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Why Dogs are the Best Pets: Exploting Persuasive Arguments

Table of contents, unconditional love and loyalty, stress relief and emotional support, encouragement of physical activity, enhanced social interactions, protection and security.

  • Odendaal, J. S. (2000). Animal-assisted therapy—Magic or medicine? Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 49(4), 275-280.
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72 Dog Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

To find good research titles for your essay about dogs, you can look through science articles or trending pet blogs on the internet. Alternatively, you can check out this list of creative research topics about dogs compiled by our experts .

🐩 Dog Essays: Things to Consider

🏆 best dog titles for essays, 💡 most interesting dog topics to write about, ❓ questions about dog.

There are many different dog essays you can write, as mankind’s history with its best friends is rich and varied. Many people will name the creatures their favorite animals, citing their endearing and inspiring qualities such as loyalty, obedience, bravery, and others.

Others will discuss dog training and the variety of important roles the animals fulfill in our everyday life, working as shepherds, police members, guides to blind people, and more.

Some people will be more interested in dog breeding and the incredible variety of the animals show, ranging from decorative, small Yorkshire terriers to gigantic yet peaceful Newfoundland dogs. All of these topics are interesting and deserve covering, and you can incorporate all of them a general essay.

Dogs are excellent pet animals, as their popularity, rivaled only by cats, shows. Pack animals by nature, they are open to including members of other species into their groups and get along well with most people and animals.

They are loyal to the pack, and there are examples of dogs adopting orphaned kittens and saving other animals and children from harm.

This loyalty and readiness to face danger makes them favorite animals for many people, and the hundreds of millions of dogs worldwide show that humans appreciate their canine friends.

It also allows them to work many important jobs, guarding objects, saving people, and using their noses to sniff out various trails and substances.

However, dogs are descended from wolves, whose pack nature does not prevent them from attacking those outside the group. Some larger dogs are capable of killing an adult human alone, and most can at least inflict severe harm if they attack a child.

Dogs are trusted and loved because of their excellent trainability. They can be taught to be calm and avoid aggression or only attack once the order is given.

They can also learn a variety of other behaviors and tricks, such as not relieving themselves in the house and executing complex routines. This physical and mental capacity to perform a variety of tasks marks dogs as humanity’s best and most versatile helpers.

The variety of jobs dogs perform has led humans to try to develop distinct dog breeds for each occupation, which led to the emergence of numerous and different varieties of the same animal.

The observation of the evolution of a specific type of dog as time progressed and its purposes changed can be an interesting topic. You can also discuss dog competitions, which try to find the best dog based on various criteria and even have titles for the winners.

Comparisons between different varieties of the animal are also excellent dog argumentative essay topics. Overall, there are many interesting ideas that you can use to write a unique and excellent essay.

Regardless of what you ultimately choose to write about, you should adhere to the central points of essay writing. Make sure to describe sections of your paper with dog essay titles that identify what you will be talking about clearly.

Write an introduction that identifies the topic and provides a clear and concise thesis statement. Finish the paper with a dog essay conclusion that sums up your principal points. It will be easier and more interesting to read while also adhering to literature standards if you do this.

Below, we have provided a collection of great ideas that you can use when writing your essays, research papers, speeches, or dissertations. Take inspiration from our list of dog topics, and don’t forget to check out the samples written by other students!

