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literature review example ecu

Writing a Literature Review

  • Rachel Winn

This Canvas-based module introduces writers to the process of identifying a topic, gathering research, organizing research, creating a literature matrix, and drafting a literature review. As writers progress through the module, they are gathering the necessary research needed to complete a literature review assignment. While not exhaustive, writers are provided with information to help decide if their sources are academic or popular. This module includes the creation of a reflective bibliography (similar to an annotated bibliography) and a literature matrix as tools for writing a synthesis-based literature review. By the end of this module, writers should be able to

  • Define the purpose of a literature review
  • Identify academic sources for their research topic
  • Draft a reflective bibliography
  • Compose a literature matrix
  • Write a literature review

This module is meant to take place over a couple of weeks as it walks writers through the entire literature review process.

This module is geared toward junior, senior, and master level courses, and can be directly imported into your canvas courses. The assignments and discussion boards within the modules should be scored by the instructor. Instructors are able to update/revise the module’s assignments and rubrics to align with their course assignments and goals. 

You can import the module directly into your Canvas course.  Access the module here.


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    literature review example ecu

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    literature review example ecu


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