Retirement Speech Examples and Ideas That Get It Right

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It is customary for a person retiring to give a speech, either at a retirement celebration or at a final meeting in the workplace. If writing a retirement speech isn't really in your wheelhouse, don't worry! It's easy to write a retirement speech when you create some focus for your words.

Original Sample Speeches for Retirees

If you need a little more guidance on writing your retirement speech, check out these original sample speeches. They might help inspire your own speech or might be appropriate to use with a little customizing. For help with downloading or printing these sample speeches, refer to the Guide for Adobe Printables .

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A Grateful Retirement Speech

Over the last few decades, you have probably spent more time with your co-workers than you have with your own family! For better and sometimes for worse, your co-workers have been a huge part of your career and your life. They have celebrated weddings, babies, and promotions with you. They likely comforted you in times of loss and were there when you hit a rough patch on the job. Use your retirement speech to pay homage to the people you worked with and the family and friends who supported you throughout your working years. This speech format focuses on gratitude and acknowledges the speaker's coworkers and family.

A Serious Retirement Speech

Some workplaces are fun and relaxed environments to spend your days, and others have a far more serious tone to them. If your workplace does not appreciate humor, or if you feel more reflective than funny about this milestone, a serious speech can be a good way to close this chapter of your life. As long as a serious speech is heartfelt and doesn't feel cold or removed, it will surely do the trick.

A Funny Retirement Speech

Some retirees want to go out with a bang! These people need to nail a speech that engages the audience with humor and brings smiles to faces surrounding him/her. During the final moments of your career, remind your colleagues, superiors, friends, and family why you were so much to be around for all those years and how much they will miss your banter around the watercooler. This speech is meant to prompt laughter while poking a little fun at the people who must return to work on the next workday. When creating a humorous speech, be sure to balance jokes and jests with grace and class. Humor speeches should never tread into the waters of offensive.

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Giving a Retirement Speech for an Employee

If you are the head honcho at work and you have an employee retiring, you will want to send him/her off with a well-thought-out, carefully planned speech.

Tailor the Speech to the Employee

The person who is retiring has given the company you both work for decades of his/her life. Show the retiree respect by handcrafting a speech specific to them. If they are full of personality, jokes and have a fun-loving spirit, then write up a funny speech full of hilarious memories and inside jokes. If they are better known for their serious side and hard work ethic, play on those qualities, incorporating them into a more serious speech.

Retirement Speech Etiquette

When you're writing your retirement speech, keep in mind the culture of your workplace. While you want to inject your own personality into it, you don't want to deliver a speech that will make other people uncomfortable. Follow a few key etiquette tips to ensure that you stay in your lane and don't veer too far off course during your speech.

Stay Positive

A retirement speech is not the appropriate opportunity in which to air your grievances. Even if you're leaving a workplace that you largely considered toxic, filled with co-workers who might benefit from anger management training , you should focus on the positive. Do your best to drum up the good and steer clear of the bad. Thank your co-workers for their passion or comment on the promptness that the company functions under.

Time the Speech Accordingly

How long your speech runs largely depends on the venue and tone of the event. If you're standing up in a meeting to say farewell, you should take less time than if you're giving your speech at a formal celebration intended only to celebrate your retirement. Ask the event coordinator how much time they set aside for your speech and stick to the time allotted. If no guidance is given otherwise, for a formal celebration, aim for a speech lasting under 10 minutes. For a quick stand up in a meeting, you should not exceed three minutes.

Read the Room

Consider your audience. Your now-former colleagues are likely comprised of older and younger people who are now all sitting in the venue awaiting your words. When you deliver your speech, regardless of the speech style and tone, be sure to address those who have been with you for many years, as well as newcomers to the workplace. Pay homage to everyone surrounding you and make sure all feel like a part of your journey.

Be Grateful

Thank all the people who helped you along the way in your career, including those outside the workplace such as mentors, family, and close friends. It's important to thank the people within your workplace responsible for pulling together your retirement celebration. Before drafting a retirement speech, draft a list of must-mention people. If you have many people to include in your tribute, consider grouping some folks into a department. For example, you could say, "I could not have made it through my days without the dedication and assistance of the ______ department."

There is nothing wrong with asking a trusted person to review your speech before you finalize it. They may come up with ideas or insights you didn't think of. Allow a few people to read through your speech or listen to you read through a draft of your speech before finalizing it. Take their thoughts into consideration. You don't have to change up your whole speech on account of others, but ponder their suggestions in the very least.

Delivery Tips

Speaking in public can be difficult for people unaccustomed to it, but there are steps you can take to ease your anxiety.

Dress and Dazzle

Put on something clean and pressed, give yourself a shave or freshen up your nails and makeup. You don't have to look like a supermodel, but you do want to put a bit of thought and consideration into your look on your retirement day. For many in the audience, this is the last time they will see you, so give them a bit of a show. Sometimes when people put on their best, they feel more confident and ready to take on challenges that lie ahead.

Practice Beforehand

Nobody expects you to memorize your speech, but you should familiarize yourself with your completed speech before you try to deliver it to a crowd. Reading it aloud beforehand may reveal portions that will make you emotional, and you don't want to get caught off-guard by getting choked up. Knowing that you are not going into a cold read can help reduce your anxiety levels on your big day.

Breathe Deeply to Calm Down

As you wait to deliver your speech, take slow, deep breaths to help relieve your nervousness. Envision your lungs and balloons and fill them with air, then forcefully exhale. This type of breathing can help calm you.

Have Water Handy

The body reacts to stress in different ways. If you feel anxious about delivering a speech in front of people, your throat might tighten up. A cup of water by your side allows you to take a moment, clear your throat, and continue with the speech. Additionally, it's a good idea to have tissues or a handkerchief nearby in case you tear up.

Choose a Go-To Focal Point

Find a spot on the furthest wall of the room and make that your go-to focal point. It might be an exit sign or a clock but look at your focal point when you have trouble looking at your audience - especially if the people close to you are getting emotional and you're afraid you might become emotional too. The other benefit to the focal point being at the furthest wall is that it will appear to your audience as though you're simply looking at the back row instead of staring at an exit sign or clock.

Remember: The Speech Won't Last Forever

This speech, daunting as it may seem, is only 3-10 minutes of your entire life. You WILL get through it, and then it is over, tucked away to memories for the rest of your days. Remind yourself that you will only be standing and speaking for a short span of time, and then you will be done. Even if you envision a million things going wrong, the reality is that none of it likely will. Our concerns are always worse than the reality.

Enjoy the Moment

You worked hard to get to the point of retirement . Nobody expects an Emmy award-winning performance from you, so try to enjoy this one final work task of thanking the people who helped make your retirement possible.

What should you say in your retirement speech that will blow everyone’s mind?

Let's discuss what to say in a retirement speech to make your retirement celebration truly memorable..

example of a good retirement speech

Retirement is an important milestone in any person’s life, marking the end of a long and fulfilling career. It is a time to reflect on the years of hard work, accomplishments, and growth, as well as a time to look forward to the future and the new opportunities that lie ahead.

For many, retirement is also a time to celebrate with friends, family, and colleagues, often at a retirement party or a smaller gathering at the office. In any case, retiring is an event to remember so a retiree-to-be is often expected to give a retirement speech. In this article, we will discuss what to say in a retirement speech and offer some retirement party speech ideas to make your retirement celebration truly memorable.

1. Express gratitude

The first thing to include in a retirement speech is a heartfelt expression of gratitude to those who have supported you throughout your career. This might include your colleagues, friends, family, mentors, and even your employers. Take the time to acknowledge the ways in which these people have helped you grow and succeed, and thank them for their contributions to your journey. If your family is present you may want to thank them too (your wife and kids might have also supported you in many different ways).

2. Reflect on your accomplishments

Next, take some time to reflect on your accomplishments throughout your entire career. Consider the challenges you faced, the goals you achieved, and the impact you made in your field when giving the speech at the retirement party. Share some of your proudest moments and talk about the lessons you learned along the way. A retirement speech is a great opportunity to inspire yourself and others and celebrate achievements. 

3. Share your vision for retirement

As you move into retirement, you likely have some ideas about what you want to do with your newfound free time. Take some time to share your vision for retirement with your audience in your retirement farewell speech. Whether you plan to travel, volunteer, take up a new hobby, or spend time with family and friends, let your audience know what you’re looking forward to in this new chapter of your life.

4. Offer advice and wisdom

As someone who has spent a long time in your profession, you likely have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with others. Take some time to offer advice to your colleagues and other professionals who may be starting out in their careers. Share some of the lessons you learned and the strategies that helped you succeed .

5. Finish on a high note

Finally, end your farewell speech on a positive note. Thank your audience once again for their support, express your excitement for the future, and perhaps share a quote or a piece of wisdom that has inspired you throughout your career. This is a time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished and all that you have yet to achieve.

Ideas on what to say in a retirement speech

Here are some ideas to help you deliver a meaningful and memorable retirement speech:

  •         Talk about your hobbies, interests, and future plans
  •         Share a personal story that illustrates your career journey
  •         Include humor, but keep it tasteful
  •         Use quotes or sayings that inspire you
  •         Use visual aids, such as photos or videos
  •         Keep your speech concise and to the point
  •         Speak from the heart and be sincere
  •         Practice your speech beforehand to feel confident and comfortable

Samples of Retirement Speech

These are some retirement thank you speech examples that you can check out. Perhaps they will help you to write your own:

Retirement speech example 1

Greetings to all. As I stand here today to say goodbye to my coworkers and the company, I find myself experiencing a wide range of emotions. To begin, I would like to express my gratitude to my employer and coworkers for the privilege of working with such a fantastic bunch of individuals.

I started out as an intern here 30 years ago and am now the Chief Operating Officer. It’s been an amazing ride, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to the company’s success. I have gained a great deal of knowledge from my coworkers and boss, and I will always value the time spent with them.

During my stay here, I oversaw the launch of a new software system that drastically improved our data management. Additionally, I participated in a number of community outreach projects that ultimately aided in fostering better ties between the company and the local populace. These accomplishments were made possible thanks to the assistance of my team and Jill, the best and most professional CEO I ever had the pleasure to work with.

My future goals include seeing the world and spending more time with my loved ones. I’ll never forget my experience here, and I’m going to miss the company and my coworkers. I have no doubt the company will go on to greater and greater heights, and I eagerly anticipate hearing about its future achievements.

To wrap up, I’d like to thank everyone I worked with and everyone who helped me along the way at this company. We appreciate the chances, the help, and the time spent together. I want to leave you all with a piece of advice that’s served me well throughout my career: always strive for excellence, never give up on your dreams, and cherish every moment of your life. In closing, I want to say that it has been a pleasure to collaborate with you and that I wish you the best of luck in your future undertakings. It’s much appreciated.

Retirement speech example 2 – a heartfelt one

Good afternoon, everyone. I would like to thank you all for being here today to celebrate my retirement. It has been an incredible journey, and I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing people over the years.

When I first started my career, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated team. From the early days of my career to my current role, I have learned so much from my colleagues and mentors.

I would like to take a moment to thank a few people who have had a significant impact on my career. First, I would like to thank my mentor, John. John took me under his wing when I was just starting out. From the sleepless nights to the long hours of working, I will never forget the lessons he taught me.

I would also like to thank my colleagues, who have become like family to me over the years. We have shared so many memories and experiences, and I will miss working with each and every one of you.

As I move on to the next phase of my life, I am excited to explore new opportunities and spend more time with my family. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing the continued success of the organization.

Thank you all again for your support and friendship over the years. It has been an honor to work alongside you.

Retirement speech example 3 – a short one

Good afternoon, everyone. It is hard to believe that my time at this amazing organization has come to an end. It has been a privilege to work alongside such dedicated and talented individuals, and I am proud of all that we have accomplished together.

As I move on to the next chapter of my life, I am excited about the new opportunities that await me. Retirement is not the end but a new beginning, and I plan to make the most of it.