  • An Adventure with My Pet Pit-Bull Dog “Tiger” One look at Tiger and I knew that we were not going to leave the hapless couple to the mercies of the scary man.
  • Dogs Playing Poker The use of dogs in the painting is humorous in that the writer showed them doing human things and it was used to attract the attention of the viewer to the picture.
  • The Benefits of a Protection Dog Regardless of the fact that protection dogs are animals that can hurt people, they are loving and supportive family members that provide their owners with a wide range of benefits.
  • How to Conduct the Dog Training Properly At the same time, it is possible to work with the dog and train it to perform certain actions necessary for the owner. In the process of training, the trainer influences the behavior of the […]
  • “Dog’s Life” by Charlie Chaplin Film Analysis In this film, the producer has used the comic effect to elaborate on the message he intends to deliver to the audience. The function of a dog is to serve the master.
  • Cesar Millan as a Famous Dog Behaviorist Millan earned the nickname “the dog boy” because of his natural ability to interact with dogs. Consequently, the dog behaviorist became a celebrity in different parts of the country.
  • Debates on Whether Dog is the Best Pet or not The relationships between dogs and man have been improving over the years and this has made dogs to be the most preferable pets in the world. Other pets have limited abilities and can not match […]
  • Breed Specific Legislation: Dog Attacks As a result, the individuals that own several canines of the “banned” breeds are to pay a lot of money to keep their dogs.
  • Cats vs. Dogs: Are You a Cat or a Dog Person? Cats and dogs are two of the most common types of pets, and preferring one to another can arguably tell many things about a person.
  • Dog Food: Pedigree Company’s Case The attractiveness of the dog food category is manifested through the intense competitive nature of the various stakeholders. The third and final phase of the segmentation is to label the category of dog food as […]
  • Border Collie Dog Breed Information So long as the movement of the Border Collies and the sheep is calm and steady, they can look for the stock as they graze in the field.
  • “Love That Dog” Verse Novel by Sharon Creech In this part of the play, it is clear that Jack is not ready to hide his feelings and is happy to share them with someone who, in his opinion, can understand him.
  • “Marley: A Dog Like No Other” by John Grogan John Grogan’s international bestseller “Marley: A Dog Like No Other” is suited for children of all ages, and it tells the story of a young puppy, Marley, who quickly develops a big personality, boundless energy, […]
  • Dog Training Techniques Step by Step The first step that will be taken in order to establish the performance of this trick is showing the newspaper to the dog, introducing the desired object and the term “take”.
  • The Great Pyrenees Dog Breed as a Pet In the folklore of the French Pyrenees, there is a touching legend about the origin of the breed. The dog will not obey a person of weak character and nervous.
  • Dog Food by Subscription: Service Design Project For the convenience and safety of customers and their dogs, customer support in the form of a call center and online chat is available.
  • Compare and Contrast Your First Dog vs. Your Current Dog Although she was very friendly and even tried to take care of me when I was growing up, my mother was the real owner.
  • “Everyday” in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Haddon The novel presents Christopher who passes through many changes in his life, where he adapts to it and acclimatizes the complications that come with it.
  • A Dog’s Life by Charles Chaplin The theme of friendship and love that is clear in the relationship between Tramp and Scraps. The main being that Chaplin makes it very comical thus; it is appealing to the audience, and captures the […]
  • What Dog Are You? All of them possess individual traits that have to suit the profile and character of the owner for them to create a harmonious and beneficial union and to feel comfortable together first of all, every […]
  • Why Does Your Dog Pretend to Like You? Children and the older generation can truly cherish and in the case of children can develop as individuals with the help of dogs.
  • Caring for a Dog With Arthritis For Monty, the dog under study, the size, and disposition of the dog, the stage of the disease as also its specific symptoms and behaviour need to be observed and then a suitable choice of […]
  • Animal Cruelty: Inside the Dog Fighting In most cases the owner of the losing dog abandons the injured dog to die slowly from the injuries it obtained during the fight. The injuries inflicted to and obtained by the dogs participating in […]
  • Dog House: Business Law Today Based on the definition of a shareholder’s derivative suit, it is possible to say that corporations can be expected to benefit from this type of litigation.
  • “Traditional” Practice Exception in Dog Act One of those who wanted the word to remain in the clause was the president of the Beaufort Delta Dog Mushers and also an Inuvik welder.Mr.
  • “How to Draw a Dog” Video Lecture Critique The video begins with an introduction to the character that the artist is going to draw. The artist provides a more detailed description of the process later when he begins to draw dog’s eyebrows and […]
