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What Makes Tom Brady So Polarizing?

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

At age 44, Tom Brady is finally hanging up his cleats after 21 seasons. The former quarterback, who won a Super Bowl in 2021 with Tampa Bay but played most of his career with New England, announced his retirement after the Buccaneers’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams on January 23, 2022. Exiting the league with many records to his name, Brady’s stats — like 96,969 passing yards, 707 touchdowns and 7 rings — already make him one of the greatest to ever lace up. 

Yet, few athletes considered “the greatest” in their sport have been this divisive among fans. When discussing Babe Ruth, Serena Williams , Michael Jordan and other top athletes, any debate would focus on one’s stats and accomplishments. With Brady, his likability is usually discussed hand-in-hand with his on field ability. 

For him, it’s never just about numbers on a stat report. The icon has appeared in blockbuster films, been the face of entire ad campaigns and appeared in plenty of tabloids. As Brady found success in the NFL, nearly every aspect of his life’s been put under a microscope. Even before his retirement, he’d been the subject of countless debates. But why exactly is Tom Brady so polarizing? Let’s look at some of the tenser topics he’s crossed paths with. 

The “Brady Rule” Changed the NFL Forever

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

For much of Brady’s career, opponents speculated that referees called more “roughing the passer” penalties on those rushing Brady than anyone else. Was Brady untouchable because no one was allowed to tackle him? 

This tension heightened into a full-on rule change in 2009. Brady spent a season injured because a defensive lineman lunged at his legs and hurt Brady’s knee. This happened to other players, too, like Carson Palmer in 2006. When the NFL made it illegal to lunge at a quarterback like that, fans referred to it as “Brady Rule”.

In 2009, Bleacher Report, among other critics, famously declared that this new rule would “kill football” and ruin the game forever. The league has since made other types of hits illegal; all of these changes received similar backlash, but they were made in favor of player safety. The NFL has since grown by adding more regular season games all while raking in tons of profits, so the league is doing just fine. 

Tom Brady Was Once the Face of UGG Slippers

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Nowadays, Brady is doing ads for Subway and crypto websites, but in 2010 he was one of the faces for UGG, the Australian company known for boots and slippers. The company is a staple down under, but UGG gear can be just as polarizing as Brady himself in the states. For a while, there was a viral trend where people photoshopped pictures of UGG slippers over Brady’s cleats. This trend picked up whenever Brady lost a Super Bowl or other big game.  

According to Glamour , UGG is a brand that’s worn more by women than men. The NFL and fans often champion “traditional” (a.k.a. toxic) takes on masculinity, so people in that demographic didn’t respond well to an UGGs endorsement — no matter how warm and comfortable their slippers are. 

The Long Haircut Didn’t Help His Case

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

A football player’s hair can enhance their career. Look at Troy Polamalu, a former Steeler who’s still doing Old Spice ads in 2022. Brady’s hair has been a journey — from buzzed to long to short again.  

In 2010, Brady’s hair was long enough to put into a bun. Some people who hated Brady loved his flow. Others despised the haircut, adding it to a list of reasons why they don’t like him. Perhaps toxic masculinity is at the root of some of the Brady hate today? 

#Deflategate Will Haunt Him and His Fans Forever 

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

It all started on January 18, 2015. The New England Patriots were set to play the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl after they defeated the Indianapolis Colts. With a week off before Superbowl XLIX, the lead story dominating news cycles at that time revolved around Brady’s treatment of various footballs during the game against the Colts. 

The accusation? Brady and co. had deflated some of the balls a bit, making them easier to handle while on the offensive. Most sports leagues have standards for minimum inflation. The NFL is no different. After months of investigations, Brady was suspended for four games. The Patriots were fined $1 million and lost two drafts picks as well. Brady appealed the suspension and was able to play in every game that following season. However, that ruling was appealed again, and Brady was sidelined for four games in 2016 instead. 

A scandal like this put a giant question mark on Brady’s legacy. With so many different accolades under his belt, Brady’s Deflategate scandal left people wondering what they did and didn’t know about the iconic figure. 

His ‘TB12’ Meal Plan Is Strict — and a Little Weird 

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

In 2017, Brady released The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance . Since then, people have not stopped talking about his diet. The quarterback has been quoted as saying that he’s never eaten a strawberry — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The book offers strategies for injury reduction and healthy sleep cycles, but people just couldn’t get over what Brady and his family were eating. 

His meal plan excludes gluten, dairy, GMOs, corn, coffee, alcohol, trans fats, most sugars and more. It should be noted that the family does have a personal chef to help out with this lifestyle. While one’s diet should not be the basis for judging them, offering fans a meal plan that’s nearly inaccessible to everyday people isn’t great either. 

