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  1. Photo Essay: What My Faith Means to Me

    In this intimate photo essay, members of the BU community describe, in their own words, what their faith means to them and how they integrate their religious beliefs into their daily lives. ... Religion Photo Essay: What My Faith Means to Me BU students, faculty, and staff reflect on the intimate role religion, prayer, and meditation play in ...

  2. Church and Connection in the Modern World: A Photo Essay

    Through the visual documentation in the following photographs of bodily gesture and place (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, Fig. 4), and the formal and informal settings of interior church spaces (Fig. 5, Fig. 6, Fig. 7), I hope to provoke conversation about what it means to live a dynamic life and what role the institutional church plays in such a life.

  3. Photo Essay: Religion, secrecy and worship: Inside the world of

    Dhruv Ramnath began photographing the followers and ashrams of spiritual leader Sharavana Baba in 2007. His visual ethnographic project documents how the Guru - who many believe is the reincarnation of the Hindu god Murugan - is the centre of a devotional network that simultaneously venerates him as both Murugan and as Prem Sai Baba, the Indian spiritual master.

  4. Photo Essay: Sacred Spaces Through the Lens of Muslim Harji

    Photo Essay: Sacred Spaces Through the Lens of Muslim Harji. November 18, 2016. BY MUSLIM HARJI. INTRODUCTION: A sacred space is any space or area that has been dedicated for a religious or sacred purpose. All world religions have places set aside that are treated as holy, and where individuals gather with utmost humility and respect to carry ...

  5. The Comprehensive Guide to Shooting Photo Stories & Essays

    The Comprehensive Guide to Shooting Photo Stories & Essays. Cameron Knight. Sep 13, 2010 • 11 min read. Photographing. This post is part of a series called Photojournalism. A Photographer's Guide to Working With Magazines. Robert Capa, W. Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier Bresson, James Nachtwey. If you've heard of even one of these names, and even ...

  6. Power and Perfect Pictures

    This post is part of a series that originated out of a photo essay assignment in Dr. Simmons's Interim "Religion and Pop Culture" course that asked students to apply discussion themes to everyday objects or experiences. When I was younger and more naive, I thought the future would have flying cars, cured diseases, and immortal people.

  7. How to Create an Engaging Photo Essay (+ Examples)

    3. Take your time. A great photo essay is not done in a few hours. You need to put in the time to research it, conceptualizing it, editing, etc. That's why I previously recommended following your passion because it takes a lot of dedication, and if you're not passionate about it - it's difficult to push through. 4.

  8. Photo Essay

    Religious and Secular Life in the USAlthough religious faith is very strong at the micro level in the U.S., public policy and the operation of organizations and government are secularized - based on principles of pluralism and rational deliberation. This town council prays as it opens its monthly meeting, after the Supreme Court ruled that prayers are allowed in this setting if there is a ...

  9. Photo Essay: Religious Life in Bon Skor, an A Mdo Tibetan Community, Pr

    Rdo rje dpal 'byor. 2023. Photo Essay: Religious Life in Bon Skor, an A mdo Tibetan Community, PR China. Asian Highlands Perspectives 63:288-314.. This photo essay documents religious activities and sites in Bon skor (Wangshenke) Community, Bya mdo (Shagou) Township, Mang ra (Guinan) County, Mtsho lho (Hainan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mtsho sngon (Qinghai) Province, PR China.

  10. How to Create a Photo Essay: Step-by-Step Guide With Examples

    Written by MasterClass. Last updated: Jun 7, 2021 • 5 min read. Photo essays tell a story in pictures, and there are many different ways to style your own photo essay. With a wide range of topics to explore, a photo essay can be thought-provoking, emotional, funny, unsettling, or all of the above, but mostly, they should be unforgettable.

  11. Photo Essay: A God Wherever You Look

    Photo Essay: A God Wherever You Look. ... Religion in its many forms in India and Nepal. An omniscient vibration resonates throughout the compound followed by the opening verse of the Quran. The Niazi Nizami Brothers of Dargah Nizamuddin have settled before the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliyah for their weekly prayer ceremony. Their family ...

