me into a better man, kinder, more understanding, and patient.

Over the years, we’ve built a treasure trove of memories, each one more precious than the last. Do you remember our first vacation together? We were lost in a foreign city, with no understanding of the local language. And yet, in the midst of that chaos, there was laughter, togetherness, and a promise of many more adventures to come. You turned a potential disaster into a fond memory, and that’s just one of the many reasons why I adore you.

During challenging times, your unwavering support has been my rock. You’ve stood by me like a warrior, encouraging me to fight my battles and celebrating my victories. Your faith in me, even in times I doubted myself, has made me stronger and more resilient.

And let’s not forget about your cooking experiments. While not all dishes make it to the ‘Hall of Fame’, your undying enthusiasm and the joy you find in feeding us your creations is simply endearing.

Your accomplishments, my love, are a testament to your unwavering determination and perseverance. You’ve shown me that success is not just about reaching our goals, but also about the journey of growth and self-discovery. I am in awe of your strength and tenacity.

As we celebrate this special day, I look forward to our future together. A future filled with love, laughter, and growing old together, side by side. I cannot wait to make more memories with you, to share more laughter, more triumphs, and even the occasional tear.

Sweetheart, on your [birthday number] birthday, I want to tell you just how much I love you. You are my strength, my solace, my best friend, and the most amazing partner I could ever wish for. Thank you for being you, and for being mine.

Happy Birthday, my love. Here’s to many more years of shared dreams, achieved goals, and a beautiful life together. I love you.”

Birthday Speech for Husband

Today, we gather to celebrate a truly special man, my partner in life, my best friend, my strength – my wonderful husband. Today, my dear husband celebrates his [birthday number] birthday.

Darling, on this incredible day, I want to take a moment to reflect on the journey we’ve shared together. From our first, somewhat awkward, date to the day we said ‘I do’, each moment has been an adventure, filled with laughter, love, and lessons learned. Do you remember that camping trip where you forgot the tent poles? We ended up sleeping under the stars and it turned into one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve ever had. That’s what you do, my love – you turn potential disasters into unforgettable memories.

Over the years, you’ve stood by me through the highs and the lows. You’ve been my rock during challenging times and my cheerleader in my moments of triumph. Your unwavering faith in me has given me the strength to reach for the stars. You’ve always said that behind every great man is a surprised mother-in-law, but I’d like to add that beside every great woman is a supportive and loving husband.

Your sense of humor, my love, is one of the things that I adore the most about you. The way you can make me laugh, even on the roughest days, is truly a gift. And let’s not forget your infamous ‘dad jokes’ – they’re so bad, they’re good.

But beyond all that, what I admire the most about you is your kind heart. You love selflessly and wholeheartedly, and I am beyond grateful to be the recipient of that love. Your generosity, your integrity, and your resilience inspire me every day.

So, as we celebrate your special day, my love, I want to tell you just how profoundly you’ve impacted my life. Your love has filled my life with joy, given me strength, and made me a better person. As your wife, my heart swells with pride and affection for the man you are and the man you continue to become.

Happy Birthday, darling. Here’s to many more years of shared dreams, joyful moments, and a beautiful journey together. I love you more than words can express, and I am profoundly grateful for your love and companionship. Thank you for being you, and for being mine.

Happy Birthday, my love. Here is to us, and to a future filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures. I love you, now and always.”

Birthday Speech for Sister

Today, we have come together to celebrate a truly remarkable individual who happens to be my sister. Today, my dear sister celebrates her [birthday number] birthday.

Sister, you are not just my sibling but also my confidante, my advisor, and my best friend. You are an embodiment of generosity, resilience, and boundless love. Your infectious laughter and positive outlook towards life have always been a source of inspiration for me.

Do you remember those summer vacations at Grandma’s place? Amidst the fields, under the blue sky, we built countless memories. From climbing trees to running through the sprinklers, we did it all. You were always the more adventurous one and I, your enthusiastic accomplice. And when we got into trouble (which was often), you always took the blame so I wouldn’t get scolded. These are priceless moments that I will cherish forever.

As we grew up, you turned into this outstanding woman. I saw you face challenges head-on, never giving up, always fighting, and emerging stronger. You’ve taught me that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. Your unwavering strength and determination are awe-inspiring.

And let’s not forget your quirky sense of humor, your infamous imitations, and the way you can lighten up any atmosphere with your wit. You are the life of every party and the sunshine on a gloomy day.

On this day, I want to thank you, my dear sister, for being you. You are a pillar of strength, a reservoir of wisdom, a beacon of light, and a bundle of joy. Your presence in my life is a blessing I am grateful for every single day.

As you step into a new year of your life, I wish you endless joy, boundless love, infinite peace, and countless moments of laughter. I wish for all your dreams to come true and for every step you take to lead you to success.

Happy Birthday, sis. Here’s to many more years of shared dreams, achieved goals, and a beautiful life together. I love you more than words can express, and I am profoundly grateful for your love and companionship. Thank you for being you, and for being mine.

Happy Birthday, my dear sister. Here is to us, and to a future filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures. I love you, now and always.”

Birthday Speech for Brother

We are gathered here to celebrate an extraordinary individual, a man of unwavering character, a source of constant inspiration and hilarity, and, lucky me, my brother. Today, my dear brother marks another milestone as he celebrates his [birthday number] birthday.

My dear brother, our shared history is filled with humor, adventure, and the unique bond only siblings understand. Do you remember when we used to build forts out of sofa cushions in the living room? You, the fearless leader, and I, your willing accomplice, ready to defend our fortress at all costs. Those simple days of imagination and camaraderie have shaped who we are today.

Over the years, I’ve watched you grow into a man of integrity and kindness. You are the perfect blend of tenacity and compassion, pursuing your goals with a fierce determination, yet always making time to lend a helping hand to those in need. Your laughter is infectious, your spirit, indomitable, and your infamous ‘brotherly advice‘, though occasionally unsolicited, is a constant source of wisdom.

Your resilience, dear brother, is a beacon of inspiration. Through life’s ups and downs, you have shown me the power of optimism and perseverance. You’ve taught me to see challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth. And for all those times you’ve been my protector, my guide, and my supporter, I am eternally grateful.

I admire your strength, your courage, and your unwavering sense of humor that can lighten up even the darkest of days. You are my role model, my confidante, and most importantly, my dear friend. Your love and support have been invaluable to me, and I am beyond blessed to call you my brother.

So, on this special day, I wish you a year filled with joy, success, and fulfillment. As you embark on a new chapter of your life, may every step lead you closer to your dreams.

Happy Birthday, dear brother. Here’s to a future of shared dreams, endless laughter, and a beautiful journey together. I love you more than words can express, and I am eternally grateful for your love and companionship. Thank you for being you, and for being mine.

Happy Birthday, my dear brother. Here is to us, to a future filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures. I love you, now and always.”

Birthday Speech for Mother in Law

Today, we gather to celebrate not just a birthday, but a remarkable woman who has touched our lives in countless ways. Today, it’s my mother-in-law’s [birthday number] birthday.

Mother-in-law, you hold a unique place in my life, astoundingly managing to be a second mother, a dear friend, and a wise mentor simultaneously. Your kindness, grace, and strength are qualities I admire and strive to emulate.

I recall the first time I came over for dinner, nervous as can be, and you, with your usual warmth, put me at ease instantly. The burnt lasagna that night became our running joke and a symbol of our bond. Your ability to make light of an overcooked meal, and turn it into a fond memory, is but a testament to your unwavering positivity.

Your generosity and patience know no bounds, like the time you taught me your secret apple pie recipe, even though it took me several attempts (and a few kitchen disasters) to get it right. You never lost patience, and I finally did master that recipe, it’s a testament to your patience and my resilience.

And let’s not forget the time you squared up with that aggressive seagull at the beach to protect our picnic. That day, you showed us your hidden ninja skills and made us laugh until we cried.

Your wisdom, resilience, and infectious humor light up our lives. You are a pillar of strength, a beacon of wisdom, and a bundle of joy. Your presence in our lives is a blessing that we are eternally grateful for.

As we toast to another year, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your love, patience, and guidance. I wish you a year filled with happiness, health, and endless moments of joy. May your life continue to be an inspiring journey filled with love and laughter.

Happy Birthday, dear mother-in-law. Here’s to a future filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures. We have a small token of our affection to present, a [gift], as a symbol of our love and appreciation. I hope that it brings you as much joy as you bring to all of us.

Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more years of shared memories, hearty laughter, and a beautiful journey together. We love you, now and always.”

Birthday Speech for Father in Law

We gather here today to honor a man of remarkable character, wisdom, and spirit, my father-in-law, who is celebrating his [birthday number] birthday today.

Father-in-law, you are a true embodiment of wisdom and strength. The love and support you’ve extended to me and our family are immeasurable and I am truly grateful. The warmth of your personality and the depth of your wisdom have been a guiding light in our journey together as a family.

There is a treasure trove of fond memories that we’ve gathered along the way. Be it a fishing trip where you showed incredible patience as you untangled my hopelessly knotted fishing line, or the times you indulged my penchant for spicy food, gamely trying the hottest sauce in the restaurant, only to end up downing a gallon of water. Your spontaneous laughter at these moments is still fresh in my memory, reminding me of your infectious spirit and your zest for life.

Your life journey is an inspiring tale of resilience, courage, and unyielding optimism. You’ve shown us that age is just a number, and life is but a series of adventures to be embraced wholeheartedly. Your humor and jovial nature often light up our gatherings, and your wisdom continues to guide us.

On this special day, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your love, support, and guidance. You are not just a father-in-law, but a mentor, a guide, and a dear friend. I wish you good health, endless happiness, and a year filled with joy and peace.

So here’s to you, a man of great honor and love, who has made an indelible mark in our lives. As we raise our glasses in a toast to celebrate your special day, we honor your contributions to our family and the joy you bring into our lives.

Happy Birthday, dear father-in-law. Here’s to a future filled with love, laughter, and shared memories. May your journey be filled with blessings and may your life continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more years of shared memories, hearty laughter, and an incredible journey together. We love you, now and always.”

Birthday Speech for Friend

As we gather to celebrate a milestone birthday, I am honored to stand before you. Today, a dear friend of mine, [friend’s name], is celebrating his/her [age] birthday.

[friends’s name], we’ve come a long way since our early days. I still remember the time when we were kids, going on adventurous treasure hunts in the backyard, thinking we were going to be world-famous treasure hunters, only to discover the ‘treasure’ was a few old coins we had forgotten about.

Our friendship has been a constant in a world of change, growing and evolving just as we have. From sharing our childhood dreams to supporting each other in our adult challenges, we’ve never failed to be there for each other. I recall the time you stayed up all night to help me prepare for my first big job interview, even though you had your own work to handle the next day. That’s just who you are — selfless, caring, and always ready to lend a hand.

Your strengths and achievements are countless. Your passion for [mention a skill or hobby] is not just impressive, but also inspiring. You’ve shown us what dedication and hard work can yield, and you should be incredibly proud of all that you’ve accomplished.

Now, as we toast to your [age] birthday, and to the many more to come, I want to wish you a year filled with laughter, love, and fulfillment. Remember, age is not just a number, it’s a testament to the wonderful journey you’ve had and the exciting adventures that still await.

So, let’s raise a glass to [friend’s name], not just my friend, but a brother/sister in spirit, a partner in crime, and a beacon of inspiration. Here’s to a year of new beginnings, endless possibilities, and exciting adventures. May your journey be filled with blessings and may your life continue to inspire those around you.