  • Small Dog Boarding Business: Strategic Plan Based on the first dimension of the competing values framework, the dog boarding business already has the advantage of a flexible business model, it is possible to adjust the size of the business or eliminate […]
  • Small Dog Boarding Business: Balanced Scorecard Bragonier posits that SWOT analysis is essential in the running of the business because it helps the management to analyze the business at a glance.
  • Non-Profit Dog Organization’s Mission Statement In terms of the value we are bringing, our team regards abandoned animals who just want to be loved by people, patients with special needs, volunteers working at pet shelters, and the American society in […]
  • Dog’ Education in “The Culture Clash” by Jean Donaldson The second chapter comes under the title, Hard-Wiring: What the Dog comes with which tackles the characteristic innate behaviors that dogs possess naturally; that is, predation and socialization. This chapter sheds light on the behaviors […]
  • Implementing Security Policy at Dog Parks To ensure that people take responsibility for their dogs while in the parks, the owners of the parks should ensure that they notify people who bring their dogs to the park of the various dangers […]
  • Operant Conditioning in Dog Training In regards to negative enforcements, the puppy should be fitted with a collar and upon the command “sit”, the collar should be pulled up a bit to force the dog to sit down.
  • First in Show Pet Foods, Inc and Dog Food Market Due to the number of competitors, it is clear that First in Show Pet Food, Inc.understands it has a low market share.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy: Therapy Dogs First, the therapist must set the goals that are allied to the utilization of the therapy dog and this should be done for each client.
  • The Tail Wagging the Dog: Emotions and Their Expression in Animals The fact that the experiment was conducted in real life, with a control group of dogs, a life-size dog model, a simultaneous observation of the dogs’ reaction and the immediate transcription of the results, is […]
  • Moral Dilemma: Barking Dog and Neighborhood Since exuberant barking of Stella in the neighborhood disturbs many people, debarking is the appropriate measure according to the utilitarian perspective.
  • The Feasibility Analysis for the Ropeless Dog Lead This is because it will have the ability to restrict the distance between the dog and the master control radio. The exploration of different sales models and prices for other devices indicates that the Rope-less […]
  • Classical Conditioning: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks According to Basford and Stein’s interpretation, classical conditioning is developed in a person or an animal when a neutral stimulus “is paired or occurs contingently with the unconditioned stimulus on a number of occasions”, which […]
  • The Movements and Reactions of Dogs in Crates and Outside Yards This study discusses the types of movements and reactions exhibited by dogs in the two confinement areas, the crate and the outside yard.
  • A Summary of “What The Dog Saw” Gladwell explores the encounters of Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer who non-verbally communicated with the dogs and mastered his expertise to tame the dogs.
  • Evolution of Dogs from the Gray Wolf However, the combined results of vocalisation, morphological behavior and molecular biology of the domesticated dog now show that the wolf is the principle ancestor of the dog.
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Haddon therefore manages to carry the reader into the world of the novel and holds the reader to the end of the novel.
  • Attacking Dog Breeds: Truth or Exaggeration?
  • Are Bad Dog Laws Unjustified?
  • Are Dog Mouths Cleaner Than Humans?
  • Can Age Affect How Fast a Dog Runs?
  • Can Chew Treats Kill Your Dog?
  • Can You Control Who the Alpha Dog Is When You Own Two Dogs?
  • Does Drug Dog Sniff Outside Home Violate Privacy?
  • Does the Pit Bull Deserve Its Reputation as a Vicious Dog?
  • Does Your Dog Love You and What Does That Mean?
  • Does Your Dog Need a Bed?
  • How Can People Alleviate Dog Cruelty Problems?
  • How Cooking With Dog Is a Culinary Show?
  • How Can Be Inspiring Dog Tales?
  • How Owning and Petting a Dog Can Improve Your Health?
  • How the I-Dog Works: It’s All About Traveling Signals?
  • What Can Andy Griffith Teach You About Dog Training?
  • What Makes the Dog – Human Bond So Powerful?
  • What the Dog Saw and the Rise of the Global Market?
  • What Should You Know About Dog Adoption?
  • When Dog Training Matters?
  • When Drug Dog Sniff the Narcotic Outside Home?
  • At What Age Is Dog Training Most Effective?
  • Why Are People Choosing to Get Involved in Dog Fighting?
  • Why Are Reported Cases of Dog-Fighting Rising in the United States?
  • Why Dog Attacks Occur and Who Are the Main Culprits?
  • Why Does Dog Make Better Pets Than Cats?
  • Why Every Kid Needs a Dog?
  • Why Should People Adopt Rather Than Buy a Dog?
  • Why Could the Dog Have Bitten the Person?
  • Will Dog Survive the Summer Sun?
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IvyPanda . "72 Dog Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." February 26, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/dog-essay-examples/.

