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Self-Perception of ABM Students towards Their Academic, Social and Emotional College Preparedness

Remedios p. magnaye, volume 1, issue 2, december 2020.

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This study assessed the self-perception of the selected Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) students on their academic, social and their emotional college preparedness. The students’ demographic profile was also tested for significant difference in the three constructs of the college preparedness. Through a self-made questionnaire in a 4-scale Likert style, data were gathered from the 255 randomly selected ABM students of one private higher education institution in Batangas Province in the Philippines. Self-perception showed a college-prepared student academically, socially and emotionally. However, there are various constructs of their academic and social-emotional preparedness that need further improvements. The statistical test of significance indicated that the various constructs of academic, social and emotional preparedness have no difference by age, type of school, family income and order of birth. A significant difference was shown in the respondents’ sex and social preparedness but not on academic and emotional preparedness. Similarly, there was significant difference in the various constructs of academic, social and emotional preparedness in terms of the students’ GWA in high school. For this, high schools should develop collaborative teaching and learning strategies focus on reading and writing. In addition, colleges and universities may provide pertinent course information through their websites to guide the students on the various details of their chosen undergraduate courses. Indeed, to prepare students for college alone is insufficient; a college-ready student should complete a degree with a life-ready perspectives.

Keywords: college-ready students, college preparedness, academic preparedness, social preparedness, emotional preparedness

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Magnaye, R.P. (2020). Self-Perception of ABM Students towards Their Academic, Social and Emotional College Preparedness. International Journal of Educational Management and Development Studies, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp. 1- 18. DOI:

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The Most Interesting ABM Research Topics For Students

ABM Research Topics For Students

ABM is an acronym for Accounting, Business, and Management. This strand is one of the academic tracks in the K-12 program, which aims to teach vital concepts and skills related to business and finance. This strand provides future leaders and entrepreneurs with an opportunity to learn essential career skills. For instance, they learn how to interact with clients and strategize money-making moves. Like most courses, ABM students must write research and dissertation papers. The topic you choose for your paper will determine your success and how smoothly your research goes. So, are you looking for a research topic related to the ABM strand?

What Is the Best Research Title for ABM Students?

Interesting research titles for abm students, perfect quantitative research topics for abm students, awesome research topics related to abm strand, abm research titles for student authors, educative qualitative research topics for abm students, abm research titles about accounting, abm research titles about business, abm research titles about management, topics on research problems related to abm strand, business research topics for abm students, well-thought grade 12 abm research topics.

We have prepared some great research topics for ABM students below, including ABM strand quantitative research topics for ABM students and ABM strand ABM research topics. Hopefully, this article will help you find a suitable research title for ABM students.

Research about ABM can be interesting because you have so many examples of quantitative research titles about the ABM strands to choose from. Some of the ABM strand research topics you can never go wrong with include:

  • Career paths in business management and accountancy
  • The fundamentals of Accountancy, Business, and Management strand
  • Essential skills you develop when working with a mentor in business management and accountancy
  • Expanding a business: Guidelines for choosing the ideal market
  • The role of globalization on consumer behavior
  • The correlation between globalization and business behavior
  • What is the future of globalization? Will it continue to grow or wear off in the future?
  • What are big-box stores, and how can they move toward success in the current business sector?
  • The concept of competitive intelligence and its role in business environment success
  • The best ways to gather and analyze data about your business environment
  • Corporate lobbyists: Their role in America’s future
  • Business Vs. General Ethics: the difference and laws
  • A guide for defining and attracting a target audience
  • Crisis management: a guide for businesses
  • How do monopolies impact the corporate sector?

The AMB strand is vast because it involves three subjects, each with several sub-classes. Therefore, choosing a research title for the ABM strand can be challenging as numerous options exist. While many opt for a quantitative research topic about ABM strand pdf, we prepared the following more examples of topics you can use:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing for a business
  • Is outsourcing an ethical business practice?
  • A comprehensive guide for negotiation tactics
  • Insider trading: what is it, and why is it an offense
  • The nature of insider trading and punishments for it
  • What would be the ideal punishment for severe corporate crimes?
  • Wages and employee productivity: What are the correlations?
  • Guidelines for managing employee retention
  • The role of staff motivation in employee productivity and retention
  • The impact of a low-cost economy on companies and their employees
  • The benefits and drawbacks of a low-cost economy on companies
  • How to navigate the startup world
  • Teenage businesses: a booming phenomenon
  • Are small businesses the basics of economics?
  • How do third-world countries navigate the business world?

Quantitative research focuses on collecting numerical data and examining stats. Quantitative research for ABM students includes methods like target group surveys. Choosing a quantitative research title for the ABM strand requires keenness. Here are a few quantitative research title examples for ABM students:

  • How social media and the internet have changed the corporate world
  • Evolutionary aspects of corporate crisis management
  • What are the most and least popular services in the corporate world
  • Business strategies in the banking sector
  • Negotiation and diplomacy: a guide for business owners
  • Creating a balanced ecology for increasing production
  • Branding: The concept and its place in the modern market
  • What challenges do small enterprises face in corporate America?
  • Is internet advertisement taking over the world of advertising?
  • The psychology behind consumer decision making
  • How has feminism influenced the way women consume products and services
  • Is advertising in schools an ethical practice?
  • Do companies need to offer psychologists for their employees?
  • How can companies incorporate and encourage eco-friendly policies and practices in their organizations?
  • Should minimum wage be canceled?

Choosing an ABM research title can be hard. However, with some inspiration, you will find a place to start. This section will help you select a research topic about the ABM strand. So here is our collection of ABM strand research topics.

  • The rise, fall, and policies of Eastman Kodak
  • Do ethics and morality exist in the current business-oriented world?
  • The contributors to the high mobile phone sale rates in recent years
  • The Apple Company: How has the company maintained its position in the device market?
  • Corporate rituals: what are they, examples of the oldest and most rigid ones still in practice
  • The role of brainstorming in idea production and business solutions
  • The role of a franchise agreement for franchise and franchise holders
  • Elements to consider when selecting a sector to expand your business
  • Alcohol companies should be obliged to donate to alcohol recovery centers: An explanation
  • Brad awareness: How to create a globally recognizable brand
  • The financial crisis: what should global and local businesses expect?
  • What is the future of commerce and retail in the current digital era?
  • Are bank mergers a wise strategy or a recipe for failure?
  • Does bankruptcy mean the end of a business?
  • Should banks consider bank mergers? If so, when would be the right time?

An ABM research title with the author feels should be well thought out. Here are a few more creative ABM research topics for your consideration:

  • Effective competing strategies for local businesses
  • How are local businesses influencing the global economy?
  • What is the role of employee unions in the United States?
  • Should companies encourage their employees to join employee unions?
  • How can large businesses help local companies break through the global market without fear of competition?
  • Global businesses: how is the internet promoting globalization?
  • Does organizational environmental pollution affect consumer trust levels?
  • How can businesses incorporate their consumers into eco-friendly practices?
  • What are the consequences of overworking employees in the workplace?
  • How can you transform your leadership to create a successful business?

Qualitative research answers the whys and hows of a topic. It tests people’s reactions to products and studies client or consumer behaviors. Qualitative research also employs case studies, interviews, and focus groups to gather information on qualitative research topics .

  • How can you make a museum exhibition marketable?
  • Tobacco companies: Should they be mandated to donate to cancer treatment avenues?
  • What are the advantages of owning a recognizable and respectable brand?
  • How can you package your brand, so people receive it positively and widely?
  • Company image: How does it affect consumer behavior and modern corporate culture?
  • Why do certain niche companies gravitate towards hiring youths?
  • Why do certain companies prefer female employees to men and the contrary?
  • How has the Chinese market benefit from globalization?
  • How do business clusters move globalization?
  • Should alcohol companies pay higher taxes?

Are you wondering about the ABM research title about accounting to choose? Your choice of a qualitative research topic about the ABM strand will determine the course your research takes. Find a qualitative and quantitative research title about the ABM strand in accounting in the following list.

  • Blockchain: How will this improve the future of accounting?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on global accountancy firms
  • Cryptocurrency: Is this the solution to all current financial issues in the consumerist society?
  • Discretionary accruals: Meaning and important ethical considerations
  • The role of interest rates on the success of accounting firms
  • What would accounting firms look like if interest rates did not exist?
  • Do global companies have better accountancy workforces than local ones?
  • Should local vendors adopt similar accountancy practices as global companies?
  • The role of an efficient accountancy workforce in a company’s success
  • Should more global companies jump on the cryptocurrency trend?