I want to take a moment to thank my colleagues and mentors for their unwavering support and encouragement. Thank you all for being a part of my journey. Your friendship and support have been a constant source of inspiration, and I will cherish the memories we have made together.

In closing, I want to leave you all with this quote by John Quincy Adams: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” I hope that, in some small way, I have been able to inspire and lead throughout my career. Thank you all again for everything.

Retirement speech example 4 – a funny one

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, and cherished friends, today I stand before you today with a heart filled with mixed emotions — sadness, joy, excitement, a bit of fear and the sudden urge to break into the Macarena. Yes, my friends, after countless years of battles with the office microwave that seems to have a vendetta against popcorn, the moment has finally arrived—my retirement day!

As I look back on my time in this incredible workspace, I can’t help but chuckle at the memories we’ve created together. From the infamous stapler thief incident (seriously, who steals a stapler?) to the epic battle of wills between the printer and our IT department, we’ve experienced a myriad of unforgettable moments that could easily fuel a sitcom.

Let’s not forget the legendary office parties where we showcased our secret talents, like Terry from accounting who revealed his hidden breakdancing skills, and Linda from HR who surprised us all with her impressive opera singing (we still have the shattered windows to prove it).

But amidst the laughter and hilarity, I want to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. You’ve been more than just coworkers; you’ve been a second family—a dysfunctional, wonderfully quirky, and occasionally noisy family that I’m proud to be a part of.

As I bid farewell to this place, I leave you with a few pearls of wisdom. Remember, never trust a microwave’s estimation of cooking time, because it will always deceive you. And when it comes to office politics, well, just pretend to be Switzerland—neutral, diplomatic, and occasionally armed with chocolate.

Thank you all for the memories, the laughter, and the friendships that have made this journey worthwhile. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a recliner, a piña colada, and a never-ending playlist of ’80s classics. Cheers to retirement, where the only deadlines we face are deciding which tropical destination to visit next!

In conclusion, delivering a heartfelt retirement speech can be an emotional and challenging experience. However, by following these retirement speech tips, you can create a memorable and meaningful speech that will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and employees. Remember to keep it personal and sincere, and don’t forget to thank the people who have been part of your career journey.

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Retirement Farewell Speech – Farewell Speech on Retirement

example of a good retirement speech

Retirement Farewell Speech: Retirement is considered a new stage in life. The person has relinquished all professional commitments and is relishing time for self. Retirement is a welcome respite for many, who find themselves relieved of the stress of working life. This occasion could also be a time of mixed feelings for the person who is retiring. Both happy and sad moments flash in front of the person.

The retirement farewell ceremony is organized to recognize the retiree’s work or contribution. A retirement speech should perfectly blend your experience in the current company and your future expectations in life. It includes thanking the retiree’s colleagues, friends, and family for their support over the years. Students are also asked to write farewell speeches on the occasion of retirement. Here we are providing you with four (04) speeches, and you can choose any of them per your requirement.

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Retirement Farewell Speech

Retirement farewell speech – 1.

Good Afternoon Board of Directors, Colleagues, and Friends. It’s a pleasure to deliver the speech on my retirement from the company ABC Multinational Co. as the Chief Executive Officer. I welcome you all to this difficult but special occasion.

I have spent ten years with many of you as an executive officer at this company. It is delightful to acknowledge that you have given me the best working conditions and environment to deliver my duties and responsibilities. The company is highly profitable and is managed well by all of you. Thus, I now feel it’s the best time to retire from my position and allow other young and charismatic leaders to take over the position.

During my tenure at this company, I got opportunities to learn several things that have helped me both in my professional and personal life. I met and made many friends who supported me throughout. I learned key skills such as management ability, time management, honesty, and teamwork. This is evident that we have achieved success by working together as a company and have earned several awards due to our dedication and motivation towards reaching our goal as a multinational company. Thus, I can certainly claim that my success in this company is due to your support.

It gives me immense pleasure to claim that our company is a leading one at the present moment. This is all because we work as a team, and the company values and respects every individual of the organization irrespective of position and role. At this moment, I express my honest gratitude to all my colleagues for your commitment to ensuring that the company grows beyond expectations. Nothing would have been possible without the support, hard work, and dedication of my team and other co-employees. I am sad because I will miss you all and this environment.

I remember when the company incurred a huge loss, and the shareholders became impatient with the company; the board of directors and my colleagues stood by me and motivated me. That was a massive challenge for us, and through your dedication and unconditional support, we overcame the situation and are making huge profits now.

This company has been my dream; my only desire was to see this company grow every day. We have achieved success, but we must maintain this success for years to come and multiply it with several more accolades and recognition. ABC Multinational Co. is proud to be associated with all the dedicated clients and employees.

I express my special thanks to all of you and wish that you continue to be successful in your life. There is a lot of learning ahead of you, so be focused and persistent, and you will be successful in your future endeavors.

Thank you very much.

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Retirement Farewell Speech – 2

Warm greetings of the day to all! Respected teachers and my dear students! I hope you all know that we have assembled here to bid me final goodbye as it is the day of my retirement from the position of Principal of our ABC School.

It’s been more than 15 years since my association with this prestigious school, and needless to say that I have developed an invincible bond with this institution. So, calling off my duties and responsibilities seems to be a little tough for me at this juncture. However, I would still like to take this opportunity to share things about my journey as the Principal of ABC School before retiring from the position. Though the journey was indeed very exciting and enriching for me, it was challenging at the same time. Since it was not possible to shoulder the responsibilities of the entire school on my own, I would like to personally thank the Vice Principal of our school, Dr. Shanti Devi, as well as my faculty members for standing resolutely in the process of career-building and shaping the future of our nation.

Of course, I cannot fail to mention my students who have performed brilliantly in their academics and in other co-curricular activities. Also, without the support of the teachers of our school, I would have been like a ship with no anchor. You all have made me what I am today and have endowed me with the ability to work towards the development of our school and take it to new heights. It swells my chest with pride to say that today our school has achieved the soaring height of success and gained state-wide acclamation and rewards because of the hard work of everyone associated with our school.

So, what better time than now when I can happily retire from this position after seeing the best of times? However, I would surely expect everyone here to achieve new milestones of success and bring our worldwide school acclamation. After spending memorable times here, forging everlasting union, and seeing incredible successes, I am retiring with a lot of contentment in my heart. There have been some special moments that will always remain close to my heart.

Although I am not sure whether I have been able to win your heart, one thing I can bet on is that you all have shown team spirit whatever challenges we have faced in the years gone by. I could bank upon my teachers and students every time. Whether it’s about hosting any event in our school, organizing a workshop, making arrangements for a guest visit, etc., you all have exceeded my expectations.

I wish for a bright future for all my dear students and a prospering career for my staff and faculty members. Keep going the same way; maintain the passion and zeal to achieve something bigger and better.

Thank you very much!

Class 10 English chapter 2 nelson Mandela question answer

Retirement Farewell Speech – 3

Hello Friends! Good evening.

Finally, we all have gathered to be a part of this special, bitter-sweet occasion. Thank you for arranging such a grand farewell party for me. You people have put in all your efforts to make my last day in this office as memorable as you have made it during these past years of mine.

It has been my pleasure to be connected with all the beautiful people I have worked with during my tenure in this company. Deep down in my heart, I have great memories of the shared times, friendships forged, and the incredible successes we have enjoyed; all these have been an extraordinary part of my life.

I am delighted to say that each of you, the board of directors, my colleagues, and friends have given me the best working environment and greatest of freedom along with trust to exercise my duties. You all have strengthened my ideas by keeping faith and having confidence in me. I am proud to claim that my career at this company has been outstanding due to the support, appreciation, encouragement, and cooperation I have received from each of you. I cannot thank you enough for this.

But now, it is time for me to look forward to having to spend time and the freedom to pursue my hobbies and interests, including writing, travel, and hanging out with my family and friends.

My dear team, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together, and they have been the times I can never forget. We have achieved a lot by working in harmony as a company. My career has been both challenging and rewarding. I have done my best, and the management has rewarded me well. I have been privileged to be a part of such a team that has achieved the success we all have been proud of.

I am short of words to thank you, especially the board of directors, for encouraging me so much, even when things appeared to be quite challenging. With the help of your support, hard work, kindness, friendship, and appreciation, I have achieved whatever I wanted to and have been able to give this company my best. It is hard to bid you all goodbye, but the time says it has to be done. I will miss this amazing environment and colleagues who always stood by me and helped me execute my plans.

I have full faith that this great company will continue to grow and prosper, and I trust that each of you will scale great heights here. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for sharing this amazing celebration dinner with me and for the incredible love, support, and friendship. You all will be missed. Thank you, everyone; thanks for all your wishes. I am overwhelmed with this love of yours.

Stay connected! Good Bye!

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Retirement Farewell Speech – 4

Good Morning dear friends; thanks for joining me here on my retirement day. It is time for me to summarize my tenure at this stage and bid you all goodbye.

I am humbled and in awe today that so many of you considered my retirement ceremony worthy of your time.

I am here to share my sincere gratitude for my time in this company and your people. It has been a long journey together; during this tenure, I have been able to build myself. It has been a phase during which I have become more courageous, kinder, and enthusiastic. Thank you all for making me what I am today. Your love, affection, care, and knowledge have made me stand high today.

I am thankful to the management for noticing and encouraging my talent and work ethic. You have noticed my skills and appreciated them from the very beginning. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for believing in me for this entire tenure and making me enrich my life. You have been just like my second family, and you have supported me in my career and personal life.

I must say that I have been allotted the best team in the company, I may sound boastful, but it is true. My teammates have been the best part of my journey; they have made my dreams live and have put in all the efforts so that we diverse people are acknowledged and known as one entity throughout the company. Last week, I remember one of them saying sir, we wished that each one of our retirement came the same day. Just imagine these young blood saying such great words. What more could I have asked for? You all complete me.

You have always supported me and stood by my side. You made me see sense when things got a little blurry. And for this, I thank you. I want to thank all my bosses and colleagues for allowing me to achieve my full potential and giving me a chance to make a name for myself.

Thank you, everyone, for making me realize my fullest potential. Thank you for this grand morning start on my last day and for giving me hope that the time ahead will help me prosper. Each one of you will stay in my heart forever. I wish this company reaches great heights and we all stay connected throughout.

Though our paths are changing now, I will request you all to be connected with me. I am considering this post-retirement phase as my vacation time now, and I hope that you people won’t forget me during this phase of my life.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. I will miss you all. It feels honored to hear such great words for myself. Thank you! Thank you so much for everything.

Good luck, everyone! Bye!

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Great and Inspiring Retirement Dinner Speech Examples

Table of Contents

Retirement is a major milestone in someone’s life that can bring immense accomplishment, joy, and freedom. It marks the end of a great career and the start of a new and exciting chapter. And this definitely calls for a celebration. So whether you have a company dinner party or one planned with your family, you should come prepared with a  retirement dinner speech .

A well-written speech will help you express gratitude to your family, peers, and the company for all their support and encouragement throughout your career. Let us help you develop a great speech that will truly leave a lasting impact. Keep reading for writing tips and examples that will inspire you!

What to Include in Your Retirement Speech

Preparing your speech can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. The first thing you need to do is know what you should include. When you have an outline of your main points, you’ll be able to focus on what you want to say instead of rambling aimlessly.

Here’s an outline of the main points that you should include for an effective speech:

  • Introduction : You may skip this part if you’re hosting a private celebratory dinner. But if you’re attending a company function, include a quick introduction about yourself. You can include your job position, department, the years you’ve worked for the company, and so on.
  • Thank You Message : It is important to include heartfelt gratitude for those who have helped you along the way. From colleagues and bosses to friends and family, recognizing their contributions and expressing appreciation can be an emotional moment for everyone involved.
  • Your career story : Reflecting on meaningful milestones during your career is an opportunity to reminisce and share stories that illustrate how far you’ve come. It will also help you reflect on lessons learned in the process.
  • Parting advice : Finally, offering words of wisdom and advice to your successors will help them in their own journey. It will also ensure they understand the values underpinning your successes.