Happy Birthday, [friend’s name]. I look forward to many more years of shared memories, hearty laughter, and an incredible journey together. I am grateful for your friendship, and I cherish it more than words can express.

Happy Birthday, and here’s to you, a friend in a million.”

Birthday Speech for Son

As we gather here to celebrate a pivotal milestone, it brings me immense joy to share a few words about my beloved [son/daughter], who is stepping into [his/her] [age] year today.

My dear [son/daughter], it seems like only yesterday when the nurse placed your tiny little form into my arms, and I held you for the first time. Your wide-eyed gaze met mine, and in that moment, I knew that my world had changed forever. From your first steps to your first words, every milestone has been a joy to behold, and I watch in awe as you grow and evolve each day.

There is a unique light within you that never fails to amaze me. I remember when you were just [a young age], and you insisted on saving a portion of your pocket money every month to donate to our local animal shelter. That benevolent spirit is just one of the many things that makes you special.

Your journey so far has been filled with achievements, and I am proud of the person you’re becoming. Your passion for [mention a skill or hobby] is inspirational, and the dedication you’ve shown towards honing your skills is commendable. The values that you uphold, the care you show for others, and the way you embrace life’s challenges are all qualities that will serve you well as you continue to navigate life’s journey.

As we toast to your [age] birthday, let me share my hopes for you. I hope that you continue to chase your dreams fearlessly, as you’ve always done. I hope that life offers you opportunities to learn, grow and make a difference. And above all, I hope that your journey through life continues to be filled with love, happiness, and success.

So, let’s raise a glass to my [son/daughter], who has been, and will always be, the greatest gift in my life. May your path be smooth, your burdens light, and your joys plentiful. May your heart be filled with love, your spirit with courage, and your life with the unrestrained pursuit of your dreams.

Happy Birthday, dear [son/daughter]. Here’s to a future filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. I am immensely proud of you, and my love for you is boundless. Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more years of shared memories, hearty laughter, and a wonderful journey together. I love you, now and always.”

Birthday Speech for Daughter

Today marks an incredibly special occasion, the celebration of my [son’s/daughter’s], [child’s name], [age] birthday. As we gather here in this moment of joy and celebration, I am thrilled to share with you the journey of my precious child.

[child’s name], it’s a pure delight to see you grow, evolve, and step into your own. Your first day of school feels like just yesterday, when you clutched my hand tightly and flashed me that toothy grin before boldly stepping into your new classroom. Now, you are taking on the world with that same courage and determination, making us incredibly proud.

This past year has been a rollercoaster, but you’ve managed to ride the highs and lows with remarkable grace. I am in awe of how you’ve met challenges head-on, especially when you balanced your schoolwork with your passion for [mention their hobby or interest]. Your achievement in the [mention a recent achievement] is not only impressive but also a testament to your relentless pursuit of your dreams.

But it’s not just your achievements that make you special. You have a heart full of kindness and compassion, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. The way you rallied your friends to help clean up the local park last summer – that was just one of the many moments when you’ve made us proud.

And then there’s your sense of humor! Your ability to make us laugh, regardless of the situation, is something we all treasure. Remember the time when you [mention a funny anecdote]? We still laugh about that!

Your mother and I have a little surprise for you today [mention a surprise gift or event], but no gift could ever match the joy and fulfillment you bring into our lives. As you embark on this new chapter of your life, our wish for you is simple: May your days be filled with love, may your heart be full of joy, and may you never stop chasing your dreams.

So, let’s raise our glasses to our [son/daughter], [child’s name], who fills our lives with laughter, joy, and boundless love.

Happy Birthday, [child’s name]. Here’s to a year filled with new adventures, endless laughter, and phenomenal growth. We love you more than words could ever express, now and always.”

Happy Birthday, my dear [son/daughter]. Here’s to many more years of shared memories, hearty laughter, and the most incredible journey together. Your mom and I couldn’t be more proud, and we love you, now and always.

How to Enhance a Birthday Speech

  • Personalize Your Speech: Make sure to include personal anecdotes and experiences that capture the essence of the person you’re honoring. This not only makes the speech more relatable but also helps create a deeper connection with the audience.
  • Include Humor: Light-hearted moments or funny stories help to keep the audience engaged and make the speech more enjoyable.
  • Celebrate Achievements: Highlighting the person’s accomplishments, no matter how small, can make them feel appreciated and valued.
  • Express Genuine Emotion: Express your love, admiration, and pride for the person. Genuine sentiments could make the speech more impactful and memorable.
  • End on a High Note: Conclude the speech with a toast or a heartfelt wish for their future. This adds a celebratory tone to the conclusion and rounds off the speech nicely.

Remember, the key to a great birthday speech is to speak from the heart, keep it genuine, and make it about the person being celebrated.

In conclusion, delivering a compelling birthday speech can indeed be an arduous task, but with the right balance of personal anecdotes, humor, celebration of achievements, and genuine emotion, you can create a memorable moment that the birthday person and attendees will cherish. Always remember, the essence of your speech should resonate with the love and admiration you hold for the person, making it a unique tribute to their journey so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how long should a birthday speech be.

A: Ideally, a birthday speech should last from two to five minutes. It’s long enough to express your sentiments and share a few anecdotes, but short enough to keep the audience engaged.

Q: Should I rehearse the speech?

A: Absolutely! Rehearsing ensures a smooth delivery and helps you become familiar with the flow of your speech.

Q: Should I include humor in my speech?

A: Yes, if it feels natural. Humor can make your speech more engaging and enjoyable for the audience, but it should never be forced.

Q: How can I make my speech more personal?

A: Include personal anecdotes, talk about the person’s achievements, and express your genuine feelings for them.

Q: Is it necessary to include the person’s achievements in the speech?

A: While it’s not mandatory, mentioning their achievements can make them feel appreciated and valued.

Q: What if I get emotional while giving the speech?

A: It’s perfectly fine to get emotional. It shows your genuine feelings and can make the speech more impactful.

Q: Should I write down my speech or can I just wing it?

A: Writing down your speech helps structure your thoughts and ensures you don’t forget important points. However, try to avoid reading it verbatim to maintain a natural delivery.

Q: What if I forget what to say in the middle of the speech?

A: Don’t panic. Take a moment to collect your thoughts, and if you still can’t remember, move on to the next part of your speech.

Q: How should I end the speech?

A: Conclude with a toast or a heartfelt wish for the person’s future. It rounds off the speech on a celebratory note.

Q: How can I manage my stage fright?

A: Practice and preparation are key. The more familiar you are with your speech, the less nervous you’ll be. Also, remember that you’re speaking in front of friends and family who are there to celebrate, not judge.

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outline for birthday speech

Birthday Speech Examples For A Festive Celebration

Birthday speech examples to honor the birthday person, often with a dash of humor

A birthday speech to acknowledge the special day of a friend, family member, or colleague introduces and honors the person and wishes them all the best of their happy day. Many birthday speech examples are available as templates to craft a birthday speech appropriate for the person celebrating.

Along with a festive song around the birthday cake, parties honoring someone celebrating a birthday often include a short toast or birthday speech. You might have the opportunity to speak if you are close to the birthday boy or girl.

How do you know if you should plan to speak? How do you choose the right words? Should you give a funny birthday speech or a serious one? As always, when you have questions, we have answers.

Table of Contents

What Do You Say In A Birthday Speech?

100th birthday deserves a birthday speech

When framing a birthday speech , you need to consider a few things:

  • Who is the guest of honor?
  • What is their relationship to you?
  • Is the birthday boy or girl more likely to appreciate a serious or funny birthday speech?
  • How many people are speaking?
  • Will there be a set time to give birthday toasts or speeches, or will it be a simple, impromptu thing?

How Do You Start Birthday Speech Examples?

Starting a memorable occasion speech is especially easy if you are the first (or only) speaker. Then, a simple “good morning,” “good afternoon”, or “good evening” is an appropriate way to greet the guests. Once you give that traditional greeting, jump into what you want to say.

“We are gathered here tonight for a birthday celebration to honor our close friend (name). Growing up with (name), I found myself wondering if we would see our 60th birthdays.

Remember riding our dirt bikes? Jumping off of the roof into your aunt’s pool? And how could we forget our 21st birthday? But the point is we survived youth craziness, and here we are. Let’s all raise a glass to (name) on his special day. Happy birthday, my friend.” 

What Do You Say In A Birthday Speech If You Are A Parent?

If you are the parent, are you hosting the event for your son or daughter? Certain milestone birthdays, such as the 16th or 18th, might still require a parent to host.

A parent giving a birthday speech might thank all of the wonderful people for coming to celebrate their son or daughter’s birthday. How you word the rest of the speech depends on how close your relationship is with your child and your child’s gender and age.

For example, a dad talking about his little girl at her Quinceanera will acknowledge that his daughter is now considered a woman. The speech will include points of pride and love for his daughter. At a Quinceanera, a tradition in Hispanic culture that happens on a young woman’s 15th birthday, it is tradition for many guests to give a short speech.

Quinceanera cake

Of course, there are occasions in most cultures where a parent would give a birthday speech. Many young women celebrate a Sweet Sixteen with a party. Since most mothers hope to be their daughter’s best friend one day, this party is a lovely time for a mother to state this hope.

Here is an example birthday speech from a mom for her daughter’s sweet sixteen,

“Thank you for coming to (name’s) sweet sixteen party. My little girl is practically grown up now, and it is hard to believe because it all happened in the blink of an eye. I want to express my birthday wishes to (name). We have built many beautiful memories over your lifetime, (name).

You have grown into a beautiful young woman and quickly moved from being my daughter to being a great friend. I want to extend birthday wishes on behalf of your dad and me. Happy birthday, princess.”

What Should I Say In A Birthday Speech For A Coworker?

BIrthday speech examples - coworker

When celebrating a coworker’s birthday, think about your relationship before making a speech and offering a toast. It might be appropriate for you to talk about how much positive energy they add to the workplace. Another tactic could be to discuss how they are such a team player.

Never bring up anything negative at a person’s birthday party. If you find them annoying or lazy as a coworker, say nothing.

What Should I Say In My Friend’s Birthday Speech?

If it is your best friend’s birthday, there are many angles to approach for giving a great birthday speech. First, you might share some  fun stories.  This is especially great if you have been friends for a long time and have some  great memories  to talk about. Using  touching quotes  is another way to approach the speech.

While certain birthdays are conducive to poking fun about the person’s age, we want to caution you that not everyone takes these well. If your friend seems to be struggling with age, sharing stories might be more appropriate than pulling  out the “old fart” jokes.  Bring out the hilarity and jabs for friends who love a  good roasting !

Do You Focus On Age In A Birthday Speech?

You certainly can focus on age in a birthday speech, but you don’t have to. If the person’s age seems essential to the angle you are taking in your remarks, mention it. However, you don’t need to.

BIrthday speech examples - no need to mention age

What Do You Include In Speeches For Milestone Birthdays?

