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Shradha mendon

Shradha mendon

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Handwriting skills

$12/hr   ·   Starting at $25

Handwriting in an old fashioned cursive hand, including lettering and handwritten design features, as well as handwritten dictation, letters, notes, etcetera.

Urooj Fatima 786

Urooj Fatima 786

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Text to Handwriting

$5/hr   ·   Starting at $25

Greetings Are you looking for an expert to do your handwritten assignment. I will write all your text on paper by hand in a beautiful handwriting style. Send me your text in any format(PDF,JPJ,documen…

Jaeden Hartford aka MizLady

Jaeden Hartford aka MizLady

Nehalem, Oregon, United States


Rameez Riaz Khan

Rameez Riaz Khan

Okara, Punjab, Pakistan

My handwriting service typically offers a range of services related to producing handwritten content, which can be beneficial for various purposes, such as personalized letters, invitations, thank-you…

zainab Noor 10

zainab Noor 10

Madharian Wala Kalar, Punjab, Pakistan

Handwriting , Assignment writing

I can provide you neatly handwritten cards , handwritten assignment and beautiful handwritten quotes.I can also provide you my services regarding handwritten and typed assignment on MS word .I can als…

Aimii Khan

Islamabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

I will do handwriting and typing work

I am Aimal Khan from Azad kahsmir and I will do handwriting notes and letters . I'm an experienced handwriter who will provide quality handwriting for your desired needs. Handwritten letters and notes…

Javed Ahmed 26

Javed Ahmed 26

Assignment handwriting.

$7/hr   ·   Starting at $25

Welcome to my Professional Handwriting Services As a handwriting specialist, I offer various services to cater to your personal and business needs. Here's what I can provide: Envelopes Addressing: Mak…

Kanza Abdul Sattar

Kanza Abdul Sattar

Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

Handwriting and Translation

$6/hr   ·   Starting at $25

As an experienced freelancer offering online handwriting and translation services, I am here to provide employers with top-quality and reliable solutions for their writing and translation needs. With

Muhammad Afzal Tahir

Muhammad Afzal Tahir

Khattan, Punjab, Pakistan

Past Earnings

I will write all your text on paper by hand in a beautiful handwriting style............................................................................................................................…

Kajal Routh

Kajal Routh

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

$8/hr   ·   Starting at $25

I have a good hand writing. I can do handwritten work very well. I am also good in doing hand work and projects.

Deva Sebastian

Deva Sebastian

Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

i can help your job such as cover letter writing, curriculum, handwriting, resume writing, job description writing. but I am more competent in the field of handwriting. Because I am familiar with hand…


Matli, Sindh, Pakistan


Hi, my name is ALI. Thank you for checking out my typing, handwritten assignment, and notes. I am an experienced writer with skills to write cleanly and any assignment I like to write about poetry and…

Asma patras

Asma patras

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

I will do handwriting assignments, Notes

My name is Asma. I am expert in handwritten assignment, notes, letters, typing and copy past work also. Are you looking for retyping your assignments and pdf or written text on notes? Then you are rig…

Garin van Lohengrin

Garin van Lohengrin

Liberec, Liberecky kraj, Czech Republic

Type out handwriting

$15/hr   ·   Starting at $30

I type out any handwritten or other texts that for some reason you can´t process automatically via OCR. In English, Dutch or French



Thrissur, Kerala, India

Typing documents, Handwriting

$100/hr   ·   Starting at $100

​​​​​I have good typing speed of almost 20 words per minute. If you found provide a handwritten document I can type it and send to you within hours. Iam good in English and have good speeking skills.

Deepa Mandlecha

Deepa Mandlecha

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dress designing Handwriting expert

Since last ten years, I am employed as a dress designer in one of the prestigious showrooms of Ahmedabad.Also, as a hobby, I provide handwritten works in Hindi, English, and Gujarati languages.

Javeria Saddam

Javeria Saddam

Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

I'm an aspiring specialist in the art of preserving handwritten treasures.  While I may be at the beginning of my journey, my passion for safeguarding the beauty of handwritten history is unwavering.

