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100 Words Essay on Sri Lanka

Sri lanka: the pearl of the indian ocean.

Sri Lanka, also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a beautiful island nation located south of India. It is a land of rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

Natural Beauty

Sri Lanka is blessed with stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and majestic mountains. The island is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, leopards, and blue whales.

Culture and History

Sri Lanka has a long and complex history, dating back to the arrival of the first settlers thousands of years ago. The island has been influenced by many different cultures over the centuries, including Indian, Chinese, and European. This diversity is reflected in Sri Lankan art, music, and dance.

People and Economy

Sri Lanka is home to a friendly and welcoming people. The island’s economy is based on tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Sri Lanka is a major producer of tea, rubber, and cinnamon.

Sri Lanka is a truly special place. Its natural beauty, rich culture, and friendly people make it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

250 Words Essay on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a beautiful island nation located in the Indian Ocean, is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. It is a land of rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural beauty.

History and Culture

Sri Lanka has a long and fascinating history, dating back to ancient times. It was once ruled by powerful kingdoms, and its culture is a blend of various influences, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.

Sri Lanka is blessed with stunning natural beauty, including lush green hills, cascading waterfalls, golden beaches, and diverse wildlife. The country is home to several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, where visitors can see elephants, leopards, and other exotic animals.

Beaches and Water Sports

Sri Lanka’s coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches, making it a popular destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and diving in the crystal-clear waters.

Tea and Spices

Sri Lanka is famous for its tea and spices. The country produces some of the finest teas in the world, and visitors can visit tea plantations and learn about the tea-making process. Sri Lanka is also known for its aromatic spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

Sri Lanka is a truly special place, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or simply looking for a relaxing beach vacation, Sri Lanka has something for everyone.

500 Words Essay on Sri Lanka

Sri lanka: an enchanting island.

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon, is a beautiful island country located in the Indian Ocean, south of India. It is known for its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. The country boasts stunning beaches, lush rainforests, ancient ruins, and a fascinating blend of ethnicities and religions.

A Glimpse into Sri Lanka’s History

Sri Lanka has a long and storied history, dating back to over 2,500 years. The country has been influenced by various cultures, including the Sinhalese, Tamil, Portuguese, Dutch, and British. The ruins of ancient kingdoms and temples, such as Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa, offer a glimpse into the country’s rich past.

Mesmerizing Landscapes and Pristine Beaches

Sri Lanka is blessed with stunning natural beauty. The island is known for its pristine beaches, which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The southern and eastern coasts are particularly popular among tourists, with towns like Galle and Arugam Bay attracting surfers and beachgoers. The country’s central highlands, known as the Hill Country, offer breathtaking views of lush tea plantations, waterfalls, and misty mountains.

Cultural Tapestry and Vibrant Festivals

Sri Lanka is known for its diverse culture, which is a blend of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, and Burgher influences. The country is home to many festivals and celebrations, including the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Vesak Poya, and Deepavali. Traditional dances, music, and art forms reflect the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

Exploring Sri Lanka’s Natural Wonders

Sri Lanka is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The country’s national parks, such as Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park, offer opportunities to spot elephants, leopards, sloth bears, and a variety of bird species. The island is also famous for its tea plantations, which produce some of the finest tea in the world.

A Culinary Journey

Sri Lankan cuisine is a blend of local and foreign influences, resulting in a unique and flavorful culinary experience. Rice and curry is a staple dish, accompanied by an array of flavorful curries, sambals, and condiments. The country is also known for its delicious street food, such as kotthu rotti and hoppers.

In conclusion, Sri Lanka is a captivating island nation that offers a wealth of experiences to visitors. From its ancient ruins and diverse landscapes to its vibrant culture and delicious cuisine, Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for those seeking a rich and memorable travel experience.

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essay about my country sri lanka in english

My country Sri Lanka My country is Sri Lanka. It is an island situated in the Indian Ocean. It is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. It is a beautiful country. The largest river in Sri Lanka is the Mahaweli and the highest mountain is Piduruthalagala. The highest waterfall is Bambarakanda. The capital [...]

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Kids Essays

My country Sri Lanka My country is Sri Lanka. It is an island situated in the Indian Ocean. It is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. It is a beautiful country. The largest river in Sri Lanka is the Mahaweli and the highest mountain is Piduruthalagala. The highest waterfall is Bambarakanda.

The capital of my country is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte and the commercial capital is Colombo. The president of my country is Hon. Maithripala Sirisena and the prime minister is Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Our national flag is called the Lion Flag. Our national flower is the Blue Water Lily, national tree is Na tree, national bird is the Jungle Fowl, national animal is the Giant Squirrel and our national sport is Volleyball. But Sri Lanka is famous for Cricket. The world’s best tea comes from Sri Lanka.

On February 4, 1948 Sri Lanka gained independence. Our national anthem is ‘Sri Lanka Matha’.  The official languages in Sri Lanka  are Sinhala, Tamil and English.

My country is a peaceful country where all the religions such as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus all live in harmony. I am so proud to be a Sri Lankan. I love my motherland Sri Lanka a lot.

Naqeeb Shamroz (7 years) Zahira College, Colombo 10

My father My father’s name is Sampath. He is 35 years old. He has curly hair. He drops me to school. I love my father.

Pabalu Dikkumbura (6 years) Musaeus College

Myself My name is Thenulya. I am eight years old. I live in Maharagama. I study at Logos College. My favourite colour is pink. My best friend is Atara and I love to play with her. I have one sister and no brothers. My hobbies are drawing pictures and making models with clay. I love to eat chocolate cake and drink Milo. Out of all the countries I have visited, my favourite country is Dubai.

Thenulya Weerawardhana (8 years) Logos College

Ramazan Ramadhan is the month of fasting. Every Muslim of all ages takes part in the fast. Ramadan, the annual fast, falls in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Those who fast, must neither take food nor drink throughout the hours of daylight. Above all, they must keep away from things shameful, and telling lies.

Fasting can be a little difficult when it falls during summer. Though it will be a little difficult, a Muslim fasts joyfully in any season, obeying the orders of Allah. There are Muslims who love summertime fasting the most. There is a deep relationship between Ramadhan and the Holy Quran. Those who fast, turn again and again to the Holy Quran because Allah revealed it in the month of Ramadhan to our Holy Prophet Muhammed.

Shaifna Aroos (10 years) Ilma Int. Girls’ School

How could TV be better?

We all enjoy watching television. One of the main reasons which we watch television is to gain knowledge. Some knowledgeable channels are NatGeo, Discovery, NDTV Good times, NatGeo Geography etc. These channels are based on all about the world and types of people, natural disasters, ancient and historical places and many more.

There are also other useful as well as fun and interesting channels. For example, FoxLife is a channel which displays different types of food and recipes. They tell us about types of food eaten in various parts of the world. We as kids love watching animated programmes which can be found on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pogo and many more. We can watch cartoons such as Tom and Jerry which have a moral.

It teaches us not to fight and quarrel and instead to live in peace, friendship and harmony. News is one of the most important programmes that we must watch. We must make it a habit of watching at least one news episode a day as there are many news updates daily from early morning until midnight.

By watching these types of important programmes we can develop our brain and learn a lot about the world. We can also watch cartoon but not too much as it may affect our eyesight and brain.

Amal Gaffoor (11 years) Royal Institute Girls’ School

My best friend My best friend is Sandra. We both go to Kudapaduwa Sinhala Mixed School in Negombo. She is eleven years old. Her favourite food is grapes and her favourite colour is red. She has a pet dog. Her favourite subject is Science and she would like to be a teacher. Sandra likes to read English books. She has a very good heart. I love my best friend very much.

Anne Hansika (Grade 6) Kudapaduwa Sinhala M.S., Negombo

Importance of trees Trees are one of the most important things in the world. They give us shade. When we are going somewhere in the sun, when we are tired, we sit under a tree to rest. We choose a tree because it is shady. Trees give us food. We take fruits, vegetables, grains and green leaves from trees. We also eat roots like carrots, sweet potatoes, manioc and beetroot. Trees give us wood to make houses, buildings, furniture etc. The most important things is that they give us oxygen to breathe. Trees make our earth clean and beautiful. We must not cut trees. It takes only a few minutes to cut a tree but it takes years to grow.

Sanduni Jayathilake (Grade 7) Little Flower Convent, Bandarawela

The moon In the evening when the moon sets, The eyes of bats open wide. Children stop playing and go back home.

Shops are closed for the day, Darkness appears little by little And the night dominates.

Children go to sleep, At midnight thieves come to steal, But they cannot hide from the moon.

The sun rises and the children open their eyes Moon disappears and day begins.

Aysha Amani (Grade 5) Royal Int. School, Kegalle

An unforgettable trip We went on a trip to England for a few months. I had lots of fun while we were travelling. It was a great experience for us. We went there after two days. I was so excited. After we went there we had lots of fun playing tennis. Then at night we settled in a great five-star hotel. We had our dinner from that hotel. It was very delicious. Then in the morning we went to our uncle’s house. It was near the hotel. All of us went to Bits Park to play. We were very fortunate because it was winter season as well as snowy days. We made a snowman and played with snowballs. Then after a few days, my parents as well as my uncle entered me into a famous school in England. It is called ‘Richard Rose Morton Academy.’ It was a turning point in my life. I learned to speak English properly from my school. That’s why I respect my school. My life was changed from that day. I met a myriad of friends called Daisy, Molly and Kara. My sister and my brother also entered into a school. I have never seen snow before that day. We went to see a duck park. It was a fantastic park. That’s how I spent my trip. I can’t forget it forever.

Dilmi Nipuna (Grade 10) Tangalle B.V.

My hobby A hobby is nothing but to have a change in the routine work. It is a happy union of profit and pleasure. Hobby is also man’s past time. There are varieties of hobbies. My hobby is gardening.

I spend my leisure hours in my garden. My garden is in front of my house. I have prepared the flower beds and planted varieties of flowering plants. The plants give out a sweet scent in the evening. I love being in the garden and I watch the butterflies. I water the plants and enjoy the nature of the pure air in the evening. I water the plants twice a day during the summer. I dig out the withered plants and plant new ones.

I talk to the plants and sing to them. I feel as if my plants nod their heads in agreement. All plants are living things. My hobby gives me happiness and some exercise for my body. My hobby satisfies my inner urge and gets an emotional response.

S. Shimeshika (Grade 6) Tamil C.C., Bandarawela

My pet My pet is a dog. Its name is Blacky. It has four legs and a nice tail. It likes to eat meat. It likes to drink milk. My pet runs with me in the garden. My dog loves me and my mother. When I am going to school, he is looking at me. My brother loves my dog. He likes to jump. I have one small cat. When I am doing my homework it stays near me. I love my pet very much.

Julia (Std. 3) Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

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The primary school students of gateway college staged their, cinnamon peelers.

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it project management resume examples

Resume worded   |  proven resume examples, resume examples.

  • Manager Resumes

23 Project Manager Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Your resume can make or break your search for a project manager position. we’ve got five resume templates here with the key qualities that project manager recruiters are looking for in 2023 (google docs and pdfs attached)..

Hiring Manager for Project Manager Roles

Project managers are versatile, multi-talented professionals who play an essential role in the success of a business. Among other things, project managers oversee projects from start to finish, ensuring that the entire process runs smoothly while working closely with their team, communicating with clients, resolving conflicts, and staying within set budgets. Career prospects for project managers are expanding exponentially -- according to some estimates, by 2027, around 87.7 million workers will be employed in project management-related jobs. In some respects, there’s never been a better time to become a project manager. However, like many other fields, project management is quite competitive, and if you want to land a position as a project manager, you’ll need a strong resume and a diverse skill set to show potential employers that you’re the right fit for the job. So, what should a project manager resume look like in 2023? First, let’s take a look at some templates of successful resumes. Next, we’ll discuss some of the essential skills for project managers as well as tips for creating a knockout resume. Finally, we’ll cover some of the best action verbs to use in your resume bullet points.

Project Manager Resume Templates

Jump to a template:

Project Manager

Entry Level Project Manager

Senior project manager, technical project manager, marketing project manager.

  • Construction Project Manager

Agile Project Manager

Engineering project manager, assistant project manager.

  • Healthcare Project Manager

Junior Project Manager

IT Project Manager

  • Project Management Office (PMO) Director
  • Process Manager
  • Process Operator

Software Project Manager

Jump to a resource:

  • Keywords for Project Manager Resumes

Project Manager Resume Tips

  • Action Verbs to Use
  • Bullet Points on Project Manager Resumes
  • Related Manager Resumes

Get advice on each section of your resume:

Template 1 of 23: Project Manager Resume Example

Project managers oversee the planning, executing, and monitoring of an organization’s projects and initiatives. Project managers can work in many different industries, and the job responsibilities may vary based on the industry. In any case, the project manager is responsible for overseeing each step of a project, ensuring timelines are being met, ensuring the project is staying within budget and collaborating with key stakeholders to ensure all expectations are met. To become a project manager, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as business intelligence, applied statistics, or business management. Hiring managers may look for candidates with additional project management certifications. In addition, hiring managers will be looking for someone with several years of experience in relevant roles, such as prior experience as a business analyst, operations associate, or project estimator. Ideal candidates for this role will have superb organizational skills and an understanding of budgets and business operations.

A seasoned Project Manager resume highlighting expertise in leading cross-functional teams, defining project objectives, and successfully delivering projects on-time and within budget, while ensuring project quality and alignment with company goals.

We're just getting the template ready for you, just a second left.

Tips to help you write your Project Manager resume in 2024

   obtain project management certifications.

Since no specific degree is required for a project management role, gaining project manager certifications can help you specialize your knowledge and stand out when applying for these roles. There are several certifications you can obtain, such as the PMP (project management professional) or CSM (certified scrum master) credentials.

Obtain project management certifications - Project Manager Resume

   Apply to roles in industries you have experience in

Project managers are needed in a variety of industries, including education, construction, IT, healthcare, technology, and many more. Having experience in the industry you want to be a project manager for will help strengthen your resume. For example, if you have experience working in IT, applying for a project manager role at an IT company is wise.

Apply to roles in industries you have experience in - Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Project Manager resume

Template 2 of 23: project manager resume example.

When applying for a project manager role, you need to demonstrate that you have the right skills for the job. Your work history and skills section should show evidence of your abilities in areas such as time management, planning, and communication. If you have experience with specific project management software or methodologies, make sure to mention those in your resume as well.

Project manager resume template with bullet points, relevant skills, and strong action verbs.

   Skills section and bullet points

Skills sections in resumes are most effective when they succinctly list the relevant skills for the job you’re applying for. This template shows only specific project management-related skills, and there are bullet points under the work experiences that exemplify some of the more abstract skills (e.g. strategic planning).

Skills section and bullet points - Project Manager Resume

   Strong action verbs

The bullet points in this template begin with strong action verbs such as “developed”, “spearheaded”, and “managed”. We always suggest framing your past successes with verbs like these to emphasize the role you played in your accomplishments.

Strong action verbs - Project Manager Resume

Template 3 of 23: Entry Level Project Manager Resume Example

As an entry level project manager, you're just beginning your journey in overseeing projects from start to finish. One of the key aspects of this role is understanding and adapting to the ever-evolving industry trends and company expectations. When crafting your resume, emphasize your project management skills in areas like planning, execution, and risk management. Also, stay updated with industry-specific certifications and showcase your ability to learn and grow in the role. Companies hiring entry-level project managers often look for those who can adapt quickly and bring fresh perspectives to the table. Therefore, it's crucial to highlight your innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, and willingness to collaborate with diverse project teams. Demonstrating these qualities on your resume will help you stand out as a potential candidate.

Resume screenshot highlighting project management skills and relevant certifications for an entry-level role.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Project Manager resume in 2024

   focus on relevant coursework and certifications.

As an entry-level applicant, you may have limited work experience. Make sure to highlight relevant coursework and certifications such as PMP, CAPM, or Agile methodologies that showcase your knowledge in project management principles and practices.

Focus on relevant coursework and certifications - Entry Level Project Manager Resume

   Emphasize your team collaboration experience

Employers value candidates who can work effectively with others. Use your resume to showcase experiences where you successfully collaborated on class projects, internships, or volunteer work, highlighting your ability to communicate and contribute in a team setting.

Emphasize your team collaboration experience - Entry Level Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Project Manager resume

Template 4 of 23: entry level project manager resume example.

At first, it might seem intimidating to apply for project manager jobs with little to no prior experience in this line of work. But if you have a strong academic history and the skills to succeed as a project manager, you can break into this field. Use your resume to highlight projects you worked on in school, extracurricular activities, and any other experiences where you had to use skills such as problem solving and organization.

Entry level project manager resume template with education, volunteer work, and activities

   Education and academic background

On an entry-level resume, leading with your educational history can put your strengths in the forefront - especially if you excelled in school. If you had a high GPA or academic honors, it’s great to mention those here, as well as any coursework or projects you did that could be relevant for project management.

Education and academic background - Entry Level Project Manager Resume

   Volunteering and internships

Even if you don’t have an extensive work history, you’ve likely done internships, community service, and other projects that show who you are and where your strengths lie. Extracurricular activities can also tell recruiters that you’re driven, ambitious, and actively involved in your community.

Volunteering and internships - Entry Level Project Manager Resume

Template 5 of 23: Senior Project Manager Resume Example

As a Senior Project Manager, you're the orchestra conductor of your organization. You're the bridge between various teams, clients, stakeholders, and upper management, making sure everything and everyone moves in harmony. You're the one who pulls together all the disparate threads into a cohesive, successful project. Because of the central role you hold, you should focus on showcasing multidimensional skills on your resume, from technical knowledge to team leadership. Moreover, due to the recent remote work trend, companies are seeking project managers who can effectively spearhead virtual teams. So, an understanding of online collaboration tools and strategies is now crucial.

Resume screenshot of a Senior Project Manager emphasizing leadership and industry expertise.

Tips to help you write your Senior Project Manager resume in 2024

   highlight leadership skills.

In your resume, emphasize your ability in leading teams, resolving conflicts, and fostering collaboration. These are indicators of a strong Senior Project Manager who can keep everyone aligned with the project goals. Also, provide examples of your leadership skills in action, especially in highly complex projects.

Highlight Leadership Skills - Senior Project Manager Resume

   Showcase Technical and Industry Knowledge

As a Senior Project Manager, you should demonstrate deep knowledge of project management methodologies and tools. Illustrate your expertise in industry-related software and highlight any project management certifications you hold. Also, relate your knowledge of the industry, trends, and regulations, which shows that you understand the business context of projects.

Showcase Technical and Industry Knowledge - Senior Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Senior Project Manager resume

Template 6 of 23: senior project manager resume example.

As a senior project manager, you won’t only be managing projects; you’ll likely also be managing other members of your team. To get this kind of job, you’ll need to show that you have leadership capabilities along with the experience and expertise of a senior-level professional. Your work history should highlight any management or leadership roles you’ve held in the past, in addition to any previous achievements managing projects.

Senior project manager resume showing work experience, promotions, and accomplishments

   Emphasis on work experience

If you’ve been working in project management for many years, you’ll have a lot of work history to show for it. Leading with this section places the emphasis on your experience and all that you’ve learned from it.

Emphasis on work experience - Senior Project Manager Resume

   Promotions at previous jobs

Being promoted shows that you achieved a high level of excellence and that you’ve been regarded as a top performer with past employers. This resume includes an example of a promotion, which demonstrates leadership and professional growth.

Promotions at previous jobs - Senior Project Manager Resume

Template 7 of 23: Technical Project Manager Resume Example

As a Technical Project Manager, you're the key person responsible for bridging the gap between technical teams and stakeholders, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and on time. The tech industry is always evolving, so staying up-to-date with the latest trends and methodologies is crucial. When writing your resume, make sure to emphasize your technical expertise and proven experience in managing complex projects. Additionally, showcase your ability to adapt and learn fast, as this is highly regarded in this role. In recent years, there's been a shift towards agile project management methodologies, which require Technical Project Managers to be more flexible and responsive. This means that when crafting your resume, it's essential to highlight any agile or Scrum experience you have, as well as your capability to work within a fast-paced environment.

Technical Project Manager resume sample screenshot

Tips to help you write your Technical Project Manager resume in 2024

   emphasize technical skills and certifications.

As a Technical Project Manager, your technical skills and certifications are a huge selling point. Make sure to list all relevant skills, as well as any formal training or certifications you hold, such as PMP, Agile, or Scrum Master, to demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Emphasize technical skills and certifications - Technical Project Manager Resume

   Highlight successful project outcomes

Technical Project Managers are responsible for delivering projects on time and within budget. Make sure to include specific examples of your past project success, including quantifiable outcomes like time, budget, and scope management. This will show prospective employers your ability to drive results.

Highlight successful project outcomes - Technical Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Technical Project Manager resume

Template 8 of 23: technical project manager resume example.

Technical project management jobs often require you to have a background in IT, engineering, or another tech-related field. If you’re pursuing one of these positions, you’ll want to use your resume to highlight your technical expertise as well as your project management experience. This resume template will show you how to do just that.

Technical project manager resume with relevant work history, detailed bullet points, and measurable accomplishments

   Tailored to the specific position

This resume effectively showcases prior work history with examples of both project management and technical experience. A work history like this one clearly demonstrates that you have the right blend of skills to succeed in a technical project manager role.

Tailored to the specific position - Technical Project Manager Resume

   Detailed bullet points with measurable results

As much as possible, when talking about your accomplishments, you should mention the specific results that you achieved through your actions. This resume template is filled with quantifiable results (e.g. increased ROI and reduced onboarding time for new hires) that show the impact you had at your previous workplace.

Detailed bullet points with measurable results - Technical Project Manager Resume

Template 9 of 23: Marketing Project Manager Resume Example

A marketing project manager is someone who oversees a company’s marketing campaigns and initiatives. Marketing project managers are typically responsible for overseeing high-priority projects from start to end, such as the execution of a commercial. The marketing project manager is responsible for working with other senior-level marketing professionals to establish the vision for the marketing strategy. Then, they must execute this vision from beginning to end. To become a marketing project manager, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration. Hiring managers will be looking for someone with several years of experience in marketing, sales, management, and/or public relations. It’s important that candidates for this role have experience executing large scale projects. Marketing project managers must have excellent organizational skills, great leadership abilities, and critical thinking skills.

A Marketing Project Manager resume highlighting experience in managing marketing projects, working with cross-functional teams, and delivering projects on time and within budget

Tips to help you write your Marketing Project Manager resume in 2024

   show your previous experience planning and executing projects.

Even if you don’t have project management specific experience, you probably have experiences that relate to the key responsibilities of being a project manager. If you have any experience planning events, coordinating or leading staff, or launching new products, you should note this on your resume.

Show your previous experience planning and executing projects -  Marketing Project Manager Resume

   Demonstrate your experience developing marketing campaigns

The marketing project manager does not just oversee the granular aspects of a project, they also help develop the marketing campaigns themselves. So, it’s important to note your professional marketing experience, including any marketing campaigns you have successfully developed.

Demonstrate your experience developing marketing campaigns -  Marketing Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Marketing Project Manager resume

Template 10 of 23: marketing project manager resume example.

Marketing project managers collaborate closely with the marketing department of a business. If you’re seeking a job as a marketing project manager, use a resume similar to this template to highlight your skills and experience in fields such as marketing, journalism, or communication.

Marketing project manager resume with bullet points, action verbs, skills, education, and projects

   Great action verbs in bullet points

Describing your accomplishments with strong verbs like “led”, “coached” and “designed” shows that you have taken an active role in your success - something any potential employer will be glad to see.

Great action verbs in bullet points - Marketing Project Manager Resume

   Use of skills, education, and projects sections

In this resume template, the skills and education sections complement the work experience. Mentioning personal projects and achievements outside of work can also help you come across as a well-rounded individual.

Use of skills, education, and projects sections - Marketing Project Manager Resume

Template 11 of 23: Construction Project Manager Resume Example

A construction project manager does more or less similar work as a construction manager. This professional ensures all the processes in a construction project run according to the project schedule. These include planning, implementation, controlling, monitoring, and closure. Think of a construction project manager as the overall head of a project. As a project's overall head, a construction project manager has a wide range of skills and knowledge. So, their resumes primarily focus on showing their in-depth understanding of the industry. It also highlights their top talents and the certifications they have received in their career.

A Construction Project Manager resume template showing the applicant's expertise in project management.

Tips to help you write your Construction Project Manager resume in 2024

   highlight the recognitions you've received as a construction project manager.

There is no better way to tell the recruiter that you're a top professional in construction project management than listing the awards you've won in your career. If you've been a construction project manager for a long time, including any recognition you may have received will elevate your profile.

Highlight the recognitions you've received as a Construction Project Manager - Construction Project Manager Resume

   Focus on your ability to manage construction projects remotely

Thanks to the recent COVID-19 incident, recruiters are on the lookout for construction project managers who have demonstrable ability to work and manage teams remotely. Show that you are conversant with video-conferencing platforms and other tools that support virtual communication.

Focus on your ability to manage construction projects remotely - Construction Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Construction Project Manager resume

Template 12 of 23: construction project manager resume example.

Construction project managers are project managers that are specifically focused on the construction projects. This includes consulting with architects, managing stakeholders and deadlines, and overseeing day-to-day work at sites. Remember to focus on your construction or real estate experience when applying for construction project management jobs.

it project management resume examples

   Emphasize transferrable project management skills like leadership

Core project management soft skills include leadership, communication and teamwork. Recruiters want to see evidence of these skills on your resume, so highlight them in your bullet points.

Emphasize transferrable project management skills like leadership - Construction Project Manager Resume

   Strong action verbs highlight experiences

Use action verbs like "Supervised" and "Coordinated" to show your leadership and teamwork experiences. Every bullet point on your resume needs to start with an action verb to show recruiters your role in each accomplishment.

Strong action verbs highlight experiences - Construction Project Manager Resume

Template 13 of 23: Construction Project Manager Resume Example

it project management resume examples

Template 14 of 23: Agile Project Manager Resume Example

An Agile project manager leads differently. APMs use the Agile framework, created in the 90s, to create and manage teams. As an APM you will be less concerned with hierarchy and top-down leadership. Your leadership will be based on 4 main values; being team-focused over tools-focused, using working software over extensive documentation, collaborating with customers over impersonal contract negotiations, and being agile and flexible in the face of change. Outside of certification as a project manager, a recruiter will need to see Agile certification. So ensure all your Agile qualifications are clearly listed.

An Agile project manager resume sample that highlights the applicant's Agile experience and certification.

Tips to help you write your Agile Project Manager resume in 2024

   use people/team-centered language..

The Agile philosophy is deeply rooted in concentrating on the team and personalizing their experience to ensure success. So you will want your resume’s language to reflect Agile’s philosophy. So keep your experience focused on what the team has accomplished and how your work as a project manager has improved the way your team works.

Use people/team-centered language. - Agile Project Manager Resume

   Use Agile keywords.

To help you get through recruiters’ ATS (Applicant Tracking System) filters, ensure your resume is filled with Agile keywords and language. This applicant uses Agile language including ‘Agile Scrum’, ‘Kanban principles’, ‘scrum master’, etc.

Use Agile keywords. - Agile Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Agile Project Manager resume

Template 15 of 23: engineering project manager resume example.

An engineering project manager focuses on engineering projects. They ensure these projects are created and completed within budget, on time, and to a high standard. Your everyday tasks will include the management of schedules, material sourcing, cost management, and procurement of all necessary permits and documentation. While it is not absolutely necessary for you to have an educational history in engineering, it is generally expected that you will have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering; especially the type of engineering you will be interacting with as a project manager. Take a look at this successful engineering project manager resume.

An engineering project manager resume sample that highlights the applicant's engineering background and knowledge.

Tips to help you write your Engineering Project Manager resume in 2024

   have a balanced engineering and management skill set..

An engineering project manager needs to be knowledgeable about engineering as well as project management. Make sure your skill set reflects these two areas. So list both engineering and project management tools like this applicant has done.

Have a balanced engineering and management skill set. - Engineering Project Manager Resume

   Use engineering language.

You want recruiters to feel confident that not only are you a good project manager but that you are a good engineering project manager. So include engineering language and terms to show recruiters that you are knowledgeable in the field.

Use engineering language. - Engineering Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Engineering Project Manager resume

Template 16 of 23: assistant project manager resume example.

As the name suggests, an assistant project manager is there to support a project manager in whatever way they can. You will not be the decision maker but you may be delegated tasks to manage. You will also most likely do a lot of the administrative and coordination tasks. In essence, you will do the project managers ‘grunt work’. To succeed in this role you must have very strong interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills. The ability to multitask will also be important for your success. Educationally, any degree or certification in project management would be highly beneficial. This applicant has three listed project management certifications.

An assistant project management resume sample that highlights the applicant's leadership/managerial ability and success

Tips to help you write your Assistant Project Manager resume in 2024

   show off your experience with tools useful for project management..

Prove to project managers that you will be able to adequately support them by listing the tools you are experienced with that would make their lives and work easier. This applicant includes tools like Trello and Microsoft Project which are both great for making project management organized.

Show off your experience with tools useful for project management. - Assistant Project Manager Resume

   Demonstrate your organizational skills and success.

An easy way to convince a project manager that you would be an asset as their assistant is to list the successes you have had organizing projects. E.g. this applicant mentioned that they ‘supported in developing a project schedule for 15 projects’. This shows employers your capacity and capability to handle projects and delegated tasks.

Demonstrate your organizational skills and success. - Assistant Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Assistant Project Manager resume

Template 17 of 23: healthcare project manager resume example.

A healthcare project manager will manage a variety of projects in the field. These projects could range from building and opening a new wing at a hospital, to hiring new nurses, to reducing patient waiting times by a certain percentage. Because of the variety of tasks, you need to be well versed in the healthcare industry and have a clear idea of the needs of both the healthcare providers and also the patients. While a degree in healthcare is not absolutely necessary, having certification in healthcare would be a huge plus for recruiters. This applicant has 2 healthcare-related certifications.

A healthcare project management resume sample that highlights the applicant's healthcare knowledge and experience.

Tips to help you write your Healthcare Project Manager resume in 2024

   show growth in your healthcare project management promotions..

Show recruiters your dedication to the healthcare field by showing consistent growth and promotion in the field. Apart from dedication, it will also indicate to recruiters that you excel in every position you are put in and that you are an exemplary employee who employers wanted to reward with promotions.

Show growth in your healthcare project management promotions. - Healthcare Project Manager Resume

   Ensure your skills section includes healthcare industry-standard skills.

There are certain systems and skills that are commonplace in healthcare. E.g. You need to know regulations on patient safety and also know how to handle medical records. The healthcare industry has a ton of regulations so an industry-specific skills list will help recruiters feel confident that you are knowledgeable on how one needs to operate in the industry.

Ensure your skills section includes healthcare industry-standard skills. - Healthcare Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Healthcare Project Manager resume

Template 18 of 23: junior project manager resume example.

Junior project managers are much like assistants and will assist project managers with their more mundane tasks or with whatever tasks they get assigned. They will generally focus on administrative, oversight, and management tasks. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or a similar field, would be highly beneficial. If you have any certification in project management be sure to highlight that as well.

A junior project manager resume sample that highlights the applicant's long and successful experience history.

Tips to help you write your Junior Project Manager resume in 2024

   include previous administration experience..

Because this is an entry-level position, you may not have a ton of project-management-specific experience. If however, you have administrative experience, be sure to include that in your resume. Junior project managers will help with a lot of administrative tasks, so any administrative experience will be relevant to this position.

Include previous administration experience. - Junior Project Manager Resume

   Use manager and leader keywords.

You will want to show project managers that they can delegate tasks to you that you will manage as effectively as they would. To do this, use leadership and managerial keywords to show them that you too possess those traits and that you can handle significant projects and tasks without much oversight.

Use manager and leader keywords. - Junior Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Junior Project Manager resume

Template 19 of 23: it project manager resume example.

As the name dictates, an IT project manager must be experienced and qualified in IT. Recruiters will therefore be looking for an educational background in IT, IT-related certification, and IT-related previous experience. As a project manager, you will also need your resume to highlight your management and coordination skills. This applicant has the necessary educational background and a strong extensive IT-related experience history.

IT project manager resume sample that highlights the applicant’s IT background and impressive metrics.

Tips to help you write your IT Project Manager resume in 2024

   use it-related keywords..

Show recruiters that you are well versed in the IT sector by using IT keywords. This applicant uses words like ‘Software Development Lifecycle’ and ‘virtualization’ to prove their competence as an IT project manager.

Use IT-related keywords. - IT Project Manager Resume

   Use metrics to impress.

Make your resume easier to digest by using metrics to show recruiters your workload capacity, the size of the teams you have managed, and the measurable success of your efforts.

Use metrics to impress. - IT Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your IT Project Manager resume

Template 20 of 23: project management office (pmo) director resume example.

This is a high executive-level position. In this position, you may be leading the entire project management department or a whole project-based company. As an executive your responsibilities are broad and the people under you are many. You may find yourself developing strategy and planning projects, overseeing the execution of projects, speaking to clients or other stakeholders, etc. Recruiters will almost always expect at least a bachelor’s degree in project management or a related field, and at least 5 years of experience as a project manager. Take a look at this strong PMO director's resume.

A project management officer director resume sample that highlights the applicant’s value addition to the bottom line and experience.

Tips to help you write your Project Management Office (PMO) Director resume in 2024

   get certification to increase your credibility..

Stand out from the crowd by gaining one of the many project management certifications you can get. It shows dedication to the profession and also improves your credibility.

Get certification to increase your credibility. - Project Management Office (PMO) Director Resume

   Show your impact on the bottom line.

Show recruiters that you can efficiently lead the execution of successful projects by including metrics of success in your resume. Include figures that reflect how much money you saved clients or how much money you made for clients.

Show your impact on the bottom line. - Project Management Office (PMO) Director Resume

Skills you can include on your Project Management Office (PMO) Director resume

Template 21 of 23: process manager resume example.

As a Process Manager, your resume has to showcase your ability to optimize business operations. This role requires a mix of technical and management skills, and your resume should reflect your proficiency in these areas. You need to be aware of the current emphasis on digital transformation in businesses, as the drive towards efficiency and accuracy is pushing companies to automate processes. Hence, your familiarity with these technologies is a critical asset. As you draft your resume, remember that hiring managers want to understand your achievements. They're looking for specific examples of how you've improved processes and delivered measurable benefits. So, don’t shy away from including concrete figures and results in your achievements.

Screenshot of a Process Manager's resume showcasing process improvement knowledge and digital transformation expertise.

Tips to help you write your Process Manager resume in 2024

   demonstrate knowledge of process improvement methodologies.

When writing about your previous experience, you should detail your knowledge of methodologies like Six Sigma or Lean, as these are often used in process management. Show the impact you made using these methods with quantifiable results.

Demonstrate knowledge of process improvement methodologies - Process Manager Resume

   Show expertise in relevant technologies

Since the role of a Process Manager now often involves digital transformation, it's essential to detail your proficiency in technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or AI-based systems on your resume. This could be in the form of the specific projects you’ve led or certifications you've earned.

Show expertise in relevant technologies - Process Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Process Manager resume

Template 22 of 23: process operator resume example.

The role of a Process Operator often involves managing and maintaining the equipment that produces products in various industries. It's a job that requires both technical knowledge and operational efficiency. With the recent shift towards automation and remote work, many operators now need to be comfortable using and troubleshooting digital interfaces. Furthermore, the ability to adapt rapidly to new processes or technologies is becoming progressively valued. When creating your resume, it's important to go beyond simply listing past job duties. Instead, provide clear examples of how you've used your skills to increase efficiency, maintain safety protocols, or enhance product quality.

A Process Operator's resume displaying technical skills and problem-solving achievements.

Tips to help you write your Process Operator resume in 2024

   showcasing technical skills.

As a Process Operator, you're expected to be well-versed with the equipment and technology used in your industry. It's crucial that your resume reflects your facility with these tools. Mention any specific machinery or software you've worked with, and don't forget to include any certifications or formal training.

Showcasing technical skills - Process Operator Resume

   Emphasizing problem-solving abilities

Process Operators often have to troubleshoot on the fly and keep things running smoothly. You should include specific instances where you've used your problem-solving skills to prevent or manage issues, whether they were mechanical failures or process inefficiencies.

Emphasizing problem-solving abilities - Process Operator Resume

Skills you can include on your Process Operator resume

Template 23 of 23: software project manager resume example.

As a Software Project Manager, you're not just a tech enthusiast. You're the thread that holds the chaos in check, driving the rhythm of a shared heartbeat amongst coders, testers, designers, and stakeholders. It's a balancing act between understanding technical specifics and team management. Recent trends show an emphasis on Agile and Scrum methodologies, coupled with a stronger focus on 'ship fast, iterate faster' strategies. In crafting your resume, remember, it's not about being a master of everything, but a maestro in orchestrating the symphony of software creation. In recent years, there's been a surge in remote and distributed teams. Therefore, your resume should reflect not just your ability to manage projects, but also your proficiency in handling teams scattered across different time zones. Demonstrate your ability to handle the unique challenges that come with managing remote teams, and keep an eye out for the latest project management tools and platforms trending in the industry.

A polished resume for a Software Project Manager role.

Tips to help you write your Software Project Manager resume in 2024

   demonstrate proficiency in project management methodologies.

Agile, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies have become a mainstay in the software development process. In your resume, discuss projects where you've successfully applied these methodologies. You should elucidate how you have adapted and applied them to drive project success.

Demonstrate proficiency in project management methodologies - Software Project Manager Resume

   Exhibit capabilities in managing distributed teams

Show your potential employers that you can handle the challenges of managing remote teams. Elucidate instances where you've effectively navigated through issues of communication, time-zones and cultural obstacles to achieve project goals.

Exhibit capabilities in managing distributed teams - Software Project Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Software Project Manager resume

As a career coach and hiring manager who has worked with top companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, I have seen countless project manager resumes. In this article, I will share insider tips on what makes a project manager resume stand out and increase your chances of landing an interview. These tips are based on real feedback from hiring managers and successful job seekers in the field.

   Highlight your leadership experience

Employers want to see that you have experience leading projects and teams. Instead of simply listing your responsibilities, focus on the impact of your leadership:

  • Led a team of 12 developers and designers to deliver a $500K project on time and under budget
  • Managed stakeholder expectations and communicated project status to executive leadership

Quantify your achievements whenever possible to show the scope and impact of your leadership.

Bullet Point Samples for Project Manager

   Showcase your technical skills

While project managers are not expected to be technical experts, it's important to show that you have a solid understanding of the technologies and methodologies used in your projects. Some examples:

  • Proficient in Agile methodologies including Scrum and Kanban
  • Experience with project management tools such as JIRA, Trello, and Asana
  • Familiarity with software development lifecycle and DevOps practices

Avoid simply listing buzzwords or acronyms without context. Instead, explain how you used these skills to deliver successful projects.

   Tailor your resume to the job description

One mistake I often see in project manager resumes is a generic list of skills and experiences that are not relevant to the specific job. Instead, take the time to customize your resume for each application. Here's an example of what not to do:

  • Experienced project manager with 5+ years of experience
  • Strong communication and leadership skills

Instead, focus on the specific requirements and priorities mentioned in the job description:

  • 5+ years of experience managing software development projects in an Agile environment
  • Proven track record of communicating with technical and non-technical stakeholders

   Highlight your certifications and training

Project management certifications such as PMP or Scrum Master can set you apart from other candidates and show your commitment to professional development. However, simply listing the acronyms is not enough. Provide context on how you applied the knowledge and skills gained from these certifications in your work:

PMP-certified project manager with experience applying PMBOK best practices to deliver complex IT projects. Completed Scrum Master training and successfully implemented Scrum methodology in Agile development teams.

   Show your ability to manage budgets and resources

Project managers are often responsible for managing budgets, resources, and vendor relationships. Highlight your experience in these areas with specific examples:

  • Managed project budgets ranging from $100K to $1M, consistently delivering on time and within budget
  • Negotiated contracts with vendors and managed relationships to ensure timely delivery of key project components
  • Optimized resource allocation across multiple projects to maximize team productivity and minimize downtime

Use numbers and metrics to quantify your impact whenever possible.