  • 16th Birthday:  The 16th birthday , called a sweet sixteen for girls, should include something about the guest of honor practically being an adult.
  • 18th Birthday:  As the official entry into adulthood in many countries, the 18th birthday is a big one. Make sure to recognize this in any birthday speech.
  • 21st Birthday:  Even though people can legally drink alcohol at much younger ages in other countries, in the United States, this is the magic number for being able to drink. For this reason, this birthday is often accompanied by a party. A parent often will recognize that fact in a speech or toast .
  • 30th Birthday:  Also called the “dirty thirty,” this is a fun milestone birthday to celebrate what many see as the end of their youth. Speeches and toasts for this birthday typically include birthday quotes about getting older and recognition of the next stage of life. You certainly can use some funny one-liner jokes, quotes, or tidbits.
  • 40th Birthday:  Middle age is between 40 and 50, so this birthday is often a sensitive one, especially for women. It is always appropriate to wish the birthday person a long life and health. If you know the person well enough to be sure they will handle gentle ribbing well, you could make some “getting old” jokes in your speech.
  • 50th Birthday:  When giving a 50th birthday speech, people commonly start to make “old fart” jokes and give gag birthday gifts. Everything “over the hill” is appropriate for celebrating a loved one’s “Happy 50th birthday.”
  • 60th Birthday:  Wishing someone good health and happiness as they turn 60 are relevant topics for this birthday speech. Another birthday where people often joke about how old the person is, don’t be surprised if the birthday cake’s theme is “older than dirt.” When giving a speech at a milestone birthday for someone older, take your cues from others. If the guest of honor is struggling with getting older or in poor health, give a touching speech rather than one full of jokes.
  •   100th Birthday:  Living this long is a very big deal, and a 100th birthday is likely to be met with many people who want to say a few words. At this age, leave all jokes aside. Celebrate the centenarian’s life with birthday quotes and stories of special places and events you have seen together.

Birthday Speech Examples For Yourself

  • The Reflective Celebration

“Hello everyone! Thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday. Another year has passed, and I’m grateful for all the wonderful experiences and lessons learned. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but with amazing friends and family like you, every challenge seems easier.

This year, I’ve decided to embrace new adventures and maybe even pick up a hobby that doesn’t involve Netflix. To those who’ve supported me, laughed with me, and shared these moments, thank you. Here’s to another year of fun, growth, and creating more memories together. Cheers to all of you, and happy birthday to me!”

  • The Optimistic Outlook

“Hello everyone! First, let me thank you all for being here to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a fantastic year, filled with laughter, a few tears, and a lot of personal growth. I’ve decided that this year, I’ll focus on positivity and embracing life’s surprises.

I’m excited for what’s to come, and with friends and family like you by my side, I know it’s going to be an incredible journey. So, let’s raise a glass to making every moment count and to cherishing the amazing people around us. Cheers, and happy birthday to me!”

  • The Lighthearted Take

“Hey, everyone! Thanks for joining my birthday bash. It’s another year older, wiser, and hopefully funnier. I’ve been reflecting on the past year and realized I should’ve bought stock in coffee and stress balls. But hey, I made it!

This year, my goals are simple: more adventures, less worrying, and maybe learning to cook something that isn’t cereal. Thanks to each of you for the laughs, support, and unforgettable moments. Let’s make this year even better. Here’s to good times, great friends, and celebrating every little victory. Cheers to another fabulous year, and happy birthday to me!”

Birthday Speech Template

  • Introduction:  Introduce yourself and state how you know the guest of honor .
  • Body:  Tell a couple of stories or share a special birthday quote.
  • Conclusion:  Every speech needs to be wrapped up. You might do this by offering up a birthday toast or simply by giving a closing remark like,  “I am so blessed to be your friend, (name) and hope you have a beautiful celebration.”

Examples Of Funny Birthday Speeches

Self-deprecating humor.

“They say you don’t truly appreciate your youth until it’s gone. Well, guess what? I’m here to appreciate my ever-lasting youth… which everyone keeps mistaking for middle age!”

“They say you don’t get older, you just level up in life. Well, consider me a level-grinding champion because another year has flown by! But hey, at least the high score for wrinkles keeps getting higher!”

Poking Fun At The Guest Of Honor’s Age

“I wasn’t sure what kind of cake to get [Name] this year.  One with a ton of candles seemed a bit of a fire hazard, so I went with [playful suggestion of a much smaller cake or alternative dessert].  But hey, at least you’re getting closer to unlocking the senior discounts, right?”

“Happy Birthday to [Name]! They may not be jumping hurdles these days, but hey, at least they can still appreciate a good nap. Here’s to celebrating another year of wisdom, experience, and strategically placed furniture for optimal lounging!”

Embarrassing Story

“Happy Birthday, [Name]! They may be a culinary genius now, but there was definitely that time you tried to make [insert dish] for the family dinner, and it ended up looking (and smelling) like something out of a science experiment. Let’s just say takeout saved the day! But hey, at least you learned a valuable lesson in the kitchen (and maybe a newfound respect for following recipes).”

Funny Anecdote About The Gift

“Hi everyone! We’re all here to celebrate [Name]’s birthday, and we all know that [Name] loves a good lazy day. So, we thought, why not embrace that passion to the fullest? Introducing the Ultimate Lazy Day Kit! Inside, you’ll find a pair of the fluffiest socks known to humankind, a blanket that feels like a hug from a cloud, and a selection of snacks that require zero effort to consume.

Oh, and the pièce de résistance: a remote control holder so you never have to get up to look for it again. Because, let’s be honest, if anyone deserves to chill in maximum comfort, it’s you, [Name].

Playful Exaggeration

“ Today, we gather to celebrate [Name], our very own tech wizard. If your computer crashes, your phone dies, or your Wi-Fi goes down, [Name] is the first person we call. It’s like they were born with a microchip in their brain.

So, to make sure you stay at the top of your game, we’ve got you the latest gadgetry and a year’s subscription to ‘Tech Wizard Monthly.’ [Name], your ability to fix anything with a screen is nothing short of magical, and we can’t wait to see what tech sorcery you perform next. Happy Birthday, and may your gadgets always be cutting-edge!”

Remember that any stories you choose to tell should highlight the guest of honor’s good qualities, even if they’re embarrassing. You should ideally get their permission to tell the story beforehand. Remember to keep it lighthearted and avoid anything that could be hurtful.

How Do You Say Thank You For A Birthday Speech?

As the guest of honor, you will be expected to say a few words at your own birthday celebration . Acknowledging those who have shared kind words and stories about you is appropriate. This does not have to be long. You can say,  “I appreciate everyone for coming to share in my special day, especially everyone who said such lovely things about me. Thank you all for coming.”

You should also acknowledge whoever hosted the party. For example,  “Thank you to my husband and best friend for throwing this lovely surprise party for me. I appreciate all the work that went into planning every detail, from the venue to the food to everyone who spoke. I appreciate you all.”

A former English teacher and currently an elementary principal in a rural school, Pam has honed her speaking skills in the classroom and before professional groups. Pam enjoys sharing her insights about public speaking almost as much as she enjoys running, which she does daily.

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Birthday Speech

Definition A speech for a birthday guest presented by a relative (a parent, a child, etc.), a close friend or a colleague. A birthday speech traditionally contains stable congratulatory expressions and expressions of wish.


A birthday speech can be of two types: a formal speech and a casual one. Generally, the difference between these types of a birthday speech is purely situational because a formal birthday speech is presented at a reception in a restaurant or a hotel whereas a casual one is held during a friends’ party. However, more profound structural differences exist as well: a casual birthday speech should have a starling opening to attract the attention of all the guest traditionally communicating in small groups, it is relatively shorter and contains a lot of personal details concerning the birthday guest.


Birthday speeches may differ considerably because the content of a speech literally evolves with time: the 21st birthday is considered a “passage” while the 50th birthday marks a symbolic zenith of human life. Yet it is possible to trace a kind of a model outline for any birthday speech as a toast: 1) Welcoming the birthday guest; 2) Telling a story revealing his/her remarkable qualities and presenting this person from some unexpected but very positive angle; 3) Expressing gratitude for what the person did for the family, colleagues and friends; 4) Congratulating the birthday guest and wishing him/her health, love, success, and many happy returns of the day. Humor and mild kidding are a welcome part of a birthday speech, which can be: 1) professional (formal); 2) playful;

3) complex (i.e. combing a formal structuring with some jovial and humorous elements).


A birthday speech should be ~3-min. long, audible, laconic and centered. General requirements of logical structuring and emotional representation are applicable

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Birthday Speech Tips: How to Write the Perfect Speech

As a professional birthday speechwriter, I have written many milestone birthday speeches, including 21st, 40th, 50th, 80th and more. When it comes to creating an entertaining and memorable speech for a birthday party, you might not be sure how to begin. Here are a few tips for creating a birthday speech, whether it’s for your birthday or that of a colleague, friend or loved one.

Is it for your birthday or someone else’s birthday?

This will make a big difference in how you create this speech. If it’s for yourself, the speech will include thanking people for attending, sharing your memories (successes and challenges), mentioning the impact of your friends and family, and looking to the future. For example, if you are delivering a 50th birthday speech, you will cover important events and people in your life, thank people who have helped you along the way (parents, spouse, other family and friends, etc) and speak about plans for the future. It’s a big day of your life, so you’ll want to think about, plan and write a birthday speech well in advance. 

If a speech is directed at someone else who’s celebrating their birthday, the speech will be a bit different. In this case, it’s to honour that person and help them celebrate. This could include an overview of their life, major achievements and milestones, and best wishes for the future. Everybody loves funny birthday speeches, so it’s always a good idea to include some humour. The best way to do this is to tell funny stories about the person. If it’s a birthday speech for a best friend, it could include funny things that happened to you. 

21st birthday speech

Typically, this is delivered at a 21st birthday party by one of the parents or a close friend. The speaker reflects on the 21 years and offers best wishes for the future. If you are a parent giving a 21st birthday speech, you could mention their birth, what they were like as a baby, key milestones from the childhood and young adult years, and challenges and achievements. The best part of a 21st birthday speech is the opportunity for humour. Think back to all the funny things that happened over the years and include a few of these. Avoid things that might be too embarrassing or you might not speak to your child again. But seriously, a 21st birthday speech is a great time to honour a family member as they enter the next phase of their life. 

Here’s an example of a funny story from a 21st birthday speech for a daughter: 

Tanya has always known exactly what she wants and moves mountains to get it. When she was little, that included mountains of clothes! Sometimes it took us 45 minutes to an hour to get Tanya dressed for kinder in the morning. Her bedroom floor at home may have looked as though a tornado had ripped through it, but Tanya always stepped into kinder in style with a perfectly co-ordinated outfit. 

If you choose to include funny stories, it helps if your audience members have a sense of humour. 

Milestone speech for a best friend or loved one

Whether it’s for a friend’s 40th, 50th, 60th or 70th birthday, you can highlight your relationship with them and how you’ve been through thick and thin together. Speak about the best qualities of your amazing friend and provide a few examples or stories to support this. 

The birthday toast

Whether it’s for your child’s, spouse’s or friend’s birthday, the birthday toast is an essential closing to the speech. Depending on your relationship, it could be a serious or funny birthday toast. Here’s one example from a husband to his wife on her 50th birthday: 

Please join me in a toast to Belinda. Belinda, I am truly grateful for the wonderful times we have had and I anticipate many more to come. You mean so much to me, our family and our friends. As we grow older and our love grows stronger, I look forward to supporting each other, sharing good times and creating more happy memories together. Happy Birthday, Belinda!

Get in touch for birthday speech help

If you are stuck and wondering how to write a 50th birthday speech or how to write a speech for a friend’s birthday, we offer birthday speech writing services to create fun and memorable birthday speeches. 

Please contact us on 1300 731 955 or send us an email to discuss your requirements. 

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Birthday speech

Putting a birthday speech together can be a very daunting process, especially if you have to write it for someone else.

