Professional Military Cover Letter Example for 2023

Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Military cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

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Tips to write a military cover letter that stands out

So are cover letters necessary for Military jobs?

Well, the cover letter is your chance to tell a personal story to the hiring manager. It can help you prove you’re a real professional who knows what they bring to the table.

It’s also your opportunity to get into more detail about your personal qualities and success stories. But most importantly – it’s the first place to show your motivation.

So yes, having a cover letter is essential.

But what should yours look like? Let’s see…

military coverletter.png

At first, you may think that the cover letter should repeat all information from your resume but in a story-like form. However, that’s not true.

Instead of re-writing your resume, you need to focus on making the right impression.

You can do that by talking about the skills that help you overcome challenges, your excitement when it comes to the industry, your past achievements, and your knowledge of the company.

Now let’s look at some other things that will make your cover letter stand out.

We've made an in-depth guide on what should your cover letter include that you can check out!

Stand out with a strong introduction and an appropriate salutation

In general, the salutation you use depends on the tone of voice you’ve decided to go for but also on the company culture.

However, it’s always a good idea to address your letter to the person responsible for the recruitment process. If you don’t know their name, try to find it out. And only if that proves to be impossible, choose a generic salutation.

Here are some phrases you can use (note that some of them require you to know the hiring manager's name):

  • To the [team you're applying for] Department,
  • Dear Paul Black,
  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear Ms. Stone

Coming up with a good introduction is your chance to make the right impression and give the hiring manager a solid reason to remember you.

So instead of going for popular opening lines such as “I found your job advert on website X”, prove that you are actually passionate about the position. Share why you would like to grow in this field and what makes the company exciting.

Link your military soft and hard skills to your achievements

When it comes to listing skills on a cover letter, there’s only one thing that could be said about it – do it in a well thought out way!

We mean, don’t just plainly list all your skills on your cover letter. Instead, link them to achievements and goals. Share how your expertise can add value to the team. Maybe even tell a personal story. It’s up to you.

Just make sure to include both soft and hard skills – especially the ones listed in the requirements section of the job advert. This will help you pass applicant tracking systems that screen documents for certain keywords.

Prove that you've researched the company and are aware of industry problems

Showing that you’ve researched the company and are familiar with it is a good way to prove your work-readiness.

It will also point the recruiter to the fact that your skills and qualifications will have a long-term impact on the company. Just link some of your strengths to the ways in which current or potential issues can be resolved.

End in an actionable way

Ending your cover letter in an actionable way is one of the things that increase your chances of getting a callback.

The conclusion is also your opportunity to thank the recruiter for their time and consideration, so don’t skip that.

Just make sure to go for an ending that matches the company culture and language. If you prefer to be on the safe side, choose traditional closing lines such as “Looking forward to your reply”.

Military cover letter

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Strengthen your application with a memorable resume

Having a professional Military cover letter is great, but pairing it with an equally good resume will help you beat luck.

Check out our Military resume writing guidelines or hire an expert to guide you .

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Military Cover Letter Sample - How to Write

You do not have to experience unnecessary stress and complication when you are writing a military cover letter . You can have it as easily as you write a military to civilian cover letter by using a template. This is a professionally-written military cover letter sample. While you are editing it, make sure that all details that you have included in the military to civilian cover letter are valid. Furthermore, ensure that the overall format of the military cover letter sample is correct. Here is much more on how you can write a military cover letter .

  • # Military Cover Letter Template
  • # Military Cover Letter Sample
  • # Tips for Writing Military Cover Letter
  • # How to Edit Military Cover Letter Template

Military Cover Letter Template

military cover letter

This is a free military cover letter template. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

Supported formats

Military cover letter sample (text).

Bruce Stenson North Carolina, NC 70089 Phone: 444-290-619 Email: brucestenson© August 26, 2018 Mr. Demetrius Johnson Recruiter West Point Military Academy, 45 Harbors View. Virginia, VA 30017

Re: Military Instructor Position

Dear Mr. Johnson,

In this letter, I would like to express my official interest in the Military Instructor position that was advertised in the West Point Journal. I am a veteran Marine Corps operator. I have served 3 tours to Iraq and 2 tours to Afghanistan. I am a patriotic, dedicated soldier with a great love for my nation. I always put my team first and aspire to achieve mission objectives every time. After gaining substantial knowledge and experience in the field, I now want to impart it upon the students in your facility. Every day of my career as a soldier, I engaged in vigorous fitness and practice regimens. As a result, I ensured top notch performance while in the field. As a result of my dedication, I was often called upon to lead regiments and guarantee mission success.

