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  5. How to Make a Colour Script for Animation Projects

    presentation of colors script

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    presentation of colors script


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  1. PDF Presentation of National Colors on Flag Staffs

    Script for Standard Presentation of the Colors on Flag Staffs (vs. flag poles) All commands by Commander of Color Guard. 1) Initial command: "Color Guard, attention" (Must be loud enough for all of Color Guard to hear. Color Guard assumes positions for ceremony.) 2) "Troop Attention."

  2. PDF Presentation of Colors

    If the audience has not been instructed for the presentation, the Marshal or Color Corps commander will instruct: Ladies and Gentleman please rise for the presentation and posting of the colors. The Marshall or Color Corps Commander will call "Color Corps - Attention.". The command of "Draw - Swords" will be given at which time the ...

  3. PDF Scripted Ceremonies

    HONOR PRESENTATION - Senior Patrol Leader: Please stand for the presentation of colors. Advance the colors. - Color Guard Leader: (He comes forward and lets the color guard reach its position, then addresses the audience.) Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Scouts, salute. (The troop flag is dipped. The color guard

  4. Basic Flag Opening Ceremony 2024

    Basic Flag Opening Ceremony. Script: Have the color guard in the back of the room, ready holding the flags. The US Flag is on the right, then State flag, then Troop flag on the left as the color guard is facing towards the front of the room - or, US Flag in front, followed by State, then Troop flag. Leader: "Color Guard, Attention!"


    The Color Guard lines up between the Troop (tables) and the flag stands in a horizontal line facing the stands. "Color Guard, advance." The Color Guard walks forward, keeping the line straight, and takes their positions behind the flags. "Color Guard, retrieve the colors.' The Color Guard removes the flags from their stands. "Color Guard ...

  6. How to Hold a Proper Flag Ceremony (According to Scouts BSA)

    Two Scouts Stand at the back of the room, each holding a flag; the Scout with the American flag stands to the right (the observer's left). The leader/announcer of the ceremony often stands behind them. The leader says "Color guard, attention" and "Audience, please rise for a presentation of the colors.".

  7. How To Present the Colors at an Event

    Ice Hockey Rink. The first setup involves entering, traveling down the carpet and presenting to the right. This involves Every Left On. To exit from here, the team execute a Colors Turn-Off. The second setup involves traveling down the carpet and presenting to the left. This involves Colors Turn-On.

  8. Ceremony : Presentation of Colors

    The U.S. flag guards and bearer and pack flag guards and bearer do not salute or say the Pledge of Allegiance. Two. The pack drops its salute. The pack flag is raised to its vertical position again. Color guard, post the colors. The pack flag is placed in its stand. Its guards and bearer step back into place. The U.S. flag is then posted.

  9. Flag Ceremony Script

    Cubmaster: (Rank) Den (Number) prepare to present the Colors. Scout: Will the audience please rise for the presentation of the colors. Color Guard advance.(Color Guards advance the flags. American flag should be held a little higher than the State and Pack flags. American flag crosses first followed by the State and Pack flags.

  10. Posting and Retiring the Colors

    Formal assemblies conducted indoors begin with the presentation of the Colors, referred to as Posting the Colors, and end with the Retirement of the Colors. The following instructions outline the procedures for posting and retiring the Colors, with a head table and without head table. Since indoor areas vary in size, configuration, and intended ...

  11. Protocol for the Presentation of Colors

    The presentation of colors is a ceremony presenting or retiring a flag. The "colors" refer to a flag. A color guard, consisting of two honor guards and two flag bearers, presents or retires the colors. A Sergeant-at-Arms dictates the orders during the ceremony. Proper respect should be given to the colors at all times during the ceremony.

  12. PDF Basic Flag Ceremony Commands Opening Flag Ceremony (Outdoors: Colors)

    "Would you all please stand for the presentation of the flag" - If you have an "audience (parents, invited guests, etc.), this is the signal that the ceremony is about to start. "Audience Attention" - This is the signal that the audience should be ready to start. "Color Guard Attention" - If the Color Guard has been standing "At Ease", it comes ...

  13. Boy Scout Troop 849

    Presenting the Colors. [Color Guard is in the back of room at attention. Start with the American Flag on the right and the troop flag on the left.] Leader. Will the audience please stand for the presentation of the colors. Scouts, attention. Color Guard, attention. Color Guard, advance. [ Color guard will march up the middle aisle to the front ...

  14. Flag Ceremonies Posting and Retiring the Colors

    Posting the Colors. Primary Caller: "Color Guard, ATTENTION." (Flag bearers stand abreast with the U.S. flag bearer on the right. The color guards form abreast and behind the flag bearers. In a combined Trail Life USA and AHG ceremony, the AHG flag bearer stands between the U.S. flag and Trail Life USA flag bearers. "Troop (s), ATTENTION.".

  15. VFW Post 12024

    A flag ceremony can involve either the unfolding and raising of a flag or the lowering and folding of a flag. If the VFW Post has a color guard, it should consist of a flag bearer and an even number of guards, typically four or six, in addition to the caller who runs the ceremony. The size of the Color Guard should depend on how many flags will ...

  16. Opening Flag Ceremony

    Opening Flag Ceremony. Apr 11. Notes. • The Color Guard leader only needs to remember 21 words in this simple Presentation of the. Colors. • Boy Scout flag ceremonies are always led by the boys. • You salute any time the US flag passes and until it is out of sight.

  17. Eagle Scout Ceremony 2024

    Eagle Scout Ceremony. This Ceremony is meant for Eagle scouts. Script: [Color guard and troop are in position at the rear of room: American flag, troop flag] SPL: [Step to microphone.] Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the opening ceremonies. [Wait until the audience is standing and quiet.] SPL: Color guard, present the colors. [Color guard ...

  18. How to Do an Outdoor Flag Ceremony

    6 Place everyone in position with the flags. Place everyone in position with the flags. The caller stands near the flagpole or stand. The color guard stands in the rear of the area, forming a double line behind the U.S. flag bearer.

  19. PDF Scouts BSA Troop 509

    Flag Ceremony Script. Standard Opening Flag Ceremony. Will the troop & audience please rise, hats off. Color guard, advance. (wait for color guard to reach the front and stop) Prepare to post the colors. (wait for color guard to cross flags and arrive at flag stands and stop) Post the colors. Scouts, salute.

  20. Troop 266 Script

    SETTING: A lectern, on audience's left, on the side of the stage. One lighted candle on a table in front of the MC. On a small table opposite the MC, a small table contains twelve candles representing the Scout law, and three more representing the Scout Oath. On various pews, oversize reproductions of Scout rank badges are fastened to sticks ...

  21. Scripted Ceremonies

    There's a wealth of useful content in the numerous ceremony scripts that are available online and in hard copy publications. Troops can and do benefit when using them as resources. Bearing in mind though, if these scripts, and many more like them, were to be read verbatim, it would be difficult to keep the presentation […]

  22. Commencement- Exercises-2021 Script for a Host/Emcee

    B. ENTRANCE OF COLORS. At this point, everyone is requested to stand to pay respect and honor to our flags. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the entrance of colors. Please remain standing and put our right hand over our heart for the singing of. National Anthem to be led by Mrs. _____. Thank you Madam, You May now be seated.

  23. Ceremony : Retiring of Colors

    The color guard waits in the back of the room for the audience to rise and become quiet. Color guard, advance. The U.S. flag guard and bearer and pack flag guard and bearer walk down the aisle and to the flags. They stand behind the flags, facing the audience. Color guard, salute. The guards and bearers salute. Color guard, retire the colors.