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Dogs Are Better Than Cats (Persuasive Essay Sample)


A time comes in life when we start to think about adopting a pet either for ourselves or our children.  At that point, we all start to think about whether we should adopt a dog or a cat as these two are the most popular pet species. Almost all of us love both of them but the problem comes when we have to choose only one. It’s time to heat this timeless debate on why one is better than the other. In this essay, I will persuade you to believe that dogs are better than cats through the arguments presented below.

Dogs are Better Than Cats Essay 700 Word Long Persuasive Essay

Dogs and cats are two animals commonly kept as pets at home. Dogs are considered a man’s best friend and truly so because of their special connection with humans. On the other hand, cats are also the cutest furballs that are all cozy and cuddly. Most homeowners prefer keeping dogs to cats however some also prefer cats. Dogs are stronger, smarter, and sharper as compared to cats and can fit in many roles. I am a dog person myself and do prefer dogs over cats. Through this persuasive essay, I will make sure you also become a fan of keeping a dog as a pet.

Dogs are playful and engage their owners in different activities to help them stay active. Owning a dog is like having a loyal friend to talk to, laugh with, and take short walks in the evening. It’s because dogs are more loyal and loving than cats can ever be. Furthermore, Dogs can also fulfill guard roles by protecting us within our homes. Dogs are much better house guards than burglar alarms and security cameras. Dogs are also smarter than cats, they can understand gestures through voice tone and body language. Most importantly, dogs bring real joy and share a bond of unconditional love with the owner and the whole family.

Unlike cats, dogs need to be active, they are always ready to go outside and enjoy a walk with their owners. Due to this the dog owners also have to go with them which also serves as a healthy daily exercise . Taking your dog for a walk on a daily basis means you will also achieve all your daily exercise targets. Unlike cats who don’t go out for walks and develop behavioral problems like scratching and oversleeping, dogs don’t have these problems. Taking your dog out deepens your connection with the pet and helps build a stronger bond of love.

Here Are More Benefits of Keeping a Dog as a Pet

  • Unlike cats, dogs can be easily house trained for litter. Almost all cats use the litter box and no matter how much you try to avoid bad odor you just can’t escape it.
  • Dogs don’t shed as much hair as cats. People who keep cats as pets are more likely to suffer from breathing problems.
  • You can’t play fetch, chase, or tug-of-war with your cats. Most cats only play on their own and are not nearly as fun to be around as a dog.
  • Unlike cats that dislike change, dogs make better pets because they adapt to change very easily.
  • Dogs are far more intelligent than cats and can be trained fairly easily.
  • Police dogs, rescue dogs, and service dogs can also prove to be better house pets than cats.
  • According to a study, on average a cat sleeps more but a dog sleeps less, making dogs better pets.
  • Dogs require less maintenance than cats and guide dogs can detect bombs, illegal drugs, illegal substances to save lives.


Other than all these benefits your untrained pet dog can be trained to become your service dog. Dogs as pets love to take care of all family members by promoting an active lifestyle. Dogs can also be trained to reduce anxiety, depression, encourage exercise, ease loneliness, and improve heart health. They can even detect seizures and heart attacks even 12 hours before they happen to save the life of their owner.

In conclusion, comparing cats and dogs is like comparing two different fruits. Both of these animal species are unique in their way and have their benefits. Dog lovers will love dogs and cat lovers will love cats no matter how much you convince them. This centuries-old battle doesn’t need to continue. Both cats and dogs can live together so why not get both?

Short Custom Essay About Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats


Dogs and cats as pets have become a part of our humane society and culture. Choosing between both of these lovely and irresistibly cute furballs is a very hard task. People generally assume dogs are better pets as they have acquired the title of becoming the man’s best friend. However, as a cat person, some people are crazy cat lovers. In this short persuasive essay about why pet dogs are better than pet cats, I would convince you why dogs are better.

Both cats and dogs are different animal species and obviously, both have different personalities and unique qualities. A dog is a man’s best friend but a cat is an irresistibly cute furball. Despite all this, there are so many reasons why people prefer dogs. Dogs promote a healthier lifestyle, they force their owners to engage in daily exercise through constant walks and playful activities. Dogs are much more interactive than cats. Cats can play on their own but dogs always want their owners to play with them. A dog’s love for his owner can never be compared to a cat’s love, as their loyalty is out of this world.

Unlike cats, pet dogs can understand gestures by noticing the owner’s body language and tone of voice. Service dogs can even detect seizures and heart attacks 12 hours before they happen. Unlike cats, dogs can be house trailed for litter. On the other hand, you can’t escape bad odor coming from a cat litter box no matter where you place it. Cat’s shed more hair than dogs and due to this cat owners can suffer from asthma and other breathing problems.