A successful retirement dinner speech should weave together these diverse elements with vivid language, creating an experience that resonates with all present.

People raising their glasses to make a toast during a celebratory dinner.

Retirement Dinner Speech Examples

Greetings, everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here tonight to honor my retirement from the wonderful world of work. For decades, I have had the privilege and good fortune to contribute in meaningful ways across various industries. But now, it is time for me to embark on a new journey of leisure and discovery. 

I feel grateful to have achieved so much throughout my career, creating lasting relationships with colleagues who are like family to me. At this juncture, I would especially like to thank all of you for your love and support over these past few years. Without your efforts, I would not be standing here today as a proud retiree. 

I will miss our professional camaraderie, which has allowed us to achieve so much together. But I also look forward to a new stage of life full of possibilities and exploration. As we all make our way into tomorrow, let us take solace in the well-tread paths of wisdom and collaboration we have forged together. May they propel us ever onwards toward greater horizons! 

Thank you once again for coming to celebrate my retirement with me. Now, let’s get this party started!

I stand here before you all tonight, humbled and grateful to share this moment with such wonderful friends. After a long career filled with highs and lows, I’m proud to say I’m finally retiring. 

I’ve worked in many different fields over the years – from engineering to finance to customer service – and it’s been an incredibly enriching experience. During my time at each job, I encountered many unique challenges and opportunities that have helped me grow professionally and personally. 

I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey. Thank you to my colleagues, mentors, and family members who have shared their wisdom and guidance. My boss, for taking a chance on me when no one else would. All my friends, for always listening and understanding. And, of course, my wife for her unwavering love and encouragement throughout it all. 

I leave feeling invigorated by the knowledge I have gained and excited for what lies ahead. Though I am entering a new chapter in life, I will never forget those special moments we spent together. Let us raise our glasses in celebration of this meaningful milestone!

Good evening everyone! I want to say thank you to all of you for coming here tonight and joining us in celebrating my retirement. As many of you know, I have been a proud member of this company for the past 20 years as Chief Financial Officer. 

I can recall some of the more challenging moments we faced together, such as when our profits plummeted during the economic crisis in 2009. But with perdurable perseverance and dogged determination. We managed to pull through unscathed. It was an honor to serve alongside every one of you during that trying time, where we also made invaluable memories along the way. 

Your support over the years has allowed me to reach heights beyond what I initially envisioned for myself. For that, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. 

As I retire from this role, I take solace in knowing I will leave behind a strong legacy of leadership within this organization. May your success continue to flourish for many generations ahead! To conclude my speech, let me share with you my favorite quote: “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” With that said, cheers to another successful decade ahead. Thank you once again!

Wrapping Up

A  retirement dinner speech  brings closure to your working career. It provides an opportunity to reflect on your hard work, dedication, and accomplishments over the years. It’s also a great time to acknowledge your family, colleagues, and company for their support. Make it count by taking inspiration from these examples!

Great and Inspiring Retirement Dinner Speech Examples

Abir Ghenaiet

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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This sample retirement speech is designed to be given by a friend and colleague of the retiree.

Although this particular speech is geared towards a teacher, you could easily rework it to make it suitable for anyone retiring, whether a CEO, waitress or mailman!

This sample retirement speech makes good use of story-telling and special memories. There are some touching moments, some humor as well as a great quote at the end of the speech that touches on how the speaker feels about the person.

Check out this free retirement speech if you're looking for a speech that is given by someone who is themselves retiring, rather than by a friend or colleague of the retiree.

Beginning sample retirement speech

Beginning of Sample Retirement Speech

We're here today to show our respect and love for Flagstaff Elementary School's own Whitney Jean Paul.

Like Moses who spent 40 years leading his people to the promised land, Whitney has spent exactly that long leading students during her accomplished tenure with us. She has touched all of our lives during this time, and we are sad to see her go.

Body of the Retirement Speech

Everyone in this room knows that you don't go into teaching to make a lot of money - people become teachers to make a difference to the students that are in their class, to teach them that they can accomplish their goals and become whoever they want to be in this world.

At times, for Whitney, making a difference also meant teaching her students how to work together in a group or - yes - even about the importance of not sticking erasers in your nose or ears!

Whitney showed that you can make a difference in a student's life by the day to day things you do for them. Those small things work together to make a big difference in the lives of others.

Sometimes the hardest part about teaching is just getting the students involved and interested in learning. Whitney Jean never had that problem. Even when you would pass her room during pre-planning you would know the students were going to be engaged.

I remember the first time I went to visit her the day before school started one year. Her whole room was decorated in a football theme. Watching her set up team areas, score boards, and decorations made me wish I was going to be in her class!

Whitney took advantage of every spare minute she had to teach her students. Sometimes when teachers walk students down the hall to the restroom or a resource class, they take the opportunity to catch a quick breath and take a break themselves.

Not Ms. Paul! I'm sure you have seen her passing out multiplication flash cards to students in line for the restroom. Who can forget her marching down the hall chanting, "right, acute, obtuse!" as she and the students formed the angles with their arms.

Whitney was always available to help her students be successful. Even at the end of a long day, she would volunteer her time to stay after school to meet with small groups of students who needed extra help.

Whitney has been an amazing teacher, but she is also a great colleague and friend. If you were ever at school late and needed someone to help you brainstorm teaching ideas, Whitney was there.

She has been our "go-to" person when we have had questions or needed ideas. Heck, after 40 years of teaching you better have some knowledge to share!

Sample Retirement Speech

Sample Conclusion of a Retirement Speech

When I think of Whitney Jean Paul I'm reminded of the following quotation by John Steinbeck. "I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist, and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit."

Ms. Paul, you are one of the great artists of the teaching profession. You have made a lasting impression on the world through the lives of the students you have taught. Thank you and happy retirement!

End of Sample Retirement Speech

Listen to this speech

Speaking at a person's retirement party is not always an easy thing to do as emotions often run high. It is a great honor to give tribute to someone you have worked with, often for many years, as he or she can feel more like a family member than a work-mate. Hopefully this sample retirement speech has helped you in some small way to put your feelings towards the retiree into just the right words!

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How to Write a Memorable Retirement Speech + Examples

Updated 9/1/2022

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Belinda McLeod, BA in Secondary Education

Contributing writer.

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example of a good retirement speech

Cake values integrity and transparency. We follow a strict editorial process to provide you with the best content possible. We also may earn commission from purchases made through affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more in our affiliate disclosure .

Are you in charge of giving the speech for your friend’s retirement party? Congratulations! This means that others are confident in your ability to inform, inspire, and entertain. Take their confidence in your abilities to heart and approach the task with courage.

Jump ahead to these sections:

What makes a great retirement speech, step 1: gather information, step 2: learn the special qualities of the person, step 3: write an outline, step 4: write out the speech (optional), step 5: get feedback, step 6: record a video of your speech before you give it, short retirement speech examples.

You may have never been asked to give a retirement speech before now. It can be hard to know where to start. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Retirement speeches are like any public speaking opportunity.

The process is similar to when you write a Best Man/Maid of Honor speech. Even if you are a practiced public speaker, take some time to prepare. The last thing you want is to get up in front of everyone and realize you don’t know enough about the retiree to honor them properly. 

Here are some steps to follow as you prepare for the retirement gathering.

Tip: Growing older and entering retirement also means watching your friends and family members grow older, too. And that often means coping with loss and grief. If you know a retiree who's facing a loss, our post-loss checklist  may be able to help.

We all are experts in what constitutes a lousy speech because most of us have sat through long-winded, rambling, pointless tirades. However, what are the characteristics of a great retirement speech? Here are some thoughts to consider.

Choose a speaker who knows the person well

Select a speaker for the event that knows the honoree well. This may not be the head of the organization – or even the best speaker in the room. However, a heartfelt speech with personal details will make the retiree (and future retirees) feel like they are more than a cog in a machine. 

Focus on the honoree

Your mom may have told you not to “toot our own horn.” But when given a podium, some business owners and leaders have difficulty not talking about themselves and their accomplishments. So as you write the retirement speech, remove all references to your achievements from the address and focus on how the retiree served your organization.

Keep it short — but not too short

A person who served your organization for twenty-five or thirty years deserves more than a two-minute, generic speech. It needs to look like your speech took some effort to write.

Carefully use humor

The best speeches include a bit of humor. However, being funny is challenging to do. Carefully consider your audience. Bounce your attempts at humor with others who understand the situation before including a joke in your speech.

People usually get in trouble when they don’t write down what they plan to say. We understand that you may prefer to work off-script. However, unless you have a lot of experience giving retirement speeches, you might want to at least work off an outline. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your task? Take a deep breath. Here is a step-by-step guide for writing a retirement speech:

Information needed to write a retirement speech

If you are in charge of giving the retirement speech for a long-time employee, take time to gather information about the person. You may need to do some research. Hopefully, you can get the information you’re looking for without turning to the honoree for help.

If you feel like you are missing key details try reaching out to some colleagues. The employees who work with the retiree or the retirees supervisor would be good people to talk to. 

This step is particularly crucial if you don’t have a personal relationship with the employee. Getting one or all these facts incorrect will be embarrassing for you and the honoree.

Try to find out the following:

  • How long the retiree had been in the industry.
  • How long the retiree had worked for the company.
  • The previous positions the person held within the company.
  • The contributions they made while working.
  • Awards the person who is retiring may have received in the course of their career.
  • Pertinent information about the retiree’s work history. You could reference a special project they were involved in, or a big event they organized. 

Also, make sure you know about the personal life of the employee who is retiring. 

  • Know the correct pronunciation of their name.
  • Learn about any nicknames they answer to.
  • Find out the name of the current spouse of the employee.
  • Make sure you know the names of their kids.
  • Find out what you can about personal hobbies, interests, or activities.

One thing worth mentioning. Some people work hard to keep their private life private. If you are having trouble getting information about the retiree despite your best efforts, consider it a warning sign.

That person might not like to share their personal life with their colleagues. If that’s the case, you should work with them to write a speech they are comfortable with. 

Hopefully, you were asked to deliver this speech because you know what makes this person unique. This is not always the case, though, especially if you are the boss of a large group of people. You may need to interview coworkers and family members to get to know the person you are honoring.

Whether you know the person well or not, here are some points to consider.

  • What would everyone say is the most significant character trait about the person?
  • How has this employee made a positive contribution to the work environment?
  • Ask others about significant interactions they may have had with the retiree.

From the answers to these questions and the stories that you hear, you may be able to develop a theme for your speech. 

Yes, your English teacher knew what she was doing when she forced you to write essay outlines. Writing an outline will help your speech have focus. And it will force you to stay on topic. 

There’s no one way to write an outline for a speech, but here is an example.

  • Introduction - Start with an attention-grabbing story. The retiree should be the feature of the story. And it should paint them in a positive light. 
  • Point 1 - Share a positive attribute about that person. It can be work-related, or more general. Maybe they’re a great listener.  Or they could have a calming personality that is useful in a hectic environment. Give a specific example of a time this attribute was useful in the office.
  • Point 2 - Talk about the significance of the retiree’s work. If they have been part of the company for a long time you should have plenty of examples. You don’t need to go into details about all the projects they worked on. But listing some of the more involved or important projects can highlight what they did for the organization. 
  • Point 3 - Talk about the most poignant and important attribute of the person. Try to come up with an example of this attribute. A short story about a time they used this attribute would work well here. 
  • Thank the employee for their contribution to the office . Make sure you wish the person well in their retirement. You could include a quote about retirement during this part of your speech. You can find some great quotes for this occasion in a retirement magazine . 

If you are a skilled and practiced orator, you may only need to refer to your outline when giving the speech. Otherwise, take the time to write out the text of the address.