   Emphasize your problem-solving skills

Projects rarely go according to plan, and employers want to see that you have the ability to adapt and solve problems under pressure. Instead of simply saying you have 'strong problem-solving skills', provide concrete examples:

  • Identified and mitigated risks early in the project lifecycle, resulting in a 20% reduction in project delays
  • Developed contingency plans and worked with the team to quickly resolve issues when faced with unexpected roadblocks

Showcase your ability to think critically, make tough decisions, and lead your team through challenges.

The best project managers have the ability to wear numerous hats. They are usually team players who are exceptionally organized, highly strategic, adaptable, and great at communicating with a variety of people. When you’re applying for a project management role, use your resume to show that you have the right skill set and personality for the job. With that in mind, here are some tips for creating a project manager resume that will help you stand out from the crowd.

   Be specific about your accomplishments.

On any resume, you should specify what you’ve accomplished in your previous work. However, when you’re applying to become a project manager, your accomplishments should include specific projects you’ve worked on at past jobs. While you want to keep your resume fairly succinct, don’t be afraid to go into a bit of detail about what projects you did, what your role was, how you ensured the project’s success, and what the end results were.

   Showcase relevant skills for project management.

If your resume has a skills section, use it to highlight several relevant skills for project management. Even better, for any skills that you list, include bullet points about achievements at your previous jobs where you used those skills. Showing hiring managers evidence of your problem solving abilities is always better than simply saying that you have a “solution mindset”. What skills should you emphasize? Project managers need soft skills like organization, planning, management, and coordination. However, soft skills are only part of the equation; many project managers also need to be versed in workspace tools, platforms, and software. Different companies will use different frameworks, but if you can show that you have experience with using some of these tools, you’ll have a definite leg up on the competition.

   Create an ATS-friendly resume.

Whenever you’re applying for a new job, it’s always good practice to optimize your resume for ATS software. Even if you don’t know for sure that the company filters incoming resumes, you should err on the side of caution and assume that they do. Getting past an automated resume filter may sound daunting at first -- but if you follow a few basic strategies, you can get your resume through ATS and in front of a live (human) recruiter. First, make sure that your document is easily readable and that it’s in a standard format such as Word or Google Docs. Keep your text free of images, diagrams, tables, and unusual fonts. Next, you’ll want to include relevant keywords from the job description, but be careful not to overdo it or make your language sound unnatural -- after all, the goal is to eventually get your resume read by a live person!

   Use strong, measurable achievements.

Our last word of advice is to include strong, measurable achievements in your resume -- talk about what you accomplished, not simply what you were responsible for at your old jobs. And, of course, make sure that your LinkedIn and other social media profiles are up-to-date to leave the best possible impression on the recruiter.

Writing Your Project Manager Resume: Section By Section

  header, 1. highlight your project management certification.

If you have a relevant certification like PMP, PRINCE2, or Scrum Master, make sure to include it after your name in your header. This instantly communicates your expertise and commitment to the field.

Here's an example of how to format your name and certification:

  • John Smith, PMP
  • Sarah Johnson, PRINCE2 Practitioner

Avoid simply listing 'Project Manager' as your title, as it doesn't add much value:

  • John Smith, Project Manager
  • Sarah Johnson, Project Manager

2. Include your location, phone, and email

Hiring managers want to quickly see if you're a local candidate or if you would need to relocate for the role. Including your city and state is sufficient - no need to list your full address.

You should also include your phone number and a professional email address. Make sure your email handle is straightforward and professional, like [email protected] .

  • John Smith, PMP San Francisco, CA | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected]

Avoid using casual email handles that you created years ago:

3. Add your LinkedIn profile URL

In today's digital age, hiring managers often look up candidates on LinkedIn. Make it easy for them by including your LinkedIn profile URL in your header.

Ideally, your URL should be customized with your name rather than a string of random numbers. Here's how:

  • John Smith, PMP San Francisco, CA | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected] linkedin.com/in/johnsmith

Avoid using the default LinkedIn URL format:

  • John Smith, PMP San Francisco, CA | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected] linkedin.com/in/john-smith-37b6a8142


A resume summary, also known as a professional summary or career summary, is an optional section that appears at the top of your resume. It provides a brief overview of your professional experience, skills, and achievements that are most relevant to the position you're applying for. While a summary is not required, it can be a valuable addition to your resume, especially if you have extensive experience or are making a career change.

When writing a summary for a project manager position, focus on highlighting your most impressive accomplishments, leadership skills, and industry expertise. Tailor your summary to the specific requirements of the job posting and the company's needs. Keep it concise and impactful, ideally no more than 3-4 sentences.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a Project Manager resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Project Manager resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Project Manager Resume Summary Examples , or Project Manager Resume Objective Examples .

1. Showcase your project management expertise

Highlight your experience and skills that are directly relevant to project management. Mention the types of projects you've managed, the industries you've worked in, and any notable achievements.

For example, a good summary might look like this:

Experienced project manager with 5+ years of experience leading cross-functional teams in the software development industry. Proven track record of delivering complex projects on time and under budget, resulting in an average of 20% cost savings per project. Skilled in Agile methodologies and proficient in project management tools such as JIRA and Asana.

2. Quantify your achievements

Whenever possible, use numbers and metrics to quantify your accomplishments. This helps hiring managers understand the impact you've made in your previous roles.

Avoid vague statements like:

  • Managed multiple projects successfully
  • Improved team efficiency

Instead, provide specific details and figures:

  • Led a team of 12 in delivering a $500K project 2 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Implemented process improvements that increased team productivity by 30%

3. Tailor your summary to the job

Customize your summary to align with the requirements and preferences outlined in the job posting. Highlight the skills, experience, and achievements that are most relevant to the specific project manager position you're targeting.

For example, if the job emphasizes experience with a particular project management methodology, such as Scrum, make sure to mention your expertise in that area:

Certified Scrum Master with 7+ years of experience leading Agile software development projects. Skilled in facilitating sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement Scrum best practices, resulting in a 25% increase in team velocity.


The work experience section is the most important part of your project manager resume. It's where you show hiring managers how you've applied your skills in the real world to deliver results. In this section, we'll walk through how to write an effective work experience section step-by-step, with examples of what to include and avoid.

1. Use reverse-chronological order

Start with your most recent or current role at the top, then work backwards. This puts your most relevant experience first. For each role, include:

  • Company name and location
  • Dates of employment (month and year)
  • 3-5 bullet points detailing your accomplishments

Bad example:

Project coordinator, 2018-2019 Junior project manager, 2019-2020 Project manager, ACME Co, New York, 2020-present

Good example:

Project Manager , ACME Co, New York, NY, 2020 to present Junior Project Manager , XYZ Inc, Boston, MA, 2019 to 2020 Project Coordinator , 123 Agency, Chicago, IL, 2018 to 2019

Tip: Bold your job titles to make your career progression stand out at a glance. Try our Targeted Resume tool to see if you've included the right keywords and skills for each role.

2. Focus on achievements, not duties

Don't just list your day-to-day responsibilities. Hiring managers want to see the impact you made in each role. Ask yourself:

  • Did you deliver projects on time and under budget?
  • Did you improve any processes or implement new methodologies?
  • Did you mentor or train other team members?

Quantify your accomplishments with metrics where possible. Bad example:

  • Responsible for managing project timelines and budgets
  • Coordinated project tasks and deliverables
  • Communicated with stakeholders
  • Managed 5+ projects simultaneously with budgets up to $500K
  • Implemented Agile methodology which reduced average project time by 20%
  • Mentored and trained 3 junior project managers

After drafting your bullets, run your resume through our free Score My Resume tool. It checks your resume on 30+ key criteria hiring managers look for and gives you instant, actionable feedback to improve.

3. Tailor your experience to the job

Hiring managers want to see experience that's relevant to their open role and company. Carefully review the job description and mirror the language it uses, where applicable. If a posting mentions specific project management tools, methodologies, or domains, call those out in your work experience.

Let's say a job description lists Jira, Trello and Scrum. You'd want to include examples like:

  • Managed Scrum ceremonies including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives
  • Tracked and assigned tasks to team members using Jira and Trello

If it mentions healthcare experience, you could say:

Managed a $1.2M telehealth implementation project in collaboration with clinicians, IT, and operations teams

Tip: Include relevant certifications like PMP, CSM or ITIL in your title or a "Certifications" section to further show your expertise in specific project management areas.


Your education section is a key part of your project manager resume. It shows employers you have the knowledge and training to succeed in their role. It also provides context for your work experience. Here are some tips for writing a strong education section on your project manager resume.

How To Write An Education Section - Project Manager Roles

1. Put your education section in the right location

Where you place your education section depends on your level of experience:

  • If you are a recent graduate or have limited work experience, put your education section above your work experience. This highlights your relevant training first.
  • If you have several years of project management experience, put your education below your work history. Your professional experience is more important to employers at this stage.

2. Only include relevant degrees and coursework

As a project manager, include your bachelor's degree and any advanced degrees. However, don't include your associate or high school diploma. For example:

  • MBA, Stanford University, 2018
  • B.S. Business Administration, NYU, 2014

If you are a recent graduate, consider listing relevant coursework too:

  • Relevant coursework: Project Management, Operations Management, Leadership
  • Irrelevant coursework
  • Online certificates (put these in a separate section)
  • High school diploma

3. Keep your education section concise

Experienced project managers should keep their education section brief. Employers are more interested in your work accomplishments than your degrees at this stage. For example:

M.S. Project Management, Columbia University B.A. Business Administration, University of Florida

However, recent graduates can go into more detail to highlight their qualifications:

B.S. in Industrial Engineering, UCLA, 2022 GPA: 3.8 Relevant Coursework: Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Statistical Quality Control Honors: Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

4. Use consistent formatting

No matter how much detail you include, keep your formatting consistent. For example:

Master of Business Administration, Harvard University, 2019 Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Stanford University, 2014
MBA, Harvard University, 2019 BSE, Stanford University, 2014

Avoid inconsistent formatting like:

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2019 B.S.E., Stanford University, 2014

Consistent punctuation, abbreviation, and order make your education section easier to scan.

Action Verbs For Project Manager Resumes

The best project manager resumes discuss specific accomplishments using strong action verbs. Strong verbs convey your role in your achievements; in any resume bullet point, we recommend pairing an action verb with the quantifiable result you achieved to show the impact of what you did. Project managers may have a diverse set of skills to draw upon, and there are a huge number of verbs you could choose to describe what you’re good at. We have an entire article devoted to action verbs to use in resumes -- in particular, project managers may want to pursue the ones in the accomplishment-driven, communication, management-related, leadership, and problem-solving sections.

Action Verbs for Project Manager

  • Facilitated
  • Accelerated
  • Spearheaded

For more related action verbs, visit Leadership Action Verbs .

For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

Action Verbs for Project Manager Resumes

Skills for project manager resumes.

To craft an outstanding project manager resume, you’ll want to show that you have the most crucial skills for the job. Recruiters will want to see that you are adept at managing, leading, planning, and strategizing -- use your skills section and bullet points within your work history to illustrate your abilities in these areas. In addition to highlighting essential project management skills , you should also re-read the job posting to look for specific skills that your potential employer is seeking. If they mention any skills, be sure to mention those (and include supporting examples) within your resume. Finally, many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other technology to sort through and analyze the high volume of resumes they receive. You can optimize your resume to get past the automated filtering process and give yourself a better chance of getting noticed. We’ll go into ATS in more detail below.

  • Copy Protection
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Project Planning
  • Integration
  • Project Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Program Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile & Waterfall Methodologies
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Enterprise Software
  • Change Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Project Coordination

Skills Word Cloud For Project Manager Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Project Manager job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top Project Manager Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

Resume bullet points from project manager resumes.

You should use bullet points to describe your achievements in your Project Manager resume. Here are sample bullet points to help you get started:

Implemented a system upgrade for an American bank just 8 weeks before deadline; resulted in securing additional business worth $5 MM

Developed an Excel macro and standardized reporting templates, resulting in efficient data collection and a 35% reduction in turnaround time

Managed a 10-member cross-functional (engineering, product, sales, support) team and coordinated with five business partners towards the successful launch of an e-commerce website

Enforced Kanban principles as a scrum master that reduced cycle time by 25% and increased the team's throughput in less than 9 weeks.

Reduced new user acquisition costs by 20% through implementing social sharing features and streamlining user adoption; shortened development cycles by 25% and increased release date accuracy by 20%

For more sample bullet points and details on how to write effective bullet points, see our articles on resume bullet points , how to quantify your resume and resume accomplishments .

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  • Project Management Office (PMO) Director Resume Example
  • Process Manager Resume Example
  • Process Operator Resume Example
  • Software Project Manager Resume Example
  • Tips for Project Manager Resumes
  • Skills and Keywords to Add
  • Sample Bullet Points from Top Resumes
  • All Resume Examples
  • Project Manager CV Examples
  • Project Manager Cover Letter
  • Project Manager Interview Guide
  • Explore Alternative and Similar Careers

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it project management resume examples

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it project management resume examples

I had a clear uptick in responses after using your template. I got many compliments on it from senior hiring staff, and my resume scored way higher when I ran it through ATS resume scanners because it was more readable. Thank you!

it project management resume examples

Thank you for the checklist! I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I've now fixed. I'm much more confident in my resume now.

it project management resume examples

Project Manager Resume [2024] - Example & Full Guide

Background Image

As a project manager, you’re the be-all and end-all of any project.

So, you’re great at setting goals, strategic planning, creating budgets, leading a team towards a common goal, keeping tabs on everyone and everything… 

Actually, is there anything you can’t do?

Well, if you’re here, chances are your weak point is writing a job-landing project manager resume .

And, yes—it may seem hard to transfer all of your work experience, skills, and professional achievements onto a single piece of paper. With the right guidance, however, it doesn’t have to be!

So, in this article, we will cover everything you need to know about writing an effective project manager resume, including:

Step-by-step guide to write your project manager resume, 50 project manager skills to put on your resume.

project manager resume

Like the look of Jennifer’s IT Project Management resume? Create your own modern project management resume in minutes with these easy-to-complete resume templates and get started on your journey to earning the best PMP certification . 

Quite impressive, right?

These are the elements that make this project manager resume an example to follow:

  • Reverse-chronological format. This resume format is the most popular around the world and effectively shows off the candidate’s work experience.
  • Eye-catching resume summary. The project manager resume example above includes a brief and to-the-point resume summary that highlights the candidate’s skills and area of expertise.
  • Contact information. The project manager resume example above includes all the necessary contact details, such as the candidate’s email address, location, phone number, and relevant social media handles.
  • Achievement-focused work experience section. In this project manager resume example, the candidate doesn’t simply mention their responsibilities - they also include their work achievements to help them stand out from other candidates.
  • Relevant education section. The candidate only includes their key education details, such as their Bachelor’s degree and a field-related minor.
  • Use of bullet points. The candidate uses bullet points to organize and present the information which makes this project manager resume example look neat and structured.
  • Well-organized skills section. This project manager resume example includes the candidate’s soft and hard skills that are relevant to the IT industry and project management.
  • Effective use of additional sections. The candidate takes advantage of the extra space on their project manager resume by including relevant additional sections, such as their industry-related certifications and academic achievements to show off their professional background.

We've also got more resume examples that you might want to check out:

  • Program Manager Resume
  • Operations Manager Resume
  • Business Development Manager Resume
  • Human Resource (HR) Resume
  • Office Manager Resume

Writing a project manager resume is no different than working on any other project - you definitely need to have a plan and know the exact steps you’re going to take.

Luckily, you don’t need to figure it out yourself!

We’ve covered each step of writing a powerful project manager resume for you, so let’s dive in:

#1. Pick the Right Format for Your Project Manager Resume

The reverse-chronological resume format is by far the best option for your project manager resume. 

As we’ve mentioned above, the reverse-chronological format is the most popular resume format worldwide. It’s also a recruiters’ favorite!

Here’s what it looks like:

reverse chronological resume

This resume format gives the recruiter a clear picture of your professional background and work achievements by putting your project manager's work experience in the foreground.

Now that you’ve chosen a format for your project manager resume, let’s address the resume layout . 

These are the resume layout elements you should pay attention to:

  • Font style . Your project manager resume has to be easily readable, so choose a professional font style that looks good on both PDF and paper.  
  • Font size. Keep your font size at 11-12 pts for body text and 14-16 pts for section headings, so that your project manager resume is easy-to-read and fits into a single page.
  • Bullet points. Whenever possible, use bullet points to present information and make your project manager resume easy-to-scan as well as well-organized.
  • Resume length. Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes every day, so it’s best to fit your project manager resume in one page to make sure they actually read it.
  • Resume file format. If not asked otherwise, always save your resume as a PDF file so that it looks the same no matter the device or OS the hiring manager uses. 

Use Our Tried & Tested Templates 

As a project manager, you’re great at time management.

So, you probably aren’t too excited about spending hours on pointless tasks… like formatting your project manager resume.

And especially so when you could be focusing on more important things instead, such as perfecting the contents of your project manager resume.

What if we told you there’s a quick and easy shortcut?

Instead of wasting your time on designing your resume, just pick one of our professional resume templates and dive straight into filling in the contents of your project manager resume!

Besides, our resume templates are far more visually appealing than basic text-editor resumes.

Check it out for yourself:

resume examples

#2. Add Your Contact Information

Now that you’ve dealt with formatting your project manager resume, you can start filling in the contents.

Let’s begin with the basics - simply add your contact information , including:

  • Your first name and last name
  • Your title 
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your location
  • Relevant social media handles (optional)

Here’s an example of a contact information section that includes all of the above:

Lauren Anderson


[email protected]  

Boston, Massachusetts


This step is as easy as it looks - you just have to make sure to fill in the contact details correctly.

Otherwise, you may leave a bad impression which can hurt your application. 

After all, no company wants a project manager who’s sloppy and doesn’t pay enough attention to details.

#3. Write an Impactful Project Manager Resume Summary

The next step is writing an impressive project manager resume summary .

Your resume summary is meant to provide a quick overview (2-3 sentences) of your professional background to let the hiring manager see whether you’re a relevant candidate.

So, to make sure the recruiter doesn’t put your project manager resume aside after taking just a glance (and actually reading the whole thing), your resume summary has to be effective.

Here’s what a powerful resume summary includes:

  • Your title and years of experience
  • Your most relevant skills in project management
  • Your top 1-2 professional achievements

And here’s an example of an impactful project manager resume summary:

  • Strategic and detail-oriented Project Manager with 7+ years of experience. Outstanding organizational, time management, planning, and problem-solving skills. Met all project deadlines for 5 years straight and increased Company X’s market share by 12% through successful branding projects. 

job search masterclass novoresume

#4. Make Your Project Manager Work Experience Stand Out

As a project manager, you have tons of work experience , so the next step is to list it effectively.

First things first - let’s get the formatting right.

Here’s how you should format the work experience section in your project manager resume:

  • Follow the reverse-chronological order. Start with your most recent (or current) position and go backward in time. 
  • Add your job title. This is supposed to give the recruiter a clear idea of the role you had in the previous workplace.
  • Include the company's name and location. You can also briefly describe the company if it’s not a well-known name.
  • Add the date of employment. To show how long you worked at the company, use the mm/yyyy format.
  • Write down your achievements and responsibilities. Stick to 5-6 bullet points for the most recent roles and 2-3 for older jobs.

Now, no doubt you want your project manager resume to make a lasting impression on the hiring manager and help you land the job. 

So, filling in just the basic work experience details isn’t nearly enough - you’ll end up with a project manager resume that’s similar to other candidates’ resumes.

If you want to make your project manager resume stand out, ask yourself - what exactly are hiring managers looking for?

Sure, it’s your years of experience, but the responsibilities you had in previous roles weigh in much less.

To recruiters, the most important part of your professional background is a proven track record of success . 

As such, the key to a job-winning project manager resume is this: 

Make your work experience section stand out by focusing on your achievements over your responsibilities whenever possible.

So, here’s what you can do to take your work experience section to the next level:

  • Use action verbs to describe your achievements and responsibilities, e. g. spearheaded, managed, resolved, executed, etc.
  • Only include relevant work experience, e. g. you already have relevant project management experience, so the recruiter won’t be impressed that you scooped ice cream in high school.
  • Make your achievements quantifiable , e. g. ”Consistently delivered projects up to 12% below the budget” instead of “Consistently delivered projects under the budget”.

Here’s an example of what an impressive work experience section could look like:

08/2017 - 01/2022

  • Led and coached a team of 16 IT specialists.
  • Managed the Lean Training project for all 54 IT department employees.
  • Consistently delivered projects up to 12% below the budget.
  • Initiated and managed the project to replace all aging equipment, lowering monthly electricity costs by 23%.
  • Introduced a project performance management system that increased project efficiency by 18% over the period of 3 years.

#5. List Your Education Right

Whether you have a degree in project management, business administration, or any other related field, what matters most is your work experience, so keep your education section brief. 

Simply list your education starting with your highest degree as such:

  • Degree Name
  • University, college, or other institution
  • Location (optional)
  • Years attended 

As a project manager, technically you aren’t required to have a degree (though this can make competing against candidates with a diploma much harder), so only include your high school education in your project manager resume if you don’t have higher education .

Here’s an example of the education section:

BSc in Project Management

Colorado State University Global

09/2012 - 06/2016

#6. List Your Project Manager Skills

The skills section shows the recruiters your professional abilities, so it’s one of the most important sections (alongside the work experience section) in your project manager resume.

Here are some tips on how to list your skills effectively:

  • Tailor your skills section for project management. The point of the skills section is to prove to the hiring manager why you’re a great candidate for this position, in particular, so listing all of your skills is redundant.
  • Include any of the skills you have that the company is looking for. Carefully read the job description and see whether the company has listed any specific skills - if you match them, make sure to include them in your project manager resume. 
  • Research the most in-demand project management skills. The skills you need largely depend on the field (IT, marketing, retail, etc.), so research the project management field you’re specifically applying to and write down any of the industry-related skills that you have.
  • Take a look at your achievements. Not sure which skills you have? Your achievements are proof of your skills, so go back to the work experience section and take a closer look. For example, if you consistently deliver projects before the deadline, you’re likely skilled at time management, planning, delegation, etc.
  • List your soft skills and hard skills separately. This will make your project manager resume well-organized and easy to navigate.

Need some inspiration on which skills to include in your project manager resume?

Take a look at our list of the 50 most in-demand project management skills!

Soft Skills for a Project Manager

  • Public Speaking
  • Active Listening
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Collaboration
  • Compromising
  • Organizational Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resourcefulness
  • Decision-making
  • Attention to Detail

25 Hard Skills for a Project Manager

  • Business Strategy Knowledge
  • Forecasting
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Microsoft Office Proficiency
  • Technical Documentation
  • Project Management Software Proficiency
  • Process Management
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation 
  • Risk Management
  • Database Management
  • Programming Languages
  • Technical Writing
  • Prioritization
  • Evaluation of Project Performance Metrics
  • Goal Setting
  • Financial Management
  • Contract Management

#7. Include Your Project Management Certificates

While some companies don’t require project managers to have a degree, many are looking for certified project managers.

Having a project manager certificate also means that you’ll get paid more - in fact, certified project managers earn up to 16% more compared to their uncertified colleagues. 

So, don’t let your certificates go to waste and include them in your project manager resume (in reverse-chronological order, of course, in case you have multiple certifications )!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Certification name
  • Name of agency 
  • Year of obtainment
  • Location (if applicable)
  • Date of expiration (if applicable)
  • Expected date of obtainment (if applicable)

And here’s an example:

Certified Project Manager Professional (2019-2022)

Project Management Institute

#8. Make Use of Relevant Additional Sections

Do you still have some extra space on your project manager resume?

Take advantage of it!

Show off your project management experience by adding one or more of these additional sections:

  • Associations and organizations you’re a part of, alongside your role in them.
  • Publications , such as studies, interviews, and others.
  • Conferences , whether they’re on project management or industry-related subjects.
  • Awards , if any of them are related to project management.
  • Languages are always a plus, but even more so if you’re applying to an international company.

And here’s an example of how to put these extra sections on your project manager resume:


  • BRIDGE 2021
  • English - Native or Bilingual Proficiency
  • Russian - Professional Working Proficiency

#9. Match Your Project Manager Resume With a Cover Letter

Now that you know how to write an effective project manager resume, there’s one more thing we need to address - how to write an impactful cover letter .

The point of a cover letter is to prove to the hiring manager that you’re the full package - a competent project manager and the perfect fit for the company.

So, your cover letter should be personalized for the position and include any important details that you haven’t mentioned on your project manager resume.

Here’s how to write a compelling cover letter (even if you aren’t confident in your writing skills!):

  • Start your cover letter by putting your contact information in the header.
  • Directly greet the recruiter and mention your top 1-2 achievements in the first paragraph.
  • In the body of your cover letter, describe your professional background (work experience, skills, etc.) in detail, explain why you want to work for this particular company, and stress why you’d be a great asset to them.
  • To end your cover letter , include a call to action.

Check out our guides on cover letter writing tips and cover letter mistakes to make sure your cover letter is top-notch. 

Here’s an example of a convincing project manager cover letter :

project manager cover letter

Want to show the hiring manager that you are thinking of every detail from A to Z? Match your cover letter to your project manager resume with our cover letter templates !

Key Takeaways

Congrats - now that you know the step-by-step plan of writing a project manager resume, you’re prepared to write a job-winning project manager resume for yourself! 

Before you start, let’s run over the main elements of writing an effective project manager resume:

  • Use the reverse-chronological resume format to put your project manager work experience in the center of attention.
  • Write an eye-catching resume summary to spike the recruiter’s interest in reading your project manager resume.
  • To land the job, focus on your achievements over responsibilities when describing your work experience.
  • Only add industry-related soft and hard skills to your project manager resume.
  • Add extra sections, such as certificates, awards, associations, etc., to paint a full picture of your professional background.
  • Convince the hiring manager you’re the perfect candidate by attaching a compelling cover letter to your project manager resume.

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IT Project Manager Resume Example, Tips & Tricks

As an experienced Information Technology Project Manager, you know how competitive the labor marketplace can be these days. That high level of competition means that it’s more important than ever to have a resume that captures a hiring manager’s attention. To do that, your resume needs to effectively deliver a compelling narrative that showcases your ability to plan, coordinate, and execute your employers’ technology projects.

Transform your resume

The fact is that your resume is the most important tool you have to land an interview and secure a job offer. But what elements are required to transform a mediocre resume into a powerful job seeking tool? Our team at TopResume has compiled some of the best tips to help you to develop the perfect resume for your job seeking needs. In this IT Project Manager resume example, tips and tricks guide, you can learn how to ensure that your resume makes the right impression on any prospective employer, increasing your chances of enjoying greater career success.

How to write a resume

The perfect resume doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires a strategic approach to highlighting your skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that captures an employer’s attention. Here are just a few of the best tips to help you to create a resume that can land more interviews:

Tailor your resume to fit the job posting. That makes it easier for an employer to quickly determine that you have the right experience for the position.

Use keywords from the job posting throughout your resume. Those keywords are often used by applicant tracking systems to filter out candidates whose resumes fail to showcase the right knowledge.

Make sure that your professional summary is the first thing employers see below your contact details. That summary should be a brief paragraph that explains why you’re the right person for the position.

List your professional experience in chronological order, starting with the most recent position. Use bullet point examples to highlight quantifiable achievements.

Include both hard and soft skills in your core competencies or skills section. Incorporate relevant keywords, to ensure that hiring managers can see that you have the right skills for the job.

If the position requires minimum levels of education, include that information in your education section.

Refine your resume as many times as needed, to ensure that it is compelling, error-free, and as professional as possible.

it project management resume examples

IT Project Manager resume examples

To land a job as an IT Project Manager, it’s important to have a resume that makes hiring managers want to meet with you. But how can you showcase the full range of your experiences, plus planning, organization, and project implementation skills, in a way that sparks that interest? After all, rival candidates for the position will almost certainly have resumes that include those core qualifications.

Fortunately, we have you covered. Our IT Project Manager resume example offers the tips you need to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Professional summary

Your professional summary statement needs to be as engaging as possible. Most hiring managers only spend a few seconds reading a resume before they decide whether they’ll read it all. That means that your initial summary has only seconds to capture their interest. Take this example:

Versatile and visionary IT Project Manager with proven success in planning, scheduling, monitoring, and controlling multi-million-dollar projects. Highly adept at assessing complex requirements and providing sound, cost-effective solutions. Organized and reliable, with a track record of consistently delivering on time and within budget. Recognized for improving processes, policies, and procedures for greater efficiency and performance. An articulate communicator with the polished negotiation and presentation skills crucial for building positive relationships with customers, vendors, executive stakeholders, and team members at every organizational level. 

This summary statement focuses on the candidate’s success managing large projects, problem solving, and other critical soft skills. It also presents the candidate as a valuable contributor who understands the importance of meeting all stakeholders’ needs. In just a few sentences, the job candidate has presented a compelling narrative that should entice hiring managers to want to learn more.

Professional experience

When you list companies and job titles in your experience section, don’t forget to include bullet points that highlight your achievements in those roles. Here are some examples of how those bullet points can present that information:

Successfully delivered all IT requirements for a major merger, enabling over 4,000 staff to communicate, share data and print from day 1 with no impact on business-as-usual operations

Led the team to create a new environment of over 250 servers for a major ERP implementation, in one of the largest deployments in EMEA, to ensure the technology met the needs of a larger business

Managed 5 large-scale office moves for over 750 staff, achieving smooth transitions on schedule 

Oversaw the successful delivery of over 9 projects in 18 months, with values from £1,000 to £50,000

Improved departmental communications, reporting, forecast accuracy and reporting times

As you can see, those bullet point descriptions of the candidate’s achievements quantify the impacts to show how the applicant created value for the employer. 

Key hard and soft skills for an IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager needs to have specific hard and soft skills to successfully fulfill their role within any company. Some of the most in-demand skills for this role include:

IT architecture and standards expertise

When listing this skill, focus on the specific technical platforms and methods you use or are familiar with. This can help hiring managers to understand how your technical expertise can benefit their company.

Business writing

This technical skill is essential for any Project Manager and helps them to communicate effectively with senior management and other vital stakeholders. The ability to write in a clear and compelling way can help to ensure that everyone involved in the project is kept informed and engaged in its success.

Leadership and coaching

Focus on these soft skills to demonstrate your ability to effectively coordinate a collaborative team effort. Good leaders are subject matter experts, motivators, and delegators of responsibility - qualities that employers prioritize.

Problem solving and decision-making

Highlight these crucial soft skills to showcase your ability to use critical thinking and analysis to solve challenges and make informed decisions.

Summary and last words

Don’t spend another minute wondering whether your resume is good enough to help you to land your next IT Project Manager position. Reach out to us today and let TopResume’s expert resume writers assist you in crafting the professional resume you need to achieve your career goals.

Introduction to TopResume: Professional resume writers

At TopResume , our professional resume writers are focused on ensuring that your job seeking tools are second to none. Each of our writers is an expert at their craft and understands that a resume needs to deliver a truly compelling narrative to employers. Just as important, our team is made up of professionals who do more than just craft resumes. They are also experienced Consultants, Career Coaches, and job search strategy experts.

When you partner with TopResume, your assigned writer will work with you to create a resume that showcases your unique value proposition. We use a collaborative process that enables our writers to ensure that you receive a resume that is tailored to the specific job you’re seeking - a resume that highlights your unique skills, experiences, and achievements. If you want a resume that can convince a hiring manager that you’re the best person for their open position, TopResume has the solution you need.

Why you should make use of our resume writing services to land your next job as an IT Project Manager

There’s no substitute for a well-crafted resume when you’re serious about career advancement. For most job seekers, however, the resume creation process can be a minefield of potential missteps. Make the wrong move and your entire narrative could fall apart, leaving hiring managers unimpressed - and uninterested in meeting you for an interview. With a TopResume writer on your side, you can be assured that your resume will deliver the message you need to earn that interview and get the chance to prove that you’re the best candidate for the job.

Resume writing service for IT Project Managers: Let us write your resume!

Contact us today to discover how a truly collaborative resume creation process can provide the career advancement results you’ve been looking for. Our team understands the information technology industry and knows what it takes to create a stellar Project Manager resume. Partner with a TopResume writer and discover how a targeted resume can help you to maximize your chances of securing a job interview and employment offer.

it project management resume examples

Who are the TopResume writers?

it project management resume examples

Senior Resume Writer

4+ years of experience, bachelor of arts in humanities and classical studies.

Billie is a passionate writer whose mission is to write impactful resumes to support career growth, evolution, and transition targets. Billie’s love of the written word spans her entire life, and she enjoys utilizing that passion to empower successful career transitions.

it project management resume examples

10+ years of experience

Master of arts in english.

Traci has a Master of Arts in English and has been writing since middle school. After spending several years in marketing, she used her writing skills and corporate knowledge to help job seekers put their best foot forward and achieve their career goals.

it project management resume examples

15+ Years of Experience

Bachelor of arts in english and business writing.

Jeremy has helped 6K+ clients gain the confidence to apply for and get their dream jobs. His educational background in English and business writing and dedication to supporting clients’ needs inspire him to deliver top-tier career support.

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IT Project Manager Resume Samples

The guide to resume tailoring.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the it project manager job. It’s actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

Craft your perfect resume by picking job responsibilities written by professional recruiters

Pick from the thousands of curated job responsibilities used by the leading companies, tailor your resume & cover letter with wording that best fits for each job you apply.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Resume Builder

  • Provide feedback to group managers regarding the work performance of members
  • Works under specific direction of other Project Managers, IT Managers or Program Managers
  • Time Management: develop, manage, execute, and control the project schedule
  • Provides input to managers for performance appraisals based upon project participants’ performance
  • Keep project manager well informed of status of development effort and serves as liaison between development staff and project manager
  • Makes recommendations for improved project management processes by being an active member of the Program & Project Management Community of Practice
  • You are expected to work under minimal supervision with oversight provided by the Project Delivery Manager within ETG Enterprise Service Management
  • Works to develop in-depth knowledge of project management components, including Project Management Software (such as MS Project 2010)
  • Assists IT management with developing cost estimates and managing the budget throughout the project
  • Work with all levels of management and diverse working group(s)
  • Works with Management & IT leaders to define project scope and objectives
  • Works with Project Managers to define and document tasks and activities for the projects
  • Perform at a high level of project management competence and maturity
  • Facilitating meetings including preparing agendas and coordinating schedules and materials, documenting meeting minutes, following-up on action items; gathering, organizing and distributing project related documentation
  • Manage recruitment, performance appraisals, pay reviews, training and development for the IT project management team
  • Developing, establishing and maintaining project management standards and procedures
  • Support Project Delivery build-out and provide leadership and functional management to the Development and Support Team
  • Create and manage overall resource plans, budgets, forecasts and scenarios
  • Develops project schedules, work assignments, target dates and other aspects of assigned projects
  • Establish and lead a centre of excellence for IT project management
  • Provides regular communication to executive level management
  • Strong time estimation and execution in prescribed estimated periods to provide high quality content and deliverables related to specific assignments
  • Strong organizational skills, analytical skills and a highly professional attitude
  • Excellent ability in implementing program and project plans and monitor progress, resource usage and quality
  • Group medical, prescription, vision, dental, life, and short-term disability insurance options that are available for purchase—and the coverage is portable
  • Apply advanced analytics and quality / process improvement methodologies to assure uniformity, standardization, repeatability and scalability of GCA solutions
  • Strong leadership qualities and the ability to gain respect across a highly technical team
  • Solid attention to detail and highly analytical and creative
  • Demonstrates excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong customer focus and demonstrated ability to work in geographically dispersed teams
  • Strong organizational skills with an attention to detail and a proven ability to handle multiple priorities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to interact effectively and professionally with individuals at all levels; both internal and external

15 IT Project Manager resume templates

IT Project Manager Resume Sample

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  • 1-2 years of industry experience with an emphasis oninformation technologyproject management
  • Proven organizational and project management skills
  • Hands on experience in developing variety of dashboard reports (slice/dice reports, business dashboards, trend analysis etc)
  • Ability to develop presentations and summary materials for management consumption
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills with ability to communicate effectively across multiple levels of management
  • Data and business analytics experience
  • Knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures
  • Ability to influence and create agreement among differing stakeholder views
  • Ability to analyze technology specific problems and provide resolutions
  • Experience managing projects throughout their full software development lifecycle
  • Proactive problem solving skills, manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Access)
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to manage and prioritize in order to meet tight deadlines

IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Accountable for the delivery of multiple, simultaneous projects ensuring scope, schedule, and quality objectives are attained
  • Ensures quality through effective use of delivery methods and standards
  • Collaborates with process and technology leads to build well-structured project plans that segment projects into pre-defined phases
  • Assists in identifying the skills and resources needed for each stage of the project lifecycle
  • Establish a common understanding of project timelines, milestones, and expectations on delivery utilizing expert communication and leadership skills
  • Provides direction to project resources, monitors development efforts, assembles key project deliverables, and intelligently identifies issues requiring escalation when reporting project status
  • Minimizes exposure to risk which could impact schedule, cost or quality
  • Sets project expectations among business partners, internal process owners, and IT staff
  • Monitors change requests and prevent unapproved requirement modifications that result in scope creep
  • Communicates project implementation options that affect cost, schedule, quality and risk to stakeholders, as well as other recommendations based on these elements
  • Direct the effective execution of tasks/processes on a project
  • Ensure project documents are complete, current and stored appropriately
  • Keep senior management informed of key issues and changes which may impact expected business results
  • Demonstrate judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions for a project
  • Serve as an expert in-house project consultant
  • Proven exceptional written and oral presentation and communication skills
  • Ability to draw business objectives and manage expectations of external and internal customers
  • Prior involvement with high-visibility projects and managing multiple projects concurrently
  • Self-motivated, decisive, with the ability to adapt to change
  • Demonstrate mature business judgment and ability to drive complex or difficult decisions within the organization
  • Experience in established software delivery methods
  • Strong functional and technical understanding for underlying functions being managed
  • Ability to balance strategic development with tactical execution
  • Personal drive and creativity to identify new opportunities to exploit internet based technology to foster awareness and knowledge of our products and services
  • Ability to thrive in a demanding environment, requiring high degree of deadline-driven productivity, commitment, adaptability, communication, initiative and follow-through
  • Knowledge of the Outdoor advertising business a plus
  • Must successfully pass background check
  • Provides schedule and costs forecasts including risk based provisions
  • Applies program decision framework (who does what; how to communicate) and contributes to its ongoing improvement
  • Successfully managed 2 to 3 related type 1 projects simultaneously
  • Knowledge of relevant technology
  • Mature project manager - at least 5 years experience in managing complex projects
  • Familiar with Contact Centre applications and technology
  • Knowledge of relevant technology within the Contact Centres
  • General knowledge of factors affecting Contact Centres
  • Trends in the marketplace/ technology for Contact Centres
  • 3 - 5 years’ experience with financial service industry
  • Capable of managing 1 - 2 complex projects simultaneously, concurrently with providing production support tasks
  • Bachelor's Degree and Project Management basics
  • Technology background, some programming experience
  • Excellent written/communication skills in English and Spanish (preferable)

O&t-it Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primarily, the individual needs strong skills in relationship building and management, program management/planning, presentations and communication
  • PM Industry knowledge or experience mandatory, PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is preferred
  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience in business
  • 5 years experience in project management during which s/he applied a structured approach (methodology) to project planning, estimating, monitoring and reporting through the full project lifecycle, from initiation through closure
  • Strong influencing and partnering skills
  • Experience and ease in interfacing with senior management in CTI and O&T Financial Services experience preferred, but not mandatory