Tom Brady’s Politics Have Always Been a Hot Topic 

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Throughout Brady’s 22-year tenure, the league became a different place. What started as a “sticking to sports” mentality has shifted in recent years; in 2016, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality, for example. That protest changed sports as they were known to us, and athletes, especially BIPOC players, became more vocal about systemic issues, empowered and made more visible by Kaepernick’s bold protest. 

In 2017, Brady did express his hope that Kaepernick could return to the NFL to CBS , but this could have been a matter of just saying the expected words. For example, Brady was known for having a ‘MAGA’ hat in his locker during the 2015 NFL season. When asked about the hat, Brady simply said that he enjoys golfing with Donald Trump and that Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, placed the hat in his locker. Brady avoids political discourse, but is still associated with the hat to this day.

While Brady has never aligned with a political party, he has spoken out recently on the issue of Antonio Brown, who faked a vaccination card in order to play; Brady expressed sympathy for Brown’s mental health, but hasn’t said much else in the vaccine discourse. 

Clearly, when it comes to Tom Brady you can feel a number of ways. Although his NFL career has ended, he still has time to win haters over as a person — and we’re eager to see his next few moves. Whether on a screen or behind the scenes, Brady has all the tools to be as impactful off the field as he has been on it.


injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers


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injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • 1st in NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injuries

Calijah kancey dt, anthony nelson lb, kaevon merriweather s, ke'shawn vaughn rb, ryan jensen c.

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injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys: Final Injury Report

No Bucs are ruled out for Monday night’s game; Leverett and Rudolph are listed as doubtful.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys have released their final injury reports for Monday night's Wild Card playoff game. The Bucs have not ruled out any player, but have two players listed as doubtful, and nine others listed as questionable. The Cowboys have ruled out cornerback Trayvon Mullen (illness) but have no other players with injury designations.

Offensive lineman Nick Leverett (knee/shoulder) and tight end Kyle Rudolph (knee) are both doubtful for Monday night's game. Both players practiced once this week in limited fashion but were not able to practice on Saturday. Leverett’s condition is concerning, considering that starting center, Robert Hainsey (hamstring), and backup lineman John Molchon (ankle), are both questionable for the game. The team’s saving grace could be the return of center Ryan Jensen, who has not played all season after injuring his knee in training camp.

Jensen could be activated from injured reserve on Monday before the game, which is when head coach Todd Bowles said the team will make its decision on who will be manning the guard, and center positions. The only Buccaneer, besides Hainsey, who was limited in practice on Saturday, was defensive tackle Vita Vea (calf.) Vea should be available on Monday barring an unforeseen setback.

The Cowboys are relatively healthy going into the game, with only Mullen being ruled out. Of note, defensive end Micah Parsons did not practice on Saturday due to a personal issue.

The Cowboys and Bucs play the final game of Wild Card weekend, Monday night at 8:15 PM ET, at Raymond James Stadium. The game will be broadcast on ESPN/ABC, with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call.

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Bucs vs. cowboys injury report: nobody ruled out for tampa bay, share this article.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released their final injury report for Monday night’s wild-card playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, and it’s mostly good news for Bucs fans.

No player on the active roster has been ruled out for this game, even though this week’s injury report has been long, and loaded with key players on both sides of the ball.

Here’s the final list of Bucs players with an injury designation for Monday night’s game:

OL Nick Leverett

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Doubtful (shoulder/knee)

TE Kyle Rudolph

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Doubtful (knee)

CB Carlton Davis III

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

(AP Photo/Alex Menendez)

Questionable (shoulder)

S Mike Edwards

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Questionable (hip)

C Robert Hainsey

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Questionable (hamstring)

G John Molchon

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

(AP Photo/Zach Bolinger)

Questionable (ankle)

OLB Carl Nassib

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Questionable (pectoral)

S Keanu Neal

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

S Logan Ryan

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Syndication: The Tennessean

Questionable (knee)

OT Donovan Smith

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Questionable (foot)

DL Vita Vea

injury report on the tampa bay buccaneers

Questionable (calf)

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2022 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injuries

Record: 8-9-0, 1st in NFC South Division  ( Schedule and Results )

Coach: Todd Bowles (8-9-0)

Points For: 313 (18.4/g) 25th of 32

Points Against: 358 (21.1/g) 13th of 32

Expected W-L : 7.2-9.8

SRS : -2.25 (24th of 32),  SOS : .39

Playoffs: Lost Wild Card 14-31 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Offensive Coordinator: Byron Leftwich

Defensive Coordinator: Larry Foote , Kacy Rodgers

Stadium: Raymond James Stadium

Co-Chairman: Bryan Glazer (Joel Glazer & Edward Glazer also listed)

General Manager: Jason Licht

Offensive Scheme: Air Coryell

Defensive Alignment: 4-3

Preseason Odds: Super Bowl +780; O/U: 11.5

Training Camp: AdventHealth Training Center (Tampa, Florida)

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