Like many of us, unless you have a natural talent, it’s not uncommon to go blank when it comes to this topic. The usual spiel of thanking everyone and telling them to enjoy their night is satisfactory though can be quite boring and leave everyone yawning.

But dont worry, by following these easy tips and examples of speeches, you will be able to ensure your birthday speech is one that captivates your audience and makes the moment a memorable one.

5 tips to help you with your next birthday speech

1. write it all down.

Take a few moments to list all the qualities and funny moments in dot points to give you an understanding of what you want to highlight. After listing them all down, take the time to elaborate on the points.

2. Find a sample speech that works

Find a sample birthday speech that you feel is suitable for the occasion. Use the points and information that you had written previously and incorporate them into the sample speech. By using the sample speech as a template, you have the benefit of following a proven recipe. It allows for the speech to be structured so it becomes fluent and highlights your points more concisely.

3. Engage your audience

Add humor to the speech to captivate your audience with a few laughs to enhance the vibe of the event. Not sure what to add? Why not take a moment to ask a close friend or relative of some funny moments they have experienced with the birthday person. If the stories are not suitable or non existent, then consider looking up some great one liners and add them into your speech to lighten the mood.

Your aim is to ensure the audience is actively engaged in your speech by focusing on the qualities of the birthday person which they can relate to. Bringing up memorable stories which highlight great times or milestones helps to resonate qualities of the birthday person and Incorporating a story or two can also make a point of enhancing the qualities which resonates what that person is really about.

4. Show sincerity

Towards the end of the speech, mention a few kind words to show them that you care. Thank everyone for coming, especially those who helped out in organising the event.

5. Keep it short

When people are at a party, they tend to have a short attention span and that’s if they haven’t had a drink yet. A speech which is between 2-5 minutes long is more than sufficient. By keeping it short, deep and meaningful, you can be sure to have your audience’s attention.

How to give a birthday speech – From friend to guest of honor

Here are a few examples of free birthday speeches for your next occasion:

Birthday speech example 1 – Thank you speech

Birthday speech

Firstly I would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate this milestone with me. I am not one to come out and say a speech, this is actually the first for me. Normally I would shy off, though I feel today is a time where it must be done.

The reason why you are all here is that in one way or another, you have been apart of my life and moulded me to the person I am today. I would truly like to thank you all for that.

I would like to thank both my mom and dad for not only putting up with me but being there when it counted and making me who I am. Thank you! Also to those who I have grown up with and have helped me over the years, you know who you are… I can say that I am truly blessed to have you all in my life!

Last but not least, I need to say thank you to everyone who has helped to set up and make today happen. Now that’s enough of me saying thank you. I hope everyone enjoys themselves. Lets all have a drink and have a great time.

Birthday speech example 2 – Thank you speech

I want to take a moment to say thank you for everyone who has come down to come celebrate this birthday with me. It means a lot that you have all taken the time and I must say that I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. Thank you

Birthday speech example 3 – Thank you speech

A birthday is very important to a child. The cake, the candles and gifts are something which they which they look forward to weeks on end. As we get older, we begin to realize that more important than materialistic things are the things we celebrate to those who are most closest to us. I would like to say thank you for not only your best wishes and lovely gifts but for being here and making it the night that it is. Thank you.

Birthday speech example 4 – Coming of age and gratitude

I have to say that I am not one to perform any birthday speeches though with the amount of work which was put into making this night and the sheer turnout of people, I simply could not live with myself if I didn’t at least say a few words.

I would like to give a big shout out to all people involved it the planning of this special day of mine. As you all can see, a lot of time and effort has been spent to make this venue look beautiful and I am truly appreciative. Thank you.

For all of you who made the effort to come down here and celebrate this milestone of mine. I could not be happier as all of you in one way, shape, or form have shaped me to be the person I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. Through good times and bad, through sickness and in health, I have been supported and guided every step of the way and that has only reassured to me what really matters in life.

I have been quick to learn that all the flashy and shiny things in life slowly begin to fade, though the one thing that continues to shine in my world is the true connections and relationships I have formed with my family and friends.

So enough about all this sentimental nonsense. It’s time to put the music back on and get everyone back on this dance floor. Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy the night. Thank you!

Birthday speech example 5 – Coming of age

So whilst I am up here talking about this amazing day today we are celebrating, I have to say all the beautiful memories don’t I? Wrong. All I remember is the most embarrassing moments because I laughed so hard my glasses fell off my head, then I wasn’t too happy because I had to buy new ones.

So where do I start, my memory isn’t the best the older I get, that’s why my wife makes me do a crossword puzzle a day. Little does she know that I cheat from the answers on the bottom of the cross word page Ha-Ha. So as I get older and reflect, I would have to say best moments through out my life would have to be drawn to three main beautiful ones.

First would be marrying this beautiful lady I call my cook… I mean wife Ha-Ha.

Second would be becoming a father to these beautiful children standing in front of me, I am blessed to have the opportunity to raise these amazing children of mine and have never been more proud.

And thirdly, to the many people here today celebrating my birthday. I would not be the person standing here before you if it weren’t for each and everyone of you shaping me to who I am today.

I felt like writing this speech took me few minutes though I was told I was writing for most of the bloody day! Ha-Ha.

Thank you everyone for coming here today and celebrating this unforgettable night with me celebrating another year younger.

Birthday speech example 6 – For partner

Let’s face the truth. Some of us are not the best when it comes to remembering birthdays, but there is no way I could forget the birthday for the one I love. We are all here today to celebrate because (Name) has touched our lives in one way or another.

Today I want to openly say how much they mean to me. This is their birthday, and birthdays are supposed to be days which stand out in life. So (Name), I want to say thank you for being so caring over the years and making me so proud to be your partner.

Birthday speech example 7 – Birthday speech for husband

To the superman in my life. Happy birthday! Words are unable to express the amount of love I have for you. For anyone who knows you, knows how much of a kind hearted and bubbly character you are. Your generosity and strong nature are unlike no other I have ever met.

From when you came over to me over 20 years ago to ask me for my number, to building a strong relationship, falling in love, creating an incredible family, and now celebrating this milestone of yours today. It seems like a fairytale dream where I need to pinch myself every so often to believe that it is all true.

To all of you that have made the time to make it here tonight, thank you all for coming. Only people who were important to his life are here and it’s amazing how many people are actually here tonight.

Now back to my loving husband, on your birthday tonight, I want you to enjoy it without a care in the world, because a man like you deserves to be spoilt once in awhile. Happy birthday my love, may you continue to live with passion.

Birthday speech example 8 -Birthday speech for wife

To one of the most sexiest, beautiful, most amazing person apart from myself… Ha-Ha! To my incredible wife. I am unable to express how surreal it feels to have fallen in love and married such a beautiful soul. Never would I ever have thought i’d be so lucky to have such an angel like you in my life. Your smile, your character, your loving nature are just the tip of the iceberg of the many things you possess.

For all who are lucky enough to know her, understand that she is one who would do more for others than she would for herself. A quality which i’m sure we all agree is very rare these days. She always looks to see the positive in life, no matter how dark and gloomy things may be, something which she has allowed for me to adopt which has changed my life dramatically for the better, and i’m sure many others who are also here tonight.

To those who made the effort to come here today and celebrate this beautiful day today, thank you. You have made this day memorable and something i’m sure my wife will never forget. Now the party is still not over, so all of you grab a glass of champagne, and let’s party on well into the night as we celebrate this girls beautiful birthday.

Birthday speech example 9 – From mother to child

From changing your nappies to feeding you every time you cry, to making your favorite food which was always apple pie. The memories I have shared with you while growing up by your side, it was well worth the struggles and bumpy rides.

I look at you know and can’t stop smiling, for a beautiful grown boy/girl that you have become, no matter what you will always be my baby boy/girl, happy birthday and may this be another memory you will never forget like they first day we met. When you were born on this special day.

Birthday speech example 10 – 1 st birthday speech from mother

Even though your only one and you’re probably staring at me thinking what it this lady doing, my feeding time is soon. I am going to say this speech in front of all the family friends that are gathered here today to celebrate my child’s 1st birthday, where the fun times just keep getting better and better.

I remember the first day that I felt so sick and then after that my pants wouldn’t fit. I started eating everything in sight and my pantry would always start full and now and by night there was nothing left to right. After that I couldn’t sleep and I would become a grump in the morning which was nothing of the unusual Ha-Ha.

Then my feet started to swell jeez now I can’t find shoes that will fit well. So after all that complaining and whining, the day came where you were brought into this world. Your father had fainted, which was nothing unusual and all I cared about was that you were finally out!

Now, as we celebrate your 1st birthday, you don’t understand anything right now, but when you do I’ll be saying another speech like this to embarrass you. More for the loving mother that I am to make sure you never forget something so important like this day.

Birthday speech example 11 – From father to son

I guess I will start with most that I know and the beautiful things I remember. I was the happiest man when I found out you were a boy, I was filled with joy! Everyday I would buy my little man a different toy, but there was a problem. Instead of playing with them, I would find you out in the garden. Eating dirt, mud, insects and even snails. You weren’t very good at hiding your muddy trails. How sweet and cute that was.

Then you would complain of feeling sick. Sometimes you were so difficult, just like trying to use a chopstick. You would always cry when I tried to feed you, and you loved to pee on me when I tried to change you. You were a sneaky little bugger and you loved to touch. I even remember having to pull you away from someone’s crotch. These are the beautiful memories that I remember.

Though enough with me embarrassing you with these funny times, this is you birthday so let it be filled with great times. So happy birthday to my great son, never forget that you are my number one!

Birthday speech example 12 – From friend

On this milestone that you have achieved, what an honor it is to be sharing this celebration with you. As we all know, this person has been determined since they were little, to strive and be the best they can, no matter what the circumstances were.

As (Insert name) continued to grow and mature, they created beautiful memories by making each moment count and radiating the love filled passions to each one that they came across. Im sure we can all say that we are eternally grateful that you have came into our lives and that you never lose your zest for life as you grow up into adulthood.

We all love you dearly and wish you nothing but the absolute best as that is what you truly deserve. Happy birthday!

Birthday speech example 13 – 21st Funny birthday speech from friend

Can I have your attention. We are all here today to realise something special. Something so worthwhile to celebrate. Something fun, enjoyable and memorable. We have come here together to recognise and share in the joy this moment brings. I am talking about the open bar! Ha-Ha!

On a more serious note, I would like to draw your attention to one of my best of friends whose 21st birthday we are celebrating here tonight. I have known (Insert name) for more than 10 years and during that time, we have had many moments of fun, adventure and as many of you may know, mischief. Whenever together, we always seemed to find a way to get ourselves into trouble.

Just like the time we decided to play a trick on his mom by colouring in his younger brothers face an interesting shade of green. We took the time to make it look realistic and ensured it was with a permanent marker so it couldn’t be easily rubbed off. I remember the look on his mom’s face as she freaked out and rushed the brother to the hospital. After the doctor giving it the once over and explaining to his mom the cause of the problem. I remember her glaring at us in a trance like state. Lets just say I had never seen someones face go that red before. We both found it to be funny at the time though I don’t think he saw the light of day for at least a month after that incident. Ha-Ha

Anyone who knows him, knows that he will go out of his way to ensure everyone is having a laugh. Even at his own expense, he wants to ensure everyone is having a great time.

He has taken on many challenges, and succeeded many times. Not by chance, but by perseverance and heart. Anyone who knows (Insert name), knows he is full of heart.