It-eq IT, Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1) Accountable for the overall system delivery on assigned projets
  • 2) Stakeholder management, including status reporting and expectation management
  • 3) Ensuring all system changes conform to regulatory requirements as well as internal rules and standards
  • 4) Project planning and tracking in the full project life cycle
  • Project initiation / scoping
  • Business analysis and functional specification
  • Development plan coordination and progress tracking
  • F2B test planning and progress tracking
  • UAT coordination / user training
  • Release planning
  • Reports on variances to the approved project baseline
  • Manage external contracts and suppliers where required
  • Monitors and manages project baseline to ensure activities are occurring as planned - scope, budget and schedule – manages variances
  • Proactively identify risks and issues on projects - leading team to develop risk management and issues management plans
  • Senior project manager is expected to act independently to deliver project to schedule, budget and scope; support provided as required and requested, and is self-driven and motivated
  • Extensive experience of delivery that includes the use of supplier and off-shore resources
  • Leader in the use of IT methodologies, processes and standards for project management
  • Significant work experience leading infrastructure, network, security, and/or software development projects
  • Facilitate, coordinate, and arbitrate cross-functional macro level topics, often including key business stakeholders and senior management
  • Communicate to all stakeholders on a timely basis, often including Senior or Executive Level Management
  • Supports project negotiations by providing subject matter expertise around retail banking and project lifecycle methodologies (waterfall and Agile)
  • Manages all projects, tracks time allocations and resource usage using the Planview application
  • Minimum of 8-12 years managing software development projects in a matrix environment, preferably within the banking industry or comparable large company/consulting organization
  • Previous track record that demonstrates the successful implementation of 3-5 large scale, cross functional, strategic initiatives
  • Experience applying standard Waterfall and Agile software lifecycle development methodologies
  • Expert knowledge and hands-on experience in application and execution of PMBOK-based project management methodologies and processes
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal, influence, negotiation, organization & communication skills
  • Strong Office skills, advanced to expert
  • Will have project managed multiple technology projects with a proven track record of delivery
  • Solid understanding of technology infrastructure
  • Interest in hardware, voice and network technology
  • Experience in data center relocation, server infrastructure delivery, technology refresh due to end of life etc. would be beneficial, but not essential
  • In depth knowledge of project management methodology
  • Financial and risk management experience is beneficial
  • Experience of working in virtual teams, working remotely or for a remote manager
  • Experience of working in a medium to large-scale corporation is an advantage
  • Strong workload management skills
  • Strong financial management skills within the Project context
  • Strong influencing skills
  • Strong negotiation and conflict management skills
  • Working knowledge of project tools is an advantage
  • Language skills in addition to English are an advantage
  • Project resource management, including mentoring and coaching, performance management and project financial management and project management for companies in the entertainment media domain
  • UML Modeling, Data Modeling, JAD Sessions, OOML, DAM, MAM, CMS, SOA, Web Services, REST and API, Logical data models, Solution Design, Enterprise Architecture and Custom Software Development, Media Software applications (Xytech/Media Beacon)
  • Large databases: Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL
  • Infrastructure Experience: LINUX, RHEL and Windows Server, BI reporting tools (Microstrategy, Informatica and Cognos)
  • UI Design, Middleware Design (Weblogic, JBOSS, Apache and Websphere)
  • Accountable for accurately estimating the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals. Identify appropriate resources needs in a cost efficient manner, and assign individual responsibilities
  • Drive estimation, planning and prioritization of requirements backlog across multiple business areas
  • Position will initially focus on data security projects across all business areas
  • Facilitates team and client meetings effectively, holds regular status meetings with project team
  • Builds, develops, and grows any business relationships vital to the success of the project
  • Reports project status and issues to business partners and IT management
  • Experience in the full spectrum of delivery activities on projects and demonstrates proven track record of on-time, on-budget and to-specification delivery of projects
  • In depth understanding of Portfolio, Programme and Project management business processes
  • Extensive experience in professional communications and stakeholder management at various levels
  • Ability to juggle priorities, multi - task and flawlessly execute at speed
  • Influencing / networking skills – ability to develop internal and external business relationships and use own knowledge, skills and experience to influence others opinions and actions in order to obtain the right business decisions
  • Fluent English is essential

Am-it Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Minimum ten years of combined business, project management, team leadership and IT experience required
  • End-to-end understanding of voice systems- from the handset to the carrier
  • Prior experience in Voice deployment projects as, a technical project manager, project coordinator or key technical resource (desktop engineer, desktop PM, etc.)
  • Experience with IPC’s EHI or Purple Voice, IPC Pulse, or it’s equivalent
  • Experience with projects in multiple technologies, functions (e.g. Cisco Unified Communications, NICE Voice Recording, Avaya Call Center Technology, IPC Trader Voice Systems- Hoot and holler systems, intercoms, Genesys Routing, and Video Conferencing)
  • Must understand SIP, VOIP, and Voice redirect plans
  • Must be able to create voice based solutions to fit a business’s needs using the above mentioned technologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must be comfortable with presenting to business leaders
  • Partnering with diverse groups and directing them toward your project goals
  • Working with geographically distributed and culturally diverse work-groups
  • Delivery and execution of all assigned minor and major projects
  • Coordination and matrix management of CTI streams and delivery partners to achieve migrations and project activity in a coordinated and controlled manner
  • The position will involve a considerable amount of interaction with colleagues, business groups, TI and external vendors
  • Customer interaction managing project priorities, financial tracking and reporting, and risk management
  • Responsible for managing their assigned projects to deliver infrastructure technology by working with multiple technology streams. Client interaction, effective stakeholder management, reporting and escalating risks and issues to their IT Project Group Manager are also part of this role
  • Complete all tasks in connection with the organization’s activity but not detailed in the current job description, charged by the direct manager, supervisor, or the functional head
  • Will have been involved as a team member on multiple technology projects with a proven track record of delivery
  • The candidate will ideally have previous experience as a professional project manager, but candidates who have worked as a project team member or technical coordinator will be considered
  • Knowledge of project management methodology
  • An understanding of technology infrastructure
  • An understanding of application development would be beneficial, but not essential
  • Working knowledge Project Tools is an advantage
  • A Project Management Institute (PMI) certification (PMP or CAPM) is preferred
  • Other industry standard project management certifications such as Prince-2 or PMA will be considered as an alternative
  • Gather and analyze business requirements, manage design, implementation and testing of vendor applications
  • Create project plans, functional and technical specifications for other team members and conduct application reviews with tech team and the vendor
  • Manage day to day activities of team members
  • Oversee L1-L2 production support personnel. Facilitate project communication and meetings with business and tech partners
  • Hands on Project Leader able to jump in to help out to resolve issues and assist in the installation, configuration of vendor applications
  • Manage competing priorities to keep the team on track to deliver high quality releases
  • Provide technical leadership to ensure best practices, standards, and security implementation strategies are followed. Lead continuous improvements activities to enhance team productivity, as well as to improve the quality, reliability and performance of the systems
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline
  • 5-10 years of solid experience in a Technical Project Leader role
  • Experience with managing internally developed applications and vendor applications
  • Experience with complex requirements and technical and business workflows Solid experience in implementing projects following SDLC
  • Strong Technical skills in .Net, web services, IIS, Windows environment, SQL Server
  • Knowledge of MQ a plus
  • Experience with Automation tools and Performance Tools are highly desired Solid experience wit MS Projects, PowerPoint. Experience with DMM a plus
  • Demonstrated success leading small to medium sized technical team (onshore & offshore), working independently and managing multiple tasks simultaneously Ability to effectively communicate, motivate and influence vendors, business and tech partners
  • Experience in business requirements gathering and developing simple technical solutions to complex business problems Experience working on global applications
  • Experience and knowledge of application design and architectural best practices
  • Ability to manage/juggle competing priorities without loss of efficiency Ability to understand and learn new technologies and apply them in the project
  • Successfully managed 1 to 2 related type 3 projects simultaneously
  • Knowledge of Mobile/Wallet Applications
  • Cloud & Payments ( MasterCard, Visa, Interact)
  • Knowledge of Mobile/Wallet Applications an asset
  • Provide feedback of established Project Management methodologies and input to improve best practices. Use established project management tools to report project statuses for IT dashboards and reports. Work directly with Parks Technology management and participate in regular resource planning meetings to secure project resources
  • Work closely with all Parks Technology teams, business partners, and Vendors to plan, organize, secure, and manage resources for assigned project efforts following software development lifecycle and project implementation policies and procedures as applicable
  • Work with the Parks Technology teams and management to identify solutions that enable the organization to achieve its project goals
  • Independently research, analyze, identify, and document the tasks to achieve the project goals. Coordinate, facilitate, and lead project team meetings to accomplish project deliverables
  • Responsible for the management of the project including; work statements, work breakdown structures, developing and tracking budget and schedule, tracking individual project tasks, providing risk analysis, tracking and resolving issues and action items, planning and oversight of requirements gathering, coordination of quality assurance, providing various project management visibility and control measures and reports as needed and communicating to project team and stakeholders. Perform requirements and quality assurance as needed
  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university is required; major in MIS, Technology or Business or related field preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of related work experience in IT project management, business analysis or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Ability to effectively use MS Project, Visio, Office (i.e. Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
  • Knowledge of project management concepts and processes, requirements gathering, or business analysis
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret business periodicals, professional journals, technical manuals and procedures, or governmental regulations
  • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, and customers
  • Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent and to draw graphs, and interpret spreadsheets
  • Ability to build and lead a team in completing a project
  • Minimal travel possible to support Parks Technology division and client locations
  • Sound business judgment in coordinating the requirements of the user group(s) for a project
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving techniques
  • Excellent presentation, facilitation, communication and negotiation skills
  • Self-motivated, well organized and strong innovation skills
  • Effectively handle sensitive and confidential matters
  • Working with the central programme business team to deliver IT requirements, build, test and release across multiple work streams
  • Ensuring individual programme streams have a deliverable plan and holding them accountable through the delivery
  • Briefing management on progress against the F2B delivery plans
  • Exposing Dependencies, Risks and Issues associated with plans, leading efforts to resolve these and holding individuals accountable for resolutions
  • Partnering with the wider organisation to ensure transparency in the delivery

Store Systems IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage an IT operations services technician in UK to provide store system support for UK Uniqlo stores
  • Proven logical technical problem solving skills
  • Ability to explain benefit & cost trade off to control business requirements
  • Strong oral and written communication skills (Second European language desired)
  • Experience in collaboration with global team
  • Business level communication in English and French
  • Behavior: Flexible, open minded, diplomat, rigorous, responsible, autonomous with good reporting skills
  • Assist your PM team with defining purpose, clear roles, tasks, milestones, budgets and measures of success for their projects
  • Manage the workload of the resources on your team and assure their project assignments align with the needs of the organization and each PM's development goals
  • Work as a Release Lead for Enterprise Releases to ensure all project teams build an integrated implementation plan. Facilitate the Central Command Center and provide critical support to all team command centers
  • Ensure that all project team members have the tools and training required to perform effectively
  • Serve as an escalation point for critical project issues and interact with senior management to solve issues and provide timely communications
  • Ensure your team is compliant with our Project Delivery Process and completing phase exit checklists for every project
  • Focus on performance management, giving objective, constructive feedback to team members. Promote effective teamwork and manage the resolution of interpersonal issues
  • Minimum seven years of IT experience with at least five years of IT Project Management experience required
  • Knowledge and experience using project management software such as Clarity, Microsoft Project, Project Workbench, PMI, etc
  • Resource management experience

It-project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Reviews all user documentation. Monitors testing
  • 5+ years’ experience with one or more of the following processes in a retail environment: Payment Processing, Sales and Inventory data collection and distribution, Pricing systems, Refunding systems, Register and Mobile POS applications
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to coordinate and work effectively with other specialists
  • Ability to demonstrate strong leadership and to manage and resolve conflicts
  • Facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables and be responsible for the prioritization of tasks
  • Develop and maintain project plans using MS Project or similar tools, and track and report key project metrics
  • Define project tasks and resource requirements and coordinate with 3rd parties
  • Coordinate development and creation of necessary formal requirements and functional documents
  • Meet regularly with product managers to assess product needs and coordinate with development staff to formulate solutions
  • Implement new policies and procedures for change control, software and hardware deployments, and workflow management
  • Periodic travel to Hauppauge, NY operations center required
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or relevant related field
  • PMI/PMP certification a plus
  • Proficient in use of Jira and Confluence for project communications and tracking, and in various other project management documentation and tracking software programs
  • Deep understanding of digital video products, technology, operations and media industry
  • In depth knowledge of project management techniques and tools
  • 3-5 years’ experience in software application development as an Agile Project Manager
  • Must be experienced with Agile and Waterfall methodologies and highly proficient with the software development lifecycle
  • Self-directed, get-it-done personality with the ability to work independently and manage communications up and down
  • Must be fluent in technical documentation and diagramming
  • Lead team to resolve cross-sell support issues and pro-actively make improvements for issue prevention, increased efficiency and operability and clear documentation
  • Lead project teams to design, develop, and deploy quality solutions that meet client requirements and project objectives
  • Work with business and technology partners to identify, schedule and prioritize project and support activities to ensure the delivery of project and support solutions within budget constraints
  • Provide detailed project/support planning, execution, tracking, reporting, and cost / risk management
  • Assist with research and design for highly complex requirements or issues
  • Proactively communicate resourcing requirements for development projects and support items, highlighting issues, and recommending alternate courses of action
  • Collaborate with management team to manage the overall portfolio
  • Manage project/support financials relating to budgets
  • Project Plan (Weekly) - Maintain detailed work tasks in a Project Plan in MS project
  • Project Reporting - (Weekly) - Create and Maintain Work Schedule Productivity and Progress Reports(Actuals to ETC, Budget Variance Reports, etc). Create Exception reports to focus on variance and other out of normal conditions
  • Maintain weekly status report in PM Toolkit
  • Managing the project through the methodology lifecycle by establishing and maintaining agreements between the customer and the project team
  • Accountable for ensuring that all methodology related artifacts and documents are completed and updated throughout the life of the project by the project team member responsible for delivering those documents
  • Responsible for ensuring that the project budget is updated in both ACT and PM Toolkit and that any scope changes affecting budget are identified and managed appropriately
  • Responsible for monitoring project financials in a weekly Project Tracker spreadsheet that includes Project Actual Costs
  • Playing a critical communications role by interacting between stakeholder(s) and BA’s, developers and testing personnel (technical domain)
  • Work with BA’s Developers, QA to determine hours estimations as required to support project business cases, plans, etc
  • Understanding the software development approach being used and defining how the requirements development will be conducted (i.e. elicitation, analysis, specification and validation)
  • Responsible for ensuring change control and change management procedures are followed within the project team as they relate to requirements
  • Understanding the business case and project scope
  • Ensuring that quality project management standards are met as prescribed by IT Services through the effective implementation or use of approved processes, methodologies and deliverables
  • Adhere to Project Gate Reviews as required by the IMT Project Governance Process
  • Selecting the appropriate methodology to successfully deliver the project
  • Collaborate with others to pro-actively address project issues
  • Direct supervision provided by program manager; frequency on a weekly or as needed basis
  • Project Manager is expected to act independently to deliver and manage projects to schedule, budget and scope; support provided as required and requested, and is self-driven and motivated
  • Project manager expected to support value of, growth and expansion of PM role within the IMT organization as required
  • Project Manager leads Project teams consisting of cross functional, global, and virtual groups; directly supervises staff; assigns responsibility to members; monitors progress
  • Project Manager role with personal accountability for delivering and managing requirements to time and cost for projects typically up to $500k in value and 6 months in duration
  • Project Manager expected to exhibit a high level of thought leadership skills thus contributing to the success of assigned projects and overall FO&P organization goals
  • Comfortable dealing with difficult stakeholders and opinionated developers and architects during the development lifecycle
  • Adept at getting sign off of key deliverables (Charter, requirements, change items, etc) from business stakeholders
  • Experience of relationships with senior customer staff
  • 5 to 10 year’s experience in Project Management or related technical field (application development, deployment/implementation and infrastructure)
  • Have accountability for the delivery of one or more concurrent projects on time, within budget expectations, to deliver results with the desired impact
  • Possesses experience in the overall responsibility for structuring a project, performing the detailed planning, and managing project execution and completion of moderate or large projects throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Defines the phase deliverables, tracks milestones and incurred expenses versus planned expenses, schedules roles and resources, evaluates risks and recommends contingency plans
  • Manages changes in project scope, identifies potential risks and devises contingency plans
  • Partner with leadership teams and key stakeholders to set strategic and project priorities using strong influential skills to ensure delivery of strategic priorities
  • Works with the technology team to help provide structure to manage the development of the technical strategy. Works with the technology team to assigns resources and tasks, and manages quality assurance, resolution of issues, status reviews and reporting, development of standards, change control, customer support, and compliance with all policies and procedures
  • Possesses a high degree of communication skills, both written and verbal. Familiarity with Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Project, etc.). Can provide clear, concise status reports that can be used for executive reporting
  • Collaborate with senior leaders and key stakeholders in the formulation of plans and activities to support project implementation
  • Positively and effectively, influence results in a matrix organization. Build alliances, quickly find common ground and identify potential solutions, and build consensus for outcomes
  • Manage cross-functional stakeholders throughout project lifecycles to balance perspectives while gaining support for recommended solutions. Coordinate with other project managers and initiatives to ensure mutual understanding of timelines, overlaps and competing priorities
  • High level of interpersonal and human relations skills in dealings with colleagues, clients, direct reports
  • Strong management skills: analytical, time management, collaboration, decision making, organization, planning, problem-solving, presentation and negotiating
  • Employs strong problem solving skills to deal with internal and external problems in a professional and expedient manner
  • Builds and manages high-performing project manager team to meet commitments in schedule, effort, cost, and quality. Influences, motivates, and negotiates appropriately
  • Demonstrated professional project management skills using a variety of recognized methodologies including multiple full life-cycle delivery experience in a complex technology environment. Agile experience preferred
  • Strong interpersonal skills at all levels of management and ability to motivate teams to apply skills and techniques to solve dynamic problems
  • Self-motivated, drives to closure
  • At least 5 years of IT project planning and management experience
  • Bachelor's degree in IT, business, or a related field
  • Experience in managing infrastructure projects from conception to production, managing all aspects of solution delivery including requirements gathering, scope definition, resource planning, budget management, status reporting, risk management and change control
  • The ability to communicate effectively at all levels and to all functional groups, and to translate technical requirements and issues into the appropriate context
  • Develop and maintain close working relationships with key business stakeholders through written, verbal and face to face communications
  • Propagate better understanding of IT capabilities, vision and processes to the business community
  • Define solutions that leverage the existing systems, while positioning these solutions to align with the future business and IT direction of the organisation
  • Responsible for Programme / Project delivery focusing on Back office systems development
  • S/he works across multiple internal business and technology groups on local/regional projects, and is involved from initial strategy/planning and scope definition through to process design, requirements development, testing, training and implementing of the solution
  • The qualified candidate will have a B.A. / B.S. in Business or equivalent experience; M.B.A. preferred
  • Strong technical acumen, preferable having development background from C#, Dot NET etc
  • 8 or more years in Corporate/ Institutional/ or Investment Banking industry with 1 or 2 years of management/ supervisory experience (direct or project based)
  • Minimum of 5 - 7 years in Project Management role in Technology particularly within Development Projects (middle office systems and back office systems in particular)
  • S/he demonstrates a good understanding of end-to-end operation flows across multiple system applications and experience with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes
  • S/he must be able to analyze client requirements, monitor project progress, manage issues and risks, identify potential roadblocks and keep projects on track
  • PMP, ITIL or Prince certification preferred
  • Strong background in managing, implementing and deploying technology solutions
  • Management of IT consulting initiatives
  • Effective cost management and control
  • Knowledge of current IT industry trends and solutions

CRT IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Project Management of multiple projects from conception to delivery within CRT Technology
  • Engage and participate in departmental strategy discussions
  • Build key relationships across infrastructure, application support and development groups
  • Work with the technical team leads on platform re-engineering tasks and growth of the system, providing expertise in finance as well as contributing in business analyst and project management efforts
  • Effectively communicate and build rapport with team members and stakeholders using a variety of techniques and collaboration from initiation to close
  • Investment banking environment experience
  • Strong Project/Programme Management experience - within RTB/Service Delivery Projects
  • Exposure to global markets businesses
  • Experience dealing with front office traders and senior fixed income management covering risk and P&L

IT Project Manager Retail Solutions Resume Examples & Samples

  • Adopt a structured approach to rolling out all new software or hardware, which is efficient and effective
  • Plan, manage and stabilise project releases using an agile or waterfall approach where appropriate
  • Ensure version control and central storage of software is applied and that correct versions are installed at all times, in all environments
  • Understand the technical landscape across different delivery work streams, anticipating where there is likely to be interdependencies across systems or work streams
  • Obtain appropriate relevant business and technical approval, documented for audit purposes
  • Collaborate with Project Managers, Technical Architects, Test Managers and Developers in the definition and breakdown of releases, ensuring fully understood by all and smoothly transitioned
  • Focus on the stabilisation of releases, conducting post- release reviews to ensure any release issues are minimised/ eliminated for upcoming releases
  • Able to meet demand and plan own capacity accordingly to ensure releases are not compromised
  • Communication of release plans are fundamental in this role, ensure all parties are aligned and in agreement
  • Ensure that projects are prioritized in the stream pipeline
  • Ability to coordinate development and plan releases with offshore, near shore and onshore teams
  • Manage the expectations of all stakeholders including Corporate & Operational Finance, Creative Media, Customer Services, Service and Productivity, and Retail Shared Services
  • Manage projects end to end with various technical components across different platforms
  • Support the Change Request process including analysis of possible solutions, resource, cost and schedule planning against projects already in flight or prioritized
  • Clear articulation of risks, issues & confidence levels to the wider IT and Business teams
  • Ensure projects flow seamlessly into the development team based on the Project Pipeline
  • Work within the Project Management Team to develop the growth the Project Management competency across the organistion
  • Provide direction and structure for each project, establishing clear and precise goals and objectives for the teams
  • Experience in managing medium to large projects in a retail environment within IT
  • POS deployment into retail stores- Luxury fashion would be ideal
  • Line Management
  • Experience in managing projects end to end across multiple technical systems and platforms
  • Experience and understanding of the Agile Methodology and able to apply where relevant
  • Expert planning and estimation techniques
  • Strong financial & project costing skills
  • Familiarity and exposure to Retail hardware, for example: Scanners, POS tills, CRM and receipt printers
  • Leads and manages IT implementation on key business projects of the company
  • Is responsible towards business project manager for IT implementation of requested solution to deliver agreed business goals
  • Sets-up project team; plans, coordinates and manages the work of project team to assure delivery of project goals within agreed paramateres
  • Assures integrity of IT implementation with other projects in the company, communicates and coordinates with other running projects
  • Manages vendor delivery in areas where external vendors are involved
  • Supervises and is responsible for efficient usage of allocated human and financial resources
  • Leads project team members, assures motivatation, develops capabilities of team members, provides feedback on performance
  • Coordinates the project according to internal and general accepted standards of project management
  • Communicates within PMO, with project team, with related activities and representatives of key stakeholders
  • University degree
  • 4+ years of practice, at least 3 in project management
  • Active knowledge of Czech
  • Very good communication and presentation skills
  • Strong focus on delivery, solution focus
  • Knowledge and practical experience within IT sector * Knowledge of financial service sector * PM certification Would you like to know more? https://www.gemoney.cz/en/about-us
  • Own the planning and associated project management activities for the delivery of complex technology risk reduction and remediation activities
  • Ensure effective stakeholder engagement both locally and globally
  • Develop with peers in other regions solutions that support successful delivery of the Bank’s program
  • Establish and lead steering and working groups with all the key parties establish relationships and ensure on-time delivery in order that the programs remain on target throughout the planning and execution phases
  • Ensure execution aligned to existing frameworks, standards and policies and in accordance with the methodology
  • Keep senior management and stakeholders informed of progress against the agreed timescales escalating and resolving issues as required
  • Develop and maintain the required documentation and templates to ensure consistent data capture and analysis, including PIDs, project plans, milestones and reports
  • Identify and report risks and issues associated with programs and challenge senior management on quality of mitigation and remediation plans and actions
  • Maintenance of project progression in tools and systems
  • Providing accurate, timely MI to stakeholders
  • Building and maintaining knowledge bases
  • Creation of issue mitigation closure evidence packs and presentation of same to risk steering committees and boards
  • Have an understanding of business continuity management (BCM) in large scale and complex financial organizations
  • Have formal project and program management skills backed with practical experience of delivering in complex environments
  • Have excellent stakeholder management as this role will be liaising closely with GT (global technology) staff across the global organization
  • Have experience of operating at all levels of the organization
  • Be an excellent communicator able to build, direct and lead virtual teams operating in different locations; fluency in English
  • Have knowledge of IT disaster recovery testing and data center physical infrastructure
  • Be highly organized, a motivated self-starter and able to quickly take ownership of the role,
  • Formal project management qualifications (i.e. PMP)
  • Be able to demonstrate expert knowledge of project management including
  • 5+ years of experience with IT systems project management
  • Experience with managing software development projects through multiple software development life cycles
  • Experience with Agile application development methodology and implementing or executing the Agile methodology on an IT project
  • BA or BS Degree
  • Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) required
  • Experience with project management in a federal consulting environment
  • Experience with working in diverse client environments
  • Ability to work in a team environment or independently with minimum supervision
  • Possession of excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Manage all stages of IT projects from initiation to closure
  • Work with Project Sponsor and Stakeholders to complete project charter outlining scope, goals, deliverables, required resources, budget and timing
  • Complete work breakdown structure to estimate effort required for each task. Provide a schedule to identify when each task will be completed and estimate effort required for each task
  • Act as a mediator between stakeholders and team members; communicate differences to Management/Project Sponsor as appropriate
  • Effectively manage project scope by ensuring any changes to scope are documented and approved
  • Determine if external consultants or contractors will be required to complete project plan
  • Track and report on project milestones and provide status reports to management/sponsor
  • Excellent management and communication skills
  • Solid foundation in Development/Testing/Implementation life cycle
  • PMI certification a major plus
  • Good negotiator
  • Ability to effectively liaison between business users and technical staff
  • Ability to translate customer requirements into product features and create functional specifications
  • Technical background with level of proficiency in some/all of the following a plus: SQL scripting, Crystal Reports, Relational DB theory, Electronic Data Exchange (XML, FTP)
  • Knowledge of the PeopleSoft HCM platform and HR applications a definite asset
  • 3-5 years of IT Project Management experience
  • Experience in Vendor Management would be an asset
  • Experience with Banking environment is preferred but not required
  • Relevant work experience in technology with a broad understanding across multiple IT disciplines
  • Knowledgeable of Bank and technology standards (e.g., infrastructure, architecture, processes, applications) and managing people/projects
  • Good understanding of businesses and/or organizational practices/ disciplines
  • Business process acumen: understanding user requirements and software development processes
  • Experience within systems development and understanding of the SDLC, the physical and logical environments used to deliver systems projects, and the technology platforms upon which key systems are hosted
  • Basic knowledge of external competition, industry and/or market trends in relation to own business
  • Good program, project management, and leadership skills
  • Works independently and often autonomously
  • Strong oral communication, facilitation, and negotiation skills
  • Lead or supervisory experience managing a small team
  • Experience managing Infrastructure & Network related projects (specifically around Data Centers)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office suite tools and with project scheduling software tool (MS Project preferred)
  • Strong analytical skills, solid communication and facilitation skills are required
  • Provide overall project/program leadership
  • Manage the estimating and scoping process
  • Develop and facilitate the communications plan
  • Perform scope and change control management functions
  • Previous Wealth Management experience/knowledge including: business and operational processing, marketplace trends and technologies & Securities Trading and Settlement course
  • Previous success managing multiple projects simultaneously (up to $500M, 3 to 12 months in duration) OR one larger project ($1M+, 12+ months in duration)
  • 5+ years of STRUCTURED Project Management experience: project plan development and management, work breakdown structures, task based plans, assumption and risk based plans, base-lining and scheduling, scheduling methodology (CPM, GERT, PERT), metrics creation, gathering, reporting, analysis, education and meta model creation
  • Waterfall, Agile, Iterative, risk assessment and quantification methodologies
  • Change management ability
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal including, presentation and facilitation, Communication management
  • Manages project communications including status reports to all stakeholders
  • Recommends external vendors and third parties and manages the relationships at the project level
  • 50% Project Planning and Execution
  • 20% Relationship and Communication
  • 20% Managerial Excellence
  • 5% Creating Solutions
  • Data Centers set up, access policies, maintenance knowledge
  • Application installation knowledge
  • Implementation of monitoring tools
  • Virtualization (Concepts and Tools as VMware and Citrix)
  • Active Directory implementation
  • Midrange (Including Server build process)
  • Service Desk
  • English: Intermediate
  • Manage full life cycle web solutions and software development projects for a wide variety of high profile clients
  • Manage multiple small to medium teams of developers creating and maintaining web applications using the latest technologies
  • Lead an integrated consulting team delivering interactive and creative solutions to clients
  • Ensure that all project goals are accomplished according to specifications and business objectives
  • 6+ years of relevant work experience
  • Client focused experience in the Federal Education, Human Services, and/or Vulnerable Communities verticals
  • Demonstrated ability to develop comprehensive project plans, experience managing to budgets, profit targets, and timelines, and experience managing Agile Scrum projects
  • Dedication to client satisfaction
  • Experience with CMMI Level 3 (or higher) processes
  • Experience with child and youth focused programs for Federal clients
  • The ability to plan and prioritize effectively taking into account deadlines, resources and budget
  • Good knowledge of SAP (back bone system)
  • Technical understand of IT issues and a curiosity for new IT technologies
  • Experience in FMCG sector
  • Understand success criteria – set quality standards
  • Continually evaluate project performance
  • Take pro-active steps to mitigate potential quality issues
  • Manage teams (Indirect)
  • Establish work standards
  • Estimate resource costs
  • Time phase the estimated budget
  • Track actual project costs against budget
  • Control, communicate and gain approval for changes to the project budget
  • Define project scope and obtain approval
  • Create a project scope statement in predefined format
  • Understand project scope and determine executable components
  • Collect requested scope changes, analyze, provide recommendation and obtain agreement
  • Comply with standard ePMO governance policies
  • Work toward proficient use of automated project management tool sets as adopted by RETS
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred
  • PMP/PRINCE II or equivalent preferred
  • 5-10 years related work experience
  • Develop dashboards and reporting tools to compile data for evaluation of sales, inventory and other operational metrics
  • Create and facilitate business requirements for LNM business use cases
  • Familiarity with Agile/Scrum and Waterfall project management styles
  • Professional certification or training and/or experience, 5+ years of technical project management experience
  • Knowledge and familiarity with software project management, general knowledge of merchandise and licensing industry
  • Ability to effectively manage change, and prioritize multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Deliver IT projects within scope, schedule and budget and with high quality
  • Deliver projects with focus on customer satisfaction
  • Coordinate and manage the scope, timing, and budget of multiple concurrent projects
  • Assist in project strategy design, project role staffing, issue resolution and recovery of troubled projects
  • Establish and maintain balance among project team, sponsors, resource managers and stakeholders
  • Work with the customer to establish project priorities appropriately to achieve desired organizational goals and benefits
  • Effectively mitigate project risks through risk identification and proactive planning
  • Manage resource utilization and allocation to ensure all projects have the correct resources assigned with the appropriate skill sets and capacity to deliver a quality product
  • Effectively communicate project status and key project metrics (KPIs) to stakeholders and customers and across enterprise as necessary
  • Financial management and P&L responsibility
  • Team management
  • First Level University degree and at least 5 years experience in project management
  • PM certifications would be highly appreciated
  • Agile experience and/or certification would be a plus
  • BI/DW knowledge would be a plus
  • Very good command of English and fluent Polish, German language will be an advantage
  • Strong leadership and ownership
  • Excellent communication skills and teamwork abilities
  • Experience in working with remote teams
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet project timetables
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks and assignments
  • Collaborative approach to people, flexibility and responsiveness
  • Travel availability

Services IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Understands managed deployment service offerings so that they can identify and articulate new business opportunities and provide sales support
  • Scope and Schedule is planned, defined, approved, developed, managed and controlled; ensuring completed deliverables are accepted by the customer
  • Resources are assigned and managed effectively and efficiently to reduce and mitigate any risks and issues once operational deployment commences
  • Communications are planned and conducted during the project to ensure stakeholders are involved, expectations are accurately set, managed, and key stakeholders receive adequate communications throughout the project lifecycle and this includes customer and Dell stakeholders
  • Deep specialized and technical knowledge of managed deployment services ( Logistics, Planning, Customs, Taxation, Duties, Invoicing, etc.)
  • Broad knowledge and experience within an end-user computing (desktop/thin client) services environment
  • Strong Service Delivery and Project Management experience (Prince2; PMI; PMBOK certifications)
  • Hands-on problem solver with a can-do and pro-active approach to day-to-day operational challenges
  • Extensive project planning experience
  • 8 – 10 years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • "LIEMEA13"
  • 10+ years IT project/program management experience with 3 — 4 years experience in data-warehousing area
  • 2-3 years Agile methodology experience
  • Intermediate MS Project skills
  • Excellent PC Software skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint as well as experience with reporting tools
  • Knowledge of SQL and database query tools,
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; strong attention to detail
  • Excellent numerical and analytic skills
  • Ability to analyze and interpret statistical data ·
  • Ability to derive insight from large amounts of data from diverse sources ·
  • Ability to work under tight time deadlines, with frequently changing priorities ·
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written are necessary to be effective in this role
  • Ensures consistency and adherence to Dell standards, processes, and policies for all projects
  • Manages all aspects of the project execution including: chartering, scope definition, requirements gathering, project planning, change control, risk management and reporting
  • Facilitates and manages resource planning, cost estimation, budget development, and cost control
  • Manages critical projects, customer engagements or business processes. May be responsible for multiple Project Managers dedicated to a common project or fewer large/highly complex customer
  • Works on abstract and complex problems requiring evaluation of intangible variables. Integrates trends, data and information into plans, deliverables and recommendations
  • Develops innovative and creative output based on interpretation and analysis that improve business performance and contribute to corporate goals and strategic intent
  • Anticipates operational, program, and implementation issues and develops preventative measures
  • Presents facts and information to negotiate mutually acceptable solutions. Adapts communication techniques for audiences at multiple internal and external levels
  • Works across the organization to effectively obtain and allocate resources to complete programs and projects on time
  • Contributes to the area through delivery of end results and contribution to planning for the area
  • Provides input on processes, procedures, or new approaches
  • 10+ years of relevant experience in project management or equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • Computer Science, System Analysis or similar technical degree
  • Strong analytical and complex problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and/or as part of a team
  • Ability to coach, motivate and guide less experience team members
  • Leadership and team development
  • Excellent organization and prioritization skills

IVR IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead teams of developers in the delivery of high-quality software solutions that meet business needs
  • Create detailed project design documents and task-level project plans to organize cross-functional teams
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science or 5 years of equivalent experience related to the role
  • Prior experience in Project Management
  • Listens and communicates with respect, and builds trusting relationships
  • IT background
  • Working knowledge of Office Products including Visio, Project, and SharePoint
  • IVR experience very nice to have; or strong desire to learn IVR
  • Knowledge of Agile Methodologies
  • Create and execute project plans, revise as appropriate to meet changing requirements and priorities
  • Coordinate, track and manage the day-to-day activities of teammates without limiting himself to get the advancement but also by identifying potential issues, understand them, identify & follow an action plan to fix them
  • Manage and implement processes and procedures that ensure a consistent, high quality and timely delivery of projects
  • Run meetings, record notes, and keep personnel focused on priorities
  • Communicate project status to management, peers and other project stakeholders
  • Coordinate changes with stakeholders, including proper communication and approval for all changes
  • Coordinate relations with vendors and third parties
  • Suggests system improvements and offers alternative solutions to the different problems that may appear
  • Accompany teammates when they are facing a difficulty to understand and/or to apply properly a given process
  • Managing the project and the team, i.e. planning allocated resources, shaping priorities, coordinating interactions with customers and users
  • Managing relationship with all project stakeholders and coordinating regularly concerning requirements, project plan and reporting
  • Ensuring an efficient project governance – roles and responsibilities
  • Providing the project plan and updating it as needed (deadlines, milestones, delivery, requested and planned resources etc.) as well as other program/project governance related documentation
  • Supporting the adoption of both the program and the project lifecycle and deliverables
  • Providing efficient and effective reporting to the program manager
  • Establishing a set of best practices that ensure the integrity and quality of project work products
  • Delivering the project on time, in the expected quality and within budget according to defined project contracts
  • 10+ years of experience with systems engineering and integration, software development, or information technology
  • 1+ years of experience with supporting intelligence community client and operations
  • 1+ years of experience with program support and project management support
  • Experience with preparing software development documentation
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate with a diverse team in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience with supporting IT projects and clients within the intelligence community
  • Experience with Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) data standards
  • Ability to quickly analyze progress and data to make recommendations for improvement
  • Experience with creating and giving formal high-level briefings and developing high-level whitepapers
  • Ability to work independently as a broad logical thinker and planner
  • Possession of excellent leadership and analytical skills
  • 4+ years of IT project planning and management experience
  • Experience utilizing a structured project management methodology and tools
  • Experience project management tools including MS Project

IT Project Manager, Wcs Resume Examples & Samples

  • Utilizes quality discipline to manage new application development projects through complete project lifecycles, ensuring solutions and deliverables are compliant with controllership audit standards
  • Coordinate and monitor development efforts for all projects
  • Determine and implement alternative approaches and optimal solutions to business issues
  • Assess all projects after completion for positive and negative factors, develop improvement plans to implement on future projects
  • Bachelor degree in in Business Studies, Information Technology, Management Systems or similar analytical field by experience
  • 3 years’ experience with systems implementations and/or IT project execution
  • 3 years’ experience managing cross functional projects with various stakeholders
  • Operational knowledge of the financial/AR modules of ERP systems such as Oracle or SAP
  • Experience within a Financial Services company, ideally within an AR Management or shared services environment
  • Proven project management, analytical and process oriented skills with a clear sense of urgency and initiative, especially familiarity with Agile methodologies
  • Intense attention to details, while maintaining an accurate, results-oriented mentality
  • An ability to work in a high pressure and fast paced environment
  • Proven ability to leverage support within a Matrix environment

IT Project Manager Shared Services Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for assembling project plans and teamwork assignments, directing and monitoring work efforts of the project team on a daily basis. This includes providing feedback on the performance of all internal resources to their respective Mgr. and/or Director; and providing feedback on the performance of all external resources to the appropriate IT leadership member (at Mgr. or Director Levels)
  • Interact with the business (users) to understand their needs and to anticipate ways in which technological solutions can enhance the business processes. Responsible for communicating and/or reporting the status of all projects to senior IT leadership, as well as the business. The communication with the business (users) will include helping them understand the impact of the solution, the project's timeline and expected functionality
  • Tracks and reports key project milestones and adjust project plans and/or resources to meet the needs of the customers/business (users)
  • Coordinates the communication to all project stakeholders with regards to the scope, budget, risk and resources of the work effort s/he manages
  • Ensures that all functional deployment deliverables are within accepted department standards and procedures
  • Responsible for the communications of critical issue tracking and assembling impacted teams for resolution
  • Responsible for the overseeing technical support in areas of middleware products
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration, or other related field, OR, equivalent work experience
  • 5 to 7 years of related IT project applications experience, including technical project lead experience
  • Experienced professional in developing and leading execution of Project Plans in a fast-paced, technical environment
  • Must be able to take high-level directives and lead the effort of developing start-to-finish project plans based on internal project management framework & lifecycle processes
  • Experience gathering technical requirements and change management
  • Experience working on and leading cross-functional projects
  • Experience working with and leading project resources not under direct control (both external and internal)
  • Experience in leading the delivery of products from design & development teams to internal or external production teams
  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written
  • Strong project management experience and skill set inclusive of the following areas scope management, schedule development and management, risk management, issue management, change management, communication management, cost management and quality management
  • Experience in leading technical infrastructure projects and technical teams inclusive of middleware products
  • Knowledge and project management experience in the areas of Middleware products such as: JBoss/Websphere, EDI, Secure File Transfer, Webseal, Microsoft Office 2013/2010, Project 2007, SharePoint Online 2013, Project Management Frameworks and Single Sign-On