During the times when I am away from active duty, I always invest in military, political and fitness knowledge. In addition to that, I have taken time and effort in completing a collection of specialized training programs. As such, I am well versed in the basics of military service, the role of the military in government policy, the influence of the armed forces in Geo-political conditions as well as many more disciplines. As a result, I have been invited to speak in peer education programs, soldier training and youth outreach sessions.

I often rely on my leadership and strategic management skills so as to interact productively with both military personnel and civilians. I am able to pass on specialized field knowledge as well as practical advice for productive living. With the skills and capability that I possess, I often improve the tactics of fellow marines and rejuvenate entire regiments. As a result, I am confident that I can teach entire classes of military students.

As an active operator in the field, I received a number of accolades. I was honored with a Purple Heart for my efforts in keeping multiple regiments safe and effective during a raid by insurgents in Iraq. As a result, I have gained a collection of professional contacts in the military as well as government. They often get in touch with me for advice and direction concerning military strategies. I would be glad to teach my skills, express my experience and give guidance as an instructor at the West Point Military Academy.

Sincerely, Bruce Stenson North Carolina, NC 70089 Phone: 444-290-619 Email: [email protected]

Tips for Writing a Military Cover Letter

  • Show that you have the experience which the employer is in search of: Begin by indicating that you already have all the required experience points. Thoroughly explain this in your cover letter using examples and descriptive language. Examine the job description and identify the phrases or words which are associated with experience. Having done so, include these phrases and words in your military cover letters as you proceed to explain how you have achieved the required competence.
  • Shift focus from your education in the cover letter: Details about your educational achievements and certifications are already contained in your resume. Therefore, use the cover letter to explain your skills and experience at length. In addition to that, indicate how these can meet the requirements of your potential employer.
  • Express confidence in your professional capacity: Since your resume already has your academic achievements in full, use the military transition cover letter to explain how capable you are of handling the job that you are applying for. Show your employer that you have value from a professional point of view. As you sell yourself, have a positive attitude.
  • Utilize a cover letter sample or template: It is always quite difficult to write a cover letter. Fortunately, you can get some assistance from military to civilian cover letter examples. Templates or samples are a great way to ensure that the format is correct throughout your cover letter. Referring to this source can help you to maintain a constantly professional tone.
  • Maintain focus upon the employer and not yourself: As you write a cover letter, ensure that the employer company is the main focus. This is due to the fact that your resume already contains information about your degree details and any other certifications. Therefore, ensure that you maintain focus on your employer. In the cover letter, explain how you can implement your skills to achieve their needs. A recruiter will assess your cover letter, identify what you are presenting and identify if you are ideal for their company.
  • Stay honest: As you write your military cover letters, ensure that you do not add any false information about yourself or your experience. This could effectively lock you out of an interview opportunity. Moreover, if your falsehood is discovered later in the process, it can destroy your chance to work for a winning company.
  • Revise your military transition cover letter before you send it: Ensure that you edit, revise and read your cover letter prior to sending it to your employer. This helps you to identify errors and correct them as well. It also assists you to implement a smooth flow throughout your cover letter. Revising your cover letter assists you to arrange your ideas such that they are inviting to the reader and remain memorable as well.

How to Edit Military Cover Letter Template

During the process of writing a cover letter, the Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor software is the best PDF editor to use. The standard, required format for official documents today is PDF. Therefore, it has been accepted in workplaces around the world. After you download a template for military cover letter, you can utilize a Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor software to edit it. This is the best PDF editor that you can use to modify the military cover letter examples.

military cover letter

Step 1. Open the Military Cover Letter Template

military cover letter sample

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

military to civilian cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Military Cover Letter

military cover letters

Posted by Elise Williams to Updated: 2023-07-31 17:00:25


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Last Updated on 11/26/2020

Cover letters are crucial when applying for a new job, especially in the military industry. This is your main argument and statement that you are better than other applicants and worthy of this vacancy. Therefore, in a cover letter, every word and every comma are essential.

But if in a motivation business letter, a candidate can show his/her creativity, the military document must balance the seriousness of the position — be clear, understandable, and logically constructed.

In the army sphere, without a good cover letter, your resume will remain unread. When a well-written document will attach the attraction of the military recruiter or official employer and most likely provide you with an interview invitation.