Remember, when you are giving a speech to honor another person, you shouldn’t use the word “I” very often. This will make the listeners feel as if you are talking about yourself. The emphasis shouldn’t be you. It should be the person you are honoring. 

It’s always a good idea to get feedback from someone before giving the speech to a large audience of people. It would be especially prudent to have someone who knows the retiree well listen to the speech. 

Getting feedback from someone else can help you streamline your speech. And it will keep you from putting your foot in your mouth.

If you’re close friends with the retiree, you will know which topics to avoid and which ones to highlight. But even if you know the person well, letting someone else hear the speech is a good idea. They can help you finalize your speech so you’re ready to share it. 

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself when you didn’t know the picture was being taken? Was your brow creased? Was a frown on your face?

If you are an unpracticed speech giver, it’s good to practice your speech a few times. Practicing it and recording the run-through can help you polish your presentation.

You may watch the video and learn you have some mannerisms you didn’t know about. But once you know, you can remind yourself to avoid them. That way the audience can focus on your words, rather than the big crease between your eyebrows.

Retirement Speech Examples

Here are some snippets of retirement speeches that you can amend for your situation. Remember, it is important to speak from the heart. Your audience will appreciate a more authentic speech rather than a stoic message.

For a friend

When Max began work at our firm, gas was $1.19 a gallon, and Ronald Reagan had just been elected president. Kramer vs. Kramer won Best Picture, and “Call Me” by Blondie was playing on the radio. All that to say, she’s been a fixture here for quite a while. To say that Max knows every aspect of this business like the back of her hand is not an understatement.

I remember the first time I walked into this office. Maxine was the first person to greet me. She gave me advice on where to park, showed me how to fill out a PTO request, and answered all my questions during lunch. She introduced me to everyone on staff.  And she made sure I knew all the ins and outs of working for Brighton Industries. This wasn’t part of her job, but she did it anyway. She made every new person in the office feel welcomed.

Every office has a “go-to” person. The person who knows how to handle the difficult client. The person who knows how to hire the right person for the job. The person who knows how to load new toner in the printer. Max has been our go-to person for 25 years, and she leaves big shoes to fill.

One of Max’s best qualities is her ability to stay calm in the middle of the storm. Do you remember the great Jones Company fiasco in 2004? While the rest of us panicked about the loss of our biggest client, she went out and found us a new client. And that client brought in twice as much revenue as the client we lost!

We know that Maxine is looking forward to retirement. She told me she is planning to spend more time quilting. And she’ll be hanging out with her daughter and three adorable grandbabies. You’ve all seen pictures of her grandkids, right? Of course you have! We are all so excited to wish Maxine well as she starts checking off items from her retirement bucket list . 

For your retirement

Thank you so much for all the kind words. I have loved working at Brighton Industries. I have had some of the best times in my life at this office. I have made lifelong friends who I treasure. Thank you for being the best coworkers and friends a woman could ask for.

There are a few things that I won’t miss about working for Brighton. I won’t miss filling out the TPS reports. I won’t miss the late nights that came with tax season. I won’t miss how cold the office is in the summer, or how hot the office is during the winter. But I will miss all of you. You have made this office feel like a second home to me. Thank you.

I discovered what amazing coworkers I had when I lost my mom to cancer three years ago. You all stepped in so willingly to pick up the slack when I couldn’t perform my regular duties. Not only did you take on more responsibilities in the office, but many of you also provided meals to my family. It meant the world to me, knowing that I could depend upon you all for help.

For a coworker

I have witnessed many people come and go throughout my years here at Smith and Smith. However, I am sadder today than ever, knowing Michelle won’t be stepping out of our elevator Monday morning. 

Even though Michelle has only worked at Smith and Smith for the last eight years, she has contributed much to our organization. For example, she made our network more secure by spearheading our cybersecurity efforts. But she also had a knack for streamlining processes, allowing us to work more efficiently. Before Michelle began working here, we worked a great deal of overtime. The reason we are now able to leave at 5 p.m. is because of the processes she began.

On a personal level, Michelle was always a delight to be around. She’s not one to complain – even when we had to put in extra hours last winter. Michelle was always the first to jump in to help when someone was sick or had a personal emergency. We all have stories of how Michelle helped us during a pinch. 

Michele – I will remember you with fondness. I am excited that you will have more time to spend with your beautiful grandchildren, and I wish you every happiness in the future. 

I was honored to be asked to speak about Samuel this afternoon. After working for Samuel for over 20 years, I have a lot to say. Don’t worry, Sam. Most of it is good.

First, I would like to tell you some things about Sam’s background that you might not have been aware of. Sam has a degree in Chemistry from Perdue. Even though he was prepared to spend his life in a lab setting, he sat next to a stranger on the subway one day while going to a job interview. He spoke with this person and learned he was starting a new shoe company and looking for someone to oversee the distribution. Of course, that stranger was Frank Jones, our illustrious founder. And that was why Sam never used his chemistry degree.

The second thing you may not know about Sam is that he is a violin virtuoso. I didn’t know this about him until a few years ago when Sam and his wife had me over for dinner. I saw a music stand in the corner of his living room and asked about it. Sam’s wife encouraged him to play for me. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded by his talent. 

For a subordinate

I know I have the reputation of being a bit of a perfectionist. In fact, before Lucy was hired four years ago, I had been through twelve assistants in thirteen years. That’s one reason why today is such a sad day for me. While I am ecstatic that Lucy will have more time to devote to her novel, I am sorry that I have to find someone to replace her. It’s not going to be easy.

Lucy is amazingly gifted at reading my mind. In fact, it’s a little scary how she seems to know what I want before I ask for it. This ESP, or whatever gift she has been blessed with, has saved me on more than one occasion. I’ll never forget how she interrupted me during a meeting with Mrs. Franklin to remind me of something that saved that account. She also kept me out of the doghouse at home by purchasing perfect Mother’s Day and anniversary gifts for Louise.

While I certainly will miss Lucy’s contributions to our workplace, I am most sad for our clients. Everyone loves Lucy, and they are as heartbroken as I am that she is retiring.  

For a teacher

Throughout Mrs. Anderson’s career, she has taught approximately 2,300 students. That means she has graded more than 18,000 essays, 2,300 research papers, and more book reports than you can imagine. Incredibly, her purple flair ink pen isn’t attached permanently to her hand with all of the grading she has done over the years.

But more important than the essays and book reports are the relationships she has formed with her students over the last three decades. She has comforted students who have lost family members and helped kids find jobs. She has written letters of recommendation for scholarships and advised many in their careers. 

On top of her work as an English teacher, she has overseen the publication of the yearbook and newspaper, traveled with students to Europe, ran the concession stand at football games, coached the cheerleaders, and sat through negotiations each year on behalf of the teachers’ union. 

Mrs. Anderson – you deserve a break. We hope you can sleep in each morning, stay up late reading novels each night, and travel the globe without the fear of losing a kid. Congratulations on your retirement!

For a family member

It’s hard to imagine our Dad without a job. This place has been a part of his routine for so long that he may show up on Monday simply out of habit. In fact, we may have to put a sign on the back of his front door reminding him to stay at home. 

And Dad loved every minute of it. Unlike most people, Dad never complained about his job. In fact, when we prayed as a family before each meal, Dad often expressed thanks for this company and his job. 

But, we are thankful that he can now stay home. He’s worked hard for a long time and deserves a break. But don’t worry – he won’t be sitting around for long. My siblings and I all have lists of home repairs that only Dad can do. We’ve also scheduled a few fishing trips over the next several months.

Thank you for inviting my siblings and me to this retirement party. It’s been a lovely day. I only wish Mom could have survived long enough to see Dad retire. She was always so proud of Dad for everything he accomplished. I’m sure she is smiling down on us right now. 

Funny retirement speech

Christopher has many gifts and talents. And he has contributed a lot to our company over the years. He’s been the top salesperson for twenty-three out of the twenty-five years he has worked here. He has worked hard to streamline our processes to work smarter, not harder. He has also been a leader in our industry by representing us in front of the state legislature. 

Even though I can easily provide you with a long list of awards and accolades, he will forever be known in this office as the person who was always misplacing his stuff. We found his keys by the copier, his wallet next to the giant fern in the back room, his raincoat on Mitch’s desk, and his water bottles – everywhere. It’s always been a mystery to everyone how someone absentminded can perform in a high-pressure job so well. 

So, we have purchased a tile tracker system to help you keep track of all your stuff on behalf of your retirement. Now that you won’t have an entire staff of people keeping track of your personal belongings, we think this might help. It may also keep Louise from killing you during your first week at home.

Express Your Appreciation

As you say goodbye to a faithful employee or coworker, you may consider writing a thank you note to the retiree. This would be a nice way to express appreciation. It may mean more than a gold watch or plant ever could.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. We all want to think that the hours we gave to a company was time well spent. For many people, their jobs are more than just a way to put money in the bank. It’s their identity and source of pride. Take time to write a speech that recognizes this commitment. It’ll take longer, but it is worth the time. 


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Retirement Farewell Speech


Speech on Retirement Farewell

Farewell speeches are important for both who is giving it and also for the one whom it is made for. A farewell speech on the retirement of a teacher from an institute helps in thanking him/her for their service at the institution. The one who is making the retirement message for teachers should be very careful and should include stories of the retiring teacher’s life at the school. 

Below are two retirement speeches in English given i.e. a long retirement speech in English and a short retirement speech in English. Students can refer to these speeches and can also note down all the points that should be included in a retirement farewell speech. These speeches will help the students to give a good retirement farewell speech for their teachers.

Long Retirement Farewell Speech

Good morning everyone! Today we all have gathered here to celebrate the career of our beloved teacher and mentor, Mr. Shah. Today he will be bidding farewell to us after 25 years of service to this institution. Mr. Shah is the best when it comes to teaching. Years have passed and he has taught physics to many batches. I feel privileged to know that I am one of his students. He is not only a great teacher but has always guided us whenever we needed guidance. He has always made us realize the importance of life and has helped in defining what success really means. 

Today all of us have gathered here to celebrate his life at our institution and extend our thanks to him for his mentorship. I just realized that it’s been four years since I joined our institution and I did not attend Mr. Shah’s class until I was in my 8th grade. But I had heard a lot of talks about a teacher who teaches Physics very well. It was said that when he teaches physics the students don’t forget the concept for many years to come. 

I did not believe these rumours until I attended Mt Shah’s physics class. I was literally blown away by the methods of teaching physics by Mr. Shah. His innovative ways of teaching the concepts and making them simple for the students to understand is amazing. On behalf of every student, thank you, Mr. Shah, for all your efforts to teach us and I can guarantee that we all will apply your method of teaching in the future.

This year marks Mr. Shah’s 25 years as a teacher at our institute. For 25 years, he has spent his time among all the students, sharing his knowledge and important life lessons. He has supported every student and taught us many valuable life lessons. I do agree that he was strict sometimes as a teacher but he was also very friendly like a friend. 

Although Mr. Shah was a strict teacher, he occasionally had fun moments with all of us. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to sports and is always ready to play a game of badminton. I have no shame in admitting that he has defeated me twice and I am assuring you, Sir, I am going to win the third game so be prepared.

Besides being an excellent, creative, and hardworking teacher, he is very good at managing events. He was the one who took the entire responsibility of the Science fest and Annual sports day at our school last year. Throughout his stay in our school, he had humbly participated and contributed to all the events.

To conclude, I want to say that Mr. Shah has always been more than just a teacher. He inspires me to be a better person. Through his actions, he teaches me how to manage life. I owe a lot of my success because of his guidance and the trust he showed in me. At this moment, I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Shah for being a great teacher and a role model. I hope he has a very peaceful and happy life ahead. Thank you for your service sir! 

Short Retirement Speech in English

Good morning everyone! Today is a special day as we all have gathered here to celebrate the life and career of Mr Shah at this institute. Mr. Shah has given 25 years of his life to this institute.