Another core subject in the ABM strand is business. It is arguably one of the easiest of the three elements in the ABM strand. However, students still struggle to find a good ABM research topic for business. So, we prepared this research title about business section for you to find a business research title example (research title about business quantitative and quantitative). Find an example of a business research title from the list below:

  • Are businesses that were formed during the COVID-19 pandemic still thriving?
  • How was launching a business during the pandemic different from any other year?
  • AI business models: are they the most integrated business approach model currently?
  • How important is language in communicating business goals and reaching your target audience?
  • Business ethic theories: do modern businesses follow them as rigorously as conventional ones?
  • How do internet-related businesses like Amazon affect other businesses and the general public?
  • How to build consumer loyalty in a competitive sector
  • Consumer crisis: What is it and how to manage it
  • What are the best ways to minimize the risks of low-quality products or ones that do not meet industry standards?
  • The value of determining your target market at the conception of a business

Most students panic whenever they choose an ABM research title about management because they lack options. That should not be an issue again because we are here to help. Find an excellent qualitative or quantitative management and advertising research title for ABM students in the section below:

  • Career and talent management: Differences and correlations
  • Critical elements that affect business management, process planning, and project management
  • The role of organizational leadership in small company management
  • Construction management: How is it useful and how to do it effectively
  • Brand management: What would happen if businesses did not practice effective brand management?
  • The best customer risk management practices and why should always have a plan set in place
  • An explanation of the concept of consumer management in the current business sector
  • How effective management impacts the concept of perfect competition.
  • The impact of business management on worker loyalty and productivity rates
  • Critical factors to consider when choosing the right management team for a business
  • What is subliminal advertising, and what should you know about it?
  • How does subliminal advertising work?
  • Is product placement a good advertising strategy?
  • What is the future of telemarketing in the current corporate world?
  • Is telemarketing a thing of the past or a relevant form of advertising?

From ABM research topics quantitative to overall topics related to ABM, there are many approaches you can take for your research. The good thing is you will always benefit from an example of a research title about the ABM strand. Below are a few examples.

  • Why do copycat products enter the market so easily?
  • How can companies fight for their copyright and prevent copycat products from entering the market?
  • Can companies redeem themselves after a corporate crime crisis?
  • The role of corporate social responsibility in making a company more socially accountable
  • An explanation of the concept of corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate crime: What to know about this and how to come back from such a challenge
  • The idea of data security in the current business world
  • How to protect your data from data corruption, unauthorized access, and other data security issues
  • Employee coaching Vs. Employee management: What is the difference and how to organize each practice
  • Do businesses still adhere to this ethical principle?

An example of a research title about the business will help you get started. However, you must be keen on the research title about ABM that you select. Find a suitable business research topic for ABM students here:

  • Disruptive innovation in business: What are it and essential things you should understand
  • Is intellectual capital the key to unlocking your potential?
  • The basic components of intellectual capital
  • What is the most effective way to match a person to a role in a company?
  • Is job sculpting the key to unlocking people’s potential in the workplace?
  • Moral principles and regulations that govern business operations in your country
  • A guide to the various types of mergers
  • Key reasons that motivate companies to turn to merge
  • The Starbucks effect in the real estate sector?
  • Do people consider the presence of a Starbucks in their environment when making real estate decisions?
  • The value of strategic planning when establishing the direction of a small business before its launch
  • Labor strikes: What companies do they affect, and what are their consequences?
  • The value of company ethics and how companies should establish them
  • A guide for setting company ethics for a startup
  • The consequences of labor strikes in the general corporate economy

Most ABM students are usually in the 12 th grade. At this academic level, students have the cognitive ability to grasp ABM strand concepts. An ABM research project is a stepping stone for 12 th -grade students to move toward the next level of studies. Therefore, choosing a good topic is mandatory.

A good topic will help you find your ground and write a research paper that stands out. Creativity is an essential quality when picking research topics. However, if you do not trust your creativity, you need not worry. Here are some ABM-related research topics for 12 th -grade students:

  • Do undocumented workers have rights?
  • Ware the risks of employing undocumented workers in your business?
  • What belief system is work ethic, and does it have disadvantages?
  • The element of work ethic when selecting employees for your startup
  • How to encourage and maintain work-life balance for your employees
  • Can a work-life balance help promote productivity in your workplace?
  • Is business leadership a learned skill or an in-born talent?
  • How much power should stakeholders have in your business?
  • How do stakeholders affect the success of a business?
  • Why should the corporate sector educate the public on international investment?
  • Global competition: is this a successful strategy for local companies or a recipe for success?
  • International unemployment is a global phenomenon
  • How can local companies help resolve the issue of global unemployment?
  • How can large and successful companies create more employment opportunities?
  • Forms of ethical conflicts in the business world and how to avoid them

Let’s Help You with ABM Research Topics Selection and Writing

Whether you want to choose an ABM research title about accounting, advertising, management, or other focus areas, you can always depend on us for help. In addition to that, our team is ready to create satisfactory content on any ABM research topic you have. Let’s do this!

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Enhancing Financial Literacy of Grade 12 ABM Students by Using Business Finance Lesson

  • Rhoi Vince Condino
  • April Del Monte
  • Juliane Rodriguez
  • Crystel-Joy Tamon

Financial literacy is the education and understanding of knowing how money is made, spent, and saved. Students should understand how money works on their hands, how to spend money with their decision, and how to spend the money on the right things. We used Business Finance Subject to enhance the student’s financial literacy. The primary purpose of conducting this study was to make Grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management students financially literate. The researchers used the survey method because this is the most applicable method to use in gathering data. The design used was descriptive design because the researchers observed that students find it hard to budget their allowance because they spend a considerable amount on unnecessary things. The researchers also used convenience sampling to select 50 Grade 12 students from the Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand. The researchers also made and distributed 50 questionnaires to determine the things that they may help the students with to be financially literate. Based on the findings of the study, the factors influencing the financial status of the students were social media/media and their group of friends. The students cannot manage their allowance properly because they always hang out with their friends, buy things that they do not need, and spend a considerable amount of money on trending products. Therefore, the study showed that Business Finance lessons can help the students improve themselves by becoming financially literate. Spending money with a plan, avoiding debt, learning how to save money, making decisions before spending, controlling themselves to spend a considerable amount of money, and being wise are the things that must be learned by the students. The students who have a problem with financial literacy are recommended to do a daily budgeting plan to minimize and monitor their expenditures. Tracking ones’ spending is also important to get an accurate picture of your financial situation. Be wise when spending money because no matter how little or how much money you have, spending it wisely is a good idea. Avoiding impulse buying and planning purchases in advance is also a great idea for the students to save money and at the same time be financially literate.

research paper about abm students

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417 Business Topics & Research Titles about Business

The corporate world is the world of the future – there’s no doubt about that. And education in ABM will help you conquer it!

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What is ABM strand, exactly?

ABM stands for Accountancy, Business, and Management. Future leaders and entrepreneurs pursue education in this field to learn the skills essential for their careers. They study how to run a business. How to talk to clients. And, of course, how to come up with strategies to earn money.

Looking for exciting business topics to write about in a paper or dissertation? Here you’ll find a list of research titles about business, as well as ABM qualitative and quantitative research ideas collected by experts. We hope that these business and management research topics will inspire you for your own project or for a heated discussion.

❣️ Choosing an ABM Qualitative or Quantitative Research Topic

👔 business topics to write about, 💸 business topics on marketing, 📈 accounting research titles about business, 💫 business management research topics, 👷 business topics on hr, 🤔 abm strand research faq, 🔍 references.

The key part of acquiring any education is writing a research paper . Why do it? First, it’s a test of a student’s analytical, writing, and research skills. Second, being able to conduct business research is paramount to its success.

  • It helps you communicate with customers.
  • It helps you scan the marketplace for threats and opportunities.
  • It helps you understand how to minimize risks.
  • It helps you plan your investments effectively.
  • It helps you keep your hand on the pulse of the current trends in the market.

The obtained skills will guide you through the entirety of your professional career. It’s an experience that can’t be skipped. We’ve hand-picked 417 research topics related to the ABM strand, just for you. Here, you will find the best ideas for your future ABM research paper masterpiece.

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The first step in writing an ABM research paper is choosing a topic. With the abundance of ABM research topics ideas on the Internet, it’s not an easy task. Simply picking one won’t do the trick. You will need to juggle relevance, applicability, and your own personal interest in the subject.

There are two main types of AMB research methods: qualitative and quantitative.

  • Qualitative research answers the why and the how questions. It tests customers’ reaction to new products and studies consumer behaviors. Case studies, interviews, and focus groups are the common methods of collecting such data.
  • Quantitative research collects numerical data and analyzes stats. The common methods include various surveys in target groups.

What ABM fields to explore are out there?

  • Financial accounting (aka accountancy) is creating financial statements to be distributed within and outside of a company.
  • Management accounting is creating operational reports to be distributed only within a company.
  • Banking and finance are all about financial services provided to customers, and the laws of investment.
  • Business administration is supervising and overseeing various business operations.
  • Marketing is all about the promotion of buying and selling services and products.
  • Entrepreneurship is all about the process of coming up with, starting and managing a new business.
  • Human resource development management is all about reaching the top potential of the employees.
  • Hospitality management is overseeing and supervising various administrative tasks of a resort or hotel.
  • Tourism is all about attracting, housing, and entertaining tourists, and organizing tours for them.

ABM Research Fields.

Getting lost in this embarrassment of riches? Let’s single out the five of the trendiest areas of ABM research. They are: business, marketing, accounting, project management, and human resources. Want to see more examples of research titles about ABM strand? More on them down below!