Junior IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Managing scope, schedule, resources, dependencies and budget for the projects
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders, evaluating their interests and establishing effective communication channels
  • Driving delivery of plan by clearly communicating expectations to team members
  • Delivering status reporting to stakeholders covering progress to plan, risks and issues
  • Managing project issues/actions log and ensuring project documentation is appropriately completed and posted in required tools and document repositories
  • Supporting management of project governance (Steering Committees, Working Groups, etc.) through coordination/ preparation of content, facilitation of meetings, and documentation of outcomes
  • This IT Project Manager will interface with IT and Business Leadership to ensure initiatives align with overall IT objectives/requirements and meet Synchrony Financial quality standards
  • Responsible for managing IT conversion and currency projects and/or application tasks within a business project; acts as single-point of accountability and escalation for overall support activities, including problem, change, incident management, and project issues
  • Manage a geographically dispersed team of onshore and offshore IT resources to complete all aspects of the project, including, but not limited to, estimation, planning, requirements, design, build, test, and migration
  • Responsible for following standard Synchrony Financial PMO/SDLC processes and budgetary
  • Responsible for defining project approach, effort, scope, schedule, team member roles and expectations to ensure that resources are used efficiently and meet project plan objectives
  • Ensure high degree of customer satisfaction and resolution on issues that present operational risk and impact to customers
  • Coordinate efforts of users, vendors and other team leads to determine root cause of issues and lead the escalation process for resolution
  • Drives all phases of IT Project Development cycle across business, technology and professional services teams providing operating rhythm that will meet Synchrony Financial and regulatory expectations
  • Work with business and IT teams to develop test strategy and plan test scripts and cases and end use acceptance testing
  • Bachelor’s degree and minimum of 2 years of IT experience or 2) In lieu of degree, HS diploma and minimum of 4 years of IT or Finance experience
  • Minimum of 3 years of project management experience working with businesses on complex application based projects acting as a liaison between developers and the business stakeholders/management in financial services industry
  • Experience working with onshore/offshore resources in multiple locations
  • Hands-on experience managing projects supporting finance, tax or treasury functions
  • Working knowledge of programming languages, database systems, system architecture, custom or packaged business systems
  • Demonstrated decision making and problem solving skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to manage expectations of the business, team members, management and external groups
  • Proven ability to apply technology to solve business problems
  • Desire to work in a dynamic, fast paced environment
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently or in a team
  • Intermediate to advanced MS Project, PowerPoint and Excel

Wmla Ahs IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3 - 5 years’ experience with Financial service industry (preferably using BI Tools)
  • Ability to successfully manage relationships with business/technology representatives and vendors
  • Technology background, experience using Datawarehouse Tools: Business Objects, SAS, Cognos and SQL Server
  • Strong SQL programming knowledge
  • 5+ years of experience as an IT Project Manager leading project teams on complex software development and implementation projects in a web based environment
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office applications to include including MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat
  • Training within a development environment following government guidelines for Web Accessibility & Usability or Section 508 Compliance
  • Previous experience supporting software development efforts and federal agencies
  • Promotes a mindset for sustained success, growth and diversity
  • Spearheads and guides people through changes
  • Develops self

Emeia Finance IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work closely with multiple work-stream leads and SMEs in identifying and managing interdependencies – in meeting or workshop mode
  • Plan, execute, monitor & control initiatives or projects and take it to successful closure
  • Manage project finance and report using various productivity tools like MS Excel
  • Coordinate and setup meetings within and across work-streams, prepare and distribute meeting minutes, and track and report on action items
  • Perform project resourcing – including booking, levelling, reporting and release
  • Identify, Manage and Report risks and issues in the project
  • Analyse and effectively manage stakeholder expectations
  • Analyse and redefine client’s business processes from project delivery perspective
  • Accountable for project deliverables and managing the project team
  • Manage customer relationship and expectations
  • Develop and present proposals in response to RFPs for new opportunities
  • Identify best practices and suggest improvements in the defined project management processes
  • Provide day to day project management duties (including but not limited to: present reports defining project progress, issues and solutions; track project deliverables; coordinating project staff including on site resources and outsourced resources)
  • Plan and manage projects using standard project management process and Agile principles
  • Brings experts together; drives executive decisions and achieves results across a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Coordinate and facilitate meetings with international participants
  • Suggest process improvements

Group IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • You provide in-depth technical expertise in IT for the purpose of corporate / Business Units IT architecture optimization and consolidation (IT architecture, networks, configurations, e-mails and communication applications, storage, cloud solutions)
  • You recommend group wide solutions based on current baseline, technical opportunities, business requirements
  • You assist Business Units in the design and set-up of strategic migration programs
  • You lead projects from the pre-study phase through to delivery, meeting time, quality and budget targets. You assess risks, assure reports to the steering committees, and manage the internal / external resources allocated to the related projects
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science, or equivalent experience
  • Working knowledge of IT systems, relational databases, and the system development life cycle
  • Preventive Maintenance Program and/or Six Sigma certification
  • Prior experience in the health solutions industry, especially billing, enrollment or financial systems

Principal IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Release Planning including the creation and maintenance of a rolling 12month release schedule and associated milestones
  • Plan of Record Reporting which includes Budget responsibilities and communicating status to project teams and wider stakeholders
  • Release Preparation Communication with Customers
  • Coordination of Pre-CVT Release Testing (JIRA Issues)
  • Coordination of Customer Validation Testing (CVT)
  • Coordination and readiness of Deployment / Activation
  • Process Improvement Initiatives (Lessons Learned)
  • Post Release Support (Emergency Fix, Freeze, Patch) and retrospective
  • Drives completion of all required deliverables and maintains audit trails and project documentation
  • Creates and maintains project management artifacts such as schedule, resource and cost forecast
  • Actively identifies and manages project risks, mitigation, issues and actions through resolution
  • Provides project status updates as required, for different audiences
  • Manages all stakeholder communications
  • Collaborates with core teams and execution teams to identify areas that require special attention or escalations to identify corrective actions
  • Promotes good project management practices through leading by example, and maintains a constant learning state for continual growth of individual competencies
  • 8-15 years of progressive experience with managing projects or operational delivery
  • Recent and deep experience in a technical or engineering industry
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) with the ability to communicate complex topics across a wide variety of audiences
  • Action and results-orientation with the ability to make decisions quickly
  • Experience managing projects using waterfall, iterative or agile approach
  • High level of proficiency in MS office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project) and SharePoint
  • Infrastructure, information security and/or ITIL certified is a plus
  • Experience with a PPM tool such as CA Clarity is a plus
  • PMP highly desirable
  • Be responsible for managing and executing project or program delivery for technology. The objective of this role is to ensure that all assigned projects (TRs) are managed within budget, scope and timelines
  • Delivery and execution of all assigned projects and programs, which will include major activities of complexity and criticality to our business partners forming a large-sized portfolio (i.e. relative to size of Peers’ portfolios)
  • Coordination and matrix management of delivery partners to achieve migrations and project activity in a coordinated and controlled manner
  • Leading initiatives re process development in the areas of quality control, standards, working practices and continuous improvement with adherence to and compliance standards
  • Proficiency with multiple technologies and delivery of projects/programs that encompass these technologies
  • Extensive exposure to and interaction with senior business partners within the franchise
  • Close relationships with colleagues and businesses
  • Exposure to a vast range of technology
  • Flexcube and other regional applications know-how is preferred
  • Will have managed multiple technology programs with a proven track record of delivery
  • Exceptional proven Financial and Risk Management experience
  • Solid understanding of technology
  • Solid understanding of business process and operations
  • Solid understanding of application development would be beneficial, but not essential
  • Strong leadership, planning and financial management skills within the project context
  • Strong influencing, communication (verbal and written) and presentation skills
  • Strong MS Office skills are essential
  • Working knowledge of Project Tools an advantage
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) certification (PMP or CAPM) is preferred
  • 5-7 years experience in Consulting or other Project Management role
  • Excellent financial product knowledge
  • Proficient with MS PowerPoint, Project, and Visio
  • Excellent Financial Product knowledge
  • Strong documentation and workflow charting skills
  • Experience with Equities Technology
  • Successfully contributed to projects as a work package leader
  • RBC Project Management Excellence Program in progress
  • Project Plan development & management (D)
  • Work breakdown structure (P)
  • Task based plans (P)
  • Assumption & risk based plans (D)
  • Base-lining & scheduling (P)
  • Scheduling methodology (CPM, GERT, PERT) (P)
  • Waterfall and iterative methodologies (D)
  • Project metrics gathering (D)
  • Project metrics reporting (D)
  • Project metrics analysis (D)
  • Project metrics trend analysis & education (B)
  • Project metrics creation (B)
  • Program Plan and metrics (B)
  • Program governance (B)
  • Meta Model creation (B)
  • Risk Assessment & quantification methodologies (D)
  • Issues escalation & resolution (D)
  • Facilitation Skills (D)
  • Scope change management (D)
  • Cost/benefit Analysis & alternatives identification (D)
  • Budgeting, project costs management (D)
  • Quality Controls (D)
  • Procurement (D)
  • Communication management & Plans (D)
  • Knowledge of relevant technology (D)
  • Knowledge of IT Standards, Methodologies, CMM, & audit requirements (P)
  • General knowledge of factors affecting business (D)
  • BU Specific Strategies & critical success factors (D)
  • Trends in the marketplace/technology (D)
  • RBC HR philosophy, principles, direction, policies & guidelines (D)
  • Talent Management process (recruitment/selection, performance management, performance development/coaching, reward/recognition) (P)
  • Workforce planning (D)
  • Job Design (D)
  • Organizational Design (B)
  • Work in collaboration with HR to design, build and deliver strategic IT solutions, Have overall responsibility for the delivery of an HR business process modelling (BPM) tool, Gain exposure and contribute to the transition to the GTEC “Target Operating Model” (TOM) model
  • Contribution to business case formulation (costs, business benefits, NPV, payback)
  • Generation and management of project plans (inc. of issue, risk, dependency and assumption mgt.)
  • Providing guidance, direction and leadership to the project team, getting involved in the detail where required as well as Project reporting (status reports and key KPIs)
  • Budget and resource management
  • Experience with implementing custom development and/or 3rd party vendor IT packaged solutions across analysis, design, build/UT, testing, training and post production support and Hands-on experience with analysis, design and development of business critical applications as well as working knowledge of relational databases (e.g. SQL scripts), web development (e.g..Net), reporting (e.g. Business Objects), security, IT infrastructure (e.g. knowledge of concepts for backup, disaster recovery, reliability, scalability, availability, performance) and understanding of n-tier architectures and their components
  • Knowledge and utilisation of standard IT development methodologies, e.g. waterfall, RAD, Agile etc as well as experience with maintenance and support of IT applications in a production environment
  • Work in collaboration with HR to design, build and deliver strategic IT solutions
  • Have overall responsibility for the delivery of a new Global Learning Management System
  • Gain exposure and contribute to the transition to the GTEC "Target Operating Model" (TOM) model
  • Providing guidance, direction and leadership to the project team, getting involved in the detail where required
  • Project reporting (status reports and key KPIs)
  • Experience with implementing custom development and/or 3rd party vendor IT packaged solutions across analysis, design, build/UT, testing, training and post production support
  • Hands-on experience with analysis, design and development of business critical applications
  • Working knowledge of relational databases (e.g. SQL scripts), web development (e.g..Net), reporting (e.g. Business Objects), security, IT infrastructure (e.g. knowledge of concepts for backup, disaster recovery, reliability, scalability, availability, performance) and understanding of n-tier architectures and their components
  • Knowledge and utilisation of standard IT development methodologies, e.g. waterfall, RAD, Agile etc
  • Experience with maintenance and support of IT applications in a production environment
  • Knowledge of working with HR clients ideally in the financial services sector, specifically in the area of operations
  • Knowledge and experience working on HR systems, but specifically SaaS Learning Management Solutions, e.g. SABA, Cornerstone, Taleo Learn etc
  • Taking the above knowledge and applying it to F-2-B business processes to document and drive out automated solutions, which deliver efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Oversee full life cycle web solutions and software development projects for a wide variety of high profile clients, including DoD and Child and Youth Programs existing customers
  • Oversee each projects’ entire development cycle, which includes planning, construction, testing, and deployment activities. This includes establishing and controlling fixed back-to-back iterations in which system-level concepts, requirements, and design are translated into detailed requirements, design elements, and code, and which are subject to multiple levels of testing, integration, and acceptance prior to release and deployment
  • Identify system needs, forecast system requirements, and provide recommendations and priorities for improvements and alternatives
  • Provide technical guidance to client mangers and staff to ensure appropriate resources, communication and processes are in place
  • Assist clients and staff in performing Hybrid Agile Product Owner and Agile Scrum Master duties, stepping in when needed to ensure delivery
  • Oversee user acceptance testing and production support issue resolution
  • Participate in the Change Management Board (CMB) and monitor program/system owner compliance with the Change Management Plan and Charter
  • Review and analyze key performance indicators (e.g., network performance, server performance, site capacity, authentication failures, errors, page load times, outages, and trends), identifying potential concerns, providing recommendations for resolution, and coordinating with contractors and hosting center personnel to oversee implementation of recommended strategies
  • At least three years client-focused experience in the Federal Child Care, Youth Programs, and/or Human Services verticals
  • Experience with DoD Certification and Accreditation processes

IT Project Manager, End User Computing Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop and deliver end-user computing solutions to transform, migrate, remediate and deploy workplace technologies, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, point-of-sale (POS) and other devices
  • Assist in vendor relationship management, including contract and budget analysis, resource management and augmentation, SOP definition, and SLA and metrics review
  • Ensure that service expectations are properly met, effectively communicate to IT managers on business needs and assist End User Services planning initiatives to support projects
  • Develop and maintain value driven business relationships through effective needs analysis, project management, customer service and problem resolution
  • Assist with defining client hardware and software standards and implementing new technology initiatives to enhance the end user experience and optimize enterprise collaboration and sharing
  • Manage communications between the End User Services team & the business consumers
  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum 2 years of IT experience OR High School Diploma/GED and minimum 4 years of IT experience
  • Minimum 2 years of Project Management experience delivering complex initiatives and processes
  • Minimum 2 years technical experience and proficiency in one or more of end user services & tools to include eMail (MS Exchange), Sharepoint, Mobility (iOS, Android, MS EAS), Directory Services (eg., LDAP and/or MS AD), Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing, Voice & Video technologies
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in one or more network & networking technologies related to Collaboration tools & services including local & wide area networks, wireless networks, Internet cloud based services, authentication & security related mechanisms, network routing concepts
  • Broad understanding of IT infrastructure design, improvement and support
  • Proven management experience within a dynamic and challenging IT environment
  • Organizational and analytical skills and ability to navigate complex issues, and align with department strategic goals
  • Strong business acumen & successful track record in aligning IT capabilities to business objectives
  • Self-motivated, flexible and highly resourceful
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills, with demonstrated experience in addressing all levels of the organization
  • Ability to prioritize and meet multiple aggressive project deadlines
  • Process improvement and updates to project process documentation
  • Develop and maintain an effort driven, resource balanced project schedule
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with business and IT teams
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills are essential
  • Excellent time management and priority management skills
  • Working in small project teams
  • Working directly with developers
  • End to end delivery of projects
  • Agile delivery
  • Broad experience across IT projects
  • ERP / CRM / Online / Cloud
  • Implementation and integration experience
  • Jira/Confluence
  • Resource leadership
  • Build internal and external relationships quickly
  • Responsible, to the Programme Manager, for all project deliveries to plan, on budget and quality agreed whilst ensuring effective change control against such
  • Responsible for ensuring with the Programme Manager that a realistic plan is maintained that enables delivery of the expected business benefits
  • Responsible for project progress and initiates corrective action where necessary
  • Monitors and reports progress against plan and budget to the Programme Manager
  • Responsible for ensuring regular project progress and reporting meetings with project staff
  • Responsible for ensuring that implementation and operations plans are produced and available
  • Manage multi-stream projects through full SDLC
  • Effectively applies WATERFALL, Iteration or AGILE methodology as appropriate and enforces project standards
  • Prepares for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures
  • Minimizes exposure and risk on project, acting proactively to address potential issues
  • Improving processes to optimize performance and value over time
  • Organize, lead, and manage business application projects including planning, budget and resource management, requirements gathering, process design, solution design, development, and implementation
  • Develop peer, cross-functional and divisional business relationships to leverage best practices, maximize solution quality, and ensure successful implementations
  • Work closely with IT leadership to develop system solutions to meet business integration and scalability requirements
  • Develop communication plan for project timelines and change management activities related to ALC Factory projects
  • Support ongoing operations to ensure helpdesk metrics are within acceptable tolerances
  • ERP applications experience a must. (Fourth Shift, MSD SL, Lawson, SAP)
  • ERP applications knowledge. (Fourth Shift, MSD SL, Lawson, SAP)
  • Familiarity with field service organizations and business process flow
  • Familiarity with technical devices within a field service organization
  • Assessing the gaps between the current IT Application Architecture and the agreed vision
  • Identifying a high level road map to bridge the identified gaps
  • Liaising with numerous stakeholders externally and internally to coordinate requirements gathering
  • Document requirements on a Request for Tender in conjunction with subject matter experts
  • Ensure all appropriate documentation is in place
  • Develop project plan
  • Work with external stakeholders to develop interfaces and collect data
  • Manage project governance, communications and reporting
  • Management of the project end to end
  • Management of key stakeholders required for the success of the project
  • Manage budget, risks and issues timely and effectively
  • Third level qualification, preferably a business/IT focused qualification
  • Project Management Professional Certification is advantageous
  • ITIL/ COBIT or similar certification to manager level is advantageous
  • Business and systems integration experience
  • Minimum ten years experience in an IT project management role
  • Deep understanding of the IT project delivery disciplines, processes, concepts and best practices
  • Proven track record in developing successful business cases with emphasis on benefit realisation and tracking
  • Extensive problem solving skills developed in a complex multi-site environment
  • Proven track record in identifying potential benefits and business value in the adoption of new and emerging technologies
  • Customer-focused approach to delivering projects and programme to internal customers
  • Must have experience working in an Agile Environment (3+ years)
  • Extensive knowledge of Project and Software Development Lifecycle Methodologies, including Waterfall and Agile
  • Good understanding of IT infrastructure technologies
  • Good understanding of application development technologies using Client/Server, web-enabled and distributed applications
  • Proficient in IT structured analysis methodologies, including process flow definition
  • Entertainment industry experience preferred
  • Understanding and experience operating within Agile/ Scrum mythologies
  • Demonstrates commitment to quality through knowledge of its precepts, skillful workplace applications and continuous organizational improvement
  • Actively participates in and encourages others to utilize creative and innovative approaches to accomplish tasks
  • Develops and maintains complex project burn ups and sprint velocity reports
  • Motivates and drives accountability from all project team members
  • Identifies interdependencies in programs and serves as the go to person for project management
  • Leads project management process improvement efforts
  • Demonstrates broad understanding of Garmin’s business model including Engineering, Operations, Finance, Sales & Marketing
  • Serves as a mentor to less experienced Project Analysts (Project Analyst 1 & 2)
  • Consistently looks at the opportunity in all change
  • Gives and receives feedback in a constructive manner
  • Resolves conflicts with little assistance
  • Demonstrated experience in successful implementation of technology solutions
  • MUST have experience with Web/Internet related projects
  • Experience working with at least 3 projects at one time; ideally up to 5
  • Solid understanding of Web Services
  • Experience working in an agile experience
  • Managing global projects
  • Working with enterprise level solutions
  • Ability to drive issues and resolutions

It-project Manager, Data Center Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experience managing multiple cross-functional projects concurrently
  • Ability to lead people as project manager
  • High level understanding of virtual server technologies, SAN, Networks, Unix and windows
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Project 2007, SharePoint, Project Management Frameworks
  • Good working skills with MS Excel and MS PowerPoint
  • DAIC Project Management Framework - Manages end-to-end network infrastructure delivery life-cycle including the collection and translation of business requirements to enable technical execution of network programs and projects
  • Rigorously manages scope to ensure agreed/approved/appropriate value is delivered and commitments are achieved within time, cost, and quality parameters
  • Manages financial estimates, forecasts, monitoring, reporting for network programs and projects
  • Responsible for communicating project status across delivery teams, senior leaders, and cross-functional stakeholder
  • ITSM, Clarity NEXUS, full Microsoft suite of applications
  • Execute and deliver infrastructure projects and programs in a matrix environment
  • Coordinate with CTI work streams and business partners to achieve project objectives
  • Define project or program schedules and plans and socialize with project stakeholders
  • Juggle and prioritize multiple deliverables across multiple projects simultaneously
  • Maintain and track project financials against budget, and occasionally coordinate funding approval
  • Lead project meetings via agendas, publish meeting notes and track action items
  • Manage Stakeholder communications including status reporting
  • Issue management and escalation
  • Team building
  • 5+ years’ experience in project management during which a structured approach (methodology) was applied to project planning, estimating, monitoring and reporting through the full project lifecycle, from initiation through closure
  • Management of multiple technology projects simultaneously with a proven track record of delivery and implementing change
  • 8+ years of overall experience in IT infrastructure / data center
  • Program management experience desired, but not required
  • Experience in managing large globally distributed project teams who are not reporting directly and are associated with the PM for the purpose of the project only
  • Experience with enterprise program and project management tools preferred
  • Proven project financial and risk management experience
  • Understanding of Application development beneficial, but not essential
  • Experience working remotely or for a remote manager
  • Experience working in a medium to large-scale corporation
  • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Strong influencing, facilitation and partnering skills
  • Negotiation and conflict management skills
  • Ability to mange virtual teams
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in IT or business
  • Lead teams of game partners, system administrators and architects on concurrent projects
  • Identify and plan long and short term GNS Online Projects priorities, objectives and requirements for the Americas Region
  • Responsible for management of project activities to meet project scope, budget and schedule success criteria
  • Identify, challenge, and consolidate the needs of game partners and validate project deliverables
  • Contribute in the elaboration of departmental budget forecasts
  • Track project KPI’s, escalate variances as necessary and own project management deliverables (e.g. schedule, budget, project documentation archive, purchase plans)
  • Define project communication plans and execute accordingly (e.g. steering committees, project status reports)
  • Maintain positive, trusting relationships with game partners to understand and plan for future projects
  • Collaborate effectively with GNS resources in other regions and domains
  • Solid, practical knowledge of project management techniques including Waterfall, Scrum and Kanban
  • Excellent management and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated understanding of budgeting, scheduling and change management processes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to clearly and concisely deliver messages via presentations to both junior and executive level staff
  • Self-motivated problem-solver
  • Strong personal time-management skills and attention to detail; capable of tracking, managing, and resolving many issues efficiently
  • Project Management training/certification (i.e. PMP, CSM, Prince2) is preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a project management position
  • Ability to demonstrate a track record of managing increasingly complex projects throughout career
  • Solid knowledge of common project management and collaboration tools (e.g. MS Office, MS Project, Jira, Confluence)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field is an asset
  • Direct and manage complete life-cycle of projects including the planning, design, programming, testing, and implementation of business solutions designed to meet requirements of various departments in the company
  • Ensure delivery of project objectives within prescribed timeframe and budget
  • Identify and manage project dependencies and critical path items
  • Develop and deliver progress reports
  • Facilitate status meetings with project stakeholders
  • Manage resource capacity to align with on-going project initiatives
  • Help develop training materials as needed for the rollout of new business processes
  • Be responsible for overall coordination of user acceptance testing and training

IT Project Manager, BB Applications Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for leading the implementation and roll-out of Oracle B2B solution in US in Q3 2015 and subsequently to other regions
  • Overall project management including defining and managing project plan, coordination and driving the execution of project tasks, communication to project team, key business stakeholders as well as Steering board members on regular basis
  • Perform account management with key business owners for Business/IT strategy alignment
  • Manage Demand management for his/her area
  • Capture business requirements and address support needs
  • Responsible for the sourcing and integration of 3rd party applications
  • Works in teams consisting of business, IT, and contract resources on projects delivering web applications
  • Maintains relationships with IT counterparts at business partners and third party providers as required to support and maintain TMaG systems and integration with partner systems
  • Collects requests for new technologies, formulates solutions, estimates effort and budget, and develops business cases to support change
  • Stays abreast of latest web technologies in area of expertise, makes recommendations on future direction, and disseminates relevant information to others in the department
  • Assists in developing applications architecture and strategy for TMaG and its relation to the overall company business plan IT strategy
  • Manages contractors, consultants, and outsourced teams in the delivery of information technology support and change
  • Assists in negotiating contracts, support agreements, and other arrangements as it relates to IT applications he/she supports
  • Designs technology solutions to address business needs and balances trade-offs in cost and quality
  • Adheres to and leverages IT processes and methodologies in completing work and designing IT solutions
  • Participate and validate quality of documentation for business requirements, test plans, and support procedures
  • Works with manager to prioritize activities and reports progress and status of work as it relates to ongoing support and project related activities
  • Supports compilation of key metric data related to the systems he/she supports
  • Works on personal development through training, seeking out mentors, and works to strengthen and gain new skills
  • Minimum education: 4 year college degree (preferably in a technical field such as computer science, mathematics, or engineering)
  • Minimum 4 years of progressive work experience preferred in a related field (3 to 4 if post graduate work completed)
  • Ecommerce systems design and implementation
  • Software design and development
  • IT business application consulting
  • IT business applications support, maintenance, testing
  • 4-5 years of project management experience
  • Implementation experience with one or more global ecommerce applications supporting med-large business
  • Strong comprehension of the systems development life cycle and data modeling
  • Experience with the following IT technologies preferred
  • Managing all aspects of an IT project, which includes project planning, execution, timing, quality, cost and early identification of potential issues
  • Ensuring requirements are effectively analyzed, assigned and efficiently delivered
  • Identify and manage stakeholders and clients, evaluate their interests and establish communication channels and collaboration
  • Ensuring compliance with principles and standards
  • Act as Subject Matter Expert for the assigned applications and projects
  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree educated in a business or IT related field
  • Minimum 5 year experience as a IT Project or Program Manager for large scale and medium complex projects (approx. > 2-3 Mio CHF investment) with end-to-end project scope, preferably in global companies within the financial industry
  • Profound IT knowledge in financial service institutions with expertise in application development. Hands-on experience in multiple project roles is a plus
  • Sound financial services knowledge with deep understanding of business end-to-end processes
  • Experience in international organizations, fluent in English
  • PMI PMP certification
  • Dedication, agility, drive and commitment

IT Project Manager Financing & Clearing Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review Funding & Balance sheet & Collateral portfolios with business stakeholders and agree on priority
  • Manage project status, risks & dependencies across multiple IT platforms and systems and communicate the same to senior stakeholders and IT system teams
  • Project analysis & functional requirement capture across specific Funding & Balance sheet projects
  • Review and maintain financials reporting across portfolio
  • B2B, B2C ecommerce applications (Oracle i-Store and Endeca modules would be a plus)
  • Oracle ebs R12
  • Web Hosting
  • Digital media asset management
  • Legacy systems integration with web applications
  • Web publishing technologies
  • EMail Management
  • Experience or training in ITIL preferred
  • Ability to translate business needs into IT requirements and designs for IT solutions
  • Ideal candidate will demonstrate the following attributes
  • Strong leadership
  • Exceptional verbal/written communication skills
  • Excellent teamwork and team oriented spirit
  • Great Organizer
  • Determined to deliver as per agreed plan and budget
  • Support the acquisition and receivable system parameter build for new client implementations, rebranding and terminations for Payment Solutions and Care Credit revolving and installment credit card programs
  • Perform QA/validation of each system parameter builds as well as client terminations setups. Ensure all internal functional controls are followed, managed and documented
  • Lead all IT NCI wing to wing and testing procedures and execute in accordance with business compliance, regulatory guidelines and meet and/or exceed CTQ’s
  • Provide cardholder plastic build design support to all Payment Solutions and Care Credit Plastic Product request including leading all issue monitoring and issue resolutions
  • Partner closely with cross functional business NCI Team to complete Client Requirements Documents (CRD) and other business requirements gathering, solution design, development, testing and implementation
  • Be able to take ownership, prioritize, meet deadlines and follow through on completion of assigned NCI project
  • Proactively manages and communicates project risks and issues
  • Provide support for internal and external SOX audit related to new client startups
  • This position can be based in a remote office
  • Bachelor’s degree with 2 years of Financial Services experience OR in lieu of a degree, a High School Diploma/GED and 4 years of relevant Financial Services working experience
  • Minimum of 2 years Information Technology and project management experience
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience supporting Sales, Client Development and Marketing functional areas
  • Minimum 1 year of First Data PCF and DMM experience
  • Strong working knowledge of revolving and installment receivables and originations systems (Surveyor, Vision+)
  • Six Sigma or Lean Quality Certification
  • Financial Services or Retail Card Industry experience
  • Demonstrated experience working in a global, matrix corporate environment
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, detailed and results oriented

Entry Level IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, MIS, CS, Project Management or General Management
  • 2+ years IT infrastructure experience
  • 3+ years experience with Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel) and good typing skills
  • Eagerness to learn the Ford ITO processes and have a continuous improvement mindset i.e. an open mind to change
  • Ability to effectively manage customer expectations
  • Ensure customer request are implemented with quality and use sound business judgment to accomplish the goal
  • Ability to communicate effectively with business users, management and IT professionals including globally distributed teams
  • Experience with quality assurance and quality control processes
  • Ability to utilize desktop tools to communicate (Instant Messaging, WebEx, Audio Conference etc.)
  • Ensuring changes and projects are aligned to our global strategy which targets execution excellence, increased profitability and globalization of our operating model
  • Coordination of the required product stream deliveries, across the various business functions, IT, regions and divisions
  • Regularly communicating the status of the project to sponsors as well as all stakeholders along the front-to-back value chain
  • Integrate the Pune office with the global team, ensuring that UBS's global standards and practices are followed
  • Ensure adherance to regulatory and UBS policy compliance at all times
  • Develop and provide input into cloud computing strategies to enable connected BIS products and services
  • Provide expertise on the Microsoft Azure platform and grow internal BIS capabilities to drive cloud adoption
  • Successful implementation of Otis passenger experience initiatives
  • Lead IT design activities for smart building integration that leverage BIS products and services
  • Drive customer facing innovation, big data analytics, and act as a change agent
  • Lead continuous improvement activities (ACE) to investigate turnbacks, escapes and improve application performance, quality and reliability
  • Lead the service management projects
  • Manage small to medium size application development projects
  • Managing the SDLC and support of technologies to meet business specifications
  • Understand client requirements and work closely with offshore & onshore team members to implement solutions
  • Anticipate and resolve complex or difficult issues in a timely and effective manner
  • Work with vendor or offshore development team for project delivery
  • Minimum 5 year experience in IT projects with offshoring development where the day-to-day communications with the development team is done over phone / teleconference
  • Minimum 3 year experience in Agile software development in a global environment
  • Experience in delivering global client facing internet applications, including the setup of the internet security infrastructure and authentication solution
  • Technical knowledge on network and security topics, e.g PKI (public key infrastructure), HSM (hardware security module) and Reverse Proxy a plus
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural environment within an international organizations (esp. APAC and EMEA locations)
  • Fluent English a must, German, Cantonese / Mandarin speaking a plus
  • Multiple years of working experience in APAC location (Hong Kong / Singapore) a plus
  • Familiar with vendor management, creating RFP and the vendor selection process
  • PMI PMP certification a plus
  • Willing to travel to carry out projects

Ccar IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Interface between risk, finance, and IT departments as it relates to the production of CCAR documentation and business requirement documents (BRDs)
  • Provide project management support in identifying tasks and associated timelines for delivery between the functional and technical groups
  • Facilitate and implement completion of necessary CCAR functions in IT department
  • Manage completion of BRD process and provide oversight to the CCAR Business Analysts&#8217
  • Work closely with the CCAR and Risk IT organization to define and manage project plans and associated timelines
  • Support the functional integration of stress testing technology as it relates to RBC Bank Georgia and City National Bank
  • Demonstrate analytical and strategic mind set
  • Work efficiently and collaborate across disciplines
  • Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills
  • Strong technical background with a good understanding of risk and related technology infrastructure
  • Must have extensive Entertainment industry experience, including Home Entertainment Digital business
  • Minimum 7 years of IT leadership experience in applications development and management
  • Extensive knowledge of project and program management activities, deliverables and processes
  • Good understanding of IT infrastructure technologies, including Desktop, Server and Networking systems
  • Good understanding of application development technologies using Cloud-based, Client/Server, web-enabled and distributed applications
  • Ability to create simple to complex project plans, timelines and work breakdown structures using project management tools such as MS Project or Niku Project Workbench
  • Ability to work effectively with all levels of staff, clients and other personnel
  • Candidate must possess the following qualities and characteristics
  • Project Administration
  • Minimum 8+ yrs of diverse hands-on IT Project Management experience
  • Technical Vendor Relationships
  • Possess well developed and proven Project Management Skills
  • Provide direction to resources, monitor development efforts, assemble key project deliverables, report project status, and raise awareness on issues requiring escalation
  • Independently research, analyze, identify, and document the tasks to achieve the project goals including; work statements, work breakdown structures, developing and tracking budget and schedule, tracking individual project tasks, providing risk analysis, tracking and resolving issues and action items, requirements gathering, quality assurance, providing various project management visibility and control measures and reports as needed and communicating to project team and stakeholders. Perform requirements gather and quality assurance as needed
  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university is required; major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration, or related field preferred
  • Strong project management skills and ability to work with multiple cross-functional teams, vendors, and stakeholder groups
  • PMP and/or Scrum Master Certification is a substantial plus
  • Understanding of project management tools, processes, and strategic planning
  • Must have practical experience with managing technology projects and be familiar with software development methodologies
  • Ability to prioritize effectively, think independently and problem solve to ensure all projects are completed in an effective and timely manner
  • Knowledge of SQL Server and Server Architecture
  • Interface effectively with all levels and across organizational lines
  • Demonstrated success at building team relationships and partnerships across organizational lines

VP-securities Reference Data IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor degree, specialized training or equivalent work experience
  • Experience relevant in securities domain ( Equities, Bonds, Futures , Options etc)
  • Data Oriented with an excellent attention to detail
  • Experience working closely with IT Project managers and development teams
  • Strong background in reference data with a focus on securities and pricing
  • Ability to lead Project teams across entire Project lifecycle (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling and Closure)
  • Assists management in planning, resource allocation, Project estimation, and scheduling for various Projects and initiatives
  • Provides support and guidance to the Project teams in performing their assignments, tasks, and monitoring the successful delivery (execution)
  • Oversee the development of business requirements documents that meet customer’s business needs
  • Ensure the development of quality documentation for all critical Project
  • Coordinate with technical team during technical architecture design reviews, development and implementation of critical Project
  • Project management as required
  • Strong verbal communication is critical
  • Solid Presentation skills - must be able to present in front of Sr. Management
  • Excellent Listening skills
  • Extensive Problem solving skills
  • Thorough writing skills for accurate, complete, and thorough documentation
  • Budget and time estimating experience
  • Requirements analysis and gathering hands-on experience
  • 2–4 years of experience as a business analyst
  • 3-10 years of Project management experience
  • Required Skills