For 25 years he has spent his time among all the students, sharing his knowledge and important life lessons. He has supported every student and taught us many valuable life lessons.

Apart from being a great teacher, he has guided us all whenever we were lost in our journey. Mr. Shah has helped us to understand what success is and has always made us realize the importance of life. He has made sure to be there whenever we need help and for that, we all thank you, sir.

Mr. Shah is very good at making all the students understand the difficult concepts of physics. His innovative ways of teaching the concepts and making them simple for the students to understand is amazing. On behalf of every student, thank you, Mr. Shah, for all your efforts to teach us.

Besides being an excellent, creative, and hardworking teacher he is very good at managing events. He was the one who took the entire responsibility of the science fest and Annual sports day at our school last year. Throughout his stay in our school, he had humbly participated and contributed to all the events.

On behalf of everyone, I wanna say that Mr. Shah, you will be missed. When we come tomorrow and learn Physics, it won’t be as exciting as it was when you teach it. Your presence at the fest next year will be missed. I would like to extend my gratitude towards Mr. Shah for being a great teacher and a role model for generations to come. I hope you have a very peaceful and happy life ahead. Thank you so much for your service sir!

10 Lines on Retirement Message For Teacher

Retirement speech is all about celebrating the accomplishment of the person who is about to retire. 

A retirement speech is very important if there is a farewell ceremony. 

A retirement speech is always made by a student or a dear friend of the person who is retiring. 

A farewell speech on retirement should show gratitude towards the retiring person. 

The speech should not be too long and too short. 

The speech should make a retiring person feel good. 

The farewell speech should include the retiring person’s life at the institute. 

The farewell speech on retirement should celebrate the achievements of the retiring person at the institute. 

The farewell speech on retirement should include a story of the retiring person at the school. 

Retirement wishes for teachers should celebrate the retiring individual’s life at the institute. 

Tips for Writing a Speech 

Writing an impressive speech is an art. There are very few Politicians who are very impressive in delivering but need writers to write for them. Now the question arises what all goes into writing a speech which leaves the audience spellbound and all praise for the speaker.

An impactful speech should always make an effect on the audience, it should be remembered by them long after the speech is over. Your words should leave an effect on them. For example you are giving a speech for some product, the product sale depends on the way you speak, the way you present your ideas to the audience and also the way you present yourself. 

The speaker can be a politician, a union leader, a school Principal, an administrator or anyone holding a conspicuous position. You shall work on your communication skills before you go for a speech, make sure you speak clearly and also have a very important effect. So certain points need to be taken care of while delivering your speech as what you speak matters. Let's understand a few of them. 

Being Personable

The speaker must appear to be an amiable and pleasing personality. The words chosen for him must be such that they do not show him to be an arrogant, haughty person. There needs to be a certain dignity wrapped up in humility. The audience will be ready to listen to him if they sort of start liking him and that depends on the choice of words.

Educate Your Audience

Whatever the speaker is going to speak should focus on bringing the main theme of the speech home. The audience should be able to understand the import of his speech clearly. They should not be put into confusion or doubt. For this, the writer needs to read the speaker's mind clearly and must be thoroughly informed about the purpose of the speech. If the speaker is able to create a clear and impressive picture in the minds of the people he is addressing, he will definitely be able to convey what he has said to many more people through word of mouth of his audience. So it is important that the writer writes the speech to educate the audience.

Show Your Passion

Successful speakers make tall promises, citing examples of their zeal of putting their heart and soul into certain kinds of work. His words should be packed with craving to do anything  and  everything for the people he will be dealing with. He should seem waiting for opportunities to serve those whom he is trying to impress. Hence the writer needs to put in real labour to show the restlessness of the speaker ready to make any sacrifice. 

Play to Emotions

People of high profile are fairly well-versed with all the nitty gritties of their jobs but most of them find it hard to think of words which may impress their subordinates or other people working for them. Similarly, politicians who have to speak to win, hire writers for them and pay them hefty amounts because their victory or defeat depends on how they have been able to  present themselves before the masses. 

These writers play with the emotions of the audience, touching such issues which keep the general public always troubling. They will cite examples from the day to day inconveniences of the people and will blame the present system or set up people governing at present and will paint a rosy picture of their own plans if they are given a chance to serve. So to make the speech impactful, the writer needs to know the art of playing with the emotions of his audience.

Stay on Task and be Brief  

As said earlier, an expert speech writer will not make use of such words or techniques to confuse the audience. He will not beat about the bush instead will stick to the main theme, the main subject. He has to keep the audience spellbound and glued and that will be possible only when he moves on the track. It's always better to be brief and to the point because the more you speak the more you bore the audience and garner dislike. So the wise writer will prepare the speech keeping these two points in mind.

Know Your Audience

Knowing the audience is the most important thing. Before the writer embarks upon the task of writing an impressive speech, he should know who is going to be addressed. If he writes a high flown language for the factory workers or labour class, rural public or people of such category, his labour will go waste and he is likely to lose his future assignments. He, at the same time must be acquainted with the emotions and religious beliefs and fervor of the public of the area and should write accordingly. It will be better if he does research about the problems and roadblocks of the area. Hence to write an impressive and impactful speech needs a lot of spadework on the part of the writer.

Focus on the prime topic of the speech and understand what underlying message you want to deliver to the audience. Remember every speech has to be to the point and interesting to grab the attention of all the listeners. Hence, focus on the points mentioned for this speech here and compile on your own.


FAQs on Retirement Farewell Speech

1. Why is a speech given on a special occasion?

A speech is delivered on a special occasion either to commemorate the event, deliver specific information to the audience, or to respect a special guest or a member of any group. It can also be focused on a celebrity or an eminent personality. 

2. Is voice modulation necessary while delivering a speech?

Voice modulation is absolutely necessary to express your emotions and to grab the attention of the audience perfectly. It also helps to ask questions, answer some questions that are already lurking in the mind of an audience, and to show the right emotion behind the words.  


About To Retire And Need To Give A Speech? 5 Retirement Speech Ideas With Examples

After a lifetime of hard work and dedication, retirement is a big milestone in life. 

It’s a time to reflect on all the amazing moments experienced over the years and celebrate the future ahead. 

As such, it often requires giving a retirement speech to acknowledge the occasion and those with whom you’ve worked for many years.

Knowing what to say when passing the baton and sharing final words of wisdom is challenging.

Should you be funny or serious?

Go into detail or keep it brief?

Look no further if you’re stuck and need some ideas or inspiration. 

We’ve put together a few examples of retirement speeches from the retiree’s perspective (and from an employee’s, as well) to help ignite your creativity.

How to Outline Your Retirement Speech

Tips for writing your retirement speech, 1. farewell type of retirement speech, 2. short retirement speech, 3. funny retirement speech, 4. heartfelt/serious retirement speech, 5. retirement speech for an employee, final thoughts.

Like any other written work, your retirement speech should have a narrative that walks through the main points clearly and concisely.

To ensure your address resonates with your audience, you should outline it properly before delivering it.

When creating an outline for your retirement speech, make sure to consider the following steps:

  • Start with a strong opening statement: Begin your speech by introducing yourself and setting the tone for what’s to come. Starting with humor can break the ice.
  • Mention and thank everyone present: Take time to thank those who have been a part of your professional journey, such as managers, colleagues, family members, and mentors.
  • Share memorable moments: Reflect on your career highlights and share your favorite memories with the audience.
  • End with inspiring words: Leave your audience with a few words of wisdom encapsulating everything you’ve said.
  • Edit and practice: Once you’ve completed your outline, edit it as many times as needed to make sure there are no errors or unnecessary information.
  • Rehearse it out loud: Also, practice delivering your speech aloud, so you know exactly how it will sound when the time comes.

By crafting an effective outline and following these steps, you can ensure that your retirement speech is well-received by everyone in attendance. It may take a few drafts to get it right, but the effort will be worth it.

As you bid farewell to your work life and embark on a new chapter in life, a well-written speech will serve as an inspiring reminder of all that has been accomplished.

  • Decide on the tone of speech: Will it be a formal address or light-hearted? Will it start out with one tone and end with another? These decisions can help guide the story you tell.
  • Set the context: Choose a theme or story to open your speech so your audience can relate and follow along.
  • Establish a timeline: How long have you worked at the organization? What are some of your most memorable moments? Who did you work with in different eras? Answering these questions can help you craft an engaging narrative.
  • Offer gratitude: You didn’t make it to retirement on your own, and it’s essential to recognize the people who played a role in your journey. Be sure to thank them accordingly.
  • Keep it short: Keep your speech under ten minutes if possible, as this will keep your audience attentive and engaged. If any sentences don’t add value to the story, remove them. It should be easy to read out loud and follow along.
  • Identify key takeaways: What is one thing that everyone should leave with? What lessons have you learned in your time there that can help shape the future of the organization?
  • Close on an uplifting note: Your retirement speech should close with something inspiring and sincere – perhaps a quote or a personal expression of thanks. Sometimes humor is a great way to end on a high note and return to a more casual tone.

Use these pointers as a checklist that you can refer to when putting together your retirement speech.

With careful consideration, you’ll be able to deliver a heartfelt address that celebrates all the successes and memories of your time at the organization.

5 Retirement Speech Ideas with Examples

If you need help getting started with your goodbyes, here are some examples of retirement speeches by the retiree (and an employee speech) to help you craft the perfect address:

This type of speech is the most common and is often sentimental. It’s about saying goodbye while thanking everyone who helped you along the way.

It should help the audience understand what this change means for you while keeping them curious about where your next chapter will take you.

Example Farewell Retirement Speech:

It’s difficult to put into words just how much this moment means to me. After XX years of dedicated service, I’m finally ready to take on my next journey.

woman laughing in office retirement speech ideas

When I first started my career, I never imagined all the wonderful memories and relationships that would come with it. Every day has been rewarding in its own way, but today is an especially bittersweet occasion as I bid farewell to all my colleagues and look ahead to the future.

I think about all the fantastic people I’ve met who have helped me along the way – from supervisors who encouraged me through challenging times to mentors who gave wise advice when the going got tough. These relationships made coming to work each day a pleasure rather than a chore.

The biggest blessing must be my meaningful collaborations with some of my favorite coworkers over the years. We spent countless hours brainstorming ideas and building projects together, often coming up with solutions for problems we thought would never be solved. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment was always worth it in the end!

Although I won’t be in this office anymore, there are still plenty of contributions yet to come from me and those like me who will carry this legacy forward into our respective futures. With every challenge you face, there will always be someone new at your side willing to help you move mountains if you need it.

So allow me to leave you with a few pieces of advice: Believe in yourself but never be afraid of asking questions and learning more; cherish every relationship you come across; and remember that hard work pays off even when you don’t see it right away! With that said, I will miss all of you and wish you and (name of company) continued success. 

Many retirement speeches happen in spaces where we need to be brief, such as a Zoom meeting or other virtual space.

A short retirement speech will allow you to be concise and still convey your message. It can also make for an excellent written piece for a retirement card or email greeting.

Example Short Retirement Speech:

Today, I have many mixed emotions. I bid farewell to this great organization that’s played such a meaningful role in my life. And I’m saying goodbye to the most supportive and incredible colleagues.

I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve enjoyed here to make a difference by working diligently on staff development initiatives, fundraising efforts, and day-to-day operations. Our amazing team accomplished so much in the years I’ve been here, and I’m proud to have played a part in our success.

My gratitude extends beyond words as I am leaving behind something that’s defined me for over XX years. But I also look forward to embracing new challenges and experiences on my new journey ahead.

I will miss all of you tremendously and hope to stay in touch to see how everyone is doing. Thank you all for your encouragement and friendship – I will never forget it.

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Being light-hearted at the end of one’s career is a graceful but uplifting way to bid farewell. If you choose to make a funny retirement speech, be sure it is not offensive and still conveys your genuine appreciation for your colleagues.