So on this milestone may you continue to strive for all that you want and just wanted to let you know that I am grateful to have such a great friend like you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday speech example 14 – 21st birthday speech

Yay! Im finally legal! Wow, this has been a long time coming for me, I mean now i can have a drink… Legally! Ha-Ha! Mum doesn’t seem to impressed!

Firstly I’d like to give a massive shout out to my parents, for not only raising such an awesome child, Ha-Ha! But also for making me who I am, and making this beautiful day happen. To my beautiful family members who cooked up all this beautiful food and helped to decorate this place, thank you so much, it looks absolutely beautiful.

To my wacky and crazy friends. You are all a bad influence on me and I thank you for that. Don’t worry mum, i’m only joking… It’s more like the other way around… Ha-Ha! As I get older, I begin to appreciate the significance of true family and friends in one’s life. I have to say that I couldn’t consider myself any luckier to have all of you in my life.

So anyway, let’s get out the champagne and celebrate my 21st birthday!

Birthday speech example 15 – 40th birthday speech

I can’t believe my 30’s have left me… I think it’s about time I started acting more serious and more so, my age… Well, maybe after tonight…

I remember when I was much younger, I would look at someone who was 40 and say to myself, that’s an old person. Now that I have turned the big 4-0! I now realise it was just an old person who was trying to figure out where the hell all the time went! Ha-Ha! I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Well I Know it’s definitely true for me. I’ll tell you why.

Firstly I have an amazing wife who is nothing but a bundle of joy to be around, and is able to always find a way to put a smile on my face.

Secondly I have been blessed with two beautiful boys who are an absolute pain in my ass, Ha-Ha! Though I do love so dearly! Apart from my gorgeous wife, I never thought I would love these boys so much, as much as I do. It must be because they remind me so much of me when I was growing up… Ha-Ha!

And thirdly… To all of you beautiful people standing here before me today. How can I not enjoy having each and every one of you in my life. I mean how lucky can a man get to have such funny, supportive and caring friends. Blessed is the word I use to describe having all of you be apart of my journey through life. Thank you all for being here today. Its is honestly an honour to celebrate this day with all of you here tonight.

Anyway, enough with all this sentimental crap, let’s pump the music back up, all grab a drink and at least let me celebrate being 39 one more time! Ha-Ha! Thank you!

Birthday speech example 16 – 50th birthday speech

Wow, how time flies! It’s only yesterday I can remember starting my first job at McDonalds where I met my best friend. And now I have a glass of champagne in my hand, celebrating my 50th birthday in front of all of you amazing people.

Where do I start? Firstly I need to give a massive shout out to my beautiful wife who made tonight happen. To not only organise all of this, but also keep it a secret from me which I am blown away how much effort she put in. The amount of detail she has put into this venue is incredible. Such an amazing woman, and I mean look at her, even after all these years, she is still a stunner!

To my two boys, I am proud of both of you and must say you are both still a pain in my ass. Must be because you remind me of when I was a kid growing up. Ha-Ha, they do say that karma eventually comes around. I can now understand what I put my parents through when I was growing up! But jokes aside they a great boys and couldn’t wish for any better.

Obviously I need to give a shout out to mum and dad for putting up with me over my younger years. Considering i’m sure many of you agree, I was no angel growing up. I like to think I turned out alright. Ha-Ha! Though I do have to say they were always there for support and was truly blessed to have incredible parents. I love you both.

To all my close family and friends here tonight. Thank you all for coming and most importantly, thank you for being apart of my life. All of you, in one way or another have been apart of my incredible journey of being 50 years on this earth and I wouldn’t want it any way.

So everybody grab a drink and let’s turn this music up, because i’m pretty sure you will all agree that after all these years and crazy memories, who would have known I would have made it this far. Ha-Ha! Thank you all for coming and hope you enjoy your night. Thank you!

Birthday speech example 17 – From daughter to fathers 50th birthday speech

For those of you whose memories are fading or may have had a little too much to drink tonight, we are here to celebrate the birthday of my dad. Fifty years ago today, the world was given a great gift. A gift by the name of (Insert name). The first of three children, my father was and still is, a very funny and generous man. Throughout the years, he has told many of us his overly simplistic, corny jokes which keeps us all laughing to this day. Just earlier he told me a joke and had me giggling like a little girl again. He said “What do you call a cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese!”. I know, corny right? But it still does the job.

I suppose the main reason why we all have a little laugh and look forward to his humor is that he always likes to remind us that life is not meant to be taken too seriously and that laughter helps to keep us grounded. To this day, I have incorporated this philosophy into my life and I am sure all of us look forward to the energy and humor that he gives us.

Married to his high school sweetheart for 28 years, and with two pretty awesome kids, Ha-Ha. Sorry but I had to add that in. He has shown to be the best role model any family could ask for.

He has always been one to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and is not shy to have a casual drink when in good company.

On this birthday, may you enjoy your night and continue to pass on your energy and happiness for many more years to come. Happy birthday dad!

Birthday speech example 18 – 60th birthday speech

I can’t believe that as I stand here before you, I have been on this earth for 60 years. Seems like a long time, though for me, it feels like only yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday. I ought to cut out drinking or before I know it, i’ll be 100 soon. Ha-Ha!

For me, I have experienced both the joys and miseries of life and through it all, I have been able to take one thing from it. Regardless of life’s ups and downs, its all about making the most out of each situation and being present in the moment. Because as I get older, I begin to appreciate all of the moments life has to offer and the truth of the matter is that nothing is owed to us. For every day we wake up is a blessing. And as I am now 60 years old and CONSIDERED wise… Ha-Ha! I feel that we should make the most of each passing day, and what better way with both family and loved ones.

Lucky for me, I have been extremely fortunate to have all of my nearest and dearest to me all here tonight and I have to say, I wouldn’t want to have tonight any other way. Although it may be the wine talking, I must say that I love each and everyone of you here tonight… Especially the caterer, the food served here has been delicious! Ha-Ha! Now let’s all embarrass ourselves by having a few more drinks and getting on the dance floor!

Birthday speech example 19 – From daughter to mother

Your loving touch is like no other, your smile is brightest of all. Your heart beats love and care, but sometimes truth be told you are unfair. You are the only best friend a daughter could ask for. The sacrifices you have made to make sure I have the right path of guidance. You are the best mother a daughter could ever have. Wishing you a happy birthday with many more fun filled ones to come.

outline for birthday speech

How to Write an Effective Speech Outline: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • The Speaker Lab
  • March 8, 2024

Table of Contents

Mastering the art of speaking starts with crafting a stellar speech outline. A well-structured outline not only clarifies your message but also keeps your audience locked in.

In this article, you’ll learn how to mold outlines for various speech types, weaving in research that resonates and transitions that keep listeners on track. We’ll also show you ways to spotlight crucial points and manage the clock so every second counts. When it’s time for final prep, we’ve got smart tips for fine-tuning your work before stepping into the spotlight.

Understanding the Structure of a Speech Outline

An effective speech outline is like a map for your journey as a speaker, guiding you from start to finish. Think of it as the blueprint that gives shape to your message and ensures you hit all the right notes along the way.

Tailoring Your Outline for Different Speech Types

Different speeches have different goals: some aim to persuade, others inform or celebrate. Each type demands its own structure in an outline. For instance, a persuasive speech might highlight compelling evidence while an informative one focuses on clear explanations. Crafting your outline with precision means adapting it to fit these distinct objectives.

Incorporating Research and Supporting Data

Your credibility hinges on solid research and data that back up your claims. When writing your outline, mark the places where you’ll incorporate certain pieces of research or data. Every stat you choose should serve a purpose in supporting your narrative arc. And remember to balance others’ research with your own unique insights. After all, you want your work to stand out, not sound like someone else’s.

The Role of Transitions in Speech Flow

Slick transitions are what turn choppy ideas into smooth storytelling—think about how bridges connect disparate land masses seamlessly. They’re not just filler; they carry listeners from one thought to another while maintaining momentum.

Incorporate transitions that feel natural yet keep people hooked. To keep things smooth, outline these transitions ahead of time so nothing feels left up to chance during delivery.

Techniques for Emphasizing Key Points in Your Outline

To make certain points pop off the page—and stage—you’ll need strategies beyond bolding text or speaking louder. Use repetition wisely or pause strategically after delivering something significant. Rather than go impromptu, plan out what points you want to emphasize before you hit the stage.

Timing Your Speech Through Your Outline

A watchful eye on timing ensures you don’t overstay—or undercut—your moment under the spotlight. The rhythm set by pacing can be pre-determined through practice runs timed against sections marked clearly in outlines. Practice will help ensure that your grand finale isn’t cut short by surprise.

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Depending on the type of speech you’re giving, your speech outline will vary. The key ingredients—introduction, body, and conclusion—are always there, but nuances like tone or message will change with each speaking occasion.

Persuasive Speeches: Convincing With Clarity

When outlining a persuasive speech, arrange your arguments from strong to strongest. The primacy effect works wonders here, so make sure to start off with a strong point. And just when they think they’ve heard it all, hit them with an emotional story that clinches the deal.

You might start by sharing startling statistics about plastic pollution before pivoting to how individuals can make a difference. Back this up with data on successful recycling programs which demonstrate tangible impact, a technique that turns facts into fuel for action.

Informative Speeches: Educating Without Overwhelming

An informative speech shouldn’t feel like drinking from a fire hose of facts and figures. Instead, lay out clear subtopics in your outline and tie them together with succinct explanations—not unlike stepping stones across a stream of knowledge.

If you’re talking about breakthroughs in renewable energy technology, use bullet points to highlight different innovations then expand upon their potential implications one at a time so the audience can follow along without getting lost in technical jargon or complexity.

Ceremonial Speeches: Creating Moments That Matter

In a ceremonial speech you want to capture emotion. Accordingly, your outline should feature personal anecdotes and quotes that resonate on an emotional level. However, make sure to maintain brevity because sometimes less really is more when celebrating milestones or honoring achievements.

Instead of just going through a hero’s whole life story, share the powerful tales of how they stepped up in tough times. This approach hits home for listeners, letting them feel the impact these heroes have had on their communities and sparking an emotional bond.

Incorporating Research in Your Speech Outline

When you’re crafting a speech, the backbone of your credibility lies in solid research and data. But remember, it’s not just about piling on the facts. It’s how you weave them into your narrative that makes listeners sit up and take notice.

Selecting Credible Sources

Finding trustworthy sources is like going on a treasure hunt where not all that glitters is gold. To strike real gold, aim for academic journals or publications known for their rigorous standards. Google Scholar or industry-specific databases are great places to start your search. Be picky. Your audience can tell when you’ve done your homework versus when you’ve settled for less-than-stellar intel.

You want to arm yourself with evidence so compelling that even skeptics start nodding along. A well-chosen statistic from a reputable study does more than decorate your point—it gives it an ironclad suit of armor.

Organizing Information Effectively

Your outline isn’t just a roadmap; think of it as scaffolding that holds up your argument piece by piece. Start strong with an eye-opening factoid to hook your audience right off the bat because first impressions matter—even in speeches.

To keep things digestible, group related ideas together under clear subheadings within your outline. Stick to presenting data that backs up each key idea without wandering down tangential paths. That way, everyone stays on track.

Making Data Relatable

Sure, numbers don’t lie but they can be hard to connect to. If you plan on using stats in your speech, make them meaningful by connecting them to relatable scenarios or outcomes people care about deeply. For instance, if you’re talking health statistics, relate them back to someone’s loved ones or local hospitals. By making the personal connection for your audience, you’ll get their attention.