In conclusion, dogs are the most popular pets on the planet but cats still have their own place. Most people may rank dogs as the best pet but they can never turn a blind eye towards the beautiful little furballs. This is certainly an age-long discussion on which of these two is a better pet. However, one thing’s for sure that these two can stay together and if you like both you can keep both at the same time.

FAQ About Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay

How to write dogs are better than cats essays.

To write a perfect essay about pets, start by introducing what you like and dislike about cats and dogs. In the body explain why you love dogs more than cats and end it with a short conclusion.

How to write a persuasive essay about pets?

To write a persuasive essay about pets, introduce both of the pets in the introduction. In the body paragraph, use arguments to persuade the reader why one pet is better than the other. End with a conclusion based on arguments.

Where to get Cats are better than dogs’ essay samples?

Essay Basics has the biggest database of free essay samples including cats essay dogs essays. You can also order your own free essay from Essay Basics about why cats are better than dogs.

https://www.helpguide.org/articles/healthy-living/how-to-start-exercising-and-stick-to-it.htm https://www.thesprucepets.com/potty-training-puppies-pooping-2805076 https://www.thesprucepets.com/what-is-a-service-dog-1118678

persuasive speech on dogs

Pet Adoption Persuasive Speech Outline: Free Sample

Looking for a pet adoption persuasive speech outline? You came to the right place! Our experts from myeasypaper.com have prepared a free sample for you. Feel free to check it for inspiration!

persuasive speech on dogs

Pet Adoption Persuasive Speech

  • Audience: college students
  • General purpose: to prove that it’s better to adopt a pet rather than to buy it
  • Specific purpose: to persuade that adopting a pet is more beneficial than buying in terms of saving animals and economy

Thesis statement: Instead of buying a pet — adopt it! In such a way, you will save money by also saving someone’s life.


Attention getter: Since the start of pandemics, Americans bought more than 9 million pets, which is roughly 4,5 million pets per year. That’s a lot. However, there is another number that is even higher. Each year, more than 6 million pets appear in American shelters. It means that people leave on streets more pets than they buy.

Connection to audience: As a future of society, we can change this statistics. First of all, we should be informed about pets adoption and consider it as a perspective for future.

Personal credibility: I have researched the problem through official data sources, articles, and personal stories to introduce you the general picture.

Thesis statement: My main thesis is clear. Instead of buying a pet — adopt it! In such a way, you will save money by also saving someone’s life.

Preview: To prove this claim, I will tell you about benefits of pets adoption. The first one is practical — economy. The second one is personal — it’s ability to change someone’s life for the better. 

Transition: Let’s start with the first reason.

A. Reason 1: A good dog breed will cost a lot, while adopting a pet costs nothing.  

    1. On average, a puppy will cost between $500 and $2500, excluding annual spendings on  keeping a pet. 

    2. Adopting procedure will cost only $50, so you will be able to spend money for something else. 

Transition: Yet, there is much more serious reason to adopt a pet. 

B. Reason 2: Adopting a pet, you are changing the world for the better.

    1. First of all, you are saving a pet’s life. 

        a) Shelters are often overcrowded, lacking funding for better conditions.

        b) Animals are stressed in shelters, as new animals constantly introduced, all in different health conditions. 

        c) Even in good conditions, animals still need a family. 

    2. Pets also may appear on the streets, left by their previous hosts, being under a serious danger.

Having these two reasons in mind, let’s summarize our ideas.

Restating thesis: So, adopting a pet is in all senses better, especially if you do not care about having a clean greed with all the documents. You save money and you save a life.

Call to action: Next time, when you decide to buy a pet, at least, take your time and go to a shelter. I am sure you will find a true friend there. 

Want your own persuasive speech outline? Place the order with us and get one crafter according to your expectations!

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persuasive speech on dogs

Your dog can understand what you say better than you think, new study shows

O ur dogs understand us better than they've been given credit for — and scientists say they have the brain wave evidence to prove it.

By placing electrodes on the heads of 18 pet dogs, researchers found striking evidence that the animals did not merely recognize the patterns of sound that come out of their owners' mouths , they actually realized that certain words refer to specific objects.

The findings were reported Friday in the journal Current Biology.