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Here are some of the freshest ideas for a relevant business research paper. Enjoy our selection of business research topics and research titles for ABM students. Choose one and prove that your finger is on the pulse of the modern market world!

  • Is poverty a concern of a corporation? How can corporations contribute to social development? Should they concern themselves with it in the first place, and to what degree? How can corporate social responsibility result in the betterment of the market? How can a corporation’s perceived awareness produce a positive image for the customers?
  • Labor relations : the latest tendencies and the predictions for the future. Analyze the contemporary trends in the labor-corporate relationship. What issues are likely to emerge in 2025-2030? Back up your conclusion with real-life examples.
  • Diversity as a contemporary working reality. Due to globalization, people of various backgrounds tend to work together, more and more so. Does it influence the working process at all? Does the difference between genders, ages, and ethnicities hinder or facilitate business? Should the companies ensure that there’s diversity among their employees , and why? How should the work environments be organized to maximize efficiency?
  • Personal networking : labor-corporate communication tool. How does the number of people you know correlate with the chances of finding the best partners, workers, and customers? Is it an exponential or a sine curve? Produce real-life examples.
  • E-business: the world-wide globalization process. Some of the most successful modern businesses operate almost exclusively online. What are the examples? Assess the role of integration in their workflow. What are the overall perspectives of SCM (supply-chain management) in the realities of e-business?
  • Leadership and business in the modern world. Is there a significant difference in the styles and strategies implemented by the leaders in the 21 century as compared to the earlier eras? How do modern leaders adjust to contemporary business realia? What are the challenges and opportunities? What are the global trends? Produce real-life examples.
  • Copyright law : is it on the side of the artist or the company representing them? How has copyright law evolved through the times? What drove it so? To what extent does it protect modern artists? How can a copyright corporation exploit it, and to what degree? Produce real-life examples. Are there any court precedents?
  • Advertisement and consumer behavior . What types of advertisements prove to be the most effective? Back up your data with research results. What are the latest trends in the world of advertisement? What are the advantages and disadvantages of online and offline advertising? What mistakes can be made by a brand that is trying to produce a positive image through advertisement?
  • Apple : how to turn your brand into a religion. What are the factors behind the success of the Apple corporation? Is it just clever advertising, or is there something more to that? How does Apple build a following of brand loyalists? Does Apple face any difficulties in the realities of the modern harsh brand competition? What are your predictions for the nearest future of Apple corporation?
  • Word of mouth: a fossil or a gem? Who usually relies on this form of advertisement the most? How can an already well-established corporation benefit from it? How does word of mouth differ from other types of advertisement? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Produce real-life examples of a brand’s or organization’s success due to word of mouth.
  • Facebook and business . How can Facebook be used as a modern platform for conducting business? Does it have any advantages as compared to other online platforms? What are the disadvantages? What successful companies use Facebook as a business platform?

Social media mobile.

  • Pay for performance: a source of loyalty or displeasure ? What’s the best strategy for an employer to link pay and performance? Should pay increases be dependent on just the performance of an employee, or should other factors also be considered? Back up your reasoning with research results.
  • Local customization vs. global standardization. What are the pros and cons of each of the approaches? What companies are known to implement both strategies successfully? Give examples.
  • External recruiting vs. Internal promotions . What are the pros and cons of each of the approaches? How can a company implement both strategies successfully? Which is a more cost-effective approach? Why is it impossible to stick to just one of the strategies?
  • Does a multinational corporation have a motherland? Is it obligatory for a multinational corporation to have a strong presence in its home country? What are the economic benefits or downsides of it? Produce real-life examples.
  • Management by walking around (MBWA). What is the reasoning behind it, and how is it implemented? Is it a boost for productivity or a stress for employees? Who needs it more – the employees or the manager? Is it effective? Illustrate your point with research results.
  • The AIDA formula in advertising. What exactly is the AIDA formula? Why is it popular nowadays, and how does it compare to the other formulas for creating advertisements? Is it the key to a successful message broadcasting or a hindrance to creativity?
  • Free market : an achievable goal or a utopia? What exactly is the concept of a free market? What are the advantages of such a system? What are the disadvantages? Are there any real-life examples, and what can be learned from them?
  • Family business : pros and cons. Are there any modern examples of a successful family business? What might be the downsides of such a business model? What are the advantages? What can be learned from the examples of exercising interpersonal relations in business?
  • Franchises vs. “from scratch” businesses. Why having a franchise is a go-to option for a lot of corporations? What benefits does it produce? Are there any downsides? Which business model is easier to maintain? Which business model is more cost-effective?
  • Marijuana business in the US: state law vs. federal law. What is the current stand of federal law on the issue? What about state law? What is your prediction for the marijuana-based businesses for the nearest future?
  • Governments vs. private businesses. How does the government manage private businesses in your country? What is the best strategy for a government-private business relationship? How does this relationship reflect on the economy of the country?
  • The Internet and consumer behavior . How does the Internet shape consumer behavior in modern days? Are there any drastic changes in consumer behavior as compared to ten years ago? Is the Internet just a new platform for advertising, or is there more to that? Produce real-life examples.
  • The culture of consumerism . What exactly is this phenomenon? Is it really a thing or just a popular penny dreadful? Is it a natural occurrence or an artificial design created by the major companies for increasing profit? What proofs of the latter can be produced?
  • The best countries to invest into in 2020. How can a country be invested into? Why would some corporations choose to do it? What are the criteria? Is it cost-effective? What are the real-life examples?

Here are some more business research topics to explore:

  • Outsourcing: its advantages and disadvantages for a business. Is it ethical?
  • Authors and copyright: which works better, legal names or nom de plumes?
  • Negotiation tactics : understanding authority.
  • Oil prices impacts on consumer behavior in Turkey .
  • Corruption cases: do state officials have a higher chance of succeeding with a request for dismissal?
  • Juicy Fruit: business strategies and product promotion .
  • Insider trading : how the nature of the offence and the punishment for it has changed through the decades.
  • American Airlines: the secret of success .
  • Alcohol: the advantages of the sale and consumption laws for the society’s well-being.
  • Organizational change capacity concept .
  • Death penalty : should it apply for the most severe corporate crimes?
  • The correlation between wages and employee productivity.
  • The correlation between strategic management and employee productivity .
  • The impact of staff motivation on employee productivity.
  • Managing employee retention .
  • Low-cost economy: companies benefits and drawbacks .
  • Sales letter vs. waste bin: how to avoid spam folder?
  • Startups: how to.
  • L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble: financial analysis .
  • Teenagers vs. business: the phenomenon of teenage business.
  • Logistical system: private and public warehouses combining .
  • Small business : the basis of economics.
  • Coca-Cola and PepsiCo: Comparative Analysis .
  • Third-world countries: how is business done there?
  • Taxes : types and uses.
  • The role of corporate lobbyists in American future .
  • Business ethics: is there a difference from general ethics? What are the laws?
  • What are the cultural differences of doing business in different countries?
  • Roadrunner Sport: social and digital media strategies .
  • The target audience : how to define it and how to attract it?
  • Crisis management in business.
  • Call centers outside the US: pros & cons .
  • Risks: how to calculate them in your business endeavor.
  • Monopolies : how do they impact the market?
  • Business dynasties: how does family business operate?
  • Copyright law : how does it operate?
  • A gaming lounge: business plan .
  • Services: what are the most and least popular in the market?
  • Dell Company: global strategies .
  • Charity: is it a good advertisement strategy for a business?
  • How to balance ecology and increasing production.
  • SunTrust: business strategies in banking industry .
  • Corporate culture : what company rituals are common in business?
  • Negotiation and diplomacy in business.
  • TransGlobal Airlines as a monopoly .
  • A healthy working environment and its importance in business
  • Google’s success: a case study .
  • Brands: what’s their place in the modern market?
  • American Airlines’ and US Airways merger .
  • Military crisis: a hindrance or a boost for business?
  • Small enterprises: what are the challenges?
  • British Petroleum: the corruption case .
  • Internet advertisement: is it overtaking the world of advertising?

Richard Branson quote.

