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Upload any PPT & Kai will make notes & flashcards instantly. In < 30 seconds Kai will study your slides and tell you all the important stuff in it.

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Learn your powerpoints faster with our AI-powered PPT Summarizing Tool

The ppt summarizer built to help you learn..

It’s as simple as sending a text to Kai, and he’ll explain anything in your PPT to you like a tutor would.

Take practice tests generated from your PPT

Kai will read through your PPT and create a test that highlights the key concepts.

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Upload PPTs from any site in seconds

Use our Chrome extension to upload a PPT from any webpage to Knowt in seconds.

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Do more in less time with the Knowt PPT Summarizer

We're all about helping you learn better, but quicker.

Instant PPT Summaries

Kai will read through your PPT, find the key details, and make you a summary of the important stuff.

AI PPT Summarizer

Flashcards ready for you

Kai will read through your PPT, find the key details, and make flashcards for you to practice.

Upload a PPT

Mark up your PPT with annotations and comments

Our PDF editor lets you write directly on your uploaded files.

Mobile Video Summarizer

I loved knowt for vocab flashcards! Especially to import from quizlet with a link literally chefs kisss.

Sam Loos profile picture

I used knowt to study for my apush midterm and it saved my butt! The import from quizlet feature helped a ton too. Slayed that test with an A!! 😻😻😻

Trusted by millions across the globe

Our community of students and teachers trust Knowt to create and study on.

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Knowt helped me tremendously with my AP exams, World History and Chem in particular. Taking notes and immediately having a study guide created was such a life saver when I was on a time crunch. I did way better than I expected thanks to Knowt!!

Victoria Buendia-Serrano profile picture

Knowt’s quiz and spaced repetition features have been a lifesaver. I’m going to Columbia now and studying with Knowt helped me get there!

Fernanda M profile picture

This app really came in clutch when AP exams were around the corner. Especially with the spaced repetition method, it helped me remember the important concepts. :)

Val profile picture

Knowt has been a lifesaver! The learn features in flashcards let me find time and make studying a little more digestible.

Matthew Novicky profile picture

Absolutely excellent. Easy to use, much more visually pleasant than Cram and no rudimentary features are behind a paywall. It’s simply excellent.

Sam Loos profile picture

I used Knowt to study for my APUSH midterm and it saved my butt! The import from Quizlet feature helped a ton too. Slayed that test with an A!! 😻😻😻

Shamika Agrawal profile picture

I loved the AI for flashcard writing, it saves so much time! The unique spaced repetition can really come in clutch for last minute studying and helps you remember everything!

Hannah DeLong profile picture

I love Knowt so much! The platform is a dream and seeing all of the new features each update makes me so happy! Thank you, Knowt, for being so amazing :)

Milan Gudka profile picture

Knowt has been an absolute life-saver for me - no other revision methods worked for me. It’s also incredible considering Knowt is free! The variety of tools available is perfect for any learning or revision type. Thanks, Knowt!

Endless ways to use Knowt

Not a PowerPoint person? No problem -- you can do so much more.

Make flashcards from PDFs

Kai will read your PDF, find the key details for you and make notes and flashcards for you to practice

AI PDF Summarizer

Click to learn more about PDF Summarizer

Video Summarizer

Kai will watch your lecture videos, turn them into notes and flashcards instantly.

AI Video Summarizer

AI Flashcards

You can make flashcards and study them for free with learn mode, spaced repetition, and more.

Make flashcards from notes

You can take notes and Kai will make flashcards from them instantly.

Oh you’re an explorer?

We have over 2 million resources across various exams, and subjects to refer to at any point.

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Explore top flashcards

Explore top notes, explore subjects, engineering, social studies.

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SlideNotes is a tool designed to automatically convert slide presentations into written notes. By simply uploading a PowerPoint or PDF file, SlideNotes generates a corresponding set of text notes that can be easily reviewed and shared.

This is particularly useful for those who prefer to read and reference information in textual format rather than relying solely on visual aids.SlideNotes is touted for being a fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-use tool.

It offers a quick solution to creating concise notes from lengthy slides, making it an ideal tool for students, educators, and business professionals alike.

The tool is capable of identifying important keywords and phrases in the presentation and summarizing them in a logical, coherent manner in the generated notes.Overall, SlideNotes helps to streamline the process of creating usable notes from presentations, ultimately saving time and improving productivity.

Its ability to convert multiple file formats and its user-friendly interface make it a valuable addition to anyone's toolkit.

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1 alternative to SlideNotes for Presentation summaries

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Warning! Lecture2Notes is in beta. Expect glitches, bugs, and broken features. Learn More

AI-Powered Notes Generator

Automatically create notes from any lecture video using machine learning..

Lecture2Notes will automatically generate notes from classroom lecture and presentation videos using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Try it for free! Automatically summarize 2 lectures without entering a credit card.
  • Notes are generated by analyzing the visual and auditory content of the presentation. They will contain an overall short summary , images of each slide, key points from each slide, important diagrams , and more.
  • Quickly gain a greater understanding of any lesson.

With automatically generated summaries students can learn more in less time and score higher on exams. Teachers can save time creating handouts.

Generating notes is as easy as dragging and dropping a recording of a lecture! Start learning faster today!

Lecture2Notes is simple, accurate, safe, and AI-powered.

Easy to Use

Create an account, add some credits, upload a lecture, and view your summary. It's that simple.

Notes are generated using state-of-the-art machine learning models backed by groundbreaking research.

Only you can see your lectures and generated notes.

Lecture are converted using powerful artificial intelligence models that were rigorously tested.

Flexible pricing options to fit every budget. Want to give test our AI? Sign up and summarize 2 lectures for free!

Pay as You Go

  • Convert 2 lectures for free
  • Pay $1.00 per lecture summarized
  • No hidden fees or service charges
  • More accurate machine learning models
  • Priority support
  • 50 credits included per month


  • 100 credits included per month

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