Funny Retirement Speech Example:

I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to see me take that final walk down the corridor, knowing it’s the last time you’ll have to hear one of my speeches. But please don’t envy my new freedom. I may be saying goodbye to my boss here, but it seems I’m now a full-time employee of my spouse, and I’ve heard he/she runs a tight ship.

couple in a party retirement speech ideas

Projects around the home that I’ve masterfully avoided with “But I’ve gotta work” excuses are already on a list taped to the fridge. It will feel a lot like the first job I had in high school, fixing up old appliances and cleaning bathrooms, but with even less pay!

Oh wait, maybe I’m not retiring.

On a more genuine note, I will certainly miss all of you and our great work here. But also, it will be exciting to transition into a less demanding lifestyle. I’m excited to travel, catch up with old friends, and find a few part-time projects where I can share my hundred years of experience.

It’s been an amazing journey here at this company, and I am grateful for everyone who helped me grow while putting up with my occasional growing pains. Not unlike a “colorful” family, we’ve had our share of laughs and disagreements, but ultimately we have always come together to get the job done.

Thank you for your camaraderie and support throughout these years.  Cheers!

A heartfelt or serious retirement speech is perfect for those who have put their life and heart into their career.

This type of retirement speech allows for more time as you pour your heart out and express how the people around you have positively impacted your life over the years.

Heartfelt/Serious Retirement Speech Example:

Today I stand here proud, humbled, and emotional – all at once. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have been part of this organization for the last XX years. When I first began here, I started at the bottom, yet I was deeply hopeful that I could use my passion and hard work to make a difference.

Little did I know that while accomplishing the tasks at hand, I was also gaining something much more valuable – friendships with people who have become like family to me. From you, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about life and work; but most importantly, I’ve learned that relationships are what matter in the end. 

They are the life force of who we are as an organization, and without the strong support I’ve received from my colleagues, it would have been impossible for me to stand here today.

But life goes on – and while I’m grateful for the wonderful memories with all of you, I also look forward to new challenges ahead. Retirement offers a whole new set of opportunities to explore, and I am excited to take them all on with the same passion and enthusiasm I had when I started working here.

My next chapter may involve a learning curve, but I am confident that the life skills I’ve learned here will help me in whatever I pursue going forward.

And most importantly, I want to continue providing opportunities to the next generation, so they have the support I was lucky enough to receive. As I enter the legacy phase of my life, I do so humbly and gratefully, taking the invaluable lessons I have learned here and sharing them with others.

Thank you all for everything. It truly has been an incredible journey, and I will miss all of you more than I can express.

If a notable team member is retiring, it’s an excellent opportunity to express gratitude for their contributions and commitment while highlighting hard work and excellence for other employees.

The following sample speech is perfect for any employee who has dedicated years of service to the company.

Retirement Speech for An Employee Example:

Good afternoon, everyone. Today, we celebrate and recognize someone exceptional who has made an invaluable difference in our organization. As you all know, [name] is retiring at the end of the month and moving on to the next, less stressful chapter of life.

[Name] has worked at this company for [number] years and has been an integral part of its success. During their time here, they have gone above and beyond in every task and project they were involved with, delivering results consistently and serving as a role model of integrity and professionalism for all of us. Some notable accomplishments during their tenure here include:

  • Accomplishment 1
  • Accomplishment 2
  • Accomplishment 3

We will sorely miss their hard work, loyalty, and enthusiasm. It’s rare to find an employee so dedicated and engaged, and frankly, I don’t know what we will do without them. 

officemates celebrating retirement speech ideas

Most of all, I’ll miss their bright and cheerful demeanor, always lifting the spirits of everyone around them with a smile and kind words. Connecting with others in a relatable way is the key to building relationships and fostering a positive work environment, and [name] was a master at that, among other things.

So please join me in wishing [name] the best as they enter this exciting next phase of life. We are all blessed to have had the privilege of working alongside such an incredible person.

Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Like most people, you may find crafting a retirement speech daunting. But if you follow the above guidelines and model after some of the example speeches, you can deliver a thoughtful talk filled with warmth, humor, and gratitude.

So begin your celebration by expressing your heartfelt appreciation to your team and excitement for the next phase of life. You deserve it!

Retirement day is around the corner and you haven't figured out what to say. Check these retirement speech ideas you can get inspiration from.

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Amazing Farewell (Retirement) Speech Examples & Tips

example of a good retirement speech

Want to give an amazing farewell retirement speech? You’re at the right place!

This article contains amazing farewell retirement speech tips, examples, and ideas. Whether you are giving a speech for a teacher, coworker, boss, principal, employee, father, mother, military, etc. Or you are the guest of honor giving a speech. You’ll find everything you need here. Ready? Let’s dig in!

Tips To Give An Amazing Farewell Retirement Speech

Here are 13 tips on how to create the best farewell retirement speech.

1) Start With A Strong Opening

Begin your speech with a memorable and attention-grabbing opening that sets the tone for the rest of the speech. This could be a funny retirement joke , a personal anecdote, or a retirement quote that reflects the retiree’s personality or your experience at the company. For example, “I remember when I first met John, he had just joined our company as a sales representative. He was passionate and enthusiastic about his work, inspiring me to work harder too.”

2) Highlight Achievements

Discuss your own successes and lessons learned or the retiree’s accomplishments and contributions throughout their career. This could include specific projects, tasks, or awards they received. For example, “ During her 30-year tenure at this company, Mary led several successful initiatives that increased our revenue by 20%.”

3) Show Gratitude

Express gratitude and appreciation towards the retiree for their hard work and dedication. For example, “Thank you, John, for your 25 years of service to this organization. Your leadership and guidance have been invaluable to us.”

And as a retiree, you can express your gratitude and appreciation to your colleagues, managers, and mentors. Take the time to thank the people who helped you along the way and express your appreciation for their guidance and support. This will help to reinforce the positive relationships you’ve built and show your audience how much you value their contributions.

4) Share Memorable Moments

Sharing memorable moments can make the speech more engaging and relatable. Take some time to reflect on your experiences and think about the highlights and challenges of your career. Share some anecdotes that illustrate your journey and provide insight into your work. This will help your audience connect with you on a personal level.

Or tell a funny anecdote that describes the retiree the best. Or highlights their hard work and dedication but in a funny way.

5) Use Storytelling

Stories can be powerful tools for communication, and they help to engage your audience. Choose stories that are relevant to your audience and illustrate your points. Keep them brief and to the point, and use them to highlight the impact of your work and the relationships you built.

6) Offer Well Wishes

Extending your well wishes to the retiree or your coworkers for their future endeavors is a thoughtful gesture. For example, “On behalf of the entire school community, I want to wish Ms. Johnson all the best in her future endeavors. May you continue to lead a fulfilling life after retirement.”

7) Keep It Positive

Focus on the positive aspects of the retiree’s career and avoid mentioning any negative experiences. Also, when you are retiring, always take the high road. For example, “It’s been a pleasure working with you, Mary. Your positive attitude and hard work ethic have inspired us all.”

8) Be Sincere

Speak from the heart and convey genuine feelings towards the retiree. For example, “I feel so fortunate to have worked with you, John. Your knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to me and this organization.”

It’s not about speaking the perfect words. The key to a great speech is the way you make people feel. Speaking from the heart connects you to the audience’s hearts, and this is where you will leave a lasting impression.

9) Be Concise

Keep the speech concise and avoid going off on tangents. Focus on the main points and keep the audience engaged. Keeping the speech concise and to the point is crucial, as it helps to maintain the audience’s attention.

In general, it is recommended to keep a farewell (retirement) speech between 3-5 minutes long. And another great reminder is: “Leave your audience before it leaves you.”

10) Use Humor Wisely

Inject some humor into the speech to lighten the mood and make the audience feel more relaxed. But you must know your audience to deliver a funny retirement joke correctly. For example, “When you retire, you switch bosses—from the one who hired you to the one who married you. Good luck!”

11) Practice Beforehand

Practice the speech beforehand to ensure it flows smoothly and is delivered confidently.

12) Use Visuals

Incorporate visuals such as photos in a retirement slideshow to illustrate points and make the speech more engaging. Or you can create a fun retirement tribute video with all coworkers, family members, and friends. If you think that is a lot of work, let me show you how it’s very easy in this article .

12) Involve The Audience

Encouraging the audience to participate can make the speech interactive and engaging. For example, “I invite anyone who Ms. Johnson has influenced to stand up and share a memory or a few words about her.”

13) End On A Positive Note

End the speech on a positive note by wishing the retiree well in their retirement and acknowledging their contributions one last time. For example, “We wish you all the best in your retirement, Mary. You have made a lasting impact on this organization, and we are grateful for all that you’ve done.”

Or wish the company and all coworkers all the best with their career and personal life. Perhaps if you want to, you can let them know how to keep in touch or where to follow you online during your travel trips.

How To Write A Farewell Speech: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a great farewell speech with practical tips. By following these steps, you can write a great farewell speech that is memorable and impactful.

1) Plan ahead

Before writing, ensure you have enough time to plan and prepare for the farewell speech. Create a rough speech outline, jotting down the key points you want to cover. You can use a note with a few short keywords during your speech to remind you what you want to say.

Writing Tip:  Use bullet points to organize your thoughts and create a logical flow for your speech.

Public Speaking Tip:  Speak clearly and at a moderate pace, pausing to emphasize important points. Avoid speaking too quickly or in a monotone voice.

2) Consider The Audience

Keep the audience in mind while writing your speech. Consider their age range, interests,

Writing Tip:  Use language and examples that are appropriate for your audience, keeping their level of knowledge and experience in mind.

Public Speaking Tip:  Make eye contact with your audience and try to engage them with your words. Encourage them to participate by asking questions or inviting them to share their own experiences.

3) Set A Goal For Your Speech

Decide what you want to achieve with your speech. Do you want to express gratitude, share memories, or offer advice? Having a clear goal will help you to structure your speech and stay focused.

4) Brainstorm Ideas

List all the ideas you want to include in your speech. Think about personal stories, accomplishments, and words of advice you want to share.

5) Do Research

Research the person’s career, accomplishments, and contributions.

Writing Tip:  Use specific examples and anecdotes to highlight the ’s achievements and impact on the company.

Public Speaking Tip:  Use gestures and body language to emphasize key points and keep the audience engaged. Make sure your speech is well-rehearsed so you can speak confidently and naturally.

6) Organize Your Ideas

Group your ideas together by theme and decide on the order in which you want to present them. This will help you to create a clear and logical structure for your speech.

7) Write An Outline

Use your organized ideas to create an outline for your speech. Start with an introduction that captures your audience’s attention and end with a conclusion that leaves a lasting impression.

8) Write Your Speech

Use your outline to write your speech, including a balance of personal anecdotes, words of appreciation, and humor. Keep your speech concise and focused, aiming for around 5-10 minutes in length.

Use a conversational tone that is easy to follow and engages the audience.

Writing Tip:  Write in a way that feels natural to you, as if you were conversing with a friend.

Public Speaking Tip:  Use humor and personal anecdotes to make your speech more relatable and engaging.

9) Edit and Revise

Once you have written your speech, edit and revise it to ensure it flows smoothly and is error-free. Practice delivering the speech to ensure that it feels natural and comfortable.

10) Practice your delivery

Practice your delivery in front of a mirror or with a friend to ensure that you are comfortable and confident. Make sure to time your speech to ensure that it is not too long or too short.

Practicing your delivery several times before the speech helps you become comfortable with the content and avoid stumbling over your words.

Writing Tip:  Read your speech out loud to check for flow and clarity.

Public Speaking Tip:  Practice your pacing, tone, and gestures. Record yourself and watch the playback to identify areas where you can improve.

11) Deliver Your Speech

Finally, deliver your speech with confidence and enthusiasm. Make eye contact with your audience, speak clearly, and remember to smile.

