1. How to focus on writing an essay?

    why can't i write long essays

  2. Sample Long Essay

    why can't i write long essays

  3. How to make your essay longer

    why can't i write long essays

  4. How to Make an Essay Longer

    why can't i write long essays

  5. How to Write a Long Essay, Term Paper or Research Paper

    why can't i write long essays

  6. How to Write a 300 Word Essay and How Long Is It? Examples, Tips

    why can't i write long essays


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  1. I struggle to write essays like really struggle (50 words took ...

    Very. I would spend some time brainstorming (just getting ideas on paper), and see where that goes. I often find it easier to start the essay when I have all my ideas in front of me. I would guess that if it's taken you three hours to write fifty words, you probably don't know what you're writing about.

  2. Dear Slow Writer, You Are Not Alone. Tips From A Professional Writer

    Often times, we can get so bogged down in the details that we forget that we need to be writing. If you can't find the answer to your question in 15 minutes, move on to other parts of the writing. Return to it later and keep writing. You'll accomplish more by writing what is easier and returning to the more research-intensive parts later.

  3. Essay Writing Tips: 10 Steps to Writing a Great Essay (And Have Fun

    Body #1: Most students think writing an essay is tedious because they focus on external rewards. Body #2: Students should instead focus on internal fulfillment when writing an essay. Body #3: Not only will focusing on internal fulfillment allow students to have more fun, it will also result in better essays.

  4. The Secret (s) to Getting Through Long Papers

    It's the beginning of the semester—meaning, as a graduate student, it's time for me to get back into the groove of planning and writing long papers. For me, the hardest part of approaching a paper is coming up with a topic that will stay interesting to me throughout the research and writing process. A good example of this is from the end of last semester, when I found myself dreading the ...

  5. Why Is Writing So Hard? 7 Common Obstacles (and What to Do About Them)

    Here are 7 common challenges you may face while writing, plus action steps to overcome each one. 1. You're anxious or insecure about your writing. Writing requires courage in the obvious ways, like being brave enough to share your work with the world, send it to publishers and reviewers, or read it aloud.

  6. Stuck on Your College Essay? 8 Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block

    Keep in mind that this freewriting can take whatever form you want it to. It can be full sentences, bullet points, even phrases randomly placed on a sheet of paper. Whatever gets your brain thinking in some capacity is a good step in overcoming writer's block. 2. Respond to Brainstorm Questions.

  7. Why Is It So Hard to Start Writing? 6 Tips to Get Over the Fear and

    3. Forge a creative cave to make it easier to start writing. ️ Your brain craves flow. Flow makes it easier to write and harder to be scared to start writing. ️ Flow is not a brain state you can create on deman but you can create conditions in which a flow state is more likely to unfold. ️ Multitasking is the #1 enemy of flow.

  8. 7 Things to Try When Writing Is Hard

    And in the meantime, spending my writing sessions chilling with a candle and some tunes is both productive and seriously low-stress. 6. Find the Right (Guilt-Free) Routine. Ironically, writer's block often seems to come with a fair-sized dose of guilt.

  9. Why Writing Is Difficult Sometimes (and How To Make It Easier)

    Writing consistently will help you find the ease and joy in it, and prevent you from having to climb back up over the high stone wall that will appear between you and your writing when you let yourself avoid writing. Paradoxically, it's fear that can keep us from writing but also the writing that conquers the fear. #truth.

  10. How to Write a Long Essay, Term Paper or Research Paper

    The stress that comes with writing long essays contributes to many students wanting to put them off. Tackling long essays can become easy by following the following steps: 1. Pick a Topic. When granted the freedom to choose a topic, pick a broad and specific one. It is easy to find and write about a broad topic.

  11. I Can't Write Essays: Tips to Overcome Struggle Writing Essays

    Communicate to your readers what you intend to put forward, your points, and what you plan to argue about in your essay. 3. Outline your Essay. Always ensure you have an outline of your ideas. Put everything on paper, even if it means having diagrams to help you write efficiently, then do so.

  12. Getting College Essay Help: Important Do's and Don'ts

    If you can't ask your teacher or tutor. Maybe you don't have a trusted teacher or tutor that has time to look over your essay with focus. Or, for instance, your favorite humanities teacher has very limited experience with college essays and so won't know what admissions officers want to see. If you can't ask your guidance counselor.

  13. Is anyone else SUPER slow at writing essays? : r/ApplyingToCollege

    like most things, you'll get better with practice. but when beginning to write essays, i suggest not worrying about vocabulary and grammar, and just write whatever you feel. you should get more words out this way, and then you can go back and edit. Set a timer for 30 minutes and just write.