The trick is using these nuggets strategically throughout your talk, not dumping them all at once but rather placing each one carefully where its impact will be greatest.

Imagine your speech as a road trip. Without smooth roads and clear signs, the journey gets bumpy, and passengers might miss the scenery along the way. That’s where transitions come in. They’re like your speech’s traffic signals guiding listeners from one point to another.

Crafting Seamless Bridges Between Ideas

Transitions are more than just linguistic filler. They’re strategic connectors that carry an audience smoothly through your narrative. Start by using phrases like “on top of this” or “let’s consider,” which help you pivot naturally between points without losing momentum.

To weave these seamlessly into your outline, map out each major turn beforehand to ensure no idea is left stranded on a tangent.

Making Use of Transitional Phrases Wisely

Be cautious: overusing transitional phrases can clutter up your speech faster than rush hour traffic. Striking a balance is key—think about how often you’d want to see signposts on a highway. Enough to keep you confident but not so many that it feels overwhelming.

Pick pivotal moments for transitions when shifting gears from one major topic to another or introducing contrasting information. A little direction at critical junctures keeps everyone onboard and attentive.

Leveraging Pauses as Transition Tools

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words, and pauses are powerful tools for transitioning thoughts. A well-timed pause lets ideas resonate and gives audiences time to digest complex information before moving forward again.

This approach also allows speakers some breathing room themselves—the chance to regroup mentally before diving into their next point with renewed vigor.

Connecting Emotional Threads Throughout Your Speech

Last but not least, don’t forget emotional continuity, that intangible thread pulling heartstrings from start-to-finish. Even if topics shift drastically, maintaining an underlying emotional connection ensures everything flows together cohesively within the larger tapestry of your message.

Techniques for Emphasizing Key Points in Your Speech Outline

When you’re crafting your speech outline, shine a spotlight on what matters most so that your audience doesn’t miss your key points.

Bold and Italicize for Impact

You wouldn’t whisper your punchline in a crowded room. Similarly, why let your main ideas get lost in a sea of text? Use bold or italics to give those lines extra weight. This visual cue signals importance, so when you glance at your notes during delivery, you’ll know to emphasize those main ideas.

Analogies That Stick

A good analogy is like super glue—it makes anything stick. Weave them into your outline and watch as complex concepts become crystal clear. But remember: choose analogies that resonate with your target audience’s experiences or interests. The closer home it hits, the longer it lingers.

The Power of Repetition

If something’s important say it again. And maybe even once more after that—with flair. Repetition can feel redundant on paper, but audiences often need to hear critical messages several times before they take root.

Keep these strategies in mind when you’re ready to dive into your outline. You’ll transform those core ideas into memorable insights before you know it.

Picture this: you’re delivering a speech, and just as you’re about to reach the end, your time’s up. Ouch! Let’s make sure that never happens. Crafting an outline is not only about what to say but also how long to say it.

Finding Balance in Section Lengths

An outline isn’t just bullet points; it’s a roadmap for pacing. When outlining your speech, make sure to decide how much time you’d like to give each of your main points. You might even consider setting specific timers during rehearsals to get a real feel for each part’s duration. Generally speaking, you should allot a fairly equal amount of time for each to keep things balanced.

The Magic of Mini Milestones

To stay on track, a savvy speaker will mark time stamps or “mini milestones” on their outline. These time stamps give the speaker an idea of where should be in their speech by the time, say, 15 minutes has passed. If by checkpoint three you should be 15 minutes deep and instead you’re hitting 20 minutes, it’s time to pick up the pace or trim some fat from earlier sections. This approach helps you stay on track without having to glance at the clock after every sentence.

Utilizing Visual Aids and Multimedia in Your Outline

Pictures speak louder than words, especially when you’re on stage. Think about it: How many times have you sat through a presentation that felt like an eternity of endless bullet points? Now imagine if instead, there was a vibrant image or a short video clip to break up the monotony—it’s game-changing. That’s why integrating visual aids and multimedia into your speech outline isn’t just smart. It’s crucial for keeping your audience locked in.

Choosing Effective Visuals

Selecting the right visuals is not about flooding your slides with random images but finding those that truly amplify your message. Say you’re talking about climate change. In this case, a graph showing rising global temperatures can hit hard and illustrate your chosen statistic clearly. Remember, simplicity reigns supreme; one powerful image will always trump a cluttered collage.

Multimedia Magic

Videos are another ace up your sleeve. They can deliver testimonials more powerfully than quotes or transport viewers to places mere descriptions cannot reach. But be warned—timing is everything. Keep clips short and sweet because no one came to watch a movie—they came to hear you . You might highlight innovations using short video snippets, ensuring these moments serve as compelling punctuations rather than pauses in your narrative.

The Power of Sound

We often forget audio when we think multimedia, yet sound can evoke emotions and set tones subtly yet effectively. Think striking chords for dramatic effect or nature sounds for storytelling depth during environmental talks.

Audiences crave experiences they’ll remember long after they leave their seats. With well-chosen visuals and gripping multimedia elements woven thoughtfully into every section of your speech outline, you’ll give them exactly that.

Rehearsing with Your Speech Outline

When you’re gearing up to take the stage, your speech outline is a great tool to practice with. With a little preparation, you’ll give a performance that feels both natural and engaging.

Familiarizing Yourself with Content

To start off strong, get cozy with your outline’s content. Read through your outline aloud multiple times until the flow of words feels smooth. This will help make sure that when showtime comes around, you can deliver those lines without tripping over tough transitions or complex concepts.

Beyond mere memorization, understanding the heart behind each point allows you to speak from a place of confidence. You know this stuff—you wrote it. Now let’s bring that knowledge front and center in an authentic way.

Mimicking Presentation Conditions

Rehearsing under conditions similar to those expected during the actual presentation pays off big time. Are you going to stand or roam about? Will there be a podium? Think about these details and simulate them during rehearsal because comfort breeds confidence—and we’re all about boosting confidence.

If technology plays its part in your talk, don’t leave them out of rehearsals either. The last thing anyone needs is tech trouble during their talk.

Perfecting Pace Through Practice

Pacing matters big time when speaking. Use timed rehearsals to nail down timing. Adjust speed as needed but remember: clarity trumps velocity every single time.

You want people hanging onto every word, which is hard to do if you’re talking so fast they can barely make out what you’re saying. During rehearsals, find balance between pacing and comprehension; they should go hand-in-hand.

Finalizing Your Speech Outline for Presentation

You’ve poured hours into crafting your speech, shaping each word and idea with precision. Now, it’s time to tighten the nuts and bolts. Finalizing your outline isn’t just about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. It’s about making sure your message sticks like a perfectly thrown dart.

Reviewing Your Content for Clarity

Your first task is to strip away any fluff that might cloud your core message. Read through every point in your outline with a critical eye. Think of yourself as an editor on a mission to cut out anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Ask yourself if you can explain each concept clearly without needing extra words or complex jargon. If not, simplify.

Strengthening Your Argument

The meat of any good presentation lies in its argument, the why behind what you’re saying. Strengthen yours by ensuring every claim has iron-clad backing—a stat here, an expert quote there. Let this be more than just facts tossed at an audience; weave them into stories they’ll remember long after they leave their seats.

Crafting Memorable Takeaways

Audiences may forget details but never how you made them feel—or think. Embed memorable takeaways throughout your outline so when folks step out into fresh air post-talk, they carry bits of wisdom with them.

This could mean distilling complex ideas down to pithy phrases or ending sections with punchy lines that resonate. It’s these golden nuggets people will mine for later reflection.

FAQs on Speech Outlines

How do you write a speech outline.

To craft an outline, jot down your main ideas, arrange them logically, and add supporting points beneath each.

What are the 3 main parts of a speech outline?

An effective speech has three core parts: an engaging introduction, a content-rich body, and a memorable conclusion.

What are the three features of a good speech outline?

A strong outline is clear, concise, and structured in logical sequence to maximize impact on listeners.

What is a working outline for a speech?

A working outline serves as your blueprint while preparing. It’s detailed but flexible enough to adjust as needed.

Crafting a speech outline is like drawing your map before the journey. It starts with structure and flows into customization for different types of talks. Remember, research and evidence are your compass—they guide you to credibility. Transitions act as bridges, connecting one idea to another smoothly. Key points? They’re landmarks so make them shine.

When delivering your speech, keep an eye on the clock and pace yourself so that every word counts.

Multimedia turns a good talk into a great show. Rehearsing polishes that gem of a presentation until it sparkles.

Last up: fine-tuning your speech outline means you step out confident, ready to deliver something memorable because this isn’t just any roadmap—it’s yours.

  • Last Updated: March 5, 2024

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Use this free birthday speech to help you write a GREAT party address of your own. It's always helpful to have an example to look at when trying to come up with the right words, so I hope this page leaves you feeling inspired.

Free Birthday Speech Toast

This free birthday speech was sent in by Candace in honor of her best friend, Tammy. Although Candace geared this delivery towards Tammy's 30th birthday , you can use it to guide you in writing a speech for a person of any age.

Hi everyone and welcome, I am honored to be giving this birthday toast to my longest and closest friend - Tammy.

First of all, a big thanks to all of you for joining us to celebrate Tammy's 30th birthday. I want to take a couple of minutes to talk about Tammy and the wonderful, amazing woman that she is!

I am so grateful to have such a great friend in my life! We met in Junior High, one of the toughest years for any adolescent. This was a time of cute boys, funky makeup, nagging parents, enticing temptations and trustworthy friends. In a time where stress is high, we bonded and became lifelong friends.

free birthday speech

Throughout the past 17 years, I have seen Tammy grow into the beautiful, caring and loving person that she has become. When thinking about giving this speech tonight, I decided to focus on one quality that truly shines in Tammy. That quality is her passion!

Any goal that Tammy sets her mind to she does with passion and dedication! This passion has led her to change the lives of many students, friends, and family.

While sitting in the most awful math classes of all time, Tammy looked at me and said that she was going to be a teacher. She is now the most passionate teacher that I know.

She truly strives every day to be there for her students in the most difficult years of their lives. She has had students come back several years later, after graduating high school, and thank her for changing the course of their lives by not only educating, but inspiring them.

Tammy also has a passion for her husband and family. Dan and Tammy have one of the most caring and understanding partnerships that I have ever seen.

You can see the passion they have for each other and their family. Tammy has many roles to play, and one of them is a chauffeur. She makes sure that her family's needs are met and that fun is a family priority! She attends every soccer game, gymnastic meet and dance recital. She even makes sure that date nights happen!

Tammy has a passion for life. She is always the one planning parties. She is also there when you need a shoulder to cry on. She is one of the most caring, wonderful people I know.

I am honored to call her my friend and to be here today to celebrate her 30th birthday.

To close I would like to share a quote by Carl W. Buechner that always reminds me of Tammy.

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Listen to this speech

End of Free Birthday Speech

There are some great qualities to this birthday speech that you might like to apply to your own. First off, Candace chose one endearing characteristic of her friend and expanded on that. You can do the same.

Choose a quality like passion, kindness, humor, or something about the person that defines them. Then tell stories or anecdotes to describe how that person displays that trait in his/her everyday life, including examples from your relationship with him/her.

Personalized anecdotes demonstrate you know and appreciate the birthday person and allow others to learn more about the special guest. Ending a free birthday speech with a quote is an excellent way of summarizing what you love about the friend or family member whose birthday you're celebrating!