12) Conclude With A Memorable Statement or Funny Quote

End your speech with a memorable statement or  funny retirement quote  that summarizes the key points of your speech and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. You can even come full circle with a joke, quote, anecdote, or prop you used at the beginning of your speech.

Writing Tip:  Choose a meaningful and relevant statement to the persons’ career and accomplishments.

Public Speaking Tip:  Use a strong, confident voice to deliver your closing statement. Make sure the audience knows that your speech has come to an end.

Farewell Retirement Speech Examples

Here is an example of a retirement speech given by a retiree:

Good evening, everyone. I am truly honored to be standing here today, surrounded by my colleagues and friends, to celebrate my retirement. After many years of hard work and dedication, reflecting on my career and the many memories I’ve made along the way feels incredible. As I look back on my time with this company, I am struck by the many challenges and accomplishments that I’ve experienced. I’ve worked with some incredible people, faced some difficult obstacles, and come out on the other side as a stronger and more resilient person. I am especially grateful for the friendships and relationships that I’ve formed over the years. Working alongside such talented and committed individuals has been a privilege, and I know that the memories we’ve made together will last a lifetime. To my colleagues and managers, I want to express my deep appreciation for your guidance and support throughout my career. Your mentorship and advice have been invaluable to me, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you. To those still working, I want to share a few words of wisdom I’ve learned throughout my career. First, never lose sight of your passion and your purpose. Your passion will keep you motivated and inspired and your purpose will guide your actions and decisions. Second, always remember the importance of teamwork and collaboration. None of us can achieve our goals alone, and only through working together can we make a real impact. Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone in attendance today. Your friendship and support have meant the world to me, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you. I will miss you all dearly, but I am excited for the next chapter in my life. As I move on to the next phase of my journey, I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for what’s to come. I know that retirement will bring its own set of challenges and adventures, and I am ready to embrace them with open arms. Again, thank you for your kindness, generosity, and friendship. Working alongside you has been an honor and a privilege, and I will always cherish the memories we’ve made together.

Teachers Retirement Speech

Here’s a sample of a retirement speech by a retiring teacher:

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends, I stand before you today with mixed emotions as I announce my retirement from teaching. After [insert number of years] years of being in the classroom, it’s time for me to step back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. As I reflect on my career, I’m filled with a sense of pride and gratitude. Teaching has been more than just a job for me. It has been a calling, a passion that has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. To my students, I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your journey. I have learned so much from you, and I hope that I have also imparted some knowledge and wisdom to you. Watching you grow and develop into successful adults has been the most rewarding part of my job. To my colleagues, I want to express my appreciation for the support and encouragement you have given me over the years. You have been more than just co-workers; you have been my friends and confidantes. I will miss our collaborations and discussions about teaching, but I’m excited to see what the future holds for you and the students. As I begin this new chapter in my life, I look forward to spending more time with my family, traveling, and pursuing other interests. But I will never forget the memories and experiences that I have gained from my time as a teacher. Thank you all for the wonderful years I have spent here, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Retirement Speech For Colleague

Here’s a sample retirement speech from a coworker:

Dear colleagues and friends, Today is a bittersweet day for all of us as we gather to celebrate the retirement of our esteemed colleague and friend [Retiree’s Name]. We’re here to honor [Retiree’s Name] and to acknowledge the incredible contributions [they/he/she] has made to our organization. It’s hard to imagine our workplace without [Retiree’s Name]. [He/She] has been a constant presence here for [insert number of years] years and has played a pivotal role in shaping the culture and success of our team. [Retiree’s Name] has always been a person who leads by example. [He/She] is hardworking, committed, and always willing to lend a helping hand. [He/She] has inspired all of us to be better colleagues and better people. [His/Her] dedication to our team and our mission is something we will always remember. As [Retiree’s Name] begins a new chapter in [his/her] life, we want to express our deepest gratitude for all [he/she] has done for us. [His/Her] hard work, leadership, and unwavering dedication to our team will be greatly missed. [Retiree’s Name], we wish you all the best in your retirement. We hope you will take this opportunity to relax, travel, spend time with your family and friends, and pursue all the things you’ve always wanted to do. Know that you leave a lasting legacy here, and you will always be a part of our team. Thank you for being such an amazing colleague, mentor, and friend. We will miss you dearly. Congratulations on your retirement!

Retirement Speech For Retiree

Here’s a sample retirement speech from a friend:

Dear [Retiree’s Name], As I stand before you today, I feel both joy and sadness. Joy, because I’m so happy for you as you embark on your retirement journey, and sadness because I know our time together will be more limited. But today is about celebrating you, my friend, and I’m honored to have this opportunity to do so. You have been my true friend over the years, and I’m grateful for the memories we’ve shared. We’ve been through a lot from our college days to our careers. And now, as you retire, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in all that you’ve accomplished. Your work has always been a source of inspiration to me. I have watched you dedicate yourself to your profession, and your passion and commitment have always been evident. Your work has touched so many lives, and you leave a legacy of excellence that will be hard to match. But as much as I admire your professional accomplishments, what I treasure most about our friendship is the person you are. You have always been a kind, caring, and loyal friend. Your wit, humor, and wisdom have enriched my life countless times. As you move into this new phase of your life, I hope you’ll take some time to reflect on all that you’ve achieved. But more importantly, I hope you’ll savor the simple pleasures of life – time with loved ones, new experiences, and the chance to pursue hobbies and interests that may have taken a back seat to work. So my dear friend, as you retire, know that you leave behind a legacy of excellence, friendship, and inspiration. You will be missed, but your impact will live on. Congratulations on your retirement, and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Retirement Speech For A Teacher

Here’s an example of a retirement speech for a retiring teacher:

Dear colleagues, students, and friends, Today, we gather to celebrate the retirement of one of the most dedicated and inspiring teachers ever to grace our halls – [Retiree’s Name]. [He/She] has been a cornerstone of our school community for [insert number of years] years, and [he/she] will be greatly missed. [Retiree’s Name] has been more than just a teacher to us. [He/She] has been a mentor, a friend, and a role model. [His/Her] unwavering dedication to our students and our school has made a profound impact on all of us. Over [his/her] many years of teaching, [Retiree’s Name] has helped countless students achieve their goals and reach their full potential. [His/Her] passion for education and [his/her] ability to connect with students on a personal level have made [him/her] one of the most beloved teachers in our school. But [Retiree’s Name]’s influence goes far beyond [his/her] students. [He/She] has been an integral part of our school community, serving on committees, leading professional development workshops, and inspiring us all to be better educators. [Retiree’s Name], thank you for your tireless work and unwavering commitment to our students and our school. You have left a lasting legacy of excellence that will continue to inspire future generations of students and educators. As you move into this new phase of your life, we hope you will take time to reflect on your accomplishments. You have touched so many lives, and your impact will be felt for years to come. Congratulations on your retirement. May it be filled with joy, laughter, and happiness.

Retirement Speech For Employee

Here’s a sample corporate retirement speech for an employee:

Good afternoon, everyone. Today, we’re here to celebrate the retirement of one of our most dedicated and hardworking employees, [Retiree’s Name]. [He/She] has been an integral part of our team for [insert number of years] years, and we’re all sad to see [him/her] go. [Retiree’s Name] has been a true asset to our company. [His/Her] hard work, leadership, and innovative thinking have helped us achieve some of our most important goals. [His/Her] contributions to our team and our mission will be missed. As [Retiree’s Name] moves into retirement, we want to express our deep gratitude for all that [he/she] has done for our company. [He/She] has played a key role in making us the successful organization we are today, and [his/her] influence will be felt for years to come. But beyond [Retiree’s Name]’s professional achievements, [he/she] has been a valued colleague and friend to many of us. [His/Her] kindness, generosity, and willingness to help others have left a lasting impression on all of us. [Retiree’s Name], thank you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to our company. You leave behind a legacy of excellence that will inspire us for years to come. We wish you all the best as you move into this new chapter of your life. We hope you will take this opportunity to relax, spend time with your loved ones, and pursue all the things you’ve always wanted to do. We will miss you dearly, but we’re excited to see what the future holds for you. Congratulations on your retirement, and have fun!

Retirement Speech For Boss

Here’s a sample of a retirement speech for a boss:

Good afternoon, everyone. Today, we are gathered here to celebrate the retirement of one of the most esteemed leaders in our organization – [Retiree’s Name]. [He/She] has been an integral part of our team for [insert number of years] years, and [he/she] will be greatly missed. [Retiree’s Name] has been an outstanding boss and mentor to all of us. [His/Her] vision, leadership, and passion have helped us achieve some of our most important goals. [His/Her] contributions to our team and our mission have been immeasurable. As a boss, [Retiree’s Name] has inspired us all to be better. [His/Her] ability to lead by example, challenge us to achieve our full potential, and create a culture of excellence has been remarkable. [His/Her] wisdom, guidance, and unwavering support have left a lasting impact on our organization and on each and every one of us. But beyond [Retiree’s Name]’s professional accomplishments, [he/she] has been a valued colleague and friend to many of us. [His/Her] kindness, generosity, and willingness to help others have left a lasting impression on all of us. [Retiree’s Name], thank you for your tireless work and unwavering commitment to our organization. You have left an indelible mark on our company and on our lives, and we are forever grateful for all that you have done for us. As you move into retirement, we hope you will take this opportunity to relax, spend time with your loved ones, and pursue all the things you’ve always wanted to do. We know that you will continue to inspire and lead in whatever you do next, and we wish you all the best in this next chapter of your life. Congratulations on your retirement, and thank you for everything.

Retirement Speech For Principal

Here’s a sample retirement speech for a principal:

Good afternoon, everyone. Today, we gather to celebrate the retirement of one of the most distinguished and accomplished principals to ever lead our school – [Retiree’s Name]. [He/She] has been an integral part of our school community for [insert number of years] years, and [he/she] will be greatly missed. As a principal, [Retiree’s Name] has been more than just a leader. [He/She] has been a mentor, a role model, and a champion for our students, faculty, and staff. [His/Her] unwavering commitment to excellence, [his/her] tireless work ethic, and [his/her] dedication to our school have left an indelible mark on our community. Under [Retiree’s Name]’s leadership, our school has thrived. [He/She] has implemented innovative programs, embraced new technologies, and fostered a culture of learning and growth that has inspired us all. [His/Her] ability to connect with students and staff on a personal level, to listen to their concerns, and to provide guidance and support has made [him/her] one of the most beloved leaders in our school. But [Retiree’s Name]’s impact goes far beyond our school walls. [He/She] has been an active member of our community, serving on boards, volunteering, and always striving to make our city a better place. [His/Her] leadership and vision have profoundly impacted our entire community, and [he/she] will be remembered as one of the most outstanding educators and leaders of our time. [Retiree’s Name], we want to thank you for your dedication, your passion, and your unwavering commitment to our school and our community. You have left a lasting legacy of excellence that will continue to inspire future generations of students, faculty, and staff . As you embark on this next phase of your life, we hope you will take some time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished. You have touched so many lives, and your impact will be felt for years to come. Congratulations on your retirement, and have a happy, healthy, and joyful retired life.

Retirement Speech For Father

Here’s a retirement speech example for your father:

Good evening, everyone. Today, we come together to celebrate a very special man – my father, [Retiree’s Name]. After [insert number of years] years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, my father has decided to retire. For as long as I can remember, my father has been the hardest-working man I know. [He/She] has always put his family first, and [he/she] has sacrificed so much to provide for us. Through [his/her] tireless work and unwavering commitment, my father has built a legacy of strength, determination, and love that will live on for generations. As a father, my dad has been my rock. [He/She] has been there for me through thick and thin, always providing a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a guiding hand. [His/Her] wisdom, compassion, and selflessness have helped shape me into the person I am today, and I am forever grateful for [his/her] love and support. Now that my father is retiring, I know that [he/she] will finally have the chance to relax and enjoy [his/her] well-deserved retirement. I am excited to see [him/her] explore new hobbies, travel the world, and spend more time with [his/her] us. Dad, on behalf of our family, I want to thank you for all that you have done for us. You have been an amazing father, provider, and role model, and we are so proud of all that you have accomplished. You have left an indelible mark on our lives, and we will always cherish the memories we’ve shared together and the memories to come. As you enter this next phase of your life, know that we are here for you and support you. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, and we know that you will continue to inspire and lead in whatever you do next. Congratulations on your retirement, Dad, and thank you for everything.