  14. What Do I Do If I Can't Write My Paper?

    The next time you let yourself think "I can't write an essay", try: Finding a dedicated study space where you can work in peace (at least relatively); Working in a quiet environment (or tuning out the noise with music in your headphones); Using distraction blockers like Cold Turkey, Forest, and RescueTime. But if you find yourself ...

  15. Does anyone else feel they just can't write an essay?

    Don't worry too much about it being difficult. It is for most people, and that's completely normal. Now, some schmuck might come in here saying that they regularly write post-graduate essays to the highest level in 2 hours. They are either lying (most likely) or they are the very rare exception to the norm.

  16. Here's Why You Struggle to Write

    You can't play it safe and expect to get anywhere with your writing, but you can't write and ignore the consequences. Your writing can and will affect your real-life relationships. I've lost a few friends with my writing. You will, too. ... a simple heads up can go a long way. Even after a personal piece of writing is public, make an ...

  17. Why can't I write something longer than a few pages?

    Writing about your life is a time-tested way to kick out your first novel. Fiction is writing about your life in a different, metaphorical way. The next time you finish one of your 3 page stories, don't tell yourself it's done. Tell yourself you finished chapter 1. If you can't think of chapter 2 then maybe it's not meant to be. Just write.

  18. How to overcome the fact that I can't write long stories?

    1. Read about the snowflake method of writing. It is fairly easy to expand one single line concept,a good one,into a novel. Your biggest challenge will be to keep up the pace of the story. Stretching a line into a novel is easy,doing it in a way that the reader cant put it down,that's damn hard. - Akash.

  19. Does anyone else feel they just can't write an essay?

    6 years ago. A. oogabooga6969. Original post by kashim91. I'm doing the three sciences and maths, I thought i was safe for essays, but I've found recently that the last unit contains a synoptic essay which is worth 25% of the whole paper! I haven't written an essay in over two years and I was never very good at them.

  20. How Taylor Swift Inspired Gracie Abrams to Stick with 'Writing Daily'

    "all i can tell you for now is that some of the most fun i've ever had in my whole entire life was writing this song together. hands down," Abrams wrote on X (formerly Twitter) following the ...

  21. Rethinking English essay scores: The argument for ...

    To get high scores at essay writing tests, learners of English as a foreign language need to focus on good arguments more than on complex grammar. The finding challenges conventional approaches to ...

  22. anyone else painfully slow at writing essays : r/ApplyingToCollege

    why us essays r difficult ngl. This is not necessarily a bad thing; taking that much time likely means you're not "rushing" the process and are thinking about your strategy, which is good. The short essays (less than 250) are the worst to write. They take me so long.

  23. Leading the Way in Supporting Doctoral Students' Academic Writing

    We quizzed the founder of Marymount University's Write Up! Institute about the purpose and aspirations of creating such a resource for Marymount University Ed.D. students. Here is what Dr. Paula Cristina Azevedo had to say about the creation of the Write Up! Institute, its offerings, and the mission and vision behind it.

  24. Why the Pandemic Probably Started in a Lab, in 5 Key Points

    Dr. Chan is a molecular biologist at the Broad Institute of M.I.T. and Harvard, and a co-author of "Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19." This article has been updated to reflect news ...

  25. Ben Stiller on the Israel-Hamas War and the Need for Peace

    As I write this, there are about 120 million people all over the world who have been displaced by conflicts. In the Middle East, in Ukraine, Sudan, and many other countries. They all deserve to ...

  26. Surgeon General Calls for Warning Labels on Social Media Platforms

    Dr. Vivek Murthy said he would urge Congress to require a warning that social media use can harm teenagers' mental health. By Ellen Barry and Cecilia Kang The U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Vivek ...

  27. Troubleshoot problems with Microsoft Authenticator

    In order to use Authenticator on Android for your work or school account, push notifications for the app must be enabled and Google Play Services and the Google Play Store must be downloaded and enabled.

  28. Why can't ChatGPT write long papers? : r/ChatGPT

    Hi everyone, I was of the understanding that ChatGPT could write long papers with little prompting but that hasn't been my experience. Yesterday, I tried experimenting with it by asking it to write a 15 page paper on the life of Abraham Lincoln and it could only give me about 3 pages. When I inquired why it was shorter than I specified, it ...

  29. Kurulus Osman Season 05 Last Episode 164 With Urdu Subtitles

    Kurulus Osman Season 05 Last Episode 164 With Urdu Subtitles

  30. iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent ...

    With brand-new systemwide Writing Tools built into iOS 18, users can rewrite, proofread, and summarize text nearly everywhere they write, including Mail, Notes, Pages, and third-party apps. New image capabilities make communication and self-expression even more fun.