Find Birthday Gift Ideas by Age, Gender, and Cost on Amazon:

outline for birthday speech

[Full disclosure: Best Speech Topics is a compensated affiliate of Amazon.]

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Birthday speeches.

50 Great Birthday Speeches for All

Struggling to craft a sweet and touching happy birthday speech to a loved one or acquaintance? If that is what you are battling with, you have come to a place that will help you easily surmount that challenge.

Below we have put together some beautiful speeches that you can deliver on the birthday celebrations of the wonderful people in your life. You can use these fine orations the way they have been published here or pick ideas from them to write your own.

Table of Contents

Birthday speech for a friend.

Whether it’s your best friend or a friend from middle school that you haven’t seen for years, you’ll find what you need here.

Funny birthday speeches

Birthday speech for mom.

Whether you’re best friends with her, or just love your mom dearly, this list is for her:

Birthday speech for Dad

50th birthday speech, 60th birthday speech, birthday speech for your husband, birthday speech for your wife, 21st birthday speech from mother/father to daughter, birthday speech for your daughter, birthday speeches for your son, birthday speeches for your brother, birthday speech for your sister, birthday speech for your boss, birthday speeches for your working partner.

Related:  200 of the Best Birthday Messages to Make Someone’s Day Special

Professionally Yours : Happy Birthday Wishes for my Boss

Yiannis Kalliantas (He/Him) has worked for more than 15 years in the hotel industry, organizing all kinds of social events like birthday parties and wedding receptions.

He has an MBA in Tourism, and is an avid city photographer. His recent work on street photography in Athens, Greece can be found on his website .

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The special day of a great sis | happy birthday, sister-in-law, how are birthdays celebrated in india, 80+ happy birthday wishes for your facebook friends.

While Facebook is a means of keeping in touch with people who you already know, it is also a means of meeting […]

How Are Birthdays Celebrated in Nigeria?

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Your Birthday Speech

Persuasive words to create a memorable moment.

A birthday speech can use persuasive words to create that warm, fun and memorable moment.

A birthday is one thing you can rely on in life, and periodically an important one appears which needs a special celebration.

Even if this birthday is not one of those famous numbered ones and you are likely to "say a few words" then here you will find just the ideas to assist you.

Persuasive words to create a memorable moment is what you need.

Time to relax

If time is of the essence, you can use an expert who can write your speech for you , or have it written and you adjust it for your audience.

If you feel anxious about this occasion, then here are ways to relax , and even music that can calm your mind.

Significant birthday speech occasions

There are several times in our lives when significant birthdays occur


21st Birthday Speeches


for a 60th Birthday

Each of these occasions has different audiences, and different expectations which are explained at the above links.

At persuasive-SpeechesNOW, we have lots of ideas to assist you with your speech from Outlines to Samples and Examples that show you what can be done and you can consider in the light of this Birthday Speech occasion.  So after you have the essence of your speech from one of the above pages, check out the links on the page, or the navigation bar for further ideas.

All the best for your speech for this auspicious occasion.

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Personal Birthday Speech Presentation

  • To find inspiration for your paper and overcome writer’s block
  • As a source of information (ensure proper referencing)
  • As a template for you assignment


My birthdate in the world history, my birthdate in my family history.

1st of January 1994 is the most important day of my life, as it is the day I was born, the day I was given life by my parents for what I must thank them for the rest of their days. I also express my gratitude to all of you who came here to listen to my birthday speech. It is an honor for me to share my feelings about this day with you, and I hope you feel the same.

This day was not only the day of my birth; it was also the beginning of the International Year of Family ( IYF , n.d.), the day Bill Gates got married ( Melinda Gates , n.d.), and North American Free Trade Agreement finally going into effect ( North American Free Trade Agreement , n.d.). It means a lot for me to be born in parallel with these important events.

Important political events like the Zapatista Uprising also occurred on 01.01.1994 ( The Zapatista uprising , n.d.). It was also the day Karamazov brothers finally closed in New York after 50 performances ( Historical events , n.d.). On that very day, Grand Night after Singing also closed after 52 performances ( A Grand Night for Singing , n.d.).

My birthdate in the World History

The date of my birth is surrounded by various family events, the most notable one is that I was born on the 10 year wedding anniversary of my parents ! From that moment, 1st of January 1994 became an even more important day that it was before. My parents say that during my birthday the weather was exactly the same as at the time of their wedding.

Another interesting fact is that my uncle met his beloved at the very same day. Even now my uncle still jokes about me being some sort of his “luck talisman” that helped him to finally find the one he was looking for. Back then I would not probably give that much attention to these details, but now when I think about it, I do not believe that was just a coincidence.

Coincidences happen, but not that many, and especially during the New Year ! My Mom and Dad have always said that I was the best gift that they could ever get, and I feel the same way in a sense that the gift of the new life that they granted me with is something I will never forget. I sincerely hope that all future birthdays will be as memorable as mine.

There was also an another small event that happened in parallel with my birthday, like my younger brother finally receiving the present he wanted for so long – a huge remote control robot with lasers and noisy sounds. Little did he know that Santa also had another present for him. Perhaps not as wanted as that robot, but still the one that could be played with.

My birthdate in my family history

I am extremely glad to be born on this day not only because of these important events, but also because I was born at the beginning of the New Year, which is essentially the start of new life period for each of us, and I am glad to be a part of this new cycle in some way. Thank you for sharing this moment with me, and I am looking forward to hearing about your birthdays too.


A Grand Night for S inging . (n.d.). Web.

Historical events. (n.d.). Web.

IYF. ( n.d.). Web.

Melinda Gates . (n.d.). Web.

North American Free Trade Agreement . (n.d.). Web.

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IvyPanda. (2022, July 8). Personal Birthday Speech.

"Personal Birthday Speech." IvyPanda , 8 July 2022,

IvyPanda . (2022) 'Personal Birthday Speech'. 8 July.

IvyPanda . 2022. "Personal Birthday Speech." July 8, 2022.

1. IvyPanda . "Personal Birthday Speech." July 8, 2022.


IvyPanda . "Personal Birthday Speech." July 8, 2022.

outline for birthday speech

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Jax Got a Birthday Tribute From Brittany's Mom, Sherri — But Not Brittany

See all of Jax Taylor's 45th birthday messages and go inside his celebratory party.

outline for birthday speech

Pop the champagne and get your cake ready, because Jax Taylor is  officially  40-something.

How to Watch

Watch  The Valley  on Peacock .

The Valley   cast member turned 45-years-old on July 11, surrounded by friends and family members who had the sweetest things to say about him on his big day. It's been a  very  big year for Jax — between the premiere of  The Valley , and the opening of his bar, Jax's Studio City — and this year is bound to be even better.

While Jax's estranged wife , Brittany Cartwright , chose to not post anything to Instagram on July 11, Jax's mother-in-law, Sherri Cartwright , did. Sherri posted a photo of Jax smiling with his and Brittany's 3-year-old son, Cruz Cauchi , sitting on his shoulders. "Happy birthday Dad," she wrote over the picture.

Both  Jesse Lally  and Jason Caperna took to their Instagram Stories as well, where they posted photos of them and Jax together. "Happy birthday legend," Jesse wrote over the photo. Jesse later showed up at Jax's birthday party with his girlfriend, Lacy Nicole , where the couple took shots with the birthday boy. "I love you both so much," Jax told the couple.

A split of tributes for Jax Taylor's birthday.

Tributes to Jax for his birthday posted to Instagram Stories.

Kristen Doute posted two separate photos on her Instagram Story — one of her and Jax looking  very  friendly together ( in spite of feuding during Season 1 of  The Valley ) ,  and another of Jax chilling out on a lounge chair. "Happy 45th Birthday J," she wrote over one photo. "Cheers to a fun summer ahead."

What everyone’s talking about on Bravo:

Brittany Stuns on the Red Carpet Arm in Arm with a Special Someone (PHOTOS)

Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Show How Fast "Little Man" Cruz is Growing Up (PICS)

Jax Sounds Off on His "Tough" Relationship with Lisa Vanderpump: "You've Been Crying to Me

Danny Booko also went out of his way to post a photo of him and Jax to his Instagram Story on July 11. "Heyooooo happy bdayyyyy brother!!," Danny wrote over the picture.

A split of tributes for Jax Taylor's birthday.

Inside Jax Taylor's 45th Birthday Party at Jax's Studio City

The dad of one took to his Instagram Story on the evening of his birthday, where he showed off scenes from his birthday party held at his bar. The celebration was complete with signs, balloons, his cast members from The Valley , and a massive cake covered in chocolate and miniature bottles of alcohol — all of his favorite things in one place.

It also appears that Brittany was in attendance at the party, as she was briefly seen in the background of a video posted to Jax's Instagram Story. In the video, Jax can be seen slinging his arm around Jason while Brittany smiled in the background.

Stream The Valley on Peacock.

  • Brittany Cartwright
  • Danny Booko
  • Jason Caperna
  • Jesse Lally
  • Kristen Doute
  • Parties And Entertaining
  • Relationships

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  • 18th birthday speech example

18th birthday speech of thanks

An example speech of what, and how, to say, thank you to family and friends for gathering to celebrate your birthday .

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 04-27-2022

Congratulations on your 18th birthday!

And more congratulations for taking the time to research how to put together a speech thanking your family and friends for coming along to celebrate your transition from childhood to adulthood.

That shows maturity. Or desperation. 

In truth, we both know it's probably a mix of both! ☺

What's on this page

  • an example 18th birthday speech
  • how to prepare a speech of your own - step by step  
  • why and how to practice your speech  

Image - girl with a bunch of balloons walking down a country road. Text: How to write an 18th birthday speech - Content suggestions and an example.

About this 18th birthday thank you speech

Here's the context.

Before writing this example speech I set a scene in my mind. You need to know what that is in order to make sense of what I've written.

I imagined you, the birthday boy, (or girl), in the center of large gathering of family and friends, surrounded on all sides by well-wishers. I saw the love they felt in their eyes, in their smiles, and in the hubble-bubble of happy laughter uniting you all.

At a milestone celebration of this kind there are likely to have been several speeches before this one. Perhaps one from either your father or mother, another from a family friend of longstanding and maybe a few short toasts from your friends.

This example speech will be the last one. Essentially it's a thank you speech acknowledging all the support and love received over the years. 

And here's the speech.

As you'll see when you read it through, there's a mix of humor and sincerity.

Try saying it out loud to get a sense of how it might work.

18th birthday thank you speech example

This is a moment I’ve waited a long time for. 18! I am an adult. Yep, I’ve come of age. Hard to believe, isn’t?

(Dad, you were not supposed to agree so quickly.)

I can now vote, drive a car, marry, buy alcohol, a lottery ticket and tobacco, get a tattoo, or join the military without having to ask permission. Let me see. Which one will I do first?

Perhaps a more honest question is, which of those will I continue to do without fear of getting caught?

And while you think about that, I’d like to say thank you.

Mom, Dad, my grand parents; Grandma Jean and Grandpa John, Nana Lulu and Poppa Stewart, my uncles and aunts, sisters and brothers, cousins, friends – thank you.

Those words are pathetically small and I know all the gratitude and love I feel for you will never be contained by them. Even if I repeat them over and over for the next hour or more it won't be enough.

You’ve given me, and continue to give me everything-  love, understanding, and  support. 

18. Despite being a ‘know-it-all’ I know, I don’t. I’m a fledgling adult. I’m bound to flap around a bit, perhaps stumble a little. After all it’s my duty to! Just as it’s your duty to continue correcting my faults and pointing out where I could improve.