  • The psychology behind people’s decision to buy a more expensive product or a higher quantity of it.
  • Feminism: how does it influence the way women consume?
  • Hilton’s investments into the Italian tourism sector: causes and effects .
  • Teenagers and brands: what brands are the most popular among modern teenagers?
  • Mandatory recycling: how would it affect the prices? Would it be cost-effective in the long term?
  • Advertising in schools: is it acceptable?
  • Social media: what marketing strategies are used there? Does it influence offline advertisement?
  • Tariffs on car imports in Ukraine .
  • Employee stress : does every company need to offer services of a psychologist?
  • Sports and art: do corporate extracurricular classes enhance employees’ creativity and result in a healthy work environment?
  • Walmart company: environmental sustainability .
  • Eco-friendliness: how can more eco-friendly policies be encouraged in companies and businesses?
  • The concept of perfect competition .
  • Personal guns: does the successful handgun production industry depend on their free distribution?
  • BMW group sustainability plan .
  • Minimum wage : should it be canceled? Why?
  • Starbucks, Toyota and Google: missions comparison .
  • Commerce and retail: what is the future? Will shopping activity move completely to the Internet?
  • Toyota and Plexus: pricing strategies .
  • Internet advertising: is it more effective than other types of advertisement?
  • Tobacco production: should higher taxes apply to the tobacco companies? Should they be obliged to donate to cancer treatment centers?
  • Alcohol production: should higher taxes apply to alcohol companies? Should they be obliged to donate to alcohol treatment centers?
  • Xerox: company profile and overview .
  • Business ethics: how does it influence important decisions made by a company?
  • Ethics and morality in a business-oriented world.
  • The rise and fall of Eastman Kodak .
  • A museum exhibition: how can it be made marketable?
  • The business guide to sustainability .
  • Mobile phones: what has facilitated their high sales rates in recent years?
  • Under Armour: company analysis and strategic alternatives .
  • International human resources : what are the major challenges and pitfalls?
  • Corporate rituals: what are the oldest and most rigid ones that are still practiced in companies?
  • Brainstorming: how effective is it in producing ideas and business solutions?
  • Healthy work environment: what does it look like, and how can it be created?
  • Financial crisis: how does it affect business in the US and worldwide?
  • Famous brands: what are the associated advantages of owning a product of a recognizable and respectable brand? Why are consumers often willing to pay for it more than for a less well-known alternative?
  • Image: how does it affect the modern business culture and consumer behavior?
  • Gender: does it influence the ability to manage small and large teams?
  • Hiring youth: why certain niche companies prefer to employ young people? What are the examples?
  • Differences in ethnic cultures: how do they influence team-building?
  • Differences in ages: do they create difficulties in departmental cross-functional cooperation?
  • Gender: why certain companies prefer to employ more women than men and vice versa? Are efficiency stereotypes empirically and numerically confirmed?
  • Fitness franchises : why are they more and more popular?
  • Franchise models: what types are out there? Which would you choose for a coffee house? Other examples are welcome.
  • Franchise promotion: is it the responsibility of the franchisee or of the franchise holder?
  • Franchise agreement: which items should be included to save from excessive spending with no reward?
  • What factors must be considered when choosing the market for business expansion ?
  • Globalization and consumer behavior: how does one affect the other?
  • Chinese market: how does it benefit from globalization?
  • Globalization: will it continue to spread, or will it cease to decrease?
  • Business clusters: how do they move globalization?
  • Bank mergers : a wise strategy or a result of failure? When should a bank consider this move?
  • Bankruptcy : what are the most common reasons for it? Does it necessarily spell the end for a business?
  • Big-box stores : how to ensure the success of a big-box retailer?
  • Brand awareness: how to make people remember and recognize your brand?
  • Competitive intelligence : what are the best ways to gather and analyze information about the business environment?
  • Consumer loyalty: how to make a consumer develop a behavioral tendency of favoring one brand’s products over the other?
  • Consumer risk management: what are the best ways to minimize the potential risk of a product not meeting quality standards entering the marketplace? How to make it cost-effective?
  • Copycat products: why do they enter the market so easily, and what are the ways for a brand to fight for its copyright?
  • Corporate crime : how is it best for a company to redeem its reputation after being compromised?
  • Corporate social responsibility : how does this business model help make a company be socially accountable?
  • People Water: corporate social responsibility .
  • Customer competencies: how to enable your customers to learn and engage in an active dialogue?
  • Data security : how to protect data from unauthorized access and data corruption?
  • Downtown revitalization: how can it be beneficial for a business?
  • Ruth’s Chris restaurants: SWOT analysis .
  • Employee coaching: how is it different from managing? How is it best to organize employee coaching in a big / small company?
  • The “Do no harm” ethical principle in business.
  • Green products : are they good for a business? How can a company use less packaging, and reduce the amount of disposed toxics?
  • Industry disruptor: what is a disruptive innovation in business?
  • Intellectual capital: what are the components and what is the best way to unlock their potential?
  • Job sculpting: what is the best way to match a person to a job that unlocks their potential to the fullest degree?
  • Marketing ethics : what are the moral principles behind the regulation and operation of marketing in your country?
  • Mergers : what are the types, and why do businesses do it?
  • Organigraphs: how to graphically represent a company’s structure and processes? How are organigraphs different from a traditional organizational chart?
  • Philanthropy: what are the competitive advantages of corporate philanthropy?
  • Quality circles: how does it influence business positively?
  • Regional planning: how to place infrastructure across a large area of land efficiently?
  • Customer service initiatives: how to learn what your customers dislike, tolerate, and actively appreciate?
  • Bagel Store vs. Subway: comparative analysis .
  • Shared services model: why are they cost-efficient?
  • Short-term financing: in what types of businesses does it apply best?
  • Starbucks Effect: how does a Starbucks store affect home and property values?
  • Groupon: daily deal or lasting success ?
  • Strategic planning : how to establish the direction of a small business?
  • IBM Corporation: business strategies .
  • Labour strikes: what causes them? What are the consequences for a business in particular and for the economy in general?
  • Companies’ ethics: concepts and cases .
  • Subliminal advertising: how do they work?
  • Telemarketing: a thing from the past or a relevant method of advertising?
  • Underage workers: how does employment of minors work?
  • Underwriting: who provides underwriting services and who receives them?
  • Undocumented workers: do they have rights, and what are the risks?
  • Unions: what is their stand in your country?
  • Whistle blowing: is it regarded ethical in modern business practice?
  • Work ethic : what kind of belief system is that? Does it have any downsides?
  • Work-life balance : what are the ways of encouraging and maintaining it?
  • Business leadership: is it a skill that can be learned?
  • Stakeholders : what is their impact on the success of a business?
  • Global unemployment: why is it a worldwide phenomenon? What are the solutions to the problem?
  • International investment : why is it important to educate the public on its benefits?
  • International competition: what are the strategic measures of survival for local companies?
  • Job creation : how can big and small businesses create jobs?
  • Businesses and oceans: why is it crucial to institute and implement environmentally-friendly approaches?
  • Ethical conflicts: how to avoid cultural, religious, and political arguments at work?
  • Organizational environmental pollution: how does it affect consumer trust levels?
  • Business negotiation: what are the styles of intercultural dialogue?
  • Excessive work: what are the consequences of overworking ?

Marketing is one of the most prominent entities that govern our world. It’s the cornerstone of business, serving to identify and satisfy customers’ wants and needs. Without marketing, there is no business!

Here are some of the most relevant marketing research paper topics and ideas. Choose one, and you are bound to impress your professor!

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  • Coronavirus: a case study. How has COVID-19 affected consumer behavior worldwide ? What about your own country? Are there any glaring examples of inadequate consumer behavior? What are the reasons behind them? How do different businesses deal with the consequences of quarantine? Produce examples of marketing centered around Coronavirus.
  • Zoom: a case study. How did Zoom manage to become a go-to platform during the Coronavirus outbreak ? Was it the brand’s clever marketing, or did something else influence the consumer choice? How did Zoom manage to outperform the dozens of rival video conferencing services? What are the numbers? Make your predictions on whether the company will be able to sustain its success after quarantine is over.
  • Gillette #MeToo commercial: a case study. How did the brand express its political stand on a pressing social subject? Did the campaign ultimately succeed in its goal? Did the backlash harm Gillette’s reputation, or was it a sign of successful branding? How did it ultimately reflect on sales? What can be learned from the data?
  • Xbox Series X: a case study. The Xbox Series X is the successor of the popular Xbox One home video game console. It is scheduled for release in late 2020. How is it advertised? How does its marketing campaign impact user behavior? Is it a fast process? Analyze the concept and the marketing campaign of the product.
  • Colin Kaepernick in a Nike commercial: a case study. How did the brand use an existing political situation to its advantage? Did the campaign ultimately succeed in its goal, or did it merely taint Nike’s reputation? Was it marketing genius or brand failure? What do the numbers say? What can be learned from the data?
  • Brexit and consumer behavior. How has Brexit affected consumer buying behavior in the UK? What about the EU? How did it impact currency exchange rate? What businesses benefited from it? What can be learned from the data?
  • Same product, different branding: a comparison. Two companies are selling the same product – only branding and packaging are different. What influences customers’ choice? Is the price relevant in this equation? What can be learned from the data?
  • Addictive consumer behavior. What brands are known to inspire addictive consumer behavior? What marketing tools do they employ? Are there any downsides for a business? Should companies be held liable for maniacal consumer behavior?
  • Corporate social responsibility as a brand marketing tool. How effective is it? Produce examples of brands whose sales increased after a charity or awareness campaign. What can be learned from the data? What are the pitfalls of the CPR approach?
  • The ROI in athletics. What exactly is return on investment? How is it calculated? Why is there close public attention to the ROI factor in athletics? How can ROI be used as a marketing tool? Produce real-life examples.

Marketing is.

