Political System of Pakistan Essay PDF

The political system of Pakistan essay: is a very important topic for the upcoming CSS or PMS or any other test or exams preparation. Political System refers to the system in which Politics and Government run the legal, cultural, economic and social systems of a country. Pakistan is working on the constitution. Several constitutional amendments and modifications are carried out for many years. Our country is the Federal Parliamentary Republic and the government consists of three branches i-e Legislative, executive and judicial. Pakistan is politically unstable for many years and no drastic change has been done. It is running under the democratic government. There is unethical war is arises between some political leaders and the head of the army staff. In this worse situation, the only nation is suffering. There is a number of serious problems which are facing by the general public due to the ethnic grouping of political leaders.

Political System of Pakistan Essay

If we keenly observe the current political system of Pakistan, almost every political leader is corrupt and involved in the unethical activity. There are usually two forms of democratic government that is Presidential Government and Parliamentary Government. But unfortunately, the current situation of government is mixed. This mixture of the political system is going alarming to an upcoming decade which severely leads to revolutions.

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Political System of Pakistan Essay

What is the Political System of Pakistan :

A political system will be successful only if it will be loyal and true with political dealings. Law and Constitution crises always result in a poor political situation within the country. The stability of Pakistan is going difficult even impossible. There are some key factors which are depending ultimately on the long lasting age of uneven system of politics in Pakistan.

Recently the PANAMA brings a big disastrous turn in the political history of Pakistan. It will not wrong saying that the Democratic Government always fails to complete their tenure, but it can be complete their tenure if they play their role with loyalty. The domination of few of specific families is dominant on the politics of Pakistan since last decade due which there is no prominent change occurs in the betterment of our political system.

Reasons Behind the Current Political System of Pakistan :

The ethnic grouping of political parties is the major reason for the slow development of Pakistan. In order to develop a sound political system in Pakistan and put into the competition with the countries having the best political system, it needs to overcome the problem of ethnic grouping. The worse competition between the political leaders is also the result of the weak political system. The world is progressing with the pulse rate and we are still there where we exist.

There are some key reasons behind the weak political system, by overcoming these problems and situation we can lead not only the developed countries, who have the best political system but can beat the world. But loyalty and humbleness in decisions are necessary to demand to seek out the critical situation at a high level. We as a nation, also have to play our role as a citizen of Pakistan in the progress of Pakistan, as we can. We hope, there will be drastic changes occur soon to change the political system for the betterment of society.

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Hence the above written political system of Pakistan essay is important but if you are going to attempt English paper then you must prepare the following topic too.

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Pakistan and its Politics Essay

Introduction, reason for move towards islamic state, impact of islamic state on democracy, works cited.

Pakistan was established as a state in 1947 after a separation from the Indian British Empire. From its beginning, the country has had a turbulent life with political instability and ethnic disputes characterizing its existence. While Pakistan was established as a secular state with a Muslim majority, the country has exhibited over the decades showed signs of evolving into an Islamic State. Such an outcome would have dire consequences for democratization.

The prevailing economic conditions have increased the popularity of Islamic movements all over the country. Farhat notes that most Pakistanis blame bad government policies for the high unemployment, inflation, and lack of access to education and healthcare in the country (121).

Islamists express skepticism over the ability of the secular leadership, which is blamed for Pakistan’s problems. Saudi influence has also been a contributing factor to the evolution of Pakistan into an Islamic state.

Due to the lack of financial opportunities in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia has been a major destination for Pakistanis working abroad since the 1970s. When the Pakistani workers return home from this Islamic state, they are influenced by the religious teachings of Saudi clerics (Farhat 122).

Western dominance has also accelerated the move towards Islamic reform in Pakistan. After the events of 9/11, the cooperation between the Pakistani government and the United States has increased with Pakistan becoming a key strategic ally. Radical Islamists see this as a corruption of Islam by the West.

Farhat points out that this challenge of the West has become the single most important factor promoting the renewal of Islamic movements in Pakistan today (129). Western dominance has fueled nationalistic sentiments and many people are in support of an Islamic renewal.

Evolution to an Islamic State will hurt democracy in Pakistan. Politicians have been known to employ religious criteria to justify their actions in Islamic states. This will be to the disadvantage of Pakistanis of other religions and Islamic sub-sects.

Ishtiaq observes that While Pakistan has a Muslim majority with 96% of Pakistanis being Muslims, the Muslim community is not monolithic and it contains different sub-sects (195). An Islamic state would therefore threaten democracy since it would give rise to sectarianism in Pakistani territories.

By adopting an Islamic character, Pakistan has enacted many laws that are discriminatory to non-Muslims. For example, the third constitution of 1973 required the president and the prime minister to be Muslims (Ishtiaq 198). Such laws are not in line with the democratic principles that give each person equal opportunity in the state.

The Islamic state will ensure that only practicing Muslims can take up key leadership positions in the country. An Islamic state will also hurt democracy since the ruling elite may resort to Islamic rhetoric to undermine the opposition. Farhat demonstrates that Islamic symbolism may be used to legitimize leadership that would otherwise be voted out in a true democracy (127).

Pakistan is a country with a rich Islamic history spanning centuries and the country was created with these religious and cultural bearings in mind. However, Pakistan was created as a Muslim state and not an Islamic State. The trends articulated in this paper are moving Pakistan towards becoming an Islamic State. If this happens, the democratic values currently enjoyed by the country will suffer as Islamic laws becomes adapted all over the land.

Farhat, Haq. “A state for the Muslims or an Islamic state?” Religion and Politics in South Asia . Ed. Ali Riaz. NY. Routledge, 2010. 119-145. Print.

Ishtiaq, Ahmed. “The Pakistan Islamic State Project: A secular Critique.” Religion and Politics in South Asia . Ed. Ali Riaz. NY. Routledge, 2010. 185-211. Print.

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