Lead IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Facilitates project team meetings, manages agendas and meeting recaps to ensure all project tasks and goals are being accomplished as expected
  • Ensures that resources assigned to the project have all the tools and information needed to perform their project tasks. Evaluates multiple project interdependencies
  • Prepares and presents proposals, status reports, and other information to senior management and/or end-users
  • Monitors issues within projects and assists in resolving project conflicts
  • Reviews estimates performed by others to ensure that they are realistic, complete and clearly represented
  • Successful execution and deployment of assigned project
  • Manage and motivate cross functional and vendor teams to deliver project within defined scope, scheduled timeline, and approved budget
  • Minimum 6 years of related work experience in project management or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Project Management Certification (Highly desired)
  • Understanding of IT PMO tools, processes, and strategic planning
  • Strong project management skills and ability to work with multiple stakeholder groups
  • Ability to manage large, complex projects in a matrix organizational structure
  • Ability to manage and motivate cross functional and vendor teams located in various geographic regions
  • Manage incidents, problems, changes and configurations pertaining to the Core Banking platform
  • Refines and documents stories for IT development to use in coding, testing and debugging the Consumer Banking tools
  • Partner closely with functional IT teams and business owners to implement new capabilities/break fixes
  • Manage the primary systems and applications in a 24x7, high-availability environment
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology, business processes and practices to continually improve applications and systems processes
  • Ensure all areas of responsibility are fully operational, maintaining stability, reliability, and sustainability
  • Responsible for working with our Application Development team, vendors and Release Management team to plan, implement, and test new releases into our production systems environment
  • Ensure successful and timely delivery of all project components within area of responsibility following methodologies, standards and strategies
  • Lead issue escalation problem solving and remediation
  • Bachelor's degree with minimum 2 years of IT experience OR in lieu of Degree, High School Diploma/GED and minimum 4 years of IT experience
  • Minimum of 2 years of IT project/program management experience (within a banking or financial institution preferred)
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in software development experience involved in all phases of the software development lifecycle
  • Experience supporting production applications (within a large financial services company preferred)
  • Experience with enterprise IT service management applications
  • Proven communication skills, especially with active listening
  • Demonstrated experience to quickly troubleshoot problems that may arise in application systems
  • Adapt quickly to new technologies and changing business requirements
  • Experience partnering with IT developers and quality analysts to resolve technical issues
  • Demonstrated experience with prioritizing in a fast paced/change environment
  • Be able to take ownership, prioritize, meet deadlines and follow through on completion of complex, high-profile projects
  • Be able to organize and analyze data and information and provide analytical and business oriented recommendations
  • Build collaborative relationships and driving change
  • Frame complex problems, apply creative analytics and formulate a pragmatic solution
  • Drive the application of analytic methodologies to business operations data to provide business intelligence for enterprise performance analysis
  • Lead the monitoring and analyzing of operational data to identify trends, issues and opportunities, and provide feedback to key departments in search of analytical-based recommendations/solutions
  • Participate in efforts for enhancing overall automation and analytic capabilities, including information assessment, process improvement and new technology evaluation and adoption
  • Maintain a high level of competency in statistical and analytical principles, tools and techniques
  • Proactively acquire business knowledge and technical expertise to provide insights to our business issues and concerns
  • Bachelor's degree with minimum 4 years of IT experience OR in lieu of degree, High School Diploma/GED and 8 years of IT experience within a Project/Program manager role (financial/banking industry preferred)
  • Minimum 4 years of technology delivery and/or IT Project Management experience including developing business requirements and creating/maintaining MS project plans
  • Minimum 3 years of experience working with analytics tools like, SAS, Tableau, Spotfire, etc
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with BI/reporting/Data Warehousing
  • Working knowledge of hands on programming such as C++, Java, .NET, etc
  • Demonstrated experience as a change manager
  • Proven experience developing business requirements and managing completion of projects
  • Prior experience in payments, financial transactions, emerging transactions, mobile payments, banking software/systems
  • Demonstrated experience challenging the status quo and keeping up with new concepts, markets, technologies, and processes
  • Proven experience building collaborative relationships and driving change through collaboration, influence and trust
  • 4+ year Project/ Program Management experience in a similar role
  • Understanding of Agile/Lean leadership principles; proficient in agile team development as well as awareness of team training opportunities
  • Excellent commination skills needed
  • Proven ability to deliver IT/Marketing programs
  • Able to effectively coach, mentor, and identify and address skills needs and gaps
  • Proficient in methods and techniques for running effective meetings and for understanding and influencing the roles played by participants
  • Demonstrates a foundational knowledge of associated technical disciplines
  • Uses high level of technical understanding to interpret technical issues for the business and sustain credibility with IT
  • Demonstrates the ability to champion change and support teams through change
  • Marketing experience within a IT/Tech company essential
  • Act as the main point of contact for the IT organization in the execution of the Auto Network program
  • Partner with Sales, Marketing and Operations teams to define solutions that will enable network growth
  • Address the necessary technical, development and strategic IT requirements
  • Carry out various project management tasks, including project status reporting, issue resolution and time reporting
  • Create project timelines, identify resource requirements, and directly manage contracted resources and coordinate with functional clients to adhere to scheduled execution
  • Lead operational readiness for automotive network operations
  • Lead cross channel initiatives to improve the end user experience(s)
  • Interact with the compliance team to ensure new offerings and processes are in alignment with compliant protocols and necessary controls are in place
  • Work with client teams to define business requirements for new projects and provide input on how to address systematically
  • Act as a liaison between business/customer, IT Leadership, vendors and other key stakeholders regarding status, milestones, issue resolution and escalation
  • Work with IT application teams to shape technical requirements and provide ongoing communication through project execution
  • Manage overall test plan and approach on projects. Engage business and customer stakeholders for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Assess all projects after completion for positive and negative factors, develop improvement plans, and implement on future projects
  • Bachelor’s degree and minimum of 2 years of IT experience or in lieu of degree, HS diploma and minimum of 4 years of IT experience
  • Minimum of 2 years of project management experience working with businesses on complex application based projects acting as a liaison between IT and the business stakeholders/management in financial services industry
  • Experience with multiple project management methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and/or other project management methodologies
  • Knowledge of Interchange and On-Us settlement process
  • Experience in financial services or banking industry
  • Strong cross-functional team player with the ability to work seamlessly across a matrix organization
  • Ability to prioritize and balance the demands of a multi-faceted and complex program with active involvement of senior leadership and functional partners
  • Demonstrated experience with establishing and tracking project metrics and value to stakeholders and diverse audiences
  • Superior oral, written, and client communication skills, as well as the ability to manage expectations of the business, clients, team members, management and external groups
  • GE ITLP graduate
  • Managing an office consolidation project through the entire lifecycle, from ensuring that the project is defined and scoped with solid business cases
  • Over 5 years experience in IT Project Management
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential
  • Direct project(s) of varying size & complexity via varying delivery methodologies
  • Manage program budget and resources
  • Represents the initiative in various program governance, inter-departmental & executive forums
  • Oversee program planning and decision making
  • Stakeholder Partnership - Manages competing stakeholder needs
  • Partnering with senior business sponsors and other IT leads to develop and agree a technology strategy that meets the business' needs
  • Understanding the business case for change and success factors
  • Designing technically excellent solutions
  • Preparing and presenting technology development plans
  • Delivering on an agreed technology strategy
  • Building and leading a new development team to design, build, test and deliver enterprise-level and high quality technology solutions
  • Forecasting financial costs and ensuring spend is within budget
  • Owning technology solutions
  • Ensuring first-class operational support for the solutions developed
  • Ensure solution documentation is up to date and effective
  • Robust processes for bug tracking, prioritization and resolution
  • Experience of running global, multi-site development teams
  • Database Management Systems: Oracle
  • Experience developing thin client using Java Script Framework ( Node Js, ExtJS, Angular JS)
  • Possess and demonstrate excellent organizational, interpersonal, facilitation, oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision, independently and/or as a member of a project team
  • Ability to multitask and to prioritize workload under tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment—must escalate appropriately
  • Must be detailed oriented—with strong attention to accuracy and problem solving with “Following-up until resolved” skills
  • Ability to work well as a team member
  • Skills in Microsoft Office—Word, Excel, ProwerPoint, Outlook, etc
  • Ability to work in a matrix organizational structure
  • Program Management Manage the coordination and delivery of related projects to maximize value and operational efficiency of the overall program and line of business
  • Manage the development and implementation of goals, objectives and priorities for each project
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of project delivery methods and procedures, identify opportunities and for improvement and directs the implementation of changes
  • Manage Cost/Benefit Analysis and Benefit Realization at the program/project level
  • Manage the successful delivery of one or more projects
  • Status reporting to key stakeholders, customers and executive sponsors
  • Assist in Cost/Benefit Analysis and Benefit Realization at the project level with Project Manager
  • Oversee project risks and issues, and engage to resolve, as needed
  • Assure that established process if followed and all work products are satisfactory
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, computer science, equivalent field and/or experience required
  • Certification (preferred): PMP Certification
  • Minimum of 5-7 years of experience in project management
  • 2 years of experience in portfolio/program management preferred
  • 1-2 years of experience in mentoring/leadership preferred
  • Project Accounting/Financial Management
  • Business Customer Management
  • Microsoft Project/TFS or other project planning tools set
  • Fluent in Agile Project Management methodology
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel user
  • Advanced Microsoft Word user
  • Intermediate Microsoft Visio user
  • Specialties: Executive presentation experience, conflict resolutions, change management, risk management, resource planning, strategic planning
  • Participates in delivery of fully tested applications or components of more complex applications for System and Acceptance Testing
  • Leverage corporate and IT standards and directives while embracing the future direction of Information Technology to successfully execute technical efforts
  • Participates in the technical analysis and / or development of key aspects of the financial system solution
  • Participates in defining, leading and coordinating Finance, Actuarial and Corporate Functions Technology (FACT) Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity testing
  • Work with Accounting and Controls area to setup and support accounting rules in Oracle PeopleSoft and / or Fusion Financial Accounting Hub
  • Analyze impacts on other applications including PeopleSoft GL and address gaps
  • Manage design and implementation of new software development and enhancement efforts supporting the Finance area
  • Analyze and Document Business Requirements, Develop Functional Design and Configuration documents
  • Identify opportunities for rules optimization and controls
  • Work closely with testing teams to formulate test plans/scripts and evaluate results
  • Work closely with technical development team and business subject matter experts
  • Conduct integration tests and support UAT Testing
  • BA, BS or BBA degree with a focus on business, technology or engineering
  • Hands on experience with analyzing complex investment and/or insurance events, and set up of accounting rules to generate corresponding accounting transactions within a General Ledger application
  • Minimum 7 years overall experience in project and program management
  • Minimum 5 years experience working with any ERP system. Prefer some experience with PeopleSoft Financials, specifically in supporting and configuring PeopleSoft GL
  • 2-3 plus years of experience documenting business requirements, functional design and configurations
  • Minimum 1-3 years experience working in the Financial Services Industry
  • Experience with financial application implementations. Prefer experience in working with Fusion or Oracle Financial Accounting Hub and PeopleSoft GL
  • Experience with PeopleSoft Accounts Payable, Project Costing, Fixed Assets andAccounts Receivables
  • Experience with PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.54 a plus
  • Work with product managers and owners to ensure a thorough understanding of the project goals including the financial impact (sales and OI) the project will have on the company
  • Translate the given design and or business strategy into a detailed execution plan. Lead others to gather all pertinent information critical to the success of the project
  • Drive cross-functional team meetings, working collaboratively with all necessary individuals to achieve project goals, while managing scope and change requests
  • Be able to make and meet commitments for the required scope of work, budget and timeframes for given projects
  • Ensure that all purchasing and vendor/contractor work and/or production schedules are executed in a timely manner, coordinating with the overall project schedule requirements
  • Strong process methodology, preference for Agile
  • Scrum Master certified a plus
  • Developing and tracking budgets expenses
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, with a demonstrated ability to proactively identify potential issues, solve them quickly and well, and know when to rely on internal resources to assist
  • Strong conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • 3 - 5 years of experience with managing multiple technical projects
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel, Access, Power Point, and Project
  • IT related project experience
  • Bachelor’s degree, PMP certification or equivalent experience

Infrastructure Services PMO IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Overall portfolio support role for the program lead responsible for delivery of the Infrastructure Modernization portfolio and responsibility for the portfolio PMO team, Project manager support for projects and programs within the Infrastructure Modernization portfolio. Indicative project examples include the enterprise design and workforce strategy projects in the Run State Transformation program
  • Support in driving and implementing strategic changes to the operating model for the Infrastructure Services PMO organization
  • Delivering the projects within scope, to time and budget, together with also managing all of the Project Management Framework (PMF) activities such as business case creation and ownership, project task management, eXtract updates and delivery
  • Providing regular status updates and reporting to senior management and stakeholders, both within Infrastructure Services and more broadly within Group Technology
  • Supporting ideas generation for possible new and ongoing programs that can help transform the Infrastructure Services organization in line with the target state defined by the Run State Transformation program
  • Proven track record in delivering on-time, on budget technical projects
  • Project Management Accreditation (PMBOK, Prince2, PMP, Degree, Dip) or other relevant accreditation
  • 3-5 years' experience in management of complex projects in a fast paced environment
  • Demonstrated commercial acumen, knowledge of project financial management
  • Ability to manage technical resources throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • Good understanding of complex technical solutions
  • Understanding of the software development lifecycle
  • Strong personality (stakeholder management)
  • 3-5 years related work experience in a functional area or project related experience
  • Project Management qualification
  • Fund Administration experience, in particular Transfer Agency, is also desirable
  • Oversees a small project or a sub-project
  • Responsible for the daily activities of a project team comprised of both internal and external resources
  • Project or sub-project generally impacts a single business unit
  • Identifies and communicates project milestones, tasks and risks to project teams and partners
  • Makes recommendations to technology management and to broader project team to drive issue resolution
  • Coordinates and facilitates project plan meetings and working sessions
  • Actively follows and incorporates PMO methodology and best practices
  • Contributes to the delivery of excellence in quality and service levels
  • 2+ years of technology experience
  • Manage a geographically dispersed team of IT resources to complete all aspects of the project, including, but not limited to, estimation, planning, requirements, design, build, test, and migration
  • Establish and maintain cross-business relationships and provide critical communication to key leaders and stakeholder Synchrony PMO/SDLC processes and budgetary practices
  • Minimum of 2 years of project management experience working with businesses on complex application based projects acting as a liaison between developers and the business stakeholders/management in financial services industry
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience managing multiple projects with an average duration of 2 months to
  • 5 years in duration
  • Experience working with programming languages, operating systems, database systems, system architecture, networking, file access methods, custom or packaged business systems (SDLC lifecycle)
  • Experience with Microsoft Project or other PM Tools
  • Strong IT background mandatory with knowledge of Transportation and/or Warehouse Management systems
  • Plan project requirements, schedules and be able to assess progress and provide estimates to the business
  • Keep key stakeholders updated throughout project lifecycle and act as a liaison to interested parties
  • Problem Solving and troubleshooting skills that allow for a proactive approach to the business
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities, detailed work, and deadlines
  • Effective and strong team player & leader with the ability to mentor and support subordinates in both technical and non-technical issues
  • Contribute to process improvement in both the development of systems and as a partner to the business
  • Understanding of database constructs and SQL
  • Knowledge of Foreign Trade Zone practices and supporting systems, Integration Point preferred
  • Knowledge of inbound freight tracking systems, TradeStone preferred
  • Understanding of Warehouse practices as they pertain to inbound and outbound operations. Manhattan’s WMS preferred

Team Lead IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Monitors the project from initiation through delivery, and reports work progress
  • Monitors schedules and budgets, reporting status to managerial as well as executive level teams
  • Works on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Follows prescribed methods and procedures on new assignments and provides guidance to other personnel. Ensures that approved methods, processes and tools are consistently used, including change, issue, risk and quality management
  • Ability to interface at appropriate management levels with moderate customer interface. Adept at interfacing professionally at project team, Management and Executive Levels
  • Has excellent analytical skills, is detail oriented, interacts well with others, and has excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Good command of English (both oral and written)
  • Working knowledge of how IT systems interact, including potential risks, issues and difficulties that may occur
  • Exposure to video/ audio conferencing technologies
  • Lead or perform all aspects of strategically important, complex global programs and projects that span Aegon business units
  • Provide direction in setting goals and performance of the program including project planning, execution, functionality, quality, cost, staffing and resource allocation
  • Utilize expertise and leadership skills to direct staff and to resolve issues to ensure business goals and requirements are met
  • Manage major program initiatives, assist management in defining the strategic plans for programs that align with business goals and objectives. Manage interdependencies and common critical path milestones across the projects, facilitating risk management, issue escalation/resolution, scope change and implementation planning
  • Assist with GPMO governance duties, including global reporting, threshold assessments and assessing and monitoring health of key projects
  • Provide consulting, direction, and mentoring to other project management professionals in all phases of program and project delivery. Direct activities of multiple project managers responsible for individual projects within a program; hold teams accountable for meeting goals and objectives
  • Manage one or more large and complex projects with responsibility for meeting scope, timeline, budget and quality commitments. Direct decision making, communications, problem resolution, and other associated activities during all phases of large and complex projects using a proactive and positive approach
  • Provide delivery assurance health checks for strategic and key initiatives by assessing all aspects from project direction and scope through implementation (including business case, sponsorship, requirements, risk, change management and project deliverables)
  • Design and implement program and project organizational structures that are cost effective and efficient
  • Develop business case documentation, including cost benefit analysis and/or return on investment analysis
  • Define, direct and promote formal communication methods and establish open and consistent communication with all levels within the organization (including project teams, stakeholders, Aegon management, and other Global IT Office functions)
  • Provide appropriate progress updates to management, steering committees, project boards and other stakeholders, using both formal and informal channels
  • Bachelor’s degree in a business related field or equivalent training/experience
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience with at least 5 years’ experience managing complex multi-system and/or multiple department projects
  • Good understanding of the insurance and financial services industry
  • Expert level skills relating to project management theory, tools and practice
  • Strong organizational skills and communication skills (written, verbal, listening)
  • Ability to successfully adapt to diverse people and situations, manage conflict and proactively resolve issues
  • Developed skills in leadership, relationship building, negotiation and influence, and facilitation techniques
  • Comfortably and effectively interact with staff and management at all levels, including C-level executives
  • Solid understanding of Project Management methodologies and principles along with strong technical and analytical skills
  • Ability to influence without direct organizational authority
  • Ability to speak multiple languages
  • PMP or Prince 2 certification
  • Exposure to project portfolio management
  • Support assigned Project Manager(s) in gathering project information and presenting information in requested formats
  • Coordinate CTI streams and delivery partners to achieve migrations and project activites in a coordinated and controlled manner
  • Complete all assigned tasks in connection with the organization’s activity but not detailed in the current job description, charged by the direct manager, supervisor, or the functional head
  • Build reporting suites for key Programs
  • Track changes and progress against schedule
  • Tabulate progress statistics
  • 2+ years of experience either in a Project Coordinator or analytical role
  • Adept at Excel report creation/generation for management reporting
  • Technical IT background preferred, but not required
  • Quick learner, self motivated individual
  • Critical thinker with decision-making aiblities and problem solving capability
  • In addition to advanced Excel (essential), skills with Word, PowerPoint, Visio and Project would be an advantage
  • Develop and deliver project execution logs, financial forecasts, timeline schedules and related PM data
  • Analyze project data to highlight anomalies, trends, opportunities to increase project success and support problem resolution across business and technical groups
  • Present data results to business and technical leaders for further action and resolutions
  • Identify opportunities for problem resolution, process improvement, and optimization on projects
  • Implement agreed upon solutions to support the technical projects and business needs
  • Utilize traditional waterfall and/or agile SW methodologies
  • Experience all facets of Project Management
  • Work on gaining exposure to projects implemented on a global basis
  • Learn Clarity, a project and portfolio management application system
  • Provide leadership in managing critical day-to-day program/project elements including: project vision/objectives, financials, scope, quality, schedule, resourcing, vendor management, dependencies, risks, status reporting, stakeholder engagement, business readiness/change management, and value realization necessary to deliver specified requirements, objectives and value
  • Provide leadership, vision and direction for both project team and business partners while working cross-functionally to solve problems and implement changes and ensure appropriate and professional communication among project stakeholders
  • Manage projects through the project lifecycle. Evaluate progress and quality, manage issue resolution and take corrective action as necessary
  • Ensure adherence to BB&T Project Office and other applicable Corporate policies and processes
  • Develop quality business relationships so that customer needs can be anticipated and addressed
  • Proactively develop innovative approaches, risk mitigation strategies and quality control
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or technology-related field, or equivalent education and related training
  • Six years of project management experience demonstrating ongoing career growth in complexity of projects and overall level of responsibilities within a professional environment
  • Eight years of applicable business experience inclusive of project management experience
  • Has achieved at minimum, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and advancing towards Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
  • Has knowledge in software development lifecycle in an enterprise environment
  • Ability to act as a steward and co-driver of enterprise project investment and include: delivery of multi-year long-term, large scale project investments, delivery of the business goals and objectives along with the value promise, achievement of intended project objectives and investment return, application of strong and consistent project governance and controls to mitigate investment risk, delivery of core competencies like scope, schedule, budget, quality, value and customer satisfaction and experience to proactively manage project risks and confidence to be objective and transparent with project stakeholders and corporate leadership
  • Goal-oriented and action-focused
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, negotiation and facilitation skills
  • Objective, transparent, fact-based and value-focused communication style
  • Proven ability to direct the efforts of others
  • Experience with common productivity tools, including Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of software development lifecycles in an enterprise environment
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision from senior project manager or team lead
  • Responsibility for managing projects within Commercial Operations
  • Manage projects and coordinate with the technical and functional experts in Oracle E-Business Suite to the $750M portfolio of businesses that are part of the SAS organization nationally and globally
  • Manage the project roadmap for each functional area of support to promote business growth and more effective use of the Oracle EBS application
  • Partner with outsourced vendor support teams to implement enhancements and new deployments to increase utilization of EBS application
  • Provide project management leadership for the planning and direction of major technology adoption and deployment within each supported functional area
  • Develop peer, cross-functional and cross-business relationships to maximize best practice sharing and team effectiveness
  • Lead continuous improvement activities (ACE) within each functional area to improve application performance, quality and reliability
  • You directly contribute to the development and update of the RTL Group IT guidelines and its related “IT roadmap” programme for RTL Group
  • You execute pre-studies, design and draft the RTL Group Information Security policies and procedures, and you manage the implementation of the related central IT-tools, together with the Group IT Security Experts
  • As part of Group IT and liaising with our internal competence center (Group Transactions Reporting Systems department), you design, implement and continuously improve the internal controls, and you monitor the related yearly SOC1 certification with external auditors
  • You monitor the yearly IT risks assessment process for the whole RTL Group and develop action plans for mitigating measures in the area of information security jointly with the Business Units
  • You assist Business Units in the design and set-up of their information security projects
  • You develop and maintain central solutions in the domains of IT security, compliance and internal controls
  • Knowledge of Database and Server Architecture
  • Familiarity with Survey management solutions
  • Understanding of data analytics and data weighting methodologies
  • Strong statistical background
  • Willingness to work weekends with short notice, as needed
  • Able to manage project budget and costs

VP-octon RnA IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primary responsibility will be project management the migrations from legacy FO risk engines to the strategic platform
  • Work collaboratively with the different development teams within R&A IT, Risk and Finance Change and IT teams and FO Business Process Transform teams
  • Own and assist with development and tracking of project plans and roadmaps
  • Provide a cohesive, customer oriented delivery from various internal and external development teams, ensuring seamless progression towards project goals
  • Actively asses and manage risk; remove / reduce barriers towards realizing goals, ensuring mitigating actions are in place & managed
  • Prior experience in delivery of front to back change projects, involving interaction with a broad range of Front Office, Risk, Finance, Operations and Compliance/Legal stakeholders
  • FO IT IB experience with strong Product and Risk knowledge of at least one asset class
  • Prior experience in managing large scale migrations. Any regulatory experience a strong plus
  • A proactive, self-starter - willingness to roll-up sleeves in order to get things done
  • Able to multi-task and prioritize while dealing with ambiguity
  • Strong Project & Office skills
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Lead sprint planning meetings, retrospectives, reviews
  • Work according to the software development process in cooperation with the engineering team(s) and QA leads
  • Collaboration with testing team on test scenarios and test plans
  • Work in a team environment to implement projects using tools such as: Microsoft Visual Studio / Team Foundation Server, SharePoint and Wiki
  • In-depth knowledge of agile development methodologies, e.g. Scrum
  • Strong, proven IT project management skills
  • Very good written and oral communication skills with different stakeholder groups (customer, internal, business, IT, etc.)
  • Very good understanding of end to end e-commerce setups
  • Good understanding of web application architectures and enterprise application design
  • Past programming experience is ideal
  • Good understanding of user experience design
  • Good understanding of hosting architectures
  • Understanding of factors that influence application performance and scalability
  • Strong analysis and troubleshooting skills
  • Make an impact and thrive in small, collaborative, energetic teams
  • Experience with external system integrations
  • 5 years’ hands-on experience in project management
  • Familiar with web development technologies or Microsoft web based web development technologies, webservices, database development concept
  • Strong analytical and research skills with the ability to quickly and accurately find, absorb, and analyze industry information and recognize key patterns and trends
  • Proficiency with time tracking and collaboration tools (e.g. Microsoft Project, JIRA Agile, SharePoint, Confluence
  • Capability of tracking, managing, and resolving multiple issues and risks efficien
  • Strong interpersonal skills is a must, including presentation, meeting facilitation and team building techniques
  • Drive high-quality results on concurrent projects through analytical rigor, project management discipline and effective communications
  • For assigned projects, independently determine the appropriate project management methods and apply best practices
  • Create and execute project plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing requirements and priorities
  • Perform schedule estimating and budget development activities, manage scope, time, cost and quality, and resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Coordinate, track and manage the day-to-day activities within project team
  • Ensure practical, usable documentation is produced and shared

Teal Lead IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Organizes the interdepartmental activities, ensuring completion of the project on schedule, and within budget constraints
  • May be asked to assist in the creation and maintenance of project management processes and procedures to ensure that projects are developed and implemented according to approved business requirements
  • 7+ years of professional experience in IT field (preferably software development), including experience in managing multiple IT projects. 4+ years of related experience in IT Project Management
  • Familiarity with Travel/ IT in Aviation business
  • Exposure to Microsoft corporate environment software, including SharePoint platform, or equivalent
  • Oversees development of work statements, scope/priority definitions and the creation of budgets and schedules for large complex programs. Develops documents with appropriate standards and client requirements and needs
  • Oversees the selection of assigned personnel for projects. Ensures communication and understanding of deadlines, assignments and objectives. Acts as point of contact with client program management
  • Performs ongoing review of program status; identifies risks. Documents program progress including implementation, timelines, issues, risks and successes to maintain program course. Assesses results and determines and implements risk mitigation solutions as appropriate
  • Maintains grade and quality of program deliverables within defined and agreed upon program requirements. Identifies and resolves matters of significance impacting the productivity of several large, complex, global programs. Oversees and implements changes and adjusts as appropriate
  • Interfaces with team members, stakeholders and management to anticipate and manage changes to projects, such as but not limited to, technical requirements, business requirements and schedule. Determines when additional resources are needed and implements same. Identifies or gathers information regarding possible solutions that may create additional, different or unique project objectives or results
  • Participates in discussions regarding project-related decisions and project direction at the executive level. Participates in proposal efforts and sales calls to ensure product meets client needs and specifications
  • Manages expectations of client project/senior management, company management and project team for agreed upon project performance by obtaining, providing and interpreting project metrics. Leverages corporate synergies to improve customer information technology performance
  • Gathers feedback from client on program results; analyzes feedback and incorporates same into future programs. Identifies and determines global implications of program parameters and redefines, redesigns or revises as appropriate
  • Oversees assigned personnel for programs. Assigns work and provides direction with regard to timeliness and completion of objectives. Addresses performance issues within prescribed guidelines. Provides performance input at regular intervals
  • Prepares and recommends program operating and personnel budgets for approval. Monitors spending for adherence to budget, recommends variances as necessary. Balances program resources (people, budget, material, time) to optimize program objectives for several large, complex, global projects
  • Twelve or more years of project management experience
  • Experience working with client vision, business objectives, and critical success factors
  • Strong creative, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership and presentation skills for interacting with and influencing team members, clients, thought leaders, and globally recognized subject matter experts
  • Strong human relations skills to select, develop, coach and mentor employees
  • To define each element of the project plan. To schedule and manage all project activities, including the overall and detailed delivery schedules, project milestones and dependencies, acceptance criteria, quality criteria, commercial arrangements and financial parameters and management of sub-contractors / partners
  • To ensure all project 'stakeholders' are identified and sufficiently informed and involved during all stages of the project. To ensure each individual 'stakeholder' provides high levels of personal and public support to the project
  • To establish and agree robust acceptance criteria for each element of the project, and its individual streams, which can be used to measure project performance and ensures appropriate levels of customer 'sign off'
  • To manage project performance against the agreed plan and initiate 'remedial' action (or escalation), when required
  • To ensure appropriate and timely project reporting and escalation
  • To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction throughout the project life cycle
  • To ensure the project is managed in accordance with the chosen project management methodology, with regard to planning, control, reporting, documentation, quality, risk analysis and management and change control
  • To assist with the preparation and control of the project budget and ensure delivery against financial targets set. To assist with the production of accurate financial forecasting of the performance of the project
  • To manage all human resources assigned to the project to ensure high levels of performance
  • To set and agree objectives for the project team to ensure achievement of results and focus and motivation of staff. To monitor performance against targets on a regular basis; taking remedial action as necessary
  • To complete ad hoc duties and tasks allocated through line management chain from time to time

IT Project Manager, Project Hire Resume Examples & Samples

  • Successful management, execution and deployment of assigned projects ensuring requirements are met, design reviews are held, budgets/timelines/priorities are respected, documentation is maintained, and final hand-offs with training are performed
  • Collaborate with all Technology teams, business partners, and vendors to plan, organize, secure, and manage resources for assigned project efforts following software development lifecycle and project implementation policies and procedures as applicable
  • Coordinate, facilitate, and lead meetings to accomplish project deliverables
  • Analyze, define and map business processes. Produce project artifacts and business process models as needed for assigned projects
  • Minimum 5 years of large scale project management experience
  • Experience developing project schedules, managing team resources, creating work breakdown structures, estimating size and effort for new development projects, as well as develop detailed requirements for these projects
  • Experience with Agile SCRUM Development
  • Strong MS Project, Visio, and MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, with excellent presentation and facilitation skills
  • Willingness to travel and or work weekends with short notice
  • ECommerce or mobile project experience (Highly desired)
  • Ability to resolve disputes and negotiate
  • Communicate effectively with non-technical staff and with members of interdisciplinary teams
  • Results-oriented with a history of problem resolution and prevention
  • Flexibility and adaptability in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment
  • Ability to manage a high volume of details with excellent accuracy
  • 3 years+ IT experience with project management, people management, business /technical analysis and application support experience
  • 3rd level degree ( IT, computer Science or related )
  • Experience leading/managing teams. (People management experience essential)
  • Proven track record for successfully delivering projects
  • Experience with staff performance appraisals
  • Professional project management certification. (PRINCE2 and/or PMI)
  • Experience implementing applications, CRM and working with databases desirable
  • Good understanding of technologies
  • Requires a minimum of 5 years related work experience, with at least 3 years of experience in a project management role
  • Experience managing resources in a matrix organization
  • Experience in vendor sourcing and management preferred
  • 401k, Flexible Spending Account, Tuition Reimbursement

Senior Prime Financing IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • 8+ years Finance IT experience, minimum 3+ years in Prime Services (preferably knowledge with Swaps product)
  • Understanding of Asia market trade executions
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving techniques
  • Flexible, resourceful, willing to learn, and enjoys working with challenges
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and Business/Stakeholder management skills
  • Able to work with multiple complex IT systems
  • SQL (intermediate): Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL
  • Basic programming language / logic understanding
  • Familiar with development methodologies: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall
  • Requirements Gathering, documentation: PID, BRD, FRD
  • IT Solution design: Flow diagrams, Use cases
  • Test methodologies: SIT, UAT, Test Cases design
  • Business presentation skills
  • External vendor and client management
  • Vendor Systems: Fidessa, Traiana/UnaVista/CTM, Bloomberg/Reuters
  • Prime Services business understanding (giveups/giveins, margin, financing, position, reconciliation)
  • Swap product knowledge (swap terms, underlying products: equities, futures, pnotes, bonds)
  • Securities Lending understanding (short sell/buy to cover, recall, spread)
  • Trade executions (dark pool, stock connect, DMA, FX)
  • Trade life cycle (execution, middle office, settlement, finance, confirms)
  • Asia market regulations/compliance (uptick rule, limit check, inventory management)
  • Hedge Funds understanding (trading strategies)
  • Sell-side experience (brokerage, client onboarding)
  • Day to day management of global AI applications for Investments including HFAN, GAP, WebQQ & AI Transact
  • Interaction with business users, front office teams/bankers/ legal and compliance to draft the requirements for Alternative investment products
  • Lead new initiatives and be responsible for timely delivery of project within budget
  • Lead the entire SDLC lifecycle – from business analysis, mockups, Functional requirement documents, technical Design, Test cases & implementation
  • Manage Project budget, resources, scope and timeline
  • Coordination and supervision of globally distributed technical teams. Build Pune team strength
  • Collaborate with many different teams to implement the initiatives
  • Partner with Operations to streamline Operations processes
  • Interface with 3rd party vendor applications for data or onboarding
  • 12+ years of Information technology progressive experience
  • Strong java, spring, Oracle PL/SQL, unix, Autosys, weblogic, websphere, flex (12+ years)
  • Experience in Oracle, DB2, Sybase(12+ years)
  • Good problem solving skills required
  • Strong Experience in investment applications including(but not limited to) Alternative investments, Equity, Bonds
  • Experience with Matlab, PackHedge is a plus
  • Proven record in Business analysis and project delivery
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal) is a must
  • Proficiency in Microsoft office tools

Operations It-project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Craft and support strategy and tactical plans
  • Initiate projects, including providing key documentation & syndication
  • Identify issues impacting successful delivery and ideas for addressing those issues
  • Ensure transparent and high quality program reporting
  • Partnering with Transformation & Risk team members globally, and with the broader OPS IT community
  • Infrastructure PMO is part of Infrastructure Services IT (IS IT), and is responsible for the delivery of major IT infrastructure related change initiatives. This role will be part of the PMO function reporting into the Regional Head of PMO and will be preferably based in the Singapore office
  • Assisting the project’s sponsor to establish the scope and objective, define the approach and determine the cost and resource requirements, in order to develop a Business Case that supports the project request
  • Leading, structuring, and planning the delivery of the agreed solutions, on time, within budget, and to the agreed quality
  • Providing oversight to project sponsors and governance forums, through regular reporting and communications
  • Managing the full project lifecycle using best practice project management methodologies
  • Effective liaison with project sponsors, stakeholders and technical delivery teams to ensure support to the proposed solution, and to manage expectations on both project deliverables and any required contributions
  • Accountable for the management of project risk and issues, and to maintain operational stability during the implementation of change activities
  • Leading and facilitating steering committee and project meetings as required
  • Creating and maintaining accurate project plans, status reports and financial forecasts
  • Managing and motivating a diverse group of resources to deliver the planned activities. No direct reports
  • A proven track record for delivering major technology programs and projects with financial responsibility, preferably within the Financial Services sector
  • A strong background in IT Infrastructure, with at least 5-10 years experience as a project manager
  • Previous team leadership and strong management skills
  • Excellent communication and relationship management skills
  • Strong organizational skills to structure and control complex projects
  • A technical bias in one or more of any of the following areas: Data Networks, Voice Networks, Data Centre, End User technologies, Compute Server, Storage and Database
  • PMP, Prince2 or equivalent certifications
  • MS Projects, Visio, MS Office, SharePoint
  • Oversee full life cycle web solutions and software development projects for a wide variety of high profile Federal and State clients
  • Oversee multiple small to medium teams creating and maintaining applications using the latest technologies
  • Oversee a team creating an annual report containing Statistical Analysis of differences between data reported to different branches of the Federal Government using SAS technology
  • Participate in the Change Management Board (CMB) and monitor program/system owner compliance with the Change
  • Management Plan and Charter
  • Review and analyze key performance indicators (e.g., network performance, server performance, site capacity, authentication failures, errors, page load times, outages, and trends), identifying potential concerns, and providing recommendations for resolution, and coordinating with contractors and hosting center personnel to oversee implementation of recommended strategies
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience in IT and application development
  • Self-driven, enthusiastic, quick learner, and have a problem solving attitude with strong analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate well with pleasant interpersonal skills
  • Should have knowledge of the Finance Sub Ledger Reporting applications solutions development, systems, and processes
  • Should have demonstrated ability to lead and work with teams across multiple locations and time zones
  • Ability to interact, influence and lead diverse groups across functions and geographies to drive a common product/project delivery
  • Key Required Competencies
  • Knowledge and experience of Oracle PLSQL and Java exposure is preferred
  • Knowledge on Finance Reporting platform is preferred
  • Experience in engaging with the regional and country stakeholders
  • Analyzing and aligning all of the Common biz requirements and ensuring the identified gaps/changes are built and delivered to the businesses
  • Agile development methodology experience
  • Development coordination across teams to build/verify and deliver the scope of changes for each release
  • Coordination with external stake holders in managing the SIT, UAT and implementation stages of the project
  • Post implementation support and engagement with various stakeholders, to maintain stable production environment
  • Project Manager leads cross functional teams to complete projects within allotted timeline and budget
  • Takes technical projects from original concept through final implementation. Defines project scope and objectives
  • Conducts project meetings and is responsible for project tracking and analysis
  • Provides technical and analytical guidance to project team. Recommends and takes action to direct the analysis and solutions of problems
  • Possesses strong understanding of AGILE and SCRUM principles
  • Proficient with project management and AGILE software tools (CAPPM, Rally)
  • Possess and applies knowledge of project management principles and practices
  • Experience compliance and governance programs (PCI, SOC, SOX)

Agile IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experience in project managing large and complex projects
  • PM Experience in Agile Methodology and SDLC methodology
  • Understanding of Digital Space
  • Ability to work with large / distributed teams
  • Proficient communication with vendors
  • Proficient in project management methodology, tools and templates (includes project planning, schedule development, scope management and cost management)
  • IT background with experience across the systems SECURITY REVIEW
  • Direct supervision provided by a Senior Project Manager or Team Leader; frequency on a weekly or as needed basis
  • Project manager leads project teams consisting of cross functional, global, and virtual groups; supervises staff; assigns responsibility to members; monitors progress
  • Other relevant experience in a related technical field (security review, application development, deployment/implementation and infrastructure)
  • 6+ years solid experience & proven track record of technical project management or release management in multi-culture technology company
  • Excellent negotiation skill
  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills in English and in Chinese
  • Strong leadership. Self-motivated. Team leader and team player
  • Creative problem solving, flexibility, and adaptability
  • Good business sense and global view
  • Good technical background knowledge. IT infrastructure & Server management technical background is a plus
  • Create and track project plan (including task list, schedule, budget, responsible parties) for IT infrastructure side of exchange migration (spans multiple datacenters, applications and technologies)
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with multiple internal departments (infrastructure, application, customer facing, management) and vendors (exchange, hardware vendors, circuit vendors)
  • Run and/or attend regular, detailed operational committee meetings with technical staff and steering committee meetings with management
  • Ability to create logical and accurate diagrams. Both detailed technical diagrams (in Visio) and high level presentation diagrams (in PowerPoint)
  • Understanding (not expert level) of IT infrastructure and datacenter facilities infrastructure
  • Servers, routers, switches, cable types (copper/fiber/etc), interface types (LC, SC, SM, MM etc), latency, redundant design
  • Strong IT project management background and experience,
  • Fluent Japanese,
  • Serve as the Project Manager for current approved projects listed above, as well as, other possible projects where applicable
  • Interact with stakeholders across multiple business units and IT to identify and prioritize project tasks, and schedule tasks in accordance with AEP and project delivery guidelines and methodology
  • Promote adherence to standards with regard to methodology, documentation, and quality assurance
  • Solicit input to ongoing and future project initiatives, and schedule project resources for delivery in accordance with priorities and methodology
  • Work closely with stakeholders, business and IT, to resolve conflicts in prioritization and staffing
  • Track and communicate status at both a detailed, task level and a summary, sub project or release, level for a variety of audiences, from the project team to executive sponsorship
  • Track project issues and assign responsibility to resolve
  • Schedule, facilitate meetings to provide project status, reviews as required to keep stakeholders adequately informed on project status
  • Communicate any concerns with issues that may impact project schedule, budget or quality to the project sponsor and stakeholders
  • Successfully obtaining the following Microsoft certifications is considered desirable
  • 70 632 Microsoft Project 2007, Managing Projects
  • 70 633 Microsoft Project Server 2007, Managing Projects
  • 70 63A Microsoft Project Server 2007, Enterprise, Managing Projects and Programs