  • Slack: a case study. How popular is Slack as compared to rival platforms offering similar services? How much of its success can be attributed to marketing? Is its success currently on the rise or on the decline?
  • Uber : a case study. How has Uber become the leading company in its field? Analyze its history. What role did marketing play in its success? Analyze the company’s exit from the Chinese, Russian, and South Asian markets. Why did the company choose to do it? What benefits did it gain by doing so? What’s the current stand of the company?
  • Facebook : a case study. Facebook has faced a lot of backlash in recent years. How did the company manage it? What are the examples of Facebook’s different takes on marketing influenced by the company’s negative publicity?
  • Marketing in recession : a case study. The 2008 global financial crisis took a great toll on the markets worldwide. Nevertheless, there are stories of success for new products introduced to the market at the time. What companies managed to successfully roll out a product in the time following the 2008 global financial crisis? Give a case study of such a company.
  • Microsoft : a case study. How does Microsoft advertise its products? How are traditional storefronts doing market-wise as compared to the recent advertising trend, mobile phone marketing? What choices does the IT giant make concerning mobile ad targeting? Is it successful?
  • Black Friday : what’s the secret behind the phenomenon? Does it offer real value for money or is it simply a psychological trick of clever marketing?
  • Digital transformation: how to create an effective digital marketing budget?
  • Production expenditure: how does marketing affect it?
  • Jeep company’s marketing .
  • The Internet of things : what exactly is IoT? What are the examples? How can marketing be incorporated into it?
  • Volkswagen company’s information technology .
  • Volkswagen in America: managing IT priorities .
  • Relationship banking: how has it been influenced by digital promotion and mobile money accessibility? How is mobile banking redefining the customer-bank relationship?
  • Apple Computer Inc.: maintaining the music business .
  • Credit card responsibility: how to limit compulsive buying behaviors for credit card holders?
  • Corporate social responsibility: how do organizations use CSR to reinforce brand equity?
  • Servus Credit Union Ltd: marketing strategies .
  • Marketing manipulation tactics: what do brands do to get more customers?
  • Herfy’s marketing strategy in India .
  • Social media marketing as an image builder: different ways of communicating your brand image on the YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram platforms.
  • Consumer motivation on the BevCo example .
  • Influencers: how can Internet-famous people impact the buying choices of consumers ?

Marketing strategy connting digital devices.

  • A Coffee shop marketing strategy .
  • Direct marketing strategies: are consumers equipped enough to shield themselves from it?
  • The “Do no harm” ethical principle in business .
  • Maternity: what is the best way to market baby products?
  • Family orientation: how does it affect marketing in general?
  • Online shopping : what do buyers look for when shopping online? What attributes do they compare when choosing the product?
  • Harley Davidson, Naked Juice, and Tropicana Juice: brand perception analysis .
  • Global marketing: how does it incorporate standardization?
  • Social class differentiation: how do financial institutions market their products and services differently on the basis of social class?
  • Snapple Juice: marketing strategies .
  • Internet marketing: what trends can be expected to dominate the online world in the future?
  • Marketing and culture : how do advertising strategies vary across different cultures?
  • The Green Motor Car Company: marketing strategy .
  • Political campaigns : how can they impact advertising? Produce real-life examples.
  • Impulsive buying : how does it occur, and how do brands exploit it?
  • American Marketing Association: promotion strategy .
  • Loyalty cards: do they boost sales and encourage customer loyalty?
  • Brand trust: is it possible for well-marketed brands to get away with selling products of substandard quality?
  • Trust as the way to develop proper company-clients relationships .
  • Globalization : what is its impact on consumer behavior?
  • Customer loyalty : what brand attributes result in it?
  • Market monopoly: what are some of the successful marketing approaches that can help break through it?
  • Cause marketing : how does it impact a brand’s affinity with its target audience?
  • Brand equity : what is the effect of discount offerings and consumer promotions on it?
  • The outcomes of advertising in a recession
  • Top-of-mind awareness: how is it best achieved in modern times? Produce real-life data.
  • Event sponsorships and customer perceptions: how to?
  • Mobile ad targeting: pros and cons of mobile ad targeting based on users’ browser and app history.
  • Mortgage marketing: how to make customers be able to differentiate between various mortgage options offered by competing banks?
  • Drones production company marketing plan .
  • Click baiting: a promising novelty in sponsored posts promotion or a brand-compromising nuisance, best to be avoided for fear of bad associations with the brand?
  • Who are the consumers of Nivea?
  • Celebrity endorsement : what’s its impact on ROI for CPG brands?
  • Comparison advertising: is it effective in building brand equity?
  • Do consumers prefer purchasing routine grocery products online?
  • Is earned media perceived to be as important as it appears to be?
  • Word of mouth: what makes people want to forward content to their friends?
  • Viral content: how to?
  • Evolving family structures: what has changed and how to address it with marketing?
  • Augmented reality : how is it enhancing marketing experiences?
  • Artificial intelligence: what role does it play in modern marketing?
  • Advertising to children : how to? What are the pitfalls?
  • Brand salience: how to?
  • Humour in advertising: what’s the impact, and what’s the customer response?

As you are very well aware, accounting is all about numbers and measurements. It’s even been called the language of business! That’s why writing a research paper on one of the accounting research paper topics is such a good idea. You are going to master it in no time!

What are the main fields of accounting?

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Tax Accounting

There are carefully selected topics down below that explore each of those fields. Just go there and choose one – it’s that easy!

  • Taxes and politics. How do organizations fight for the reduction of the taxes they have to pay? How can politicians influence the tax rate in different spheres? Are there any real-life examples of that? How can this situation be curbed? 
  • Financial markets. What are commodities and stocks? What is the role of financial markets in the global economy? Why are there few people who understand financial markets? What issues does it raise? What can be done about it? 
  • Accounting information systems . What are the most popular accounting systems used by businesses nowadays? What are the most modern ones? How rapid is the flow of information today? How does it influence modern accounting? What can be done to advance it even further? 
  • Managing and accounting. How can managerial accounting help a company make better decisions? How does it work? What are the possible examples of successful and unsuccessful decisions made in a company based on the managerial accounting reports? 
  • Personal finances . Why should individuals hire personal accountants? How can this practice be systematized? What are the alternatives? Produce examples of modern mobile accounting applications and free online services. What are the pitfalls to be aware of? 
  • Debt management. Why does such a serious issue exist in the modern world? Produce the current numbers of people for whom debt is a life-governing factor. What is the reason behind the prevalence of this problem? Who may benefit from this situation? How can this be fixed? 
  • Auditing collusion. What is employee / auditing collusion? How can it result in an unfair marketing advantage? Why is it illegal? Produce real-life examples of auditing collusion disrupting marketing equilibrium. What can be done to anticipate and prevent such occurrences in companies? 

Below are some other accounting research topics to explore:

  • Accounting decisions: what are the criteria for making them correctly?
  • General principles of accounting .

Accounting: Main Fields.

  • Forensic accounting : how does the investigation process go? What are the role and essential skills of forensic accountants?
  • Accounting theory: how is it influenced by culture?
  • Tax assessment: how to correctly assess the tax on organizational earnings?
  • The 2008 global financial crisis : what factors were the primary cause?
  • What are the steps on the way to becoming a certified accountant ?
  • Accounting ethics: what are the modern dilemmas?
  • Accounting history : what are the historical prospects for the best accounting practices?
  • Accounting systems: what are the risks in the process of developing their design?
  • Earnings management: what are the perspectives?
  • Tax reduction : what are the most effective ways of doing it for organizations?
  • Managerial accounting: what are the effects of financial markets on management accounting?
  • Financial fraud : what are the ways to escape it?
  • Accounting theories: what is their meaning for business?
  • Nortel Networks Corporation Accounting Theory .
  • Normative theories: what are the issues with normative theorizing in accounting?
  • Theoretical concepts: how to implement them in practical accounting?
  • Earnings management: how to best organize it in a company?
  • Cash flow: what is the effect of external factors on cash flow in an organization?
  • Online accounting: can accountancy be effectively based on the Internet?
  • Offshore accounting: how does it work? What are the pros and cons?
  • Accounting systems: which are the most effective for accountants?
  • Tax code: how to?
  • Islamic banking : how is it different from the European approach?
  • Financial markets: what are the known commodities?
  • Financial markets: what is their role in the global economy?
  • Financial transparency: what are the strategies to make organizational finances transparent?
  • Cloud computing : what is its role in data management for accounting information systems?
  • Personal investment: important factors .
  • The ideal framework for AIS: what does an ideal framework for an accounting information system in multinational cooperatives look like?
  • Food production company: a financial plan .
  • Decision-making process: what is the role of AIS in the decision making process for medium / large economic enterprises?
  • Accounting frauds: analyze three major accounting frauds of the last decade in detail. Why is ethical judgment needed in accounting at all times?
  • Intellectual capital: how do two major business companies (of your choice) build a relationship between their financial statements and their intellectual capital?
  • Education for senior executives: how can business education for senior executives influence hedging behavior?
  • Non-profit accounting: what are its financial reporting requirements?

Project management is the cornerstone of doing business. After all, how can you do anything without organizing it first? You may think, “Oh, but that’s easy… I just do it!” But that’s not how it works in modern business.