I’m lucky to have family and friends willing to put the energy and time into making me a better person! I want to make sure you all know I’m happy to keep my part of the arrangement going for quite some time yet.

The passage between being a child and becoming grown up is seldom straight forward, as those of you who’ve already had your 18 th birthday, and then some, will remember.

I know you want the best for me.  It means a lot that you’re witnessing this milestone in my life.

Once more, thank you.

It’s exciting being 18. With your help, I am on my way to becoming the finest version of me I can be.

And please don’t think for a moment, Mom, Dad, or anybody else that, because I’m now officially an adult, I will give up my quest to make the perfect s’more, stop playing Paper, Rock, Scissors, or not want to sit on the ‘birthday throne’ and wear the ‘birthday crown’ at breakfast time.

That, unlike this speech, must not stop!

outline for birthday speech

Benefits of preparing a thank you speech 

If you can manage putting a similar speech to mine together, do it. I know it will be hugely appreciated by everyone listening, and the experience you'll gain in the process is invaluable.

The ability to stand up in front of others and confidently speak from your heart will take you places that you probably haven't even begun to dream about, yet! 

For more: 14 benefits gained from speaking in public  confidently

How to prepare the speech

If you've decided you want to speak at your birthday celebration, then to ensure your speech is the best it can be here are some points to consider.

Before writing the speech:

1. Make a list of names

Think about who you want to specifically mention. Make a list of names beginning with those who have provided the most sustained, continuous support in your life. Remember you don't need to mention everybody. Some people can be grouped.

2. Consider tone

Who is listening to you? What type of language is appropriate or right for the occasion?

You want everybody to understand you - from the oldest to the youngest.  Dropping in terms like BAE or saying that you're 'dying' will likely confuse and really upset your grandmother!

That said, to be authentic and genuine, you also need to sound like you. So steer a middle course, and remember you are writing spoken language.

If you want to find out what the characteristics of spoken, as opposed to written, language are click this link to open a pdf I prepared on the subject: Characteristics of spoken language

3. Content - what you are going to say

Decide what you want to say, and make notes. 

Here's a printable thank you speech planner from my page on how to write a thank you speech that will guide you through the process with examples along each step of the way. If you're unsure where to begin it will really help.

(Use this link if you want to find out in more detail about the speech writing process .) 

Think very carefully before deciding to include anything that could cause an upset. Families are never, ever perfect. For example, it might be tempting to call out your alcoholic uncle. But think again. What would it achieve other than shock? Would anything positive come of it?

I am not saying that people shouldn't be held responsible for the impact their behavior has on others. I think once we become adults we all should be accountable for what we do, which includes finding the best way to initiate change. ☺

4. Get your speech scheduled

Talk to the event organizers to make sure your speech is included in the event schedule.

After you've written the speech

The absolutely best thing you can do for yourself after writing your speech is rehearse it, and rehearse it thoroughly.

Use this link to find out everything you need to know about rehearsing a speech .

Image: young man standing on stage Text: About rehearsing a speech

Please don't be tempted to 'wing it'; to give it without practicing it first.

Practice let's you know if:

  • your cue cards are good enough and give you the prompts you need to move smoothly from point to point 
  • you're going on too long and need to cut back your speech. (My speech above takes approximately 3 minutes to say.)  
  • the structure of your speech needs revision because it doesn't fit together well
  • and much, much more. 

For more about birthday speeches and examples

How to write good birthday speeches - tips and suggestions for content and delivery

An example 40th birthday speech - a short warm welcoming speech from a mother welcoming guests to a dinner party in honor of her daughter's 40th birthday

An example 50th birthday speech - a speech from a long time friend to his friend on his 50th birthday. It's a gentle roast - loving and, teasing. 

speaking out loud 

Subscribe for  FREE weekly alerts about what's new For more see  speaking out loud  

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Prince Harry Gives Emotional Speech At The 2024 ESPYs Amid Award Controversy

Kimberley Richards

Trends Reporter, HuffPost

outline for birthday speech

Prince Harry delivered a moving speech while accepting the 2024 Pat Tillman Award for Service at the ESPYs on Thursday night.

The Duke of Sussex accepted the award given to recipients with “a strong connection to sports who has served others in a way that echoes the legacy of the former NFL player and U.S. Army Ranger, Pat Tillman,” per ESPN.

Tillman quit his pro football career after the 9/11 attacks to enlist in the Army. He was killed in Afghanistan in 2004 in a friendly fire incident.

Harry began his speech by expressing his gratitude to the Pat Tillman Foundation, co-founded by Marie Tillman Shelton, who was in attendance at the ceremony Thursday night. Tillman Shelton was married to Tillman when he was killed.

The duke also recognized Tillman’s mother, Mary Tillman, who had publicly criticized ESPN’s decision to honor Harry.

“I would like to acknowledge the Tillman family, especially Mrs. Mary Tillman, Pat’s mother,” he said onstage. “Her advocacy for Pat’s legacy is deeply personal, and one that I respect.”

“The bond between a mother and son is eternal and transcends even the greatest losses,” he continued.

ESPN’s selection of Harry as the award recipient sparked criticism in the weeks leading up to the ceremony, most notably from Mary Tillman.

“I am shocked as to why they would select such a controversial and divisive individual to receive the award,” Mary Tillman told the Daily Mail last month. “There are recipients that are far more fitting. There are individuals working in the veteran community that are doing tremendous things to assist veterans.”

“These individuals do not have the money, resources, connections or privilege that Prince Harry has,” she continued. “I feel that those types of individuals should be recognized.”

Additionally, a petition created last month asking ESPN to reconsider its decision to honor Harry had racked up nearly 75,000 signatures as of Thursday.

Elsewhere in his speech onstage at the 2024 ESPYs, Harry said that he accepted the award “not as Prince Harry, Pat Tillman Award recipient, but rather a voice on behalf of the Invictus Games Foundation, and the thousands of veterans and services personnel from over 20 nations who have made the Invictus Games a reality.

“This award belongs to them, not to me,” he said.

Prince Harry photographed accepting the Pat Tillman Award for Service during the 2024 ESPY Awards at Dolby Theatre on July 11, 2024 in Hollywood, California.

In the statement announcing the duke as the recipient last month, ESPN recognized Harry’s 10 years of serving in the British Armed Forces, including two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

The network also paid tribute to Harry’s commitment to the Invictus Games Foundation , which he founded in 2014, saying he continued “his service by creating an international platform to support wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women — both active-duty and veterans — who are navigating both physical and invisible injuries.”

ESPN has stood by its decision to honor Harry amid the backlash.

“While we understand not everyone will agree with all honorees selected for any award, the Invictus Games Foundation does incredible work and ESPN believes this is a cause worth celebrating,” the network said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter last week.

Shortly after he was announced as the recipient, the Duke of Sussex said in a statement, per the Invictus Games Foundation , that the honor was “for our entire service community.”

Last year’s award was given to the Buffalo Bills training staff , who saved NFL player Damar Hamlin’s life after he suffered cardiac arrest on the field during a game.

From Our Partner

More in sports.

outline for birthday speech

99+1 Initiative: President Russell M. Nelson’s Birthday

July 9, 2024 • Blog Post

Peacemaking, Kindness, Service, 99+1, BYU Speeches. Person hugging.

On September 9, 2024, President Russell M. Nelson will celebrate his 100th birthday! In June, 100 days before his birthday, President Nelson shared a social media post about the upcoming milestone and invoked the parable of the lost sheep ( Matthew 18 ) to invite people all around the world to reach out to “the one.” BYU Speeches is proud to participate in and share President Nelson’s 99+1 initiative.

For decades, speakers at BYU have shared stories about life-changing moments when they were “the one” in need and were strengthened by an inspired friend or mentor. Other speakers have shared meaningful examples of when they have reached out and made a difference in the life of a friend. You can see some of these stories in our new YouTube playlist, which we will update frequently. We will also be sharing stories and service ideas on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

In your efforts to reach out to “the one,” consider giving the gifts of kindness, peacemaking, and service to those around you. Here are some of our favorite BYU speeches that address these topics. We hope that as you review them, you will be inspired with ways you can reach out to “the one” in your own life.

  • “What If Love Were Our Only Motive?” by Russell T. Osguthorpe
  • “Being Christ’s Compassionate Hands” by Steven A. Smith
  • “Seeing Things Differently” by Michael J. Dorff


  • “Our Path to Lasting Personal Peace” by Steven J. Hafen
  • “Uniting to Establish a Culture of Peace” by Vishwanath D. Karad
  • “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” by Henry B. Eyring
  • “Loving Our Neighbors” by D. Carolina Núñez
  • “Why Giving Matters” by Arthur C. Brooks 
  • “Turning Enemies into Friends” by Sharon Eubank

Photo of Alayna Een

Alayna Een is an editor and the social media manager of BYU Speeches. She is passionate about the gospel, pumpkins, and the color orange. She also loves writing poetry, chasing sunsets, and dragging her siblings to local theatrical productions.

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March 12, 2024

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    When it comes to birthday celebrations, speeches often serve as the emotional highpoint, providing a heartwarming moment that leaves a deep, indelible impression on attendees. Crafting a memorable birthday speech is as much an art as it is a science. This blog post will provide you with valuable tips and inspiring examples to help you pen a speech that will resonate with everyone in the room ...

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    50th Birthday: When giving a 50th birthday speech, people commonly start to make "old fart" jokes and give gag birthday gifts. Everything "over the hill" is appropriate for celebrating a loved one's "Happy 50th birthday.". 60th Birthday: Wishing someone good health and happiness as they turn 60 are relevant topics for this ...

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    Structure/outline. Birthday speeches may differ considerably because the content of a speech literally evolves with time: the 21st birthday is considered a "passage" while the 50th birthday marks a symbolic zenith of human life. Yet it is possible to trace a kind of a model outline for any birthday speech as a toast: 1) Welcoming the ...

  14. Birthday Speech Tips: How to Write the Perfect Speech

    21st birthday speech. Typically, this is delivered at a 21st birthday party by one of the parents or a close friend. The speaker reflects on the 21 years and offers best wishes for the future. If you are a parent giving a 21st birthday speech, you could mention their birth, what they were like as a baby, key milestones from the childhood and ...

  15. Birthday speech

    Birthday speech example 1 - Thank you speech. Firstly I would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate this milestone with me. I am not one to come out and say a speech, this is actually the first for me. Normally I would shy off, though I feel today is a time where it must be done.

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    When outlining your speech, make sure to decide how much time you'd like to give each of your main points. You might even consider setting specific timers during rehearsals to get a real feel for each part's duration. Generally speaking, you should allot a fairly equal amount of time for each to keep things balanced.

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    Free Birthday Speech. Use this free birthday speech to help you write a GREAT party address of your own. It's always helpful to have an example to look at when trying to come up with the right words, so I hope this page leaves you feeling inspired. This free birthday speech was sent in by Candace in honor of her best friend, Tammy.

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    Jax Got a Birthday Tribute From Brittany's Mom, Sherri — But Not Brittany See all of Jax Taylor's 45th birthday messages and go inside his celebratory party. By Casey Suglia Jul 12, 2024, 2:26 PM ET

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    Elsewhere in his speech onstage at the 2024 ESPYs, Harry said that he accepted the award "not as Prince Harry, Pat Tillman Award recipient, but rather a voice on behalf of the Invictus Games Foundation, and the thousands of veterans and services personnel from over 20 nations who have made the Invictus Games a reality.

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