“For decades there has been a debate about whether animals are capable of such a level of abstraction,” said study leader Marianna Boros , a neuroscientist and ethologist at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. The experiments with dogs knock down the uniqueness of humans "a little bit."

A few exceptional dogs have been trained to learn the names of hundreds of objects. Among the most esteemed was Chaser , a border collie from South Carolina who could remember the names of more than 1,000 toys.

Boros wondered whether more dogs understood that words had meanings but just didn't have a way to show it. Even when dogs succeed in behavioral studies, she said, "you never know exactly what happens in the brain."

So she took inspiration from researchers who study language processing in humans and got her hands on an electroencephalogram machine. The EEG measures brain waves and can gauge the difference between the neural responses to a word that's expected and a word that seems to come out of left field.

With a little cleanser, some conductive cream and gauze, the researchers connected the EEG electrodes to the heads of 27 dogs. Then the dogs listened to recordings of their owners using the familiar words in simple sentences like, "Luna, here's the ball."

After a short pause, the owner appeared behind a window with an object in his or her hand. Sometimes it was the object mentioned in the sentence; sometimes it wasn't. Either way, the electrodes recorded small voltages from the dogs' brains as they contemplated what they had heard and seen.

The tests went on for as long as a dog was willing to stay on its mat and participate, Boros said.

“The EEG studies with dogs are quite easy to run,” she said. “They don’t need to do anything. They just lay down.”

The 18 dogs that were able to sit through at least 10 trials were included in the analysis. With all but four of those animals, the EEGs revealed a distinct pattern: The wave signals dipped significantly lower when there was a match between the word and the object than when there wasn't.

It was reminiscent of the difference seen in EEGs when humans are confronted with a word that seems out of place, such as a request to wash your hands with soap and coffee. Neuroscientists interpret this as a sign that the brain was expecting another word — "water" instead of "coffee" — and had to do some extra work to understand the sentence.

Boros and her colleagues posit that the same thing happens in the brains of dogs: After hearing their owner use the word for an object, they called it up in their mind in anticipation of seeing it. Then, when an object appeared, it was either the thing they expected or something that threw them for a loop. The reason the dogs could tell something was amiss was that they understood the spoken word.

The gap between hearing the word and seeing the object is key, said Lilla Magyari , a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Stavanger in Norway, who worked on the study.

If a dog heard the word "ball" while looking at a ball in its owner's hands, it might guess that the two go together because they were present at the same time, she said. But the experiment's design prevented that from happening. Instead, the dog must have created an accurate mental representation of the spoken word.

The dog was thinking, “I heard the word, now the object needs to come,” Magyari said.

"Ball" was the most common vocabulary word among the dogs in the study. Several had words for "leash," "phone" and "wallet." Most had at least one name for a favorite toy, including one pet that understood four distinct words for different toys in the experiment.

It's not clear from the study results whether all dogs have the capacity to learn words. The ones that participated in the experiment were volunteered by their owners, who vouched that their pets knew at least five words for objects. (One dog was said to have a vocabulary of 230 nouns.)

Marie Nitzschner spent a decade studying the cognitive abilities and communication skills of dogs at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany. She said she had ever met only one dog that seemed to know words for specific objects. Even so, she said the study makes a strong case that the phenomenon is real.

"It appears to me to be conclusive," said Nitzschner, who was not involved in the work.

She added that dogs who lack this ability have nothing to worry about "because we still have good communication options . However, if I noticed that my dog had a talent in this direction, I would probably try to encourage this talent."

Dog lovers are sure to be intrigued by the linguistic capabilities of their best friends. But the researchers see the study as a way to investigate why humans excel at language when other animals don't.

“It’s kind of a mystery,” Magyari said. "We don’t know why all of a sudden humans were able to use such a complex system.”

By breaking it down into its component parts and studying whether any of them are shared with animals, “we can construct a theory about how language evolved in humans,” she said.

Of all species on Earth, dogs are singular study subjects because they live their entire lives immersed in a world rich with human speech. And unlike with cats, the ancestors of dogs were selected for domestication based on their ability to communicate with humans.

"It's super-relevant for them," Boros said.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times .


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    Dog aided therapy in a combat theater began in that same year. The dogs each had a value of $25,000 invested in them for their training process. The foremost service dogs underwent training for two years valued expensively at $25000 to $50000 per year (Ritchie and Amaker, 2012).