In big corporations, the way you organize a project is often synonymous with its eventual success or failure. Project managers need all of their knowledge, skills, and techniques to make projects meet the requirements. Want to look deeper into the processes and secrets behind project management? The idea for your perfect project management research paper is waiting for you down below!

  • Project management software . Which project management tools dominate the market today? Are they cost-effective? What do they primarily focus on (e.g., cost, scheduling time, etc.)? Analyze different project management software and find out whether they really lead to project success and increase productivity or not.
  • Humanitarian logistics. How do system dynamics and project management principles affect logistics operations? The need for humanitarian logistics has increased around the world due to the rise in environmental disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.). How can the sustained damages be reduced? Analyze the collaboration between system dynamics and humanitarian logistics. How does it impact flows in the supply chain, stakeholders, and responses? What are the best adaptations of project management theories?
  • Project delay causes. Identify the leading symptoms and causes of project delays. How does it impact the project life cycle? How do global construction companies cope with it? What strategies have they devised to deal with the issue?
  • Factors of project selection. What are the primary factors that affect selecting a project? Analyze the shift of project benefits approach towards customer-centricity. What is the reason for it? What is the difference between the two approaches? Which is more effective in modern business?
  • IT industry and agile project management . What is the impact of agile project management on productivity in IT companies? Analyze it using quantitative research techniques. Measure improvement of productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Analyze and report the outputs of the data using empirical hypothesis testing methods.
  • Implementation of project management practices . What is the impact of an organization on how project management practices are implemented? Analyze the more informal and people-focused project management practices that are used in small and medium-sized enterprises. Use mixed methods research techniques such as interviews and surveys. Choose companies from a specific sphere to collect data. Examine the size of the company and how it impacts project management practices.
  • Communication and quality. How significant is communication in maintaining timely delivery and quality of project activities? Analyze the importance of communication between the organization of a project and its stakeholders (external and internal). How does efficient communication help an organization meet the expectations?
  • Team conflict dynamics model: what conflict types and team conflict profiles are there? How can they produce resolutions that can lead a project to success?
  • Culture and conflict management: how different cultures of project managers may influence the methods of conflict resolution they implement? How does a project manager’s background affect the way they identify misdeeds and the way they try to deal with conflicts that arise in their project?
  • Project misalignment with business objectives: how does it affect the overall project performance?
  • Project management soft skills : how important are they in the context of project success rates? What is the cost of training, and what are the benefits? How do they help the project achieve the desired outcome?
  • Psychosocial stressors: how do they impact project manager performance? What types of psychosocial stressors are there? Does organizational culture have any mediating effect? Use real-life data.

Anthony Robbins quote.

  • Project management research trends: how do they influence project success? What is the relationship between project management research trends and social-economic trends?
  • Project management maturity factors: how do they influence project success in large enterprises? How come the role of projects has increased worldwide, but the overall number of successful projects hasn’t changed? What is the relationship between project performance factors and organizational project management maturity?
  • Agile-scrum beyond IT: how can it bring managerial benefits to other sectors? Analyze its potential for the healthcare industry. Illustrate how it may be applied to develop frameworks for quality and timeliness improvement. How can it help deliver healthcare in a large-scale patient setting?
  • Project completion rate: how do organizational characteristics influence it in the construction industry? Analyze data on project performance using key performance indicators (KPIs). Use social network analysis tools to document organizational characteristics.
  • Leadership style as a mediator: how to connect collaboration satisfaction and emotional intelligence? What leadership styles are there? What are their roles as mediators between emotional intelligence and collaboration satisfaction?
  • Effective project scheduling system: what are the effects of the application of this planning and scheduling style in construction projects? Use the critical path method (CPM) in the analysis of drafting and subsequent implementation of an effective project scheduling system for manufacturing renewable energy plants.
  • Effective project manager appointment guidelines: how to design and implement them for construction companies in XYZ? How do two types of leadership styles, person-centered and team-centered, differ when used by project managers? How can one balance them? What does Archer say on the topic in her Realist social theory? Use the data from your analysis for designing effective project manager appointment guidelines to be implemented in XYZ construction companies.
  • Controlling costs in project management: a systems approach. Analyze the work of the research and development departments for a US-based consumer goods manufacturer.
  • Management: power, authority, and influence .
  • Culture, project performance, and IT industry: what might be the causes of delay and failure due to cultural factors?
  • CISCO Systems Inc: strategies and management .
  • Initiation stage of a project: a review. Analyze the work of the US medicine sector.
  • Similar but different: review the similarities and differences in how people practice project management across the world.
  • Effective teamwork role for organizations performance .
  • Competitive advantage: does a company gain a competitive advantage by implementing expert management in a project?
  • Canbide Corporation: operations management tools .
  • Critical path analysis: how do project managers plan for it and assess it?
  • Diversity: management practices and principles .
  • The uncertainty: how valid is it in lengthy and difficult projects in the US construction industry?
  • Transformational and transactional leadership models .
  • The history: investigate and analyze the development and evolution of project management across the past 20 years.
  • The qualities of an efficient leader .
  • Understanding the intricacies: how important is the grasp of the project’s intricate nature for its effective management?
  • McDonalds: management effectiveness .
  • Benchmarking project management maturity: analyze the benchmark standard of measuring maturity in project management.
  • Shangri-La Hotels: company management .
  • Agile project management: how does academic literature help develop its understanding?
  • The organization of international business .
  • The PMBOK guidelines: do they prepare managers for handling project risks successfully?
  • Information management system: practical solutions .
  • Project management methodologies: how do various prevailing project management methodologies correspond with efficacy? Review the US market.
  • Subway in the US: management strategies in food industry .
  • Software development methodologies: how do organizations justify their choices?
  • Teamwork on project management : how important is it in the US healthcare system?
  • The concept of change in management .
  • Software tools: how do different project management software tools correspond with efficacy in the developed world?
  • Establishment of Ruth’s Chris Steak House in London: how to make a restaurant chain international?
  • Attitude towards risk: how does project management handle possible risks in the US oil and gas sector?

Communication flat.

  • Package role in design and planning process .
  • Public procurement: what are the associated challenges for project management in the US IT sector?
  • Humility and its impact in leadership .
  • The stakeholder approach: how does a global perspective picture its overall success in adoption and completion of projects?
  • Management: Holistic Response to Client Issues .
  • Captiva Conglomerate: management strategies .
  • Best project management practices: what does the European financial sector tell us about them?
  • Hewlett-Packard: global supply chain management .
  • Leadership qualities: does successful project management need them?

Human resource management is one of the most interesting spheres of business. After all, it’s all about people!

There are three major areas of a human resource manager’s responsibilities. They are: staffing, allocating compensation and benefits for employees, and administrating work.

There’s so much you can do as an HR specialist. It’s as people-oriented as a profession can get. It’s always a continuous process, too. You’ll never get bored!

There are a number of questions an HR specialist needs to know the answer to. How to select the best recruits? How to encourage team spirit and teamwork among the employees? How to motivate people? How to appraise and how to punish? All of those questions and more are raised in our selection of human resources research topics!

  • Training of employees as a performance enhancer. How does training of employees correspond with their performance? Produce real-life data. Use a questionnaire to identify and determine the workforce needs in an organization. Analyze the data by calculating a simple percentage analysis. How much did employee training influence their performance? Was it cost-effective?
  • Performance evaluation and its impact on productivity. How does performance evaluation impact employee productivity? What is its purpose? What is the difference between formal and informal evaluations? How should a performance evaluation be carried out? Describe each of the steps. What is the influence of a poor evaluation on an employee’s morale and their absenteeism rate? Produce real-life data.
  • Motivation and its impact on morale. What motivation theories are there? Which are the most popular to utilize in organizations today? What does the process of staff motivation look like? Does it influence employee performance? Produce real-life data. Analyze the data by calculating a simple percentage analysis.
  • Performance appraisal and its impact on productivity. What is performance appraisal, and how is it different from performance evaluation / employee motivation? Why is it considered to be crucial for the growth and survival of an organization? What is the role of performance appraisal as a strategic factor? Describe what performance appraisal techniques are used in an organization. How does it impact employee productivity? Produce real-life data.
  • Human resource and its relevance in modern business. Why are the effective acquisition, utilization, and maintenance of human resources considered to be central to the growth of an organization? How can executive initiative utilize human resources profitably for an organization? What are the techniques of sustaining and developing human resources in an organization? How to achieve maximum cooperation between staff and management?
  • Stress and its impact on the employee performance. What is the effect of stress on workers’ performance? Produce real-life data. Collect data using questionnaires and descriptive survey research design. Present the collected data in tables. Analyze it using simple percentages and frequencies.
  • Staff training in business organizations. How to identify the training needs of an organization? What is the role of management in staff training and development? What types of training methods are there? What are the effects of training on employee performance? Produce real-life data.

Here are some of the simpler human resources topics to explore:

  • Employee loyalty: what are the main factors that can increase it?
  • The cost of prejudice and discrimination on the wprkplace .
  • Conflicts in the workplace : how to resolve them? What are the most typical ones?
  • Cultural differences: how can human resource managers work around cultural differences in an international company?

G.K. Chesterton quote.