IT Project Manager, CRM Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage and define the design, customization and integration efforts of Dynamics implementations, including data models, integration standards and technical specifications
  • Ensure as much re-use as possible from one CRM implementation to the next by defining a global template
  • Work closely with business and IT leadership of local countries to analyze existing processes and articulate what benefits they would receive by migrating to a global CRM template
  • Gather and coordinate requirements from local-country business and IT teams for CRM
  • Perform gap analysis between local requirements and the defined global template
  • Manage data conversion and testing efforts
  • Work with local developers to define specifications for any customizations needed
  • Enforce best-practices in the requirements, architecture and development of any solution
  • Manage project plans and budgets related to local and regional implementations, review 3rd party estimates
  • Prepare presentations to convey the status of ongoing and upcoming CRM efforts
  • Create a knowledge-base of CRM information to share with development / business teams
  • Perform functional user training and technical training around the usage and administration of CRM
  • Manage and define Microsoft Dynamics CRM data model and system integration standards
  • Oversee and provide input on design, customization and integrations
  • Perform gap analysis between country requirements and the functionality within Microsoft Dynamics CRM global template that is defined
  • Design and integrate business processes and data flows between CRM applications and other applications, such as back office/​ERP applications
  • Train client personnel on the usage and administration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (functional user training and technical training)
  • Analyze front office processes (sales, marketing and customer service) to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Manage project plans and budgets related to local and regional implementation
  • Prior experience in leading CRM implementations and integrating with existing systems
  • Design CRM system, related customizations, portals, and reports
  • Understand the functional capabilities and limitations for out of the box functionality as well as custom code
  • Data migration and integration mappings using SQL Integration Services, Scribe or Web Services
  • Understanding of infrastructure requirements related to CRM
  • Ability to create high level project work plans with development estimates
  • Project Management experience in global environment (preferable IT business)
  • Leadership skills with proven track record in delivering on-time, on-budget results
  • Preferred Project Management Professional (PMP) certified
  • Manage IT projects which may include infrastructure, software integration, or a combination of both. Some examples of those projects may be: network upgrades, new store openings, core infrastructure updates or enterprise level application/integration projects that enhance our customer and user experience
  • Management multiple simultaneous projects - some which will span multiple business areas
  • Creating and successfully executing project plans
  • Manage expectations for scope, schedule and budget of technology initiatives
  • Develop and execute process improvements as they relate to the planning and execution of our IT strategies
  • Demonstrated experience delivering technology projects on time and within budget while adhering to scope and meeting business objectives
  • Ability to translate high level objectives into an executable project plan
  • Strong relationship building skills with project teams and business partners, this includes regularly updating them on project statuses
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, including Project and Visio
  • Strong initiative towards creating project management processes and collaboration tools
  • Working knowledge of project management principles; PMP certification would be a bonus
  • Proven organization skills and a keen eye for detail
  • Great communication skills and strong sense of urgency
  • Retail experience preferred
  • Plan, communicate and execute detailed project plans tracking project deliverables using the appropriate tools
  • Planning and delivery of business, operational and technical projects in a demanding environment
  • Responsible for the delivery of projects on time and within budget
  • Assumes overall responsibility for assigned teams & operational deliverables
  • Responsible for full project lifecycles
  • Liaise with all stakeholder groups for each project
  • Deliver a wide range of projects which can be multiple and concurrent
  • Define project tasks and resource requirements and develop full scale project plans
  • Manage project budget and project resource allocation
  • Proven track record in on-time, on budget delivery of projects
  • Certification in Project Management
  • Experience using process and project management tools (Visio, Project Professional and Project Server 2007/2010)
  • Hands on involvement in the delivery of process and system improvements
  • Excellent organizational skills -ability to prioritize, manage, multi-task and execute projects across geographically dispersed functional teams
  • Strong skills in the planning, scheduling, problem solving and reporting
  • Ability to work on own initiative and in a team
  • Ability to manage time and perform to strict deadlines
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely at all levels
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to navigate challenging situations to ensure the success of the project
  • Ability to lead, motivate and influence a cross-functional that does not report directly to this position
  • 7+ years' experience in Infrastructure and Applications project management
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills, issue management and resolutions skills
  • Confidence in self and a "can do" attitude
  • The ability to motivate project team members to deliver and take accountability for their assigned work
  • General familiarity with the following technologies
  • Cybersecurity technology
  • PC hardware and operating systems
  • Server hardware and operating systems
  • Network hardware and telecom services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Manufacturing / Engineering software systems
  • BS Degree in Computer Sciences (or related field) preferred
  • Manufacturing environment
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, verbal and written
  • Thorough, diligent, good attention to detail
  • Collaborator with strong levels of engagement with individuals and team
  • High level of delivery and work completion
  • Draw up the information architecture
  • Business and system requirement definition, system migration
  • Operational reforms for IT implementation/change management
  • Experience in big project management and communication skill to liaise between system and user department
  • Product design, create WBS, give instruction to the related persons and team members
  • Keep all the peculiarity of the information, enforce the client support, contribute to the business in charge
  • Information planning, requirement definition, Implementation methodology/procedures management
  • About the system information, have knowledge of data warehouse, data mart and BI system
  • Knowledge of information business development
  • ) Project Initiation and Analysis
  • Oversees requirements gathering and documentation of detailed Business Requirements
  • Participates in negotiating vendor agreements and contracts related to project
  • ) Project Management
  • Provide both leadership and hands on development for analytic projects
  • Expand the consumer data collection strategy to drive insights and analytics
  • Support the marketing teams to develop and implement consumer engagement strategies
  • Identify key strategic data partnerships with external sources to provide enhanced experience to our customers
  • Help drive data acquisition strategy and requirements for Consumer data across all major divisions
  • Work with Corporate privacy and other key internal stakeholder to implement best practices on Customer Privacy data strategies
  • Communicates project plans, status and issues on a regular basis to project team members and management
  • Works with core IT functions and managers of related project initiatives to ensure proper project integration
  • ) Departmental Requirements
  • Participates in development of Project Office Methodology templates
  • Trains and mentors other IT project managers on Project Office Methodologies
  • ) Other Duties As Required
  • Serve as the Project Manager and/or Scrum Master for projects currently approved in the Customer Operations area of IT
  • Extremely strong communication skills - able to focus message based on who is in the room
  • Ability to lead/motivate a team
  • Ability to perform as either a project manager or scrum master
  • Able to set clear expectations and constantly look for risks or issues that need resolved
  • Experience demonstrating and coaching others in the areas of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and transparency
  • Experience forecasting project/team budget
  • Familiar with use of online digital data(Ex: Google Analytics, Omniture etc)
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with a mix of skills in Customer analytics, Marketing, Social, marketing database and technology platforms
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability to communicate complex ideas across various functional areas
  • Minimum 3 years IT experience in managing IT projects in Digital Marketing, Big Data or Consumer analytics
  • Experience working with agencies, client teams, third party vendors on digital initiatives
  • Experience in Media Analytics is a plus
  • 3-5 years of experience managing large scale projects independently, preferably across multiple offices and time zones
  • 7-15 years of relevant financial industry experience
  • Understanding of critical technology project and program management phases and components, including Agile and iterative methodologies
  • Working knowledge of main IT functions, services and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), and ability to come up to speed quickly in required areas of expertise relevant to the success of the project
  • Familiarity with Asset Management business functions and vernacular
  • 3rd level degree in IT or Business Related
  • 2-4 years' experience with Project Management and/or Systems Integration
  • Client facing/ consulting experience a must
  • Experience in use of project management principles and different software methodologies: e.g. SDLC, Agile
  • Proven delivery track record in leading business initiatives e.g. operations excellence, continuous process improvement & cost reduction initiatives, roll-out of new tools or services, business requirements definition
  • Must be a self-starter and career oriented with a hunger for progression
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver in a client facing environment
  • Ability to handle ambiguity and shape ambiguous requirements into clear business requirements
  • Facilitate project submission, business value identification and prioritization discussions
  • 5 years project management experience
  • Strong experience in IT infrastructure related technologies (server, storage, database, network, virtualization platforms)
  • Excellent facilitation, negotiation and consensus building skills
  • In-depth understanding of Project Management Methodologies including Agile Scrum
  • Knowledge of Agile Scrum Methodology and Kanban Demand Management
  • You are confident of your skills, abilities and willing to share what you know, while learning from others
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or related field required
  • Minimum of 3 years of applied information technology related experience
  • 5+ years of department management or project management experience
  • Must have solid understanding of project financials along with exposure to and experience with business processes, business analysis, and general business acumen
  • Experience managing large projects in a complex retail environment is preferred
  • Experience in Supply Chain, Sourcing, and Merchandising is desired
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to think and react in a high-energy, fast-paced environment

It-project Manager, Store Systems Resume Examples & Samples

  • Oversees the development of specifications related to changes in the business functions throughout the company
  • Estimates the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals
  • Participates in the design, implementation and distribution of operating procedures for both online and store applications
  • Sets and continually manages system expectations with team members and business stakeholders
  • Ensures maximum system uptime and stream-lined performance of the application
  • Drives all application issues to closure in a timely and professional manner
  • Works with other team members to ensure that questions and discrepancies about specifications are resolved during the solution development process and ensure business user's needs are addressed throughout the project and represented in the technical solution
  • Develops and continually updates knowledge about the technical infrastructure and applications in use
  • Provides continuous process improvements based on business needs throughout the course of the project
  • University degree in the field of Computer Science or Information Systems
  • 8+ years’ experience with project management and one or more of the following processes in a retail environment: POS In Store Register Applications, Credit Card Processing and Reconciliation, Brick and Mortar or Online Tax calculation and reporting, Online Fraud Prevention, Gift Card Processing and Reconciliation, Financial Data Collection and Reporting
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high pressure environment
  • Attention to detail and a high level of focus on the customer
  • Creates, communicates and manages the project plans and other required project documentation and provides updates as necessary. Maintains project documentation, including project charter, requirements, conceptual design, test plans, schedules and presentations
  • Interacts with business users to gather and validate requirements and develop detailed specifications and designs
  • Proactively manage project status, issues and problems and communicate to senior leaders on a regular basis
  • Works with the business and IT teams to create and execute test scripts, conduct defect reviews and define remediation requirements
  • Coordinate with senior leaders to prioritize new simplification project requests and bring resource recommendations
  • Key point of contact between the functions and IT for simplification projects
  • Ensure all Projects follow the appropriate Project Methodology
  • Proven years of experience with systems implementations and/or IT project execution
  • Proven years of experience managing cross functional projects with various stakeholders
  • Previous experience of working with people from different countries, cultures and time zones
  • Excellent oral & written communication skills at all levels
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain relationships with colleagues and build a healthy team atmosphere
  • Must be self-motivating, self-directed and be able to work under pressure and in fast paced team environment
  • Bachelor's and / or Master's degree in a related field
  • Experience in Agile project management
  • Expertise with Project Management approaches, tools (i.e., Clarizen) and phases of the project lifecycle
  • Experience and knowledge of project risk management principles, methodologies and tools

Global Function Technology Service IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • At least 5+ years working experience in IT project management, preferably in Banking industry
  • Strong problem solving skills and able to work under pressure
  • Confident, innovative, self-motivated, result oriented, and able to look into details
  • Demonstrate ability to interact, communicate and negotiate effectively at all levels and across functions
  • Analyses of service delivery tools as needed
  • Defines and develops the required tools and methods
  • Trains and supports end users of the tools
  • Improves service delivery processes
  • Barchelor´s Degree in Coputer Systems, Informatics or related
  • Al least 1 year of experience as Software developer and 1 year as PM or delivery leader of IT solutions
  • Proficient understanding of web markup, particularly HTML5 and CSS3
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting with JavaScript, specifically Angular.js; Polymer.js a plus
  • Understanding of full-stack JavaScript development using Mongodb, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js (MEAN)
  • Knowledge of server side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as SASS or LESS
  • Preferred Qualifications & Experience Requirements
  • Organizer and planner
  • Cooperative
  • Responsiveness
  • Consultative approach
  • Additional Requirments, Physical Demands, Region/Local Specifications
  • Work place Mexico City (tecnoparque)
  • Lead project delivery across Digital IT teams inclusive of project planning and project execution across delivery lifecycle phases
  • Establishes project requirements, priorities, and deadlines. Ensures project is completed in accordance with all Risk, Architecture and other relevant firmwide guidelines. Coordinates resources (staff, equipment, vendors and consultants) across one or more projects
  • Lead high quality delivery with responsibility for IT task tracking, time reporting, issue tracking, estimate submissions and project status reporting

IT Project Manager CDF ANZ Resume Examples & Samples

  • Development and ongoing management of the project schedules, budgets, scope definition documentation, release contents and resource plans
  • Delivery of the project within cost, time and quality measures
  • Proactive management of project risks and issues including escalation to the project Steering Committee where necessary
  • Defining the business impact and ensuring the business is engaged and ready to assist with user acceptance testing, training, policy and procedure documentation and communication both internal and external
  • Management of third party vendors where required
  • Working with International CDF IT teams to deliver global IT initiatives and technology projects ion line with the overall CDF IT strategy
  • Management of end to end delivery of the project including co-ordination of UAT, incident escalation and resolution, implementation planning, technical change management and resolution of post implementation issues
  • Day to day management of project staff including objective setting and monitoring
  • Adherence to the Project Execution Framework including tollgate compliance
  • Preparation of all project governance documentation
  • Preparation of financial and budgeting reports where required
  • Management of scope including preparation of change requests through to change decision
  • Reporting to the Steering Committee and Governance bodies
  • Relevant tertiary qualifications in either IT or finance are desirable
  • Proven project management experience in the financial services sector delivering software development projects with a budget of $500,000 and exceeding 6 months duration
  • Business orientation with strong IT and Project Management background
  • Strong Experience in a project management environment
  • Extensive knowledge of the financial services industry
  • Experience in strategic planning from a resourcing and systems perspective
  • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, within tight timeframes, and with minimal supervision
  • Proven experience in dealing with senior management
  • AGILE, Waterfall and Change Management methodologies
  • Skilled in the use of project management tools
  • Testing methodologies, planning and scripting
  • Enterprise level applications implementation, change management and version control
  • System security for Web applications and infrastructure
  • Understand and implement Capability Maturity Model ‘repeatable’ processes
  • Strong leadership skills and ability to network across the GE community
  • Strong delivery skills with a natural bias for speed and execution

Originations IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • 15+ years of experience in information Technology with an emphasis on Technology Program and Project Management
  • 10+ years project management experience in a combined business / technology environment
  • 7+ years prior experience in a Project Office role / environment with knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Project Management Practices a must
  • Experience in dealing with both senior executives and their teams and style that promotes a culture of collaboration and teamwork

Finance IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review and implement new process improvement across Finance
  • Work cross functionally to improve existing processes and advise key stakeholders regarding upcoming changes
  • Lead the development and consistantly develop improvements across finance reporting
  • Coordinate suitable training for relevant teams
  • Ideally a qualified accountant with 5+ years experience in Industry
  • Strong process and systems improvement experience
  • Ability to build rapport quickly with key stakeholders
  • Strong ERP knowledge, ideally SAP
  • 7+ years IT project management work experience
  • Workload management skills
  • Financial management skills within the Project context
  • Good influencing skills
  • Good communication (verbal and written) and presentation skills
  • Good negotiation and conflict management skills
  • PMP certification or equivalent in Project Management is an advantage
  • Work closely with the Program Management Office and key business and technology stakeholders to actively manage day to day activities and ensure delivery accountability is in place across the program or initiative
  • Pro-actively maintain the Program / Project RAID log and facilitative open communication with work stream leads in the management and resolution of issues & risks
  • Ensures adherence of Program to Group Change Standards, and keep Strategic Reporting tool up to date with current and accurate record of Project Status
  • Manage and own the Programme Budget
  • Provide administrative support to the Programme Manager (e.g. scheduling of complex meetings, taking minutes for Programme Meetings) and coaching
  • Ensure that the rules of Agile and Software development Lifecycle / project management best practices are being followed (collaboration, prioritization, accountability, visibility)
  • Responsible for scheduling projects and gathering level of effort for work intake
  • Knowledge of Real Estate business
  • Minimum 10 years hands on project management experience
  • Thorough knowledge of the software development lifecycle, resource planning and scheduling
  • Lead project team of business owner(s), analyst(s), designer(s), developer(s), tester(s), and/or administrator(s) to deliver system modifications and implementations within timeline and budget
  • Conduct research and analysis into the nature, effect and results of system problems
  • Develop, provide, and/or coordinate system training, educational tools and materials
  • Understanding of systems requirements development and management
  • Understanding of project management processes and discipline
  • Highly proficient with MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Visio
  • Possess a solid understanding of .NET, SQL, Java/open source environments
  • Familiarity with Agile development a plus
  • Solid oral, written, and listening communication skills
  • Ability to adapt, communicate, and manage change in a fast-paced working environment
  • Develop roadmaps and project plans
  • Oversee development resources assigned to projects
  • Develop team, resource plans, budgets
  • Develop projects plans to execute proof of concepts & pilots
  • Guide projects through the software development life cycle, managing tasks and resource allocation for multiple projects and individuals. Ensure compliance to the established SDLC / SMLC methodologies
  • Work closely with business team & leaders to define process opportunities enabled by technology
  • Define and execute project governance & communication. Prepare and present passport documents
  • Maintain technical competency of assigned projects and handle day-to-day project related discussions
  • Work cross-departmentally to communicate objectives and achieve project goal
  • Define the project objectives with the stakeholders and project teams in order to satisfied the business request
  • Keep the project in line with the strategic objectives according to the business needs
  • Plan, program and schedule resources/activities, respecting constraints and deadlines
  • Identification, analysis and management of the constraints, risks and issues
  • Responsible of the project communication plan
  • Organize and conduct meetings of alignment with the project teams. These meetings are focused on the status of the schedule (time and costs) and the management of any critical issues that require escalation actions
  • Organize and conduct meetings of alignment with the project teams and the stakeholders. These meetings are focused on the status of the schedule (time and costs) and any strategic decisions
  • Manage conflict escalation, negotiations aimed to the normalization and to the recovery of critical, predictable/expected (or not) events
  • Collaborate in the functional and technical analysis on the basis of the solution to be achieved
  • Collaborate in the coordination of the development phase of the project
  • Support the handover between project phase and system maintenance phase
  • Produce projects and performance reports (quantitative and qualitative indicators) to the Program Director
  • 5-8 years of experience in large, complex and international Project/Program proactivity abilities, teamwork, diplomatic and capability to handle good relationship both internally and externally
  • Excellent organizational, communication and leadership skills
  • Negotiates and confirms scope of system and process changes with key stakeholders, identifying business opportunities and options resulting from system solution design and development
  • Resources and builds core and extended project teams
  • Responsible for YEE and program/project budget and forecasting
  • Post secondary education with a business focus, or equivalent, and/or business degree as well as 3 –5 years in a Project management role
  • Related work experience is essential and should include experience in infrastructure and networking concepts and practices
  • Demonstrated skill and experience leading multi-disciplinary JAD sessions
  • Demonstrated skill and experience dealing with multiple vendors in the creation of end to end solutions
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and negotiation skills
  • Computer proficiency with Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Visio)
  • Willingness to manage own time, working extended hours when necessary to meet deliverables
  • Willingness to participate in scheduled post deployment system testing during off-hours
  • Familiarity with telecommunications and customer care applications is a key asset
  • Work closely with end-users to identify and establish requirements for, custom applications or package software in project mode or modification required to find a solution
  • Recommend changes in applications and systems and provide input on whether to patch or upgrade existing applications
  • Review and approve Design Specs
  • Assist in the definition of system resource needs (hardware)
  • Evaluate recommended solutions supplied by the vendors and give acceptance or recommend modification to the solution
  • Determine deployment strategy and release strategy in consultation with other team members
  • Develop quality test strategy/plan and validate that those standards are met
  • Prepare methods/documentation/procedure for the introduction for new or change systems or processes
  • Complete all documentation under their primeship
  • Ensure that user requests are continuously tracked as a many means of identifying common problems that may require a global solution
  • Equity Derivative and Technical background
  • Understand full life cycle of multiple dividend, equity derivative and trading platforms
  • Understand business domain
  • Previous experience running Technology projects
  • Managing or building a helpdesk
  • 3+ years running IT Projects
  • Budget experience of at least $1million
  • 1 year working within an IT support or helpdesk team
  • Manage the helpdesk improvement project
  • Lead cross functional groups
  • Produce weekly project reports
  • Produce executive summary reports
  • Assists management in planning, resource allocation, project estimation, and scheduling for various Projects and initiatives
  • Ensure the development of quality documentation for all criticalProject
  • Coordinate with technical team during technical architecture design reviews, development and implementation of critical project
  • Extensive problem solving skills
  • 3-10 years of project management experience

It-project Manager, Business Intelligence Resume Examples & Samples

  • Maintains Ad Hoc request system to document and provide information needed by the business community
  • Translates business concepts and ideas into specific requirements
  • Researches and develops queries using available tools, i.e. data visualization, open source tools with Hadoop etc
  • Communicates with requestors to inform them of project estimates, data availability and any constraints
  • Provides advice and support to Global Information Support team and other I.T. project development team
  • Fosters an environment of communication between our IT and Business partners to ensure that business requirements are met
  • Assists in the creation of business use case scenarios and application prototypes for proposed projects
  • 6+ years of related experience in a business analysis role within the IT function
  • Must have experience interacting and developing relationships with customers across an organization, ideally in a global setting and international experience is a plus
  • Four year college degree or equivalent work experience desired
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and explain issues to colleagues and users from both a technical and a business functional point of view
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with remote / offshore teams
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate, prioritize and manage projects effectively
  • Experience with Structured Query Language in a Teradata and Oracle environment, including the ability to create simple table designs, ETL and creation of views and volatile tables
  • Understanding of retail business concepts (examples: margin calculations, in-stock, Key Performance Indicators, forecasting and item eligibility)
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint)
  • Delivery and execution of all assigned Projects and Programs, which will include major activities of complexity and criticality to both CTI and our business partners forming a large-sized portfolio
  • Ongoing process development in the areas of quality control, standards, working practices and continuous improvement with adherence to and compliance with CITMS standards
  • Will have managed multiple technology projects with a proven track record of delivery
  • Experience of Program Management is an advantage
  • In depth knowledge of Project Management methodology
  • Experience of working in financial services is an advantage
  • A Project Management Institute (PMI) certification (PMP or CAPM) is preferred. Other industry standard project management certifications such as Prince-2 or PMA will be considered as an alternative
  • Manage full project lifecycle supporting existing product enhancements, infrastructure management/upgrades, process improvement automation efforts, conversions and other projects as assigned
  • Drive product from concept/ideation stage through the product development governance process
  • Maintain strong customer relationships, demonstrate full understanding of the business and anticipate customer needs
  • Provide leadership and mentoring to junior Project Managers and or
  • Project Coordinators
  • Serve as a liaison between Finance and Actuarial business users and technology support teams
  • Articulate business needs, gaps, impact across all areas and proposals to close gaps
  • Identify/escalate and/or manage conflicts, issues and changes in order to appropriately manage scope
  • Investigate, evaluate and support prioritization of client requests for new or existing solutions
  • Manage risks associated with application development activities by proactively identifying potential impact to project and take appropriate actions to leverage or mitigate risk opportunities
  • Strategic alignment: Ensure that performance objectives established for each engagement align with IT and firm strategies and priorities and individual development objectives. Ensure projects/programs architecturally align with business and IT strategies
  • Exemplify behaviors that support TIAA IT core values
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Math, CIS/MIS or equivalent degree from an accredited four year institution
  • Strong experience with PeopleSoft application modules
  • Background and/or exposure in Business Analyst activities: Requirements definition, data flow creation/analysis, gap analysis, requirements traceability, etc
  • Excellent team player with good organizational, communication, analytical and logical skills
  • Prior TIAA experience is a plus
  • Microsoft Access, Project, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Word and Visio Clarity
  • Managing digital signage and other marketing digital projects implementation
  • Participate in the analysis of business requirements and contribute to solid, scalable technical solutions that empower the business to achieve their goals
  • Work with IT vendors / contractors to get complete and clear vision on project offerings
  • Setup proper projects plans and risk management
  • Manage day-to-day operational aspects of the project, coordinating activities across a wide group of internal, external and business teams; work with resources to track progress toward key milestones and report on status/progress
  • When requested by program team, write executive level presentations, project proposals, and business cases
  • 3+ years of Project Management experience in IT or related Business Projects
  • Able to be seen as an SME and leader
  • Solid Project Portfolio Management skills
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, and/or a related field
  • Knowledge of Financial Instrument Valuation and Risks Measurement in a complex product area
  • Experience in a specific or multiple asset classes, such as: Strructured and Securitized Products (CRE, ABS, CDO, CMBS, RMBS, etc); Credit; Rates; Options; or, Exotics
  • Experience working in a Markets Investment Banking environment either in a Finance Valuation, Risk Management or Front Office (i.e. trading\structuring) capacity
  • Experience of producing detailed analysis to demanding deadlines and clearly communicating the results to senior management
  • Experience in Programming or Visual Basic (e.g. VBA, C++, Python, etc.)
  • Prepare project feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis and proposals and obtain required approvals from appropriate IT management and project sponsors
  • Establish project plans, resources, budgets and time-frames, and assign tasks
  • Identify, track and communicate project progress, milestones, deliverables changes and dependencies within the schedule, costs, issues and risks
  • Manage team's performance of project tasks, provide technical advice and guidance, schedule assignments and training for development, prepare performance appraisals
  • Coordinate project activities across multiple development, product management, user experience and QA teams in a matrix organization
  • Secure acceptance and approval of deliverables or revisions to the project from the project sponsor and stakeholders
  • Ensure work deliverables are in compliance with bank policies and regulatory requirements
  • Strong domain knowledge in Treasury products or Risk Management
  • Experience in the integration of risk applications
  • Experience in Murex integration from version 2.11 to version 3.1
  • 7-10 years experience in project management in IT in delivering projects exceeding S$3 mil
  • Certification or formal training in project management is an advantage
  • At least 5 years’ experience in managing global IT complex infrastructure projects and virtual teams
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), including ability to communicate to all levels, including to senior management
  • Experience working in a fast paced and strong engineering environment
  • Excellent MS Project and MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Excel, Access) skills
  • Proactive and responsive to the demands/ needs of a high energy workplace
  • Good organizational and time management capabilities
  • Experience with Agile software development
  • Execute and deliver infrastructure Projects and Programs in a matrix environment
  • Maintain and track Project financials against budget, and occasionally coordinate funding approval
  • 7+ years work experience in management of multiple technology Projects simultaneously with a proven track record of delivery and implementing change
  • Experience in Financial Services industry Program Management experience desired, but not required
  • In depth knowledge of Project Management methodologies
  • Proven Financial and Risk Management experience
  • Solid understanding and broad knowledge of technology infrastructure
  • Experience working in virtual teams
  • Experience working in a medium to large-scale global corporation
  • Solid leadership skills
  • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple Projects simultaneously
  • Skilled with MS Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project
  • Multi-lingual is a plus
  • Delivery of the User Experience (UX), User Interaction and Interface Design, Development, Testing and User testing of a project
  • Work closely with a team of Business Analysts (BA) and Product Owners (PO)
  • Creating and delivering great work to meet business objectives, day-to-day working includes
  • Experience with Project Management methodology and tools such as Enterprise project and change standards, SDLC, Waterfall, Clarity, Discovery, SharePoint, MS Project, etc
  • Proven ability to matrix-manage direct and cross-functional teams
  • Excellent written/verbal communication and presentation skills at an executive level Desired Skills: PMP certification
  • Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Science Or Related Field (Or Equivalent Experience) preferable
  • 3 years of IT Project Management experience
  • PMP & CSM Certified

IT Project Manager Principal Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead project teams through planning, assigning and overseeing diverse activities; define project goals, objectives, scope and estimates of schedules, resources and costs involving multiple projects being conducted simultaneously
  • Develop and manage project budgets
  • Manage acquisition of project related goods and contract services
  • Work Experience:Eight or more years job related experience
  • Skills:This job requires highly seasoned skills in project management, budget administration, written and spoken communications, negotiating, and public sector acquisitions. Expert knowledge of technical concepts, capabilities and limitations for a broad range of technologies or solutions is required as is an in-depth understanding of matrix management concepts
  • Preferred Work Experience:Experienced IT Project Manager Principal with proven expertise leading data center migration, consolidation and optimization projects
  • Leads medium- and large-scale projects building infrastructure
  • Analyzes technical requirements to determine infrastructure designs, potential issues, and related costs
  • Produces detailed design documents to effectively handover infrastructure build and operations to other team members
  • Works with internal and external engineers to prevent or solve difficult functional and performance issues
  • Interacts with internal and external technical leaders to develop innovative solutions that meet business needs with respect to availability, functionality, performance, scalability, security, and reliability with realistic implementation schedules and adherence to architectural goals and principles
  • Contributes to the selection, prototyping, and implementation of hardware, operating systems, applications, and technical solutions to business problems
  • Is available for on-call escalation when necessary
  • Experience managing and delivering projects
  • Oversight experience on major transformation projects and successful transitions to implementation support teams
  • Deep understanding of cloud computing technologies, business drivers, and emerging computing trends
  • Knowledge of major protocols, topology design, network hardware, and device configuration
  • A solid understanding of performance and efficiency issues
  • Proven track record of driving decisions collaboratively, resolving conflicts and ensuring follow-through
  • Problem-solving mentality leveraging internal and/or external resources
  • Presentation skills with a high degree of comfort with both large and small audiences
  • Prior work experience in a consulting position within a software and/or services company
  • Experience leading a work team
  • Office 365 + Cloud strategy
  • Windows Domain deployment
  • Storage infrastructure experience
  • Network topology and design.SDN a plus
  • BS/BA in a related field
  • 10+ years of professional experience
  • 5+ years of project management experience with demonstrated ability to manage schedule, project risks, and budget is required
  • Experience managing IT projects, ideally in the utility, energy, and/or energy efficiency sectors
  • Ability to coordinate diverse program stakeholders
  • Ability to develop strong subject matter expertise, lead analyses, and recommend and implement cost effective solutions
  • Solid understanding of software development lifecycle, standard processes and best practices
  • Ability to work collaboratively and cohesively in a team environment
  • Experience in writing proposals a plus
  • Organize workshops and deep-dives with SMEs and Stakeholders, understand and document business requirements based on project scope
  • Problem analysis and definition of functional change to be added to the product backlog, based on business requirements
  • Work closely with product owner(s), global project manager(s) and technology managers to allocate prioritized work to development team and follow up with delivery
  • Monitor and follow up with implementation delivery, testing and release; report on progress against plan back to stakeholders and program managers
  • Manage user acceptance testing in line with testing strategy, and obtain sign off from Stakeholders
  • Ensure pre go-live preparedness (Static Setups, SLAs , Documentations and Production Run Books execution)
  • Lead discussions in steering groups and working groups as required
  • Identify and report risks and issues
  • Conduct in post-implementation reviews to identify lessons learnt and ensure benefit realization
  • Participate in the continuous improvement of GMOP processes and quality standards
  • Communicates clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing, at all levels within the organization
  • Is comfortable presenting to senior stakeholders at steering or during project updates
  • Proven ability to understand and manage the sensitivities of stakeholders at different levels
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing, with different areas and
  • Levels within the organization
  • Experience in leading a team: managing, motivating and developing business analysts/SMEs,
  • Technologists or line team members
  • Experience in working in an entity build out program as an Ops area work-stream project lead,
  • Reporting back to a regional program layer
  • Competent with MS products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio
  • At least 5 years experience of working in Financial Services, especially Investment Banking
  • Product Knowledge: Securities (Cash Equity and Fixed Income), FX and Derivatives
  • Knowledge of structured business analysis (e.g. process flow, functional requirements, scenario analysis, sequence and activity diagrams) techniques
  • Knowledge of Operational processing (trade capture, confirmation, settlements, lifecycle management, asset servicing)
  • Deliver objectives of projects in line with quality standards and budget for the CIO Research business
  • Cover projects in the areas of investment research content creation, publication and distribution
  • Manage all aspects of a project which include project planning, execution, timing, quality, cost and early identification of potential issues, reporting
  • Manage scheduling of cross team dependencies, environment use, test activities, deployments and post implementation activities
  • Collate and managing RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies) logs
  • Translate key strategies into goals and objectives
  • Responsible for managing the delivery of application software from onshore / offshore development teams through to Production for FX, MM, FI and Options related applications
  • Managing changes and ensuring appropriate documentation is available (BRD, FRD etc)
  • Co-ordinate with development team for testing and implementations for various releases
  • Knowledge of full software development and testing lifecycle
  • Knowledge of the core banking/financial services systems and processes
  • Experience in writing range of test artifacts; test plan, test cases, test reports, etc
  • Excellent understanding of FX/FI/MM/FX Options back office functionality
  • Project management qualification such as Prince2, PMP is highly desirable
  • Ability to explain business requirements to development and project team in technical language
  • Anticipate interdependencies across systems and work streams
  • Manage and prioritise end-to-end projects with varying technical components and platforms
  • Provide direction and structure for each project
  • Balance demand with capacity without compromising releases
  • Work closely with development teams to ensure full utilisation
  • Partner with the Business PM to ensure delivery of one overall project plan across IT and business tasks
  • Plan, manage and stabilise project releases
  • Collaborate across project resource communicating requirements for smooth transition
  • Lead ways of working reviews across development and platform teams to seek continuous improvement
  • Prioritise the stabilisation of releases, reviewing and minimising issues
  • Ensure alignment and effective communication of release plans
  • Coordinate development and plan releases with offshore, near shore and onshore teams
  • Partner with key stakeholder across Supply Chain, Retail, Finance, HR, E-Commerce and Product teams
  • Work closely with IT and Business PMO teams to ensure transparency of risks and issues and track spend
  • Ensure seamless flow of projects to the development team and a meaningful transition to support teams
  • Analyse and manage change requests against resource, cost, schedule and project prioritisation
  • Minimum 3-5 years related experience managing discrete deliverables or full life cycles of small projects
  • Intermediate to proficient knowledge of Share Point 10
  • Advanced Excel formulas and functions a plus
  • Proficient with a project scheduling software tool - MS Project 2010 preferred
  • Direct project(s) of varying size & complexity via varying delivery methodologies (Waterfall & Agile)
  • Ideally Agile and Waterfall experience
  • Ideally working knowledge of SharePoint
  • Project Management certification preferred (PRINCE2)
  • Evaluates new and emerging products to determine applicability and benefit, as well as compliance with required service levels and cost constraints
  • Present or facilitate the presentation of new technologies that support core business requirements to I.T. senior management and to the I.T. Steering Committee, when required for consideration and/or approval
  • Creates a priority schedule for all approved projects, with consideration given to costs and benefits, effect on service levels, and availability of resources
  • Creates detailed project management plans utilizing appropriate corporate-standard software. Manages the project to the plan and reports progress to management
  • Responsible for the creation of formal documents, deliverables as outlined in the approved Systems Development LifeCycle
  • Four-year college degree in related field, (Finance, MIS) or two year degree with equivalent experience
  • 5+ years within an I.T. group; or 5+ years within an organizational/support area that functions as an integral part of planning and implementing information systems
  • 5+ years experience with projects that follow SDLC
  • 5+ years experience gathering, analyzing and documenting business requirements and processes
  • 5+ years experience managing requirements for on-going maintenance/enhancements for applications
  • 5+ years experience working with a team of subject matter/technical experts
  • 5+ years experience generating diagrams/flow charts for processes (existing and new)

IPB IT Project Manager / Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3 – 5 years of experience with financial service industry
  • Junior to Senior level experience in a Business Analysis role. Subject matter expert in at least one area of Business Analysis
  • Required experience in agile and scrum methodologies
  • Experience with Use Case methodology (knowledge of Blueprint, RTC tools preferred)
  • Strong project management skills and capable of managing s1 – 2 complex projects simultaneously, concurrently with providing production support tasks, ( BAU)
  • Bilingual : English & Spanish
  • Bachelors' Degree
  • Collaboration with customers to gain knowledge of business processes
  • Partnering with our customers to identify and implement high impact projects which will provide capabilities and benefits that help P&W achieve its operational goals
  • Proactive involvement towards continuous improvement
  • Management of onsite and offshore/Low Cost Sourcing programming resources
  • Responsible for the utilization and management of the Project Delivery Life Cycle to successfully implement business critical systems
  • Responsible for the preparation of business case and submission to project approval board
  • Responsible for tracking the progress of an implementation to meet deliverables and the system go-live date
  • Day to day management of the internal and external resources involved in the project
  • Work directly with project stakeholders to review business/functional/technical requirements to ensure high quality delivery of any configuration and/or custom code
  • Work in conjunction with the Project Team to set and manage stakeholder expectations around project timelines and functionalities
  • Responsible for managing and communicating issues to the business teams and internal project teams
  • Act as technical leader for large internal and customer facing projects

Senior Digital IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proevn experience in a Project Management Role within the retail space, preferably digital, managing project budgets in excess of 1M
  • Advanced knowledge of the project lifecycle and experience of various project development methodologies (including Waterfall, Agile and KANBAN). Able to draw on past experience to shape / drive the delivery of assigned projects
  • Experience of managing several projects at once of various sizes, preferably in an agile environment with a delivery track record
  • Experience of offshore, outsourced software development and how to manage large remote and onshore cross functional teams to deliver successfully
  • Experience of managing projects utilising resources from other functional departments, managing cross project and department dependencies effectively to ensure delivery
  • Experience of managing financial budgets (including project budgeting, monitoring financials etc)
  • High level of communication, interpersonal and presentation skills including experience of writing accurate and concise reports up to senior levels
  • Develop, analyze, and execute budgets; provide leadership for budget preparation, formulation, presentation, and execution
  • Evaluate the relationships between major program changes and the financial status of organizations
  • Employ cost-benefit analysis to review financial requests, assess program tradeoffs, and explore alternative funding methods
  • Consolidate data for the presentation of budgets and providing an overview of the financial status of operations
  • Efficiently allocate limited financial resources
  • Align budget and forecast to resource targets – ensure alignment to plan
  • Estimate future financial needs
  • Consolidate individual departmental budgets into operating and capital budget summaries
  • Evaluate the performance of a program and adjust funding if necessary
  • Bachelor’s degree with 3+ years financial experience or- Equivalent overall experience gained through 6+ years of financial work experience
  • Strong understanding of capital budgets and the relationship between headcount and capital funding
  • Ability to think abstractly and make proactive recommendations to senior management
  • Strong oral and written communications skills; able to express thoughts and ideas clearly; Ability to present and articulate well in forums of 10-20 people
  • Conscientious and very detail oriented; Able to work in a fast-paced organization and meet deadlines
  • Strong prioritization and organizational skills
  • Results driven, with a commitment to continuous process improvement and quality; Problem-solving abilities

Line Manager, IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for a broad range of activities including people management, strategic alignment, client service and relationship management, resource and portfolio as well as cost management
  • Recruit, retain, direct, motivate and develop staff
  • Comply with all HR procedures including performance management and compensation
  • Ensure projects/programs and organization align with the business and IT strategies
  • Strategic planning, financial and resource planning, manage organizational change, track to organization objectives
  • Plan and utilize resources within unit proactively and efficiently
  • Actively manage Quality and IT risk within their area of responsibility
  • Ensure compliance with internal CS policy and standards, external regulatory (e.g. SOX) and disaster recovery requirements
  • Contribute to and negotiate Budgets
  • Responsible for delivery and management to assigned budget
  • Identify, recommend, and create cost containment plans within functional area
  • Manage cost metrics
  • Manage, plan, organize, implement and deliver (or assist in planning, organizing, implementation and delivery) of one or more IT projects using a standard methodology from project initiation through to project implementation
  • Project Management activities include scope confirmation, definition of implementation approach, scope, budget and actuals tracking, resource planning, milestone tracking, management of project risks, issues, and dependencies, and stakeholder and business client management
  • Advise clients in the Financial Services industry in Luxembourg on IT matters, mainly for the Banking and Investment Fund business
  • Manage business / IT transformation projects
  • Take part and lead system selection/ implementation projects
  • Conduct IT strategy analysis: design, assess and optimize operating models, build business cases, design IT strategy
  • Identify opportunities and contribute to our business development activities
  • PM on a program: Perform program management support function to a DM at the program level. Program consists of many projects
  • PM on a large project: Perform project management support function on a large project
  • Project Leader on a small project: Perform project management role in the delivery of a project
  • Provide input to assigned PCO(s) development plans, recommending training and enabling learning for new or changed group members
  • Assess the PCO group workload, manage priorities, and coach team members on project deliverables and work with DMs to resolve issues on project deliverables
  • Identify and confirm project leads from all required stakeholders and Information Technology & Solutions (IT&S) groups to ensure responsibilities and deliverables are understood
  • Define project governance, identifying stakeholders & sponsors to form a steering committee (should it be necessary). Work with Project Sponsor to prepare appropriate information for dissemination to the Steering Committee
  • Work with Project Sponsor to establish the scope of the project and then managing to the established scope and budget. Ensure Project Change Notifications are raised where necessary and approved. If the scope changes, identify impacts to the Sponsor and/or Steering Committee
  • Hold meetings and work sessions as necessary to ensure that project management deliverables are met (i.e. project planning, risk management, issue management, status meetings)
  • Motivate the Project Team and maintaining the momentum of the Project against background of changing and occasionally conflicting priorities
  • Ongoing communication of project status, completing the monthly Project Status Reports and escalating issues to the Operations Sponsor, the SVP and the Executive VP (EVP), as required
  • Must have at least 3 to 5 years of technical working experience as a Project Manager in Information Technology
  • Must have technical working knowledge of project management tools and methods, understanding of life cycle development methodologies and knowledge of business management
  • Must have demonstrated skills in relationship building
  • Must have demonstrated working experience in coordinating & leading the work of one or more Project Management resources in a complex matrix management organization dealing with a number of DM’s
  • Must have strong communication skills (verbal, written & presentation) in English. The same in Spanish is an asset
  • Must possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills to rapidly assess problem situations and creatively develop alternate solutions and approaches necessary to resolve high-level, complex problems
  • Must have facilitation and interviewing skills to produce objectives/project planning, and drive the benefit realization
  • Must have an expert ability to balance competing or conflicting goals of various departments/stakeholders, requiring a mature, diplomatic approach and highly developed negotiation and influencing skills
  • Must have strong influencing skills and negotiation skills to negotiate with project team members/management to acquire/maintain support and to negotiate priorities with full consideration and awareness of potential impact on business needs and outcomes
  • Must be able to operate independently day to day as direction is sometimes received only at the most conceptual or abstract levels
  • Must have basic accounting skills & the ability to create & maintain MS Excel spreadsheets
  • General understanding of Windows; Linux; AIX; AS/400; Citrix; Tivoli architectures and platform; LAN/WAN and network topology; and Information Security Principles & Practices
  • Working understanding and experience with Cloud infrastructure and the DevOps culture