  12. Hinubog ng panata

    Villanueva's photo essay shows how development aggression not only threatens indigenous culture that is deeply rooted in land, but also the extinction of an entire heritage, in the context of the Aetas in Capas, Tarlac. Nature and biodiversity are more than just sources of food, water, energy, and raw materials for the Aeta communities of ...

  13. 32 Photo Essay Examples (Plus Tips)

    Religious traditions: A photo essay can capture pictures of religious ceremonies or traditions from different cultures. Some possibilities include baptisms, religious holidays or religious services. School: Think about capturing a series of photos set in schools or other educational institutions. Potential subjects include after-school ...

  14. Opinion

    Thirteen percent are religious nones, including 4 percent who are atheist or agnostic. In Oklahoma , a similar percentage follow non-Christian religions, and an even larger portion — 18 percent ...

  15. Photo Essay On Religion

    This is a photo essay about religion in America. It includes photos of some churches and a report with data from the Pew Charitable Trust.

  16. Crush at India religious event kills more than 120, mostly women

    A crowd crush at a religious gathering in northern India killed more than a hundred people Tuesday, mostly women, in one of the deadliest such incidents the country has seen in recent years.

  17. How to Make a Photo Essay (with Pictures)

    7. Include a clincher. This image may not be apparent to you in the beginning, but most photographers say they know it when they see it. It's an image that wraps up the essay for the viewer. This image should say "the end," give a call to action, or show the end result of a day in the life or how to sequence.

  18. 18 Immersive Photo Essay Examples & Tips

    5. Place Over Time. View the "At Home in the Ozarks" photo essay by Kylee Cole. If you want to document changes and show how the streets, buildings, and parks in your city change over time, select your favorite locations and start to visit them regularly to capture the way they look during different seasons. 6.

  19. 23 Photo Essay Ideas and Examples (to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!)

    Here are some handy essay ideas and examples for inspiration! 1. A day in the life. Your first photo essay idea is simple: Track a life over the course of one day. You might make an essay about someone else's life. Or the life of a location, such as the sidewalk outside your house.

  20. Photo essays

    Photo essays, photojournalism series and documentary photography from Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti and other places in Latin America. Jan Sochor Photography. ... Exorcism is an ancient religious technique of evicting spirits, generally called demons or evil, from a person which is believed to be possessed. ...

  21. Photo Essay on the use of Religion and Spirituality in the ...

    According to Forbes, and other religious scholars, religion can either implicitly or explicitly be embedded into popular culture with explicit depictions being blatant representation of a religion ...

  22. Photo essay script

    Throughout my photo essay, I will be interpreting faith as both of the dictionary definitions. Whether you identify through religious beliefs or faith, in general, is up to you. 1. Reflection-For the first photo I layered bright headshots of the subject on top of each other from multiple perspectives.

  23. Moving to another country because of politics? More Americans weigh it

    The percentage of U.S. citizens who would settle abroad if they were able reached 34% in a March 26 poll by Monmouth University, up from 12% since 1995. Monmouth polling officials said they ...

  24. Alice Munro stayed with husband who sexually abused her daughter: essay

    FILE - This June 25, 2009 file photo shows Canadian author Alice Munro at a press conference at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. AP Photo / Peter Morrison, file ... In her essay, Skinner said ...

  25. Daughter of Nobel winner Alice Munro publishes account of sexual abuse

    Andrea Robin Skinner, one of Munro's daughters, published an essay in the Toronto Star on Sunday that brought to light a long-held secret in the author's own family: Munro's husband ...

  26. Photo Essay

    Photo Essay Unit Inquiry: How can we live as people seeking God's Kingdom? We can pray to God whenever we either want to talk, reflect, or repent. We can always try to help out one another.

  27. Photo essay on religion's impact on the world. : r/atheism

    975 votes, 230 comments. 2.8M subscribers in the atheism community. Welcome to r/atheism, the web's largest atheist forum. All topics related to…

  28. Religion Photo Essay by Sarah Westerman on Prezi

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