  • Recruiting students: what are the pros and cons? 
  • Compensation and benefits are the parts of employment relationship . 
  • Employees’ education : should a company pay for it? 
  • Harmful outsourcing of United States jobs . 
  • Outsourcing and freelance workers: what are the pros and cons? 
  • Recruitment : what are the opportunities and risks of recruiting new team members? 
  • How to motivate employees effectively?  
  • HR managers: how to select, recruit, hire, and educate human resource managers?  
  • Legal aspects of human resource management . 
  • Overqualified employees: how should an HR manager deal with an overqualified employee? 
  • Google company: workforce diversity policy . 
  • Talent hunting and management: what’s the human resource manager’s role in this process? 
  • Character types: what character types are there, and how do they affect the team-building process in a company? 
  • Workplace harassment and bullying: how should a human resource manager deal with such challenges? What strategies of prevention are to be employed? 
  • Diversity : how can a company encourage it? What is its impact on the dynamics in the workplace? 
  • Communication: how to make it effective? How does it affect a company’s success? 
  • Wages : do they affect employee productivity? How to increase employees’ motivation and make it cost-effective? 
  • Assessing employee performance : what are the best ways to do it? What tools and criteria are there? 
  • The role of diversity in the workplace . 
  • Labor laws : what are the most critical issues to be resolved? 
  • Company data : how to protect it in the age of technology? 
  • Equal pay : are staff members paid equally, and how can HR managers address this issue? 
  • Leadership styles . 
  • Health problems: how can they affect employees’ productivity, and how can HR managers address this issue? 
  • Riordan Manufacturing: HR marketing services . 
  • Workplace motivation: what motivates people to work more? 
  • Mergers and acquisitions : what is the role of an HR specialist in these processes? 
  • Managing a diverse workforce . 
  • Employee loyalty: how can HR specialists encourage employee loyalty through developing the job satisfaction factor? 
  • Organizational burnout of employees . 
  • Employee retention: which factors contribute to it? 
  • Salary bonuses: what are their additional benefits? How can an HR specialist identify who is eligible for getting them? 
  • Strategic human resources : is there global competitiveness on it, and why? 
  • Human resources market: describe its demand and supply circle. 
  • Daily childcare: how can it enhance the performance of employees in the company? 
  • Compensation packages : what are they and what is their function? How can an HR specialist identify who is eligible for getting them? 
  • Career planning : should it be more people-oriented, or is it to be centered around companies? 
  • Professional qualities vs. fitting personality: which is more important? 
  • Performance tests: how are they to be conducted? 
  • Do remote interviews match in their effectiveness with personal ones? 

The Accountancy , Business , and Management (ABM) research focuses on the basic concepts of financial, marketing, and business management. ABM research explores various strategies employed in the business, marketing, and accounting spheres. It helps specialists in the sphere discern which business theories work best when put to practice.

Qualitative research gathers non-numerical data used to uncover customers’ opinions, thoughts, and trends. ABM qualitative studies use focus groups, observations, and interviews. The importance of the qualitative method have been increasingly recognized in the ABM field as a rich in detail and insightful way of analyzing the current market situation.

The nature of business research is the collection, study, and analysis of various business-related data to acquire detailed information and use it to maximize sales and profit of a business. The employed research methods include qualitative and quantitative types. The importance and benefits of business research can’t be overrated.

A marketing research topic is an issue that a researcher is investigating in their marketing research paper. The topic needs to be specific and well-defined to ensure the success of a research project on market and marketing. Selecting a topic is a challenging part of the marketing research.

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3. problems students are facing at public k-12 schools.

We asked teachers about how students are doing at their school. Overall, many teachers hold negative views about students’ academic performance and behavior.

  • 48% say the academic performance of most students at their school is fair or poor; a third say it’s good and only 17% say it’s excellent or very good.
  • 49% say students’ behavior at their school is fair or poor; 35% say it’s good and 13% rate it as excellent or very good.

Teachers in elementary, middle and high schools give similar answers when asked about students’ academic performance. But when it comes to students’ behavior, elementary and middle school teachers are more likely than high school teachers to say it’s fair or poor (51% and 54%, respectively, vs. 43%).

A horizontal stacked bar chart showing that many teachers hold negative views about students’ academic performance and behavior.

Teachers from high-poverty schools are more likely than those in medium- and low-poverty schools to say the academic performance and behavior of most students at their school are fair or poor.

The differences between high- and low-poverty schools are particularly striking. Most teachers from high-poverty schools say the academic performance (73%) and behavior (64%) of most students at their school are fair or poor. Much smaller shares of teachers from low-poverty schools say the same (27% for academic performance and 37% for behavior).

In turn, teachers from low-poverty schools are far more likely than those from high-poverty schools to say the academic performance and behavior of most students at their school are excellent or very good.

Lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

A horizontal stacked bar chart showing that most teachers say the pandemic has had a lasting negative impact on students’ behavior, academic performance and emotional well-being.

Among those who have been teaching for at least a year, about eight-in-ten teachers say the lasting impact of the pandemic on students’ behavior, academic performance and emotional well-being has been very or somewhat negative. This includes about a third or more saying that the lasting impact has been very negative in each area.

Shares ranging from 11% to 15% of teachers say the pandemic has had no lasting impact on these aspects of students’ lives, or that the impact has been neither positive nor negative. Only about 5% say that the pandemic has had a positive lasting impact on these things.

A smaller majority of teachers (55%) say the pandemic has had a negative impact on the way parents interact with teachers, with 18% saying its lasting impact has been very negative.

These results are mostly consistent across teachers of different grade levels and school poverty levels.

Major problems at school

When we asked teachers about a range of problems that may affect students who attend their school, the following issues top the list:

  • Poverty (53% say this is a major problem at their school)
  • Chronic absenteeism – that is, students missing a substantial number of school days (49%)
  • Anxiety and depression (48%)

One-in-five say bullying is a major problem among students at their school. Smaller shares of teachers point to drug use (14%), school fights (12%), alcohol use (4%) and gangs (3%).

Differences by school level

A bar chart showing that high school teachers more likely to say chronic absenteeism, anxiety and depression are major problems.

Similar shares of teachers across grade levels say poverty is a major problem at their school, but other problems are more common in middle or high schools:

  • 61% of high school teachers say chronic absenteeism is a major problem at their school, compared with 43% of elementary school teachers and 46% of middle school teachers.
  • 69% of high school teachers and 57% of middle school teachers say anxiety and depression are a major problem, compared with 29% of elementary school teachers.
  • 34% of middle school teachers say bullying is a major problem, compared with 13% of elementary school teachers and 21% of high school teachers.

Not surprisingly, drug use, school fights, alcohol use and gangs are more likely to be viewed as major problems by secondary school teachers than by those teaching in elementary schools.

Differences by poverty level

A dot plot showing that majorities of teachers in medium- and high-poverty schools say chronic absenteeism is a major problem.

Teachers’ views on problems students face at their school also vary by school poverty level.

Majorities of teachers in high- and medium-poverty schools say chronic absenteeism is a major problem where they teach (66% and 58%, respectively). A much smaller share of teachers in low-poverty schools say this (34%).

Bullying, school fights and gangs are viewed as major problems by larger shares of teachers in high-poverty schools than in medium- and low-poverty schools.

When it comes to anxiety and depression, a slightly larger share of teachers in low-poverty schools (51%) than in high-poverty schools (44%) say these are a major problem among students where they teach.  

Discipline practices

A pie chart showing that a majority of teachers say discipline practices at their school are mild.

About two-thirds of teachers (66%) say that the current discipline practices at their school are very or somewhat mild – including 27% who say they’re very mild. Only 2% say the discipline practices at their school are very or somewhat harsh, while 31% say they are neither harsh nor mild.

We also asked teachers about the amount of influence different groups have when it comes to determining discipline practices at their school.

  • 67% say teachers themselves don’t have enough influence. Very few (2%) say teachers have too much influence, and 29% say their influence is about right.

A diverging bar chart showing that two-thirds of teachers say they don’t have enough influence over discipline practices at their school.

  • 31% of teachers say school administrators don’t have enough influence, 22% say they have too much, and 45% say their influence is about right.
  • On balance, teachers are more likely to say parents, their state government and the local school board have too much influence rather than not enough influence in determining discipline practices at their school. Still, substantial shares say these groups have about the right amount of influence.

Teachers from low- and medium-poverty schools (46% each) are more likely than those in high-poverty schools (36%) to say parents have too much influence over discipline practices.

In turn, teachers from high-poverty schools (34%) are more likely than those from low- and medium-poverty schools (17% and 18%, respectively) to say that parents don’t have enough influence.

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Table of contents, ‘back to school’ means anytime from late july to after labor day, depending on where in the u.s. you live, among many u.s. children, reading for fun has become less common, federal data shows, most european students learn english in school, for u.s. teens today, summer means more schooling and less leisure time than in the past, about one-in-six u.s. teachers work second jobs – and not just in the summer, most popular.

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Apr. 2, 2024

Rice student making a difference in community through lung cancer research.