Retirement Speech For Mom

Here’s a sample retirement speech for mom:

Welcome, everyone. Today, we gather to celebrate a remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to her family and her career – my mother, [Retiree’s Name]. After [insert number of years] years of hard work, sacrifice, and devotion, my mother has decided to retire. As a mother, my mom has been an inspiration to us all. [She/He] has always put her family first, sacrificing so much to provide for us, support us, and love us unconditionally. Through [her/his] unwavering commitment and dedication, my mother has built a legacy of strength, resilience, and compassion that will live on for generations. As a professional, my mother has been a true leader. [She/He] has dedicated [her/his] career to [insert profession], making a profound impact on the lives of so many people. [Her/His] expertise, innovation, and passion have inspired colleagues, mentees, and students alike, and [she/he] will be remembered as one of the most outstanding professionals in [her/his] field. Now that my mother is retiring, I know that [she/he] will finally have the chance to relax and enjoy [her/his] well-deserved retirement. I am excited to see [her/him] explore new hobbies, travel the world, and spend more time with [her/his] loved ones. Mom, on behalf of our family, I want to thank you for all that you have done for us. You have been an amazing mother, provider, and role model, and we are so proud of all that you have accomplished. You have left an indelible mark on our lives, and we will always cherish the memories we’ve shared together. As you enter this next phase of your life, know that we are here for you and support you. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Make sure to kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Congratulations Mom. You deserve a happy, healthy, and joyful retirement.

Military Retirement Speech

Here’s an example of a military retirement speech by a retiree:

Good afternoon, everyone. As I stand here today, I am filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am excited for the next chapter in my life, but on the other hand, I am sad to be leaving behind the military family that has become such a big part of my life. After [number] years of service, it is time for me to hang up my uniform and retire. When I first joined the military, I could never have imagined the incredible experiences that were in store for me. I have had the privilege of serving alongside some of the finest men and women this country has to offer. Together, we have faced countless challenges, from training exercises to deployments to combat missions. And through it all, I have learned the true meaning of teamwork and the importance of trust, loyalty, and dedication. I would like to take a moment to thank my fellow service members for their unwavering support and camaraderie. You have made my time in the military unforgettable, and I am honored to have served alongside each and every one of you. I would also like to thank my family for their constant love and encouragement. Your sacrifices and support have made it possible for me to pursue my dreams and proudly serve my country. Without you, I would not be where I am today. As I prepare to transition to civilian life, I am excited about what the future holds. I look forward to spending more time with my loved ones, pursuing new interests and hobbies, and positively impacting my community. I want to express my gratitude to the military for allowing me to serve my country and make a difference in the world. Working alongside you has been an honor and a privilege, and I will always cherish the memories we’ve made together. Thank you, and goodbye!

Here’s a sample military retirement speech for a retiree:

Dear [Retiree’s name], Today, we gather to honor and celebrate your years of dedicated service to our country. You have served with distinction, and we are grateful for your unwavering commitment to our mission. Throughout your career, you have demonstrated the qualities that define the best of the military: loyalty, honor, and selflessness. You have sacrificed much, spent long hours away from your loved ones, and faced danger with courage and resolve. Your service has made a real difference, and we are proud to have served alongside you. But now, as you enter this new phase of your life, we know you will continue to impact the world. You will apply the lessons you learned in the military to whatever path you choose next. You will inspire others with your example, just as you have inspired us. As you leave the service, we want you to know that you will always be a part of our military family. We will remember your contributions, and we will be here for you whenever you need us. On behalf of everyone here, I want to thank you for your service and wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement. May the years ahead be filled with joy, adventure, and the satisfaction of a life well-lived. Congratulations, and Semper Fidelis!

Welcome Speech For A Retirement Party

Here’s a sample welcome speech for a retirement party:

Good evening, everyone, I am pleased to welcome you all to this special occasion as we gather to honor and celebrate the retirement of [Retiree’s name]. Tonight is a night to celebrate a life of service, dedication, and hard work. As we all know, retirement is a significant milestone in a person’s life. It marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past and look forward to the exciting possibilities of the future. We are here to honor [Retiree’s name], who has spent [number of years] dedicating themselves to their work, colleagues, and community. Throughout [his/her] career, [Retiree’s name] has shown unwavering commitment and dedication, and [his/her] contributions have made a real difference. We are here to celebrate [his/her] many achievements and to express our gratitude for [his/her] years of service. But most of all, we are here to wish [Retiree’s name] a happy and fulfilling retirement. It is a time for [him/her] to relax, pursue new interests, and spend time with loved ones. So let us all raise a glass to [Retiree’s name] and wish [him/her] all the best in the years ahead. Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement, and thank you for [his/her] dedicated service. Cheers, and let the celebration begin!

Short Farewell Retirement Speech

here’s a short farewell retirement speech by a retiree:

Dear colleagues and friends, As I prepare to close this chapter of my life, I want to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunities, friendships, and memories that I will always cherish. I feel honored to have worked with such talented, dedicated individuals who have made my time here truly special. While I am excited about the next phase of my life, I will miss the relationships and experiences that have shaped me. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I wish you all continued success and happiness. Farewell, and best wishes.

Here’s a short retirement speech example for a retiree:

Goodbye and good luck, [Retiree’s name]! Your dedication and hard work have been an inspiration to us all. As you begin this new chapter in your life, we wish you all the best. Thank you for your many years of service, and congratulations on your retirement!

Funny Retirement Speeches

Here are a couple examples of funny retirement speeches:

“Retirement: It’s the one job where you get to do absolutely nothing and still get paid for it! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and I have to say, it feels pretty good. I’ll miss you all, but not as much as I’ll miss pretending to work when the boss walks by. Thanks for the memories, and don’t forget to visit me in Florida!” .

“Well, it’s official: I’m retiring! No more early mornings, no more deadlines, no more bosses breathing down my neck. Now I get to wake up whenever I want, go golfing whenever I want, and take naps whenever I want. It’s like being a kid again, except with much more money. Thanks for the laughs, the memories, and the paychecks. It’s been a wild ride!”

“I can’t believe this day has finally come. Retirement means no more waking up to the sound of an alarm clock, no more sitting in rush hour traffic, and no more meetings that could have been an email. I’ve already made a list of things I want to do: travel, golf, sleep, and maybe even take up knitting. Thank you for the memories, and don’t worry, I promise not to spam your inboxes with pictures of my grandkids.”

“They say that retirement is like a never-ending weekend, and I have to say, that sounds pretty good to me. No more deadlines, no more meetings, no more performance reviews. Just me, my recliner, and Netflix. I’ll miss you all, but I won’t miss the Monday morning blues. Thanks for the laughs, the memories, and the paychecks. It’s been a blast!”

Note: Please make sure to adjust the tone and humor level of the speeches to fit the retiree and their audience. Retirement speeches should always aim to be lighthearted and fun, but never disrespectful or inappropriate. What may be funny to some may not be appropriate for others.

Retirement Speech Jokes

Here are a couple of funny retirement jokes you can use in your speech:

  • What do you call a person who is happy on Monday? Retired!
  • Retirement: where the money’s no better, but the hours are great!
  • I can’t wait to retire so I can get up at 6 am and drive really slow in traffic so I make everyone late for work 🙂
  • Cheers! I know my beer will taste much better since I don’t have to work tomorrow.
  • Looking at your watch: “Look, it’s I don’t give a D*** o’clock.
  • As of tomorrow, my new motto is: I don’t have to, you can’t make me, I’m retired.
  • The next time we talk, I’ll charge a consulting fee.
  • A wise woman once said. I’m out of here, and she lived happily ever after!
  • I’m retired. I know everything and have plenty of time to talk about it.

For more funny retirement jokes, check out my article: 200 Funny Retirement Jokes, Memes & One Liners

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you say at a retirement farewell.

When saying farewell to a retiree, expressing appreciation and gratitude for their contributions and hard work is important. You can also share memories and well-wishes for their future endeavors.

Start by introducing yourself and stating your relationship to the retiree. You can then express your gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and contributions, sharing specific examples of their impact. Consider sharing a personal anecdote or two to make the speech more engaging and memorable.

Finally, offer your well-wishes for their future, whether that be a relaxing retirement or a new adventure. For example, you could say, “We will miss your expertise and guidance in the office, but we know that your next chapter will be filled with happiness and joy. Congratulations on your retirement!”

What do you say in a farewell speech for a retiring colleague?

When giving a farewell speech to a retiring colleague, it is important to strike a balance between professional gratitude and personal appreciation.

  • Introduce yourself and your relationship to the retiree. For example, “For those who don’t know me, my name is [name] and I have had the pleasure of working with [retiree’s name] for [number of years] years.”
  • Express your gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and contributions. For example, “I want to express my sincere gratitude to [retiree’s name] for their dedication and hard work over the years. Their expertise and leadership have been invaluable to our team.”
  • Share specific examples of how the retiree has impacted the workplace. For example, “I will never forget when [retiree’s name] helped us land that big client with their expert negotiation skills. That was a game changer for our company.”
  • Consider sharing a personal anecdote or two to make the speech more engaging and memorable. For example, “I remember when [retiree’s name] organized that team building event where we all went rock climbing. It was so much fun and really brought us all closer together.”
  • Offer your well-wishes for their future and express how much they will be missed. For example, “We wish [retiree’s name] all the best in their retirement and know that they will succeed in whatever comes next. They will truly be missed here at the company.”

What are some good retirement quotes?

Here are some inspiring retirement quotes:

  • “Retirement is not the end of the road. It’s a new beginning.” – Catherine Pulsifer
  • “Retirement is wonderful. It’s doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it.” – Gene Perret
  • “Retirement, a time to enjoy all the things you never had time to do when you worked.” – Catherine Pulsifer

Need more inspiration? Check my article: 200 Funny Retirement Quotes That Are Hilarious!

How do you start a farewell speech for retirement?

Here are a few fun ideas and ways you can start a farewell speech for retirement:

  • Use a humorous quote or joke to grab the audience’s attention. For example, “I heard that retirement is just a never-ending weekend. Well, [retiree’s name], I hope you’re ready for a lot of golfing and napping!”
  • Start with a lighthearted story or memory about the retiree. For example, “I remember when [retiree’s name] accidentally hit ‘Reply All’ on an email and sent a hilarious meme to the entire company. It was a great reminder that even the most experienced among us can make mistakes!”
  • Use a metaphor or analogy to describe retirement. For example, “ Retirement is like a new chapter in a book. The pages are blank, but the possibilities are endless.”
  • Incorporate a fun prop or visual aid, such as a retirement-themed cake or banner. For example, “As you can see, we have a very special cake for [retiree’s name] today. Just like retirement, it’s bittersweet and full of possibilities.”

Remember to keep the tone appropriate for the occasion and the audience, and always show respect and appreciation for all.

Kirsten Veldman

I'm Kirsten. In 2017, my husband Léon, and I decided to retire from the rat race to travel the world and work and live location independently. In the last couple of years, I wrote over 200+ articles about retirement and did extensive research to help people prepare, enjoy and celebrate retirement in the best way possible.

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  • Do a recollection.  Reflect on your past memories and remember those instances where you faced challenges, how you overcame them, and who were the people who helped you get through it.
  • Be confident. Smile. Think of writing a retirement speech template as a walk in the park. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
  • Create a style. Don’t jumble your sentences. Before you start writing your retirement speech, design a layout on how your thoughts should flow.

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