Peoplesoft Hcm-it Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Analyzes and documents relevant business processes
  • Leads interviews with customers to define requirements
  • Defines, documents and reviews functional requirements
  • Leads the detailed design and configuration phase
  • Responsible for ensuring that project meets functionality requirements and expected business benefits
  • Responsible for all facets of the User Acceptance Testing process
  • Extensive knowledge of HCM business processes including, Recruiting, Onboarding, Compensation Management, Position Management, Performance Management, etc
  • Strong understanding of PeopleSoft Time and Labor and Payroll processes
  • Extensive knowledge of Project and Systems Development Life Cycle Methodologies
  • Extensive knowledge of standard IT practices related to business application development/implementation
  • Working understanding of IT infrastructure technologies, including Desktop, Server and Networking systems
  • Proficient in IT structured analysis methodologies, including process flow definition and data flow diagramming
  • Ability to create simple to complex project plans, timelines and work breakdown structures using project management tools
  • Minimum 7 years IT experience in applications development and/or IT infrastructure, with 3+ years managing HCM related projects
  • Extensive experience in applications development analysis and implementation support
  • Extensive experience supporting Enterprise class HCM applications
  • Experience with relevant business application software
  • Experience with project management software preferred
  • Entertainment industry experience strongly preferred
  • Utilizing project management methodology to deliever projects to completion
  • Responsible for creating effective and achievable project plans, management of the team’s execution of project tasks and secures acceptance and approval of deliverables from the project stakeholders
  • The TPM is responsible for communication, including status reporting, risk management, assisting/escalating issues that cannot be resolved in the team, and in general, making sure the project is delivered within budget, on schedule, and within scope
  • Act as the “go to” person for everything relating to the projects being managed
  • Interfacing with workstream teams and representing the core project team to review and manage deliverables to completion
  • Delivering regular status updates with core team members, reporting on key project activities, milestones, and solving and/or escalating issues when necessary
  • Scheduling team meetings and publishing meeting minutes
  • Ensuring action items are properly assigned with appropriate due dates
  • Escalating project issues and risks where appropriate and assisting/assuring problem resolution
  • Presenting project health to leadership team and reporting back status to immediate Manager on a regular basis
  • 3 to 5 years experience leading IT projects as a project manager
  • 3 to 5 years of financial planning technical systems knowledge desired (PeopleSoft, Cognos/TM1, Hyperion, Workday financials)
  • Extremely organized with excellent presentation, verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task easily and juggle priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project; SharePoint is a plus)
  • Experience working in a globally distributed team
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent
  • Highly organized, excellent project planning skills, and a strong project management track record
  • Knowledgeable about industry best practices for IT project management (Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid); has experience in creating and managing key project artefacts. PMP certification (or equivalent) preferred
  • Has a general understanding of IT risk/compliance requirements, online application architecture, finance, application development languages, software integrations, SDLC, etc
  • Effective and efficient communicator: a direct, straightforward style, able to cut to the core quickly (verbally, in email and by using PowerPoint / Keynote)
  • Excellent people and team management skills, able to manage upwards and influence in a complex environment

Custody IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensure that all technology teams have a good understanding of the objectives of the project and their role in delivering the overall product
  • Ability to work independently and interact well with a number of different groups both internal and external to technology
  • Good analytical skills to assist with issue resolution and help design overall solutions
  • Excellent Oral and written communication to a variety of different levels within the organization
  • Good project management disciplines with focus on progress tracking, active issue and risk management and transparent and effective status reporting
  • Good relationship-building skills
  • Manage overall IT operations system stability for Tesla’s stores, service centers, distribution centers, and remote offices, by providing 24x7 monitoring, support and implementing tactical approaches as well as driving strategic improvements
  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors to execute IT projects (applications & infrastructure operations)
  • Delivers comprehensive communications to management regarding the IT status and activities of the team both in written and presentation form
  • Deliver excellent support, both technical and non-technical, with outstanding customer service and end user satisfaction in a timely manner

Senior Global IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identify, and/or elevate ideas for improving the delivery model offer and methodologies
  • Demonstrate and Educate as a Proficient Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Project Management process and tools
  • 7 + years project management experience
  • Develop and provide input into strategic business roadmaps
  • Manage project schedules, budget and resources ensuring to meet business requirements in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Drive successful implementation of waterline projects to achieve proposed benefits by utilizing organizational change management skills
  • Drive innovation and act as a change agent
  • Experience of managing IT programs/projects with personal accountability for delivering to time and cost for large, complex programs/projects
  • Program/project management methodology, tools and templates (includes program/project planning, schedule development, scope management and cost management)
  • Knowledge and use of industry-standard program/project methods, tools and techniques e.g. RAIDS, budget, communication
  • Act independently to deliver program/project to schedule, budget and scope; support provided as required and requested, and is self-driven and motivated
  • Leads project teams consisting of cross functional, global, and virtual groups; directly supervises staff; assigns responsibility to members; monitors progress
  • 5-10+ years working with a corporate IT environment
  • 4+ years of experience in project management
  • Responsible for the coordination and completion of projects within the information technology department
  • Sets deadlines, assigns responsibilities, and monitors and summarizes progress of project
  • Builds and maintains working relationships with team members, vendors, and other departments involved in the projects
  • Prepares reports for upper management regarding status of project
  • Familiarity with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures
  • Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals
  • Performs a variety of tasks. Leads and directs the work of others
  • Typically reports to a manager or head of a unit/department
  • Entry level IT project manager processes infrastructure requests, including request for servers, network, extranet (firewall), unified communication (video conference, ip phones), mainframe and others
  • Manage requests from design to execution and communicate expectations of customer and stakeholders to Ford IT’s technical teams
  • Deliver infrastructure by closely collaborating with IT technical teams, including architects, application development managers and their direct reports and infrastructure planning and implementation teams to deliver infrastructure
  • Ability to track and monitor 60 to 100 mini-projects (requests) for infrastructure
  • Ensure customer requests are implemented with quality
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems
  • 1+ years IT infrastructure experience
  • 2+ years’ experience with Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology
  • 1+ years of Ford Motor Company experience
  • Working knowledge of Remedy Request Center
  • Microsoft SharePoint experience

Associate IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead and influence multiple teams to ensure project deliverables are achieved
  • Communicate effectively with business users and IT professionals including globally distributed teams
  • Ensure project implements quality assurance and quality control processes
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science or technical related)
  • 3+ years of experience managing IT projects including scope; schedule; financials; change management, risks and issue management
  • Experience and understanding of infrastructure operations
  • 3+ years of experience with Microsoft Project
  • Strong organizational and planning skills, with ability to easily multi-task and
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience
  • Minimum three (3) years’ experience with IT Operations or Delivery
  • Previous Technical Admin or Engineering experience with good technical aptitude, understanding and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to communicate with senior leadership as needed
  • Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio) and MS Project
  • Utilize and support project methods, process and toolkit as well as be an ambassador of the Project Management Office
  • Group facilitation skills, negotiation and ability to influence and drive decisions
  • Ability to articulate project challenges to project stakeholders and IT Leadership in a timely manner for escalation transparency and guidance
  • Facilitate the identification and resolution of project risks and issues
  • Detail orientation with an ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines
  • Demonstrable ITIL understanding or v3 Foundation course
  • Plans, executes, and finalizes projects according to deadlines and manage projects within budget
  • Understands resource allocation and utilization and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order to deliver projects according to the work plan
  • Leads project resources in the creation of the work break down structure, identifying the critical path, and ensuring the project stays on track by managing the day to day operational aspects and escalating to the Project Owner, Sponsor and IT Leadership as appropriate
  • Keeps stakeholders informed by effectively communicating relevant project information and defining organizational change management strategies
  • Influences project team members and contractors to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work by coaching, mentoring and motivating
  • Ensures communication by developing and delivering timely status reports and presentations for Technology Steering Committee and project stakeholder notification
  • Independently manages multiple projects of varying size and complexity concurrently
  • Derives technology project requirements, case studies and project stories to be utilized to create project scope, schedules and budgets
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; and participating in professional webinars
  • Integrates information from a variety of sources to arrive at a broad understanding of issues
  • Defines issues clearly despite incomplete or ambiguous information
  • Acts as a resource in the event of disaster or service disruption

Digital IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manages one or more large Digital Technology projects, multiple mid to large projects or other process improvement initiatives, with possible cross-dept. or LOB impacts
  • Leads project teams through project lifecycle from ideation to project execution, including the approval and demand management process, and ensures quality and timeliness of project completion
  • Directs activities, monitors details, and sets priorities
  • Escalates project issues and risks appropriately, and drives them to resolution
  • Leads business analysis, process design and requirements development sessions
  • Manages budget for projects managed
  • Develops and may deliver executive presentations
  • May manage team of project managers / analysts in a direct or matrix environment
  • 10+ years of experience in information technology with an emphasis on Technical Project delivery
  • 5+ years experience leading a diverse team in an IT organization with hands-on experience leading requirements definition, application design and development, and high level of interaction with engaging with test teams and periphery support teams focused on build, infrastructure and release/implementation
  • Experience with both Waterfall and Agile software delivery methodologies
  • Strong leadership & interpersonal skills, including the ability to lead cross functional teams to a solution and adjust leadership style for the situation
  • Provide technical leadership for a diverse application estate with many different technologies and platforms
  • Provide Project Management for a number of technical implementation projects across a diverse portfolio
  • Provide regional Line Management for a small team of Warsaw based resources
  • Solid technical skills and ability to adapt skills to a broad range of applications and technologies
  • Ability to work effectively in a complex, dynamic and pressured environment
  • Ability to work across an International team with experience in collaborating across multiple locations
  • Self-motivated and hands-on personality, comfortable with driving and managing change
  • High analytical and strategic thinking
  • Solid knowledge of project management discipline and fundamentals
  • Intermediate English skills
  • IT experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in some of the following areas: Data Centers set up, access policies, maintenance knowledge/ Application installation knowledge/ Implementation of monitoring tools/ Virtualization (Concepts and Tools as VMware and Citrix)/ Active Directory implementation/ Midrange (Including Server build process)/ Storage/ Mainframe/ Service Desk/ Cloud/ Networking/ Security/ ITIL
  • Responsible for program budgets and/or cost centers, resource allocation and planning within functional area to ensure delivery of business benefits
  • Develops peer, cross-functional and cross-GE Business relationships to maximize best practice sharing and team effectiveness
  • Manages all aspects of one or more small to medium projects concurrently from initiation through closure
  • Identifies critical path decisions, makes recommendations and influences program leaders and business process owners to maximize project payback
  • Demonstrated project management skills including project initiation, scoping,
  • CRM Salesforce.com Experiences and/or BI Experiences
  • Experience with GE especially GEHC
  • Green Belt or Black Belt certified
  • Lean experience
  • PMP / ITIL certified
  • Serve as the leader of business solutions projects in support of the Engineering area, with a heavy emphasis on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions
  • Develop, sell, and implement comprehensive project plans, beginning with project team structure and resource assignment, and ending with a control plan identifying both business process metrics and IT platform quality requirements
  • Identify critical path decisions, make recommendations and influence program leaders and business process owners to maximize project payback
  • Manage daily activities, issue resolution and communication across project execution teams in order to deliver projects on-time, on-budget, as-requested by customer
  • Ensure conformance of established architecture, standards and practices
  • Work as a business partner with client leaders and users to evaluate / improve business processes and arrive at mutual, cost effective solutions for business processes
  • Support, advise, assist, guide, and resolve problems for client leaders
  • Initiate direct communication with wide range of customer, client, supplier, and systems personnel
  • Lead in the evaluation/implementation of third party software solutions
  • Initiate and coordinate outsourced supplier efforts as required
  • Prepare, present and review project plans, status reports, cost / benefit studies, and recommend funding and resources
  • Ensure conformance to system architecture, methods standards and practices and participate in their creation
  • Participate in the preparation of long-range systems plans and assure that they are in concert with business objectives and goals
  • Stay current with emerging technologies and promote their use
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, Information Technology (IT), Computer Science or Engineering
  • At least 5 additional years of experience with current information technologies and their implementation into the business function
  • Minimum 3 years background in support of PLM or related Engineering systems
  • Strong exposure to Engineering environments and business processes...BOM creation, CAD design, Part management, etc
  • Full understanding of the software change management processes incorporating multiple releases and business teams
  • Experience interacting with global teams and working in a matrixed environment
  • Good communication and presentation skills; fluent English speaking and writing is mandatory
  • Ability to formulate clear and concise objectives and plans
  • Capacity to act as strong team player; ability to work on a virtual team without direct supervision
  • Ability to manage and work on multiple projects concurrently
  • Strong background in Microsoft Tools and Support Central including workflows
  • Motivated self-starter with demonstrated GE leadership values
  • Process focus, with a keen sense for driving standardization and simplification
  • Travel ~25%, globally
  • Extensive PLM and Engineering system experience
  • Established organizational abilities
  • Green Belt Certified (GE Employees)
  • Manage close management related IT activities during monthly and quarterly cycles by partnering with functional owners and all other IT teams
  • Monitor and communicate project status, issues, and successes to all stakeholders
  • Lead the cost, schedule and execution of software and/or systems work packages on assigned projects using sound project management principles and adhering to project management standards, practices, procedures and program requirements
  • Drive execution of agreed project plans to meet functional team’s milestones and deliverables
  • Formulate tasks, plans and execute them with relevant technical teams to achieve milestones and deliverables
  • Recommend approaches to meet the program requirements
  • Manage risks, opportunities, resources and change in-line with business and project processes
  • Provide user support, security, and other ad-hoc requests
  • Maintain and enhance the application configuration and data integration mechanisms
  • Monitor system performance, availability, and utilization
  • Proactively drive the prioritization and resource planning of IT work to support business objectives and key initiatives for the Financial Close Management program. Participate in the preparation of long-range systems plans and assure that they align with business objectives and goals
  • Drive project activities while managing expectations of the functional customers (i.e. balancing their needs with wants and educate as appropriate)
  • 3+ years hands on experience with Oracle databases
  • Experience with Oracle, Spotfire or similar databases/reporting tools
  • Experience in data integration with other applications and data sources
  • Experience in working in a shared services model
  • Proven experience in onshore and offshore team management
  • Strong knowledge of financial close processes and controls
  • Strong knowledge of financial systems, financial cycles and processes
  • Knowledge of other Financial Systems (I.e. Oracle Financials, SAP, OBIEE, etc.)
  • Experience with complex, global system implementations
  • Manages multiple related and interdependent projects to collectively deliver a desired business outcome based on varying degrees of complexity
  • Manages the end-to-end network infrastructure delivery strategy including the collection and translation of business requirements into program and project plans, and technical execution approach for programs and projects
  • Manages a portfolio of network infrastructure projects from design, build, through implementation and operational turn-over, with varying levels of complexity
  • Responsible for project set up for Network sponsored projects within the technology systems of record (Nexus, ITSM, etc.) (H4, H5, H6)
  • Develops and manages the tasks within the overall work plan
  • Manages financial estimation, forecasting, monitoring, reporting for technology service providers
  • May have direct accountability for leading a team including but not limited to internal, global and third party associates
  • Responsible for a portfolio of technology designs with varying levels of complexity and/or may have broad scale accountability for the processes that support initiatives
  • 4-7 years of relevant consulting or industry experience
  • Experience leading and managing a team of 3 to 10 people or more as part of a larger IT team
  • A solid understanding and delivery experience with all phases of the software development lifecycle and release management methodologies
  • Experience in implementing custom development and/or systems integration projects in one or more phases of the software development lifecycle
  • Experience meeting with business owners and performing current state system analysis
  • Experience working with business users to gather requirements, writing functional and technical specifications
  • Ability to obtain a US government security clearance
  • Previous Operations & Maintenance experience
  • ITIL v3 Certified
  • Additional IT certifications (CCNA, VCP, MCSE, etc.)
  • Exposure to developing conceptual and technical designs, including the use of object-oriented analysis and design techniques
  • Exposure to testing in all phases: System, Integration, and Performance Testing and ensuring traceability
  • Exposure to producing long term strategy vision and detailed project plans to execute them
  • Transition experience either from development to O&M or from one contractor to replacement contractor
  • Ability to perform training classes
  • Previous Helpdesk experience or experience with Workfront or attask configuration
  • Business analysis and Requirement gathering for projects in Alternative investments and Traditional investments domain
  • Project Management and Delivery responsibility from technology side
  • Interactions with Front office and presentations to top management
  • Interfacing from tech side with Operations in a deep working relationship
  • Code review (Java/SQL/HTML5) and co-ordination with offshore team
  • Application support as well as application ownership
  • Onboarding 3rd party vendor products to existing applications. Build vs Buy analysis
  • Matrix based cost/budget estimation
  • 10+ year IT experience
  • 4+ year leadership experience
  • Proven record of business analysis and document creation
  • Java/J2EE/SQL is a must have skill
  • HTML5 or any front end tech is a good to have
  • Experience in Investments domain. Alternative investment is a big plus
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Manages multiple medium to large technical projects and/or programs from beginning to end that can be very complex in nature through the integration of requirement definition, project planning, and resource direction to meet corporate objectives in conjunction with the enterprise project portfolio
  • Works with sponsors and stakeholders to develop project scope, goals and deliverables
  • Defines the responsibilities of parties involved in the project including stakeholders, management, project team, vendors and internal customers affected by the project
  • Integrates project plans and schedules from multiple sources to create a cohesive plan with identifiable critical path, task dependencies, and major milestones, and manages the agreed project plans and schedules, ensuring successful completion within scope, budget, time, and quality parameters
  • Ensures that project inter-dependencies within the IT Project Portfolio and across other departments are considered and are tracked, planned and executed as projects
  • Works with Team Leads to assign, schedule, review, and monitor project work to ensure that progress is within expected guidelines
  • Adapts project plans, schedules and resource assignments as required throughout projects to respond to emerging requirements and risks
  • Maintains effective communication and working relationships with project stakeholders and project team members, communicating project status, progress and issues within the team as well as to project sponsors and upper management
  • Analyzes, documents and shares lessons learned with Project and Team Leads, completes project closure process and documentation, adjusts project processes and documentation as required per analysis at project close
  • Facilitates documentation and integration of policies and processes for acquired entities in relation to hardware, software, facility or service programs
  • Mentors project teams on best practices, process improvement and project management skills
  • Facilitates IT departmental communication to corporate employees, field locations and project team members
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in a business analyst, project management, or information technology role in a complex business and systems environment
  • Ability to work professionally with sensitive, proprietary data & information while maintaining confidentiality
  • Exercises sound judgment in responding to inquiries; understands when to route inquiries to next level
  • Self-motivated with strong organizational skills and superior attention to detail
  • English sufficient to provide and receive instructions/directions

APJ IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • First Level University degree. 2-5 years in project management roles or in like roles/businesses
  • Competent and strong knowledge in Supply Chain processes and dynamics
  • Demonstrates excellent Leadership skills and will to win. Strong customer orientation
  • Experience in preparing and presenting appropriate status updates for team and senior management
  • Develop project plans for eCommerce program and site enhancements
  • Supervise a quality assurance process, including integration and system testing
  • Coordination and communication of application tasks within the cross functional IT organization
  • Identify and track issue logs, risks and project milestones
  • Ability to develop effective relationships with business users, technical staff and executive management
  • Establish timely communication meetings and updates to the cross functional team on eCommerce Technology project
  • Escalate to management any risks to project plans and/or major milestones in a timely fashion to avoid adverse effects on budget, delivery or implementation timelines
  • Prioritization of priorities while managing several overlapping projects and enhancements while needing to support multiple platforms
  • Managing outsourced services and hosting providers for on-going support
  • Experience managing technical engineers, architects, and developers
  • Communication to offshore vendor resources complex requirements to ensure the appropriate development is performed
  • Experience with vendor sourcing, communication, negotiation, contracting, pricing and ensuring quality and pricing meets expectations
  • Proven experience developing budgets for staff and projected work, monitoring and adjusting as needed to meet unexpected demand, and understanding the importance of assessing the near-term and long-term consequences of budget decisions
  • Support feasibility studies, project assessments & initiation (scoping, risk management and estimation)
  • 5+ years of IT eCommerce experience
  • Work experience with eCommerce B2B platforms (hybris)
  • As technology analyst, identify eCommerce technology trends that may support or impede the success of the business
  • Evaluate and identify appropriate technology platforms/vendor partners for delivering the site experience and functionality
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology standards, industry trends, emerging technologies and software development best practice to meet business and technical requirements
  • Participate in design discussions of issues, enhancements and projects, providing a technical expertise of the eCommerce platform
  • Work closely with the cross functional teams in IT, eCommerce and Marketing to establish priorities for development projects and ensure timely execution
  • Manage work relations and deliverables with 3rd party partners and internal IT and eCommerce partners
  • Experience in internet/portal/intranet search and operating principles of search engine (SEO) strategies
  • Lead the translation of the business requirements into systems design
  • Experience developing functional and technical specifications, test plans and test cases in support of unit and system testing, using disciplined SDLC and Change Management methodologies
  • Internal SAP integration experience
  • Work with the business leadership to develop a strong understanding of the strategic direction of the eCommerce business to help contribute to the application roadmap and assist in creating strategic plans and roadmaps
  • Lead eCommerce strategy and execution of portal including opportunity analysis, roadmap prioritization, product requirements, forecasting and budget management
  • Align & communicate with senior management and executives as a subject matter expert
  • Maintaining strong business user relationships while prioritizing issues with enhancements and providing honest feedback on deliverable dates
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology standards, industry trends, emerging technologies and software development best practices
  • Experience communicating complex web communication constraints and opportunities to non-technical decision makers
  • Lead complex business requirement discussions. Gather, evaluate and document customer business needs and requirements and translate these into functional specifications
  • Requires a bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Requires at least 5 years related experience
  • PMP or equivalent certification required
  • Requires familiarity with a wide range of technologies and systems
  • Possess highly specialized knowledge of specific technologies, possibly as the company's expert
  • Must have excellent written and verbal skills
  • Must be able to engage project team members to complete tasks and meet deadlines without direct managerial authority
  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, business, MIS or computer science or equivalent degree or equivalent experience
  • PMP or PRINCE2 certification preferred
  • 8 years of overall IT or Telecom experience minimum
  • At least 5 years project management experience being accountable for and leading a broad range of IT related projects in an enterprise environment, including (but not limited to)
  • Communicating in an organized and knowledgeable manner in written and verbal formats including delivering clear requests for information and communicating potential conflicts
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses of large and complex data
  • Leading a key workstream in an engagement(s), staying educated on current trends and assisting in the development of knowledge capital
  • Collaborating with business development teams responsible for writing and presenting proposals to prospective clients
  • Supporting practice management for a specific operation or process
  • Managing and/or contributing to project planning, engagement administration, budget management, and successful completion of engagement workstream(s)
  • Communicate with technical professionals and senior executives and proactively offer solutions to improve their workflow through the life cycle of project
  • Work closely with managers and staff to ensure proper allocation of resources based on deadlines
  • Serve as a liaison between IT and various teams to drive projects and report out status and updates
  • Create and maintain project plans
  • Consult with users, management and vendors to assess computing needs and system requirements
  • Evaluate proposals to assess project feasibility and requirements
  • Good verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to understand the work required and perform work breakdown structure to develop a project plan
  • Engages with the business & Clients to develop and support HR solutions based on requirements and needs of the business
  • Adheres to sound and consistent development methods and practices
  • Maintains a solid understanding and regularly meets key business stakeholders for input in to the base functional needs and the current and future direction of client needs as a key driver of HR application requirements
  • Analyzes requirements, designs, develops and manages the implementation of HR technologies for clients
  • Manages others project members in their day to day activities as they pertain to their specific project deliverables
  • Responsible for developing client/consumer solutions using Agile development practices
  • Accountable for leading solutions from technical requirements through solution architecture, development, testing and deployment phases
  • Works with key members of various IT teams to establish and maintain various Hr technologies and to maximize the performance
  • Knowledge and expertise in multiple relational and OLAP database (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server) environments a plus
  • Track record of successfully delivering small, medium and enterprise scale solutions
  • Six to Eight years of progressively responsible experience including, but not limited to, in depth, hands on expertise with database design, analysis, dashboard/report development, visualization, applying relevant set of tools is required
  • Should have a strong awareness HR data, trends and their implications
  • Strong analysis, organization, communications, interpersonal and project management skills is essential

Lead Analyst It-project Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Perform, manage and appropriately document work activities relating to projects, sub-projects, or processes. Plan, design, and build high quality IT software solutions in accordance with IT project management standards and and in accordance with service level agreements. Assist others in planning and prioritizing work and work schedule
  • May coordinate or manage all aspects of a small project or sub-component of a large project. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor project progress
  • Create and maintain project schedules and handle coordination of project or sub-team meetings
  • Prepare reports for upper management regarding project status
  • Must have strong email skills and ability to coordinate immediate work needs across dispersed team members thru email
  • Maintain and enhance engagement with business and IT partners and other stakeholders
  • Establish positive team environment by proactively assisting and training less experienced personnel. Provide performance and development feedback as required
  • Maintain technical knowledge and business acumen within own discipline or function
  • Manages IT projects and project teams
  • Must be familiar with project scheduling and project budgeting and familiar with a
  • May provide leadership to managers within a function or region; may also manage first-line supervisors and/or professional staff
  • Influences customer and/or organizational leadership to accomplish operational objectives
  • Typically has 7-15 years relevant experience
  • Requires a bachelor's degree in computer science or related area or a combination of degree and related experience in this field
  • Comfortable in professional office environment, with 25% time traveling to other offices and jobsites, as needed
  • BA/BS in Computer Science, Business, Engineering or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years experience managing one or more small to medium IT product/software development cycles/projects
  • Experience working in a Project Management Office (PMO) environment as Project Lead or Project Manager for medium complex projects
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Project Management Institute (PMI) or equivalent certification from an accredited program (e.g. Stanford Advanced Project Management
  • Demonstrates full technical competence
  • Exercises independent judgment and discretion in matters of significance with moderate scope and complexity
  • Responsible for leading one or more projects typically between $100,000 - $1,000,000
  • Developing metrics, procedures, objectives and methods to assess project progress while utilizing established standards and quality objectives
  • Assessing project performance and implementing changes as necessary to ensure the projects remains within specified cost, schedule, scope and quality objectives
  • Communicating status of all projects to stakeholders and management
  • Preparing all project documentation for closure, storage, and possible auditing activities, ensuring technical accuracy
  • Guide and direct the Project in the establishment and implementation of plans, procedures/controls, and success metrics that will assure success of program goals and objectives
  • Lead an organization that builds, implements and establishes sustainment of quality systems in an efficient and cost effective manner in conjunction with the business unit requirements
  • Lead and implement an overall project environment conducive to good business practices, quality and cost improvements, multi-directional communications and acceptance of business objectives
  • Maintain positive team relationships and communications with a diverse global project team, supporting a work culture of involvement and empowerment
  • Ability to manage project managers and work across various delivery teams both internal and external to the organization
  • Model and oversee effective change leadership throughout the global business to enable adoption of new business processes. Includes communication to all personnel, training of the global workforce and introduction of ideas and resources to inspire stakeholders and leadership in overcoming resistance to change
  • Manage budget appropriately to achieve goals
  • Person should be well versed in making complex business decisions that have to weigh numerous different aspects of the decision and its effects on individuals and functions of the business. Weighing timeline, risks, costs, benefits, and feasibility are all likely to play a part in the complex decision required to be made by the project manager
  • Communicates with all key customers and stakeholders both internal and external to ensure timely delivery and execution of program
  • Coordinates and manages small to large sized technical projects from beginning to end ensuring adherence to project management principles, processes, and best practices
  • Defines and verifies project objectives, scope, requirements and deliverables that support customer goals in collaboration with all key stakeholders
  • Provides formalized, continuous work direction and leadership to assigned team of professionals, including the scheduling, assignment, and review of IT project work
  • Develops, tracks, monitors and communicates project progress against the project plan
  • Works with project stakeholders to develop project requirements, quality measures, standards, processes, cost estimates and milestones
  • Coordinates the input, support and communication with all functional areas that impact or are impacted by project scope, business value, risk, and resource requirements
  • Adheres and participates in the monitoring of quality assurance and project management guidelines
  • Will participate in software development scrum teams to ensure software meets customer requirements
  • Provides regular reporting on identified risks and variances in project financials and schedule
  • Develops and delivers progress reports, requirement documentation and presentations
  • Develops and maintains all business relationships vital to the success of the project
  • Requires Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management of Information Systems, Business Management or relevant discipline and 5 years of experience, or equivalent relevant experience (9 years)
  • Software development experience preferably in web based products using web technologies
  • Experience using MS Office suite including diagramming using MS Project Plan
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and customer service skills
  • Ability to lead a presentation in front of a group of people from all skill sets and backgrounds
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Public Trust (Moderate Risk) security clearance
  • Ability to complete a drug screening
  • Experience working on a large applications team in a team environment and in a mid to large organization similar to USDA Risk Management Agency that have complex processes and systems
  • Knowledge and experience with implementation of the full software development life cycle using iterative or agile methods
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment while pursuing individual tasks in a self-directed manner
  • Experience leading groups or initiatives and facilitating team member’s work
  • Holds active PMI Certifications
  • Knowledge of Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Government consulting experience
  • Creation and maintenance of a detailed project plan incorporating all aspects related to the planning, definition, development, testing and release of functionality
  • Partnering with various functional managers and the leaders of the project team to drive process creation, implementation, and conformance
  • Responsible for planning the project in order to accomplish goals within a defined schedule, cost, material resources, personnel resources, and quality standards
  • Effectively communicate status of the project for management and all stakeholders including: project plans, risk analysis and mitigation, status updates, and post-project reports
  • Articulate and negotiate consensus on project goals with DTD leadership to insure an on-time and within budget deliverables
  • Work with management to provide project team direction and vision including: focus and prioritization, motivating people to perform, listening, and recognizing strengths in order to best utilize available resources
  • Project Tracking – ensure that all necessary project deliverables and phase gates are being met. This includes financial tracking and reporting

IT Project Manager Infrastructure Resume Examples & Samples

  • You are fully versed in the internal standards of BNP Paribas Fortis. Under your watchful eye, all projects follow best practice procedures and operate in line with up-to-the-minute security recommendations
  • You are meticulously organised. You keep projects on track, ensuring they are of excellent quality, delivered on time and kept within budget
  • You know how to keep a team running smoothly. By proactively managing the day-to-day communication between both team members and clients, you stay ahead of any potential risks or issues
  • You achieve excellence by applying best-in-class industry project management guidelines and methodologies: WBS, PBS, SWOT analysis, etc
  • You skilfully juggle time, personnel and tasks to ensure the use of shared resources is scheduled and respected. This way, you avoid delays and make conflicts a thing of the past
  • You keep practices and procedures up to date by creating project planning and governance documentation
  • You arrange regular meetings for various project boards and steering committees
  • You always look ahead. Your past experience helps you to assess current or possible future risks. You resolve these with the project stakeholders
  • You oversee reporting, making certain all levels of Management (Operational, Strategic, Exec, etc.) receive accurate and regular reports
  • Your interpersonal skills are superb. You know how to build strong relationships. Your positive attitude and motivating approach keep project teams working smoothly to achieve the best results
  • Manage IT projects including activities such as budgeting, schedule, resources, documentation and tracking
  • Assemble project team, assign individual responsibilities, identify appropriate resources needed, and develop schedule to ensure timely completion of project
  • Leverage technical expertise for project planning, resource management, system / technology / validation, testing and implementation planning
  • Act as liaison to Project sponsors and key stakeholders to ensure project is completed and meets business requirements
  • Managed external and outsourced development partners
  • Full project lifecycle experience
  • Managed budgets of up to £2m (not for non-senior)
  • Active involvement in driving change
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, computer science, information technology, or a related field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills—the ability to craft and deliver a message to audiences ranging from staff to executive level management
  • Knowledge of and experience with an IT project management lifecycle
  • The ability to manage and work on multiple projects/tasks while meeting tight deadlines
  • Experience analyzing and presenting data and information
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Excellent attention to detail and superb organization skills; and
  • Ability to work as part of a team with moderate supervision
  • High School Degree and Bachelors degree in an IT-related discipline or equivalent work experience required. PMP certification preferred. 6 to 8 years experience managing projects Skills and Competencies
  • Advanced verbal and written communication skills. Ability to develop project plans, manage individual deadlines and goals
  • Knowledge of project metrics, including gathering, reporting, trend analysis, creation, and metrics. Ability to identify issues and problems, generate solutions and choose appropriate alternatives using basic root cause analysis
  • Advanced proficiency with all MS Office applications, MS Project and/or Visio. Highly organized with good time management skills
  • Customer service orientation, and strong interpersonal skills. Analytical thinker with creative problem solving skills and attention to detail Major Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Develop integrated baseline project plans applying estimating models, identify resources and skills required, document estimating assumptions, refine plans and manage performance against them
  • Recommend best solutions based on understanding of business issues. Provide task-based schedule and cost forecasts and assist in assessing risk-based provisions
  • Capture and track program metrics and perform analysis. Manage project scope by assessing requirements changes, determining and conveying impact on budget, time and risk. Manage client expectations, anticipates operational and tactical risks and tracks them
  • Clarify, identify, and track requirements and issues, remove barriers, resolve minor project issues and escalate to immediate manager where required
  • Manage project closure initiatives, such as client satisfaction survey and closure analysis. Document and archive project activities, deliverables, tools and findings for future projects

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3 Real Technical Project Manager Resume Examples That Work

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Technical Project Manager Resume

Modern technical project manager resume, professional technical project manager resume.

  • What Matters Most: Skills & Work Experience
  • 5 Tips To Get More Interviews

You can communicate with executives and developers alike. You know what technology a project takes and know how to deliver it.

How do you showcase both your technical and project skills on your technical project manager resume?

That’s where we can help. Since starting BeamJobs, we’ve helped thousands of technical project managers land their next jobs.

These three technical project manager resume templates and our quick cover letter generator are designed to be a launching point for your job application.

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Technical project manager resume example

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What Really Matters: Your Experience and Skills

When a recruiter is looking at your technical project manager resume they first want to know what your technical skills are.

They know their tech stack and want to make sure that all would-be PMs also know that tech stack. To check this they’ll jump right to your “skills” section.

Here they are looking for reasons to say “no” to your resume. This is a bare minimum check.

The key is to focus on the one to two programming languages you know best. Don’t include a laundry list of every language or framework you’ve ever seen.

9 Popular Technical Project Manager Skills

  • Javascript (Angular)
  • Agile methodologies

Sample Technical Project Manager Work Experience Bullet Points

As a technical project manager, you have it easy when it comes to your resume. As part of your job, you have to create and report on KPIs.

So now you just have to focus on how you improved those KPIs on your resume. Instead of focusing on your job responsibilities, you want to focus on your impact.

Give context for the projects you managed, then talk about your role in each project, then talk about the impact.

This impact can focus on anything measurable: revenue, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality improvement, etc.

Here are a few examples:

  • Oversaw the creation of a new product feature that drastically expanded the addressable market and reached over $7M in annual revenue
  • Managed a team of data engineers to increase the quality of the data being ingested to predict user outcomes, improving model accuracy by 18%
  • Worked closely with product managers and web developers to understand the most active users and create a new pricing tier for those users which increased customer LTV by $250
  • Due to customer complaints, oversaw project from initiation through close to identify and reduce time-consuming network requests ultimately increasing app speed by 35%

Top 5 Tips for Your Technical Project Manager Resume

  • If a developer told you they were an expert in 11 programming languages, you would call that wishful thinking at best. Recruiters expect the same of technical project managers. You don’t have to know every language and framework under the sun. Demonstrate where you’re an expert.
  • You’re being hired to take ideas and turn them into tangible software. You’re expressly being hired to make the lives of management easy. Demonstrate this level of ownership in your work experience bullet points by really focusing on your contribution within a project.
  • If a company asked you how much you were over budget and you replied with something like “by a number” they wouldn’t be happy. The same goes for your resume. Focus on measurable, numeric impact.
  • It’s worth every minute. Keep it simple. Read the job description , and as you read it, add any skills or projects you’ve worked on that come to mind to your resume. This should take no more than 15 minutes per job.
  • You have to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences regularly as a technical project manager. So, showcase you know how to dip in and out of both worlds, removing that as a potential question from the mind of the recruiter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The more experience you have, the more you want that experience to be the focal point of your technical PM resume. So, keep your “education” to just what’s needed. Namely the school(s) you went to and the degree(s) you got.
  • Your project manager cover letter is the place to really flesh out the projects you managed. While your resume focuses on the impact, your cover letter can focus on the “why,” “what,” and “how” of the project.
  • Don’t get too crazy here. You want skills, work experience, and education. And contact information (if you can believe it, one time our co-founder forgot his contact information!).

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  • • Accelerated outbound sales cycle by 330% by designing and implementing customer acquisition platform for training and managing technical and IT teams
  • • Established and curated strategic partnerships with 6 out of 10 top state manufacturing companies which resulted in $20M additional annual revenue
  • • Led re-architect effort of a core SaaS product to reduce the platform deployment time for clients by 2 months
  • • Lead a team of developers to build a proprietary CRM system for enterprise and its strategic partners, optimizing sales process and increasing sales revenue by 24%
  • • Curated a $2M business implementation project that saves ~ $3.5M on operational inefficiencies between sales and development departments
  • • Researched user behavior and led strategic product roadmap discussion across multi functional teams
  • • Integrated Tableau reporting system into BI sales workflow, which led to 23% increase in post-meeting inquiries for technical sales department
  • • Streamlined post-sales support to increase customer retention rate among enterprise clients by 27%
  • • Acted as liaison between 3 country offices
  • • Maintained and documented inventory of over 4,000 items
  • • Led a team of 15 as a project manager, creating a trusting, respectful team in the process
  • • Consistently ranked in the department's top 3 for completed tasks
  • • Trained over 270 temporary remote workers

26 Project Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your project manager resume must showcase an impeccable track record of completed projects. Highlight your ability to deliver within specified timelines and budgets. Demonstrate your leadership skills by detailing how you've successfully led diverse teams. Provide concrete examples of how your strategies improved project outcomes.

All resume examples in this guide

it project management resume examples

Associate Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Business Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Clinical Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Commercial Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Creative Project Manager

it project management resume examples

CRM Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Digital Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Electrical Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Event Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Financial Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Freelance Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Implementation Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Infrastructure Project Manager

it project management resume examples

SAP Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Web Project Manager

it project management resume examples

Certified Project Management Professional resume example

Resume Guide

Project manager resume example

Formatting Tips

Resume Experience

Skills On Resume

Certifications & Education Tips

Resume Summary Tips

Additional Resume Sections

By Experience

Project Manager resume example

Project managers need to have strong resumes – not only to stand out from other applicants but also to show their experience and accomplishments in a manner that shows recruiters quantifiable achievements.

See, as a project manager, you play a key role in ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. Furthermore, you are responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and objectives.

This is a huge investment for any business, and it’s the reason why recruiters evaluate all project manager applications with scientific accuracy. Including yours.

Let’s see what you’ll learn here:

  • Begin with a Project Manager resume example to understand the layout and essential information.
  • How to list your skills in managing projects, leading teams, and meeting deadlines.
  • How to share examples of successful projects you've led, highlighting budget management and problem-solving.
  • How to phrase specific parts of your resume, e.g. how you coordinate with different departments and stakeholders to ensure project success.

If you’re specializing in a specific field of project management, we’ve got guides that cover it all:

  • Program manager resume
  • Program analyst resume
  • Project analyst resume
  • Scrum master resume
  • Product manager resume
  • Operations manager resume
  • Systems analyst resume
  • Change management resume
  • Management resume
  • IT manager resume
  • IT project manager resume

Project manager  resume example

Certified Project Management Professional resume example

Here's what this applicant does well in their resume:

  • Quantifiable achievements : Demonstrates impact with specific, measurable results, such as increasing sales revenue by 24% at Tesla and improving outbound sales cycle by 330% at Rover Games.
  • Professional progression : Shows a clear career trajectory from Project Coordinator to Senior IT Project Manager, underscoring increasing responsibility and expertise.
  • Technical skills and certifications : Lists relevant technical skills and certifications like PMP and Agile Certified Practitioner, aligning with the demands of project management roles.
  • Key achievements section : Highlights significant accomplishments, like saving Tesla $100M, which adds credibility and draws attention to major successes.

How to format a project manager  resume

A reverse-chronological resume format  is a gold standard for resumes. The experience (listed from most recent to oldest), is going to be the centerpiece of your resume. This should be your first choice too.

Here are the most common resume layout elements to be aware of:

  • Font family. Choose a professional font  that looks good both on PDF and printed on paper. Our recommendations are Lato, Rubik, Arial, Calibri, Bitter, or the classic Times New Roman.
  • Font size.  The standard font size for resumes is 12p., but it can vary slightly between 10p and 14p so that you can fit your resume on a single page. Anything above or below will make it difficult to read.
  • Color . Use color sparingly. We suggest using one base color for your content, and a secondary one for highlights, such as your section headings.
  • Margins.  Use a standard 1-inch. A smaller margin will make you want to cram too much unnecessary information.
  • Length . Keep to a maximum of two pages. The rule of thumb is to go back up to 10 to 15 years of relevant experience.
  • Create a resume header  with your basic content information, including your phone number, a professional email address, your location, and a link to your professional LinkedIn profile. Don’t add a photo if you’re applying for a US or a UK company - it’s frowned upon.
  • File format . Save your resume as a PDF , to preserve your formatting. Modern applicant tracking software can read them flawlessly.