Priyanka Senthil is maximizing her opportunities at Rice University through her research and advocacy work related to lung cancer screening.

Priyanka Senthil is maximizing her opportunities at Rice University through her research and advocacy work related to lung cancer screening.

Senthil, a third-year student at Rice majoring in health sciences and minoring in medical humanities, has been working on clinical research related to improving lung cancer screening guidelines and treatment for the past three years.

“I’ve always been intrigued by lung cancer after I learned that it’s the deadliest cancer in the U.S. and the world,” Senthil said. “And that’s because a lot of people who are at high risk for lung cancer are not getting screened, which is the best way to catch lung cancer early. That’s what really drew me into both the research and advocacy work that I do now.”

Priyanka Senthil

Senthil is the executive director of the  American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative  (ALCSI), which is a national nonprofit organization of over 300 students and doctors across the country dedicated to raising awareness of and access to lung cancer screening.

Senthil is the president of ALCSI’s Rice chapter, which recently held a White Ribbon Build event where participants painted and signed wooden white ribbons for lung cancer patients.

“We have held over 490 community events and taught over 25,000 individuals about lung cancer screening,” she said. “We’ve also worked with mayors, governors and national leaders to issue proclamations and public service announcements encouraging constituents to get screened in addition to passing legislation around lung cancer screening.”

Priyanka Senthil speaks with participants of ALSCI's White Ribbon Build event where participants painted and signed wooden white ribbons for lung cancer patients.

Senthil has published 10 papers related to lung cancer screening, including a first-author review  paper  that provides an update on the current lung cancer screening guidelines.

In March, she and her team published a  study  in the “Journal of Clinical Oncology” showing that using smoking duration, instead of pack-years, to determine lung cancer screening eligibility is more equitable and greatly increases opportunities for early lung cancer detection.

She also recently gave an oral presentation at the 2024 Academic Surgical Congress on a study regarding disparities in the surgical treatment of lung cancer between males and females in the United States. The study has found that females are more likely than males to receive inferior treatment for early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer.

Senthil said her research has made her passionate about finding ways to address underserved communities when it comes to accessibility of cancer treatment.

“I think it’s really important for groups to be doing research that highlights limitations and disparities in order to push for health policy change,” she said. “It goes back to trying to be a voice for people in communities that are oftentimes silenced or just not heard.”

Senthil’s time as a student at Rice has provided her with ample opportunities to pursue these passions boundlessly, she said.

Priyanka Senthil

“I have absolutely loved my time at Rice,” she said. “What I really liked about Rice early on was how collaborative the atmosphere is. Everyone is here to help and push everyone else up, and I really love that about Rice.

“Secondly, it’s the opportunities. We’re right next to the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical center in the world, so if you’re interested in research or anything related to medicine, there isn’t a better place to be.” no longer supports Internet Explorer.

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Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal

Psychology and Education , Ester Rose S . Alikes , Genevieve L. Sagandoy

This study was conducted to examine the money management practices of Business Administration students at the Mountain Province state Polytechnic College including the problems encountered, and the remedies taken to address them. A survey method was used, and convenience sampling was utilized to determine the sample size for the respondents. The data were gathered through questionnaires and personal interviews. The study's findings indicate that most respondents prioritized saving for long-term goals but do not invest their money for insurance or gainful purposes. Most students keep a record of their expenditures but many neglects to create a budget plan and end up spending more of their budget. The result also showed that their primary problem is lack of money for unforeseen expenditures or emergencies. The solution utilized to address the issue is to save funds for the future. Hence, the Business Administration Department may consider enhancing personal finance topics in its curriculum. The college should reconsider designing financial literacy programs that may be integrated in the student orientations. Skills training should also be provided to assist the students in developing their financial and business skills.

Ijaems Journal

This research described the financial literacy and spending habits of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System (BSAIS) students. Total enumeration sampling was utilized in choosing the 116 respondents from PHINMA Araullo University at Barangay Bitas, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines during the Academic Year 2020-2021.The respondents answered questionnaires adopted and modified by the researchers. The researchers divided the questionnaire into two parts. The first part pertains to the financial literacy of the respondents and the second part is about their spending habits as to academic, food, and personal needs. The questionnaire was a 4-point Likert Scale. The data gathered were tallied and analyzed using weighted mean, and set into tables for interpretation and analysis. Results revealed that the respondentshave good financial literacy. Likewise, they were good spender of their money as to their food, personal and academic needs.

Rüştü Yayar

In this study, the consumption expenditures of the students, one of the important income sources of regional economies, were revealed, and it was investigated that whether these expenditures are in relation with sociodemographic factors or not. Used data was collected via survey study done to the students in Amasya University. The income-expenditure functions of the students, the share of fourteen expenditure groups in total expenditures, and income elasticity were estimated with the help of Engel’s functions. Sampling was used for sample selection. SPSS and Eviews Packet Programs were used in data analysis. 717 out of 800 surveys were approved and attached to analysis. 14 expenditure items were formed by based on “classification of individual consumption by purpose“. It is also searched that whether the gender of the students; studying in daytime or evening education; getting scholarship or loan; being student in faculty or high school; possession of credit card; studying in medical, social or technical departments; and accommodating in houses or dorms had a meaningful difference on consumption expenditures or not. In the study, while a clear observation related to the marginal propensity to consume of the students in daytime education in Amasya University cannot be stated, that their autonomous consumption is 47,5 TL lower than the students in evening education can be stated. It is also observed that the income elasticity values related to alcohol-tobacco, household goods, hotelrestaurant, chance-games, and sport expenditures are higher than 1, and the income elasticity values related to the other expenditure items are lower than 1.

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A professor worried no one would read an algae study. So she had it put to music

Neda Ulaby - Square

Dead fish washed ashore in a red tide in 2018 in Sanibel, Fla. Joe Raedle/Getty Images hide caption

Dead fish washed ashore in a red tide in 2018 in Sanibel, Fla.

An anthropology professor at the University of South Florida recently published a paper she knew barely anyone would read. At least, not outside her field.

The paper, co-authored with three other professors, had to do with the impact of algae blooms and depletion of coral reefs on the region's tourism industry. The work was glum, says Heather O'Leary . It involved tracking visitors' reactions to the environment on social media.

"Part of the data for months was just reading tweets: dead fish, dead fish, dead fish," she recalls. "We were really thinking every day about the Gulf of Mexico and the waters that surround us, especially in St. Pete as a peninsula, about those risks, and the risks to our coastal economy."

Changing The Climate Of Protest With Aerial Art

The Picture Show

Changing the climate of protest with aerial art.

But attending concerts at USF's School of Music inspired and gladdened her. So she reached out to its director of bands, Matthew McCutchen .

"I'm studying climate change and what's going down at the coral reefs," he remembers her saying. "And I've got all this data and I'd like to know if there's any way that we can turn it into music."

Indeed there was. Composition professor Paul Reller worked with students to map pitch, rhythm and duration to the data. It came alive, O'Leary says, in ways it simply does not on a spreadsheet.

research paper about abm students

Matthew McCutchen, Heather O'Leary and Hunter Pomeroy at the University of South Florida Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble show at USF Concert Hall. Aiden Michael McKahan/University of South Florida hide caption

Matthew McCutchen, Heather O'Leary and Hunter Pomeroy at the University of South Florida Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble show at USF Concert Hall.

"My students were really excited to start thinking about how the other students, the music students, heard patterns that we did not see in some of the repetitions," she says. With music, she added, "you can start to sense with different parts of your mind and your body that there are patterns happening and that they're important."

In this case, she says, the patterns revealed the economic impact of pollution on coastal Florida communities. The complex challenge is a symptom of other, bigger problems. "The world is going to see more and more of these purportedly 'wicked problems,' the ones that take multiple people with different types of training and background to solve," O'Leary says.

Climate Scientist Tries Arts To Stir Hearts Regarding Earth's Fate

Joe's Big Idea

Climate scientist tries arts to stir hearts regarding earth's fate.

The University of South Florida is excited about this composition . Other departments are getting involved, including communications, education and library science. Now, a group of faculty and students are working to bring together music and the environment in related projects, such as an augmented reality experience based on this composition. The group, which calls itself CRESCENDO (Communicating Research Expansively through Sonification and Community-Engaged Neuroaesthetic Data-literacy Opportunities) wants to spread awareness about the algae blooms, data literacy and democratizing science.

Edited for radio and the web by Rose Friedman. Produced for the web by Beth Novey. Produced for the radio by Isabella Gomez Sarmiento.

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  • University of South Florida
  • algae bloom


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    We asked teachers about how students are doing at their school. Overall, many teachers hold negative views about students' academic performance and behavior. 48% say the academic performance of most students at their school is fair or poor; a third say it's good and only 17% say it's excellent or very good.

  22. Financial Literacy among Grade 12 Academic Strand Students: A

    It can be interpreted that 80% of the students were already financially literate or were approaching financial literacy. The ABM students manage to get 20.70% interpreted as Financially Literate. Table 3 shows the results of the significant difference of the financial literacy between Grade 12 HUMSS and ABM students of CFSI-Mabiga S.Y. 2019-2020.

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