Table of Contents

  • 1.1 Some Advice to Get Noticed with Military Cover Letter 
  • 2 Military Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter for Military Position

The military cover letter should have a clear structure and official format. It has to be short enough, but informative and must disclose the central resume information (but do not repeat it). Here is a  perfect structure for military cover letter examples : 

  • Your contact information  (name, home address, email address, and phone number). 
  • Date. 
  • Employer’s information  (recruiter name, company/agency name, address). 
  • Introduction paragraph.  Describe why you are writing and what position you want to take. Why do you want to work in this organization, and what do you like about it. Try to attract the attention of the reader from the first 2-3 sentences. 
  • Body.  You should formulate an association between your background and the company’s requirements. Mention directly related military experience and/or education, summarize them. Do not forget to notify the relevant skills (better hard ones) or professional accomplishments. Write additional information about the agency or about respected employees who work there (if you have). 
  • Concluding paragraph.  Reiterate your interest in this military job position. State that you wait to discuss your background in the interview session, mention that you are available to start as soon as possible. Thank the reader for his/her consideration. 

For some reason, many believe that military cover letters should be longer than others. But on the contrary, such a document should be short and precise, because the main thing in the military industry is not words, but actions. Thus, the army cover letter should reflect your ability to state your thoughts, correctly describe your goals and motivation. 

Some Advice to Get Noticed with Military Cover Letter 

Before sending your cover letter to military recruiters or directly to the employer, read these tips and several times proofread your paper.

  • Research the company you are applying to. To give a definite answer about why you want to work in this agency and this position, you need to have more detailed information.
  • If you have military connections and/or recommendations, write about them. Ask your former commander to write you a letter of recommendation or permission to indicate his/her name with positive feedback. It will 100% increase your chances.
  • No military jargon. The recruiter who will read your letter may not be related to the military industry. It means you have to explain your army skills in plain language.
  • Address the reader by name. If you do not know who will read your resume and cover letter, try to find out. Show your ability to seek information and perseverance.

Read and be inspired by our military cover letter example. You can use a similar structure for your writing, but do not forget to add individual agency information and position details. 

Military Cover Letter Example

  • Military Resume Sample
  • Military Resume to Civilian Sample

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Army Soldier Cover Letter Examples: 4 Templates

A soldier is someone who fights in an army. Here is a sample Cover Letter for an Army Soldier. An army personnel carries out tasks such as maintaining military equipment, guarding and protecting vulnerable people and property, and assisting in disaster relief and emergency management initiatives. You can make changes based on your needs.

Letter Template: 1

Table of Contents

Army Soldier Cover Letter

James Brown

238 broadway

United States

The HR Manager

XYZ Company

354 F 63rd Street

Subject- Army soldier Cover Letter

I’d like to convey my desire to join the army. This is a fantastic opportunity, and I am grateful for opportunity. (Explain in your terms.) I’ve been thinking about this since I started high school.

I understand it is a difficult career choice, but it is one I am willing to make. I’ve known for a long time that joining the army was the right choice for me, and I’m finally ready to take the plunge. I understand that being a soldier is a difficult job, but it is one that I am willing to take on. (Express your self-assurance and commitment.) I’ve always been a diligent worker and a self-starter, capable of carrying out orders and chores while seeking ways to go above and beyond anyone’s expectations. I can achieve whatever goal I set my mind to, and I am in the excellent physical condition and ready for Basic Combat Training.

It would be an honor for me to become a soldier, and I am confident that I have what it takes to be one of the greatest in the military. Please provide me with Army information or give me a call so that we can meet and discuss the procedure.

[Handwriting signature]

[Mention the contact details]

[Mention here, if there is any post note to be given]

Download Template : ( pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc )

Letter Template: 2

I’d like to convey my desire to join the army. I’ve been thinking about this since I started high school. My parents agreed that it was a fantastic opportunity, but they insisted that I first get my high school graduation. Well, I’ll be graduating in [mention the date] and am eager to join the [mention the name of the company].

I can follow orders and complete the tasks that have been allotted to me. I understand that maintaining a certain appearance is required once you join the military. I will avoid any action that would be frowned upon by the military and will always handle myself professionally. I can tell you that I work well in groups.

As an army soldier, I know I’ll get along well with others. I can work as part of a team and support my fellow soldiers, but I also have the ability to step up and assume leadership if necessary. [Describe your greetings and expectations politely].

I understand it is a difficult career choice, but it is one I am willing to make. I’ve always been a hard worker and a motivated individual who can follow directions and chores while seeking ways to exceed anyone’s expectations. As a representative of the armed forces and an army soldier, I understand that I will be expected to keep a certain appearance and carry myself in a manner that symbolizes the finest that this country has to offer.

As an army soldier, I know I’ll get along well with others. Please provide me with Army information or give me a call so that we can meet and discuss the procedure.

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cover letter for military recruitment

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