If you’re wondering whether your resume format ticks all the ATS boxes, give our Resume Checker a spin:

Is your resume good enough?

Drop your resume here or choose a file . PDF & DOCX only. Max 2MB file size.

The top sections on a project manager resume:

  • Contact information : Provides recruiters with necessary details to get in touch.
  • Summary statement : Presents an overview of qualifications and expertise relevant to project management.
  • Project management experience : Demonstrates your background in and knowledge of managing successful projects.
  • Skills : Highlights your project management abilities - both soft and technical.
  • Education and certifications : Proof of professional development, showcasing relevance to the project management field.

What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Project execution history : Recruiters prioritize this to understand your experience in leading and managing projects from initiation to completion.
  • Leadership skills:  Essential for a project manager's role, recruiters look for this to ensure you can guide, motivate, and monitor a team effectively.
  • Time management skills : Critical in meeting project deadlines, recruiters prioritize this to confirm your ability to allocate resources and time efficiently.
  • Risk management skills : A key element in project management, recruiters value this to ensure you can identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks in a project.
  • Certification in project management : Recruiters prioritize qualifications like PMP or Agile certificates, which are specifically relevant and demonstrate your proficiency in project management.

How to write your project manager resume experience

Use your resume experience section to prove exactly why you’re the right person for the job.

The experience section is less about efforts and more about accomplishments. HRs will hire people who have a track record to show it, and this is the place to do so. Here’s how to frame your experience:

  • Use direct action verbs  to highlight the work you achieved as a project manager.
  • Feature relevant, strong project management skills that are most required in the job application.
  • Include precise numbers and business results to showcase the value you provided.
  • Tailor your resume to the job description. For example, if it uses terminology, such as “Prince2”, and what you use is “Prince 2”, or “Prince II”, chances are this mismatch will affect your ATS (applicant tracking system) score.

Now, let’s look at some practical examples.

  • • Responsible for project management processes and procedures for contracted work.
  • • Reviewed customer specifications and requirements for potential future product development.
  • • Handled communicating with project progress and challenges to stakeholders.
  • • Responsible for the reporting and documentation of all departmental activities.

Notice how shallow the example above is.

Although it shows some of the tasks you handle, it doesn’t highlight any of the results. It also includes basic job duties that any candidate can copy from resumes online.

That keeps you away from getting hired.

We’ll show you a better example of how you can improve your experience section.

Let’s make some simple tweaks.

  • • Introduced an expense tracking strategy to stay within yearly budget goals which reduced business costs by $1.2M.
  • • Developed strong cross-functional relationships with big clients and stakeholders across different levels of the business.
  • • Lead monthly meetings with 8 project teams to identify challenges and resolve software development issues.
  • • Conducted post product launch evaluation to identify successful software features and find ways to improve on them

The second example, on the other hand:

  • Shows enough details about your past work.
  • Demonstrates more metrics and examples, which enhances trust and shows credibility.
  • It portrays you as a professional project manager who contributed a lot to the company.

Need more work experience section tips? Go through our guide here: How to Describe Your Work Experience on Resume .

How to quantify impact on your resume

You’ve heard many times that quantifying your achievements makes it easier for hiring managers to evaluate your performance in previous companies. To kick off your brainstorming process, let’s look at a few work situations in project management that you can use to show numbers in your resume :

  • Include the number of projects you've managed: This demonstrates the breadth of your experience and your hands-on expertise.
  • List the sizes of teams you have led: Showing the number of people you've managed can indicate your leadership and coordination skills.
  • Mention the budgets you have handled: This reflects your ability to manage resources, which is key for any business.
  • Detail the percentage by which you've completed projects under budget: This showcases your financial management skills, and how you save resources.
  • State the average percentage of projects delivered on time: On-time project delivery is crucial and this shows respect towards deadlines and efficiency in project execution.
  • Quantify the overall project performance improvement under your management: This can help demonstrate your value-add in improving operational effectiveness.
  • Provide the number of risk assessments performed or handled: This indicates your active involvement in risk management, a critical aspect of project management.
  • Include the number of successful stakeholder negotiations: Demonstrating your skills in managing stakeholder expectations can indicate your communication and negotiation abilities.

How do I write a project manager resume with no experience

Let's be honest here for a second:

Having experience is a plus to your resume. It makes hiring managers more confident in recruiting you.

But, HRs understand well that job success isn't only about experience. Many attributes can make a difference in an applicant.

Here's the deal:

The hiring company is looking for an entry-level project manager to handle specific tasks. You'll be able to find more details about that in the job application. Here’s how to build your resume:

  • Read the job description, identify those duties, and prepare to include them in your resume.
  • Feature the specific skills you have that allow you to perform those tasks.
  • Support that with your educational background and unique certificates.

We'll teach you in the rest of this guide how you can do all that. Learn how to read a job description and extract the main resume keywords in this guide .

How to list your hard skills and soft skills on your resume

Since project managers cover a wide field of responsibilities, it doesn't help to list a handful of skills that are of the same nature.

You must pick the most relevant skills for the position you're applying to. Then use them to show that you can guarantee objectives, ensure quality, mitigate risk, etc.

14 technical skills on a project manager resume

  • Project development
  • Project Management Software
  • Project Schedule
  • Data processing
  • Microsoft Office: Word, MS Excel, Project, PowerPoint
  • ProjectLink
  • Oracle Project Accounting
  • Project Management Tools
  • Project Deployment

As you may have noticed, these technical skills  are specific to the job duties of any project manager.

Of course, you shouldn’t list them all in your resume.

Identify which skills are most required for the job you’re applying to by reading the job description carefully.

17 important soft skills to include in your resume for a project manager job

  • Leadership skills
  • Strategic project planning & Project scope
  • Multitasking
  • Detail-oriented
  • Analytical skills
  • Customer Focus
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Decision-Making
  • Problem-Solving
  • Resource Allocation
  • Vendors Management
  • Project Budgeting

These skills are a must-have for any applicant that’s serious about getting hired. But don’t limit yourself to the skills section for them.

The best way to showcase your soft skills  is in other parts of your resume.

For example, you can include them within your experience section. Or list your skills in your summary section to capture the HR’s interest .

Also, don’t lean too hard on buzzwords. If you decide to use buzzwords  in your Project Manager resume, make sure to use them in the right context and in the right place.

How to list your certifications and education on your resume

Project management is a role that requires lots of human interaction, flexibility, and creativity.

And you don’t learn this anywhere in school.

So you might ask:

Why do I need to include an education section in my resume anyway?

Think of it this way:

If you’re the hiring manager and had to cut a list from 1000s of candidates down to a dozen ones, what would your criteria be?

You’ll now focus on the secondary features of the applicants.

You want to hire someone who has all that, plus some relevant educational background .

Your resume needs an education section. Of course, you won’t detail everything you learned since primary school. In fact, you’ll do the exact opposite.

You’ll list your highest school degree, the university or college you went to, and the duration you spent there.

Check out this example:

All in all, the required degree depends on the industry the hiring company operates in.

Most often, those companies ask for a Bachelor’s in management or business. But sometimes they only hire candidates from technical fields such as computer science and IT.

It doesn't matter how strong your resume is. Featuring certifications in project management on a resume is always a plus.

It shows that you've invested lots of time to boost your career and learn new skills. And it also proves that you're experienced in your work.

But the most important thing is this:

It makes the hiring decision easier on recruiters and allows them to feel good about their choices.

If lots of trusted organizations are vouching for a candidate, it's a good thing to trust their judgment.

What are the best project management certificates to feature on your resume?

Top 10 certificates for your resume

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
  • Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP)
  • Master Project Manager (MPM)
  • Lean management

Project management and PMP from PMI – the gist of it

Let’s do a blitz round of the hottest questions about whether a PMP certification is worth the money or not.

Is PMP certification still relevant today?

Yes, there’s a growing demand for certified project managers. The demand for project managers is likely to continue to grow as organizations increasingly rely on project-based work to achieve their goals.

Can a PMP certificate increase my salary?

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the median annual salary for non-certified project managers in the United States is $93,000. On the other hand, Project Management Professionals (PMPs), who are certified by PMI, earn a median wage of $123,000 per year, which is a 32% increase compared to their non-certified colleagues.

Should I invest in a master's degree or PMP?

A PMP certification is considered superior to a Master's degree in Project Management. This is because a PMP certification requires at least 7,500 hours of hands-on experience leading and directing projects, as well as an objectively assessed level of theoretical knowledge. In comparison, a Master's degree in Project Management is focused primarily on theoretical knowledge and may not provide the same level of practical experience.

How to write your project manager resume summary or objective

Not sure what the utility of a summary in a resume is? It’s meant to provide a quick overview of your career so that hiring managers can learn more about you at a glance.

Generally, you want to include:

  • Most successful projects you worked on
  • Strongest project management skills that allowed you to thrive in your past jobs
  • Best results and accomplishments you achieved in your career
  • Types of projects you were responsible for implementation

To take this a step further, you’ll:

  • Include precise metrics to support your claims.
  • Use short, direct sentences to keep HRs interested.
  • Personalize it by including specific project management keywords, skills, and achievements.

Let’s take a look at some project management resume summaries.

This barely scratches the surface as to who the candidate is and what they’re up to. Instead, it makes them look too uninterested and lazy to update their resume.

Let’s make this better with a few simple changes.

This is a better summary, because:

  • It contains precise numbers that serve as strong evidence of your competence.
  • It’s more personalized and speaks directly to the hiring manager.
  • It features real examples of what the candidate worked on and achieved in their past job.

Finally, the question begs…

Do you need a resume objective ?

We say - you don’t. A project manager is usually an experienced candidate for whom a career objective won’t greatly help.

Additional sections for a project manager resume

You feel you need to add more depth to your resume, but you keep repeating the same bullet points over and over again? Let’s look at some additional sections that can put your experience beyond just professional roles and settings:

  • Languages : Demonstrates multilingual abilities, beneficial in global project teams and diverse work environments.
  • Professional affiliations : Lists memberships in relevant organizations, indicating engagement with the professional community.
  • Volunteer experience : Showcases leadership and teamwork skills in non-professional settings, reflecting personal values and work ethic.
  • Awards and honors : Presents achievements and recognitions, underscoring excellence and dedication in the field.
  • Publications : Includes articles or papers written, reflecting expertise and thought leadership in project management.
  • Personal projects : Describes relevant personal or side projects, showing initiative and passion beyond professional work.

Key takeaways for making an outstanding project manager resume

  • Read the job description carefully . Understand what the hiring company is looking for, then craft your resume accordingly
  • Use your resume header to grab attention and prove your competence
  • Highlight your greatest accomplishments throughout your resume to remind people of your worth
  • Use your experience section to feature your relevant expertise in cross-functional teams, and strongest skills
  • When faced with competition, add an education and certificates sections to stand out from other

Project Manager resume examples

Explore additional project manager resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

Senior Project Manager Resume Example

  • The career objective clearly states the candidate's career goals and relevant experience.
  • The internship experiences provide specific examples of the candidate's relevant experience in the IT industry.
  • The strengths and skills sections include specific examples of the candidate's soft and hard skills, providing evidence of their abilities in real-life situations.

Agile Project Manager Resume Example

  • 10 years of work experience as a project manager in Agile teams
  • Project Manager Professional Certification
  • Bachelor degree in adjacent to project management industry

project manager resume example

Looking to build your own Project Manager resume?

Author image

How to write about your career for an effective resume

12 of the most popular dream jobs, how to improve your resume in under 30 minutes, dates on resume: how to format, templates & tips, here's when you should send a resume in pdf or word (and why), how to ask an employer for feedback on why you didn't get the job.

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Common Responsibilities Listed on Project Manager Resumes:

Speed up your resume creation process with the AI-Powered Resume Builder . Generate tailored achievements in seconds for every role you apply to.

Project Manager Resume Example:

  • Led and managed multiple projects simultaneously, resulting in a 15% increase in project completion rates.
  • Developed and maintained project timelines and budgets, resulting in an average project cost savings of 20%.
  • Implemented project management methodologies such as Scrum and Agile to ensure timely delivery and successful completion of projects.
  • Coordinated and managed projects involving cross-functional teams, resulting in a 10% increase in team efficiency
  • Developed and maintained project plans, timelines, and budgets to ensure successful delivery within scope, schedule and budget
  • Communicated project progress and identified risks to stakeholders and upper management
  • Assisted senior project managers in project planning and execution, including creating project timelines and budgets
  • Communicated with team members to gather information and update project plans and status reports
  • Assisted in the coordination of project-related activities such as meetings and team building activities
  • Agile/Scrum Methodologies
  • Project Planning & Execution
  • Budget Management
  • Cross-Functional Team Coordination
  • Communication & Stakeholder Management
  • Team Building & Motivation
  • Documentation & Status Reports
  • Business Administration

Top Skills & Keywords for Project Manager Resumes:

Hard skills, soft skills, resume action verbs for project managers:, generate your resume summary.

it project management resume examples

Resume FAQs for Project Managers:

How long should i make my project manager resume, what is the best way to format a project manager resume, which keywords are important to highlight in a project manager resume, how should i write my resume if i have no experience as a project manager, compare your project manager resume to a job description:.

  • Identify opportunities to further tailor your resume to the Project Manager job
  • Improve your keyword usage to align your experience and skills with the position
  • Uncover and address potential gaps in your resume that may be important to the hiring manager

Complete the steps below to generate your free resume analysis.

Related Resumes for Project Managers:

Filter by Keywords

7 Engineering Resume Templates and Examples for Job Seekers 

Praburam Srinivasan

Growth Marketing Manager

April 17, 2024

You’ve spent years honing your engineering skills, solving complex problems, and creating innovative solutions. But now, you face the greatest challenge yet—crafting a compelling engineering resume showcasing your talents and expertise.

While your engineering skills and technical prowess are excellent, is your engineering resume doing it justice?

Employers are looking for someone beyond crunching numbers and following protocols. They want a passionate problem-solver, a tireless innovator, and a collaborator who can inspire teams to reach new heights. 

All too often, engineering candidates get bogged down listing roles and responsibilities while mapping out their careers , failing to highlight the unique value they bring to the table. 

Only 2-3% of resumes ( source ) typically make it to the interview stage, so it’s critical to ensure yours strikes the perfect balance between technical competence and career narrative.

What Makes a Good Engineering Resume Template?

1. engineering resume template by beamjobs, 2. engineer template by resume genius, 3. mechanical engineering manager resume, 4. engineering resume template by novoresume, 5. engineering cv template by myperfectresume, 6. pragmatic engineer’s resume template by pragmatic engineer, 7. civil engineering technician template by template.net, level up with clickup docs, automate complex processes with clickup brain, maximize your job search with the clickup job search template, streamline your engineering workflow with clickup’s tool for software teams, ace project management with clickup engineering and product templates , get that coveted job with engineering resume templates.

Avatar of person using AI

An engineering resume example or template is a pre-formatted document that provides a structured outline and design for creating an engineering-specific resume.

It serves as a starting point or framework to help engineering professionals, such as software developers or engineers, effectively organize and present their relevant education, skills, experience, and accomplishments and achieve their professional goals .

A good engineering resume template should:

  • Have a clean, well-structured format that is easy to scan
  • Allow you to showcase your relevant technical skills and expertise prominently
  • Provide clear sections to highlight your education, certifications, and key projects/achievements
  • Use formatting such as bullets, whitespace, and consistent formatting to improve readability
  • Be customizable to your specific engineering discipline and career level
  • Help you create a compelling snapshot of your qualifications to grab the hiring manager’s attention

The best templates let you market your capabilities effectively and maintain a professional, uncluttered design. They are a strong foundation for crafting an impactful engineering resume tailored to your background and target roles.

To help you get started, we’ve curated a selection of seven high-quality engineering resume examples and templates that will allow you to create an engineering resume that truly stands out. These options cater to various engineering disciplines and experience levels, from clean and professional designs to more creative layouts.

7 Best Engineering Resume Examples and Templates

Let’s explore the seven best engineering resume examples and templates that you can use to apply to engineering jobs:

it project management resume examples

This customizable Engineering Resume Template by BeamJobs features a clean, professional resume layout with dedicated sections. It’s designed to highlight your technical prowess, relevant work experience, and hard and soft skills like a pro.

This template includes the following customizable sections:

  • Career Objective
  • Work Experience

Simply input your information manually, or link your LinkedIn profile and let the template work magic. It’ll whip up a polished engineering resume summary tailored to your unique background, making you look like the total package.

You can explore industry-specific templates to match your target company’s job title and description. The outcome of templates like these depends on the information you feed it—the more data you provide, the better your resume gets. 

BeamJobs also has a feature that offers an instant resume score when you upload your engineering resume.

Engineer Template by Resume Genius

As you can tell from its name, the platform Resume Genius is bound to have some compelling engineering resume examples and templates, and our favorite is the Network Engineer Resume Template .

This resume template is designed for a network engineer and has the following dedicated sections:

  • Professional Experience
  • Certification
  • Additional Skills

You can add or remove sections depending on your requirements.

This template allows you to highlight your engineering certifications, programming language proficiencies, and specialized skills to make your engineering resume stand out in the job market.

With Resume Genius, you have the flexibility to build your networking resume from scratch using their clean, modern templates. Or, if you already have an existing CV, simply upload it and let their professionals work their resume magic to transform it into a polished document. You can download the finished product as a Word file for free. 

Other than offering excellent templates, Resume Genius also provides industry-specific tips for writing better engineering resumes so you can achieve your preset goals as an engineer . This includes tips on job titles, skills section, technical expertise, and engineering resume summary.

Moreover, if you love Resume Genius but the current template does not meet your requirements, don’t worry. Depending on the job ad, you can customize a functional resume on their website.

Mechanical Engineering Manager Resume

To help you search for a job, your resume should include factors such as the companies you have worked with, your experience managing a team of engineers, and your ability to use engineering project management software .

This Mechanical Engineering Manager Resume Template from Template.net strongly emphasizes managerial experience.

The template includes the following sections,

  • Professional Skills
  • Career Objective 

With this template, you can highlight your hard and soft skills, the ability to lead technical teams, engineering, and strong project management skills per the job description.

Template.net also provides an AI writing tool to help you craft compelling content that effectively highlights your skills and experience. 

Once complete, you can download your resume in Word or Apple Pages format.

Engineering Resume Template by Novoresume

The Engineering Resume Template by Novoresume has a clean, professional design that’s easy to read and versatile to customize. 

The benefits of this template

  • Utilizes the reverse-chronological format to showcase work experience prominently
  • Clear and accessible contact details, including email, phone, LinkedIn, and Skype
  • A compelling summary concisely introduces the candidate’s background and expertise
  • The achievement-focused work experience section highlights quantifiable accomplishments
  • Skills targeted specifically to engineering roles like computer-aided design
  • Blends professional format with strategically highlighted achievements and technical proficiencies

Additionally, NovoResume goes beyond providing a template—it’s a comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of crafting an impressive engineering resume. 

From guidance on effectively detailing your work experience to tips for creating a compelling resume, even with minimal prior experience, NovoResume has you covered. 

Additionally, it offers insights on writing an engaging cover letter tailored specifically for engineering roles, ensuring you make a solid first impression.

Engineering CV Template by MyPerfectResume

If you’re an engineer looking to create a detailed and comprehensive resume, the Engineering CV Template by MyPerfectResume is an excellent choice.  

This template is designed for engineers seeking academic or research positions. The template highlights and emphasizes your educational details so the hiring manager knows you are the perfect person for the job.

Boasting 30% higher chances of getting a job, this resume template provides you with the following sections:

  • Summary Statement
  • Core Qualifications

Moreover, MyPerfectResume has templates crafted for various engineering roles, such as automation engineer, data center engineer, senior mechanical engineer, civil engineer, chemical engineer, or marine engineer. 

Instead of filling out a standard form, the platform leads you through a series of questions to understand your experience and needs to craft the best engineering resume template.

Pragmatic Engineer's Resume Template by Pragmatic Engineer

The Pragmatic Engineer’s Resume Template by The Pragmatic Engineer prioritizes practical experience and skills. With dedicated sections for education and certifications and technologies and languages, it helps highlight hands-on experience and technical skills. 

This might just turn out to be your favorite template, as the theme of this template is practicality and efficiency.

The pragmatic engineer Gergely Orosz, created this template for engineering team leaders to help them land job offers at top companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. 

With over 6,500 downloads, this template has become a popular tool for job seekers.

It’s also featured and analyzed in Gergely Orosz’s popular book, The Tech Resume Inside Out: What a Good Software Engineer Resume Looks Like .

Civil Engineering Technician Template by Template.net

As civil engineering is a broad field, you must structure your professional resume based on relevant experience in the civil engineering sub-sector you want to work in.

The Civil Engineering Technician Template by Template.net prioritizes technical skills and features a special skill section for a comprehensive view of abilities and expertise. 

It’s a functional resume that emphasizes hard skills and experience over other aspects to showcase your engineering expertise. 

This template features the following sections:

It’s a useful template for civil engineers, who often need to showcase their ability to collaborate and exchange ideas effectively with other stakeholders. 

This template is the answer if you’ve struggled to find the perfect civil engineering resume. 

Other Engineering Tools

​​A big part of engineering is putting different pieces together. You need technical expertise, continuous learning, soft skills, and tools to back you up.

So explore these tools and resources to find a great role and uplevel your career.

Once you’ve selected the engineering resume template that works best for you, use ClickUp to create your engineering resume objective and content. With ClickUp Docs , crafting your engineering resume is easy.

ClickUp Docs

ClickUp Docs lets you create visually appealing resume pages with multiple formatting options. Its AI-powered advanced features allow you to write, edit, and optimize your resume content. 

ClickUp Brain helps you instantly generate templates or resume formats based on your needs.

Moreover, when it comes to sifting through stacks of technical docs, ClickUp Brain steps in like a superhero, pulling out the most helpful insights to help with your engineering research and decision-making as a senior engineer or team leader.

All you need to do is ask a question. It works like your assistant, giving prompt answers to your questions.

After crafting your resume using ClickUp Docs, take the next step. Start looking for engineering jobs! 

During the job hunt, staying organized and up-to-date with your applications, openings, and company ratings is crucial. That’s where the ClickUp Job Search Template comes into play.

This template streamlines your job search process, helping you manage tasks, track progress, and maintain a clear overview of your job applications.

This template lets you easily input essential details about each job opportunity, including application deadlines, contact information, salary, and interview dates. 

This centralized platform ensures no critical details slip through the cracks, keeping you on track and focused on landing your dream job.

Keep track of your job applications easily with the ClickUp Job Search Template

Staying organized and prioritizing your applications can increase your chances of securing that coveted engineering position.

The ClickUp Job Search Template also provides a space for tracking company ratings and interview feedback, empowering you to make informed decisions about potential employers. With this insight, you can assess which companies align with your values, culture, and career goals.

If you’ve landed a tech job, you can leverage ClickUp’s tool for software teams to streamline your day-to-day work and simplify the development lifecycle for cross-functional teams. 

Whether collaborating on designs, tracking project progress, or communicating with team members, ClickUp offers you the right support.

Think of it as your all-in-one hub for managing engineering projects, tasks, and teams.

ClickUp’s tool

With its intuitive interface and customizable features, you can easily organize tasks, set priorities, and track deadlines. Plus, its built-in communication tools make it simple to stay connected with your team, whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

It also offers robust integrations with other tools and software commonly used by engineers, such as CAD software, version control systems, and issue-tracking platforms. 

This seamless integration ensures that all your essential data and files are synced up and accessible in one place, saving you time and minimizing headaches.

Picture this: you’re knee-deep in agile sprints, bug tracking, and engineering processes. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, right? That’s where ClickUp’s engineering and product templates can help.

Whether you’re managing multiple projects, tracking bugs, or managing applicants, ClickUp has a range of engineering templates tailored to your needs. The best part? You can access them right in your workspace, so you’re always equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

Plan sprints easily with the ClickUp Agile Sprint Planning Template

So, whether you’re a seasoned engineer or just starting, trust ClickUp to enhance your workflow. 

You’re one step closer to your dream job by accessing these top engineering resume templates and examples and knowing how to leverage ClickUp. 

Pick the right resume template based on the job description and the recruiter’s needs. Remember to practice your elevator pitch and prepare for basic interview questions beforehand. 

Get a head start with these templates and ClickUp’s features, such as ClickUp Brain and ClickUp Docs.

Remember to sign up for free with ClickUp today.

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it project management resume examples

Template 17 of 23: Healthcare Project Manager Resume Example. A healthcare project manager will manage a variety of projects in the field. These projects could range from building and opening a new wing at a hospital, to hiring new nurses, to reducing patient waiting times by a certain percentage.

Stephen Greet January 19, 2024. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the demand for project managers is expected to grow a whopping 33 percent through 2027. The need for project managers and the increase in pay transparency laws means it's an excellent time to pursue a project management job. But that's easier said than done.

Project management resume samples. Project management is the art of keeping a team coordinated and on-task in pursuit of a specific goal. Project managers need a unique skill set, including both managerial experience and hands-on industry knowledge. Time management and interpersonal skills are essential to this field, too.

Here are some steps you can take to write a powerful IT project manager resume that attracts the attention of employers: 1. Choose a resume format. First, decide how you plan to organize and format your resume. You can often find templates available online or included in your word-processing program.

Project Manager Resume Summary Examples. Right. Experienced PMP with a background in law and 10+ years experience growing revenue for a Silicon Valley-based online banking firm. Seeking to leverage leadership expertise as project manager for Paylocity.

Otherwise, one-page resume template should do the trick. OK, so let's break down this project into manageable chunks, section by section. 2. Write an IT Project Manager Resume Objective or Resume Summary. Introduce yourself through your resume profile, or more specifically, a resume objective or summary.

Here's an example where the candidate adds hard numbers to quantify their resume accomplishments: Project manager resume accomplishment example. Manage project budget of $2M+ and ensure company obtains the best possible pricing; determine and minimize risk in buyout processes, reducing costs by 8%. Copy to clipboard.

IT Project Manager, Solaris Group Inc., Newark, DE. April 2018 - Present. Manage 15+ technical projects for a technology solutions company, oversee cross-functional teams of up to 10 personnel, develop project roadmaps, manage project budgets of over $500K, and ensure alignment with business requirements.

The project manager resume example above includes a brief and to-the-point resume summary that highlights the candidate's skills and area of expertise. Contact information. The project manager resume example above includes all the necessary contact details, such as the candidate's email address, location, phone number, and relevant social ...

Here's an example resume summary for an IT project manager: IT project manager with 6+ years of experience in implementing successful technology projects. Managed a team of 5 to execute change initiatives and updates to web systems for 3 years at X company. Spearheaded cybersecurity project that increased customer acquisition by 47% in 2018.

As the demand for IT project managers continues to grow, having a bulletproof resume is necessary to land the job you've always wanted. However, it's a well-known fact that recruiting techniques in the IT world are in constant evolution. A good IT project manager resume should indeed be compelling and professional-looking.

In this IT Project Manager resume example, tips and tricks guide, you can learn how to ensure that your resume makes the right impression on any prospective employer, increasing your chances of enjoying greater career success. How to write a resume. The perfect resume doesn't just happen by accident. It requires a strategic approach to ...

2. Spotlight Your Metrics and Achievements. Project managers typically have several quantifiable responsibilities (like timelines, key milestones, and budgets), and as a PM, you're probably already pretty comfortable measuring outcomes. This will come in handy as you're writing your resume!

Here are some important keywords and action verbs to consider incorporating into your resume: 1. Project Management: This is a crucial keyword to include, as it highlights your expertise in managing IT projects. You can also use related terms like "project planning," "project coordination," and "project execution."

IT Project Manager Resume. Add your name, city and state of residence, contact number and email address in the topmost section of your resume. Include a powerful opening statement in the professional summary section. Include previous positions in reverse-chronological order in the work history section. Add relevant and impressive soft, hard and ...

Here are three steps for highlighting your professional skills on a project manager resume: 1. Consider the type of project manager job you're seeking. While project managers all organize activities and lead teams, there are many different project managers who use particular skills according to their fields.

Sample IT project manager work experience bullet points. As a project manager, at the end of the day, you are hired for your impact. More specifically, the impact of the projects you managed. "Impact" here means strictly a number. You know the importance of KPIs to a business. Your resume, therefore needs to showcase that they are important ...

It-eq IT, Project Manager Resume Examples & Samples. 1) Accountable for the overall system delivery on assigned projets. 2) Stakeholder management, including status reporting and expectation management. 3) Ensuring all system changes conform to regulatory requirements as well as internal rules and standards.

Associate Project Manager Resume Example: Associate Project Managers are responsible for planning, executing and managing projects from start to finish. Your resume should showcase your ability to take ownership of projects, successful delegation of tasks, and implementation of processes and procedures.

Here are a few examples: Oversaw the creation of a new product feature that drastically expanded the addressable market and reached over $7M in annual revenue. Managed a team of data engineers to increase the quality of the data being ingested to predict user outcomes, improving model accuracy by 18%.

If you're specializing in a specific field of project management, we've got guides that cover it all: Program manager resume. Program analyst resume. Project analyst resume. Scrum master resume. Product manager resume. Operations manager resume. Systems analyst resume. Change management resume.

Senior Project Manager job description & responsibilities. Oversees strategic plan, monitoring and adapting as needed. Reports on project progress, offer viable solutions and opportunities as they arise. Implements change practices. Lead meetings and set expectations for the project team. Maintain budget.

Project Managers are responsible for leading and managing teams to successfully deliver projects on-time and on-budget. In your resume, you should emphasize your successful project leadership experiences, including any project successes and cost savings you have delivered. Project Managers also need to demonstrate their prior experience using ...

Let's start with the processes and the hard skills that make for an excellent project manager: Understanding of project management methodologies (for example, Agile, Waterfall, PRINCE2) Proficiency with project management software (for example, Microsoft Project, Trello, Asana, JIRA) Budgeting and financial forecasting.

An engineering resume example or template is a pre-formatted document that provides a structured outline and design for creating an engineering-specific resume. ... Ace project management with ClickUp Engineering and Product Templates . Picture this: you're knee-deep in agile sprints, bug tracking, and engineering processes. ...

  • New Way To Sinhala language skills development


The Water Resource

Reduce traffic accidents

Reduce traffic accidents

My country is sri lanka.

essay about my country sri lanka in english

  • Values and principles

my country sri lanka essay

Simple idea…

Sri Lanka is my home country, the “Pearl of the Eastern See”. I accept it as an enormous gift to me. Sri Lanka is a free country. Its prestige is famous throughout the world. king Dutugemunu, Mahasen and Maha Parakramabahu the Great have been lifted up the Sri Lanka.

My country is Sri Lanka

This Essay has 200 words

Total number of words to be = 150 Total Marks = 14

Sinhala essay :- My country is Sri Lanka – Grade 7

Shirantha Perera

Shirantha Perera

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Excellence in Irrigation Technology in Sri Lanka

sawan deema -listening

The importance of listening

The Water Resource


' src=

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Thankyou !very much fr ur essay sir…it helped me a lot with writing essays…this is really gud essay … which inspires the students towards the love to our motherland.

It was very helpfull to me and help to me with essay writing for my sister and me.thank you sir for write such good essays for students.

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Menali, Thank you for the great feedback.

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Thank you! very much sir for the above essay, it helped me alot with essay writing for my O/L’s and the essay inspired me alot towards the affection to mother land.

Nazeeha, I really appreciate you.

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  • Essays Sinhala Grade 7

Mage Rata sinhala essay

Mage Rata sinhala essay(මගේ රට ගැන රචනා)

essay about my country sri lanka in english

You can also see My country essay in English . 

More about  Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island off the southern coast of India in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka’s population is estimated to be over 20 million people. Natural resources abound on the island, which supports a diverse economy focused on agriculture, mining, fishing, industry, and tourism. Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon) appeared to be on its way to becoming a stable and wealthy democracy when it gained independence in 1948.

The island of Sri Lanka measures about 2688 miles (432 km.) from north to south, and about 139 miles (224 km.) from east to west, with a total land area of about 25,332 square miles (65,610 square km.). It has more than 1,056 miles (1,700 km.) of coastline.

A range of mountains dominates the south-central interior, with the highest peak, Mt. Piduruthalagala, reaching more than 8200 feet (2524 meters) in height.


Tourism is a significant industry with room for expansion. From tropical beaches and barren areas to lush forests, tea plantations, and a rich archaeological legacy, the country renowned as the Indian Ocean’s paradise provides a diverse range of settings and tourism attractions. With the foundation of the Ceylon Tourist Board in the late 1960s, Sri Lanka began to promote tourism.


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essay about my country sri lanka in english

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A deer caught in a trap-(උගුලකට අසු වු මුව පැටවකු)

A deer caught in a trap-(උගුලකට අසු වු මුව පැටවකු)

Muwa Pataweku sinhala essay The deer did not listen to the advice of the deer and started wandering in the forest. He...

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If I get a chance to go to the moon-(සඳට යාමට මට අවස්ථාවක් උදා වුව හොත්)

Sandata Yaamata sinhala essay From my childhood I heard that the Americans went to the moon and returned safely. The...

Free Trade Zone-(නිදහස් වෙළද කලාපය)

Free Trade Zone-(නිදහස් වෙළද කලාපය)

Nidahas Welada Kalapaya sinhala essay The Free Trade Zone is a great help to boost the economy of our country....

Medicinal drinks improve our health-(ඖෂධීය පාන අපේ සෞඛ්‍යය වර්ධනය කරයි)

Medicinal drinks improve our health-(ඖෂධීය පාන අපේ සෞඛ්‍යය වර්ධනය කරයි)

Aushadheeya Paanaya sinhala essay We have a lot to drink from the benefits of Sri Lanka. Alcohol lovers choose toddy,...

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The environment around us and our health-(අප අවට පරිසරය හා අපේ සෞඛයය)

Let’s protect public property-(පොදු දේපල රැක ගනිමු).

essay about my country sri lanka in english



    My Country English essay. My country is Sri Lanka. It is a small island in the Indian Ocean. This is an agricultural country. Most of the people are farmers. Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte is the capital of Sri Lanka. The population of my country is about twenty million. There are several communities in Sri Lanka. They are the Sinhalese, the Tamils ...

  2. My Country Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is a beautiful island nation located in South Asia. It is known for its lush green forested hills, scenic beaches, and cultural heritage dating back to ancient times. The country boasts of diverse wildlife, including elephants, leopards, and countless bird species. The locals in Sri Lanka are friendly and hospitable, and their ...

  3. Essay on Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka: An Enchanting Island. Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon, is a beautiful island country located in the Indian Ocean, south of India. It is known for its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. The country boasts stunning beaches, lush rainforests, ancient ruins, and a fascinating blend of ethnicities and religions.

  4. Kids Essays

    The world's best tea comes from Sri Lanka. On February 4, 1948 Sri Lanka gained independence. Our national anthem is 'Sri Lanka Matha'. The official languages in Sri Lanka are Sinhala, Tamil and English. My country is a peaceful country where all the religions such as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus all live in harmony. I am so ...

  5. Essay on "Sri Lanka" for School, College Students, Long and Short

    Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island state in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of India. In the early 16th century, the island was invaded and colonized by the Portuguese. However, the Sinhalese managed to maintain an independent kingdom around Kandy. The Portuguese were later removed forcibly by the Dutch.

  6. Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka, island country lying in the Indian Ocean and separated from peninsular India by the Palk Strait. It is located between latitudes 5°55′ and 9°51′ N and longitudes 79°41′ and 81°53′ E and has a maximum length of 268 miles (432 km) and a maximum width of 139 miles (224 km). Sri Lanka. Proximity to the Indian subcontinent has ...

  7. My Country Sri Lanka Essay English

    My Country Sri Lanka Essay English - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

  8. Sri Lanka

    An Introductory Essay. Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeastern coast of India. Despite its modest size—slightly larger than the state of West Virginia—Sri Lanka has a population of about 20 million people, almost equal to the population of Texas. The island is rich in natural resources, and has a ...

  9. Sri Lankan Culture Unveiled: Heritage, Arts, and Lifestyle Free Essay

    8011. The culture of Sri Lanka has been influenced by many factors, but has managed to retain much of its ancient aspects. Mostly it has been influenced by its long history and its Buddhist heritage. The country has a rich artistic tradition, embracing the fine arts, including music, dance, and visual arts. The Sri Lankan lifestyle is reflected ...

  10. My country / My motherland essay on Sri Lanka for grade 5

    Grade 4, 5 , 6 essay writing on the topic "My country" / "My motherland" for local students and a short essaySri Lanka Word count - 84

  11. Here is Your Essay on Sri Lanka

    Here is Your Essay on Sri Lanka. A small (area: 25,300 sq. miles/65,500 sq. km), compact, pear-shaped island off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka has shared historical origins with the subcontinent, but developed distinctive cultural and eco­nomic characteristics. Physically, it is a detached portion of the southern India massif with ...

  12. Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka, historically known as Ceylon and officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia.It lies in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal, separated from the Indian peninsula by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait.It shares a maritime border with the Maldives in the southwest and India in the northwest.

  13. My Country Sri Lanka Essay In English

    Introduction. Sri Lanka is a small country located in the Indian Ocean. Even though it is a small country, Sri Lanka has a population of 20 million people which is similar to the population of Texas. The country teems with natural resources and has a diverse economy when it comes to fishing, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.

  14. English essays for class 7

    English essays on My Country , My Grandmother, My Hobby, My Mother, My School, Myself, Our Garden, Photosynthesis, English Day, Water, If I can make changes, ... My Country English essay My country is Sri Lanka. It is a small island in the Indian Ocean. This... Read More. Myself.

  15. My Country Is Sri Lanka

    My Country Is Sri Lanka The name of my country is Sri Lanka. Its capital is Sri Jayewardenepura kotte. The official Languages are Sinhala, English & Tamil. The president is Mahinda Rajapaksha and the Prime Minister is D.M Jayaratne. Sri Lanka is surrounded by Indian Ocean. The land area of my country measures nearly 2500 square miles and 30 ...

  16. My country

    My country. 28 Aug 2022. My country is Sri Lanka. It is a small island in the Indian Ocean. It is an agricultural country. Most of the people in the country are farmers. Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is the legislative capital of Sri Lanka. The population of my country is about 20 million. There are several communities in Sri Lanka.

  17. italki

    My country ( Sri Lanka ) My motherland is Sri lanka.It is a one of the most popular asian countr ies. It is surrounded by the Indian O cean. So that P eople have called it ''the pearl of the Indian O cean''. Thambapanni, Ceylon,and kadeepa are many names that called by ancestral. Ancestral names for Siri Lanka include Thambapanni, Ceylon, and ...

  18. My Country Sri Lanka

    My Country Sri Lanka My country is Sri Lanka. It is an island situated in the Indian Ocean. It is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. It is a beautiful country. The largest river in Sri Lanka is the Mahaweli and the highest mountain is Piduruthalagala. The highest waterfall is Bambarakanda.

  19. my country essay in english sri lanka

    Essays English Grade 7; My Country English essay. My country is Sri Lanka. It is a small island in the Indian Ocean. This is an agricultural country. Most of the people are farmers. Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte is the capital of Sri Lanka. The population of my country is about twenty million. There are several communities in Sri Lanka.

  20. My country english essay

    Hello everyone,This video is giving you some details, to write an essay in sinhala. Hope this will help parents and adults, to get an idea to teach your chil...

  21. My Country Sri Lanka Essay|Easy|Speech|Learn Quickly|English Essay

    Hi all,Welcome back to this channel.Thanks for Watching my video.Comment and Show Some Love.Never miss another upload! #GRAMMAR ARTICLEShttps://youtu.be/7DLd...

  22. My country is Sri Lanka

    This Essay has 200 words. Total number of words to be = 150. Total Marks = 14. Sinhala essay :- My country is Sri Lanka - Grade 7. Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Telegram WhatsApp Print Share. Sri Lanka is my home country, the "Pearl of the Eastern See". I accept it as an enormous gift to me. Sri Lanka is a free country.

  23. My country

    You can also see My country essay in English. More about Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island off the southern coast of India in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka's population is estimated to be over 20 million people. Natural resources abound on the island, which supports a diverse economy focused on agriculture, mining, fishing, industry, and tourism.