Saddaf bibi

Saddaf bibi

Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan

$5/hr   ·   Starting at $35

Greetings ! My name is saddaf bibi and i have done M.SC from PMAS Arid Agriculture unversity. Are you looking for an expert to do your handwritten assignment. I will write all your text on paper by ha…

Maha Riaz

Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

I will Handwriting Assignments and notes

$20/hr   ·   Starting at $25

Are you looking for someone who can write handwritten notes assignment and letters for you.  I am here for you. I will happily write any assignment for you. I have a clean and accurate handwriting. I

Jaysinta Manondra 1

Jaysinta Manondra 1

$30/hr   ·   Starting at $25

This is my first time but trust me I will never break your trust and I will do my best for you I would be obliged if you will give me chance to work for you because i want to collect money for my stu

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In ‘Clear,’ a Planned Eviction Leads to Two Men’s Life-Changing Connection

In Carys Davies’s latest novel, a financially struggling pastor is dispatched to a remote island to evict its lone resident.

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The book cover of “Clear” features a painting of a teapot floating in the middle of a rocky and tumultuous sea.

By Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss’s books include “The Fell,” “Summerwater” and “Ghost Wall.” Her memoir, “My Good Bright Wolf,” will be published in October. She lives in Ireland, where she teaches creative writing at University College Dublin.

CLEAR , by Carys Davies

Carys Davies’s work is often interested in imagining the worldview of characters whose cultures and languages are destroyed by colonialism. It’s a daring and necessary undertaking: When language itself is extinguished and culture allowed to disappear, we cannot mourn except through imagination. Davies’s books — which include the novels “The Mission House” and “West” — attend to individual characters and brief events but the stakes are high.

In her new novel, “Clear,” the lost language is Norn, spoken on the Shetland Islands for several centuries. The islands were subject to the Clearances in the 19th century, when landlords violently evicted whole communities from Scottish land.

Davies’s imagined Norn speaker is Ivar, the last person left of a small island community after his father and brothers died at sea, and his mother, sister and neighbors died or departed for better lives on more populated isles. Before their numbers diminished, the islanders paid rent to their landlord by bartering hand-knitting, feathers, seaweed and farm labor, tending to the island’s livestock. But now that Ivar is alone, he can’t pay. For years the collection agent has not visited, but the novel opens with the end of this era. The wealthy family that owns the island has decided that the land must be cleared, and so their agent employs a penurious pastor, John Ferguson, to travel to the land and evict Ivar.

John is ambivalent about the job, though relieved to be earning a good sum for the assignment. Like so many foot soldiers of empire, he can see the ethical problems of his task but he needs the money. He has left the established church over a matter of principle and needs to finance a breakaway group, and he has also recently married Mary, a lively and curious woman whom he wants to support. Mary approves of his religious calling but is dubious about this moneymaking mission.

John arrives on the island, and, exploring on his first morning there, falls off a cliff. The story is simple after that: Ivar finds and cares for John; as John heals, he and Ivar become close; John postpones the brutal act that is his purpose on the island; and then Mary comes in search of her missing husband.

But the storytelling is sophisticated and playful, swooping back across decades to Mary’s childhood and John’s vocation, and among different points of view. We leap between John’s and Ivar’s voices on the island, to Mary now and in the past, and, at the moment of John’s accident, into a second-person voice and a glorious, anachronistic aerial view unknown to the 19th-century gaze: “If you’d been up in the island above the sky that morning with the gannets … you would have seen his tiny black figure leaving the Baillie house and making its way across patches of pink thrift and lush green pasture.”

This is a novel of aftermath, the island’s lifeways over and its community gone. It’s a “Robinson Crusoe” in reverse, where, rather than inventing imperial capitalism, the man alone on the island thinks outside modern structures of knowledge and power. There’s no nostalgia, just playful attention to time and place.

“Clear” is deeply interested in language and particularly in words for the natural world. John cannot distinguish different fogs and mists for which Ivar has terms. “He still couldn’t differentiate, for example, between the great number of words that to him seemed to denote ‘a rough sea.’ Nor could he separate a gob from a gagl , a degi from a dyapl, a dwog from a diun .” John’s alienated gaze misses what matters for survival; his theological scholarship doesn’t help here.

Davies has done her research and these are real words in a real dead language. “Clear” contemplates fictional resuscitations, opening itself, and its readers, to the ghosts of lost ideas through John’s dawning understanding and love of Ivar’s words. The novel is bold and inevitably not flawless — the ending gestures toward an unconvincing resolution — but if you like wild writing and high-stakes thinking in small, polished form, you’ll like this.

CLEAR | By Carys Davies | Scribner | 193 pp. | $24

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    John is ambivalent about the job, though relieved to be earning a good sum for the assignment. Like so many foot soldiers of empire, he can see the ethical problems of his task but he needs the money.

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